Pranaam (2019) Movie Script

He is an IAS officer now!
IAS! That calls for a party!
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Shower your blessings on me
Shower your blessings on me
Those who pray to you on Saturdays
Are truly blessed...
-Dad! Greetings!
-Bless you.
My dear son!
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
Please sit down.
How's your health?
I'm perfectly fine.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Take this.
Lord Hanuman promised me today.
You will surely become a collector.
Oh, yes! I almost forgot.
Gangaram brought this for you
from Pashupatinath.
Lord Bholanath's offering.
Wear it.
Dad, I think you're
skipping your medicines.
Why? What's wrong?
I'm perfectly fine.
This isn't because of thyroid.
I am just happy about the fact that...
you will become a collector
very soon
and I will be able to salute
in front of you.
No, Dad.
-You're the one who deserves salutations.
-My dear son!
Son, it's time for the boss to arrive.
See you soon.
Let me stay with you, Dad.
With me around, you'll be looked after.
I can study...
Dad, I can study there.
No, son.
Certainly not!
You have no idea.
If you tag along with me,
the snarls of poverty will entangle you.
And I don't want that to happen.
My son is born to rule!
Bless you.
-Bless you.
-Greetings, Uncle.
How are you, my dear?
Did you get your visa?
No, Uncle. I will get it soon.
Of course, you will.
That's bad.
Hello, sir.
The exam papers have been getting leaked
for the past two years.
That has earned our university
a bad reputation.
The executive council of the university
has decided to form a new committee.
Thakur Tejpratap Singh will be
in charge of the committee.
Thank you.
I thank all of you...
for bestowing your trust in me.
But, I have a request.
This decision
should be deliberated upon...
because my style of work...
isn't tolerable to anyone,
except my wife.
We know that, Mr. Thakur.
You will handle this your way.
Don't worry.
The members of this executive council
will support you.
Make sure the papers don't get leaked
this time.
But, sir, there's no report
from the inquiry commission.
-Dissolving the exiting committee--
-Mr. Tiwari.
I care about this university's reputation
more than your honor.
Am I late?
By half an hour.
Did you get the notes?
-Come on.
Professor Sharma always extends
the lecture by half an hour.
Here you go.
Notes from Professor Sharma's class.
May I say something?
Why don't you join the class?
Professor Sharma's lectures
are beyond me.
It will be great help if you join me.
What if I pay your fees?
Do you want to buy me?
Yes, I do.
I want to buy you entirely.
Every moment of yours!
Every breath you take!
I want all of you!
Manjiri, you expect a lot from me.
But I have only one aim in life.
I want to fulfill my father's dreams.
But I can't even afford to pay
the college fees.
You and I don't belong to each other.
-Bless you.
Yes, I'm aware.
I'm meeting him right now.
-Greetings, sir.
-Good to see you.
Were you ousted from the committee?
Those scoundrels didn't even wait for the
inquiry commission's report to come in.
I would have managed everything.
-But what?
Gyanu, my dismissal is not the problem.
The problem is that Thakur Tejpratap Singh
is now the in charge.
You know it very well that
we've taken the money.
And you've been paid for the task.
I want the papers...
come what may!
By hook or by crook.
Otherwise, there will
be grave consequences.
I just came up with these lines for you.
Do you want to hear it?
"You're a Pandit, I'm a Thakur!
That isn't much of a problem.
But, be careful...
lest you get beaten up.
Bear in mind the bundles of money
that I showered upon you.
You shall be dishonored...
lest I reveal all the secrets."
Got it?
Keep it here.
I've asked you to stop drinking.
The doctor has given up,
yet you won't stop drinking.
-Your daughter has left me exhausted.
We roamed around the entire market,
but she liked nothing!
That's okay. She's our only daughter.
She's soon to be engaged.
-Dad, guess what?
Mom is buying me saris.
But no one wears saris these days.
All right, I'll buy you miniskirts.
Your in-laws will be very proud of you.
Get me skirts.
Okay, I'll gift all your saris to Manjiri
for her wedding.
Yes, she'll look pretty in a sari.
We'll leave, sir.
Yes, sir.
Don't you worry.
The university is all yours.
Gyanu will handle everything.
Mr. Thakur, I think I should contest
the legislative elections.
Forget it, Mr. Jindal.
Why become an MLA?
It costs 50 crore rupees to
contest the legislative elections.
The high command wants tasks done
at a certain cost.
Don't get into these things.
Your business is good enough.
You make millions every year.
Mr. Thakur, people don't come to
my institute because we teach well.
They come,
because we guarantee admissions.
People have a lot of money.
They don't trust their children.
They trust the guarantee that we provide.
-Greetings, brother.
-How are you?
I'm fine.
Sit down.
-Where's Gyanu?
-He's in college.
Ask him to meet me tonight.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
Where were you?
You didn't come home until the wee hours.
You're about to get married in a few days.
-Keep an eye on him.
-He's your son, Mr. Thakur.
He can't keep track of the
things he does during the day.
And you're worried about
his nightly activities.
Yes, I'll hand him the phone.
Bless you.
Greetings, sir.
-How are you, Gyanu?
-Great, thanks to your blessings.
I've heard that Pundit was dismissed.
That's great.
I'm sure you know that
Kshatriyas never lack zeal
and Brahmans never feel satisfied.
Take you and me for example.
The students will now have a great future.
Form a committee after
careful investigation.
You can consult me
for any help, if needed.
I know what everyone's up to.
Have you read the Ramayana, Gyanu?
If Rama had gauged Marich's deceit...
things wouldn't have been ruined.
Rascal! The oldie hurt my feelings!
Hey, there.
How are you?
Greetings, brother.
Sit down, Gyanu.
Mr. Jindal.
From Delhi to Patna...
he owns 72 coaching centers.
He has a complaint.
The delivery was late last year.
The papers should reach on time
this year.
Look, I've already given him my word.
It will be done.
CPMT, 40 lakhs. Engineering, 30 lakhs.
MBA, 20 lakhs.
That's the rate for the admissions
this year.
You earn crores of rupees,
and pay us hardly any money.
If you want the business to grow...
you need to start paying me more.
Yes, I'll be right there.
Throw everyone out!
Lala, get us some ginger tea.
Hello, brother.
Some call me crazy
Some think I am mad
Hello, brother.
What's wrong?
Did you thrash someone up,
or get thrashed?
Brother, I like a girl.
Does she know that you like her?
No, I haven't told her yet.
Tiwari's men came there yesterday.
-They were teasing her.
-I beat them up.
-Today, I was on my way.
And they beat me up.
You got thrashed!
He's a Rajput, born to rule!
Bro, Tiwari is trying really hard
to win the upcoming elections.
Oh, come on.
Incompetent people need to make efforts.
Here you are, my beloved!
I waited for you yesterday.
Why didn't you come?
I can't tell you
What you mean to me...
When I see you...
Raja, look at her.
I didn't know what to say.
Soha is very impulsive and reckless.
-She's silly.
-Why were you blushing?
Manjiri, please help me.
I'm your classmate.
Am I right, mister?
I hope you don't mind if she helps me.
Let me do it for you.
How can I help you?
No! Not you.
My teacher said that I will gain wisdom
only if Goddess Saraswati blesses me.
Let's go, Ajay.
Rascal! How dare you tease a girl
in my college?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
I apologize on his behalf.
If this happens again, let me know.
Trust me, I'll handle it.
What's your name?
Ajay, let's go.
Who is he?
He is the peon's son.
His name is Ajay.
The father is lowly,
but the son aims high!
Sir, do you need anything else?
You can go to bed now.
Okay, sir.
I met Chaube, the librarian.
He said that Mr. Thakur asked
for some books from the library.
Work on the papers has begun.
Who was with him?
Some steno or assistant?
There must be someone.
Nobody, for now.
He doesn't trust anyone.
That means, the oldie
will do things all alone.
He'll die.
Give me a bidi.
One matchbox as well.
What is it?
Why are you sulking? What's wrong?
Don't you trust me?
That's not how it is.
I trust you.
The exams are near.
I'm scared.
What if I don't pass the exams?
I'm sure...
you'll get the highest score.
Oh, no!
You fill my eyes
With dreams
I see you
In all the faces I see
You reveal yourself, page by page
It's only you
I searched the heart many times
But you're all I find in there
Only you
Only you
Only you
Only you
At the crack of dawn
And when dusk arrives
Be with me
I live for you
Why should I live without you?
My lips utter your name
Like a prayer
Only you
You're etched on my hands like my fate
Only you
You reveal yourself, page by page
It's only you
I searched the heart many times
But you're all I find in there
Only you
Only you
Only you
Only you
Make us proud!
We passed the exams, Uncle!
Congratulations, my dear!
Have some sweets.
Here you go.
Ajay passed the IAS exams.
-Hurry up!
-We need a party!
Only the interview remains!
Stop it! Put me down!
Where were you?
Better late than never.
No problem.
Why do you smoke so much?
It's bad.
Bad things are sought to bring an end
to all the other bad things in the world!
Yes, he's the incarnation
of Lord Mahadev!
He alone shall end all evil.
Let's go eat, I'm hungry.
That broke my heart.
Let me do something...
for you and your father.
I'm your friend. We're like brothers.
My father has a lot of money.
It's all mine.
-We're friends.
-He's right, Ajay.
Friendship is beyond favors.
No, buddy.
If I take help from any of you...
Dad's efforts...
and his honesty will go to waste.
I won't let that happen.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
You want to soar above the clouds
But you're tied to the ground
You want to soar above the clouds
But you're tied to the ground
Nobody can stop you from
succeeding in life, my boy.
The heart is like a bird
It seeks its home
The heart is like a bird
It shatters
Yet, lives on
I wonder what this heart seeks
The heart is like a bird
It seeks its home
The heart is like a bird
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
That's enough, Dad.
Shame on you!
-Thakur Tejpratap Singh!
-Shame on you!
The papers have been leaked
for the third year in a row.
These papers have been sold
for about five lakh rupees.
This has jeopardized the future
of millions of students.
To oppose this, student unions
have taken to the streets.
They're demonstrating their
anger with violent rampage.
Professor Tejpratap Singh
has been arrested.
Shut it down!
Shut it down!
I don't know how this happened.
I didn't even hire an assistant.
I know that, Dad.
You could never do this.
But you needn't worry.
I won't let you stay here for long.
Hundreds of students are protesting
against Professor Tejpratap Singh
at the Hasanganj police station.
Students have taken a firm stance
because the papers get leaked every year.
They want the professor
to be punished severely.
-What happened, Mom?
Get some water!
-Have some water, Mom.
I'll call the doctor.
-Tejpratap is a thief!
-He is a thief!
-Tejpratap is a thief!
-He is a thief!
-Tejpratap is a thief!
-Look at them.
-We need to go there.
-Tejpratap is a thief!
-Tejpratap is a thief!
-He is a thief!
-Get these medicines.
-Okay, Doctor.
Get these medicines.
Doctor, is it serious?
No, there's nothing to worry about.
Please go.
It's a case of hypertension
caused by stress.
If she doesn't get better,
get her hospitalized tomorrow.
I made a huge mistake.
My boss is a good man, and I...
I'll tell everything to the police.
I'll get him released, come what may.
I'll get the culprits arrested.
Bro, it's the oldie.
-Answer it.
Yes, tell me.
You said it wouldn't be a big deal.
But my boss got jailed.
His wife is ill.
I'll tell everything to the police.
I'll tell them everything!
Tell him I'll be there.
It's pretty late. Why isn't Rajkumar back?
-Please look after Mom, I'll go check.
Give me that.
Be careful.
-Hello, sir.
-You ruined it!
Come to the police station with me.
I'll tell them everything!
-My boss wasn't at fault.
-Listen to me!
-Just come with me.
Listen to me!
He just doesn't get it!
Gyanu, he framed me.
I made a mistake.
My boss is in jail and his wife is unwell.
The police considers me a suspect.
And now they'll know for sure.
Nab her!
Nab her!
-Get her!
Where is everyone?
Nab her!
Nab her...
Ajay, Aunt's condition is worsening.
Rajkumar went to get her meds.
And then Soha went looking for him.
But they haven't returned yet.
Don't worry. We're on our way.
Some call me crazy
Some call me a killer
Oh, dear! This looks like a battlefront.
A molester got killed!
Yes, sir. It does seem so.
The stole is stained
How do I hide it?
The stole is stained...
Who are you? The villain's aide?
Sir, he killed my brother.
Who killed whom?
Ajay did!
He killed Gyanu.
Who's Gyanu?
The student leader Gyanu Singh?
He was martyred.
It seems like a crucial case, Dubey.
Some call me crazy
Some call me mad
He was also against corruption.
Some call me crazy, some call me mad
The third one?
Sir, there's one more.
-Is it?
Tell me, why did this happen?
You're on the verge of getting killed...
but you won't stop being a rogue.
Think hard.
I need you to tell me what happened here.
Or else, you'll be dead.
No, sir. Now that brother's dead...
Getting papers leaked was
Gyanu's regular business.
He made a lot of money
over the past two years.
But this time,
Mr. Thakur was the in charge.
He's an honest man.
But that day...
Yes, you can come in.
Everything was all right.
But, suddenly
Rajukumar called to say that
he'll go to the police station.
So, we came here.
And that's how this happened.
-Yes, sir?
Take them in custody
and file a report.
-But, sir...
-Think about it!
The papers were being leaked
for three years in a row.
Three murders took place.
The senior officers will be here
any minute.
The media will come here
and interview us.
Then, in the evening...
My father used to say...
"Opportunities have to be created."
Rahul, any news?
No news yet.
Mom's condition is worsening.
Please don't cry, Soha.
Yes, Arjun. How are you?
There's a big problem.
What happened?
-the student leader Gyanu Singh...
We got into a fight with him.
He shot Ajay.
-Is Ajay all right?
The doctor is trying
to get the bullet out.
Ajay fired in retaliation
and killed him, perhaps.
I don't know what to do.
Should we tell the police?
No, don't do that.
Bring Ajay to the timber mart.
I'll meet you there.
-All right.
Sir, the entire city
is under surveillance.
There's no way they can escape.
A ruckus in the university,
during the day.
the murder of the university president,
during the night.
I'm answerable for your carelessness.
You have 24 hours, officer.
If the perpetrators aren't caught...
Sir, I promise!
I will solve this case within 24 hours.
If I fail to do so, I will resign.
What happened?
What have we done?
Everything got ruined in one moment.
I don't think so.
He'd have killed you,
if you hadn't killed him.
He would have killed me.
So be it.
I am now a disgrace to my father.
He'll die of this trauma.
Nothing will happen to your father.
Your life is engulfed by a storm.
But just as storms arise,
they subside too.
Ajay, these are testing times.
Show some restraint.
-I want to meet my father.
-No. It won't be wise to go there.
If you go there,
and if the police nabs you...
you'll be incriminated.
You'll spend the rest of your life
proving the actual turn of events.
-Get food for all of them.
Does your family know?
No. Please don't tell them.
I'll go check the situation over there.
Where does Dinanath live?
-That's his house.
-Over there?
Sir, that's his house.
What's the matter, sir?
Are you Ajay Singh's father?
Where is he?
He's at the hostel.
Is he all right?
He is.
But the ones he thrashed,
aren't all right.
He murdered three people and fled.
Murdered them?
Sir, I'm sure you are mistaken.
Sir, this can't be true.
He's preparing to be an IAS officer.
Yes, sir.
That's never going to happen.
My father used to say that...
parents who have good children
are very fortunate.
But those with bad children...
Well, their life becomes a living hell.
Ideally, you should have known
that he is a criminal.
Didn't you know it?
-Well, sir...
-I want to know where he is.
When you know his whereabouts...
contact Inspector Rajpal Singh
Otherwise, you'll have to
face dire consequences.
But, sir...
Poor Gyanu!
He cared a lot about his students.
Hello! Who are you?
I'm Chhote, Gyanu's younger brother.
You survived the attack.
I don't care about that.
My brother was killed.
Ajay killed my brother.
Sir, you can take all the money.
But don't spare the culprit.
Don't you worry.
I'm an honest cop.
I won't spare him.
The government pays us to nab
the criminals, not spare them.
I won't spare him.
Dubey, Gyanu was a great student leader!
He helped students when he was alive.
And his demise has benefited us.
For me, he has opened the gates
of promotion and wealth.
Dubey, pack all the money.
We'll count it at leisure.
My father used to say that
three is an unlucky number.
Now, it's four.
Why did you kill him, sir?
I didn't kill him.
I freed him.
Forget him and think about yourself.
Will you go empty-handed to meet Gyanu,
or take some chicken with you?
Spare me.
I'll do as you say.
Will you be my witness?
Sure, sir.
Tomorrow's headline would read...
The culprits of the murders that
took place near Lucknow university,
and the ones responsible
for leaking the papers,
have been nabbed.
The police had to face a violent mob
during the investigation.
A perpetrator named Rakesh Tiwari
aka Master, was killed.
And the other perpetrator Raja
was arrested.
He has confessed that the papers
were being leaked for three years
by a gang headed by Ajay Singh.
He was preparing to be an IAS officer.
With the help of student leader
Gyanu Singh
he carried out his illegal activities.
That's absolute rubbish!
We haven't leaked the papers!
He is the main culprit.
Was Rajkumar Gyanu's aide?
He killed student leader Gyanu,
Rajukumar and another aide.
Professor Tejpratap Singh
has been acquitted.
And his wife's untimely demise
is mourned.
Inspector Rajpal Singh has informed us
that Ajay Singh's den...
I can't believe this!
A huge amount of money has been seized.
Deputy Inspector General Gautam
and Inspector Rajpal Singh...
I hope he's okay.
I need to meet him.
I need to tell him that
we did nothing wrong.
Dad will be shattered.
I didn't do anything, Dad.
This is all a lie.
I didn't do anything.
Forgive me, Dad.
I made a mistake, Dad.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Dad, forgive me.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
You want to soar above the clouds
But you're tied to the ground
I wonder what this heart seeks
The heart is like a bird
It seeks its home
It shatters
Yet, lives on
I wonder what this heart seeks
The heart is like a bird
The heart is like a bird
It seeks its home
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
My dreams
My dreams have been shattered
Like falling stars
My eyes wept
Like a cloud burst
I wonder why
My prayers haven't been answered
Dear, God
Why didn't you help me?
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
How are you, Arjun?
I'm fine.
I want to talk to Ajay.
Hold on.
It's Manjiri.
-How are you, Manjiri?
-How's Dad?
-He misses you.
The interview is day after tomorrow.
I won't be able to attend it.
No, Manjiri.
You should attend it.
If not me...
at least you should fulfill Dad's dreams.
Your Honor, this is not just a case
about three murders,
it is also a case that concerns the future
of thousands of students.
Ajay Singh, and his friends
from the Lucknow University
who were accused of
leaking the papers
and killing three people,
have been denied bail.
This incident has badly affected
the reputation of Lucknow University.
But Manjiri Shukla,
a student of the same university
has bagged the seventh rank
in the IAS exams
and made the university proud.
Don't cry, Manjiri.
If tears could wipe away misfortune...
nobody in the world would be miserable.
Why did this happen?
I'm happy for you, Manjiri.
You did very well for yourself.
You scored the seventh rank.
I am a criminal.
Please look after Dad.
He has nobody, but me.
He worked very hard all his life,
for my sake.
But, I...
Don't lose hope, Ajay.
Things will be all right.
The truth will be out someday, and...
we'll find a way.
Ajay, don't lose hope.
I'm with you every step of the way.
Inspector Rajpal
messed up the entire case.
Chhote wants to avenge his brother's death
and the cops are helping him do so.
What should we do?
Are we supposed to just wait out here?
What else can we do?
The inspector and Chhote...
Let's kill them both.
-You're crazy!
-Let's kill them.
Is there no way out?
Will nobody listen to us?
There is a way out.
Ajay Singh and his friends
are my clients.
They are afraid.
The police might kill them
in a fake encounter.
they want to surrender.
Let's meet them after lunch.
Ajay and his friends have surrendered.
Stop them.
If they surrender, I'll get dismissed.
I'll meet you there.
Okay, sir.
My father was right.
Never mess with fire.
It burns you down.
Sir, I looked everywhere
but didn't find them.
Rascal! He wants to be an IAS officer.
He is really smart.
Ajay, run!
You manhandled a lawyer in court!
Beat him up.
Take it easy!
Ajay, get the car!
Carry him!
Hurry up!
Infamous criminal Ajay, and his aides
killed a policeman in broad daylight.
This led to a scuffle between
the lawyers and the police.
Sidhu, be brave.
Have faith. You'll be fine.
My visa is here.
Don't talk rubbish!
Nothing's going to happen to you.
You have a bright red body
That illuminates the world
You disguised yourself
As a long-tailed monkey
Your body is strong like thunderbolt
It is meant to kill the enemies
If this is my destiny...
so be it.
Praised be the Lord
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Your glories spread far and wide
Lanka goes up in ashes
Your powers, oh mighty one
Are beyond the limits of time and death
You exude the brilliance of the sun
Your eyes have immense power
You protect the world
With your mighty arms
You're the creator and destroyer
The stars sing your praises for eternity
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
You embody Lord Rama
And revere Goddess Sita
The world is a tempestuous sea
And you're the savior
Our lives begin and end with you
We worship and revere you
You're indestructible and immortal
You're the axis
That the world rests upon
The one who gets your blessings
Lacks nothing
We are your devotees, O Lord
You're our friend and guide
Give us a potion to end all the sorrows
We bow down to you
Hail Lord Hanuman
Hail Lord Hanuman
Victory to you, Lord Hanuman!
Ocean of wisdom, we honor your glory
You are the divine messenger of Lord Rama
-Son of God, born of Anjani
-Hail Lord Hanuman
You are valiant and brave
O God of good sense and wisdom
You are God of beauty and grace
Beauty and grace
Hail Lord Hanuman
Praised be Goddess Sita and Lord Rama!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Lord Hanuman promised me today.
You will surely become a collector.
Bro, I was helpless.
Ajay killed him.
He killed my friend!
In your presence...
Ajay killed my son.
And you...
You fled like a coward!
Before the 13 days of mourning end...
make sure you arrest him.
I will kill him.
I assure you, he'll be caught.
Yes, sir.
What if I don't pass the exams?
I'm sure you'll get the highest score.
I couldn't fulfill Dad's dreams.
I couldn't become an IAS officer.
Ajay, I need to take you somewhere.
I'll tell you later.
Come with me.
Why are we here?
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
-Ajay, control yourself.
-Ajay, stop!
-Ajay, stop!
-Let go of me!
-The cops are there.
Everything will be okay.
I destroyed myself
What do I complain about?
I've shattered myself into bits
I can never be whole again
I couldn't read what you wrote for me
Just wipe off these lines of fate
I wonder what
This heart seeks
The heart is like a bird
It seeks its home
It's all over, sir.
It's over!
Stay strong.
I don't know how to do that, sir.
Unknowingly, I entered
the world of crime...
and my conscious was against it.
But now if I try to leave,
it just won't let me.
Life is a battlefield.
And you're a warrior.
On this battlefield
stands yet another warrior.
The path you once sought
is now your duty.
Who is wrong?
And who is the righteous one?
Injustice brings God to the fore.
The sinner thinks he's
the most powerful one.
He knows not about the many forms of God!
Sir, we know about the ambulance
that Ajay used
to get into the hostel.
It's in Sultan's garage
and he can lead us to Ajay Singh.
Let's go.
Yes, Sultan.
It's not Sultan. I'm Nana.
Do you have any idea who he was?
Suraj, the son of the city's don
Ajit Singh.
Before he attains salvation,
I'll kill you and your aides.
The countdown begins.
What kind of a don kills an unarmed man?
You are doomed!
Before Sultan's body goes cold,
I'll kill you and your boss.
Stop it!
Stay right there!
Convey Ajay Singh's regards to Nana.
War calls for you to destroy the enemies
The earth shall bathe in red
War calls for you to destroy the enemies
The earth shall bathe in red
This is the time to roar and kill
Bring forth your sword
War calls for you to destroy the enemies
The earth shall bathe in red
I can't kill an unarmed man.
Lucknow witnesses gang wars
for supremacy.
Influential MLA Ajit Singh
had a stronghold on railways,
PWD and other services.
That has all been taken over
by budding gangster Ajay Singh.
War has only one mantra, do or die
There's no other way out of this quagmire
All means are justified in war
Nobody's your friend here
Behead the enemies
And destroy their entities
Behead the enemies
And destroy their entities
War calls for you to destroy the enemies
The earth shall bathe in red
Let there be zeal in your arms
And fury in your eyes
May their ashes scatter away
Mercy and forgiveness don't bring justice
Break this circle and go for the kill
Kill demons
And aim your arrow at the sinners
War calls for you to destroy the enemies
The earth shall bathe in red
War calls for you to destroy the enemies
The earth shall bathe in red
That's Ajay.
I didn't kill your son.
His deeds got him killed.
You and I aren't enemies.
Don't get into my path ever again.
Otherwise, I'll kill you.
Inspector Rajpal killed many of our men.
That inspector makes my blood boil.
He ruined everyone's lives.
I told you we should kill him,
but you didn't agree with me.
Killing an inspector
won't help us in anyway.
One will die...
and another will replace him.
Police and ministers
are part of the system.
We can't mess with them.
But if things get out of hand...
they can't be spared.
My father used to say that
the world is like a market.
So, I don't buy expensive things.
How much does that cost?
How much do you want?
That's enough for now.
God wanted love and peace
to prevail in the world.
But the likes of you
turned it into a market.
Hereafter, I'll do...
exactly what you compelled me to do.
How did this happen, Ajay?
is my destiny.
We don't plan our lives.
It's the other way around.
Arjun, speak to him!
Please stop this bloodshed!
Why don't you guys understand?
I don't know how you'll do it.
But please come back.
I did...
but Dad didn't open the door.
And now...
Dad isn't alive.
He is no more.
Where am I and where are you?
Where are you and where am I?
Where am I and where are you?
Where are you and where am I?
Where am I and where are you?
Where are you and where am I?
Everything was beautiful
I wonder what went wrong
There's darkness all around
Sunshine seems to be somewhere afar
Life is unbearable
Where did we come from?
And where will we end up?
Give me a clue
How things have changed!
Why did we part ways?
My wishes and desires
Have been destroyed with time
All my joys have disappeared
And left me empty-handed
Wonder what went wrong
There's darkness all around
Sunshine seems to be somewhere afar
Life is unbearable
Where did we come from?
And where will we end up?
Give me a clue
My father used to say that...
Kabira often prays for
everyone's happiness.
He was friends with no one.
He was no one's enemy either.
Here we go.
I didn't do anything.
I had forbidden you...
from obstructing my path.
Don't kill me--
-Are you okay, Arjun?
-I regret one thing.
-I'm leaving you alone...
No, buddy.
As per the recent reports,
MLA Ajit Singh has been killed.
Supposedly, Ajay Singh is the murderer.
This was a result of a rivalry.
Glory to India, sir.
Ajay Singh was a part of the gang war.
As per sources...
He killed MLA Ajit Singh!
There will be an uproar in the assembly!
Yes, sir.
Before they question me,
do something, officer!
I'll do my best.
I give you two options.
Either get suspended tomorrow...
or get promoted.
Glory to India, sir.
-Say something!
-I don't know what to say.
I might die.
Why are you saying that?
-Nothing will happen to you.
I want to meet you for the last time.
I'm really scared.
I'm missing Dad terribly today.
He is here.
I told you we should kill him,
but you didn't agree with me.
There are some officers near that lane
and on the roof...
Ma'am, we got to know that
Ajay Singh is hiding in there.
Sir, my father used to say that--
Shut up!
How did this happen, Manjiri?
How did this happen?
If getting shot brings me closer to you...
I'd get shot over and over again.
Who knew that life would
turn out to be like this?
Momentary anger destroys everything.
The glamorous world of crimes
is nothing but an illusion.
You either end up in jail...
or you die by getting shot.
It is said that life gives
everyone three chances.
But for me, this is the last chance.
Another criminal will be contesting
the elections in Uttar Pradesh next month.
That is gangster Ajay Singh.
After his book Pranaam got published,
the youth have taken a liking to him.
In his autobiography, Ajay Singh
revealed his journey from being
an IAS aspirant to becoming a don.
Thousands have gathered here
to welcome him.
Only time will tell how the
advent of criminals in politics
will affect the country.
-How should our leader be?
-He should be like Ajay Singh!
-How should our leader be?
-He should be like Ajay Singh!
My son is born to rule!
Glory to Ajay Singh!