Poveda (2016) Movie Script

Based on a True Story
Justice, love and peace are the program"
Saint Pedro Poveda
Start of the Spanish Civil War
Madrid, July 27, 1936
Have you got a cigarette?
I've only one left.
How are you doing?
Not good.
This tastes bad
lte, Missa est.
- Deo gratias.
I'll open the door, Father.
It's alright.
I'll go with these gentlemen.
Well I'm going with him...
- Whatever you like.
But it's mid-summer...
-it's so that he doesn't get cold
Cover your face with the scarf.
Come on, let's go.
Everyone in.
Come on, everyone in.
You, pay and then go.
- Come on, it's getting late.
At least let me
say goodbye.
Say goodbye?
Well say goodbye!
Hey, please...
Let him do it...
Leave him.
Come on.
Keep it.
Come on, let's go.
It seems the Lord
wants me to be a martyr.
Hurry up...
Don't worry.
Take care, Carlos.
We have the priest.
Name and surname?
- Pedro Poveda.
Ah! The... teachers.
Put him in the room
on the left.
He once told me:
"The truth is in what we do,
not only in words."
You wouldn't slip me
the key to the backroom, would you?
The one on the left.
Where the priest is?
- Yeah.
What? Do you want to go to confession?
Yes, he can toss me a blessing.
But don't rough him up too much,
the higher- ups
want him in one piece.
Don't worry.
I'll do just enough.
Relax, priest.
I'm not going to do
anything to you.
What's your name?
- Pedro.
Mine is Felipe, Pedro.
I'm sure you have more.
More what?
What do you think?
More names.
You little gentlemen are always
given lots of names.
You like having a lot of everything.
- I'm not from that kind of family.
But you're right,
I do have more names.
...Let's see...
- Spit it out!
Come on, tell me!
Pedro Jos Luis Francisco Javier.
Didn't I tell you?
You've got every name going.
But what use are they?
Just for the sake of having them.
You're all just greedy.
We were poor, so I was
just called Felipe.
And if I wasn't careful
I'd get half a name.
Half for me
and the other half for my brother.
Do you want one?
They're Camel, what the rich smoke.
I'm sure you've smoked them.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
What's that?
- Yeah.
A breviary.
- That's for priests.
Yes, prayers.
- Give it here.
Give it here!
Who's this?
A friend, a cave- dweller from Guadix.
A long time ago.
Yes... Guadix.
That smells good!
What is it?
Leftovers from the lunch
you didn't come in for.
Where have you been all day?
We haven't seen you at all.
I lost track of time, mother,
you know, I was busy.
Busy. Well, stop being so busy
and come take a look at this, come here.
That's smells good!
Hey, hey...
We eat at the table.
We don't go pecking
about like sparrows.
Let's see...
The books aren't balancing.
Look here,
last week, five pesetas.
There were some boys
who had nothing to eat.
Right. And last Wednesday,
another two pesetas.
Senora Jacinta. Her husband
needed new trousers.
and boys.
Look, what I want to say is that
you've got to be a bit more
careful with money.
Don't worry, father.
God will provide.
Yes, I believe in divine
providence son, but...
Come on. Forget all that,
it's time for dinner.
Is this where you come
when you want to be alone?
Father Rafael,
I didn't hear you.
I've seen you here a few times
looking towards the caves,
from the chapel of
Our Lady of Grace,
I'm concerned about those people.
We don't even look at them...
Well... What can I tell you
that you don't already know?
Nobody goes there.
They go during elections and
fight over the votes of those cave-dwellers.
Apart from that,
they don't matter.
The rest of the time
it's diseases that fight over them.
Anyway, I...
there's not much I can do.
The bishop
wants me in the villages.
Where have you been?
I was thinking,
that what with these parish missions,
I could bring the faith
to the cave-dwellers.
The cave-dwellers?
- Shhh!
Seminarians have already tried
going to the caves
And they got stones
thown at them.
Then they came back saying
they were not
ready for martyrdom yet.
Father Vicente, I think
you are exaggerating.
Exaggerating, me?
- Shhh!
Besides, you don't have
time for the cave district.
And his Lordship Bishop Maximiano?
Do you think he will want to
lose his favorite Father Poveda?
You're right,
I don't know what I'm doing here.
But, where are you going?
- Shhh!
Will you just be quiet?
- Show some respect, please...
Run, Manolo!
Does it hurt?
Let me see.
Angustias, come here, hurry!
What's happened?
- He must have got up to mischief.
Oh, my Lord! How did this happen?
- It was nothing, really.
Him and some of his friends
came out to see me and he fell.
Oh yeah, I know how this fellow
and my brat of a son meet people.
Juanico, come here right now,
I can see you!
Come here! Come on, hurry!
Oh dear God!
We can't go on like this.
Relax, it's nothing.
- I'm worn outwith these frights.
Come here!
What's happened?
The best thing is hot water and soap.
- Well, we don't have any of that.
What happened, Juanico?
It's the same thing every day.
Does it hurt much?
How did you fall?
You haven't told me your name.
- Come on, tell him!
He's called Manolo,
and his friend is Juanico.
Oh Lord!
- What's happened?
Down there, there's been
a stabbing.
Someone's been killed.
Where are you going, Father?
You could get hurt.
Nobody insults me!
- I'll kill you, I swear!
Get out of here!
I can help if you...
- Get away! You're not welcome here!
For the love of God!
- God?
God left this
place a long time ago.
That man is going to bleed to death.
- Get out of here!
No, Manuel! Don't hurt him!
- Why not? Do you know him?
You spend a few minutes with him
and he's poisoned you already.
- GO away!
Get out! And don't come back
or I'll break your face.
Come on, go home.
Monsignor Maximiano...
- Excuse me a moment
It is my dear Poveda.
What do you want, my son?
I wanted to ask permission
to take the Blessed Sacrament
to the shrine of
Our Lady of Grace.
To the caves?
Bishop, I don't know
if that's a good idea.
After all, those people
wouldn't appreciate it.
At the caves.
- There is so much to do...
Are you sure you want
to work there too?
Yes, Bishop. There is too much poverty
in those districts.
And we, the Church,
have the duty to help.
I know, my son,
our place is also there.
I will allow it provided you
fulfill your other obligations.
Thank you very much, Bishop.
Who lives here?
- Uncle Julian
He is very old,
he hardly ever goes out.
Wait for me here.
Uncle Julian,
can I come in?
And who are you?
- I'm a new priest.
The caves don't have a priest.
I just wanted to say hello.
My name is Pedro.
Come on, to the next cave.
Do you want to see them all?
- Yes, all of them.
Who lives here?
Senora Bernarda.
She has a big family
and her husband
died last year.
Fix up a cave?
I know it's not expensive.
But what for?
It's only half an hour from home.
I know, father, but I feel that God
is asking me to help those people
and I'm often there until very late.
My son, the cave-dwelling priest...
- Carlos and Vicente will help me.
What do I have to help with?
Manolo! Come here
right now!
- Good afternoon!
This child and his father, between them
they'll kill me! I'm sick of it!
I have a feeling the father
is more difficult than the child.
What a pigheaded husband I have.
If it weren't for the fact
that deep down he's a good man...
...as thick as a plank,
and as dense as a dark night,
But a good man.
If he hadn't been born here...
...who knows.
Before we begin, I'd like you
to listen to this young priest.
Many of you know him,
Father Pedro Poveda,
And he'd like to talk to you
about a highly important topic.
Father Pedro.
Good afternoon.
Thank you very much for allowing
me to speak to you here today.
As Father Manjon
Who founded the
Ave Maria schools, says:
We do not have the right
to anything, except to ask.
And we only ask for
whatever you can spare."
It hardly matters to you,
but for the cave- dwellers,
it means so much.
Did he say the caves?
Oh dear God!
How can we separate our love of God
From how we must love others?
Our cave-dwelling brothers and sisters
have so little and it's high time
to pay attention to the destitute,
the hungry, the children
who have no school, no clothes.
For Senora Bernarda and her children,
ten cents for sandals.
No, seven, seven cents.
Seven? But isn't that
too much for sandals?
A child's pair of shoes costs nine.
You have to shop around more, Vicente.
- Son, he's right, it's not cheap,
Although, of course,
they are such a big family...
Seven pesetas, Vicente.
If we are bringing
them to God,
shouldn't we give them sandals
so that they can go near?
Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus
Who's that?
- One of the orphans.
lte Missa est
Deo Gratias
Why are you crying?
- Because I'm hungry.
At last! We've been
waiting for you.
Who's this child?
- An orphan.
Come, sit down,
the soup is getting cold.
There it is.
That's it.
Angustias told me that
there are at least
seven other orphans in the area.
And who feeds these little angels?
Charity does, it's what
keeps everything going.
One, two, three... five.
And four?
- What?
Four comes after three,
not five.
Father, Manolo doesn't
know how to count.
What about you, Juanico?
How far can you count?
I know all the numbers
off by heart:
One, two, three, four, five,
seventeen, forty and twenty-three.
I see that you know them
very well.
Can you play this game?
You have to aim at this
square and then hop,
to pick up the stick.
I've been thinking about what you said
about opening a school
like Father Manjon's,
in Sacromonte.
You surprise me.
The Gospel must have education
alongside, to help them
get ahead.
That's fine, but where do you think
you'll get the money?
I'm going away
for a few days.
Where to?
- Madrid.
To raise funds for the caves.
My family knows Gonzalo,
the Marquess Villamejor.
What's that, Father?
Nothing, I'm going
to try our luck.
What a high flyer this priest has become!
How long did you spend
with the cave-dwellers?
Three years.
And you got tired,
of course.
I would never have got tired.
Everything went well at first,
but sometimes things don't
turn out they way you'd like.
Father! Quick! A fight!
It's Manuel! Quick, we need you!
Get away! Get away from here!
Everybody out of here!
Everybody out!
- Stop, Manuel!
Stop, Manuel! For the love of God!
- You...what?
This is your fault! Everything was fine
until you arrived!
Manuel, calm down.
Nobody is going to build
anything here! This is all lies!
Think straight, Manuel!
You're drunk!
Come on, Manuel...
- Leave me alone!
I'm not going to leave you.
- What a ...
The savior of the caves.
Tell me, father,
how long will this go on for?
How long before
you leave us?
Do you think there's a future,
that my son will get places?
No. My child no.
My son will be a loser...
like his father.
There is still hope,
for you and your child.
Help me.
Help me.
Good morning, Father.
- Good morning.
The classrooms, on each side of the chapel.
And the smaller children could go here.
Has the foreman arrived?
The load-bearing walls could go here.
Good morning, Father.
- Good morning, Esperanza.
Is this where the schools will be?
Yes, look.
They will look like this, do you like it?
- Yes.
Aren't they beautiful?
Can I go too?
- No, Esperanza.
This is for boys.
Girls have to help at home.
No, it will be for girls too.
- Father, come on, it's getting late.
Poveda, Poveda...
Father Gerardo, it's very kind
of you to see me.
How could I not?
Being the bishop's secretary
means a lot of work and worries,
and there are plenty of those.
What can I do for you?
My dear friend...
They say here that you got
around a lot in Madrid,
seeing to your...
The business of the caves,
Father Gerardo.
Of course.
So tell me, how did it go?
- I got some help.
You mean to say you don't
get enough support in Guadix?
I never meant that.
So, why go begging there?
As if we were a heartless lot here.
I don't think anyone in Madrid
thought that people here are heartless.
No one? For God's sake!
You even went to the Royal Family
to ask for money.
That pious Reverend Father Poveda
begging for help,
and making a fool
of the church in Guadix,
which can't face up to the needs
of their own poor.
How embarrassing! I wonder
what his Majesty thought?
I never thought that
the needs of the caves...
Think? You never think of anything
except your own affairs.
Your problem is that
you move too fast.
You're impulsive.
It's very hard and unpleasant to say this,
but I demand that you return
that money.
My dear Poveda!
Come here...
And let me congratulate you
on your hard work.
But let's go into my office;
tell me about it.
I'm eager to hear all
about your projects.
These are bad times for Spain.
And what's worse, I'm afraid
there are big changes to come.
You're exaggerating.
There have always been bad times.
In the end, what matters
is how you cope with them.
What do you think,
Father Gerardo?
Because we have already seen changes,
even in Holy Mother Church.
Here, without going any further,
the seminary students are unsettled,
with their parish missions.
You know, our bishop has his fads
And what about that little priest?
What was his name?
Him?... Poveda, he stirs things
up wherever he goes.
What do you think about him
being involved with the caves?
It's embarrassing,
mixing with the rabble.
Shouldn't priests be concerned
with their Mass and theology,
instead of getting involved in that?
Well, I think it is admirable
that he helps others.
Do you remember what we practised?
- Yes!
Alright then. One, two,
one, two, three.
GOT)', glory...
- No, no! Stop, stop!
...Come on...
We're not herding goats!
Juanico, try a bit harder.
- I am trying, Father Vicente.
My father told me
my voice is breaking.
But how can your voice
break at your age?
Manolo, I saw you.
Go back to your place.
I don't like that place.
Yes, yes but your place is
there because of your voice.
Let's see... alright.
Father Vicente, I think that my place,
because of the voice thing,
must be there at the back.
No, you stay there.
Your voice is fine.
Let's go again. Come on.
One, two, one, two, three.
Gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria
In excelsis Deo...
Alright... alright...
it'll do, it'll have to do.
But I hope the bishop
brings a good umbrella,
because we're going
have a deluge here!
Opening of the Sacred Heart Schools, 1902
Careful, careful. Slowly...
Be careful, please.
Don't push. Slowly.
Don't push
Orate, fratres
Ut meum ac vestrum sacrificium
acceptabile fiat apud Deum,
patrem omnipotentem.
Gloria, gloria
Gloria, gloria
In excelsis Deo
This man is revolutionizing the place.
Everyone loves him in Guadix.
Look, he has built a school here.
Even the Mayor's daughter.
Honestly, I didn't think he would
get all this done so quickly.
It's so soft.
Can I try it on?
I'll let you have my slingshot all day.
No, for longer.
Today and tomorrow.
Please, Bishop,
just a moment.
No, no. Wait, Poveda.
With everyone.
You made this happen.
Come, Gerardo. And that
altar boy, the one I didn't tip.
Come on, boy, we are waiting.
- But
Let's see, that altar boy.
Come on.
Stand there.
That's it, with your hands together.
As if you were praying.
Please don't move.
Who ever thought
we'd see a school here?
Well, there it is.
You know? I might write something
about the caves and Poveda
in my column in El Accitano.
You'll see.
What can you tell me
about Father Poveda?
That he is...
...a good man.
What do you think?
- They're lovely, Father.
They are for you,
so that you can make
clothes for your children
and for anyone else
who needs them.
Father, this is too much.
- Well, that's not all.
I've bought some sewing machines.
I want you to use them.
Since many of you
have no work,
I thought we could set up
a workshop here.
We do not deserve all this.
Why not?
That and much more.
Father, here we are.
This would be perfect for trousers.
- This for a skirt.
Like this.
Look here.
We are here, in Guadix,
province of Granada.
So far down?
The land is almost running out.
And who lives here?
This city here in the middle
is called Madrid,
it's the capital of Spain.
Father! Father Poveda!
Read this!
What is it,
Father Vicente?
The Guadix City Council has named
you its favorite citizen.
Oh no!
They say they are going
to name a street after you.
What is it, Father?
Nothing, I'm fine.
I'm not very fond of
these things, that's all.
I wish they would ignore me,
both my good and bad points.
Let's focus, we have
to get on with class.
And who lives here?
Believe me, this is
nonsense, it's absurd.
Putting Poveda in the limelight.
And it's not the first time.
Something was published
about him a few days ago.
And what's this about naming
a street after him?
Please, even you
don't have a street.
This will encourage him to feel
more powerful to do as he pleases
in the caves.
Manolo, shouldn't you be at home
doing your homework?
Yes, but I have been punished,
and it wasn't me who did it.
And did you explain that to Father Vicente?
- Yes, but he didn't believe me.
I don't want to go to school any more.
- No, don't say that.
Going to school and learning
are very important.
Knowing and understanding the world
is like having a candle lighting
in the middle of the night.
Without light in the middle
of the darkness, you can't see.
- Yes. I'm scared of the dark.
But the sun always comes out in the end.
Isn't that so?
- Yes.
I assure you, Manolo,
light always prevails over the darkness
Come in,
have a seat.
What can I do for you?
I have seen that some subscribers
of the Catholic Circle are
cancelling their aid to the caves.
Is that right?
Yes, and I'm very disconcerted
about what's going on.
On one hand, they give me honors
I don't deserve, and on the other,
what little help that's coming
in is decreasing.
I'm concerned that without intending to,
you're setting a bad example,
It could look as if you
are seeking the limelight.
The limelight?
- Yes, perhaps unintentionally.
But with your attitude and
your public profile,
you are causing problems among
the clergy of this diocese.
Some have suggested a change.
I'm at your disposal.
You are my bishop.
I think it's best that
you leave the caves.
Leave the caves...
No, please...
Take your time to
reflect and pray.
We must understand what God
asks of us at any time.
After all, the schools can
continue without you.
Father Vicente, where is
Father Poveda going?
He is leaving.
For Madrid?
- No...
He is going forever.
Father, come back!
They say it was
the bishop.
It says here that my son has left
and they hold the diocese responsible.
You'd better correct that note.
It's all lies.
Then let's look for him.
Bring Father Poveda back!
Bring Father Poveda back!
Father Pedro had to leave.
Down with the bishop!
Down with the bishop!
- Bring back Father Poveda!
You see, Bishop?
Do you believe me now?
That Poveda has no excuse!
Look what he's done!
And what happened?
What did they say to him?
And the poor cave-dwellers,
what happened to them?
Now do you see why the poor
need to take up arms?
But it's not the way, Felipe.
Oh, it isn't? So what
is the way? Tell me.
Put up with lies?
With theft and abuse?
Allow those gentlemen"
to take what little we have?
Put up with them killing us?
Is that the way?
Why are you here, Felipe?
- I ask the questions here!
Who was the man you said
goodbye to this morning?
Carlos... I think his name was Carlos.
He's my brother.
Well, you know something?
I had a brother too.
But the rebels killed
him last week.
And I said to myself,
why don't I kill some rebel's brother,
so that they can feel
the same as me?
We are not rebels.
You're a priest, which in this case
is the same thing.
I am a priest of Christ,
and I can assure you that his Gospel
has nothing to do with this madness.
That's what you say.
And what happened after
they kicked you out of the caves?
I tried to establish a home
for street urchins...
in Madrid,
but it didn't work out.
After that...
I was sent to the North,
to Asturias.
Here you have Our Lady of Covadonga,
who, as legend has it, helped...
So this is the Santina?
- That's right.
Isn't she beautiful!
I still don't know how you haven't melted,
wearing so many layers.
What keeps you locked up here?
- what you see, reading.
I'm thinking about the problem
of education in Spain.
I have read works by a number of teachers
from the lnstitucin Libre de Ensenanza,
who have had the courage
to open Pandora's box.
It's too bad they
aren't Catholic.
There's something hatching
in that head of yours...?
We need to modernize the entire
education system and its methodology.
But you have to start by
training Christian teachers.
Well, may God help you, my son.
May God help you.
We must have trust,
Father Comas.
We must have trust.
- Yes, yes.
Father Comas, wait!
Good morning, Father Pedrin!
You're up early today.
What have you got for me?
Letters, can you send them off
with the others at the post office?
Young man, haven't
you slept at all?
Not much
This is a lot of letters.
They are for bishops
and other dignitaries.
We must involve them all
in the issue of education.
Fine, alright,
I'll post them.
By the way, what time
is the train to Oviedo?
In about half an hour.
But you'll have
to run to catch it.
Run, Father Pedrin! Run!
Oh, what a fellow!
Education is one of the
pillars of democracy,
as Professor Giner has said.
We want to train men who are
able to make decisions, free citizens.
Students and teachers,
sitting around this table, all equal,
talking and debating
as good comrades.
It's important that we join forces,
that we link up.
So, you agree with the
Law of Associations
that has been presented
in parliament?
Indeed I do
It's essential to exercise control
over the religious congregations.
We must move towards
neutrality in education.
This is the last thing
I expected to hear today.
I think I've heard enough.
I couldn't believe it.
I couldn't believe it.
No, I just can't believe it.
- Who do they think they are?
Oops! Excuse me, father,
I didn't see you.
It's alright,
no damage done.
Are you teachers?
- Yes.
You may be able to help me.
I'm looking for this bookshop.
That's very close by.
Look, if you follow that street,
you'll find the bookshop at the corner.
Thank you very much.
- It was nothing, Father.
Have a good day.
- You too.
You were running like a madwoman, Amelia.
You never look where you're going.
Definitely, the key is education
The key to the renewal
of a country.
With education, we could avoid
repeating the conflicts of the past.
That's my proposal to them.
As I see it, we should
emphasize the base,
the foundations.
Not only focus on the training
of students, no,
but above all on the people who will train
these students in the future.
Look, Father, excuse me,
but we do not see eye to eye.
Neither the group nor we are
as sure as you are.
What's more, we already
belong to another union.
I am sorry.
These letters have
arrived for you.
They are replies to
the letters I sent.
Do not be nervous.
What is wrong?
Hardly anybody has
agreed to implement
The proposals I made.
Only a few.
Are you worried?
No, no thank you.
Thank you.
I'll be alright.
What's wrong with me, Mother?
These are setbacks.
What am I doing here?
Help me, I beg you, soon.
- Excuse me, Miss.
It's nothing.
Don't worry.
Have we met?
- The teachers.
You're the priest
we met in Oviedo.
It would be good
if we could meet in
a more formal way
My name is Pedro Poveda.
I'm Amelia del Pozo, I'm a teacher
at the Teachers' College in Oviedo.
And this is Marcelina
and Carmen
- Yes
Would you forgive me for a moment?
I'll just be a few seconds
Thank you, Mother
Things here are not so good, Father.
We are at the bottom of the heap in education.
We need to train
competent teachers.
That's what the lnstitucin Libre de Ensenanza
wanted to do 30 years ago.
Have you heard of it?
- Of course.
And what do you think?
I admire its reforming approach
and teaching methods, but...
You hardly agree with
an approach that's
marginalising us Christians.
Of course not.
Are there such things as neutral hearts,
ideas or feelings?
Does neutral
teaching exist?
And they are aiming to take over
the State monopoly on education.
That way they'll be the ones who dictate
what children should or shouldn't know.
But what can we do if the
government is on their side?
Train Christian teachers,
with the best methods,
so that they can teach
in State schools.
Would you be willing to get
something going in Oviedo?
Imagine a center near the Teachers' College,
that students from the
city and towns can attend.
They could study, write,
give lectures, take excursions,
exchange views, something similar
to the academies in Athens.
Yes, but how could we do that?
How do you envisage it?
We will open academies.
And the students from the villages,
where would they live?
In residences
Don't you want to change things?
Put your ideals into practice.
But... but what are
you doing here?
Father sent me.
Come here...!
How are you getting on with your studies?
- Alright
- Little by little.
Little by little.
And what were you doing?
I was studying these books
for a project that I have.
That's it!
What's that?
- La Santa has given me the inspiration.
The Santina?
- No, no Saint Teresa.
Saint Teresa?
- Yes.
What are you talking about?
- And what's more, I'm going to publish it.
I'm going to publish these reflections;
they'll be very helpful for teachers.
Do you remember our cousin
Antonia, from Linares?
Yes. Will she publish it for you?
- No, no. I'll send it to her.
I want her to set up
another academy there.
And then maybe...
we could have one in Jaen.
Linares, Jaen...
You should get some rest, Pedro.
You're all very welcome.
I'm asking for a new system.
A new methodology.
Procedures that are as new
as they are old, inspired by love.
Education makes for a
strong people and nation,
but lack of it can be
the ruin of a country.
Don't you miss home?
You've been here
nearly seven years,
father and mother
miss you a lot.
Yes... You're right...
They've offered me a place
as Canon in Jaen Cathedral.
You could be closer to them.
But it's not so simple.
Are you worried
about the girls?
Well, it's clear to me, Father Pedrin.
They are well able to look after themselves.
Hi Gorgeous! Come with us,
why don't you?
You'd learn more than
in that academy.
Cooking and ironing,
which is what you're good for.
Who do they think they are? Barbarians!
- Ignore them.
According to the Greek philosopher,
happiness goes with moral goodness.
For Plato, if we are attracted to goodness,
it is because it is good.
Not only ethically, but
because it makes us happy.
How many young people are enrolled
at the academy this semester?
Only a few so far.
Parents prefer domesticated daughters
to look after the home,
rather than focusing on
a professional career.
Father, is something wrong?
I find it hard to tell you this.
I have decided
to move to Jaen.
My parents are
getting old and...
Well, we knew you
wouldn't last long here,
you feel the cold too much.
But don't think you can
get rid of me that easily.
We will establish another
academy in Jaen.
And there'll be more.
My brother Carlos...
has supported me
at my hardest times.
I feel sorry that I haven't shown
him how grateful I am.
I wasn't even able to say
goodbye to my brother.
The night before he left
we had an argument.
It was about nothing.
And I never
saw him again.
They say...
he was buried
in a field.
In a field.
I'm so sorry, Felipe.
I'm very sorry
It doesn't matter...
Things... happen in this situation...
That no one understands.
Go on...
How many...?
How many academies did you set up?
Plenty, lots.
And schools?
- Lots of schools too.
Did you teach reading?
How long did it take?
As long as they needed.
Life is strange, Father.
In other circum... cirscun...
- Circumstances
...circumstances I would have
asked you to teach me.
I know a bit about numbers and sums,
to keep track of things.
But I just don't get
letters, you know?
But thick-headed,
and stubborn.
Do you understand?
- Yes, I do.
Well that's the
problem, Father.
It's getting late.
This might cheer you up .
You never know...
You might start liking them.
- There's no need, Felipe
And this too.
- Well, thank you very much.
You'll have to excuse me, but when I leave...
I'll have to lock the door.
Don't worry.
When you can, find someone
to teach you how to read.
I'll do that.
I will, Father.
Out! To make a statement!
Do you know why you're here?
Why you are under arrest?
I suppose it's for preaching
the Gospel and serving the Church.
And for hindering instructions from
the Ministry of Education,
by interfering in matters
of State education
and for stirring up teachers
throughout Spain.
How's that?
I'm not an enemy of
State education.
All I've done is to help train
Christian teachers.
Yes... and getting involved in politics and
in matters that don't concern you.
Now you'll tell me that you had
no problems in Jaen...
Good morning.
- Good morning
I am Pedro Poveda, the new
canon in the cathedral
Do I have the pleasure of speaking
with Mr Manuel Segovia?
You do. What do you want?
- I'd like to talk with your daughter Pepita.
Forgive me, Father,
And sorry to be so blunt,
but you are too insistent.
Josefa, you see, is still very young.
She's only twenty-two.
How could she run an academy?
I have no problem with her teaching.
But managing?
If only... If she were at least...
- If only she were a man, right?
But why are you so
interested in my daughter?
Because she has the
best references.
My academies are for girls and I have already
established them in Oviedo and Linares.
They are being
managed perfectly.
What's more, Josefa is the only
woman in Jaen with a degree
from the Graduate Teachers'
College in Madrid.
You're asking me to accept
the unacceptable.
Look, Father Pedro, listen carefully
to what I'm going to say.
I will allow it,
And may God forgive me.
Do not worry, Mr. Segovia,
I will take care of that.
This is so innovative, Manolo.
This year, thanks to the academy,
a lot of girls will be able to study
at the Teachers' College.
The schools had better get ready for
so many teachers. How dangerous!
What a thing to say.. silly.
Father Pedro says it is the
right time for women
to claim their rightful
place in society.
You'll be the prettiest
director in all Jaen.
I don't care what you say, father!
I want to be a teacher!
If you set one foot outside this house,
don't you dare come back!
Never, you hear me!
You are all very welcome.
Jaen is to be congratulated.
In this year 1913 this academy
is opened,
and extraordinary teachers
will come from this first group.
So Jaen will have to
get used to it!
Marina, right?
- That's me.
In addition to studying,
each of you will have a job.
There will be someone in charge of the office,
the dining room, library
and the laboratory.
Wow! We have a laboratory?
That's great.
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Father.
This is Father Pedro.
What a joy to see this gallery
of brilliant minds.
They say that a certain Pedro Poveda has already
established several academies,
with the latest one here,
in Jaen.
They have a perverse
dogmatic background.
I don't know if you know anything
about the matter, Mr Echevarria?
I've heard talk.
That priest wants to
infiltrate State education.
I know, a former student
of mine is involved in this.
We cannot allow them to
take over education
as the religious orders
have always done.
And that Poveda
gets around.
He teaches at both
Teachers' Colleges,
He's involved with
the Press Association,
he's on the Board for Prisoners,
and who knows what else.
It seems this Poveda
is winning support?
Yes from educated women.
We must admit that the idea
is new and interesting.
Something must be done.
What should we do, Alfonso?
Cultivate public opinion.
We must discredit him
and stop all this madness.
It has taken us nearly 40 years
to get to this point.
We can't afford
to lose out now.
I agree.
What's so funny,
it's Miss Marina.
Can I help you?
I have never seen
him before.
He was tall, well-dressed...
and rude.
He didn't look familiar?
- No.
Marina, does Father Pedro
know about this?
They said something about it,
but I didn't pay much attention.
Master Pedro's altarpiece".
How witty.
Master Pedro's main
value is the strings,
the subtle threads that he
manipulates to suit himself.
We're beginning to cause trouble, Father.
- No
It's not you who's troublesome...
They're after me
No, Father. They're out for all of us.
What's more, this is signed by Alfonso Barea.
He was at College with me.
What's clear, Father, is that we don't
want to throw in the towel.
For sure, Pepita?
- Absolutely.
We are on your side,
The chicken! The chicken! The chicken
is running away! Catch it!
Marina, the lunch is running away!
- What happened?
We thought it was dead but
it turns out that it's alive.
Come on, hurry up!
The chicken.
What's happening? What is this uproar?
- I'll take care of it.
Come here, you!
It'll have to be pardoned...
for being so brave, right?
Who could that be?
Well, get this cleaned up,
it's a mess.
I'll get the door
- Come on then.
Good afternoon, Pepita.
My goodness, Mr Echevarria,
the last person I expected.
Please come in.
I'm passing through Jaen
for a few days and I said,
"I won't leave for Madrid without saying
hello to one of my brightest students.
And very young schools
inspector too.
Excuse me,
this is Marina.
A pleasure, forgive me
for not, but...
Don't worry.
Student teachers.
I see that I am among colleagues.
This is Luis Echevarria, from
the Graduate Teachers' College.
He was my Professor
in Madrid.
I was just telling Pepita that I admire the spirit
of young people like yourselves,
getting ready to take
a place in society.
Our place, Professor.
I'm glad to see you
looking so well.
Father! Father!
Would you excuse me?
Father, this is Professor
Luis Echevarria.
A pleasure. I've been wanting
to meet you personally.
Me too.
I've read some things in
the newspapers about you,
many of them, let's say,
are not very good.
Do you think that an attack on
your person is being orchestrated?
Let's not beat about the bush.
You know the answer to that
question as well as I do.
As you rightly said, you only
need to open a newspaper.
You must understand that
many people see your work as an intrusion
in the State Teacher
Training Colleges.
I can imagine that you, sir,
are against all kinds of dogmatism.
That's right, let there be
no doubt about it.
So then you will agree that if we should
not be dogmatic about education,
neither should
the lnstitucin Libre
de Ensenanza.
Don't you think it's pure dogmatism
not to tolerate that Catholics
want to train teachers with
a Christian spirit?
The people who come to
our academies come freely.
It's been a pleasure talking
with such good company.
I must get back
to Madrid.
Do you like it?
It is made of an
exotic wood.
I would like to
give it to you.
Have a good journey, Mr Echevarria.
- Good-bye
Oh, Manolo! I didn't expect to see you.
- If I don't come I'd never see you.
Yes, well, it's just that working at
the academy is very engrossing.
I'll walk you home.
The hospital is the same as usual.
Several cases of typhoid.
And you, how are you?
- Very busy, really.
We start teaching practice
next week.
What's that?
Well, committee meetings with
teachers and students,
assemblies, conferences,
When we're married, you won't
have to go on working.
I have a good salary.
- You're not being serious...
Well, what I was saying is that you could live,
you know, better.
If you want to.
Live better?
How's that?
I don't know,
like a queen.
Like a queen...
Is that what you call
living like a queen?
A married woman
stuck at home.
Anyway, my work is as
important as yours.
I didn't mean it like that.
- Well, that's what you said.
I have to go.
I want my daughter back!
Good God!
It's my father.
I want my daughter back!
Is something wrong, Pepita?
- What's happening, Marina?
My father is what's happening,
I don't know what he wants.
He seems very angry.
Could he be dangerous?
It depends...
Don't worry,
I'm on the way.
Where is my daughter?
What's the matter, my dear fellow?
- My daughter, she's been kidnapped.
Well! Really?
How come?
A priest. I read it in
the newspapers.
He's called Pedro Poveda.They say awful
things about him and his academies.
You shouldn't believe everything
you read in the newspapers.
I told her not to come.
That it's all a trick.
I assure you that your
daughter is fine.
Marina, come on, come and open
the door for your father.
Yes, Father Pedro.
Father Pedro?
Are you the priest in the newspapers?
- The very one.
- Can you see now that she is fine?
Really, you're too extreme, father.
How could they kidnap me?
The newspapers, people...
- That's all lies, father.
Come in, have a hot chocolate and
let your daughter explain.
Come in.
You'll be fine, Marina.
Everything will be fine.
Of course it will.
Come on.
It seems that knowledge
is at rock bottom.
Today we are going to talk about
an extraordinary woman,
who was even more important,
in her time, than many men.
And even though she did not focus
on education, she was a great teacher.
Whoever reads Saint Teresa...
Do you know who
they are, Father?
No, but today they're going to learn
a lot about teaching.
...as in her books and the humanist
principles they enshrine.
But we cannot be knowledgeable
if we haven't studied it enough.
Well, then... that's all.
Thank you very much.
That's my daughter!
This material is
very delicate.
Please treat it with
the utmost care.
Please excuse me.
I couldn't do anything.
He was determined to see you and...
Manolo, what do you want?
- To apologize, just that.
I've been... thoughtless...
and a dope.
I can't imagine a single day
without you, Pepita.
Without your eyes and your smile.
- Oh...
Ah, yes! I...
I'm leaving.
I'll leave you there... alone.
I'm going to the library...
That way.
You are a wonderful man.
But I don't know if
we can be together.
My work takes up my days
and what we are doing here,
in the academies, is...
...is what God is asking
me to do.
It is what God is asking you.
I'm sorry.
Pepita, if we don't invite you
to dinner, we never see you.
We have so much work
at the academy, father.
And the girls need us
to be with them.
They sometimes have problems.
- Like a family.
Speaking of family... When are you
and Manolo going to get married?
- Yes, I know.
I know the country's future is uncertain,
but what does that matter?
It's a good time for you both.
He has a good career and,
well, I'd like to have
a grandchild running around here,
around the living room.
I broke up with
Manolo today.
The academies need
all my time, father.
I can't walk away
from the girls.
Father! Father!
This daughter will be
the death of me.
I knew that being the
director wasn't a good idea.
That Poveda is to blame.
The newspapers say it loud and clear,
that man cannot be trusted.
Father, I can't let you speak like
that about Father Pedro.
The newspapers just print lies!
Oh, Pepita, whatever it is, please,
for my health, leave that academy.
I'll be blunt.
The news, from
Church circles,
is not easy to take in.
And your work...
Many believe that a Christian
education would fit
better in the congregations.
But not in the hands
of a few lay women.
That is exactly their
When Christ said:
"Go and teach"
he was not referring
only to clergy and religious.
And I agree.
But misfortune never
comes alone,
this small-minded press campaign
is hanging over us.
Slanders against you and
your Teresians.
From this diocese I have
requested that those
horrible slurs be withdrawn.
Nonetheless, I suggest that you leave
the governance of the Association.
You should not worry.
I myself would ensure
it continues.
Let's see if, the dust will
settle with this solution.
I have to tell you that I am
leaving the academy.
The Teresian undertaking started without you,
and can continue without you.
I'm sorry, Father.
Don't worry.
Anyone can
have a day.
I'm not going to leave
the Association.
I don't care what
people say about me.
This is a big decision
Have you thought
about it carefully?
Yes, Father.
I really appreciate
your bravery.
We are breaking
new ground.
I can tell you something now that
I have been considering carefully.
I would be better if the management
of all the residences,
academies and
could be taken
on by you.
In your hands, Pepita.
Because you represent and embody
the spirit of this enterprise.
But what about you?
I havejust received an appointment
as royal chaplain.
I'm going to Madrid.
Well, there are well-trained
people here.
What's more, I believe it would
be useful for the Association
if I am in Madrid
The times are changing.
Your time.
What does your Teresian Association
have to do with the insurgents?
The Teresian Association has never
had a political position.
It doesn't know anything
about insurgencies.
If there's a problem,
take action against me alone.
We already know all that story,
but today it's ending for you.
The order has come from very high up.
- It's time.
I'll take him.
Conchi, is this the priest?
- Yes.
You wait here,
I'll take him in a minute.
What happened to all
those ladies in Jaen?
Could they continue
helping the girls?
Yes... And they still do.
They are extraordinary.
What happened
after that?
Then I moved...
I came to Madrid
It seems clear that we have to win
the battle on the field of teaching
and with a neglected group that
aren't appreciated: women.
but not by everyone.
Of course, because that wolf
dressed in sheep's clothing
is getting them
on his side.
Yes, he has got
head of us.
He started residences for female
university students
before you did,
Mr Echevarria.
And if we're not careful,
this man will fill Spain with
academies and
boarding schools.
You have to acknowledge
Poveda's daring.
Being a priest he decides to let
the lay people take the limelight,
something even his
own people frown on.
And what's more, women.
And add to that the success he has
with the university residence
he has established here,
in Madrid.
You understand that we must
act immediately, my friend.
I agree.
We mustn't stop at controlling and
blocking religious congregations.
We must block the way
for lay Catholics,
whether they are men
or women.
We therefore ask that
the confederations
of Catholic students
be included.
Are we not part of Spanish
university life?
You are controlled by priests!
- You by secularist politicians!
They will lock you
into sacristies!
Teaching must be
Enough! Stop it!
Violence is not the way.
So you've had your first
experience of confrontation...
Yes... I had no idea
Madrid would be so... so...
So hostile.
- Yes
Feelings are
running high.
Ideas are radicalized and
then violence happens.
Now tell me, how is
everything in Jaen?
Everything is going well, Father,
there is a lot of work.
But, anyway, it's our students
that matter most.
By the way, Marina has already
begun her doctorate.
Great! What does your
father think about that?
Oh, my father is ecstatic.
His daughter, the doctor.
I don't think he even knows what it is,
but he still supports me.
There are beginning to be lots of
young qualified women teachers.
How about that?
- I think it's wonderful.
However, the gentleman who approves
the degrees, I don't know what he'll think.
Adela, Adelaida, Agripina...
Amparo, Ana Maria...
Antonio! Look, a man.
- Yes, they are almost all from the academies.
It's what I expected.
I swore not to approve
any of these Teresian degrees,
that I'd cut off
my hand first.
And if I ever did so...
What are you still
doing here, Jos?
Shouldn't you have
left an hour ago?
Yes, well... Father, I have
to finish this as soon as possible.
It's just that my brother
was in a bad way
He was ill for a while
and isn't working now.
A scatterbrain too
And I have to give him a hand
at home because his roof
is falling to bits
And now with the rain
Why don't you tell your brother
to come and give us a hand?
That way he can work a bit
more and you a bit less.
Are you really going to give
us both work?
Of course.
Thank you so much, Father.
Well I'm going right now then.
The report...
ls something wrong, Miss Marina?
- No...
The first summary of the work done
by the Teresian Association
in recent years.
Has Father Poveda seen this yet?
- No. We're the first to see it.
He's coming to the residence this evening
and will go over it with Pepita.
What's in it?
It is about the twelve academies,
the university residence,
and the Catholic
Women's Institute.
Avila, Barcelona,
Burgos, Cordoba,
Jaen, Linares...
Three hundred teachers,
classes for working girls...
Thirteen years of work,
of excitement
and hope.
Good times
And not so good times.
All in all, memories that
deserve to be documented.
Who could have
imagined it?
And you,
how are you getting on in the
Catholic Education Congress?
The girls are nervous.
Are you?
- Me too.
I have to give a talk and there'll
be so many people there...
Don't you worry.
As Father Pedro says:
"Trust in God and doing good."
That's it!
The brother-in-law
of a friend of...
No, not a friend, it was
the brother of a cousin...
A relative, it was...
the brother
Jose's the carpenter...
his friend's brother.
Well, he told me that you were
looking for someone
to work in a sewing
and I am a widow with four children,
and my father...
That's right,
Elena, yes.
I'm sure you'll do
very well at this work.
For sure?
- Of course.
Thank you so much, Father.
No, you don't need to thank me.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You see, Father, my name is Javier.
Someone's brother-in-law's friend
told me about you.
Ah no, it was a student
at the college.
Yes, and all these people
came with you?
No, I don't know them.
Do you want something?
Yes, I want to talk with
Father Poveda.
And the others all want to talk
with Father Poveda too?
Yes, Father.
What did you say your name is?
- Javier.
I want to be an educator and
I want to ask your advice.
Come in and let's talk.
Wait for me here...
I'll be...
I won't be long.
Have... Eat something hot for dinner.
And don't worry about the rest,
everything will work out.
Thanks, Father
If I were rich, I would
give to everyone.
My dear Bernardo,
you don't have to be rich to give,
It's enough to be good.
I'm a bit worse at that.
- Don Juan, good to see you.
I've been wanting for some
time to see you and talk.
Have you got a moment?
- Of course I have.
I know that your work is going very well,
and the activities are multiplying...
Residences, associations...
Where do you get the time?
Well, tell me.
How are things at the Teachers'
College in Madrid?
You see..
I have to admit that this meeting
here is not exactly by chance.
Things are heating up and I...
I wanted to ask you
to be careful.
Your activity is disturbing a lot of
people and your academies...
The problem is that
the net is closing.
I appreciate your advice very much,
but I don't think that...
Father Pedro, I wish I did
not have to tell you this.
Oh, and another
you shouldn't wear
your cassock.
How are things in Hornachuelos?
going well, very well.
...the circular sent by
the Ministry?
Yes, regarding child health?
We implemented it this year.
Good morning, Alfonso.
- Good morning.
Has the assembly started already?
- Yes. Several hours ago.
How many teachers have turned up?
- Too many.
And of course, Everyone's
voting against.
So we're not going to be able to change
the regulations or statutes.
We're losing control
of the situation.
We're running out of options,
Don Rodolfo.
Even though we discredit
the academies,
the girls still attend.
I don't understand why our
campaigns are not successful.
They've already opened
residences in Chile,
and even the Vatican
supports them.
This is a serious problem.
These teachers are already in
nearly half of the State posts.
The serpent's head
must be cut off.
Father, we haven't told you the news
about the Professors' meeting
at the Teachers' College.
They're withholding our degrees,
they say we're not qualified.
Yes, yes. I read it this morning.
Thank goodness, Carmen Cuesta
defended our centers.
Tonight I'll go to see
the boys at the Shelter.
What about dinner?
- I'll eat with them.
See you later.
This looks great.
Children... Quiet please.
Are you hungry?
A little here...
and a little there.
Are you very hungry?
Father, I'm sick
of soup...
I thought you liked
it last time,
so I asked the cook for
to make it for today,
and for tomorrow
and the next day...
Aren't you going to
tell me off?
Sometimes it's enough
to just be here.
Alright then.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Mr Echevarria.
Have your gentlemen
all arrived?
Yes, they are gathered in the
Parliamentary Commission room.
Between you and me,
what's the mood like?
Heated. You know,
always the same subject.
I insist, gentlemen,
we must move towards
an absolutely secular state,
and block out all these
religious orders who have
control of Education:
Jesuits, Marianists, Teresians...
It should be made clear that
the Teresian are lay women
and do not belong to
any congregation.
As has already been
said in this Parliament:
Spain is no longer Catholic.
And long may that remain the case,
gentlemen. It is an issue
of public health.
We must end
- Gentlemen, gentlemen...
If you gentlemen continue towards
radicalization and confrontation
I cannot follow you
I do not want my children to
live through a civil war.
Our friend Julia deserves
special recognition.
It is not at all usual
nowadays to meet
a lady deputy mayor-
Well, Father, it's not such
a big thing. It's a one-horse town.
But of course it matters!
It is high time for women
to be involved in politics.
As father says, we are essential
for change to happen
Politics, talking...
Today things are going
very differently.
Oh my God!
Take cover!
Fernando, help me!
What can we do for him?
- Relax...
Relax, you're not alone.
Relax son...
Ego te absolvo, in nomin
Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti
Where will all
this take us?
A few years ago, children
played with toy guns
and now they're playing
with real ones.
To win, we must fight.
I don't want to hear
of winners and losers.
It's a time to be
very cautious.
It's a time for mercy,
to be in peace
and give peace.
Christ taught us to
love and forgive,
never, ever, to hate.
Last night they killed a lieutenant
in the Assault Guard.
The situation is getting
very tense.
Good night.
- Good night, Father.
Come on, let's go
Everyone to bed.
Come on, into bed
Come on.
What's happening, Father?
Say your prayers and
go to sleep.
Come on...
And don't worry about outside.
Nothing's going to happen to you here.
Right, good night.
Father, be careful.
Father, you've got to get away,
it's not safe for you here.
Another criminal plot against
the Republic has been foiled.
A part of the Spanish army in
Morocco has taken arms,
in a rebellion against the national government
and their own country.
Spanish peasants, come in by
the thousands, from towns and villages,
hamlets and farms, and move to the
city which is still held by
the insurgents.
We will apply the law with
unyielding firmlness.
Start preparing graves!
Any enemy that you find...
I authorize you to kill them like dogs.
Lord, you see me.
I can't take any more.
For your sake I've kept
going to the end.
But in vain, it seems.
Is this the hour of darkness?
My God
Give me strength to get
through this storm.
I offer you my life.
And if it is your will,
give me your grace...
to stay with you,
even to Calvary.
Do you want a Camel?
- No need to ask!
I've just been given the packet.
- Well, I can see you like them.
Ah, no, I'm just a softy.
I've given some to a prisoner.
From Andalusia, like you.
From where?
He'd been around, in Guadix,
and he was a teacher.
A teacher?
- Yes.
What was his name?
Let's see if I remember,
he had lots of names.
His surname was Poveda.
Pedro Poveda?
- Yes, him.
Where is he?
- At the end to the left.
But I think he's been taken
to make a statement.
The priest?
- What's up with you, Manolo?
The priest?
Because it was
Poveda, right?
Yes, Pedro Poveda.
Why do you want to know?
Well, you could have told me.
Where is he?
They have taken him to the
committee in Piamonte Street,
they wanted to question
him there too.
Is there a car free?
The one that was is being used
to take him to Piamonte.
Yes, I know.
Get them on the line.
And if Poveda is there, make sure
they hold him until I get there.
Maybe you'll get there sooner
if you walk quickly...
Manolo, good luck!
What do you mean no-one knows?
He was brought there hours ago.
Alright. Thank you.
I think we should go
and look for him.
He was registered here, but it seems he
left immediately for Narvaez Street.
It seems to have
been a mistake.
This way.
Go through, priest.
Now there are two of you.
Are you a priest?
- Yes, my name is Julio Bareia.
And I am Pedro Poveda,
I'm also a priest.
I would like to
have confession.
But he had just arrived.
How can he be gone already?
Look, comrade, as soon as he came in,
another car arrived,
they asked for him
and took him away
So,just like that?
- Just like that.
There was a political officer.
Look, in my office,
in the black book on the table,
you'll find the telephone numbers.
If you want to call the committees
yourself, it'll be quicker.
That would be better.
Take me to the Eastern
Cemetery, quickly!
But... - Move it!
It's urgent. Hurry up,
please, let's go.
It's that way.
How's that?
It can't be.
Did you know this priest?
He's the one who
made me a person.
I assure you, Manolo,
light always prevails over darkness.
Pedro Poveda Castroverde died giving witness
to his faith on 28th July 1936 in Madrid
at the beginning of the
Spanish Civil War.
In 1974 he was awarded the title of
"Educator and Humanist" by UNESCO
and was canonized by
Pope John Paul ll in 2003.
Saint Pedro Poveda founded
the Teresian Association
in Covadonga (Asturias) in 1911,
a broad educational, spiritual and lay movement.
The Teresian Association
is extended around the world
and it continues to promote
the presence of the people of faith
in the public and private areas of social
and educational action.