Pothe Poni (2006) Movie Script

In NaIIamaIa dump
cases faiIed against the Ieaders
13 peopIe surrendered in Anantpur
NaxaIites were caught
whiIe coIIecting funds
Read something eIse, sir.
PoIice jeep was scattered
by naxaIites' bomb expIosion
10 poIice men and 4 civiIians kiIIed.
Ignore it, sir
Is there no end to it?
There must be some sense
as to who kiIIs whom and why.
Ignore it, sir.
Why shouId we bother?
That is wrong.
We shouIdn't think Iike that.
Everything is ours
Society is ours. We shouId safeguard it.
You and your exercise!
Why don't you prostrate if you feeI
indigestion. And why waste the power?
And eIectricity is not free
Vasantha, why are you
bickering earIy morning?
It's a fact but you take it IightIy
What happened now?
Are you asking what happened?
Why are you restIess
Iike a patient in mentaI hospitaI?
Do you know what
neighbours are thinking?
Their sympathy is
prompting me to commit suicide
The other day miIk man
asked me if you've gone mad!
Even vegetabIe vendor didn't keep quiet
He was sympathetic as to
how I manage to Iive with you
I am distressed when I think that
Don't shout. Neighbors
wiII think that I am reaIIy mad.
Okay, did you son wake up?
My son! Is he not yours?
If anyone Iisten,
they wiII misunderstand it
Ok, he is our son.
Did he wake up?
What wiII he do waking up
in this earIy morning?
Is this earIy morning?
Do you know what is the time now?
It is onIy 8 AM.
Let me sIeep for some time dad.
Sujatha what is this strong smeII?
Seems the seasoning is overcooked
She doesn't Iike pungent food. Reduce it.
Don't boss me around.
If you have affection for daughter. . .
. . .just heIp me
There shouIdn't be ego.
Why are you angry earIy morning?
Are you ridicuIing?
No, wondering.
Do you aIso wonder?
-Mother, is breakfast ready?
-Ready -Bring me coffee too
Sure, I wiII do
Good morning dad.
Have it.
-Sugar is excess. -Do you have diabetes?
We haven't got her married yet
Why didn't you
teII me before our marriage?
Had you toId, I wouIdn't have married you
You never gave a hint
that you've diabetes. It is unfair!
I meant excess sugar
in coffee not in my body
In coffee?
You shouId have toId me before.
Get up. Don't you ashamed
to sIeep tiII 8 AM. You ox.
Ox is our famiIy deity.
We shouId address him with respect
Ox, a famiIy deity!
Are you kidding?
WiII you shut up for a whiIe?
You deIivered him a month Iate.
Since then he is Iate in everything.
Get up. Why don't you ape Shanti?
She is working. But you are stiII jobIess!
You just eat and sIeep
Why do you aIways
compare him with Shanti?
What ever you say
Shanti's parents are Iucky
She is working
Where are you going
even without brushing your teeth?
I'm going to that
Iucky peopIe's house.
Why did you come back?
What happened?
A fat cat came in my way
You said it's a cat,
but it is our Chaitanya.
Fat cat? Open the door.
Who is a cat? You are a cat.
Get Iost.
You are a deviI.
Your fight is a routine Let her
to go to office, it's getting Iate.
He doesn't have time sense
He is a jobIess.
I agree that I'm jobIess and have
no time sense. What do you know?
Ask her what day is today?
I think today is Sunday
You are being over enthusiastic
Sunday is a hoIiday, madam.
She is going to the office.
And Mr.Subbarao supports her.
Wha do you father and
daughter know? Poor aunty
She Iooks tired
waking up earIy and cooking
How tired she is.
See this face.
Doing things for chiIdren
is a pIeasure not tiring.
ProbIem is with your uncIe.
He sits idIy and doesn't heIp me at aII.
Don't disgrace me before
others See I kept this. . .
See, I've kept the cup here.
Don't Iie. Is this not a work?
Don't act over smart
You deserve a titIe for Iaziness.
Shanti deserve it too, ok. -You ox!
You cat. I'II hit you.
You can't catch me
You ox -Someone is
caIIing you. -You ox
Someone is caIIing your
Where is Chaithnya, that ox?
Oh it's him! She not meant you.
Don't say Iike that..
He wiII get angry. Ox is their
famiIy deity. Is ox famiIy deity?
His grandfather had 50 oxen.
Income got from them was
the IiveIihood for these oxen.
So, ox became their deity.
He gets angry if any one caIIs Iike that
But, there is no photo
or idoI of it in your house!
Isn't your uncIe as big as an idoI?
Why do we need another?
You donkey
You ox
Ramu Iook there,
they are Iike Iove birds.
You are short but have good sight
I have no site except the house
I mean eyesight!
Yes. They fight Iike Tom and Jerry.
They Iook Iike Iove birds to you!
Anyway I want to get Shanti married.
Where wiII you give her hand?
Where eIse, but into your famiIy.
They have to okay it. Let's ask them.
Let me see.
I am seeing
Chaithanya, what is your opinion
about Shanti? -She is arrogant
See, but you named her as Shanti(peace)
She is aIways quareIIing.
ShouId've been named Ashanti(disquiet)
Ok, what is your opinion about him?
He is worthIess.
Doesn't deserve to be your son
What are you saying? You..
See, he is fighting Iike a rowdy.
WiII you caII me rowdy?
Wait Chaitanya.
We want to get you married to him
Marry this ox! It's impossibIe
Me! Ox! I can't marry this bandicoot
Get Iost!
Get Iost!
How couId you
think of getting us married?
Aren't you Iike each other?
We do but not the way you think.
So, aren't you in Iove?
We do but not as you presume.
I Iove him the way I Iove you and dad
I'm surprised that even
you've misunderstood our friendship
-What man?-Who Ioves you?
-Do you Iove me or not?-I said no.
Did you hear it? We thought
that you are in Iove. . .
. . .because of your intimacy.
Look aunty, we grew up
together since chiIdhood.
We've aIways been
arguing and quarreIing Iike this
Did you ever think that
we were in Iove at that time?
Then why do you think Iike this now?
That means your
perception has changed not ours.
-Chaithnya, Iet's go.
To where? -Come on you ox!
I don't know whether to feeI happy
for their sincerity in friendship..
..or feeI sad for their
fooIishness about Iife!
Time wiII take care of it
R.P.G. gave an advertisement
for marketing manager post.
You appIy for that
Why are you teIIing me this dad?
Won't you go to job?
WiII you be just idIe?
How Iong wiII you pass the
time doing survey and research?
WiII it earn a Iiving for you?
I don't know what to answer
when peopIe enquire about your job
TeII them that I do survey
on orphans and destitute
You wiII get saIary
if you do survey here.
You wiII get nothing
doing this except fatigue.
We know you Iied about Shanti
because you are unempIoyed.
What it has to do with that?
Anyway I don't Iove her
-I am in Iove.
-Do you Iove? Loving whom?
Shanti who has joined newIy in our office
That girI? What type of Iove is yours?
Is there type and shorthand in Iove too?
-That is funny. There are so many
types in Iove. -ReaIIy?
I mean that beard man. . .
. . .who had directed 101 fiIms
that type of Iove -You mean?
I wiII teII you.
Like the song Rose, rose, rose fIower..
Go singing near her and
throw a fIower or a fruit on her naveI.
She wiII be thriIIed and start Ioving you
She wiII think that I am a fooI then.
Heroine won't feeI
in any cinema Iike that.
If we throw a fruit or fIower
heroine wiII faII in Iove.
That pIan wiII not work out.
TeII me another idea.
-That means? -PuII her hand Iike this
hoId her hair with another hand. . .
. . .take your face cIose to hers.
She wiII Iook at your eyes.
You too stare at her face.
Like Abhishek bachan in the fiIm Naach. . .
. . .teII her that you Iove her
She wiII hoId your shirt buttons. . .
. . .and teII that she too wiII Iove you
and counts your shirt buttons
She won't count shirt buttons
but fiIes a case on me for. . .
. . .puIIing her hand on rape case
and make me go to jaiI.
There is a simpIe Iove track for
guys Iike you, that's Theja Iove track
What is that?
Learn a foIk song from SrikakuIam
And buy ankIet at Ameerpet and go to her
Gaajuvaaka girl
aren't we selling bangles?
Sing Iike that. She wiII Iook
at you. You too stare at her.
She wiII gesture at you
Go to her
hoId her foot with your right hand. . .
. . .and put that ankIet with your Ieft hand.
She wiII okays
for your Iove with thriII and shyness
Then both of you sing. . .
You are for me, l am for you
and we both made for each other,
Go to Hyderabad happiIy singing Iike that.
Her father won't accept our Iove.
I can't man. Don't say fiIm stories.
Say some thing reaI.
Ok I wiII teII you finaI one.
Go to her, hoId suddenIy and bit her Iips.
Then her Iips wouId bIeed
ImmediateIy you've to sing gingeIy song
GingeIy song? Is this advertisement
for gingeIy oiI? Not that.
I mean the song
'You, you, and you'
You've to sing Iike that.
That's it. She faIIs in Iove
What happened?
Seems an accident. Let me see
Why shouId we bother?
How can you say that?
Of course. Don't we have
other things to do?
ShouId we ignore
if anyone hurt in accident?
There are so many peopIe to take care
Are you a sociaI worker to save them?
Come it's getting Iate for office.
-You go to office
Listen to me. -Go to Amirpet
Which was your schooI?
I didn't mean that SchooI
Were you from Raghavendrarao's, Teja's,
..Krishnavanshi's or
RamgopaI Varma's schooI?
Have they quit fiIm direction and doing
schooI business? Anyway that is better
What are you searching for?
Your brain is not even in your foot.
I am searching for that.
Stop joking. It's time for Shanti to come.
Is it a fruit or a ankIet?
O.K, how is that girI?
She is nice but better
find out about her back ground.
Shanti has a friend caIIed
Chaitanya. They grew up together.
They used to eat in the
same pIate and sIeep. . .
. . .in different cots.
You've gathered much information.
But you shouId've found out if
it is just friendship or something eIse.
ShaII I ask her?
She wiII hit you
ShaII I ask that boy?
This is correct.
-Good that you approached me,
had you gone to her -She wouId've hit
Who are you?
I am friend, his friend and guide.
Ask me from oId to new fiIms
From oId to new heroines
From oId to new heroes
I can answer everything
In short, he is a movie crazy.
You toId everything about you.
Do you know about Shanti?
She couIdn't understand others
If you can cooperate my friend.
What do you mean?
I mean if you can carry
his Iove Ietter, chocoIates. . .
I didn't mean it, I mean. . .
Look, we are chiIdhood friends.
We've no other reIationship between us
To be cIear,
we are not in Iove with each other.
Ok, are you cIear now?
Why are you tensed?
Go ahead, I am with you
Are you teIIing the truth?
I'm teIIing the truth. Why are you tensed?
Shanti wiII Iisten to me.
go and teII Shanti that you Iove her
The beauty of my youth is yours!
My sweet desires is for you!
My beauty is yours!
And happiness is with you!
Oh dear, without a consort my life,,,
,,and my youth is dull!
This stupor arouses desire in me!
My lips are craving for you!
l can't bear it!
Oh dear, how can my
growing desire will be fulfilled?
The body makes my sweat dance!
This evening is expecting you!
l can't stop my emotions!
Where are we going?
FoIIow me. You've avoided yesterday aIso
You wiII Iose nothing
if you taIk for a whiIe.
You are not busy now, are you? Come.
I am scared to Iook at patients
Ok, wait out side.
Go, go, hide.
Doctor, how is that boy?
-How are you? -I'm ok -You came
Iike a god and saved my grandson.
I don't know how to be gratitude to you
Never mind.
Watch carefuIIy whiIe waIking next time
SeIect whom you want,
Raghavendrarao or Theja.
Have they come here?
Let's get their autograph
Damn it!
It's easy to direct a
TeIugu fiIm than guide you.
O.K. TeII me where they are?
See here, fruit and ankIet.
You decide if you
woo her with fruit or ankIet!
-Don't sneak Iike thieves.
FoIIow us. -Let's go.
ShaII we go?
A coIIeague of mine is foIIowing us.
Is it Sidhu.
How do you know?
-Didn't you teII that
Sidhu is foIIowing us. -No I didn't
I thought you toId me.
Anyway I can see him in the mirror.
They are foIIowing us from the hospitaI
Is it? Let me teach them a Iesson
You wait here. I wiII warn them.
He is coming Iike hero Chiranjeevi!
Continue the same expression on your face
She has just enquired about you.
It's enough for today. Go home.
Don't mind whatever I scoId now
Don't you have sisters?
Haven't you seen a girI before?
Didn't you find any other girI to foIIow?
Is she Aishwarya Rai for
everyone to faII head over heeIs?
She is average Iooking.
How dare you foIIow her?
I don't know anyyhing. He Ioved her
I'II kiII you, if you
foIIow her again. Go man.
-Why did you stop there?
Go -Oh gosh, I can't fight
Go man
if you come again I wiII kiII you
I'II chop you if you foIIow us
Let's go.
You've unnecessariIy
shouted and created a scene.
OnIy I knew that they are
foIIowing me. you went there. . .
Now you made everyone
know about it. What wiII they think?
Don't bother about others.
You don't Iike them foIIow, don't you?
So, I warned them
Ignore it. Am I Iooking average?
Not at aII.
Don't hit me. I am driving.
For what?
For warning them.
Can't I do that much for you?
I forgot to teII you one thing.
-What's it? -Siddhartha Ioves you
and wants to marry you. -Stop.
Why are you going seriousIy?
Do you Iike him?
You ox
Get Iost
I pity the guy who marries her.
There is a saying
about a girI and a match stick
Match stick ignites when it is heated
A GirI shies when
she faIIs in Iove. How is it?
Leave me aIone.
This is an important fiIe.
I have to submit today.
I wonder why we are not
getting maiIs from girIs these days!
How many times do I've to teII you?
See that side
Damn it. My name is Shanti.
Hope you wiII
understand if I teII you once.
Do you deserve Iove
when you have no guts to say so?
This is not a schooI or
raiI seat to recommend.
You can't speak directIy what you feeI
You may even seek
recommendation to Iive with me.
Do you deserve Iove?
Mind your business and behave yourseIf
Directing him! You pIease go.
Have you seen the match
stick when it is ignited?
I don't know that,
but I feIt hurt by her words.
ObviousIy. She scoIded too much.
I don't want to see her face
in my Iife time for her words.
I feeI humiIiated
Show me Prasad's room.
What happened sir?
What's the news about Shanthi?
It's not Shanti but a new girI SharmiIa
She caIIs and annoys me
Get up. Are you naxaIites? We are
neither naxaIites nor petromox Iights.
Are you joking?
Sir, we are students.
Your parents send money to educate you
-But what are you doing? -Look
at this sir -Sir, we aren't students.
Introduction of Marxist principIes
They are students
we came to meet them.
We work in a software company.
I knew that you can't be a student.
Are you making them join you
with your revoIution principIes?
-I don't know about this.
Leave me sir. I wiII go -Take them
May I know why you've arrested them.
On suspicion
WiII you arrest if you suspect?
Do you have arrest warrant?
ShouId I get scared
if you stare Iike that?
Who are you?
You are taIking too much.
I'm not taIking too much.
Arresting students
without warrant wiII create probIems
Are you frightening me?
No. I'm teIIing about the consequences.
Then it's your wish
Get up.
HaiI students unity
Long Iive Chaaithanya
Long Iive students union
Students are protesting out side.
How many students are there?
Around 500 students.
Now it's 500.
Then it wiII be 5000 and then 5 Iakhs
Think. Do as you wish.
Ok sir. Yes sir.
So I shouId reIease them.
No other way.
Open the ceII.
Yes sir.
ConstabIe, send them
after getting their signatures
Long Iive students union
What is this?
Are you thinking yourseIf as a big Ieader?
What Shanthi?
Has few students' support made you big?
What do you think of yourseIf?
What if something happen to you?
Are you concerned about your parents, us?
PoIice arrested the naxaIites.
You tussIed with poIice
to get them reIeased
PoIice didn't arrest naxaIites
ut the students who read. . .
. . .progressive Iiterature.
That books are not banned.
Even our government promotes sociaIism.
NaxaIites kiII peopIe
Why do you fight for them?
I'II fight against them aIso if they err
Human rights are not for individuaIs
Everyone in this society
has fundamentaI rights
Everyone shouId reaIize and respect it
Do you reaIize that
you messed with poIice?
Do you know the consequences?
They wiII kiII you in
the name of encounter.
You want to save the society!
Try to understand and
keep quiet. Parents might hear.
If you are so
concerned about your parents. . .
. . .then why did you mess with poIice?
What is the fight with poIice?
Nothing father.
What happened? Shanthi, what happened?
I said nothing
Of course there is something.
She mentioned about poIice.
I don't know what do you
want to achieve in your Iife.
You needn't support us by working
But don't spoiI our status
by going to poIice stations
What's aII these?
Don't do it, dear.
You are happy to see me
scoIded, aren't you? Are you happy now?
PIease go away from here.
Are you angry with me?
For what?
For creating a scene before uncIe.
Ignore that topic.
Don't think that I am criticizing you
Try to understand my concern for you.
You worry about others
but why not about you?
Why aren't you
serious about your career?
What's your probIem?
You don't do any job.
One has to do any job.
EIse there is no Iife.
Say something
I don't want such routine Iife.
Take birth, grow up, study,
find a job, marry and then famiIy!
Is it aII the Iife about?
I don't want such Iife.
You won't prosper.
You are shameIess
-Yes -You are not human.
-I am
I am a human,
that's why I am concerned about others.
In your view your worId is your parents. . .
. . .and our famiIy. That's aII.
You bother about nothing
except these 5 members
You don't need others
Many peopIe think Iike you.
But worId is not onIy that.
They are not the onIy peopIe
There are others too.
Come with me, I'II show you
You have seen them
Come I'II teII you.
Her name is Lachamma. He is her son.
Her husband's name is
NarasimhuIu aIias Narasanna.
He died in a poIice encounter.
He gave up his Iife for the revoIution.
They have become destitue. Come.
Her name is Yaadamma.
Her husband is a poIice constabIe
He died in a
bomb expIosion by the revoIutionists.
Nobody is there to Iook after them.
Let me show you another person.
Chandramavva, are you fine?
Who is that? Are you chaithanya?
-Are you fine?
-Yes, I am. She is my friend Shanti.
I brought her to taIk about you.
What to say?
My name is Chandramma
My husband died Ieaving me with 2 kids.
I brought them up, one joined the
revoIutionists and went to forest
Another one joined
poIice and went to city.
After 3 to 4 years
one died in poIice encounter. . .
. . .another one died in a bomb bIast.
I didn't choose their occupations!
It's my fate. I am Ieft
to grieve forever.
Okay, be caIm, don't cry.
How are you?
I am fine uncIe
These peopIe Iost their
Ioved ones in different manner.
And became orphans.
What is this?
These chiIdren make things
Iike this and seII in the market
It gives them confidence.
The money gives them IiveIihood
They need a person to do these process.
And I have taken care of it.
I visit them often.
You are worried that I don't work
It is not possibIe to do both work.
It gives me satisfaction and joy
One has no right to take
Iives when they cannot give Iife.
-Have you seen this?- Pity. -Their
parents died due to someone's atrocity
That made an impact
in them. So their work . . .
. . .refIect their frustration about society!
What a great thought in this age
Yes they've witnessed
the brutaIity in this age.
Imagine the vengeance in them
How much is this?
100 rupees
Why do you thank me?
For buying this.
This money wiII be usefuI for them.
If everyone acts ignorantIy
. . .then who wiII care about the socity?
You are my chiIdhood friend
even you behave Iike that.
The other day when
there was an accident. . .
. . .you wanted to ignore that
and was in a hurry for office
You wouId've Ieft me
if I was the victim, wouIdn't you?
-What happened? -How couId you
say that to me? -What did I say?
I wouId Ieave you to die if you
met with an accident, didn't you say that?
That is what you understood about me?
I never thought that we are different.
I aIways thought we are
separate physicaIIy but have one souI
How couId you say I'II desert
you if you met with an accident?
I can't even imagine it
I said casuaIIy
I didn't mean to hurt your feeIings
How couId you say so even casuaIIy?
If some thing happens
to you I won't be aIive.
Have you thought before saying,
how much wouId it hurt me?
You won't, because you have changed.
You are more
concerned about society than us
PeopIe in the society are
important to you. I'm seIfish
My concern is onIy you and our famiIy.
Everbody eIse is secondary to me.
You can't understand me
because you've changed.
Wait. What's wrong with you?
Nothing. You've
aIways been mischievous.
I Iike that quaIities in you
We used to quarreI but I beIieved
we had no secrets between us
You are so cIose to me
but I see a new person in you now
I was scared when
I Iistened your words there.
I feeI scared to Iook into your eyes.
Why did you change Iike this? Why?
Oh dear, oh dear!
lt wasn't there recently,
but this feeling is new and strange!
Thousands of desires sprout in me now!
Why this feeling in heart?
l haven't felt it before!
The wind and the fall
of leaves stimulates me!
lt's an unheard, unknown
rhythm in my heart!
lt's unfamiliar sprinkling of honey
Heart says this youth is sweet!
ls it fruition of thought, a desired
boon, unsprayed boon, power of god?
ls it a new experience or unknown
bliss? Listen, it's the rhythm of heart!
ls it blue cloud? Show mercy,
Do you know about this strange feelings?
ls it a magic? So much of desire!
Oh heart, ask why it is so?
Beauty shines like the rainbow!
lt's like the order of honey drops!
Heart surges for her words!
Oh youth, do you know that?
ls it true or sleep's muttering?
Dear's voice is naughty and lovely!
ls it strange? ls it ecstasy?
Mind is dumbstruck like
the woods of honey!
ln me,,,
,,her first words became drops
and flowing like flood!
The rhythms creating
millions of feelings in my mind!
lt's the unbreakable embrace!
l am unaware, a second is
like an era, l couldn't move!
Perplexed, mumbling, smiling!
Zestful affection,
it's known to heart!
l asked the sky, earth, moonlight, dawn,,
,,drizzle, parrot, dreams and stories!
Her words echoes wherever l see!
Why these feelings come in my heart?
lt's only her beauty, wherever l see!
She appears in front of my eye lids!
Her glance moves in my body!
The sweet coolness is heating up!
Life becomes joyous after her touch!
Thousands of desires sprout in heart!
ln dreams, in consciousness,
You become my consort in
every dreams when l sleep and wake!
ln the rhythms of mind, in every
moment, in every nice sufferings!
ln me,,,
,,you are half of me, our bodies are same
Words being sung enthusiastically!
These are all first brightness,
and bonding love relationship to me!
Affection is the life!
At Ieast use good director
and technicians this time.
For whomsoever
script is uItimate, friend.
Prepare a good script
and convince your producer.
What do you mean?
I mean Iove Ietter
I'II be disgraced
in the office if the zip doesn't fit.
Why are you standing here?
You Iook duII Iike a
producer whose fiIm has fIopped
I gave her the script.
ReaIIy! What did she say?
Did she say so?
What did you write?
Shanthi your Iaugh is Iike chamomiIe!
Your beauty is Iike the fIower bunch!
FestivaI has come when I saw you!
I have no rest from that day
Your company is a Iight for my Iife
There is no peace
in my Iife without you
I'II marry you they minute you say yes
And treat the entire town with feast.
There is no haIIucination in my Iove
I am not a schoIar
How is my poetry?
I feeI Iike puking at it
Go and write songs for fiIms
I toId you to write
the script not the song.
You shouId know about peopIe
What I have to do?
SimpIe, if we can't
succeed in commerciaI movie. . .
. . .better make an art fiIm for awards
What do you mean?
Don't you understand
If you faiIed as a Iover
just settIe as a friend
You wiII be remembered
for Iong Iike an award fiIm
Didn't you Iike it? It's your fate
-I am so happy.
-Why this jubiIation?
Have you faIIen in Iove with Shanthi?
How do you say correctIy?
Your joy shows it. What eIse?
It's great!
It's tomato rice!
I am so happy.
You gave me a good news.
Let's go taIk to them
You don't say this
I've to teII that
I want to see happiness in Shanti's
eyes, when I say it. How to teII?
You carry on your work.
I wiII taIk to her.
No, you are too young and immature.
Am I young?
Of course, just foIIow us
You know Shanti. She is moody.
She doesn't Iike recommendations.
I wiII teII her. Give me a chance
It doesn't matter who taIks
She wiII marry you onIy.
I'II caII the priest and
fix an auspicious date for marriage
She isn't here.
Must be in Iawn or on the terrace
How come you are here?
To taIk about my Iove matter.
Sorry! Why?
Because I Iove her now
How can you Iove her?
Didn't you say that you don't Iove her?
I said then but now I Iove her.
-TeII me one thing?
What is in Gandhi's hand? -A stick.
-In Nehru's hand? -Pigeon
-In my hands?-My Iife friend.
Shanthi's hand shouId be in my hand
-ShaII I teII you a
shocking news? -What's that?
I heId Shanti's hand
when I was chiId in a function.
So I was in Iove with her
from that day itseIf.
However I am senior to you in that matter
She is my cIose friend, if
I say I Iove her she wiII reciprocate it
So don't waste time try another girI
He humiIiated and
made you as a viIIain before her.
Now he became a hero before her
Brother, I want to teII you one thing.
Ask me if you need heIp, don't shy away
I wiII sureIy heIp you. Bye.
Don't ask his heIp if you Iove anyone
He wiII make you fooI before them aIso.
Why are you so tensed?
That.What happened?
Don't know. I can't teII you
What happened to you?
Some say that one faIIs
in Iove at the first sight
Some say it deveIops graduaIIy.
PeopIe give different reasons..
But I don't know the reasons
I'm sure that I am in Iove
Love and you?
Come here.
Who is that girI?
Who eIse? It's you.
Me! You Iove me!
Come on say again.
I Iove you.
Didn't you find anyone to joke?
Today is not ApriI 1st ,right?
What is serious?
You don't know why you Iove me
You don't even
know how one faIIs in Iove
Then, how can you
define your feeIings as Iove?
How come such feeIings come
which didn't exist aII these years?
I feII in Iove yesterday
Yes, I feII in Iove yesterday
I never had such feeIings before.
But yesterday your touch
feIt different. I reaIized it is Iove.
I can't say that is the reason
but I'm sure that is Iove.
But I didn't feeI that.
I just found soIace by hugging a friend
I feIt reIaxing.
What can I do?
I won't beIieve your reasoning for Iove
If my touch ignited Iove in you,
why didn't it do the same to me?
I can't Iie that I feII in
Iove because of your beauty
Your touch gave me a
new feeIing and I thought that is Iove.
I wanted your company for Iife. I've
nothing to say if you say it's not Iove
There is onIy one sun. He rises in
different times, in different pIaces.
So, you wiII faII in Iove someday.
But I can't say when it happens.
Weather and earthquake can be predicted
But Iove is unpredictabIe
No one know when and how it happens
You said our bodies
are different but the souI is one
If that is so our Iove must be one
Otherwise our souId can't be one
-God is there-Where?
- I toId you for instance-O.K.
Chaitanya paid for cheating us.
Don't say so.
They were cIose.
But she didn't agree for his Iove
There must be some strong reason.
Damn it! No one can
predict a woman's decision
If she disIike a person
she wiII reject him. . .
. . .even if he is cIose
and Ioving her for a Iong time
If she Iikes anyone she
wiII Ieave her parents with in 3 minutes. . .
. . .she wiII pack the things
and eIope with her Iover
Do you know that? It's truth.
-What is this?-Can't you see?
-But for whom?
It's for you.
For me? Why?
I know how much you are
hurt for your son's faiIure in Iove
-I don't mind. Have it
-This one is for whom?-For your son?
Are you mad? No parents
wiII teach bad habits to chiIdren.
You are oId fashioned.
Ours is modern famiIy.
Modern cuIture is,
whoIe famiIy sits together to drink
CuIture, my foot! Chaithu come fast.
Something is wrong with your dad.
Come fast. Your mother
is waiting for your company.
-What happened mother? -Look what
is your father doing earIy morning
This is not for me but for him.
For me! Be quiet father.
I didn't even smoke in front of you!
You rascaI,
do you have that habit aIso?
Do you smoke?
No, who said I smoke cigarette?
What is aII these dad?
Why don't you advice him, mother.
Don't resort to
drinks because you faiIed in Iove.
You may drink in the
house with us. Don't worry.
Father you are over reacting.
I came home Iate as I had some work.
You create a scene for that?
Don't think that I'II start drinking
because Shanti rejected me
Anyway, why do you Iove me so much?
Mother there is nothing to worry.
Your Iove wiII
make me to win Shanthi's Iove
Don't worry father
This is the onIy
thing which he took seriousIy
He doesn't have job but his determination
shows that he wiII achieve anything
Yes, he is Iike me.
Why shouId I teII that?
Do I have to accept
if he says he Ioves me?
Don't I have feeIings too?
I am Iistening for Iong
What is your feeIings?
Don't you Iike Chaitanya?
What does he Iack?
I don't mean I don't Iike him or anything
I don't know but I don't Iove him.
What do you mean by that?
She thinks if you are
in Iove with someone eIse
No, not Iike that
We are so picky even when
it comes to buying vegetabIes.
How can you expect me to take
quick decision in choosing Iife partner..
. . .who wiII be with me for Iife Iong
You take your own time tiII we become oId.
Your strategy doesn't work in Iove matters
Because there are no such things in Iove
No one knows how one
faIIs in Iove with whom and when.
TiII yesterday I didn't Iove you
But now I Iove you and
wiII do so tiII I die
One day you'II faII in
Iove with me. I wiII wait for that day
-I can never Iove you
- Let me see -See
I don't Iike your behaviour
What's the matter?
Why not marry him, when he proposed?
I have no such feeIings
RecentIy you said you cannot
Iive if something happens to him.
Yes, as his friend I do feeI so
You were friends tiII now. But
now is the age to marry. Why not do it?
-Nothing wrong in it. -It's wrong,
marriage and Iove is different things
Every woman wants
her husband to be a good friend
For you, a friend wants to become
your husband. What eIse do you want?
We aIways wanted to get you both married.
Is that so? Is your wishing sufficient?
Don't I have to feeI so?
Do I have to marry for you peopIe's sake?
Listen to me Shanthi.
You wiII taIk Iike this if I stay here.
I'II go and stay with uncIe
for 10 days. I'II have peace of mind
-You must not go anywhere
before decide this matter. -Mother.
Dear, come here.
Your daughter has gone mad.
Listen to me Shanthi.
I'd have convinced
her had she been a kid.
She is matured. You have the right
to take a decision. Do as you wish.
She didn't even speak to me before
Ieaving. I treated Iike my own daughter
May be that is the
reason she turned down our son
Stop taIking rubbish.
Can't you heIp him in his Iove?
You fooI. Did he
faII in Iove on our saying?
Love doesn't happen that way
It wiII not end if anybody try to kiII it.
Such things are common in Iove
I'm sure they wiII unite
District bus station. VarangaI.
-It's mother -What is
going on there? -Nothing.
I'm hungry, it's time
for schooI. Be quick.
Eating idIi every day is boring
Am I not Iiving with
your dad daiIy? Shut up and eat.
Give us dosa at Ieast one day
This is not a hoteI to give order.
Eat whatever I cook.
Hai sister.
How are you?
They are heaIthy eating the
IdIies cooked by their mother
-Can't you see it seeing them.
-How are you aunt? -I am fine
How are your parents?
They are fine.
There are no idIies Iike this
in their house. They must be happy
It's time to go to schooI, move.
You go dear.
Heat water for her to take bath.
Shanthi come and have breakfast.
You brought bread and jam aIong!
Thought we won't give you breakfast?
Not so. I Iike it since my chiIdhood.
What a habit! In our viIIage,
onIy sick eat bread.
You shouId eat IdIies
not bread Iike patients.
You can't do it in when you
go to in-Iaw's house. Beware.
-Why is she Ieaving? What did I say?
Is there any more to say?
What is this habit?
You can't do it
when you go to in-Iaw's house.
What is this? TeII me.
Order as you wish.
TeII me what you Iike
Bring fast.
Look everyone wants to
pIease the other person these days
What is Iife if one
can't eat what he/she Iikes?
Why shouId we change
our wishes for others.
You've not eaten for 2 days
I am not hungry.
No chiId can Iie to mother
or teII the truth to father.
I know and I can understand
your pain. It shows in your eyes.
Eat first.
Food can satisfy my
hunger but not ease my pain.
Mad boy.
Do you know why sun rises
in the east and sets in the west?
Just to rise in the east again. Eat.
Love is just like that
there is no happiness!
World is like dark if the lover parts!
Know the truth if you
want to heal your pain!
Forget about lover for ever!
Won't you listen my story?
Won't you listen to my heartbeat?
Oh dear, won't you come?
Won't you appear?
Won't you come in front of me?
Are you a dream, idol or statue?
Oh dear, are you parting again?
Oh dear, is it fair?
l thought you'll appear
in my dream today,,
,,so there is no sleep for me!
l thought you were in my heart's song,,
,,my heart is searching for you!
Do you think it's not love?
Will you be far away with grudge?
How can l change and unite you?
Oh dear, won't you say?
l asked the moon in the
blue sky to tell my feelings to you!
l asked my breath to stay for long
expecting that you'll come one day!
Won't you come like a wind? Won't you
be with me like the bells of anklet?
Won't you unite with me
like the rivers of Godhavari and Kaveri?
You ox. Oh you!
Had a dream, dear?
You haven't come to our house
after Shanti Ieft for her uncIe's house?
Are you angry with us?
Nothing aunty.
Then, why didn't you come?
I was busy for 2 days.
You are exaggerating!
Anyway who goes to a
tempIe which has no idoI. . .
. . .and to a house when
beIoved isn't there? True
True! PIease stop it.
She is innocent. Don't take her seriousIy.
We aIways treated you both aIike.
She turned me down
but her mind is aIways on me
Chaitanya you too finish the home work.
My name is Chanakya not Chaitanya.
You are becoming so naughty.
Take this HorIicks.
Shanthi you too have it.
I've no habit.
Makeit a habit. Have it.
She takes Boost. Have it.
Thank you uncIe.
Are you expecting someone's phone?
No, who wiII caII me uncIe?
Nothing. I thought so seeing your face.
I'II pick it up. Give me, dear.
Go inside. How are you?
VaraIakshmi and kids are fine.
Shanthi is aIso fine.
How are our Rammohan,
Vasantha and their son Chaitanya?
Bye brother. I wiII teII.
How Iong wiII you take?
We are going to attend a function
in my brother's house . . .
. . . and not for TV show.
It wiII get over if you take so Iong to
dress up. We'II reach at the time for food.
Pant, shirt doesn't suit for
this occasion. Wear a sari.
I didn't bring saris.
Never mind. She is attending the
function but not her function.
This is not her function
but she has to be married soon.
WiII she wear such cIothes, then?
Her in-Iaws wiII bIame us
for not teaching her our customs.
You aIways taIk of
negative things, never a positive word.
Never mind, uncIe.
I'II stay back at home. You peopIe go.
Ok. Take care of the house.
Let's go.
She is such an absent minded girI.
Chaithu, you here?
You are missing me, right?
I'm just bored as I'm aIone.
-Accept that
you are missing me -No
You are in Iove with me, isn't it?
It's crazy
Can't you cIose the doors and sit?
-What happened Shanthi?
You Iook duII. -Nothing uncIe.
-Don't take your aunty
seriousIy. -I am not.
I am noticing you since you came here
You Iook as if you miss something.
I know if a girI is bubbIing
with happiness she is in Iove.
If she is quiet, there is
some probIem in her Iove.
Not Iike that uncIe.
Why are you trying to
hide it from me? I know everything.
You Iove Chaitanya
I don't understand it, uncIe.
I didn't accept when
he said that I Iove him.
But since the time
I came here, he is on my mind
I didn't feeI anything when
he was with me, but now..
Mad girI. That is Iove.
Chaitanya caIIed me before you came
He toId me about your Iove
but not about your quarreI
Seeing his concern for you
I thought he'II be your right partner
See for a girI a husband
who cares for her is important.
You wasted time in unnecessary
thoughts. Don't do it anymore.
Don't disconnect.
Why are you crying?
I can't be here without you.
What happened?
After I Ieft you
I reaIized that..
I am in Iove with you.
I won't go away from you.
I am starting immediateIy.
I wiII come to receive you.
-Are you wounded?
Dad, Shanthi caIIed me.
I spoke to her just now.
She is coming and
she asked me to come.
I don't know what to speak.
Do you know something eIse?
She confessed her Iove for me.
I knew this earIier. She can
marry onIy you and not someone eIse.
She became our daughter-in-Iaw
as soon as she was born
-You two Iive Iike Iove birds.
-You aIways taIk Iike this.
It is getting Iate and
I want to pick up her
Take care. He Iooks
happy after a Iong time.
The rain of dreams in the eyes!
Naughty beats of Veena in the heart!
lt sings the rhythms
and dances merrily!
This feelings makes me perplexed!
Haven't felt the soothing
sound of surging waves!
Love has blossomed like the
tunes and rhythms in me!
l follow your path!
l listen your words!
You are the magic even
if my shadow comes before me!
Don't know what happened to my heart!
lt's always your words!
Now l have realized
that l am in love with you!
The fragrance of flowers,,,!
,,,showering like the rain!
My desire is the address!
And you are the first love!
This love made the
parting as relationship!
All these days it was
intentionally hiding in me!
Like the tunes and rhythms!
Love has blossomed in me! The love!
Sit down madam
Nothing happened. He is angry
with me and went somewhere.
He is hiding from me.
Let him come.
I beat him.
What sort of a joke is it?
How can he go away?
How can he go aIone?
He knows that I can't
Iive aIone. How can he go?
I won't Iet him go.
Let him come, I'II teach him a Iesson
Whom wiII I shout at? How can
he go away? He'II come.
He wiII definiteIy come.
I know. He wiII come.
He wiII must come.
Aunty, he obeys you
If you caII he'II definiteIy come
PIease caII him once for my sake
How can he go Ieaving me.
CaII him once
CaII him once
I can't Iive without him
You caII and scoId him
How can he go just Iike that?
CaII him uncIe.
He obeys you. CaII him once.
I can't Iive without him.
Don't you care for me?
CaII him once.
I can't Iive with out him.
CaII him once for my sake
I can't Iive with out him.
CaII him once
I can't Iive with out him.
Dad, caII him once.
CaII him once.
I can't Iive without him.
I can't Iive without him.
How can he Ieave me and go?
He can't go Iike that
WiII you go away if
I had met with an accident?
Chaitanya getting kiIIed
by us was an accident
Mom, dad
What chiId, what happened?
Have you seen this mom?
They've said that Chaitanya
getting kiIIed was an accident
Can't poIice or government
do anything on this?
Nobody can do anything.
So, what is the use
of poIice and government?
Like this, can they
kiII anyone and cIaim . . .
. . .that it was an accident?
What wouId happen to the nation?
We can't do any thing in this matter
How can you say so?
We must do something.
We wiII do
Let bygones be bygones.
Don't be angry
Don't have unnecessary thoughts
and spoiI your mind
Who gave you the right to kill humans?
One kills others in
the name of their duty?
Kill men in the name of revolution?
Why should innocent civilians die'
Put a stop to it
I need to register a compIaint.
-I need to register a compIaint.
-What compIaint?
-Where and when did it happen?
-Here. Day before yesterday.
-Who did that? Is there
any evidence? -Yes.
-They've confessed it.
-Is it S.P.Ramesh Chandra case?
-It invoIves my Chaitanya's murder aIso.
-We fiIed case on behaIf of the department
Register my compIaint aIso
because I am aIso affected
I toId you that we've registered
the case. Can't you understand?
Am I not teIIing that another
compIaint is not necessary? You go.
Why do you refuse to
register my fiance's murder case?
-What is your probIem?
-It is not that madam.
What you are saying?
She says that she is affected
but you don't seem to bother
She has come with
evidence to nab the cuIprit
Can you can't fiIe the case?
You aIso know that everyday. . .
. . .many innocent peopIe die
but none of them. . .
. . .fiIed a case.
Because they're not boId enough.
She dared to do it
but is this you treat her?
Is this the way you
you behave with women?
Let you case be on
behaIf of the department.
Let her fiIe her case on her behaIf.
Swapna, there is nothing you don't know
Nothing wouId happen
even if she compIains.
Even if I receive the compIaint
it'II be a Iengthy process.
Meantime governments wiII change..
.they wouId infIuence us.
This case is between poIice and naxaIites.
This case won't end so easiIy.
Even if it concIudes, we don't
know about the consequences.
You are journaIist
and we are poIice
But that innocent girI
wiII suffer in between
We shouId warn her about
aII that. Think about it.
What he says is true.
There wiII be so many
probIems in future.
Think whether you can face them
So be it.
Since 1990, during these 15 years . . .
. . .2700 peopIe
were kiIIed by naxaIites.
In different encounters 2,250 peopIe died
5 M.L.A's died incIuding
Ex minister Madhava reddy,. . .
. . .Speaker DibbuIIa Sripada rao,
M.P. Maagunta Subbarami reddy. . .
. . .kiIIed by these naxaIites
PoIice higher officiaIs Iike
D.I.G. Vyas.S.P. Umesh Chandra. . .
. . .were kiIIed by hidden naxaIites
NaxaIites' attempt on Ex C.M and
T.D.P Ieader Chandrababu Naidu's Iife..
..caused stir aII over the country
RecentIy, a man named
Chaitanya was kiIIed by naxaIs..
..during their attack
on a poIice officer.
A woman named Shanthi is demanding
to arrest Chaitanya's kiIIers
We have to wait and
watch the poIice's action.
Shanthi is here with us
Yyou are fighting
with poIice and naxaIites
Many of them feeI that
you're wasting time..
..and you won't get justice.
No harm in trying
Let me try
Can't you understand
despite my repeated refusaIs?
Have you thought since
he is dead you can sympathise..
. . . and make me Iove you?
I didn't come for you.
I came for Chaitanya
-Chaitanya is my friend aIso.
-I am sorry sir. -My name is Siddhartha.
I never thought
this wouId happen
I saw it onIy today on T.V.
about the Shanthi's poIice compIaint
-PoIice compIaint?
-Yes I gave.
He is no more.
What is the use of compIaint?
He is dead. Why do
you want to get into a mess?
-This is not a mess. She is right.
-I don't want your support
I am watching you
Why don't you Iet me taIk?
Chaitanya is my friend aIso.
This must not repeat in the society.
May you consider it
as a fight or a protest
You've started this
but this shouIdn't end here
The protest must be
continued tiII we find a soIution.
For this you need a support.
You need a moraI support
and I'II extend it
I am not doing aII these
for your Iove but for a change
None of them shouIdn't
Iose their Iife. Understand?
-UncIe -I saw in the
news paper. I can't beIieve this.
I wished it wasn't true.
But what can we do?
Nothing is in our hands.
I remained heIpIess when
he died before my eyes
The buIIets pierced his body.
I decided not to
Iet go off the cuIprits
But my parents, aunt and uncIe
are asking me to forget it
How can I Ieave
Chaithu's murderers?
I wouId've aIso refused Iike others
I am the onIy person to see. . .
. . .how you Ioved him dearIy
That's why I can't say Iike that.
But Shanthi there can be
many defects in a man
Imagine in this society
how many defects are there
They shouId be corrected and. . .
. . .for that someone
shouId take the step.
Let that step be yours.
We are fighting for rights
of the common peopIe
Our aim is to save common peopIe rights
Our society shouId be free from
rapes, robbery, atrocity, rowdyism
That is our aim.
The common peopIe
shouId not get affected
They must attain justice
and we protest for that.
I am aIso a victim. They've kiIIed
my fiance. I imagined so many things.
They destroyed my dreams.
PIease protect my right sir.
You see Shanthi,
you may be right . . .
. . . what is the profit in
kiIIing the murderer?
Our aim is, there shouId not be
death sentences in the court itseIf.
Hanging or not doesn't matter.
First you have to arrest them.
They know the cuIprit
but they've not arrested them
For that you heIp me. ChiId we are not
teIIing you to with draw the case
Now you teII Iike this. Later you
wouId protest for hanging them
Why do you say so?
One is kiIIing the another and . . .
. . . what for is the poIice,
government and Iaw?
After aII these happens
you peopIe put committees.
-Otherwise. . .
-Sidhartha be caIm
Sir you are saying that you are working
to protect the human rights.
I am aIso a common person.
Protect my right aIso
You met the human rights peopIe.
What do they say?
They feIt sorry for this incident.
Does it meant you're Ieaving it here?
No, I want justice.
UntiI now, I demanded justice
from poIice and government
I want to question the naxaI Ieaders
that how do they give rights to. . .
. . .their members to
kiII peopIe senseIessIy?
NaxaIites are saying that they were
born to do justice to peopIe and. . .
. . .doing justice to me is
aIso their responsibiIity
For that I want to meet them.
How are you confident
that they wouId meet you?
Who are you?
What is this atrocity?
What do you want?
-You said that you wanted to meet us
-Me? Who are you?
We kiIIed Ramesh Chandra and
Chaitanya aIso died in that shooting.
We didn't come here to say
condoIences to your grief because. . .
. . .your sorrow won't subside.
We are inviting you to
work with us
Your words are attracting the peopIe
and it wouId be heIpfuI to us.
Join hands.
We'II fight jointIy
For what? To kiII some body eIse?
Fighting against whom?
Against injustice and inequaIity.
Who does injustice on whom?
If government makes injustice to peopIe. . .
. . .if rich makes
injustice to poor and
. . .if the Ieader makes
injustice to his subordinate
But your men kiII the common peopIe
in the name of protest and bomb bIast
We said it was an accident.
What accident?
If we kiII you and say that
is an accident wouId you be quiet?
WiII you kiII us? KiII me.
How many peopIe wouId you kiII?
Who are you in between us?
I am taIking with my sister.
Can't you see?
See sister, in our protest
anyone can die even us.
Attaining success is our aim.
We wouId do anything for that.
If you are not beIieving, stay for
a month in the forest with us.
You can understand our troubIes
and sufferings for this protest.
I don't have to
know about your protest
I don't have to stay
with you in the forest
You've kiIIed my Chaitanya
and you've confessed it.
The murderers must be punished.
Who are they aII?
What do they want?
Can't you understand if we say?
We too wouId've worked and Ied a
happy married Iife Iike you aII
And wouId've roamed
with car and bungaIow
We too wouId've Iived without
concerning about others
But we didn't think Iike that
We wanted peopIe's weIfare and equaIity
We dedicated ourseIves to
this cause Ieaving our famiIies behind
We are fighting with our Iives at risk
We are fighting for the peopIe
Can't you understand?
Aren't you educated?
Many peopIe Iose their Iives for this
Think that your
Chaitanya is aIso Iike that
Assume that Chaitanya has sacrificed his
Iife for the creation of new society
What is the new society
you're taIking about?
Do you think society
is a doII to foIIow you?
Or do you think it is a kerchief
so that you can foId as you wish?
Are you saying about this rotten society?
Or about the association
which is mired in caste cIashes?
Even neighbours didn't come to
consoIe when Chaitanya died
What happened to your society then?
What was your association doing?
If an affIuent person die
they wiII be honored with nationaI fIag
But nobody cares
if a Iess priviIeged person die
HeII with your association!
Don't try to act smart!
NaxaIism appeared in
Andhra before the teIephone
Did you see what happened?
I toId not to do aII these,
but you didn't Iisten
Why shouId we take these troubIes?
Is it necessary after Iosing him?
Why are you dejected?
What eIse shouId happen?
They've warned us again
What if something
happens in this tussIe?
The other day you were infuriated
when Chaitanya tussIed with the poIice
But what are you doing now?
Now you are messing with
both poIice and NaxaIites
One wiII support
if you mess with the other
You are messing with both.
We're scared about the consequences
You Ieave if you are scared, Ieave me.
I started this and I'II compIete this
It is a waste of time to argue with you.
-Dicide whom you want
Is it us or that struggIe? -Mother.
We are tensed each second
Understand us.
-Dad, pIease expIain to her.
-What to say?
She is expressing that.
But I can't do that aIso
I am scared whether you'II be harmed.
Scared. Everyone is scared about something
This fight is to cIear
the scare in each person
PeopIe are Ieaving
with fear untiI death.
We shouId fear Iaw and righteousness
That means these Iaws must be changed.
The society must be changed.
I am trying onIy for that
and not to disturb you.
I wiII go out.
That means you won't stop this tussIe
We'II be bIamed for sending you out
You be here. We wiII go out.
Why are you Iooking at her?
Your daughter is a grown up.
She won't Iisten to you.
We brought up her with affection
as she is the onIy daughter and. . .
. . .she taught a Iesson to us.
I can't Ieave her aIone
If any thing happens
to her I can't bear it.
I wiII be with her.
If you are scared you go.
Yes I am scared.
My Iife is important for me.
I want to Iive.
Die as you wish.
I wiII be happy.
Can't you stop her?
I made a decision they have the
right to take their own decision
Who am I to stop her
or to say no to her?
If she scares Iike that
I wiII aIso get infIuenced
If that happens, I can't
make even a singIe step.
You? We came for Shanthi.
PIease come in
AII of you?
We've come to give you security
For whom?
For you.
Security for me?
But I didn't ask for it.
But your mother said
what that happened.
She asked to provide security.
We came for that.
My mother is concerned about my weIfare.
For that she approached you.
But I don't want security.
You give us security? Our security
faiIed in protect our prime minister
Our security faiIed in
protecting our chief minister
WiII that security save us?
To protect the poIiticians and
poIice officers, we are not enough.
Is it possibIe to protect
common peopIe? What about you?
On that day the security secured
S.P Ramesh chandra
Many cops were there. How couId
they penetrate such tight security?
How couId they fire at them?
Why wasn't he protected then?
Why didn't that security
save their Iives?
I don't need security.
Even if I require whom wouId you send?
ConstabIes who came from
the common peopIe. Isn't it?
Why shouId they die for us?
Why shouId their famiIies cry for us?
None must die for us.
One shouId not kiII another is my word.
If it is Iike that how can
I arrange security for myseIf?
If I empIoy security for me it
wouId mean that I am scared
I must be scared
if I do anything wrong
If what I do is wrong then
I must hide behind the weapons
I am not doing wrong and
I need not worry about others
Let it be them or you.
Even at 20 I am a chiId
for my mom
She asked security in fear,
whether I wouId be harmed
What you said is true.
We have no answers for your questions.
Why are you adamant?
Why do you refuse to have security?
I am scared each
minute for your sake
From where did you get this courage?
Mom in my chiIdhood
I used to faII down whiIe waIking
Have you stopped me not to waIk?
You practiced me to waIk by hoIding
my finger, have you forgotten that?
This is aIso Iike that.
There wiII be obstacIes in everythiing
For that we can't stop stepping forward
Sorry chiId. I am feared
about you and did this
I know that
I am waIking towards danger
..when I started this
You shouIdn't suffer in between.
I am sorry for that
No chiId.
We are aIso with you
You are sitting siIentIy
after inviting media
This is Iike siIence before tsunami.
Speak out madam.
Yes. The coming is tsunami itseIf. . .
. . .But that tsunami kiIIed many peopIe
This wouId save crores of peopIe.
That name is Shanthi.
Who is she?
If a common man asks
Iike this I wiII answer.
You are a journaIist who must
educate peopIe, is asking me Iike this. . .
. . .and I don't know
what to say.
Don't you know that?
Shanthi is Siddhartha's Iover.
Why do you bring Siddhartha in this?
AII of them have thought
that you are Iovers
57 years back an oId man put hands . . .
. . .on two young girIs'
shouIders for support
If there were journaIists Iike you
they wouId've created affair among them
Does that mean you don't have an affair?
Yes. A friendship
If words not come
hands wiII taIk.
If hands are siIent
eyes wiII taIk
If eyes are siIent
tears wiII taIk.
If everything is mum
a good friend wiII taIk.
He is Iike that friend to me
Sorry madam, Shanthi means
we didn't get idea that is peace
That's why peace has no address
That means, is there
no peace in the country?
Not onIy in the country
there is no peace in the worId itseIf
There is no peace
as weII as safety
Had it been there Chaitanya
wouIdn't have Iost his Iife
When I fiIed a case in the poIice
station that naxaIites kiIIed Chaitanya. . .
. . .and they said it is difficuIt
to capture them in the forest . . .
Saying Iike that poIice
justified themseIves
NaxaIites came to our house
in the daytime and . . .
. . . they justified themseIves
that with a target kiIIing. . .
. . . of the peopIe is
a part of the protest.
One is kiIIing for a job and
another is kiIIing for protest . . .
. . . but why shouId common peopIe die
They have no right to kiII innocents.
Who is responsibIe for this?
CriminaIs must be severeIy punished and . . .
. . .they must be punished the next minute
If it is done others won't do crime
For that there must be a
change in judiciary system
If criminaIs are saved by the judges
they must fear for judiciary
PeopIe won't touch the fire
because it burns.
PeopIe won't do crimes if they're
afraid of the punishment
Despite the criminaIs
confessing the crime. . .
. . .the poIice is not
catching them.
Even if they're arrested, dragging
the case on pretext of adjournment. . .
. . .enabIes them to
change the witnesses.
They escape from the case easiIy.
They commit crimes with guts
It gives birth to new criminaIs
If we can't stop the changing of witness..
If it is not possibIe to
punish the victims. . .
. . .then whom are the Iaw,
poIice and courts are saving?
Because of that
we want instant justice
That means you are teIIing
that each person. . .
. . . who did a murder must be
punished with hanging?
-What is that?
They are protesting to
aboIish the death sentence. . .
. . .but you are teIIing
not to aboIish
AboIishing the death
sentence means . . .
. . .giving right to kiII peopIe.
Isn't it?
AboIishing the death sentence
means encouraging the crime
RuIing iIIiterate by Iearned,
poor by rich, . . .
. . . and there is vaIue for
their votes but not Iives. . .
. . . victims wandering in the streets. . .
There wiII not be any peace
and safety in this country.
From this second my protest is for
peace and common peopIe's safety.
Thank you.
I toId you first that
I don't want security
I didn't come to give security to you.
I am aIso participating in your protest.
We are not aIone in this protest Shanthi.
-Are you shanthi?
- Yes. It's me.
You don't know me.
I am staying in this street
I saw in news papers and T.V. about you.
You have to do some thing.
For that I'II sacrifice my Iife.
We are with you.
We are with you.
TaIks with war in 15 days.
-MAA T.V. news.
WeIcome to MAA T.V. news
She is protesting for her fiance
who was kiIIed . . .
. . . by naxaIites in a shoot out
and she demanding justice
But the government is changed
and the new government . . .
. . . decided to make taIks with the naxaIites
HistoricaI taIks today.
Our government is doing
transparentIy and is so sincere.
These taIks are an exampIe for that.
I request you to discard weapons
and keep peace in . . .
. . . the state and
join with common peopIe.
Why has she come here?
Some thing emergency. I wiII taIk
to her and send her. You sit.
My name is Shanthi.
They've kiIIed my fiance.
They have confessed it
I gave a compIaint a month back and
your poIice department hasn't arrest them.
I don't know the reason. We thought
that they are hiding from the poIice.
But now they are in front of your eyes.
Can't you arrest them?
This is a sensitive issue.
That's why to arrest them we've
got arrest warrant from the court
It's deception, cheating, conspiracy
You said that you wouId withdraw
our cases and caIIed us for taIks. . .
. . .but it seems a conspiracy
You are stiII the same.
We've nuIIified cases against you
but this is a private case
We are not connected with those cases
You are eIected by the peopIe.
But you have no connection
with the cases fiIed by the peopIe
You want your government
and governments positions
To service and support,
you want government services.
But you don't want peopIe who stood
in the sun voted and eIected you
You've ignored peopIe and
what is the use of taIks with them?
What they asking?
Are they asking peopIe's weIfare?
Yes. Our taIks are onIy for that.
What did you promise in the eIection?
Isn't it about peopIe's weIfare?
No doubt about that. AII the time
our government is working for that.
Are you doing what they asked for?
Yes, we are.
If it is so, do what they asked for.
Then what for these taIks
and protests?
Can't do.
You can't do.
It is not impossibIe
but they're ready to do
If it happens there wiII be no difference
between them and common peopIe
What are you taIking?
We are eIected by the peopIe.
For peopIe we started peace taIks.
You are disturbing the taIks.
Do you know Ioss for the peopIe?
Governments and poIice
are our reaI enemies.
Do you know why we came here?
For the sake of downtrodden peopIe
AIways saying about peopIe
Are you working for peopIe?
For the past 57 years the poIiticaI
Ieaders are not taking any initiative.
Past 35 years you were pIaying
with the Iives of innocent peopIe
You are fighting for your rights. . .
. . .but you are not thinking about
peopIe's weIfare for even a second
At one side poIiticians
are committing injustice. . .
. . .atrocity, extortion..
and corrupting the country
On the other side naxaIites
are scaring the peopIe.
Today poIice are
serving poIiticaI Ieaders. . .
. . .rowdies who are
in the guise of VIPs..
. . . and to kiII the naxaIites
If it is Iike this
how wouId they protect the peopIe?
NaxaIites avenge poIice
PoIice avenge naxaIites
You are trying to kiII each other
Who is concerned about peopIe?
How can peopIe beIieve
if you keep fighting Iike this?
He cIaims that
peopIe eIected them.
You cIaim that they beIieve you.
But how many peopIe
are there behind you?
Don't cheat them by
saying peopIe are behind you
Don't cheat them
with faIse cIaims
How Iong wiII you cheat them?
Why do you create a
big scene from a smaII issue?
How do you say
that we are cheating?
Do you know what
wiII happen if I intend?
What wiII happen?
Sir, that girI has come
with a warrant.
Don't argue with her unnecessariIy
What shouId I do?
We'II Iook weak if we don't takI
Madam, you may be right
But think of one thing, the Government
is ready to do peace taIks with them
In this situation if
you ask to arrest them..
-.. we can't just imagine
what probIems wiII arise -So what?
We'II Ieave it to you,
for which cause you've been fighting
For that the state wiII
burn Iike anything
If we don't arrest them
that wiII be contempt of court
Even then the state wiII be under chaos.
Think for a minute.
Try to understand the situation.
Arresting them or
not is upto your decision
Hatred and obstinacy is not important.
Victims must be punished.
In this country aII of them
must Iive in peace.
You give a soIution for that.
Why shouId I? Aren't you cIaiming
that peopIe are behind you?
If there is truth in your words
and if your working for the peopIe..
..you come to the peopIe.
There it wiII be decided
how many peopIe support you.
If they second you
I'II shut my mouth and go my way.
-If not?
-PeopIe wiII decide what to do.
Don't forget. Tomorrow morning
at 10 in Hyderabad grounds
We wiII know whom the peopIe support
Home minister, Shanthi has chaIIenged
you to come to the peopIe
-What is your repIy? -Why shouId
we come to peopIe now?
They eIected us and gave the power
and again why shouId we come to them?
Does it mean you
won't come for 5 years?
Madam, we can't taIk
with you. Leave us.
WouId you aIIow peopIe to come
or not? PIease Ieave me
First time in history a girI has
chaIIenged you to come to the peopIe.
What do you think about this?
For a smaII mistake she
is caIIing us to the peopIe.
It shows her immaturity
We are working for
35 years for the peopIe.
PeopIe won't discIaim us.
This is her innocence. PeopIe won't come.
Library. Tomorrow morning at 10
we are coming to the peopIe..
..at Hyderabad grounds.
You can't come much far
I am not teIIing to come
by stopping your work.
We won't come out
for other's probIems
Tomorrow morning at 10 am
just step out of your house
It wouId strengthens my words
and awake humanity!
It is a start for a cIean society.
This is not a singIe person's voice
TeII to the worId in
100 crores of voices
Even you are a busy person
think once about this probIem
A Ieader or a poIice
are they working for us?
If it is true
why are we toIerating this?
Mr.S.P won't peopIe come tomorrow
for that girI's words?
No doubt sir.
You are unnecessariIy tense
Do you think that pubIic
wouId react for a girI's caII?
They won't come. They don't have
much time and patience
Doing in the name of caste or pIace. . .
. . . or faction or
protest genocides won't stop
Is there no end
to death of innocents?
Can weapons, R.D.X,
guns keep peace?
By doing feats and anarchy
with power or poIice or. . .
.. oIive green dress, do they
keep peace in the society?
Shanthi is struggIing for peace.
She has gained power,
crossed over aII obstacIes. . .
. . .and is struggIing for peace.
WouId peopIe react for this Shanthi?
We have to think.
WiII the peopIe react and
come for Shanthi?
TruIy, we shouId react
but who wiII come these days?
Sympathy is there but peopIe won't
come to meeting Ieaving their work.
Who wiII come Ieaving their work?
Nobody wouId come.
Do your heart feel compassion or not?
Don't you feel enraged?
Haven't you heard this sound?
Can't you see her tears?
A woman by swearing
asking justice in all the directions!
And asking you, me
and everyone in the society!
We have to give bring the
peace which is in the paper!
We shouldn't abandon the
struggle like an orphaned corpse!
ls it enough if we
honor the flag and white color?
ls it enough if we fly the pigeons?
Life has become horrible with the blasts!
Bloods are scattered
on the earth due to encounters!
They claim that it is for peace!
They claim that it is
to maintain law and order!
Whoever loses their
vermillion(symbol of widow)
,,and whoever loses
their bangles(symbol of widow)
Won't mother lndia feel agonized?
Won't the peaceful soul get hurt?
Demanding justice
Demanding demanding!
Swearing on truth!
Swearing, swearing!
How dare you oppose our Ieader?
Have you come to kiII me?
WiII you kiII me? KiII me.
How many members
wouId you kiII?
I'II taIk to them.
You must not come to the meeting.
Don't you've faith in you?
Are you scared?
You said peopIe are with you
but either you're scared or. . .
. . .or you don't have faith
in your Ieaders.
You're opposing our revoIt
and you are a traitor
You shouIdn't be aIive
We'II kiII you if
you attend the meeting.
KiII me. But have you
informed your Ieaders?
EIse, they'II kiII you
for kiIIing me
Better you ask them.
Anyone chaIIenging you, must not be aIive.
Hence, we're here to kiII Shanthi
Don't do such stupid things.
Start immediateIy from there.
I toId you to come back
We have to kiII her.
Have you aII come
to kiII Shanthi?
-What are you saying?
-Or is it to threaten her?
Nothing Iike that. We've come
to extend our support for her.
-AIso, we'II gather peopIe for
the meeting. What do you say? -Yes
Shanthi Iong Iive!
Once, peopIe used to throng in at
Gandhi's caII from Sabarmathi aashram
Why don't those days come again?
Everybody doubted the response
by peopIe to a girI's caII
For this peace protest
our C.M aIso is present.
CentraI minister aIso
joined in this protest.
Mega star aIso said
'yes' to this protest.
Many drops Iike this become an ocean.
For the peace protest, peopIe united
cutting across the borders and..
..the entire country is reacting.
It's a great thing
It's a true ideaI
LastIy, our president himseIf. . .
.. supported this protest
and what eIse can one expect?
I toId that peopIe wiII come.
But you refused. See now.
We must not underestimate
others, especiaIIy Iadies.
What wiII you say now?
Don't know what wouId happen
if so many, gather in one pIace
Don't know what probIems
wiII be created
We've imposed 1 44 section
in aII districts
PeopIe wiII be stopped
wherever they are.
The voice of girl has rose
like the voice of world!
lt has over flew in
everybody's heart in the country!
Not only the intellectuals,
leaders and artistes,,,
,,look there, the flow of aroused people!
Everybody have come
wholeheartedly for peace!
People are moving
like the brigade for her!
The want to be the
followers of Gandhi and Buddha!
Peace will triumph over the violence!
Have you seen what are they asking for?
Have you understood now?
In this country, M.Ps,
M.L.A.s, poIice,..
.. terrorists, naxaIites, goons
and crooks and rogues together..
. . . wouId make 1 %
of our popuIation..
That means 1 crore.
Is it fair if one crore. . .
. . . pIan to ruIe 99 crore peopIe.
Why shouId we Iive on your mercy?
PeopIe want to Iive
as Iaw abiding citizens.
They want to Iive with peace.
They don't want
seIfish Ieaders Iike you
They don't want
any kind of vioIence.
Today peopIe's reaction
is a proof to that.
Within 24 hours so many of them have come.
This shows how dissatisfied
they are with your principIes.
This is onIy a reaction.
Imagine what wouId
happen if they revoIt.
You have been cheating the peopIe
on pretext of eIections and vioIence
Try to change. They don't
want your baIIots and buIIets.
They desire a peacefuI Iife.
Do it if you can
EIse, go away from
the peopIe and society
Vanish to any pIace
You give in big speeches in meetings
But observe your worth
in this gathering
Don't Iose respect
with your obstinacy
Open your eyes even now.
Reform at Ieast now.
SaIutations to India!
SaIutations to India!
True, it's a movie
But it's aIso a reaIity
Past shouIdn't recur again. . .
That's why, aII shouId think
This is our smaII attempt