Pound of Flesh (2010) Movie Script

Sex - the world's oldest profession...
...and the only one in which women
are paid more than men,
which explains why men
were so quick to make it illegal.
No. you got to let me go.
I gotta go.
Please stop! No!
What are you doing?
Chapter One...
The first day of the term.
My favorite day of the year...
Young women with glowing faces,
and not-so-innocent smiles.
Ah, yes,
the ladies of Barden College.
These are the kind of women,
regardless of what they do at night,
they wake up as virgins
in the morning.
Well, some of them do.
Heave, ho
The world we go
Fast, slow
A pain until we flow
You take me home just so you know
You got to quid pro quo
You and me, interchangeably
Make sure
We're the recipes
Because we can both agree
Nothing is for free
I want to know
What makes you go
Oh, oh
'Cause I get satisfaction when you
Oh, I won't go, you won't go
I won't cage me
in this cage again and see
Eenie, meenie, miney, moe
Barden College.
- Catch this kitty by the toe...
A paradise for men who love women.
If she purrs then you will know...
And then there were the cops.
you, "numb nuts".
This is outrageous.
I want to see the Chief now.
Chief's out. He's playing golf.
Then find me the asshole
who wrote me this ticket.
I'm the asshole, sir.
It's illegal to park in front of City Hall.
Well, it's not illegal for me to park in front of
City Hall. I'm the Mayor, for Christ's sake!
You're Detective Kelly?
- Yeah.
So you're Sergeant Ferraro, huh?
Call me Beck if it's more convenient.
Eh, Sergeant's fine.
you need this?
- What's that?
The details of your hearing?
- Yeah.
I read it already... pretty unpleasant.
Oh, yeah, don't start with that crap.
you may be a Detective,
but I'm you're commanding officer.
you work for me.
The Chief was only willing to
take the risk on those conditions...
...and if you have a problem with that,
you should register a complaint now.
Why would I have a problem?
Well, some guys don't like
working for women.
Hey, what's not to like, huh?
I know you fucked on your lastjob.
I know your wife ran off. I know a lot
of shit you don't want to talk about.
You're lucky to have this job.
I figured...
...you'd be grateful enough
to try to fit in.
I hope you won't miss your big city
drug busts and gang-land hits.
I'm done with the drug dealers.
I guess killing one would do that to you.
I was cleared of that.
Ah, and you don't want to talk about it.
I'm a very good detective, Sergeant.
That file isn't going to tell you
the whole picture, okay?
I do what needs to get done.
Welcome to Fourth Term Shakespeare.
I'm Noah Melville,
and you can call me "Sir".
No, I'm kidding.
Call me whatever you want.
"A pound of flesh
which I demand of him...
...is dearly bought.
'Tis mine and I will have it."
All right, first context.
What century is
William Shakespeare writing in?
Oh, you all know this.
Care to join us?
yes. Thanks.
Shakespeare's century is actually
the Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
you're absolutely right.
William Shakespeare was born
in 1564, died in 1616.
You don't have to write that down
because it's immaterial.
It's what comes
in between that counts!
Let's start from the beginning,
shall we?
We're going to read a little bit
of "Merchant of Venice".
Act One, Scene One.
The merchant Antonio laments...
"I know not why I am so sad.
It wearies me.
You say it wearies you...
...but how I caught it, found it,
or came by...
...what stuff 'tis made of it,
wherever it is born...
...I am to learn."
you see, Sixteenth-century Venice...
...at once liberal and powerful,
and yet racist...
...where religious intolerance
was abundant. Sound familiar?
Nazi Germany.
Right! Nazi Germany.
Very good.
But, could it also be true
of our United States?
Kappa Nu Gamma Rush Week?
Especially after a few beers
are involved?
That may be true, Thomas.
Thank you.
But could we please
settle down everyone?
We've got very distinguished
visitors here this morning.
Okay, where were we?
...why do you think Shakespeare
is warning us of the dangers...
of a blind adherence to dogma?
Ignorance is the cause of intolerance.
Slap me silly
and call me Brenda.
Evelyn, you're absolutely right.
Well done.
Well that I think is a very good lesson
for us to take home this morning.
This week we'll be reading Macbeth,
so sign up early for your tutorials.
And remember, my door
is always open.
Thank you.
Nice answer.
Thank you, yes, yes...
Happy new term, Dean Jean.
Thank you.
And what's the good word
from the faculty?
Well, try coming to our weekly dinners...
...or do your students keep you too busy?
I find it's the individual attention
that yields the high performance.
Dedication does pay off.
yeah, not always. But then,
that's ancient history.
Jean, come on.
We have work to do.
Are you...
Are you waiting for me, Miss, uh...
- Dionesia Costa.
- Dionesia Costa.
Dionesia...whoa! I wonder
what your parents were smoking.
I chose it for myself.
It's the feminine form of "Dionysus".
I wanted to wait to speak
with you because I would...
...really like for you to be
my thesis advisor.
Well, forgive me for saying, but...
...you haven't been taking my courses,
have you? I think I would remember.
I'm an upper class transfer.
Well, my academic standards
are rather stringent.
As are mine. I hear that you're
an expert in my subject.
Which is?
Romance Languages.
Near to my heart. All right.
Oh, why don't you stop by my office?
Dionesia Costa.
Who'd have thought
that on our first day...
...I'd meet someone with such a
tremendous potential to be a scholar?
Well, amongst other things.
What's Barden especially, besides
good-looking young girls?
Steep tuition...among the steepest.
Rich get richer, huh?
"Beauty and the Beast" character, seven...
I'm practicing for filling in
parking tickets.
Ah, a comedian.
Copy Sergeant. We've got
a "D.B.R., Field Road Nell.
I guess you brought the city with you.
Never sleeps.
Jesus. She doesn't have a face, Sarge?
you think she was raped?
you don't wear shoes like that
to church on Sunday.
All right.
Evelyn, stop by my office
if you get a chance.
Hi! Hey.
you know, I'd like to talk to you about
a scholarship opportunity.
Maybe later. I've really got to get
to track practice now.
I'd be very happy to sponsor you.
you can come watch if you want.
The student athlete...
strong muscles, supple tone.
Tight, tight... yes, well...
...the word is tight.
She's got the hunger for love
And she can never ever get enough
With the long legs, high heels...
All right, ladies, let's shake up
those meets!
Ah, they look like a good bunch this year.
- Yeah, there's some talent here.
So, if you had to pick two,
which would they be?
Evelyn and Rachel.
- Cameron.
Have you forgot? Our game?
Please, forgive me, forgive me.
I was just watching the girls
doing their drills.
We've got a very talented
new girl on the team, Evelyn.
You know Rachel.
- I know.
The other three are not that bad.
How are you doing?
Nice to meet you.
Cameron Morris.
- Heidi.
Thank you so much.
- you're so welcome.
I do apologize.
- Yeah.
We can do it with the lights out
Tell me now, tell me now
Well, that kicked my butt.
- Me, too.
Oh, I think Tom's watching us.
He's not going to get
what he likes from us.
He likes what?
A blowjob, Ev'!
So tell us, Ev',
have you gotten it on with a guy?
- What about with a girl?
I'm not gay, if that's what you think.
- Well, you went to a convent school.
This is going to be a lot of work.
you know what? Tom's sweet on Ev',
and I'm sure he'll teach you.
Right! He's in a frat.
Don't worry, you'll have
plenty of practice.
Cameron, you and your family,
they've been so good to our college.
I hope your contributions to our
scholarship fund will continue.
I've got more money
than I know what to do with...
...and I'll be happy to spend it on
things that give me pleasure.
I imagine seeing a new crop
of girls is... energizing.
And Evelyn... ah.
Evelyn has potential.
You've got a discerning eye, Cameron.
Oh, by the way, did you hear?
Barden's Board of Directors
elected me Chairman this year.
Very deserved, if I may say.
...how goes the progress
on your memoirs?
Slow and sure,
a bit like my golf game.
But don't worry, I still find plenty of
time to fulfill my duties at the faculty.
Well, if there's anything you need,
you will let me know.
I would like to bring you into
the computer age. How about it?
Huh? For your writing.
No, I'm fine, thanks.
- Four!
I like to write the old fashioned way,
with pen and paper.
But thank you.
I appreciate the offer.
Here you go.
Oh, thank you.
That was awesome.
That's the new driver my wife
bought me for my birthday.
We need you in our club.
you could really help
some of our members.
you know, for tournaments...
you know...
All right.
your friends have helped many deserving
girls stay at school with their scholarships.
They don't care what they're called
as long as the girls are young and hot.
You should have a taste.
- Well, I love my wife.
It's as simple as that.
Ah! My goddess.
Daddy, I'm a fairy princess.
Oh, your Royal Highness,
of course you are.
you going to blow bubbles for your father?
Oh, that's good.
Up in the air, watch.
Dip it in.
Wow! That's pretty great.
How'd it go, Tiger?
The victor returns.
I beat poor old Cameron yet again.
I've still got the game.
Honey, you have to let him win sometimes.
He does so much for the faculty.
You know?
you're absolutely right.
Next time, I'll let him win.
Good boy.
Don't forget,
you've got a tutorial tonight.
Darling, I hope you don't mind
all this student nonsense.
The beginning of the semester
is such a challenge for me.
Oh, you are too devoted.
But I am proud.
I made you cookies. Your favorite.
Oh, great! Thank you.
The students will enjoy those.
I was thinking I'd like to cook
a special dinner for your students.
They make such lovely
role models for Juliet.
She's rather hang with my students
than kids of her own age.
She is your daughter.
Well, then let's invite some
of the girls to her birthday party.
Okay, thanks.
- Oh no, no, no...
Look at this.
Late twenties...
Hair's natural...
Irrelevant details?
Maybe we should go down to the college
and ask some questions,
but the Chief requested we put muzzles on
until we got a positive "ID" on the "DNA."
No point in getting students on edge.
Here's your best bet.
Brains blown out by shotgun. How many
people carry one of those in this town?
Out here? Hunters, farmers...
We got anything
on the periphery research?
Patrol finds no prints,
no leads, nothing.
Meth and alcohol
in the blood... figures...
Truffles in the stomach contents.
yeah, well...
Murderer must have been an epicure.
- An epicure.
Truffles are way to expensive for
a college kid, even on Daddy's dime.
Hi John. What's up?
Are you free?
I've got a few minutes.
Ah, sit down.
So how's the semester going?
It's going well, thank you.
I'm just starting to get busy.
What's... What's on your mind?
Oh, teaching.
Teaching's on my mind.
I've got this feeling that my students
aren't paying that much attention to me.
And I've noticed that you
seem to have them...
...eating out of your hands.
If you don't mind me asking you,
what's your secret?
I pay them.
That's a joke, right?
- Cookie?
you pay them.
John, could I...
Could I ask you a personal question?
- Sure.
When was the last time you got laid?
Noah, I'm talking about teaching.
Besides, how am I supposed
to remember something like that?
Well, if you can't remember it,
I'm afraid it's been too long.
you can't remember?
I've got a book I want you to read.
yeah, there you go.
Now this is better than Kinzie.
Try that on for size.
The Orgon.
What on earth is the "Orgon"?
It's the energy of orgasm.
It was discovered in the 1930's by an
Austrian Doctor called Wilhelm Reich.
It's very interesting.
He identified the basic life energy.
Now lack of this discharge...
...leads to physical and mental breakdown.
So if you want your students
to pay attention...
No brainer.
Please, take it. I have other copies.
I don't know. Dean Clark will have my head
for it, but I'll certainly try to fit it in.
Oh, don't worry about Dean Jean.
She can't help but act
like Mother Superior...
...which, little known fact,
she very nearly once was.
We've got a really good
track team this year.
Oh, absolutely, especially
that brown-haired filly.
Have you seen her?
Sorry, I just realized
I'm late for chorus practice.
Thanks, Noah.
Well, say a prayer for me, will you?
- I'll try.
Brown-haired filly, huh?
Best to ride that thoroughbred
before she's locked up in a stable.
You know? I do want to get married
someday. That's all.
I know, you don't get it, I know.
- you don't ever want to get married?
- Who are you talking to?
You're talking to Rachel. Of course
I don't ever want to get married.
In 15 years?
If I were to get married, it would be
more like a business transaction.
It would be...
- Oh, that's romantic.
An arrangement. What do I care if I have
sex with one person, or 15 people...
As long as there's something that's
benefitting me, then I will consider it.
If I get invited to your wedding,
it will probably be, like, a prince, or...
Yeah that would be fun.
I'm terribly disappointed.
Our girls are sinking lower every year.
Jeannie, look...they're just having fun.
They're just expressing themselves.
I seem to remember you doing
that. What happened?
Oh, I think you know what happened.
I've apologized. What more can I do?
Quit apologizing, because
I'm never going to forgive you.
Poor Jean. Hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned.
Perhaps I should have taken her
more seriously.
No, no, no.
Hey! Wha? Ooh...Ah!
Thank you for my little gift.
It's your homework. You give way more
than any other professor.
Well, I hope so. I want my smart students
to be smarter.
What the hell are they doing
out there?
Fraternity initiation... deflowering
of the fittest and all thatjazz.
Vestal Virgins exempt, of course.
- Of course.
you know, I don't know what you see in
those lads, and that boyfriend of yours...
...he can't complete a compound sentence.
Please, let's not talk about him.
Oh, I got a gift from the new one.
Let's see. Ooh...oh.
It's quite a cheap one, I'm afraid.
Tell me...
...was he naughty?
- Oh!
Well, I'd like a bonus.
All right, well, I was thinking about
giving you an "A".
That's all?
- Yeah, that...why not?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Oh, did you see the present
I got from Dean Jean?
That's Dean Jean's?
- No, no, no, she...
She threw it at me. It's just amazing.
- I don't know.
So I put it there,
over the head of Shakespeare.
It's very handsome on Shakespeare.
- Isn't it?
It makes a good hat.
And some more men, Tom?
More men? This is plenty of men.
You see, you're concerned with numbers.
I am concerned with power.
Peter and I are enough men to
handle every single one of you...
...because we are hung like donkeys.
- Like donkeys?
Evelyn and I have nowhere
to take our sexual energy.
This party is a total suck fest.
I know where you can take your sexual
energy. - Stop fighting. We love it!
Hey. How are you?
Let's go swimming. Come on.
Beautiful idea, right?
I don't want to. I can't swim.
Come on.
- Thanks.
I can't.
Okay, everyone! To the pool!
Here we go!
I'm just want to go home.
You can't swim like that. you need
a birthday, so put your birthday suit on.
I just...
You have to put on your birthday suit.
Birthday suit...Happy Birthday.
What are you doing?
- I'm getting you ready to swim.
I don't want to.
- yes, you do.
I'll teach you.
Campus Security picked up
a bunch of drunk kids...
...skinny-dipping last night.
One of them almost drowned.
Yeah, well, rich kids
can't handle their drinks.
Dean Clark called, asked us
to send an officer over...
...to preach to the students
about alcohol abuse.
I immediately thought of you, Kelly.
- Why me?
Call it a woman's intuition.
You're on at five-thirty.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Don't we have a murder case
to solve here, Sarge?
Listen, I'm not the guy to be telling people
how to get their lives together.
And I don't even like fucking kids.
Well, you've got until five-thirty
to become that guy.
Yeah, I remember, I tried to
drink myself...
...into an early grave at your age too.
My education,
I flushed it down the toilet.
Flushed it down the toilet, you know?
So, I became a cop.
Now that's not my first choice, but it
means I get to see a lot of you kids...
...making bad choices, getting
yourself into bad situations...
...that you can't get out of. Because
college is like this sewer...
...where you kids are drowning
in bad drink...
...in cheap liquor, bad drugs and...
...drunken one night stands.
- What's wrong with that?
Well, then you wake up...
...and you're nowhere.
You've got to focus if you want
something out of this life.
Because it's tough out there. It's...
And you get one chance to do
something with your life, one chance...
...and that's it. To make a
difference in this world, guys...
...seize the day!
All right, get out of here. Go on.
Rachel, it's time for your tutorial,
so I'll be right out.
Yes, so very illuminating, Detective.
I don't know.
- Noah Melville. I teach the Classics.
Or at least I try to.
There's one... I was wondering.
What was your first choice in college...
...before all the drunkenness
and all the rest of it...
What was it?
I wanted to write crossword puzzles.
Oh, crossword puzzles, really?
- I like that.
As much as I love words, I don't think...
I don't think I've got
the patience of puzzles.
Amazing. I've got to run along, but don't
be a stranger. My door is always open.
See ya.
When I hear your talk-speak...
my eyes roll back,
my knees get weak...
Let me play the fool. With mirth
and laughter, let old wrinkles come.
I know that line.
- you do?
I do!
I want you to really study that,
and write me a paper on it.
Okay, I can do that.
- All right.
When's your next race?
- Saturday.
Oh, great. Cameron!
Hello, Noah. How are you?
- Good, thanks. Nice to see you.
Hello, track star.
I hope I'm not too late.
Oh, you're right on time.
It looks like our Rachel here
is ready to break Barden's record...
...at the four-hundred meters hurdles.
Well, let's drink to that, shall we?
Here we are.
- Thank you.
There we are.
- Ah.
Well, uh, here's to Rachel.
- Yes.
Not only a fine athlete, but one of
our brightest Shakespearean scholars.
To Rachel...her brains...
Her beauty.
Cameron, I know you agree that Rachel
is very deserving of her scholarship.
Of course you'll want
to review her progress.
Well, if you're available,
we can start right now.
Only if Professor Melville excuses me
from my homework. He's very tough.
Ah. Mmm.
Well, why don't we consider
the review your homework?
Touch my, touch my heart...
Seeing that beaming smile
on a client's face...
...is the reward
of a successful matchmaker.
And living by my rules ensured our success.
One...no one talks about the club.
Two...you graduate and you're out.
These were Barden girls,
headed places.
Their education was as important to me
as their performance in the field...
...and like any student athlete,
only had four years of eligibility.
Three...I pick the clients
and made the arrangements.
After all, the unenlightened
frowned on freedom of choice.
I knew the waters,
and could guide them.
Secrecy was our watchword.
The slightest misstep
could lead to our downfall.
Our Jane Doe's DNA
doesn't match anyone in the database.
What about the semen?
- Nada.
Dean Clark called. All the Barden girls are
accounted for. She's not a student.
But it could be a member of
the faculty. Somebody with...
...a little money, power, prestige,
like that pompous ass and his harem. Eh?
If you mean Noah Melville?
- Yeah, that guy.
Well, I'm told he's the most
popular teacher on campus.
yeah, with young girls like our victim.
Come on, let's get his DNA. Come on.
Well, I wouldn't trust him with my
daughter, but he's not a killer.
All right.
You can'tjust bring him down here
and collect a sample for no reason.
All right. Fuck it.
Why don't you take his class?
- Oh, Jesus Christ. No.
Listen, the guy's into good-looking
young girls, okay?
Yeah, no. I'm not a girl.
- you're hot, Sarge.
I'm not hot.
you're hot. yes you are.
Hey, hey Sarge! I wore this tie for you.
It takes more than that, Kelly.
"Deny thy father
and refuse thy name."
you are that particular kind of girl
that men my age...
...call young and frequently accuse
of innocence. Who are you?
Juliet, as in "Romeo and Juliet."
Right. I'm not so innocent.
All right, uh, let's change up the text.
"Frailty, thy name is woman."
You are?
I'm not exactly sure who I am.
Well, you are Gertrude,
Hamlet's mother.
Hamlet chastises her in that scene
for immorality.
Perhaps you forgot that today's
assignment was reading Hamlet.
What's your name?
- Rebecca Farraro.
Do you think that Hamlet is a chauvinist pig?
Actually, I haven't read Hamlet yet,
...if he said that,
then he must have been one.
Well, that's a good answer.
All right everyone,
I think we'll wrap it up there.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Have a good night. Thank you.
Miss Farraro, could I have a word?
Would you care for a cup of tea?
- No thank you.
you're not really a student, are you?
Is that true?
True. I'm a police officer.
Well, that's a crime.
you're far too beautiful
to be wasted on criminals.
What are you doing in our little college?
We're investigating a body
that was found around this area.
Really? A woman, a young woman?
Here, have a cookie.
Uh, yes. How do you know? Thanks.
Well, the Chief sent a police woman to
our college? Pretty obvious it's female.
you know, I'll give you a piece of advice.
you should talk to our dean, Jean Clark.
She's is the watchdog
for all the girls here.
You know, we get
lots of drop outs through the term.
Actually Dean Clark said that you're
the expert on co-eds around here.
I'm very surprised.
I mean, I don't think she's ever, ever said
anything positive about me.
May I have a napkin?
- yes, take this one.
Thank you.
Why don't you take these cookies back
to your colleagues with my compliments?
My wife bakes them for the students,
and I just end up eating them and...poof!
Thanks. Um, and if you think
of anything that might help me...
...please give me a call.
- Okay, I will.
The only thing that I can think of is that
you really ought to read Hamlet.
I'll think about it.
- It's a great pleasure.
- Thank you.
Who was this dead girl,
I wondered.
The truth is I didn't really want to know the
My tenure at Barden had been filled with
pleasure...a thirty year summer of love.
It never occurred to me that sex
could be any other way.
How can it be that good if you don't really
love the person you're doing it with?
Trust me, it can be good,
even if you don't love the person.
Oh, do you remember that one guy, Shawn?
- Oh, big dick boy?
- Big is not even the right word.
It's humongous.
- Yeah, its...honestly, it's too big.
Wait, how big? How big?
- Too big.
It's...it's so big.
Well, it's more girth than length.
We'll put it that way.
I can't even remember the length because
of the girth. It was like, I wanted to run.
It was so huge.
- She didn't experience...
- She didn't experience The Tank!
I don't know...that's the new name.
I tell you, there's such a thing as too large.
Hi, how are you?
Listen, I think I've got good news.
I can take you on. And you're right,
your academic record was fantastic.
Ooh, dream come true.
But I might not be able to stay at Barden.
I can't afford the tuition,
even with my grants.
Oh, dear. That's disappointing.
you know, you could always
apply for a loan, of course.
No, I like the security of having earned
my life of the mind, Professor Melville.
Of course, I understand.
If you like working for it...
...you may be eligible
for a special scholarship.
Rachel told me you helped her.
- Rachel did?
Well, do you know what Rachel does?
Something like hostess at events.
It's more like, um, going out on dates.
Just going out on dates.
Well, in the broadest sense of the word.
Sort of like, maybe helping people
in healthy, natural ways.
Well, as Lord Byron said, "Pleasure's a sin,
and sometimes sin's a pleasure."
Would you be okay
if an appreciative date...
...made an uncomfortable request?
Just how appreciative are we talking about?
Well, we're talking like something
comparable to a full scholarship...
...room, board, books,
I mean the whole nine yards.
When I was sixteen, I used to blow a guy
to get a ride to school. It's cool.
Wow. Well, lucky guy.
Well, great. Well, then, I think we'll
have an opportunity very soon.
Great. Rachel said she's doesn't
even feel like she's working.
That's just our Rachel.
Hi Mrs Carlson, thank you for coming.
I'm Sergeant Farraro. - Hi.
I'm Patrick Kelly.
- It's nice to meet you.
Did you bring a photo?
- Yeah.
We think that we may
have found your daughter.
Can I get you something to drink?
Maybe you can tell me,
what kind ofjob did she do?
She had no job. She'd been looking
for a long time all over.
But she told me a man named Ken might
have a something for her. - Okay.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is too hard.
- I understand.
Can I...
Can I see her please? I don't...
If you'll come this way, please.
Here's your photo.
I found this in her room.
It doesn't belong to her.
Oh, God. My baby.
Hi, are you...are you John?
Yes, but, it's after hours.
What can I do for you?
My name is Dee. I heard that
you wanted to see me.
About? I'm sorry, what class?
You like dark-haired girls like me?
- Would you like to sit down?
I would like to sit down.
I meant in my lap. That is what
you're here for, isn't it?
How about we talk first...
something to break the ice.
Tell me what you like.
You relax. You do as you're told.
My teacher's going
to really have to punish you.
What are you doing? Ooh, just get off!
Just going out on dates.
- In the broadest sense of the word.
Maybe helping people in healthy,
natural ways.
What? Dionesia?
What happened to you?
you didn't tell me he was such a freak.
What? Did he do something to you?
Why didn't you call me?
Please, please, sit down, sit down.
Calm down.
I can't take his class.
- Sorry, have a sip of water.
It's all right. Just calm down,
calm down. Calm down.
Do you have any idea what I just did?
No, it's all right.
I'm going to take a shower.
- No, please! Dionesia, wait, please!
You just did a good deed for a very sad man!
Dionesia, wait!
- Just leave me alone!
Please calm down.
- What?
Look, it was a mistake ofjudgment.
Please, it won't happen again. I promise.
Dionesia, come to our party.
It will do you good. How about it?
I don't know. Let me think about it.
I just think he's gone over the line.
I understand how you feel. But Barden's
good reputation is our priority. Jean...
We have never had a scandal.
We never will.
- But you will handle this.
yes, but your discretion, that's the key.
As long as I'm dean, it goes no further.
Just rest assured, I will handle Noah Melville.
It feels good to win...for a change.
Congratulations. you played
brilliantly today. Very good.
Here, that's what I owe you.
I don't know how you've managed
to do it, you know, for so long.
What? Make people happy?
It's a win-win situation, right?
Not anymore, no.
We have a big problem.
But, I can make it disappear...
if you resign.
Come on.
Le's have another nine holes.
Game's over, Noah.
I want it all, notjust a part of it.
I'm going to make it...
Hey Noah, are you coming?
Quiet, please everyone.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I have an announcement.
I'm sorry to interrupt the party.
I wanted you to hear this from me first.
I'm leaving the university.
Where are you going, Daddy?
He's not going anywhere.
Tell them that you're kidding.
No, actually, it's true.
I'm officially retiring.
He's officially retiring.
- But you're too young.
And what about my scholarship?
- Please calm down, everyone.
Nothing's going to change, I'll just have
a little more time for my writing, that's all.
I didn't expect a scholarship, but you said,
you'd help me on my thesis.
Please, no worries. Now, come on.
Enough of this nonsense, please!
We're here to celebrate Juliet's big day.
Come on, Mom, where's the...
Look at this, look at this.
What do you think? It's your favorite.
All right. Come on, all the drinks.
Please, a toast everyone...to Juliet.
Happy Birthday, Juliet.
- Cheers, everyone.
All right, baby. Make a wish.
What happened at Barden is proof that
even in the twenty-first century...
...so-called educators are still stuck
in the Dark Ages.
How dare you drop that bomb on me in
front of our daughter? Dean Clark called.
What's the matter?
- Admit it, you are fucking your students.
I have never taken liberties
with a student, ever.
But I must say, when you first walked
into my office, I was sorely tempted...
...and I have loved you dearly
from the first moment I set eyes on you.
Then why didn't you tell me the truth?
Dean Jean...she's been out to get me
for a very long time.
I mean, what choice did I have?
Was I to retire or face public scandal
and humiliation?
I mean, thank God for Cameron,
because he saved my pension.
That doesn't matter now.
This isn't going away, Noah.
Let's not overreact here, all right?
- Be serious!
Please. No.
You know, I think you're right.
There's an ominous police presence
about this place. It's scary.
But I've got a plan.
We'll go on a family trip, huh?
We'll go to Mexico. What do you say?
I don't know.
It's all bullshit. Please.
They're full of crap.
- Noah.
I don't know what to do.
- I love you. Come on.
I was left to wonder if our life
together could ever be repaired.
But time passes.
By spring term, the scholarship girls were
back to having sex with the college boys.
But for free.
Prom night...we did actually have sex.
I knew it! I knew it. I knew it.
- Evelyn had sex!
The results weren't any better than
when the scholarships were paid.
All I wanted was to rebuild
my life with Daniella and Juliet.
You're amazing...
Yeah, well, another dead end.
- Huh?
I don't need this anymore.
Melville's DNA has been eliminated.
Yeah, well, I don't trust that guy.
I do. His wife bakes him cookies.
- Oh come on.
You know, you've got to look beneath the
surface of things to get to the truth, Sarge.
Like with me, you know?
Hey, that isn't food!
Don't eat that shit. Here, come on.
Kelly, you're on duty.
I'm eating.
Don't make me sorry I took you on, okay?
This...here's your problem.
you're mean, like an old mule.
- Just pick up the damned phone!
All right. May I wipe my mouth first?
I don't care what you do...choke.
yeah, Kelly. Domestic violence.
Hang on. You ever heard of
a guy named Cameron Morris?
I know Morris and his trophy wife. Big
time philanthropist. His wife plays around.
I don't blame her.
She married an asshole.
Neighbors love to complain
about their rowdy fights.
Well, they're complaining right now.
Okay, hang on. We're on our way.
Well, five minutes.
Let me just...
We'll be there. Come on!
Kelly, wait. Announce yourself.
Barden Police!
Mister Morris, are you home?
We were called
because there were shots fired earlier.
Mister Morris, put down the weapon!
- Put it down!
Sir! Put it down!
I'm betting that matches
the ballistics report back at the station.
Could be our evidence.
Ho, look at all these guns.
I'm a hunter, schmuck.
I'm going to look around.
Hey, fucker! What about my rights?
Just stay still and don't do anything scary.
You know who I like to scare, little girl?
Who else have you scared lately?
Oh, there was one.
Oh, she came by, she was so high.
It was her and this...it was a mistake.
Her mistake, not mine.
It was the most devastating
thing that ever happened to me.
Hey, she deserved it.
Who deserved it?
Hey, Kelly!
- yeah?
I think Mister Morris just confessed to
killing Marina Carlson...
...except he's too drunk to realize it.
Well, let's get him down
to the station fast, huh?
Come on, buddy. Up you get.
Hey, get the fuck up.
Kelly, relax.
- Pal.
Go ahead.
- you don't point guns at cops, huh?
Wakey, wakey.
So, what happened, Mister Morris?
I want to understand why a guy with so
much money would hire a cheap hooker.
All right. I was lonely.
So you dialed a fuck, huh?
I just wanted some company,
you know...
...because my wife deserted me.
That makes sense...so you hire a hooker
to take the place of your wife.
Beat her, shoot her...
who's going to care about a hooker?
No, it wasn't...it wasn't like that.
Oh, honey...
- I'm not honey.
I'm the woman who's going to kick
your ass in court.
I guess you didn't figure we'd care, huh?
What was her name?
I don't remember.
She was just another wild pussy.
Eh? Female race...gone ballistic.
Her name was Marina Carlson.
What happened?
The slut...
...wanted to play with my guns.
You know what she called
my shot gun? A cock.
She put it in her mouth.
I told her, put it down.
It happened. Bang.
What the fuck were you doing to her?
I was trying to get her to stop.
By pulling the trigger? Do you honestly
think a jury is going to believe that?
A hooker voluntarily puts a gun in
her mouth, acts like it's a cock...
...pulls the trigger and shoots herself.
It's First Degree Murder.
I want my lawyer now.
She had bruises all over her neck.
Did you rape her?
Why would I rape her?
She was a hooker.
You know? She had a price
for anything that I wanted.
Oh, man, this babe
was pure...psycho.
No, she wanted it.
You're the psycho. How many women
have you done this to? Tell me!
All right! Enough!
- Get off me.
All right. All right. Take it easy.
Take it easy. Get some coffee.
You get coffee, Kelly.
I want to finish this.
you know? My lawyer...
- you go get the coffee!
...is going to hear about this abuse.
Acting like this is my first murder case.
Oh, why do I like it rough?
Oh, Fuck!
I was flying!
Beautiful. I mean, none of it is
admissible in court, all right?
No. Bullshit! We nailed him.
- But it was beautiful.
That look in your eyes...
- We got the gun. That's probably cause.
When you cornered him...
- We go back in there and get a conviction.
Interview him. Come on Farraro...
Sergeant. Mister Morris' attorney has
arrived, so the interrogation is over.
Might as well take the rest of the day off.
yeah? Sir?
Suck my cock.
Hey, Mitch. How you doing?
Come on, Farraro, get a bedroom.
I'm fine. I was just resting.
We're back to zero.
Well, a lot of criminals walk. That's why
lawyers get paid more than cops.
Doesn't it bother you that Cameron walks?
Let it go.
You know? It is amazing what they will print
next to the crossword puzzle these days.
"Ken"? if we can't get Cameron,
let's get his pimp!
Let's get to work.
Do me a favor, Geter,
can you bring over that recorder?
All right. Pray.
I'm a lapsed Catholic. Nobody's listening.
Hit it straight down the middle.
Daddy! Daddy!
Uh, yeah. Hello?
Hey, Ken. This is Marnie.
I'm trying to reach you.
What to you want?
- A job. I've done this kind of work before.
What kind ofjob are we talking about?
Masseuse work. I'm in the sisterhood.
Daddy! Daddy! Get the ball!
Uh, well, I don't know. Uh...
Ken, I really need this job.
you know...
You got the wrong number.
Did we get it all?
- Yeah. Every non-incriminating word.
I just can't understand how he
can be so accessible on the phone.
Because he's a moron.
I swear I heard a kid talk.
That's when he hung up.
He's a moron with a kid.
I need a real drink.
Sarge, you want to get a drink?
No, I'm good.
Daddy, Daddy! Get the ball!!
Uh, well, I don't...
...warmer in the middle of the night
because it's fucking godless out there.
We ran a trace on the number. Guess
whose house the number's assigned to?
Peter Fucking Paul and...
No, smart ass! Noah Melville.
He knows Mister Morris and that's
my connection to Marina Carlson.
I fucking knew it.
- I say he's our pimp.
I told you this fucking weeks ago.
Thanks, darling. Thanks again for staying.
I don't deserve this.
All right, three guesses...
It's definitely a cab, but...
- All right.
Of course it's not French, not Californian.
All right. Don't tell me,
don't tell me, don't tell me.
All right, three guesses.
Well, it's a cab.
- Right.
South African?
- Honey, you're so good!
Thank you! Great. I thought so.
- I can't believe you. That's so crazy!
Who, um, who's this?
Oh, hi Detective. What's up?
Anything wrong?
- No, no, nothing.
I'll be right back.
Yes, Detective Kelly.
What can I do for you?
I want you to turn yourself in.
What? Oh, come on,
that's preposterous.
You should have thought about that before
you gave out your phone number, Ken.
Do you know what turning college girls
into hookers gets you?
A big fat pandering conviction.
Do you want that, Ken?
I've heard enough of this to dismiss you.
- You wait for me...
Hey! Let go of my arm.
And you'll do five or six years, pal.
A guy like you - smart sophisticated,
wine-drinking pussy piece of shit.
You won't last five minutes bent over
in a fucking shower, pal.
Are you out of your mind?
Cameron Morris, he's your client, right?
I know that you sent him the dead girl,
Marina fucking Carlson, pal.
You remember her, huh?
Like a Christian to the fucking lions.
This isn't ancient Greece,
not anymore.
Rome had Christians, Greece had gays.
Get your metaphors straight.
You have the right...
- Get off my arm!
...to remain silent.
Anything you say can an will...
I want to talk to my wife!
I want to tell her where I'm going.
Can you believe this shit? Guy's out
on the street, and he's laughing.
I know.
Yup. One night in jail...
...now he's sleeping in his nice satin sheets.
With his pretty little wife...asshole.
I need to talk to you about something.
- What? What happened?
What happened yesterday...
you were way out of line.
yesterday...what happened yesterday?
You were drinking on the job.
- Come on, man. I was...
I was not.
- Yes, you were.
I don't know what's going on with you,
but this can't possibly be about Melville.
One drink, come on, Sarge. You know?
I took a risk on you.
- All right. Okay. I understand.
Yeah, do you? I took a risk.
- Yeah.
Hey, you know what?
Jesus. I'm done.
I know where to find it.
Just kidding.
The news of my condemnation
spread like wildfire.
I couldn't believe it when I heard
Professor Melville had been arrested.
Everyone in town is talking
about what a bad guy he is.
It's pretty ridiculous, but people are people
and theyjudge.
On the advice of my attorney
I accepted a plea bargain...
...in order to get this
tawdry mess behind me.
I could not imagine that my troubles
were just beginning.
- Noah.
Hello? Who is this?
It's Cameron. I've got some...
It's bad news, Noah.
Jesus, Cameron, it's four o'clock
in the morning, for God's sake.
Have you been drinking?
- Yes, a bit.
Listen, Noah, I just heard from
some friends at the courthouse.
The judge is going to make
an example out of you.
Oh, God, man. Don't say it.
It's an election year, and he's going to send
you away for a very, very long time.
I'm sorry, Noah.
I tried, but there's nothing I can do.
All right. Thank you.
Oh, God.
Professor Melville. Do you remember me?
I was in your Shakespeare class.
Oh, yes. Stewart, I believe.
- Yeah.
I remember you. I remember you as
not being the brightest of my students.
I'm working on it. Tell me, what were you
doing with my girlfriend Rachel?
- yeah, Rachel.
Get off my property.
- Listen. Answer the question!
I know what you did! you used her.
you cretinous little shit!
- I know what you did!
Oh dear.
How dare you! Who the hell are you?
A guy your husband messed with.
- I'm calling the police!
It's all right.
- Who was that?
Forget about it! It's all right.
I'm sorry, I should have seen this coming.
Look, I'm not going to jail.
What are you saying?
Noah, you should wait until the sentencing.
They might be lenient.
No, no! I'm leaving.
Please, just don't try and talk me out of it.
I'm not having my daughter
see me behind bars.
My only crime was the pain
that I caused you and Juliet.
Please forgive me.
And then I ran.
I admit I was too much of a coward
to face the consequences.
I was still clinging to the tenants
that love conquers all.
Hi, darling. Were you asleep?
Noah, this is too dangerous.
Just tell me you're okay and hang up.
Please, I just need to hear your voice again.
I want to hold you.
Don't do this to me.
You know that this is hard on me.
Listen, get a new phone.
I'm hearing noises on the line.
I'm coming.
Hello, Mrs Melville.
- Yes.
Fugitive Task Force. May I come in?
Can you come back later, Detective Kelly?
I'm getting my daughter ready for school.
You see, I have new evidence relevant
to your husband's whereabouts.
I don't know any more than you about where
my husband is. What is the point of this?
Sources indicate that you maintain
contact with a fugitive from the law.
And that is a crime.
What sources?
- Anonymous sources.
you can't come in until I call my lawyer.
You don't need to make this
more difficult for yourself, now.
There is nothing of Noah's here.
Kelly, you can't possibly...
You can'tjust...that's not yours.
You can't take that.
This is insane.
What do you think you're going to find?
What are you looking for?
Talk to me!
Looking for evidence.
What kind of evidence?
- A little black book, maybe.
There's no black book.
A computer disk.
- My husband doesn't use a computer!
Detective Kelly, I will call your captain.
I will have your badge.
I want to know where the evidence is.
- There is no evidence.
Daniella. I know you know.
- There is no evidence.
Baby! Baby, stay in your room.
- Tell me.
You go back to your room.
That is enough!
you should be ashamed of yourself.
I'm just looking for the evidence.
- If you want to go after Noah...
Go after Noah.
- Hey!
Don't mess with his family.
- I'm not the Big Bad Wolf around here.
All right.
- Get out!
Hey, baby. You okay?
The illiterate slob was right.
In a town as corrupt as Barden...
...there were always
bigger and badder wolves.
We need you in our club.
- Did I not say trust me?
Sergeant Farraro, how's my
favorite woman in uniform?
Actually I'm your only woman in uniform.
Very powerful girl here, Cam.
She's as tough as our best men.
I'll bet. Golf game, eleven?
- Yeah.
Two strokes this time, right?
- I'll see you there.
Well, that's something to be proud of.
This is just off the record.
Well, actually it's for the record.
No hard feelings.
You know, I'm free tonight.
May I take you out for a drink,
maybe dinner?
You know?
I could use some more coffee.
Fugitive Task Force?
- News travels fast, huh?
We don't have a Fugitive Task Force.
Melville's wife threatened a lawsuit...
...and the Chief doesn't want us
wasting time on that case.
- Now I'm in big trouble.
He's planning to offer Melville a deal.
He's negotiating?
With that fucking cocksucker?
That's right. He gets Melville's list,
Melville goes free.
He's a free man.
- Jesus Christ, who's on that list?
The Chief's fucking golfing buddies? Huh?
That killer walks free?
And you're scared about yourjob.
- Right again.
That's right. She was fed truffles...
...with a white wine chaser,
and then she was fucked to death.
He's out there somewhere...Melville.
And I'm going to find him.
Fuck you, Kelly.
Melville could be anywhere.
He's guilty. He's so guilty.
We're all fucking guilty
around here, aren't we?
Wait a minute. Here, did the Chief
give you his thirty pieces of silver?
That ought to cover it.
What, now you're an avenging angel?
Why can't you just be a normal cop?
Either you're a normal cop
or you're on the take, Beck.
It's a choice you have to make,
all right?
Or your life isn't worth a shit.
The Chief told me to put you
on unpaid leave.
I quit.
- Stop that.
Stop, Patrick.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me.
I was once was lost,
but now I'm found,
was blind but now I see.
When in disgrace with fortune
in men's eyes...
...I alone beweep my outcast state...
...and trouble deaf heaven
with my bootless cries...
...and look
upon myself and curse my fate.
Lovely Daniella...
...for thy sweet love
remembered such wealth brings...
...and then I scorned to change
my state with kings.
Writing the account of what had
transpired had consumed me...
...and then the inevitable day came.
How did you find me?
- I found the phone.
Well, it was worth itjust to hear
Daniella's voice again.
Marina Carlson's mother will never
hear her daughter's voice again.
A tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.
So, how much time do I have?
It's running out.
Would you mind if I called my wife at least?
You don't have a problem
unless you fuck with me.
Oh, but I like fucking. I mean,
you know that I endorse it in all its forms.
you're fucking with me now.
Have you ever considered that
sex is the only business...
...in which women are actually
paid more than men.
Look, I just tried to help my students.
Think of the idiots they would have
bedded if I hadn't introduced them...
...to men of a certain level of
je ne sais qua.
Drugs, truffles, a shotgun...
Real je ne sais qua.
All right. I'm sorry,
I admit my mistake.
She was the only woman
I helped out of pity.
I was just very naive about the drugs.
She has a name...Marina Carlson.
I bet you fucked her too,
didn't you?
Patrick, don't be a Vulgarian.
I only met her once. I took her to dinner.
We had truffles, and as I remember,
very pleasant wine.
You fed her the truffles?
Yeah. Well, I...I think she
deserved to be treated well.
I mean, she hadn't been in her life,
you know? What's wrong with that?
Your time just ran out.
Stand up.
Be careful.
Why all this trouble to find me? Don't you
have anything better to do? What are you?
I'm an honest cop,
unlike my partner, Sergeant Farraro.
Rebecca Farraro? I know her.
- Yeah.
A very beautiful and sensual woman.
- yeah?
Did Sergeant Farraro work for you?
A gentleman never tells.
We're not going to a police station, are we?
Patrick, I have nothing left to live for.
Everything I value in
my life you've pried away from me.
Look, if my death
is a cause of happiness for you...
...then you must be in the throes
of ecstasy right now.
Because everything that is
Noah Melville is dead.
Yeah, I'm going to bury you.
I'm going to ask you one last time,
who's on the take?
I want the evidence.
- There isn't any.
Just tell me the truth.
- That is the truth.
What's so fucking funny?
Do you think that I got money for this?
Do you think this was a business?
My clients were just having a good time and
the girls just received their scholarships.
I want the names.
I want those names now.
They're in my head.
Then I guess I'm going
to take your head. Huh?
you don't think I'll take your head?
I killed a drug dealer once,
in self-defense.
Two fucking shots. They didn't believe me.
They took me down because of that.
Two fucking shots,
and I did it with something like this.
What are you doing?
You want to know why I came after you?
I came after you because...
I had sexual relations with
Marina Carlson, the dead girl.
I came to town, my first night...
...and I felt lonely.
I felt so lonely.
So I dialed a fuck...
...a guy named Ken answered the phone.
He sent me a redhead with long legs.
And I got drunk, I fucked her, I fell asleep
and when I woke up, she was gone.
And so was my cross.
I never saw it again until
I met Marina Carlson's mother.
She gave me this.
She found it in her daughter's room.
I fucked that girl,
and how would I have known?
I don't want to remember,
because then it's over.
I got one chance in this life.
One chance to do something right.
You fucked me up.
Patrick, why is everyone else to blame
for your miserable life except you?
Well, you're right.
Everyone's guilty, right?
Is everyone guilty?
It's eating you up, isn't it?
It's eating you up.
you'd better let it go...
Just forgive her, forgive yourself.
Say your prayers.
Actually, I'm an agnostic.
Then I'll see you in Hell.
Alas, what fools these mortals be.
You're dead.
What does it take to wake up to reality?
For some, an alarm clock,
for others a rooster.
But for me,
it took this near death experience.
Hello? Daddy! Where are you, Daddy?
Mommy! It's Daddy!
Daniella, please just listen to me.
Don't say anything.
I'm sorry I never told you the truth about,
what was going on with the students.
I was arrogant, I suppose. I want
to return home to you and Juliet...
...but I must pay for what I have done.
Here is my epilogue.
My story ends on this beautiful beach
where it all began with my wife, Daniella.
I am alone in exile, repentant.
Whatever my crime,
I meant no harm, please understand.
Marina came to me for help, and I sent
her to a man I thought could help her.
I was very, very wrong.
I believed in a world
where sensuality could not be evil...
...and I've come to accept
that there is no "Camelot".
Off the record, do you think he was guilty?
I don't know.
I hope I will be remembered as a man who
loved teaching wisdom of Shakespeare...
...and the principals of pleasure.
Thank you.
I am proud to present our valedictorians,
Rachel Frye and Dionesia Costa.
My smooth journey at Barden
started as a bumpy road...
...until I met one brilliant professor...
...who inspired me to think
outside the box.
Sadly, he has retired, as you all know,
and we'll have to go it alone.
But I'm confident that his philosophy
will continue to guide me.
They do not love that do not show their love.
The course of true love
never did run smooth.
Love is a familiar.
Love is a devil.
There is no evil angel but love.
Here is my black book,
my memoir, if you like.
It is finished, but it is not over.
Remember, free love is
the greatest power in the universe.
Look ahead, and you will find it.
Good lord, am I dreaming?
Well, first of all, I would hate for
anybody to use that word "prostitution".
I think there's a clear difference
between what we do and prostitution.
I feel like I own my own body.
I absolutely do.
When you get in these kinds of situations,
you're not really in a position to say no...
...because you agreed
to do something.
It is flattering in a way that he saw
something in me that, you know...
...maybe I would be like the other girls,
and I could possibly do what they do...
...even though I don't really
know if I could, but...
If I were to give advice to a girl?
Don't do it if you don't need the money.
I'll just put it this way...
...I made enough in one night to
clear my tuition for six months.
Of course I had sex before
I got in to Barden College.
I'm sorry, but who doesn't have
sex before college?
I was definitely a virgin
when I came to Barden.
Now, it's questionable.
I think oral sex and sex are
the same emotional experience.
I know there's a lot of young women
who don't consider oral sex "sex"...
...and so they'll do that as long as
they can to "keep their virginity".
you know, I don't know if other things
really count as losing your virginity.
I thinkjust good
old-fashioned sex is... I'm sorry.
I myself am
probably out of the box...
Less probably, more definitely out of the box.
But I think it's great that people
have normal college sexual lives.
The male member
entering the female...
...that's pretty much
good old-fashioned sex.
I'm not sure I could comment on the most
out-of-the-box sexual experience I ever had.
I think part of the lesson that
I have learned is...
...and I'll quote Shakespeare...
It's my favorite quote, it's very applicable
to a lot of things, but especially this.
"Nothing is good or bad,
but thinking makes it so."
I think Professor Melville is a little old for
me, but he's definitely a sexy older man.
Sure...if I was, like, ten years older.
When he asked me about a scholarship,
I thought he was talking about a scholarship.
I had a lot of one-on-one
with Professor Melville.
If I ran into Professor Melville
on the street today...
...I would give him a hug.
I don't know, maybe I'll be at
a therapist's office in fifteen years...
...crying my eyes out about
my indiscretions...
...but right now I'm okay with it.
By the way, I'm Rachel...
...and I'm sure I'll be seeing you
out in the business world.
"Oh, God of Battles,
steel my soldiers hearts.
Possess them not with fear.
Take from them now
the sense of reckoning...
...if the opposed numbers
pluck their hearts from them...
...not today, oh Lord, oh not today.
Think not upon the fault my father
made in encompassing the crown.
I, Richard's body,
have interred new...
...and on it have bestowed
more contrite tears...
...than from it issued forced drops of blood.
Five hundred poor
or having nearly pay...
...who twice a day their withered hands
hold up toward heaven to pardon blood...
...and I have built two chapels...
...where the sad and solemn
priests sing still for Richard's soul.
More will I do,
but all that I can do is nothing worth...
...since my penitence comes
after all imploring pardon."