Pound of Flesh (2015) Movie Script

You ever wake up one day
and realize nothing in your life
was the way you thought it would be?
Not even once?
No. Not even once.
I knew from the start
that life was pretty much all shit.
Oh, my God.
God has nothing to do with it.
Welcome to Manila! Enjoy your stay!
Want to dance?
I woke up that way this morning.
Woke up and realized
I wasn't who I thought I was
or who I thought I would be.
Not even close.
And I didn't even realize until today.
At least now you know.
I am done with you, got it?
- Yeah, lower your voice.
- Don't you shut me up!
Is it okay if we never see
each other again after tonight?
Let me go!
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, I guess.
Buy you a drink?
There you go folks. My name is Bette
if you need anything else.
- So who was the...?
- Nobody important.
At least nobody who's important
any longer, yes?
Want to dance?
I... don't move so well.
- You moved pretty well out there.
- Because it mattered.
I've asked Alma to come in every day
from now on to open the side chapel.
- Did you have any problems getting in?
- No. No, I didn't Father. Thank you.
I've kept your situation between us
as you've requested.
She was surprised to hear
you're coming in every day.
God is our refuge and strength.
A very present hope in times of trouble.
Psalm 46. One of my favorites.
But how are you doing?
I'm... I'm scared, Father.
Cast thy burden unto the Lord
and he shall sustain thee.
I have faith in God's strength,
believe me.
I do. But I just don't know
about my own anymore.
- Yes?
- It's Deacon.
- It's been a long time, my friend.
- I'm in town and I need help.
I am at your service without question.
You know that.
- But...
- But what?
- But nothing. Where are you?
- The Golden Tree, room 803.
Can you speak over the open line?
I don't know.
- Then wait until I get there.
- Hold on.
- Yes?
- Can you get some morphine?
- Yes, yes.
- Thanks.
Deacon? It's me.
- How are you, man.
- It's been a long time.
Good to see you, my friend.
- Who is he?
- That's Nardo, my right hand man.
What happened?
Oh, my God. Your kidney?
Probably, yeah.
They left money, medication. Smart.
This way they can claim
that you sold it to them.
Where's Frankie and Julius?
They're gone.
It's been many years, Deacon.
- It's only the two of you?
- Yep.
That's just great.
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
Let me go!
Let him go. He's my brother.
- Go home, I'll call you.
- What? Are you crazy?
George, you're not listening.
We have a delay. Just go.
A delay? It's scheduled
the day after tomorrow.
You just can't postpone
this thing on a whim.
Okay, what's going on here,
please, tell me.
- George, go home, I'll call you.
- What's going on?
Okay. Here.
Oh, God. No. No.
I should have known something
like this was gonna happen.
Whenever you're involved
something goes wrong.
- It always does, it always does.
- Just...
- What are you doing?
- Go home.
- I'm not going anywhere!
- Go home! Go!
Let me get you a doctor now.
No time for this. Just... we have to go.
- Did you get my morphine?
- Yes, yes, yes, sure. Here.
Great, thanks.
- I suppose there was a woman, right?
- There was a woman, yeah.
British. Maybe Irish.
An accent, dark hair.
I will check the security tapes
from the hotel. How did you meet?
On the street.
Then she took me to a club.
Which club? Darlings?
Cabaret? The Vortex?
Are you carrying?
Not anymore, Deacon. I...
I have to be very careful these days.
The local police are no longer my friends.
These things happen
in this part of the world.
Perhaps it is best
if you just let it go.
Please, let it go.
It's mine. I want it back.
Alright. I'll do some digging.
I'll call you.
Nardo will be waiting downstairs.
Hey, man, be careful
and keep a low profile.
Here you go folks. My name is Bette
if you need anything else.
- It's my problem. Stay out of this.
- It is not just yours.
- George, you're a teacher.
- I'm a professor.
- What do you think you can do?
- Whatever I have to.
- How much time do we have?
- Maybe 10 hours.
- Until it goes to somebody else.
- Then we should hurry.
How's your Filipino?
It's called Tagalog, and it's better
than yours. I live here.
- Whatever you do, stay out of my way.
- Okay.
Deacon, what's the bible for?
It's the middle of the day.
How can it be full like this?
Places like this, it's always midnight.
The party never stops. Here.
Hi, there. Your name is Bette, right?
Remember me?
Okay, she just says,
"What do you want to drink?"
Oh, come on. She speaks English.
- You know me, Bette.
- Just hang on.
I was here with a girl named Anna
in this spot. Remember?
She just says she doesn't speak English,
alright. She doesn't speak English.
You see this Bible? It will leave
big bruises and I will beat you with it
if you don't tell me what's going on
and who set me up.
It's time for you to go.
You can walk out or be carried out.
Your choice.
See, she speaks English.
I told you, didn't I?
- Book.
- Come on, Deacon.
- Now.
- Deacon!
I warned you before.
Book will leave deep bruises.
Take a long time to heal.
Last chance. Where's my kidney?
I don't know anything, I swear.
- Please.
- I'm sorry.
No, no! Okay! Okay. Her name is Anna.
- Last name?
- Riley. Anna Riley.
- Do you know where she is?
- Gratis. It's a fight club.
She said she was going
with Zoltan tonight.
- Who's Zoltan? Her pimp?
- Sort of. Yes.
Muscle guy. Blonde highlights?
- Answer me!
- No.
That was the other guy.
The one who came in to pay me.
I heard her call him Drake.
Can I go now?
Where's that fight club, Gratis?
- I don't know.
- Where?!
It's an underground club.
They change the location every week.
Just ask around. It's the truth.
If you lied to me,
I swear I'll come back.
And I'll be in a bad mood.
So tell me. Was this really necessary?
Plenty of blood spilled
in the bible, George.
Nothing wrong with some blood
spilled on it.
Deacon! Deacon.
Wait, Deacon. Wait. It's alright.
It's alright. He's a friend. You're safe.
- How did I get here?
- Your brother brought you here.
How long was I out?
Not very long.
- This hospital, George?
- Yeah, I know, I know.
I didn't know where else to go, okay?
The head doctor here,
he's the kidney specialist.
Nobody knows you're here.
You're not even checked in.
Kung took care of that, okay?
Your brother is a damned stubborn man.
Listen, stubborn doesn't
even begin to cover it.
- How do you know Deacon?
- Professionally.
First we were on opposing sides
and then on the same side.
You mean for the military or what?
You do not know what your brother
does for a living.
We're not close.
I knew he had served
with the French special forces
but I don't know
what he's done since then now.
Your brother is a K and R expert.
- K and R?
- Yes. Kidnap and rescue.
He is someone that is hired to bring back
a kidnapped loved one home
safe and sound.
You said you were
on opposing sides though?
What did the doctor say?
That I have a missing kidney.
Come on, let's go.
You shouldn't even be on your feet.
- He gave me some morphine.
- Come on.
Listen, George, when I was 22
with two broken legs,
I crossed the Afghan desert.
So compared to that,
a kidney missing, it's nothing.
Come on.
I never knew that.
There's a lot you don't know about me.
You have some info?
Yes, I do.
On the hotel cameras, nothing.
Everything from that night was erased.
Somebody got paid off.
But from the traffic cameras
I tracked you and the girl
from the club to the hotel.
Now here's a tighter angle.
Her full name is Anna Riley.
Can you track down her cell?
Sure. With a little extra money.
Okay. Good.
Recognize him?
Nearby camera. He was watching you
get into the cab.
I have his name. It's Drake.
And the private club
where she works, it's Gratis.
They change the location every week.
Can you find them?
- Sure.
- Okay. What about weapons?
Clubs such as Gratis
will have police protection.
Deacon, you just can't run in there
like a bull in a China shop,
kicking ass, and shooting off guns.
You have one kidney.
The trail is getting cold.
We're going to lose them.
But you could still live with just
one kidney. It is not worth the risk.
You didn't tell him.
Tell me? Tell me what?
Here. Come with me.
That's my daughter, Isabella.
She's nine.
She has focal segmental
It's... well, it's a kidney disease.
And it's progressed
to chronic renal failure.
Deacon's kidney was supposed to go
to Isabella two days from now
and without a transplant
she has less than three months.
I mean, if we don't get his kidney back
before they put it in somebody else,
my daughter's going to die.
That certainly puts things
in a new perspective.
I will make my calls.
First we'll see my guy
about tracking down her number,
and then the guns, the hardware, okay?
Okay. What about more men?
I've made several calls, but I do not get
immediate responses like I used to.
How about the company you work for?
I was supposed to be in Europe,
but I walked away from a job,
so I'm sure they're pissed,
so I'm alone.
Okay, pull over. There.
Right there. Right there. Right there.
- He just jumped out.
- Yeah.
Counter surveillance.
He'll be alright. He's a pro.
How did you end up in this part
of the world?
- Is your wife from here?
- No, no. Dutch.
She studied here as an exchange student
and fell in love with the city
and just didn't want to leave.
How is she dealing
with this predicament?
My wife, Mary, she died four years ago.
She was only 37 years old.
Breast cancer.
Here we are.
I'll go see my guy about her number.
Stay here.
I'll be right back.
Kung's not answering his phone.
No. He's going inside to get
the girl's number.
Damn it. Okay.
Take the wheel and start the engine.
- Just... wait, wait, wait, where are you?
- Just do what I say.
Okay, just hang on.
- Okay.
- Look diagonally, across the square
there's a dark blue sedan between
a truck and a small car. You see it?
Okay, just... I...
- Okay, yeah, yeah. I do.
- Drive over there, not too fast.
Pretend you're looking
for a parking spot.
Then stop exactly parallel
to him, understand?
Okay, okay. Just hang on.
Hey, guys. You don't look like tourists.
Don't lose them! Go!
- Faster!
- Okay, okay!
- You're losing him!
- Just let me do this!
Come on! What are you waiting for?
Okay, jeez.
- Pull up beside him.
- But they're working on the road.
They'll move. Come on.
Don't slow down!
Don't fucking slow down!
Hard left! Turn, turn, turn!
- We're not going to fit through there.
- There's enough room.
There's not enough room.
- There's enough room!
- There's not enough room.
- There's not enough room!
- There's enough fucking room!
Come on, George!
Okay. Let's go.
Found the fights. It's in a slum
on the other side of the city.
Is he asleep?
I don't know how he's stayed
on his feet this long.
So your poor daughter.
Will the transplant cure her?
The prognosis is good.
I know she'll have to be on medication
for the rest of her life
but she'll recover.
How and such a terrible thing
happen to an innocent little girl?
With all the suffering
and injustice in the world
I sometimes think that God must hate us.
You know what? You're a kidnapper
and you're a criminal.
So tell me, what do you know about God?
Perhaps nothing.
We are taught to thank God
for the good things that happen to us.
Why then can we not blame him
for the bad things?
That's not how it works. I mean,
I don't hold God responsible.
If anything, I blame myself.
Or if you're like me, you blame God
and you for Isabella's condition.
You do what you want. But then again
- you've always done that, right?
- Enough!
Just remember if you had been able to keep
your pants on, we wouldn't be in this mess.
We all have our sins
that we have to live with, alright?
You certainly have yours.
I have mine.
It's thrilling for the wealthy
to come down to the slums
and bet on the poor boys
killing each other. It's disgusting.
Getting in?
No problem.
The fights are an open secret.
They collect a fee
from anyone with money.
See those guys over there?
They are triad security.
Some are local police on the take.
- Be careful.
- Yeah. Keep the engine running.
I'm coming.
No. Not here.
I'm sorry what I said before about you
being a kidnapper and a criminal.
It's true I was.
At a very early age
you were taught about God
- and I was taught darker things.
- Wait!
That's him. Drake.
He's not picking up!
It's probably too noisy in there.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to warn him.
Here. Take it.
Be careful with that.
I'll keep trying him.
I'm so sorry.
- Who hired you?
- His name Drake. That's all I know.
He's English. Ex-SAS.
I know him from the club.
He was a customer.
He asked me to do it for a price.
A big price. $30,000 American.
- How did you get in touch with him?
- I didn't.
He called me and his caller ID
was always blocked so...
Look... it was only for the money.
I wanted the money so that I could buy out
my contract with Zoltan and get out.
Out of the club.
Out of... out of this life.
I didn't realize what I was getting into.
I didn't think that...
I've done things for money.
Things I am not proud of.
But something like this? It sickened me.
- Anna?
- Zoltan doesn't know, please.
And who the fuck are you?
- I'm just a friend.
- Friend? I know all her friends.
But I don't know you.
So you're no friend.
I'm not a pimp either.
Stood me up baby.
I had to GPS your cell to find you.
Don't. Same for you Zoltan, stand down.
What the fuck is going on here?
Who are you?
Definitely not a friend.
You screwed up Anna. We were supposed to
meet me and then disappear for a few weeks.
Now Deacon here has found you,
that's a problem.
Mr. Deacon Lyle,
my client wishes to make you an offer.
How much for you to walk away?
When what's mine is returned to me.
You amuse me. Now let me
paint this picture for you.
lady is a professional escort.
One who you were seen with last night
at a less-than-reputable club.
Anna? Behind my back?
This gentleman is her pimp.
Also an officer of the peace.
Obviously unhappy.
Recognize this pistol?
Your weapon, Deacon.
I got it from your suitcase,
it has your fingerprints on it.
This is what happened
when you turned up here tonight
and found them both here together.
Her pimp, an undercover police officer
shot dead with your gun.
Now walk away and I'll give you 24 hours
before I turn over all this evidence
- to the local precinct.
- I don't think so.
Your choice. Walk away and live, stay
and you die, she dies, everybody dies.
Listen my client wishes
for less mess and bloodshed
but it really makes no difference to me,
so what's it going to be?
Here's your choice... You're going
to tell me where my kidney is.
I'll make it quick for you.
If you don't,
I will cut you in small pieces
until you talk.
Deacon, I have no orders
to eliminate you, man,
- but if you keep pushing...
- Stop.
Done my homework, George.
You're a devout Catholic.
You're not going to kill anyone.
Where is the kidney? Tell me.
Put the gun down, George and walk away.
Now. Or I'll make your little girl
an orphan without thinking twice.
- Tell me where it is.
- It's too late, George.
The kidney already has a new home.
It's in, it's over, walk away.
He's lying, George.
They need me in case of a fuck up.
They'll take the other one.
My other kidney.
Look, in less than an hour,
I won't have any...
Flash bomb! Get down!
In my professional opinion,
we are screwed here.
Dead gangsters. Dead police.
You have no damn idea
of the nightmare we're headed for.
We are marked men, Deacon.
We have to leave the city now.
We let it go now, Isabella dies.
I'm not going to let her die.
- Who's Isabella?
- She is my daughter.
Deacon's kidney was supposed
to go to her.
Kung, did you hear something
from your guy?
Yes, he finally agreed.
We bring the body to him,
he removes the kidney, packs it in ice,
- and we're good to go.
- Wait, body?
You're going to kill whoever got
the kidney? You can't do that.
Yes, we can.
Of course we can.
What are Isabella's chances
if she goes back on the list?
Why can you not just give one of
your kidneys to your daughter Isabella?
Because I'm not a match.
We tried all of our close relatives
and Deacon's the only one.
He's a perfect match.
Deacon's a match and you are not?
That's the situation.
No wonder you two are not close.
There is the question of money.
My doctor friend has a price
of $20,000 American.
Look... Deacon, I don't have
that kind of cash on hand. Do you?
George, what about you?
For God's sakes, no.
I do.
It's the money they paid me
to set you up.
Take it, please, I don't want it.
Use it to help Isabella.
Thank you.
Okay, there's still the matter
of finding the kidney.
We have no idea
where it is or who has it.
Okay, think about it.
A rich old man needs a kidney,
I mean desperate, right?
And he knows
he's on the bottom of the list.
So... so he's hiring somebody
to find out who at the top
of the list is a match.
And that's Isabella.
Yeah, they probably paid off someone
on the hospital staff.
Oh, my God. They were watching her.
So when Deacon went to the hospital
for the prep test yesterday...
- Yeah.
- They ID'd me as the donor.
We need the list.
Whoever matches Isabella is our guy.
I am familiar with such lists.
It's impossible to get to.
Hard but... not impossible.
- How do you know this guy?
- From the university.
- How do you know he can do it?
- He can do it.
And he owes me.
That's your guy?
Okay, I'll be right back.
Don't worry, I can do this.
Who was that you drove up with?
That's just my brother, Deacon.
You have a brother? I didn't know that.
Shocked I was to receive
such a request from yourself.
As you know I'm a simple honest janitor
these days in this lovely old theater.
I have this. You see that?
I'm limited to one block
around my house and my work.
And if I'm caught even near a computer
I go straight back to jail
to serve out the rest of my sentence.
- You of all people know this.
- I do.
And if memory serves me correctly,
you made me promise
to repent and sin no more
in exchange for your testimony
for my early release.
I did. Look... can we do this?
I can do it. But I worry about
what you might think about me
breaking my promise to Jesus, my savior.
My daughter, Isabella...
she's on the recipient list.
I didn't know that.
George, I owe you.
So listen to me.
You don't really want the list.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't.
You think you do, but you don't.
What are you talking about?
What do I really want then?
What you really want
is the name of the person
who first tried to hire me
to hack the list. Am I right?
Someone else tried to hire you
to hack the list before us?
Yes. With almost
the exact same specifications.
I said no per my promise to you,
but in light of the money
they were throwing around,
I have no doubt they eventually
found someone else.
Okay. Listen to me. I really need
to know who tried to hire you.
- Are you sure about this?
- Please.
Okay, well, this will be
our little secret.
I managed to get on a computer,
did a little digging around...
Thank you.
Simon Rants III.
Rich British expat
living in the Philippines.
Retired oil company CEO. A member
of Harmony Corp's Board of Directors.
Same blood type. Matches five
of the six antigens of your subject...
your girl.
He's 76 years old,
he has a long-term undisclosed illness
and he has his own personal physician
with him at all times
at his villa on the outskirts of the South.
Rarely travels.
Okay, okay.
And what is this Harmony Corp?
The rather ironically named Harmony Corp
is one of the largest suppliers of private
military contractors in the world.
Private military. You mean mercenaries?
Well, that would be
the less poetic term, yes.
Harmony Corp. Lord in heaven.
They are connected to everyone.
They've got deep pockets,
that's for sure.
Listen, we need to find a place
to regroup, a hotel, something.
Our summer house.
It isn't far from here, you know?
We could... we go there.
Few people know about it.
Summer house.
Summer house.
It's Liam. That kid's amazing.
He actually managed to hack into the system
and get us the plans to Rants' villa.
I'll go print them out. Okay?
Please... just make yourself at home.
Thank you.
That's George's wife?
She looks just like me.
- There's a reason why Drake chose you.
- Your brother's wife?
How could you?
We both loved Mary
probably from the first time we met her.
I knew her first.
I was in high school
with her in Amsterdam.
Our dad is Scottish,
French and my mother American.
They divorced.
we were very young and...
and I went with my father
and I grew up in Europe.
George lived in the States with Mother
but he came over in the summer
to visit Papa and me.
He met Mary through me.
Later he came to university...
but really...
it was to be with her.
So I was the bad boy, you know?
Gang, street fights.
As I got older it got worse,
more violent.
I could not stay out of trouble.
Not even for Mary.
She chose the good boy
instead of the bad one.
I didn't understand then.
Just too damn proud I guess.
I was a real bastard about it.
Ten years ago George and Mary...
they had a problem, they separated.
She and I spent time together.
But she went back to George
and I can't blame her for that.
And after all, George is a good man
and me, well...
I really am a bastard.
And that was it.
Until she found out she was pregnant.
And she told him the baby was yours?
She didn't have to.
Because... George knew
he couldn't have children.
We had tried for years and, well...
it's turned out I'm sterile.
But you took her back? You forgave her?
Of course, yeah.
I loved her. It was easy to forgive her.
Forgiving my brother on the other hand,
that was much more difficult.
I'm going upstairs to rest, alright?
Have faith.
C4 here and here.
And we also need radio transmitters.
He's good for it?
Yes, yes. He has everything
that you ordered.
But, Deacon, we have
a real problem on our hands.
Once again, we have hit
a financial wall.
The money the girl gave us
has all been spent mostly on the doctor.
The new equipment
has to be paid for up front.
We need $50,000 American at least.
I've just been thinking about this
and I have been praying
and we can't do this.
Whoever has the kidney now...
we cannot kill someone for the kidney.
Please, no more killing.
We have to stop.
- I knew you would do this.
- It's wrong. Everything. We can't.
I'm not letting her die. Not tonight.
- Her fate is in God's hands now.
- No, it's not in God's hands.
- It's in our hands. Yours and mine.
- No, our hands, they are bloody enough.
Okay? So no. No more. It's over.
No, it's your fault. It's your fault
she's as sick as she is, George.
You waited too long to have her checked.
Don't you do this.
Don't you do this.
She hated going to the doctor, right?
Because it reminded her
of what happened to her mother.
And after Mary died I could not
bring myself to make that child
- do anything that she hated.
- There's more to it than that, George.
- No. That's all there is.
- Bullshit.
- I think that you're punishing Isabella.
- Don't do this.
Oh, yes, because there's part
of you that hates her.
Please, don't.
Because every time you look at her
she reminds you of me.
She is my daughter.
I am the one that she calls Daddy
and you have no idea
how much I love that child.
I love that child more
than anything in this world.
She's going to die tonight.
Would you give your life for her?
- God, of course I would.
- Yes, your life...
but not your soul.
Would you kill to save her
even if it damned your soul?
Kung. I have the money you need.
There's... plenty of money
in this account.
And the password...
is beloved. So please, take it.
I wasn't going to touch that money anyway.
It was from Mary's life insurance.
We do this together, we go all the way.
No turning back, George.
- Clear?
- I... am clear.
If I am going to go to hell,
I might as well go down in flames.
Good shot. Good chops.
Yeah, it's... something I should've
done a long time ago.
He's right. He should have.
I'm embarrassed to ask
but can I have some of that?
Yes. Of course. Of course.
I love coffee. I'd drink it
in my sleep if I could.
Yeah, my wife Mary, she felt the same.
The smell of good coffee.
We need to fuel up.
I talked to the ammunitions guy.
He'll be ready for us in an hour.
We should start getting ready now.
I have a good feeling about this.
We'll get through this and young Isabella
is going to be just fine.
It's amazing. Once you have money
to throw around
people start returning your calls.
I need some milk.
Listen, Deacon, about before...
- Did you put it there?
- No, I don't know what it is.
Stay away from the windows.
Anna, kill the light.
Kung, don't!
I'm okay. I'm okay.
What was it... was it Drake?
Let's find him.
Let's find him.
Kung's guy will be here any minute.
Kung never got me any help
only equipment
which means it's only you and I.
Are you okay with that?
I run the op from the field.
You run ammunition from the van.
No time for debate.
When I give an order, it's a go. Clear?
Clear. You sure you can do this?
Yeah. I've done it before.
More than once.
Kidnap and rescue is all fine.
But what I'm really good at...
is killing people.
- It must be hard.
- No, that's the scary thing.
Killing is easy. Yeah.
Living with it,
that's... that's hard.
Okay, charges all set.
The charges will take out the power,
cameras and the alarm, okay?
Number one, watch the screen.
You'll get the video feed
from my camera.
You'll see everything I see.
When I come out
you break through the gate.
With the door open,
I'll jump in and you hit the gas.
- You don't stop. Got it?
- Got it.
- Now, Anna.
- Yes?
Hey! What the hell? Deacon! Deacon!
Make sure George doesn't go
into that house, no matter what.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Stop it.
Here's the key.
George, it's better this way.
- Where are those lights from?
- I don't know. Backup generator?
- He took a hit.
- What do we do?
It's got to be a hit to the head
because the camera's out.
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, there's still firing.
Okay, that means he's still alive.
Come on. I've got to do something.
Give me the key.
- Look, I promised I wouldn't!
- Give me the key!
I can't! I promised I wouldn't!
I can't! I'm sorry.
Have you ever handled a gun?
My dad... our dad took us hunting, once.
- Wait...
- May God forgive me.
The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He leads me beside quiet waters.
He restores my soul.
He guides me...
in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
For I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil.
Simon Rants?
Time to go, pal.
The police are on their way,
unfortunately for you, you'll be dead
by the time they get here.
- Let's go.
- Nice try, Deacon.
How do you doing, mate?
Hand me the weapon
over your shoulder, slowly.
I never imagined you would find out
who I was much less where.
It seems Drake was right
about your tenacity.
He was certain you'd be a problem
for us eventually
and now here you are, in my home.
I wanted to avoid
any killing if at all possible.
I'm a guest in this country after all.
You leave me no choice.
Which for you, lover boy
means it's time to say au revoir.
He was right. It's all too easy.
You know what the hardest part
about this job was?
The part I played where I had to pretend
that you chased me off.
Step away from my brother.
Can you really do it, George?
Can you kill a man in cold blood?
Shoot him in the head.
- Shoot him in the head!
- Fucking jammed!
George. I told you to walk away.
That's enough, Drake.
- Are you ready for round 2?
- I already won the fight.
- Oh, yeah?
- That blood on the floor?
Mostly yours.
Femoral artery. You're bleeding out.
Game over.
Game over.
Okay. Okay.
Get up.
- I want my kidney back. Come on!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
As old as he is, he doesn't look
near in the pain that you are.
Something's not right.
There's no transplant scar.
You're not Simon Rants.
It's a decoy.
Where is he? Where is Simon Rants?
I am Simon Rants!
I am the man you're looking for!
Look at the pictures on the wall!
My university certificate!
I tell you I am Simon Rants!
Take my kidney, whatever you want!
I'll cooperate.
Believe me, please.
I'm telling the truth.
He is Simon Rants. But...
- he's not Simon Rants III.
- What?
It's got to be someone else. The name
on the recipient list was Simon Rants III.
We have to keep on looking.
Let's try the master bedroom next door.
No! Wait. Wait!
Don't you move.
No. Please.
You don't understand.
Please. You can't do this.
He's only 11 years old.
You can't disturb him.
He's at a delicate stage in his graph!
Don't hurt him. Please, take me.
- I'm dying anyway, please...
- Shut up!
George. George.
He's my only grandson,
don't you understand?
He was dying!
- And I had to do something!
- I get it, alright?!
But since there's a dying
little girl waiting for that kidney
then you will understand
what I have to do.
- George!
- What!
You cannot do this. This is too much.
- We cannot cross this line.
- We don't have a choice.
Don't do this. George! Don't do this.
Don't pull the trigger, please.
Don't do it. I beg you.
Don't do it. George.
What would Mary think?
It's okay, George.
It's okay.
It's okay, brother. It's okay.
What happened? He wasn't there?
He was there but it's not happening.
But what about Isabella?
She's so beautiful, George.
We can't just let her die.
It's in God's hands now.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I've heard you apologize
to anyone before, you know that?
You want to hold her?
- Want to hold her?
- No, no, no, it's okay.
Come on.
It's alright. It's alright, Deacon.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure.
Just try not to wake her, okay?
There we go.
She's really something?
- Daddy? Daddy?
- It's okay. It's okay, pumpkin.
See this fellow right here,
you know who he is?
He is your Uncle Deacon.
- Uncle Deacon? From the pictures?
- Oh, yeah. The one and only.
This is the surprise
I was telling you about.
I'm so sorry it took such a long time
before I came to see you.
I love you.
- It's time to go to Daddy.
- I've always wanted to meet you.
Me too.
I know you from the pictures
and Mama talked about you.
Yeah, your Mama
was a special person, you know?
She was beautiful like you.
Okay. Listen, you know what?
You just got up so you know
what you have to do.
Yeah, bathroom. I know.
Let's go. Come on.
Deacon, were you cut?
Have you been bleeding all this time?
This much blood?
Uncle Deacon, can't you stay?
Yeah, I would love to,
but I've got to go, baby.
I've got to go.
Deacon, just hang on.
I'm going to get a nurse, okay?
- George, you're such a good man.
- Deacon, hang on...
My other kidney. Put it to good use.
Deacon, please.
Please, do this for me.
Do me this favor.
Let me give the other kidney
to her, come on.
No, D. No.
I'm gonna go get you a doctor.
George, I'm dying.
I'm dying, George.
- Come here.
- What?
- You're such a good person.
- Come on, Deacon, please.
Deacon, please, I forgive you.
You don't have to.
- Feel good.
- What?
Uncle Deacon?
Isabella, listen, just give your Daddy
and Uncle Deacon just a minute, okay?
We're going to talk about some grown up
stuff, all right? I'll be really quick.
Dad, come on. I want to talk to him.
- Dad!
- Nurse! Nurse!
Is Mama watching us from heaven?
You always ask that.
Of course she is.
Is Uncle Deacon watching us from heaven?
I sure hope so.
I really do.
Let's go.