Pothanur Thabal Nilayam (2022) Movie Script

Pothanur, Coimbatore - 641023.
November 3, Saturday.
Morning 2 AM.
Hey.. Give That Thing.
Alas!! It weighs so much.
Appears authentic..
Hey.. Really It's a original gun.
Killed your wife for hindering my work..
Going to kill you for hitting me.
He really got scared..
Saturday 6AM.
Did you see it?
I have No time to check all this,
have lot of work to do.
Even though House is cleaned regularly,
dust is present always.
I have no idea where it's coming from.
If people reside, dirt would come.
Better do one thing,
Resign as a post master and
become a museum manager,
So you can clean the place
often and keep it neat.
Are you insulting me?
During our romance phase,
my father advised me.
Do not to marry a girl who is taller
than You, as she would not give respect.
I should have listened to him.
We will discuss that later,
As I said yesterday,
Praveen looks disturbed.
So, go and to talk to Praveen first.
Where is Praveen?
This is the dream life.
Comes to school in car and
a helper to carry his bag.
Sangu, we have to earn
money like this when we grow up.
We also will buy a similar car.
But how can we?
His father is a rich businessman.
We also do some business.
What business you will do?
Don't know, but we had to something.
Yes, we will do
something and buy a car.
Come, lets' go.
"As said to Sangu,
my mind continuously aspired for success".
"But, didn't have any idea,
until I saw a computer book in library".
Praveen... Praveen...
What are you doing?
Sir, see this.
Get out.
Sir, I will also go out.
Can't hold. Do it quickly.
Bell's strong ring is like hitting my
head. Why they are not changing it?
During the British rule, The building
was used as a church, Shanthi.
So their bell is used now.
Venkataraman sir, it seems
your son's school hours are over earlier.
Ah.. Yes.
Boy.. Stay.. Will hit you..
"As my dad normally says,
I didn't fear much".
You know right,
Praveen's school headmaster made
a big issue of the ringing bell.
He is becoming daring.
Additionally, you have
joined him in Karate class.
(RATHINAVEL) You don't worry
Everything will be alright.
I know you.
You always shielded him.
"He is my uncle, RATHINAVEL".
"Works as criminal lawyer in Madurai".
"My dad's only best friend".
"They will compulsorily
talk in phone twice a week".
"Meet in-person once in a month".
Rathinavel will speak to you later.
I have to go to deposit the house rent.
Also, I will renew Radio license.
Tomorrow, violin concert
of "Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan" will be aired.
- (RATHINAVEL) Really?
- You are coming tomorrow, right?
- We will listen together.
- (RATHINAVEL) Definitely...
OK.. Will hang up..
"When everyone aspired to become
doctor, engineer, and lawyer"
"I was fascinated by computers".
"When I deeply learned about computers".
"I felt my future would be with it".
"In 1985".
"I completed computer engineering at IIT,
"A professor there helped me
to got a job in America"
"5 years passed in america".
"I became close with an American client
who often visited my office".
"He and his partners were planning to
outsource some of their projects to India".
"So, when they visit India".
"If I had a small company setup
with computers".
"He assured me to allocate
a portion of those projects".
"With my hard-earned money
and hoping to get bank loan"
"I returned to India with big dreams".
"After returning, I understood that loans
would only be given to rich business persons".
"Each bank had different
reasons to deny us loans".
"The funny thing is many of them
were not aware about computers".
"Rathnavelu uncle using
his contact with a minister".
"Arranged a bank loan Which they
assured to give on Saturday".
Hey Praveen, Are you busy?
No dad...
Just arranging the documents
needed for the bank loan.
Wanted to talk with you.
Tell me, dad.
Yesterday, did you self-criticized
to your mom?
As I resigned my job,
So I am worried that
I am burdening you.
I will let you know a secret.
I was passionate about violin.
From school days itself, I wanted
to become a big-time violinist.
So, I asked my father,
Whether I can learn violin?
He ordered me to continue studies
and get employed.
I still have a small guilt,
That if my father understood my passion,
I could have shined as a violinist.
So, then I decided..
That if my children pursue their passions,
I should support them.
When Sindhu wanted
to become a doctor,
I already started
saving money for that.
So, don't think about us and instead
concentrate on your business.
Don't ever lose your confidence...
Fight till you achieve your goal.
Definitely Dad...
But Praveen...
I discussed with few of my friends,
About your computer business..
They said that it won't suit our country
and it is only for rich people.
It is not like that.
Computers are famous abroad, and
it is just growing slowly here.
In 10 to 15 years, software business
would dominate all other businesses.
Plus, many have succeeded in it.
Praveen, can I say you something?
The world will only talk about
successful individuals.
But you should also study
about unsuccessful ones.
It will help in not
becoming unsuccessful.
Okay, dad..
[LAKSHMI] Dad and son always have
long conversations.. Time to go to work..
As usual, another busy day starts.
Saturday 6.30AM.
Start to work early
Complete the tasks
quickly and efficiently
Once works are finished, everyone can
relaxingly return to their homes
Everyone to live their own lives
all are working in a
united manner separately
With all the dreams we have
Just move forward
with the society rules
Pothanur post office
This is the place
where all information drop in
Pothanur postal office
This is the place where
certain persons lives begin
Postal letters know
the distance of relatives location
and their emotions as well
They move from one hand to hand
to deliver the message
Pothanur postal office
This is the place where
all information drop in
Pothanur post office
This is the place where
certain person's lives begin
Bye Sindhu.
Bye daddy.
Dad, don't forget the admission
form of medical college.
Definitely I won't forget that.
Everyone to live their own lives
all are working
in a united manner separately
With all the dreams we have
Just move forward
with the society rules
To the roaring sound of the scooter
the postmaster would drive slowly
After all employees signed
their attendances quickly
the office would proceed rapidly
Pothanur post office
This is the place
where all information drop in
Pothanur post office
This is the place
where certain persons lives begin
Pothanur post office
This is the place
where all information drop in
Pothanur post office
This is the place
where certain persons lives begin
Good morning sir.
Good morning.
Good morning sir.
Good morning.
Good morning sir.
Good morning Subash.
- Good morning Sir..
- Good morning. Mail Van on time?
Yes sir.
Sir, it's 7:30 AM.
Why all are criss-cross often?
I guess you don't know?
That is post office's locker room.
It will be opened sharply
at 7:30 AM daily.
That room holds cash locker.
There are two keys to open that locker.
One with the postmaster.
The other with the cashier.
To open that locker,
The postmaster inserts his key first,
followed by the cashier.
Then only it open.
To lock it in the evening,
first the cashier inserts his
key and then the postmaster.
- Then only it locks.
- Oh.. Detailed work is involved!
Also, they can keep
only minimum cash in the locker,
Once the transactions
are closed for the day,
The cash will be deposited in the post office's
account at the nearby State Bank branch.
Or it will be sent to the head
post office in Coimbatore.
So, necessary cash can be
withdrawn in the morning.
What is the reason for such a process?
Since there is no security
mechanism here, so it is followed.
Its OK.. How do you know all this?
Once when I came to get my pension,
I innocently asked a
person sitting near to me.
He is a retired post office employee.
He only gave all the details.
An important advice.
He asked me not to reveal
these details to anyone.
you also avoid revealing them to others.
Don't tell to any one.
Thiyagarajan Sir.
See.. He is calling you.
Okay, I will leave after
getting my pension.
Guess you guys are talking
something interesting.
Come Come.. Sit...
did you see that
locker room of the post office?
That room holds cash locker.
There are two keys to open that locker.
One with the postmaster, the
other with the cashier.
Bye Mom.
Yes Robert Everything is fine here.
Yes yes. There will be a small company
setup in Madras, while you guys visit India.
Tell me, mom.
- Take this coffee.
- I don't want it.
It is for Praveen, not you.
Has that Praveen arrived?
- Address him respectfully..
- Okay, will do.. Where is he?
On the top floor.
You are spoiling him
by giving coffee often.
After marriage, I will restrict
to 2 coffees per day.
Okay do it.
Don't mix business and
marriage and confuse yourself.
Once you succeed in business, family
should be there to share that.
If you don't have a family life,
there is no point of success.
If you ask me, the one who balances profession
and family is a successful individual.
Here is the coffee.
What are you seriously thinking?
- Let's get married..
- What you are saying?
Let's loan get sanctioned.
Will conduct an engagement ceremony
and fix the marriage date next week.
Why this sudden decision?
Our families are wishing for that,
Anyway, we are going to get married
so why not soon?
Just now said to my mom,
That I will restrict your coffee
to 2 cups a day after marriage.
So from next week itself,
only 2 coffee for you.
You also said that only two kisses will
be allowed per day before marriage.
- Hereafter, I will get that more, right?
- No...
Yes, you will get it.
Once the loan is sanctioned,
everyone will get sweets.
Welcome Sangu..
Even if he lets her go,
guess she will not let him go.
When an outsider is here,
show some shyness guys.
Okay, will do.
Sangu. We are getting married.
Engagement is in next week.
How you are taking important decisions
in a sudden manner?
Earlier, you suddenly gave up your job
and wanted to start a business.
Now marriage?
Sangu understand one thing.
All successful people would have taken
a crucial decision in their life.
That decision would have
made them rich or as beggars.
But, that strong courage to make
a decision would soon elevate them.
Those who fear of taking a decision
will continue to have that fear,
and would not take a strong
decision within their lifetimes.
You will also have such a
decision-making moment in life...
The way you decide
will show your true personality.
Okay, we will get the loan and buy a car.
Dude, we are not going for a car loan.
Okay, we will get the loan,
develop the business, and then buy a car.
Lets' go.
- Mirthula...
- What?
- Come here...
- For what??
- Come and see him..
- Praveen go forward..
- For what?
- Just go forward..
Shut your mouth guys.
Bye sir.
Drink coffee and take a nap.
Venkataraman sir, there is a 5 cents
land for sale in Sundarapuram.
Rate is Rs.1500 per cent...
any plans to buy it?
No way, my daughter is
completing 12th grade this year.
To enroll her in a medical college,
I am saving money.
No plan of buying anything.
Let ask Seetharaman Sir, he is a rich
man. He even won a huge lottery prize.
Seetharaman sir are you willing to buy
property in Sundarapuram?
No, I don't want to buy any lands.
Let's leave that Did you
guys watch yesterday's match?
There is a new young boy named Sachin who got
into the Indian cricket team just a year back.
Sachin Tendulkar.
He is playing excellently.
What Bhaskar sir, shall we ask Sachin
to buy that land in Sundarapuram?
At-least will he buy it?
Keep your mouth shut.
Good morning, Security.
Pass the phone to the owner.
I gave the groceries list a week back.
But items have not
arrived at my home.
My wife is torturing
me regarding that.
Whom can we ask..
Here one guy is free.
OH. God he is also busy now.
Madam, we are here for loan
Whom should we see?
- Can't understand, Madam.
- Contact the peon sir.
Why can't she say that before?
She thinks herself as actress Padmini
of Thillana Mohanambal fame.
Answering through her facial expressions.
Keep Quite.
Excuse me, has come for the
business loan, whome to contact?
- Is it business loan, Sir?
- Yes.
With the dream of becoming a mill
owner I came from Tirunelveli.
Mill owner? Yes you can.
But my fate... nothing worked out..
So, lastly, came
here and working ass-off.
What business you
are about to do?
- Can you understand if I say that?
- Yes.
Computer software business.
What is it?
It is a machine. Which
can do what we order.
Does that machine do
all works we order?
Even if you order it to do vessel
cleaning and cloth washing, it will do.
Alas, is it true?
Those types of computers would come soon.
But, we are handling
calculation-based computers.
In office, they are
managing accounts, right?
Our computers can do that.
What is the fuss about calculations.
Even my 2nd grade son can do that.
As this sir said Please manufacture
those cleaning and washing computers.
Because my wife is forcing
me to do those things.
Okay, we will develop that
Now tell me the person who approves loan?
Manager is yet to arrive.
Anyway you have to first
meet the Assistant manager.
He sees you, checks the file,
and gives verification.
Then the manager will
give the approval.
Sangu listen..
- It's very playful right?
- Look there.
Take your seats.
"I was already seated, you made me stand
up and now asking me to sit again".
Actually we are not providing
loan for business in our branch.
You know, Economy is down now a days.
Only because of high recommendation.
We considered your loan.
And we expect proper repayment.
Definitely sir.
I don't know how your parents
are allowing you to do business?
I won't allow my son to
take risk like this.
Computer software development?
I have heard this term computer.
But actually what is computer?
A Computer is a general
purpose device,
That can be programmed
to carry out,
A set of arithmetic or
logical operations.
Since a sequence of operations
can be readily changed,
The Computer can solve more
than one kind of a problem.
A Computer consists of
At-least one processing element,
Typically CPU Bracket open,
Central Processing Unit,
Bracket close
And some form of memory.
Peripheral devices allow information,
To be retrieved from an external source,
And the result of operation
saved and retrieved.
Why you behaved like that?
Then what?
He finished just 10th grade.
But feels highly of him and speaks
high-level English to guys like us.
When you told me about
your software business,
I just memorized few
things from your old books.
I used that at this opportunity.
Guess. He won't speak to
anyone in English ever again.
Venkat, I will withdraw
money from the bank.
Why 2 lakh? Why so much money?
We have to issue pension today.
But today being Saturday,
There is no need for such
big withdrawal Seetharaman.
If there is a need, I have to rush
to the bank in middle of my work.
Since the withdrawal is high,
Have you informed for police escort?
Yes, I have.
Wishes, Sir.
Welcome sir.
Kumar what happened?
We have been waiting so long.
Sir is checking your file,
Go in when the bell is struck.
Since the loan is being sanctioned,
"take care" of me as well.
Once loan is approved,
will "take care" of you.
The salary I get is not adequate.
Prices of commodities
are increasing,
But the bank is not
increasing my salary.
The bell has struck.
Talk with him.
Hey Come.
Take your seat.
Computer Software Development!
Advance thinking.
In future computer
is going to rule the world.
Even in our bank's branch,
There is proposal to install
computers within this year.
Thanks, Sir.
I haven't sanctioned your loan, right?
I thanked you for not asking
"what is computer"?
We are fed up with
answering that question.
Is it...
Okay, okay.
Today is a auspicious day,
You can receive the DD after lunch.
Kumar give this document to clerk Latha
and ask her to prepare the DD immediately.
- OK sir..
- Go..
Best of luck, Praveen.
- Thanks a lot, Sir.
- Thanks you Sir.
Sir... Sorry for what
happened in the morning.
Its' okay... But keep
it confidential.
Sure, Sir.
I pocketed the coin.
- I am leaving.
- OK sir.
Hello, is this ASG Medical College?
Yes sir.
I am Venkataraman, the postmaster
at Pothanur Post Office.
Tell me Sir.
Can I get the medical seat
application form, if I come now?
Since it is lunch time
you can come by 2:30PM.
OK madam will come by 2.30.
- Thank you, madam.
- Thank you, sir.
[RADIO] Yesterday, our
Prime Minister V. P. Singh
[RADIO] Gave his last
official speech to the nation
[RADIO] His words on
Rama Janmaboomi Babri Masjid problem
[RADIO] and solutions for it
are considered significant.
I am coming, Sir.
Yes sir.. What can I bring for you.
Give me Menu card.
Please have a look.
CS Meals.
Idly, pongal, poori, chappathi,
pudina rice, lemon rice, curd rice.
What are available?
Curd rice, tomato rice, lemon rice,
tamarind rice are available, sir.
What types of vadai available?
Dal vadai, black gram vadai,
sambar vadai, and curd vadai.
What beverages are there?
Tea, coffee, cool drinks
and shrbeth are there.
Take it.
Bring three rice meals.
As it is a Rs.4.50 token,
bring it with curd.
"I will bring it with poison".
Why are you torturing him?
As you will give him Rs.1 to 2 as tips,
we should make him work for that.
Peon Kumar is only perfect for him.
Sorry, I mistakenly spoke.
Please don't bring his name.
[RADIO] Today around 2 AM,
[RADIO] At Pothanur, near to
Coimbatore, in a robbery,
[RADIO] Naval officer, John Matthew
and his wife was brutally murdered.
[RADIO] The district collector,
Panchalingam has assured that.
[RADIO] A separate police team has been
formed to nab the culprits.
The bank manager is a nice gentleman...
We shouldn't made fun
of him in the morning.
I was also shocked and thought
he won't give us the loan.
It is surprising that despite
being a manager in a big bank,
he couldn't forget his childhood
habit of thumb sucking.
Nothing to be surprised,
Certain childhood habits will stick with
us and continue into our adulthood...
Similarly thumb sucking for this manager.
But, only few will continue
such peculiar habits.
So it appears surprising to us.
But please drop off this topic here itself.
"I didn't see anything.
I don't know about it".
"What? Our manager has such a habit?"
Hello, Mr. Venkataraman.
- Welcome.
- How are you?
I am doing good. How about you?
I am doing great due
to god's blessings.
What do you like to have?
Tea or coffee?
Don't want anything.
After diagnosed with diabetes,
I have controlled my diet.
I don't consume outside food.
May I know the purpose of your visit?
I intend to deposit money.
Since it is on the higher side,
I personally came.
Plus, wanted to see you.
Happy for that.
How much needs to be deposited?
It is about Rs.6 lakh.
Take it...
As usual distribute the money
to my different accounts.
Please come.
Sir, deposit.
Did you hear the rumor?
Our manager has the habit of thumb-sucking.
I also heard it, Just visualize Him
checking files while sucking his thumb.
You crazy.. If we go to his room, it
would be difficult to control our laughter.
That is not a big issue,
just suck your thumb also Your
laughter will get controlled..
Old mother died, just come.
What message you want to send as telegram.
My grandmother has died,
so wanted my brother to come.
Who wrote this?
My "educated" neighbour.
In our country, there are fake
people like your neighbour.
Yes sir..
"Grandmother expired. Start immediately"
should be the message.
What will be the cost for that message?
Same charges for that also.
Place your thumb impression.
Moorthy, check the entry..
Seetharaman, Seetharaman..
Tell me Venkat.
I am going to get application form for
my daughter's admission.
Deposit the remaining amount in the bank..
Okay, Venkat... I Will take care of that.
Madam, when we will get the DD?
- Wait for some time.
- Okay, Madam..
The manager wanted to
re-verify your documents,
so I have stopped DD issuance.
After completing all verification only,
the approval came to you... now what?
I don't know, sir. The manager asked
me to stop. I stopped it.
Ask for clarifications from him.
Stupid guys. How many verifications
they will do for a loan.
Verifications are done for genuine
persons who are willing to repay.
But fraudulent guys are given
loans without questions.
- Why verifications are needed again?
- I don't know.
Catch that peon Kumar,
we will ask the manager directly.
Here is he.
- Kumar...
- Sir..
Wanted to see the manager.
He is busy right now and instructed not to
allow anyone inside his room for one hour.
But Super sir.
You have given us super information
to make fun of him for about a week.
"You have given us super information
to make fun of him for about a week".
"-Kumar... bring meals for me...
- A cigarette packet for me.."
- What he is blabbering?
- He is not.
As we talked about this in the hotel,
He heard it and has spread
to everyone in the office.
That is reason for re-verification.
We should.
Not right to blame him.
We should have talked keeping
in mind our surrounding.
We did not and it is our mistake.
What to do?
No other way. We have to wait.
After compromising all the
plans after a long wait,
I Blindly walked the
way as the life says..
All I faced was obstacles.
My whole life is filled with enmity..
When I try to solve one
problem new problem arises
My dreams shattered
by hitting a wall.
I was building a dream life..
The dreams getting
shattered suddenly ..
My dreams are flashing
in front of our eyes.
But they are changing
into dropping tears..
A long weight...
A long weight...
After compromising all the
plans after a long wait,
I Blindly walked the
way as the life says..
All I faced was obstacles.
Sir any problem?
Yes.. Scooter Tyre got punctured..
You can leave now
I have a key, I will lock the office.
- No problem, sir, I will stay and lock it.
- Its okay, I can manage, Moorthy...
- You can leave.
- OK sir.
What Seetharaman? Why didn't you leave?
No, Venkat, the account is not tallying up.
Rs.100 is not accountable.
What, account is not tallying?
When you are going to deposit in the bank?
Time is up.
As you are an experienced employee,
I gave the responsibility to you.
You could have included your money of Rs.100,
Closed the account, and deposited them.
Could have rechecked
the accounts on Monday.
Since the mail van has left, we could not
send the money to head post office even.
But, Seetharaman,
The mail van employees will drink tea
at the nearby shop and then only proceed.
Check if they are there.
What happened?
- Just now mail van has left.
- My god.
How much cash is available?
Around Rs.7 lakh and
40 thousand and change.
You are too irresponsible, Seetharaman.
How to keep such a huge
amount safely here?
Do as you wish.
If the money is lost,
we both will go to prison.
What reason should be entered in the
records to keep the money here?
Why are you asking like a newbie?
Mention that " pension payment has to be
done on Monday, So the cash was kept".
It is not a major issue,
I can blow it way.
Where are you going, Sir?
To see, the Manager.
Without his permission, you cannot enter.
You know, we have been
waiting for a long time.
I have already informed him.
Did we look like stupid guys to you?
Sir, only if the manager
is free, I let you guys in.
You have been sending all
other people, but not us.
Sir, you do not understand.
He is busy at work.
Office hours are over.
How come he is still busy?
I want to see him.
Sir, you can't go inside directly.
I am here for a reason.
Then, tell him that I want to see him.
No, I can't take your orders.
Then, why the hell you are here.
Sir.. Sir..sir..
- Madam..
- Get lost..
- Sir ..
Sir, they barged in without
listening to my pleas.
Its okay, you go.
Subhash. Careful.
Any injuries to you?
No, sir. Help him brother.
Okay, come here and take a seat.
Ganesha, Buy a soda for him.
Drink it.
Sir this is for you.
I don't need it.
Its okay sir, please drink.
What Subhash. You should
have been careful.
As I was watching you,
I missed that vehicle, sir.
You are very careless at this age itself.
- Ganesha take this money for soda.
- Brother will take a Bhutan lottery. OK.
- Subhash.
- Sir.
Come. Will drop you at your mansion.
Its okay, sir.
No problem. Come with me.
I will wait here till my brother comes.
Okay. Go safely.
- Subhash, did you see a shack?
- No, Sir. I didn't.
- Ganesha, did you see a shack here?
- No, I haven't.
- Did you see a shack here?
- No, sir.
Subhash That contains important documents.
Please search for it.
Tell me, guys.
What is the problem?
After verification and DD approval,
what is the need of re-verification?
Praveen, computer software business
is a new thing,
So I am rethinking about it.
Sir Earlier you said it was
an advanced thinking.
What happened now?
You have something against us in
your mind, but giving lame excuses.
You Should have kept certain things in
your mind confidentially, But revealed it.
So, I had to speak differently.
We understand, sir, It's our mistake.
But we did not do it intentionally.
Also, it is our personal issue. Please
don't mix professional and personal lives.
You are asking me not to mix
professional and personal lives.
If you face a similar situation
in your business in future,
- I like to see what you will do.
- I surely won't behave like you.
Okay, I will talk frankly.
I am highly angry with you three,
So my mind is not allowing me to
sanction the loan.
But, I didn't say that I won't
give you loan,
I will take some time,
one week or one month.
Let my anger subside,
Then I will approve your loan.
After that collect your DD.
Praveen .. Praveen ..
- Praveen Stop..
- Don't worry while I am Here.
I will take of that Job.
First, do your official work.
Even after office hours, using the
office phone for personal purpose.
Security.. Security..
Everyone has left. You get out.
Why are behaving like this?
How you expect me to behave.
Said that he will consider
favourably after his anger reduces.
He will see even harmless office
talks as attempts to make fun of him.
Every time that happens,
his anger on us would increase.
There is no chance of
him approving the loan.
- Did you search for it?
- Didn't get it, Sir.
- What, it is not traceable?
- No sir..
Previously, loans were not sanctioned
for us for a number of reasons.
But, this is the first time we
didn't get due to a thumb sucking.
Why are you laughing so much?
What else to do.
Only laughing can lessen the anger.
What to do next?
Will Find alternative
ways to arrange money.
Again? Praveen..
We already tried a lot.
Going start afresh?
Understand Mirthula...
If we have a goal, should always strive to
achieve it. Irrespective of success or failure.
Even if we can't achieve it...
We can die with the contented
thought that we tried our maximum.
But, I can't die as a loser
who dumped his goal in the middle.
Why did you bring that money, dad?
As you know,
There is no security in post office
to keep that money there.
When we can't deposit
the money in the bank,
I will bring it home and returned
to the locker next morning.
You are not aware of it.
Done such a thing two
to three times before.
Even if there is no security and the
money got robbed, why you care?
It is the money of the common
people, I can't risk it.
Will anyone accept your reasons?
How I can generate such a huge amount?
Even the savings will not be enough?
If savings are taken, how I can
fulfill my daughter's dream.
I will go in search of the money.
Don't take that risk.
You should not take
responsibility for my mistake.
We will try to arrange money.
If we couldn't, I will go to jail.
Why are you separating us,
we are family.
You try to arrange money I
will go in search of the lost cash.
Where we can search the money,
whom shall we ask?
No one would rob an empty rugged shack.
Some one who knew there was
money in it would have robbed it.
Are you suspecting anyone?
Cashier Seetharaman..
He is a good individual. His
daughter is also my friend.
If there is suspicion,
no one should be let off.
Though huge cash was not needed on
Saturday, He withdrew Rs.2 lakh.
Plus there was a deposit of Rs.6 lakh.
Such an experienced cashier not deposit
the money for not tallying Rs.100,
It is not believable.
Even then, he would not have guessed
that your dad might take the money.
He would have known that my dad will take
the money home, if there are huge cash.
Might have stolen it with someone help.
All these are guessing game
and I could be wrong.
But, we should strive to find that
money before Monday morning 7:30AM.
If our guess is wrong and If it
is robbed by an unknown person?
We cannot find that lost money.
Then what we can do?
I will go to jail, instead of my father.
- Which house?
- This one.
Why are we sitting here?
If that guy is not the culprit,
investigate him at midnight could
become a problem for my dad.
Morning is about to dawn,
lets wait till that.
We are having bad time today.
Bank loan got canceled.
Now this problem.
"Dad.. Please Tell me about
your office staffs".
"There are 13 employees in total"
"4 are clerks."
"Ansar, Manikandan,
Udayakumar, and Bhaskar".
"Then postmen Ponnusamy, Arokiaraj,
Dhanabal and Thiagarajan".
"There are 2 ED's.
Moorthy and Subhash".
"What is Subhash's nature?"
"He is a good-natured individual.
He has no parents".
"He only takes care of his brother".
"After that, we have office-boy Vinoth,
me and cashier Seetharaman".
Sangu.. Sangu..
Wake up.
Sunday 6AM.
Couldn't believe that this
guy would do such a thing.
I saw him there that's it.
But We can't suspect him yet.
Why he was at the post office at that time?
Something is fishy.
Will he tell about it?
We have to force him to tell.
Mirthula, we two will stay here. You go
and talk with his daughter, Gayathri.
- We will come after 5 minutes.
- Why can't we all go?
If the guy...
If the guy becomes nervous on
seeing me and creates a melee?
So, you go first.
Okay, I will do.
Rush upstairs..
What happened?
We will bang and break the door.
[GRAND-MA] Is there any Problem?
Mirthula, go and manage.
Nothing to worry, Grandma. The door
got stuck. We forcefully opened it.
- [GRAND-MA] Who are you, girl?
- [PRAVEEN] Sangu Quick ..
[MIRTHULA] Grandma, I am Gayathri's friend.
[GRAND-MA] Don't create any noise.
OK.. Grandma.
Check what is the sound there?
Be quiet. Don't make sounds and
garner neighbour's attention.
She is beautiful than her parents.
Sangu... What you are doing there?
Come here.
Yes coming.
Dear.. Dear..
I have brought all our jewellery.
Lakshmi, shall I consider talking
with divisional office superintendent.
Now, it is not needed.
We will try to generate funds till morning.
Praveen went in search of the money.
Won't take any decision
till tomorrow morning.
In a single day, I have lost all
our savings of several years.
Don't talk about the incident.
We will focus on things to do.
It is not like that.
Road accidents due to lapse in concentration
cause deaths and severing of limbs.
Consider this also as
an unforeseen accident.
We have not lost irreplaceable things
like leg or hand, we only lost money.
Don't worry.
When Praveen starts his business,
he can recover all these money quickly.
DOLLAR CHAIN: 3 sovereigns,
BANGLE: 4 sovereigns,
STONE BANGLES: 3.5 sovereigns,
ROUND CHAIN: 5 sovereigns.
Saw you at the post office at 4 AM.
Now you are attempting suicide.
Can you tell what is happening?
Have an addiction to buy lottery tickets.
I spend half of my salary for that.
Fortunately.. I won a
prize of Rs.2 lakh cash.
I was Very happy.
But due to greed, I bought lottery.
Tickets for half of the prize money.
You rascal. You bought
tickets for Rs.1 lakh again?
You have a daughter to get married.
Instead of looking for a good groom,
how dare you buy lottery tickets.
Suddenly, two men from
the lottery company came home.
They said that the ticket I bought was a fake and
Now a person with the original ticket has come.
So, they asked me to return
the complete prize money.
I said it was their mistake and
evicted them from my house.
They repeatedly came and
pressurized me to give the money.
I warned them of going to
police if it Continuous.
Two days back, Owner of that
lottery company came to my house.
What Mr. Seetharaman.
As you are a government employee,
I thought of handling your case decently.
But, you warned my men
of going to the police.
Do you know how many criminal cases are
against me in the police station already?
I can't wait anymore.
I am leaving for Madras tonight,
I will return by Monday morning.
I will rest and come on Monday evening.
You don't rest and instead
try to arrange money.
I am leaving now.
Monday is the last day for
you to give my money back.
If I don't get it on Monday, I
will take your daughter with me.
You can also give kidnapping
complaint in the police station.
Why are you crying?
I won't harm your daughter.
She can stay in my home and
go to college safely.
You can get your daughter
after returning my money.
However, this story is not related to
your activity today morning.
I asked for a loan from few sources. But
I could get only after four to five days.
That is when, Moorthy contacted me.
Which Moorthy?
ED Moorthy.
Seetharaman sir, I have been
watching you from yesterday,
You are feeling dull.
Any problems for you?
No, not like that.
I have known you for many years.
I could sense your problem.
Are you thinking that I am an ordinary ED
who cannot solve your problem?
He is a dangerous guy
Why you have issue with him.
He always does what he says.
Moorthy, do you know any money-lenders.
Only for rotation. Can give
it back in two to three days.
Sorry, Sir. I don't know lenders
who could have such a huge amount.
Shall we go to police?
He is an influential person
who controls police officials.
Then problem will be on us.
I have an option.
What. Siphoning office money?
I would instead fall on
that lottery guy's feet.
Requesting him is not an issue,
But if he doesn't accept that and
kidnaps your daughter?
It won't create a problem, right?
No problem will arise...
We are not robbing just taking
money for rotational purposes.
Don't over think, sir.
We will focus on saving your daughter.
Moorthy, I have the locker key,
but what about the office key.
Don't worry, I have that.
What if I am caught?
You come to the office at 4 AM.
There won't be anyone to notice you.
You have only one locker key
and my dad has the other, right?
But to handle emergency situations,
we both have two keys as well.
So, to solve your personal emergency,
you used those keys..
In the evening, money would
be deposited in the bank...
How you planned to siphon it?
If its a small amount, we normally keep the
money in the post office locker itself.
With that in mind,
I withdrew additional money.
Unexpectedly in the afternoon,
a person deposited Rs.6 lakh.
I didn't know what to do?
Total amount has to be
deposited in the bank.
Partial money cannot
be kept in the locker.
I understood that
I cannot siphon the post office money.
So I was thinking of other options.
That is when your dad gave the responsibility
to deposit the money in the bank.
So, you used it an opportunity
to keep the money in the locker.
As you expected, my dad came
late and the mail van also went.
No, the mail van didn't go.
Mail van was there when I reached.
So, I hide myself for two
minutes and returned.
So, you perfectly planned and
robbed the money, right?
Don't cry. Tell me
what happened?
Today morning, when I went to the
post office. There was no money.
Tomorrow morning, I will
be questioned about
the lost money and the reason
for keeping such a huge amount.
Plus, the rowdy lottery owner
would also abduct my daughter.
I don't have the courage to face
this. Instead I wish to die.
You can't die that easily,
Until the death naturally arrives, we have
confidently stand and fight our problems.
In the wild, even pinned down by a lion,
the about-to-die deer would fight to escape.
Why don't you have such
a fighting spirit?
Praveen, I am afraid.
Shall we see your dad now?
No need. I know about my dad.
Even in this difficult situation, he was
willing to go to jail and not commit suicide.
Sunday 9.30AM.
Stop glancing and talk.
Seetharaman has revealed everything.
The way you brainwashed him,
money rotation plan everything.
Now, tell me what is unknown?
Gave him the plan because of
his difficulties. That's' it.
I don't trust you.
You only triggered him to commit the
crime for your personal motives.
It's not true.
Why you guys are asking me this?
That is not important to you.
Seetharaman is willing to give
his witness testimony to police.
If you are not ready to co-opreating,
we can go to the police then.
Shall we go?
To police??
Please don't take me there..
Then, tell the truth.
Okay, I will tell what I know.
Both are same.
[ED MOORTHI] "Mine is a love marriage".
"She comes from a wealthy household".
"She loved me despite knowing
my low-profile job".
"When both our families opposed our union".
"We married on our own".
"At the outset, we lived happily".
"But my low salary and poverty upset her".
"Her strong feeling that
her life is stuck in poverty,".
"Slowly transformed her into a psycho".
"Even for harmless things, she regularly
fought with me using cuss words".
"But, I didn't have educational
qualifications or skills to earn more money".
"That is when, a known person
introduced me to fake currencies".
"Not wanting to bear wife's torture,"
"I decided to double my small amount
of genuine currencies into fake ones".
"Initially, I was afraid to use
and circulate those fake notes".
"But eventually that fear went away".
"My wife also occasionally
became closer to me".
"Instead of dealing with
small amount of money"
"I planned to covert a huge stash
into fake notes and become rich".
"When I observed Seetharaman sir"
"I understood that he is
caught in a big problem".
"When I conversed with him,
he confided the truth".
"That is when, I came
up with a big plan".
"If I am able to convince Seetharaman
for the rotation of money once".
"Then I can blackmail him to do it again
and use that for fake money business".
I know this much only.
Don't know whether he took money.
Wished to ask him that Monday morning.
Is there any person in the
post office who hates my dad?
Your dad is a good man.
Always occupied with his works and
interacts freely with all employees.
So, there is no one against him.
Remember again whether he had
problems with any employees.
Yes, I can recollect his
enmity with a person.
But he is not working in our office.
[ED MOORTHI] "Five years ago,
your dad was working,"
"as a clerk in the post
office in Rajaji Nagar".
"Found that Postmaster was misusing
office funds and warned him".
"But, Murali did not correct his ways".
"So, your dad complained
about him to the head post office".
"After official inquiry,
that postmaster was dismissed".
"He warned your
dad while leaving He said".
"You have made a big
mistake, Venkataraman"
I have contacts at all post offices.
So, wherever you go and even if
years pass on, I will seek revenge.
I guess, he could have said
that in a angry mindset.
No, I saw him at our
office last week.
"He was interacting with
all employees in a jovial manner".
"But when your father
came, he rushed out in a huff".
That is why I remembered him now.
"Do you know where he resides?"
Sunday 1.30PM.
"After that problem, he didn't
have any contacts with us".
"But, a staff in my previous
office is in touch with him".
"If we ask that guy, we
could get his address".
He is also not in touch with him.
But, he has given the
last known address of him.
- Is this postmaster's house?
- Yes. Sit inside. Will ask them to come.
This is the last passbook, dad.
Sindhu, come sit here.
Yes dad..
Sindhu don't worry
by seeing all this.
I will surely make you
study for doctor.
Don't worry dad.
I will score good marks and get the
medical seat through government quota.
Thank you for that, brother.
Will hang up.
Rangachari brother assured
to give us Rs.2 lakh.
Did he ask for reasons?
Yes. I said that Praveen
is in need of money.
Shall we call
Rathnavelu Brother?
What happened?
He was doing good.
Last week, went to sleep
after having the dinner,
But didn't wake up in the morning.
Even passed on the message
of his death to Subhash.
When my husband was working,
he was close to him.
But, didn't come for his funeral.
I don't understand what the problem is,
But I can sense that
Venkataraman sir is in trouble.
He shared his lunch
with me for many days,
Bought clothes for my
children during Deepavalli festival,
And even freely gave
his bicycle to me.
So, I am indebted to him.
Please let me, I will offer any assistance.
Even passed on the message
of his death to Subhash.
What is the relationship between
that post master and Subhash?
When Murali was misusing the
funds, Subhash was the ED there.
He only handled the transactions of the
siphoned funds and was helping him greatly.
You have it return
it in two days.
- Also...
- Let me know without hesitation.
He is the one who exchanged
genuine currencies for fake ones.
[RATHINAVEL] Why you did unwanted deeds.
[RATHINAVEL] By trying to save the
money, you have lost it.
[RATHINAVEL] No one will believe that you took the
money to protect it and lost it in the process.
[RATHINAVEL] Will they give any award
for your dignity?
give the phone to Lakshmi.
Yes Brother.
[RATHINAVEL] Lakshmi what he did
is a criminal act...
[RATHINAVEL] He will be imprisoned
for 7 years...
[RATHINAVEL] If we try, we can
reduce it by 3 years.
Please don't mention it brother.
[RATHINAVEL] What to say...
[RATHINAVEL] Extremely genuine persons like your
husband will always cause problems for others.
[RATHINAVEL] Did anyone know
about this issue?
No, brother.
He thought of contacting the
divisional office superintendent.
[RATHINAVEL] Don't do such a stupid thing.
[RATHINAVEL] Don't ever
talk to anyone about this issue.
[RATHINAVEL] Give back
the phone to Venkataraman.
[RATHINAVEL] Did anyone know
that you took that money from the office?
No one knows that.
[RATHINAVEL] Okay, just casually
go to the office tomorrow morning.
ever accept your mistake.
[RATHINAVEL] If you accept it, not only me,
even the God cannot save you from prison.
No. What I did was wrong.
I have to undergo
punishment for that.
[RATHINAVEL] Don't talk like a fool.
[RATHINAVEL] If not for you, at least
keep quiet for Lakshmi and your children.
[RATHINAVEL] Can't do anything
with that passbook and jewellery.
[RATHINAVEL] Will find alternate options.
[RATHINAVEL] Will hang up the phone.
Yes Yes. I am at mansion.
I have started,
will be there soon.
Sunday 4.15PM.
Yes yes. You wait there.
I am coming.
Do we need to wait like security
till he watches the movie?
We have to. He is our
last hope to find money.
I guess we are wasting our time.
We might not get any clue from him.
Will a person who robbed money
relaxingly watch a movie?
- He hasn't gone in to watch the movie.
- Then, why he went?
A movie would have already begun. Why he
need to watch the movie from the middle?
- Where is Murali?
- He is watching the movie.
How many times he would
watch the same movie.
Come with me.
You are right. He has come out.
Some one is there with him.
Mirthula, you better go to
home, as it is getting late.
- Me and Sangu will follow him.
- I will also join you.
You have to listen to me.
- Follow him.
- Hey Come.
Which place is this?
Be careful. Guess they know
that we are following them.
Rush in, Sangu.
They are dangerous.
They are having a gun.
Are you there, Sangu?
They are dangerous. They
are having a gun.
Fool, why did you fire it?
It fired accidentally, brother.
If you haven't fired it, they could have
left this place after searching for sometime.
Why are you keeping
this gun with you?
It is a beautiful
piece that's why.
- They should not leave this place alive.
- Okay, brother.
They could have escaped.
Search in that direction.
Sorry sir.
Hold that gun, Sangu.
If you move, I will shoot
you without a thought.
For safety, thought her
some moves in Karate.
"Why you didn't
teach me for my safety".
I asked you to
return home, right?
Had a feeling in the mind that something
bad might occur to you guys, so came.
[SANGAPILLAI] Anyway, let Mirthula
also stay with us.
It will be supportive.
When you were with my father last
evening, there was a shack. Where it is?
I don't know. I
was with him only.
I also searched the
shack for him. Couldn't find it.
What are you doing here?
Our hideout is here.
Where is it?
Sunday 7.45PM.
Couldn't find anything.
Leave them.
Praveen See here.
What are these?
Those are our crimes.
Apart from fake note business, you
also robbed and killed people.
Do you think they are
your achievements?
Why an unrelated ice-cream
Vehicle is there?
Sangu.. They won't answer us.
Let's call the police.
We survey the houses to be
robbed using that vehicle.
Since this vehicle won't
raise suspicion, we used it.
Sangu, check that vehicle.
There is nothing here.
I also searched,
couldn't find anything.
As I said, I did not
take that money.
Then, why you shot us?
He feared someone is following
us and mistakenly fired it.
It happened in anxiety.
We will try to generate funds.
If we couldn't, I will go to jail.
Today morning, when I went to the
post office. There was no money.
Don't know whether he took money.
Wished to ask him that Monday morning.
[MURALI WIFE] Went to sleep after having the
dinner. But didn't wake up in the morning.
As I said, I did not
take that money.
If our guess is wrong and
If it is robbed by an unknown person?
I will go to jail,
instead of my father.
Monday 6.30AM.
Venkat, shall we
open the locker?
Be quite. Don't shout.
Don't shout. Investigation
is going on inside.
ever accept your mistake..."
"[RATHINAVEL] If you accept it, not only me,
even the God cannot save you from prison".
"No. What I did was wrong; I have
to undergo punishment for that"
"[RATHINAVEL] If not for you, at least for
keep quiet for Lakshmi and your children".
You know that a large
amount has been robbed.
So you have cooperate
with the investigation.
When you were with my father last
evening, there was a shack. Where it is?
As I said, I did not
take that money.
I only asked about
a shack, right?
Then how come you know that
there was money inside?
The money is here somewhere.
Sangu Hold the gun.
Always he hands over the gun
to me. Holding it is scaring me.
Why are you crying?
Thought that recovering lost money
would only occur in movies.
I didn't expect us to find it.
I just wanted this money. I have no
intention to hand you guys to police.
But, I need to know something.
My dad said that no one knows that
he took the money from the office.
How come you know that?
Tell me without turning.
Yesterday, I observed the secret talks
between Seetharaman and Moorthy.
Seetharaman normally deposits the
money in the bank by 2:30 PM or 3 PM.
But that day, despite having
huge funds in the locker,
He purposefully delayed the depositing.
Expected something
was going to happen.
Whatever happens, I wanted to use
it for my benefit. So, I waited.
I overheard the conversation between
your father and Seetharaman.
Understood that large amount
will be kept in the locker.
Both our ED's have the keys
of the office main door.
I planned to easily come into the office
and break the locker to retrieve the cash.
I didn't expect your dad
to take that cash to home.
But couldn't let go my greed
for such a huge money.
So, I called my friends.
No, didn't see it.
I am again stressing, just
want this money only.
No idea of handing over
you guys to police.
Until this money goes to the post office
locker, you all have to stay here.
I will be waiting outside,
If anyone tries something foolish
to get out before 7:30 AM tomorrow,
I can't be held for the repercussions.
[RATHINAVEL] It should appear that you has
broke-in and robbed the money.
It is an easy thing to do. I have
literally robbed...
Robbed many places.
Here, I have to fake it.
Will do it easily.
[RATHINAVEL] There won't be high security
there, so you can easily escape.
[RATHINAVEL] Even if you are
caught by police,
[RATHINAVEL] The involvement of lawyer
Rathnavelu should not be revealed.
[RATHINAVEL] I will get you the bail.
No problem, sir. You have saved
me in many criminal cases.
So, I will do this as a payback.
(TELEPHONE) Then when
you go in Cover your face.
OK Sir.
Lot of money.
We can spend our
whole day by just seeing it.
What would we do if we
have this much of money.
[PRAVEEN] We are having
the money with us only..
[MIRTHULA] We should
not try it. It is wrong.
Plus it is risky.
Is that a wrongdoing
or a risky thing?
Both. Importantly,
it is a wrong act.
Even I feel that it
is a wrong thing.
I don't feel it is
a bad thing to do.
Seetharaman would have taken
this money for rotation,
Or Moorthy would have used it
for fake currency business,
Or Subhash would have
taken it before them.
This money could have gone to wrong people.
Instead, we have saved it.
Not right, Praveen.
It is like saving an innocent girl from
rowdies and then asking her to marry.
It is exactly like that.
It is right to just ask her for marriage,
but wrong to save her and then rape her.
Similarly, we are not going to use
this money for wrong purposes.
Now, I feel that he is correct.
We have to give back this money to your
dad and that is why we toiled hard.
I already have a Back-up Plan, If
we couldn't recover the money.
So we can use that one.
Then we are similar to that
group of robbers, right?
NO. We have not cheated, Violently
robbed or killed someone for this money.
Plus we are not going
to continue such acts.
Understand Mirthula. Anything that we get
after its utility is over is a wasteful thing.
Even we want money
for our business.
We also genuinely tried to get
the loans in various ways.
This money came to us on its own.
We are just using it.
But, still it appears
to be a risky thing.
98 percent of the criminals has committed
at-least one successful crime before being caught.
What does that mean?
A survey says that all criminal before
caught would have committed one safe crime.
We are going to commit only
one such safe crime, right?
After my first breath
I seeded my plans
After I crawled, I did activities
to fulfill those plans
After my first breath
I seeded my plans
After I crawled, I did activities
to fulfill those plans
When those seeds flowered
into stem-full of leaves
I was imprisoned
by those stems
After seeing only thorns for many years
The purpose of ringing the school bell?
After seeing only thorns for many years
To drown the sound of gun shot.
I could see a blossoming
fruit within my grasp
My tongue is salivating now. My
eyes are transfixed on the fruit
I want to gleefully taste it. Hundreds
of plans are oscillating in my mind
My tongue is salivating now. My
eyes are transfixed on the fruit
I want to gleefully taste it. Hundreds
of plans are oscillating in my mind
Even if the gods statues
transforms into a genie
Assures to solve my problems
Even if the gods statues
transforms into a genie
Assures to solve my problems
I can't let go my esteem
I can't let go my esteem
I can't give up, pray,
and submit to the God
Can't do it
Has elevated my skills
so I can't be imprisoned
Has understood my goals
so I can't be controlled
Has elevated my skills
so I can't be imprisoned
Has understood my goals
so I can't be controlled
All the money and the
computer business is mine now
Hello police station.
I just saw four persons with guns in their
hands entering a dilapidated building.
With suspicion, I locked them
in the building. Come soon.
Note down the address.
[POLICE CONSTABLE] Who are you, Madam?
Do you want to take down the address,
or shall I disconnect the phone?
No No. Tell me the address.
Okay, note it down.
[POLICE SI] Is this the right place,
sir. See the door is locked from outside.
[POLICE SI] We are police.
Is anyone inside?
Don't raise any sounds.
[POLICE SI] We know that you all
are there inside.
[POLICE SI] Don't try anything
foolish. We are armed as well.
they are shooting at us.
[POLICE SI] Cuss words. Are you
playing with us?
[POLICE SI] Kathiresan Break the door.
I will teach them a lesson.
Shall we break the window and escape?
If he is outside, unnecessary
problems might arise.
We will wait till 7:30 AM.
What if he approaches the police?
He is from a middle-class family, he will
not have courage to go to a police station.
Plus, he only wants the money.
But, he has severely tested my patience.
We have plan and kill him soon.
Why we need to
involve those guys?
We are like "holding a tiger's tail".
We have no option left.
But to "kill the tiger,
before it kills us."
Praveen, will everything work
out according to the plan?
I don't know whether my
decision is right or wrong,
But I will surely actualize my decision.
Venkatraman sir, please recollect and
tell any physical features of the robber.
As I already said to you inspector,
he covered his face completely.
Plus, he robbed it in a flash.
[RADIO] Greetings,
this is All India Radio's regional news.
[RADIO] Read by Lakshmi Narayan.
[RADIO] Yesterday morning, Rs.7 lakh
and forty thousand kept in the locker of,
[RADIO] Pothanur post office near Coimbatore
has been robbed by an unknown man.
[RADIO] Police acted on a tip-off
and found the robbers with the gun
[RADIO] Fight between them,
four robbers were killed.
[RADIO] As gun shells from there matched
with those from the post office robbery,
[RADIO] Police concluded that
this gang only committed the heist.
[RADIO] Furthermore, it shocked
everyone that one of the killed,
[RADIO] Robbers, Subhash was an employee
in the same post office.
[RADIO] Police also found evidences
that this group has,
[RADIO] already committed serious
thefts and murders.
[RADIO] But, money robbed from the
post office is still missing.
Film By Praveen.
Pothanur Post Office 2.
[VENKATARAMAN] Hi, Rathnavel, tell me.
[VENKATARAMAN] Are you coming tomorrow.
Please come. I will be at the home.
Yes.. Yes..
After all the marriage-related festivities,
the home has returned to normal functioning.
[RATHINAVEL] But, Lakshmi mentioned
that you are not sleeping well at night.
Yes, feeling guilt while going to office.
Until police finds the money, it would
be difficult for me to sleep peacefully.
[RATHINAVEL] It is difficult to change
your upright attitude.
[RATHINAVEL] Its okay. How
is your violin class going on?
It is going on well.
[VENKATARAMAN] I am not in favour
of learning violin at this ripe age,
- [VENKATARAMAN] But Praveen is insisting to continue.
- [RATHINAVEL] When Praveen will be returning from America?
[VENKATARAMAN] He will be here in two days
time... and that is why I am cleaning his room.
- Have you really cleared the complete dues?
- Yes.
[SANGAPILLAI] Instruct your father not to
buy lottery tickets again.
Do you need to return today itself?
Can you extend your stay for two more days?
Are you joking? I have
to go and manage work.
Praveen is also not available.
He is roaming in a jolly manner,
What are you talking? He has
gone for his honeymoon.
But for all previous client and project
meetings, he only goes to aboard.
Plus, he only interacts with all clients.
You are just working as a
labourer for him and stuck here.
What you want me to do?
Why can't you ask for your share of revenue,
So we can start a separate business?
You will also have such a
decision-making moment.
The way you decide will show
your true personality.
Okay, will think about it.
I got shocked.
Hi darling, how are your
photography sessions going on?
Don't waste the film roll. They are the
collection of our honeymoon's sweet memories.
We have to return to India
tomorrow, hope you remember?
Shall we stay here itself?
Guessing that you haven't forgot that?
No. We did that in a spur of the moment,
But feeling guilt that
we committed a mistake.
- Shall I ask one thing?
- Yes..
Is it right for a devotee to pour milk on
a 50 feet statue of a god as a prayer?
It is a right thing.
Is it right for actors' fans to pour milk
on his 50 feet hoarding as a celebration?
It is not the right thing.
If you ask me, both are wrong things.
We could provide that milk to many
hungry and deprived children.
Understand Mirthula, rights and wrongs
are based on one's perspective.
So don't confuse yourself.
Have the police closed this case?
Don't know whether the police
closed the case or not,
but no one can find the
truth of this case.
[POLICE CONSTABLE] Sir, what are you
seriously thinking about?
[POLICE SI] It regards to
post office robbery case.
[POLICE CONSTABLE] Leave that, Sir.. You have just returned
to the job, after completing the suspension period.
we couldn't get any clue in that case.
Kathiresan, we couldn't find that 7
lakh and forty thousand robbed money.
[POLICE CONSTABLE] Sir, you only rushed and
killed those robbers. Whom we can pursue?
[POLICE CONSTABLE] I am wondering that where
they concealed the money or to whom they gave it?
I will pursue and surely find that money.