Pothan Vava (2006) Movie Script

The way he rings the bell
makes me feel something is wrong.
Where are you going?
They form a committee during the festival!
They are selecting
the president of this year.
We forgot that.
We too are coming!
What is the meaning of a president?
He is the one selected
to conduct the festival.
He is new to this church!
This Committee meeting was very peaceful!
ln olden days, the festival
conducted were chaotic!
lt use to end up in violence!
The present festivals are very peaceful!
I am happy about that.
The people of Thekke angadi
and Vadakke angadi were enemies!
They joined together to form
the festival committee.
I appreciate them for that.
lwish that your love and
friendliness will remain!
This life is not to fight each other...
...instead, we have to love each other.
I pray God to give us
the strength for that!
l announce the name of
the president you've selected...
...for the festival, at this juncture.
Ku risu veettil Vava!
Can he come in time for that?
I know he can, and
that's why a decision like this.
I think it is apt if
we go and receive him...
...and I hope you will agree to that.
Father! Will he agree
for that at this time?
I hope he won't deny our request. Why?
We can't adjudge the human mind.
I believe he will agree if we all insist.
We came to tell our affection for you
and to take you with us.
This year's church festival is near!
We took a decision without your knowledge.
Vava is the president
for this year's festival.
We really mean it.
It is the decision
of every one of the church.
It is their wish too!
It is their act of atoning
for wrong doing.
Don't say no,
keeping in mind the old memories!
Vava have your commitment of your family.
You don't commit your self
to the festival alone by this.
You commit your self for
the Palliangadi village. Come.
We are now before
the St., Sebastian church!
We don't normally get people
to conduct this festival.
Two parties fight together
to conduct this festival!
Thekke angady and theVadakke
angady are the two groups!
Thekke angady's leaders are the
famous household called Pulikkat family.
Beat him and push down him!
Vakkilamma is the leader
of the Vadakke angady.
She is called as Kurisu
veettil vakil Mariamma!
Beat him and push him down!
Beat him. Beat him.
The contest is still on!
Let us see what the father Murukkumpara. ..
...has to say about this contest
and the purpose of it.
I am here since for a short period.
I knew it only later...
...that it was a punishment order.
No father has been here
for a minimum of six month's time.
People of here are so humble!
lam trying to be here for a longer time
l have arranged for these
extra curricular activities...
....with the permission from the bishop!
Thekke angadi takes the initiative
for this festival.
Vadakke angadi will fight
their opponents then.
Many will be admitted in the hospital.
Others will say then that
the church festival is nearing!
These two groups continue the fight...
...for their chance to run the show.
We wanted to form a committee with
these two groups! That didn't work out.
We wanted to select the winner thro'
a lucky draw. It ended up in a fight.
I thought it is better that
way to select the winner
It is the contest going on there
to select,the president!
This is a fun as well as
a fight between two house holds!
Mariamma! Where is Vava?
He has gone to vacate the shop
at the market place.
Hit him and push him off!
Come if any Vadakke angadi
people are there.
-Don't hold me!
-Come up to me.
Are you playing to a lion's cub?
Even an elephant will
fall by a little fault.
It is not an elephant but its dung!
Is there no Vadake angadi people to fight?
Come if you can.
Announce us as the winner
ifthere is no contenders?
Ok, then. lam going to
announce Thekke nagadi as the winner!
Is there anyone in Vadakke angadi yet?
Tell it. lam going to announce it.
-Is anyone there?
-Ok then...
Father! I am here.
Vakkilamma! You are old to fight!
It is your dad Pulikkaattil Vakkacahan. ..
...who fell down from the
palm tree and broke his hip!
Come Vakkkilamma!
Come down, mom!
Did you vacate the shop?
When I went there,
they told me...
...you have told them
to vacate only next year!
I told them that my mom
has told me to get you vacated.
They told me they could
vacate only next year!
-Then I told, -Did they vacate then?
-I vacated them!
Vacate then these Thekke angadi people.
-Father, please bless me!
- | bless you always!
Not always!Only when | see you.
Is he doing the holy communion?
lwas asking him if
there is any tomb left for...
...Pulikkaat family in the cemetery!
Britto! Shall we start our work?
Yes, start!
Have you got cotton and medicine?
We shall see it.
For Vava and son in the name of holy soul!
-Beat him!
-Beat him!
Vava has won it!
Any body can come to me....
...even the Pulikkat cat can come!
Come to me Anachan!
-I am here!
Climb up!
Hit him!
-Get it!
-Father he has made a foul!
Anachan! No foul play is allowed.
If it is foul play I will go for it. Come.
Hit him down!
We have won!
Thekke angadi tigers got defeated.
Announce who will be
the president of this year, father.
Vadakke angadi people have
the right to conduct this year's festival.
My child, my son!
Son of this festival.
Mom! Maria! The rose ower!
You are the angel who guards!
You are a child for me always!
You are full of naughtiness!
[can be an adept mother
offering blessings!
lf harassed, I will be a lawyer
who can crush the enemies!
You are the fruit of virtues!
Don't give Satan a chance to do the sin!
When she is friendly,
she offers beans with affection.
When she gets elated with toddy
she talks ridiculous!
l have dwelt you in my mind.
The sweet festival has arrived.
It is consoling like music!
Keep those luggage inside!
My Jesus! He has come.
There will be a rain of foul words!
Where are your husbands?
-He is shaving!
-That is the suitable work for him.
I will set a shop for him.
Let him shave the Vadakke angadi people.
Why are you annoyed if they
have come out as the festival people?
Lawyer is your dad, not you!
Don't fight with me with your law points!
Here comes Ponnappi!
Shave your moustache too!
Go to Kurisu veedu and
do the house hold work!
You don't look like a man!
Watch it. They can't conduct
the festival peacefully this time.
-We will mess it up!
-You can't do that.
You have got enough from Vava!
He is very strong even if
he is only a child to his mom.
I had my past experience.
You don't take any risks!
I will arrange for men to demolish him!
Let them conduct the festival this time.
Don't get into trouble with them.
Should I beat her or will you beat her?
-Go in, will you?
-You too!
-Damn it.
-You! -What dad?
ls today the judgment day of the case
of the, fish market fight?
If we don't win at least in this case
I will kill the lawyer!
Pothan Vava there and
two wild buffaloes here!
Dad has come from Munnar!
It seems that my dear and
the demon have come!
Lawyer Polachan! Have we won the case?
-Success and defeat are common in a case.
-That means we have got defeated.
You both are lawyers!
But you couldn't able to defeat her
even in a case, you fool!
It is too hot! Why don't you make it warm?
It will be hot when you have
got defeated in a case!
Don't tease him up!
His arguments were fine!
Even I had problems!
By god's grace the evidence
was in my favor.
That is why I have won the case
and let Vava go free!
Dad is doing business in tea and fish!
How come he know the loop holes
of Indian Penal Code?
Yes! l have come up
by selling tea and fish!
You don't have to teach me
the loop holes of law.
Fool! I know about your spinal cord...
...ifl don't know the Penal code.
lwill hit you up.
-Will you dad keep quiet?
-He has got defeated and is now talking!
Your daughter has won the case.
She has done her part too.
I am happy to see that you
will become a good lawyer!
But you are letting my
enemies grow by that.
When have they become our enemies?
It's only after the start of the case for
the fertile land we took on rent, right?
We were like a single family before.
We started to fight each other
and have gone up to the church festival.
We are ashamed to see you as, the
family lawyer for, the Kurisu house hold.
-You don't have to take any case
oftheirs! -How can it be brother?
My practice has started as
the junior of Vakkilamma!
She gave me scope for doing
my work on my own!
lam handling all her cases now!
I can't brush her work aside
and come out all of a sudden!
She is like my master in any case.
What she tells is true!
Our profession is like that.
Fight for those who support you!
You don't care who is your opponent.
She is doing just that.
Kurisu house hold might
have won the contest.
But don't imagine
they would conduct the church festival.
You can see that
Vakkilmma bowing before us.
Vakkilamma will bow only
to Jesus at the church!
Nobdy else can make her bow down!
l have found out the way
for that and am telling you!
-What is that son?
-Dad, that...
Will you go in?
We can't trust her!
She will inform this matter
to the opposite party right away.
l have found out the way for it.
Don't drop the tender coconuts!
Coconuts have become smaller!
They are like oil nuts!
They are easy to carry isn't it?
There is some conspiracy
going on in my house...
...to stop the church festival!
Let it be.
Let them think about how...
..they could get hit by me.
You don't have to tell anything
They will get what they deserve.
-Why are you laughing?
- | t's nothing.
Afterall they are my dad and brothers!
-I won't stand it ifthey get hurt
-I don't intend to hurt any one.
But ifthey hurt me up
I will have tendency to hurt them too!
Tell your dad not to bother me.
Then I would not bother him.
Stop it, will you?
-I too agree to you.
-What is it?
Want to see something?
-Pothan! -That is
your dad, you pig.
They are the naughty fellows
of Thekke angadi!
Did your dad send them here?
I am getting tortured
in between you two groups!
If you have any trouble in breathing...
...go and get it cured in Hyderabad!
Or else, you can stop
your lawyer's profession!
Jesus! Stop my lawyer profession,
did you say?
I won't get a client like them,
who provide me a case every day.
Kurisu veettil Vava is
a hard core criminal!
Because of me, you are able
to go on with your profession!
We could have bought a land like this...
...with the money spend as
the fees for your studies!
When the festival starts,
you will get enough cases.
What are you doing with the money?
I'm saving it.
Some Pothan will come to
marry me and it is for him.
Are you pointing out, me?
Are you Pothan (Fool) for that?
The people might have
nicknamed you as Pothan.
But I don't think that you are one.
Gladis! Don't play with me.
You will have to carry
a child on your hip.
-You nasty Pothan!
-I will whack you up!
-Pothan ji! -Did you have any
trouble with those children?
They are very amicable.
They pelt the stones exactly at my head!
They call me now with a new name.
-What is it?
-Black bee!
Black bee is a better name!
Rajappan chettan!
Cut those tender leaves too!
Tomorrow is the swearing
in ceremony ofthe president.
I am going to start the swearing
in ceremony ofthe president.
l exchange this candle and
swear in Kurisu veettil Vava. ..
...as the president of this year.
Father! Wait for a moment for that.
Please don't create any disruption
for the ceremony!
We don't have to create
any trouble from our side.
There is a disruption for it, already.
In the history ofthis church, only those...
...who have belief in Christianity
have conducted the festival.
Others are not allowed
to conduct the festival so far.
What is the problem for it now?
Is he a true Christian who boast
himself as Kurisu veettil Vava?
Are you asking that
whether he is a Christian?
He might be the son of Mariamma Vakkil!
That does not mean he is a Christian.
Father knows all the rules
ofthe committee, right?
A true Christian should be
baptized by the church.
He has not so far been baptized
and become a Christian!
Father is new to this church,
so you may not be aware ofthis.
Examine the register if
you have any doubt.
Do you know that he is treated
as an animal by her?
There is reason for it.
There was a case in the court once.
It is the divorce case between her
and the singer Vishnu Namboodiri!
They loved, got married and begot a child.
The religion became a problem then!
There was a struggle in the family...
...whether to bring up the child
as Hindu or a Christian.
The struggle turned violent
and it came to the court.
He can decide which
religion he has to select....
...for him when he has become eligible!
The court ordered to be
in his mother's care till then.
Vava has not accepted any religion so far...
...even when he has become an adult.
People call the new born infant as vava!
He is only addressed by that name.
He don't have any other
name or religion for him!
That is why people call him as Pothan!
During temple festival,
he goes there to worship!
During church festival,
he goes there to carry the cross!
First, we should decide if
he is a Christian or a Hindu...
...before conducting the festival!
My sister! There is no use
of feeling sorry for now!
You should have thought it
...when you fell for the Hindu Namboodiri!
Take him with you,
and get away from here.
Pothan Vava has become a fool again!
Go to Kurisu veettil
and sleep in your mom's lap!
There are eligible people here
to conduct the festival!
We don't need you who
has born to a Hindu guy!
Strike him down!
Throw him in the river!
Move away. Stop the fight
instead of watching it.
There will be problem
if police interfere in church's matter!
There won't be such problems!
Stop them fighting!
Vakkilamma! Ask him to stop it!
Vava! Stop it.
Enough! lf Vava is the problem for you...
...he will not become the president!
lnstead Kurisu veettil Mariamma
will become the president!
No Father! I don't want the post
which my son is deprived of.
St.Sebastian will not forgive it,
if! do that. Come dear!
Inspector! You can take me
and my son in your custody...
...-for taking law in our hands!
-No madam!
Under lPC 323 and 324 and...
...for handling the duty officer
under section 353.
You can do as she has said.
Put on the hand cuffs on us.
I'm telling you that.
One moment please!
Lawyer! Come to the station
to give a petition!
We thank Pulikkaat people
to make the president...
...swearing in ceremony a grand one!
But remember one thing!
Vava will some how manage
to conduct the festival.
If you want me to be baptized,
I will do that.
-Come mom!
-Take the car.
Who told you to get baptized?
Will you tell anything
about the Pulikkaatt family?
You are not going to get baptized now.
You should not accept Christianity
just for the sake of it.
l have never told you
to live like a Christian!
Your dad or your family
members should not think...
...that l have forced you
to become a Christian.
Vava was grown up without any religion!
I believe in all religions!
People want me to accept
only one religion!
When they try to humiliate us
it is my duty to retaliate as a man!
l have to conduct the festival!
Talk Gladis!
She gives respect for the senior lawyer.
-That is...
-Go on..!
You should have belief in it
before you accept the religion!
Vakkilamma insists not to
hug religion as a obstinacy.
It is not obstinacy that matters.
I am trying to become
a Christian for sometime!
Oh! Christ! | find refuge in you!
Save me from my enemies!
If not, they will tear me
into pieces like a lion!
7th chapter.
You will be blessed if
you believe in Christ.
Receive the advises only from him.
The 22nd chapter
lam learning all this.
l have to conduct the festival.
Tell to her Gladis!
It was me who have brought you up so far!
So I have enough freedom on you!
But that should not be the reason
to accept a religion!
Don't do the baptism for my sake!
You have already did that for you!
I am doing it for myself!
Without embracing a religion
I have suffered a lot.
I could get admission in school
as l have no religion!
l was studying in my house!
l was relaxed as there won't be an exam.
I could not get a girl to marry
as I had no religion!
The girl's people wanted
only a Christian groom!
No wonder why people call me Pothan!
lam really a fool!
l was a fool to believe
my parents will unite...
...and my religion will be confirmed then!
I didn't say so, to bother you up.
You can do as you wish.
You should get the approval
of one, before that.
Your dad's.....!
I am not mad to get
the approval of my dad...
...who does not care for his family.
The court gave me permission
to accept any religion.
lwish to adopt Christianity.
l have to get the permission
ofthe father ofthe church only.
I want only your permission.
I need only the permission from Christ
not from your husband!
Your dad is greater than any court!
That's why he has discarded you!
It was John who has baptized Jesus Christ.
There is no saying in Bible
as to who have baptized John!
How did John become a Christian then?
Do one thing.
When you see John next time...
...you can ask him that.
-Forget about that John!
My dad John started a chit fund
company and failed.
If you say anything more,
I will jump into the river and die.
Don't do any thing foolish!
He will do what he says
He has threatened before, like this.
-He is still alive!
-Is it a life for him?
Vava! You are about to be baptized
Now you are fleeing from the place!
Will the church festival go on this time?
One can become a Christian
only when he gets baptized.
What is your real religion now?
Do you want to see it?
Look here!
Are you satisfied now?
There are only two kinds in the world!
Man and woman!
You are the third kind!
An eunuch!
You are lucky that you are in the boat.
Brito! 'Vito'(Go fast)
Don't make me swim to you!
-Start, -Come to the market
on Sunday to buy meat.
I will cut you into pieces
and give it to the dog!
You don't know about me.
How is that?
-They have gone!
-I knew it before.
-What is all this?
-l have just lifted my cloth up.
I can do it in the public road
ifthey can do it in the assembly.
lwant to talk to you in person!
If it is personal matter,
we will call the committee people.
You both can go in my scooter!
You have to come daily with this, lawyer.
Start it. We've to drink toddy even
if we have to sell this vehicle.
Go to the toddy shop!
Let us go.
Vava know about your mom well.
Your mom has no hatred for your dad!
The court order is ok!
Are you confident enough
for baptism without dad's permission?
Do you want to see dad's
people humiliate your mom?
She is alive only for your sake!
Don't give chance
for her to get humiliated.
You have to obey your mom if
...you want every thing to go well.
You have to go to
your dad and get his permission!
There is a chance for a confrontation.
-Shall I keep the knife and
hammer? -What for?
-To stab your dad
if he becomes furious.-Get off.
I can't travel
that far to take you on bail!
-There are lawyers there too!
Gladis has told the right thing.
Don't allow dad
to blame me for your misbehavior!
Don't worry.
I will tell him that he is decent enough!
l have the looks of a Namboodiri!
You look as if you have
fallen in a barrel of tar!
You might not remember your dad!
He looks different.
I mean he looks lively in that!
Is it old?
He might have grown old now!
-He has shrunken face like this!
-What have you done?
Mom seems to have got annoyed.
So, you are in love with him still, right?
If he were somewhere near here...
...-we could avoid the travel.
-Go man.
l have not stayed
alone without you so far.
You have to come back soon!
We will go there, tell the facts
to him and will return soon!
I will take the baptism!
Her dad will get worried.
I will conduct the festival, that's all.
We will take a peg and get drunk!
Where will we find him
as he is a vocalist?
Why don't we search
in the auditoriums of Ooty?
l have not seen Ooty so far.
I wonder in which auditorium
my dad is singing.
Music is a heavenly dame with sacred body!
The melody queen with spiritual anklets!
Serenity derived from it, is fantastic!
You are the soothing voice
of a lotus heart.
Oh! The spiritual music!
Music is a heavenly dame with sacred body!
The damsel with spiritual anklets!
Offer me the oral mind forever.
You wear the silky scent of sandal paste!
Offer me the oral mind forever.
Please fondle me with your golden beam!
Let the chanting tongue has
your golden name on it.
Let Goddess Saraswathi and
wave of the Ganga...
...Goddess Saraswathi and
wave of Ganga get mixed...
...and offer the ultra music!
l fold my hands by forgetting me,
salute your seat!
Music is a heavenly dame with sacred body!
The damsel with spiritual anklets!
It is the delicate music of
salvation and ever owing!
It is angelic and it is
the sweet Varada raga tune!
It is truthful and everlasting music!
It is the pure music with seven ragas!
Like the pure Ganga from the Kai/ash
the music ows lusty ,and swaying!
The music from the beautiful veena
Flows like waves!
Oh! Music...Oh! Music !
It is a fantastic moment and entertaining!
Eternal pleasantness is derived
from the music...
Music is a heavenly dame with sacred body!
The damsel with spiritual anklets!
Heavenly dame!
Melody queen!
Dad! Hold him!
-Is he conscious?
-No, he is in sedation.
She said before that
he is lying in ice(lCU).
Now she says that he is in sedation!
What is all this?
Have they kept the body in a freezer
without our knowledge?
Don't talk rubbish!
l have to ask him
permission for the festival!
If he dies, I will be done with.
If we stay out,
we won't know what is going on!
-Why don't we go in and ask?
-Of course.
He looks very much lively.
-Is he conscious?
-No, he is under sedation!
If he is unconscious, he will go to sleep...
...and he won't know the pain!
That's the problem!
Who has told you to get in?
White dove! You have to tell the truth.
When asked in lC,
you said he is in sedation.
When asked in sedation
,you told he is in the lC!
Are we so illiterate?
When this singer was lying on the road...
...we have brought him to the hospital.
So,we have the right to see him!
You can go.
If these are inserted
in his nose and mouth...
...he would be unconscious!
lfthe gas is to be pumped into him...
...his stomach will burst and die.
Try to inject him
with a few bottles of Oxygen...
...and make him conscious!
We have to talk
an important matter with him.
- | sn't it?
-Yes, of course.
Will you ask them to go out?
Please go out.
Don't disturb him, as he is unconscious!
How can he feel disturbed
when he is unconscious?
-He talks English!
-Who are they?
We don't know.
They are disturbing us!
What did we do for that?
Don't talk nonsense
before an unconscious man.
We asked you about his welfare...
...and you say that we are disturbing him.
Ok! You can go out now.
Doctor! We are the relatives ofthis man.
Why should we go out?
We are closer to him than
this green sari clad girl.
Ask this green parrot to go out.
All can go out now.
There shouldn't be anyone near him.
-Go dear, please.
-That is it.
-What is it dear?
-Doctor has send her out...
...as she was yelling in side.
This man looks familiar to me.
He was the drummer in that vocal program!
The green parrot was holding
the guitar upside down!
| see! We used to play it like this....
.....while she was playing like this!
Any way we have to tell the truth.
The song program was superb!
No! It was Carnatic music!
You say it as Carnatic!
We Malayalis say as song program.
The program was very good.
lwish if there were
a couple of Hindi songs too!
lfthere was a mimicry program in that
it would have been simply superb!
When the mimicry people imitate the...
...instruments, the Gandhari raga
-What about Panchami raga then?
-Will you stop it?
I thank you for your help
when the accident occurred.
We want to get some peace.
Don't be little music!
She does not like our taste of music!
-We will give her some peace.
Isn't it? -Yes.
We will go to the canteen and have tea.
We will wait there for a while.
When he gains consciousness
tell him about us.
We have to tell him something
important and go to Palliangadi!
-We will tell you when he is conscious!
You can go now.-See you!
How is he, Gayatri?
Don't worry brother!
Doctor told that
there is nothing to worry.
Who were those guys?
They have admitted
Thirumeni in the hospital...
...when he got involved in the accident.
They have proved to be a nuisance now!
They say they have something
to say to Thirumeni.
They are from Palliangadi
which is far from here.
I heard you were waiting for me.
What do you want?
Two cakes and a tea.
Why don't you keep this
canteen clean, without bees?
If you keep a couple of dry fish out,
all the bees will go away.
I am not the manager ofthis place.
lam the manager of Melpathoor Thirumeni.
-Is he conscious now?
-He was under sedation.
Doctoer has told there is nothing wrong.
If you have something to say to him....
...you could tell me as well.
l have to tell it in person.
That is my mom's instruction!
Which house hold are you from Palliangadi?
- | asked you the name of your house.
-Haven't you heard about the Kurisu veedu?
The cross war has started
from there at first.
Every body knows
about Kurisu Veettil Vava.
-What are you doing?
- lfthere is no fight...
...-he will do the farming.
-Will you stop it?
I will manage the house and finance.
If you ask me what I do for a living
I would say, I do the farming work.
-Don't think otherwise.
-Tell me.
Do you know Thirumeni before?
There is nothing like that.
He is my father if you ask me.
He is the heir of Melpathoor Thirumeni!
We have booked room in the hotel....
....to talk in person with him.
I beg your pardon!
I did not know that.
We have no connection
with each other, that's why.
Here comes the drummer!
Has he gained onsciousness?
No.Gayatri calls you.
Vacate their hotel room and
take them to our guest house!
You can stay there for now.
He will be shifted to the room later.
I will come and take you
there, right? See you then!
-Let us go there.
Why do you laugh like this
like a goat at the time of eclipse?
When the thought struck
me about the singer...
....Me | pathoor, l have to
break into laughter.
He has seen me when l was too young!
He would get a great shock if he sees me...
...as a grown up man!
He will break into tears
and will sing a song!
He will caress my head then!
Will he do that to you as a son?
Damn you, I meant here.
| see! You only meant that, right?
He would ask you to drum in his concert!
You should not accept for that.
We have to go for the festival.
I know it before you say.
I will not go for that.
We can help them in various other things.
We can make the opposite
party to bow down...
...or get money from the clients
who refuse to give money!
Are you comfortable here?
Yes! We got it 11/2 hours later
when we asked for a soda.
Keep quiet, will you?
-What about my dad?
-He is been changed to the room!
He was under sedation
because of the shock!
All the checkup were over in detail!
Luckily there are no other complications.
He said he would take rest at home...
...and so we got him discharged
and came back home.
Doctor will check him up at home!
That's good!
We will go to the house then!
-No need ofthat.
-Why not?
Don't feel otherwise.
You can go back to
your native, tomorrow morning!
He said he is not interested to see you.
He told me to handover this money to you!
Shall I take leave then?
He might have divorced you as he
...has divorced his wife.
He could have difficulty in receiving...
...a divorcee's son!
I am fool enough to come
to him for his permission...
...as he is my own dad!
Let me see if! could get baptized and....
...-conduct the church festival
-You are right.
Melpathoor has disgraced us, as well!
He is quite old. What if he
spoke a few words with me?
Will his dignity get diminished by that?
-I can't stand it.
-It is all over now.
-Then ask for a bottle more.
-It is not that.
-Then? -The matter
of belittling us is over.
We will get ofthis place
before it is too late.
We will go tonight...
...You have to give me
some time before that.
-Sure! -You order for
a drink and have it.
-Let it be with me.
-Are you going to urinate?
No. I will have to scold up
Melpathoor in a harsh manner.
You can do that when you get drunk.
What will you do for the orchestra?
The security people are there for that.
Then you can go ahead.
Get me a pint more.
Who is hitting the door?
Stop it. What nonsense are you doing?
Move away.
Eating mud?
Get up. Spit the mud.
You should stay right here
if you are friendly with me.
Melpathoor Vishnu Namboodiri dad!
Will you come down here?
This Palliangadi guy wanted
to tell you some thing
...for some time!
Who is that?
You were about to die
after you got hit,by a lorry.
l was the one who have
admitted you in the hospital.
I don't need any thanks for that.
That was only a virtual thing to do.
You told me you are not interested,
when I wanted to talk to you in person.
I want to know the reason for that.
I am not born to somebody else.
lam not born to Vishnu Namboodiri...
...and Kurisu veettil Mariamma.
You might have been separated.
But I am your son!
Blood relationship can't be erased off.
You can't buy a father for sure.
If I could,
I would have bought a smart dad.
When I wanted to see you...
...you offered me money.
Here is that. I don't need it, take it.
Sit there.
A singer should have a pure heart.
You should have a mind for that.
What is the use of saying that
...music is like the ocean?
I wonder if the singers
go to the ocean to learn music.
What is music then?
Music is in everything.
There is music in the
marital relationship.
That is broken in the court.
There is music in father
and son relationship.
That is broken because ofthe religion!
What is the use of music then?
By spoiling the music
of life and by offering....
...the music to the people,
you are not gaining anything, dad.
Hey, Oh God!
Vava !
Mom! Tea!
How come I am here?
It is enough for today.
You all can go now.
It is the prayer room!
Why are you lurking around?
Are you not sober yet?
Tell me what you want,
tea or butter milk.
You are after all the son of Thirumeni!
You kid! Don't invite trouble for you.
l have to ask you something.
Who gave you permission
to take me in last night?
It was very cold out,
and I didn't want you
...to sleep there,that's why
I have put you inside.
I will sleep where I want to.
I don't care if it is cold, rain or sun!
Will you put up every thing
which is exposed to all this?
A road roller is exposed to cold and all.
Will you put it,
inside the room?
You should be a bit courteous!
You talk about courtesy!
You were talking bullshit
after getting drunk yesterday.
Thirumeni was very pensive.
He is not concerned about his own son.
How can he be pensive then?
I could not see him in a sad state.
I will go away after seeing him today!
Where is Thirumeni?
It is none other than my own son...
...who has come to see me, Sivan Kutty!
Why did you want to send him off....
...without informing me?
You never told me
that you wanted to see him so far!
I haven't got any idea that
you were looking for him!
I didn't want to hurt your feelings by...
...bringing him before him.
It is not that I didn't want to see him.
When I see him, I tend
to bring him here, with me.
I didn't want to make
his mother sad by that.
So I wanted to sacrifice
everything in music...
...and forget every thing!
I knew my son will come
in search of me, sometime!
l was waiting for that right moment.
It was my son who have saved
my life from the accident!
It was God who has sent my son to me!
Really God!
You wanted to see me
even you are grown up!
I am happy about that.
You wanted to scold him up
and what happened now?
Are you not doing that?
Let him tell anything!
I am bound to hear whatever he says!
l have done enough harm to your life.
You can scold me up as much as you want.
My God!
Let me go. Leave me.
l have to see a guy.Vavachi!
-This is not a children's home!
-Leave me.
You! Leave him!
ls him Vavachi?
Is he not Vamanan?
You told me that you will back soon!
Now the dad and son getting hugged here.
You could have given him a kiss a well.
The barman has almost beaten me
to death for not paying the bill!
He told me to wash the plates and vessels!
He rubbed pickles me in my eyes!
For a bill of 1500 rupees, he made me
to do work of 2500 rupees!
They rubbed pickles in my eyes!
Are you happy now?
What shall I do for that?
l was drunk very much yesterday.
They have taken me inside!
My dad was not the kind I imagined.
-Is it somebody else then?
-Your work became permanent here, right?
-It is not that. -Then?
-Dad is a innocent guy!
-So you have united together!
-Who is he?
-He has come with me from native.
He tells me that l have left
him alone and came here.
-What is your name?
-Maha Devan Namboodiri!
-His name is Mathai! -Is it enough?
People call me Marambal!
-I mean cobweb!
I came to Kurisin veettil when
l was young for work.
-l was with Vava since then,
as his aide! -Sure.
-Enough dad!
-Have it.
He won't be able to enjoy our food!
His taste is different.
Non veg items are
not prepared in Kurisu veettil!
Vakkilamma has brought him like that.
He was taught Ramayana,
and epics along with Bible.
He has learned it from our Poovallimana!
It was my mom who forced me to go there.
I couldn't learn all these together.
lam not used to it.
Where did you learn to drink liquor
and talk all trash?
I learned it from the toddy taper Vasu.
Why not we propose Vasu to her?
You both will go together well.
He has a pouch.
Are you interested in it?
He always talk rubbish! I wonder
how he was born to Thirumeni!
-Thirumeni laughs at his nonsense!
-What is it dear?
I doubt if he is Thirumeni's son.
He might have come here
to cheat Thirumeni!
-Talk softly. -Let him hear!
Why should I bother?
I wonder how he was born
to such impeccable Thirumeni!
He has no sense of music!
He looks at the Veena as guitar!
Let it be anything.
You need not have to get annoyed.
They will feel otherwise.
Watch it. Vava will rob
some thing from here.
That is sure thing.
He has a wily look on his face.
They will force open the jewel box
and take the jewels and go!
-Thirumeni will learn only then!
-We don't know what is in store for us!
Panicker uncle is scared!
We will disclose our identity now!
We are not only thieves!
Do you know who he is?
He is the area president of
the committee of prostitution!
Sex racket of Mattancherry area!
We've planned to kidnap you this night!
If you can, you can escape.
God! They are stealing the pot!
We have to face too many
problems to have a pint!
Where were you all this time?
I had to bring without
Thirumeni knowing it.
We have no stuff with us
to offer him if he finds out.
Thirumeni! Come out.
I will show you something.
-What is it?
Water is more in it.
No problem yet.
Don't you have anything to eat?
-There is some sacred ash and
incense sticks! -Where?
-It is in the prayer room!
-Come fast. Look there.
-What is it?
-Is she a detective?
-No doubt of it.
-Has dad seen it? -No doubt of it.
-There is no need to hide it.
Every thing is clear now.
She has love for me!
Are you having drinks at Lordess
Saraswathi's hall where we practice music?
Sorry! We didn't know that
it is the music area!
Area? That' good.
There is no use talking to you, when
you have no knowledge about music!
You were making fun ofthe music!
Dont you know you are
the son of a musical wizard?
Why not you scold them, Thirumeni?
What is all this, man?
You can go now to prepare dinner!
Mean while I will give them advise!
You have to advise them clearly.
You don't worry! lwasjust fooling her!
You have come to see me after a long time.
I will not be a hurdle for your happiness!
You can go ahead,
if it is your enjoyment!
Don't mistake me.
Do you drink liquor?
l have taken it.
...on the day when the court ordered me
to send you with your mom!
....the night when she went
to her native with you as child.
I had drinks for the first time,
on that night.
That became a habit for me.
| forgot music, and became
an addict to drinks!
l roamed for years aimlessly.
l was rehabilitated by the music
wizard Mani Shanker!
It was him who convinced me that music
has more elation than the drinks!
After that l have never got drunk anymore.
If you couldn't stop it,
you can go ahead and have it.
Nothing of that sort.
Vava have stopped drinking forever
for the sake of my dad.
Why should I stop,
when he is not my dad?
If you ask me for drinks again,
lwill hit you up.
This is atrocious!
How can get my sleep
without having a little?
Didn't he say that music
has more elation than the drinks?
If you like, he will sing a raga
which is very intoxicating!
l have something to say,
if you don't mind.
You don't have to brush aside
the liquor for the sake of music.
Music and drinks go well together!
That's why the boozers
sing at the liquor shop!
For example, you can take
the case of his mom.
Vakkilamma sings only when
she has fresh toddy at the evening!
It is the truth! It is the truth!
Every thing is true!
-It is not like that, black bee!
-How's that, then?
All are true! When the lie
gets mixed it is painful.
The dear bird tells it with a lisp.
You should be thoroughly truthful!
Every thing turns gold
when time is right.
When time is golden then it is festivity!
The stream ows merrily!
It comes near with a smooth ow!
In the eld of the heart it is
the paddy grains again!
It is joyful to watch it and
the mind cools down!
Among the deprived,
there are wily people!
The mind nds refuge in the darkness!
In the sacred ....in the sacred...
in the sacred hearts...
...and in the innocent and righteous people.
This family attained salvation
as the family of Lord Krishna!
The pleasure of the cuckoo's
song is like from the ute!
Let the goddess of Saraswathi
play at your tongue!
We conjure up dreams for a fresh life!
He can't perform the festival.
But, we shouldn't leave him.
See there, Vakillamai coming.
What Vakillamai?
I heard that he spends
time with his father.
Did he turn as a Hindu instead of asking...
permission for baptism from
his dad to perform festival.
I think he wont leave him again.
Look for any other
person for the festival.
-You have lost your son!
-Wait man.
You have to get married
again to get a son.
What Vakillamai? Shall I find
a groom for marriage?
It's not for you.
-Go man!
-Move away man.
Come on!
Who is that?
Who are you?
It's me.
Could I speak to Vava?
Who is that dad?
- | t's for you
-Is it for me?
I am Vava Namboodri talking
from Melpathur House.
Who is that?
Kurushu Veettil Mariammai speaking.
Do you remember me?
lt's mother.
Hai! Who is that? Are you
wife of Achan Thirumeni?
What's the problem in Kurushu Manai?
Do the Pulikkat people create any problem?
We both are fine here.
Why don't we forget
the festival for a while?
I don't want to hear yourjokes.
Many days had passed since you left here.
You said that you'll return soon.
Don't get annoyed Mariamma.
I'll be there tomorrow before noon.
-Is it true?
-I swear I'll be there.
Come soon.
Vasu said that he'll
bring fresh toddy tomorrow.
I don't want toddy.
After my meeting with dad,
I have stopped drinking.
Thank God!
Then mom, till now I didn't
ask about anything to dad.
I'll ask permission from him now...
and I'll be there by tomorrow noon.
Is it ok?
Dad! I came here to talk about
an important matter.
Anyway, we both made a great mistake.
Though we married in either caste...
...we are forced to part,
because of our family formalities!
We like to live together
though we have parted.
But, there was no one
for us to support us.
You were affected more because of this.
We can't live in this
society without a caste.
You will be neglected everywhere.
Your education and marriage
were in trouble because of it.
Your decision is good which you took now.
Say to mother that I agree for
your baptism to Christianity.
Did I do any wrong father?
You are correct.
Your mother brought you up.
The atmosphere you have been brought up.
You go and perform the festival
in a princely way!
You shouldn't go down to anyone...
...including your mom.
l have lot of enemies.
But, I don't have enemies
who pay out money to kill me.
It's only for you.
I don't have enemies as an old man.
You are innocent enough to think that way.
It was not an accident that day.
l have doubt in that.
What about the one who
work under you as manager?
ls his name Puyamkutti?
No, it's Sivan Kutty.
Let it be, we have to be careful with him.
He is acting as innocent in his approach!
What are you saying?
They both are children of Mani Shankar
who saved me from great loss.
He handed his children to me when he died.
They are like my own children.
Except this house, l have
written all my wealth to them.
l'll spend that money to his children...
...who made me as a Carnatic singer.
That will be a great thing
to do for his soul.
Who can be it? Do you have
any enemies in the music world?
Jesudoss or S.Janaki?
Don't talk rubbish!
They are virtual beings!
They can't do any harm to others!
How are Bombay Ravi and R.D.Burman?
-Do they mean trouble?
-Go and sleep!
-Who can be it then?
Who can be it then?...
...Are you going tomorrow?
l have to. I can come
back after the festival.
It is foolishness to leave your
dad alone and go.
Your dad has enough enemies after him!
If anything happen to him?
We will be happy if you are here!
| feel scared.
The enemy who wants his life
is within this premises.
What is the use, if he is the owner
of 21/2crore worth property?
By the time | attain all this property....
...the creditors would have killed me.
Or else, I would have been in,
after a check case.
You are all the reason for all the loss...
...saying it is the share market
and real estate.
Be calm and things will be okay soon.
You will be free from all commitments.
I will set some trap and he would not.
....be able to escape from it.
Be careful. Nobody should
suspect us in this.
Try to turn their attention to
...other things like politics,
or a caste issue.
You have to plan things that way.
He is an innocent man,
lfeel pity for him.
What shall we do for that?
Some one has come as his son.
If he wants to give everything to him?
Old relatives are coming to him now!
I wonder when his mother
would enter this place.
lam waiting for you.
Take the car.
-Where to?
-To Vava's dad's bungalow.
The bell is ringing!
Nobody is taking it.
Where has mom gone?
Has she gone for a movie as she felt sad...
...not seeing you?
Vava! Come down to me.
It is my mom!
Take your bag and come with me.
It won't look good if! come now.
You have to come with me
at this very moment.
-Listen to me mom!
-I don't want to hear anything.
You have to just do what I say.
Get into the car.
Do you want to take Vava with you...
...leaving his dad here alone?
His dad was all this time living
without seeing him.
He can be so hereafter.
I can't be without seeing you.
You don't know how I felt all these days!
Vava! It's me your mom calling you!
-Get into the car.
-She has got drunk.
That's why she has got annoyed.
Are you coming?
Tell me what you feel.
It won't look nice,
if! leave my dad alone and come.
You don't come with me then!
-Mom! -You should not enter
the steps of my house.
Take the car.
-Listen to what I say.
-Take the car.
Mom! Stop the car!
Don't make her sorrowful just for me.
She can't live without you.
She was ready to commit suicide....
...once when she felt she would loose you.
So,You should go to her as well.
What do you lack here?
You should listen to me.
I give you the salary you ask
and the expense for.
...your children's studies!
If you feel that it is
not enough for you.
...you can go off.
I don't need anybody.
-All can go.
-What is it?
-l have to go the workshop.
You can go anywhere you want!
You don't have to ask me anymore.
What has happened to her?
She is annoyed with Vava!
You have to take special care about her.
She has done some thing nonsense before!
Don't stand on the steps!
She has said not to step on the steps.
Mom! l have not stepped on the steps
as you have instructed me.
Don't think l have not obeyed you.
-I am your Vava!
-Leave my hand.
I don't want to see you again!
You get away.
Go stay before me.
Get off.
If you go away,
I will not be alive.
What do you say mom?
How can I go leaving you alone?
Vakilamma has fallen for his smile.
You are a lawyer and
you are not supposed to cry.
-Smile please.
-Go off.
You know why I took time
to come from my dad?
Someone have tried to kill him!
Luckily, nothing has happened to him!
If he try again...
I came here because you scolded me.
You are responsible if
anything happen to dad!
-Come. Let us take
things in! -Sure.
Vava,Vava Stop!
Ask dad to come in, mom.
It is the rain of seeds like pearls!
It is like lling the heart!
It is the fall of pure snow!
It is like the ower
covered by the snow.
It is like the falling of dew!
It is like the rain in the heart.
It is like rocking in
the cradle of the eye!
It is like resting in the shadow.
It is like pouring music
in the ears!
It is like the naughty time running along.
Like the past have returned back.
It is frothing very sweet!
You have come to sit
on my mango tree today.
Please sing a song my cuckoo!
Like the brightness
of the moon light!
Like coming in the chariot!
You are the tune
and I am the rhythm.
Like the voice of the soul!
Like the moist love falling down!
Like the rain of the heart.
Is it a child or a doll?
I wonder how has it happened so fast.
He is after me.
The groom we are looking for
should not be a military man...
...who has begot a child.
To add to it, a case for causing dishonor!
l have to kill this woman!
She was a bachelor before she got married.
I didn't know that she can
beget a child within an year!
There is no use telling
now as she has gone!
There is a girl in Mulanthuruthi!
She is a bachelor girl.
I can assure that.
She has no children as per the custom.
She is from a big family.
The marriage has to be performed fast.
Or else she will get separated
and go after 2 months.
-Yes? -Do you want
to get killed by me?
Why have you brought me here?
Why do you dad and mom make me a fool?
l have not belittled anyone so far.
I don't want a marriage for me.
We don't let you go as you like.
Come and sit here.
l have to tell you this. Sit.
Next week after the baptism
the festival will be conducted.
It is your marriage
immediately after that.
Haven't you seen Palathara
Rose Mary? How about her?
She is not tall.
She should be as tall as Gladis.
Vavachi! How about Aila valayile Alice?
She is as dark as you, right?
She should be as fair as Gladis!
How about Mayithara Celina?
She has only little hair on her head.
She should have hair as Gladis has.
-Why don't you marry Gladis then?
-That is fine!
l have to go to office now!
You can go to office!
We will take care of the rest.
Are you shy?
Why senior lawyer is not talking anything?
Don't you like her?
I like Gladis as my daughter in law!
But she is the daughter
of Pulikkaattil Vakkachan.
They could do...
Vakkachan and Vakkilamma are in love
with each other for some time.
Gladis is very bold enoughz
like her brothers.
If we go for a proposal in their house....
...it is as good as seeking alliance...
....for Bush's daughter
to Saddam Hussain's son!
Things will be amicable ifthey meet
and talked with each other.
We can talk with them.
I can act as Koffee Ahnan!
But I am not supposed to drink coffee.
You don't worry if
they deny this proposal.
I can do some thing unorthodox.
As l have married your mom
...I will bring her to you for marrying her.
As a mater of courtesy!
We will go in the conventional manner....
...to her house!
Please come Vakkilamma!
-Brother, look!
-What is it?
They have come from Kurisu veettil!
Kurisu Veettil?
When she told us,
we couldn't believe it!
The family is been here
from Kurisu veettil!
We are happy about it.
Am I imagining things
after being got drunk?
Afternoons we usually get drunk when free!
If any visitors come when we are drinking...
...we have to offer them too ifthey drink!
Shall I pour a little for you?
Vakkilamma and Vava used to drink!
Mom and son used to
drink at home daily.
-We have to celebrate it today.
-Keep quiet.
We will get some tea for you. Come.
We have come to invite for Vava's baptism...
...and for the festival.
- | s Vakkachan not here?
-Dad has gone out.
Vakkilamma can talk to us.
Baptism is at eleven next Sunday.
You all should be present
there with family.
You have to come to our house.
Polachan! Have you seen
the friendliness of religion?
He is a Brahmin to invite
his son's baptism of Christianity.
This has happened for
the first time in the world.
This is a lesson for those
who fight in the...
...-name of caste and
religion, isn't it? -Yes.
We propose to perform Vava's marriage...
...after the church festival.
Why is there a marriage for
the child just after the baptism?
-Let him grow up a little more.
You have to forget what
has happened in the past.
Don't keep anything in mind.
I hope nothing has gone wrong
from both sides so far.
Not only that. The girl of here
and Vava want to live together!
We have come for a proposal for that.
lfeel this proposal is
nice for our Gladis.
She will have enough cases of her husband.
He will be a bold husband for her to do
anything, even if he has no education!
Moreover he's to get baptized
to become a Christian.
What about that?
Our family members might tell that
groom's dad is a Brahmin!
There is a way for it.
Son is to get baptized.
lf dad also get baptized along with,
things will become simpler.
-How do you like it?
-Hit him!
-Don't do it to them.
-Vava, no.
Have you thought Kurisin veettil
will bow down to your mockeries?
You can play with me.
If you do it with my parents,
I will stamp you up.
I don't care if it
is your house or the court.
Why do you want to make them widows?
Sisters! We have come for
a friendly get together.
What shall I do if
they are inviting trouble?
Please pardon me.
Shall we leave?
Come dad.
I heard that my brothers
behaved very harsh to you!
-I came to ask pardon for that.
-That's okay my dear.
They are still annoyed with our family.
We should not have come
there at this juncture.
What Thirumeni tells is very much right.
I expected all this to happen.
That's why I have not thought
about a proposal as this one.
It does not mean
that we don't like you.
We don't believe that we can make you....
...our daughter in law with
your family's permission.
I don't care about our family's denial.
l have the right to take my own decision!
I have to take care of my life.
Likewise, your family
members have the right....
...to take care of you as
they have brought you up.
Come with me without talking.
-Where to? What is this?
-Get in.
Here is your daughter!
She is willing to come with me if! nod.
We can perform our marriage
at the register office.
I don't do it, then.
We can't marry without
the permission of our families.
l have suffered a lot for that reason.
I don't want to repeat it again.
There will be joy, only ifthe families
support us in our marriage.
I don't want a life without
the permission of your family.
I've not lived a life for myself, so far.
lwish to continue like that only.
Please forget it if you have
anything in your mind.
They will find a smart guy for you.
If he is a lawyer, it is well and good.
You are overloaded with my case.
I will share it with you and your husband.
Shall I leave then?
Oh! Goddess!
Who is it?
It is Vakkachan!
Shall I come in?
We don't belittle those
who come into our house.
-You can come in as well.
-Come in boys boldly.
Vakkachan is not a bad guy even
if! act brutal when | get furious.
I can't stand it if my
daughter is in agony.
That does not mean that I am a saint.
I had been furious and brutal
towards Kurisu veettil.
I don't mind if she is
the girl ofthis family.
You know why?
I regard her feelings, that's why.
Else there is nothing.
So I regard your proposal and accept it.
Don't you understand?
I agree fully with your marriage.
I insist that the boy who marries
her should be a Christian.
If he gets baptized then
that problem will be solved.
Why should I stand against her wish then?
Why do you look gingerly?
When he becomes your brother in law
you need not have to get hurt then.
Think that well and be happy.
Say sorry to them, for humiliating
them who has come to our house.
We were drunk that's why.
What we did is very much wrong.
That is nothing.
Frankly, we are very happy now.
All will go on very well!
It is Vava's baptism next week!
After that, the church festival.
Then it is his marriage.
Are you happy now?
The prayer is over!
Offer him your blessings!
-Jesus Christ will save you!
-Jesus Christ will save you!
l baptize you in the names of
...Christ, son and the virtual soul!
-Today is Sunday and is raining!
-Go man.
l was thinking about you
when the baptism was over.
He don't get sleep as
tomorrow is his baptism!
If you are tense for this, I wonder
how you will be for your marriage.
How can I be without getting tense?
Kaitha valappil Kochannamma is my mother!
She is a sick woman!
During my baptism,
she has to hold me like this.
-Why don't we appoint two loaders?
-That's why you are called a fool.
For adult baptism,
there is no need to carry you.
Vavachan need not have to get bathed
like a kid, without a underwear!
You have to wear a dhoti over that.
He is another fool.
You just have to come simply dressed.
Don't get tense.
Every thing will be fine!
Vavachi can go.
I will be right back.
My children! You have come at last!
l was calling you often to come here.
-Do you know who they are?
-Thirumeni always tell about you!
We don't propose to send you back.
-Panicker! How do you feel now?
- | feel very good now.
Thirumeni! There is
a reason for our coming.
It was my fault.
l have booked for a concert today evening.
l was forgetful about it.
I remember it only when the
committee people phoned up.
I told you not to book
any concerts this month.
This was booked earlier.
I tried to cancel it.
When this happened to be
a program paying money...
How sad! Tomorrow is an important day as
there is a spiritual function of my son!
We are busy in that!
Ajourney on that occasion means...
It is not so far from here.
We shall be back after thee
concert around 10:30 pm.
-What shall we do now?
-Don't get worried about anything here.
Don't cancel the program which is booked.
You can go cheerfully.
Stop it. Vava, stop.
Where is dad going?
The entire orchestra is here.
-When did you come?
-I came just now.
There was a concert today!
| forgot about it.
l have to go. I will be back around 10 pm.
-I too will come then!
-Don't you have work here?
-We will be back soon!
-You can go and perform well there.
A musical program of
Mepathur Vishnu Namboodhiri,
...is collecting money for
musical arts and sports club.
Don't stop and sing it.
Say mangalm and finish it.
-What is all this?
Who are you? Have you booked this program
telling lie to make troubles us?
We have no angry with him.
Only his religious person gave
this quotation to me.
He married a Christian women and
got a bad name to his religion.
Not only that,
He is going to make his son follow
the Christian religion. Am I right?
That's why, they asked to finish
this religious cheater.
-I won't let him happen anything.
-His Thirumeni!
-You cheater.
-Don't harm him.
You are going to make...
Move aside.
-Leave me. -I won't let
him happen anything.
-Move aside. -Don't do.
-I said leave him.
-You go. -Take him inside
the room. fast.
-Oh God! What is all this?
-I don't know anything.
Stay her.
-What about Vave and Gayathri?
-Nothing will happen to them.
Sit here.
No, sit here and don't go there.
Shut up.
Vave! They have cheated us.
Nothing will happen to him.
He only killed him.
I saw it.
He only killed him.
Is she mad?
He looked after you like his son
but you...
-I did not...
-You pig.
-Now what should we do?
-We will ask them what to do?
Else what should we do?
Come here.
I want to tell something.
He has to perform his final rituals
because he is his son.
But there is formalities
to do this rituals.
Although he is son of Mepathoor,
but he is not following Brahmanism.
Don't worry, there is a solution.
We should conduct a pooja
to make him as a Brahmin.
Then, he can do his dad's final rituals.
He is ready to follow Christen.
You can perform his
final rituals with someone.
In our culture, when his son is alive,
we won't accept to perform it with others.
If you burry him without doing final
rituals, his soul won't get peace.
Do you need it?
It is a son's duty to perform
his dad's final rituals.
You should follow
Brahmanism to fulfill that.
Don't know if! speak in this situation,
will it right? But there is no way.
l have a condition that who is going
to marry my daughter should be a christen.
Now as you like.
lfl don't perform this for my dad,
there is no meaning to tell as his son.
Pardon me.
Change that ritual thread on right side.
Put this at middle ofthe heart.
There only.
My dear! Will you leave me?
Now l have no one.
I don't want to live.
-Oh God
-Juses! What is this justice?
You're the human being because you lived...
...for your parents despised
religious and caste.
My daughter never defeat
in any case as lawyer.
It is our luck to conduct
my daughter marriage with you.
Vasudeva's family...
World itself is a family...
Without caring for color and caste
we have to love each other.