Preacher's Wife, The (1996) Movie Script

% % [Choir Singing]
[Boy Narrating] Sometimes, I think
about what we must sound like to God.
% % [Men Singing]
How does He know
who's in trouble and needs help?
How did He know to come to us?
What you are about to see is true.
The names have not been changed...
because nobody believes me anyway.
% Help is on the way%
[Female Soloist]
% Help is on the way, hold on%
- % Hold on%
- % He's on His way%
% Help is on the way%
- % Hold on%
- % Hold on%
% He's on His way%
% Help is on the way%
- % Hold on%
- % Hold on%
- % He's on His way%
- % Help is on the way%
- % Hold on%
- % Hold on%
- % He's on His way%
- % Help is on the way%
% God is on His way
Hold on%
- % Hold on%
- % He's on His way%
% Help is on the way%
% Weeping may endure for a night%
% But joy will come
in the morning light%
% Hold on%
- % Hold on%
- % He's on His way%
% Help is on the way%
Hi, Saul. How're you doin'?
Beverly, it's so nice to see you.
- Hey, Mommy.
- % Help is on the way%
- % Ohh, He's on His way%
- % Hold on%
That's my mom. The Lord
blessed her with the gift of song.
She's been singing
in this church her whole life.
- % Say, He may not come%
- % He may not come%
- % When you want Him%
- % When you want Him%
% But He's right on time%
- % But He'll be right there%
- % He'll be%
- % On time%
- % He'll be on time%
Her father used to be
the reverend here.
But he's not anymore.
My daddy is.
That's him...
the one holding his head.
He's not looking too happy...
which is sort of how
this whole story happened.
- % Help is on the way, say%
- % Help is on the way%
- % Help is on the way, say%
- All right, now!
% Help is on the way, say%
% Help is on the way%
That's my grandma.
She's staying with us for the holidays.
Everyone says she needs a man...
whatever that means.
- % Help%
- All right!
- % Say help, cry for your help, say%
- % Help, help%
- % God is on the way, say%
- % Help%
% Help is on the way% %
Oh, yes!
Oh, yeah!
Let the church say, "Amen."
Look at this, Osbert.
Ninety-six dollars and a button.
Button! Who would put a button
in the collection...?
- Times are hard, Saul.
- The church can't pay its bills on that.
Beloved, in our exploration
of the text today...
I would like to talk to you
about temptation.
And not just the kind you find in
the liquor store or someone else's bed.
I'm talking about
temptation of the soul.
The kind that just kinda, kinda...
kinda creeps up on you
without you even knowing it.
- But God knows.
- % God knows%
God is that little voice inside
that says, "Don't give in."
% Don't give in%
- Don't give up.
- % Don't give up%
Be gone, temptation!
He knows you're tired.
That's why He says,
"Lean on me."
% Lean%
- % Lean%
- Aw.
He knows you're tempted.
That's why He says,
"Grab on to me...
and together we will rise above."
- [Applause]
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say you...
thought I needed
some help in there.
Well, when I realized you were
doing one of Daddy's old sermons...
I thought maybe you did.
I was...
hoping that he could make
a difference, even if I can't.
If you ask me,
you did even better than he did.
I appreciate your support, honey.
Father, forgive me.
I'd like to talk to you
about temptation.
The kind that creeps up on you.
And that's me, Jeremiah.
Are you after Daddy's job already?
Well, this is the story.
My didn't-make-it-up story.
- It was one week before Christmas.
- Come on.
The Christmas
I learned all about miracles.
I asked Santa Claus to bring me
a brother for Christmas.
Well, Santa doesn't make
those kinds of deliveries, baby.
Can Hakim have lunch with us?
Well, I think Hakim's grandma
might want him around today, you know?
But he's my best friend.
Well, maybe she won't
miss him for a while.
- But then you and I
are going downtown, okay?
- Okay.
- Be careful crossing the street.
- I will.
- Look both ways.
- Hakim!
- [Henry] Don't wake his grandma.
- Hakim!
Come on, come on!
Hurry up! All right!
Let's play, Jeremiah!
Let's build a snowman.
Come on over here.
Come on over here.
- [Boys Laughing]
- Huh! Huh!
% Hold on%
% Hold on%
% Help is on the way%
% Hold on%
% Hold on%
Child, I'm the only help
in this house.
- Mmm, mmm, mmm.
- Now that was a lovely sermon.
Even better the second time.
Mama, please.
I told you about smoking in the house.
You shouldn't be smoking at all.
Well, there's a lot of things
I shouldn't be doing at all.
[Boys Chattering]
Oh, poor Hakim.
Bad enough his mama ran out,
but to leave him with his grandma.
Bessie Adams can't
take care of no five-year-old!
You know that woman's
two days older than dirt!
Well, she won't
have to much longer.
- Child Welfare's gonna take him now.
- What?
Julia, they're closing
the youth center today.
I have to say good-bye to the kids.
What is his problem?
There is no problem, Ma.
Yeah, and I'm the Queen of the Nile!
Julia, something's been going on
in this house for months now.
I can hear it in your voice
over the phone.
- Mom, maybe you've been
dialing the wrong number.
- Oh, yeah?
Well, somebody just better get
their house in order. That's all I know.
- Well, don't look at me, Ma, okay?
- I'm lookin' at you!
All right. Well, Mama,
you can look at me from behind.
Girl, don't be talkin' to me about
your behind. I gave you that behind!
I don't even know
why I bother wearing this.
It's not doing anyone any good.
And neither am I.
[Boys Chattering Outside]
I know You're especially busy
this time of year, but...
I'm just a little tired.
If You get a moment,
I sure could use some help.
- [Jeremiah] Mine's bigger!
- [Hakim] Mine's bigger!
- Mine's much bigger!
- Mine's bigger!
Why did you throw snow at me?
It's all down my neck! [Coughing]
[Dog Barking]
- Huh?
- Where'd you come from?
You okay?
You okay?
No. Aaaaaaah!
Hide, run, Hakim, run!
- Wait a... Wait a minute!
- Quick, hurry!
- Here. Hide here.
- I'm here! I'm here!
I'm here!
Thank You, Dear God.
Thank You.
I'm here!
- What's he doing?
- Huh?
[Laughing Continues]
I'm here!
[Laughing, Whooping]
I'm here!
Ma, it's a snowman.
A real one!
[Young Woman]Joe Hamilton's tearin'
down everything. Why's he doin' it?
Yeah, man, where're we
supposed to chill at now?
They're tryin' to see us
get locked up or shot or something.
Listen to me, listen. It just means
you've got to work that much harder...
try that much harder
to stay out of trouble.
- I'm gonna do my thing.
- Peace, man.
- I'm sorry.
- Where are we supposed to go now?
- I don't know, man.
- You did your best, pastor.
Yeah, you tried.
- Thank you, son.
- Bye.
- Y'all take care of yourselves.
- What do you want to do?
- I don't know.
- Well, it's too cold to stay out.
Tough break, huh?
Kinda seems like
they're all tough these days.
You Henry Biggs?
- Yes, I'm the pastor over at St. Matt's.
- Bingo!
Every Friday, 8:00.
- My name's Dudley.
- Nice to meet you, Dudley.
- Pleasure.
- You a reporter?
- No. No, no.
- Social worker?
- No, I'm here in answer to your request.
- My request?
For help?
Is this some kind of joke?
Uh, no, no.
He doesn't make jokes.
Capital "H", capital "E".
I want you to know that
together the three of us...
can help get you through
this little crisis you're having.
- Look, I don't know who you are.
- Dudley, I'm Dudley.
- Or who put you up to this.
- He did.
But I'm afraid you picked
the wrong day for me to be a good sport.
- Now, will you excuse me?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- Wow.
I'm sorry.
I'll, uh...
try another approach.
- Ho, ho, ho.
- Thank you, sister. Merry Christmas.
I've been waitin' a long time for this.
- Yeah?
- Yes, sir.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, don't that cheese
burn the roof of your mouth?
Uh, you...
you know Reverend Biggs?
- Sure, from St. Matt's.
- Yeah, that's the one.
Stubborn, isn't he? Kinda short
with people too. Didn't you notice?
This man right here?
Not that I know him that well.
I'm just...
- He came to the hospital every
day after my wife's surgery.
- Every day?
He baptized all five of my kids.
- All five of them?
- Yeah. Give me this.
- Wait. I didn't mean anything.
- Go on, get on out of here!
You better go. Get on outta here.
And don't come back.
I'm telling you, Mama, he was there.
Like he fell from the sky.
Then he did a dance and jumped around.
Mommy's gonna stop giving you
sugar cereal in the morning, baby.
- Come on. Who's that?
- Ho, ho, ho.
- Santa Claus!
- Merry Christmas!
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
- Thank you, little bro.
- Here, put some money in.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
- Mmm-mmm-mmm.
- Thank you, sir.
- Merry Christmas.
- Same to you, buddy.
- Osbert! Merry Christmas!
- How've you been, sister?
- [Gasping]
- Shh. Mm-mm.
- Come on, Jeremiah.
- Ho, ho, ho!
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you, brother.
God bless Mommy and Daddy
and Grandma and Hakim.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Okay, fella, let's get into bed.
Legs under.
Thank you.
All right.
I'm going to be sad when he goes.
We all will.
We'll all miss Hakim.
Will I have to go
live with another family too?
Of course not, Jeremiah.
Of course not.
Get some sleep.
I will if you sing to me.
All right.
% Who made the mountains%
% Who made the trees%
% Who writes the songs%
% For the robins to sing%
% And who sends the rain%
% When the earth is dry%
% Somebody bigger%
% Than you and I% %
Leave the door open, please.
Okay, but go to sleep.
- Okay.
- Sweet dreams.
[Alarm Ringing]
Get down! Get down!
All right, come on!
- [Screams, Shouting]
- Come on, let's get in the car.
Pull up the car! Come on!
Let's go! Get in! Go, go, go!
- [Tires Screeching]
- [Siren Wailing]
Over here! Over here!
Help me, help me, look!
- Hey, hey, calm down.
- They robbed me! They broke my window!
- That's him over there!
- That's him? Freeze!
- That's him over there.
- Don't shoot.
- Turn around!
- That ain't mine, man. He dropped it.
- Get against the wall.
- I was returning a tape, man.
I live right down the street.
That was you.
I saw you break my window!
- I was at the ATM.
- You have the right to remain silent.
I have the receipt in my pocket!
- [Siren Wailing]
- [Chattering]
Billy looked so sad. Why did they have
him in handcuffs? He's not a criminal.
Do you think they'll give him dinner?
He hasn't had anything since lunch.
- I know he's hungry.
- He'll just be there overnight.
His bail hearing will be set
for sometime tomorrow.
Has he ever been
in trouble before?
- Two years ago.
- Oh, great!
I was able to get the judge to give him
probation, as long as I found him a job.
- And you did.
- I promised I would straighten him out.
Looks like I didn't do
such a good job.
Oh, no.
He's a different kid now.
Watches the little ones
while I'm at work.
I don't know what I'm going to do
if they take him away from me.
- Don't worry. We'll talk tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Saul, Saul, Saul! Over here!
Look, kids!
We don't have to walk.
Come on, kids.
Come on, kids.
- Henry.
- Let's go. Watch your brother.
No fingerprints on the windshield,
if you please.
Try to keep the feet
off the seats, too, huh?
All right.
Get on, sweetheart.
- Feet on the floor, please.
- They are!
- Me too.
- King Saul's Charter Service.
- [Arguing]
- We make jail calls.
I appreciate it, Saul.
We all do.
You're a minister, you know.
You're not a social worker.
I'll file a complaint.
See you.
All right, y'all.
Everybody sit down, now.
Sit down, put your seat belts on.
Nobody gets carsick, do they?
- I do!
- Just stick your head out that window!
- Go on. It's not that cold out!
- Saul!
What did they give you?
They give you eggs? Oh, no!
[Engine Cranking]
[Engine Continues Cranking]
Come on.
Lord, if You
are really up there...
I need some help.
- Henry?
- You again.
- Yep.
- What do you want from me now?
Uh, wait. I'm supposed
to ask you that question.
Right now, all I want is
to put my key in the ignition...
turn it and have it...
[Engine Starts]
- [Laughing]
- What else?
Oh, I suppose you
think that you...
Who are you?
All right, but it might be best
if you don't tell anybody else.
No. No.
My name's Dudley,
as you remember...
when I saw you
at the Youth Center, and...
I'm an angel.
I beg your pardon?
An angel.
You know, like in the Bible?
Of course you are!
The angel Dudley?
- % Ding%
- That must have been that part
of the Bible that got lost.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
I know you don't believe me.
It's hard, even for you.
But angels cannot lie, Henry. We're not
allowed to. It's in the angel handbook.
- Of course it is. No, that's okay.
- I'll show it to you.
- No, I'm gonna show you.
I'm gonna show you.
- That's okay. Okay, fine.
Thanks for everything. Say hello
to the Big Guy and the Easter Bunny too.
- Wait, wait, wait. Can I exp...
- [Woman] It's freezing.
- Let's get a cab.
- Can't afford one.
Can I get in?
Yes, it's cold out and...
Get in.
- You've got a good heart, Henry.
- Come on.
- You've got a good heart.
- Yeah, a good heart.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Don't draw on the window.
[Sighing] Oh, God.
I miss this place, Henry.
I had some wonderful times
down here, I tell you.
Oh, I'm not supposed
to go into how l...
Ohh. The seat belt, please.
But, as you can see,
I was cut down in my prime.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Ever since then, Henry,
I've been up there...
waitin' in line for a chance
to get sent back down here.
- It's a long line, too, let me tell you.
- You don't say.
Oh, I do say.
You've got no idea what the competition
is like just to get sent down here.
Everybody wants this job.
I don't know why
He sent me, Henry, but I'm glad He did.
- Yeah.
- And I'm going to do everything I can
to help you.
- Thank you very much.
- Oh, I need to go over the rules,
if that's okay with you?
- Oh, no, no, no. That's not necessary.
- It'll only take a second, Henry.
- Oh, all right.
- "Rule Number One: We can't do
anything you should be doing."
That makes sense. If I'm doing it,
that'd be two of us, wouldn't it?
Exactly. "Number Two: Everything you do
must be done of your own free will."
- Now, that's a biggie.
- Tough, but fair. Are there many more?
Finally, when I leave,
when the mission is accomplished,
you won't have any memory of me.
That's my favorite.
Okay, so I got my rules.
Where can I drop you?
- Uh, how about right here?
- Good.
- See you later, Henry.
- Um...
Uh, ooh, ooh...
Hold... Wait a minute.
Look. If you...
If you really want to talk to me,
my office is always open.
- Just make an appointment.
- Thank you.
Feel it?
Kinda like springtime and Mom's
home cooking all rolled into one?
I don't feel a thing.
You will.
Have faith.
Good night, Henry.
Good night.
% % [Gospel Singing]
% So you can run
with patience this race%
- % Lay aside every weight%
- % Lay aside every weight%
- % So you can run%
- % So you can run%
- % With patience this race%
- % Gonna look to the Savior%
% Look to the Savior%
% The author and finisher
of our faith%
% Uh-huh, come on%
% Put on the armor%
- % Oh, yeah%
- % Whole armor of God%
- % So you can fight%
- % So you can fight the good fight%
"'Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through the house...
- "not a creature was stirring,
not even a...
- Mouse!"
- % Separate you from His love%
- % Lay aside%
% Lay aside every weight
To the Savior%
Hold on, hold on.
I have an idea.
I wanna try something new here.
I'm gonna separate the "nothing's."
Sopranos first.
% And let nothing%
Altos. % Nothing% % Nothing% Tenors,
okay? Gonna separate it, all right?
Julia, we've always done it like this.
Why, all of a sudden, are you changing?
Well, Mrs. Havergal, we're gonna do it
a little different tonight.
- Is that all right with you?
- [Mutters]
Let's try it.
One, two, three.
- % And let nothing%
- % Nothing%
% Nothing%
% Separate you from His love% %
- What do you think, Mrs. Havergal?
- Acceptable.
- Thank you.
- Hmm.
- % Put on the%
- % Whole armor of God%
Mmm, now some of these ornaments
are old as Methuselah.
Oh, honey, your years on the top
of the Christmas tree are over.
Have you been smoking?
No, no, I have not.
Good TV tonight?
What do you see when you look
at a place like this?
I'll tell you what I see.
Sterling Acres.
- The latest development miracle
from Hamilton Realty.
- Well, not anymore.
I see 200 luxury apartments.
Over here, a 24-hour health club,
right on the grounds.
State-of-the-art security, designer
interiors you have to see to believe.
The kind of homes that you deserve!
And I know,
because I'm Joe Hamilton...
and I care about the things
you care about.
[Marguerite] He's so oily,
you can fry chicken on that man's smile.
- He called here tonight.
- Huh?
Said there's a meeting
at his office tomorrow at 11:00.
He's got something
he wants to show you.
Now, Henry,
I know it's none of my business...
I'm glad you realize that,
I'll be in my office.
- % The prize of your God%
- % And let nothing%
- % And let nothing%
- % Nothing%
- % Nothing%
- % Separate you from His love%
- % To the Savior%
- [Hissing Continues]
- % The Lord%
- [Clanking]
- What's goin' on?
- It's not me.
[Clanking Continues]
"Down the chimney St. Nicholas
came down." What's that?
% Put off your former conversation
Put on the glorious light%
% % [Singing Continues]
- It's the boiler!
- Don't forget your coats.
[Dogs Barking]
[Muttering] Need to be now.
This is all I need.
Come on. Careful.
Be careful.
Julia, get everyone
out of the building.
Come on, hurry, hurry.
Henry! The boiler!
- Yeah, I know it.
- Button up, button up.
What do you need?
Do you need anything?
Careful, Mrs. Havergal.
- [Gasps]
- You've got the devil
in that basement there.
I know, I know.
Don't slip. I got it.
Careful, children, careful.
Oh, no, no!
Look at this.
Aww. Oh, no.
You could have given us
one more winter.
- Is it open?
- Yes, Jeremiah. I left it open.
- Okay? All right. Sleep well.
- Okay.
Good night, Mommy.
What a night.
I don't even want
to think about tomorrow...
between the boiler and Hakim leaving.
Now, why... why are they
gonna send that boy...
to a foster home so far away?
I knew I should have called...
Honey, you called half
the agencies in the state.
I know, I know.
But maybe the answer
was in the other half.
I'm losing them, Julia.
One by one.
Hakim, Saul, Billy...
the youth center.
I know it's my fault,
but I just can't seem...
- You know, honey,
I had some thoughts on...
- Can we do this in the morning?
'Cause I'm beat.
Yeah, the morning's fine.
Good night, Julia.
Yoo-hoo! Mornin'!
I brought the mail in.
Anybody wanna open it?
Oh. Well, I'll just
take my coat off...
and bring it on
into the office, then.
Look, I know things have been tough
around here lately, and that's my fault.
But everything is gonna be all right.
- [Phone Ringing]
- I'm comin'! Ooh! I got it!
Hello? Who?
- Mm-hmm.
- If only saying it made it all right.
- Yeah.
- You see? If you'd listened,
you'd have heard an apology.
Not a big one, but a start.
- Uh-huh.
- No, what I heard is a man saying...
"How can I deal with this fast enough,
then get on with the rest of my day?"
- You see, that's not fair.
- Oh, it's not fair?
Girl, I'm trying to listen!
[Laughs] Yeah, I'll give him
the message. Uh-huh.
We've got to stop talking around Mama.
She knows too much of our business.
That was Anna Eldridge. Billy's
bail hearing's been scheduled for 9:30.
9:30! We'll finish this later, honey.
I promise.
- Are you coming home after?
- Not right after.
- I have to be somewhere at 11:00.
- Joe Hamilton.
- Do you mind?
- Oh, Henry.
Do I look like I mind?
You ready to talk about this,
little girl?
I don't know what you mean, Mama.
I think things are looking up for us.
There goes that behind again.
% I know He's keeping me alive%
% Keeping me alive%
% Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum%
% He's all over me%
% And He's keepin' me alive%
% Oooh, yeah
He's all over me%
% Ooh-ooh, keepin' me alive%
% And He's all over me%
% Ooh-ooh, keepin'... % %
[Screams, Gasps]
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
I didn't hear you come in!
You waitin' for the pastor?
Yes, yes.
My name's Dudley.
- Beverly.
- How are you?
- I'm the pastor's secretary.
- Pleasure to meet you.
You just missed him.
He went to court.
- These your children?
- Yeah, that's them.
Oh, they're beautiful.
Where was your husband?
Taking the picture?
Then he took the car and the waitress
at the diner and moved to Cleveland.
- Sorry to hear that.
- You have any children?
No, no. Never had a chance
to settle down. I wanted to.
- [Gasps]
- You smell wonderful.
What do you call that?
I haven't smelled a woman
in such a long time.
I'll get you a bar for Christmas.
Do you have an appointment?
Uh, no, not exactly.
I was...
sent to help the reverend,
like an assistant.
Assistant? I haven't
heard anything about no...
Oh, my Lord!
Am I gettin' fired?
No, no, no.
It's just temporary.
Temporary! I ain't heard
nothing about no temporary!
- Well, there's nothing... Uh, look.
- Oh, God.
- Let me get you some coffee.
- Coffee!
You made coffee on that machine?
I've been trying for six weeks
to figure out that machine!
My babies need new glasses,
and I'm out of a job!
Look, mister, I have kids.
They're growin' like weeds.
And if you think I get a penny from that
man, you got another thought comin'!
I can't take this!
Bein' fired!
Take it easy.
There's nothing to worry about. Here.
Oooh! Oooh!
Look at you.
You're crying.
Here, blow, blow.
Oh. I knew that.
[Blowing Nose]
Your Honor, my client,
Billy Eldridge...
was sent by his mother
to return a video rental...
It's all here, Miss Chattan.
Well, the Reverend Biggs
is present in the courtroom...
and he is willing to post bail.
This is a serious felony.
Bail is set at $ 25,000.
- Your Honor, I have evidence...
- May I address the court?
I'm turning it over
for grand jury action. Next case.
We love you, Billy.
He didn't do it.
Clear the court.
What am I gonna do?
- Would you clear the court?
- I'll take care of it.
Next case.
I said, next case!
Pending 802, Harley Williamson.
[Doorbell Ringing]
[Distant Knocking]
- You could hide.
- Mm-mm.
- Take this. I'll bring him right out.
- Sure. No problem.
They might starve you.
Okay, they've got everything.
All ready to go.
Hey, guys!
Hakim, you remember
Robbie, don't you?
Hakim gets to ride
in the train today.
Wow. A train ride.
We're running a little late.
Take care of yourself, okay?
See you soon. Say good-bye, Jer.
Take care.
Bye, Hakim.
We'll miss you.
Hold on, baby.
It's cold out here.
Who will I tell my secrets to?
Well, you can phone Hakim
sometimes, okay?
And Mommy'll teach you how to write,
so you can send him letters.
I know You have
a master plan, but...
sometimes You're just
a little tough to figure.
- Jeremiah.
- It's not fair!
Hakim left.
This is Dudley,
the reverend's new assistant.
Assistant? He wrote to the church
council months ago for extra help.
Well, the extra help is here.
But he didn't say anything about getting
a response. Who sent you, exactly?
Uh, the, uh...
[Clears Throat]
The Top Man himself,
Mrs. Biggs.
- Julia.
- Julia.
[Clears Throat]
And this is Julia's mother,
Mrs. Coleman.
Of course it is.
Well, it's obvious where
Julia's beauty comes from.
Oh. And me with my hair
lookin' like this.
- Oh, no. It looks magnificent.
- Why, thank you.
- Well, Mr., um...
- You can call me Dudley.
- Dudley. You're very welcome here.
- Thank you.
Excuse us.
What are you doing?
Now, that's what I call good-lookin'!
Your daddy used to look
like that back in 19...
Ma, ma, ma.
I've heard it 100 times.
Yeah, well, maybe now,
with him around, you'll have time to
deal with some of your own problems.
[Julia] The Good Lord's
the only one who can do that.
- Honey, you don't mean that.
- Yeah, I do.
I was gonna go over
by the window, Julia.
There's too many rules
in this house.
You're the man in the street...
and in the snow and...
My name's Dudley.
I'm here to help your father.
- I'm Jeremiah.
- It's nice to meet you, Jeremiah.
You've got a real nice room here.
Thank you.
Wow, you've got a lot
of neat stuff in here.
And what is this?
My toy ambulance is broken.
The battery got stole,
and the lights don't work anymore.
Is that right?
I'll see what I can do here.
[Siren Wailing]
It never had a siren!
Never had a siren?
You look sad there, Jeremiah.
Have you been crying?
I'm sorry
about your friend, Hakim.
What if I told you...
that he's not really gone?
Did he run away and come back?
- No, he never left.
- Yes, he did. I saw him go.
Well, you know, my mother...
once lost someone
who was very dear to her.
He wasn't as young as Hakim,
but he was...
too young, just the same.
And she would always do something
that seemed to make her feel better.
- You want to try it?
- Yeah.
All right, close your eyes.
Do you remember
playing in the snow with Hakim?
Do you remember
what his laugh sounded like?
Do you remember
what he looked like catching a ball?
He never caught the ball in his life.
But I remember.
That's because when God
takes someone away from us...
He leaves what's most important
about that person with us.
Right here in our hearts.
Yeah, but I still miss him.
Well, she still misses him too.
Are you all right?
Maybe you should close your eyes.
Mommy says I can write to him.
- Do you know how to spell his name?
- No.
- You want to learn? All right.
- Yeah!
- Hakim starts with an "H."
- And ends with "akim."
- There you go. Perfect.
- [Laughing]
Fishies in a TV.
[Computerized Fanfare]
I know I said
make an appointment...
but I didn't say anything
about filling out any form.
Beverly, I need you.
I gave her the day off to do
some Christmas shopping, Henry.
You gave my secretary the day...
Yes, she needed some time off
to be with her children...
and I needed time to do my job with you.
- What job? What are you doing here?
- Henry, Henry, Henry!
How many times I got to tell you?
I'm here in answer to your request
for help. And Julia's.
You can forget about the boiler.
You got more important problem...
Ah, here she is now.
- [Julia] Henry?
- Wha...
Whoo! Lord have mercy!
Honey, remind me the next time I pay
a visit, I wanna get paid! Okay?
- [Laughing]
- Hi, Dudley.
- Julia.
- Dudley. D-U-D-L-E-Y.
- Perfect.
- [Julia] Very good.
- Poi-fect. Poi-fect.
- What happened with Billy Eldridge?
Uh, uh, the judge
set the bail at $25,000.
- Henry, that child's still in jail?
- Julia, I did what I could!
[Clearing Throat]
Come on, sweetie.
We have a nativity play to rehearse.
You can't rehearse.
It's freezing in there.
Henry, I'll be chasing 15 kids all day.
I don't think I'll get cold.
And after we're through, you're
taking your son shopping, remember?
- Henry.
- Huh?
Your wife's talking to you.
Oh, yes, uh, uh...
Hanley's, 1:00. 1:00?
Spell Hakim for me, baby.
Dudley's teaching me to spell backwards.
[Julia] Maybe he can teach Daddy
how to be on time.
These are perfect. Beverly never
typed a perfect letter in her life.
Yes, I did those myself,
once I figured out that fish typewriter.
Let's get this straight, Dud.
I do not appreciate some stranger
coming into my office...
Angels are hardly strangers, Henry.
And don't call me "Dud."
Julia, hold on! Wait for me!
Excuse me, Mother, not now. I'm having
a little meeting. You understand.
- Bye, Marguerite!
- Bye, Dudley!
- [Julia] Mama, come on!
- Start that rehearsal!
You are not going around telling
my family this ridiculous story...
No, of course not.
They think the church council sent me.
The church council!
Why don't we continue this on our way
to the meeting with Joe Hamilton?
The meeting.
- [Dudley] So, which floor is he on?
- [Henry] I'm not telling.
- Henry, what's the floor?
- Go away.
- You asked for help.
- Not from you. I don't need you
in here, out there or anywhere.
You didn't have to let the doors close
on me downstairs, Henry. That was cold.
Well, I figured
you'd just fly up.
You know, if you're really
a you-know-what, where are your wings?
You're caught up in stereotypes, Henry.
That's your problem.
Hello, Reverend.
That's a beautiful dress you have on.
Just magnificent.
Why, thank you.
- You're very welcome.
- [Laughing]
Is Mr. Hamilton inside?
Oh, he's taping another TV commercial,
but you can wait in his office.
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
[Phone Ringing]
Hamilton Realty.
Hi, Amy.
You know that old dress
from Mom's closet? It's back in style.
"That's a lovely dress!"
It was a lovely dress. I mean,
you gotta admit, it was a lovely dress.
What kind of angel talks like that?
The kind of angel
that has good taste.
Well, you're still
not going in here.
Henry, I'm like this with the creator
of the entire universe.
- Now, you don't think a little door's
gonna stop me, do you?
- Yes.
How? How?
Rule Number Two.
All right, fine, Henry. Can't make you
do anything you don't wanna do.
That's right! That's right!
I always liked that rule!
Did you like that smile?
I tilted my head to the side.
I loved it.
- Henry Biggs.
- Joe Hamilton.
- How are you doing? Julia's good?
- She's very good.
- [Clears Throat]
- Uh, Henry, this is Debbie Page.
- Hi.
- She's the station manager over at WRKO.
They're televising your Christmas sermon
this year.
We need to get your text
for the TelePrompTer, Reverend.
- I'm working on it.
- Later, Debbie. Come on.
Let's see the guys.
- Wait 'til you see where
you're gonna move to, Henry.
- What?
A planned community.
Your son could ride his bike to school.
[Men Chattering]
- Mary?
- Henry!
What are you doing here?
Well, I, we, um... We came to check out,
the same as you, Henry!
Uh, listen to the man, Henry.
We think it makes sense.
Well, of course
it makes sense.
That's what it's gonna look like
when it's finished.
- What do you think, Henry?
- Isn't that nice?
It's a new city landmark.
It's a whole new neighborhood.
A different clientele, so to speak.
I'm hoping, with everyone here,
we can once and for all...
persuade you to move
into the new world, Henry.
Well, all we need is
a boiler that works...
and we'll be fine
in the world that we're in.
New boiler. Henry, look at this.
Day care facilities.
We need that.
We could sure use that.
Senior citizens' club.
- That's much better than ours.
- Mm-hmm.
- What I'm offering you here, Henry...
- Well, it is.
TV cameras and lighting
built right in.
- [Saul] Look at that!
- It's a pulpit to preach to the world!
It's beautiful!
All you have to say is,
"I'll do it."
Say yeah. Say yeah.
All right.
Look, say yes,
and I'll throw in that new boiler.
I'll stop St. Matt's
from freezing over Christmas...
if that's the price
I have to pay to get you.
And if I accept,
what price am I paying?
Henry, what you see there is
the answer to all your problems.
[Osbert] Amen.
Isn't it?
- % % [Children Singing]
- I need my Magi. The Magi's entrance.
- What does the sheep say in this play?
- Baaaa!
Ah. Mmm.
Does everybody know their parts?
You know your parts?
- What's my part?
- What's your part? You're a camel.
- I need my shepherds.
- I'm a shepherd.
- Come here. You two, over here.
- I'm the angel.
- In there. Come on.
- [Children Chattering]
[Julia] Kick it, Mrs. Havergal.
Let's do this.
Jeremiah, get in your place, please.
% Mommies and Daddies%
% Always believe%
% That their little angels%
- % Are special indeed%
- Smile, Michael.
- % And you could grow up%
- % Ooooh%
- % Oooh%
- % To be anything%
% But who would imagine%
% A king%
% It was so clear%
% When the Wise Men arrived%
- Wait. Donkeys on this side.
- % And the angels%
- Sorry.
- % Were singing%
% Your name%
% That the world
would be different%
% 'Cause you were alive%
% That's when heaven
stood still%
% To proclaim%
- % One day an angel%
- Take your baby. Smile.
% Said quietly%
% That soon he would bring%
% Something special to me%
- % Oooh%
- % And of all of the wonderful%
- % Oooh%
- % Gifts he could bring%
% Who would imagine%
% A king% %
- Sweet.
- Yeah.
- [Jeremiah] Again.
- All right.
You take this one solo, okay?
- Okay?
- Comet's swingin'!
- Ooh, look at that.
- Beautiful, isn't it?
Sure is.
Go in and try it on.
We're supposed to be shopping
for Henry, remember?
You with that nightgown on is
all the gift Henry would want.
- Trust me.
- A gift from Jeremiah.
- Oh. Ho, ho.
- Mmm.
So how long do you think
he's gonna be with that snake?
He'll be along soon.
How'd you two meet, anyway?
Hmm. We were in adjoining
strollers, and, uh...
and one day I took his pacifier,
and he made a really big noise about it.
Who wouldn't?
You know, when he was about ten,
he started wearing suits to school.
- What?
- Trying to impress me.
Obviously, it worked.
He'd walk me home...
and I always thought he was cuter
without his glasses, so...
one day he took them off for me.
[Laughing] And he slipped on the ice,
and fell right on his fanny.
Sounds like love to me.
Daddy said we were born friends.
He did a lot for Henry,
your father.
He was the best.
% % ["Deck The Halls"]
- Is it good, Dudley?
- Mm-hmm. Great.
How is your food, Jeremiah?
- Julia.
- Henry.
Ah, Jeremiah.
- Henry.
- Okay, Jer. Let's go shopping.
- Wait, honey. What happened?
- I'll tell you later.
- Come on. Come on.
- Henry, it is later.
It's about an hour later
than when you were supposed to be here.
- Now, what happened?
- It's a long story.
You know, you and Julia need to talk.
I can take Jeremiah shopping.
I'm an excellent gift consultant.
Yes, Dudley.
I want Dudley.
Wait a minute.
I wanted to take him shopping.
You two have more important
things to talk about.
- Dud-ley! Dud-ley! Dud-ley!
- Jeremiah.
We'll be right across the street
at the toy store. Okay?
- Julia! Julia!
- Dud-ley!
- Jere-miah! Put your hat on.
- Dud-ley! Dud-ley!
- So, who are we shopping for?
- Grandma.
- Any idea what she wants?
- A new ashtray.
- Mom took all her old ones.
- Let's get something for Hakim.
So, what happened?
I've decided to accept
Joe Hamilton's offer.
Julia, did you hear me?
- I heard you. I just can't
believe what I've heard.
- Then let me explain.
Excuse me.
Can I get you anything?
Oh, no, no, no.
No, thank you.
Listen, Saul was there,
Mary Halford, Andy and Osbert.
But what were they doing there?
Every one of them was begging me,
arguing with me, blackmailing me.
- Blackmail!
- They're gonna put in
a new boiler tomorrow.
- Henry, he bought you for a boiler?
- Shh. Julia.
[Diners Murmuring]
Sorry. Sorry. Excuse us.
Of course not!
- Oooooh...
- Julia, let me show you something.
Julia, Julia...
he is building the most beautiful church
you've ever seen.
Look at that.
Day care center, youth center.
Henry, he is building
a shrine to himself!
Eight years, Julia.
And what do I have to show for it?
So you give up our lives
without even talking to me, Henry?
This solves all of our problems, Julia.
Why can't you see that?
My father trusted you with St. Matt's.
How dare you walk out on it like this!
All right, all right.
Your father was a saint, and I'm not!
But I'm here, Julia, and he isn't.
I'm sorry, Julia.
Give me the car keys, Henry!
- Julia, please sit down.
- Give me the keys, Henry.
Would you kindly give her the keys?
I have customers sitting here.
Sorry. Sorry.
Julia, please listen to me.
Henry, I can't.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Come on, Jeremiah.
We're leaving.
I got Daddy's present.
And I bought a fire engine for Hakim.
It was on sale.
Yes, that's wonderful, honey.
That's wonderful.
[Car Doors Closing]
All right. You're going to have
to support him now, Julia.
You hear me?
Now is when he needs you most.
Mama, I can't support what's wrong.
Preachin' God's word is never wrong,
no matter where you do it from.
He didn't even discuss it with me.
Daddy would have never
made a decision like that
without discussing it with you.
Sure he would. Your Daddy kept
things from me all the time.
Especially church business.
Well, it was different
in those days.
Those days!
Child, men ain't changed since Adam!
And he gave up one of his own ribs,
just so he could have somebody
to keep things from!
You know, gettin'angry
at a dead tree is not gonna help.
Yeah, but it wouldn't look good
to punch out a pastor, either.
No, you don't... you don't...
you don't mean that...
'Cause you know you love him.
Yeah, he knows it, too.
That's the problem.
He knows I'll always be there,
just like a pet.
- Ouch!
- See? God doesn't like ugly.
- Let me see.
- [Whimpering]
You ever had your palm read?
I see a beautiful woman
with a good heart.
Only has to open her eyes to realize
that everything she ever wanted...
she already has.
You didn't even look at my hand.
But I held it.
Do you see Henry and me?
Hmmm... let's see.
- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Ohhh.
Oh, it's so hot,
I had to let it go.
You must be talking about my past.
- Mrs. Biggs, you forgot this.
- Thanks.
Every fire dies sometime,
What do you do when you have to decide
if the memory of it is enough?
- What do you do?
- Yeah.
What you do is you... you go dancing,
that's what you do. You go out.
- Dancing?
- Yes.
You're gonna go dancing,
put on a beautiful dress,
make your husband break out the cologne.
- Have you met my husband?
- That's right, I met him.
- He hasn't taken me out in...
- Far too long. That's my point.
But tonight's gonna be different.
Tonight you're gonna strike a match.
No, not a match, a, a firecracker!
You'll see.
You take your coat off, you go upstairs
and you take your wife out dancing.
Can't do it.
Not tonight.
Henry, you and Julia need this.
Mr. Kingman needs his minister
with him at the hospital,
and the seniors need blankets.
You're only one man, Henry.
Things don't get fixed
waiting for the next guy to do it.
- Including marriages.
- Dudley!
You already told her,
didn't you?
She's upstairs dressing right now...
- and once again
I'm gonna look like the bad guy.
- Not if you go.
- Dudley!
- What? I'm just trying to help you.
You're just trying to help.
All right, you can help...
by taking her.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
- You're missing the point, Henry.
- No, no.
The point is...
Mr. Kingman won't wait.
Now, you go, tell me all about it later.
- [Sighs]
- And you make sure
you tell her I'm sorry.
- [Dudley] Ohh, Henry.
- Good night.
- Henry.
- Not too late.
- Henry.
- And no drinking.
It was not supposed
to go like this.
Good night, Mommy.
Okay, good night.
[Marguerite] Don't worry about us.
I'm gonna give 'em a hot bath...
and then we're gonna play Monopoly...
for real money!
How do I look?
Oh! Oh, my!
Henry? Henry?
- Where's Henry?
- He said... He said he's sorry.
- He's sorry?
- Yeah, he had to go.
One of the congregation
is in the hospital. Mr. Kingman.
Oh, yeah.
He's been sick a long time.
I'll call his wife tomorrow.
Look, Julia,
he suggested that I, uh...
pinch-hit for him,
if that's okay with you.
Welcome to Jazzie's, folks. Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- [People Clapping]
- My brother.
[Chattering, Laughter]
Nice, huh? Dancing. Do you dance?
I bet you're a good dancer.
It's been a long time.
You want to dance?
Why not?
- All right.
- Give it a shot.
- Bust a move. Right.
- Bust a move. [Laughs]
It doesn't seem like we're dancing
right for this music, huh?
[Man Laughing]
Get down.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah, I see what you mean.
- [Snapping Fingers]
Oh, my.
[Man] Go, brother!
Ooh, hit it!
- [Laughter, Chattering]
- What's he doing?
- What's that one?
- The Popeye.
- The Popeye. Okay.
- [Laughing]
- It's comin' back now.
- I guess.
Whoo! You get out
about as much as I do.
Less! Even less!
Oh, there we go!
- [Julia] Oh, you're swimming.
- Yeah, backstroking.
[Laughter Continues]
- Jules!
- Bristloe!
- How you doin', sweet thing?
- Oh, my Lord!
- I thought you were in Paris.
- I was, but I've been back a while.
You and Henry don't
come by here much anymore.
Henry's been real busy.
But it's great to see you!
- You too! How you doin', sweet thing?
- Oh, I'm okay.
Dudley, Bristloe.
Bristloe, Dudley.
- Oh, hey. How ya doin'?
- A pleasure, a pleasure.
If Henry hadn't helped me
with that plane ticket,
I never would've gotten to Paris.
I tell you,
I owe that man everything.
- You should call him and tell him.
- I will.
Do that.
He'd love to hear from you.
Why don't we all
just sit down and visit?
- Okay.
- [Bandleader] Thank you. Thank you.
So, Bristloe,
are you and Maxine still together?
- Oh, you better believe it.
- Oh, good.
She still calls six times a day
to make sure I'm being a good boy.
Fine woman, that Maxine.
You married, Dudley?
No, no.
No, I've never been lucky enough
to meet someone like Maxine... or Julia.
Ain't that the truth?
Used to be a time this little girl
could come by here every night.
- Yeah? You used to come in here?
- Sure.
Henry proposed to me
right over there, in that booth.
- Get outta here! Right over there?
- That's right.
- Those were the good old days, huh?
- Sure were.
- Couldn't squeeze a dime between 'em.
- Whew.
She used to go on stage
and torch the place down.
Get outta here.
Now she just sings for the Lord.
Not that that's bad. [Laughs]
No, no, no.
That's good.
Let me tell you somethin'.
Ever want to know what lovin'
really sounds like...
- she's got that secret in her voice.
- Oh, Bristloe, please.
Why don't you share
that secret with us, Julia?
- Come on, remind us.
- No. It's been years, a long time.
- You still do it in B?
- No, no, Bristloe. I don't do it at all.
Well, I'd like to know
what love really sounds like.
- Well, that solves that problem.
- Bristloe.
- I don't know the song.
- Don't want to hear another word.
- I don't...
- We want to hear you sing.
You sang it for Henry.
I should be going home.
- We're going to play this in B.
Just follow me, okay?
- Okay.
- Follow him, guys.
- You go out there. Go on. Yeah.
- [Dudley Applauding]
- Go on, sing it for Henry.
% % [Piano]
[Applauding Continues]
No. No.
Here we go.
% I believe in you and me%
% I believe that we will be%
% In love eternally%
% Well, as far as I can see%
% You will always be%
% The one%
% For me%
% Oh, yes, you will%
% I believe in dreams again%
% I believe that love
will never end%
% And like the river finds%
% The sea%
% I was lost%
% Now I'm free%
% 'Cause I believe in you%
% And me, oh, oh my%
% Well, maybe I'm a fool%
% To feel the way I do%
% But I would play
the fool forever%
% Just to be
with you forever%
% I believe in miracles%
% And love's a miracle%
% And yes, baby
you're a dream%
% Come true, ohhh%
% I was lost%
% Now I'm free%
% Oh, darling, I believe%
% In you and me%
% See, I was lost%
% Now I'm free%
% 'Cause I believe in you%
% And me%
% Oooh, yeah
Oh, yes, I do%
% I believe in you and%
% Me% %
[Julia] Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You're bad.
One for you.
One for me.
And one for the tree.
- Thank you.
- I got your Christmas present yesterday.
You did?
What'd you get?
I can't tell you.
It's a secret.
What are you getting Mom for Christmas?
I don't know.
What do you think I should get her?
I think she'd like to go to bed.
Excuse me, young man?
She was looking at a nightie
in the store window with Dudley.
Was she now?
All right, come on, young man.
Sleep time.
Wait for your mama to get home,
you'll be too big for the bed.
Go get some more Vicks on your chest.
See if we can rid of that stuffy nose.
I think you were born
with a stuffy nose. Come on, here.
- [Jeremiah] Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, son.
Oh, thank you.
- [Driver] Have a good evening.
- Thank you.
- Did you have a good time?
- Are you kidding?
I had a great time. You?
I had a ball.
You're not such a bad dancer.
- I haven't had so much fun
in a long time.
- I did too.
- I heard you singing.
- Yeah, I was about to get
up there with you.
- I'm so glad you didn't.
- % I believe in miracles%
- Shh! They're probably all asleep.
- Not all of us.
- Henry.
- Dudley.
I guess I don't have to ask
if you had a... good time.
We did. We went to Jazzies.
Some of the old band
was there, and...
You've been at Jazzie's?
Yeah. Yeah.
Bristloe was there too.
- Henry, your wife got on stage.
- Oh, wait, wait.
You went singing
at Jazzie's all night?
- You told me to take her out.
- Not to the place where I proposed!
Henry, we had fun.
Remember what that used to be?
But honey. Jazzie's?
Well, maybe I sang at Jazzies because
I won't be singing in any Joe Hamilton
church, wherever that may be.
- Thanks, Dudley.
- Good night, Julia.
- She had a good time, Henry.
- Oh, really?
Yeah. Yeah.
She told me about how you proposed.
- She showed me the booth.
- The booth?
I don't believe
this entire situation!
No, you don't.
That's your trouble right there.
You don't believe in much of anything
anymore, do you, Henry?
You don't believe in me.
You don't believe in yourself.
You don't believe you can
make a difference anymore.
You don't even believe
that Billy Eldridge is innocent.
Billy... Of course I do.
You don't sound
very convincing, Henry.
I tried to help him before.
- Did you?
- Yes.
And besides,
he doesn't even go to church.
Have you tried looking him in the eye
and asking him to tell the truth?
No. You know why?
I guess I was just
too busy having fun.
I guess that's your problem, Henry.
You're just too busy.
Your wife feels like
she's in a marriage by herself.
Your son lost his best friend.
What are you doing about that, Henry?
You don't have to listen to me.
You're right.
But you ought to listen to them.
[Grandmother] Come on, everybody.
Time to make the Christmas baskets.
Aren't you gonna help?
I miss Hakim.
I know.
But a lot of people
are depending on us for those baskets.
- What do you think?
- Okay, then.
All right?
Gym socks. Now, nothing says
"Merry Christmas" like gym socks.
Uh, Billy.
Uh... here.
Thank you.
Billy, I need
to talk to you.
You're wasting your time,
you know that?
The grand jury's
about to indict me in there.
You ever pray, son?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, right.
You're too hip for that.
All right. Okay.
- You play ball?
- Yeah.
When you play basketball, don't you
hope that when you shoot the ball...
that the ball goes into the net?
Well, that's all prayer is: Hope.
And helping to give people hope
is what I do.
What's the point?
No one believes me anyway.
Look at me, son.
Were you a part of this or not?
I swear, Rev,
it happened just like I said.
I've messed up before,
but I'm telling you the truth.
When was the last time
you said a prayer, Billy?
I don't know.
Well, I think it's about
time you gave it a try.
- What's the status of this case?
- Good morning, Judge!
Beautiful day, isn't it?
Reverend Biggs,
this is not a playground!
It's a court of law!
I don't have time...
I work for an even higher court,
Your Honor, and I'm finding the time.
- I came to tell you
Billy Eldridge is innocent.
- I have your word on that?
- What does it take for me to show you?
- Let him in.
On his way to return a video,
he got $20 from an auto-teller.
There's a time on the receipt.
- [Gasps]
- The victim identified him, Reverend.
The victim...
Saw him standing there, Your Honor,
and that's all Billy was doing.
There's a grand jury hearing
going on right down the hall...
but the D.A. Won't even present it
if you don't buy the evidence.
- And you know there isn't any.
- Reverend, come here. Come here.
I appreciate you
wanting to help the boy.
The young man, Your Honor,
helped himself.
He shows up every day to his $4.25
an hour job at Sampson's Stationery...
a job he's held steady for two years...
and he goes to school at night.
He came to a crossroads
a long time ago, Your Honor.
And he chose the right path.
Now it's up to you...
to judge not his past,
but his future;
not his failures, but his dreams;
not his imperfections,
but his possibilities.
% Hallelujah, hallelujah%
% Hallelujah%
- Is that Billy?
- % Hallelujah, hallelujah%
- It is!
- % Hallelujah% %
Mama, Mama, Billy's home!
- They're all waiting for you.
- Thanks a lot, Rev.
- You're welcome, son.
- [Girl] I prayed for you, Billy.
Hey, Jessica!
I missed you.
Come here, kids.
How y'all doin'?
- [Mrs. Eldridge]
Good to see you, son.
- Where the boys at?
Hey, bro, what's up?
God bless you, Pastor.
You guys get in the house.
- Billy's home! Billy's home!
- Come on, Mom.
- It's so good to see you.
Did they hurt you?
- No, they didn't hurt me.
Are you all right?
Are you hungry?
You're hungry. You're hungry.
Kids, get the good dishes out.
Two points.
[Dudley Laughing]
He's doin' it better than you.
I don't know, Dudley. I'm a mother.
I can't die like this.
Time out. My feet sore.
I want to watch.
Okay, baby, you can watch.
- Whoa!
- That was fun.
- Whoa!
- Okay.
All right, you sit here.
- Okay.
- And Mommy'll be right
over there skating, okay?
Keep warm, and the cocoa man is going
to bring you something to drink, okay?
- Look out for Daddy.
- Hi, Lisa. Over here!
Come on, Julia.
[Skaters Laughing,
- Mademoiselle.
- "Madame," please.
- And nothing too fancy, you.
- Oui, Oui.
% Who would've thought%
- % That I might feel like this%
- All right.
- % Some kind of wonderful%
- You wait. I'll get better.
% There's nothing quite comparable%
% The thing about it is%
- Bend your knees. You're a natural.
- % % [Continues]
I told you I'd get better.
I wonder where Henry is.
This time of day?
Probably stuck in traffic.
- % I'm about to lose a fight%
- Oh, come on!
Where did this light come from?
- Damn! I don't believe this.
- % Spend every day with you%
% And I swear it brings me closer%
- [Chattering]
- % To my only reservation%
% Is you, my sweet temptation
% % [Continues]
- Mommy!
- Jeremiah!
Hi, baby.
% I'm falling for you%
Here's your hot chocolate.
Your mama sent it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[Laughing, Chattering]
% I'm falling for you%
% Who could imagine this%
% I'd find my happiness in%
% Someone I barely know%
% When I like to take it slow%
- Oh, I can't take this. What gives?
- % You're so different, boy%
% You're breaking all my rules%
- % But is it in your smile%
- Ohh! Relax!
- % That makes me feel the way I do%
- Come on! Change!
% I'm trying to live my life%
- [Laughing]
- % And I'm trying to live it right%
% lf I desire you
Well, it ain't because I'm trying to%
- % But every day with you%
- No!
% I swear it brings me closer
to my only reservation%
- I can't believe this.
Nobody seems to care.
- % Is you, my sweet temptation%
- Change, light! I gotta go see my son.
- % Oooh%
% My heart is calling%
% See, I'm falling for you%
- % Oooh%
- % Oooh, my heart%
% Is calling%
- Ah! Thank you! Thank you!
- % I'm falling for you% %
% We three kings of Orient are%
% Bearing gifts we travel afar%
% Field and fountain
moor and mountain%
% Following yonder star%
% Ohhh%
% Star of wonder
Star of night%
% Star of royal
beauty bright%
% Westward leading
Still proceeding%
% Guide us to our perfect light%
% We three kings of Orient are%
% Tried to smoke a rubber cigar%
% It was loaded, it exploded
We didn't get very far%
% Ohhh% %
Oh, you were right, Mommy.
Mommy told me if things don't
turn out just the way you want,
you've still got to believe.
And I kept believing,
and you were right, Mommy.
- [Chuckles]
- Mr. Kringle is Santa Claus.
Hi, Ma.
The movie's almost over.
I can help you with that.
- Oh, thank you.
- Madame.
All right, off with the boots.
[Marguerite Sobbing]
[TV, Indistinct]
Grandma's crying.
Yeah, baby, she cries
at these movies every Christmas.
She cries at "Jingle Bells."
[Marguerite Continues Sobbing]
Ohh! So skatin' was good, huh?
- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah, it was okay.
- It was nice. I had a good...
- It was a nice time.
- It was great. It was nice, skating.
- Grandma.
Yeah, we had a good time.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it was great.
- I laughed a lot.
- Oh, my Lord!
% Jingle bells
Jingle bells%
Not now, honey. You run in the kitchen,
get Grandma a glass of water.
% Jingle bells
Jingle bells% %
Uh, I'm gonna...
- Yeah, I'm gonna...
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Uh, go and do some work in the office.
- Oh, my Lord.
- Ma, you said that already.
And I'm gonna say it again.
Oh, my Lord.
Ma, he's been very kind.
That's all.
At least he's got time for me.
Henry can't be ten places at once.
And don't tell me
that your daddy could.
Now pull yourself together, young lady.
You're a married woman.
Oh, Ma, I can look in the window.
Even if I don't buy.
Well, you just better not go window
shopping with money in your pocket.
And you better not be puttin' anything
in the layaway plan, either.
- You hear me?
- Oh, Ma.
% Two turtledoves%
- % And a partridge in a pear tree% %
- [Imitates Trumpet Sound]
- Let's do it again.
- Oh, no more, Jer, please.
- Oooh!
- Your dad's home.
Daddy, where were you?
I'm sorry, Jer.
I really am.
I just can't understand why the traffic
was so bad. We'll go tomorrow, okay?
Okay. I did skating, Dad.
You did? Good for you.
And I got Billy Eldridge
home for Christmas.
They dropped the charges, Henry.
How'd you do it?
I just remembered you gotta look someone
in the eye to see if they're innocent.
So it wasn't that hard.
- Daddy?
- Yes, son?
- Skating isn't hard, neither.
- It isn't?
Your mom taught you, huh?
Dudley and Mom.
It was fun!
Dudley went skating
with you?
We waited for you, Henry.
You didn't miss much at all.
[Dog Barking]
Ah, Henry! Just the man I wanted
to see. I've been working on this...
Keep away from my wife.
What'd I do now?
- You take her to lunch.
- Well, you were late, Henry.
- You take her to Jazzies.
- You asked me to.
You take her skating.
What kind of man do you think I am?
Keep the hell away from her.
Henry, you're a man of God.
That doesn't mean I'm blind.
Now, I've seen the way she looks at you.
Really? I mean, really.
All right, fine.
I want you to leave now.
- Now?
- Yes, now. [Opens Door]
I don't think I can do that.
Check the angel handbook.
It says I can't leave
until I'm through, I think.
You see, it says right here...
Wait a minute.
Hey! Henry!
What was that?
- Oooh!
- My goodness!
- What?
- You're in trouble.
What was that?
What is that?
It wasn't a sign
that there's a new pope.
- What do you mean?
- You're in trouble.
You want me out of the house.
- Yes, I want you out.
- I'm not the problem. It wasn't me.
- It wasn't me!
- Who are you talking to?
Get out of my house!
What is going on in here?
- I am terminating Dudley's services.
- Is that what you want, Julia?
It isn't a question of what she wants.
All right, Julia, you're a part of this.
You say.
You two stop this right now.
Just stop it!
You hear me?
[Slams Door]
- [Henry] You see what you did?
- It's not about me.
You and Julia would have these problems
even if I never showed up.
You've forgotten what's important,
for you and for her.
And you're going to remind me, I'm sure.
St. Matt's is more
than just a church, Henry.
It's the glue that holds everything
together in this neighborhood.
And you mark my word, without it, this
neighborhood will fall, I guarantee it.
And Julia will never look at you
the same. [Door Opens]
Hey, handsome.
Come and walk me across the street.
I gotta take this plate
over to Bessie Adams.
- Well, actually, I was...
- Walk me!
- I heard what you two
were talking about.
- Really?
Now, you know I don't usually
pry into other folks' business.
- Uh-huh.
- Hold on a second.
Now, what are you doing
to my daughter?
Mrs. Coleman, it's all right,
I promise you.
Nothin' is all right, Dudley, when I see
a married woman look at a man that way.
I'm just tryin' to help them,
that's all.
[Laughs, Coughing]
You really shouldn't smoke.
Our time here on Earth is precious.
That's right.
And you know the most precious time
of all is time spent with your family.
Now, you know I'm supposed
to only be here through Christmas.
But I will conveniently
have a hip injury...
and stay to the year 2000
if I have to.
Do you understand
what I'm sayin' to you?
- I do now.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, I'm havin' a little trouble
tryin' to get through to Henry.
Now, Julia, on the other hand,
she's wonderful. She deserves...
What are you talkin' about what Julia
deserves and what she don't?
She's Henry's wife.
Don't worry. L...
I'm sure she'll forget me
as soon as I leave.
She'll forget herself
if you go on like this.
Marguerite, is that you?
I'm comin', Bessie!
Now, Dudley, you are a charming person.
You go charm somebody else.
Bessie, I'm comin' in.
Did I tell you I quit smokin'?
I'm so proud of you, sugar.
[Chattering Continues]
Watch it. Don't slip now.
Come on, babies, let's go. Thank you
so much. Now you have a lot more room.
- Bye.
- Hi, Dudley!
- I'm just baby-sitting Jeremiah.
- [Chuckles]
- Mommy, Mommy! Here, puppy.
- Get away from that dog!
- Go ahead!
- Jeremiah! Jeremiah!
[Man On Bus]
Where's he goin'now?
Thank you so much for the ride.
I know you had to go out of your way.
The first five minutes of The Nutcracker
hasn't changed any since last year.
- I'll make 'em leave before the bows
so we can come and get you.
- Oh, thank you.
- [Laughs] Um...
- Um...
- [Laughing] Thanks.
- [Laughing]
[Laughing Continues]
- Bye-bye.
- Bye!
[Man On Bus] No time for that, Saul.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
Oh, Santa, just leave that man
under my tree... if he'll fit.
% We all want to make
a place in this world%
% We all want our voices
to be heard%
% Everyone%
% Wants a chance to be someone%
% We all have dreams
we need to dream%
% Sweeter than any star
you can reach%
% 'Cause when you reach and find%
% You've found someone%
% You'll hold this world's
most priceless thing%
% The greatest gift
this life can bring%
% Is when you look back and know%
% You were loved% %
Oh, Keeleys...
Take a left at Woodlawn.
The Keeleys live on Sixth.
Henry, the Keeleys
live on Woodlawn.
- You're jealous.
- I am not jealous.
- Yes, you are.
- I may be a lot of things,
but jealous is not one of them.
Sure, you are. You're so jealous,
you can't even think straight.
I am thinking just fine, thank you.
- You can't even remember
where the Keeleys live.
- The Keeleys' house is on Sixth.
- Then what's it doing over there?
- What?
[Opens Door]
Keeleys moved.
Woodlawn. Sixth.
- Is this it?
- Mm-hmm. There's the house.
- Be careful, Henry.
- I will be.
Drive all this way,
they're probably not even home.
At least they could
shovel their walkway.
- Whoooaaah!
- [Gasps]
What are you laughin' at?
You look like a kid.
Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- Let me help you up.
Thanks, babe.
- [Gasps]
- Oh, baby. What are you doing?
- I thought you was helpin'me up.
- You did this on purpose.
[Laughing Continues]
Eddie, come here quick.
It's the preacher.
- What's goin' on?
- I hope you didn't hurt yourself.
- You all right?
- We're fine.
I told these kids to shovel that walk.
They ain't got nothin' on their mind
but Santa Claus. Sorry.
- This is yours. Merry Christmas.
- Us?
- Merry Christmas.
- God bless you.
- You'll catch cold. Be careful.
- We will.
I'll see you on Sunday.
[Mr. Keeley]
We'll be there. All of us.
[Henry Sighs] Seems like
we've been doin' this forever.
Forever is right.
Do you remember the first time?
- My mother was visiting, yeah.
- Yes.
- You know, Henry, she never liked me.
- No, no, that's not true.
She used to say, "Girl, you better
get some meat on them there bones."
Well, she just wanted
you to eat, that's all.
- No, she wanted me to be as fat as her.
- She wasn't that fat.
Henry, a policeman walk down the street,
see your mama and go, "Break it up!"
- Stop!
- [Laughing]
Stop it!
Rest her soul.
It's good to see you laugh again.
It's nice to have a reason to.
You know, I miss this Henry.
I wish he'd show up more often.
We did it.
I'm gonna go to the church for a minute.
You go on inside.
[Closes Door]
- There we go.
- Thank you.
- Don't slip.
- I won't. Don't be long.
[Men Singing A Cappella]
% Our Father%
% Which art in heaven%
% Hallowed be%
% Thy name%
- % Thy kingdom come%
- Evenin', Pastor.
% Thy will be done%
% On Earth%
% As it is in%
% Heaven%
% Give us this day%
% Our daily bread%
% And forgive us our debts%
% As we forgive our debtors%
% And us You must not lead%
% Into temptation%
% But deliver us
from all evil%
% For Thine is the kingdom%
% And the power
and the glory forever%
% Amen% %
- We could sell ads.
- I think it could work.
- Sounds okay to me.
- Mr. Hamilton?
- Is that gonna slow us down?
- Excuse me, Mr. Hamilton.
- Yes, Bernita?
- Reverend Biggs is here to see you.
- Henry!
- Joe.
Uh... Joe...
I need to speak with you.
Can we...
Go ahead. I have no secrets from
my own people here. In fact, sit down...
I've reconsidered.
I don't want the job.
- Let's go, guys.
- I can't leave my own people, Joe.
And they can't afford
to travel clear up here.
- And as far as moving, Julia and l...
- Henry, a deal is a deal.
My decision is final.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
Sorry is not good enough, Henry!
You don't get it, Henry.
I don't care about St. Matt's.
St. Matt's is where we've been,
not where we're going!
Only if people like you abandon it, Joe.
You know, it used to be
you couldn't just pick up...
and move away from your own people
as soon as you made a couple of bucks.
There was nowhere else for us to go.
But at least our kids
got to grow up with their heroes.
Henry, I'm trying to be nice to you
because you and I go back a ways...
and the old reverend
was always real good to me.
But this is gonna happen
whether you want it to or not.
With all due respect, Joe,
how do you think you can make me...
Not you. The church.
It's coming down.
What's coming down?
The church is...
Henry, do you know why I am
a trustee of a church I don't go to?
Because your deacons
all came begging to me,
telling me how broke the church was.
I bought the mortgage.
That's right!
I own it, and it's coming down.
That land's worth a lot more to me
with nothing on it.
- You're gonna tear down my church?
- That's right.
- A-And build a mall and tennis courts.
- Tennis courts?
Henry, we're gonna turn
that neighborhood around,
attract some real money to that place.
- Oh, I see. Yeah.
- You see what I'm saying?
You think without me there to lead them,
the people will just cave in.
- That's why you got me here!
- No, Henry, I want you to lead them.
- But into the future.
- Whose future, Joe?
They don't play much tennis.
Joe, come back to the church.
See exactly who you'll be hurting.
See their faces, their families, their...
their children, Joe.
People are a lot tougher
than you think, Henry.
[Sighs] Henry, look.
Come on, they'll survive.
And you still think you care
about the things we care about?
"Hark! I hear Joseph
and Mary in the manger."
- That's what I say.
- Only louder.
[Louder] "Hark! I hear Joseph
and Mary in the manger."
Then Michael and Jessica come on...
and sing a really slow song.
It's not that slow,
and it's very pretty.
Meanin' to ask you,
you two have a fight last night?
No, Ma, we delivered
Christmas baskets.
- The gym socks were a big hit.
- Huh! I knew they would be.
- [Julia] That you were right about.
- Hi there.
- [Julia] Henry.
- [Grandma] Hello.
Dad, Jason got sick, and I'm gonna be
a shepherd in the nativity play.
- I won't have to say "baaa."
- Ohh.
- [Laughing]
- That's great.
'Cause someone very special
is gonna be in the audience
listening to every word you say.
- Your mother and I figured out
what you'd like for Christmas.
- Yeah.
- [Jeremiah] Did you wrap it up?
- Not quite.
I missed you.
Is he going to stay
forever and ever?
Well, just 'til the new year.
Then after that, we'll see.
- [Both Cheering]
- [Laughing]
I have a secret to tell you.
My ambulance has a siren now.
- [Jeremiah Praying]
God bless Mommy and Daddy...
- [Toy Siren Wailing]
And Grandma...
- [Hakim] And my grandma.
- Amen.
- Okay, guys, you ready?
- We did our prayers.
'Cause we were already on our knees.
Okay. It's time to get into bed now.
Come on.
All right.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
No talking late now.
Close the door, please.
- Wait 'til you meet Dudley.
- Who's that?
- The man in the gray coat.
- Huh?
- You remember.
- Oh!
Christmas is supposed to be...
the most joyous day of the year.
- Henry?
- Hmm?
- Would you like some hot chocolate?
- No, thank you.
I've got to check the fuse box.
If we put any more lights on that tree,
we're gonna blow up the house.
[Door Closes]
[Henry's Voice] Christmas is supposed
to be the most joyous day of the year.
But for St. Matt's,
it's a day to surrender.
Not because I'm going to preach
at another church,
as some may believe...
but because the people who own
the building are going to tear it down.
- Now, it's no one's fault.
There is no one to blame.
- Henry.
It just seems as though despite
our best efforts, our dream...
- my dream for St. Matthew's...
will not come to pass.
- Ohhh.
But let's remember the good things
we've shared over the years.
The laughter, the exploding boiler...
the sounds of voices raised to heaven.
I'll miss it all.
I thank you for your efforts.
I thank you for your friendship.
God bless you.
I love you all.
% Silent night%
% Holy night%
% All is calm%
% All is bright%
% Round yon virgin%
% Mother and child%
% Holy infant%
- % So tender and mild%
- [Doorbell Rings]
% Sleep in heavenly peace%
- May I help you?
- Good evening.
I'm Rev. Biggs' assistant.
- Wait in the living room, please.
- Thank you.
- % % [Piano]
- Okay, Bernita, I'll take care of it.
I ain't buying!
For God's sake, it's Christmas Eve!
For the sake of God indeed.
Henry Biggs sent you here. I told him
he's through. To hell with him.
No, to heaven with him, Joe. That's
a plan not even you could mess up.
- Look, I don't know who you are, but...
- I'm an angel.
- No, not yours.
- % % [Piano Continues]
No, I'm afraid yours
is a long way off.
I'm a very busy man,
and you're wasting my time.
Now, I'm giving 'em another church.
St. Matt's is...
% % [Piano Continues]
What is this?
It's like your past, Joe.
You can walk away from it,
but it's still there.
[Joe's Voice On Radio] What do you see
when you look at a place like this?
I'll tell you what I see.
Sterling Acres.
The latest development miracle
from Hamilton Realty.
I see 200 luxury apartments.
Over here, a 24-hour health club
right on the grounds.
- State of the art designer interiors.
- This thing is broken.
- The kind of home that you deserve.
- It's not even plugged in.
- [Radio Continues]
- That's very smooth,
however you did all this.
[Radio Stops]
But you gotta do
better than that.
Yeah... you gotta do
a lot better than that...
to get to me.
Have to do a whole lot better than that
to get to me.
Whoever you are.
Don't worry about who I am, Joe.
You won't even remember me tomorrow.
But remember this:
Look at the real price
before you close the deal.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You know what it means.
Listen to your heart.
Do what it tells you.
You'll find your way.
[Applause, Cheering]
[Applause Continues]
[Jeremiah] Hark!
I hear Joseph and Mary in the manger.
[Louder] Hark!
I hear Joseph and Mary in the manger.
[Yelling] Hark!
I hear Joseph and Mary in the manger.
- Where's Joseph and Mary?
- [Laughter]
[Applause Continues]
See the infant, meek and mild.
He is God's anointed child.
So celebrate this Christmas morn.
For on this day, His son is born!
% % [Intro]
I wanted to see you
to say good-bye.
No, no. I'll call the council
and tell them that we still need you.
Well, this is over
the council's head.
Way over their head.
Besides, it's time.
How can it be time?
It just is.
It's funny, you know,
I spent the last 30 years...
thinking I'd be happy
if I could just get back to this place.
Here? The council must send you
to some dead neighborhoods.
Well, dead is relative.
But now I know where I belong.
Is this because of me?
No. Mmm.
Well, maybe just a little bit.
You remember when you
asked me what you do...
when the flame between
two people goes out?
The answer is:
You don't let it.
Will we ever see you again?
I don't know.
Well, let's see.
No. Not again.
% Or maybe a fisherman%
% Out on the sea%
% % [Continues, Indistinct]
- How can I thank you?
- You already have.
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
% Who would imagine%
% A king%
% It was so clear%
- Mrs. Biggs, here!
- Jessica, you still have
more songs to sing.
I'm wet.
Who would use
Baby Wet Wet for Jesus?
Mrs... Biggs, our Virgin Mary bailed!
People are gonna know
that's not in the Bible. Do something!
You better get out there.
% % [Singing Continues]
% That the world
would be different%
% 'Cause you were alive%
% That's when heaven stood still%
% To proclaim%
% One day an angel%
% Said quietly%
% That soon he would bring%
% Something special to me%
% And of all of
the wonderful gifts%
% He could bring%
% Who would imagine%
% Who could imagine%
% Who would imagine%
% A king% %
- [Applause]
- Thank you.
Hurry up.
Come on.
- Mommy, was I good?
- Oh! The best donkey.
I'll do it.
- [Laughs]
- Not bad, man.
Oh, yes!
"Christmas is supposed to be...
"the most joyous day of the year.
But for St. Matthew's, today is..."
[Congregation Murmuring]
"For St. Matt's...
today is supposed..."
[Murmuring Continues]
God never promised us
a perfect life.
He's saving that
for the hereafter.
- Oh, no!
- Amen!
While we're here on...
on this Earth...
there's some things
we just got to work for.
- Am I right about this?
- [Congregation] Yeah!
- He's not following the script.
- He's doing fine.
- It could be a job.
- Uh-huh.
- It could be a church.
- Amen!
- It could be a community.
- Amen!
- Could be a marriage.
- Amen!
But the good news is...
is that He gave us...
two secret weapons
to help us to succeed.
- Hope...
- Hope!
- And love.
- And love!
- Hope.
- Hope.
- That's all a prayer is.
- [Congregation Agreeing]
- And love.
- Love!
- Loving is giving...
- Yeah!
- Pure and simple.
- Amen!
But in love,
there is also forgiveness.
- [Murmuring]
- And forgiveness...
belongs to everyone.
- It's a right.
- Yeah!
- Like a right to breathe or eat.
- Yeah!
Or even to fall in love.
Sometimes we...
we take love for granted.
- Am I right about it?
- [Congregation Agreeing]
Those who are nearest to us...
dearest to us...
those are the ones
we forget to cherish.
But the miracle is...
when we love someone...
we are really loving God.
[Congregation Murmuring]
Look in wonder at those you love...
for they are the face of God.
- Hallelujah.
- Hallelujah.
And when the path is dark...
- Amen.
- And the road bends...
we will let the Lord show us the way.
- He will give us heart
and make us whole.
- Amen!
You see, I know... because He did me!
- Yeah!
- You may ask me, "How?"
You see, He's...
You see,
He's got these angels...
- Yeah.
- Waitin' on this long line...
for the chance to come down
and help each and every one of us!
- And they do!
- Yes!
So you see, beloved,
today I am truly blessed.
- Blessed with hope,
- Hope!
- Blessed with love...
- Love!
And blessed with a belief
that I can make a difference!
- [Cheering]
- All of us can!
We can save this church!
- Yeah!
- He's got a point.
- We will help our poor!
- Oh, yes!
- We will help our young!
- All right!
- And our lonely and our needy!
- [Congregation Agreeing]
So now let us begin again.
Let us go forward.
- Forward in hope, forward in love...
- Hope! Love!
And forward into
the new days of our lives!
Put your hands together
and praise God!
- Whoo!
- [Applause]
Praise Him! Hallelujah!
% I love the... %
% The Lord%
% He heard my%
% Cry%
% And pitied%
% Every groan%
% Long as I%
% I live%
% And troubles%
% Rise%
% I'll hasten%
% To%
% His throne%
% Oh, I love the Lord%
- % I love the Lord%
- % I sure do%
% Surely do love the Lord%
- % He heard%
- % He heard my cry%
% He heard my cry%
- % And he pitied every groan
Yes, He did%
- % And pitied%
- % Every groan%
- [Thunder Rumbling]
I'm sorry.
% Every groan
Long as I live%
- % Long as%
- % Long as%
- % I live%
- Can I? Thank you.
% And troubles rise%
- % And troubles rise%
- % Troubles rise%
- % I'll hasten to, to, to%
- % I'll hasten to%
% To, to%
- % I'll hasten
I'll hasten to His throne%
- % His throne%
- % You know I can go, oh, Lord%
- % I'll hasten to%
- % To His%
- % I'll hasten to%
- % Throne%
- % See, I'm gonna run
Lord, You know I will%
- % I'll hasten%
- % I'll hasten%
- % To His%
- % Hasten to His%
% Throne% %
- [Laughing] I love you, baby.
- I love you too.
I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you.
- % Joy%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Well, Lord, mmm%
- % Lord, Lord, Lord%
- % Let Earth receive%
- % Let Earth%
% Receive her king%
% Let fields and flowers%
% Rocks, hills and plains%
- % Repeat the sounding joy%
- % Repeat the sounding joy%
- % Repeat the sounding joy%
- % Go tell it%
- % Go shout the new story%
- % Shout the new story%
- % Go shout the new story%
- % The Savior is born%
% Heaven, heaven, heaven
Heaven and nature%
- % Sing joy to the world%
- % Oh, sing it, joy
Come on, sing it%
- % Everybody sing, joy
Sing it, joy%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Everybody sing%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Sing it, joy%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Sing it, joy, joy, joy%
- % Joy to the world
Sing, joy to the world%
- Get on up!
- % Everybody sing%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Sing joy, sing joy, joy
joy, joy to the world%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Everybody sing
Sing it, sing it%
- % Sing joy%
- % Sing joy to the world%
- % Sing joy, joy to the world%
- % Joy to the world% %
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas to you.
- Merry Christmas.
- You were so good today.
- Merry Christmas, Saul.
- Merry Christmas, Henry, Julia.
- You still going to be
a member in the spring?
Member? I'm planning on
getting married in this church.
- To who?
- Who do you think?
- You're my little lamb dumpling.
- [Giggles]
- We're gonna have a daddy?
- Did he say "lamb dumpling"?
I can't believe you
said that to the pastor.
Oh, well, the pastor's gonna have to
get himself a new secretary.
- [Beverly]
I'm gonna have to pray on that.
- Joe, Merry Christmas.
You belong here, Henry. Call me Monday.
We'll work that mortgage thing out.
That's wonderful.
- Call me.
- I will.
Henry, you did it!
No, honey, we did.
- [Dudley] Good sermon, Reverend.
- Merry Christmas.
[Clears Throat]
Merry Christmas.
- Who's that?
- I don't know.
Maybe he's new in the neighborhood.
Come on, boys!
Let's go!
Hey, Merry Christmas, Dudley.
Merry Christmas to you, too, Jeremiah.
Lunch and presents. Come on, boys!
Jeremiah, give me your hand, honey.
Mom, did you get Dudley a present?
Jeremiah, who is Dudley, baby?
- Ma, you know Dudley.
- Come on, boys, let's go get some soup.
[Jeremiah Narrating] That was
a long time ago. At least a year.
Before Hakim came
to live with us for good.
And became my real brother.
It's beautiful!
[Henry] You must've sat up
with that all night, baby.
- [Julia] Mama, you didn't.
- [Marguerite] With my back?
[Jeremiah Narrating]
My parents still think I made Dudley up.
They say,
"If he's so real, then where is he?"
But just like I told Daddy...
just because you can't see the air...
doesn't stop you from breathing.
And just 'cause you can't see God...
it don't stop you from believing.
Then Daddy smiled and said...
"Son, that's what we call faith."
% Joy to the world%
% Oh, Lord, Lord, Lord%
- % Let Earth%
- % Let Earth%
- % Receive%
- % Receive her king%
% Let fields and flowers%
% Rocks, hills and plains%
- % Repeat the sounding joy%
- % Repeat the sounding joy%
- % Repeat the sounding joy%
- % Go tell it%
- % Go tell the new story%
- % Shout a new story%
- % Go shout the new story%
- % The Savior is born%
- % Heaven, heaven, heaven%
- % Heaven, heaven%
- % Heaven and nature sing%
- % Joy to the world%
% Sing, joy to the world%
- % Everybody sing, yeah%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Sing, joy to the world%
- % Sing, joy%
- % Everybody sing, joy%
- % Joy to the world%
- % Sing, joy to the world%
- % Sing, joy, everybody sing%
- % Sing, joy to the world%
- % Sing it, joy%
- % Sing joy, Joy to the world%
- % Joy to the world% %
% Step by step%
% Bit by bit%
% Stone by stone
% Brick by brick
Oh, yeah%
% Step by step%
% Day by day%
% Mile by mile%
% And this old road
is rough and ruined%
% So many dangers
along the way%
% So many burdens
might fall upon me%
% So many troubles
that I have to face%
- % Oh, but I won't let
my spirit fail me%
- % Won't let my spirit fail me%
- % No, I won't let my spirit go%
- % I won't let my spirit go%
- % Until I get to%
- % Until I get%
- % My destination%
- % To my destination%
% I'm gonna take it slow%
% Because I'm making it last%
- % Step by step%
- % You know I'm taking it%
- % Bit by bit%
- % Bit by bit%
% Stone by stone, yeah%
% Brick by brick%
% Brick by brick
by brick by brick%
- % Step by step%
- % Step by step%
- % Day by day%
- % Day by day%
- % Mile by mile%
- % Yeah%
% Go your own way%
% Say, baby, don't give up%
- % You've got to hold on
to what you've got%
- % Bit by bit%
- % And baby, don't give up%
- % Stone by stone%
- % You've got to keep on moving
Don't stop%
- % Brick by brick%
% Yeah, yeah%
- % Step by step%
- % Step by step%
- % I'm taking it%
- % Day by day%
% Oh, I take it by day
- % Mile by mile%
- % Mile, ooh%
- % Go your own way%
- % Go your own way%
% Go your own way%
% Can you%
% Just keep holding on%
% Step by step%
% Bit by bit%
% Stone by stone%
% Brick by brick%
% Step by step%
% Take it day by day%
% Mile by mile%
% Then, go your own...
your own way% %