Pratidwandi (1970) Movie Script

Chant the name Hari.
Go slow, brother.
Chant the name Hari.
My... My...
Hold yourself together, sister. Be calm.
I have no one else left.
Don't feel that way, sister.
We are all with you.
I have lost everything.
How will I live now?
We are all with you, sister.
- How will I live?
Get down.
Go on, right.
Sit down there.
Is this your first interview?
- No.
Are you aware of the type
of questions they ask?
It's not very predictable.
Will they ask in English?
- They may, probably.
Then the answer should also be
in English... - Yes, English.
Yes, naturally.
Do you do mending?
- Why?
I have trousers that need
mending. - No we don't do...
...mending. - Why? - We
don't sew used clothes.
I'll leave them here and go.
- No you can try some small shop.
Here you are.
- How much? - Ten rupees.
Your name, please.
- Siddartha Choudhury.
Could you show us your papers,
please? - Yes, sir.
Would you like to? - How old are
you? - I'm just over 25, sir.
You are a B. Sc? - Yes, sir. -
When did you graduate? - 1966.
Have you been idle ever since?
No, sir. I was at the medical
college for 2 years.
What were you doing there?
Studying, sir. - Only for two years?
Yes, sir.
What made you give up medicine?
Did you suddenly...
...lose interest in medicine?
- No, sir. I lost my father.
I see.
- What's your aim in life?
Right now it's to find a job, sir.
But the job you've applied for
has nothing to do with medicine.
No, sir. But I also did botany
for my science degree.
Do you like flowers?
- Not unconditionally.
Some I like, some I don't.
Does the term mitochondria
suggest anything to you?
It's a botanical term, sir.
Mitochondria are small threadlike...
...bodies in cytoplasm.
Who was the prime minister of
England at the time of independence?
Whose independence, sir?
- Our independence.
Atkins. - What would you regard
as the most outstanding and significant...
...event of the last decade?
The war in Vietnam, sir. - More
significant than the landing...
...on the moon?
- I think so, sir.
Could you tell us why you think so?
Because the moon landing...
You see, we weren't entirely unprepared
for the moon landing.
We knew that it had to come
some time. We knew about the... flights, the great advances
in space technology.
So we knew it had to happen.
I'm not saying it wasn't
a remarkable achievement...
...but it wasn't unpredictable.
The fact that they did
land on the moon.
Do you think that the war in
Vietnam was unpredictable?
Not the war itself. But what
it has revealed about the...
...Vietnamese people. About
their extraordinary power...
...of resistance. Ordinary
people, peasants and... one knew that they
had it in them.
This isn't a matter of
technology, it's...
...just plain human courage,
and takes your breath away.
Are you a communist?
I don't think one has to
be one in order to admire...
...Vietnam, sir.
That doesn't answer my
question. However... may go now.
This is broken.
- I've been watching you for some time.
Why do you look so depressed?
No, I've been walking in the
sun and I've got a headache.
Don't you have a job yet?
Are you still applying?
- Yes.
In the end, the time will come
when you'll start believing...
...that you don't have a goal
within yourself. And that's not true.
I know you. While you're still
unemployed why don't you...
...come to our place sometime?
You were active in the union
in your college days.
If you are with us then you
will be able to do something.
The party has a lot of odd
jobs to be attended to.
If you remain like this and
roam in the sun then both...
...your mind and your health
will be undermined.
What? Will you come? Or is it that
you've no faith in politics?
No, brother Naresh. I need a job.
Otherwise the problem... that...
- Your sister is employed, isn't it?
Is it hurting your pride? - No,
papa didn't leave much for us.
That's true. It is not possible
for a honest man to do... and leave something.
I know.
Why don't you join some factory?
Do some work as a labourer.
What's wrong in that?
These days... - No more advice
please. No more advice please.
So many people have given me
so much advice that my mind... stuffed with advice
and is choking.
You're a nice person and
I admire you, but still...
...I'm telling you.
Either stop your lectures or go
away. I don't like hearing...
...your speeches any more.
Would you like to
get out of Calcutta?
Would it be okay if I get you
a job outside Calcutta?
What job?
- Medical representative.
Outside Calcutta! - That's why
I didn't tell you before.
Dr. Suren Das. Do you know him?
National Pharmaceuticals.
I know him well.
If you want, I can
give you a letter.
Let me talk with him.
One tablet, please.
Can I get some water?
- Water?
How much?
- 60 paise.
What do you want?
The 1970-71 budget comes up
with proposals to stimulate...
...growth, export drive and import
substitution. Additional taxes...
...on certain luxury and
consumer goods and an...
...increase in wealth tax and
income tax rates for higher...
...income groups.
Relief with the rise of the
exemption limit to 5000 rupees...
...on income tax and a greater
sense of security to low...
...income groups through revised
pension proposals.
New taxes are expected to fetch
an additional revenue...
...of 1700 million rupees.
An explosion! Let's run!
Look what happened to this watch.
It fell from my hand.
The balance has broken.
- How much will it cost? - 850.
Okay give it to me.
The lymphatics of the female breast,
if you remember, begins...
...with the flexes around
the gland itself.
Now this flexes which we note is quite
different from the lymphatics...
...which drain the central
region of the gland.
But the gland at its
central region is...
Oh! What a beautiful place.
Wow! This is wonderful.
This is where the world started.
This is where the magic is.
Look at the cow. Delightful!
Wow! What a place!
- Fantastic!
We come to Calcutta and
we like every one of you people.
You are truly our friends.
Who's that?
- Open the door, this is Siddartha.
Who is Siddartha? - Stop playing
the fool and open the door.
Come in. - Where is Sibu? - He
has gone to get cigarettes...
...he will be back soon.
Oh! What a day!
- What happened?
What can happen? The same routine.
That's the problem. Time doesn't
want to pass at all.
Walking all day in the sun.
Tell me, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
This is a highly skilled job.
You're stealing the funds
meant for the Red Cross?
Hey, Siddartha. This is not
good. Give it to me.
Where did you think your
Red Cross got the money?
All day I walked in the sun.
Don't I have a share in it?
All of you... Hell! All of you.
I come here only so that I can
relax for some time and you...
You relax. Who is stopping you?
If you want to sleep
then I have a drug.
How low you've stooped.
- The whole country is going...
...down, brother. If
I don't stoop down then do... want me suspended
in space?
You're already the son of rich
parents and you hail from...
...a famous family.
What do you know about my family?
Do you know about... uncle. Do you know about
my grandpa? Moreover, what...
...relationship is there between
this and my family?
Two books have been stolen.
- What books? - Yes, the books...
...on those two subjects.
If I don't get the books then
I can't pass the exams.
How will I get so much money
in such a short time, now?
How does he play, Baren? - Left
out. - It's Sibhu. Open the door.
Kleptomaniac number one.
Hey, how long have you been here?
- Just now.
Stop standing and chatting
there. Close the door.
Take this.
You also have one.
- Thanks.
Are you still on it?
What's wrong with this chap? It
is becoming more difficult day by day.
I'm thinking of vacating the house.
Vacating the house! He can't move
a step and he is thinking...
...of vacating the house.
- Are you his advisor? - Ask him.
Is that so, buddy?
- Leave that. You too!
Is that so? He is trying
to hook a girl.
He is asking me, how do I
proceed. Tell me step by step.
Listen friend, this is too much.
This is gross injustice.
Then what did you tell him?
- I told him...
Hey don't say anything. Stop.
- Leave me.
If you play the fool with me then
I will spill all the beans.
You carry on with the work.
Don't tell him anything.
Wait, another 2 rupees.
2 rupees, Stop all that
nonsense and do it fast.
Come soon, I'm getting impatient.
The delay did help. Look
at this. Some more money.
You can have them if you like.
What's that? - Hey. - Tell me. -
Will you lend me this? - What?
This magazine. - Buddy, this has
resale value, do you know that?
Ten rupees per copy.
If I give you that you'll
sell it and pocket the money.
Why do you take everyone
to be in your category?
Look, I don't believe
the unemployed.
So you don't intend
to come out it seems.
No, sir. I've important work to do.
Hey, will you buy me lunch?
Then we'll go to a movie.
A movie again?
- Why, have you already been to one?
I went into a cool place and
started catching up on some sleep...
...and suddenly from nowhere
there was this boom.
A bomb! - Another explosion?
- Yes, in the Light House.
Then the movie got interrupted.
- Was anyone injured?
I didn't see. I walked out
and came over.
In our place there will
be no explosion.
Oh! It's your film club.
A Swedish film. No cutting.
Shall we go in?
- We won't get a seat.
Come, let's go in and see.
Let's go.
Without my watch,
I can't keep track of the time.
Why? Are you in a hurry
to go somewhere?
I've to meet Naresh Pal.
Are you trying to get into politics?
Only that's not included.
Then why go to brother Naresh?
His friend seems to have a
pharmaceuticals company...
...and probably is hiring people.
He'll give me a letter.
Let me see.
I don't understand your situation
at all. Your sister got a job...
...but you're not able to find one.
Have you seen my sister?
- Have I not?
Then? Why wouldn't she get a job?
Academic qualification is
not the only qualification.
In that case what is wrong with
your personality? It has...
...the stamp of intelligence.
- Who wants intelligence?
You understand everything
and pretend to be a fool.
These days the weaker sex
is the stronger sex.
Have you seen how confidently
they walk?
There you're right.
At times they give us
an inferiority complex.
Do you know? If I do something
then I'll get a job.
I have to answer the questions in
the interview in a calculated manner.
To date I haven't done
those calculations.
From now on I'll do that.
For the last year
I've had these doubts.
I was only waiting for proof.
If I hadn't gotten proof then
I wouldn't have come to you.
I have come so that you
can know about it.
I don't know what impression you've
gotten about your daughter.
I don't know how you've
brought her up.
She has destroyed my house, my
family and shattered it.
I've endured this enough. No more.
I can't. I can't bear it...
...anymore. Whatever it may be,
you find a solution for this.
Otherwise I will have to do
something about it myself.
What's the matter?
Why are all of you so gloomy?
Is your interview over?
- Forget my interview.
Who was that woman?
- Ask him.
Mrs. Sanyal. - Who is she? - Wife
of Topu's boss, who else?
Did she come complaining about her?
It's ten and still she is not home.
What else will she do?
Does that mean that she's doing
something with her boss?
It could be the pressure of work.
If there is the pressure of work
then why doesn't she inform us...
...when she's leaving the office?
How long can a woman wait alone?
That is different. But if you tell
me that you believe that...
neurotic woman, then I will
portray a different character.
Just like that a woman can walk
in and talk all rubbish...
...about my sister, this
will not be tolerated.
I'm telling you all one more thing.
Don't bring up this...
...topic at all when Topu
comes back from work.
All these problems come
looking for us. That is no evidence.
Now the boss's wife comes
complaining about her.
It is all because of you. If the
daughter has some pressure...
...then what is the son's excuse?
Can't he come home early?
Maybe he is going for his studies.
But all I know is that he
has stopped his studies.
Still he may be doing some studies.
He was the best boy in his class.
He will not remain the best boy for long.
Politics is not for students.
There is a time for everything.
You stay in the house
because you like it.
What happened?
You had an interview?
Tell me how it went.
I will not.
Tell me.
Why were you late coming
home today? - I will not tell.
My not telling you and
your telling are not the same.
No one comes here and
spreads scandal about me.
Oh! What did that woman say?
Did you know that woman would come?
- No.
I've heard about her and know what
type of a woman she is. - I see.
What did she say, let me know.
I only heard the last
of it and that's enough.
Don't you know what was discussed?
- No, and that is not the issue.
How would I know?
I'm not responsible.
Are you not responsible?
Not at all.
Okay. You may not be the
person to blame but...
...someone is to blame
which you're not disclosing.
But if he is responsible
then straighten it out.
- There are many ways to do that.
For example he can be
given a good thrashing.
I feel like laughing
when you talk of thrashing.
You don't have to laugh now,
I'm dead serious.
What's the advantage in thrashing
an innocent person like him?
Innocent! A manager in such a
big private firm and innocent?
Whom are you fooling?
Okay, then do whatever you like.
Aren't you feeling bad about it at all?
Can't you see how ugly the issue is?
Aren't you able to sense how
mama must be feeling about it?
Does mama want me to leave the job?
Naturally. Anyway, the job keeps
you working till ten at night. must leave that job anyhow.
Today the office closed at
five thirty. - Five thirty?
Yes, He took me to
Narendrapur to see his new house.
He, meaning your boss?
- Yes. - Why?
There were three others with us.
Why did you go to see that house?
What do you mean by why?
He called me so I went.
After a hard day's work?
What can I do? - What do
you mean by what you can do?
Can't you refuse to go?
- No.
What do you mean by no? Is
it some slavery or compulsion?
Starting next month I'm becoming
the boss's PA. 200 rupees increment.
The rascal is taking advantage of that.
That bloody son of a pig and a scoundrel.
Brother, what a beautiful bird this is.
What's the name of that bird?
Let me freshen up first. I'll
take exactly five minutes.
Don't get worked up over everything.
- Okay.
Tell me first, how was the interview?
Is your boss staying in Alipore?
I won't say.
What happened?
- Nothing.
A fight.
Do you have a cut?
- Something like that.
Do you have some money?
- I need it.
What for?
I have to finish someone.
An antisocial element.
Why ask me? Go and make your own.
It is necessary. Otherwise
the crisis will worsen.
- Nothing political.
You have become strange.
Always searching for a job has
turned your life into something.
Let me do what I'm doing.
Have I ever lectured on
anything concerning you?
Do you remember this?
You gave this to me.
You don't know that I had to
sell two medical books to buy this.
You don't know how much
you've changed in these two years.
Two years ago I didn't need a job.
- Job?
Do you know what will be
your condition if you get a job?
I will be a copier in
the bureaucratic machine.
I feel when I think about that.
You know very well what
you're doing is not correct.
Getting a job is not my ambition.
But can one only follow a single path?
Exactly, that is what is required.
You don't have a path at all.
You yourself don't know
which way you want to go.
You're standing in one place
and wasting your time chatting.
Do you remember that bird?
- Let it be.
You're not supposed to know it.
Whom do you want?
- Is Mr. Sanyal home?
This slip...
- Okay.
Come inside and sit down.
Why are you standing? Sit down.
Are you Sutopa's brother?
- Yes.
Is she sick?
No, but she is feeling the strain.
Feeling the strain?
Your sis, she says that she
is feeling the strain?
No, but we can tell.
She is getting frail.
But I didn't notice that.
You always see her
hence you may not have noticed.
Doesn't the word 'always'
sound a little aggressive?
Anyway, we can tell.
Whatever you're trying to
say if you don't say it...
...clearly it's difficult
to understand.
She never told me that
she is feeling the strain.
In fact, she seems quite happy.
She is very smart, hard
working. As for overtime...
...she may have had to do it for a
few days, that I don't deny...
...but doing it for more
than one hour, I don't think so.
Have you gotten a job?
Instead of your sister
leaving her job wouldn't... be better that you find a job?
In your company.
No, I can recommend somewhere else.
You sit down. I'm due to
get a trunk call at ten.
You wait and I'll give you a letter.
Who? Yes, I'm well.
Hello. This is me, Sanyal speaking.
Yes. Oh no.
I've told him already.
Everything is settled.
Catch that fellow.
He hit the child.
Catch him and beat him.
Why did you stop
studying to be a doctor?
There was problem in the house.
Naresh has written to
medical representatives...
...but there are no vacancies for medical
representatives at present. We...
...are taking salesmen. - Salesman! -
It seems your heart is sad.
I started as a salesman myself.
If you work properly there is always
the opportunity to prosper in a job.
Are you thinking that
you're to carry medicines... a bag and move like a hawker?
- Is that not so?
No, it's not like that.
Actually what you've to do
is go to hospitals...
...and dispensaries and note down
their requirements in a note book.
There is a lot of traveling.
From a central place
you travel around 70 to 80 miles daily.
Where is the place?
Balurghat. Do you know?
It's in west Dinajpur.
The fact is that I don't want
to leave Calcutta at present.
That you decide. I can give you
around ten days to make up your mind.
Yes, Siddartha.
It seems you have left
everything at its pace.
What to say? It seems that
I'm to leave Calcutta at last.
Why are you bothered about that?
You say that you like it outside Calcutta.
That is when I go to
places like Deohargh...
...and spend a vacation
there for 15 to 20 days.
But this is not like that.
It is some corner of the world...
...and that too as a medical
salesman. I don't like it.
I don't know about you but...
...I can't even stay for
a minute outside Calcutta.
I know.
There is something about the city.
Tell me what it is?
It's life.
It may be a tough life but we like it.
In other places either
you're dead or you're burnt out.
What a condition. When I think of
leaving Calcutta I feel sick...
...however they will
not permit us to stay here.
Tunu is right.
There is no way out
other than a revolution.
You will start a revolution.
- No, I will not but...
...if it starts then I will fight in it.
Will you fire a gun? Will
you throw hand grenades?
At times when my head gets hot...
...then I think that I should do all that.
It is all your imagination. When... comes to actually doing it
you will not be able to do anything.
You feel that way? - There
are two types of human beings.
Thinkers who only think.
Then there are the
doers who can only do.
I'm the second type. I'm not
into thinking and all that.
I'll do what has to be done.
You will only think about
that which you'll not do.
At the moment I'm thinking where
to eat. That too from your money.
Leave that to me, brother.
Hey, what are you doing?
The growth of my moustache is uneven.
I'm doing a little makeup to hide that.
Both of you are having fun.
Only these few months, brother.
Then we will cease to be students.
You think that he won't come?
- No chance at all.
He has fallen deeply in love.
Otherwise why go to his cousin
sister's house seven days a week?
Is he proceeding as per your house?
His cousin has two friends.
Siben has an eye on one of them.
Must be Gayatri. That girl has nothing in her.
She has nothing.
Do you serve monkey's brain here?
- No we don't serve monkey brains here.
You get that in Hong Kong.
If you try something strange and
unique, the bill will be high.
Will mixed fried rice be okay with you?
- Yes, order that.
Then half a plate mixed fried rice.
Do you have egg foo yoong?
Yes we serve egg foo yoong.
- Good.
But first whisky and soda.
- There are two kind of whisky.
Do you have Aristocrat?
- Yes. - OK. That will do.
Oh! You're a teetotaler, aren't you?
Or have you just started?
Not yet but I think I'll start today.
Don't think a lot, otherwise
everything will get spoiled.
Where did you learn to drink alcohol?
What is there to learn?
It is hereditary.
Does your father drink?
- Of course.
Not the medical dosage but a full dose.
Why do you think that all
doctors are like Morarji Desai?
Not so. But your father.
This is a silly stupid notion
of all of you.
Inside every human being there
are ten contradictory characters.
That's true, otherwise how
can you be good at studies too?
That's fate.
Listen, if you have to fire the gun then...
...go ahead and have it. Cheers!
Are you in a hurry to get back home?
- Why?
Then I shall take you someplace.
- You'll see when you get there.
It is not what you're thinking.
Looking at you one can sense
that you're thinking something.
What is it? About a job?
- Hell! No.
Can one think about a job always?
Do we get birds in New Market?
- Birds?
You mean chickens.
- No, chicken you can get in any market.
What bird?
- I don't remember the name.
But I can recognise its call
if I hear it.
Can you recognise the call in this chorus?
Listen, what bird are you looking for?
- What bird are you looking for?
Tell him. - I don't know the
name but I recognise the call.
Talking bird?
- No, not a talking bird.
Not a talking bird but it sings very well.
Whistle the tune for him.
What's the matter?
- This is the place.
Do we have to go upstairs? - Yes, of
course there is nothing downstairs.
Adina! Let's drop it.
- Why?
I feel uncomfortable about the whole thing.
Why are you behaving childishly?
I give you my word you'll not regret it.
Now come along.
Can I come in?
- No, you can't.
You can call her my friend and...
...also call her my teacher.
A very private tutor, aren't you?
Sit down. Why are you standing?
Sit down. Make yourself at home.
Today was hard work.
An 80 year old man. Refuses to die.
If you do the nursing then why
would anybody want to die?
What do you say?
I'll have some water.
Can't you get it yourself?
Get it dear. I've walked a lot.
Will you also have some?
Did you see her hair? Priceless.
I've never seen your friend before.
He has just come from Patna.
Why is he so quiet?
He is terrified at seeing
the condition of Calcutta.
That's why I told him to come along.
You have to give me five minutes.
I need to take a shower.
It's so hot.
If it becomes five and half
then it will be a problem.
You're smoking all alone.
Give me one too.
She wants a cigarette.
I'm totally out.
Won't you light
the cigarette for me?
Manners. Manners.
Thank you.
I'll be back soon.
My friend is losing patience.
I think he doesn't like me at all.
His hunger is reflecting on his face.
Well brother, she is all yours.
You told me this is not like that.
Whatever you're thinking this is
not... - Whatever I'm thinking is right.
Nobody comes here to think.
You had some alcohol. Did
you feel bad after that?
This is also like that.
Initially it may be sour.
Then after that...
- Listen, come here.
What happened?
- Come here for a moment.
I'm not able to detach the hook.
I'll be back.
Ready, steady, go.
You play now.
- You wait.
Hey, Siddartha!
Hey, Siddartha!
Hey, Siddartha!
Hey Mister.
This side.
Will you come and listen to me?
What's the matter?
Can you repair a fuse?
- Fuse?
All the lights in the house have gone off.
There is nobody at home.
I'm feeling very scared.
I can give it a try.
- Please come in.
My papa is not here and
the servant has also gone out.
Where is the main?
- There, please come with me.
I don't have a torch or candle at home.
I mean... There, the middle one.
I brought the fuse wire. I
thought that I'll try it myself.
Then I felt nervous.
Give me the wire.
Hold the match light for me.
My hands and feet went cold in fear.
That's when I got
desperate and called to you.
Oh, sorry!
Thank god!
- My hands.
You want to wash your hands, come.
When I went to light the stove...
Sit down.
Was this necessary?
- Why not?
Do you recognize me?
At first I didn't.
We met in your cousin's place.
Oh yes, Aruna. Now I remember.
We study together. I'm Keya
Mukherjee. - Siddartha Choudhury.
I've seen you pass along
this road a lot of times.
You put on a serious face
gazing at the road while walking.
How long have you been in this area?
Around one and half years.
We were in Delhi before.
Papa got transferred here.
It was a very odd way that I called you.
My mind was confused and afraid.
Today the servant
chose to go to the cinema.
Now I'll take leave.
Don't misunderstand me, please.
Not at all. Why do you unnecessarily...
Come some other day.
Since you pass by here
just drop in any day.
Okay. - If you come tomorrow
evening then I'll serve you tea.
and something to go along with that also.
- Let me see. If I can, I'll come.
Okay, I'll take leave.
Is that Monu? Have you come home?
When will all this end? They have
brought disrepute to my daughter.
This must be what
enemies have done to us.
It is better I die than live like this.
Really, I don't like this at all.
I went to your boss's house today.
I went to your boss's house today.
I heard.
- Don't you believe it?
Hey Topu, don't you believe it?
I told him that she'll not work any
more since she's feeling the strain.
I told him that every day
it is 8 to 9 when she returns...
...and she is not the
type who can express herself.
It is too much for her. Some
day she might have a breakdown...
...hence it is better that she leaves now.
He also agreed to that. He said if
that's the decision then he has...
...nothing to say about it. He said,
she's smart, hardworking.
He praised you a lot.
Don't you believe me?
- No.
Even if it is true, still I'm
not going to leave the job.
No one can force me to do that.
I will tell that to him myself tomorrow.
If he behaves badly with you,
still you'll not leave the job?
We'll see about that when he does.
His wife came and said so many
things. - She will. She is a mental case.
What about mother? - What about her?
Is it that her daughter
is earning disrepute?
Is that nothing to you?
Nothing at all?
Brother, how would it be
if I get into modeling?
This modeling and you'll do it?
This is a good profession.
They pay you well.
These days quite a lot
of people are doing it.
Suppose they ask you to
wear some atrocious outfit?
Atrocious? What do you mean? - I
mean as good as not wearing anything.
What's wrong in that?
My figure is so bad?
Brother. Come to the terrace.
- Come.
What's the matter? - Put on
the light. - Light? - Put in on.
I'm learning dancing.
- When?
In the evening, after work.
You've changed.
Everyone changes.
You've also changed.
Are you going somewhere?
- I want to.
- Out of town.
Out of town, means?
- Out of town. - Out of town?
Out of town.
There's a problem getting
a proper reply from you.
Can you give me ten rupees?
I seem to have lost my purse.
- Why ask me for money?
Ask the one who is earning.
She doesn't give. A miser.
I asked her a few times before too.
Can I know where you're going?
I told you. To the village.
Why are you asking?
Do you have any interest in this?
- I may have.
After all, you're my brother.
It would have been helpful
had I got the money.
If I had the money then I
would've repaired my watch.
Care for a cigarette?
I don't smoke.
Have you decided that
you'll not take the exams?
- I was thinking about your future.
You don't have to think about my future.
Are you into the revolution?
Whatever, I will not announce it to you.
Do you know?
You may be killed by a police bullet.
What do you think?
Brother, come here and see.
- What is it? - Come and see.
In your childhood you...
...used to see chickens being killed.
What is proved by that? Chicken
meat has always been my favorite.
What next?
- I don't know.
In the olden days do you
know how the public was?
When the widows were burnt alive... many people watched the fun.
In the times of the French revolution
when the aristocrats were caught and...
...beheaded in the guillotine
many people stood and watched.
They placed the head below and...
...then released the thing
from the top. That's all.
Hey, are you unwell?
No. I'm well
Why are you saying you're well?
What time is it?
Why do you ask?
What time will it be?
It will be ten. The
radio stopped just now.
How can your head be all right?
You walk a lot in the
sun and then get sick.
How are you? - Today I'm well. -
What do you mean by 'today I'm well'?
Yesterday I had a sudden fever.
What? - Yes, that's why I
couldn't come yesterday.
Oh, I had invited
you yesterday, didn't I?
My friend suddenly landed yesterday
I went to see a movie with her.
Lucky that you didn't come.
What movie? - Useless. Elvis
Presley. He is her favorite.
Will you have some tea?
Did the fuse burst again?
- What?
Did the fuse burst again?
- No.
How funny it was that day!
- Yes, more like fiction.
It's of course as you said.
There is something wrong with you.
- No. You can tell me if you are sick.
I know medicine too.
- What? Are you a doctor?
I was almost one and
then I didn't. - Meaning?
I studied for two years
and then dropped out. - Why?
My father died and then...
My father has come it seems.
Papa, my friend
Siddartha Choudhury. Papa. Aunt.
Do you have some
medicine for a headache?
Let me see. - I don't
need anything, dear. - Why?
All the way you were complaining
of a headache and now you say this.
It's a like headache.
- It won't do you any harm.
Sit down.
Do you study with Kuku?
- No.
Whose procession was
it today? Which party?
Do you know?
- I don't know?
We were stranded in
one place for an hour.
We just couldn't move.
- Where was it?
Where was it? Tell me.
Kyd street.
- No, not Kyd street.
Then why do you ask me? You know
I don't have any road sense.
I had it somewhere and
it took me time to find it.
Such a big tablet. I can't swallow it.
It will not go down my throat at all.
What tablet, let me see.
- Saridon.
Have this.
The mechanism of swallowing
or dignitation as we call it... a complicated but a
very interesting process.
Well, it really starts with the
action of... - Have you swallowed it?
What are you doing? Studying?
- No.
Have you finished your studies?
- Yes.
Are you employed?
- No, But I will be soon.
Why are the young men in
this condition these days?
Where are they off to?
What do they want?
Frustration starts at
a young age for them.
There is an age for frustration.
Once they work hard in life...
...and when they don't get the desired
results then frustration starts.
You're all still students.
It is madness.
Why is this happening?
Where is all this unrest leading to?
Papa, I'm going out.
- Where? - Just like that.
Will you take the car?
- No, I'll go by the bus. Come.
Papa talks a lot.
At that age all of us might
talk like that. You don't know.
I hope not. I feel bad about it.
What is the meaning in seeing
the darker side of everything?
I like this a lot. In the car
you feel very closed off.
Have you used it?
How wonderful it is.
- Have you seen that?
No, I told you that
I've seen nothing.
Then I'll take you there.
- How?
One of my friends works there.
I'll tell him.
I brought you here and see
how much you've got to spend.
I'm not so poor.
Let me get a job and I'll
give you a better treat.
Is it a job in Calcutta?
One is in Calcutta and the
interview is on Tuesday.
The other one is almost ready. I
can take it but I don't want to.
Let us see how many
years we are in Calcutta.
Is your father's job a transferable one?
Yes, Income Tax.
The one you addressed as aunty is she
your real aunty? - My mother's sister.
She has nothing in
common with my mother.
She doesn't appear like her sister at all.
Your mother is not alive?
No, she died when I was 7 years old.
It would've been great
if you'd become a doctor.
Will you study medicine?
- Me? Oh no!
You have to cut and
dissect dead bodies.
That has to be done, of course.
- Tell me why?
You can know a lot. Like bones,
flesh, nerves, arteries.
From any dead body?
Because all of them are basically
the same unless it is abnormal.
The gentleman sitting there...
...the one with the black suit.
Are he and I basically the same?
You are more or less the same but
there is a little difference... the fact that you're
a woman and he is a man.
That woman, who is sitting
with her back to us. She?
More or less the same but she
has something more than you.
Even if it is the same there
is a lot of difference.
They can't be the same.
That can never be. The difference
in condition...
...and then there is education,
...then there is appearance too.
How much difference there
is in the eyes themselves.
You see some eyes and you feel
that he is a good person.
Of course, but it does mean
that he is good since you...
...feel that he seems
to be a good man.
There could be a mistake.
It is better that there
is no mistake.
Tomorrow is the interview.
- I know.
You will surely get this job.
- I hope so.
If you don't get it, will
you go outside Calcutta?
I don't feel like it but...
If you go away then I will
also not stay here.
Where will you go?
- Delhi.
I will stay there to do my studies.
I'll stay in a friend's place.
And your father?
- He will stay here.
He is getting married to the aunt.
Let's go.
At times I think that
I should accept her
Earlier I called her aunty. Now
I'll have to call her mama.
But my grief for my mother
comes and stops me.
It is fortunate the fuse went off that day.
Will you write letters? - You
write to me first. - Naturally.
If you write then I'll surely reply.
Will you stop meeting me?
I may have to stay away...
...for a long time. - Now I think
I'll keep meeting you. But...
Mama, I'm leaving.
- Wait a moment, son.
Why do you do these things?
You know it's no use.
- There is nothing wrong in it. Son.
You will surely get the job.
Just like I got one.
Do well and see to it that
you don't lose your temper.
Siddartha Choudhury.
Can I ask you something, brother?
- Tell me.
Has the selection already been
made internally?
What can I say about it?
No I mean that... You tell
us what you know.
What's your number?
- 71- Three times is 213.
It will be three hours from now
when your chance will come.
In the beginning it will be for
5 minutes. Then it will keep...
...decreasing to 1 or 1.5
minutes. That's how it is.
Brother, the vacancy is for
four and see how many people...
...they have called for the interview.
Chanchal Mukherjee.
His job is here for sure.
- How tall is he?
Say around 6 feet.
I'm five feet six and he
is taller than me by 6 inches.
Why do you worry? They might
prefer only shorter ones.
What's the time?
- It's ten past ten.
Brother, listen. - Did you call me?
- Yes, what questions did they ask?
It's the same. - If you tell us
then it might be useful to us.
A little of history, a little
of geography and some politics.
What were the questions?
- Where is Bonn?
What did you say?
- The capital of Germany.
Don't make so much noise. The
sir has said that if there... so much noise then the
interview shall be stopped.
His master's voice.
- Yes, something like that.
It's alright but very strange.
Biphul Chatterjee.
They should've made some
arrangement for sitting...
...since there are so many people.
- That's true. Out of...
...the two fans one is not working.
- Like this if we...
...have to work for hour after
hour then we will be finished.
Mihir Chakravorty.
What happened?
- What happened?
Give him some fresh air.
Get some water.
- Where is a glass?
What happened? Has someone fainted?
Yes, a person just now
fell down unconscious.
Move. Let him lie down.
Take him to that side.
When I saw that person I
felt that he was sick.
Shall I go and meet the bosses?
- What?
They have called so many
people for an interview...
...and they have the responsibility
to make some...
...seating arrangements for all of us.
You can go and meet the bosses
but I don't think...
...that it will be of any use.
- We are not doing anything illegal.
We are only asking for a few chairs.
Will anyone come with me?
- Should I? Okay come.
Will you all come?
- Come, let's go.
Where are you going without
permission? - It's an emergency.
What's the matter? - If you could
provide some chairs...
...outside. There is no place
to sit outside and half the...
...people who have come are
standing from morning.
If there is no place to sit
can't everyone adjust and sit?
It is not possible to provide
75 chairs at the same time.
The fact is that it is very hot
today and one of the two... is also not working at all.
One person just fainted.
If he fainted then he shouldn't
have applied with such a...
...weak constitution.
In this job he will have to
work much harder than this.
Working hard on the job is
different but if in an interview... don't even get
a chair to sit in, then...
What is your name? What
is your position?
I didn't come to talk about me.
- Then go outside and wait.
If there is no place to sit then
stand and wait. You come... only when your
name is called.
The more problems you create
the more the delay. Go now.
Why do you let all these
useless people come in?
Sir, I told them not to.
They came in by force.
Came in by force. Go outside
and stand guard.
Do you want to sit? - You sit down
or else you might also faint.
Soumitra Bannerjee.
In many animals, as in all
vertebrae's, the general form...
...of the body is maintained
by means of the skeleton.
The skeleton consists of a series
of bones supplemented... certain regions by
pieces of cartilage.
A striking characteristic
of bone is its hardness.
The skeleton persists after death
for a variable length of...
...time after the rest of the
body has disintegrated.
Listen. The interviews will be
suspended for lunch for half... hour and after half an hour...
...your names will be called once again.
Where are you going?
What do you think? - What's
the matter? - Are we animals?
What's the matter? - Are we
servants or something like that?
You get out.
- What right do you have... behave like this with us.
- Chatterjee!
I want an answer.
Get out.
Nonsense, what's this?
Get out of here.
I will, but before that...
Today I had to leave behind a lot of
people whom I've known for a long time.
But the most surprising thing is
that I remember you the most today.
I've know you only for such a short time.
The place Balurghat is more or
less the way I imagined it.
For the time being I'm in a hotel.
But when I say hotel it is not what
you normally would understand.
Till I get a house I'll be staying here.
When I shift to the house I will
send the address to you.
I don't think that I'll be able
to stay here in comfort...
...but this discomfort is nothing
compared to your discomfort.
But whatever discomfort I have will
vanish when I get your letter.
Today I'm very tired and
will not write much.
I'll tell you about an incident
and end the letter.
Can I get some tea?
- Yes.
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '
'The name of lord Ram
is the eternal truth. '