Prague (2013) Movie Script

"It's a fact that time
has a hundred hands."
"It's a fact that time
has a hundred hands."
"Time crawls while l fly."
"It ponders every moment
before taking a step"
"and then turns our
life into a living hell."
"Time is simple."
"I am sly."
"It's a fact"
"that time
has a hundred hands."
"It's a fact that time
has a hundred hands."
"Time crawls while I fly."
"It ponders every
moment before taking a step"
"and then turns our
life into a living hell."
'I don't have a house,
but I have the keys.. Gulshan.'
Where are you staying
these days?
Where are you staying
these days?
And with whom?
Did you find a place?
I don't have a house,
I have the keys.
Keep one more.
Come over whenever you want.
I don't know, Arfi.
I don't know. I..
I seriously don't know, man!
Do you remember when Gulshan came
to our place for the first time?
And he got this..
Lots of vodka for us to drink.
And we drank like crazy.
Just like..
We boozed like crazy.
You know..
The fact that a stranger
had come to our house
and was singing, eating
and drinking there like it
was his house irritated me.
I could see that you were drinking
and were about to puke.
And then you had puke
in the middle of the room.
He had forced me to drink. And
you know I can't drink much since..
He had forced me to drink. And
you know I can't drink much since..
I got so irritated.
I had no option, I left the room.
And when I come back,
what do I see? I see Gulshan
is cleaning the floor.
I asked him what he was doing.
I told him that I
would clean the floor.
Then he looked at me
and said that the stench
would be out in five minutes.
And I was like..
He was so comfortable.
Okay, tell me something.
If you go to someone's home
and that person asks you to take
a bottle of water from the fridge
what would you do?
- 'Smoking kills.'
I will be embarrassed. I will be
so embarrassed to do that.
But this guy was cleaning vomit.
Because he wants the spotlight
on him all the time, Chandan.
I think, I really liked that guy.
I think I liked him.
It's not about how
he tried to help me
but it was about the
way he did it, you know.
It was just..
It's ridiculous, Chandan.
Absolutely ridiculous.
"All the leaves are brown.
- All the leaves are brown.."
"And the sky is grey.
- And the sky is grey.."
"M-My Sharona.."
"Get back.."
"Come on, baby,
light my fire.'
"Come on, baby,
light my fire."
"Try to set the night on fire."
Hey, Subhangi. - What? - You
were absent in the class today.
I can't hear you.
Why were you absent
in the class today? - Just..
Why were you absent
in the class today? - Just..
I have a huge crush on you.
No. Really?
Since when?
Just one minute.
You don't mind, right?
So.. What was I saying?
- You have a crush on me.
I have had a huge crush on you
for the last four years.
Are you.. - What?
No, nothing. - I am not drunk.
I just had five pints
of beer, you know like..
I know, that's..
I can pee that much right now.
Like five pints of beer.
Not here. - But
that's not the point. - Then?
For the last four years, I have
been dying to tell you that..
You know, like..
I have a huge crush on you.
And here I go. And I..
I feel so glad that I just said it!
Yes, you are dancing.
How hard was that? - No.
- Was that hard?
This is what my friend,
Chandan, should have said.
How hard was that?
Chandan, was that hard?
See you, man.
And see you, guys.
See you, man.
And see you, guys.
He loves you.
I love you too.
You don't have to like me.
You don't have to say
this to Subhangi or me, okay?
See, there are some reasons.
Reason number one.
If you want something
then you should get it your way.
If you don't get it like that,
it's not yours. Okay? Right?
Look here, man.
Don't look here and there.
Reason number two.
I am not stupid. You
shouldn't have said that in front
of Subhangi's boyfriend.
I did not like it.
Nice. Nice, man.
Where are you staying these days?
And with whom?
Did you find a place?
I don't have a house,
I have the keys.
Keep one more.
Come over whenever you want.
I wonder if he was even
listening to me or not.
Exactly, Chandan.
He wasn't listening to you.
Especially after last night..
- And the way he just went in..
Disappeared into the ocean.
It was so wonderful
to see someone
so free, you know.
So free.
It was so wonderful.
The way
he rolls his joint.
He keeps it between his lips
takes a deep drag
takes a deep drag
and throws a big fat chain
of smoke right into the air.
Have you ever noticed, Arfi?
While peeing, his head
moves backwards like this.
As if he is orgasmic
or something.
Do you even observe that?
You are..
You are disgusting, Chandan.
While his bike is still moving
he puts it on a stand and parks it.
Can you beat that?
But there is one thing.
There is one thing
he can't beat me at.
And do you know how she is?
I know how Subhangi is.
Handle with care types.
Because I don't know
what to do about it.
Are you not concerned about it?
- No.
You don't care if I care or not.
What do you care? - Why
were you not taking my call?
Because I don't feel
like taking your call.
You don't feel like
taking my calls!
- Why?
Because.. - Why?
- Because you annoy me!
Oh! Hello.
Hi. Congratulations
for the Prague project.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
Where would I go?
I will be in Mumbai.
- Subhangi, two minutes please.
So what have you thought
about the Prague project?
Prague project..
Nothing much.
Prague project..
Nothing much.
There were so many invasions..
- Yes. - ...deaths.
I am thinking of making
a peace monument.
Yes, how wonderful!
You know, all the world wars
and concentration camps
and so many spooky stories.
- Subhangi, two minutes please.
And you know there is a clock
in Prague which never stops
because they say a ghost runs it.
Have you heard of that?
- The Astronomical clock.
Yes.. Exactly that.
Subhangi, come on.
Just listen to me for two minutes.
I think I will catch you later.
No.. Wait, Chandan.
Leave my hand.
Leave my hand.
I told you I didn't
want to talk to you.
You did the same
with Arfi too, right?
You were saying something.
- What?
You were asking for a treat.
And I refused. - Oh.
But you were insisting, so I
agreed to treat you with coffee.
- Please buy me coffee.
Do you remember that?
Yes, I think I remember
it a little now.
So, shall we?
- Let's go.
- Yes. - Okay.
So I thought,
I will treat you with coffee.
Nice. Nice, man!
I think your contours are wrong.
And you need to space
out the cottages more.
The axis is not well-defined.
If you take this to Chishti like
this, he will tear it apart.
But I have to submit it is
tomorrow. How will I do it?
I will help you.
- Will you?
Of course.
- Thank you.
- Okay, yes. That's worth. - So..
Hey, guys!
What's up?
- You tell me.
Why is he looking at us like that?
Is she white? - What?
- What?
I mean, are you white?
- No.
Has two years in the US
made her an American now?
Has two years in the US
made her an American now?
She has started to speak
even the native language in a
foreign accent. What the..
What's your point exactly?
I want you to speak
to me in fluent Hindi.
Leave it, man.
Listen Chandan, this is your
responsibility. - Okay.
Just get the basic words
right. Like.. - Yes..
Make sure that she pronounces
the Hindi words correctly
without a foreign accent.. - I..
Come on, man. She is already sad.
She will get more depressed.
I know.
Is she sad? Her emotions are
respected because she is a girl.
And Vijay?
His pain is nothing
because he is a guy!
How sexist is that,
Fine, which word?
It means thighs.
Take your time.
I will come tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow.
a similar sounding word.
That's a brilliant comeback.
I must say that.
I was about to give
her a tougher word.
I was about to give
her a tougher word.
That would have given
her a hard time.
I gave her an easy word
as I didn't want to act mean.
She would have said..
- Okay, now please shut up!
Yes, this what she would
have said, shut up.
And would have shut herself up.
She's so predictable, man.
So are you.
- Anyway, I don't have time.
It was nice.
- I know. - Bye.
Keep practising!
Not bad.
How do you tolerate such shit?
No, it's okay.
He was joking.
You know that, right?
He is just an asshole.
It's okay.
He is such an asshole.
And anyway, he is going
to Prague with you. Right?
Why would he do that?
Tell me! You tell me.
Why would he do that?
Why did he do that in
the first place?
I wondered what he
was trying to achieve
by doing that. Was he trying
to prove a point or something?
He was advising me what to do.
He was saying
that taking a girl out
for coffee or helping
her with a project wouldn't help.
Tell me.
What was he trying to do?
We can't smoke here.
He showed the finger and left.
He just doesn't care. - Exactly.
Exactly, Chandan.
He just does not care.
Why do you think he is so cold?
He doesn't need you.
Look at us! I need you, you
need me. We are friends, man.
That bastard doesn't need anyone.
And do you know how she is?
I know how Subhangi is!
Handle with care types.
And that day we went for lunch.
It was beautiful.
We sat together,
had a good meal.
Spoke our heart out.
She was happy.
She was very happy.
And she was listening to me.
If I am not taking
any of your calls then
it can only mean
one of the two things.
Either I am busy or..
I am busy, you know.
I am not doing it
for attention or power.
I don't need power.
I don't want power.
I mean..
What the..
Are you listening?
- Yes.
Yes? - Yes.
- I mean..
Once you pour your heart out,
you are defenceless.
she played power games
with me, I didn't.
Finally, it ended.
How long did you date her?
I think,
we were together for a year.
For a year?
As in, you were dating, right?
We were close,
we were very close friends.
Excuse me, sir. - I will pay
the bill. - No.. It's okay.
No.. - It's okay.
- Please, let me. - It's okay.
Are you sure? - Let
me take care of that. Yes. - Okay.
So let me get this straight.
She wasn't your girlfriend.
She was not officially
my girlfriend.
We were just fine.
We were just fine.
Just fine.
- Yes, of course.
It's my phone.
- Lovely.
- No.. It's okay.
Gulshan is throwing a party
at someone's place
for the Prague project
and there will be dope and shit.
Will you be interested?
- Yes, let's go.
Yes, she will come.
Thanks, man.
"I have lived through"
"the torrents of rains."
"I have endured"
"the brutality of wishes."
"Here and there,
all across the universe."
"In the eye of love,
and in the totality of loss.."
"It flies, uninhibited,
the bird of my heart.."
"On the silken moon and the
shards of broken glass"
"in the last bouts of short,
heavy breaths.."
"It flies everywhere, uninhibited
the bird of my heart."
"I wish it were empty as heart"
"fake as tears"
"familiar as the soil"
"and dreamy like mornings."
"Day.." - And I could
see her in the mirror, you know.
And funny thing, we were looking
at each other in the mirror
and on the mirror,
it was written
'The objects are closer
than they appear.'
You are thinking bullshit,
she would put her chin
on my shoulder
to listen to me.
I would deliberately
go quiet sometimes
so that she doesn't take
her chin off my shoulder.
And she wouldn't. - I am talking
about last night Chandan.
Shall I say?
- Go ahead..
- But.
Guys, are you..
"What is the heart worth?"
- " life instead!"
- " life instead!"
"But just for once"
"accept what I say."
"I admit that friends may not"
"always understand
that value of friendship."
Friendship is meaningless.
Friendship's value.
"Yet, does this mean
you should accept"
"kindness from strangers?"
- "Yet, does this mean.."
Don't just say wow.
Do you know what it means?
This line is very sexy.
What do you say?
A girl is saying
that she wouldn't look at you
talk to you or come close to you.
She is cold.
She doesn't care about love,
romance and all that crap.
You know, she is like..
But if she sees you
suffering on a terrible night..
Then you wouldn't have
to go anywhere else.
She will be the one
to take care of you.
Am I making any sense?
The point is
she is cold only till the point
you don't fall weak.
This line is very sexy.
"What is the heart worth?"
"Take my life instead."
"But just for once,
accept what I.."
Watch it.
Watch it till the end.
Watch it.
Watch it till the end.
Please don't go.
Are you feeling bad?
Do you know how much I
like it to watch you suffer?
That's why I am asking
you to watch it.
Please, don't go.
Why are you listening to her?
Just get lost.
Why are you torturing yourself?
Chandan, go!
Chandan, go!
- Please don't go.
Just go.
Why are you torturing yourself?
I will go..
Shreya, why did you sing that
song? - "But for just once"
"listen to what I say."
- This line is very sexy!
I will cook you and eat you up.
I need to pee.
Where is the loo?
Babe, go straight and take a right.
Bastard, you let her pay the bill!
No, I paid the bill.
Come on, man..
What happened..
What happened?
- What happened?
What happened?
You should tell us what happened.
You are eating out
a lot these days.
The Prague privilege.
He is Mr. Bond now as he is going
to Prague for his thesis.
That's not a joke.
Did someone call me?
It could be Subhangi.
Go, check on her.
She was very high.
Go, Chandan..
I will go and check.
- Okay.
I shall go.
It wasn't an imagination, Chandan.
You did not see things.
Wasn't it?
You've seen Subhangi with Gulshan.
I know.
I saw it happen.
What happened?
I am lighting up
Arfi's cigarette, man.
On which side is he sitting?
What are you doing?
Meet the doctor and continue
the medicines. Okay?
Arfi is dead.
- It's okay, man.
No. It's not okay!
I wondered what he
was trying to achieve
by doing that.
Was he trying to prove
a point or something?
- We can't smoke here.
Arfi is dead and he
has become your disease.
I mean, come on. It's been a year
since he died and you know it.
Get over it.
We are going to Prague, dude.
Let it be just two of us.
You and I.
No Arfi.
"On my teary eyes"
"On my teary eyes"
"rested my shattered dreams."
"This heart pines.. - Ruby Roy
called me today and said"
"that she had seen me somewhere."
Is it in Bangla as well?
"Ruby Roy.."
Do you know?
If you..
You might get her,
you might not get her.
But if you..
You are definitely
going to get her.
He is talking about Subhangi.
I know.
- "Yearn.."
"On my teary eyes.."
Which floor is this?
It's a nice house.
- Nice..
You must pay
6,000 crowns.
It's large, too much.
You are free to choose the room,
but I will quote the price.
"Tell me why does the rain pour"
"Tell me why does the rain pour"
"hard on the strong,
great pavements."
"Life is never going
to stop it all"
"till the end of time."
"Is the city crying?
- Yes, it is."
"Is the city crying?
- Yes, it is."
"Is the city crying?
- Yes, it is."
"Is the city crying?
- Yes, it is."
Awesome. You sing well.
- That's good.
How are you?
Can I take this chair?
Can I take this chair?
Are you single?
Actually, I am not.
Is the singer over
there, your boyfriend?
No, he is Elena's ex-boyfriend.
Elena, the brown-eyed chick.
I can't see her eyes
from here. Is she single?
Elena, this guy wants
to see your brown eyes
in exchange
for the chair.
- Hey.
Are you Indian?
Yes. Are you Indian too?
I am Kashmiri.
Oh, wonderful.
I am joking,
I am Czech!
I just look Kashmiri.
Where in India are you from?
Yes, you are kind
of short to be Punjabi.
Really? - Very close.
- Elena.
So where are you from?
Tell me.
You're Bengali.
Do you speak Bangla?
Yes, I was in Kolkata.
I am from Kolkata.
I see.
I got to go.
So do I.
So do I.
This one is yours too?
It seems like the one
I should get into.
Oh, really?
Can you make it a
little faster please?
I have been standing
here for like 15 minutes!
I am fed up of this.
I want to get out of here.
All right. I will take you
to Propaganda after this.
Then you can have fun.
Do you want me to have fun
or do you want to have fun?
You know I don't like loud music
or people who play
loud music in Propaganda.
or people who play
loud music in Propaganda.
How many times do I
have to tell you that?
Move it.
Trams in Kolkata are so different.
I know!
What were you doing in India?
I was fooling around.
Do you never fool around?
I do.
It's good to fool around.
I would also like to see it.
What do you do?
I dance.
Image theatre.
Excuse me.
Do you know that place?
The old town square.
Can I have your number?
Why should I give you my number?
Listen to this.
How do you like it?
Isn't it amazing?
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
I have to go.
- Bye.
I travelled from one
corner of the city
to the other to have..
Oh, sorry.
I travelled
from one corner of the city
to the other to watch your play.
Do you think you can reward
my hard work with a cup of coffee?
I travelled from one corner
of the city to the other
to watch your play.. - Oh!
- Hello!
- Hi.
I travelled from one
corner of the city
to the other to watch your play.
Do you think you can reward
my hard work with a cup of coffee?
Is that possible?
- What?
No.. I am saying
there is a coffee shop here.
If you could have
coffee with me..
Yes, it's a cafeteria.
You can get coffee.
No, I want to have
coffee with you. Can I?
Sorry, but I got to go.
You want some?
- What?
Not hungry?
Weren't you hungry
a moment ago?
So what are you trying to do?
What are you trying to do, Chandan?
Don't trouble me.
- No.
I want to know.
Why are you making such faces?
What face?
- This face.
What this face?
- Look at this.
You see this tone?
This tone and this face.
I don't want to talk to you.
Old trick!
You can't use this trick, you know.
You are just trying to make
me feel bad. That's it.
Do you want me to go?
No, you just want me to leave.
Shall I leave?
Why do you become like this?
- Like what?
I mean..
What is your problem with Lucien?
Why don't you want me
to see him?
Oh, my God..
It's all about that..
You are pissed because of that.
I am not pissed.
I am disappointed.
You are unpredictable.
You say and do
whatever you feel like.
You change every moment.
'I don't want to talk now.'
'I want to go.
I got to do this.'
'I got to do that.' - What does it
have to do with Lucien?
- Everything.
Look at your state,
look at your behaviour.
You can do anything, anytime.
I mean..
What do you mean? - I don't
want you to be with Lucien.
He is your ex. You have got
nothing to do with him anymore!
I am trying to help you here.
Sort your life.
- And mind.
And the character..
- You wrote it..
Yes, I wrote it.. But we
are working on it together.
Yes, I wrote it.. But we
are working on it together.
Imagine this..
What do you get when you
cross a sheep and a crocodile?
A Sheepodile. - Lucien..
We get Lucien.. - Sheepodile.
You get a Sheepodile. That's
what this is. It's beautiful.
What's the crocodile part?
Crocodile is the head
a bit of a tail sticking out,
green feet as well.
But otherwise, the
body is like a sheep so..
Anything else?
A Cappuccino.
Hey, that reminds me.
I-I have got a joke for you.
This boy comes home from school.
Gypsy boy, you know.
And his dad says, 'So how
was your day at school, Son?'
He says, 'Well, you know, it
was really good, Dad. You know..'
'Because.. Because today
we learned the alphabets.'
'Everybody else learned
halfway up to M.'
'I learned the whole alphabet.'
So he said, 'Well, you know,
Son, that's just natural.'
'Gypsies are clever
and you should be proud.'
So boy comes back from school.
'So how was today, Son?'
'Well.. Today..
Oh, Dad, I am proud of myself.'
'Because you know today we
looked at each other's penises.'
'And all the other boys..'
'This size..
Really, like this. Just nothing.'
'And me.. Yes!
I mean, maybe..'
'And hair.. Everything.'
He says, 'Well..'
'Well, Son, you shouldn't
be so proud of that.'
'I mean, after all you are
20-years-old and they are 7.'
Why are you laughing?
We are just talking.
What the hell! You are not
talking, you are being mean.
Lucien, what do you get
out of making fun of people?
Yes, but being mean to whom?
I mean there are no
gypsies around here.
I mean you are not a gypsy.
Are you?
No, he is not,
but he could have been.
Gypsies are from India.
- No, actually she is right.
This is all about power.
When you make fun of lesser people,
you want to feel powerful.
But I don't need power.
I don't want power.
I don't want to show myself
as important. I mean..
What the hell!
What was that?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Peace..
Tell me.
What do you see?
I see a man trying
to hide something.
Well, the thing with
the robe man is that
what you see is what
you actually are.
So what did you see
when you were here last time?
I saw a woman giving birth.
Were you pregnant?
No. I was just scared
of getting pregnant.
You know?
When I was in India, I visited
some of this gypsy tribes.
It's so sad how they are
treated. It's really sad.
Well, I think you are very
sensitive and you are very humane.
That's what I liked about you.
Even here they are
discriminated against.
I mean we have to do something.
- When I saw you with Lucien
I was wondering,
why are you with him.
You don't really
discriminate. Do you?
But.. It's not my space, but I
was thinking that I will ask you.
And the reason I agreed
to this photo shoot
is because it was done
in gypsy style.
So, I thought it
would be so much fun!
You know the first time I saw you..
I thought you were astonishing.
You were..
You were astonishing!
Before I could say anything,
you left with the chair.
You know
there are so many.. - Nice.
- ...Second World War memorials.
But there is nothing
for the gypsies.
And then I saw you in the tram.
You were sitting.
I was wondering how to talk
to you and what to talk to you.
Then you disappeared again.
It's good that we met.
You are an architect.
Why don't you do something?
I mean you can do something..
Like a memorial for the
free spirit of the gypsies.
What do you think?
Okay. - Yes? Really?
- Yes.
You can't even pronounce
my name, right?
Of course, I can.
- Please leave it.
I won't give up.
I would not give up.
I never give up.
- Chandhan.
You did it again.
It's not Chandhan.
Got it?
Try again. Chandan.
- Chandhan. - No.
- No.
See, you got it right!
The last two were perfect.
So good!
Why are you getting involved,
Chandan? - Don't lie to me.
I know it wasn't right.
No.. I am not lying to you.
You were correct.
No.. I am not lying to you.
You were correct.
No, I was not.
You are inviting trouble, man..
Can't you see?
You are just inviting
trouble into your life.
I am telling you it was right,
Elena. It was correct.
Why do you want to repeat
the Subhangi episode?
You know I had this girlfriend
called Subhangi.
And she could never
get her name right.
How stupid is that?
I am sure you kept troubling her
all the time to get it correct.
No, I never did that.
I never do that.
Are you there? Hello?
Your landlady tortured
me just for a key.
By the way, you know
I am not your girlfriend.
Of course, you are not.
Well, I just thought
I would clarify.
Because you referred
to your ex-girlfriend
and then you talked about me.
Good you did that.
Well, have you thought
anything about the gypsy memorial?
Can I speak to you later?
Sure, call me later.
- Bye.
When did you come?
Nice room.
Sexy set up, man.
Where did you find this board?
- Yes.
I didn't find it,
I purchased it.
Nice room, man.
I can stay here all my life.
So what's your plan for tomorrow?
Couldn't you get another car?
The landlady gave it for free.
What else do you want?
What's there in Kutna Hora?
Bone Chapel.
Made in the 18th century
with the bones from the cemetery.
All the stacked bones.
It's a wonderful piece
of architecture.
This is awesome!
How did they join the bones?
How did these bones join?
Even after making many things
so many bones were left.
I think they should have
made a floor out of it.
Are you really an architect?
It wouldn't have been possible
to walk on the bones. Come on.
Who walks on bones?
Do you know what I am thinking?
The thought of making a statue
out of bones must have surely
crossed the mind of the man
who made this church. Right?
You mean, a skeleton on the
cross instead of a statue.
Yes, I think they must
have thought of that.
I am talking about what
he did to satisfy himself.
He couldn't make the statue
but he left behind
this cross of bones.
I am sure he wanted to
put a statue of bones on it.
But they didn't let him.
It's a funny theory, man.
Yes, it seems funny.
Hey, what are you guys talking?
I am getting scared.
Who says this city is spooky?
It's such an amazingly
beautiful city.
I have been looking for one
average looking girls
amidst a sea of beautiful girls
ever since I came here.
But no,
all of them are so bloody hot.
Have you thought about the project?
I have some ideas.
Our original idea is good.
I think we should stick to it.
"Rain, rain, go away."
"Little Gulshan wants to play."
Girls are a distraction.
Check her out!
Let's go.
What happened?
She is not bad.
You really are not interested
in this gypsy thing.
You are entertaining the gypsy idea
only because of that girl,
Listen to me, just give it up.
Both of them!
This is a masterpiece.
Dude, this is a bloody masterpiece!
What.. - Because of all this,
you won't be able to do what you
want to do in architecture.
- This city is so much like you.
Do you see anything common in them?
Their human perception is..
According to them, the entire human
race is troubled or bothered.
I mean, see the kind
of things they make.
This man.. There is someone
sitting in the place of his head.
Just like Arfi on your head.
Where did it go?
This one.
This one.
He got into a robe to hide
from the world
and then disappeared into the robe.
Architecture is your robe!
She will see through you, Chandan.
Very soon.
She will see through you.
Even he is just like you.
He wanted to kill himself
by jumping off the window
but he changed the plan
at the last minute.
That's you all the time.
She will see in you
what Gulshan sees in you, man.
She will see in you
what Gulshan sees in you.
Just shut up and leave, Arfi.
Shut up.
Hey, calm down.
Yes? - Your girl has come.
- What?
Your girl is here.
She is downstairs.
What girl, dude?
Are you going around with someone?
Who is she looking for?
She is calling Chandan.
She is calling Chandan.
What is your name?
- I will call her.
I will go down.
You will go down on her?
Where are you going?
My grandmother's house.
Are you okay?
What language was that?
Okay. See..
That day when you came,
you only punched eight digits.
Where was the ninth?
See, I still remember
your number was..
Is there a problem?
No. Just the usual.
Okay. Keep it down.
- Yes.
When you talk to your friends
about me, try to keep it in English
or in some language
that I can comprehend, okay?
Don't talk to them in
any language which I don't follow.
That means you are
trying to hide something from me.
You scoundrel!
- What?
Now do you follow?
- What?
You have made it
impossible for me to speak to you.
Because you are so annoying!
So, am I annoyed all the time?
I am annoying you all the time!
You are annoyed with me all
the time, that's what you mean.
Yes, because you keep
annoying me!
Okay. - What did I tell
you about the relationship?
How many have
counted the moles on your body!
You are like any other Indian men!
You are like any other Indian men!
I can't trust you.
And who is this Indian
man you are talking about?
Who is this man? Come on, tell me!
Who is this man?
Oh, my God! Chandan..
- What..
How does it matter?
Keep it low, Elena.
This is how it ended
between me and Subhangi.
This is what Subhangi did to me.
You want to control me?
I know what you want from me.
I exactly know it.
Why do you have to go?
Because I have to go.
Why do you have to go?
Because I want to go.
You are busy with your project
and I have got nothing to do here.
So, I have to go.
You have a new play coming up,
I don't want to do it.
Why don't you want to do it?
Because I want to go
to my grandmother's house.
Because I want to go
to my grandmother's house.
Please don't go!
I am going.
- Please!
I am going.
Sing it again.
Come on, sing it!
- No.
Sing. Please.
"Remember, Ruby Ray"
"I called you many a times"
"in my dreams, unaware."
"Today O' my Ruby Ray.."
Don't go!
- I have to go.
"Remember, Ruby Ray"
"I called you many a times
in my dreams, unaware."
"Today O' my Ruby Ray.."
- I don't see a point.
Just because of that girl
why do you want to make
a monument honouring the gypsies?
Our idea about the world
war victim's monument is good.
Out of all, you are
talking about dead people.
Do you really care
about dead people?
You are the one who cares
about the dead people, you creep!
I see Arfi
and I am okay with his death.
I don't really miss him.
If you don't miss
him, then why do you see him?
I see him, which
is why I don't miss him.
And the one you don't see
these days, do you miss them?
I guess.
A little bit.
Even if you don't
miss them, show that you do.
Nice.. Very nice.
How long will this
silent therapy go on?
How long is this going to go on?
But I can't manage
without talking to you.
Now what?
Actually, I think I will stick
to the second world war
memorial monument.
I don't feel right about the whole
gypsy memorial thing.
It's just not happening.
What happened?
What is it?
What's the matter?
My grandmother was a gypsy!
She was in a concentration camp
during the second world war.
Are you a gypsy?
- Yes.
Are you a gypsy?
- Yes.
And you know it
was our own people.
Czech people who were
running the concentration camp.
Not the Nazi Germans.
It was a conspiracy.
They wanted to get rid
of the gypsies.
In Lety, there is a mass grave
where some of my ancestors
are buried.
We should make
the gypsy memorial, Gulshan.
Man, it's again about that chick!
It's not about Elena.
During the world war
the Czech army
tortured and killed the gypsies.
And the Czech government
claimed that it was Hitler's doing.
Do you know
that the gypsies were actually
Indians who settled here.
And the local people
didn't really like them.
And all over the world
there are monuments
for the world war victims.
But there is nothing
for the gypsies.
The place where the gypsies
were buried
that place is now being used as
a pig farm by the Czech government.
They are breeding
pigs on top of their graves.
And if there is even the slightest
truth behind this conspiracy
then there should be
a monument for Gypsies!
Nice, man,
I like the top view.
Will you have some coffee?
Sure, why not!
I am not taking your credit away.
Okay, I will come back.
I will come back later.
It's amazing.
But what exactly is it?
It's amazing.
But what exactly is it?
It's a memorial
for the local gypsies.
For all the dead souls.
I call it, 'The Soul Chapel.'
I was inspired by your story.
Whatever you told me
about your family..
And it's all because of you.
This is for you.
Are you trying to hug me?
- Yes.
Then I should make
the best out of it.
You have got ten
seconds to figure out where it is.
I am just joking, relax!
How many moles are
there on your body?
I don't know.
But I know people who do.
You are crazy, Chandan.
- So are you!
Why did you say all that?
Say what?
- Say what!
The whole mole thing.
What do you want to prove
with that? - Chandan..
Chandan will do what?
What will Chandan do?
Why are you so judgmental?
I am judgemental?
- Yes. I am leaving.
You are the one who is
talking about men, I am not.
Why are you asking me.. - I am..
- You are not going anywhere.
I am going..
- Wait.. Elena..
I am not judgmental.
Subhangi messed it!
Subhangi dumped me!
It's okay..
It happens.
I love her.
It's not okay, man!
'This is why you were
with that handicapped guy.'
You always need
someone weak around you, right?
To feel stronger.
What's wrong with me?
Why did she dump me?
There is nothing wrong with you.
Nobody dumped you.
It's okay. You deserved it.
You should know it. Be a man.
I am with you because I.. - Because
you want to feel powerful.
Which is why you were
stuck with me.
Nobody needs you. - Why are
you talking like this to me?
Just a minute!
- We are friends..
You are all by yourself!
You are not my friend.
I am not your friend.
Nobody is nobody's friend.
You know what you are?
You are a parasite.
You know what you are?
You are a parasite.
I'm not a parasite. I take care of
you. - Of course you're a parasite.
Look at your state,
you are a bloody parasite.
What are you saying?
- You! And you.
Both of you are parasites.
You miserable wretch!
Chandan I love you..
- Oh, please!
- Darn it..
What will Chandan do, you..
Chandan is a freebie,
everybody gets one extra!
You think I am an idiot!
Irrelevant dumb fool!
You need me, and you needed me.
But I don't need any of you.
Nobody needs you.
Subhangi doesn't need you.
I don't need you. No one..
Look at your terrible state!
Who the hell are you talking to?
There's nobody here!
You are weak which
is why you are with me.
That is why she is attracted
to handicapped people. Right?
And you..
Oh, fuck!
I don't need anybody.
I am stronger.
I am way stronger than both of you.
I know.
It's okay.
- Yes, I know it's okay.
It's okay.
- Yes, I know it's okay.
Nothing is wrong..
It's all okay.. It's all fine..
It's okay. - Yes.. But you should
know.. You should know that..
I know, I am sorry.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
- You are right.
You are stronger than me.
Way stronger!
"What a world!"
"What a world I live in!"
"This ambience is exotic."
Have I ever told
you about my friend Arfi?
The one who jumped
from the window and died?
The one who jumped
from the window and died?
When I make this monument.
I will make sure
there are no windows over there.
So, troubled people can't jump off?
If you invite
troubled people to a place
you make sure
that they don't find an exit
before they find peace.
"Why is this bond entangled?"
"With magic, I unravel your mind."
Man, can I ask you a question?
- Go ahead.
Well, leave it.
- Okay.
I mean, you don't really care,
do you?
Look at that.
I mean, I was saying that I
wanted to tell you something.
I mean, I was saying that I
wanted to tell you something.
Which is why I have
a question to ask
but I won't be able to ask it.
I mean..
Did you really kiss Elena?
I don't want to know,
I don't want answers. But..
I won't be able to ask.
Ask me the day you can,
I will tell you.
That day she agreed to it, Arfi.
Do you feel like jumping?
But I think she loves me.
She does.
She does.
You know, sometimes
when you are next to a pool
you get the urge to jump
into the water.
Don't you just feel like jumping?
I didn't want you to die, Arfi.
I surely did not.
I did not want you to die, man.
I am sorry I lost you.
But I don't want
to lose Elena.
I don't want to.
But I think she loves me
and she will be with me.
So what was she doing
with Gulshan in the tram?
Don't you think she becomes
nice to you when she is guilty?
I am not going to jump, man!
I am not going to jump.
Why should I jump?
But whether she loves me
or not, I will find that out.
"This crazy heart of mine.."
What is it? Tell me.
What is it..
- What?
Tell me.
- Tell you what?
What is it..
- Nothing I just wanted to..
What do you want..
I just wanted you to come over.
"Happy birthday to you."
"Happy birthday to you."
"Happy birthday, dear Elena."
"Happy birthday to you."
I love you all.
You know?
There is one more
thing missing in this model.
Tell me.
You know what? You know what?
That's love..
Love solves everything.
This model needs a love point.
Where every troubled man and
woman meet to love each other.
How many troubled
women do you know?
Only one.
Only one.
All the women I know
are the ones who are troubled!
We need alcohol.
You are right.
You are right.
You are so bloody right!
We need a bar in here.
Yes, that's what we need.
Make a bar in the monument
and name it, 'Pain Bar'.
I think we need..
More beer.
I think we need you.
No, baby.
You will need me more
after you'll have beer.
Come on, Chandan..
So, I'll go and get some beer.
"So show me the way
to the next whisky bar."
"Don't ask why.."
"No, don't ask why.."
Oh, man!
I know..
I don't know..
I don't know why she keeps
bickering about the gypsies, man.
I don't know..
She has got problems, man.
Some serious troubles.
She's got problems, is it?
She's got problems!
Why are you taking the risk?
Because it's important
to take risk, my friend.
A good architect
should always take risks.
I knew it.
I knew it!
Yes, what can I get you?
Vodka, whisky or beer?
Vodka, whisky or beer?
Shots of Absolute. Two!
You don't speak much Czech,
isn't it?
Enjoy your drink.
Do you want some..
If you want more
we can go out.
It's too loud here.
Come here.
You look tired.
You look so tired.
- This is hilarious, man!
Look at this.
People think that you are gay.
What are you..
I am not a gay..
I am not a gay!
I am not a gay, you..
She loves me!
I don't want to talk to you.
- Hi.
I wanted to talk to you.
Even I wanted to talk to you.
Even I wanted to talk to you.
About what?
I am pregnant.
Chandan, are you listening?
Are you listening?
Did you hear what I said?
But why are you
telling me all this?
Call Gulshan and tell him that.
And I am not coming
home tonight.
Don't you ever dare
to touch my model ever again.
Don't you ever dare
to touch my model ever again.
Leave that.
Pal, this is my project, as well.
Is that so?
Tell me!
Nothing was ever yours
nor it will be. Got it?
Getting all crazy is
not going to help.
It's all your fault.
- What do you mean?
What's my fault in it?
You used my lesson
on a wrong person.
You didn't need
to control Elena.
And you didn't want to love
her, you wanted to control her.
She loved you.
She cared for you.
You should have loved her, man.
This is what you do
to people who love you.
I loved you, Chandan.
Why did you do this to me, pal?
I loved you, too.
I, too, love Elena.
I wanted you to take care
of me after Subhangi dumped me.
I surely did.
- You did not.
You did not! - I did!
- I fell because of you.
Elena and I became closer
because of you!
She was with you.
Of course.
- She was with you.
She was with you
and she was drunk, man.
Yes, she was!
And this is what you wanted to see.
You could have saved me.
You let me fall.
Just shut the fuck up!
Open the door now!
- What!
I can't keep you anymore.
Leave right now!
Don't shout.
- Get out!
See, I loved Elena. I still
love her. I did not do anything.
Seriously, I love
her.. I love her so much.
I made this for her.
You killed me.
I did not kill anyone.
- You killed me.
Chandan you killed me.
- I did not.
What is wrong with you, man?
I did not. - Chandan, you
killed me. - I did not.
Whom are you talking to? - I am
dead. You killed me. - I didn't!
I'm dead, man!
- He's talking rubbish.
I am not talking rubbish.
You killed me, Chandan.
If you shout
it doesn't matter, you know..
Chandan, you killed me!
Chandan open the door!
Come out!
You wanted me to jump.
You wanted me to die!
I will kill you, man.
Come out!
Just come out!
I am not going to spare you!
I won't leave you today,
you rascal!
I'll kill you!
I think I have silenced Arfi.
I think he has
forgiven me. You think so?
I think he has
forgiven me. You think so?
Tell me?
- What?
I think he has forgiven me.
I don't think Arfi
is going to come back.
Don't you think so?
- Good for you!
You know, all of it
happens because of these women?
Bloody women!
Why are you running away from me?
How dare you!
What have I done?
Go away.
- What have I done?
Go away.
Go away..
You piece of shit!
Chandan, you are sick.
I am not sick.
- You are.
I am not!
Stop telling me that!
I am not sick.
I am not sick!
Chandan you are..
I am not!
I'm not sick!
I want to help you.
Help me..
You will help me?
Hey, Gulshan, do I need help?
You are the one who needs help.
You are the one who needs help!
You hallucinate people.
I don't hallucinate people.
I see Arfi
because he is my friend.
I love him.
You know what you are..
You are making me sick.
All that Czech and gypsy
and this and that..
You force on my..
- To hell with you!
I'm not going to own your..
Hey, be nice to your girl.
This is not done.
You have to treat your woman right!
I got to treat my woman right.
Treat her right, you say?
She might be with you.
She might not be with you.
But if you mind fuck her..
- But if you mind fuck a girl
you will definitely get her.
She will always be with you.
Always be with you!
"Where have I seen you.."
I just mind fucked a girl
and she will
come back to me!
Please don't go.
He is talking about Subhangi,
To me..
You know, I don't need power.
Elena, this is made for you.
I love you so much.
Don't leave me.
I am not sick.
"I am lost and desolate."
"You are in my dreams.
I love only you."
"You are my world."
"My heart fears losing you."
"I wonder where you are."
"I yearn for your love."
"I see you everywhere."
"Did your heart"
"Did your heart"
"understand the feeling
of my heart?"
"Why is the heart restless?"
"Why am I oblivious
to everything else?"
"I just want to be
lost in your memories"
"whenever we lock eyes.."