Poster Boys (2017) Movie Script

70 years ago,
when the citizens of India...
... | iberated this countnj,
I guess they had no clue...
...that, even after achieving
independence some people...
...wou | d still have to
fight for their rights.
These three common citizens
ofthis independent countn]...
Jagaavar Chaudhanj...
Vinay Sharma...
And, Arjun Singh...
Are fighting for their self-respect,
their rights.
Their battle has finally
reached the final stage.
We will soon find out whether
they will get their right or not.
But, to find out how
they got in this predicament...
...we' | | take you to their village
Jangethi, a few months from now.
Leave me buddy, I don't want to go.
"Some wink at me...
While some whistle."
"Some wink at me...
While some whistle."
"Boys keep hovering all around me."
" | 'm like a kite...
with a fair complexion."
"Look at my capricious gait."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
" | 'm like a kite...
with a fair complexion."
"These city girls are so beautiful."
"And their capricious gait."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
Hey, are you blind?
"There's a fire raging in my head,
"Even/one's head pines for me."
" | am the king of my head."
"But your eyes make got me high."
"Give me your head."
"Give me your head."
"Give me your head."
"Don't be stubborn, sweetheart"
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
Who are you waiting for, baby?
Come on.
- Don't worn].
Like I said...
I'll come over in
10 days with my parents.
To discuss our marriage.
- Mark my words, darling.
Come now,
the fields are waiting.
"Some wait for me in the market..."
"Some eye me..."
"Some hold my hand..."
"While others follow
me wherever I go."
"Don't drag me in
this without a reason."
" | am really scared of girls."
" | have a shy nature."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"One minute they let
you dwell in their head..."
"...and they next minute
they chuck you out."
"They give you a hard time."
"These city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
"Oh, my...these city girls..."
Carefu | ...don't slip.
Pooja, look after the kids.
Hello, are you ready yet?
Keep it down.
I had already kept
your clothes ready for you.
Your face is glowing...
... | ike you're getting engaged.
- I'm glowing out ofjoy.
And, you're glowing too.
Be quiet...
When we got married,
you looked like a bomb.
But now, you look like an atom bomb.
Be quiet...
What if someone overhears us?
So what?
They will say officer
is still romantic. Isn't it?
Look there.
- Where?
Let it be...
- Pout... Pout...
Click selfies later.
Let's finish the work first.
Leave me.
The guests will be here any minute.
Leave me.
Him and his selfies
Give it to me.
- careful kids.
Here you go.
Thank you.
- Yes, brother.
Pout... pout...
I wonder when you'll get over...
...your habit of taking pictures?
And, why do you carn/
this stick even/where?
What's more, you upload
even] picture on social-sites.
That's why I have 4500 friends.
And, how else will they know...
...what this officer
is up to after retirement.
I see - One should
always stay updated.
Let me explain you.
With this selfie stick, we can...
Pout... pout...
- Put that away.
Call up the boy's father
and ask them how far they reached.
Or, we'll miss the auspicious
time for the engagement.
Turn this thing off.
Call them.
Jagaavar speaking.
How far have you guys reached?
We're not coming.
What? - We don't want
this alliance anymore.
What are you saying?
We're waiting for you.
Don't act so naive, Mr. Chaudhanj.
Don't you know what happened?
What happened?
- I said...this engagement is canceled.
He | | o...?
I said...this engagement is canceled.
What happened?
What did they say?
What's wrong, brother?
Any problem?
- It's nothing.
Just bad connection.
- Call them again.
It was just bad connection...
I was really scared...
Sister-in-Iaw, you are too much...
Did it get connected, brother?
- No.
You're looking really gorgeous.
Thank you, brother.
Look... You guys handle things here.
I'll be right back.
Alright, brother.
Where did he go all of a sudden?
I hope there's no problem, Anuj.
Don't worn], sister-in-Iaw.
I'll take a look.
Oh, sir...
You're driving like a grandpa...
Drive like a young man.
- No, madam.
The school is 5 kilometers away.
We'll be there in 10 minutes.
I am driving at 30 km/hr.
Oh please!
I mean, if you drive at 60 km/hr...
...then we'll reach school in 5 minutes.
- No, madam.
The road is bad.
What if you get a jerk and fall down.
Doesn't matter how many potholes
are on the road, I won't fall down.
Why? - Because I will
hold you tight. - Madam...
Aastha madam, are you okay?
I am okay, sir.
Are you okay?
- Yes...
Sir, potatoes for lunch again?
You missed your bus again?
Why would I bring potatoes
for lunch even] day?
This is yesterday's leftover.
Why? Did you and sister
have a fight again...
...and she left you again?
I mean, not good.
Sir, you must be feeling lonely
without sister.
Sir, as long as sister
doesn't come back...
Can I come over?
I mean, to cook food.
I'll keep the door open when I cook.
And, your neighbors
won't get suspicious either.
My neighbors will get suspicious.
Ifthey were so sman,
wouldn't they be
teaching at school too?
That's not true.
These days a lot of stupid people
become teachers.
Aastha madam.
- Yes.
Don't think so negative
about yourself.
You're quite smart
Shall we?
- Yes.
Who the hell is it?
Irritating me in the morning.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Is Sumer in?
- Sumer?
That's Sumer Punya.
That's me.
What do you want?
What is this uncivilized behavior?
You guys take credit card...
... | ike Santa's
handing out free gifts.
But...what happens when its
time to pay the installments?
You took less than a minute
to collect your card.
Why don't you answer my calls?
Somethings wrong with my phone.
Doesn't ring...
That's why I don't answer your calls.
- Ohh I see.
Sometimes it rings...
Lying to the recoven/ guy.
Turn it off.
Turn the phone off.
Now, pay up.
- But, I don't have money.
Why you...
- How about check instead?
Boss isn't playing chess
that you'll give him check!
Boss don't spon on duty.
- What?
Look here...
Your checks are made of rubber.
Always bounces in the bank.
Pay cash...
- But, listen to me...
You bloody... Switch offthe phone!
Stop calling me!
Yes sir.
Remember, when I am talking...
all phones should be in silent mode.
Ifthe phone rings,
you don't have to answer it.
"Arjun...pick the phone."
" | 'm missing you baby,
that's why I called."
"You're my ice-cream,
and I'm your cone."
What's up, baby?
- Arjun, where are you?
Out making a recovenj.
Slapping someone silly.
Ohh...a | right.
You know what, you can
stay busy with your recoveries...
...whi | e I'll get married
to someone else.
And then, you call me
sister-in-Iaw instead of baby.
You were supposed to come over today.
Don't get furious.
I'll be over there in 10 minutes.
I'm almost there.
- Really?
I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
I love you.
Stop grinning and pay up.
Children todays subject on Volcano.
There are three types of volcanoes.
Active Volcano.
Inactive Volcano.
And, Dormant Volcano.
Now watch, teacher will forget.
Most volcanoes...
Most volcanoes...
Hold on.
See, didn't I tell you?
Yeah... Japan.
Most volcanoes are found in...
Look teacher will always forget.
What's going on there?
- Yes buddy.
Vijay, where is Japan?
Don't know, teacher.
Stand up on the bench.
I still can't see it, sir.
Kneel down.
- Will I see it then?
You're such a dimwit.
Come here...
Now kneel down.
So, children, I've written some
propenies of volcanoes on this side.
Read these out loud.
There's always lava oozing
out of an active volcano.
Vijay. What are you doing?
It is ven/ dangerous.
- Volcano.
You three are back so
soon from your parents home.
There are three types.
I'm here only to leave you again.
This is my school.
What are you saying?
They can explode at any time.
I have come here to tell you that...
I am divorcing you.
- Soorajmukhi, what happened?
You were so calm when you left.
My lawyer will answer your
questions now. Understood?
Lawyer? But what's wrong?
I don't know what's wrong?
| ... | ... | ...
- Stop bickering. are your daughters.
And their luggage.
Now, you can say whatever
you court
Was that sister?
And she left so soon?
I'll send dinner
for you in the evening.
We really like Riya a lot.
It's a yes from us.
Your son is a gem too.
He's such a charmer.
We like him too.
As soon as Pappu arrives,
we'll fix a wedding date.
The younger brother takes
all the decision in their family.
Little brother is
whole and sole... huh!
Look, Pappu's here.
I apologize for the delay.
That's the father.
We were all waiting for you.
We accept this proposal.
- But, I don't.
- I don't accept this proposal!
What are you saying?
- I am absolutely right.
You don't know anything, mother!
I'll get my daughter married to some
drunkard, glutton, even a thief...
But not him. - Uncle, I know someone
who matches all those qualities.
Our friend Ghanshyam.
He has all these qualities.
Pappu, have you lost your mind?
He such a nice boy...
Why are you being a spoil-sped?
You don't know mother.
I cannot ruin my daughter's life.
Bui, Papa-
Mr. Bhudev... | ook here.
This marriage is out ofthe question.
Please forgive me.
But why?
How can you just reject this
marriage proposal? I love Riya.
A true | over...never do what you did.
But what did he do?
Please take him away, Bhudev.
And please tell him,
Ifl catch him around
my daughter again...
...then, I'll make sure he isn't
wonhy of doing anything again.
And, don't keep your hopes up either.
- Dharamchand.
Will you leave or should I?
- Pappu.
I just wanted to know what is wrong.
Say something.
Ask your son what's wrong?
Now get out.
- Shall we...
Or would you like to get shot?
Pappu, tell me what's wrong.
I can't tell you, mom.
This is really embarrassing.
I don't approve ofthis marriage, that's all.
- Arjun.
Mr. Kulbhushan,
at least tell me what's wrong.
There's nothing left to say.
You see,
we can't ruin our reputation... letting Sunil get
engaged to your sister.
What will the people say?
"That we chose such a family."
What are you saying?
Even/one knows that
we're decent people.
Decent people never
taint their family honor.
And, don't tn/ to act so naive.
Posters of your decency
are all over the city.
What are you saying?
You know...if I've made a mistake...
...then please forgive me.
Didn't you hear what brother said?
Don't you understand?
Go find someone else
for your sister...
...who likes tarnishing
their reputation. - Mind it...
I... I beg...
- No-no...
Please, you don't
have to beg or plead.
Use this turban to cover your face,
and leave.
If someone sees you,
our reputation will be at stake too.
And yes,
don't ever come back here again.
I said leave.
They rejected the marriage proposal.
Here you go, boss.
- Rejected? How can they do that?
They don't even tell
me what is the problem.
But you must have asked?
- "Arjun..."
Yeah, baby.
- Arjun, this is enough.
I've decided to leave this house.
Where will you go then?
- What do you mean where?
I am coming to you.
Meet me at Chaubey's shop.
- Coming...Coming...
"Respected Principal sir..."
"This is my humble request..."
"Due to some indispensable reasons..."
"... | am facing some grave problems."
" | ' | | find a quick solution
to it and return tonight."
"Please grant me half a day's | eave."
"Yours, dormant volcano...
Vinay Sharma."
I don't accept this proposal!
A true | over...never do what you did.
I think that your
father-in-Iaw was crazy.
He isn't saying yes,
nor is he telling is why.
What is the problem?
In English, he's a fool.
Technically speaking, you
shou | d've eloped with sister-in-Iaw.
But, sister-in-Iaws
eloping with you instead.
That's because she loves me a lot.
She can't live without me.
She can fend against
entire world for me.
But she didn't defend
you in front of her father.
He's not fighting.
Shut up.
Not another word against
Riya or her love...
Or else I will settle
your installments.
I just telling truth.
"Arjun, pick the phone."
" | 'm missing baby..."
- Hold this.
Your sister-in-Iaw is calling.
Now hear yourself
how much she loves me.
When are you getting here, baby?
- Baby...
To hell with baby...
"l will settle your installments."
You just come in front
of me, then I'll show you.
I will not spare you!
What's wrong, baby?
Why are you getting so furious?
Arjun, what have you done?
Didn't you feel ashamed at all?
Will you tell me what I did?
- Listen...
What's wrong, boss?
Is sister-in-Iaw not coming?
Not coming. Not running.
What happened, brother?
- What happened, brother?
Vinay, on your way to drop
the kids at sister-in-Iaws place?
Did she leave you again?
Take my advice and buy a pass instead.
It will be cheaper.
Stop your yapping...and
give me my ticket!
Brother slowly brother.
Brother, for sister-in-Iaws sake.
Give me an answer.
What's wrong, son?
Did your wife leave you?
Any Problem?
Is it STD?
Doesn't matter how
big the problem is...
...but anger is not good for health!
Unc | grandpa died
at the age of 105.
Was he shod-tempered too?
- No!
He would mind his own business.
Brother, the bus is coming.
Let it pass.
It will run over us, brother...
let it pass.
Go from this side.
Let it pass.
Let it pass, boss.
Oh, WW-
I'll show you.
Stop on the side.
I said stop...stop...
Stop right there...
Stop right there...
Hey stop!
What's wrong?
You want to go in the bus? is going to drive.
You get the jeep.
Ohh brother what's...
"A true lover...
never do what you did."
Arjun, what have done?
Didn't you feel ashamed at all?
What happened?
Why did you park the car
in front ofthe bus?
What's wrong?
Why did you stop the bus?
Just shut up you idiot.
Brother Vinay, come quickly.
I'll be right back.
Stay right here, children.
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
He is same.
"You don't know what's wrong?"
" | am divorcing you."
"We'll talk once I get home."
What was I asking son?
The problem is right in front of us.
"Posters of your decency
are all over the city."
"Decent people never
taint their family honor."
"Vasectomy without operation."
"We got it done...
Will you do it too."
What's my picture
doing on this poster?
"We'll nip the
population in the bud...
And no decrease in power."
When did I get this picture taken?
"Get operated...
And get paid too."
This picture... look amazing.
I swear... | ooks fantastic.
you know Murari is illiterate.
Come, I'll explain you.
I see, Vinay...this is
why your wife left you.
Tell me something...
You two look healthy...
Why did you involve him too?
- Hey! Mind it.
They've severed their connection!
Defanged the snake!
I wouldn't do it
for any amount of money.
And how cheeky ofthem...
All three models are
here promoting their product.
Get of... get of.
This is wrong, brother.
We grew up together...
We did even/thing together.
But, you got this done alone.
I wouldn't have got it done.
But, you cou | d've told me.
Aren't we friends. Tell me.
I felt offended.
Don't just stand there...
Tear up that poster!
What's the point of
tearing off the poster?
You shouldn't have
done it in the first place.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Who cou | d've published this?
Chaudhan/ sir,
I am sure it's this teacher's doing.
But, you shouldn't
have dragged me in this.
I dragged you in this?
- Yes...
- Yes, of course.
I didn't publish anyone's picture...
...and, I didn't get
a vasectomy done either.
Soorajmukhi wants a son.
Why would I get such a thing done?
This is your doing?
My doing?
Have you lost your mind, teacher?
You have children...
Even Chaudhan/ sir has children.
I am still a bachelor.
Why would I go for a vasectomy?
My marriage got cancelled
because of this.
My wife wants to divorce me.
Why would I get it done?
This is your doing.
You didn't get a vasectomy done.
I didn't get a vasectomy done.
Then who's left?
What? can never get one done.
I am sure you've a hand in this.
I will settle your installment.
You'll settle my installment, huh?
- Yeah...
- Yeah...
How will you do it?
I didn't take a bank
loan or a credit card...
...then, how will you
settle my installment?
I mean I won't spare you.
Just a minute...
I won't spare you.
Hey you...
My sister's engagement got cancelled
and you guys are fighting?
What are you two doing on the ground?
' Teacher...
Teacher I won't spare you.
Forgive me...
Forgive me, teacher!
Chaudhan/ sir, If you stop
us from fighting like this...
...then, we'll soon leave this world.
Brother, we would've settled
this amongst ourselves.
We three are in trouble
because of this poster.
And we...
Where is he going?
What happened?
Ministn/ of Health and Welfare.
District Health Centre, Dhansar.
This is where we can
find out who made this mess.
Why you...
Speak UP
You're making posters
of our brother...
...and distributing it all
over the village. You fool...
Speak up... say sorn].
You just ruined our brother's
life which was already hell.
Wasn't he insulted enough,
that you're insulting him more?
Are you guys insulting him or me?
Even/one is insulting you...
...but, we're insulting
this bloody low life idiot.
How dare you publish these posters?
Leave him. Leave him.
Let him go.
- Chaudhan/ just tell me where.
I'll leave him personally.
I said leave him!
Leave him.
Leave him.
Chaudhan/ sirjust saved you.
Breathe. Breathe.
Glasses... fix your glasses.
Sir calm down sir.
- Yes, sir.
Get some cold tea for them.
Tea cold...
I mean... tea and cold drinks.
And sir, for you?
- Sugar...
Get sugar for me.
Okay, I will get it.
One black coffee, please.
Get that too.
Actua | | y... | 've low sugar.
But there are many
problems in this office.
My job is only stamping papers.
Are you telling or asking?
You were saying...
...your pictures were published
on the poster without your consent.
Can I see the poster?
Show him the poster.
I'll show you the poster.
Here you go...
Open your eyes.
This is absolutely wrong.
- Absolutely...
By the way, you two are looking good.
But, why did you take him?
You can see that we two
are looking good, and we took him.
But, why can't you see that...
...our pictures are published
on this poster for a vasectomy?
- You're right.
Someone's definitely made a mistake.
- Mistake?
My sister's engagement got
canceled because ofthis mistake.
We were humiliated all
over the village. - Yeah...
You must give a written apology
in even/ newspaper for this mistake.
Look... once even/thing is cleared,
we'll apologize too.
He's willing to apologize.
And, you must remove our posters from
all the neighboring villages as well.
Yes, we'll get rid ofthem.
And you must pay us
Rupees five lacs as compensation.
Five lacs?
Okay. . .we' | | pay.
Five lacs to him and him as well.
And rupees one lac each for us.
- Why you?
Arjun is like our brother.
The villagers doubt us too.
Fine...we will pay.
You see...this incident
occurred in Jangethi.
Jangethi comes under ourjurisdiction.
There's a health officer
called Balwant Chokan.
Remember that name.
So, meet up with Balwant
Chokan and he'll solve your problem.
And, if in case he can't
find a solution to your problem...
...and there are some hurdles,
then I am still here.
Fine...we' | | go meet Balwant.
But, if he doesn't
solve our problem...
...then, we'll pay you a visit again.
And then, I'll let these
three loose on you. - Yeah
Understand, Mongia!
And after that you won't need sugar.
Why? - Because I'll bun]
you in the sugarcane field.
Under Sugarcane field.
And yes, ifthis confusion
isn't cleared yet...
...then, I'll dip you in nitrate solution,
and mix you with potassium permanganate...
...and squeeze you in sulfur peroxide.
And I'll turn you into a solution...
Potassium permanut... Sulfer...
- What's he doing?
Just a minute...
What's he doing?
Yes. Teacher. Teacher.
Are you threatening
him or dictating homework?
Brother, this is a chemical threat.
- Chemical.
I must be sure that
the formula is correct.
Chemical threat.
- Yes.
Let's go, teacher.
Talking nonsense.
Just say bye in English.
Chemical threat...
I will break your mouth.
Ohh, God. Control...
Who says you lose
power after vasectomy?
Hail goddess.
Even after even/thing
that happened today...
... | called up Riya's father.
He said that you
got an operation done.
What operation?
- Leave it, mom.
But he was operated when he was a kid.
- In his childhood? When?
Remember when he
got hu on his finger.
Don't you remember?
They put such a big
plaster on his finger.
It was hard to tell which
one was the little finger...
...and which one was the thumb.
That's when we got him operated.
But what has that operation
got to do with his wedding?
His finger was little back then.
But now...
Leave it.
You won't understand.
I will if you explain me.
- You won't.
At least give me a hint.
- Hint?
You won't understand.
His finger was small.
I wonder when the
power will be restored?
Stop cn/ing and tn/ to understand.
Understand what, son-in-law?
Understand what?
Who gave you this right?
Tell me.
What did she ask for?
Only a son.
But, you got rid ofthe only medium.
Does that mean you
will you'll go to cou?
What will the people say?
Ohh...what are the
people going to say?
Didn't you think about them...
...when you killed
your future children?
At school, he writes on
the blackboard with white chalk.
But look at my predicament...
He pushed my future in darkness.
And...he's out of chalk too now.
What have you given me?
- What are you saying, Soorajmukhi?
| ...
Just a minute.
24-carat gold necklace...
7 Benarasi sarees...
1 diamond ring...
Silver anklets...
My home...
Two lovely daughters.
And... Where else have
I written the rest?
You've written even/thing.
You've maintained an
account of even/thing neatly.
But... | don't think you
know that men run the world.
Tell me something...
Tell me...
I gave you two daughters.
Didn't I?
- Yes, you did.
So, ifl asked you for a son...
Then what is my mistake?
What age are you living in,
These days...there is no difference
between girls and boys.
Please explain her.
So you're going to explain me...
...that there is no difference
between boys and girls.
No difference, huh?
They why did you marn/ a girl?
You shou | d've married a boy instead.
It's pointless to talk to you.
What is she made of?
P | | m down.
I'm here to take you back home.
Let's go.
' | telled you... I no go...
You call that home...
...where I there's a cold
brick instead of a husband.
That's no way to talk
in front of your parents.
Hear that...
Did you hear that?
Now I can't speak...
I can't open my mouth.
And you?
You just announced
to the entire world...
...and put up huge posters
even/where of your vasectomy.
What about that?
I know it...
You like your daughters...
...that's why you got
yourself sterilized.
I didn't get sterilized!
See, I was telling the truth...
...that's why power was restored.
- You see...
This power will come and go.
But you...
You just blew-up your transformer!
Come in, I'll tell you even/thing.
Is it true?
What have you done?
You shou | d've thought about
what the people are going to say.
If he had thought about that,
...then, he would've never
opted for a vasectomy!
You didn't even think
that we're Chaudhanj.
I haven't done anything
like you think.
Even if you got it done,
why tell the world about it?
You didn't care for
our family reputation... cou | d've at least
thought about your sister.
Today was her engagement!
It's all over now.
Even/thing's finished.
Posing there like a model.
This poster is a fake.
This is a lie...
I didn't do anything.
These are official posters?
- So what?
Does the government
have an enmity with you?
Why will they publish your photo?
You're mistaken.
Even if it's true...
what is Anja | i's fault?
She's your sister.
That's her fault.
I told you a dozen times
to stop clicking pictures.
But no...
Now see what it has gotten us into.
Who would want to marn/
anyone from such a family?
Even/one's laughing at us.
Brother, Mr. Kulbhushan is right!
In fact,
I would've done the same thing.
Listen up...
Choti...ifthis is my fault,
then I'll fix even/thing.
Just watch,
you'll get married to Sunil.
I trust you, brother.
You've always been my Superman.
Superman can never do anything wrong.
Sir, I've locked the gate.
That's not going to help.
I say lock all the doors and windows.
Sanjana madam just called.
She was saying that
they are dangerous people.
I've handled
even/ don't worn].
Don't worn]...
With whose permission
did you publish these posters?
You asked me to use
pictures of real men.
For an impact.
Forget the impact...
Tell me something...
...cou | dn't you use
pictures of other people?
What could I do?
The minister was visiting in 4 days...
Posters weren't ready.
So, I published whatever
pictures I could find.
Published them?
Now | isten...what's done is done.
- Done.
Put a hold on the next lot.
- Okay...
I can't.
- Why?
I dispatched that lot last night.
Silly' | | get me killed.
You cou | d've paid some
guys from another village...
...and get their picture taken.
Did you pay me?
You've already gobbled the
money you got for the pictures.
I wonder where do
you adjust all of it.
Ba | want...come out...
Who is Balwant come out
Your name is Balwant.
- Balwant is dead.
They are calling you, Balwant.
Go on... Go...
I am right here.
Come along...
- Not me...
Let's go together.
We'll live together, die together.
What... what...
Hold on. Hold on.
Which one of you is Balwant Chokan?
You bloody...
I am Balwant...
- You are Balwant...
I am Balwant,
but sometimes he's Balwant too.
He's lying.
- Just a minute.
Mr. Balwant, open this gate.
We want to talk to you.
Look, we can't help you,
the office is closed today.
He won't listen politely.
Break the lock.
Break it. Break it.
Break it. Break it.
Break it. Break it.
Don't you dare...
Who breaks locks with a shoe?
Use your head.
- You're absolutely right, Chaudhan/ sir.
Oh my head!
Move back, I'll break the lock.
Now watch my strength...
Look... Look...
Don't break anything...
...or else we'll call the police.
Don't threaten us.
We're being polite, you do the same.
So why reson to violence?
Absolutely right...we can be civilized...
- What civilized?
I'll settle your installments...
You come here.
Hold on...
Civilized, huh?
I'll talk to you in a civilized way.
Answer one simple question.
How dare you offend
our civic rights...
...and put up posters with
our pictures all over the city...
...promoting Sterilization.
What did we do on Friday?
Sterilization... meaning vasectomy.
Vasec. . iomy?
We don't get it. speak,
at least we'll understand.
How dare you call him Tomy?
- You called me Tomy.
Wait a minute...
He's saying why you
published our picture...
...on the vasectomy posters?
You're a government officer.
Does this suit you?
- No...
This is your fault.
So you'll give a written apology
in all the newspapers tomorrow.
We will.
And get rid of all the posters
you put up in the village. - Yeah...
Yes... ifthis is our fault,
we're ready to do it.
And as compensation...
- You must give Rupees 15 lacs.
- Rupees 15 lacs.
Rupees 15 lacs to him...and
Rupees 15 lacs to him too.
And rupees 2 lacs to us.
- In cash.
Listen...these are legal matters.
Legal matters always take time.
You know what, give us 3-4 years...
- Hey...
3-4 months...
- Hey...
Fine, 10-12 days.
Give us 10-12 days.
I'll conduct an inquin/
on a personal level.
And, we'll call you
after we catch the culprit.
You must come here
on the date we call you.
And on that date, we'll decide...
Date after date after date...
Balwant Rai you swine...
- Swine...Swine...Swine...
He's talking to you.
Balwant sir...
We give you 12 days...
But, if you don't solve
this problem in 12 days...
...then, remember...
On the 13th day will be your funeral.
Chaudhan/ sir is absolutely right.
12 days means 12 days.
Otherwise, on the 13th day,
you'll be in the graveyard...
...and we'll be behind bars. have 12 days.
24 hours in a day.
60 minutes in an hour.
60 seconds in a minute.
So how many seconds in 12 days?
How many?
12 days...
8 into 40...
No, no, no, 60 into 40
Just a minute...
Teacher... you've made it clear,
didn't you?
Let him do the math.
You can do the calculation,
can't you?
Brother, it's a mathematical threat.
I must be sure.
Mathematical threat.
Teacher is crazy.
He got it.
He'll do it.
Let's go.
Don't forget,
we'll be back.
Go on...
One more thing...
The lock won't open.
We'll get it done in 12 days.
Chaudhan/ sir...
If only I had got my hands on him,
I would've torn him up.
If you like tearing things up,
then go out at night...
...and tear up all our
posters in the village.
Teacher, shall we tear you up...
or shred you to pieces...
Look at that stop-stop...
Stop the car.
What happened, Mr. Chaudhanj?
Look at that.
What the...
What did Chaudhan/ sir remember
after seeing this picture?
Where did I get this picture taken?
What kind of a ringtone is that?
Hello. - This is Kunwar Singh,
the Iaundn/man.
I got rid ofthe stain on
your blue shin and stitched it up.
Stitched it up? Why?
I had to cut off
the stain with scissors.
It will cost you extra Rupees 20.
Hello! Hello!
He hung up.
I got rid of his stain,
and he hung up on me.
' | got rid ofthe stain on
your blue shin, and stitched it up.
I had this picture taken...
at the fair.
There was a stain here.
So, I posed like this.
Murari, the teacher is right.
This picture taken at the fair.
I wore that jacket at the fair.
Riya baby gave it to me.
Oh yes...even I got this
picture taken at the fair.
So this means that photographer
made a mocken/ out of us.
Chaudhan/ sir,
I know this photographer.
Suraj photographer. Nainsukh Studio.
He charges a high fee
for a single picture. - I see...
How much? - You see, my friend
had a picture taken 2 months ago.
Since then he's asked
him for money 40-50 times.
What are you saying?
Do you know where we can find him?
Of course, I do.
Why did you print that poster?
He can't speak...
His connection is
severed with his voice.
You mean this mobi | e's on silent mode?
Yes sir.
His connection with
his voice is severed...
...but, he put up posters
of our sterilization even/where.
No-no...he didn't print those posters.
Then who did?
We had our pictures taken by him.
Calm down and take a deep breath.
In and out.
Now...te | | us from the beginning.
I was born in 1970...
Mister, not that far back.
Stan from the fair.
- Yeah..
Sorn], I got carried away.
At the fair, I took his picture,
I took his picture, I took his picture too.
And, I put all those pictures...
and got busy playing cards.
Card... Card...
I put all those pictures in a card,
and I that card...
...and peed on it.
You want to pee...
Go on.
- No. I already did it, sir.
Su... Su...
Su... Su...
Su...Bo | ..
Su...Bo | ...
Bash... Su-bash
Subash... Subash off...
Subash, the offset guy.
I gave it to Subhaash,
the offset guy.
He created this mess,
I haven't done anything.
Wash my hands... and back's clean.
Subhaash Offset!
We'll set that Subash straight
and turn him 'off' for good.
Let's go.
And bun] him in the centre...
Suraj, if you've lied to us...
...then, you will never
see the day again.
Yes, when the sun sets...
- Teacher, you'll forget it.
Let it be.
- But, brother...
Tell me...
- I've written even/thing...
Please hear it once.
- I did... | did...
Balwant sir, Suraj speaking.
Now listen to me carefully.
- Yes, Chaudhan/ sir.
When we go inside,
we'll talk politely.
No one will raise his voice.
And no one will raise their hand.
But, Chaudhan/ sir...
Fine... okay...
- We won't.
- Understood?
We won't raise our hand,
we'll be polite.
- Yes...
We won't raise our hand,
We'll be polite. Come on.
Yes, this is absolutely right...
Absolutely right...
Brother Subhaash.
Brother Subhaash.
Yeah speak up.
Who told you to print
our pictures on the poster?
Dozens of people come
here even/ day, mister.
I can't remember even/ face.
I've things to do...move.
Moolchand, load that truck now.
Brother Subhaash.
Brother Subhaash.
Please tell us, brother Subhaash...
...these posters are ruining our lives.
- So, what can I do?
I said I don't remember,
means I don't remember.
Don't you understand?
check ifthe deliven/s done.
Are you going to take another
35 years to finish this?
Please brother Subhaash,
just tell us his name.
You won't listen politely.
I am telling you for the last
time that I don't remember his name.
Your lives are getting ruined,
isn't it?
So stop wasting my time.
My time is ven/ valuable...
Don't ever come back here again.
Or else I'll have you thrown out...
Don't think I am some pushover.
This is a threat!
How dare you toy around with us!
I'll bash you up so hard,
that you'll bounce offthe ground...
...and hit the ceiling!
And your bones will turn to dust!
Your body will get shattered
in so many pieces, that...
...we' | | have to gather
it around with a broom!
Tell us his name...
Tell us his name...who
published our pictures.
What? What? What?
Balwanfs assistant, Ravi.
Why didn't you tell us...before?
Now, wait...
At least tell us what you're doing.
forgive me...
now, please let me down
- What?
Like this... pout...
For evidence.
Doesn't that look nice?
Ven/ nice.
Come on, let's go see Balwant...
Murari carefully.
Stay away Murari, Careful.
you always advise us to be calm.
But, you... - I say that to myself,
not you guys.
Be polite, be gentle.
Because, when I am furious,
I get out of control.
And then the guy never gets up...
...he goes up to heaven.
You're right.
You're right.
- I am right...
You're right.
Come on, let's take this evidence to Balwant.
- Let's go.
Papa's back...papa's back.
- How did you two get here?
With mom.
- Mom?
Okay, go play.
- Careful.
Soorajmukhi, you're back.
I am so haPPV-
I thought you'll be
facing problems without me.
That's why I am back
home to look after you.
But, ifthere's anyone who
can look after you, then tell me now.
I'll go back.
- What are you saying, Soorajmukhi?
Who will take care of me except you.
Do you know my condition
when you leave?
Like a small plant in the scorching
desen, which cannot bear the heat.
Life has...
Life has...
Life has...
Just a minute.
- Forget it.
When you've a honest head, you
don't need a book to prove anything.
Understood, professor.
You know, Soorajmukhi,
I missed all of you so much...
...that, I haven't eaten
anything for the last two days.
- Teacher.
Here you go.
Aastha madam has sent dinner for you.
sister-in-Iaw, you're back.
That's great...
Now the teacher
won't need this food.
Ifthe other lunchbox is empty,
can I take it back?
are you planning on staying...
...or will you go back tomorrow.
Sister-in-Iaw, have you
tasted Aastha madam's cooking?
No one can cook better
than Aastha madam.
I can bet on it...
eggplant, carrots, radish...
She's the best cook
in the neighborhood.
And, the bottle-gourd
tastes really delicious.
See for yourself...
Ask the teacher yourself.
Isn't it, teacher.
Sister-in-Iaw, someone else
eats the teacher's lunch at school.
And, he eats Aastha madam's lunch.
Sister-in-Iaw, just taste Aastha
madam's cooking once.
There's has magic in her hands.
"Like a small plant
in the scorching dese..."
I will break your plant today!
Soorajmukhi, I am ven/ hungnj.
If only you could cook something for me...
- Why?
Go and eat from your lunchbox.
You returned that as well.
Otherwise, you would've eaten that?
- No
I thought you will learn
your lesson when I am not here.
But no...
You're having a ball instead.
People are sending you food.
But, how will you face her now?
You're thinking about tying
the noose around your neck...
...after setting the rope on fire.
- What Arjun?
What happened?
Why call me so urgently?
Did your father find
another suitor for you?
Arjun, we...
We gave all the
evidence to Chokan sir.
And he's assured us that
soon even/thing will be fine.
I guess you don't trust me.
How do I explain you?
I didn't get any operation done.
That man... he'll tell the truth.
Look, just because I am back...
...that doesn't mean that
I believe you completely.
I haven't changed my
mind about divorcing you.
All you should know...
is that you have few more months.
- Few months.
Is it true?
- Don't you believe me?
- Baby, I didn't mean that...
I it really true?
Yeah, teacher?
Right now?
That's Arjun.
Yes, Chaudhan/ sir.
- Arjun, what are you doing here?
Where's the teacher?
- He's the one who called me here.
Hasn't he arrived yet?
Chaudhan/ sir, one minute.
You won't believe it.
It's a night-dress.
Don't you have one?
Even I am wearing a nightdress...
But, I didn't borrow
my kid's night-dress.
Forget that, Mr. Chaudhanj.
Listen to me...
I've found evidence of my innocence.
- I see...
Me too...
There's delay, but not denial.
Soorajmukhi is pregnant.
- Really, teacher.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Chaudhan/ sir, my baby's pregnant too.
See that, brother...before the wedding.
- Yes, I can see...
Didn't you feel ashamed?
You cou | d've at least waited until you
two got married. - I was going to...
Boys these days...
I wonder what's wrong with them?
Learn to respect women.
Looking at women like this
before marriage is a sin.
Look at me...
even after all these years...
... | never looked at any
woman except for Sunita.
In fact,
I didn't even think about anyone.
For me, there's Sunita...
...and for Sunita,
there's just me.
- Did you hear?
He was referring to you.
- I see...
You sinner...
Actually, I thought...
Sheila is pregnant.
Sheila is pregnant.
Sheila is pregnant.
Chaudhan/ sir... huh...!
- Yeah, she's pregnant!
Take good care of Sheila.
Chaudhan/ sir,
I thought you were retired...
...but, you still
get the spunk in you.
Brother, I had only heard the song...
...but you actually
ruined Sheila's life.
Shut up, teacher.
What are you guys saying?
Sheila is the name of my buffalo.
Oh, WW-
A buffalo.
That's really convenient,
Chaudhan/ sir.
Instead of arguing with sister-in-Iaw,
Buffalo seems better to argue with.
Your mind is so corrupted.
I just bought a new buffalo,
and her name is Sheila.
Teacher, how many months
is your wife pregnant? - One month.
Mine too.
- I see...
So this happened before
the posters were published? - Yes.
People will say that
you two fired your guns...
...before it got clogged.
But Chaudhan/ sir,
even/one must know that we're men too.
We didn't get any operation done...
Are you going to ruin
some girl's reputation...
...just to prove that you're a man?
Aren't you ashamed?
Go home...
And that Chokan, he asked
us to come back after 10-12 days.
Let's wait until then,
and we'll see after that.
Until then, good night you two.
Yes, brother.
Yes...we care.
Wow...the baby's showing
remarkable progress.
Do you see?
Can you see the baby?
- Yes, I can.
Did baby see papa's poster?
Was that the baby's voice?
- That was me.
Sorn], sorn]...
Well, we're done here.
Come out...
Teacher, come with me.
- Yes.
I'll wait outside.
Come, teacher. Come.
It's a good thing she got pregnant
with the baby before your operation.
- Doctor...
Stop calling it a baby.
It can be a male too.
What are you saying?
Doesn't matter if
it's a boy or a girl.
They are all the same.
Please tell her.
Did you hear?
Did you hear?
Even the doctor's saying...
There's no difference
between a boy or girl.
Did you hear?
You'll know the difference
when I'll leave you if it's a girl!
The divorce papers are ready.
Doctor, please tell her
whether it's a boy or a girl.
If it's a girl, then I'll
be free ofthis burden right now.
No, teacher... | cannot do that.
Sex determination
ofthe fetus is a crime.
The doctor and the patient,
can both be jailed.
As a doctor I say...
...whether it's a boy or a girl
or whatever, you must accept it.
Because now he's put
a permanent full stop.
I don't care...
I want a boy...
You want a boy...
What's wrong with girls?
Look at the doctor.
Even she was a girl
before she became a doctor.
Was? - But it's the boy
who carries the lineage ahead.
I don't want a boy...
And the teacher has even
put up posters propagating it.
You see... | want a boy.
- I'll tn]!
And if it's not a boy, then
you'll no longer be a pan of my life.
- I did.
Now let's go.
- What?
What, doctor? - You can
pay my fee outside, otherwise...
Yes, brother.
- Where are you professor, come over quickly.
I am coming.
- Balwant, come out.
You said 12 days,
it's been 15 days now.
Come out, you...
You took the evidence
but not a peep out of you.
You don't answer our calls
or meet us at your office.
You said you will help us.
Come out of your house Balwant.
Come out now like a prize
winning Iottenj, or else...
What are you doing?
Hey you...
Shall I break his window?
- Break it.
Balwant, come out.
Balwant, come out.
should I break down the pot too?
Pot. Break it.
Break it.
Teacher...stop him.
- Yes, brother.
They don't know how
foolish they are acting.
Go stop them or I won't
be able to control myself.
Yes, brother.
Come out.
Break down his house. Break it down.
Hold on... hold on.
What is this?
It's a lock.
That means...
- It's locked.
You fool...
Normally, when there's no one at home,
there's always a lock.
Let's go meet Balwanfs assistant.
You are right teacher.
Come on, Murari. Lets go
to Ravis home and break his bones.
But this time, I'll go first.
- Papa, bathroom.
Quiet, Quiet, Quiet.
Are we waiting for
her to finish smoking?
Chaudhan/ sir...
Aunty... Aunty...
Who is it?
- No, his son.
Let that be, aunty...and tell
us where are you hiding them?
Why Will I hide it?
I never hide it.
Here's the pack of cigarettes.
Aunty, can you tell
us where is your son Ravi?
Have you seen him?
- No, son.
I haven't seen him for four years,
since I lost my sight.
Have you seen Ravi?
How does my boy look?
He's a big idiot.
Ifl ever find that son of a gun...
... | will strangle him, that bloody...
I'll settle his installment.
You will kill my son?
Before that,
I will riddle your body with bullets!
You bloody...
Hey Gun?
The old lady has lost her mind.
Why did you stop?
Haven't you eaten?
Teacher - He's frozen.
- Teacher.
Run, teacher.
Come on, Princess...
It was working fine until now.
I wonder what's wrong with it.
- Come on... Come on...
It works...
Bhura, dump the bodies in the river.
And clean the blood stains
from the couyard.
And get me a pack
of cigarettes as well.
Hello, alpha to gama.
- Sa Re Ga Ma.
Did aunt light up the scene?
- Yes...but they all sun/ived.
But, let's see how
long they can sun/ive.
Brother, why did you call me
to the farmhouse so urgently?
I spoke with Mongia.
He's given up.
And said we should
go to the Secretariat...
...and meet technical director Rekha.
Now, only she can help us out.
And Arjun called too.
He wanted to say something impoant.
He'll be here any minute.
What does he want?
Let me warn you, brother...he's
dimwit who likes to invite trouble.
He'll definitely
get us in some trouble.
Who is this girl?
Chaudhan/ sir, this is Riya.
My love.
You know, her father isn't
giving us permission to get married.
- So what?
I eloped with her.
Here? - Yes, we'll keep her at
your farmhouse for a couple of days.
Brother... | was right.
You numbskull...
Those posters have already
caused us lot of embarrassment.
Why do you want to spoil
our reputation as well?
- The teacher is right.
You've already made one mistake.
Why do you want to add to
our troubles by eloping with her?
Take her back home,
and we'll talk after that.
If my father finds out,
then he'll kill me and my child.
And, if anything happens
to Riya and this child...
...then, I will raze the
entire village down to dust.
I didn't want to elope with Riya.
But, I didn't have an option.
I thought she can
stay at your farmhouse...
...unti | we can prove our innocence.
But it's okay, I understand.
You're in trouble too...
I'll make some other arrangements.
Come, Baby...
- Wait, Arjun.
- Coming, brother.
Suhasini is our caretaker.
She will look after her.
Yes, brother.
She is Riya.
She will stay here for few days.
Go on.
Thank you, brother.
Arjun, we must go to
the Secretariat tomorrow.
To meet technical director Rekha.
- We will.
Mr. Trivedi,
we want to meet Rekha madam.
And you are?
I am Jagaavar Chaudhanj, he's
Arjun Singh...and he's Vinay Sharma.
Village Jangethi.
They are idiots!
'Don't let them meet Rekha madam.
' | hope you remember their names.
Jagaavar Chaudhanj, Arjun Singh and...
...what was the third guy's name?
'Vinay Sharma.'
Actually, Sir..Rekha madam is busy.
Please wait outside.
I'll call you as
soon as she's available.
P | ease...wait outside.
Meet Rekha madam.
Mr. Mehra,
your file's no madam's table...'s as good as done,
but I haven't received any text yet.
Mr. Trivedi.
- Yes.
Can we meet Madam now?
- Mr. Mehra, I'll call you later.
Madam has already
left for the day, sir.
She left.
- How can she leave?
Did she need your permission?
But, we had to meet her urgently.
Come back tomorrow. - What if
she's not available tomorrow either.
Then come back the day
after or the day after that.
We've been waiting
for her over 4 hours.
Sometimes it takes 4
years...sometimes even 40 years...
...and yet they don't get to meet.
What are you saying?
What do you mean it takes 40 years?
Mister, this is the secretariat...
This is not your village square where
people have all the time in the world.
People are busy here.
Sir, I am just an ordinan/ employee.
She is the boss.
We'll have to follow her orders.
Sir...but in my current situation...
...whatever I say will
seem like a Iie to you.
What are you doing, mister?
What are you doing?
Throw him down.
Chaudhan/ sir.
Why didn't you tell us
that Rekha madam is leaving?
Yes, why not?
| ... | ... | was going to tell you.
Sir, have mercy.
I have a wife and two small kids.
Leave him.
Throw that idiot down.
- Police!
Let Trivedi go.
Chaudhan/ sir,
the police are here.
I say let him go.
- Don't leave me.
Don't let me go.
Don't let me go.
Who said let him go?
Pull me up and let me go.
First, pull me up. Pull me up.
Pull him up.
What are you doing?
Pull him up, or else I will shoot.
Don't shoot.
- Look here.
Look here... Now pout.
I said pout.
- Pout?
Don't shout... pout.
- Yes...
- Yes...
Pull him up.
This is for evidence.
Now come up.
Come on. Come up.
So that's why you
hung him upside down.
But, what will you do
about their negative thinking?
Ifthey werent so negative...
...then, they wou | dve turned you into
heroes, instead of humiliating you.
We need to change their thinking,
Chaudhan/ sir.
And thats why I suggest
that you go to the court.
Defend your case and win.
That's when you'll bring
about a change, understand?
Inspector's right.
Let's file a coun case?
We'll get justice in 50-60 years.
We're giving too
much imponance to this.
Let's wait and watch.
Soon even/one will forget
in a couple of months.
Will Soorajmukhi forget?
Will Riya's father forget?
Will my sister's in-laws forget?
This is an unnecessan/ effon,
It'll will only cause
us loads of sweat.
The coun has never
made things easy for anyone.
This is exactly why
we never progress...
We throw down our weapons
even before we can fight. - Yes.
It's a good thing that Chandershekhar
Azad and Bhagat Singh didn't think like that...
...who worked hard
to liberate our countnj.
And now, why can't we put
in a little effort for a court case?
You're absolutely right, brother.
One should do anything possible
to save their reputation.
Look, teacher.
You for Soorajmukhi,
Arjun for Riya and me for my sister...
...we must fight this battle.
- Yes.
We must prove our innocence.
You're right, brother.
You're right.
We must drag this
deaf government to court
You've come to the right place.
People say that,
if you want to win a case... don't need luck,
you need Jaanki Bhai Sonipatwala.
Jaanki Bhai...Sardar?
Gujarati is my mother's tongue.
Ohhh - You don't worn].
I'll give this government
a run for their money.
- Yes.
Remember my TV Reponer friend Aniket.
- Yes.
Call him up and tell
him we've got breaking news.
You mean we'll come on television.
You won't just come on television,
You'll be all over it.
We'll be on top ofthis case.
Unbelievable, teacher.
I swear...
Yes, Rekha madam.
- Hmm...
Do you like roses?
We return once again with news
about to the Health Ministnj.
Just recently the Health
Ministn/ was in the headlines...
...for expired medicine scam...
...and now their names are being dragged in
another scandal.
Sir, news about our department.
Come, we'll introduce you to these
Poster boys from Jangethi village...
...who are a living example
ofthe government's biggest mistake.
Mr. Jagaavar, what do have to say?
Well, we want to say that
we never went for any vasectomy camp.
They just printed our
pictures on the posters.
Without your permission.
- Exactly!
Why will we give permission for
anything like that? - Absolutely right.
I, let's talk to Arjun.
We know who is responsible for this.
Pretty soon they will
be running for their lives...
...and we'll beat them to a pulp.
- These people will never learn.
We're going to give them
a sound thrashing.
And now, we'll let you
know the teacher's opinion.
We went to the Secretariat.
And we...
- Look here.
And we weren't allowed to
meet Technical Director, Ms. Rekha.
What did you do? Tell us tell us.
You didn't tell me.
- Yes, sir...they did.
They made quite a scene.
Trivedi told me about them.
But... | couldn't meet them.
- Why?
Because that day we were at the hotel...
- Yeah, okay.
Absolutely right.
We want justice.
Sir, the TV's switched off...
Can I sta now?
- Wait...
First, go and handle
this Jangethi case.
And meet with that Mongia and...
What's the ba | dy's name?
- Balwant.
- Go meet with them.
Otherwise, we'll get in big trouble.
P | ease...go...
- Yes, go.
Okay, sir. We | | call them tomorrow.
How can she be in one mood all day?
What is this charade?
And with whose permission?
Not me, ma'am. It was them.
What was the urgency
to print the posters?
What could I do, madam?
Minister sir wanted to inaugurate
the Vasectomy Camp.
And we needed posters.
- Yes.
And I asked him...
Ask him.
But, he raised his hand
like a Laughing Buddha statue...
And that's why...we got
the posters printed in a haste.
I the posters printed?
What will I tell the minister now?
People are raising fingers
at the minister because of you.
And he's getting hot-headed on me.
Well, madam,
that's between you and the Minister.
What did you say?
I was just joking.
Are you my brother-in-Iaw?
That you were joking with me.
Show me your repons!
- Here's the report
Ma'am, the coun
has also sent a notice.
What do I do now?
Do anything...
But if fingers are raised
at the Health Ministnj...
...then I'll make sure
your health deteriorates too.
It's all over.
And, we're getting humiliated
all over the village.
Why don't you withdraw
your case against the government?
you cannot harm the government.
But, our reputation
is getting damaged.
And now... | can't contest
for the village-council elections.
And Anja | i...better get
Sunil out of your mind.
Because he doesn't care
whether we live or die.
Fine, I'll withdraw my case.
Ifl withdraw the case, then
maybe you can contest the elections...
...but, will she get married?
No, she won't.
I will fight this case...
And then, Anjali will get married.
You don't have the same power anymore.
I'll settle your installments,
you buffoon...
You must come with
me to the police station.
There's a complaint filed
against you for kidnapping Riya.
Boss has already informed the police.
- Arjun, I am no longer your boss.
You've been fired.
- Fired?
Look Arjun, you must withdraw
your case against the government.
Look, small-time recoven/ is okay.
But it's not your cup of tea
to challenge the government.
Take him in.
Just a minute.
Vinay, you're being
transferred to a place...
...where you'll never see any student.
But, my advice to you is that... should withdraw your case,
and even/thing will be fine.
What will you achieve by filing
the case against the government?
Family, sir.
I cannot lose my family.
And, don't forget I am a teacher.
Ifl don't stand
up against injustice...
...then, how will I teach
the children about right or wrong?
Thank you, sir.
Do you know...
the police has arrested Arjun.
I know.
Then you must know that
he eloped with some girl.
I know that too.
I wonder where is he
hiding that poor girl.
Some idiot must be helping him.
And these stupid people
who help these idiots.
You know, I want to
get hold ofthese hooligans...
...and beat them to a pulp publicly...
What's wrong with you?
- Why are you abusing people?
Pickup my phone...
- Hello, is this Jagaavar's number?
Who are you?
- Please give him the phone.
- Hmm...
What time is it?
- Is someone asking for the time?
It's 12 o'clock (midnight).
It's some female on the phone,
and she wants to talk to you.
- Brother, it's Riya.
Yes speak.
I've been throwing up since evening,
and Arjun's phone is unreachable.
I am really scared.
Please come over quickly.
Yes... | 'm coming.
It's Suhasini.
- What's wrong with her?
She is throwing up.
No-no... not her, Sheila...
The Buffa | o...she's throwing up.
Do buffa | o's puke too?
- Yes.
Women puke, don't they?
And, the Buffalo's a female.
I see... - Please come soon, brother.
I am really scared.
She's scared... She's scared...
I am coming.
I am coming...coming...
Why didn't Suhasini speak to me?
Good question.
I'll ask her.
Can I go now?
I must take a doctor...
for the buffalo.
I can't let you go alone at this hour.
I'll come along with you too.
- No-no-no...what will you do?
It's midnight. Stay here.
But, don't go alone.
Take Anuj with you. Anuj...
Yes, sister-in-Iaw.
- Go back to sleep.
I'll take the teacher with me.
- The teacher?
What can he do?
- He just got a sonography done of his buffalo.
Does the teacher have a Buffalo too?
- Yes, a big one.
I never saw it.
He keeps her inside...
She's berserk...
- I see...
S0 | ... | ...
I am getting late.
I'll call you.
Pick up...
Pick up...
- Hello.
Teacher...remember the
buffalo who is pregnant.
She's ven/ restless since evening.
- So, what can I do, brother?
Listen to me and understand.
So, you are coming with the doctor...
And, I am coming too.
Arjun is not coming. He's in lockup.
But you are coming for sure...
You are coming.
Who is coming and who is going?
Are you understanding or not?
Are You?
Teacher are you or are you not?
- Yeah...Yeah...Ya'
I get it, brother.
I got it. Riyal Arjun's Riyal
I am coming!
I am coming with the doctor.
Okay... I am coming.
Strange... What's this
way of talking to the teacher?
The teacher is from Bhopal.
That's how they talk.
I am leaving.
I am leaving.
The teacher is from Bhopal?
What is this?
didn't I tell you the other day?
It's a night dress.
Not that, what is this?
- Ask the right question, brother?
It's a who, not what.
She's the doctor.
- I...
Why did you tie her up
with the veil?
I woke her up and told
her it's an emergency.
She said I'll come along,
but which vehicle do you have.
I said it's a scooter.
She said she falls
asleep on the scooter.
I thought what if she
falls down and dies, so...
... | tied her to myself.
Doctor, wake up.
Doctor, wake up.
The deliven/s done.
Healthy and strong.
Oh! thank you so much.
Oh my, God. Hello...
- Hello.
I've seen you before.
- Seen me?
- How's it possible?
It's true... I've seen him before.
Where have I seen him? - I just came
to live in this village 2 years ago.
Before this, I was at the Kashmir border,
the Ladakh border, the Rajasthan border.
Not there...
Then where did I see you?
You must have seen
him in JP Dutta's Border.
Doctor, come along.
Come, madam. Please.
Let's go... | et's go...
- JP Dutta...
Doctor, the patient is throwing up,
let's go.
Who is the patient?
- It's her.
Who is she?
- She's the patient...
How is she related to you?
- She is...
She... she's his wife.
- Wife!
Your wife? She?
What else would I have said?
That's not her.
She's not the girl who
came to my sonography center.
She's someone else.
She has changed.
Who is she?
Doctor, I brought her for sonography.
I've 25 years of experience.
I can guarantee she's not the
one who came to me for sonography.
She has changed.
she's someone else.
I can prove it to you.
She is not your wife.
Is anyone listening to me?
- Soorajmukhi!
I am sad!
Didn't I tell you that you've changed?
But you never agreed.
And see...even the doctor
has confirmed today...
You have changed.
You have become different.
Just like cotton turns
into a piece of cloth...
Soap turns to foam...
Just a minute...
Forget this...your marriage
will turn into divorce.
- Divorce. - Divorce.
You said it three times.
Doctor, we called
you here to check her up...
...but you caused a breakup instead.
What are you saying?
- You're responsible for this.
I haven't done anything.
- You're responsible.
What is he saying?
- You're responsible!
Brother, I only said it once...
What are you doing, teacher?
Why are you divorcing
your wife in this condition?
Yes because she has changed.
Even you said it now.
No, no.. Misunderstanding.
I guess I was mistaken.
I was a | so...s | eepy.
- Isn't it?
Now that I look at her again...
yes...that's her.
She came for the sonography.
Yes, that's her.
Are you sure?
- Yes, sure.
And your 25-year-old record?
- It's broken.
- Records are made for breaking.
And, I made this
record and I broke it.
But, please don't
break your relationship.
I won't... | won't...
just check her up, please.
Tell me what you ate.
Nothing...2 bowls of grams,
2 bowls of kidney beans...
...1 bowl of lentil, vegetables, corn
bread, cottage cheese with gravy...
...four pieces of bread, 1 bowl
of mutton and sweetmeaLwith cream.
Did you leave anything?
- Yeah, chutney.
It was ven/ spicy.
No need to worn],
she's got gas.
Gas... gas...just gas?
- Yeah, just gas.
Pay attention to your diet,
Come, teacher.
Come on...
Oh god
- Teacher.
I am protecting her.
She sleeps like a
dead body on the scooter...
...and if she falls down,
she will turn into a real dead body.
He's right.
I fell down last month.
Who was driving?
- Me.
You mean...
- Shall we?
Yeah.. bye.
- Bye...
I had a word with the lawyer...
...Arjun will come home soon.
- Okay.
I've called Riya's father too.
We'll convince him... let Riya and
Arjun get married. - I see.
You saw what happened
last night. - Hmm.
Just imagine...
She should be with her
mother in this condition.
Oh teacher...
Which doctor did
you take to see Sheila?
Sheila is absolutely fine now.
You don't believe me.
See for yourself.
Anuj, bring Sheila out!
You've crossed all limits, brother.
Hiding Arjun's sin in our farmhouse.
We already have such a
bad reputation in this village...
...that you're resoing
to such things.
Chaudhan/ sir... Hello.
- Hello.
- Riya.
My child
So you three kidnapped my daughter.
I am going to teach you three
a lesson, I'll drag you to cou...
...or else my name isn't Dharamchand.
You should stop worn/ing
about your name...
...and, think of a name
for the one that's on the way.
On the way? Who's on the way?
Mister this is why we called you here.
You have to be strong...
Your daughter is pregnant.
- What?
With Arjun's child.
- Dharamchand!
I admit that Arjun and
your daughter made a mistake.
But, this is your fault too.
You didn't give them
permission to get married.
That's why Arjun brought
her to my farmhouse.
And anyway, a real man never leaves...
...and not someone who desens
his love when in an ordeal.
Arjun cou | d've refused
to marn/ your daughter...
...after getting her pregnant.
He cou | d've run away.
But he didn't run.
He didn't run...
Look... Arjun loves
your daughter a lot.
And you can see the
result ofthat love.
I admit he made a mistake...
But let me tell you... will never find anyone
like Arjun no matter how hard you tn].
I am already tired of Arjun...
...why would I tn/ to
find someone else like him?
And, you and I know that
she's pregnant with Arjun's child.
But who's going to
convince the villagers?
They will say that Arjun
can never get anyone pregnant.
This is entirely my daughter's fault.
They will point fingers
at my daughter's character.
No-no-no... | cannot give
permission for this marriage.
Dharamchand, I'm a family man too.
I request you for Arjun's sake...
No brother.
You don't have to plead
to anyone for my sake.
He's not willing to understand.
I love Riya, and that's not a crime.
What I think doesn't matter.
Your posters are
all over the village...
...that narrate your entire ston].
You filed a case against
the government, didn't you?
Now go...
Go to the court and prove
that you didn't get a vasectomy done.
After that, I'll let you marn/ Riya.
you can forget Riya for good.
And, as for this unborn child...
If you fail to prove
yourself in the cou...
...this child will never
get to see this world.
Why you...
Come on...
-Come on...
He's not Mahabharafs Arjun.
Your honor, this case filed
against the Health Ministnj... fake and completely baseless.
These three willingly volunteered
for a vasectomy without stitches.
And now, in order to get more
compensation from the government...
...these people are making
false allegations, your honor.
Here are their NOC letters!
And their Vasectomy ceificates!
And these photos, which they willingly
handed over to the health depanment!
He's lying...
Come here, I'll stick this
poster on your face with my hand.
He's lying...
Order! Order!
I am here...
I am here for you...
Please sit down.
The coun grants time to Jagaavar
Chaudhanj, Arjun Singh and Vinay Sharma... gather evidence
for corroborating their ston].
The coun is adjourned
until next hearing.
All they get is date after date...
...and their troubles keep adding up.
What kind of behavior is this?
You see, since the poster incident... at school keep teasing her.
"O benevolent Lord..."
"...for the sake of our devotion..."
"Bless us..."
"...with Your grace."
"These feet...sti | | have hope."
"O're our faith..."
With passing seems
almost impossible to get justice.
Somewhere far away,
a ray of hope could be seen.
Sunil, how long will you
keep rejecting marriage proposals?
Mom, you knowl love Anjali.
Whenever I get married,
It will only be with Anjali.
And these three, had no clue about it.
If we had done nothing...
...this matter would've
eventually faded away.
But now, this blemish on our
reputation will never get cleared.
No one's going to listen to us...
No one...
Teacher, don't lose hope.
Someone will definitely hear us.
You're right, Mr. Jagaavar.
You shouldn't lose hope.
You will definitely get justice.
Maybe not on the coun, but you will
get justice in the people's court
And, I will help you.
I will take your ston/ to them,
so that...
...peop | e will find out the truth.
Look, we don't have money
to pay your commission.
Mr. Jagaavar, I've earned money...
Give me this one oppounity
to earn some respect.
Tomorrow...Press conference.
So Mr. Chaudhanj,
how will you get justice?
We'll protest.
We'll go to Gandhi Maidan
(Open-ground) and go on a hunger-strike.
Chaudhan/ sir, people have
been going on hunger-strikes for ages.
What are you going to do different...
...which you think will
convince the government.
Hey man, get some biscuits for us.
We're not on a hunger strike.
Thousands of people like you
go on a hunger-strike even] year.
They burn effigies ofthe government.
But what do you think
will be the result?
This time it will...
I am cenain.
- Nothing is going to happen.
We'll expose the government
in front of even/one.
Because they stripped
us naked in front of even/one.
The government exposed us pub | ica | y..
now we will expose them publicly.
...and now,
we'll strip the government.
That's what I was saying.
And so we'll stage this protest...
without wearing any clothes.
Will you really strip
off all your clothes.
You are right brother.
We'll strip off all our clothes and protest.
- Isn't that a great idea.
Sir biscuits - Go away,
can't you see this is breaking news.
And you're worried
about tea and biscuits.
Mr. Arjun...are you guys really
going to strip off your clothes...
...and go on a hunger strike?
When brother said nude,
he means nude.
Once I make a commitment...
' | n this age, along with
the truth...
This is breaking news. also needs sensation.
Come to Gandhi Maidan
and see for yourself.
This is front-page headlines.
That's the truth.
...we' | | be totally nude...
Brother, please stop him.
What is he saying?
Teacher, better sta
getting into shape. - Why?
You should look in
shape...when you strip down.
Mr. Jagaavar, what is Arjun saying...
- He's right.
Do you think this fight
will benefit you in any way?
Or, maybe you'll lose whatever
little reputation you have left.
One who fought on the
battlefield attained martyrdom.
But, the one who never
fought was already dead.
In this battle for respect,
we'll face embarrassment.
But, he who loses
respect for oneself...
Will have no self-esteem.
In this crowd of shameless people,
we've made up our mind...
...even if we've to strip
down to our last piece of cloth...
...but, we must save our reputation.
Chaudhan/ sir, fantastic...!
Take care...
Come, brother...
Brother is here.
Hello, sir.
Look at how we decorated the tempo.
"Let's go to Gandhi Maidan..."
"Don't lock horns with us,
cause this is the strip-off protest."
What do you think
about the decoration?
Even/thing is fine, but...
I am looking really great.
Brother, do you know
who owns this vehicle.
Yes brother.
Did father give you permission
to come here? - Not yet...
But he will...
I have faith in you, brother.
Let's go... Gandhi maidan'
"Time to see who's in dire straights."
"We must fend against
an army of millennial..."
"...we...naked soldiers..."
Amazing, teacher.
You said that without forgetting.
Do we take off our shin first or pant?
- Even/one will be stripped naked.
Let's go.
So that was the ston/ until now.
Now, to find out whether
they will get justice today or not...
...keep watching Tea-vee news.
Madam, do you have a TV here.
- Yes...7 patients have TB...
...and the doctors are treating them.
Not TB, I meant television.
- Oh... yes, we do.
Then turn it on...
They're showing the
protest on the news.
Are they showing it on TV?
- Yes.
Madam, don't take so long.
Turn it on quickly.
- Yes.
Hello, ladies and gentlement...
My name is Kishan and...
I request the citizens
of this countn]... suppo us in this
movement and encourage us.
And, if you feel we're
right then doesn't matter... which pan
ofthe countn/ you are.
Just strip off your clothes,
and support us in this movement.
And, take a selfie of
yourself or make a video...
...and upload it to our
site on 'nangakardegadanga'!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Even] Tom-Dick-Harn/ is heading
to Gandhi Maidan these days.
Now Arjun will say a few words
about the Nude Movement.
But there are hardly any people here.
Arjun, more will come.
You speak.
"Drums beating..."
"Drums even] step...."
"At even] step..."
"Drums even] step...."
"Drums even] step...."
Look at that, what's going on?
Will these guys really
strip off their clothes?
They will have to.
Do you think it's true?
- Seems like it.
Let's go.
And now...
- Look! More people are coming.
"Drums beating..."
- Yes, brother.
"Drums beating..."
"Drums even] step...."
"At even] step..."
Sir, more people are joining
the crowd.
Wait for my next call.
Teacher, you were amazing.
Mister, we've heard
enough of your speeches.
But when are you going
to take your clothes off?
Because...peop | e want to know.
Why, brother?
- He's so restless.
And now, the creator ofthis moment,
Arjun Singh...
...wi | | take off his clothes
and sta this protest.
Mom, give me your phone.
- Here.
"Arjun pick the phone".
- Give me my phone.
Yes baby say.
Arjun, I am watching you.
- Where? How are you watching me?
I'll settle your installments.
On TV...where else?
Why are you feeling so embarrassed
to take off your clothes?
look really sexy without the clothes.
My Arjun Singh...
take your shin off...
and surprise even/one.
What are you saying, baby.
I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
Total nude.
Wow brother, what a pose.
Take off the jacket,
can't do it without taking it off.
- Yes?
Upload the videos.
We made a couple of
people take off their shin...
...and made a video.
To suppo this protest.
We're going to upload
those on our social media.
But, brother...
Sometimes in order
to expose a big truth...
...there's nothing wrong
with telling small lies.
As soon as Arjun Singh
took off his clothes...
...peop | e from different pans ofthe
countn/ took their clothes off too...
...and uploaded their videos.
Shall we call Hari Singh now?
Hari.. you know right,
what you need to do?
Consider it done...
Yeah, I am on my way there.
So as you can see, this nude
protest is not just a protest...
...but, it's a slap
on the government's face.
What's going on?
- Sir, it's the nude movement.
What? Nude movement?
There's a nude movement at Gandhi
Maidan, I was just watching that.
The Poster Boys have
stripped off their clothes...
...and begun this revolution.
But the government is still quiet.
And now, to take this protest ahead...
...teacher Vinay Sharma of Jangethi
will take his clothes off next.
Teacher, take your clothes off...
Teacher, take your clothes off...
Don't be scared teacher,
take your clothes off.
I am.
I don't come to such
protests even] day.
He's a Sharma and
still not feeling shy...
...and you're a Dubey,
why are you feeling so embarrassed.
"Drums beating..."
"Drums beating..."
The teacher is a real hero.
One needs guts to
do something like this.
Isn't that true?
I agree with you.
Why don't you show some guts too?
Take off your shin.
Poster Boys...we're with you.
We only had 2-3 videos.
Are people really
sending these videos?
You're getting the
suppo ofthe people.
Who is behind them?
I don't think anyone is behind them.
But people are joining them.
Call even/one from
the Health Depament...
...who are involved. Quickly.
Okay sir.
Along with the Minister.
Mr. Jagaavar, take your
clothes's your turn now.
Jaagavar sir, take your clothes off.
We're with you.
Long live Chaudhan/ sir.
What are you doing?
It's really hot out here.
The government hasn't
taken any action on this case.
And now, Arjun Singh
is taking off his pant.
Don't lock horns,
this is the nude movement.
Madam, she's in pain.
Please take a look.
- I see...
Someone call the doctor, quickly.
- But, you're the doctor.
- Huh
Oh yes.
- Please, take a look.
Did it have to happen now?
Good going, Chaudhan/ sir.
Now, teacher Vinay Sharma
will take off his pants.
Teacher, take it off.
What happened to him?
Soorajmukhi, is even/thing okay?
- Yes, teacher.
There's still time.
And listen, all the best.
- All the best to you too, Soorajmukhi.
Don't worn]...
This time it's going to be a boy.
It's not right to discriminate
between girl and boy.
Didn't you always tell me that?
I get it now...
- Really, Soorajmukhi?
And yes, I suppo you in your fight.
As well as our unborn child.
Whether it's a girl or a boy.
I love you, Soorajmukhi.
I love you.
Sorn/ sir.
Excellent teacher...
You're amazing...
Poster Boys... we are with you!
About Poster Boys?
Go ahead Poster Boys We are with you!
I suppo the Poster Boys
in their movement.
They are doing the right thing, even
I suppo them by taking my clothes off.
My name is Arshad Warsi... if you want
your clothes stripped off or turn, call me.
All the best go for it.
Poster Boys,
don't worn]... we are with you!
We love you Poster Boys!
Did they really get
a vasectomy done or...
No point in hiding it from me now.
I can help you only
if you tell me even/thing.
Sir, actually they
didn't get a vasectomy done.
Actually, it was their fault...
...that their pictures got published.
Sir, it's such a small mistake...
- Sir, please don't worn].
I'll take care of them.
Sir, I'll manage.
- Manage?
These people are standing
on our heads now...
...and how did you manage?
Sir, I...
- I worked really hard for this post...
...and now, I can't depend on you.
I'll have to do something.
They have the public on their side.
Now, we must win these
people over to our side.
I'll show them what's the real power.
They have no clue about a CM's power.
Get the force ready.
He | | o...Aniket...
Brother, you've managed
to gather a really big crowd.
Yes, brother, you were fantastic.
I only staed a movement...
But you know, people know even/thing.
Jagaavar sir... Jagaavar sir.
CM sir is coming.
You mean he's accepted?
No, he's coming with his entire force.
Will they shoot us?
They can't do that in
front of such a huge crowd.
Maybe they will just arrest us.
- Yeah...
And later shoot us.
- Brother...
You mean our plan
will eventually fail...
Don't be scared.
Let him come...
We'll see...
Chief Minister Down-Down.
Chief Minister Down-Down.
Long live...
- Poster boys.
Brother, he's here.
Step back, brother.
Chief Minister Down-Down.
Chief Minister Down-Down.
Long live...
- Poster boys.
Long live...
- Poster boys.
Chief Minister Down-Down.
What did you guys think?
That you will tn/ to
go against the government...
...and the government will stay idle.
But, you were wrong.
God knows what he's going to say.
These people are protesting
against the government...
...and you are all supponing them.
Because they are not wrong!
We believe them, they have been wrong.
Until now you only heard
the Poster Boys side ofthe ston].
But now,
I am going tell you the truth.
Call him.
Yes sir.
Come up and tell them the truth.
Madam, don't worn].
I will tell you the truth.
The truth is that these three visited the
sterilization camp in Jangethi village.
It's okay.
And these three willingly...
And another one.
I asked you to tell the truth...
...and the truth is that you
should be stripped off your clothes.
Not them.
You shou | d've been exposed, not them.
It's entirely your fault, not them.
Get out!
Get out!
The truth is that it is entirely
the Health Department's mistake.
And these three are innocent.
We won...we won.
As the Chief Minister of the state,
I apologize to them publicly.
Long Live Poster Boys!
Long Live Poster Boys!
But, there is one thing I would
like to bring to your attention.
Men's mentality!
Only women should
get a vasectomy done, not men.
Does that make him any less a man?
Who told you that?
What is manhood?
Touring women!
No, no.
Enduring the cruelty
you're subjugated to?
No! Never!
Real manhood is about... women equal rights as men.
Raising your voice
against the cruelty on you.
And I am proud that there are
three men like them in our state...
...who raised their voice
against the cruelty against them.
And shoot the government.
I apologize to them again.
- No,
And also announce Rupees 2 Lacs
to each person as compensation.
"Arjun pick the phone."
" | missed you and called you up."
Baby, CM sirjust declared
that we're innocent.
Better te | | your father,
if he creates any problems now...
I will set his installments.
No, son...there's
no need for that now.
Forgive me, I...
- I get it.
And soon, you will understand...
...what it means to
be the father of a girl.
I mean you've become a father.
Riya's given bir1h to a girl.
- What...
I've become a father.
I've become a father.
I've become a father.
I've become a father.
My phone.
- Teacher...
Hello, Soorajmukhi. What happened?
Guess...what could it be?
It's a beautiful daughter.
She's really cute.
Just like you.
Come back soon...we're
waiting for you.
I am coming. I am coming.
Even Soorajmukhi gave
bir1h to a daughter.
- Congratulations.
Thank you .
Mr. Kulbhushan, you?
- Mr. Jagaavar, forgive me.
I made a mistake.
Give me your blessings.
Friends, you all know that...
...we never got this operation done.
But, I would like to announce
on behalf of my friends and me...
...that as soon as we return home,
we'll get this operation done.
The operation?
You already have three kids?
How many more?
Come on...don't be scared.
- Brother?
Come here.
What the countn/ needs today...
is population control.
We'll get it done...what about you?
Come on...come on...
Okay, ready even/body.
And start
Has he lost it?
Don't you say sta for this?
What does one say?
Roll sound- Roll camera
And action.
They look like a bunch of fools,
but they have a generous heart
"As I set out all decked up"
"Looking handsome and charming"
"My look makes even/one's
head skip a beat"
I... What did I do for the countn]?
"She secretly desires me."
"She says to me..."
"She says to me..."
Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
There's denial but not delay.
There's delay but not denial.
I am going to dance like a Punjabi."
"She says to me get ready..."
I am going to dance like a Punjabi."
" | say to you get ready..."
"Because, I am going to romance."
Answer me!
"She says to me"
Come out!
"We're famous all over the village"
""What to do we're helpless.
"Our picture's been
published without a reason."
"Poster Boys are a big hit now"
"Poster Boys"
"Poster Boys"
"Poster Boys"
"Poster Boys"
Take one
"Better control this feeling of | ove"
"Let your lips stay sealed,
and let the eyes talk."
"Swing to the beat in full speed"
I tell to you?
"Forget all your worries..."
"She says to me get ready..."
I am going to dance like a Punjabi."
"She says to me get ready..."
Even after all these years,
Sunita has been my one and on | y..
" | say to you get ready..."
"Because, I am going to romance."
One more.
"We're famous all over the village"
"What to do we're helpless."
"Our picture's been
published without a reason."
"Poster Boys are a big hit now"
"Poster Boys"
"Poster Boys"
"Poster Boys"
"Poster Boys"
"She says to me..."
"She says to me..."
"She says to me..."
"She says to me..."
Glon/ to Lord Ganesha.
Hail Lord Ganesha.
Pack up.