Praise This (2023) Movie Script

Hey. Come on.
Tell me are you
How you feeling?
How you moving?
How you doing?
How you living?
How you feeling?
How you moving? Blessed
Just one thing I need to tell you
The God that I know won't fail you
Thought I could do it on my own
But I was so wrong
Right when I went left
Carried the load so I could rest
I'm not going
the hockey puck out there.
My arrangement is classic.
We don't have to do that trash.
You guys, Miss Lucy's
in the front row.
She loves everything I do.
Great, Only Fan is here.
She doesn't count, Melissa.
Listen up. My dad has invested
way too much money into this group
for us to bail
the first year of competition.
We're gonna go out there
and show them what we are all about.
Some things are best left a mystery.
Ma'am, these fits look like
we're about to unveil the new iPad.
You ungrateful...
We're doing it.
- What?
- We're doing it.
Blessed. So blessed
If you ever need a healer
Call on God, there ain't none realer
If you're weak, he'll make you strong
I'm... I'm sorry. Excuse me, brother.
This is for the pastors only.
Bishop Headley, I'm...
Man, it is an honor to meet you.
Of course it is.
James Goodman. This is my wife
- Natalie.
- Sister, sister.
They... they call me PG.
I... I am a pastor.
Thought I knew
all the preachers in this city.
With those tattoos.
Man, I tell you
I didn't ever think
I was gonna be a pastor
so I put my whole life story
on the outside.
But thank God, his grace able
to cover up some of them chapters.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, his grace.
I won't, I won't be defeated
Oh, welcome
to the competition, children.
These outfits are giving.
So when does the new iPhone drop?
Big Love, what are we gonna do?
Jess, I been praying all night.
God gonna come through.
You can kind of rap, right?
I mean, I rap.
- I be rapping... I be rapping.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.
So if it all goes bad
and the crowd turns on us
just go for it. I'll back you up.
God willing.
I stretch my hands to Thee
- Okay, okay. All right, all right.
- We got this.
I know
Lord, have mercy.
My Lord
My Lord
What? Is that a note?
Ooh, that was the wrong note, chile.
- Oh! My people, my people!
- That can save...
Don't God make you feel so good?
He make me feel so good!
- What is he doing?
- Can I get a "amen"
- in the church right now, baby?
- Amen!
- Amen!
- Amen.
- Amen!
- He make me wanna spread love
To the new guy
I used to question each day
But I knew why, ay
God make me feel comfortable
He make me wanna help
the people I'ma do right
He make me wanna grab a fat ol' juicy
You know the kind,
double back, rewind
See that booty from behind,
thank Jesus
I gotta smash, I gotta smash
As I pass the grass
- Get off the stage.
- I pass the grass
Thank God
you blessed me with that ass
With that ass
Thank you, thank you.
- We fall down
- Get off the stage!
All the way to hell. Bless you.
But we get up
We fall down
But we get up
Stay down. Stay... stay down.
- For a saint is just
- Who are you?
- A sinner
- No! Stop singing!
- It's the worst.
- Who fell down
Don't get back up.
- In Jesus' name.
- I think Satan wanted
you back, baby.
And got up
Next team, please.
Look, I don't know if you think
that you're driving me crazy
by not speaking to me
all the way from LA, but I'm good.
I'm doing the right thing
by bringing you here.
You think your mother was
the only one who believed in you
but that's not true.
I'm your father. I love you
and I want what's best for you,
even if it might not feel like...
Is that supposed to send me
some kind of message, huh?
You want me to drive you
to your aunt and uncle's house
or take you directly to jail?
'Cause that's where
you're headed in LA!
Sam. Hey, baby.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- It's good to see you.
- It's been a while.
- You, too, Larry.
Thanks for doing this.
- That's what family's for, right?
- Yeah.
Just like my baby sister.
This is the best day of my life.
Everything's going to change.
My sister-cousin is here.
Oh, boy.
Oh, my gosh. How was your drive?
I love your style.
Where'd you get your jacket from?
Is it vintage?
- It's happening.
- What's happening?
Us. I've always wanted a sister,
and here you are.
Well, we're cousins, Jess.
Cousins, sisters. It's the South.
It doesn't even matter.
Your boobs look amazing.
I'm a "C" now. What size are you?
I'm a "B."
- They look like a "C."
- Really?
It's the push-up.
I got to get one of those.
Are you going to Spelman?
You applied, right?
Let's get this inside, ladies.
I keep asking myself:
What would her mother do
about all this?
I miss her.
Yeah, me, too.
It's been a year since she passed.
But, you know, you did the right
thing getting Sam out of LA.
But I can see she's a little tense
about being here, too.
But don't worry. I'm a psychologist.
It's what I do.
Let a pro handle it.
Careful with my floors.
Just had 'em waxed.
Sam, why don't we discuss
why you're here.
I would love to, Uncle Larry.
I really would.
My dad right here thought
it'd be a good idea
to kick me out of the house
and drop me off
in the middle
of this backwards-ass...
Please forgive me, Auntie. The South.
- It's my life.
- Oh, let's talk about her life.
Let's talk about it.
She told me that
she wanted to take a gap year.
Now, do you know what that is?
'Cause I damn sure didn't know.
It's a year where you don't do shit.
Here we go again.
I was working on my music.
- Oh, no. Promised me
- I was being productive.
that she'd apply to colleges.
Showed me filled-out applications.
She never turned them in.
The devil's in the details.
Oh, yeah, and then she got arrested.
- It was a misdemeanor.
- Oh, was it?
How many times do I have to tell you
Andr is my music producer?
Oh, so the studio got raided
for what, songs?
- What, do you think that I'm stupid?
- Yes, I do.
- It's written right there.
- Hey... hey. Time-out.
- Right there.
- You better watch your mouth.
Hey, hey, hey. Time-out, time-out.
Why don't we just focus
on the positive here, all right?
There's no positive here.
We've come up with a plan.
- You want to tell them, baby?
- Yeah, babe.
Right, so you know
I work at Georgia State.
Well, I called in a few favors
and they're willing
to admit you in the spring.
- Oh, my goodness, really?
- Yes.
I'm not going.
Well, Sam, just think about it.
You'd be near Jess at Spelman.
Maybe you two could even get
an apartment together.
Oh, no.
Jess could finally move out.
Put some of her masterpieces
on her own walls.
Painting is how I process grief from
my beloved departed cat Cheddar.
Look, you are grown.
And I can't force you to stay.
Plus, I know you.
You gonna get your money up
and do what you want to anyway.
But I'm telling you, LA is not
for you right now, Sam.
Guess what.
You're not for me either.
- Sam, listen... Sam.
- Goodbye.
Where's my room?
It's upstairs. I'll show you.
I don't know why I did that.
Just go.
Sam, wait.
Welcome, welcome, sister-cousin.
This is my room
but I want you to think of it
as one communal safe space.
And the best part is
we are connected.
Think of this as a canal
giving birth
to our cousin-sisterhood.
You play drums?
I'm sort of a multitalented artist.
Drums aren't really my strength.
So, this is your room.
I put out some fresh flowers.
And there's a picture of me
and you with your mom
when we were kids. Remember?
Okay, I guess you're tired.
Okay, so I'll just go.
Good morning!
I made you coffee.
How many cups have you had?
You know what? Three.
I'm getting better
about my coffee shame.
I unpacked your stuff.
And I organized all your clothes.
And all of your notebooks are
on the table now, see?
You are such a good writer.
You read my stuff?
Well, your notebooks
were, like, right there
after I unzipped your bags.
So is that, like, songs
or do you write poetry or...
It's so beautiful.
Thanks. I'm a singer.
I write my own stuff.
You know I sing, right?
- No, I didn't know that, Jess.
- Three, two, one.
Un-break my heart
Say you'll love me again
- Are we really doing this right now?
- Un-cry
- These tears
- Jess.
I cried so many ni...
That's just a little snack.
You'll get a full meal
at church today.
I'm on the praise team.
I don't do church.
Emotional support blanket.
I get it.
Mom and Dad asked me
to leave the room
when Uncle Darius called
about you moving here
so I left and listened from the hall.
You've done some thangs, huh?
Your testimony
gonna be the GOAT, girl.
- Wait, what are you doing?
- I'm going back to sleep, Jess.
- But it's Sunday.
- And?
This is Atlanta.
Sunday means church.
Well, God hasn't been
taking my requests
so Sunday means nothing.
He's God, not Santa Claus.
- We're going to church.
- Who you think you talking to?
- You. "No weapon formed against me
- Me?
- shall prosper."
- What weapon?
We are going to church.
- I don't have church clothes.
- Now.
You can borrow some of mine.
Here you go.
Auntie Liz, no... no.
Avocado toast is
avocado and toast. No gravy.
That just don't seem right.
Let's go. We're late.
You're not riding with us?
Gonna take Sam the scenic route.
Get her excited
about living in the A.
Oh. Good morning, baby.
Your dad said
you're not answering his calls.
I have nothing to say to that man.
Does it ever stop?
- No.
- No.
Is that for me?
Is there a concert?
That's church.
This is promising.
Where are you going?
Oh, that's Champion Life.
That's not our church.
- Girl, please.
- Okay, okay
this next song just went platinum,
from Atlanta's own TY.
Ay, and, brother, hit me with
an invitation to that party.
This is Can't Help It.
There was a time back
when I wasn't doing this
I took a moment,
realized I couldn't miss
Red bottoms to let you know
I'm with the shits
They talking while we're just
out here getting rich
Yeah, yeah, and the way I rock
You mortified
Look in my eyes
I get avocado like
I'm Rio, bitch, I'm guaping
Seven black Cadillacs at the light,
we are not stopping
Yeah, you got a cute little story,
but, man, the plot thin
Gave 'em a piece of my heart,
call me Janis Joplin
Yeah, I feel it, though
Y'all think that it's fun,
but the realest don't
Man, I see the snakes hissing
When you cut the check,
this what you seal it for
Man, how the hell I do it
and how do y'all condone it?
Performance like a new lease
and y'all don't really own it
The guy with the same story
like shit don't get him going
In Atlanta now
and the whole city know him
And I can hear 'em
from the background
He from Atlanta, but, baby girl,
this where he at now
Enter the studio, it's a pat down...
Jess, come on!
That was the best part.
- We're in the zone.
- What zone? Hmm?
There's a "no trap" rule
five blocks out from church.
You don't think
God heard it two blocks back?
I don't make the rules.
TY's the only thing
Atlanta has going for it.
You know I'm pulling up
to his house, right?
Larry ain't letting you
go to TY's house.
And that's on God.
Girl, I am grown.
Ain't nobody gonna be telling me
what to do, not even Uncle Larry.
I thought we were going to church.
This is it.
It used to be a warehouse
for an old oil factory
but it's our church now.
Look at us, twinsies.
Oh, let's just take
this little thot knot out.
Oh, okay.
Body positivity. Love to see it.
You belong here.
So, this is our congregation.
Kind of small but mighty,
as you can tell.
They look fun.
Oh, yes. That's the Party-Pulpit.
At the club on Saturday
then turn up to church on Sunday
to get right with the Lord.
It smells like D'USSE
and Black Milds over there.
And who are they?
Our pastor, PG, lets them skate
here when we're not in service.
And that's Jermaine.
He's a fire starter.
Oh, so he be getting turnt, huh?
Yes, and also he sets things
on fire and burns them down.
That was until PG stopped him.
Hey, PG.
I am starting to feel the spirit.
And who's that?
Oh, that's Aaron.
He used to be a big, you know
marijuana cigarette dealer
here in Atlanta.
- Really?
- Then he suddenly and mysteriously
stopped and gave his life
to the Lord.
I'd leave that one alone.
Melissa, the daughter
of our big donor
swears he's her soulmate.
I'm not one to gossip
but she only came to this church
following him.
I don't know what he put on her, but
they call him Big Love
in the streets.
Big Love, huh?
That's her. Hey, sis. God bless.
Hey, everyone.
This is my cousin-sister Sam.
She's from LA, staying with me now.
Sam, this is Jackie and Jermaine.
- Hi, Sam. Nice to meet you.
- Hi, Sam. Nice to meet you.
The twins are oddly close,
but they have a sixth sense.
And that's KiKi.
My cousin-sister Sam.
Okay, dang, Jess, calm down.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, KiKi.
What's up, Sam?
Welcome to our church.
Welcome to Atlanta.
- It's nice to meet you.
- I'm Melissa
captain of the praise team.
It's nice to meet you.
So, what's it like?
Praise team?
Come and find out.
Maybe I will.
Let's go.
Nice to meet you, Sam.
Have a seat. Have several.
- Okay.
- I know that b...
Don't worry about her.
Just come and sit down.
Oh, I'm-a have a seat all right.
If you love the Lord, say amen.
Can we make a joyful noise
in here, please?
Presence of the Lord
is here today. Amen?
- Amen. Yes.
- Amen.
In a moment, we'll have
a number from our praise team
- but we're excited.
- Yeah.
Slap your neighbor
and tell them you're excited.
- I'm excited.
- Sorry.
I'm excited.
We are excited
- I'm excited. Okay. Oh.
- 'Cause our praise team
is going to be performing
and competing
at the national championships
again this year.
You guys must've thought I lost
faith after what happened last year.
Not gonna lie.
I was shook.
But we're going back.
We have to.
We can't let fear have the victory.
- Yeah.
- That's right. Right.
Just no cussing or
big ol' juicy metaphors, Aaron.
- Won't do it.
- And, Jess...
just try to stay conscious.
Thank you, Pastor. As team captain,
I am excited to lead
and confident that God is going
to anoint my arrangements...
and will bless us with victory.
Go ahead, girl.
What a fellowship
What a joy divine
Leaning on the everlasting arms
Oh, how bright the path
Grows from day to day
Leaning on the everlasting arms
Oh, I'm leaning
- Safe and secure
- Safe, secure
From all alarms
Sam, it was really great
seeing you up there
- with the praise team today. Right?
- Yeah. Yeah, it was.
Really? 'Cause it wasn't
that great being up there.
And that pastor, is he insane
to think that team is gonna
take home anything?
I mean, I'm no prophet,
but I can see the future
and ain't no winning coming
from that shitty building.
Well, I wouldn't be so sure. You know
God works in
some really shitty places.
You know, his son was
actually born in a barn.
Yeah, that is pretty shitty.
Them cows stank.
Pastor Goodman,
this is our niece Sam.
She's staying with us now.
- Sam, welcome.
- Thank you.
And believe me,
everything is possible, okay?
For every giant, there's a stone.
- Amen.
- Hey, babe.
I should... I should go.
The... the boss is calling me.
- Good seeing you, Pastor. Yeah.
- Sir. You as well. You as well.
Hope to see you around.
All right, we better head out.
We'll see you ladies at the house.
we got to run that again.
Not even if Jesus was on bass.
We'll see. We'll see.
Hey, remember, Big Love got you.
Bye, Big Love.
The way he said, "I got you."
Yeah, there's something there.
Oh, definitely the Holy Spirit.
No, Jess.
- No?
- Oh.
- Ready for it?
- Oh, I am ready.
- It's coming your way.
- Okay.
Keep it coming. Keep it coming.
There she is.
- Oh, that's so soft. Look at that.
- Oh, that's beautiful.
- Yeah?
- Oh, baby
you're so good at that.
You know,
I'm good at a lot of things.
Yeah, you are.
You're a popular girl tonight.
I'm sorry.
It's a group text
about our praise team
practice tonight.
Oh. I thought you didn't like
singing with the team.
Oh, I actually... I really do.
Yeah, it was something...
What's his name, PJ... PG...
PG. It was something
he said to me.
It really changed me, you know?
Like, deep, deep inside.
Oh, that's wonderful, Sam.
I know.
Jess, you didn't mention you had
praise team practice tonight.
- I've just been so busy with Sam
- Yeah.
- and getting her settled and stuff.
- Yeah.
Okay. And, Sam, you need
to give your dad a call back
and let him know
Atlanta's working out.
Yes, yes. It really is.
It really is.
And speaking of working out,
come here, baby.
Praise team practice.
You can imagine
what I'm gonna do to you.
Y'all still here?
Oh, we're going.
Okay, we're about to go
up in there, about to do this.
I'm about to meet him.
It's about to be great.
Lord, forgive me
for what I'm about to do.
Jess, calm down. What do you think's
gonna happen in there?
Look, things might get crazy tonight.
I am wonderfully
and beautifully made.
And I didn't say that.
The Book of Psalms did.
- You know what I mean?
- No, I don't know what you mean.
- You know what I mean.
- Jess, just pull up and let me talk.
- Damn.
- You know what I mean.
Jess, I don't know what you mean.
Stop talking with
your little cat dress
and move forward, okay?
Y'all from the club?
Yeah, Juan told us to pull through.
Who's Juan?
Who your homegirl?
Hey, yo. What's up, daddy?
Hold on.
- Hey, Shanice.
- What?
Oh, yeah, yeah, they're with us.
Look at God.
Don't be weird.
There could be
a room full of baddies.
You still gonna be a weirdo.
Oh, my gosh.
We did it. We pulled it off.
- This is it, girl.
- Wait.
Oh, my gosh.
It's him.
Okay. Oh, okay.
Oh, my gosh.
Jess, welcome to my home.
Song of the Year, I wrote it.
- Yeah!
- Featured Artist. That's me.
That's me, it's mine.
Album of the Year.
- That's mine.
- Yes!
- Best Songwriter.
- Yes, girl.
Yes, it's mine.
Oh, my God.
First and foremost,
I'd like to thank my fans
for helping me sell millions
and millions and millions of records.
- Yeah! Yes, girl.
- We did it. This one's for you.
Next, I would like to thank
my cousin Jess...
for being my ride or die
when I was at my brokest in Atlanta.
Giving God the glory
is the center of my life.
When my dad forced me
to go out there
and I didn't want to go out there
but he made me go out there
against my free will
- and here I am, but look at me.
- Oh.
That's family business. We outside.
And last but not least,
this one's for you, Mom.
I love you and I miss you every day.
Run it back.
Run it back.
Oh. One more time.
Yeah, yeah
I'm out on 70
We got this.
- Hi. Good to see you again.
- Oh, my God.
- We in a session.
- I'm the girl from the car.
- Jess. Jess.
- We in a session. Be quiet.
- Good to see you.
- Go.
Hi. Oh, one chain.
Two chains.
All the chains.
It's like Two Chainz, but ten chains.
Hey, hold on.
I can't catch it.
Oh, God, he sees us.
I'm pregnant.
All right, bet. Let's run it.
Jess, you can leave now.
Oh, I would, but
I can't go home without you.
We're supposed to be
at praise team practice, remember?
Girl, you better get on.
I got it from here.
Girl, what the hell?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
All right, let's do it.
The rhythm is, like,
getting inside me or something.
It's like I'm becoming a woman.
Jess, no.
No. Jess.
Come on!
You're hooked.
- No.
- Come on. Come on.
No... no.
No... no. Like this.
Like that.
Oh. Or like...
No, no.
Yes, sir. What we doing?
Let's get it. We going up.
Platinum way.
Do you feel me, though?
You might think it's fun,
but the real don't
I see the snakes hissing
Guess when you cut the check,
this is what you seal it for
How the hell I do it
And how do y'all condone it?
Performance like a new lease
And you don't really own it
Oh, don't really know
He from Atlanta, but, baby boy,
this where he at now
What you doing singing my song?
You know you like it.
I do.
Your voice is nice.
Thank you.
Why don't you come down
to the studio?
We'll mess around.
- I will.
- Hey. Police coming.
12! 12!
All right, time to go, everybody!
We got to shut this down!
All right, all right.
Time to go home.
Party's over.
- We got to shut this down.
- Jess. Jess.
Disturbing the peace call
came over the radio.
Come on, man, you gonna
shut down my platinum party?
You live in this old bougie
neighborhood, young money.
Hey, you stay posted at the gate.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Jessica, I see you.
Come on. I'm gonna make sure
you get home tonight.
Okay, Officer Troy
I know it looks like
I'm out here in these streets
but really I'm out here
on these highway and byways
doing the Lord's work.
I mean, I just saved
two souls at the bar.
He caught us.
- Don't tell my dad.
- Let's go.
You, too, sparkles.
Hey, that's the singer's jacket
or the weirdo?
Think it's the one with the voice.
Hey, appreciate it, Troy.
Thursday's session
is on me, all right?
Cool. I'm ready to feel
all my feelings, man.
Hey, they're all valid.
- Be safe out there, all right?
- All right.
Be safe out there, Mr. Troy.
This all could have gone
really bad if Troy wasn't there.
Maybe it was just God's plan, Mom.
It's just a raid.
It's happened before.
My misdemeanor, hello.
- Not helping.
- Okay.
You know how we feel about lying.
Yeah, we don't do that in this house.
True. But, you know,
punishment is for the Lord.
Okay, that's Bible.
So maybe we should
just let him handle it.
I mean, who amongst us
has not sinned?
Everybody done sinned.
Even I know that.
Can I get a amen?
- Amen.
- Amen.
That's not funny.
See, we don't want any problems.
- Neither do we.
- Well, your actions speak otherwise.
Since you lied about
joining the praise team
why don't we make it the truth, huh?
- That was good, right?
- That's good, babe.
That's some creative parenting
right there.
What does that mean?
It means you're joining
the praise team.
I don't think I understand.
I think you do.
I don't even know any gospel songs!
Well, you better learn some.
Hit that note, baby.
At least now you get to join
the praise team...
- But we get to be together.
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Together forever.
- Now is n... Now is not the time.
Zip it.
Have you seen Sam?
I'm looking for her.
She said she'd never join our team.
I'm right here.
Gather around, children.
Here is my arrangement
of Break Every Chain.
It's top secret
for local competition
- so guard it with your life.
- Damn.
KiKi, I just said it was top secret.
No posting.
Oh, Sam could help.
She writes songs.
I could. It's easy.
How about you learn
an actual gospel song first?
Let's take it from the top.
There is power
In the name of Jesus
There is power
In the name of Jesus
There is power
In the name of Jesus
To break every chain
Break every chain, break every chain
- To break every chain
- Chain
- Break every chain
- Chain
- Break every chain
- Chain
- KiKi, stop. You're doing too much.
- There is pow...
I'm just trying to add
some life up in here.
There's a lot of bondage
with all the chains.
Yeah, the chorus is
the strongest part of the song.
If we lose the rest
and tie up the loose ends
- it could be really special.
- Wait, lose the rest?
Of a classic?
Where they do that at? Not here.
It could be dope.
Fall back, KiKi. Everyone knows
you stay in the club.
- Wow.
- Now
every team has their lane.
And our lane is real church music.
Everyone remember
what happened last year
when we tried to switch lanes?
Jess crashed her face.
But there's an anointing
on my two front veneers.
- You didn't even know.
- True.
- Oh, wow. They look really real.
- Personal space.
Nah, that was
a dope face-plant, though.
Shut up. Take it from the top.
I work later if y'all wanted
to stop by the Painted Duck
and grab some food.
I'm in.
What's a Painted Duck?
Ladies, you're looking good tonight
in the Painted Duck.
Ay, we're gonna get this lit
'cause this is Atlanta's
favorite place to be
and I got the hits, y'all.
Wait, who that
with that tight shirt on?
Boy, put on a bra.
Oh, I know who that is! Hey!
Hey, church boy.
Hey, church boy.
What? What's up, man?
Oh, hey, I know you, now. Hey.
You can change your hair,
but you can't change your past.
That was... That's the old me,
man. That's the old me.
How about, everybody,
y'all just cover y'all ears
because this song right here
is for the sinners.
It's about whatever we say
it's about.
So, what that supposed to mean?
It means my cousin can flip
any song you got for the Lord.
- Can you?
- No.
So, I guess your cousin can
turn water into wine, too.
If so, my red cup
is running low of Henny.
Fine. Play whatever.
Okay, okay.
Let me see what you got.
Hey, hey, hypocrite,
come get this mic right quick.
- Where you at? Hey, you got
- Hey
- to tighten up your bra.
- shut up, man. There's hoes in here.
Yeah. I'm just letting
you know I know...
I could freestyle,
but I don't know anything
about the Bible
past Sunday school with Mom.
Come on, Jess. You know this.
Just make it rhyme with
"Jesus Christ," and you'll be fine.
No! No!
Okay, baby girl, let me see.
This what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna apply that pressure.
All right, all right, okay.
Now, you know how it go.
Has you got it?
Oh. Yo, you... Are you ready?
It's your turn.
Church girl got a potty mouth, eh?
- Run it back.
- Oh. One more time. Okay, yeah.
'Cause, you know, they don't let you
in heaven that many times.
I'm letting you know. Let's go.
Yeah, yeah
Give it to him, let him do it
Ain't no pressure
Anything you might be going through
Don't let it press ya
Pray on it, stay on it,
ain't no pressure
God'll make a way
And on the way if you believe it
So if God is for you
Then why you even stressing?
It's already yours, so won't
you go and get your blessing
Eyes to the heavens
You don't need to doubt
With God on your side,
you will never go without
If God can make the trees
- Grow strong from a seed
- I told you.
He can do anything
Having you praise him and thank him
and live in his love, ay
Yeah, yeah. Okay, hey, okay.
That's enough, that's enough.
Yeah, okay.
Calm down, calm down,
calm down. Okay.
Where you say you're from?
- I'm from LA.
- LA?
Yo, but this is Atlanta
where it get dirty.
I was tired
of being tired of being tired
All right, let's go, baby.
I know the Lord can see
my potential, I been working
I told him it's been up since
I met you, pull the curtain
You always give the word
I'm deserving, that's for certain
I was tired of being tired
of being tired, yeah
You walk with me every day
and you help me in every way
I'll meet you at heaven's gate
but for now I'm-a levitate
I live by the Bible 'cause
that's the way that I medicate
You know that I'm learning
You said it's okay, at any rate
Go, cousin!
Sometimes I get down
I get down and you know that
I keep my hands up to God
'cause I'm in need right now
I need you, God
Okay, okay. That's enough.
All right. Calm down,
calm down, calm down.
Okay, that was Atlanta
but this Atlanta Atlanta
'cause we know how to sang.
Will I take the wrong direction
All my life
Where will I go?
Wh... Yeah.
Which way will you go? Huh?
Yeah. Home.
That's where you going.
- Okay. Come on.
- Are you ready? You got it?
- Come on. Come on.
- Okay, let's run it.
Who can, who can I run to?
Who can, who can I run to?
I can't stop the tears
from falling from my eyes
There's no one to run to
Nowhere to go if I fall apart
Out here on my own
And when the world's against me, yeah
There's no one I can trust
And I'm struggling
There's nowhere
to lay down my burdens
And the weight is
taking its toll on me
Will I ever heal my scars?
'Cause it's a feeling I can't escape
And I want to be strong
But I am breaking
How do I go within?
When I need to heal these scars
Who will be there to rescue me?
Does anybody hear my cries?
Tell me, how do I make it through?
I'm doing what I can to survive
'Cause when I really need someone
Who am I gonna run to?
I wanna find somewhere.
Okay, that's it.
That's it.
- That's all you get.
- Oh. Okay.
Good job. God is good.
Yeah, cousin!
I quit drinking.
Yo, Sam. We should
hang out after this.
I can give you a ride home.
Just don't keep her out too late.
Or fornicate.
And what does that mean?
You know just what that means, Sam.
No. No. I don't think I do.
You said come hang out,
not help you work.
Friends help friends.
I don't have friends.
We'll see.
Sam, good job tonight.
Are you okay?
You seemed a little emotional
singing out there.
Me? Nah.
I've rocked bigger rooms
than that before.
But praise songs hit
people's heart a little different.
You're the number one lady
or something, right?
Yeah, you could say that.
I'm the first lady.
Well, let me let you in
on a little secret.
I don't really have
a relationship with God.
I just know how to rhyme.
Well, obviously, God has
a relationship with you.
I don't think so.
God used fish, donkeys, even hoes
to get his word across.
So don't think he won't use you, too.
That's Bible.
Let's go get 'em at locals.
What's... what's going on?
I think she just called me a ho.
I mean... Nah.
There is power
In the name of Jesus
To break every chain
Break every chain, break every chain
To break every chain
Break every chain, break every chain
- What?
- It's your solo.
Don't worry about it. I got it.
Top three winners
move forward to regionals.
- Yeah.
- You get through regionals
you're invited
to the national championship
which is where record labels scout.
- Okay.
- So, first in the way, I'd say...
the Promise Ringtones.
The Promise Ringtones
are like if Beyonc and Mary...
Mother of Jesus Mary,
not the one with the good knees
met at a beauty shop,
got their lives and edges together
and started a praise team.
Every time, worship slay.
What's the promise?
To not to have, you know...
No sex?
They say it's the vow of celibacy
that gives them perfect pitch.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thank you.
You are so brave to show
your face when many think
your performance was
so disgraceful last year.
That's kingdom-building courage.
And on behalf of myself
and the Promise Ringtones,
we do not think
you're going straight to hell
as some people have said.
- Turn the gospel up
- How to love
A little louder
Prodigal Bros. Look away.
How to love
What a mighty God we serve
I don't think I can.
- I know.
- We serve
Oh, God.
Angels bow before him
Heaven and Earth adore him
- Can I get an amen?
- Amen.
We serve
How to love
What a mighty God
We serve
What a mighty God
We serve
Angels bow before him
Heaven and Earth adore him
Oil Factory?
What are you doing
back at competition?
That's Fallon.
Champion Life paid her
to join their praise team.
They've won nationals ever since.
So, y'all really think
God's gonna waste
a miracle on y'all this year?
Oh, no, thank you.
Drink it.
Go on.
Good God, it's delicious.
Would you like
a complimentary bookmark?
- It's laminated.
- Ew, no.
I made them myself.
I know she...
Just let it go.
The iPad Bibles are true.
Would it have killed you
to join this church?
Now, as the reigning national champs
we'd like to extend our gratitude
to the Grace Midtown Church
for hosting the local qualifiers
again this year.
That's right.
Let's get our praise on!
There's a fire burnin' down below
For your sinnin' soul
Sinnin' soul
I rebuke the spirit of boredom
in this atmosphere.
Oh, your sinnin' soul
Sinnin' soul
Clubbin', twerkin', hot in here
Well, in hell, you're gonna sear
- Ooh, if I had something, I'd...
- Please don't throw too much
'cause that water gonna
make them pants shrink. More.
- You can see his spirit already.
- Yeah, could it be any tighter?
I see his disciples.
Your sinnin' soul
Your sinnin' soul
Hey, hey, hey.
- Here y'all are.
- Hey.
I just wanted to give y'all
a little encouragement
before y'all head out there.
I know it's not easy
showing up after a loss.
But being here, getting ready
to face these people again...
Yeah, they hate us.
But staring down your fear,
that's the win. All right?
Well, we're definitely victorious
'cause we are terrified.
Stop. Stop. You guys are good.
You got it, all right?
- I love y'all. Come on. Come on.
- We got this.
Oil Factory, up. Yes, sir.
- Sam.
- Hmm?
- You good?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm good.
I'm just wondering,
where's Melissa at?
Oil Factory, you're up
after Champion Life.
- Pastor, you can't be back here.
- Oh, okay.
Hey, go out there and kill.
Y'all know what I mean.
And now, the reigning champs.
They are about that life.
This is Champion Life!
Hey, oh
I smile
Even though I hurt, I see a smile
I know God is working, so I smile
Even though I been here
for a while, I smile
Today's a new day
- Is that Melissa?
- There is no sunshine
I know this heifer
didn't just switch teams.
Baby... baby. That's not nice to say.
What can I say?
Everyone wants to be a Champion.
Where is my blue skies?
Where is the love and the joy
that you promised me
Y'all, Melissa on Champion Life.
We know.
We're looking right at it, KiKi.
Get off your phone for once!
Power that I can't explain
Fell from heaven like a shower, now
I smile
Even though I hurt, see, I smile
I know my God is working
I smile, yeah
Don't you look down
Ooh, don't you give up
Oh, smile
Oh, smile
Even though I hurt, I see a smile
I know God is working, so I smile
Even though I've been here
for a while, I smile
Even though I hurt, I see a smile
I know God is working, so I smile
Ooh, Champion Life, honey.
They take it almost to the club.
Bring you right up to the door.
You can smell the Henn.
But they don't go in!
I know God is working, so I smile
Even though I been here
for a while, I smile
God is the champion! Amen!
Now, this next team is coming back
to redeem themselves
and that's okay, because our God
is in the redemption business.
So I need everyone
to give a round of applause
to the Oil Factory!
Let's do it. Let's do it.
Oh, Lord.
Oh, girl, it's them again?
What are we gonna do?
The Oil Factory!
- Move. Come on, move. Go... go!
- No... no.
Come on, come on.
Get up there! Let's go!
And who is this new one
looking like...
"I got a flat stomach
and I ain't had no kids yet."
Chile, please.
If you give me one match
I can light this place up
and we're out of here.
Please, no, not again, Jermaine.
- Chile...
- Don't give him the mic, chile.
Girl, he gonna mess around
and get a STD
- up on that floor.
- And it ain't gonna be
a sanctified transmission,
I tell you...
Please, Lord, let it be great.
There is power
In the name of Jesus
There is power
In the name of Jesus
There is power
In the name of Jesus
To break every chain
Why can't these little lambs
get it together?
Yes, please do something!
Don't let the devil win again!
Jess, get on the drums.
- Break every chain
- Don't you need me
- to back you up vocally?
- Go.
- Break every chain
- Okay.
- Break every chain
- What are you doing?
Oh! Okay.
I like that, Jess.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
I like that.
- Keep doing that. Keep doing that.
- Yeah.
I like that.
Break every chain, break every chain
Break every chain
Okay... okay, let's go.
- Break every chain
- Let's go.
Break every chain, break every chain
- All right. Let's go.
- Come on, sing it, y'all.
Break every chain, break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain
- Break
- Break every chain
Break every chain
There is power in the name of Jesus
Break every chain,
break every chain, break every chain
There is power in the name of Jesus
- Break every chain...
- Melissa.
Did you know about this?
- Hey! Hey! Hands up! Hands up!
- There's an army rising up
- Hands up!
- There's an army of angels
- There's an army rising up
- Oh, oh! Hands up!
- Hands up!
- Our generation of change
There's an army rising up
The chains are breaking
Break every chain, break every,
break every, break every chain
- I hear the chains falling
- Do you hear it? Oh
- Oh, they are falling
- So we gonna break
So we gonna break, so we gonna break
Every chain, every chain,
every chain, every chain
You don't have to wait
until the battle is over!
- Hallelujah!
- Yeah! That's it!
- The Spirit got you!
- Hey! All right, now!
You can shout right now!
Hey! Hallelujah!
And now, the moment
we have all been waiting for.
Who will continue
to the regional level
of the National
Praise Team Competition?
And in third place:
the Oil Factory!
Come on!
Go... go!
We're number three!
We're number three!
Now, coming in second place:
the Promise Ringtones!
And now
- in first place...
- Move. It's me.
And they are still about that life
make sure y'all give it up for
the winners of the local qualifiers:
Champion Life!
Samantha, is it?
It's Sam. Get it right.
A bit of Christian advice.
Stay in your prayer closet
'cause regionals ain't
gonna be so sweet.
So what happened to,
"I don't do that trash"?
Now you're okay with
twerking for the Lord?
And it ain't her first time.
You all thought you could do
so good with Sam, right?
- So I let you.
- And we did.
And we will continue to.
What do you want to do, KiKi?
Baby, try Jesus. Do not try me,
'cause you already know.
Come get your blessing.
You traitor!
Melissa, what's up with you, though?
- Me? What's up with me?
- Yeah, you.
- You!
- Me?
You led me on.
Every time I slashed my tires
and waited by the side of the road
- you picked me up.
- Wait, you did that?
I can change a flat faster than you.
What the hell?
- Can't even get in that car.
- Them little legs.
Good luck getting home!
Bye, then.
Y'all already know
I ain't never like her.
Well, there goes that.
Yo. Ol' girl here.
Which girl?
One from the platinum party.
Oh, yeah. The one with the voice?
Yeah, let her in.
This beat is sick.
Yeah, that beat too hard.
I'm thinking about
making it my first single.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'm still trying to figure out
the lyrics, though.
I could help you with that.
Or whatever.
What's that?
Whatever is whatever.
I'd do anything for the chance
to work with you.
You on some clout shit, huh?
That's a good thing.
That's a dangerous thing.
Hey, Slim
come let this young lady out.
What's going on?
I thought you was different.
I don't deal with people
who'd do anything to get on.
Go on home now.
Okay. That's how it is, huh?
Yeah, it's like that.
- I'm so sick of people.
- Bye.
It ain't my fault you ain't ready.
I'm not ready? You heard me.
When you don't believe in yourself
you'll do some desperate shit.
I lost everything.
But you wouldn't know
nothing about that
'cause you have freaking everything.
I lost everything, too.
It just don't look like it.
If you don't help me,
I'm-a have to do this gospel thing
just so executives can hear me sing.
And I really don't want
to do that. I really don't.
- That sounds terrible.
- Yeah.
Why do you think I'm here?
I don't know shit about God
or no church music.
Neither do I.
But that's the genius part.
I don't have to.
I can take any song...
Hell, I can take Can't Help It
and I can flip it into gospel.
Can't Help It is about getting high
and having sex in my Lambo.
What you talking about?
Not when I sing it.
You want to hear it?
But I'm not giving up
my good weed or my wine
'cause you singing about Jesus.
Now, come on.
My time ain't cheap.
This girl crazy
popping up in my house.
This is it.
Where all the magic happens.
Give me a second to figure it out.
The song went platinum, now.
Don't choke.
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
I'm-a be all right
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
Got G-O-D
All over my life
Don't worry where I been
What I did, how I came up
Every saint was a sinner
till they changed
Don't worry 'bout me
Something like that.
You believe that for real?
Believe what?
All that stuff
you was saying about God.
That everything gonna be all right.
Honestly, I don't really know.
My cousin's always like
"Isaiah says look for
a sign from the Lord
and everything's gonna be all right."
Who's Isaiah?
I don't know. Some dude in the Bible.
Well, I appreciate you coming
down here, being so annoying and
begging me to sing.
I wouldn't exactly call it begging.
Yeah, you was.
But you still helped me out, though.
- It helped you?
- Yeah, it did.
- How?
- When I come down here sometimes
I lose inspo.
But when you say everything a'ight
you made me feel better.
I never thought
I'd hear myself say this
but I think you should sing my song
at that church thing.
Huh? Nah, nah,
I was just messing around.
Nah, you come here
asking me for help.
I'm telling you this the one.
Let's get it.
I'm-a pull it up.
Yeah, yeah
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
Got G-O-D
All over my life
Don't worry where I been,
what I did, how I came up
Every saint was a sinner
till they changed
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
Got G-O-D
Test my patience
No matter what, I'm not breaking
I'm not basic
Throw your stone, you won't prevail
I got up every time I failed,
I failed
But God's got me till the end
Replaced every loss with a win
My life's great, get yours straight
All this hate tests your faith
My life's great, get yours straight
All this hate tests your faith
If God is for me
Who can be against me?
He's all I need
- All I need. Don't worry 'bout me
- That was it. We got it.
It's yours.
- You really like it, though?
- Oh, my gosh. It's so good.
Literally, Champion Life
is gonna have nothing on us.
We're gonna dance.
We're gonna have choreography.
It's gonna be amazing.
All over my life
That's gonna be my solo.
No. I got to tell you something.
- What?
- I don't think you're ready.
- Tell me.
- Really? You want me to tell you?
- Yes.
- Okay, I did it with TY.
You did it with TY?
Not that with TY. I did this with TY.
We were in the studio face-to-face.
He breathed on me, I breathed on him.
It was sparks. He was like:
Sing it like this
I was like: No, I'm not
gonna sing it like that
And I challenged him.
I gave him a challenge
'cause he's not used to that,
and boom, we made the song.
- That's amazing.
- I know.
So, did he ask about me?
What is this?
This is hard.
This is Atlanta.
Oh, yeah.
That's that song
he was working on in the studio.
Must have been
on the drive he gave me.
He's been calling nonstop, Sam.
Please say something to your dad.
He misses you.
Let's rehearse.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Ready? One, two, three.
I like this.
This how we gonna look. Come on, Oil.
- Okay. Hips, hips.
- Let me try.
Stanky leg right there.
Stanky leg right there.
Feel your fingers.
It's just giving too much, Jess.
Nah, Jess.
You got it, you got it.
Come on, big guy.
Five, six.
Don't worry 'bout me
Here we go.
All right
Got G-O-D
All over my life
Don't worry where I been,
what I did, how I came up
Every saint was a sinner
till they changed
Hey! Move back a bit.
I'm-a be all right, I got G-O-D
All right, all right.
I'm done!
Next up, in the Southern Regionals
Praise Team Competition
Yeah, Bechurch!
What's shaking?
Look at this life I'm making
I don't fake it, G-O-D on my side
I'm sacred, we gon' take it
We going up right now, no waiting
My life need a little reshaping
I'm-a trust my faith ain't breaking
I could put a hand on the Bible
I'm a real-life disciple, yeah
Cora, now you gonna have
to hurry up and get here.
You are on CP time.
Hey, it's saved, baby. It's saved.
Yeah, I'm trying to save your seat,
but you have to hurry up.
Now, you know
these Bible bullies is aggressive.
Hey, baby,
she's at the bathroom. Saved.
Son of God, that's my title
You know that that's my idol, yeah
You need a little him in your life
I told everybody it's vital
Or else I'm-a scratch
y'all out like vinyl
It's viral
What's shaking?
Jesus gonna have to save
these seats 'cause I got to go!
My God!
My life need a little reshaping
I'm-a trust my faith ain't breaking
You know, sometimes in life
it gets hard.
These white boys for Jesus! Come on!
Who knew?
And if you ever feel like
you need somebody
someone to talk to...
he's right there.
Come on! Come on in!
Oh, Lord! All right!
Thank you!
Congratulations on
making it to regionals.
You're proof that a bruised heel
can still crush a serpent's head.
I reckon we're gonna win, though.
Oh, of course.
But God bless you.
- God bless you.
- Bye-bye.
That's Bible. She just means even
though our team took an "L" last year
we're still able to crush it.
Oh, that was actually really sweet.
Get ready
and let's welcome to the stage
the Promise Ringtones!
Let's go, Ringtones!
All right, ladies!
Here we go!
I should do a TikTok praise dance
- Dance
- On that Jesus time
- I don't wait on any man
- Any man
G-O-D got my life in his hands
If you wanna see some real change
- Give him a chance
- He never left me
Why he love me, I can't explain
Blessings I can't contain,
put you up on his name
- His name
- Nothing stopping his reign
God gang, gang, gang
If you don't jump
to get your praise on
- Then you don't feel my pain
- Hold up
- Please don't get me hype
- Hype
- How he changed my life
- Life
Don't argue with me when I say
he took me to new heights
I'm a boss, I'm a leader
- Yeah, he made me a believer
- A believer
Yeah, my mama the first lady
and my daddy is a preacher
We have to beat out Bechurch
and the Promise Ringtones?
Top three winners make it to finals,
and we still haven't even seen
Champion Life.
Hey, I don't think
I've ever told you this
but I'm really proud of
the changes you've made, man.
You know, I appreciate that.
- Coming from the streets...
- Big Love!
- Hey, Big Love.
- Shit.
I been calling you, bro.
- Yeah. What's up, man?
- Hey
that Birkin you sold us
the other night...
You know,
I dibble dabble in handbags.
So that's what
they're calling it now, huh?
A brother got some lungs, don't he?
All right.
- Was smoking.
- Yeah.
It's worth every bit
of that little 10K.
- 10K.
- 10K?
- On God.
- Yeah.
Do you remember...
I told you I be doing, like,
a little triathlon thing?
When was the last time you exercised?
Uh, shit.
That's a lot of money.
Pastor, you know all my money
be going to tithes and offering.
Maybe we should be quiet
in church, huh?
- Man, it was blowing.
- Like, yeah. Like, shut up.
This is my pastor.
PG. Pastor.
- Pastor.
- My bad, God.
You don't look like
no pastor, though.
Ah, yeah. You know,
I hear that every now and then.
What are you doing, man?
Yes, I best get back
to stepping for Jesus.
- Get my praise on. Yeah.
- Okay.
With God, anything I want
- I could have it
- Okay
All I have to do is ask him
What's happening?
There ain't nothing
you can tell me 'bout my God
Took away my pain
and filled me with his love
- He my number one
- One
- We been on the run
- Run
Can't nobody do me like him
And where would I be
- If he never made me this lit
- This lit
- If he never gave me this drip
- This drip
- The shine on me is all him
- All him
Excuse me. Is this seat saved?
Oh, no. Nobody.
But you. Come on in here
and get with God.
- All right.
- All right.
You good?
Not your average
Ready for any challenge
Anything I want, I could have it
All I have to do is
- Ask him
- All I got to do
- Is ask
- What's happening?
I changed the music.
What? Now? No.
Nah, we about to go on.
Just follow my lead.
You're up, Oil Factory.
I got this.
And let's welcome
to the stage the Oil Factory!
Let's go!
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
Got G-O-D
All over my life
Don't worry where I been,
what I did or how I came up
Every saint was a sinner
till they changed
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
I got G-O-D
Was it time for the altar call
already? Where is he going?
No matter what you do,
I'm never breaking
I'm not basic
Any stone you throw will not prevail
'Cause I do it very well
Did you give her your song?
God's got me till the end
- She stole it.
- Replaced every loss with a win
My life's great, get yours straight
All this hate tests your faith
My life's great, get yours straight
All this hate tests your faith
- God's got me
- Come on, guys. Come on. Let's go.
Yeah, yeah
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
Got G-O-D
All over my life
Don't worry where I been,
what I did or how I came up
Every saint was a sinner
till they changed
Don't worry 'bout me
I'm-a be all right
I got G-O-D
So, who won?
Obviously not y'all.
Champion Life, first place.
Ringtones second.
Bechurch third.
If we had just kept
to what we rehearsed
we'd be at nationals by now.
And you know we all thinking it.
The new track was dope
but without practicing,
we just weren't ready.
I just panicked, all right?
Well, the Internet is saying
TY was there
but he left
in the middle of our show.
Was that the same track
from that night at his studio?
I wasn't planning on using it.
You stole it?
How could you do
something like that?
I would never do something like that.
I was trying to help
you all out, okay?
It wasn't about us, Sam.
All you do is whine about
what you want and what you deserve.
Would it kill you to show
the tiniest bit of gratitude
for what God has
already done for you?
Oh, my gosh, Jess. Shut up!
Me shut up?
You shut the hockey puck up.
You don't care if I find God
so stop pretending
that you're all deep
like some young, black Baby Yoda!
Worship thyself not God, you do!
- Lies!
- Okay, at least I tried.
At least I'm not in
some delusional bubble in some house
drawing dead cats.
You ungrateful jackhole.
- I'm out!
- Oh, man.
Fine! Get the oyster shuck on, then!
You get the oyster shuck on!
And by the way,
Cheddar was not just a dead cat.
She was my emotional support animal!
You are not my sister-cousin anymore!
How you doing? What can I get you?
Rum and Coke.
Can I just see your ID?
Okay, Deborah Goldstein.
Oh. Here you go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Are you kidding me
with this weak-ass drink?
I need another shot.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Take me back to where we started
I open up
- My heart
- Oh, great.
To you
Oh, I'm not here for blessing
Oh, no
Jesus, you don't owe me anything
And more than anything
that you can do
I just want you
I just want you
I just want you.
- Thank you, Rob.
- You're welcome.
So, what are you doing here?
I could be asking you
the same thing, first lady.
Well, I'm grown.
And this is my place.
Yeah. Natalie, that's me.
What's your excuse?
I didn't want to go home.
The team is in their feelings
because I switched up the music.
So the new music was your idea?
And I kind of stole it from somebody
who was gonna help me
get my music career going.
He was there.
And we lost anyways.
No fun in sinning
and not winning, huh?
Who you telling?
But you're a singer for real.
Why aren't you running things
every Sunday?
Ooh, that... that used to be me.
Yeah. Back in the day,
it was all about me.
What I could receive.
The money, the fame,
the attention, the men.
That was before PG.
- Okay.
- Okay.
But, you know, praise, it...
it works different.
And it hits people different.
You were right.
The other night
when I sang at the arcade
you said I looked like I was scared.
I felt like a fraud, you know?
Singing about having faith
and trusting God.
When my mom died,
I stopped talking to God.
He wasn't listening
so I stopped.
You know, God, he doesn't promise
we'll get everything we want.
Life is going to do life, hon.
You'll have some wins
and you'll have some losses.
But God promises to always be there.
- I am not so sure about that.
- Yeah.
You know what? That's okay.
But guess what.
Of all the lounges,
you strolled into mine.
Look, I get it. I do.
Sometimes life can go so wrong that
you have to really sit down
and think, "What's good?"
I mean, "What's really good?"
- You know?
- Yeah.
But you got to count
your blessings, okay?
That's where it starts.
And that's praise.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
Love you.
Love you.
Oh, hi, PG.
Yes. I'll be right there.
TY, if you could just
let me in to explain.
Go away.
He don't want to talk to you.
TY, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
You trusted me, and I blew it.
Hang up on her, man.
I'll try not to take
too much of y'all time.
the Promise Ringtones' church
will not allow Kelly to sing, and
the rest of the Ringtones
will not compete without her.
Wait, what happened?
There's a tape.
Apparently Kelly and
- one of the guys from church...
- Oh, tea!
A sex tape?
You right, PG.
I'm-a mind my own business
but I'm-a start tomorrow.
Thank you.
So, according to their church rules
Kelly is not allowed
to perform with the team.
That's not how we roll here, okay?
That's their church rules.
So, you have been invited
to nationals.
Did you get my message?
I'm sorry to hear about Kelly.
She was really nice to us.
So what do you think about competing?
You guys still want me on the team?
- Duh.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I ever tell y'all
how I became a pastor?
I stole the wrong car.
Or the right one,
depending on how you look at it.
I stole a car that belonged
to a pastor, and I got caught.
In exchange for not pressing charges
he made me come
to his service every Sunday
for the next three months straight.
Oh, wow.
Now, that first Sunday was
my first time at church ever.
But I knew that my life was
gonna change from that day on.
You see, all of us,
no matter what, we're gonna fail.
We're gonna mess up.
We're gonna make mistakes.
All of that. So what?
Get over it.
Just keep going no matter what.
Your story ain't over.
All right.
Y'all let me know
what y'all want to do.
It's on y'all.
- Bye.
- All right, Peeg.
Okay, before you guys say anything
I would feel a lot better
if I could just say a few things
that I'm grateful for.
- Go ahead.
- Oh, I got to hear this.
So, in no particular order
as Usher would say...
These are my confessions
First of all, I can't judge Kelly
because the footage that is
out there on me...
And I know God has covered
a pregnancy stick or two
because when I say your girl has
been reckless, she has been reckless.
Come on, now.
And that night that
I blacked out off the D'USSE
and the car got me home...
To this day, I still don't know how.
But now I know it was you, God.
I know it. I feel it. I know it.
Told you that D'USSE do that.
D'USSE be testing our faith.
Won't he do it?
And do, and do.
My mom had this wild faith in me.
And in God, too.
And I'm beginning to see
how it all connects
how God loves us
and how we love each other.
- That's right.
- And I didn't understand that
until I came here
and I met some really cool people.
Who I know will always have my back.
- Better know it.
- We got you.
And I'll always have yours.
I knew your testimony
was gonna hit different.
- Guys, if we're confessing...
- All right.
After, you know,
I got all those IG followers
after Sam sang at the Painted Duck...
I may have gotten carried away
and opened a OnlyFans.
- OnlyFans?
- That's how I got this watch.
What's the at name on that?
I want to see if it's...
You telling the truth,
see it's really you.
I closed it down.
Now, anybody else
got something to confess?
Y'all ain't gonna
believe this, but...
I never stopped selling weed.
- We know. Everybody knows.
- Yeah, everybody knows.
- Y'all knew? Okay.
- I didn't know.
Yeah, it's over now. You know...
Well, it is this one dude.
I still got to serve him.
But after that, I'm done.
It's just on
some street stuff with him.
And I'm dating somebody
from Champion Life.
- What?
- Traitor.
Okay, okay. Now it makes sense
why you friend-zoned me.
And me.
Jess, I... Come on.
- Now, that...
- Baby.
Melissa finds out that your true boo
is standing right beside her
at Champion Life.
Your tires gonna get slashed.
So... what do we do about finals?
Did you hear about
that Promise Ringtone?
No. What?
Sex tape.
Now they won't let her compete.
What? Now, if they sat me down
every time I did a sex...
- Oh, no. No, no. No.
- I mean...
Okay, I'm just saying.
- Hey, PG.
- What's up, man?
- Good luck, Pastor.
- Thank you.
Oh, look who showed up.
The Chevron reverend himself.
Hey, man.
You know what's funny about God?
You with the Oil Factory
and y'all had just enough fuel
to make it to finals.
God got a sense of humor.
I tell you what.
Funny. Amen.
- Okay.
- Bruh.
I owe you something?
What you talking about, brother?
Like, I mean, Jesus paid the price.
But you still acting like
I owe you something. So what's up?
Take your foot off the gas
a little bit.
We're just two brothers, you know.
- Foot off the gas.
- Right.
Hey, I... I know you a bishop, right?
So you understand that
the oil represents God's spirit.
So being in the Oil Factory
is good with me.
You feel me?
I feel... I... I knew that, so...
I mean, everybody know that, right?
That's in the New... New Testament.
John, chapter...
Yeah. Enjoy the show, everybody.
Chile, I heard that clap back
all the way over here.
- Hey, I'll be right back.
- Oh, it's about to start.
Welcome, welcome, welcome
to the National
Praise Team Championship!
This year, we have the biggest
and brightest praise teams
competing for the honor of being
the best praise team in America!
How you doing? Here you... Oh, okay.
- Hey, you made it.
- Thanks for calling me.
Yeah, no problem. Come on.
The seat's over this way.
Hey, hey, can I... can I talk to you?
We haven't always seen
eye to eye, but...
I know it took a man like you
to help Sam.
I appreciate you.
It's all good, bro.
That's what family's for, right?
Okay, okay.
Let's get to our seats, man.
Every time that I am down
You lift me up
And I am heaven bound
Heaven bound
Yeah! Heaven bound!
Coming to the stage
the national three-time reigning
Praise Team Competition winners
under the leadership
and sometimes shenanigans
of Bishop Jerome Headley
please make some noise
for Champion Life!
- Come on, now.
- Y'all know what y'all do.
When things go bad, my God's so real
I praise his name like no one will
Big love flows through all my fears
Say his name 'cause he always hears
Don't just wish, give him your will
Ten different reasons to rely on him
Seek and you should find,
it be giving me chills
Blessings from above
rolling in like wheels
- I was born to praise
- Yeah
- Yes, in Jesus' name
- Yeah
Give yourself some rest,
you deserve the best
- Yeah
- But nothing in this world
- Yeah
- That he love more than us
Jesus, all I ever
really need is Jesus
I don't need another thing,
just Jesus
I surrender everything to Jesus
I got blessings out the roof
Trust me, he the truth
I got blessings out the roof
Trust me, he the truth
Clapping my hands, doing my dance
Praising the Lord
All of this cash
You gotta tithe to get you some more
I got angels in the coupe,
trust me, they the truth
I got angels in the coupe
Trust me, they the truth
I got a problem, I need his help
- Yeah
- I go straight to that shelf
I get my Bible, I gotta study
'Cause no faith can get ugly,
all my enemies in trouble
Better bow your head, be humble
I heard that Jesus don't stop
Nah, he never stop, stop
That's him protecting his flock
He designed me like this,
took his time on this here
His love is always near,
with him, I have no fear
- Dad?
- Sam.
- Good luck.
- All right. Thanks, man.
I hope you're not mad I'm here.
The way we left things last time
at your aunt and uncle's.
I'm not mad.
I'm actually happy you're here.
I came here to bring you this.
What is it?
Larry told me about you singing.
He said it was some church thing,
but that didn't sound right.
Like, Sam in church...
Reminded me of this.
Your mom wanted you
to have it someday.
I remember this.
She would wear it all the time.
Here, let me help.
Look, I am so proud of you.
And I know she would be, too.
- Thank you, Dad.
- No, no, no. Don't cry. All right?
You look beautiful. I did not
want to upset you. I'm gonna just...
Dad, I'm not upset.
You being here is actually a sign
that everything's gonna be okay.
And that Mom is still with us.
Dad, you're my blessing.
- Oh, what is happening down here?
- Here.
All right, sweetie.
Just please stop crying.
Yo, Sam. It's time.
Go get your seat and everything.
You can't come all this way
and miss it.
- Yeah...
- Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Looking in the mirror
Ooh, man, I'm blessed
Talking to the man above
Give me some rest
Come on, now.
- Yes!
- That's what I'm talking about.
What is this?
You're not serving a look, sweetie?
You know what? I get it.
Winning used to mean more to me
than praise did, too.
You're as desperate to win
as we are.
I'm not as desperate as you.
- Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
- Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
The jail you planned for me
is the one you gonna rot in.
- It's okay, KiKi.
- What?
Until you do right by us
everything you think about
gon' crumble.
The Color Purple
was on Starz last night.
Just let it get out of her system.
We may be poor, we're black
some of us may be ugly
but, dear God, we're here!
- Okay. Yeah.
- All right.
We are here.
- Okay, KiKi, okay.
- Okay.
So do you guys really think
this is the right move?
- I do.
- Yeah, we all do.
Okay, well, then let's get it.
Hands on, hands up!
Hands on, hands up!
Next up, from Atlanta, Georgia
give it up for the Oil Factory!
Come on, hey!
I'm a believer
Telling you I really believe
I'm a believer
Even though I've never seen
I'm a believer
Look at my life and you will see
I'm a believer
- How can you not believe?
- Oh, yeah
I believe just like
the air I breathe, yeah
Believe even though
my eyes can't see, yeah
Every day, you feel
so real to me, yeah
You turned my dreams into reality
- That's why I love you
- I love you
Oh, God, oh, God, I love you
Place no one above you,
put nobody else before you
Because I'm a believer
It's like that
'cause when I was a sinner
You took me right back
I'm a believer
Telling you I really believe
I'm a believer
Even though I've never seen
I'm a believer
Look at my life and you will see
I'm a believer
How can you not believe?
Yes, I see the thing
that they wishing on me
But giving him the glory
ain't no struggle for me
I live in his word
'cause you know I believe
In God's plan
- God's plan
- You got it, Kelly! Go!
Yes, I see the thing
- That they wishing on me
- Wishing on me
But giving him the glory
- Ain't no struggle for me
- Struggle
- For me
- I live in his word
'Cause you know I believe
in God's plan, God's plan
- Oh, yeah
- I'm a believer
Telling you I really believe
I'm a believer
Even though I've never seen
I'm a believer
Look at my life and you will see
I'm a believer
How can you not believe?
Same God right now
Let's go!
- He is
- He is
Same God right now
I know that I know that I know
- He is, he is
- He is
Same God right now
Over here, say
- He is
- He is
Same God right now
Somebody say
I'm a believer
Telling you I really believe
I'm a believer,
even though I've never seen
I'm a believer, look at
my life and you will see
I'm a believer
How can you not believe?
Yes, I see the thing
that they wishing on me
But giving him the glory
ain't no struggle for me
I live in his word 'cause you know
I believe in God's plan
Oh, how can you not believe?
- We did it!
- Oh, my gosh!
- Let's go, let's go, let's go!
- Okay! Yes!
Now, that's how you come back!
That's how you come back, baby!
And now, the moment
we've all been waiting for.
In third place...
It was good. It was nice.
In second place...
What a surprise.
Champion Life!
Wow. Really?
Champ... Did she just say...
Excuse me?
Sit down!
Give her grace. We understand.
And now, the winner
of the National
Praise Team Competition...
the Oil Factory!
- Let's go, Oil Factory!
- Yeah!
This is Russian hacking!
And I will not concede!
Yes, way to go, Sam!
- Go, Oil Factory team!
- Yeah.
Oil Factory!
Oil Factory! Oil Factory!
- Oil Factory!
- What?
- Oil Factory!
- What?
Oil Factory! Oil Factory!
You left this at the house.
From the night we first met.
I was looking for this.
I was gonna give it back
until you walked in my house
and finessed me.
And now?
I don't know.
I'm here.
I know I don't deserve
you coming here.
Most definitely don't.
But I'm actually really grateful
for the chance to say that I'm sorry.
TY, I am really, really sorry
for betraying you and your trust.
You didn't deserve that.
Maybe we could start over?
Not about the music but as friends?
Not so fast. You still owe me, now.
Even I know "Thou shalt not steal."
So let's just start with a song.
You want us to work together?
All right, we better head out.
I'll be in touch.
Did he ask about me?
You were all he could talk about.
I knew it.
God is good.
God is good.
Don't you just feel that?
Like, the spirit, it's, like...
It's overtaking me, you know?
We're not doing that right now.
- It's the Holy Spirit.
- No.
- It's activating.
- Jess
- we're not activating right now.
- I just...
I got to let it out.
You are
- All right. Here we go.
- The source of my strength
You are the source of my life
Oh, my God.
I lift my hands in total praise
To you
Thank you, Jesus.