Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015) Movie Script

"I have got the treasure of love."
"My guru gave me this invaluable gift."
"I accepted it gratefully."
"I have got the treasure of love."
Here you go son of Dashrath...
...take your bow.
Chaubey sir, a humble request...
...kindly give me a new bow.
This breaks when I pull it...
...then I've to stop the play and glue it.
Who told you to pull it like Lord Rama?
Help boss!
These shoes are tight!
The nails hurt!
Instead of laughing in
the scene they make me cry!
The actor who {flayed Raven before you...
...had a smaller shoe
size. So what can I do?
Inflation is on a rise.
If I had bought new shoes for you
I couldn't have afforded food...
and we would've had to
eat your shoes for dinner.
You also adjust!
Once Prem Dilwala...
...finds out about all this...
...he will "adjust" boss!
We'll begin our play...
...with the scene where...
...Sita is picking flowers in the garden!
Let's have some rocking songs!
Glory to Lord Rama!
Glory to Lord Hanuman!
Glory to all the saints!
Glory to all the devotees!
Glory to Lord Rama!
Some use their hands well...
...while some use their feet.
But I use both well!
Where are you going?
Who narrates Rama's story here?
You, Mr. Prem.
...and what do I do
before I start narrating?
You make a grand entry.
And right before my entry you were
misbehaving, that too with Sita!
Sony my mistake.
Pardon me Lord...
...but if anyone tries to
disrupt your beautiful tale... makes your devotee very angry!
Glory to Lord Hanuman!
"Let there be an uproar
that shocks the neighbor."
"Let us glorify compassion."
"A story of Rama and Sita
and propriety and modesty."
"Teaching the way of love."
"The girl and the guy will both learn."
"The girl and the guy will both learn.."
"..Ram and Sita's unique.."
" story."
We next move on to King Janak's court...
...where Lord Rama is sitting with a smile.
Ravan is proudly... staring at the bow!
And then he arrogantly steps forward!
"Silly is the Ruler of
Lanka to stare at women."
"Silly is the Ruler of
Lanka to stare at women."
"Get your dirty mind off Janaki."
"Be ashamed of your deeds."
"Ravan, you better leave this place."
"Why are you angry?"
"Why are you angry?"
"Ram and Sita's unique.."
" story."
"Meeting between Sita and Rama
was similar to Radha and Shyam."
"Meeting between Sita and Rama
was similar to Radha and Shyam."
"Love is easy to get."
"Love is easy to get."
"Listen Chotu, Bhappu,
Raju, Gopal, and Gappu..."
" too will meet the
princess of your dreams."
"it could be Meena, Rajjo, or Sheela."
"it could be Meena, Rajjo, or Sheela."
"Don't you see it?"
"it's a love story."
Prem Bhaiya (Brother), I still
can't understand why you...
Our town's unrecognized actor...
why are you still talking like a woman?
You're not playing Sita anymore.
You make me so angry!
What is it about Uphaar Foundation...
that once again you're
donating all your earnings to it?
Uphaar Foundation is run by...
...Princess Maithili of Devgarh.
Ma'am, I know that the
Princess is in Delhi these days.
She has a big fashion boutique there.
Very good!
But when is she coming back?
She was here last year...
on Sunday, 20th September at 3:30pm.
She came in her flying chariot. I remember.
I don't know when she's coming here next.
But next week, she's coming to Pritampur!
It's only a day's journey from here.
The Princess is engaged to Vijay
Singh, the Prince of Pritampur.
And next week is the Prince's coronation...
...she will definitely attend that!
Why don't you meet her there?
She won't meet me.
Of course she will.
And when you do meet her...
...give your donation box to her personally.
She'll be really happy.
Why don't you come along
too? For moral support!
I won't go.
I won't...
Who's even asking you?
You're my compulsory companion!
Let's Pritampur...rrrrrrr!
Your Highness, the estate of Pritampur...
...that you'll be inheriting from
the Late King, it's rather expensive.
I've heard it's worth billions.
Should I put it at...
...let me not give it a figure.
It's wow!
How do you feel?
I feel blessed.
Your Prime Minister, Deewan
Saheb, was saying that...
...guests from all over the world
will be attending your coronation.
The entire estate will be decorated...
...and you'll be crowned with pomp and show.
By the way, in today's times...
..."silly" is not the word,
but... I do find it funny.
What do you say?
You think traditions are funny?
No, I...
Is this clown here to waste my time?
Excuse me!
Following our traditions... more important to
me than being the King.
So on that day we'll see
you in royal attire...
...armed with the royal sword, riding
an elephant amongst an army of horses?
That day no one in
Pritampur will need to cook.
Every resident...
...Every resident will be a royal guest.
We'll decorate this palace like a bride.
There'll be fireworks.
Everyone will be chanting one thing...
"Glory to King Vijay Singh!"
Not Vijay Singh..."Glory to Pritampur!"
Get my fencing gear ready for tomorrow.
That was close Ajay. Very good!
Ow, Bhaisaheb (Elder Brother)...
- Bhaisaheb wins!
Happy Holi!
You rascal...!
Well done Princes!
No, is good, sir. No is fine.
You guys were brilliant.
Thank God sir...
Thank God this wasn't a real
competition between you two...
...and just a practice.
Thank you.
Sir, this friendly match...
...will greatly entertain...
...the guests at the coronation.
What do you say?
- Not bad.
Your Highness, Princess Maithili
has sent her confirmation.
She'll be arriving in Pritampur
on Friday by the 2 o'clock train.
We'll have to make security arrangements.
Who will be going to the
station to receive her?
Bhaisaheb first.
Bhaisaheb, I'm going to organize
a bouquet of 1,000 red roses.
Please...take it with a smile.
Tell him.
Superb sir.
Thank you.
I think I'll avoid it.
Because when people see us together...
...they start blessing us oddly.
Your Highness, as per tradition...
...your sisters should
go to receive the Princess.
After mom passed away, whenever
I missed her as a child...
...father used to say...
'You're not alone Vijay,
you have two more mothers...'
'...Ajay's mother..'
'...Chandrika and Radhika's mother.'
'You're very fortunate to
have such a big family.'
We're all living separately,
aloof from each other.
Because of our common activities,
I sometimes speak to Ajay.
But my sisters...
...I wonder what they have against me.
The King wanted you to
keep the family united.
I did what I could...
...but if my sisters don't respond,
then I can't go any further!
When family members fall apart... takes almost a lifetime
to bring them together.
But should we stop trying?
Let's try again.
I'll inform Chandrika and Radhika...
...that the Prince is
coming to meet them tomorrow.
We'll go in the same royal carriage... which you played together as children.
We'll request them... receive their would-be
sister-in-law at the station.
Have a seat, I'll call her.
- Mr. Bhandari, you? Here?
Princess Chandrika called me.
As the royal family's lawyer she wants
me to understand why you're here...
...and then she'll meet you.
She'll meet you...
It's not what you think Mr. Bhandari.
A brother's here to
meet his younger sisters.
It's a bit personal.
I'll meet her myself.
Whatever we discuss will
be in front of the lawyer.
Your Highness!
Chandrika! Chandri...
Your Highness!
Chuttan, let's go!
I went there as per your advice
Deewan Saheb, and that was my mistake.
If this is what family's like,
then every one's better-off alone!
We've arrived in Pritampur!
No we haven't reached Pritampur yet...
...there's a 30 minute halt to
eat food or use the washroom.
30 minutes?
- Go on! Get it over with.
Does anyone want to use the washroom?
- No!
No, right? Driver, let's
be on our way...quickly.
What's the hurry?
Will you find your bride there?
Not a bride, a Goddess... to
whom he'll make an offering.
Taunting tone but the right answer.
Son, won't you buy fruits and
flowers to honour the Goddess?
"My heart beats fast."
"My heart is racing."
"I have to meet her today."
"I have to meet her today."
"Let me take a gift for
her. Let me thank her."
"Let me take snacks and sweets."
"I have to meet her today."
So many medicines? ls someone really unwell?
"She's a princess, beautiful,
smart and of a respectable family."
"it's difficult to choose
a token of my love."
"She's a princess, beautiful,
smart and of a respectable family."
"it's difficult to choose
a token of my love."
"Let me buy various kinds of snacks."
"Something spicy and
something bitter and sour."
"I have to meet her today."
"My heart beats fast."
"My heart is racing."
"My heart beats fast."
Only one watermelon for the Princess?
Is someone else also buying
the entire market like us?
Yes...the rest of the watermelons
have been bought by that gentleman...
...he's the head security officer
of the Pritampur royal family.
No I don't want anything.
Thank you sir.
Have some guava, really sweet.
Sorry sir. I didn't have
any other way to impress you.
Please, arrange a small
meeting with the Princess.
We've come from really far...
...facing many difficulties
to meet Princess Maithili.
Sir, just a brief meeting.
Yes, of course. I'll
arrange a meeting for you.
We Pritampur dwellers take
good care of our guests.
In the car?
I'll get our luggage...
Bhaiji (Sir)... I love you, Bhaiji!
Even Kanhaiya has never loved me so much.
So Bhaiji what can we show you?
The plays of Chota Bheem, Bal Hanuman...
...or the Ladies'
Special... Jai Santoshi Maa! you have a CD or something?
- Yes, of course.
We do have a CD.
- We do have a CD.
We'll show him the best about this?
No...l had a viral during the performance.
This is our interpretation of
Vrindavan's 'Raas-Leela' for you.
I'm not interested.
No, Bhaiyaji, you'll have to watch it.
For the sake of your mother...
for the sake of your cow!
For the sake of the
milkman that milks the cow!
What a view!
The Maharaja must have had great vision!
This is our royal fort.
Take a seat and I'll arrange for your stay.
Yes we'll sit.
Sir will we get an attached bathroom?
No it's okay. There are fields
and's natural.
All we need is cold water for bathing... keeps the body contract and strong.
And hot water for drinking.
- For voice and bowel movement...
You'll get 24 hours room service too.
Love you Bhaiji.
- Sir how about a demonstration?
"Radha said..."
No I don't want to see
anything. I've some work.
I'll be right back.
No problem, you go freshen up.
We'll recreate Vrindavan for you right here.
- Not now. Give the packet.
Doctor if you need any other
equipment or anything else...'ll be arranged immediately.
Nothing should happen to the Prince.
Only a handful of us are
left of the Late King's...
trustworthy people.
The future of this
family lies in your hands.
You arrived at the accident
spot at the right time...
...thus he survived.
Otherwise such a fatal attack!
His survival is the result
of everyone's prayers.
Why didn't we take him to
the hospital, with security?
When our dear ones cross
all limits of humanity...
...then no security can do anything.
When's the coronation?
In four days.
The King decided this date...
...according to astrology, on his death bed.
It can be inauspicious to postpone it.
Doctor it's a case of cerebral
concussion with cerebral edema.
These wounds on his body will heal soon.
But he's suffered internal head injuries.
But don't worry...
...there are signs of recovery.
Thank you doctor.
No one should know that the
Prince has been kept here.
"Let's go give Radha a visit."
"Let's go give Radha a visit."
"Let's go color Radha."
"Delicate little Radha is shy of Kanha."
"Lets the lover only a
glimpse of her beauty."
"A shiver runs up her spine."
"Let's go."
"Let's go give Radha a visit."
"Let's go."
Sir, you've always said that
God helps those in great trouble.
"Kisna has taken a liking to
your fair complexion, Radha."
"He wonders how to color you during Holi."
"Let's go."
What are you trying to say?
Sir the Prince survived this time...
...but we still don't know
who's behind this fatal attack.
If he can attack once, he can attack again.
The Prince can only remain safe here,
when there's another Prince out there!
Is this the time to joke?
Send those two clowns back immediately!
Yes Your Majesty?
Deewan Saheb, Maithili
and I've been trying... call the Prince since a
while, but his phone's switched off.
Maybe he's busy.
We've received the Princess' schedule...
...we'll all be there to receive her.
Congratulations to all of you!
Thank you.
Guests will be arriving
from all over the world...
...along with national
and international media.
What will we tell the Princess
and these people about the Prince?
And how?
Prem Bhaiya?
Did you ever hear that the King visited our place?
- No.
Did mom ever visit this kingdom?
- No.
It's all mom's fault... he could
have been your brother today!
It's just a coincidence that
you two look alike. Nothing more.
I've heard that you're a very good actor.
Are you hesitating?
Bapu (Uncle)...if we decide to imitate
you, even your wife will get confused.
The point is that he wants me to
pose as the Princess' fianc...
...for four days!
And four days also include four
nights! What are you talking Bapu?
He'll wake up right?
Or then Prem Bhaiya and she
might end up getting married.
Shut up!
Don't you understand the
gravity of the situation?
It's a matter of the
Prince's life and death.
Bapu we refuse to deceive our Princess.
Bapu has no maturity. Let's go!
You're not deceiving her.
In fact you're protecting her fianc!
What if the Princess'
fianc is attacked again?
What will she go through?
How much money will you charge?
Immature Bapu!
This is our Princess' future home.
It's a matter of our pride and honour!
There's no question of money!
Keep a straight face! Sit straight!
When you have Dashrath's experience...
...why are you getting
impatient like young Laxman?
Let young India work too.
Don't you dare touch anything
of the royal household.
You've a role to play here as well...
...your role is of a senior photographer.
Who's come here for the coronation.
You've been trying to create a book...
...of all the royal
family pictures since 1970.
The beard is fine, so are the clothes.
But you haven't thought of a name yet.
You're such a useless writer.
It's the height of naivety. If Masoorie
uncle was alive, he would've slapped you.
But I'll think of something.
I found a name!
Naadaan Masoorie.
I told you I'll think of something.
I've got it. Naadaan Masoorie!
Why aren't you wearing your shoes?
Put them on me.
I'm not allowed to touch anything
of the royal household, right?
- Leave me!
Bapu! There should be
some give and take in life.
If you've given me the Prince's role,
give me the freedom to live like him.
Get that blue book from the book shelf.
Oh come on Bapu is this a job for a Prince?
Here's your book.
What the...
Have a look Masoorie...
Listen carefully!
When you pull the blue book out... opens this secret door
into the Prince's office.
One of us will be here 24 hours a day.
If there's any emergency,
come inside immediately.
Follow me!
I said, follow me!
Now you'll be shown a DVD of the Prince.
Observe his style and the way he speaks.
Look Masoorie, all our
dreams have come true.
Sir, let them eat something first.
They can do anything
while watching the video.
'I'm so happy you guys are here!'
'Love you guys! Thank you!'
Due to weak digestion...
...the Prince eats only boiled food.
What's the point of being a Prince if
he eats only green freak!
He's like a goat!
From tomorrow you'll get only boiled food.
" Shut up!
- Shut...
' "n!
(Speaks French)
The Prince speaks many languages.
He speaks French, Italian
and German fluently.
- Well said!
You don't need to overact for this.
- Overact?
We'll declare that the Prince is observing
a vow of silence for the next four days.
These are the Prince's step-sisters...
...Princess Chandrika...
...Princess Radhika.
This is that driver Chuttan who took
the royal carriage to the mountains.
The day we lay our hands on him...
...we'll prove that this conspiracy
was planned by these people.
The Prince's step-brother, Ajay Singh.
The Prince's secretary, Sameera.
The Prince's distant relative...
...and the estate's CEO,
the cunning Chirag Singh.
Bhaisaheb's flag is still up.
This means he's still alive.
Don't worry sir.
We'll soon find out where
Deewan Saheb has hidden him.
And anyway, after falling
from such a height...
...he's probably even
having difficulty breathing.
This beautiful lady from
the 1940s is now yours.
And for the one who told me...
...that Bhaisaheb is going to meet
the sisters without any security.
For her...this evergreen girl.
Thank you sir!
You've a big heart, sir...very big.
You've done the big thing by
planning this accident, Chirag.
You've liberated me.
You're lucky you don't
have an elder brother... whom you're always compared.
And papa passed away...
...but decided that his elder
son will pass all my bills.
Only then can I survive.
And what did the elder son do?
He rejected every bill, like
one does with contractors!
Today for the first time
I have given something
...without his permission.
Sir, if the younger prince finds out...
...that his elder brother
passed all his bills...
...and it was you...?
Sameera, these Kings don't have time... check every cheque book and voucher.
That's our job.
We can shake the very
foundation of these palaces.
And this is just the beginning of my plan...
...and your gifts, Sameera.
Let's take a nice picture of you...
...come on!
- Okay.
Yes, sir.
Bhaisaheb has ordered to make arrangements
to welcome the Princess tomorrow.
He's personally going to the
station tomorrow to receive her.
How's it possible? Huh?
The Prince will be here soon.
I'll find out everything
and inform you Chirag sir.
Sameera. -Yeah?
I want to introduce you to a special guest.
- Oh! Yes, yes!
- Please.
Sameera, the Prince's orders are...
...that you'll look after Mr.
Masoorie until the coronation.
His travel arrangements, comfortable
stay...that's your responsibility.
But the Prince didn't tell me anything.
He told tell you.
Sameera...a camera stand
for Mr. Masoorie, please.
Right away.
Of course.
Why are you involving me with this girl?
Don't you see I've immersed in my character?
Look, don't let Sameera
anywhere near Prem Dilwala.
What if she gets suspicious?
Consider this a part of your role.
- This? How?
You've heard of love?
- Hmmm.
That's what you feel for her.
You've fit this angle of
love nicely in this story.
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
The Princess is arriving. Concentrate!
I know.
Do Bapu and Mrs. Bapu always
fight? He's always sullen.
He isn't married.
You mean virgin Bapu!
You're observing a vow of
silence, keep your mouth shut!
Give this to the Princess.
The Princess!
"I wonder what I would say when I meet her."
"I might say that I look up to her."
"I wonder what I would say when I meet her."
"I might say that I look up to her."
Long live the Princess!
Give the flowers.
Not to me, to the Princess!
I hope you had a comfortable journey.
Yes...thank you.
How are you?
All okay.
How's grandma?
She's fine.
In fact she also wanted to come...
...but couldn't due to her knee problem.
She sends her love.
The Prince is observing a
vow of silence for a few days.
Vow of silence?
He says that people observe a
vow of silence for inner peace.
He has his own ways!
By the way, the Prince is allowed to hum.
We've made arrangements for your
stay at the royal guest house...
...but before that you'll have
lunch with the Prince at the palace.
Serve properly, there
shouldn't be any mistakes.
And the Prince shouldn't
break his vow of silence.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but I can't take this any longer.
I've been a self-confident
girl all my life.
But for the first time
I'm losing my bearings.
I need to know where I'm going wrong.
Your Highness, we've been
engaged for five months...
and we've hardly communicated
more than five times!
I know you're not ready for this marriage...
...and you couldn't go
against the Late King's orders.
You're already burdened with
a lot of responsibilities...
...and you don't want to add another one.
Especially, when there's already
so much tension in the family.
I understand that those who
are independent-minded...
...don't like to be bossed around.
But is this fair?
If we want to spend our lives
together, we can't live like strangers.
I can't live in fear, not knowing
when you'll get angry or yell at me.
I always wanted people around us... that a scene isn't created.
I don't even know you.
Your Highness...
...if you're not happy, then
we can go our separate ways.
I'm happy in Delhi.
Uphaar Foundation and
my business keep me busy.
I'll make grandma understand, no problem.
I didn't even know that you're
observing a vow of silence.
I'm sorry.
But it's your mistake
...and you'll agree with me.
You never expressed your feelings to me.
Because if you had, then
I would've listened...
...and if I'd listened, I
would've appreciated it...
...and understood. do I make up for this?
Will you finish this, or should I
order a special watermelon for you?
What about your vow of
silence for inner peace?
Vow of silence!
You see...a great scholar
Baba Prem told me...
...that until you don't spread
happiness in the world... can't attain inner peace.
You want to know my secrets?
My highs, my lows...
H-m'! PS. my downs'?
Give me a minute.
What's wrong, your Highness?
You took a vow of silence!
I decided to break it.
Does not matter.
We need to show the Princess
"those-those" places...
...where I spent my childhood.
Please make the arrangements.
Move it!
Move it?
The Prince studied in
this school till 8th grade.
This school was built in 1907.
It's architecture was believed
to be very modern in those days.
There was an All-India Kabbadi
Competition held here in 1921.
The All-Asian Hockey Tournament
was held here in 1945.
There was a Literary Conference in 1960.
These arches are world
famous! You won't find these...
Let me tell you a world
famous story from 3rd grade.
I used to trick my teacher,
bunk school...and bathe here...
Deewan Saheb, is this true?
Deewan Saheb himself was my swimming coach.
He taught me freestyle,
butterfly and breast stroke.
Say yes, or else I'll
tell her that you also...
...used to bathe here with me...naked!
Those were the days.
Today's a better day.
Come Deewan Saheb let's show
the Princess our diving point.
No, no...
What are you looking there for Sweetie?
I'm the one worth looking at.
What do you want?
A blue car?
What is happening, Chirag?
Sameera isn't able to report
anything, and you're quiet as well.
I understand that even
after such a great fall...
...Bhaisaheb survived medically.
But, receiving the Princess
personally at the station...
...and now giving her
a tour of the estate...
This can't be Bhaisaheb!
Something's definitely wrong, sir.
Very wrong!
How are you doing,
Bhabhi (Sister-in-law)?
Welcome to your future home.
Hi Ajay, how are you?
Bapu...what's with the kisses?
- They're saying hello.
What are you doing?
- Hello!
By the way, I can't believe it!
He's giving you a tour of
the estate... how romantic!
He's won so many polo
tournaments in this club.
Hey, wait a minute!
Bhabhi, I'm sure you
remember the tournament...
...that Bhaisaheb played
on your engagement day?
Anyways I'll leave the two
love-birds alone...okay?
Okay, Bhaisaheb.
- Okay. And over here...
Bapu, what was he trying
to instigate? Scoundrel!
You and your "those
- those" places!
You had invited all your
friends to meet me that day.
We were all joking...
...and I said that you'd look
better without your moustache.
I don't know what made you so angry
that you left me alone and came here.
No, no...don't cry.
Actually...that was my
style of expressing love.
You love me?
...very much.
But I don't know how to express it.
Let's go... for a romantic walk?
- Laxman!
Come here!
Quickly quickly!
Like the wind!
Diary! Pen!
Where are you two from?
Silly boys...sit here...
...and turn around.
Before we go any further...
...list all your complaints now.
Moustache, shirt, tie,
pant, underwear, vest...
...don't leave anything out.
Open your heart.
But don't make me write
that I don't love you.
"You come closer whenever you want."
"You go away whenever you want."
Oh God!
"You come closer whenever you want."
"You go away whenever you want."
"You always do as you please."
"Yet you say you love me."
"I accept my mistake and my misbehavior."
"Love makes me do crazy things."
"We break up and patch
up as per your wishes."
"We meet whenever you wish."
"You always do as you please."
"What kind of a lover are you?"
Wow! You look like a father of nine.
Now you like a father of none!
Sony I made you wait.
Romance, Deewan Saheb. Romance.
You won't understand the
romance of young India.
The Princess didn't like my
moustache, so I shaved it off.
Princess, do you not like my
nose? Should I cut that off too?
What do you say Deewan Saheb?
You can cut anyone's nose any time sir.
Of course.
About turn.
This is the temple...
...where the Prince's first
birthday was celebrated.
The foundation of this
temple was laid in 1953... the Chief Minister himself.
Many Union Cabinet ministers
graced the occasion as well.
The place was packed.
Flowers were being showered
from one entrance to the other.
Hey! Come here.
I said stop!
Bapu, stop your preaching.
As soon as you start the
geography of some place... reminds her of her history,
and I've to pull out this diary.
You'll tell the Princes only
what I tell you. Understand?
Okay Bap"-
From your own experiences with ladies...
...tell me how do I cajole this lady?
Waiting Bapu.
Bapu, you've zero experience with ladies.
Your wisdom is incomplete...Virgin Bapu!
I'll tell the world that
you're a Virgin Bapu!
You haven't seen this
lamp decoration before...
...recently we've been
doing it every evening.
The Late King would enjoy poetry
in the light of these lamps.
He used to spend quality
time with the Queen here. sweet.
- What?
Quality time out here? Weren't
there enough rooms in the palace?
Keep quiet!
But Bapu...
- Now shut up!
That night I had arranged a
special barbeque for you there.
It took me three hours... get ready in your
favourite short dress.
And only because we promised each other...
...that we wouldn't fight that evening.
We'd only talk about love.
And you...
And l...?
'So what if I took you in
my arms? What else is love?'
Isn't this what you said?
We couldn't discuss our
future or our feelings.
If only you understood
what a girl really wants.
That was our last fight
and also our last meeting.
Prince, you didn't leave any stone unturned?
You're messing up everything!
Quality time before marriage?
Now it's confirmed that
the Prince is a rascal!
"I still have to learn
the finer nuances of love."
"Teach me if you have the time."
"Teach me how to impress
a lover with sweet talk."
"Teach me how to make her give up anger."
"You make mistakes and act innocent."
"Stop these tricks."
"Don't try to impress me.
- Don't make things worse."
"Don't even try to patch up with me."
"You can make the evening lovely."
"You can make the night beautiful."
"I accept whatever punishment you give me."
"Just give me smile."
Spit it out!
Spit it out!
I said spit it out!
Camel, return my diary!
Give it back, you won't
be able to digest it!
You'll get diarrhoea.
Brother Camel! Brother Camel!
I beg of you, Brother Camel.
I touch your feet, Brother Camel.
Brother Camel. I will even
kiss you, Brother Camel.
I'll take this one...pack this.
Oh Bhaiji...
I have to eat boiled food because
of the Prince's weak digestion.
On top of that I have to lie 25,000 times.
As soon as your Prince wakes up from coma...
...I'll put a full stop to all this.
And I'll ask for a cheque of
Rs.25,000 for Uphaar Foundation.
Is that less?
Come in. Come in. Come in.
What are you eating?
Well, I won't lie to you.
The doctor has forced
me to eat boiled food...
...but sometimes I eat what I like.
But your weak digestion?'s all in the mind!
Hold this.
Where are you going?
I'm thirsty, going to drink water.
- Here, I have water.
Not from a bottle like a baby.
Like a kid, with kids, full of life!
Kids, now I'll help you
drink water. Come on!
Here you go!
Drink up!
Enough, now my turn!
What's all this?
Fix your tie. Let's go home.
Hi, Chandrika!
I'm coming there!
Where've you been?
Radhika, you're looking so different.
So grown up, so cute.
You'll live a long life.
I bought this silver bracelet today,
just like those we wore in school.
Give me your hand.
Listen Chandrika...
- Let's go!
Princess Maithili and Princess Chandrika...
...used to study together
in boarding school.
They were very good friends.
They were called the Royal Fairies.
But ever since Maithili
got engaged to our Prince...
...Chandrika broke all ties with her.
The elder sister has a lot of self
- respect...
...she heads the accounts
department of a small school.
Both sisters live in a rented
house with basic amenities.
Radhika, open the door!
It must be the mechanic
with the serviced fridge.
Good morning, Radhika!
Your Santa Claus brother
with the big heart...
...has brought you a new TV, new
fridge, new washing machine
...and in bonus has also brought a
microwave, a kettle and a football.
Your big brother's also
brought two big beds...
...and two queen size mattresses
for my two Princess sisters.
Come on, unload everything.
And give me that.
And as bonus, I've brought
this key and that car.
Please accept all my gifts.
And Chanda, let's just bury the past!
Of course.
But before that can we
talk in private. Please?
So what's your offer?
There's no offer, I just brought some gifts.
...a request. Keep this.
From one royal fairy to
the other...a gift of love.
By taking these you want us to
accept that you've won and we've lost?
There's no winning or
losing amongst siblings.
What relationships is he
talking about Mr. Bhandari?
Which anyone can buy in the market?
Where one starts a relationship
only for his advantage!
Please ask him Uncle...
...what does the Queen's son want...
...from the King's mistress' daughters?
And if you're here to show
your greatness and generosity...
...then pardon me, but we
don't need your favours.
Take everything back!
Didn't you hear me?
And if it's against the future King's
honour to take these things back...
...then it's perfectly alright.
We have no such honour to lose
by throwing these things out.
Come Radhika!
Hey, put that in the centre!
And reflect this light in that direction...
...the poor girls are melting
like ice-cream in the sun.
One minute...
...girls...shake your waists.
You'll be on the front
page of my book, wonderful!
You're taking a still picture,
right? So why should I shake?
Don't try to teach me!
Click fast!
Sameera, what's happening?
Sir I'm busy with this uncle.
And where are you Chirag?
I'm outside the palace sir.
Getting cars ready for the guests.
Oh, I see.
And I'm ready for my sherwani trial...
that I'm wearing for the coronation.
The coronation is
tomorrow! What are we doing?
There are still 24 hours
left for the coronation sir.
And I'm keeping my eye on every single
thing, and on every single person!
Go carefully Chaudhary.
And feed the Prince with care.
Yes sir.
Is this the time to sleep?
I wasn't sleeping I was thinking...
...these royal men wear such tight clothes.
Bapu, what if someone has to go to the washroom?
- Hey!
It's confirmed, now I know!
I don't like jokes all the time.
Lower your feet, stand up!
Yes devil...l mean Deewan!
You created such a big scene at
the sisters' house yesterday...
...thankfully everything
remained within their home.
Today's function is at the
garden close to their house.
Nothing should go wrong, understand?
Bapu, the sisters' mother was not a Queen?
None of your business!
They aren't your sisters!
Yes Sanjay.
Princess Maithili is waiting for you... the Prince's personal suite.
Remember, the Princess isn't yours either!
Bapu's lost it. Totally mad.
I'm waiting.
Get well soon, Prince...
Bapu's making my life miserable.
Oh drat!
Beautiful lady, there's
still some time for this!
Another secret...a secret passage!
That goes from one heart to the other?
I've brought food from Haldiram's shop.
Your doctors will be at the party so
they won't let you eat fast!
Did you come specially for this?
I also wanted to say sorry...
...for all the complaints
that I made you write.
I've realized what true love is.
The Prince went to his sisters'
house to make amends, for my sake.
If that isn't true love,
then what else is it?
Your coronation functions start today.
Will you find a better hostess
than me... to make them memorable?
Pardon me, Princess...
we called you and the Prince
here before the guests arrived.
Actually, we needed to discuss
today's program with the Prince.
That's okay Deewan Saheb...
I also wanted to check...
...whether the flower
arrangement in the banquet area... as we decided earlier. Excuse me!
Hold on.
- Yes, Bapu?
Take this.
- Oh a book?
The "History of Our Kings".
Your speech today will be in pure Hindi.
- Huh?
Yes, memorize it.
Today's protocol, first your speech...
...followed by classical music...
...after that classical dance...
...and then finally lunch!
Oh...lunch Bapu.
Boiled for you.
' Yes!
If I were the same old Maithili...
...then I definitely would
have misspelled your name.
Jiji (Sister)! I'm going to
school for football practice.
No, we won't step out of the house today.
Why should we stay at home
because of the Prince's function?
No arguments Radhika! I
don't want anyone to think...
...that we're a part of
their happiness in any way.
Come help me.
It's okay I'll redo it.
- No, no.
Today my football loving sister
will decorate this with you.
If I don't make her your
assistant in this function...
...then my name isn't...
...the name you're writing so lovingly.
But for this, I need your permission.
I want to forget that I'm a King's son.
I want to pretend that I'm a villager,
for the betterment of the family.
Please help!
- Permission granted.
Then you'll also have to play along.
- Play along?
Imagine that we're enacting the
play of Ram-Leela, and you...?
Sita will do exactly...
what Lord Rama wishes.
A warm welcome to everyone.
And now our future King...
...will address all of you with a few words.
I request His Majesty...
Ladies and Gentlemen!
As always, it's time to...
...give a long speech in pure Hindi...
...the length and breadth of which...
...can bore you, put you to
sleep, and make you run away.
This ground has a history...
...that long ago people played
"Padh Kanduk" (Football)...
So for the satisfaction of
our ancestors' spirits...
...can we play football again, why not?
Sony sir...
Sir! Did you get cold feet at
the thought of playing football?
Where's your youthful energy?
Your Highness, you just
challenged a Punjabi.
I haven't lost my youth or my game.
You let it be.
I see...
Then come on friends, let's
show them what we can do.
Let's go get them!
Buckle up, friends!
- Let's go!
Come on my heroes!
Sir, one minute!
Another hero!
Poor hero.
Dear ladies...while the
gentlemen play football... can chatter and gossip.
Excuse me!
What do you mean 'chatter and gossip'?
We'll play too.
Look who's asking for the moon!
Pardon me Princess, playing
football isn't your cup of tea.
Your place is in the
kitchen cutting vegetables...
Hey, what nonsense! We can also play!
Ma'am, why're you sitting
shy like a new bride?
Do you want to spend your life in the
kitchen, or prove something to them?
You're challenging a Punjabi woman?
Enough of cooking and cleaning.
All day, just 'open the
door... close the door... the door...close the door!'
The time has come to show...
...what girls can do on the playing field.
So let's rock girls and kick some ball!
Let's get on the field!
Excuse me, excuse me! You're all mistaken!
Sorry, Deewan Saheb, we
can't take you in our team...
...our team's full! We
give you to the girl's team!
Take him away!
- What joke is this?
Deewan Saheb how do we play this game?
- I don't know.
You just need to kick the ball.
They don't remember birthdays,
anniversaries, or love!
Sir, goalkeeper.
- Yes.
Masoorie uncle...backward.
- No, no, forward.
Referee...full on cheating, or else...
How was my acting?
I couldn't take my eyes off you.
She's watching too.
Today can I also forget that I'm a Princess?
And pretend that I'm a village
girl... who loves a village boy!
"Come here, you carefree girl."
"You have become quarrelsome."
"Rude and arrogant is your behaviour."
"Let's fight it off."
"Let's fight it off."
"You want a fight and you'll get it."
"Give it your best shot."
"Let's fight it off."
"Let's fight it off."
Referee foul! Foul! This is not fair!
Radhika go wash and dry these clothes.
- Jiji
Sister, one goal.
"Your eyes cast a spell on me."
"Do not stare at me."
"Your eyes cast a spell on me."
"Do not stare at me."
"Scared you are to look into my
eyes. What kind of a man are you?"
"How will you make me yours?"
"Let's fight it off."
"Let's fight it off."
- Good news sir!
What are you doing?
Go away!
Oh come on!
Let's go!
Start packing Radhika. We won't stay
in this estate for another minute.
Hurry up Radhika!
Do sisters leave their
families before marriage?
Please stop your fake
filmy dialogue and gestures!
Do you really care about us?
Do you actually know what we're
going through and what we want?
What do you want?
We want the palace you
live in! Will you give it?
The same palace where your
mother lived with the King...
...but the doors were
always closed for our mother.
All her life our mother
shed tears in this house...
...while the King had one celebration
after the other over there.
The same palace where you'll
celebrate with your Queen.
We want that palace!
Go away! Attend to your guests!
The palace will be given to you.
This is your filmy brother's promise to you.
With what right did you
promise the sisters this palace?
I thought it'll make them happy...
...but only for my knowledge Bapu... this palace more
important than their happiness?
Only the Prince has the right
to ask this question, not you!
Would he have refused?
In that case...the Prince
needs to learn a lot from us!
What did you say?
Look Deewan Saheb everything's going well...
...someday you'll give us an award.
You want an award?
Here's your award! Bloody clowns!
Sanjay, get the car now and drop them... the same market
you picked them up from.
I've endured your daily
antics, but not anymore!
And what are you waiting for?
The Prince is fully aware of our cover up...
...he's said he'll be present
for his coronation tomorrow.
Don't forget that we've also
nabbed that driver Chuttan...
...soon he'll confess who
conspired to kill the Prince!
Dilwale, you're not needed here anymore...
Get out!
How can artists be respected
in a place where humanity isn't?
Let's go Prem Bhaiya!
When we got here...
...the Prince wasn't here, and...
Deewan Saheb, we found this note here.
'We're taking him with us.'
'There's no need for two
Princes in one kingdom!'
Deewan Saheb?
I'm fine!
Careful Deewan Saheb!
How's Bapu?
He suffered another asthma attack.
He already has high sugar...
...the doctor has advised him rest.
We added to his tension didn't we?
Deewan Saheb, I'll find the
Prince and bring him back...
...he'll be fine.
I know the Prince will be fine.
Chuttan is in our custody...
...Ajay knows if he hurts the Prince...
...then we'll make Chuttan
confess in public...
...his secret will be exposed.
Your Majesty, in order to
save one of your sons...
...we'll have to strike
a deal with the other.
Forgive me Your Majesty, I
couldn't unite your children... always wanted
them to stay together... built the Sheesh Mahal
(Palace of Mirrors) with that dream...
Kids have a look!
Gifts for all of you!
This is for you...for you... and for you!
Deewan Saheb this Sheesh
Mahal is a symbol...
...of these children's innocence.
Their mothers are different and...
...that was my weakness.
But their hearts are one,
and that's their strength!
I want the children to keep
visiting this Sheesh Mahal...
...and every mirror here...
...should reflect their
golden childhood to them!
"Where is the home of my dreams?"
"Mirror, take me back to my childhood."
"Where is the home of my dreams?"
"Mirror, take me back to my childhood."
"Life was simple."
"Mirror, take me back to my childhood."
"Where is the home of my dreams?"
"Mirror, take me back to my childhood."
"Without you, darling,
everything seems unreal."
"Days and evenings are spent in lonliness."
"Without you, darling.."
I'll click a photo too.
She can't take a photo!
She can't take a photo!
Not her...not her...
Ajay let her click!
Ajay, give me your hand! Come on!
' Ajay!
Ajay don't be scared!
Give me your other hand!
Come on Ala!!!
Take care of the kids.
- Kids, move!
Ajay, give him your hand. Be careful.
Now your teaching your kid
to take others' kids lives?
This teacher will only remain your mistress!
If I see her again I'll kill her!
I'm not going to entertain
your first wife's son...
and your mistress!
'Since that day both the mothers
refused to send their children here.'
'The feud between the women
shattered the King's heart...'
'...he decided to divide his
home, properties and estate.'
'The children could no
longer meet each other...'
'...and the Sheesh Mahal
was closed forever!'
I advised him to let the children
spend their childhood together... that hatred would not affect them.
That's exactly what happened.
Spending one's childhood with siblings... as sacred as reciting the
'Bhagwad Gita' or the 'Ramayana'.
You must have been a saint
in your past life Bapu.
Will you desert your Bapu
in such circumstances?
Mature Bapu, now I want to hear your story.
The King had three women... what about you?
Tell me Bapu!
The simplicity you both have
is your biggest award Kanhaiya.
Tomorrow is the coronation...
...since you've helped me so far,
please help a few days more...
...until we find the Prince.
If possible, return these
siblings their childhood...
...shower some of your love on them too.
The royal honour is now
in your hands Prem Dilwale!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Princess Maithili!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Princess Maithili!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Princess Maithili!
Glory to Prince Vijay Singh!
Glory to Princess Maithili!
These two here? During the coronation?
Sir I've heard that this imposter
is giving them this palace today.
Calm down. Everyone will
get their share. Don't cry!
I'll leave as soon as my work is done uncle.
Sit here!
Respected guests...
...I've been bestowed with the responsibility
to officiate this historical event... a few moments, the
Prince will be crowned... per traditional rituals and customs.
But before that I want to read
out the Prince's declaration.
'I want to apologize to all those...'
'...whom I have knowingly
or unknowingly hurt.'
'Every family has misunderstandings...'
'...and when your own hurt
you, it's far more painful.'
'I can't bring back the
time that's passed...'
'...but I can share the pain.'
'And in order to share my sisters' pain...'
'...I want to gift them this palace!'
'Not just the palace, I would
like to share with my sisters...'
'...everything that I have inherited.'
'Mansions in London and Switzerland...'
'...the Esha Nagar farmhouses...'
'Properties, jewellery and factories.'
'All the legal documents are here...'
'...let's share everything together!'
Chandrika, now you have
a share in everything... my share, can I get my sister back?
You're right Chandrika..., sister are just words.
What truly matters is
the brother sister bond...
...which gives you every
right to get upset...
...but no one can take away
my right to win you over.
I've heard that as a child,
when I used to play cricket...
...Chanda would insist on being
the first one to wish me good luck.
Remember Chanda?
And today when I'm
embarking on this journey... take the traditions
of this family forward...
...won't you encourage me again Chanda?
If you still have any reservations...
...then count me as an outsider.
"Happiness and sorrow are not real."
"Wealth is not real either."
"And so are attachments."
"Real is the corner of the heart.."
"..that treasures love."
"That treasures love."
"I have found love."
"I have found love."
"Love has brought him."
"Love has taken over me."
"He has come."
"He sang."
"I have found love."
"Darling, you are amazing and your words."
"Darling, you are amazing and your words."
"Rubbed off me have
these qualities of yours."
"I have found love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"Our meeting seems inevitable."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"Do I express or suppress my love?"
"I wonder why I feel so exited."
"Happiness is everywhere."
"I am blushing red."
"Rubbed off me have
these qualities of yours."
"I have found love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I am in seventh heaven."
"Treasure of love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"Love has taken over me."
"He has come."
"Love has brought him."
"He has come."
"Love has brought him."
"I have found love."
"Love has taken over me."
"He has come."
"Love has brought him."
"I have found love."
"I have found love."
There's some time for this too!
How do I look?
My sou...
Here you go.
If I knew you opened a
restaurant here every night...
...then I would have given you company.
What's the name of your restaurant?
Prem Dilwala Restaurant.
- Nice name.
What was the menu day before?
- Vegetable Curry.
And yesterday?
- Baked peas.
And today?
- Buttered Okra.
Buttered Okra!
- Yes.
Sometimes you don't act like a Princess.
Why? Have I become too naughty these days?
- No, no!
The thing is...when I'm happy I become free!
But now I'll be a good girl.
I want to eat okra too.
- No it's too spicy.
'It's all in the mind!'
Please sit up...
- Never!
We have to share everything.
We'll share everything...
...highs and lows, ups and downs!
I want to drink water too.
- Right away.
These lamps are complaining today...
'Why hasn't the wedding
date been fixed yet?'
The couple doesn't get to fix the date...
...your grandma will fix it.
You know...
...I sometimes get the feeling
that you're not the same man...
...that you're someone else...
...who's come from far away... take my loneliness away!
But you know what...
...who cares...!
That day I made you write
several complaints... I'll speak again and you write...
...but this time on my back!
"Had it been the night of our union.."
"..l wonder what would have happened."
"I wonder what would have happened."
"Love brings with it a
strange kind of yearning."
"A yearning evident in
the mind, body, and eyes."
"Darling, come to me."
"Darling, come to me. I long for you."
"I want to spend my life with you."
There's no need to be so reserved in love.
Queens used to get adorned here...
...won't you adorn your Queen tonight?
"This kind of yearning
sometimes leads to destruction."
"A clean image gets marred."
"Examples of change of heart are a many."
"Beautiful dreams make me yearn."
"Yearning full of need and indulgence."
"Come to me, darling. I yearn for you."
"I want to spend my life with you."
Remember this place?
It's the same place
where I fought with you...
...over something...
...imagine that the same
barbecue is set up there...
...I've worn your favourite dress again...
"Your love and affection
is not meant for me."
"Stop yourself from
getting attracted to me."
"Undeserved love will
take away peace of mind."
"Feel the yearning in my breath."
"The tinkling of my anklets and bangles
give away the yearning inside me."
"Come to me, darling."
"I yearn for you."
"I want to spend my life with you."
"I want to spend my life with you."
"I want to spend my life with you."
"I want to spend.."
" life with you."
What if I tell you I have no right to this?
The love I gave you in these past
four days was false, Princess.
Grandma says that true love resides
not on the lips...but in the eyes...
...and your eyes are reflecting
your true love, Your Majesty!
Deewan Saheb!
Who is it?
Your Highness?
I'm back Deewan Saheb...
...I'm back.
Your Highness!
Bapu, I can deceive you as the Prince...
...but I can't deceive the Princess anymore.
Bapu, let the pride of the royal
family stay in the royal family.
Why did I come here to meet her?
Why did I stay here?
Why couldn't I understand this before?
Bapu, we must bring the Prince back.
So you...?
- Sir.
What is it Sanjay? Any news of the Prince?
No sir.
But there's someone who claims
he can take us to the Prince.
Happy Diwali Deewan Saheb.
Prem Dilwale.
Prem Dilwala.
City Ayodhya-
Devotee of Lord Rama.
I must admit Deewan Saheb...
...that even at this age
you did all this so cleverly.
But you made one mistake... kept an 80 year old
watchman to take care of the Prince!
The effect of the injection will
last 3 to 4 hours. Take him away!
Congratulations Prem Dilwale.
Your desire is fulfilled.
Now the Princess can be yours.
The Princess can be yours.
Every loyal person has the same fate.
Get to the point. Why have you come here?
I'll take Dilwale to the same
place where I'm holding the Prince.
In exchange, I want Chuttan's freedom.
And for one day tomorrow...
...I want Kanhaiya and
Dilwala in the same roles...
...that you've had them play so far.
It's Diwali time Deewan Saheb.
Let's play a few rounds of
cards. What do you say Dilwale?
Does Ajay know you're here?
Get out of here!
You're one of Ajay's best friends... least don't deceive him!
Get out! We don't accept your deal.
I'll come with you.
Allow me one more mistake Deewan Saheb.
For the Princess' sake!
Your Majesty?
Vi jay?
'I'm going out to get your wedding gift!'
Here's that Sheesh Mahal...
...this is where Vijay Singh is imprisoned.
Ajay is celebrating Chuttan's freedom here.
Someone else is here today...
...who wants to be a part of your happiness.
Sir now that we've achieved our goal...
...what orders do you
have for this poor soul?
Deewan Saheb turned him into a puppet.
Under my reign, no one has
to dance to anyone's tunes.
Sir to make today's victory
memorable, let's take a picture...
...with you dressed in
the Late King's attire.
I've got the dress here and
I've got a great photographer.
Mr. Masoorie!
- Come on.
Follow me!
I want to see these two brothers battle.
Just like it's in the books.
Whoever dies, one will end
up in the royal cemetery...
...and the other will be
royally escorted to jail.
The Late King built this mirror
maze for his children to play in...
...little did he know that one
day his lineage would end here.
This is Vijay Singh's fury...
eager to avenge every traitor!
Here's the key to his freedom...
...if you can, save your Lord
Rama from committing a sin!
Raia Bhaiya!
'Congratulations Prem Dilwale!'
'Now the Princess can be yours.'
'The Princess can be yours.'
'The Princess can be yours.'
Dilwale...the Princess can be yours.
My not trusting you...means your death.
Aren't you scared of death?
If I had made a mistake...l would be scared.
I've come to take you
back to your Princess...
...where your sisters are waiting for you...
...your family is waiting for you.
I have no family! They're all selfish!
A brother goes to meet his
sister, but she calls a lawyer!
A brother tries to kill his brother!
Is this what you call a family?
I'll kill Ajay!
Why do you want to tarnish the
reputation of the princess' fianc?
Every family has problems...
...but blessed are those who have a family!
Well said Dilwale!
But families also have a rule...
...the one at fault gets punished!
Wait Raja Bhaiya!
- Enough!
For your sake I'll give Ajay Singh
an put up a fight!
Raia Bhaiya!
Stop, Raja Bhaiya!
You managed to escape one maze...
...but fate won't always favour you.
Now no one can stop the battle!
Get up!
Get up Bhaisaheb!
Forgive me!
"Friendship with brother, fun with sisters."
"A heart like a kite in the sky."
"All these were relationships of the heart."
"With neither doubt nor jealousy."
"There were no disagreements"
"Mirro, take me back to my childhood."
Raja Bhaiya, enough!
He's your brother.
He's my enemy!
If that's so, then excuse me.
Why such brotherly love
for your enemy, Raja Bhaiya?
If you hit it's a punishment. But
if someone else hits it's a crime.
This only happens in blood relations... families.
That's not true!
If that's not true... then
there's your brother...
...go kill him!
Raja Bhaiya, you're still
hiding your feelings...
...why don't you tell your brother...
...'l'm very lonely! Let's go home.'
And you, look into your brother's eyes!
Is it possible that he wouldn't
fulfill any of your desires?
You let the world convince
you to kill your own brother?
All you siblings are
bound by the same link...'re all looking for that same love
that you lost in this Sheesh Mahal...
...only your ways of looking are wrong!
What are you doing here? Get lost!
Anyone else?
How do brothers ask for
forgiveness, Bhaisaheb?
By hugging each other.
Then hug me gently, I'm in a lot of pain.
Come here!
It's not over yet Your Highness!
'Imagine that I've worn your
favourite dress again...and...'
You can go in Princess.
To the one, who truly belongs to you.
Forgive me, but the one you
were spending time with so far...
had been planted by me.
The old wounds have healed completely.
Now His Majesty needs to eat and rest well.
Goodnight sir.
- Goodnight Doctor.
I am sorry that you had to
go through this embarrassment.
Thank you!
Your Majesty, Dilwala is here to see you.
Just a second.
You want to go inside for a bit?
Thank you.
Deewan Saheb, send him in.
Your Majesty, before anyone
discovers our secret...
...Dilwala has come to take your leave.
Okay...Papa's car will
go drop him Deewan Saheb.
Goodbye Sir.
Dilwale, you've broken many traditions... made the royal
guests play football... told everyone that I
used to bathe naked in the lake!
And you didn't keep a moustache either...
Sir, it made your Princess happy!
Thank you...l can't stop you from leaving...
...but tell me, what can I do for you.
You're a very good son...'re a very good brother...
...can't you be that companion...
that the Princess is looking for in you?
Okay, I will try my best.
Raja Bhaiya, one more request...
Give me this...
- No this one.
We had brought these gifts
for the Princess, will you...
Bapu, I'll take your leave.
Do visit us some day...for quality time!
And Bapu you didn't answer that question.
You can tell me today... I'm
leaving and there's nobody around.
While taking care of the royal
family, I didn't get any time...
Now if you ask anything else I'll slap you!
Go away from here...go!
"You are as enchanting as all
the scriptures put together."
"A symbol of virtue and
truth, just like Sita."
New drama?
Come friends.
Take your seats...faster!
Dear friends...
...early morning Lord Vishnu
visited me in my dream!
He said 'Chaubey...hey Chaubey!'
'Become pure.'
And he also said that...
...'Chaubey you should stay in
touch with the rich and famous!'
So why don't you invite
the King here sometime?
Or better still, take me there...
...for tea...
' No!
Chaubey uncle.
Prem Bhaiya, Grandma from
the royal family is here...
In all these years I've never
seen such a blissful Diwali.
The royal family of Pritampur... joyfully celebrating
unique festivities...
...all because of you!
You've given us this gift...
...and there is a tradition
in our royal families...
...we give a gift in exchange of a gift!
We fought a lot after we got engaged...
...we tried to humiliate each other.
But after you left, I tried to
be the one you asked me to be...
...and I said nothing to her,
nor did I interrupt her...
...just listened.
And we both came to the conclusion that...
...the companion that our
Princess has been looking for... our very own Dilwala.
Prem Dilwala!
The Princess belongs to the royal family.
If the royal family is
what's separating us...
...then you'll have to include
us in your family today.
As you know, I don't know how
to talk filmy nor do I like it...
...but I'm still trying.
Two days after Diwali, today
is Bhaidooj (Brother's Day)...
...we'll celebrate it this year!
Sisters celebrate this festival...
...but it's called Brother's Day...
...this brother too wants
to be a part of your family!
Our families are no longer separate...
we are now one family...
which Prem has brought together!
Any other order?
"My heart beats faster."
"My heart is racing."
"He's with me. I like him. I
will accept whatever he likes."
"He means more to me than my life.
I will do everything for him."
"He's with me. I like him. I
will accept whatever he likes."
"He means more to me than my life.
I will do everything for him."
"Let me buy something sweet
and spicy, something he likes."
"Let me buy some snacks and confectionary."
"I have to say it to him today."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I feel overwhelmed on finding my love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I feel overwhelmed on finding my love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"Darkness was all around me.
My dear ones were far away."
"I know now the value of
dreams and relationships."
"I understand love now."
"Nobody cared for me like you did."
"Rubbed off me have
these qualities of yours."
"I have found love."
"I have found love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"I feel overwhelmed that I have found love."
"I have found the treasure of love."
"He conquered."
"He came."
"He brought love."
"I have found love."
"I have found love."