Prassthanam (2019) Movie Script

is it wrong to kill someone?
Very wrong son
Then why did Ram kill Ravan?
Because Ravan was evil
But isn't killing wrong too?
The Supreme Court has
issued a stay order...
...against the Malihabad Granite Land.
This is a serious setback
to the local mining contractor Bajwa.
Malihabad Legislator Baldev Pratap
Singh has once again consolidated...
...amongst the farmers
across the Constituency.
Mr. Singh would soon be
arriving at the Party office...
...with the Stay Order from Delhi.
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
Where is Aayush?
As usual...
Cleaning up the mess!
Boss. Boss.
So you think you're a big guy?
Pushing around old men...
Why don't you show
me how tough you are?
Go ahead
Stay back.
Bloody nincompoop
How dare you send
me to kill Babban Lodhi.
Either pay the rent or
clear out the land.
Or else...
I will take it upon myself to kill you!
- Was that fine with you sir?
- Leave.
Here's an advice, Maqbool.
Giving right made it Ramayan
Taking it away led to Mahabharata
We both belong to the
same (political) party.
So try to stand with us,
and not against us.
What I haven't understood is...
Are you our party MLA Baldev's
son or his wife's.
Instead of focusing
on my family dynamics
focus on resolving this mess
Or else by tomorrow, this
is going to be the state of your bar.
Mr. Maqbool.
Don't you forget it
Let's go.
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
If you strive hard enough,
success will be yours.
And our efforts have succeeded.
I believe,
If people like us change our thoughts...
...people like Bajwa
Khatri are forced
to change theirs
Congratulations sir, on getting the Stay
order against the granite land issue.
Thank you.
Sir, how much will this Stay
order affect Bajwa Khatri?
Will he clear out of that land?
Does he have an option?
People claim that your move
is political, and not For their benefit
People barely take a second to say
Probably a minute to think about it
Not even a few days to study it
But son, it takes an entire
lifetime to understand "Politics"
So are you trying to say
that the government is wrong?
- Listen
- Yes, sir.
Didn't your brother buy
a piece of land here?
- At what price?
- 60 lakhs
And how much is the
government paying for it now?
90,000 rupees
So what would you call this?
Politics or Coercion?
Think about it.
Sir, what is the solution for this?
The solution is...
Politicians and Diapers
should be changed regularly
Otherwise, both begin to stink.
Thank you.
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
What is the score?
I was just checking.
We're done for.
We won't win today.
Kohli isn't playing either.
Are you sure?
So what if the captain's not playing,
he has an entire team playing for him.
My point exactly.
Why did you have to go to Majid ?
When you could have
sent your men instead
You keep a better tab
on me than your own enemies...
Ayush, remember this...
In politics, even if your fortune rises
There will always be
something to drag you down.
Fighting with thugs
Will turn you into one someday
Lets get down to the
main agenda of this meeting
The senior leaders of Ashwadham,
Ballipur, and Devnagar have decided...
That even this term, Mr. Jayprakash will
Preside over the elections.
That's enough!
How long will such feeble
old men lead the people of Devnagar?
Who neither have any guarantee,
nor any warranty
What are you even saying?
I am absolutely right.
Even though our
community is the majority
...we've been supporting
you for the last 25-years.
Even elected you as our leader
But enough is enough.
And now, Kishen Yadav
will be the next youth leader...
...who will bring progress to this
village with his clear intentions.
And if anyone tries to interfere...
Look at my shoe.
This shoe is cleaner
than your leader's intentions.
Get up.
Stop! Stop!
I have been your leader
Yet people are using
communal differences
to encourage violence.
I refuse to be a
part of such Politics.
Let's go Ayush
- Kishen Yadav.
- Long live...
- Kishen Yadav.
- Long live...
It will be shameful if you
gain this seat Without any competition.
I will stand against
you in the elections.
If you have the guts
Then fight, win
And then celebrate.
Is this why you studied Civil Services?
Fighting with thugs
Will turn you into one someday
Father, is it wrong to take
weapons when threatened with the same?
You keep quiet!
This is exactly why you've
been to prison so many times.
And brought this thug back with you
Politics is getting
contaminated in this village
This is exactly why I refused
to be a part of it.
And now you...
I know its a dirty game, father...
...but that's only because people
like you are quitting.
And you think you can clean this mess?
Do as you wish.
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
- Vote for...
- Shiv!
I guess your wives are alone at home.
Stop, please...
You bloody...
Bhola! Are you okay?
Kishen Yadav!
Badshah no.
Hold him.
Baldev, let's go.
Come on, Baldev. Hurry...
What happened?
Shiv died in my arms, father.
I couldn't save him.
Shiv. Talk to me, son.
How did this...
"Doing what's right
is your Dharma."
"Taking action is your Karma."
"One who has walked through
the fiery path..."
"...that path is his legacy."
"Doing what's right is your Dharma."
"Taking action is your Karma."
"One who has walked through
the fiery path..."
"...that path is his legacy."
One can never see his
reflection in boiling water."
"One with no patience..."
"...never lasts too long."
"...never lasts too long."
"A confluence of good and evil."
"One who has walked through
the fiery path..."
"...that path is his legacy."
"One who walks the stony path...
never stops even for a minute."
"His courage never wavers."
"Whether it's the
king or his throne."
"Even evil becomes a merit."
"Karma is at play..."
"A ruse of Dharma."
"So the story continues."
"The more you try to douse this fire,
the more it rages."
let my children go.
If we let them go now,
they will turn into our enemies someday.
He is just a kid.
Let him go.
Dad, meet Mr. Bajwa Khatri.
Adi's father.
There is no need for
an introduction, Vivaan.
Your father and I
used to be good friends.
There's a match going on.
Go watch it.
our sons are best friends in college.
I wish we could be too.
Come to the point, Mr. Bajwa.
He doesn't watch matches or what?
He prefers to play.
Let's come to the point then.
Take your eyes off my mining land.
Sir, was that an order,
a request, or are you begging?
You've given this one a lot of freedom
Look, son.
I had to grease a lot of palms
from the peon to the Minister... get this government order.
And your father wasted no time in getting
a Stay Order against it from Delhi.
There's a lot you still have to learn
This society doesn't run on rules,
It's running on beliefs
No, it's running on fear
Baldev. Baldev. Baldev
Elections are near
My money can decide whether
you will win or lose.
Come on.
I've already won four
elections without you
I can win another one.
I am an odd man
If I don't get the fruit,
I hack down the tree.
And if I don't get the tree,
I pull out the roots.
- Hello, aunty.
- Hello.
Look at you, so beautiful.
Thank you.
- I haven't seen you for six years.
- I know.
God bless you.
- Hello, uncle.
- Hello.
Do you know she is
a gold medalist from IIM?
- That's great.
- Thank you.
Where are you working these days?
Nothing yet.
But I have some offers, let's see.
Why don't you work at our hotel?
If it's not too less for you
Of course not.
- Joshi.
- Sir.
Appoint her the new Manager
of the Royal Manor Hotel.
Sir...but the current Manager.
The current Manager
is more of a damager.
Is the young master in?
Young master?
Aayush sir.
My dad is the Master.
And Aayush is the Young master.
So what does that make me, uncle?
This Pendulum hanging between them?
Go on.
Have you left for the airport or not?
I told you to pick
up Shivi from the airport.
Not Simmy, Shivi
She is your brother-in-law's
uncle's aunt's daughter's daughter.
Aunt's daughter...
the driver can pick her up.
Such close relatives and
you want to send the driver.
Not fair.
You find such a distant relative close?
Why don't I do this, I will pick
up all the passengers. Car is big enough
Shut up.
Nice way to keep me around.
Say hello to mom.
Must be bad network
She is in a hurry.
Got disconnected.
I'll try again.
Bring the bags, uncle.
What brings you here?
Nothing. You won't understand.
Maybe I will if you try.
I am writing a political thesis.
What? Thesis...
Meaning...Corruption in Politics.
I see...
Corruption meaning India.
They all come here.
Oh my God!
- How are you?
- I am good.
- Looking nice.
- Thank you.
I've seen you first time in person.
Look at you. So beautiful.
- How was the journey?
- It was good.
Madam, I've brought the bitter gourds.
And in which room do
I keep these suitcases?
You actually got them?
Aayush, I was just kidding about it.
I hope you told him
about your thesis, Shivi.
She explained to me in detail.
She is waiting to explode
in the backyard of Politicians.
Very dangerous.
Shut up, Aayush,
Listen, meet my brother. Aayush.
And by the way,
he's the best person to help you.
He is an upcoming politician.
Listen, I am really sorry.
I thought you're the driver, and...
I am really-really sorry.
You are absolutely right.
I am the driver,
the servant, everything.
Basically, I am her butler.
Listen, that's so mean, okay.
I love you.
Anyway, that reminds me...
You're getting late for work...
And any moment now your
children will come screaming...
Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle.
Papa is going to Chennai.
Hi, Aayush.
- How are you?
- I am fine.
Welcome Shivi.
Palak, you're coming.
Say bye.
See you, guys.
Listen. I've something for you.
Hold on to this.
Can you?
Are you strong enough?
Now pull.
Tell your mom there is no
point in sending us an invitation.
It's just a waste for
those who won't come.
She is your mom too, Palak.
Relationships cannot be asserted,
one has to live up to it.
If there is anyone in that family
I have a relationship with, then that's you.
And I'm clear about it.
Father, please don't
say no for the operation.
How long will I keep fighting?
...against my fate.
Against myself.
Against everything I have lost
will you be my son?
Of course.
Just like new blood replaces lost blood
...only a new relationship can fill
the void left behind by the previous one.
Please marry my daughter-in-law!
Accept my family as your own
Otherwise, this body will perish...
...but I won't get salvation.
we have got a brother.
Come on.
He is not our brother, Ayush!
If Palak continues
to stay in the village...
...she won't be able to forget the past.
We should move to Lucknow.
I don't want to go.
I don't want to go.
Leave me.
Put me down.
This is my home.
I am going to stay here.
Now, look...
Sir, you look just
like Vallabh Bhai Patel.
Joshi. What are you saying?
Stop flattering him.
Sir is sir.
Vallabh Bhai was a revolutionary.
And sir has brought
in a lot of revolution...
in this city.
Ayush, is this getting too much?
Let go.
25-years-ago you brought
a family together.
And all that is happening her,
Is just a way for us to thank you.
Love you.
The Lion looks shy!
You've been married for 25 years!
You should get a bravery award for this
Mom, hurry up.
The priest will get a heart attack.
The wife isn't coming.
I don't think she likes Mr. Baldev!
She should've thought
about this 25 years back
Granny, can you play this game?
Aarav, go get ready.
- But I want to...
- Aarav, go get ready.
I asked you to leave
We have to go out
One Sunday is all we get in the week.
We're getting late.
And please stop
coming here with this sad face.
I don't like it.
I will...
I will keep coming.
And I'll keep coming until
I don't find out what my fault was.
What did I do so wrong,
that you hate me so much?
Oh please...
don't get me started.
Hardly 3-months had passed
since father died...
...and you slept with someone else.
Yes, I got married again.
But who did I do it for?
If it was for us...
then you would've never
given birth to a third child!
I always thought she
will understand someday.
Being a mother herself she
couldn't understand her own mother.
If I had known that...
By having a third child,
I would lose the first one
...then maybe I would've
never given birth to him at all.
So many people at my bar?
This is a first
Who are these little rugrats?
Do you see him? That guy sitting there?
He is Baldev Pratap Singh's son.
These are all his friends
What's wrong with him?
He looks like an asthma patient
No, sir.
His friends are medical students.
they keep experimenting
with new drugs.
Must be one of their
latest ones, sir.
That's Maddy.
He wants to join our gang.
Has our gang become so popular.
- Do you know the rules?
- Yes, I do.
Get beaten up for 30
seconds without making a sound.
And I am ready.
Vivaan. Hold on. hold on.
Start. Start.
You want to join the gang.
Join the gang.
Join the gang.
I give up.
I give up.
Give up.
You are just a kid.
Stay in your limits.
Okay? Now get lost.
The entire family acts
like some snooty Overlords.
One brother threatens
to burn down the bar...
...the other one makes a fuss.
If Majid Maqbool blows his lid... won't take me long
to dissect a rat like you.
What are you staring at?
I'll gouge these eyes out.
What happened?
Still doubt whether
it hit the spot or not?
Guys, your boss has wet the floor.
Someone clean it up.
And what did my older brother say?
Why wait to do a good deed?
Oh, God.
Dad. Dad. Dad.
Who do you think you are?
Dad... dad
Why did you burn his place down?
What were you thinking?
Who do you think you are?
Some kind of Don?
Stop it, father. I sent Badshah.
Don't take his side, Aayush.
I sent Badshah, but he got involved.
How does it matter if
he burns down the bar or I do?
What's the difference?
You want to know the difference?
I will tell you.
He thinks before doing anything.
And you don't think
even after you've done it.
I am giving you a week, Vivaan.
One week.
Go abroad. Finish your studies.
Then come back and handle the business
Do you get that?
Dad! Stop!
I'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
Look at me.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong?
Elections are around the corner.
Do you understand?
You'll put everything at risk.
Wash your mouth.
You're still reeking of alcohol.
Baldev sir.
Yes Maqbool, how come you're calling me?
The more I supported you in politics
The more you dragged me down.
One son threatens me...
...and the other one burns down my bar?
But don't think I am weak.
Guard your seat well this time.
This is a good thing, father.
We need that leach Majid
in the opposition, not beside us.
Don't worry, I'll handle him.
I am not worried about that clown.
Every politician's son tries to be
the leader by leading his blind followers.
I am worried about Vivaan.
If there's anyone in this family
who can be a leader, It's you Ayush.
You're born for it, okay.
Fine. I'll figure something out
The people over at the City Administration
are causing Problems.
I see...
Well, ...
he'll get his share, all right.
Corrupt politicians...
Excuse me.
- Did you say something?
- No.
Shivi, stay in the car.
Who are you?
Sir, my boys have been coming
to your office every other day.
We need permission for a stage.
Can't you see I am busy?
I still have to go
through all these files.
Not now. I am very busy.
Come back later.
- I said go. Come back later...
- Listen to me.
I know you make special exceptions.
You are very smart.
One must maintain proper
balance to get the job done.
How much have you got?
This isn't right.
You're misbehaving
with a government officer.
Sign here. Come on...
Sign it.
What are you all looking at?
Get back to work.
Shivi! I told you to wait in the car.
Actually, I thought you're
going to bribe that guy.
I am sorry, I didn't...
So you still hate politicians. Huh.
Not all politicians.
"When you're around...
feels like love's in the air."
"Everything seems vague..."
"...and my heart's not in control."
"When you're around...
feels like love's in the air."
"Everything seems vague..."
"...and my heart's not in control."
"I want to live..."
" the same lane as you."
"That is my only request."
"Let this love blossom."
"Let this friendship prosper."
"My innocent heart wanders..."
"...looking for you."
"You are the sweetness in my life."
"I want you to be mine."
"The velvety dreams..."
"The wavering gait..."
"I want to live..."
" the same lane as you."
"That is my only request."
"Let this love blossom."
"Let this friendship grow."
"Let this love blossom."
"Let this friendship grow."
Let's call for some beers
Rishi, get some beers.
Sir, its Gandhi Jayanti,
Ma'am has told us not to.
But, we are the ones who need it right?
But sir, the new manager has given strict
instructions against serving liquor.
New manager?
Call the Manager.
Excuse me, sir. What's the problem?
Get the beer.
Sorry, sir,
we are not serving liquor today.
So if you are really desperate
you can try elsewhere.
You're the new manager, right?
Yes, sir.
When did you join?
Its been a week.
Just look at that.
Haven't you seen that?
Yes, sir.
That's all the more reason
we shouldn't break this policy.
You are fired.
Now you go find a job elsewhere.
Asma. Asma. Asma.
Do you know whose daughter she is?
Her father's of course.
Nice, isn't she?
She is Dada's daughter. Badshah's.
What's going to happen now...
Is you're going to go apologize
Do you know what the problem is?
I am sitting with my friends here.
So don't insult me in front of them.
And if you are feeling so bad for her,
then you go and apologize.
You're my good brother, no.
Take it.
Before you sit down at this table...
Think whether you're worthy or not
I am sorry.
Mean what you're saying.
I am...
I'm really very sorry.
Badshah, sit.
Badshah is a part of this family.
And Asma will continue as the manager.
And you will work
under her. Understand?
Yes, dad.
I want to know where
do we stand this month.
Yes, ma'am. I'll get it right away.
Get the register.
Excuse me.
I am really very sorry.
I was really rude the other day, so...
In fact, this is my true apology.
Please accept it.
Come on. I am sorry.
I think it was blown
out of proportion.
Uncle yelled at you
so much because of me.
You see...
I am used to dad's yelling now.
So it doesn't matter anymore.
And anyway,
he didn't say anything wrong.
He asked me to train under
a beautiful girl like you.
In fact, its a reward.
So tell me,
ma'am, where do I start from?
Should I start cleaning
the table, ma'am?
Oh no. Come on, don't be silly.
Come, I'll show you around.
How it goes from the
manager's point of view.
- Come.
- Sure...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
- Majd Maqbool.
- Long live...
Am I in the wrong place?
Sir, they are Majid's supporters.
Picketing for the ticket.
What's the matter, Majid?
Something wrong with your eyes?
My eyes are just fine.
Today is the last
day for the nominations.
Give that ticket to me.
Are you out of your mind?
I am completely in my senses.
I have a gift for you.
And this gift is not just for you,
but for the entire party.
Party General Secretary,
Party President, with the same girl.
"Just less than a day before,
there has been a shocking
change in the Maliyabad Assembly...
...Constituency Contestant list."
"The undefeated four times winner,
Baldev Pratap Singh of National
People's Party candidate..."
"...has been replaced by party
youth candidate Mr. Majid Maqbool."
"The strong floating
rumours say that the...
...local mining contractor
is behind this..."
"...due to his differences
with Baldev Singh...
regarding Malihabad Granite Lab."
I don't understand
how this is possible.
Even powerful people
have some weaknesses.
And someone always manages
to exploit that.
We'll have to go independent, Joshi.
We'll have to show
them our strength now.
I'll answer it.
Yes, Khatri.
What's wrong, son?
Is your father's not in
the condition to even answer the phone?
I deal with dogs like you, Khatri.
Give the phone to your father, son.
I wanted to tell him how sad I am.
Save your tears, Khatri,
You'll need it after the elections.
your confidence is still intact.
And it will always be.
That's the difference.
You're right.
But be careful.
Confidence thrills
but over-confidence...
Dad.. dad! Dad!
Dad. Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Move aside.
Aayush, how is he?
It's okay.
Mark 1...
35 degrees horizontal. 7mm deep.
Mark 2...
5 degrees horizontal. 20mm deep.
Aayush, I've sent my men.
Majid won't survive
Are you crazy?
Who told you to send
our men after him?
Did I?
Did I?
Khatri is behind the entire plan.
Try to understand.
He knows we'll win
if we go independent.
He wanted Maqbool to get the ticket.
No one will do anything
until the elections.
Bullet missed his vital organs.
You're lucky there hasn't
been too much blood loss either.
You did a great job.
Just take care of him.
I am sure he will be fine.
Did you find them?
Father is okay.
Thank God.
Leave the city for a few days.
I'll handle things here.
Who shot my father?
Who shot my father?
How did you let it happen?
Someone shot my father
in broad daylight...
...and what were you guys doing?
This is entirely my father's
fault for employing old men like you!
What are you guys good for?
Free booze,
free food, and shouting slogans...
Long live... Baldev Pratap Singh!
Now see what happened.
This is your security.
No strength left.
You know what...
you guys should retire now.
Get out.
I can handle my dad's security...
Have you gone mad?
Who do you think you are?
Look at their faces closely...
Which of them do you
think works for a salary?
Which one?
All of them work for free here.
Understand, Vivaan.
And they work here out
of respect for your father.
And these old men are ready to lay down
their life for Baldev Pratap Singh!
You wanted to know who shot him.
You wanted to know, didn't you?
Leave or I will bury you right here.
Get lost.
You're hanging around with him?
This rascal.
His father tried to kill our father.
Will he give security?
Will he?
Enough of this older brother lecture.
And what are you trying
to prove by raising your voice?
You were there when dad got shot,
didn't you?
Don't act too high and mighty
And get one thing straight...
I am Baldev Pratap Singh's real heir.
The rightful successor to his power,
property, will, and legacy.
You are completely
out of your mind, Vivaan.
Think like that again,
and I swear I will...
You will what?
I will...
It's a good thing
I finally admitted to it.
I finally vented out my anger.
Now either you understand,
or move out of my way.
Stop it!
Is this the time to fight?
It was a one-way road.
So I took a u-turn and came back.
Nurse. Can I see that...
Just a second.
See Aayush...
the best medicine
for a wounded politician.
Aayush, I think that this time
you should stand in the elections.
I am not ready, father.
Just sign the nomination papers.
And I'll handle the rest.
Where are you taking me?
It's that way...
What are you doing?
Why did you get me inside a truck?
Where did the minister's car go?
Only one hour left
for the nominations.
Let me go.
What do you want?
What do you want?
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live
Why are you pushing me?
Just shoot me.
I'll pay you two times more,
three times...
Oh god...
Even with such a big crowd, you couldn't
Even reach the nomination office?
Who told you to take out this last
Day, last hour procession?
All big politicians do this.
How could I have known that more than
half the men in my procession were his.
That bloody fool
made a fool out of me.
Any fool can
make a bloody fool out of you.
Do you know how much
money I invested in this idiot?
I want my money back.
Seize all his business
until I don't recover my money.
What are you saying, Khatri?
When you bet on a horse... you ask for a
refund after he losses.
You are not a horse, you're an ass!
Come, Aayush. How is your father now?
How is your father doing?
I was on my way to the hospital.
It's very easy to kill, Khatri.
Got it?
Just load, and shoot.
You shot my father,
the same can happen here.
After what you tried to pull...
...I am sparing your life because
elections are around the corner.
And it takes guts to win a war...
not guns.
Sir, sir...
Sir, please...
Later. Later.
Brother Baldev. Brother Baldev.
Please forgive me.
The General Secretary had me confused.
You are the strongest
pillar of this party.
Take a picture.
And today I am making
this announcement... soon as we win the elections,
brother Baldev here
will be the Home
Minister in our Cabinet.
And brother Baldev,
as a token of advance...
...I've chucked that idiot
Majid out of the party.
And from today the youth president of
our party will be Aayush Baldev Singh
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
Listen to me...
No, no, no, no, brother.
I am not going to
listen to you anymore.
I've already made the announcement.
And what's more...
you have no dialogue here.
Your presence alone uplifts this scene.
Take a picture.
Please save your energy...
for the election campaign.
Another thing...
As long as this party exists,
who is going to be
our youth president?
Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
And brother Baldev
will be our Home Minister.
I'll take your leave now.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
- Aayush Baldev Singh.
- Long live...
Aayush Baldev Singh.
Great job, dad.
Aayush' future is on track.
What about me?
What about you?
What about my future, dad?
As I said before, Vivaan.
Go abroad, study...
...and then take charge of our business.
But I already told you,
dad, that I am not interested.
It doesn't excite me.
I want what Aayush has.
Dad, make me the successor
to your political seat.
It's out of your league, Vivaan.
You know what, the more you say no...
...the more I want to do it.
You can try, but I won't support you.
I will eventually get what I want.
With or without your help.
This seat belongs to me.
Power cannot be handed down... has to earn it, Vivaan.
Earn it.
"Let the drums rolls begin..."
"...and the crowd roar hard."
"This is no time to be shy."
"It's time to rejoice..."
"Let's all lose control..."
"...and colours flying in the air."
"Let the drums rolls begin..."
"...and the crowd roar hard."
"This is no time to be shy."
"It's time to rejoice..."
"Let's all lose control..."
"...and colours flying in the air."
"We're ready to do or die..."
"...we'll get what we want."
"But whoever challenges us..."
"...only tastes defeat."
"...only tastes defeat."
"This is our time to reign,
be prepared."
"No dearth of might,
we've all the advantage."
"Blood will boil, and blood will spill."
"I've had enough, now it's my turn."
"I am going to rule
with an iron first."
"The seat of power will be all mine."
"Sweet talks, and a fierce face."
"Stay strong, hold your ground."
"...but I am not gonna budge."
"Stay strong, hold your ground."
"...but I am not gonna budge."
"Glory to all...
"...its an open challenge..."
"We're going to make you..."
"...taste defeat."
Baldev Pratap Singh.
Baldev Pratap Singh's son...
...Aayush Baldev Singh is the
party's new Youth President.
Glory to him.
Glory to him.
Vivaan Baldev Singh...
is like a pendulum
hanging between them.
Do you guys know...
why is it so noisy
when iron strikes the iron.
When kin kills kin...
it's really painful.
Dude, look back in history.
Those who have killed brothers
and fathers have become kings.
What matters is the dynasty.
And it's yours.
And we're with you, Vivaan.
We're here.
But now you got to decide.
Take one step...
and we'll take 100 steps for you.
100, huh?
Hey... Come here.
- What is this?
- What?
See... That one...
Vivaan...what are you doing?
Come on... do it.
Take a step for me.
Come on.
Take it.
Oh my, God. Sunil, just come with me.
Come on... do it.
Take a step for me.
Come on.
Leave him.
To hell with your fu friendship.
I am fed up of hearing the
same crap over and over again.
You will come running back
to use when you're sober again.
Come on.
Please take care of him.
Stay back.
Vivaan, what's wrong with you?
Why are you doing this to yourself?
you have everything, all right.
You don't have to play with your life.
I have a mother who
regrets giving birth to me.
A sister...
who can't even stand me.
A father...
for whom I don't even exist.
Don't you think there's
enough pain in my life already?
How does it matter
whether I live or die?
I hate my life.
I hate my life.
Vivaan, don't.
I hate myself.
Vivaan...don't hate yourself.
Vivaan, what are you doing?
Vivaan, just get off me.
Vivaan, just leave me...please.
Vivaan, let go of my leg
-Vivaan leave my leg!
-Asma. Asma.
Sumil! Sunil!
Just leave me, Vivaan.
Vivaan, just leave me.
Asma, I love you.
I'll marry you. I love you.
I'll marry you.
Vivaan, don't.
I really love you.
Listen to me.
Vivaan, just leave me.
Asma, just please listen to me.
I'll marry you.
I'll marry you.
I've never loved someone so much!
Asma. Asma.
I'll marry you.
Asma. Asma.
Just leave me.
Vivaan, just...
Get off me.
Asma. Asma. Asma. Asma.
Asma, I love you.
Even with so many stars in the sky...
...the night is actually
made of darkness.
Our fate,
our fortune,
is determined by these stars.
What a strange connection?
Like these stars,
everyone has a fire in them.
Some spread light in the world...
...or leave ashes in their wake.
Oh my, God. Asma.
Asma, it will be fine.
It will all be fine.
What are you doing?
Give me water.
Forget the water.
Give her the antidote.
Asma. Everything will be all right.
Give her the antidote.
You've been driving for half an hour,
can't you bloody find a hospital.
You want to go to the hospital!
That's a one-way ticket to jail.
You will be fine.
You will be fine.
God damnit give it
straight to her heart.
Asma. Asma. Asma.
Come on.
Asma. Asma. Asma.
Sorry, I can't.
Slow down. Slow down
I said slow down.
Did you give her the antidote?
Did you give her the antidote?
You idiot
You want to give her the antidote?
The way you overdosed her... really think the antidote
would have made any difference.
There is only one way out.
If she survives, we'll be behind bars.
And even if she dies.
don't let the Police find her body.
Let's burn it.
Burn it. Burn it.
How dare you?
Vivaan. Don't listen to him.
He's lost his mind.
Let's take her to the hospital...
You want to take her to the hospital.
Handle him!
Handle him!
Vivaan...listen to me.
This accident is
a blessing in disguise.
If we burn her alive,
then we can survive.
Vivaan. Don't listen to him.
Shut him up.
A female body was
recovered last night...
...under the Ganganagar Flyover.
All evidences are pointing
towards an accident.
If this is an accident,
then who else was with her.
And where are they now?
According to the preliminary reports...
...the accident occurred
between 3 am and 4 am.
And a female suffered
serious injuries.
It looks less like an accident,
and more like a Murder and rape case.
And I, SP Sarang promises you that the
guilty will soon be brought to justice.
Justice will be done.
Sir, this car is registered
to the MLA's son
Our MLA?
Sir...this looks like a clear
case of rape and murder, doesn't it?
What do you mean?
If you find a female's
body with torn clothes...
...does that automatically
mean rape and murder.
We will carry out an investigation
first and then arrive on a conclusion.
But mister, please don't
guess the film by its poster.
How is Vivaan?
Sir, the body had already
left for post mortem
before we could control the situation
Who is the girl?
This place is not
for the weak-hearted.
Every body has its own story.
And every story is painful.
Ma'am... Ma'am... Ma'am...
Move. Move.
Baldev, I know you're not fond of me.
But unfortunately,
fate keeps bringing us together.
Your son raped her but got
my son involved for murder.
Sir, there is one way
to save both the kids.
The car is registered to Aayush.
If we blame Aayush for this, then it
will divert the media's attention.
You shouldn't bark if
you can't bite Khatri.
what are you doing here?
Asma's reports.
It was a mistake.
Now only you can save me, sister.
- My God.
- Please save me.
- Oh my, God.
I didn't do anything.
It was a drug overdose.
We all went crazy.
Please listen to me.
It was all a mistake.
I tried...I tried to save her.
In fact, I loved her.
I wanted to marry her.
The drugs...
My future is not
in your hands, sister.
Please sister, save me.
Please, I am requesting you.
Please do me a favour.
Please mention in her file
that she died of a drug overdose.
Please do this for me, sister.
Please, sister.
My future's in your hands now.
Please save me, sister.
- Vivaan.
- Please save me...
You bloody rapist!
Stop it! Stop it!
How could you?
You bloody rapist!
Please sister, save me.
Why can't you help me?
This is what you wanted, didn't you?
You're happy, aren't you?
You're happy, aren't you?
You got your chance didn't you?
Look... Look at my condition.
Look at what's happening to me.G
Of all the doctors in the city,
this case had to come to you.
Leave me.
Come on. Go out...
Take him away! He's gone mad!
Mr. Vivaan...
Please... Please, sir...
Mr. Vivaan,
you must answer our questions.
You cannot leave like this.
Mr. Vivaan,
you must answer our questions.
Mr. Vivaan, you cannot run away.
- Vivaan!
- Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Come on. Get him in
I had a relationship with my son,
not with his crimes.
The girl that died
was like a daughter to me.
And my son has rendered
two fathers childless.
And so I've decided to...
...disown Vivaan Baldev Singh.
And I have only one son.
Only one...
His name is Aayush Baldev Singh.
Sir... Sir... Sir...
Sir... Sir... Sir...
Sir, is it true that Vihaan's
case has slipped through your hands.
And you just want to gain the public's
sympathy through this charade?
Let the public decide whether
this is charade or not.
How important is winning
or losing for you?
Losing is when one gives up,
winning about determination.
Your family drama
is all over the city.
The real son gets confinement
and step-son gets the throne.
He didn't bother
to bail you out either.
Vivaan will get bail tomorrow.
How is Badshah?
He is not in the hospital.
Our men are looking for him.
But I think he has left the city.
Badshah will never spare Vivaan.
if you want Vivaan, then Badshah must...
- Sarang!
Can you think of anything
other than bloodshed?
It's just a suggestion, sir.
Take it or leave it.
Get out.
I said get out.
Hello, sir.
Bail papers.
Where is Vivaan?
He's out on bail, ma'am.
Who bailed him out?
Bajwa Khatri.
How could you let him out?
His lawyer was here.
He bailed him out.
And your brother left willingly.
There is nothing I could do about it.
These MLA's kids...
They commit rape and murder...
...and then insult police officers.
What can you do?
I am sorry, sir.
Life is a game of Snakes and Ladders.
Your father pushed you
in the jaws of the snake...
...and gave the ladder to your brother.
Vivaan, your own family
has destroyed you.
I can get you two out of
this case without batting an eyelid.
But there is your one problem.
The medical report
prepared by your sister.
Your brother gives
everyone two options.
Ramayan or Mahabharat
(Truce or War).
Looks like they've left
only one option for you.
Take rest.
The recent poll conducted
by AVG clearly reveals...
...that the Maliyabad Legistrate
Baldev Pratap Singh... trailing behind his opponent Mr.
Prahlad by more than 20 points.
The Political Pandits are
now betting on the defeat of...
It's being said that the reason for...
...the dip in the number of votes of
Baldev Pratap Singh's in the current poll... the result of the recent
controversy surrounding his son.
His son has a been accused of
raping the manager of Hotel Manor...
Ms. Asma and murdered her.
I guess the sunstroke has made
the charm on your face fade away.
And your little tiger is in my cage.
He's so hungry that he'll
take a bite out of you too.
But all is not lost yet.
Only I can turn this
defeat into victory.
Your defeat makes me win emotionally...
...but your victory is
good for me practically.
I know your party is going to win...
...and I've always been the
candidate of the ruling party.
So come to me.
Let's sit together
and sort out our differences.
Badshah. Get the car.
Sir. It's me.
"The Lord's made a
promise to his devotees..."
"...anyone that comes to his doorstep."
"Shall be redeemed."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"O benevolent saint Haji Ali..."
"The redeemer and messiah of all."
"You're the messenger of Lord."
"Our guide to heaven."
"You control the oceans..."
"...that's your true power."
"Shattered fates have
been mended at this doorstep."
"You're the only refuge
for those rejected by the world."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
How long can he stay in there?
He will come out some time.
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"I am a sky of pain and suffering."
"An embodiment of regret."
"Everyone comes here with hope."
"But I've brought faith."
"Bless me with your grace."
"Alleviate my pain."
"O messiah...hold my hand too."
"I am in a dilemma..."
" must take me to the shore."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"I want to be redeemed."
"I want to see the dawn."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"May God hear... prayers once."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
God, give me your charity
in the name of Hussain
God, give me your charity
in the name of Hassnain
In the name of the prophet
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
"Haji Ali...Haji Ali..."
The opposition is luring
voters with 5000 rupees each.
- So?
- So what?
Let's step down.
At least we'll save diesel money.
How did we win the
last four elections?
This election is different, Aayush.
Things are not in our
favor after Vivaan's case.
And if we want to win.
Then we'll have to spend
more than the opposition.
Remember one thing.
The difference between us
and the opposition are our ideals.
So if we win,
it will be on our ideals. Or we won't.
We won't die.
Aayush. Get the car payments sorted
Leave the elections to me.
Take this.
Durga, how many voters
in your constituency.
Take this.
Baldev Pratap Singh and Prahlad Mishra
are competing at the same level.
Both the parties are leaving no
stone unturned to promote their parties.
In fact, even our experts cannot
predict which side the scale will tip.
are we really this scared of losing?
Politics is like riding a beast.
Once you get off,
You might even lose your life.
In recent news,
the scale seems to be tipping... Baldev Pratap Singh's
favor in the Aminabad Constituency.
Because till now this
election seemed one-sided.
But the question is
will Prahlad Mishra's dreams
to the seat of power come true?
Or not?
And the other question is
whether Baldev Pratap Singh...
...can win the elections
for the fifth time in a row.
Hi, brother
What are you doing here?
I've come to meet you and sister.
I was missing you guys.
Where are the kids, brother-in-law?
Come on.
Come on.
Why are you being rude?
Get out.
Why are you being rude?
I am your brother-in-law too.
Go, go...
Go, go...
Look Vivaan, get out.
Aayush, tell me what is going on.
Just a second, Shivi.
Palak, pick up the phone.
- Get OUT.
- You will get to know.
Wait a minute.
Someone's phone is ringing.
You survived?
Give the phone to Palak, Vivaan.
Don't worry.
Are you a psycho, Vivaan?
I am writing another climax,
Vivaan. Vivaan, no.
Are you a psycho, Vivaan?
Are you crazy?
That's the problem.
I am a psycho, you're a psychiatrist.
Treat me like a patient.
Treat me.
I'll be a good patient.
You be a good psychiatrist, okay.
This fungus has spread
throughout my mind...
since I was a kid.
No one realized it.
Aayush, what is happening?
I will kill you.
Raj, no... No, no,
Vivaan, I will kill you.
Calm down, brother-in-law.
Vivaan. Vivaan, Vivaan,
I didn't mean to hurt you!
I didn't mean to hurt you!
I didn't mean to hurt you!
- I didn't mean to hurt you!
- Vivaan.
What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
Raj. Raj...
are you okay.
Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing?
How can you forget we are siblings?
Are we siblings?
Palak, Are we siblings?
How do you know we are siblings?
Vivaan, let her go.
I begged you at the hospital,
Palak, save me save me, I'm your brother
But did you save me?
No, Calm down, listen to me.
Please, stop this.
I have kids. They have no one...
Please Vivaan, don't...
This has been happening for ages...
Kin always kills kin.
Vivaan, she is our sister.
Only the weapon change.
- Aayush...
- Vivaan...
The results of each
counting were different.
And the Collector isn't
letting any of our men in.
Now you must speak to him.
Where is Aayush?
Don't know.
He hasn't been answering
his phone since evening.
Someone attacked Aayush.
But they escaped.
Anand Theatre.
But good news Dad.
Your beloved son Aayush is safe.
Dad, do you think you have enough
time to see the election results?
Look where you've brought me.
You never looked at me as your own.
You left your own flesh
and blood to rot like a mad dog.
Doesn't matter to you, does it?
This is all your doing.
You, my mother, my step-brother.
You enjoyed it, didn't you?
Enough of this complaining.
I killed your daughter
and her husband.
And now it's your turn.
What do you want?
What do you want?
Money. Property. Bonds.
Take it.
Take it.
This is all for you.
This is what I earned.
But politics is out
of your league, Vivaan.
What kind of a father am I?
What kind of a father am I?
I joined forces with
that sleazy Bajwa for you.
I sent Police after
my loyal friend Badshah...
...and all this for who?
Only for you.
And what did you do?
What did you do?
You killed your own sister!
How will you look
your mother in the eyes?
What am I going to tell your mother?
Tell me, Vivaan.
Get him up!
Get him up!
What is going on?
Take him away.
Beat him up
Grab him!
Do you have any clue
how many encounters I've done?
And how many of them
were contract killings?
Don't forget that he too is my son.
Palak was my daughter too.
Even I am sad about losing her,
just like you.
But we must end this bloodshed.
If I end it,
what about our duties, father?
Protecting my son is also my duty.
You are my father.
Now hear me, father.
If you want to save your son,
then you must kill this son.
The public has chosen their candidate
from the Amninabad constituency.
MLA Baldev Pratap Singh has
defeated Prahlad Mishra by 32 votes.
Yes, only 32 votes.
This is nonsense.
I've been cheated.
Every counting has a different result.
Baldev Singh must have a smile on his
face after winning with only 32 votes.
This is worse than the
elections of Trump and Bush.
And I know who is
responsible for this.
And I will expose them.
Hence I announce a
state-wide strike tomorrow.
- Prahlad Mishra.
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
- Baldev Pratap Singh!
- Long live...
Congratulations, sir. Another victory.
Baldev, your road to
Ministry is pretty clear.
Your seat and your son are safe.
I kept my promise.
Now that mining land
is waiting for me.
Sir, I've moved Vivaan
to a safe location...
...but Aayush cannot be trusted.
Before he acts...
Sarang, do you believe
that Baldev will sever his own arm?
Sir, if the arm is infected
Cutting it off can save your life.
If you want any light in your life
Then the lamps in my house
should never dim down.
Both of them.
They turned it into a robbery
case and shut it down forever.
And that murderer is
partying in every club.
As long as he's alive,
you're just an enemy to Baldev.
You didn't start this war, Aayush.
But you have only one option now.
Hunt or be hunted.
"Mother says no, Father says no."
"But yet I am determined."
"Mother says no, Father says no."
"But yet I am determined."
"Sleeps in the morning..."
"...wakes up when the sun goes down."
"Standing in front of the furnace."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"My drunk heart."
"My drunk heart."
"Gulps down an entire bottle..."
"...leaving not a single drop behind."
"An addiction like none other."
"Until you don't get high..."
" doesn't seem complete."
"Its a junkie of sorts."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"Whether it's premium,
blended, or bootleg."
"Gets everyone high a bullet."
"Gulp that bottle and get high now."
"Let's break out the caskets now."
"Even the best have lost..."
"...but the heart wants more."
"Once you get sober
and don't get more..."
"...gets in conflict with itself."
"Until you don't get high..."
" doesn't seem complete."
"Its a junkie of sorts."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
"This drunk heart."
You killed Palak.
You killed Palak.
You think I cannot kill you.
So kill me!
What? You saw your kid brother?
Awaken the beast inside you, Aayush.
Kill me!
You cannot kill me.
Aayush. You want power, don't you?
But for power, you should
have the guts to spill blood.
You can only talk or die.
what your son did to my son?
Today in this looming shadow, I can't even
find my own conscience, grandfather.
Unbelievable, Baldev.
The swearing-in ceremony is tomorrow...
...and you're rotting in here.
If you keep sitting around,
then soon your career will be over!
And anyway,
your son has already surpassed you.
Majority of your supporters
are supporting him now.
Who knows, maybe your own son...
...will be competing against
you in the next election.
The time has a come
for you to act, Baldev.
Get up, drink some water.
Get out.
When I'll need someone to bark,
then I will call you.
Get out.
Don't listen to Khatri, sir.
I don't think like him at all.
Aayush is your son.
And we all think that
you should join hands with him.
What is left to salvage now?
If you guys had done your job,
then it would've never
come to this, Sarang.
- Does it hurt?
- No, it's okay.
Get used to pain, Sarang.
Take it. Take it.
Take all the money.
All this is yours, Sarang!
All this is yours, Sarang!
I get it, sir.
What did you understand?
I've to bring another
dead body in this house.
Two more.
Badshah too.
Okay, sir.
He's lost his mind.
Can't even count
We need three dead bodies, not two
Durga as well.
So we have no more enemies
till the next elections.
Eena, meena, mina, mo,
Catch a mouse by the toe;
If he squeals let him go,
He'll come running
out hearing about Durga.
Listen, if he survives
the blast then shoot him.
You guys go that way.
Surround the place.
Look, its a ghost.
There is nothing.
Don't worry.
Who is there?
Who is it?
Jairam! Jairam!
Who is it?
Who is he?
Who killed him.
Let's go.
Breaking news...
Come on.
Supreme Court has annulled the stay
order on the Malihabad Granite Land.
The dead body of farmer's
leader Durga was recovered.
Who is it? Who is there?
Sir, the plan has backfired.
Badshah foiled our plan.
Even SP didn't survive.
Badshah foiled our plan.
Sarang is dead too.
I'll arrange for security.
Until then stay put.
This isn't about revenge or security.
Leave, Khatri.
Dada, it's me.
Everything can't be in our control dada.
Come home.
How long will you keep running?
Maybe my whole life.
From you, from myself.
The pain of Asma's death
won't let me live.
But there's a truth that won't
Even let me die peacefully.
There's a limit to loyalty, son.
My loyalty turned me into a monster.
I slay my soul.
Shiv. Shiv. Open your eyes.
Open your eyes, Shiv.
No Baldev, I know I won't survive.
I won't survive.
Contest the elections
Promise me...
You will become a leader for my people.
You will win!
I won't survive.
Will you lead the village people, Baldev?
Promise me.
Look after my kids.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
I won't survive.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
Promise me, Baldev.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
I won't let you die.
Shiv, I won't let you die.
Badshah, stop the car!
tell father that I killed Shiv.
And I should be punished for it.
I am your guy.
My loyalties lie with you.
And this secret will
be buried with me.
It was wrong.
I was scared that if I open my mouth,
The truth will come to light.
In this fear,
I couldn't tell the truth
I kept my mouth shut.
And this silence got
my daughter killed.
Now she's so far away that no
matter how much I call out to her
Nothing will change.
This is my punishment.
This is my atonement.
You must face the truth someday.
That is what I've been doing for 25 years.
What happened?
Use it
Is this truth not enough?
I don't even know if
I am still alive or dead.
All my life you taught me
about Ramayana and Mahabharata.
And I followed
But now this man before
me is vague from every character.
He is an odd man.
For 25-years he's been
hiding his crime in his own house.
It's time you come out of these stories.
Every character is
chasing his necessity.
Pride, greed, and hunger.
And that same greed
made my character waver.
I made a mistake.
But I tried to mend it.
By being a good father,
and as a good husband.
And you...
Your conscience has awakened now?
I based 25-years of
my life on your promise.
And now you think breaking that promise
will make you a good human being?
If I was wrong,
then so were you, Badshah.
If killing Shiv had been my agenda,
then I would have killed you too.
I know I ordered a hit on you two.
Just to bury this truth.
But I will finish the job now.
By killing you, you, and myself.
Much better.
When I am dead, then so is my pain.
Shoot me.
- Shoot me, Aayush.
I didn't come here to kill you, father.
When I heard the truth,
I couldn't believe it.
I wanted to see it for myself.
And I still don't believe it,
and I never will.
I don't even remember
my real father's face.
Because you had become my
idol long before he died.
I don't know anything beyond that.
Hating you or killing
you is out of the question.
But if in your books,
killing is right.
Then it's right.
But start with me.
Just don't let my mother find out.
Because in this entire story,
Her character has lost the most.
Who kills, and who dies...
Whose sufferings will end,
and whose will grow...
I'll let you decide.