Predatory Moon (2017) Movie Script

Damn, that thing's heavy.
Think Karla put enough ice in here?
Well, you're the idiot that told her
we were takin' the boy fishin'.
Well, at least she
packed some soda for him.
Nah, give one of
those beers to Ronnie.
You sure about that, Dean?
Hell, I was about his age
when I had my first one.
Go ahead.
Go on, Ronnie, it's okay.
I won't tell your mom.
Um, thanks, Mr. Waters.
Don't worry about that.
You'll get used to it.
Just keep drinkin'.
So why did you
bring your nephew?
I had to.
Ma's on that weekend trip
with her church group,
and Kim won't be back
for him until Tuesday.
Well, you better catch
somethin' before I get back.
We will.
When you get back?
I'm headin' out now.
The bitch hates it when I'm late.
You're leavin' us out here?
Uh huh.
Didn't your Uncle Dean tell you
you'd be walkin' home?
He's just fuckin' with ya, Ronnie.
Frank here has got himself
a sweet little lady friend
on the side that his
wife don't know about.
So, why are we here?
Because Karla saw us leave with him,
and she'll see us with
him when he gets back.
Oh, I get it.
You're a right smart boy, aren't ya?
Have fun babysittin'.
So how long will he be?
Few hours.
And we just sit here?
Shouldn't we start fishing?
Have yourself another beer.
What the fuck?
Oh yeah?
Well bring it on, you crazy bitch.
I'm telling you, he's not here!
Now stop fucking calling me.
Hey there, sexy.
I know you're working
the graveyard shift
but I thought we could get together
tomorrow at Mom's place.
I'll be waiting.
Still pretty good for your first time.
I feel really sick, Uncle Dean.
Frank will be here soon,
then we'll get you home and in bed.
My dad had a friend who
used to make moonshine.
Fucking puked my guts everywhere
when I first had it.
But then he started
mixing it with lemonade,
and I have never puked since.
Maybe we'll do that for you next time.
That sound good?
My stomach, it hurts real bad.
Aw, come on, you didn't have that much.
You had, what, maybe two?
Tell you what,
you stay here,
I'll go to the road
and see if I can get us
a ride home, okay?
Hey, buddy, you okay?
It's me, Cob.
You get lost out here?
No, I,
I don't know what the
heck I'm doin' out here.
You gotta ease up on that bottle.
It'll be liable to.
Oh my God.
What happened to you?
I ran into somethin'?
Yeah, you got caught
on somethin' real bad.
Probably one of those sharp branches.
We better get ya to a doctor right away.
No, no,
we, uh, gotta go get Ronnie first.
You brought the boy with you?
Your sister's gonna have your hide
if she smells any liquor on him.
Where's he at?
down the road.
Oh boy, come on.
Let me get ya up here.
All right.
Oh my God.
You can come out now.
We're gonna take you
home to your grandma's.
And you're sure you
left him around here?
Yeah, see, there's
our cooler right here.
All right, well,
sit here a second.
Oh, look, there's his shoe.
He's probably passed out
over there somewhere.
Ah, Dean.
I'll go get him.
Oh my God.
Oh, Ronnie.
Hello, Patty?
Yeah, I need to talk to
the sheriff right away.
Yes, right away.
Ah, no you don't.
Damn, how can you have so much energy
comin' off the late shift?
I sleep in the car.
Bad guys don't mind.
I think you're the baddest guy in town.
Do you?
If the sheriff's calling before noon
then it's something important.
The sheriff?
But he's not even your boss.
Yeah, well if I wanna
finalize this transfer
then he kinda is.
Don't worry, I'll be
runnin' things soon here.
For now, I just gotta
keep the old man happy.
Well then, maybe I should
just call someone else.
I bet Robert's up, too.
You know I'm just playing with you.
I wouldn't.
I gotta take this.
Good morning, sir.
No, I'm not at my house, I'm at.
You're kiddin' me.
You weren't
kiddin' about how nasty
this one is.
Where in the hell you been?
Patty's been tryin' to ring
you at home all mornin'.
I was with someone, Sheriff.
You best get Patty that
cell number of yours.
Took me over 40 minutes to get out here.
Would've taken you less than three.
Sorry, Sheriff.
Just get to it.
I'm sure you know the drill.
So what do you think?
Definitely a bear.
I've seen this kind of mess before
up in the Rockies.
A bear attack in broad daylight?
Hungry bear doesn't give a
damn what time of day it is.
All right, when you finish
up with this, just
call the wagon to come
get this poor kid.
Yes, sir.
Looks like Sheriff McKenny's
comin' back over now.
Just tell him everything you remember.
This ain't your fault, Dean.
Yeah, well fuckin'
cops always find a way
to blame me for everything.
Is that exactly
how you found him, Cob?
Yes, sir, Sheriff McKenny.
And Dean here
was a quarter mile down the path there.
All right.
So what were you and your nephew doin'
all the way out here?
We weren't doin'
nothin' but drinkin'.
Well how'd you get out here?
'Cause I haven't seen your car anywhere.
We walked.
Cut the shit, Dean.
Now that's your nephew
all torn up under there.
Least you can do is be straight with me
on how he got that way.
All right, Frank dropped us off, okay?
Frank Waters?
He just dropped you and Ronnie off
and then took off.
Well that's pretty funny
'cause Karla Waters has
been callin' the station
all mornin' 'cause he
didn't come home last night.
Where did Mr. Waters go?
I don't know.
He said he had somethin' to do
and then he'd be back for us later.
All right, come on.
Officer Ambrose.
I need you to wait on the coroner
while I take Mr. Clout
here to the hospital.
I'm not goin' to the hospital.
I gotta get home.
Shit, Mama's comin' home today.
Dean, you need to get
yourself taken care of.
You're pretty torn up.
Yeah, I'm fine, it doesn't hurt.
He may be goin' into shock, Sheriff.
Officer Ambrose can go see your mama
after the coroner gets here.
You understand?
Cob, can you go see to Ma?
I can along with them,
don't you worry about it.
Best she hear about this
from someone she knows.
Yeah, I'd like to get a
rental in Springvale, Florida.
A house, please.
I left another message for
George again this morning.
He won't return any of my calls.
Christ, he doesn't even know.
Maybe you should just tell his wife.
I should be the one
to tell him that Ronnie's gone.
He needs to know,
and if he won't answer your calls...
It's our son for fuck's sake.
He can't even talk to me
for two goddamn minutes?
The funeral is on Wednesday.
He should be here.
Why don't you let me call him?
Ma, I'm just so,
It's all right.
Let it out.
Just let it all out.
Oh, hi, Karla.
I'm holdin' up okay.
It's Karla again.
No, he's still asleep.
We haven't heard anything yet.
Dean, wake up, it's almost noon.
Dean, can you hear me?
Yeah, I hear ya, Ma.
Dean, Frank's
wife's on the phone.
She's been calling all day.
I'm not feelin' good.
Tell her I'll see her Sunday.
Yeah, I know,
but you're just going
to have to face the fact
that he was,
I mean,
they didn't find his truck, right?
Hold on a second, okay?
Now, Karla, you listen to me.
Dean just told me that
he'd be along to see you
on Sunday.
You have got to stop pestering Kimberly.
She has got bigger
problems to worry about
than your no-good husband.
That was rude.
You just lost your son
and she's whining to you
about how her husband run off on her?
I think she's the one who needs to learn
to mind her manners.
I hope you didn't have any trouble
findin' the place, Mr. Reading.
Oh, not a problem.
Are you Mrs. Wilson?
I'm Shari.
Mom owns this place.
You seemed a bit young to be the woman
I talked to on the phone.
Mom doesn't drive much anymore,
so she sent me out here to
give you the grand tour.
And the keys to the manor.
Do you get a lot of
renters all the way out here?
It's a big house so
we usually rent it out
for fishin' groups for the weekend.
What about hunting?
That, too.
Lot of deer out here.
You staying up here all by yourself?
Uh, no, not really.
Wife's bringin' the kids next week.
Oh, Mom didn't say anything about that.
Well, it's the perfect
place for a family vacation.
Let me show you around the house.
Your mom mentioned a barn out back.
Can I see it?
I wouldn't call it a barn.
I mean, it used to be,
but now there's just a
bunch of junk in there.
And you do have to deal
with ole Bessie here.
Not a problem.
Daddy was a junk man.
I've been meanin' to clean
this place out for years
but haven't gotten the time.
Looks like there's a little room left.
You mind if I park some
bikes in here for the kids?
Small keys will open it up.
Frank, where the hell are you?
Call me.
Oh, Dean.
I thought you were.
No one's seen him, Karla.
I'm just so scared.
After what happened to Ronnie.
Frank didn't get eaten by a bear, honey.
He left before we were attacked.
I know.
His truck is gone.
The police think he just took off.
But why would he do that to me?
He had another woman on the side.
Maybe he just, you know?
I know all about that.
He's fucking Shari Wilson.
He was fucking Shari?
He and half the town.
But he didn't see her that night.
I called her.
Oh, like she'd tell you if she did.
She was pretty pissed off
about being stood up.
I could tell that much,
even if she wouldn't admit it.
Did you tell the cops about this?
Of course I did.
They talked to her, too.
Those assholes think he's got
another woman somewhere
that no one knows about.
All cops are assholes.
Do you think maybe
he found out about us?
Maybe that's why he dumped
you out in the woods
before he left?
I've seen a couple of bears
over the last few years,
but never this close to us.
They usually stay out in Ocala.
It's not unusual, Sheriff.
Been a lot of towns troubled
by all kinds of animals.
The land gets developed,
and the wildlife just
have no place to go.
Even had a bear in a suburb
of Philadelphia last year.
Hmm, nothin' been built around here.
It's mostly just swampland.
So there were two victims?
One of our local hell-raisers
brought his nephew out here.
He was on the path here,
and the boy was a little
further down the woods there.
Can I see the body?
You don't wanna see that.
That kid was 10 years old.
Pretty much ripped in half.
I've seen worse injuries like that.
I'm sure you've seen a lot of stuff
in your research and all,
but this was really bad.
Keeps me up at night.
I'd also like to interview the survivor.
Mr. Clout?
Can you arrange that with the hospital?
The hospital?
Dean's not at the hospital.
So he didn't survive?
He's back home.
But the report said he
was raked across the back.
That'd cause excessive
muscle damage and blood loss,
even spinal trauma.
That's the queer thing.
When Mr. Hill found him,
he was a real mess,
but when the hospital cut his shirt off,
it didn't seem too bad.
Officer Ambrose, we're
gettin' on back to town now.
Yeah, I'm comin', Sheriff.
I told you you
wouldn't find anything
that close to the street.
Didn't hurt to check.
What's he looking for?
Ah, we had another
fella go missin' up here
that day.
So you think
you have another victim?
Not unless that bear
knows how to drive a truck.
What's he think?
Well, Officer Ambrose
transferred from Tampa last year.
Still treats everything
like a big city crime scene.
Mrs. Clout?
My name is Kyle Reading.
I'm with the Wildlife Research Center.
I was wondering if it would be possible
if I could speak to your son.
He's not?
I know it's a bad time, but.
You don't mind?
I appreciate that, Mrs. Clout,
and I'm sorry for your loss.
I'll see you then.
I'm trying.
Thank you, Jacob.
Thank you so much.
Ellen brought some of that potato salad
you like so much.
Kim, you've got to eat something.
I know you don't want to, but.
Is George still here?
He's in the kitchen with Pastor Nichols.
You just stay here and eat,
and he'll be gone soon.
I need to go get a fork.
You need to stay right here and eat.
Yeah, Ma?
Go in the kitchen
and get a fork for your sister.
Okay, sure.
I think I'm gonna go back home tonight.
Are you sure?
It's an awfully long drive.
Maybe you oughta stay here
tonight and get some rest
and leave in the morning.
Ma, I just...
You son of a bitch!
You killed my son.
You goddamned son of a bitch!
What the fuck were you
thinking taking him out there?
George, stop it, it's not his fault.
Not his fault, not his fault?
George, perhaps you should sit down.
He took my son out in the
middle of fucking nowhere,
for what?
To be his drinking buddy?
And you, you let him?
Mother of the fucking year!
I didn't know!
How was I supposed to know?
Louise, could you take Kimberly?
I left him here while
I was out with Sylvie.
I didn't know Dean was
gonna take him out.
You left him here
with your drunk-ass brother
while you went out
partyin' with your friends?
Please, George, there's no
need for all this shouting.
You need to calm down now.
I'm okay, Padre, really.
I just wanna know what this
stupid bitch was thinking!
How the fuck
did you ever get custody?
Ma was here.
How was I supposed to know?
You left my son
with a worthless piece of shit
and a senile old lady?
And now he's dead
because of you.
I should fucking kill you!
George, let's go outside.
Settle down.
Let's go outside.
Yeah, get me far away
from this stupid cunt.
Come on, outside.
Mr. Reading.
I thought everyone in town
would be at the funeral by now.
So did I, Officer.
So what are you doin' out here?
Lookin' for your bears?
Just wanderin' the scene.
Tryin' to understand what happened here.
Well, I think it's kind of obvious
what happened here.
Dean takes his nephew out in the forest,
they go stompin' around
all over the place,
somethin' decides to join the party.
Sure seems that way.
Did you need somethin' from me, Officer?
Oh, no.
Fastest abandoned vehicle
case I've ever had to solve.
You have a good evening, Mr. Reading.
How'd you get here?
Well, I live right over there.
It's kinda hard to miss the car
that's parked in your backyard.
Where did it happen?
We found him on the fishin' path,
not far from where you used to live.
It's nice up there at least.
You know, we lived
there all those years,
and I never did take Ronnie fishing.
I should've fought harder
to keep him, Boris.
I shouldn't have let that bitch win!
It's just that Karen, my wife,
didn't want another kid in the house.
You know, she has two girls.
I thought Ronnie would
be okay with his mother.
You wanna go to
Leon's and have a couple beers?
I have a long drive home.
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you?
Please, please, please, please,
please, please, please, please, please.
Dean, the police are here.
They wanna talk to you.
I ain't talkin' to them.
Dean, you best get yourself out here.
They wanna talk to you about Frank.
Just give me a minute, Ma.
He'll be out in a minute.
Can I get you some coffee?
No, we hate to come out here
and pester you like this, Louise,
but you know how it is.
Now, Boris, you know
I've missed seeing you regular
since Alvin passed.
Who's Alvin?
Alvin was my husband, God rest his soul.
Boris used to find him wanderin'
in the middle of the day,
and he'd always bring him
straight on home to me.
He liked his drink a little earlier
than most people, you know.
That he did.
But he was lucky to
have such a good woman
to take care of him.
As do you.
Now how has Janice been?
I didn't see her at the funeral.
She's fine, she's just out in Texas
visitin' with her sister
for a little while.
No problems at home, I hope.
No, nothin' like that.
Her sister's just gettin' ready
to have another baby.
So, what do the bastards
in blue want this time?
Well, I already told
'em everything I know, Ma.
Mr. Clout, can you step outside with us?
Ooh, I'm Mr. Clout now.
I must've done somethin'
real serious this time.
No, I just think we've kept your mother
away from her shows long enough now.
Do you mind?
Yeah, I mind.
Just spit it out.
What do you want?
I am so sorry, Sheriff.
Dean's just been a little cranky,
well, since.
It's okay.
I just wanna ask your son if he knows
of anyone that Frank
might've been seein'
down at Fort Myers.
Fort Myers?
Why would anyone wanna
go to that shit-hole?
That's what we wanna know.
The Highway Patrol found
his truck down there
this mornin'.
That asshole ditched
me to go to Fort Myers?
Found his truck in the parking lot
near the train station.
He didn't buy any tickets
in the last two weeks.
We're wonderin' if maybe
you know who did.
Officer Ambrose.
You know who he's been seein'?
Well, I heard he was
bangin' Shari Wilson.
Wrong answer.
She's accounted for.
Try again.
Then I don't know of anyone else.
Are you sure about that?
I mean, you two are joined at the head.
You'd have to know who else he's seein'.
Well, I don't know
what he had for breakfast
that mornin', either.
I guess we weren't as good
of friends as you thought.
Dean, are you sure
you don't know anything?
Really, Ma, I have no idea.
I was just his cover story.
He'd drop me off somewhere
and then go visit Shari and...
He wasn't with Shari.
Then whoever he was seeing.
Anyway, he'd come pick
me up before going home
so Karla would think I was
with him the whole time.
So, that's why you
were in the forest with him?
That's all you were, some sort of
cover story for your buddy?
I just told you, I wasn't his buddy.
He wanted people to think that I was.
So why'd you go along with it.
we'd stop at the liquor store first.
You're pathetic.
Well some of us don't
make those big paychecks
like cops do,
Dean, that is enough.
I'm outta here.
Dean, Mr. Reading
will be here soon.
Well he can blow me, too.
I am so sorry.
Dean's just been stressed lately.
It's okay, Louise.
I'm gettin' ready to go
over to Mr. Reading's now.
Would you like for me to see
if he can postpone his visit with you?
No, that's all right.
I'm sure Dean will be back soon.
All right.
So how do you know he
wasn't with Shari Wilson?
I talked to her.
She's probably the best
witness that we've got.
I mean, is that guy ever sober?
Not often.
He gets that from his daddy.
I could smell it on him.
Just about made me sick.
I want you to out to the Reserve today.
See if they've seen any
bears around there lately.
Can I take the cruiser?
It's still in the shop.
Yeah, well I'm sendin'
you my gas receipts.
If I'm payin' for your gas,
you go straight there and back.
No detours at Shari Wilson's.
Damn it!
This isn't working for me, Joey.
Oh, what are you doin'?
There's just not enough room in here, I.
The fucking steering wheel.
Why can't we just go back to your place?
We can't.
The sheriff gave me a chore to do.
If he sees my truck at my place,
he'll have a fit.
Why would he be going all the way out
to your house today?
He's there to see your tenant.
He's going over to see Mr. Reading?
Probably gonna warn the poor guy
of what a drunk Dean Clout is gonna be
for his interview.
What kind of interview?
Why would anyone wanna
hire someone like Dean?
Damn it, Shari.
Doesn't your mother check
up on any of her renters?
He's the special investigator
here for the bear attacks.
So, he's going
over to see Dean today?
And I'm headin' out to the Reserve.
You wanna come with me?
Maybe we can check out
one of those cabins?
Actually, I promised Mom I'd do laundry
for her this afternoon.
You know Mom.
I'll never hear the
end of it if I don't.
Stupid son of a bitch.
Well, at least
now you know he's alive.
Yeah, he's probably livin' it up
and laughin' about how
he stuck it to me.
That was a pretty shitty thing to do.
You want a drink?
I'll have a beer.
I still have some whiskey left.
You want that?
No, just a beer.
You feelin' okay, honey?
Yeah, it's just been a while
since I had one of those.
I forgot how bitter it tastes.
So, um,
when you movin' in?
Moving in, me?
Well, yeah, I can't
afford to keep this place
by myself.
And I can?
You can get a job, can't you?
I'm serious.
Yeah, I think you are.
But I can't.
What do you mean you can't get a job?
You're not a fucking cripple.
I mean, I can't just move in with you.
And why not?
Your husband disappears without
saying a fucking word to anyone,
and then I move in two weeks later?
How's that gonna look?
I don't give a shit how it looks.
Well then, how's it
gonna look to the cops
who are just itching to
throw my ass in a cell, hmm?
We need to stay off the
radar for a little bit, baby.
For how long?
I don't know, a couple months, at least.
Hey, do you think Frank told anyone?
I mean, when he found out about us.
We would've heard if he had had.
So Ronald was your grandson?
We were looking after him while Kim
went on a trip with some
old friends form school.
It's hard on her being a
single parent, you know?
She just needed a little break.
I understand.
Don't we all?
Now, your daughter's still here?
She had a terrible fight
with her ex-husband
at the funeral.
She's gone back up to Mobile.
And he lives here in town?
He's over in Lauderdale, I think.
He's remarried.
Do you know when your son's coming back?
I told him you were coming.
He must've just lost track of time.
I really need to talk to him.
Maybe I can help.
The sheriff is an old friend of mine.
He didn't hold back any
of the details on me.
I can't expect you
to wanna talk about it.
This research you're doing,
it's to save lives, right?
Trying to figure out
what causes the attacks?
I don't want anyone else to suffer
like my grandson did.
He was alive for most of it, you know?
Can you imagine
how terrible?
I know.
You must be pretty lonely up here
all by yourself, Mr. Reading.
Oh my God.
What took you so long?
I've been scared to
death that he'd come back
before you got here.
What are ya doin'?
I, uh, the washin'
machine's broken at the house
and I figured since
he's right next door.
It's okay, sweetheart.
Now are you sure it's his cap in there?
Of course I'm sure.
Frank wore that hat all the time.
Lots of guys wear hats, Shari.
Go in and see for yourself.
It's on the dresser.
On the dresser?
In the bedroom?
Yes, and it's all covered in blood!
Just stay there and
keep an eye out for him.
Just stay there!
What have we been up to,
Mr. Reading?
Did you see it?
You might wanna get dressed
before someone sees you.
Are you gonna call the station?
You didn't call them already?
I wanted you to be the
one to come out here
so you'd be the hero.
Good girl.
Fucking whore.
Actually, they're very timid,
so I don't think she has anything
to be concerned about.
Well that's a relief.
Ellen is worried sick
about catching rabies.
Some people have bats in their attic
and they never even know it.
Why the fuck are you still here?
You should've been gone by now.
Where have you been?
We have been waiting for you for hours.
I know.
He should've given up waitin'.
I am so sorry, Mr. Reading.
I have never seen him this bad before.
Why don't I go have a talk with him?
I don't know
if he's in any condition.
I think he's coherent enough
to hear what I have to tell him.
What the fuck are you doin' here?
Dean, I need
you to listen to me.
Go fuck yourself.
Cut it out, Dean.
You didn't drink that much tonight.
I bet you're not even drinkin'
the hard stuff anymore.
You don't know.
I know what you're going through.
You don't know shit.
I know you've been a
cranky little boy lately.
Your mother told me that much.
Get the fuck outta here.
And I know you walked
away from somethin'
that tore your nephew in half.
Are you deaf or somethin'?
And, as sure as I'm here,
all this guilt you're feeling
is nothing compared to
what's in store for you
if you don't listen to
what I have to say.
What do you want from me?
I want you to come with me.
Why would I do that?
Because I know
how to control it.
Control it?
What are you, from AA or something?
Dean, the animal that attacked you
has a disease, and it has infected you.
I ain't got no diseases.
Everything's fine.
The doctors can't even
believe how fine I am.
I know.
It just hasn't matured yet.
But you do have all the symptoms.
There is the increased
irritability and anxiety,
wild mood shifts,
short spells of feelin' disoriented,
heavy sweating.
So, it's called alcoholism.
And then there's the
accelerated metabolism,
the hyperactive immune system.
You're probably experiencing
a higher tolerance
of pain, too.
I bet you're even horny
as a jackrabbit now.
Shit, are you comin' on to me?
You're one of them fags, ain't ya?
You're definitely not my type.
Just get the fuck outta here.
You just let my words sink into
that thick skull of yours.
We'll talk again.
Don't count on it, faggot.
Damn it, Mom, will
you shut up these damn eggs?
What are you doing?
Are you all right?
Let me get you a towel.
Dean, where are you going?
What the fuck is wrong with me?
Well, just come on in and
make yourself at home.
Okay, you were right.
Some really weird shit's
been going on lately.
What's happening to me?
Your body chemistry is changing.
Yeah, I got that.
I have a disease or something,
but what is it?
It's hard to explain.
That thing that attacked you,
it left a little bit of
itself inside of you.
That's what's causing this to happen.
But what is happening?
You're turning into it,
and you don't have much time.
It, what the hell is it?
I don't know exactly.
I've never seen it.
Fuckin' knew it.
You don't know shit about this!
I know right now
everyone around you
is in danger.
In danger of what, me?
Is this thing contagious?
It's very contagious,
and almost always fatal.
Just because you survived
doesn't mean you're lucky.
You need to isolate
yourself from everyone.
You won't have any control
left when it peaks.
That's why ya have to plan for it.
But how the fuck
do you plan for a disease?
It peaks every 28 days.
It's on a lunar cycle.
You feel it start to take hold
for a couple of weeks,
and then it blows up on days
when there's a full moon.
Wait, you're tellin' me
that I'm turnin' into
a werewolf, is that it?
I suppose you could call it that.
Ah, you gotta be shittin' me, man.
You really had me goin' there.
Dean, if you don't lock yourself up,
you're gonna kill someone.
It's not gonna be pretty.
You're serious, aren't you?
I can help.
Oh, man, you're the one
who needs help, buddy.
Do you even realize how
batshit that sounds?
Dean, if you're not gonna give yourself,
at least send your mother away.
Oh, you're good, send me mother away.
Can we put her on a rocket ship to Mars
while I turn into a werewolf?
When you change, you're not gonna stop
until you eat something
that smells good to you,
and that's gonna be the
first person you see.
There are a lot of good retirement
communities in the city.
You know, you really are
out of your fuckin' mind.
You just stay the hell
away from us, understand?
Dean, I'm just...
If I see you again,
I'm gonna kick your ass.
No one's heard from Shari
in almost a week, Karla,
and your name keeps comin' up
in conversation, a lot.
Now, I heard you threatened
her after your husband left.
I didn't threaten her.
All I did was call and
ask if Frank was with her.
She's the one that got all angry.
How do you mean?
Look, I'm not the only one the bastard
skipped out on.
The only difference is,
she's got other guys
to fall back on.
Can you give me some names?
Grab a phone book, Sheriff.
Karla, I need to know of
everyone she's been seein'.
Well, let's see.
There's, uh, Pete at the hardware store.
The grill cook from the Dockside.
What's his name?
Rob, I think.
Uh, oh, your new pet Joey.
And that guy with the weird
bald spot on his head.
You know, the one over on Mayland.
And that's it?
I don't know.
I heard she was hitting on Ryan Darby
over the 4th of July weekend.
Oh, wait, and there was that guy
that she's been seeing
in my AA meeting, too.
Well, uh, what's his name?
I don't know.
I mean, it's anonymous.
I'm just sayin'.
She's probably fuckin' the guy
that's rentin' her mom's place, too.
If you think of anyone else,
just give me a call, please.
And I'm gonna need your new address
after you get moved.
I'll, uh, be stayin' at the Reserve
until somethin' better comes along.
At the campgrounds?
Yeah, my old man's a ranger up there.
He's got her set up in
one of our best cabins.
Cheaper than a hotel with, uh,
out all the luxury.
You're runnin' out of time, Dean.
Just look at the moon tonight.
Get the fuck outta here.
I told you, I'm not listening to anymore
of your howling at the moon bullshit.
The virus runs
on a 28-day cycle,
so the moon is a good gauge,
give or take a day.
It's quite natural, given
a woman's cycle is 28 days.
Not to mention...
You don't know when to quit, do you?
I've got a place you can go.
I can help you get through this.
Do you even realize how
fucked up that sounds?
At least get
your mother outta here.
Not happening.
Now get the hell outta here.
I'm not warning you again!
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Just get out of here,
you fuckin' psycho.
Can I do something for you, Officer?
I just wanted to make
sure you got home all right.
I hear there are monsters lurking about.
Where are you going, Kyle Reading?
Or is it Jackson Verrel?
Naw, it couldn't be Jackson Verrel.
He's been dead for the last two years.
Maybe it's Daniel Yates,
wanted for murder in Ohio.
Or, who is that?
Bryan Ospen?
Broke out of jail after
keepin' a young lady
trapped in his basement.
You're a difficult son of
a bitch to keep track of,
but you know what?
Lucky thing I got a buddy in Tampa
who's a pro at lifting prints.
You know,
Shari told me that you
said you were a family man.
I don't seem to see any
kids around here with you.
I had a family.
Oh, I'm sure you did.
Or maybe it was Vince Edgemont.
Dead family.
Yeah, well, I'm guessin' that you
probably told her that
just to keep that slut
out of your way here.
Don't you worry,
she won't be bothering you anymore.
I just called the sheriff.
He's on his way here now.
No, you didn't.
You don't wanna spend any time
waitin' in our comfy
little holding cell.
I didn't kill her.
Oh, I'm sure you did not.
But you know what?
Who do you think ole
Boris is gonna listen to?
His trusty sidekick,
or some
name-changing wacko fugitive
with werewolves on the brain.
What do you want?
What do I want?
I just wanna have a little
fun, you know?
Yeah, I
kinda screwed up last
month a little bit,
thought I was gonna have to transfer.
But, you know, can you
imagine how happy I am
to find someone like you
who I can just pin everything on.
Now look,
if you wanna take a swing at me.
Tell you what,
you stick around as long as you need to
to finish up that little
bear attack story.
I promise you, though,
everything's going to go right
back to normal around here.
Just as soon as you leave.
Mail's in, Ma.
Thank you.
Would you please call
in the prescription
for my sleeping pills?
I only have a few left.
Yeah, sure.
You might wanna think about taking some
tonight, too.
You look like a raccoon with
those bags under your eyes.
Dean, what's this all about?
Dean, what the hell is this?
I found that in this!
Do you think you can kick
me out of my own home?
No, Ma, I don't even know what...
Don't you pull that
innocence crap on me.
You think you can ship me off
and move that woman in here.
You think that that tramp
that you've been sneakin'
off to see at night
is gonna take care of you?
Huh, she can't even keep her own house,
which costs a hell of
a lot less to maintain
than this house, boy.
Stop it, Ma.
I'm warning you.
You're warning me?
I am warning you.
I have had it up to here
with your slummin' around
and your drinkin'!
If you think you're gonna ship me off
to some godforsaken nursing home.
Shut up, you stupid bitch!
I haven't had a drink
in three fucking days!
Just leave me alone, Ma.
Dean, what is wrong with you?
It's just the DTs, Ma.
Don't worry about it.
I wish I knew more,
but, honestly, I haven't seen
her since that first day.
I'm sorry to keep
pesterin' you all the time.
I, I know you're busy with
your research and all.
No problem, really, Sheriff.
I'm glad you called.
Seems like the whole
town's been goin' crazy
ever since that kid got killed.
I mean, Frank's ran off on his wife,
and now it looks like
Shari's ran off, too.
To top it off, I got a phone call
from Kimberly Clout
tellin' me that Dean went
and beat up his mother
the other day.
Is Mrs. Clout all right?
Yeah, she's okay.
Always been a tough little lady.
Of course, she won't press charges,
and now I'm startin' to think
Officer Ambrose is
hittin' the bottle, too.
It's just been a madhouse around here.
Do you wanna sit down, Sheriff?
I don't mean to be
unloadin' all this on ya.
Need to get back over to the station,
make sure my secretary
hasn't ran off, too.
Must be hard bein' a sheriff
in such a small town, huh?
You know, for 28 years,
it's been a piece of cake.
Hell, people don't ever lock
their doors around here.
I guess it all had to catch up sometime.
What the fuck?
You just don't know when
to fucking quit, do you?
Do you know what someone goes through
when they're being eaten alive?
No, not this shit again.
They feel everything.
piercing their flesh
and over again.
Some doctors say they go
into shock after a minute,
but they can still hear
their bones breaking.
They can still smell the
blood, piss, and shit
as it pours out of them.
Leave me the fuck alone.
I don't want your
mother to go through that.
Do you?
I will beat the living shit out of you
if you don't get off
my property right now.
I just wanted you to know that.
I'm sorry.
It's best you go this way.
Hey, Sheriff, where we goin'?
Her bedroom's back there.
All right.
I'm really sorry
for your loss, Dean.
Louise was a good woman.
I should've been here.
Maybe I would've heard her calling.
You couldn't have know.
She died in her sleep.
Where were you last night, Dean?
Are you actually
accusing me of something?
No, no, no, no.
I'm just sayin' a man
who beats up on his mama,
goes out in the middle of the night
same night she died,
sounds a little fishy, that's all.
Look, I don't think Dean
had anything to do with this.
Things like this happen.
It's nobody's fault.
I just went for a fucking
drive to clear my head!
I haven't been sleeping well, okay?
Can I speak to you for a minute?
It's okay, Dean, it's okay.
Is that keepin' ya up at night,
tryin' to figure out
who you wanna hurt next?
I just gave up drinking, okay?
Hasn't exactly been easy for me.
Dean, they're gettin'
ready to take her out now.
You want me to call your sister?
Thank you.
All right.
Officer Ambrose.
You can go ahead and head on it,
and, uh, I'll take it form here.
All right.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Let me in!
What is wrong with you?
Leaving so soon?
Officer Ambrose.
I just wanted to let you know
that Kimberly Clout was in town
to bury her mother.
You know, since you been payin'
such close attention to Dean.
What's that to me?
Oh, I thought you'd wanna off her, too.
You know, to keep her brother
from eating her tomorrow night.
I know you're kinda crazy.
You really believe that
werewolf bullshit.
Hey, I was happy to see you
over at the Clout house the other night.
Once the, uh, autopsy report comes in,
we're probably gonna talk to Dean,
but I'm guessin' he'll have a lot to say
about you wantin' to
save poor old Louise
before the full moon.
Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't you bring Kimberly out here.
You and me could both have
some fun with her, huh?
I think her husband doesn't like her.
We could probably pin it on him.
Is Dean here?
Dean doesn't live here anymore.
I kicked his ass out last night
after he gave me this warm welcome.
I'm sorry, but I really
need to talk to him.
Do you know where he went?
Probably to a bar.
Well, when he gets back...
I told him he's never stepping foot
in this house again.
I even had Sheriff McKenny escort him
off the property.
He's not coming back.
Mr. Reading?
It's Kimberly Clout.
Mr. Reading?
Mr. Reading?
Is that you?
Mr. Reading?
Mr. Reading, are you in there?
Mr. Reading?
Are you okay?
Mr. Reading, is everything all right?
Mr. Reading?
Are you all right?
What happened to me?
Just what I told you would happen.
You ate the first thing
that smelled good to you
after you changed.
But I don't remember anything.
I know.
It took me a long time to figure it out.
How did you know?
I'd been sick for a couple of weeks.
I thought it was just the flu.
I woke up with my wife's
arm next to me on the floor.
This can't be happening.
I woke up next to a lot of bodies,
until I saw the pattern.
But I know how to distract it now.
I'm just sorry I didn't
find you in time.
Please help me.
I can't live like this anymore.
No one should have to live like this.
Jenny in there with you?
Come on, you guys were up
all night again, weren't you?
Come on!
It's after two.
Don't move.
Don't move!
Look, I'm gonna get help.
I'm gonna get help.
Come in.
I thought you might like
some fresh towels, Mr. Johnson.
Is there anything else I can do for you?
Thank you, Mrs. Potter,
everything's fine.
I'm very comfortable.
All right.
I'll just set these towels
right there for you, then.
Oh, I see you've been reading
about that crazy woman in Florida.
Crazy woman?
Yeah, it's all over
the news this morning.
She claims that a monster
broke into her cabin,
ate her landlord, and
shot her boyfriend.
Ate her landlord?
Yeah, can you imagine that?
Who knows what kind of
drugs she's been on.
And she looked terrible,
all scratched up and all.
Let me know if I can get you
anything else, Mr. Johnson.
get me the wagon out here.
There are three victims here.
We've got Kimberly Clout,
and Officer Joey
Ambrose is here, too.
And I can't identify
the rest of this body,
but we can presume Mr.
Reading is dead also.
And get the Florida Wildlife
Commission on the phone
and see if they have any idea
how we can bag this
rogue bear we've got.
What the fuck?
Dude, you don't get
naked out in the woods.
There's a, there's a guy
playin' a banjo up there, man.
Good God!
It's a little chilly, isn't it?
We don't play that sort of stuff
here in the woods.
You'll get shot!
It's dangerous out here, man.
Put your clothes on.