Potechi (2012) Movie Script

"CHIPS" Film Partners
Produced by smoke/ dub
What did you want to
talk to me about?
Does your boss have a job for me?
We call him 'The CEO' now.
He has a company?
A company of thieves?
No way!
You're right.
Mr Kurosawa, why do you hate
working in teams?
Would you have three batters
in the batter's box?
Burglary is a solo sport.
Don't you know?
There's one batter in
the batter's box.
You're right.
- Regards to the CEO.
- Wait!
I need to talk to you.
Isn't that a gasman's uniform?
Say you're seen outside a place
you've robbed...
A simple greeting will pass
you off as a gasman.
- You bought it at a shop?
- You wanted to talk about this?
I had a medical check-up
the other day...
That's when I found out...
something incredible.
Then I... visited Mom's place.
I wanted her to have
a check-up too.
When I was relaxing on the porch,
an apple fell from the tree.
You know...
There's a pulling force at work...
that's why things fall.
Know what I mean?
It's that pulling force...
at the centre of the Earth,
that makes things fall.
Ever heard of Newton?
What's that...?
"New... tone"?
Never mind.
- What're you doing?
- Pumping iron...
You know, I tagged along
to see you work.
I even agreed to wear this!
These uniforms help us avoid
suspicion if we're seen...
What if the tenant comes home and
finds you pumping iron?
Don't worry:
he's still at the game.
Sendai Kings lead by 1 point,
at the bottom of the 3rd.
- He's at the game?
- No, he's on the team.
Which one?
- Ozaki.
- Which one's he?
Wakaba, are you saying you
don't know him?
- Is he famous?
- He was a star high-school player!
He hit five homeruns before
his team lost the quarter final.
Which one is he?
What number is he?
- He's not a starting player.
- He might come home!
He won't. He's on the roster,
so he's in the ballpark.
Oh, he's a reserve.
The manager has a grudge
against him...
Ozaki broke his homerun record
in the high school tournament.
So now he won't give Ozaki a chance.
The manager's a womanising asshole!
Oh, how disgusting!
Count 3-2 and here comes the pitch.
It's a hit and it's a long-fly ball.
It's away.
A homerun is just when the ball
flies far. What's the big deal?
Wakaba, that's not the point.
You see, baseball...
I'm having a feeling of
deja-vu here...
Like how?
Check out the showy decor...
This guy scams women,
but guys like him never get caught.
The law might not punish him,
but we will, right, Boss?
Right. We didn't break in here
for his cash...
- Let's think of it as poetic justice.
- Yes, Boss.
I've told you before not
to call me 'Boss'
- What then?
- How about my name: Mr Nakamura.
No way!
That's far too informal.
- 'Deputy Manager'
- Of what?
- The Burglars' Union.
- No.
- 'The CEO'
- The CEO...
Hello, I'm Nakamura, the CEO.
Great! Now that's different.
Please leave your name and
message after the tone...
Have you gone out?
I called now because I
guessed you were out.
I've had enough, so I'm going
to kill myself.
I'm jumping!
I wrote about you in
my suicide note!
You womanising asshole,
I'll kick your ass!
What was that about?
I guess the guy who lives here
duped her.
Do you think she'll jump?
I dunno.
Let's just pretend we
never head that.
Good idea.
We could retrieve her number
and call her back...
We may as well.
Maybe she's already dead...?
Is that wishful thinking?
Hello! Where are you?
On a building roof.
It's a bit late to worry.
I'm about to die.
Just a minute, I'm coming
right over!
You sound serious. Is it my suicide
note that worries you?
I'm coming.
I'll ride on a giraffe.
I'll ride there on a giraffe's back.
Don't you want to see a giraffe on a
building roof right here in Sendai?
I wouldn't miss it for anything.
How about you?
You should see it before you die.
Where's the giraffe?
Who the hell are you?
- I'm Tadashi Imamura...
- Who asked you? - You did.
Mind your own business,
or I'll kick your ass!
Someone with your spunk shouldn't die.
- How come?
- Your parents will be sad.
Yeah? They wouldn't care if
I lived or died.
There's a second reason
why you shouldn't die...
Dying here feels wrong.
- To who?
- Me.
- Who are you, anyway?
- I told you. My name's Imamura...
That's enough! I'm jumping.
Oh, wait!
You think jumping will make it OK,
but you're wrong.
I'm not saying it will
make it OK...
My boss is waiting down there.
- Why's he there?
- To catch you when you fall.
Catch me from a 10-storey high fall?
- Is he Superman?!
- He's an ordinary guy.
He just became a CEO.
Who cares!
This is the end of my life,
and I'm not colliding into some CEO!
I'll kick your ass!
The CEO played high-school baseball.
He was an outfielder.
He's never once caught a fly-ball.
- He'll miss me, then.
- He won't.
You're much bigger than a ball.
He hates baseball, because of
those missed fly-balls.
But that will change today,
when he catches you.
Go ahead and jump...
Today, the CEO will catch a flying
object for the first time in his life.
I don't care anymore...
That's my story.
Yes, and this is how it began.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Leave your name and message
after the tone.
It's me.
That guy's been demanding to see me.
I didn't want to bother you,
Uncle, but...
- Who is she?
- I don't know.
I have to go now.
I'll tell you where I'll be.
I'll be at a cafe called 'Meals',
on Bansui Avenue.
What's your theory,
Dr Imamura?
Some girl wants something
from Ozaki.
She probably wants his help.
It's none of our business.
Let's pretend we never heard it.
The girl wants Ozaki's help,
not ours.
If we'd turned our backs on you,
you would be dead.
- Men are suckers for girls like you.
- Excuse me?
- Japanese men love baby-faced girls.
- What's this about?
- Now, now, let's keep this nice.
- Who are you two?
- I'm a pinch hitter for Batter Ozaki.
- What Batter...?
You just called Ozaki for help,
didn't you?
Oh, I guess so...
You didn't know he was a
pro ballplayer?
Uncle Ozaki is a ballplayer?
- How old is Ozaki?
- Same as me.
'Uncle' makes him sound old.
What's Ozaki to you?
Uncle Ozaki saved me
about a week ago.
There's this guy who's been
stalking me...
and he was following me
on that day, too.
Uncle Ozaki was walking by and...
- He saved you.
- He's the man.
Those stalkers are relentless.
Uncle Ozaki said that when
he gave me his number.
He said, "Feel free to
call me anytime."
- He's smooth.
- No, he's heroic!
Maybe you shouldn't
trust strangers so easily.
I know, but...
- Is that the stalker?
- I think so.
Stay here. We'll go and
harass him.
Wait! This has nothing
to do with you!
Tadashi Imamura is pinch hitter
for Ozaki, batting order #4.
- Don't act crazy!
- What?
You think I'm not good enough
to replace him?
What's going on here?
Sendai registration...
It's Sendai, Ro-38...
You want to find a car owner
from a license plate?
- Don't you know how?
- Is it possible?
Is it going to be illegal?
Perfectly legit.
Go to the Department of
Motor Vehicles.
They'll give you the name, address,
and any information that's registered.
Wow, it's easy!
How was Ozaki's room?
It was kind of weird.
You're weirder! You just pumped iron
and didn't steal a thing.
How did you know that we broke
into Ozaki's condo?
Because I gave him Ozaki's address.
Because he's Ozaki's biggest fan?
Kind of.
Didn't you say that you were
the same age as Ozaki?
Mom and I watched him play in the
high school game on TV.
She said, "He's your age, but he's
thrilling crowds with his homeruns!
"How come you didn't turn
out like that?"
Oh, did she...
I have to say, I didn't study
much in those days.
I was busy picking up girls.
And then did you take those
girls back home?
So you were at your own bat!
- Wakaba, give me a break...
- What?
That was vulgar.
It was like some old drunk's joke.
What will you do when you
find the car's owner?
I'll tell him to stop
bothering the girl.
Why help a girl with so
much attitude?
I thought I'd do it for him,
to save him the trouble.
Wow, you sure are a big fan...
- OK, off I go.
I need your car. - OK.
Hey, Tadashi.
Um... he's not here.
Wow, who are you?
Are you Tadashi's wife?
We're not married.
Are you his mother,
by any chance?
Oh, my God, you're gorgeous!
Well... thank you.
Any ideas about where we can go?
Let's see... Why don't I
buy you some clothes?
I always wanted a daughter.
So I could go shopping
with her, like this.
But I ended up with one
mediocre boy.
You could've had another baby.
Another kid might've turned
out just as bad.
Don't say 'bad'
How about this?
It's very expensive.
Thanks for shopping with us.
What I went through when Tadashi was
born turned me off for good.
The hospital was old and
There was a baby boom in our town,
so there were hardly enough cribs.
It was chaotic!
You could've swapped him
for a baby girl.
Yes, I could have!
OK, let's get drunk.
Do you see Tadashi often?
We didn't meet much before, but...
six months ago, he had a physical exam
and wanted me to do some tests.
I didn't know.
Some people came and did some tests
a few months ago.
Can we switch to the
all-you-can-drink deal?
- No, sorry.
- Too bad.
Why's switching to
a better deal so hard?
Good morning.
You smell of alcohol.
- Do I?
- Did you drink a lot?
It's just that we got along so well.
Who's 'we'
Well... it's a secret.
Was it a guy?
No, it wasn't.
What're you doing?
I just discovered something
What's that?
I had time to kill,
so I was drawing triangles.
I connected some dots and
I got triangles.
It would never happen to me.
Looking at the triangles,
I noticed something.
You carry a protractor with you?
- I bought it from 7-11.
- Do they sell them?
I measured all the angles and...
I found that, no matter the shape,
if you add the interior angles...
- It's 180 degrees.
- How do you know?!
- You learn it at school!
- Oh, you knew...
Did you ID the car?
I have his name and address.
Let's go.
Car Registration
Car Registration
He lives at 3-11, Yamato-cho.
He lives at 3-11, Yamato-cho.
Apartment Maison Ikaruga, #704.
His name is Shusuke Ochiai.
What a cool name.
It isn't cool at all.
Maison Ikaruga
Maison Ikaruga
What it all comes down to is fear.
Even arrogant punks
give in to fear.
He might not feel threatened.
- We'll make it supernatural.
- Supernatural?
We'll write messages on his
wall with blood...
saying, "Leave her alone."
We'll write in blood on the
windows and in the bathroom.
You're big on blood.
What about the blood?
Do you have red paint?
What's this?
Miracle Worker Ozaki's First Game
I photocopied this at the library.
You really are a big fan!
I told you about his high school days,
so I wanted to show you.
Look at this:
"3 Homers in 1 Game!"
- What's a 'homer'
- It means a homerun.
Wakaba, you know nothing
about baseball...
Were you picking up girls
on that day?
I can't remember...
I think I was at home.
It was my birthday.
- Was it?
- Yes.
And Ozaki's, too.
Yes, it says so right here.
"Ozaki hits 3 homers on..."
"August 21st, his birthday."
Really! You two share the
same birthday!
- You must feel like his twin!
- That's right.
That explains why you'd help
a girl on his behalf.
#704 is fourth from the end.
Over there.
Talk about supernatural...
- Are you OK?
- It's these shoes! It's like hopscotch.
- You always trip.
- It's these shoes.
It's not the same!
We're different.
- Hello.
- Hello.
They're playing us for fools.
I don't think that's it.
But they sure are schemers.
Any time something happens,
you call Mr Kurosawa!
Why did they lie?
Why are they mocking me?!
It's not about you.
Their target is Ozaki.
- It's blackmail.
- I knew it.
What do you mean?
They probably planned to
extort money from Ozaki.
She might seduce Ozaki and
then the guy would show up,
and they'd blackmail Ozaki for money.
That girl looked like the
femme fatale type.
That's it.
They're trying to trick Ozaki,
I knew it!
Are you thirsty, Mr Kurosawa?
Anger gets me thirsty!
I'll get drinks.
Get some consomme-flavoured chips.
- Are you hungry?
- Anger gets me hungry!
Okay. You want chips,
Mr Kurosawa?
No, thank you.
I don't like snacks.
What's life without snacks...?
Okay, I'll be back.
How did you two get involved?
That's abrupt!
It just sort of happened.
"It just happened"?
Why do you ask?
Because he's kind of an oddball, so...
I wondered what it's like
to be with him.
You think he's odd?
He is odd, isn't he?
You're quite odd yourself.
- Don't you have a girlfriend?
- I don't.
Why not? You've got to
be popular with girls.
- I'm no good at empathising.
- That can't be true.
Back with the supplies!
They sound delicious.
- They are delicious.
- These aren't consomme!
Can you tell the difference?
Sorry, I've got the consomme.
Focus, or I'll kick your ass!
- Wait, I've changed my mind.
- How come?
Salted chips aren't bad at all.
Seriously, I wanted consomme,
but I noticed salted tastes great.
It was a mistake for the best.
Any problem?
No, there's no problem.
Why are you crying?
You wanted the salted chips?
We can swap, then.
Mr Kurosawa...
Tadashi's acting weird.
Why are you here?
We smelled a gas leak,
so we let ourselves in.
You can't do that.
I'm calling the police.
- Did you say the police?
- I know them...
She knows that we're not from
the gas company.
- What's going on?
- That's what I want to know!
You asked Ozaki for help
with a stalker,
but you're with the man who's
supposed to be stalking you.
- It makes no sense.
- No sense at all.
I think you wanted to
give Ozaki some trouble.
You pretended to ask for his help
so you could trick him.
Oh, I don't need any of this!
Your schemes are so easy
to see through.
Anyone who messes with my
Ozaki messes with me!
We just did it for fun.
He took himself way too seriously.
As a serious sportsman, it's completely
natural to try and help a girl!
We didn't know he was a ballplayer.
What team was he with?
What was his position?
- He hasn't retired.
- I bet he sucks. - Shut up!
Every day Ozaki prepares himself for
a chance that may never come!
How dare you... put Ozaki down!
What's wrong?
I don't know what to do!
What's going on here?
Have we made ourselves clear?
Leave Ozaki alone.
It's you who should be
explaining yourselves.
Stop this, or I'll kick your ass!
So? Did you talk sense
into those kids?
Well, I guess so...
but Tadashi acted up when
they bad-mouthed Ozaki.
Sharing a birthday is fateful,
but aren't you overdoing it?
Mr Kurosawa...
- What am I supposed to do?
- What's wrong?
Life is too... painful.
I see. Painful, is it?
I can't deal with it.
You're quite a guy.
No, I'm not.
What are you two talking about?
What should I do?
You don't have to do anything.
I'll give you a ride...
I live around here.
We ate too much!
What the...?
I'm a friend of that young man
from earlier...
- Oh, gimme a break!
- Maybe he let you off, but...
I won't be so easy.
- This is too much...
- Let's go for a ride.
- No. - To a village on
Yamagata's border.
Whenever there's a disaster,
a villager is chosen...
and locked in a cave, as an
offering to the mountain god.
- What the hell? - They'd do
anything to protect their rice yields.
Droughts, earthquakes, floods...
Any natural calamity calls
for a sacrifice.
It's an ancient ritual
that still continues.
- No way! - The cave is
pitch dark inside...
The sacrificed villager can't
tell night from day.
He's hungry and anxious as he
waits for death.
Then villagers then questioned using
their own people as sacrifices.
They decided...
to use outsiders as offerings.
They have connections with
criminals and gangsters.
There's a demand for human sacrifices...
Many people want to get
rid of someone.
It's a good business.
- Bullshit. - I just got a phone call
from their leader...
about that huge quake.
He wants offerings for his god,
so it won't happen again.
He wants more than one.
His order is one man
and one woman.
But according to the calendar,
and my horoscope,
I should be nice today.
So, I have a plan to
save your asses...
Hi, nice to meet you!
Stop talking about what
I did wrong.
Why can't you talk about
the good things I did?
I would, if there'd been
anything good!
Your late father could drink all night;
his genes must have skipped you.
What's so great about a man
who can drink a lot?
Did he play baseball as a kid?
He wasn't that into it, but he played
at elementary school.
- Was he a slugger?
- No! He kind of tip-toed around.
That's like him.
But because he's so earnest,
he got fairly good.
I can see that, too.
- Has he always been a fan
of Ozaki? - Ozaki...?
- Oh, you mean the ballplayer?
- Yes, that's him.
He rooted for him.
Ozaki's a local hero...
and he's Tadashi's hero, too.
His 'baseball hero'
His baseball hero?
- That's right.
- And they share a birthday.
Oh, that's right!
Same day, same hospital...
But they're so different.
Ozaki's mother used to live
in my town...
and she gave birth there.
I don't know her well.
I learned this much later, but...
while I was in labour and groaning,
Ozaki was born in the next room.
I heard that his mother died
of heart failure last year.
Are you staying here,
Mr Kurosawa?
There were 32 cases
between 1957 and '71.
Excuse me?
That's the acknowledged number
of babies switched at birth.
Oh, right.
Home births were once common.
In the 50's, women began giving
birth in hospitals.
They were understaffed during
the baby boom.
In the chaos,
the babies got mixed up.
But Tadashi was born much later.
The baby boom was later in his town.
I hate the word 'coincidence'
but I guess that's what it was.
How did he figure it out?
From his blood type.
At the check-up!
He'd never known his blood type.
He realised that it was inconsistent
with his parents.
So he consulted me...
What about?
I'm a part-time private detective.
Oh, you are?
I followed it up and my findings
led me to Ozaki.
Are you sure about this?
DNA tests confirm it.
I have contacts who helped me out.
We set up fake check-ups...
for those born at the
hospital on that day.
The result was...
Tadashi's mother is Ozaki's
biological mother.
Let's go up to the room.
Do we have to go to
the room to talk?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we present the Sendai Kings
There they go!
I love it here;
it's like being at a fair.
I hope you don't mind me
dragging along...
- Wakaba, I thought you
didn't like baseball. - Well...
It's just that I happened
to get some free tickets.
Oh, you're the one behind this!
Imagine Tadashi knowing
a gentleman like you!
I'm not a gentleman.
Mom, there's another man who's
been very good to me...
- I wish you could have met
him, too. - Mr Nakamura?
Yes, CEO Nakamura.
He wouldn't come here.
He hates baseball.
Right. He missed too many
I bet Ozaki won't get
a chance to play...
Mom, you want to see him play?
Sure, he's our local hero.
More than you want to see me?
What are you talking about?
Would you have liked your son
to be a star?
A star for a son, huh?
He might play tonight.
- Who?
- Ozaki.
Mr Kurosawa's hunches
are often right!
Isn't there somewhere else
we can talk?
I'm bad at empathising with people.
I have no idea what they care about.
When I learned that Tadashi
was switched at birth,
I didn't think it would mean
so much to him.
So I just reeled off
what I'd learned.
Knowing him, I thought he'd
say, "Really? Oh, wow!"
And that would be the end of it.
You really thought so?
But he was devastated.
By what?
I can't understand it.
Why is he devastated?
He wouldn't mind not being
related to his mom.
I agree.
He wouldn't want to find
his biological mother.
- Then what's so devastating?
- It's hard to tell...
But maybe he felt sorry
for his mother.
Maybe he thought,
"Mom could have had
a better son than me."
Maybe you're right.
I need your help.
- What do you want me to do?
- Is the flash on?
- Just keep snapping.
- Keep snapping?
Oh, it's the manager!
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
Use Ozaki as a pinch hitter tomorrow.
Choose the right time for him.
So he turns the game around.
Give him a chance.
It won't cost you money,
or your pride.
Just say, "Pinch hitter Ozaki."
Is he behind this?
At bat is Yamada, Shortstop.
Oh, come on!
At bat is Ninomiya, Second baseman.
We have a substitute batter.
Ninomiya steps away.
Ozaki is his pinch hitter.
His uniform number is 33.
What's up? What's the
manager thinking?
It might be interesting.
- Mr Kurosawa...
- Yes?
- He's playing.
- There he is.
He hasn't played for some time.
Mom, it's Ozaki.
Watch him carefully!
Don't worry, I can see him
and I'm watching.
Watch, Mom, it's him.
He's an incredible guy.
You want Ozaki to play so Tadashi
will feel better about himself?
That's not it.
Do you expect Ozaki to hit a
dramatic homerun or something?
No. Even if he did,
what would that change?
That wouldn't save anyone.
I think you're right.
A homerun is just when
the ball flies far.
Come on, Ozaki!
Look at the ball!
Keep your eyes open!
Show me what you've got...
Tadashi, what are you doing?!
Hey, over this way!
Ozaki, hit the ball right here!
Right here! Here!
What's that fool doing?
Right here!
Right here!
Play ball.
Right here!
Hit it right here!
What's going on?
You were a high school
baseball hero...
Show me what you've got.
Come on, baseball hero,
or I'll kick your ass!
That's the way!
What's wrong?
It's just a ball and...
it flew so far.
Gaku Hamada
as Tadashi Imamura
Fumino Kimura
as Wakaba Onishi
Taiki Nakabayashi as Shusuke Ochiai
Maya Matsuoka as Miyu
Kinzo Sakura as Manager Dojima
Ryohei Abe as Ozaki
Yoshihiro Nakamura as Boss
by lordretsudo
Nao Omori
as Mr Kurosawa
Eri Ishida
as Yumiko Imamura
Original story "Potechi" by Kotaro lsaka
(SHINCHOSHA Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Directed and written by
Yoshihiro Nakamura
(c) 2012 "CHIPS" Film Partners