Prati Roju Pandage (2019) Movie Script

There is a new generation...The girl
child grows up.
They have grown from being
confined into the kitchen
to being commended and saluted
for their achievements.
But some men who are beasts hunt women
and leave them as carcasses.
That is the reason why, lets save girl child and
save our mothers.
Just remember, their safety is our responsibility.
Hey! Where are you going?
The school has begun.
Wasnt you who told me that I needed to
do something nice for my father on Fathers day?
Will your father like it if you bunk school and runaway?
No, teacher
He loves it when I spend time with him.
That is why I am going to spend all of today with my father
Bye, teacher!
To be honest, this is a very simple story.
This is a story that you, me and all of us know.
But this is a story that is hidden within our hearts.
This is a story that no one really wants to tells.
Because this story is going to make us
pay attention and force us to look at the truth.
In other words, it asks us to remove the masks we wear.
The story of every family.
A story of every day being celebrated.
Excuse me. I have been watching you from LA (Los Angeles).
You have the same expression and the same pose
Whether you are awake, sitting down,
and even if you are eating, you seem to have the same body language.
Even though everyone on the flight is asleep,
you are the only one who is awake and deep in thought.
Even though I wanted to come close to you and ask you,
so that I could sleep peacefully,
I am scared where you would shout and embarrass me.
Tell me now
why are you so disturbed
and why am I feeling so disturbed looking at you?
I will tell you. What will you do?
You cant do anything.
Why cant I?
Because you are also, like me, a son to a father.
The race of fathers is the same!
Race of fathers?
Race of father's? Race of...
I dont know what I said or why you want to abuse all fathers,
but one thing sparked something in my mind
Now I know that behind your depressive body language
and your facial expressions is your father.
I also understood that you and your father dont get along at all!
Who told you that I dont get along with my father?
My dad loves me immensely.
Hey, how much do you love your dad?
This much.
Oh, thats not enough
This much
Thats my boy!
People generally ask if you love your mother or father more.
Why are you just asking about just the father?
Cha! I wont risk it by giving them options.
He only has to love me and I have to love him.
Come, my son, lets love each other.
Just like that, he even put my mother aside
and completely occupied my life
Maybe when you were young he would have done that,
but once you grow up he cant cut your friends as well
Whats up, guys?
Not much, uncle. We have planned a
one week trip. We are waiting for Sai.
Do I have to stay without my son for a week?!
What are you thinking about, uncle?
I am just thinking that since he was bitching
about you guys in the night,
how is he going to come with you this morning.
Yes. That you are very selfish
That you are a bunch of losers.
That you were idiots and rogues.
And something else, very demeaning. He said...
Uncle! Uncle! Wait till we all disappear to start with that.
Okay, friends. Lets disa...
Thats it!
Where are these guys?
They said they were going on a one week trip. They left.
He distanced you from your friends as well.
But what about colleagues in your professional life?
The company is ours, named IAS Solutions.
So, do you produce Collectors?
Sai. He put my name on it backwards.
If hes showing his love by naming the company in my name,
how will colleagues have any place?
Hes coming.
I cant leave you and live.
That is the truth.
Like that, we went together, ate to together,
worked together, and came even back together
Damn! What a life!
We are even dull together, son.
I cant leave you...
Cant you tell him this is wrong?
If someone is doing something wrong we can tell them
But, what can you do when someone is showing
you so much love?
You killed me, dad!
- Sorry, son! Sorry!
I should kill this!
- Leave it, dad. Its okay!
Your nose you will okay..
He is mad about his son. Very possessive
I am understanding that and going on with my life.
Seems like you have finally avoided him on
your way from the US to Hyderabad.
Then why are you sad? Why arent you happy?
The problem behind this sadness is not my father.
His father. My grandfather!
As a father, if my fathers character was at its peak...
..then as a son to my grandfather,
there were a lot of mistakes left uncorrected.
I am going to Rajahmundry to correct those mistakes.
Oh! By the way, what is your grandfather doing that is making you sad?
[Two days ago in Rajahmundry]
Sir! Please give it here
This is it.
Lets go.
Yes, come on.
why do you do all this?
Your children are not in town.
Those who are here cannot come.
Everyone is busy with their work.
If people who are free like us, meet once in a while,
at least we will feel like we have someone who cares.
As if you are healthy, you are here to give courage to patients
Lets go. The doctor is waiting.
You wait!
Let me know if you need anything.
Okay, Raghurammayya.
- Bye.
Namaste, doctor.
Ah, namaste Raghurammayya. Is your older son
and grandchildren okay?
Yes, they are doing well.
How is my health?
Your the way, your second son is in Australia, right?
Its been a while since I last saw him.
Me too.
Have my reports come?
Ah...I believe my brother-in-law met
your third son in Kukatpally...
I believe his catering business is doing well.
Raghurammayya, please sit.
If you dont tell me about my illness, what can I do?
I dont know what to say, that is why
I was making small talk regarding your kids.
That is..
Lung cancer. Advanced stage
You have a maximum number of days to live.
Its been a day since I got the reports.
I am talking to you, after taking a second opinion.
Its better if you can admit yourself soon.
If I get admitted,
will I live?
Well, we can hope to increase your life
span by one or two weeks in medical supervision.
Even if you have a small medical emergency...
I am there to take care of you.
I am used to breathing in the smell of mud,
I dont think I can get used to the smell of medicines.
Ill take your leave.
Its better you call your sons and let them know.
Well tell them slowly.
To say it softly, God hasnt given you years to live.
Just a few days.
I feel that the doctor said that you at least have that much time
because he doesnt want you to be scared.
If you sleep now and dont get up tomorrow,
is there anything I can do?
Nothing like that...
What do you mean nothing, sir?
If they come to know about this,
they may cry, feel sad, and come.
Let them come.
They know, right, more than anything else,
their father is most important.
But if you delay telling them
and if something happens tomorrow...
for not having spent enough time with their father,
grandfather and father-in-law.
then you will be responsible for
their sadness throughout their lives.
Ah, dad! Did you get the reports?
I've only just a few days...
Hey, how many times have I told
you not to put butter on the idli?
I am unable to cover my paunch.
Dad, what was it that you were saying,
you have a few days or something?
Do you have to take medicine?
Its useless even if I take medication.
I believe I only have a few days to live.
Okay, you put the phone down.
I will speak to the doctor once.
Yes, whatever he said was true. Maximum 5 weeks.
Are you sure in 5 weeks, doctor?
- 100%
what if his life extends by another week?
What? Why are you asking me like that?
I mean we have our own doubts, sir.
The same thing happened in my mothers case.
They said she was serious, so we packed up and
came as soon as we could.
After we came, the woman who had to die, sat up.
Since she was feeling better, we returned.
We did this a few times
Once they said, this time she was really serious.
We didnt take it seriously. And she died.
A trip that should have cost us 4 lakh rupees,
ended up costing us almost 20 lakh rupees, sir.
Its a big nuisance to come from here to there in the first place.
We need permissions. We have project deadlines.
EMIs to pay. Visas have to be stamped.
And this Trump. We dont know if we go will he let us back in or not.
Sir, I am just telling you about my problem.
They wont understand all this.
They look at us like villains who dont visit their parents.
- Its shameful for us to tell you all this, sir.
We wait for the weekend all week with our mouths open.
If its a long weekend, its like a festival.
Hello? Hello, doctor?
Doctor, are you there?
What is with him?
Did he feel bad that I went into details?
Sir! Why the disrespect?! I am a doctor!
Before we even start from here,
we look at flight tickets three months in advance for good discounts, sir.
If we have to buy full-fare tickets to come...
Enough, I understood that you are a very practical man.
That you wouldnt do anything without having enough clarity on it.
I understood that very clearly!
Now tell me, doctor.
How seriously should I take my dads serious condition?
Along with your fathers health condition,
you also have to take me seriously.
I am telling you...
5 weeks, sir. Thats it!
After that, your father will not live. I wont be there.
Bye, sir. Goodbye!
Son, what did the doctor say?
What will he say? He said the same thing you did.
Anyway, dont worry. You have seen life.
You have already crossed 75 years of age.
Just manage these 5 weeks, okay?
I will talk to my brothers and sister,
and tell you when we all plan to come.
Unfortunately, you have this unexpected problem.
And I have this huge project sitting on my head.
What can I do? I have to come, know
Where is Mahesh? Keep him next to you.
Ask him not to wander about. Is he there?
- What sir?!
In every place, we put a person like you or a friend to look after the parents,
so that we can come to places like this
And you leave them and frolic about without a care.
Dont do such things
Ah, okay, sir.
Stay close to dad.
Okay, sir.
Dad, is it 9 pm? Must be. Go to sleep
What else is there? Go to sleep.
What is this? He is asking you to go to sleep so soon.
No matter how many of us are there,
will it ever replace having your children around?
Then...then what else can they do from there? Tell me?
How can I ask them to leave their work and come,
just because I am dying?
they must be busy with their lives.
It is better if we dont bother anyone too much before we die.
That way we will keep our respect.
We have to change with the changing times.
With age, desires also have to die.
Because of people like them, we have fewer
orphanages and more old age homes.
You dont worry. The other three children will definitely come.
Why are you crying like that?
As if you are the only one who loves dad.
Hey, Venkat!
- Brother-in-law?
Turn off the TV. She takes inspiration from actress Savitri.
Tell me, everyone. When are you starting?
Brother, I have tons of work here...
I just got back home after working for 18hrs,
just changed into my shorts and was about to go to sleep.
And Im sitting here in my underwear.
Im someone who plans and schedules
everything I have to do, a year in advance.
So, this sudden news of dad dying is...
Its unreasonable!
I mean, I dont understand how
to schedule 5 weeks for this, brother.
Yes, do you think death comes with an announcement?
What is he talking about?
- Yes?
If you think, just because we are here and you want
us to come immediately, then know its not possible.
Even at night, our catering services are busy.
Look! Look!
- Its so busy.
Your brother wanted you to know that
when you all arrive, we will also come.
Tell them.
You told them I told you, know.
She is right, brother
Anyway, listen to what I have to say properly.
In the 5 weeks that dad has,
we will spend the last two weeks with him.
And after he passes away...
we will stay another two weeks to settle
everything before we go back to our respective homes.
So in total, we will stay for 4 weeks in Rajahmundry.
I cut the first three weeks, so be happy about it.
And also, keep calling the old man and talk to him.
He will feel happy as long as he lives.
Okay, brother.
Okay, brother-in-law.
Okay, okay.
Bye, ma.
Hey, have breakfast before you go.
Oh, no. Hes seen me.
I think hell follow me.
Where to, son?
I will go where ever.
But you dont have permission to come with me.
Dont disturb me for a month. Im going.
One minute, son.
Not one minute. I give you only 10 seconds.
Grandfather is about to die.
Anyway, go and come. We can talk later.
What happened, dad?
He has lung cancer, know.
The doctor said he wont live for more than 5 weeks.
We decided to be with him in the last two weeks
of the 5 weeks he has left.
Your uncles are also coming.
You reschedule your work according to that.
Okay? Now leave.
- Hey, grandfather.
You are done!
No. No. No! Dont shoot!
No. No. No.
No. No. No.
No. No. No. Dont shoot! Please.
No. No. No
Grandfather, why do you laugh when you are dying?
Its my wish to die happily.
When my final day comes, do be with me.
I will die, laughing.
If I think of being young once again,
my heart takes me back to yesteryears.
Even if we take a step forward,
we walk back in time to those days.
The past comes to us with the
memories of the time spent together.
They are never erased. They are never forgotten.
Even towards the fag end of life,
they call to me, like a lover holding on to the little finger,
swelling up the memories in my heart.
These never-ending stories keep my heart awake.
As a grandfather, even though his hair turns grey,
he will always be a father first.
Even though the son is now off his lap
and grown-up, will a fathers affection ever stop?
Even if youth fades, even if you edge towards
the sunset of life, the precious gift is...
The joy your grandson brings with his childlike innocence.
Isnt it like a breath of fresh air?
Doesnt the heart sway with joy?
He becomes the symbol of your lineage
and carries on like the river of life.
This story will not end, like a life that ends know?
Hey, even if you shoot at me for fun, I am really dying, son
Grandpa, I didnt come here to cry with you.
I came to celebrate the last event of your life.
What, sir, is this a marriage?
Mahesh, I believe death is also like a marriage,
said the great poet Athreya
Lets follow that concept.
Let me tell you, come grandpa.
Grandpa, death comes to people without telling them.
But in your case, it sent you an invitation 5 weeks in advance,
saying, Im coming.
Before it comes, from this day forward,
lets celebrate each day as if it were a festival.
All those things that you wanted to do,
but couldn't start them...
the things that you started but could never complete,
we will do them all.
Wow! Because there was no one here to
encourage him, hes become sickly
otherwise, with the kind of energy he has,
he could have easily lived another ten years!
Anyway, since your grandson is here, have fun!
Hey, give that here
Grandpa, this is your brand.
Light it up.
Let's have some fun...
Hey! I got lung cancer because of this.
Hey, you came last night.
And now you are going to Peddapuram
with the old man early morning.
Whatever it is, we youngsters have
to go in the silence of the night and return.
Do you plan to turn Andhra into an America?
Grandpa, lets have coconut water before we go.
Hey, by the way, where are you taking me?
Why are you in a hurry? I will tell you.
Hey, give us two coconuts.
Not him. I am worried.
Dont tell me... Is it for him?
Yes. He wants to be there and make him finish the things he couldnt.
What work is that?
Hey, there is no sync to the place you have
come or his age or whatever I am thinking.
Just because the old man has a desire and we
encouraged him, what if something happens to him tomorrow?
Who is answerable?
Do you only think about that 24 hours?
Do you think Peddapuram has only such kinds of people?
People live there. Use some common sense.
I am not taking my grandpa there
for something wrong like you have in mind.
Im taking him there for his love.
When my grandpa was 20 years old,
he was in love with a girl called Janaki for 5 years.
Because of a misunderstanding,
he fought with her and broke up.
Even though he realised his mistake,
he was unable to apologise to her all these years.
He feels guilty about it even today.
I thought before he dies, if he can apologise to her,
then maybe his heart will be less burdened.
My god, look how shes all dressed up!
Stop it!
Where is he? Did Ram come?
I think she has a nickname for the old man.
Where is he? Call him quick.
Grandpa, what are you doing here? Lets go.
Hey, just because you asked me I told you about this...
And you have directly brought me to meet Janu.
I mean Janaki. Janaki.
Its fine. Why feel awkward now?
She is also waiting inside for her Ram.
She even dyed her hair.
Hey, you shut it.
Grandpa, if you dont meet her now,
you will never get this chance again.
This is your last chance to meet her.
Be strong.
Huh...grandma is here
They will talk to each other. We are not needed here.
Lets go.
Give this to her.
you were just like this even then.
You carried a balloon which you twirled in your hand.
You havent changed a bit.
Now, will you turn or should I do it for you?
How are you, Ram?
Im okay. How are you?
I am fine too.
Did you ever imagine we will meet like this?
Its been 45 years.
If I have to be more accurate, its been 46 years.
Love has nothing to do with age, know?
No matter at what age a man meets a woman,
Men still feels the same.
I cant stop laughing seeing you in this attire.
The last time you came home you were wearing short pants.
You also shouted at me then for marrying Raj.
But what could I do? I did tell my father
that I didnt like being married to anyone else but you.
But you were so impatient...
Huh, its so funny listening to an old lady talk
about her father and marriage, bro.
take your hands off me.
Do you think he felt bad?
That is why, please forgive me.
Now, why are you asking me to forgive you, Ram?
Everything is over. You even lost your hair.
Anyway, what are you doing these days?
Hey, when you listen to his heartbeat,
doesnt it sound like the sound a woofer makes?
Listen properly.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Looks like with all your rubbing it may stop working.
Grandpa, are you okay? Or should I call the doctor?
Not required. Nothing to worry.
Sir, if you want to do anything else like this,
please have a trial run at home first.
If you give him a bat and put him in a match directly,
his heart cant keep up.
He has to happily pull through for another 5 weeks.
Anyway, grandpa. She has 5 children.
They have a total of 10 kids
She has also seen their marriages.
If by seeing a woman with such life experience has
turned you into a child, then your love is not ordinary.
Why talk about my love at this age in my life?
I wanted to meet her and I did
I actually wanted to see your love and your wedding.
That anyway is not possible.
Why not? Tell me if you know of a girl
and I will marry her right away.
I have a friend called Suryanarayana.
He loves me dearly. When we meet, we forget this world.
He has a granddaughter
She is pretty.
She will suit you perfectly.
Hmm. Ask your friend to come and fix the marriage.
Without the nuisance of love,
we can directly meet at the wedding venue.
You will go. But he will not come to the wedding venue.
Your father is also responsible for that.
My father?
Narayana? What happened?
There is unbearable pain in my chest. I cant take it.
Where are you?
I am here, near the riverbed.
-Im coming as well.
Come, lets go.
Hey, Suryanarayana is having a heart attack.
So? Are you going to kick start his failing heart?
Or will the heart start beating faster in
the honour of seeing Raghuramayya?
Hey, I have to go. He is my friend.
Its not you who has to go, dad. Its an ambulance.
First, call for an ambulance and then go see him in leisure.
We are here after a long time and without bothering
about us, if run to go see people with stomach or eye issues
we would not like to come back again.
Dad, you better stay here only.
Even though I sent him an ambulance to save his life,
I was dead for him
Soon after that, after a few days...
Hey, how dare you stop in front of this house?!
I didnt stop, sir.
- It stopped by itself.
Lets go.
- Hey, Narayana!
Start the vehicle.
- Come inside.
Start the damn thing, you fool!
Just once. Come in just once before you go.
Get lost. Go!
Grandpa, you dont worry.
From tomorrow your friend will be right next to you.
Your grandson will marry the girl you like.
By the way, what is the girls name?
Ha... ha.. horn...
Not Ha...Aa. Aarna.
Is she by any chance Angel Aarna?
This is the talented girl your grandfather was talking about.
Theres another one.
I don't want...
I don't.. don't...
I don't want...
Your fiance. Is she nice?
What is with this Tik-Tok?
That is what has made her a celebrity.
Last month, she inaugurated two pan- shops and
recently she inaugurated Sri Sunny Bobby iron shop.
There is no one in this Godavari area
that doesnt know who Angel Aarna is.
Why Angel?
You fool. These days, girls have stopped using
their surnames and started going about calling themselves...
Angel Aarna...
Smiley Swapna...
Lovely Lavanya...
Sleepy Puppy,
This types of names
There she comes.
Hi, Aarna.
What about my situation?
- Oh, I understood.
Angel Aarna.
What is this?
Why is she calling Allu Arjuns sign as her signature?
if you talk too much,
she will tell you that Allu Arjun copied her signature.
Go in fast. Once the classes start
we cant sit around here till evening.
Dont wash your shirt.
Your sister will check it next year.
I am just wondering how to start a conversation with her.
We cannot stretch your love story like that
of a Gautama Menon's movie.
You have to deal with it like Mani Ratnam.
You have to go, talk to her about the marriage,
Run away, ask the parents,
then the wedding and cut to the first night
Humma. Humma. Humma, humma, humma.
- Yes.
When you were following me on the bike,
I thought you were an Instagram follower.
I thought I would make you follow me
around for two years before I said no.
But you want to marry me!
And that to, you give me a deadline of ten days!
What do you think of Angel Aarna?
Did I ask you to fall in love with me?
I just asked you to marry me.
Whats wrong with that?
Its wrong.These days girls can be in love
with at least ten people
but do you know they think a million times
before marrying someone?
And that too, I the Angel Aarna who has never been in love.
Dont keep repeating the word Angel so many times.
I seem to hear it all wrong.
I dont care how you hear it. I am an Angel.
A goddess.
Unless I open a window, even the sun cant come into my room.
Its not easy to just come into my life.
Hello? The sun doesnt come into our
houses too unless we open our windows.
- Hey, shut up.
We are farmers. If my uncle comes to know about this...
Not like this, so many times.
Only once... Fasak. (Stabbing)
Nice expression, know?
Only once.
This video came out so well.
Today my fans has celebrate.
Hey, we can deal with people but
its very difficult to deal with such goddesses.
I liked her. She gave me a hint to speak with her uncle.
Sir? Mr Raju? Mr Sireesh?
- Good morning, sir.
We have put up more hoardings
than whats in our agreement, sir.
Sir, the vendors are waiting outside.
Thank god, I sent the message
-She gave such a build of him that I thought he was a rowdy.
He looks more like a comedian.
Good, your grandfathers wish can be easily fulfilled then.
Who is there? What are you doing there?
Come in. Sit down
What is your brand?
From vinyl posters to wall stickers,
we can perfectly publicise anything.
We dont need publicity. We want a wedding.
Wedding? That means a wedding event.
We started that recently.
High, mid or low?
What is your budget?
You will have to decide that.
If you leave everything up to me, then you will lose.
You look naive. Whos from the bride side?
We dont want to get her married now.
When we decide, Ill let you know.
Leave your number before you go.
Leave that there.
Sir, his grandfather is just waiting for death.
Before he dies, this wedding needs to happen.
Put this here.
One voice message, please.
- No, please.
I dont know how much has to come from that side,
but you can have whatever you want from us.
Huh! American Express!
I like you. If we have a son-in-law like you,
we can have many events.
Take it. Please have.
- Thanks.
Because I didnt have money to invest
I let go of many big events.
Now that you are here,
we can celebrate every day like a festival.
By the way, go and meet my second brother immediately.
If he agrees, then the elder Brother will also agree.
How many of you are there?
- Three of us, darling.
Aarna is my elder brothers daughter.
Angel Aarna?
Is he following her?
Very nice. Can you please give us his number?
I dont carry his number in my pocket.
I will tell you, write it down.
Did he come?
Yes, just now.
Give. Give him the phone.
Your father.
How dare you not reply to my message,
even though I am angry at you...
...for not telling me before you left and for answering my calls?
Do you know I feel like I am in hell,
not being able to see you or to be with you?
You are doing okay, right?
I am here only because I have this project, otherwise,
I would have flown to where you are long ago...
But you couldn't understand my pain.
Okay, so now what?
I fixed your marriage.
-To my son?
Do you know Damodar?
-Our client?
Yeah! With his daughter.
Thank you very much, sir.
You are welcome.
Not only did you fix the project,
but you also are giving...
your daughters hand in marriage
and bringing us up in equal stature.
Relax, its okay.
What I am saying is...
I think its better you say this after you have
spoken to your son about it once.
Sir, we are like two hands.
Just like the sound produced when one claps,
we have the same thoughts
So, I said something foolish like that and
agreed because I was confident youd say yes.
No! I gave them my word!
Do you know something?
Hes agreed to do the project because
he wants his daughter to marry you.
If you dont agree to this then everything will fall apart.
Please agree, son. I will feel happy.
Hey, also show the photo to your grandfather.
He may not be there for the wedding, know..
Okay, hang up.
Do as your father tells you.
Never! I liked the girl you mentioned.
I will marry her.
Even if you are convinced by your son,
I will not compromise, for my grandfather.
Goodnight. Go.
Hey, Mahesh.
whatever it is. Do not waste your time with
the cold war between the father and son.
He scared me today.
Dont take it easy just because he looks healthy.
We never know what could happen suddenly.
Okay, doctor.
Take care.
Hey, your second father-in-law is cutting our calls.
Maybe he works for the meat shop.
Maybe we should contact Aarna directly.
Hello, what is this?
You met my uncle, I believe.
If it was love, I would have asked your permission.
But with regards to marriage, the elders have to accept.
If they like me, then you will automatically like me.
You will give me a like.
That is true. But they wont like you.
They will never tag you with me.
You wait and see.
Tomorrow I will meet your second uncle.
By evening I will convince your father
and the day after that, your grandfather
By next Monday, I will be engaged to you.
What?! Next Monday is my engagement?!
Yeah. And in the next ten days, well get married.
Your would-bes details are on Facebook.
Check it out.
Not in Tik-Tok
Im Angel Aarna! Where did I find this guy?!
He is from the US, sister.
Did you hear everything?
- We also saw him, here...
Sister, brother-in-law is not some ordinary guy.
What do you mean brother-in-law?
We are not married yet.
You will be married in the next 10 days.
He said that.
Then he will see to it. We have proof as well.
By the way, as if he cannot find anyone else in America,
why do you think he has come to Rajahmundry to marry me?
Because he loves you.
Because he loved the video you put up.
Do you mean, he liked the slow-motion video
I made in my cream skirt?
A lot!
That is why he has not wasted his time
by commenting or requesting a duet video..
He directly came down here and asked
for your hand in marriage.
Do you think he really loves me?
Do we have to tell you how much he loves you?
Show me. Just like a Tik-Tok video.
He did not follow you saying he loves you.
He never mentioned dating.
Hes so good. Hes so cute.
He doesnt appear to be fake.
Theres no time for a break up as well.
Hes so hot. Hes so cute.
What doesnt he have, look? Hes so handsome.
He saw you on Tik-Tok and fell for you.
He crossed the seven oceans to be with you.
As soon as he landed he got his band together.
He got down on his knees and asked you to marry him.
Oh, brother-in-law, will you look after our sister well?
Oh, brother-in-law, will you marry this star?
Oh, brother-in-law, will you look after our sister well?
Oh, brother-in-law, will you marry her?
Our brother-in-law is a macho man.
Will you stop being stubborn?
Will you look at his physique and give him a hard time?
Hes so handsome. Did he ask you for your wealth?
Since he is asking with his arms wide open,
has he become cheap?
Oh, brother-in-law.
Oh, brother-in-law.
He doesnt sleep. He doesnt eat.
He says he wants only you.
He starts his day every day, by looking at you first.
He mixed up the beer in the soup.
He searches for you in his puppy.
He only says your name. He thinks of you endlessly.
Sister, believe me, hes a real gem.
Our brother-in-law is a macho man.
Will you stop being stubborn?
Will you look at his physique and give him a hard time?
Hes so handsome. Did he ask you for your wealth?
Since he is asking with his arms wide open,
has he become cheap?
Sir, are you going to the Sync Brothers house?
Dont know how long they will make
you roaming around them, idiots
Hey, who are these Sync Brothers?
They are into the business..
They are the top in the local liquor business.
Whatever the brothers do, they do it in perfect sync.
What work does grandfather have with them?
Every Sunday, your grandfather likes to spend
some time at your grandmothers grave.
He waters the Holy Basil plant there,
places her favourite fruits and sweets...
tells her how his week was before he
comes back home.
No matter how the week was, on that day,
his face lights up.
Now because of the Sync Brothers, he cant even do that now.
What did they do to him?
They grabbed the six acres land around the grave,
put a wired metal fence around it and do not
allow him to go visit her grave any more.
We asked them to give the old man a path to the grave...
But they said they will not allow him until he sold his part of the land.
What is the use of having a path after he sold off his land?
-Yes, sir. Im coming!
He begs them every time he goes, and they shoo him away.
Its become a habit.
Have you come, Mr. Raghuramayya?
I dont know how you entertain your wife at her grave...
but you give us a good show.
Listen to me, think of the grave
as a block of cement and break it down.
Then you can have a good layout done and enjoy it every Sunday
You can build a good farmhouse.
Look, my condition is not good.
I wont live for too long.
Please let me spend these last few days with her.
What are you saying, sir?
Is that true?
Mr. Raghuramayya, if we havent been
able to see how gravely ill you are...
it just shows how non-sync we are?!
You have to go to the site urgently.
But before that, sign the papers that
state the sale and GPA of the property.
Because if you died before that, your family will
build another cement block next to the existing one and ruin its beauty.
Shall we bring the papers?
For me.
- Sync.
Sir, the metal wiring around the property is being cut.
He is breaking the bones of whoever tries to stop him.
Who is he?!
Raghuramayyas grandson.
What is this non-sync?
Here you are melting hearts with feel-good
dialogues and there you are being violent?
Hey, by the time we reach there and put on our car
brakes, his body should be lying there without sync.
Nagaraju, dont do anything to him.
We are the kings of serpents!
You should blow the Pungi and make us shake our heads.
Not stamp us with your feet.
We will bite you!
Hes totally out of sync
We will take care of him later
Come fast.
Hold us. You have to hit us in sync.
No matter how we get hurt, it has to be in perfect sync.
One more time...
-Sorry. Thats the path.
No matter how many children you had, Saraswathi.
In the end, it was he who showed me a way to you.
He proved that there is nothing wrong with my bloodline.
My grandson.
Hey, if you dont get used to talking for hours at this age...
then when you grow up, the fights you
may have you spend days, months and years apart.
We should only playfully sulk at our loved ones
which goes away when we meet them
and the love between us doubles.
But not something that will make us go
far away from one another.
For a man who knows so much,
why did you keep my grandfather away from you for such a long time?
I am your close friend Mr. Raghuramayyas grandson.
Oh! Go, play together
My grandfather didnt send me here for you to turn away from me.
I came here to meet you.
Your friend is going to leave you, me and everyone else in a few days.
Even though he wanted to tell you this and since
you didnt give him a chance to do so, I came here to tell you.
If he leaves without telling you
and if you get even more angry with him...
and try to keep him away for some time,
he wont be with us anymore.
How could you even think of leaving me alone
and going away by yourself?
After you have come, death also seems so small.
I thought Id die before I saw you again.
If you have a grandson like that next to you,
wont any grandfathers wish be fulfilled?
Hey, promise me something.
Hey, the ones who are going to live have to make the promises.
If you take a promise from a dying man, I wont be around to fulfil it.
I will make sure you will fulfil it while you are alive.
Let your grandson marry my granddaughter.
Grandpa, you may be two different people.
But your hearts are the same.
But will your son agree to this?
What do you mean hell agree or not?
I havent distributed my assets as yet like you
I have a tight reign over it and thats how I control them.
Someone has to say no and Ill...
What father? You are hitting me like I were a small kid.
Hey, didnt I tell you I was going to hit
you till you turned 50 years old?
Father, it doesnt matter how many years you hit me.
I will not send my daughter into Raghuramayyas house.
If on that day, had the ambulance not stopped on its way,
we would not have had you here today.
The ambulance doesnt go to people who are having heart attacks.
A person has to send them.
His friend was the one who sent the ambulance.
I thought so. That he cannot leave his Surya so easily.
Did you hear that? Call my granddaughter.
Give her to his grandson.
- Brother, cant you say something?
What is this discussion?
- This is a fight about your marriage
Is it?!
What are you thinking about?
This is a marriage, father.
Its not whether you or I like him,
she should also like him
Oh, my dear son, she and this boy are in love.
Me?! No! No!
- He is the one who did it.
How does it matter who did it? Isnt love?
So now the next thing is to marry, know?
Is that so, sister-in-law?
What do you mean?
Arent you the one who convinced me that this marriage
has to happen by giving me an American Express card?
Did you want to do all of this without us knowing about it?
Is there so much meaning to this?
What! How can you do all this without telling me a word about it?
Do you want me to inform you
and ask her to go about her relationship?
Didnt she say now shes in a relationship?
Get it done.
Father-in-law, both of them are silently in a relationship together.
Do what you wanted to do.
What are you saying?!
I am standing right here,
You are pushing me aside and going towards dad.
Like in a small lane.
Well done, Srinu!
You are my true son!
What did I say, dad?
Didnt you say, that I am the father who should see them married?
Do it.
Who is saying no?
-Do it.
Do it!
Dad, did I say that?
You must have said it, dad, just like me.
I must have said so.
So the marriage is fixed.
Have a nice cup of coffee made by my granddaughter.
Just like someone who took a Tik-Tok video without me knowing.
Just like someone who put up an Instagram story
without my knowledge.
How can I love you without knowing whether I do?
Do you need Tik-Tok in love also?
Yes. Tell me.
Isnt Angel Aarnas logic correct?
Sometimes, without our knowledge,
when we like someones video,
doesnt our hand automatically tap that video and give it a like?
This is just like that.
Yes, Ive seen that happen a lot.
Is it? My darling!
Since its the like button, the hand taps it.
Since this is love, your eyes have tapped me.
Yes, yes, yes.
When you were following me the other day,
my eyes tapped you, isnt it?
Ah, yes. Yes. Yes.
But I am angry with you.
This is what is called love
Its come out with a face of anger.
You feel like killing me, right?
Hey, you naughty girl.
All this after the wedding only.
Oh, so all this comes under that, is it?
Is ours a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
This is another one. Ours is love come arranged marriage.
Yes. You loved me and Im marrying you.
So if you mix it up, its love come arranged marriage.
Am I right?
Correct! Correct!
She is mad as well as weird. Weirdo!
- What?
Nothing. Your family agreed to our marriage so easily.
Im wondering how to convince my father.
Oh, my father. Where are you?
I sent you a picture to show you your wife...
and you dare send me another
picture saying shes your daughter-in-law?
That is why I stick to you and never leave you alone.
Dad, I like this girl.
I already spoke with her family as well.
They agreed. If you are okay, we get married in ten days.
First, ask my father to come on the phone. Ask him to come!
What, dad? Isnt this your doing?
You roped her in, saying it's your final wish.
Do you think he is the type
who would listen to things like that?
He is your son.
My son doesnt even listen to me.
Do you think his son will listen to me?
No dearth of logic even in your last days.
I have to blame you for it.
Dad, I wont like it if you shout at grandpa.
If you dont like this marriage,
come immediately and stop the engagement.
Otherwise, before you get here,
well be married and well come before you, at the airport.
After all these threats, you think I will not come?
I will definitely come.
I will see how this marriage happens!
Hey, as it is we were wondering how to schedule dads send-off.
And now you suddenly
tell me theres a wedding? Huh?
I dont know all that.
If you dont come, I will not get married.
If you can give grandpa two weeks,
cant you give me two weeks also?
You touched upon logic. Done.
We will all come.
If everyone is coming then we will come too.
Well be there, Sai.
The catering will also be ours
Whatever you have to pay someone else, you can pay us.
Your uncle is saying that.
Why dont you say something?
- Yes, if your aunt said it, I agree
Sai, congrats!
Thank you so much.
But not like this, over the phone.
You should all come here and wish me in person.
Okay, bye
Grandpa, everyone is coming!
He shone like the innocence of a boy.
He shone like the innocence of a boy.
He has forgotten all his worries.
He jumped up in joy with the news of his familys arrival.
His heart beamed with light. The darkness is
banished by your laughter in the morning light.
When the whole family is together,
every day is like a celebration.
When everyone is laughing happily,
every day is like a celebration.
He shone like the innocence of a boy.
He has forgotten all his worries.
Amongst conversations, the burden has become lighter.
Just like rivers flowing, his life force feels renewed.
If we are all together, we can make a dream a reality.
If we are all together, we can even win over death.
"We dream about our rendezvous.
This is what celebration means"
"The minutes move like a chain"
"And now we don't know what loneliness means anymore."
"The family of my birth don't visit any longer ...
But my tears have come and gone "
"The entire house has turned festive"
"All of you must live life long."
"When our people have our back, we forget death"
"My heart illuminates
and the darkness is dispelled with your smile."
When the whole family is together,
every day is like a celebration.
When everyone is laughing happily,
every day is like a celebration.
Welcome to India!
Bouquet back?
You come...
You have been waiting for us in Hyderabad?
On top of that, you also brought her here?
Dont tell me you got married to her and started
living as a couple in your uncles house in Kukatpally.
Dad, dont write your own script.
Without your permission or your blessings,
will I bring your daughter-in-law into your life?
Then you dont my permission not my blessings.
Send her away immediately, otherwise,
I'll kill you right here.
Dad, have you forgotten you love
me more than you love yourself?
Yes, son...please
Damodar is a very big client.
He gave us a five years project
This is my lifes project, dad.
Do I have to sell my life for your project?
Will you sell your sons life for money?
Are you that kind of a father, dad?
Tell me, dad. Tell me
Tell me, dad. Tell me!
-no.. no.. no..
Hey, I already told him okay and we also ate sweet paan together.
Sweet paan?
One day...
My son saw your daughters photo last night and went mad!
He called me first thing in the morning and said,
dad, find a perfect time and give sir, a sweet paan to eat.
I dont understand.
Engagement sir. To finalise the marriage.
Thats the...
- Beauty! yes
But you dont like paan, know, dad?
How did you get tempted to eat it?
I wasnt the paan. I was tempted by the project.
There, hes calling me.
Answer it.
- What should I tell him?
Tell me, sir.
I believe you suddenly went to Rajahmundry?
Yes, sir. My father is in serious condition.
Listening to your voice modulation,
I can understand your situation.
Actually, I have a lot of love and respect for my father.
I could not leave his side in his last days.
I also came so that I can stay by his side at all times, sir.
Okay, then.
- Sir, just a minute.
What is it, sir? Tell me.
Keep me updated with regards to his health.
Ill appreciate that.
Okay, sir
Dad, if I marry his daughter like your asking me to,
then he will make me live with them in his house.
He will separate the both of us.
That will never happen. That will not happen.
But if I marry this girl instead,
we both will be in front of your eyes all your life.
The choice is yours.
Where did you find this Rajahmundry girl?
His father hails from Rajahmundry.
What's wrong if his wife to hails from the same place?
She is like a monster.
No! I am a goddess!
Angel Aarna.
Uncle, catch!
Oh, what an expression!
- Lets take a Tik-Tok video
Ah, one minute.
Its time to catch the flight to Rajahmundry.
Mother, lets go
NRIs, dont know the value of Tik-Tok.
Dad, Elder brother is here.
No matter who comes, no one can ever replace my elder son
Ramesh!- Dad.
- You are finally here.
What is with all this energy?
We still have two more weeks
It doesnt matter if I lose this small life
You are finally here.
Brother, have some juice.
Have you have already started your
business as soon as you entered this town or what?
Hey, who is that who is poking me?!
Brother-in-law, my brother and his wife.
They recently got married
They are like two love birds.
They cannot stay away from us at all
I can see that! Their hands are all over each other. Romancing!
Hey, he is my friend Suryanarayana.
- Did you recognise him?
Ah, didnt he die that day?
Just a joke.
My friend sent me an ambulance and saved my life.
He was the one who gave me that advice.
Why give me unnecessary credit now?
Dad, they are Aarnas mother and father.
Its time for the engagement, brother-n-law.
Come on
Ha...sure... we will come..
You wait a minute, son.
Have you forgotten theres going to be a death in this house?
Its all decorated, people are laughing.
It all seems very strange.
You have come. To remind us even if we dont want to.
This whole thing feels like a comedy.
Hi! I am your Angel Aarna.
I am going to be engaged in a while.
This is my would-be, Sai.
-Sai, say hi!
I dont need the tablets.
What is this man?
Hey, wait, even I would like to join.
Grandpa, pose for the camera.
One selfie!
It came out well, know.
- Yes!
Dad, are you seriously in your final stage?
Im hurt.
I mean, you are answering the phone in a single ring,
you are taking selfies, you are eating well
wearing ironed clothes, and because you are
beaming with good health instead of ill health, I had a doubt.
Like in the movie, Shatamanambavati,
actor Prakash Raj tells his children that he was
getting a divorce and his kids come running home thinking it was true
Like that, I was wondering if we all came running just like that.
Hey, I dont need to use my death as an
excuse to bring my kids to me.
Kidding. Kidding!
- Just kidding.
Why is he like this?
He says whatever he feels like.
Does whatever he feels like.
Doesnt he have the minimum common sense
that someone could be offended?
Hes like that. He cant keep anything in his heart.
He needs clarity on everything.
Leave it.
Come, its time.
What happened, grandpa?
Relatives everywhere.
My family in front of me
And you next to me.
There cannot be a better time to take my last breath.
Grandpa... Grandpa...
Grandpa... Grandpa...
Grandpa... Grandpa...
Grandpa,Get up
Grandpa....Grandpa ,get up
Sir, the doctor is having a look, please wait here.
Okay, well wait. You go.
Brother, does this mean that dad has
finished distributing his assets?
What are you saying?
I mean, five years ago he distributed
all his assets equally with everyone.
If he has bought any land or farms in these last five years,
its better we finish with the formalities and
distribution of that as well, is all I am saying.
If we have to come back again for that,
it will be a scheduling nightmare!
Hey, if you discuss all that here,
they will spit on your face!
Why? Its planning. Its called...
- Wait, the nurse is coming.
Nurse, what is the situation?
Ah, I mean... Is he dead?
Tell us if there is anything.
We know what is happening.
We are mentally prepared
Why are you crying, sister?
Its our father who died.
- We have to cry.
Hey, everyone! Cry.
Please stop all this.
- Hes started it!
Sir, she is quite emotional. The doctor is still having a look.
Please be patient.
Lets go. We have to change the dressing on a patient.
We have been patient, ever since we arrived.
Hey, stop it!
Nothing has happened as yet.
Be quiet!
- Why are you saying that brother?
Father-in-law is in the last moments of his life.
Why are you not letting us cry for him?
Ah! What about the time you cried in the ambulance?
Werent you the ones who were discussing in the
car about watching a movie and going shopping after he died?
What drama is this! Hiding behind the veils of your sarees..
Brother has become more sarcastic after living in America.
You are not sad about dads death but your face
is lit up the prospect of getting the contract to cater food for his funeral.
You keep quiet, brother.
- Dad? Can you be silent for a while?
I have been!
-Sit down!
Go inside and see how bad the situation is?
All of you think this is a comedy.
My god, your dad is a bit too much!
If he was just a bit cultured,
I would not have had so many problems
Why is he calling me at this time?
Sir, this is the hospital. That is the ICU.
We have admitted our father there.
And this is the exit.
Hey, move. Sir is watching this
This is the exit, sir. We can go from there.
What is this, sir? Why are you showing me that?
When you called me before,
I wasnt able to talk to you properly.
I didnt want you to think I was covering up something.
So I am showing you all this for clarification.
Does anyone lie when it comes to the father?
And that too you, a person who loves his father so much.
Enough, sir. If you have this clarity about me...
Sir, the nurse just walked into the frame.
Ill call you back.
God bless, sir.
What happened?
- Everything is over, sir.
Hes not with us anymore.
Okay, you can cry now.
- Father!
Slowly, this is a hospital.
Idiot, go towards the men and cry.
You also send messages.
No, brother. I will take a photo,
design it properly and then tweet about it.
We will have to sit reading all the R.I.P messages.
Hello, sir?
What is this, sir?
As soon as we hung up you put a message.
Between the phone and the message,
the nurse delivered the bad news.
Oh, my god. Im so sorry, sir.
By the way, has everyone come?
Yes, sir. You can hear them crying.
Sir, if we can postpone the wedding for one year...
Oh, definitely. Whatever you say.
First, you and your family come out of depression.
Well talk about that later
Sir, and the project...
Sir, I told you not to worry. I will personally follow it up.
Thank you, sir.
What, brother? Looks like you have a project all worked out?
Some good news in this bad news.
Anyway, some use fathers death has for you.
I wonder what hes planned for me before he died.
Hey, looks like I the better person.
At least I am thinking about all this.
You are not even pretending.
What kind of character are you?!
How can you say that?
Dont you check before you give the information?
Sorry, Sir...
She was in some tension,
that is why she gave the wrong information.
Hello, excuse me...
Sorry, its not your father who died but theirs.
Hey, Swami. Please go.
- They are crying instead of you
What about my father? How is he?
He is absolutely fine.
He just fainted with the excitement of seeing all of you together.
Do you even understand what you are talking about?
Yes, sir.
Hes so happy seeing all of you that
hes extended his life by another two weeks.
Give me some clarity.
-Yes, I will give you
Hes proved that there is no better medicine than happiness.
He wanted to see and spend time with all of you..
Fulfiling this wish has eased his heart
and has extended his life by another two weeks.
Is this clear enough?
Then what about the 5 weeks you told
me about two weeks ago?
Sir, that time remains the same.
You can happily use that time, being here
You said there was no chance
that his life would be extended by the 6th week.
He challenged the Medical science...
and he woke up.
What can we do?
Sir, sorry to bother you again.
- I forgot to tell you.
I wish to express my deepest condolences to you and your family.
Should I tell him or not?
I will tell them. I will tell the truth.
What are you doing here?!
Looks like he only called me.
Sir, you will surely live to be a hundred years and more.
I just came to the terrace to call you and clarifying something
with you. But then, you came here.
Sir, I totally understand.
Do you wish to share the sorrow of your father
passing away with me?
Sir, Please tell me.
Yesterday, my father sat on the swing and suddenly fainted.
We had almost given up on him.
Yes. They have taken him to the hospital.
And they made a video call and showed him to me.
But this is something we already know.
Thats true sir.
But I thought it would be better if I explained
to you about my situation right from the beginning.
I am so sorry, please tell me.
After we spoke, the nurse came in and gave the bad news.
You messaged me about that.
I sent my condolences to you as well.
After you sent me your condolence messages,
the doctor came in and ....
Why did he come?
Do you think I dont know what you did?
-What sir.
Not you Mr.Ramesh
just give me a moment please...
Sir, it was a small mistake.
And yet, you...
It might look like a small mistake to you.
But what you did was, you didnt verify it with your own eyes.
You made me believe the lie that you believed yourself.
And you played with my emotions.
That was your biggest mistake.
What is this? Its so similar to my situation.
You are the person who makes such kinds of small
What is the guarantee that you wouldnt made a big
mistake in a big project?
Sir, that was the reason why...
I realised my mistake and immediately messaged you.
That is the only reason why I havent killed you and just fired you.
If not, one of the bullets of my gun would have
been lodged in your body.
Sorry, Mr.Ramesh
Sir, he says that it was a small mistake.
My father advised me to beat even a small snake with a big stick.
When I hit it, I ensure that it doesnt survive to be hit twice.
I hit it with an iron rod.
It doesnt matter if its a small mistake or a big one.
If my near and dear ones commit such a mistake,
you cannot imagine the
punishment sir.
I can feel it sir...
Anyways, sorry sir...
Sir, you were telling me about something...
that the doctor came and what did he say?
Nothing. The news that the nurse shared in telugu.
the doctor repeated it in English.
Your dad is no more.
I shall take my leave, sir.
What did he want to say?
And what he said?
Looks like he is mentally disturbed due to the loss of his father.
Anyways, what are you doing there leaving
behind such a son?
Grandpa, Stop
Ive let go off the handles.
-Grandpa... careful.
No one can stop me!
Grandpa, Stop.
Grandpa, what is with all this excitement?
God has not only given me a pension on life,
but an extra bonus to enjoy it.
Who is lucky enough to celebrate death every day?
Angel Aarna!
Grandpa, why have you stopped after asking me to ride?
Oh, its you.
What is this?
You started your search of Angel Aarna early in the morning.
And that too with your grandfather who is ill.
Not for you. This cycling is for me.
Grandfather, hes come here for me.
His only aim is to somehow marry Angel Aarna.
Oh! I dont think hes told her.
What is it, grandfather? why are you looking at me like that?
He was pretending to ride the cycle with you,
just so that he could see me.
Is it..
Grandpa, no matter what happens in this world,
she thinks its happening because of her.
Why all that? She feels that Rajahmundry is
this way because she was born here.
What? Is it not?
Let him promise on these Tik-Tok videos
if hes telling the truth.
If hes not, all the apps on your phone will disappear just like that,
Im telling you!
Please do it. The world can be rid of this garbage once and for all.
Unless I tell you the truth, I dont think I can avoid this torture.
So that is the matter.
I didnt watch your Tik-Tok videos, pack
my clothes and cross all these oceans to see you.
You told me, you came for your grandfather.
Do you have to say it so many times?
Even though I came here from my grandpa,
after he asked me to see you...
I liked your innocent behaviour and
decided if I ever get married I would marry.
I agreed with everything you said and brought
all this forward till our engagement, but you...
Now you will say many things.
Everyone got together convinced me and made me a fool.
Hey, just because they tried convincing you,
did you have to agree?
Tell me, would you marry someone just because of that?
Because you like me too, and that is
why you stayed silent when all this was happening.
I do like you. But...
But what?
Now that you know the truth will you leave me and go away?
How can I leave?
Wont I lose my respect in my Tik-Tok family?
Tik-Tok family?
-Angel Aarna is put on a pedestal.
Even if you zoom and see, you will not
find a single mistake in my Tik-Tok videos.
How will I let it happen in my life?
Look, for the Tik-Tok video of our engagement,
my fans pressed like a million times.
They also commented that we are a super successful pair.
I saw all their appreciation and promised
them that I will do a live duet with you today.
Duet video? Sure, we can do that.
But I'm angry at you.
If you are that angry, then we can be more romantic.
My eyes, when they see you, starts to dream.
That is why my heart turns topsy turvy with joy.
I am shocked that I have let go of all my cares.
I have asked for a little more because
I cant seem to let go of this sweet bliss.
Honey, I am feeling, feeling, feeling high!
Take me on a journey, flying, flying high.
The only reason now we are going, going high.
Baby, you are running on my mind.
Youre my high!
Youre my high!...
My eyes, when they see you, starts to dream.
That is why my heart turns topsy turvy with joy.
Even if we stop breathing, we dont give up.
We have hearts that provoke us to love.
Who knows how long we will live.
This desire is not a recent one.
I have given you my heart a long time ago.
I have waited all this while to see myself in you.
Honey, I am feeling, feeling, feeling high!
Take me on a journey, flying, flying high.
The only reason now we are going, going high.
Baby, you are running on my mind.
Youre my high!...
Mr. Raghuramayya is leaving our Hangover group.
Have you noticed?
Yes, Ive noticed.
Why would be here with us, Mr. Chinna,
when theres a farewell celebration at his house?
Well said, Naidu.
What, grandpa? Are they your friends?
They are the alternative for my loneliness.
Even though they are rich and have huge mansions for houses,
they are poor people who have no one to talk to at home.
But Im not one of them now.
Now I am a billionaire!
I am the richest man who has his sons,
daughter, grandsons, and granddaughters with him!
Do you know who is the reason for me
to visit death and come back?
My children.
As long as all of you are waiting for me at home,
where can I leave you and go?
If my life force wants to be with you,
why would the body die?
My life span in nowhere but with you lot.
As long as you are with me, death cannot come near me at all.
If you like, watch this.
Hey, out!
When I watch this healthy behaviour of his,
I think I will die of illness.
Take off your hand.
When I watch him laugh and see his energy levels...
I feel he will break his 5 weeks deadline
and extend his life for another three weeks easily.
Theres no doubt.
What do you want to do now, brother?
I have prepared for the two weeks he was going to live
and the two weeks after his death and taken leave accordingly.
I scheduled and planned these
four weeks according to his last days.
Just because he is better now,
I cant just sit around here and be a dole bludger, right?!
Okay, go. Go. Go.
How can we forgo our childrens school and
my husbands work and just sit around here?
Why do you say that?
I have already taken leave from work, know?
Oh! Brother-in-law.
We all decided to come here.
We will all decide and go together.
Everyone has their own work.
If I have to say it, we are much busier than anyone else.
Thats a good idea.
Then lets go and tell dad right away.
Let him plan how he wants to spend this week with us.
Lets move it....
Uncle, what is with all the planning?
Are you going to leave him before preparing
him for your absence?
Hes a patient.
You will have to tell him at the appropriate time.
Hey, everyone. Get ready.
We will go to Ramakrishnas farm.
What else is there?
He fixed the location and time himself.
We have to burst the bomb at the right time.
Who is telling, grandfather?
What do you mean who?
Brother will speak on everyones behalf.
Hes unique in his way of telling things.
Brother-in-law will be able to tell his father frankly.
Dad, you are well now so that we will leave from here.
And then we can go home happily.
They made me king.
Wow, how well you planned it?!
Booking uncle in front of grandfather.
What do you mean a sketch?
They want to send you to grandfather
to tell him what they want...
Making you look bad in front of him,
to send you and your family away from here...
And they plan to take the return gift back with them.
What? A return gift?
What are they giving? And when?
You are acting as if you dont know about it.
Son, please say it in a way I can understand.
Dad, after he distributed his assets,
with the remaining cash he bought his farm.
The value of this farm is a hundred crores.
-What? A hundred crores, I believe!
Will this be a hundred crores?!
I knew it! I knew it!
Brother, didnt I tell you in the hospital itself?!
But why did he say it was Ramakrishnas?
Ramakrishna is the buyer.
Because all of you struggled and came here for him...
he didnt want to send you back empty-handed.
He wanted to sell the farm and as a return gift,
he wanted to give each one of you a gift bag.
A bag, full of cash.
Anyway, I thought you would all stay here,
impress him and increase the size of that bag.
But you are talking about leaving him,
right in the middle of everything.
Go! Go!
The more of you leave, the more the others remaining will benefit.
Move it... Move it... Move it...
No... no..
- Please sit down, sir.
You said you wanted to talk to me about something.
Nothing, father. What I am actually trying to tell you is that...
You wait, brother! Let me tell him.
Nothing, dad. Brother says that he has some
urgent work in his office and he has to go.
Me only..? What about these people?
We are all here. Me, my husband and the kids.
You can see all of them in us.
Dont stop those who want to leave.
- Send them away.
Nature discovered that. Its not my fault.
what do you mean everyone?
Now, who says we are all leaving?
You come here.
Looks like you are about to make a mess.
When I am with my father-in-law,
I feel like I am with my father, you know?
Wow! Superb acting?
Will anyone leave their father alone
and go in a time like this?
In his last days.
Thats why until father-in-law gets bored,
we will remain here drinking and feeding him coconut water.
Give it to him.
- Drink it, father-in-law..
I mean, drink, father.
Father? What do you mean father?
The ball slipped away. I didnt do anything
Ah, father...
- Hey, I know you very well.
I didnt force you to come here.
Neither am I going to force you to stay.
I have all of them, know.
- I will remember you through them. Go
Lets go, father.
Have you booked your tickets?
Youve got the permission, know?
Dad, if you cancel the tickets now you will lose 60% I believe
If we are not here we will lose 100%.
But you said you were going to stay here for only
four weeks according to your schedule, isnt?
Dont be a drongo.
What will I do going to Australia when my entire future is here?
It doesnt matter how many weeks its going to take,
but Im not going back without my return gift.
Hey, your uncle seems to have a very bad nervous weakness.
Hey, all of you. Since I was shown in a bad light
before my father today...`
from tomorrow we will impress him in such a way that before we leave...
our bag will be a kilo heavier than
the others before we leave for Australia.
Watch it.
Impression game starts!
Burn for you. What am I gonna do?
Burn for you. Burn for you, father.
Why cant you tell me what the surprise is?
How will it be a surprise if I told you?
See, my uncle is gifting my grandpa something, I believe.
He asked me to call you so that you can also gift
your grandfather something like that.
Why did you make it such a simple matter?
Do you think it is so simple?
ts a gift that no father has ever received from his
son before his imminent death.
Its going to be amazing!
If it is such an innovative idea,
I will make a video and put it on Tik-Tok.
Well get a lot of Likes.
- Dont get so happy.
Do you think hes already building his grave?
Surprise... Surprise...
What is this?
This is your grave, dad!
I have arranged it in a way so that you can relax next to mother...
sitting out in the evening, as two souls,
to just chit chat and while away time.
It is my humble request that you be eternally
together with mother after you die.
How is my vision, dad?
I know, man!
What is this?
Do I have to build one like this for my grandfather too, is it?
Uncle, what is this?
How can you show this to a man who is still alive?
Whats wrong?!
After his death, instead of building him
something stupid that we like...
When he is still alive, isnt it better to show him
how we plan to build his grave, according to his taste...
So that he will feel happy being inside it later?
What are you thinking about, dad?
Didnt you like the design?
If you didnt like the design, tell me, dad.
We have other options.
We will go to the other options.
There are options in graves as well, is it?
Mr. R.P! Bring it on, man. Bring it on!
Sir, that doesnt look like a grave.
It looks like a slide on a playground.
Thats exactly my point.
Mom and dad...
Mom and dad should play mom and dad games together,
sliding down this thing.
Oh! It seems you don't like this too.
I will give you a universal option that all of you will like.
Sir, that is not like a grave. It looks like a Siima Award.
Thats exactly my point, again!
Angel Aarna! If you are inspired by all these
arrangements, decorations...
and location, and if you feel like taking a Tik-Tok video,
then go ahead!
No problem.
Ill kill you! Leave me!
Dad, one minute. I also got you a tombstone
Father, your love is so sweet.
'We wont be scared of you, even if you are ghosts.
Late Pasupuleti Raghuramayya.
Birth - 10-01-1942.
Death? We are a bit confused about the date.
But the month and year are confirmed.
Dad, because you are very particular
about the Telugu languages...
And wont be happy if there are mistakes...
Do you want to go through this and see if its okay?
The great man!
He is proofreading his tombstone.
This doesnt feel like we are in 2020.
It feels like we are in 2050.
In my vision, I always think 100 years in advance.
Are you impressed, dad? Are you happy, dad?
Tell me, please
Its very nice, son, that you want me to be next to your mother.
But asking me to look at my own grave,
is making me uncomfortable.
I understand, dad.
After I am dead, you can do what you feel like.
Grandpa, dont take all this to heart.
You know how uncle is. Leave it.
This is too much, dad.
Is this what uncle understood when
I said he needs to impress grandpa?
If your catering aunt realises he is impressing him with graves...
- If she comes to know?
See this...
Father see this
What is this, son?
There are 108 variety of items, both veg and non-veg.
Tell me what you like from this list.
- Why are you discussing food now, brother?
Not for now, brother. After dads death, its for his funeral lunch.
Ah! Did you see how he gone out of control??
Hey, just because he brought a sample of the grave,
you go an bring him the funeral menu!
Damn! Looks like the ball in my hand in going to
come out of my mouth instead!
Do only the ones in Australia get ideas like this?
Or do you think my wife wont give me ideas?
Is that so?
What? You guys seemed shocked for just this.
Wait, theres more
Dad, you come out. Let me show you.
- Come. Come. Come.
The vehicle that will take him to his grave!
He has also decorated it!
Look, father. Look how your youngest son
will take you to your grave in style.
Its a big-sized garland.
Imagine putting it on and going for a round in this vehicle.
I hope you noticed, I also put a mattress on the top.
So that you wont be poked by the iron rods.
If the vehicle goes on speed breakers,
Your body does not move.
Your final journey to the grave will go off smoothly.
Hey, please dont ask him to go around town now.
I beg of you
Its a good idea. Whats wrong with that?
Dad will know how people will see him
when hes placed at that height.
After that anyway, he cannot see it.
Dad, come lets go on it once
Come, dad. Come.
Idiot! How dare you take him now?!
If your wife has provoked you to do so much,
I can only imagine if she comes forward...
What is that? Show me.
No, I saw it. You are hiding it.
Theres nothing.
- Show me.
Theres nothing there.
Show it to me... my Kukatpally catering lady! Show!
Oh my god, she has brought Holy Basil water!
Dear lord! Govinda!
Give it to me, Brother-in-law?
Its better for him to taste the water
now rather than when hes dead.
If he likes the taste we can mix it the exact same way.
Ah! Why are you looking at me with your mouth open?
Do you want to drink it?
- Here...
God! Why did you pour it in my mouth?!
That is poured into the mouth of people who died!
Stupid female!
Oh God! I can't see these worse things.
Hey! Move aside! Move!
What is it, dad? Didnt you like this?
Hey, I dont know whether to cry or laugh at your innocence.
First, get rid of all this.
Lets go. Son-in-law, well see you again.
Brother-in-law, are you going home?
The vehicle is going via your house. Come and sit.
On this vehicle?!
No, we will take a rickshaw.
You come.
Hey, he is saying like that...
You go and drop him.
I thought you would like to eat
with everyone on the dining table...
so I brought everyone there
with great difficulty...
And you are sitting here and eating alone?
Get up.We have come here to make you happy...
Not to be happy by being separate.
- let's go... let's go...
What is all this, dear? If I eat all this,
I am going to die right away...
The doctor said not to restrict your diet.
He said you can eat anything.
Eat, father.
Yes, feed him. And send him away quickly.
We have so much work to do after that.
Your kids school. You husbands job.
Look, dad. I wanted to feed you with love.
And my brother is saying all these things!
Dont cry, dear... Dont cry.
Dear Savitri, you are safe because you are already dead.
Otherwise, my sister would have been
given you good competition.
Look, father!
- Hey! Stop it.
Dont pay heed to his words.
- Look, I am eating
My daughter is precious.
What about the daughters-in-law?
They are gems. Precious stones. Diamonds.
Hey, can you please take this plate and go downstairs?
You can eat there.
Have some shame.
Even war stops after that.
What about you?
You have been attacking it since morning?
So many of us are eating here and
on one side you are pressing her leg.
Why are you so exciting?
These kids havent yet had their honeymoon.
So? They are just going down, just like that!
Imagine hes also made use of the death vehicle...
What should I think of him?
Is he trying to prove to her that he is a very strong guy?
Or is it because he wants us to think he has a lot of stamina?
I dont understand.
Dad! Looks like if you dont have that ball in your hand,
you cant control your mouth
Here, take it. Squeeze this
Hey, what will I do squeezing it while I eat my food?
Keep it aside!
Looks like no one wants me to get rid of this.
Hes another.
Keeps squeezing at me from America.
He and his pressure.
If it was his neck instead of this ball,
I would have squeezed it hard.
Hello, how are you, sir?
Sir, why are you pretending?
Damn! Does he know that he didnt die
and my son got engaged to someone else?
Sir, I am talking to you.
- I am asking, why you are hiding?
You are trying to suppress your grief for the loss of your father...
and trying to talk to me energetically with laughter in your voice.
What do you think?
Yes, thats it, sir. Thats it.
Sir, you are not able to bear the loss of your father.
I can understand.
Why are you taking calls while you are eating?
You stay... please you be calm.
Who is that? Tell him I will slipper him!
I'll beg you.
You can talk later. Come!
-Please. Please. Please.
First, you come here.
- Who was that?
That? That was...
- You dont have to tell me. I understand.
Because you feel your fathers absence...
you have asked your uncle to stay with you
and you are looking for your father in him.
Am I right?
Wow! What a guess, sir.
You are a genius, sir!
Yes, sir!
Youre simply great, sir. God bless you.
Sir, my daughter wants to talk to your son.
The girl is sitting next to him.
I mean...
- No, sir. No, sir.
Everyone is depressed at home, sir, including him and me.
- Can we call you again, sir?
Sorry, we are unable to speak, sir.
Sorry, sir.
I will call you again, sir.
Why did he hang up?
A very strange man.
If you want to greet him,
then go to him and give him courage.
But dont make them feel worse by asking
if he wants to talk to our daughter or you.
When we are making new relations with them,
we should share in their sorrows.
Not increase them.
Ill just call them up...
You dont call and tell a family whos had
a death in the family that you are coming...
You just have to go. Thats it.
Love you, dad.
Take them safely.
-Dad! Wait.
Where to?
I am taking him to Hyderabad for
a checkup with a senior doctor.
I think its better to get a second opinion.
I cant seem to trust the doctors in this town.
Thats why Im going.
Grandpa, have you seen dad?
He is taking his father to the hospital with so much concern.
And that too on Fathers Day. Enjoy!
Father, come!
-Yes, Im coming.
Remember that feeling when our dads used to take us out?
I can see the same feeling your grandfathers eyes.
Look, your uncles and aunts, do not stay with you,
so I can adjust with the way they are.
But if your dad has the same mentality,
then I cant take it, I am telling you!
Why not?
What do you mean why not?
These are people who are counting the weeks to their fathers death.
Do you think they will send me
if something should happen to my grandfather?
If that day ever came, I would leave you,
but I would never leave my family.
In my family, we give the greatest importance to these emotions.
That is why, even though our house is small,
we all live with grandfather.
Not like you.
Oh, cutie. You are overthinking this.
My dad has realised his behaviour
and has even taken him to the hospital.Do you know?
In the last ten years,
this is the first time I am seeing my dad care so much.
Mahesh has also gone with them.
So ask him yourself when they are back.
Look over there. Hes sitting and eating prasad.
Hey, Mahesh. When did you come?
Where is dad? Did they admit grandpa in the hospital?
Is dad with grandpa?
What are you saying?
Do you know why your father
took your grandpa to the hospital?
Sir see this
I came here to find out if that doctors deadline was correct or not.
If its correct, then Ill have to urgently go
to the US and come.
I have immense work pressure there, doctor.
Im not able to take it.
This time when I come back,
he should be on the ventilator.
And it would be useful that
you wait for me before you take it off.
Look, sir. Your fathers health is in his hands.
If he is happy like this, he may live for a few more days.
But if he becomes weaker, he may die earlier than expected.
And if he listens to your words, he may die immediately.
You have underestimated my father.
If I compare your aunts and uncles with your father,
they seem like gods and goddesses!
Do you think the old man heard the words the doctor said?
[Singing Happy Birthday]
Happy Birthday, dad! Happy Birthday!
Dad, whatever you want to give,
Dad, whatever you want to give,
you have to give your sons and daughter the same thing...
And your grandsons and granddaughters
should also get the same thing.
Father-in-law, if you increase the size of our bags
according to our sizes, it will be even better.
This is good, sister-in-law.
Because I weigh a kilo extra than you.
Reports positive.
Shes getting clucky. Shes getting clucky. Shes getting clucky
Oh, you didn't understand?
I just got the news that Sravyas conceived.
Just got her reports in the email.
Dad, its now confirmed! You will be born to Sravya!
Hey, how is it possible, Australia
Tell me in a way I can understand.
So, brother, dad is anyway going to die by next month.
And Sravya is going to enter her third month
and give life to the baby.
The timing of both these events coincide,
so dads spirit will not wander about.
He will go straight into Sravyas baby.
That means in 9 months I will be dads grandfather.
Do you mean that dad is really in her womb, brother?
What do you mean? Of course, its dad!
If you want you can even say hi.
Keep quiet. Why do you say dad, like that?
Father-in-law, how is everything on the inside?
You keep quiet. We feel so hot being on the outside
You must be also feeling hot know?
I will fan you, okay?
These are the weird things that mother nature makes one do.
Stop it.
Uncle and aunty, enough of you playing with that stomach.
Listen to what I have to say patiently for two minutes.
Its because grandfather is here,
hes the centre, so we could all come together.
But with the busy lives that we have,
we would never have come together or met anyone.
Yeah. Of course
So without our knowledge,
we are erasing a house, a town, a world altogether
Lets together, promise grandfather
Even if hes there or not there,
every year we will all gather here and spend time together.
What an idea.. Wow!
This is my boy! Well said, right?
See, how they are avoiding making the
promise and covering it all up by clapping?
This is my boy! Well said, right?
Hey, you have read my mind.
You are my true heir.
I was planning to give you something for a long time.
Lets go, Sravya
With just one dialogue he has taken the whole bag.
What do we do now?
Go to your brother and ask him if he has
an extra ball you could squeeze.
Brother, do you have an extra ball?
It's in his pocket.
What? Isnt that a ball?
Takita...tadimi...start playing, DJ is a birthday!
The flight that takes us to great heights.
It gives us a good treat. You are great.
If you are together with your family
Share the love amongst us, thats the best gift.
Takita...tadimi...start playin, DJ
Takita...takita... is a birthday!
The flight that takes us to great heights.
It gives us a good treat. You are great.
If you are together with your family
Share the love amongst us, thats the best gift.
If you are living only for yourself.
Its a waste of time living on earth.
If every son can keep his father happy.
Then his head is held high like Mt. Everest.
I like your town.
I like your name.
If Im with you I will also learn to be as stylish as you.
I will hold your hand.
Ill always be with you.
Ill make you hit a hundred, just hold onto the bat.
Takita...tadimi...start playin, DJ
Takita...takita... is a birthday!
The flight that takes us to great heights.
It gives us a good treat. You are great.
If you are together with your family
Share the love amongst us, thats the best gift.
Hey...hey...tell him Im not here.
Hello? Who is this?
-Is Mr. Rao here?
Sir, is in a holy ritual at the banks of Godavari.
Do you mean in the death ritual?
Its okay. Do not disturb him.
I am saying holy ritual... but he saying death ritual.
Who is this guy, sir?
I am her husband, but he is my husband!
He lives in America.
He calls me every ten minutes to enquire about me.
Is this information enough or do you want more?
Get lost! Questioning me.
What is this, dear?
Brother, why do you have to get irritated with him as well?
What do you want me to do without getting irritated?
Why have I left ten million dollars worth project
to come here and while away my time performing rituals?
Why are they forcing me to dance and act silly?
Hey, I think he wants us all to do these
things and cleverly increase his lifespan...
And meanwhile, we are all going to be on lockdown here.
Brother, though he looks strong on the outside,
somehow I feel that hes nearing his time of death.
Re-Entry in Second half
Mr. Raghuramayya!
Are you planning to make your grandson
conquer death for you and live for another 25 years?
Why do you still have affection for this earth or this body?
Why dont you just give up your life?
Arent you uncomfortable,
when you know you cant stay but cant go yet?
Yes, very uncomfortable. For the body and us.
I dont think you will live for more than 25 Days.
We can tell.
This Sync Brothers talk is like Gods word.
Brother, I think we are also in sync with them. Isnt it?
Mahesh! Bring some water!
Give him to Holy Basil water.
He'll drink that and die.
I believe our ladies have already mixed
some holy basil water for him.
If anyone talks sarcastically about death,
I will kill each one of you.
Don't open...he is opening..
That warning is for us.
Lets silently move away from here.
Lets move it. Move it. Move it. Move it.
Dad, lets go home
Dad? Wait. Lets see the fight and go.
Hes going to be awesome
If you look at the way hes hitting them,
it doesnt look like hes hitting us in anger.
Looks like hes hitting us out of
frustration towards his family.
That's ..
Get him down.
His focus has shifted onto us!
We are losing our life, why should we be in sync
Youve seen enough!
After them, hes going to have a come to us!
Lets go!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
If we ever mess with you or your grandfather...
If you do?
We will live here in sync, and you will find us
floating near the Dowleswaram Barrage.
Bro, lets go!
You have to be very careful.
Just because I am eating coconut
while talking to you, dont take me lightly.
I have a lot of faith in that project.
Just like a silk dhoti that doesnt crease,
the project also has to be flawless.
Sir, your friend is waiting for you inside
What friend do I have in this place?
The same man who thought you were doing a death ritual.
He is from America. Go meet him once.
Why is he here?
Weve come home!
Oh, dads also here.
Oh my god, hes putting a garland..
Theres a surprise for you inside.
-There is nothing
Listen, the wedding is closing in. What are you doing?
Go, finish your shopping.
Correct. Go. Go!
Dad, you have to go with them.
You are the oldest.
You have to be there when they shop. Go!
Namaste, sir.
Welcome to India
Sir, you are great.
Not just him.
You are not even allowing the garland that
was on him to fall down.
Put it on, sir. Put it on him, with your hands.
Hes making me put the garland...
Sir, please come. Please come.
Mr. Ramesh, you are the best...
-Its okay
You are the best example of a son.
Ive never imagined your dad would
pass before seeing your sons wedding.
I never thought.
Bad luck.
Had he been alive today...
-Is he your friend, son?
I asked the girls side also to come.
If Sai and his fiancee also come,
then we can all buy together.
Sir, actually there was a miscommunication.
You killed your own father in a miscommunication!
No, sir.
What a mistake Ive made!
Do you know something...
we do not have religious photos in our house.
We only have our parents photos
My day doesnt start until I pray to them.
How could you make me put a garland
to a mans photo who is still alive?
Are you even human?!
Im really sorry, sir.
Youll have to forgive me
Oh, its fine. Get up, son.
No, sir.
I have made a mistake I cant undo.
He has made me feel sad for the rest of my life.
On the one hand, he is getting his son
married without telling me...
And on the other hand,
he is going around telling his father is dead.
What should I do to him?
Hes a disgusting man!
Because of my fathers blessings...
I at least came to know what kind of a man
he is before we went any further.
Son, dont say such a thing.
Hes not that kind of a man. But why he did that...
Sir, please! Dont say anything.
But do not forgive him!
Sir, God forbid, even if you have cancer,
maybe you will be cured.
But if you have a son like this at home,
then its very dangerous, sir.
Trust me on this.
You have to live, sir. You have to do well
Im really sorry once again.
Hey, Sai.
Could you drop me to the airport, please?
Please, come, sir.
Hey, I really didnt know he was inside the house.
Thanks a lot, dad!
Do you know what you achieved by
carrying on for days and weeks?
The fall of your son.
My downfall!
All the name and respect I achieved over the years...
All gone in a second
You brought me back to where I first started.
I asked you to go, but you came back on
purpose and made a fool out of me in front of him.
What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Ive been observing you since the beginning.
Youve emotionally blackmailed my son and
made him come here from the US without telling me.
You also took away my rights to his marriage.
Isnt it enough that you got your children married?
Do you have to get their children married as well?
If anyone becomes old, it's natural to die...
Its a very natural thing.
Youve taken such a small issue and
made it into such a serious matter.
And trying to celebrate living each day as if its a festival.
What is all this?
Isnt enough that you spent 70 years celebrating festivals?
Do you need all this in your last days as well or what?
Do you all know one thing ...?
Because hes scared we may all leave,
along with my son, hes planned all these return gifts, etc.
Made him lie to us so that we wont leave.
And now hes making us go around him with
the excuse of marriage, festivals and holy rituals.
You taught us a good lesson, dad,
just because we came to see you before you die.
I have a doubt.
When you have to go somewhere,
you are not even a minute late.
Then, what happened to your timing now?
What is this?
I mean what is this?
Why arent you saying anything, dad?
What? Are you unable to speak?
You wait!
Hey, please dont tell me anything else.
My throat is going dry.
My heart wants to stop beating.
Even if you say another word,
I may not be alive to listen to it.
If you all want to leave, please go right now.
If you wait another ten minutes,
you may have to stay back for another ten days
Listen to me and go.
Anyway, that is not a life that will go so easily.
Lets go.
Hes trying to escape our questioning
by asking us to leave.
Do you think Ive not seen such drama before?
Move it. Move it. Come on!
Come here
By the way, I dont know what your father has
done to be called a good son by your grandfather.
But you need to do something even better
and go down in history as the best son.
What is it?
Dad, grandpa...
I understood.
Dads dead.
I cant come.
I have been travelling for 24hrs
without any sleep and my back hurts.
I can't come there again.
Now, I have to wait and see what
Damodar will do for all the mess that mans done
Ive been getting a lot of emails.
I have to set this right.
Oh! What are you saying?
As the eldest son, you will have to perform the last rites.
Its just a rule... not a compulsion.
But if I cant make it, then what can we do?
We will have to look for alternatives.
When someone dies,
their favourite person has to perform the last rites.
Only then will their soul rest in peace.
If you look at it from his point of view,
then its better you perform the rituals.
Your grandfather loved you the most.
You do it.
Like brother said, you take care of all the rituals.
I just went back to work today.
There is a ton of pending work.
If I ask them for leave now, theyll just fire me.
So, well join you for the death ritual ceremony.
Without the sons, what will a daughter come and do, tell me?
Except to cry.
If I have to come, four of us have to come together.
Once, my husband leaves for work,
he doesnt come back till late in the night.
Its very difficult for me to leave the kids and come.
Think that we are not there and
finish everything without us.
Do you think they are the only ones who have reasons?
Cant we have them too?
We came there for a week and
are back in business by a month now.
Anyway, my husband doesnt wish to see his face again.
I'm telling you this, not your uncle.
What are you looking at?
Pack them.
My throat was gone because of the water.
Hello, uncle.
Hey, have the last rites been done properly?
It was done well, uncle
I think he is angry that we havent come.
Hes not even put pictures up in our family group.
Hes not even answering calls from his uncles.
Do you think we are not feeling sad or what?
What can we do?
How many times can we come and go?
If he dies as soon as we land, do you think its easy for us to come...
Like its next door or a 15 minutes journey?
Why did you call me, uncle?
Today is the death ceremony, I believe.
They are going to perform the death ritual.
Do a video call and show us.
We will come on a conference call
and it will be like all of us are participating in it.
And dad will also be satisfied.
Ok, Uncle.
Come fast. Everyone is in online.
Uncle, is everyone here (Online)?
Why did you put our photos?
Have you lost your mind?
I have not lost my mind. Ive lost you
When your dad was alive the respect you showed him,
I, too, should show my father the same respect, know?
If you want to give your father that kind of respect its fine
But first, remove my photograph from there.
Why should I remove this?
If you are panicking for this,
I am building your graves tomorrow.
Not the dummy graves youve built,
uncle. Im making them with concrete.
So strong that even a crane cannot destroy it.
Hey, I am your aunt. Its wrong for you to do this.
What did I do, aunty? This is what you told me.
You said, think that you are not there and carry on.
No one believes me when I said that you are not there.
That is why I told them that in a flight
accident I lost my entire family.
And they believed me.
What uncle? Now ask aunty to speak.
Its not like you say a word, anyway.
Do you even understand what you are doing?
Stop it, you bloody idiot!
Uncle, why are you shouting?
Because Im performing a ritual, I am being polite.
In another two days, I am going to
organise condolence meeting at your gravesite...
and spread the news
of your death entire the state.
Hey, stop it, man!
Come and stop it yourself, if you have the guts.
If I talk to you on the phone anymore,
I will have to give you the ritual offering to you directly.
What, do you want to go back again?
We dont have to go. Let them do what they want.
You didnt allow me to go when my dad died.
Wont you come if Im dead?
Damn! You...
Where are your graves, dear?
Why are you so anxious to see our graves?!
Bloody hell!
Brother, call him and ask him to come
Today we will decide.
Seeing the sickles in his hand,
I fear hes going to really kill you all and bury you.
Deal with caution.
How come all of you landed all together?
Havent the reasons me about coming to see the death of your dad,
become hurdles when it came to your own death, is it?
So if death comes to you, then all the scheduling,
planning and clarity dont matter.
As soon as I put a garland over your photos,
you climbed a flight to get here.
How you love your own life!
Son, what is all this?
That is what Im not able to understand, dad.
In spite of being very angry with me,
you are still affectionately calling me son
Then why are you not able to show your father some love?
Doesnt his life mean anything to you?
Since you wake up in the morning, you run behind
work to make money and have gotten so used to a mechanical lifestyle.
Youve also mixed your parents lives in your work...
So much so that you wish they would die so
that you can completely focus on work.
What should I do with people with such a mentality?
Except kill you.
He was such a great man!
Does that mean we sit next to him,
calling him dad and ruin our careers and become homeless?
Uncle, if you lose a job, you will find another.
If you lose a project, you will get another.
There is an alternative to everything.
But when a father dies?
There can never be an alternative, not now, not ever.
You are so bothered about your jobs and careers.
Who gave you all that?
Who was the one who gave you that foundation?
Think about it once.
How you were before you left this place and how are you now?
If you think about it,
you will know all the mistakes you have made.
Is your father always around you like a small child?
Get lost.
Offer letter?
Its a software job
I got this from our Brahmaji
brother's company with great difficulty.
Now you can go to America...
I told you I didnt want to leave you and go, dad.
Hey, where will the love and affection you have for me, go?
it will always be the same.
But that doesn't mean you have to remain this way,
under that Sanki fellow.
I cant even walk without your support.
You are asking me to run. What if I fall?
Hey, you have a father to catch you when you fall.
A+B whole square is equal to A squared plus...
-Come here
I had sold this farm with great difficulty and I believe
you returned the money and said we are not selling it.
I know why you are selling the farm.
I wont go to Australia, dad.
You cannot go anywhere outside my heart.
Every time I think of you, you will come to me every day.
So, if I think of you, you cant even call me from there is it?
Wont you come running?
Look at them. Are you going to continue
giving them tuitions and be unjust to them?
Go, son.
Listen to me.
Its a good alliance, darling.
No matter how good the match is,
I dont want anything that will send me far away from you, dad.
Mom told me, before she died, to look after you carefully.
Your mother told me the same thing.
To give her daughter in the hands of a good man.
There, I brought him.
Marry him. Hes a gem of a guy
If I call him up and tell him I want to see my daughter,
he will send you immediately.
Even if he doesnt send me, I will come to you, dad.
Father-in-law, I am very scared.
-What do you mean?
I got you married to him
because you could speak up.
How can you be scared?
Brother-in-law, you sent away all your children.
How can you send him off too?
If they can be with you as your company...
Just for our company, how can we restrict their growth?
Is it enough if we have a strong thumb and fingers?
The little finger is also part of my hand too.
It is my responsibility to show it the way forward.
Get in.
For a father, you loved so much.
after you got married, got a family, moved away,
why did you shift that love to your wives, children and work?
Love is meant to be shared. Not shift its focus.
As our father, you give us your best.
And that is why we want to give our kids the best.
But as the sons and daughters of my grandfather...
what are you showing us?
We will look after you even worse than
you looked after our grandfather.
Just like this. We will give you a cancer called loneliness.
Then you will know...
how it feels when your kids say they are coming
and when they say they are not.
when you call for us, lying on the bed close to death...
and we tell you we will see you one
last time seconds before you die...
Watching serials for entertainment, hanging out with friends...
You living with no energy, with no support,
unable to live alone and waiting for death to come to you...
And when you face the evils you have committed, for yourself...
You will finally understand what
you have taught us, being a son to your father.
Remember one thing.
A man has to one day become a father and a grandfather,
and we will have to face that day for sure.
Because its a circle...
you cannot escape from that.
Every man, once he crosses the age of sixty and
become elderly, they say reverts back to being child like.
Without your knowledge, your father becomes your son.
If you can treat your parents, just like you would
treat your kids, why would you feel like you are nurturing them?
As far as I know, you havent missed your father,
but your older son.
Where are you going?
I have crossed the threshold
where I cannot even ask for forgiveness.
You will never see me again.
I came here to correct my dads character.
Not to erase it completely.
Son, slap us with your slipper.
We will get some sense in us then.
If I hit you, you think your dad will keep quiet?
What did you say?
What grandpa? You want to go, is it?
Okay, go.
But you asked me to stay next to you
so that you can have a smile on your face as you die.
At least, do that, grandpa.
Wont you get up?
Fine, then take away your memories with you.
Its more of a burden to keep these
memories than to lose you.
Wasnt you who told me that I needed to
do something nice for my father on Fathers day?
He loves it when I spend time with him.
That is why I am going to spend all of today with my father.
Bye, teacher!
As a grandfather, even though his hair turns grey,
he will always be a father first.
Even though the son is now off his lap
and grown-up, will a fathers affection ever stop?
Even if youth fades, even if you edge towards
the sunset of life, the precious gift is...
The joy your grandson brings with his childlike innocence.
Isnt it like a breath of fresh air?
Doesnt the heart sway with joy?
He becomes the symbol of your lineage
and carries on like the river of life.
This story will not end, like a life that ends know?
I need a walking stick.
We are here for you.
Walk, dad.
Come on, dad.
Walk, dad.
We are here for you.
Walk, dad.
I dont know when Raghuramayya is going to die,
but I know when he does he will die a happy man.
If we can stand by our parents,
who taught us how to take our baby steps with love...
When they reach an age when they are tired
and are unable to walk properly...
Then every day becomes a celebration.