Power Rangers (2017) Movie Script

I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
Alpha, I am the last one left.
We must stop her.
Send the meteor to my coordinates.
Seek only those who are worthy.
Find only those who are strong.
With the Zeo Crystal, we could have
ruled the Universe together.
That was never going to happen.
Then you will die, Zordon.
We will die together, Rita.
It had to be a cow
couldn't feel like a dog or
something that isn't
10 thousand pound.
- Come on, can you just help me?
- I'm doing all the work here man.
- Push! Push! Come on!
- Jason it stepped on my foot.
Pull yourself together.
Yo, just tight the pinch and
let's get out of here.
The cow seems unhappy.
I should not be unhappy because
I just milked her.
Him. You just milked him.
- This is a him?
- Was it one udder?
- Yeah.
- That's not an udder dude.
I was gonna say it was
actually kind off.. it was big.
I had to use two hands...
Stop. We will never
discuss this again.
I think great.
The cops are coming!
Beefcake, hide!
Look out there, what!
- Yeah!
- Yea, yeah!
- Whoo hoo!
- Yeah, yea. Yeah!
- Ha ha!
- Whoa!
3 weeks later
You know, I don't think we are
ever gonna understand each other.
Just when you think you've done
the dumbest thing you could possibly do...
You find something even dumber
and you do it.
Thank you.
I promise you this is
not the moment to be a wise ass.
I know you think it's noble that
you didn't rat out your friends
I acted alone
Beefcake and I had a connection.
Yeah, that's funny.
Do you know what's not funny?
This was supposed to be your season.
I had Scouts coming
to every game,
you could have written
your own ticket.
Now it's all gone!
Now you're gonna come here
every Saturday for the rest of the year...
Just so you can graduate.
With all these other
weirdoes and criminals.
Like you said, we will never
understand each other.
Will they level in their game?
Can Angel Grove do it?
They are down by five.
Jason Scott takes his position
at quarterback.
Here comes the snap, wide receiver
Marty Borne looks like he is open.
He's getting ready for a pass.
Jason Scott makes the.. no, no, wait,
he doesn't make the pass.
He's running with the ball,
he is at the 20 the 15, the 10...
Jason Scott scores! Touch Down!
Jason Scott single handedly brings
Angel Grove to the Championship.
That's so bad.
This one goes here,
that one goes there, this goes from..
This side... some.
Here, let me help you.
You're freak, you know that?
I have had to watch you play
with these for weeks. Are you crazy?
What if you had an extra one?
Why don't you cut this
and do something?
Why do not you stop me?
- Huh, you gonna stop..?
- Hey!
How old are you five?
Hi, I'm Jason.
It's my first time here.
It's exciting!
You must be the bully of detention.
How dumb can you be?
Did you just slap me?
I did. Weird, right?
Now I'm gonna be here every day for
what seems like the rest of my life
and I'm sure that you are too.
So let's make a deal.
Don't sit near me or him.
Then we'll be okay.
Okay. I approved homework
or being under better choices...
- work with it. This will be...
- I need to go to the ladies room.
Okay. And Good Morning.
Oh my God!
I got your text and I was like,
"Where are they?"
So this is where you come every
Saturday instead of practice.
- It must suck.
- It does.
Well, then you shouldn't have sent,
Try that picture of me.
That's not exactly how it happened,
I mean he is a liar.
- You punched his tooth out.
- They put it back.
Water under the, let's move on.
Oh Thank God.
We are moving on without you.
Cutting you out.
You can chill for cheer practice
if you want, but I wouldn't.
God damn!
Oh my God! What have you done?
Kimberly what have
you done with your hair.
You cut off your hair?
Whoa, Look!
The door!
Hey thanks for that in there.
No worries, I hate guys like that.
Oh so, hey, we should
hang out sometime huh?
Not that we had to,
I think tonight we should.
- What's your name again?
- Billy.
Billy Cranston.
Or William Cranston.
Remember Cage use to call me
"Billie Cramp stones".
As a third grade joke like Billy
Cramp stone is a crayon in his butt.
Which I didn't. But it is really impossible
to cram a ton of crayons in your butt.
- No, no, I'm sorry... Okay Billy.
- I would honestly hang out with you
but I have a date every night with
the Angel Grove Sherriff's department.
So, I am sorry.
Wait! No, no, no.
Don't leave, don't leave.
Hey. Alright, so, I don't really
expect for us to hang out..
Truth is I need to get
somewhere tonight,
and I could really use your help.
Billy I hear you, but as I
told you I have house arrest.
There is nothing I can do about,
I am sorry.
I mean, I can fix that.
I know how to trick this in,
I have, I have tools.
I have to be in my
house before seven.
Well, If you come to my house before
seven, then I can fix it for you.
I also have a car,
or access to a car.
And If you decide to help me,
you can have the car for a few hours.
Come on, honey. Let's go.
Don't be so hard on him.
How do you think he feels
walking around town?
What's the plan huh?
What's he gonna do with his life?
He could have been so much more.
Oh My God, is that Jason Scott?
Oh my God! Jason Scott!
- Billy!
- Yeah!
- It's Six...
- Six Fifty six
I know, You got four minutes.
Grab that chair.
What's all this stuff?
These are the things that.
I found at my dad's,
most stuff are his.
- Hey.
- Where's the cage?
Here, Here it is!
- Put your foot in this.
- What is it?
It's a Faraday cage. It just stops
the sounds in there for a lucky.
That's the 3 M warning.
Come on up. If the signal goes out.
My dad's been dead now, seven
years four months and... two days?
- Yeah, two days.
- Uh, okay.
It's a long time.
He used to work at the mine.
Billy, I really don't think
that we have time...
- You still live in 44-55 Old Wharf?
- Yes, I do.
- Great house.
- Okay.
About my dad, we used to go
and find objects together.
- Some really, really old.
- I am gonna get in trouble, Billy.
Almost like that show
American Pickers.
Billy, the signal's gonna go off.
We should definitely
head on to a TV show
that would've been so crazy.
What are you doing?
Dude, Come on. seriously!
It's gonna go!
Billy, come on!
Thank you.
Can you stop touching me now?
It's so cool you
actually showed up.
Well. You're giving me the van.
Lending you the van, but yeah.
How much further is it?
Just 44 minutes and 52 seconds.
- Okay.
- Thank you for helping me today.
It's okay, Billy.
This is the entrance
to the Gold Mine,
and clearly Billy, the sign says...
Keep driving.
Look, if we find something cool,
then you can keep the half.
It's a rule that...
They are gonna blow
this whole thing.
It will all be gone in a week now.
Billy, can I be honest?
The deal was I drop you somewhere
I get the van for few hours okay?
This is weird. Like we don't
know each other at all.
I don't know what we are doing here,
and you seem...
Wait. I gotta tell you something.
I'm on the spectrum.
Is that like a workout program?
Like, Tae Bo?
No. It's a diagnosis
Excuse me.
I know! It was a joke.
I was kidding.
See that's the thing,
I did not get the joke.
Like my brain doesn't work
the same as yours does.
Yeah, well,
consider that a good thing.
It's just that I can't
read humor or sarcasm.
But I do remember things.
I remember everything.
- Billy, let me stop here.
- Okay.
You do not need to
tell me all of this.
We are cool.
Ok, we are... We are almost there.
Which is good news.
So Take my spare flashlight...
Cause it's gonna be
dark when you get back.
Bye, Billy!
Ah, she's back again.
The crazy girl.
Just like clockwork.
Who are you?
No way!
No, no, no.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's strange to
hear you say my name.
What did you say?
I said it's strange to
hear you say my name.
Like we know each other.
We do know each other.
Oh, we know who each other are,
but we don't really know each other.
I know you used to date Ty Fleming.
Then you know I
punched his tooth out.
I know they put it back.
Dad, I hope you're watching
I'm gonna make you proud.
Dad I forgot to tell you I took the
van without asking Mom's permission.
I'm telling you,
so I think that's okay.
Anyways, I gotta focus.
So, what are you doing up here?
Did you follow me?
I came with Billy.
Billy Cranston? Weird.
But I've seen him up here before.
My house is on the other
side of the mountain.
I hike these trails sometimes
to clear my head.
And I stare down at Angel Grove and
wonder how such a small crap town...
can cause me such misery.
That funny to you?
No, I just.. I feel the same way.
Yeah. Jason Scott, the star
quarterback crashes and burns.
Destroys his career and
destroys our season. Go, Tigers!
Now walking around town,
and everyone's looking me
like I ran over their dogs.
So why don't you leave?
You know. Just go,
I can leave here, you know?
God, anywhere.
So let's go.
- What?
- You would never do it.
- Try me.
- Oh, You and me? You got a car?
- I have a van.
- Oh, that's creepy.
- It's not that kind of van.
- Every van's that kind of van.
So let's go.
Are you daring me? 'cause I'll go.
Dad, get ready.
That didn't work.
Whoops! Whoa!
That really run my bell.
Go, go, go, go!
- Hey, wow!
- Wow!
What are you doing, dude?
I've digging up
here for some years.
Hey! Easy guys. Let's sort this out.
- I had seen him up here before.
- Hey Jason.
You cannot walk
around blow stuffs up.
I was just trying to
dig a little deeper.
Maybe I dug too deep huh.
Billy, you don't have to yell.
We can hear you, okay?
- Okay!
- Hey!
You guys looking to get
busted or something?
This place is a restricted area.
Oh Really, Einstein? Restricted?
As in
we shouldn't be standing on a crazy
rock doing some Karate kid moves right.
- Yeah I feel you.
- Guys...
Yeah or camping out on old trench.
I see you too homeboy.
There is a lot of mine
security out tonight.
Oh no.
Watch out!
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm ok.
What is it?
I have never seen
glass like this before.
Oh My God.
Who is it? What is that?
There is something in there.
Watch out. Watch out.
- What are you doing?
- No no no.
- Seriously?
- What are you doing?
My dad always knew the right spots.
There's gotta be more.
Come on. Get out of the way!
What is it?
What's that?
What? No, no, no, no!
Don't break. Don't break!
Don't break it. Don't break!
You broke it. Okay.
Wow, What?
Oh My God, what is that?
Yo look, we all found these...
- No, he found them. Chill out.
- Chill out?
Guys, guys, do you hear that?
Mine security. Peace.
Someone should have
pointed that out.
Wait, I did.
- Wait! Okay, okay!
- Run! Run!
Billy! Come on, come on!
- Billy! Let's go!
- I'm going!
- Jason! Jason!
- You gotta open the door.
Open the door! Open it!
- Yes, okay, get in.
- What are you doing?
Do you see them?
Are they on the road?
I don't know.
Ok, what about the others?
You gonna leave the others?
Hold on!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Jason!
What did you do?
My mom's gonna kill me.
God! get your seatbelt on.
Jason, somebody's gonna die!
- There they are!
- Okay So...
- The Hill.
- Come on!
- Ok, you drive.
- I really don't drive.
- Really don't drive.
- ...So I can pull them in.
I don't do...
Get your foot!
- It says that the door's open.
- Because it's open, Billy!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Go, go go!
There they are!
Get in!
Got you.
- I Got you.
- I'm in!
What about the other guy?
- Just go!
- Just go!
Billy look out!
Let's go downhill!
Go to the lights pool off!
- You wanna drive man?
- Keep going, we are almost there.
Guys, guy, it's the train!
We got it.
Oh my, oh my God!
- Man, what do you want me to do?
- Keep going. I'll pull him in.
Are you crazy?
Yeah, I am.
Just catching up.
Look there is the rail road crossing.
That's the way out, Billy.
You got it.
You got it.
- I hope he has it.
- He Definitely doesnt not have it.
I got it, I got it.
The storm's turned. It's going bad.
We're getting out of here.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Hold it forward!
Hold. Let's go!
Let's go.
Let it go!
..The hell is that?
Get back!
Everything to port!
Billy, what's happening?
- Where's your bodyguard?
- What are you doing?
I'm just gonna quietly
snap your wrist, you little bitch.
No, no, no...
Billy Cranston just knocked
Colt Wallace out cold.
Hi, Billy.
Hey, come on, come on.
- Am I crazy or this is crazy?
- It's crazy.
We got hit by a train and we are
standing here. How is that possible?
I don't remember getting home
from the mine at all.
I slept all day Yesterday.
We gotta find Billy.
You know, I wasn't trying to start
any trouble or anything like that.
I said, "Hey man! Look I'm
not a violent person".
But if you must come at me,
come at me, bro.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Boom! Down goes douchbag.
- Down goes... I can't say the word.
Hey, Kimberly, Kimberly Hart.
We need to talk.
How? How? What?
Since when does he
knows Kimberly Hart?
Billy is awesome.
Nice hair.
Billy. Look at me,
Do you feel weird?
You mean like weird than usual?
Yeah. Different.
We know something
happened out there, okay?
I'm not the same.
Me neither. I'm strong!
- How strong?
- Like insanely strong.
I feel like we need
to go back out there.
The counter is boiling.
I'm going back today.
Ah. She down here.
Sure it's a woman?
Not a great-looking woman.
Come see for yourself.
Oh the smell is...
It's intense.
You should make a note of that.
Smell inside of a north fishing boat
that hold tons of dead fish...
Don't smell so good. Freaky, right?
Look, do you need us?
Alright, cause I need to get to bed.
Lock up when you're done.
There's beers in the fridge.
Unit two, this is Meinen.
I have a body here. Deceased female.
Let's just keep going.
Guys, look. It's that guy again.
Find anything interesting?
If I do, I'm keeping it.
We know why you're here.
Oh ya?
You guys wake up surprised
to be alive and jump over a house.
Yeah! Kindda. What? no.
We are different, alright.
Everything is different.
You're Zack, right?
You still got Angel Grove?
The other girl was here too
about an hour ago.
Hey, You mean that girl right there?
Hey! Come on down!
We solve together!
Oh screw this.
- Okay, lemme.
- He got up there pretty fast.
No no no!
Yo, Keep up.
Just, just talk to me.
You have a coin. We have a coin.
We should just talk about this.
I mean... We don't know what...
Whoa ho!
What is wrong with you?
You're crazy! But so am I.
- Woah, Zack.
- I got this.
- Wait.
- No, I got this.
Woah woah!
- I got her!
- Let go of me!
Just jump over.
Let's go. Jump with me.
- No no no. Don't jump. Don't jump.
- Okay.
I'm gonna jump across with her
and then you jump, okay?
Piece of cake.
No no no! Don't! Jason! Hey!
That's not a piece of cake.
- You alright?
- Yah, no problem.
You got this, Billy!
- No I don't!
- It's fun.
- It's such a broad jump!
- Cimon.
- Billy, chon.
- We all did it.
You'll be fine, I promise.
Just jump.
Cmon, cmon.
The drop is probably more than 100
feet which means death is imminent.
Okay, so if you die Billy.
What's gonna happens?
Your mom will be alone.
But it's okay,
cause she can find somebody else.
But she couldn't,
cause you love your momma.
- He is scared.
- Come across. He's fine.
Okay. Okay, alright.
Let's do it.
Billy, you got this.
Oh shit!
- Are you okay?
- I got it.
Come on. Climb up.
- I did it.
- Billy, you got it.
See what we tell you, Billy.
You got it!
Told you, see?
Billy idol! Yeah!
- Oh My God.
- Billy!
- We just kill that dude?
- What do we do?
Hey, guys! You have to get off!
There's water!
You've got to see this!
He's fine.
Yo. Alright. I'll see you guys
down there.
Bring that crazy girl.
Come on, you guys. Let's go!
Can I get a sip of your water?
I'm dying.
Hey. Just don't finish it.
Thanks. And I'm really sorry.
Sorry for what?
Welcome to the club!
What's up, crazy girl?
We gotta do that again.
Hey, guys. Guys!
- Check out how we glow.
- Cool.
- Yeah!
- I like this.
I'm blue!
It's not my favorite color,
but it's cool.
I am black!
- What?
- I am.
No, you're not.
Hey, guys.
There's something down there,
follow me.
- Where we are?
- I dont know.
Jason! I'm sliding.
Well, that is unusual.
It just gets better and better.
Do you feel that?
Something out here.
The walls are shaking.
Come on.
That is impossible.
This must have been here for
millions of years.
Look how the rocks
is growing around it.
I do not like this place.
Hey, guys.
Check it out.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Holy...
- Shhh!
- Think there's aliens in here?
- Just be quiet, Zack.
It's so cold in here.
Jason, is this real?
Like are we really in
a spaceship right now?
I think so. Just breathe. Okay?
It's okay.
Hey! We've all seen enough here.
We should go now?
What? We're gonna be famous.
- What's wrong with you?
- Quiet!
There's something here.
What is that?
What's going on?
- Stairs!
- Oh my God!
No way out.
That way. Let's go!
I'm going.
Cmon, cmon.
Didi, I'm coming.
They're real!
Leave her alone!
We will kill you.
Kill me? How?
There's five of us.
Yes, I know.
I've been waiting for you.
Wait, where is the other guy?
One, two, three, four...
Ah, there he is.
No no no.
All of you.
In a spaceship buried underground?
How long have you been waiting?
- What's the day? Monday?
- Yeah.
Then, 65 million years.
I've been very lonely.
You all so young looking.
- This has to do with the coins?
- Yes, the coins!
Different colors, different kids.
Different color kids!
No one said you're here!
Turn around.
Go on.
No way.
I think this will work.
One Two Three Four Five.
Different colors.
Guys, focus on getting out of here.
Stay together and when we
see a chance, we run like hell.
Okay. And if we don't get a chance?
Then we kill it.
Shouldn't hurt, but let's see.
Please step into the footprints.
- No, we will not.
- Hey, Question. What are you?
I am Alpha 5, persona Android.
- He said he's an Alpha 5...
- Yes, I know.
I'm a talking robot.
You can trust me.
What the hell.
Why they look at each other?
Is a human characteristic?
It works! This is great!
It's working!
Zordon! Are you there, Zordon?
Alpha! Where we are?
Zordon, nice to hear your voice.
I can see you, Alpha...
...but I can't see me.
Where am I?
You're inside the ship.
Okay. Okay.
Sir, I sealed your essence
into the ship's matrix.
Let's go! Move on!
But the ship is on?
The power coins have finally
returned to the ship.
Go, go, go.
Where are the coins?
Where are the rangers?
Come forward, please.
Do we have a choice?
I do not think so.
They speak a primitive dialect
called English.
You'll find it in the ship's matrix.
Look! It's Zordon!
they don't know who you were.
Come in, come in.
These are them? They are so small.
Funny, I said the same thing.
You mean to tell me that
the fate of the universe,
placed in the hands
of these children?
The universe? That's a big place.
They're teenagers. Somewhere between
infancy and full maturity.
It's hard to explain really.
Show me the coins.
The Morphing Grid is never wrong.
If the power coins have returned
to the ship with these...
With these teenagers...
then these teenagers
are the Power Rangers.
Power Rangers!
Okay, a quick question.
Hello. Hate to interrupt.
Did I just hear you say
we're Power Rangers?
Yes. Yes. You are the Power Rangers.
Any other questions?
- No. I think I'm good.
- Good.
I have a question.
Hi. How you doing?
My name is Billy. Billy Cranston.
Kids used to called
me Billy Cramps...
Billy! Stop.
The images here in this sphere tell
the history of the Power Rangers.
Looks like the Power Rangers
were a team that protected life?
And life is a bright light.
Or a piece of light?
Yes. Yes, Very good Billy.
It is called the Zeo Crystal.
Oh. I love this part. This is good.
And every planet in the universe
that has life.
Has a piece of the
Crystal buried inside it.
65 million years ago,
Zordon's team died...
defending the Crystal here and
what is now Angel Grove.
The Coins have chose you five.
Now you must protect the
Zeo Crystal and life on Earth.
Because we are the Power Rangers?
He's smart!
I'm sorry,
is this some kind of a joke?
Like I'm standing here,
with a wet wedgies.
My socks are so squiggling around,
We're talking to a wall.
I mean guys...
I am detecting elevated heart rate.
They are very scared.
I don't understand.
Why would you show
us that nightmare?
It's not a nightmare.
- It's the future.
- Is that for real?
- Felt like it.
- Who was that woman?
Her name is Rita Repulsa.
She will create Goldar,
a huge monster
who will rip the crystal
from the earth...
and all life on your
planet will die.
With the Crystal, Rita will have the
power to create and destroy worlds.
So let me guess. You want
us to kill this woman, Rita?
- Aye, aye, Rita.
- She must be stopped.
- When is she coming?
- It's already here.
My best guess is that
we have 11 months.
I am sorry. Days. Eleven days.
If we are the Power Rangers
and this is our ship...
If I walk through that door
right now will it open for me?
Yes of course.
Come on.
Wait, what are you doing?
No, no, no, come back!
- No. please don't.
- Jason!
My ranger team died
defending the Crystal from Rita.
That's why I'm in this wall.
How do you know my name?
Because it's you, Jason Scott.
You are the leader.
You're the Red Ranger.
Rita was a Ranger too,
and my friend.
But she betrayed us.
Wanted more power.
She lost her way.
Now she is just pure evil.
You must bring them
back all of the Rangers.
You must train your
team to stop Rita...
before she has the strength
to find the crystal.
Okay, I'm leaving.
And I speak only for myself...
No! You speak for all of them.
You know that deep down
what I am saying is true.
You were born for this.
Who exactly are you?
Now you gonna ask me who I am?
- Look, her name is Didi.
- Trini.
She's new at school
transferred in a month ago.
We have English together, right?
I have been in Angel Grove,
for over a year now we
have Biology together.
- Good talk.
- Wait, look.
None of us really know each other,
Bu somehow,
we were all in the same place...
at the same time when
Billy found those coins.
No, Wait wait.
Can I ask a question?
Are we really superheroes?
We're More like Iron
Man or Spider-Man?
Cause I feel like I've been bit by
a spider, but I feel really good...
- I just feel good.
- Look bro, trust me.
You're not a superhero.
Why are you talking like to us
like you're the boss?
Hey, hold up.
Can any of this Rita stuff be real?
- Can any of it be true?
- I don't know.
But I know that the answer to
what's wrong with us...
and what's happening to us, is here.
So... What are you saying?
I think we gotta come back.
I can't make you come back here,
but 4'o clock tomorrow
I will be here.
Hey, Jason. We don't...
Of course!
I do not know, I didn't think
about that one in the first place.
So..Where were you today?
Were you with friends?
Do you have any friends?
- Why are you do tired?
- You did ask her four questions...
before she's even
answered the first.
Because she's like
a ghost around here.
She needs to start communicating.
- June.
- Say something.
- Speak! I just...
- Relax.
Okay, relax.
Okay, Trini, let's start over.
Please tell us one
thing you did today.
Me and four kids from Angel Grove
found a spaceship
buried underground.
I'm pretty sure I'm a superhero.
Not cool.
Pee in that cup!
It's to remind me of my screw up?
Wrecking yard only offered
me 300 bucks for it.
You know the frame's straight and
the engine still runs.
It's a terrible situation.
You gotta come with me.
A series of grisly crimes scenes
has the sleepy fishing hamlet
of Angel Grove reeling
bodies were discovered
on a fishing boat.
This raft of violence..
What the hell are you doing?
I need gold,
I build my beautiful Goldar.
Goldar takes the Zeo Crystal
I take the universe.
They do!
So Crazy girl.
Shall we do this?
You need to follow the three rules
to being a Power Ranger.
You must never use your
powers for personal gain.
You must never escalate a fight.
Unless your enemy forces you to.
And you must never
reveal your identity. ever.
To assume your ranger identities
you need to morph.
Have any of you morphed before?
Yes, but only in the shower.
Okay, okay, let's step into
the footprints, please.
Let's try this.
Standing in this circle as a team,
You can easily connect
to the morphin' grid.
Do you feel it?
Yeah they do.
No, not feeling it.
You need to morph to get your armor.
I knew it! We do get armor.
Jason! We get armor!
Cool! When you give us the armor?
You already have it inside of you.
You bring it out by
connecting to each other.
And connecting to the Morphing grid.
Bury your minds and focus.
Power Rangers were a legion of
warriors sworn to protect life.
They must become those warriors.
Become the warriors!
What? Did It worked?
Alpha 5, why they didn't they morph?
I do not know, sir.
It is disturbing.
Very disturbing.
Might take some time.
We don't have time!
If they can't morph,
what are we supposed to do?
They will have to train without
armor, they need to prepare.
Without armor?
Sir that will be very painful,
Take them down to the pit.
Alright, follow me.
We are going to the pit!
Jason I don't want to find out
what the pit is.
So, This is the pit.
It's nice, right?
Alpha 5, begin the exercise.
Sorry, guys.
- What exercise?
- Chill out dude.
These creatures before you
are simulations of Rita's army.
They are called... to get to her.
No, no, no, Jason.
Relax, guys. It's a hologram.
Like video games. Look.
Strong ass hologram.
Not a video game.
This is why you must
morph into your armor.
If Rita becomes strong enough
to build her army...
The real beginning of the end.
Rangers Welcome to training.
I'm so excited you guys are back.
Aim for the center..
Once more time.
Dodging their punches.
Find their weak site.
Let's go a couple of hits. Okay?
No let's try that again.
This is exciting.
Yeah, Trini!
Ready, master Billy?
You need to learn the
element of surprise.
- Ready? Let's go again.
- Okay.
Billy, light on your feet.
Hands up.
Play with some energy now! let's go!
Focus! focus everybody just focus!
Lucky shot.
You guys all know
you can be murdered, right?
You must shade your own mask
to wear this armor.
I don't feel anything!
Take them down to the pit.
Watch me.
Slip, grab, lift!
Slip, grab, lift!
We SHOULD start a band
Think only of each other and the
morphing grid will open to you.
It's working?
- No, it's not.
- Come on!
Try harder!
I have been concentrated though.
All we need to do is
just concentrate...
- Don't tell me to concentrate.
- Just follow my lead.
- Let's not fight with each other.
- Now is not the time.
Come on. let's go to train.
The information we need
to triangulate the location of...
The Crystal was lost in the battle.
Billy Are you listening to me?
Billy What are you doing?
Where is the crystal
Find him, Billy, find him.
Where is the crystal?
17 degrees north...
Hey, idiot,
watch where you're going.
Krispy Kreme DOUGHNUTS
Two fishermen were led to rest
today at St Andrews cemetery.
Residents of Angel Grove
are feeling the shock.
Fear has the town on edge.
The series of murders
has police baffled...
as police have linked the loss
of gold to each crime scene.
What is now being Angel Grove's
gold killer is still on the loose/.
If Rita manages to create Goldar...
Are you listening to me?
And he rips the crystal
from the ground..
..It will be like ten thousand
nuclear bombs washing over earth.
That supposed to freak us out?
We keep making this harder.
We are busting our asses,
Feel free to throw us
a bone at some point.
Yes, I see you busting your asses.
So I've decided to give
you some inspiration.
What you will find beyond this wall
will forever change your life.
Come on.
- The Zords! Pretty cool, right?
- Yeah.
They take on the form of most
powerful organism on the planet.
When these Zords formed,
dinosaurs reigned supreme.
They will be an extension of you.
And there power is
all but limitless.
They are incredible.
But you are not
ready for this power.
When you morph, your armor
will make you one with the zords.
Come on. Let's go train.
Today is the day you become Rangers!
I can feel it!
Let's go.
Let's go.
This was a bad idea. Okay, okay.
Signals, brakes.
Brakes, I need the brakes!
Manual. Manual.
Where are the breaks. Alpha 5?
Oh, God hey, Move! Move!
Out of the way!
Oh, Tailing on the mountain.
After you remember that today's train
lesson the important thing is to...
Wait. Where is Zack?
Run, run! Run!
Run! Run!
It's bad!
You're alright?
Alright, my bad, my bad.
That's on me right there.
What's your problem?
You could've killed yourself,
or us.
- Back off, boss.
- Hey!
No, Come on guys. Wow.
- Guys, guys, come on.
- Watch it.
Wait. What are you doing?
Stop fighting, please!
Stand still.
What? I got something on my face...?
- Ok, now that's cool!
- Oh, Yeah!
Don't touch it.
Zack, don't touch it.
Zack, do not touch.
Where'd it go?
Bring it back, bring it back, dude.
Get out.
The training is over for today.
Go home.
I'm sorry, he just morphed.
He did it. You saw it, right?
Do it again. All of you.
- Billy, how'd you do that?
- Come on, Billy, let's do it.
Come on, do it again.
- Do it again.
- I'm trying. I can't focus
Billy, how'd you do it? Show us.
Okay, we don't know how.
That's what I thought.
If you can't morph,
You are not Rangers.
Go home, all of you.
Now what?
- Got damn!
- Seriously?
Hey, guys.
Look, I'mma stay up here tonight.
Make a fire, I got some food.
If you guys wanna stay
I'm down.
Jason's failing experiment.
I shall destroy Rita myself.
There must be a way to
free me from this wall.
Yes, but the irony is that
you need these rangers to morph.
If they morph,
you can harness that energy...
to regenerate your body
and come back through.
No, there's got to another way!
I can't...
What, Zordon? You can't what?
Wait for us dumb kids to morph
so that you can come back to life.
That's what all this has been about,
You coming back?
This has only ever been about
to protecting the crystal
Rita could be building
Goldar as we speak.
Don't underestimate me or my team.
You can't stop him..
She will have him dig up the crystal
and life on earth..will die.
And we need you.
Because you were so successful
in stopping her last time.
I died burying those coins...
In hopes they will
find next real Rangers.
Those who are worthy.
I'm sorry to disappoint you!
I don't need to stand here and
have you tell me what I did wrong.
I can go home and get that.
Jason! You need me out of this wall.
To help lead this team!
Your team is dead.
And you're just as scared as we are.
These are off 24 carat Gold.
I'll be right with you.
You're so sweet.
I'll be right back.
Can I help you?
I'm interested...
We have some very nice pieces here.
Come closer.
Closer, closer. Closer.
Give it to me!
Okay. There you go.
Police! Don't move!
Drop it, weapon, put your hands
on your head. Do it Now!
Do it, I say, lady!
I like the sound of lady.
Get on the ground and
you won't get hurt.
Unit 5,
I need backup at Jewelers Phoenix.
Shots were fired.
I repeat, shots were fired.
It's been too long since
I raised my beautiful creatures.
Did you miss me?
Oh my God.
Kill him.
- Alright.
- Ha-ha.
"How we are stuck in this wall
I will make that jump."
What happened back there?
Nothing, don't worry about it.
Billy, how'd you do it?
How'd you morph?
I don't know.
What do you guys saying him about
one more trying to morph?
"You must shade your masks
to wear this armor."
"Think only of each other and the
morphin' grid will open to you".
Yeah, that's better.
Or maybe it's Cause we
don't know each other.
Maybe that's why we can't morph.
No, I am serious,
let's do this for real
I am Jack and I am a Power Ranger.
- Hi, Zack.
- Hi, Zack.
I live in the Melody
mobile home park.
It's just me and my mum.
And my mom?
My mom is the best!
But my Mom. she's sick.
I do what I can...
but I'm scared.
Sometimes I get too
scared to stay the night
because I'm afraid she can't make it.
And if she goes...
When she goes...
I got nobody else.
I think being with you
guys is good for me.
Let's do that.
Let's tell our secrets
it will help us.
Okay, I got a secret.
- I like country music.
- What?
As a matter of fact,
I love country music.
And I don't...
I don't miss my dad that much
I mean coming to the mine
with him was all I had.
But.. coming to the mine with
you guys is just as good.
Biggest secret is
why're you in detention.
- I blew up my lunch box.
- What?
But it was an accident.
- What?
- Of course.
My lunch box was in my locker
boom goes the lunch box,
in detention goes Billy.
But let's not forget
that Kimberly Hart
was also in detention too so...
Not tonight.
Skip me.
What about you dude?
Why don't you tell us
who you really are?
Because everyone knows
exactly who I am.
What about you, crazy girl?
I could tell you anything and
you would have to believe me.
I'm the new girl.
Three schools in three years.
I like it that way, you know,
it's just easier.
Nobody ever has to get to know me...
my parents don't have to worry
about my relationships.
Boyfriend troubles?
Boyfriend troubles.
Girlfriend troubles.?
My family is so normal.
Too normal.
They believe in labels.
They would like for me to...
dress differently.
Talk more.
Have the kinds of friends
they want me to have.
I don't know how to tell them
what's really going on with me.
I never said any of this out loud.
Well, it's cool. You with us now.
Am I?
What does that mean?
When all this is over?
Are we Power Rangers or?
Are we friends?
Do you know who I am?
I was once just like you.
So pretty.
Are all the rangers on Zordan's
new team as young as you?
Have you morphed yet?
Trick question.
If you could morph,
we would be having a very
different conversation.
The Yellow Ranger.
Should I kill you?
I killed the yellow Ranger before.
And I loved it!
Oh, you want your armor.
I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.
No, please, you're hurting me.
You are so strong!
I'm just kidding.
You've guts full, little yellow!
I see myself in you.
I was an outsider on Zordan's team,
just like you.
All I need to know is...
where is the Zeo Crystal.
I don't know.
Sadly, I believe you.
Tomorrow I am going to
destroy Angel Grove.
But in exchange for your life...
you will find out where that
crystal is and you will come to me.
We can have a little deal,
Didi my friend.
- Kim!
- It's me.
How did you get in here?
I am a super hero.
And you left your window open.
So everything okay?
I think I'm the
reason we can't morph.
I haven't really been honest.
I punched Ty Fleming on the face...
because he told everyone I was
the meanest person he ever met.
And he was right.
- That cannot be true.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- You took that picture?
No. Amanda Clark,
took that picture, of herself.
But she shared it with me privately.
She trusted me.
And you sent that pic to Ty?
With a text that said.
"Is this the girl you wanna
bring home to your mom?"
I did not know how mean
it was until I saw her face.
Kim, there is literally thousands
of photos going around school
I don't care about them.
I care about this
I did this!
I had to sit in Mr. Detmer's office
with Amanda's father...
and watched as they showed him
the photo of his daughter.
In his eyes for the first time
I could see who I would become.
You know, So I lied.
I blamed everyone else.
I wanted to die, that's why...
When you asked me to run away,
I was ready.
Okay, listen.
Start over.
Erase that picture right now.
- Jason, it can't be erased.
- Then live with it!
You did an awful thing, that
does not make you a awful person.
Just be the person
you wanna be.
So we all get the same text.
So where is she?
I'm here!
Rita came to my house tonight.
- What?
- Yeah, she's real.
She nearly killed me.
She's trying to get me to join her.
She said she'd spare my life
- if kept a secret.
- What secret?
Act on the destruction of
Angel Grove begins.
- This is real. This is the end.
- No, it's not. Where is she?
She said to me hear
what the dead ships live.
That's the boatyard by the docks,
Let's go!
Are you serious?
No one?
Jason. We are not even
power rangers yet.
I say we go back to Zordon.
Hey.. The only reason Zordon
wanted us to become Power Rangers...
Is so that he can come back to life.
Why makes you say that?
Because he told me.
- Wait, so all this a lie?
- Of course it was a lie, Billy.
We failed.
Let's stop being delusional about
being a team of superheroes.
We are all screw-ups.
And as much as I hate this
scrubby bullshit town...
I don't wanna just sit around
and watch it die okay?
Let's go and do the one this
that's been asked of
us and kill Rita.
You know this is really
a bad idea, right?
The worst.
Let's vote.
Shove hands.
Let's do it.
Let's go.
- take the left, take the right.
- Got it.
We'll untie. Hold it.
No no.
Let's just think about this, okay?
Oh shit.
Right on time.
I was beginning to
think you were too dumb
to know where the dead ships live.
Let's play.
Five little Rangers
tied up like fish.
The Leader?
Hello, Red.
You're not entirely disappointing.
Look at you, trying to figure out
my plan. I will just tell you.
Yellow has led you to your death.
Because I'm going to kill you...
one by one, until you tell me...
Where's my crystal.
We don't know.
No, Red.
You don't know!
But guess what.
One of you does.
Who could it be?
Eeinie meenie mynie...
Blue... so loyal.
Pure of heart.
Tell the class what you know!
Where is my crystal?
You can tell me now, Blue.
Or you can tell me after
I kill all of your friends.
- Let's start with Black.
- No!
Hey! no!
He dies in three...
Okay, okay!
Don't hurt my friends, alright?
It's at doughnut establishment.
Where? What does that mean?
What's it called?
It's a Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme?
Krispy Kreme.
This is a special place?
- Very Special.
- It Must be.
The Source of life
itself is buried there.
Thank you Blue for being so weak.
Zordon will lose all respect for me
If I don't kill you.
- At least one of you.
- What?
Billy! Billy!
- Jason, we gotta help him.
- Billy!
You are not ready to kill me.
You are not worthy.
Give me your hand!
- Billy?
- Is he gonna be okay, right?
Come on.
Hey hey. You can, spec guy Come on.
He's dead.
He is dead.
We SHOULD start a band.
Pick him up.
Help me pick him up!
Come on!
It's okay. It's okay.
Come on, Billy. We got you, buddy.
Take him, take him to the cave.
- Put him down.
- Okay.
- Slow slow.
- Master Billy.
Do something, ok?
There must be something
you can do for him.
I told you that you were not ready.
Zordon please help us, okay? Please!
There is nothing that
I could do for him.
We were both reckless
with our teams.
I am sorry.
I'm sorry, guys.
He's dead because of me.
No, Jason, it was all of us.
No I pushed it.
And as usual,
I made the wrong decision.
Out of fear, anger...
I don't know,
It's just so angry.
He's a great kid, you know.
And he loved us.
He loved being a Ranger.
I'm sorry, Billy.
I'll trade my life
for yours if I could.
Maybe he traded his life for us.
Yeah probably he did.
I would.
Me too.
Yeah me too.
Me too.
Just the four of us now.
The truth is...
whatever we've said to each other...
It does not matter.
this is the only thing that matters.
She is right.
Zordon! Look at the Grid!
This is your time!
Do you see it?
The grid is open, step through!
Yes, I see it.
I see it.
Get through, Zordon!
- Hey!
- What's happening?
The Morphin' grid is open!
What's going on?
Where is he?
He must have stepped
through the grid!
Alpha where did he go?
I don't know where he is.
Zordan, what?
Why didn't you step through?
That was your only chance.
I know.
But only one can come back.
Oh my God.
- Billy!
- Oh my God.!
Are you okay?
You're not dead?
- Yeah.
- No.
A little bit.
You guys bring me back to life.
I told you we were superheroes.
There can only be one Red Ranger.
Jason, this is your time.
This is your team.
Thank you.
That was incredible
I've seen my dad.
Welcome back, my friend.
We gottta go to Krispy Kreme,
Not for doughnuts.
Okay. Let's try this.
Thank you, Zordon.
It's morphin' time.
Come back to me, Goldar.
Came back.
Hold up.
Alright, let's do this.
This is so much better with armor.
Come on!
Pick it up!
Billy, heads up!
Guys. They just keep coming,
- There's too many of them.
- You guys hold them off.
Where are you going, Zack?
Make my monster grow.
I've missed you, my friend.
We're gonna push
themselves off the edge!
Let's kill everyone.
Yo, did you guys see that?
who wants me to pimp there ride too?
At least you didn't crash, yeah?
Ah, guys?
We are too late.
Oh man!
It's a lot of gold.
We're gonna protect the crystal,
We're going to Angel Grove.
Let's get the zords.
This is a lot
different than the van.
Yippie-kay-yay, Motherfuck...
Mother is good, Mother's is good.
Go, go, Power Rangers!
I'm not going the right way. What?
Jason, I'm going backwards.
Our town.
She's destroying it.
Not there.
Rita and her golden boy
haven't found Krispy Kreme yet.
Okay, Kim, you hold them there.
Zack, Billy, you circle the Krispy
Kreme and make sure it's safe.
- I am heading straight for Goldar.
- Oh, hold her up!
Kim, I'll go with you.
Let's go boys.
- Billy, just the two of us.
- I'm right behind you
How cute.
The Rangers found their costumes
and their dino cars.
Let's give them something
else to play with.
Crush them!
How many of this you need?
This is insane.
Take that!
Okay, let's try this.
I'm sorry, Bumblebee!
I can't get them off!
Turn your head! Trust me.
Thanks, Kim.
Ta da.
That's what you get.
The crystal.
She just found the crystal.
Okay, come on let's move
I'll take Goldar from the right.
Jason! right behind you.
Come on!
Jason, It's your dad.
I'm looking for you. I'm downtown,
I'm at Mariner Bay and Reefside.
Call me back as soon
as you get this.
- How does that feel?
- We got this. Come on!
I am coming.
Help me.
Give me your hand.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Give me your hand.
Dig, Goldar.
Me and Zack, we're gonna trying
to push Goldar to the water.
We are okay
I'm okay. Go.
Guys help!
Billy I have an idea.
Yeah? For what exactly?
I don't know what to press, ok?
Open wide, Rita.
Let me try.
Hey Billy, you okay?
- Yeah I am okay.
- That was crazy brave, dude.
Did we do it?
We, Did we win?
I feel the crystal.
She is back.
It's incredible.
Oh My God.
Come on! let's go.
Okay, everyone..
Hold the line!
We got this.
Come on!
Crush them!
'kay fire!
Come on guys!
If you want to come at me...
Come at me, bro!
Watch out! Billy!
Jason, I'm coming in.
Kim, I got your back.
I got you.
I'm burning.
I can't breathe.
It's crushing me.
Push them into the pit!
Guys we're sliding.
Come on, everybody, hold the line!
Fight back!
It's getting too hot guys.
I don't know how much
longer I can hold it.
No one dies alone.
I'm okay with it.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Zack! Stay with me, Zack! Come on.
Thank you for being my friends.
Hold on to each other.
Get my crystal!
We are alive.
Guys! We are alive!
We are like one big
uh..one big Zord.
Like A momma Zord.
- Or just..?
- No, that sounds lame.
A Megazord!
Bring it on!
Everyone let's go!
No, no. No, no No, no!
It might have been my fault.
I'm sorry y'all.
I think Kimberly
needs to move our feet.
- No, I have got the arm.
- No, I do. I got the leg.
- You got a leg too?
- I have the arm.
- We all have to move together.
- I'll lift us.
All together up in three.
One two...
We got this! Come on!
Zack, catch us.
Let's go again.
Kimberly! Throw a hook, Now!
Oh, I wish I could punch.
Nice one, Billy!
Jason? We got anything for that?
Remember the pit?
I hiked the pit!
Kim, Trini, pull back on the arms.
It's got swords.
Look at me.
You think you've won?
I came for the crystal.
Others will come!
What you have...
It can't last.
You know I'm right!
I don't know, but for now...
I need you to give your staff
and your coin to us.
And we'll take you to Zordon
and let him be the judge.
Judge me?
No matter what Zordon says...
I know I am worthy!
Trini! Now!
Did you just slap her?
I did.
Weird right?
That's cool.
It's the bull...
You guys don't get it.
Is the bull...
I got it, buddy
I was scared.
We did it.
I told you we'd be famous.
Is that Principal?
I don't think he can see me.
Nice willow, Jason.
I call this the algebra.
How do you do that?
You should keep that.
You've earned it.
I'll come back for her.
That was terrifying. See you buddy.
Jeremy Franklin told
everyone at school.
Blue is the best one,
It's what I wanna be.
- No! I want to be the Blue one!
- I want the Blue one.
How about when you guys
can be the yellow one?
Oh yeah, the yellow one,
he is so cool!
How do you know it's a he?
Check mate.
Billy! Jason Scott is here,
and Kimberly Hart...
and Zack Taylor and
some girl named Didi.
Mom, it's Trini I'm coming,
I'm coming!
This Ranger team did
what my team could not.
You will humbly walk
amongst your peers.
But heroes you all will be.
Attention.. Attention in detention!
Each of your names will
be etched alongside
the great rangers
teams before you.