Powwow Highway (1988) Movie Script

[inaudible chatter]
Rule is the man at the White House.
Hey man, am I gonna
get a shot off or what?
Coal mine at big mountain.
All right!

That's the Swinomish Pipeline.
[man] Can he shoot or what?
And that monstrosity out on 314.
That's my man!
Let's go Red Bow.
I'll whip your ass this time.
Let it go, Louie.
Let it go.
- [man] Hey, hey!
- Who's up next here?
Hey, we'll see ya Buddy!
Hey Buddy.
How you doing?
What's up Manny.
You gonna right this bylaw?
You get it right, Philbert?
[man] Hey Manny!
Where's those onion rings?
[man on TV] We got Mustangs!
We got Broncos!
We got Benzes!
They're hot for trot and ready to roll.
A'ho, folks, this old cowboy's
on the war path with eight big
All our choice of stock!
So come on down off the res or
the ranch and pick out your pony
Never any money down, easy credit,
terms available!
Giddy-up, boys!
Playing harmonica
Fidel, I want to buy
one of your fine ponies.
Take a look around.
music plays from radio
dramatic music
[Philbert] That old
brown one's a nice one.
Shit, that one?
How much?
How much you got?
I'll go start it up.
[engine turning]
[engine roars]
[laughing] Yeehoo!
[car backfires]
blues music
Renewing Overdine Corporation's
lease may be the most profitable
decision this tribe will ever make.
Now let's consider
the benefits, council.
One, our mining program will
provide more jobs for your
Two, optimal usage of
tribal land resources.
Three, and most significantly,
economic autonomy for the entire
Lame Deer community.
Now when you vote next Thursday,
I know you'll make the right
Thank you ladies and
gentlemen, and Merry Christmas.
Any questions?
How much you pay for that suit?
Pretty good show you
put on, you know that?
Cruising into town in
your Chrysler LeBaron,
talking about what's
good for the tribe.
You're out of
line, Mr. Red Bow.
Oh, well I guess I
just don't understand,
Mr. Youngblood.
You talk about jobs; how come
since Overdine's been on the res
unemployment's gone up, not down?
Ah, statistically speaking though,
that's not true.
Our employment contracts are
a matter of public record.
[Red Bow] Oh yeah, I
read your contract.
I read every damn contract since
the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868,
and it's always the
same deal, ain't it?
You get what you want,
and we get the shaft.
We're all working
for the same goal here,
Mr. Red Bow.
We're on your side.
That's why I'm here.
[Red Bow] I know
what you side you're on.
75 percent of our people
living below the poverty line,
and you tell us that stripping
off what's left of our natural
resources is going to change that.
Maybe you better tell
us something different.
This ain't the
American Dream we're living.
This here's the third world!
[police] There she is, let's go.
Country western
music plays from radio
Thanks for buying me the new toy, Mom.
I can't believe this.
What's wrong, Mom?
There's a cop car behind
us, and I'm not speeding.
You still gotta stop.
What did we do, Mom?
[sighs] I don't know, honey.
[inaudible radio chatter]
Could I please see
your driver's license, ma'am?
What's the problem?
I was only doing 35.
And your automobile
registration please.
You Bonnie Red Bow?
Are you aware that there
are no plates on this vehicle?
I've got plates.
Step out of the car, please.
Step outside of the car, please.
What did I do?
What are you doing?
You're supposed to have a warrant.
What's that, Mom?
Yeah, what is it, Mom?
Domestic or imported?
You must've put that there.
No ma'am, we found it there.
[phone ringing]
Red Bow.
Who's this?
My sister Bonnie?
Wait a second, I can't...
Busted for what?
Aw, hell.
Hey, wait a minute, I
got not bail money.
Bonnie, I got no way to get down there.
I couldn't leave now
even if I wanted to.
What the hell you expect?
I ain't heard nothin' from you for...
it's been 10 years!
What kids?
[car engine rumbling]
Turn on the light.
I can't see shit!
Aunt Harriet.
Aunt Harriet, in the old days,
how long did it take a warrior
to gather medicine?
What you do, find a
token in a Cracker Jack box?
I had a sign.
The time has come for
me to gather medicine.
I already have a pony.
What did the old ones say about...
I get sick of being asked
for good old Indian wisdom.
I ain't got none, so
get the hell out of here!
Hey, Philbert, come.
Here's a quote from Dull Knife.
He once told my great
uncle Benny Looks Twice.
He said, "Keep your
pony out of my garden."
Keep your pony out of my garden?
Well, that angus had
a rip in his ear but,
uh, the highlanders were primed.
Hell, I think we did
pretty good at 22.50.
You know the ones I mean?
Yeah, yeah, the highlander with
the ripped ear and the angus.
Hey you got something on your mind?
What the hell's wrong with you?
You got the money?
You just bring
back the right bulls, huh?
[engine rumbling]
[car honks]
Okay, come over here
and sign this receipt.
Hey, Philbert!
Hey, stop.
Roll down the window.
Roll the window down, man.
Oh, hey.
Hey, so...
so Philbert, whose car is this?
I made a trade, as from the
days when men possessed nothing.
Uh huh, but whose car is this, man?
This is Protector, the war pony!
Ah, this is your car, yeah?
Hey, Philbert.
We gotta go to Santa Fe.
Santa Fe, New Mexico?
Uh huh.
You and me?
That's right.
There's a powwow in Billings.
Who gives a shit about that, man?
I got a call from my sister.
She's been away so long, man.
[inhaling] She got busted down there,
pigs pulled her over, just like that,
a pound of Colombian under the spare.
Can you believe that, man?
You got heat in this tank?
You got gas money?
Over two grand.
- Cash?
- You bet.
It's from the travel
accounts to buy bulls.
What about the bulls?
Don't worry, I'll think of something.
I'm the agricultural purchasing agent,
So what do you say?
Can I count on you or what?
[speaking Cheyenne]
We are Cheyenne!
All right.
[engine roars]
This is my sister, goddamnit.
Ain't gonna let no
veho bastard lock her up.
Dramatic music
[Philbert] Gotta eat.
[Buddy] Already?
Oh man.
[woman] A slice?
[woman] Three cheeseburgers deluxe,
two chocolate malts, and a cherry pie?
He going into hibernation?
Gimme a B.L.T and coffee.
You know, Philbert, I've been
meaning to talk to you about
Hey, what are you
two soggy fucks up to?
Hey Buff.
What are you doing here, Buff?
Heading into Billings
for a little tussie!
It's Friday night, two
weeks from Christmas.
Hell, the bars will be crawling
with fa la laing and horny
little elves.
Fine then, who the
hell are you kidding, partner?
Oh, hey Philbert.
That's your shitbox outside?
What'd you do, park
it under a sprinter?
Made a trade...
I can't believe you rode in that thing.
[woman] Here's your shake.
Hey Betty, how about you and
me go into Billings tonight, eh?
In a pig's ass.
Huge bitch, that Betty.
Married to the cook.
Ah, right.
I'll see you around.
[woman] The other
cheeseburger's coming.
I'm really worried about you.
About what?
I'm concerned with your appearance.
If you wanna be a
warrior, you gotta dress right.
That's an essential part of the ritual.
[chewing] [unintelligible]
That Cheyenne?
[chewing] I've got no
bread for buck's skin.
Oh, yeah.
Well, you know, maybe we
could work something out.
What about your pony?
- My pony?
- Yeah.
Looks like shit.
Rides like shit.
It sounds...
we don't have no music in the thing.
Pony like that, what can you say?
It ain't prepared for
battle, that's for sure.
Don't even have a goddamn AM radio.
[woman] Here's your pie.
Carolers sing "Deck the Halls
Car radio.
Car radio.
Right this way, gentlemen.
Now, I have a very nice Panasonic.
It's an AM/FM in-dash, auto-reverse,
got Dolby, and it's
got a graphic equalizer.
Nah, what else you got?
I'll tell you what.
How about a break on a standard KID581.
That's a one time price,
it's good through Christmas.
I ain't got but the
three of these babies left.
music plays from radio
Smart fella would
take one of these home,
I gotta tell ya.
Looks kinda cheap.
Christmas music
plays from radio
Maybe something like this
is what you're looking for.
Plays cassettes, mono,
take it to the beach.
We'll take one of these.
We'll take a couple of
these turbo pro speakers,
and one of these CBs
while you're at it.
All right.
This is our most expensive stuff.
It's top of the line.
You don't understand.
No get 'em special
deal on this one, chief.
Install them.
Car's out front.
Yeah Phil, I gotta tell ya.
You look good!
Check that out!
Let's put on one of them tapes!
Which one you want?
That looks good.
Let's fire this sucker
up, see what she's got,
get juice in there.
Start her up, Phil.
Okey-doke, let's see here.
What the hell's wrong with that?
Try this button there.
That ain't nothing.
Goddamn this country.
What's the deal here?!
649 fucking dollars and
it's a piece of shit!
Look at that!
The cheap fucking shit breaks
off the minute you touch it!
You think you're
gonna get away with this,
you asshole!?
Well you ain't getting away!
I want my goddamn money back!
You sold me that cheap fucking shit!
Don't even work!
[man] Hey wait there a minute.
I'm gonna haul you out of
here if you don't calm down.
[Buddy] You!
Open this register now!
Open this goddamn register!
You better open this register.
You need to calm down for a second.
You open this goddamn register
or I'm gonna throw this through
"Tear It Up" by The Fabulous
Thunderbirds plays from radio
[unintelligible screaming]
[glass shattering]
[car peeling out]
[inaudible radio chatter]
Hey, good buddy.
Ten-four, uh.
How you be?
Do you copy?
- [man on radio]
- [speaking Cheyenne]
Hey, Cheyenne.
It's Philbert Bono riding
Protector the War Pony out of
Lame Deer, Montana.
- [man on radio]
- [speaking Cheyenne]
Got a warrior name?
It's, uh...
Whirlwind Dreamer,
but I'm not yet worthy.
What's your handle?
- [man on radio]
- White Cloud, brother,
running an 18-wheeler out of Sturgis,
South Dakota.
White Cloud, like the prophet?
[man on radio] Right, man.
Nobody ever picks up on that.
Well, they should.
He's like Jesus to the Cheyenne.
[man on radio] Yeah, I
know what you're saying,
but nobody cares
about history these days.
Well I do.
The other night on
'Bonanza,' the Cheyenne chief...
Well, he was a white actor.
[man on radio] 'Bonanza?'
That's not where you
learned about the prophet?
No, my uncle Fred.
He told me about White Cloud.
[man on radio] He tell
you about [inaudible]?
The sacred mountain where
White Cloud got his power.
Uncle Fred calls it "sweet butte,"
but I've never been there.
[man on radio] Incredible man.
Most powerful spot in South Dakota,
maybe the world.
You gotta go there, just
straight ahead in the sun rise.
You can't miss it.
[radio breaking up]
Hey White Cloud, White Cloud.
Dramatic music
[birds chirping]
[deep breath]
dramatic flute music
White Cloud?
It's not so big.
dramatic music
You burning a barn?
You're pissing on your tire!
What tribe you all?
So where you heading?
Pine Ridge.
Christmas Powwow.
That's a long way from here.
[man] Uh-huh.
I must've slept through Denver.
I think he slept through last month.
We're down by, um, by Pueblo, yeah?
I've been on this road before.
You been on acid, partner.
Them are the Black Hills.
What the hell?
[Philbert] Woo!
[Buddy] Holy fuck...
[Buddy] Philbert!
We're supposed to be
on the road to Santa Fe!
In case you forgot, I got
important shit coming down!
Where are you guys going?
Philbert, we don't
have time to fuck around!
Nobody grabs me no more!
This is [speaking Cheyenne]
The most sacred place in America,
maybe the world.
We are gathering power.
[woman] Hey, he know the scene?
Where you going, brothers?
[man] Powwow over in Pine Ridge.
[man] Mm-hm.
Pine Ridge.
- [man] Yeah.
- [chuckles]
[cows mooing]
Don't worry about Buddy.
He'll be back.
No way.
That yahoo hot shit took our
money and went on a drunk.
You won't see him back in
Laramie till the money runs out.
Old Buddy, he'll be here.
He'll help.
No, I say you haul
his crazy ass back here,
because anybody else,
that'd what you do.
You treat him like
he's something special.
Listen, you quit
worrying about Red Bow.
Everyone knows he's got
his own way of doing things.
But he's done more for
this tribe than anyone.
Now you just load up them
damn bulls and let's get going.
[cows mooing]
Calm down, Sandy.
Putting your sister
behind bars was our best shot.
It's completely unnecessary.
I covered it all with the tribe.
protection, sacred land issue,
net profit participation.
Sandy, you're missing the point.
Red Bow's got a bunch of
radicals on the loose up there.
We need him off that
reservation till the vote is in.
You flew me all the way down
from Montana to tell me this?
The Bureau feels you
underestimate Red Bow.
Listen Jack, I really don't
need the feds to do my job for
Dramatic music
Stupid doughboy.
Would've killed me if
I hadn't bounced off.
Philbert, when we were kids, was I...
What do you remember?
Not much.
You were always playing
army games and football.
But I remember Bonnie.
Dramatic music
[children] Mommy!
You've got five minutes.
They got us in the slammer too.
I know.
Can't me and Jane stay here?
I'll be out soon and
we'll all go home together,
For now I want you two to
take care of each other and stay
And no fighting, okay?
But there's nothing
to do in that place.
Yeah, nobody reads to us.
I know.
Listen, you two can help
me get out of here faster.
I want you to take this and
I want you to call Rabbit.
You understand?
Cut the whispering.
Tell him my bail is 2.000
and to come as soon as she can,
All right, let's go.
My time isn't up.
[woman] Yes it is.
Move it.
I love you.
I love you.
Don't worry about Mommy, okay?
You two stay close.
I'll be okay.
- [woman] Move it!
- Wait!
[car rumbling]
You dumb shit!
Singing in Cheyenne
singing in Cheyenne
Freezing my fucking balls off!
Hey, my first token!
Good medicine.
Well that's good, because
I got fucking pneumonia.
My friend Wolf Tooth lives
around here in Pine Ridge.
Pine Ridge, the powwow!
Philbert, we gotta get
out of these clothes!
Pine Ridge.
Dramatic music
Whose that?
[Buddy] Buddy Red Bow from Lame Deer,
Hey man, I almost
blew your brains away.
How you doing, man?
All right.
Wouldn't make much
of a splatter though.
What'd you guys do, swim from Montana?
Yeah, I want you to
meet my pal Philbert.
This here's Wolf Tooth.
Well, I ain't never
met Philbert before, have I?
You weren't in
Wounded Knee with us, were you?
Or Oglala?
No, but I remember hearing about it.
Imogene home?
She's inside, c'mon, c'mon.
We can't wait to get out of here.
What, are you leaving Pine Ridge?
Miller's still got his
gestapo running loose.
They broke into my
machine shop a couple days ago,
wrecked everything.
[Imogene] We can't take it anymore.
There's a shooting a week, Buddy.
It's like living in Belfast.
What's this?
That's yuppie bullshit.
[Imogene] You sure don't
want what comes outta the tap.
[Wolf Tooth] Yeah, uranium
lines have poisoned the White
River from here to Cactus Flat.
[Imogene] We're moving to Denver.
It's gotta be better than this.
Protector's going to Denver.
We can give you a ride.
You guys got room?
[Imogene] Wolf.
We got plenty of room.
When do we go?
After the powwow.
Chanting and singing
Thank you.
Hey, Phil, listen I'm
gonna step outside...
That's beautiful.
What's on the rosette?
It's my Purple Heart.
I thought I'd put the
old tin to some use.
Should be proud of it.
Wear it more often.
Yeah, save me a place, will ya?
Have some more?
Thank you.
Just one more.
Merry Christmas.
I hear you're leaving.
Yeah, thanks for
destroying my shop, Miller.
I didn't hear about that.
What happened?
C'mon Wolf, there's room
for us on the bleachers.
Go on.
Your goons trampled my equipment.
I don't like what you're saying.
Mr. Miller.
Good to see you again, man.
Do I know you?
Wounded Knee.
March 1, 1973 behind a bunker.
I tried to kick you in the balls,
but you don't have any so of
course you wouldn't remember.
I guess that's it, eh?
Get your hands off me!
Let's go have a talk, Red Bow.
Why don't you stick around, Bull?!
Next one might be lower!
Let him go!
Get out of town, Red Bow.
All you sons of
bitches are gonna rot in prison,
just like your friend Peltier!
That was great, man.
Who threw that?
All right!
[Wolf] He was in Nam with Buddy and me.
He got captured and spent
31 months in a tiger's cage.
He finally escaped but had to
slit four throats to do it.
He's got just about
every medal there is.
[stuttering] M... M... Miller is
f... f... full... full of shit!
He is now, man.
You just made him
crap all over himself.
Ay... Ay...
Hey, man.
Hey Jimmy, take it easy man.
C'mon man, you don't gotta say nothing.
Come on.
Hey look it man, just
think about lying on the grass,
doing nothing, okay?
Just think about being outside
looking at the sky or something.
Drumming and chanting
Look, I gotta get out of here.
C'mon, let's go smoke a number, eh?
Man, I don't dance, you know?
I hate these goddamn things.
Look at these people, chirping
around some basketball court.
You think a few lousy beads and
some feathers was a culture or
N... No.
You... You got mean.
Drumming and chanting
[cartoon on TV] Take it
easy honey, you're okay.
We'll protect you.
Take care of the girl, Rick.
I'll hold them off.
[cartoon on TV] You
can't hold them alone!
- [cartoon on TV]
- Don't argue with me...
Come on, Sky.
- [cartoon on TV]
- Stay right there,
I'll pick you!
[cartoon on TV] I
thought you were an amateur.
Oh, no!
- [cartoon on TV]
- Trust me, I can do it.
[cartoon on TV] Do I have to?
Could I have some of your popcorn?
Are you an indian?
Our mommy's an indian too.
Oh, what tribe?
Don't you know?
Can I have some money for phone call?
Indians should know their ancestors.
Our mother's in jail.
Could we please have our money now?
You can call from over there.
Thank you.
I'll go see.
Guard the phone, I gotta
see what street this is.
What tribe are me and Jane?
Dramatic music
Fort Robinson is
around here some place.
Oh, c'mon Phil.
You can't trust a Nebraska storm, Phil.
We've gotta keep moving.
Why stop?
Nothing's open anyway.
Oh, Jesus.
What are you doing?
It's a blizzard out there!
C'mon, man!
Philbert, come back!
[Buddy] Close the window, Wolf.
[howling wind]
dramatic drumming
[Philbert] A token from the orphans.
"Fallen Angel" by
Robbie Robertson
[Buddy] Here's 10 bucks.
You pay for the gas.
Can I have 10 hot dogs with
lots of mustard and ketchup,
a big bag of chips, and,
um, a six-pack of Miller,
and four ginger ales with ShastaPops,
and, uh, better give me four
coffees with lots of sugar,
and some Chunky bars too.
All ready to go, okay?
Please, thanks.
So with Wihio the
Trickster, sometimes a man,
sometimes an animal.
But mostly he likes pulling
antics and telling dirty jokes.
One day, he saw some
plums floating on the creek.
Now Wihio loves to eat, so
he reached for those plums,
but they disappeared and
he fell into the creek.
He crawled out, all soaking
wet, and saw them plums again,
shimmering in the water.
He kept diving, and
they kept disappearing.
Three days later, his wife found
him still splashing around.
cried Wihio "During the
day, juicy plums float in this
magical spot.
But at night, they go away."
His wife screamed at him.
"Stupid dog of a dog!
Those plums are still on the tree.
You worthless fool of a husband
chasing shadows while the truth
hangs over your head."
Then she hit him with a
pan and took him home.
Never did get any plums.
Philbert, that was wonderful.
Yeah man, you outta be tribe historian.
Tell everybody fairy stories.
Of how the old
ones dealt with problems.
Often the problems never change.
Nor the people.
Yeah, well it's just too bad
those stories don't tell us how
to keep our reservations
from turning into sewers.
But they do.
Look, Phil...
I don't mean to step on your show,
but white America ain't
gonna hold off much longer,
They're hungry.
They want our coal and
our oil and our uranium,
and they're gonna take it!
Wherever it is.
No they won't.
Wihio the Trickster won't let them,
for Wihio is also the
creator of the universe.
He will play a little
trick on the white man.
You wait and see.
[Buddy] I'll be damned.
Hard to believe
you're moving here, Wolf.
[Wolf] We're not moving here.
You know, it's just temporary
until we find a place to live.
[Buddy] Heh, yeah right.
[Wolf] What's the problem?
[Buddy] It ain't no problem.
You wanna start taking
it easy in condo land,
that's your business.
Of course, back on the res,
the fight is still going on,
you know.
[Wolf] I'm
through bleeding for it, Buddy.
I got a kid on the way.
You wanna fight everyday of your life,
you live in Pine Ridge.
I had enough of that shit in Nam.
[child] Mommy, they're here!
There they are.
Hi, Imogene.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, Donna.
Hi Kathy, how you doing?
Hey Keith, how you been?
Looks like you two are doing fine here.
I was about to call the highway patrol.
[Wolf] This is Buddy
and this is Philbert.
[man] Well, c'mon in.
Uh, no thanks, we gotta hit the road.
[woman] Oh come on, I
fixed an enormous dinner.
No, we're really in a hurry.
Oh, come on.
[Imogene] Come on, Buddy.
C'mon, Buddy.
We gotta get going.
Oh Jesus, Philbert.
Put some clothes on.
Taking off, huh?
It's a long way to Santa Fe.
Remember me to Bonnie, okay?
Dramatic flute music
Good luck, man.
"Who'll Stop the Rain" by
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Once the Comanche
roamed these southern plains,
but did these see these hills
as extinct volcanos of another
great age?
You're gonna be one helluva help,
you know that?
All blissed out like this.
We are Cheyenne.
All the shit of the
world could not change that.
Do me a favor.
When the heat comes down, don't
start in with the old legends
and all that mystical horseshit, okay?
It'll only make things worse.
Where's my caramel corn?
How can you eat that crap?
I'm hungry.
Don't you ever think about your health?
All you eat are
carcinogen, you know that?
Look at your diet, man.
Sugar, grease, beer.
Fucking preservatives up the wazoo!
I think your car ate
the goddamn caramel corn.
There's an arachnid in
there the size of the Pentagon,
A what?
A goddamn huge hairy spider!
I'll squash the mother.
My gun!
Trickster takes many forms.
[Buddy] Look at my gun, Phil!
That's fucking useless!
We must keep our medicine good.
Yeah, without a gun?
Let me get this straight.
You dump me on the side of the
road to save a goddamn insect!
Hey, look Buddy.
Santa Fe.
Sorry my pony threw you, Buddy.
[dings bell]
I wanna bail out Bonnie Red Bow.
Sorry, we're closed.
I can take the bond but it won't
be processed till after the
Oh, come on.
I got cash, can't you
just put it through?
Yes, I can take your cash,
but her release has got to be
There must be someone I can talk to,
like maybe your boss.
Everyone's at our Christmas party,
which is where I want to be.
Goodnight Lucinda, Merry Christmas.
Good night, Merry Christmas.
Bonnie being in jail over Christmas,
she's got kids.
Could I at least see her?
All right.
Wait here.
Oh my God!
What do you have got on?
Look at you.
I paid the bail but the can't
process it or some damn thing
till after the holiday.
What do you mean?
You know, same old bullshit.
Some dumbass telling
you what you can't do.
Rabbit, you've gotta
get me out of here.
They've got Sky and Jane locked up...
Go easy, honey.
I've got the kids.
And if this thing drags
on, I'll stay with them.
Thank God.
So what's the story?
I don't know.
They're putting me through hell.
Well honey, we waded
through some deep shit before.
I'll figure something out.
This is really weird, Rabbit.
I don't know what's going on.
[unintelligible shouting]
What the hell is that?
Hey, you!
Get out of here!
Get the hell out of my face, lady!
Who the hell are you?
Now get out of here!
Back off, sarge!
This is family I guess.
I don't care if you're Jesus, Mary,
and Joseph.
You're out of here!
You too!
We'll be back, Bonnie.
Where's the phone?
I'm gonna make a call.
Get your hand off me, man!
Just keep moving tough guy.
Hey Buddy.
Not now, Philbert!
You too, big fella.
[Buddy] C'mon Philbert, let's go!
[Philbert] I gotta go take a leak.
Dramatic music
So, you're her famous militant brother.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Rabbit, the one who stuck
by her while you were out saving
the world.
What, are you traveling
incognito as a garbage man?
Dramatic music
[speaking Cheyenne]
Listen, why don't you go back
to Texas or wherever the hell it
is you came from?
Me and my partner can handle this.
Hah, right, I just saw how
you peckerheads handle things.
Yeah, well don't you worry
your sweet little self about it
'cause we've got a plan.
Oh, you think you are such hot shit.
Bonnie told me nobody ever gave
a damn about her when she was a
That's a goddamn lie.
She said that?
Goddamn right.
Bonnie was always a pretty shy kid.
Let's go get a drink, Phil.
That's the first good idea you've had.
Shit, sounds like a lot of
fun and games over the last 10
Oh yeah, me and the feds go way back.
And I'll tell you one thing,
this whole business with Bonnie
Stop worrying.
Trust the powers.
I trust my instincts, Phil.
What the hell's Youngblood doing here?
Sandy Youngblood, what's he doing here?
Well I'll be goddamned.
Wait, Buddy!
Jane and Sky, how
could I forget about them?
I will go get them.
Where are they?
They're at the El Dorado room 220,
but I think I should go.
I'll rescue the [speaking Cheyenne]
You know babe, back on the res,
it's illegal to sell firewater
to engines.
I understand your confusion,
but this guy does have red skin.
Sometimes you gotta bite
the apple to see the worms,
I guess.
You've been spending too
much time in the sweat lodges,
Red Bow.
Take a bath.
You're wasting your time, Sandy.
You see, my red, it don't wash off.
[Rabbit] That's good, Buddy!
That it?
You son of a bitch!
I know why you're in
Santa Fe, I swear to God!
- Buddy, c'mon!
- Let's get out, man!
You were fuckin' a, man!
I would've done the same
thing to that touch hole.
Yeah, I bet you would've.
Seriously, I think you
could use a partner like me.
I don't think I could handle
both you and the feds coming
after my ass.
I think you could
handle just about anything.
Do you see Sky, to be a warrior
you must have a medicine bundle.
So you won't get sick?
Different medicine.
Sacred things that
protect you from all harm.
Four tokens that come
to you in a special way.
Are you Cheeyanee?
We are Cheyenne.
[speaking Cheyenne]
The awakening of the clear blue earth.
I am Philbert now, but soon
I will be Whirlwind Dreamer.
So who's this uncle Buddy?
He is my best friend.
Oh great, the kid's ain't
in their room and they ain't
checked out.
Don't sweat it, man.
We'll find 'em.
Well as soon as we do, I want
you to take 'em and get the hell
out of Santa Fe.
My best friend and my two grand
are locked up in that joint,
and I ain't going anywhere
till I get them both back.
You're a real Texas
twister, you know that?
I know what I want.
Dramatic music
We should've rented a car.
We have my pony.
Your pony's an old nag.
Just because he told
you all that warrior stuff.
You must prepare for battle.
You know what to do.
Bring the captive woman.
He walks right up to you,
knocks your stupid ass on the
floor, and waltzes out of the place?
The APB is out.
Get the hell over here.
We're putting a lid on.
What's Sandy got?
No balls, and a positive ID on Red Bow.
Bartender said he came in with a
Rabbit Layton and some fat guy.
Beautiful, he's made fools
out of everybody in Santa Fe.
Listen, if you'd been straight
with us from the beginning Mr.
Novall, we could've
nailed the guy on the spot.
But no, you feds always
gotta do things your way.
Take that ridiculous hat off.
[clears throat]
Who the hell are you?
I'm here to see Bonnie Red Bow.
Hey idiot, stop right now!
This must be pretty important
for a chief to come all this
Sir, I'm here on tribal business.
And you realize that
Bonnie is in serious trouble?
I just want to speak to her.
Captain Roberts, would you
please bring Ms. Red Bow to the
visitor's room?
Return that darn woman!
Philbert Bono?
Hey Bonnie!
Help me.
We'll tie up these bars with
this rope and pull 'em out this
fucking wall.
[snickering] You're kidding!
Dramatic music
[speaking Cheyenne]
[engine roars]
By the way Chief, any men
in your tribe about six foot,
300 pounds?
No, must be Navajo.
[engine roaring]
Faster Philbert, faster!
Dramatic music
[engine roaring]
[man] Freeze, police!
Goddamnit I said freeze!
Upbeat music
[car beeps]
All right!
It worked, told ya.
Will you guys watch where you're going?
What'd you do?
We can go now.
How'd you do it?
I pulled out the window.
This is wild!
I can't believe you came, Bonnie.
We can believe it now baby,
because we're here and we're
gonna take you home!
Uh oh.
Open the door.
It's stuck.
Ah here, come on Protector.
Get in, get in!
Buddy Red Bull.
Let's fly the hell out of here!
upbeat music
[all cheering]
All right, step on it Phil!
Let's take the mountain road.
C'mere you!
I missed you.
Wait a minute!
Those fuckers got my 2000 bucks.
That's right.
Oh, no.
I got money.
You do?
What's that?
Philbert, what the hell?
Phil, there's like
thousands of dollars here.
Where'd you get it?
At the vault in the jail.
You got that at the vault?
You just helped
yourself to 4.000 bucks?
Some for the bulls, some for rabbit,
the rest for food.
All right, woo!
All right boys, let's cowboy up.
We've got work to do.
dramatic music
Hey drive faster Philbert.
We need to pick up the pace here.
Protector is already galloping.
I sure hope it dies before
they cross into pueblo country.
That heap will never make
it up this mountain road.
Relax, in five minutes we'll have them.
[cows mooing]
Put it in low, man.
We are in low.
[cows mooing]
[cows mooing]
Goddamn this country!
It ain't the country.
Um, what do you think?
Maybe we should get some backup?
[car backfires]
What's that?
[Buddy] Phil?
My brakes!
[Rabbit] You're kidding, right?
Buddy, do something!
Hey we've gotta get out, jump!
We're not moving that fast.
Take the kids and go now.
Get out, jump clear
of the car, and roll.
Jump clear and roll, go!
Go, get out!
Rabbit, get out!
C'mon Sky, let's go.
Let's go, hey!
Goddamnit Philbert, jump with him!
My pony!
Sky, come on!
[fire blazes]
[Sky] He was almost a warrior.
Don't cry uncle Buddy.
[whimpering] Yeah.
You can forget that backup.
It's all over.
[cows mooing]
My pony threw me!
And now he's dead.
Well I'll be damned.
The third token!
[speaking Cheyenne]
Let's get out of here, c'mon.
C'mon kids.
This is yours.
Be well, my brother.