Prema Katha Chitram 2 (2019) Movie Script

Love, hell with it!
These generation youngsters
can survive without food,
but cannot survive without love.
The one who succeeded in love feels
as if he succeeded the entire world.
The one who fails in love thinks
that he has no life.
Sudheer decided to die
as he failed in love.
But the miracle is that a girl
loved him without his knowledge.
Her name is Nandu.
After she learned that
Sudheer wants to die,
she left to the farmhouse
with him to save him.
But a ghost possessed Nandu
and tortured everyone.
At last Sudheer fulfilled
her desire and saved Nandu.
Both were united, their love succeeded.
Sudheer was very happy.
But Nandu has put a condition here.
She asked Sudheer to complete
his discontinued degree.
And thought to inform about their
love to her family and get married.
But she took an oath from Sudheer not
to tell anyone about their love.
Even I don't know what
happened after that.
I want to watch 'Prema Katha Chitram 2'
along with you.
Rao Ramesh.
[ritualistic bell ringing]
"Balamani... Balamani..."
Why the hell are you sitting here?
-We are waiting for you.
-Let's go.
What's up guys?
Is everything fine?
Dude, the cake is ready.
Hey! You were born late and even your
work is late. Keep that cake there.
What is it Bablu?
What is this hustle about?
Well, my childhood best friend, Sudheer
is coming to finish his
final year after a long time.
Not only that, today is his birthday too.
By the way,
where is Sudheer?
what are you presenting him?
Huh! Gifts are given to outsiders but
not to friends who give their life for us.
Why are you all
laughing like fools?
Bablu, you managed it so
well when asked about the gift.
Forget about managing.
What are you gifting him?
Come here and give me the ball.
Get lost!
Here is the gift.
He will kick you hard if he sees this.
-There is a story behind it. Look there.
During childhood, Sudheer was playing,
'Catch the ball'
game with his friend Seenu.
Ball fell on the road.
Seenu went to bring the ball.
then a car hit him.
That is it.
From then, he hate balls.
she is very beautiful.
Hell with you guys!
You keep drooling when you see girls.
Dude, you are here...
Happy birthday.
Thanks you dear.
Thanks guys, thank you so much.
-Where are our boys?
-Why do you want them now? Come with me.
-Please, let me take my bag.
-Dude, come here. I'll tell you.
Is it necessary now?
If you think so, we don't
even need an Aadhar card.
-Happy birthday.
-Hey! [cheering]
Let's take a selfie.
-Come... Come...
-Switch on to the front camera.
I forgot it, dude.
-Guys, please smile.
[camera clicks]
We wished you and
celebrated your birthday.
So, are you throwing the
party in the evening or not?
Oh! You are celebrating my birthday so
that I would throw a party in the evening?
You've planned it very well.
This plan is not something new.
All the friends in the world do
this and expect a lavish party.
They get a cheap cake,
place a cent worth candle on it and
makes a big bill at the party.
Hey! Don't abuse. It's us who are
going to the party in the evening.
Sudheer, today is 'Tholi Ekadasi'.
I'll attend the party but
I'll not have anything.
Huh! Dear Ramesh, do you know what did my
late grandmother told about guys like you?
What is it?
The one who drinks palm wine is
the son of Kanakayya,
the one who drinks beer
is the son of Bhimayya,
the one who drinks arrack is
the son of Sarayya,
the one who drinks brandy
is the son of Bandayya,
-What about the one who doesn't booze?
-He is an idiot just like him.
Stop your fuss.
Idiot, hell with your life!
What is happening there?
That one?
Today is Sudheer's birthday it seems.
All of them are enjoying a lot.
Who is that girl?
Her name is Bindu and is very rich.
She is far too arrogant
to care about anyone.
We are getting late to the class.
Let's go.
-We'll take Kiwi flavour in the evening.
-Let's start soon after we reach.
Guys, keep quiet.
I have something to tell you.
Don't shout.
Stop your overaction.
Hmm. Have you come?
Go and sit.
-Hey! What's up?
[crowd murmuring] Guys, I beg you. Please,
keep quiet. I got something to tell you.
Has your girlfriend eloped?
Who is that bloody idiot?
you don't be upset.
Come, solace me while I sleep on your lap.
The footwear will tear.
Forget footwear, my friend will
explain the reason he is here.
Dude, tell them.
So friends,
there is a surprise for all of you.
And the surprise is that tomorrow is Holi.
So, we should celebrate it today
according to our student's culture.
It's boring.
Then where are the colours?
[indistinct voices]
-Hey, no!
student life is a colourful life.
There is a close relationship
to these colours and our lives.
It might be hard for you,
but try to make it your
hardship into happiness.
You will understand
the happiness in it.
While you leave college,
you can take such happiness
along with your certificates.
Try if it is possible.
let's celebrate holi.
Cheers to the donut boys!
Bablu, why are you upset
when everyone are happy?
Bindu slapped him hard, right?
He hasn't come out of that yet.
Carry on.
Dude, there is no one in my
clan who got angry on me.
That was my reputation,
that girl slapped me and made me
look like a fool to the public.
I've been depressed since morning.
My friend Malli has warned me earlier.
What did he warn?
Don't trust city girls that they would
cheat and blame us.
They bring us bad name.
I was so stupid that I didn't
bother listening to him.
Don't worry Bablu.
You shall also get time to take revenge.
Let me tell you,
if that day comes,
I'll take a loan, go to the Sunday market,
buy meat and throw a big party for you.
Will you throw a party for sure?
I swear on the Ganesh's
eloped girlfriend.
Then let's take a chance
instead of waiting for it.
That isn't as easy as taking a full
bottle in the wine shop.
Is it Balkampet Bablu who is saying so?
This is why that girl slapped me.
I remembered my late grandmother
when she slapped hard.
You don't worry.
I'll stay behind you.
Stay my beside but not in the behind.
This is enough.
How dare is she to slap me who is famous
for gulping a full bottle at one go?
Let's go.
I'll see her end today.
Either we will win or
lose, come on let's go.
Stop, stop.
Shh! Wait.
-Hey Balkampeta, you had 5 strong beers.
Can you manage?
Dude! I'm strong.
Don't worry.
Oh God!
Why are you praying to
God while you are boozing?
Don't you sacrifice animals
to God and eat them?
This is also the same.
Shut your mouth and have the drink.
Bloody idiots!
These are common in a college.
Don't take everything to heart.
I know what are common
things and common sense.
Even I will get a chance.
Oh God!
The watchman wouldn't come upstairs,
There won't be any problem.
I gave him Rs. 100.
I gave him Rs. 200.
Hey! Who did you come?
Don't you have shame to enter
into girl's flat in midnight?
You don't look like a girl instead you
look like a mother to a child.
Hey swine!
I don't booze at all. You shall not be
able to take medicines if I kick you.
Is it?
As if a well-mannered girl had whisky
and said to have Sambar.
I was in a misconception that government
increased Rs. 10 on light beer...
...and Rs. 20 on strong beer.
You guys are boozing surreptitiously
and are spoiling our lives.
You are destroying our bachelor's lives.
Why are you talking too much?
Hey! Forget about talking, I'll kill
you on the spot if I get frustrated.
Did you get my cheek for
free to slap all the time?
I came here to seek revenge
for slapping me in the morning,
but you are slapping me again.
Is it funny?
Someday, you all will get into
trouble due to this nature.
Hell with it! Do you know that 'She team'
will come on a single phone call?
Hey old monk! I may not have any
team but my team leader is outside.
Why does he need a 'She team'
when our team is here?
Why are you discussing with him?
Hit him.
Where are you all going?
Why did you all surround me?
I thought that my gastric issue was a
disease but now it has become a boon.
Come now.
I'll see your end.
Hey! Did you hide here?
Come out.
Bablu, please don't do it.
Only once, that too a little bit.
Hell with it!
Spare me. [farts]
[whistles] Please, spare me.
Hey! Hey!
Come... Come...
[farts] [shouts]
-A little of it... A little of it...
Is this a room freshener to spray every
corner? I beg you, please. Spare me.
Where are you going?
[speaking in kannada]
Well, if you mess with me, not with the
Kadapa bombs but I'll kill with my farts.
What did he release?
Catch him.
Dude, I've shown them hell.
-Did you take the revenge?
-It is not ordinary revenge.
My problem has become
their problem inside.
-It was the sound of fireworks inside.
Let's go, I'll brief you on the way.
-Anitha, let's go... Let's go.
-Okay, okay.
Did you wake up?
Umesh, they are escaping.
Stay vigil.
Hey! Stop it.
Enough of singing songs, stop now.
[machine beeping]
-SI sir will not accept it.
-You blow it.
[machine beeping]
Sir, what is the reading?
Yours is 150 and your
friend's reading is 100.
Sir, how is it possible?
It's not fair.
Unfair? Do you think of it as a game?
How come percentage differs
when we both had six beers each?
There is something wrong with the machine.
You are fooling us. I will not agree.
How will you not agree? This machine
is working properly but you are not.
No, there is something
wrong with this machine.
Why there will be a
problem with the machine?
Hey! Why don't you blow?
You'll get to know.
Oh Lord!
[machine beeping]
Why is this showing like this?
Is alcohol still in my blood?
which brand did you have?
It's okay, tell me.
We both belong to the same batch.
It's not great to catch children like us.
I dare you to catch that mother of a
child who has been guzzling since morning.
You'll become sober if I slap you.
-I'll kick you...
-Dear, blow this.
-Dear, blow this.
-Get lost!
-Is the collection going well?
Sir, you will be working
for the right cause, right?
I need a small favour.
What is it?
You should put those two
idiots in the prison this night.
The girl is very beautiful.
Then what will I get in return?
Excuse me, what do you mean?
Will you join me tonight...
-Excuse me.
-Is that you?
Why did you come while she
is complaining about you?
Apologize to her.
Who are you to ask that?
Are you her brother-in-law or brother?
Acquaintance is not necessary
to question a wrong deed.
It's enough to be a human.
Is it? Are you that powerful? What
will you do...? What will you do...?
I did it already.
Hey Bablu!
Dude, I've recorded the complete
footage in a 4k quality.
I need not tell you what happens
after the video is uploaded.
Think about it.
Are you threatening me?
Basically, we are students. We share this
kind of things along with our clothes.
Will you apologize or
become a star by morning?
Sir, it's better for you to
apologize than to become a star.
Sir, you can leave now.
-Madam, you can also leave.
Ramesh, take care.
-Very good.
-Let's go, we've seen a lot.
Well, we have a conflict with
them. Why do you support them?
It's not a big deal if a boy caught in a
drunk and drive case or a murder case.
But the society talks ill about a
girl who stays in prison for a night.
Her parents will be defamed.
She will leave the college.
And her entire life will be disturbed.
Forget it.
What happened to her?
Let it be.
Hey! Where were you?
I was searching for you.
Even I was searching.
-Okay, let's go to the classroom.
-I wasn't searching for you.
Now, I understood.
I was watching you the whole night.
Are you in love?
Aren't you in love with Sudheer?
That's okay. He is fair and clever.
He is the best match for you.
Will you propose him?
Hell with the proposal!
He doesn't even consider me as a girl.
Is that your problem?
-I have an idea.
-What is it?
Sudheer is running a
dance academy in the evening.
You both will automatically become
close if you join the academy.
My God!
The idea is awesome.
-It will be good if it works.
-I love you.
-Oh God!
-Hi Bablu.
I'm sorry Bablu. The situation was
serious. That's why I slapped you.
Nice! Some girl like you gave a
toothpaste after slapping hard.
Why did you come again?
Why will we come to the dance academy?
To learn dance.
We teach dance to boys and girls but
not for dinosaurs like you.
Get lost you bloody fool!
Hey old monk! I don't know that language.
Talk to me in Telugu if
you are daring enough.
Hell with you fatty!
-Bablu, please... please... for my sake.
-This doesn't work here.
Alright, take your seat.
Get in.
-Hey! Where are you heading to? Sit there.
Get lost idiot!
One, two.
-Hey! That's not the dance. Follow me.
-Oh Lord!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
You almost learned it. Let's do
it once again. Are you ready?
With the below posture...
Hips don't lie.
"My eyes see your dream"
"My heart bears the dreams on you"
"It's because of you that
I learnt how to smile"
"My footstep walked to reach you"
"Everyday before you arrive"
"The unwritten stories in me"
"How do I confront this to you?"
"Do you know,
my eyes see your dream"
"My heart bears the dreams on you"
"I forgot all the anger"
"As if it changed me"
"No matter how much I sulked in the
past I considered them as showers"
"I drenched in that bizarrely"
"I am searching everytime"
"I moved aside when you encountered"
"Why is this murmuring in my heart?"
"Everyday before you arrive"
"The unwritten stories in me"
"How do I confront this to you?"
"Do you know,
my eyes see your dream"
"My heart bears the dreams on you"
"I'm hugging you as air"
"I'm showering flowers"
"On your way"
"I'm filling many colours"
"I'm showering joy"
"By staying beside you like a shadow"
"Despite knowing the answer"
"I cannot leave you at any moment"
"While this first love
becoming my everything"
"Everyday before you arrive"
"The unwritten stories in me"
"How do I confront this to you?"
"Do you know,
my eyes see your dream"
"My heart bears the dreams on you"
-Seems that you both are very close now.
-I'm working on that.
-I'm planning to propose in a special way.
-It's a surprise.
-What is it?
It is a prize when you tell them and give.
It's becomes a surprise when
you give without informing them.
Too good.
-Hi Sudheer.
-Hey Bindhu.
-Can I sit?
-Yeah, please sit down.
Actually, there is a party tomorrow.
What is the special?
It's a surprise.
You should come for sure.
-Okay, I'll be there.
-Yeah, I'll come.
Thank you.
I'll leave.
Hey! Where is he?
Dude, initially go to Priyanka,
-or go to Jyothi else go to near Manasa.
-I'll go and ask him.
At some place, we will get what we need.
Not bad you are also having girlfriends.
They aren't my girlfriends.
-Those are the wines shop names...
...which we visit regularly.
Won't you change?
Why are you crazy about alcohol?
Crazy girl! How will a teetotaller
like you know the value of alcohol?
Do you know the feeling of
bringing carton beers?
How will it be?
It will be like carrying own son.
Mad girl!
No one is here, right?
-I have to tell you something.
-What is it?
I thought it for the first time when I
saw you. We both look like full bottles.
If we unite we'll have a cute baby.
I usually tease you by
calling you a mother, right?
I've made up my mind today that I
should be the father of that children.
Hey! You are blabbering
due to high intoxication.
It's not because of
intoxication but it is out of love.
Love? Who loves a person like you?
Hey! What do you think about yourself?
Isn't there any value for my feelings?
Hi Bindu.
-Please, come and save me.
-Hi Bablu.
-Bablu, where is Sudheer?
There he is.
-Hi Sudheer.
-Hey Bindu! You're looking gorgeous today.
The arrangements are brilliant.
Meanwhile, what is the surprise?
It's surprise.
Hey! He is in a good mood.
Take the mike and confront your
feelings without wasting time.
Sudheer, give me a minute.
-Oh, pee? Okay.
Have it.
Hey Guys!
All of you please come down.
Bindu is giving her solo performance.
Come... Come... Come...
Hello everyone.
Thank you so much for being here.
I'm very happy until now
by doing what I like.
I thought that I was a free bird.
But these days,
something has started in me.
I'm not like I was before.
I think I'm finally falling in love.
Many of us love many people.
It will be known to everyone
except that person.
My love shouldn't become like that.
And that is why I've arranged this party
to propose him in front of all of you.
Who is that lucky person?
He isn't a lucky person but I'll be the
lucky person if he accepts my proposal.
By the way, who is he?
I love you.
Dude, congratulations.
I love you so much.
While she has planned so
well and proposed to you,
but you are leaving
without saying anything.
What do I say?
I came here since she said
there was a surprise.
I wouldn't have come if I had
known that this is the surprise.
Don't you like her?
I like her as a friend as how
I consider you and Bablu.
I haven't imagined her in that way.
I've treated her like my
student in the dance academy
and as my classmate in the classroom.
But she imagined me as her soulmate.
Why don't you tell her this matter?
Will you all do as your wish?
Don't you care about my feelings?
Dude, she might've hurt.
Think about it.
Isn't she hurt now?
[cicadas critter]
[growling and chortling]
[basketball bouncing]
[anklet jingling]
What is happening?
How can the gates open automatically?
From where does the ball sound come from?
Who is laughing?
Who would tear my paintings?
What is happening?
[phone ringing]
Dude, what is the matter?
There is nothing much, dude. I wanted
to throw an awesome party for you.
I'll share the location
as well as alcohol.
Dude, you are called as a real friend.
You have proved that peg relation
is greater than the blood relation.
-You stay there. I'm coming.
[cicadas critter]
Oh no!
Oh man!
Dude, I have come.
New farm house!
You have arranged it too well.
Hey! You are already late.
First have it
and later on start blabbering.
It's awesome dude.
Dude, by the way I forgot to tell you. How
did the gates open while I was entering?
Huh! I was scared a bit
but then it was fun.
Oh, that one...
That is the speciality of this building.
Is it? It would be great if Ameerpet
ladies hostels have this facility.
Bloody fool!
Won't you change?
I'll have two pegs and then you
will observe the change in me.
I challange you.
[anklet jingling]
[hums] Dude,
what are those sounds?
Did you arrange something for me without
my knowledge along with alcohol and stuff?
There is nothing like that.
Don't act smart.
Anyhow I understood it when you've shared
location in the Whatsapp and alcohol here.
Hey! Listen to me.
There is nothing like that.
You listen to what I am saying.
The pegs are for you and hugs are for me.
-Hey! I'm coming.
-Bablu... Bablu...
[anklet jingling]
So, there you are.
[anklet jingling]
There you are.
Hey! Where are you?
Where are you?
[anklet jingling]
Singing: "Mee Aaru Gurralu album song"
Are you bathing?
Come out.
Bablu from Balkampeta came
towards your bathroom.
How much time will
you take to come out?
Come fast.
Are you coming...? Or not...?
Are you coming...? Or not...?
Are you coming...? Or not...?
Are you coming...? Or not...?
[fighting sound]
[fighting sound]
[fighting sound]
Who is that?
[fighting sound]
[fighting sound]
[fighting sound]
Who is that bloody fool?
Do you think that I am an
ordinary guy to get scared of you?
I'm Balkampeta Bablu.
I dare you to appear before me
rather than being invisible.
[cicadas critter]
Does the ghosts smell too?
Hey Sudheer!
Hey Sudheer!
[birds chirping]
What happened?
Why are you so tensed?
I doubt that there is a ghost inside.
Is it Balkampet Bablu
who is speaking so?
How can you get scared?
Why will I get scared?
I was kidding as I was high.
I don't get scared.
-Is it? Alright, let's go.
-To where?
-Let's go.
-Where are we going, dude?
-Hey, let's go!
[cicadas critter]
[leaves rustles]
-Hey! Come.
-To where?
Come on.
[cicadas chirping]
Hey, don't go, we will go back.
It's me Bablu.
Dude, something is present here. Confirm.
We came here to know what it is.
So, you called me here knowing that?
We ought to find out.
It's a ghost,
not a person to know about it.
-Hey, Balkampet Bab...
-Hey, a salute to you dude...
Don't screw me saying
Balkampet Bablu every time.
Now what we have to search right?
Let's move.
Shucks! Don't know why we
are searching for spirits.
Have you come dude?
Really you are very great.
You are the one who offer me drinks
and the one stands beside while pissing.
You are a true friend dude.
[cicadas chirping]
Dude, where are you?
[door creaks]
Why he is talking with the devil?
He couldn't differentiate
between funeral music and melody music.
Hey, Bablu! Come here for once.
I will make her introduce to you.
Hey! What dude?
Come on dude, I want to say one thing.
Sit down.
Don't worry, she isn't devil.
As there were no one these many days,
she is staying here due to some problem.
[door open creaks]
She disturbed us because of she
felt disturbed when we came here.
We thought it was a ghost
because of that sound.
Don't worry.
-It's already mid-night.
-Have a large peg and sleep.
-Yes, sister.
-Come here.
-Should I come?
-No need sister.
Why do you effort that much?
What Bablu? Am I looking like a devil,
that you are getting afraid of seeing me?
You are not devil you are angel.
Hey, tell her dude.
-Oh no!
-My fate!
"Oh smile that shines like lightning"
"Do drench my heart like a rain drop"
"My first wish that is
rumbling like thunder"
"It's like a typhoon"
"I'll reach you like a naughty embrace"
"I'll stay becoming yur breath"
"I'll land right on your lips"
"I'll become the first love"
"Like a first night"
"Let's spend the entire life"
"Sweet intoxication"
"Let's welcome it"
"I'm in you like that"
"You're in me like this"
"Just like this"
"Land and air"
"The moment we are between both of them"
"Light and darkness"
"Let's unite them both"
"Me becoming you..."
"You becoming me"
"This way..."
[cuckoo coos]
[owl hoots]
Dude, I can understand your feelings.
Please understand my feelings too.
You know right, that my nerves
won't work without drinking 90.
We will sit peacefully and talk come on.
don't know who invented this alcohol but,
which girl cheated that
fellow, he invented nectar.
[ball bumping sound]
My mood is dead listening that sound.
What else we will drink now man?
-Come on, dude.
-Hey, you go. I will not come.
-Come on.
[ball bumping sound]
Did you come?
We were waiting for you.
Where have you gone?
I got very tensed when you disappeared.
It's okay, you came back
right, no more tensions.
Very very happy.
Ah! Sudheer!
Nandu! Nandu!
-Hey! Bablu!
-What happened to her?
[electricity buzzes]
-Okay, cool, cool.
[door creaks]
[cicadas chirping]
Nandu, don't worry...
-nothing happens to you.
-I am feeling very afraid.
I am with you.
Give me that first aid kit.
Hey! I thought it was Nandu,
for whatever happened here.
But seeing Nandu getting hit by someone,
something else is going on here dude.
Are you understanding?
When question is of
Some thing is wrong,
we should figure out what it is.
[birds chirping]
[glass door creaks]
Where did she go again?
[door creaks]
[Bablu snores]
Hey, Bablu! Get up.
-Nandu is missing again.
[door creaks]
Don't worry dude, she will come.
[clock dinging]
What dude are you
thinking about that girl yet?
Don't know when she will
come and when she will go.
We are getting trouble because of her.
[ball bumping sound]
-Hey! Hey!
-Shucks! Hey!
Take it.
[ball bumping sound]
Please sit down.
[chair creaks]
What type of coffee is this man?
Why is she targeting on me?
I am not feeling well I will go and sleep.
Even I am feeling sleepy too,
I will also go to sleep.
[door creaks opens]
[door creaks]
[glass smashed]
[knife swishes]
[knife swishes]
[door creaks]
[knife swishes]
[knife swishes]
The gas which I thought was a
luck to me has become a curse to me.
Damn! My heart beats faster as
I listen to this ball's sound.
[door open creaks]
[door creaks closes]
-Come here.
-Yes, sister?
-Did you saw everything?
-No, sister. I haven't seen anything.
I saw everthing sis.
Then will you tell
everything to your friend?
No. No, I will not say anything.
I will not say at all.
[knife slashes]
What Balkampeta,
are you afraid?
Sister, I'll let you tie Rakhi to me,
but why would I wish to make my grave?
Don't look at me like that...
I feel very afraid.
If you say yes,
I will just get out of this place.
[knife slashes]
[birds chirping]
Oh god!
Hey, why did you slept here? Hey, Bablu!
She won't let me sleep at night and
you won't let me sleep in the morning,
damn it!
Hey! Have you got high at night?
No, a quarrel happened.
If I say she will kill me,
if I won't say he will die.
I think you are in hangover,
first go and get fresh,
as today is valentines day.
I am fixed that I want
to give a small surprise to Nandu.
It doesn't matter if you are fixed,
but don't become mad that's the problem.
Don't get excited, first go and get fresh.
Come fast.
One valentines day
everyone would propose a girl,
but not to sprits.
[air whizzing in baloon]
Don't know what's wrong with him.
-Nandu has come dude.
-Oh, okay.
Hey! Happy Valentines day.
[cicadas chirping]
This way.
Shucks! What man?
Oh no! Don't know what would she do today.
There you go...
A small cake cutting, please cut the cake.
[cicadas chirping]
Cut it.
My sister has come.
Hey! I told you right?
[ghostly growling]
[door creaks opens]
[keeps growling]
[glass shatters]
How many more days... your quest, tolerance and patience?
I have loved you more than my life.
Is that for her right?
You will not get her.
I will not let you get her.
I will kill her ruthlessly.
[glass smashed]
[owl hoots]
Oh no!
Hey! What dude, are you suffering?
Stop it.
What is actually happening, dude?
I am not able to understand.
Bindu, proposed you in the college.
You are loving this girl.
But she... threatening that she will kill
you seeing the photo of you both.
I am unable to understand anything dude.
Do you know this girl before?
I know, we both loved
each other more than our life.
"It's as new as the fresh sky"
"Everything has
changed completely like new"
"Why does my heart beat so fast?"
"Does it feel so strange
because he looked at me?"
"Looks like the air has
got a pair of wings"
"Looks like someone has
painted the flowers beautifully"
"A beauty that I've not
seen till today is here"
"What's this hurry before your eyes?"
"Why does my heart beat so fast?"
"Everything has
changed completely like new"
"Every second in love"
"Is filled with confusion"
"I'm not like I was till yesterday"
"Don't know why always"
"In my thoughts..."
"You are sprinking dreams
in the garden of my vision"
"Beauty itself has seeked you"
"When you praise me so sweetly"
"All the beauty of the moon is in you"
"What's this hurry before your eyes?"
"As if my breath has halted at once"
"It's thinking about you"
"It's pushing me towards you"
"As you are hiding in the shadows"
"As you said sweet nothings"
"This magic is yours"
"What spell did you cast on me"
"Looks like the starts have
come down to earth to see you"
"Like the rain drops kissed my cheek"
"Small wishes came into my mind"
"What's this hurry before your eyes?"
"Why does my heart beat so fast?"
"Everything has
changed completely like new"
[door creaks]
[cuckoo coos]
[tires screecing]
Hey, did you saw Nandu anywhere?
The number you are trying to
reach is currently switched off.
[birds chirping]
Hey, Nandu! At last, I found you.
Why are you sitting here alone?
-My mood is not at all good.
-Is it?
Do you know I searched for you everywhere?
Your phone is switched off. I got tensed.
Okay, anyways.
A small gift.
Wow! So, sweet.
I love you Sudheer.
Love you too.
-Umm... Sudheer.
I want to spend some time with you alone.
Okay, where you want to go?
Choice is yours.
There is a farm house of my friend,
shall we go there?
Okay, come on.
[metal door open creaks]
[metal door creaks closes]
[bike revving]
[door open creaks]
[door creaks closes]
[cicadas chirping]
Come on.
So romantic.
[door open creaks]
Did you sketch all these paintings?
No, to impress you...
I paid to the people who paint
on road for Rs. 100, for them.
Huh? But I really doubt.
Get up.
-Get up.
-I said get up.
Hey, what are you doing?
Do as I say.
Oh, okay.
[door creaks]
[cicadas chirping]
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
[glass door creaks]
[glass door creaks]
[door open creaks]
Nandu! Hey!
Nandu, get up.
Ah! Sudheer.
[panting in pain]
[bike revving]
[cicadas chirping]
What is actually happening?
Why are gates getting
opened automatically?
Who wants to tare the
painting which I have drawn?
What is that ball sound?
Who was laughing?
Who hit Nandu?
What's happening?
[cuckoo coos]
[water drops]
[door creaks]
[cicadas chirping]
To spend sometime happily with her.
I came here because she wished to.
But something else
happened after coming here.
I can't even bear
seeing tears in her eyes.
But when I saw her with blood,
I felt like I was dying.
Then I had decided to
know what is happening here.
So I made a call to you and asked to come.
You know everything
what happened after that.
Sir, there is a farm house.
This is the spot for Rave parties sir.
If we go inside we can get drinks,
chicken and girls, everything sir.
Let's go.
I think there is a girl inside sir.
Let's see, come on. Stop it.
Why did police come into farm house?
Oh-ho! Rakshak police.
Sir, did you come for raid?
-What do we have sir?
-You have a girl.
What girl sir?
Hey, this isn't a Big Boss
House, it's a farmhouse.
Stop your performance and tell
me where is the girl?
-Sir, there is no girl here.
-Is it?
Trust me sir.
What man, do we seem like fools to you?
Sir, please understand why I am saying.
-Hey, 302.
Hold this stick.
-Sir, no. Please no, sir.
-Hey! Go and sit.
Oh my god!
Where is she from Bombay or Chennai?
Hey, girl I am getting
tempted seeing you from back,
even my wife isn't present at home,
if you do some cooperate with me...
You get interest seeing me.
I get interest listening to songs.
It will feel great if we
cuddle on bed singing songs.
Tell me which type of songs you need?
Pop, Classical or Melody?
You select the songs and
I will do the performance.
To get interest we need Pop songs only.
I have downloaded yesterday.
I have a medicine.
[phone beeps]
[song plays in mobile]
[song continues]
-Aren't you getting mood?
I should play the actual song.
[song plays in mobile]
[song plays in mobile]
Radio: Songs program ends.
Shall we start playing now?
Can you please turn this side and see?
Can you please turn
this side and see dear?
Can you please turn this side?
Can you bear if I see you?
I came here tolerating many problems.
Please trust me dear. Turn this side,
why don't you turn this side?
I think there she's hurt.
Ah! Oh no!
Ah! Oh no!
Hey! Ah!
What man did you got interest now?
What I had also left.
They got their lesson.
It's has been proved that
there is a ghost in this house.
Dude I got an idea.
I know a priest shall us
call him he can tell any idea.
Shucks! Why priest?
He is an expert in this kind of things.
Listen to me.
[phone dialpad beeps]
-Hello, sir. Greetings, how are you?
-Hail Bhavani!
-I am fine tell me Bablu
-Nothing, sir.
We are facing a small problem.
A sprit is coming daily and torturing us.
I thought you would come and
give us any solution so...
I came to Karimnagar to
complete a small work.
-It might take a week to return.
I will call you after coming back Bablu.
Okay, sir.
It takes a week for him to return back.
No problem man,
to know where she is going in the morning,
it takes a week if
we follow your plan.
But as per my plan it
takes time till tomorrow night.
How will that happen?
[basketball bouncing]
[basketball bouncing]
[basketball bouncing]
Hey, in order to who I'm,
you have planned well.
Did you recognise me?
Ours is not a bond of
previous life in order to forget me.
It is a bond that is related to past.
When revenge is seeking to take a life,
are you thinking to save her?
It is not possible.
I'll see that it remains impossible.
I won't spare anyone who
is responsible for my tears.
[glass shatters]
[bike revs]
[tyres screech]
Why did Chitra possess Nandu?
[tyres screech]
[gate creaks]
[gate creaks]
Oh no! No...
Chitra was a basketball player?
Oh no! Hey Sudheer...
Come quickly over
here. I'm terrified. Oh no!
What happened dude?
What is it?
As if everything turns to bad luck,
we did see her ghost few minutes ago.
And you brought us to her
home despite that freak show.
Oh man! What's all this?
Anita is Chitra's friend?
Anita, open the door.
[door unlocks]
Anita, please open the door.
-It is a matter of life and death
-[door unlocks]
What is the hell is your problem, dude?
Didn't you have minimum common
sense to attend Bindu's funeral?
What do you mean by Bindu's funeral?
-Bindu, wait...
Bindu, I understand how deep you love
me that you've attempted to die for me.
Similarly, you should also understand me.
Because I'm already in
love with another girl.
Her name is Nandu.
Never ever take these
emotional decisions again.
You're a sensible girl.
Hope you take sensible decisions.
Anita, please take care of her.
After you rescued Bindu,
she started following you secretly.
Then, she came to know about Nandu.
One day...
What's is going on, seems like
you're in deep love with Sudheer?
Sudheer is not a good
person like you think.
Along with you, he is in love with me too.
I'm not a silly girl to believe
your cock and bull stories.
Huh! Give me a moment.
This is Sudheer's number, right?
Hi Sudheer.
Where are you?
I feel very bored.
Anyway, you are coming
to the farmhouse, right?
Yes, I love you too.
No one believes what we say.
Except when they see it with their eyes.
Anyway, if you want to
know more about Sudheer,
come to the farmhouse tonight.
I'll share the location to you.
Welcome Nandu.
Ahem, are you shocked?
Are you thinking about
Sudheer not being here?
Anyway, let me come straight to the point.
I want Sudheer.
It means you'll have to forget Sudheer.
And for that, I'll give you
anything and whatever amount you quote.
And that means,
you need to go far far away from him.
I hope you well understood.
Oho! I understood your plan now.
You can buy anything with
money... except love.
Sudheer and I are deeply
in love with each other.
We're even getting ready to marry soon.
If you want to talk to
me about this matter,
it is not necessary
for me to talk to you.
Hey! Have you got any sense?
What the hell are you
doing? First, apologise to her.
He already told you
that he doesn't love you,
and also Nandu is his life.
Nandu, I apologise to you on her behalf.
Come... Come, let's go.
Nandu, Bindu's mother
passed away when she was a kid.
His father got re-married
and settled in foreign country.
She became adamant since
then. She listens to no one.
She does whatever she wants.
-I'm sorry. Don't mind her.
-It's alright.
-I'll handle her.
[door slams]
Bindu... Bindu... Bindu...
Bindu... Bindu...
Bindu... Bindu... What's this mad thing?
Why are you doing this?
Nandu, help me.
Let's go to the hospital.
-What's this?
-Don't take me anywhere.
I got fed up of my life.
No... Oh my God!
I don't have a mother since childhood.
I didn't even get Sudheer
whom I have fallen in love with.
Oh no!
Now, I understood how
much you love Sudheer.
I wish that you'd live happily
with the guy you loved and
I'm going away from
this world permanently.
Bindu committed suicide as
she loved you very adamantly.
[curtain rustles]
Actually, what happened to Chitra?
How do you know Chitra?
I'm the guy who was
supposed to marry Chitra.
Chitra loved me and I
believed that to be true.
But she was doing that
by loving another guy too.
In that way, she made the other guy
pick and drop her in the office,
and made me pay bills for her shopping.
She used to get money from money
and buy gifts to that other guy.
I and my father didn't expect
that she would do such thing.
We've fixed our wedding date and
distributed the wedding cards.
One day, In that wedding card
distribution process, I met my friend.
He was shocked to upon
seeing my wedding card.
He said that she is his ex-girlfriend
and she is currently dating another guy.
I didn't believe him.
But then, I went to her house
disapprovingly and when I saw her...
So, it was you?
Hey, do you know what
happened after you left?
[dialer tone]
Seems like you are in some tension?
Sudheer is not picking my call
nor replying any of my messages.
[bottle tumbles]
What's this mad work?
I loved her more than my life, sister.
But I didn't expect that I
would take my life because of her.
She dumped three other guys along with
me and got ready to marry another guy.
It is not necessary for you to
die when a girl cheated you.
If you're really a brave guy,
you should teach her a lesson
but what's this mad work?
Who is she?
I feel very happy seeing you.
You've lost your mother
when you were born.
Since then, I gave you everything and
raised you by placing you in my heart.
My heart became heavy
as I'm a heart patient.
-Father, please.
-It is a good match for you.
And now,
I'm done with my responsibility too.
Father, everything is
happening as per your wish.
[tyres screech]
Atta girl!
You've used three guys and dumped them,
and now, you're getting
ready to cheat another guy?
Hey Bindu, why are you here?
You wait!
Why the hell are you silent?
Who are you?
What are you doing?
It doesn't matter who I'm but what is
important is your daughter's character.
My brother is one of the
guys you've roamed with.
We live in a society where culture
tells to respect a woman.
It became maligned
because of girls like you.
Bindu, what the hell are you talking?
She is not such type of girl.
You'd know what kind of a girl she is when
you see her video that is on the internet.
Please don't show it.
-What kind of bloody life is yours!
You've been like a woman of
the streets all these days
and you became ready for this
marriage as if you are a scared girl.
How did your parents
give birth to bloody you?
Brother, the groom's family
told that saw a video of Chitra.
-They've called of this.
-[groaning in pain]
-Call the ambulance.
Father... Father...
Not just sending this kind
of girls to the college,
but giving birth to
such girls is also scary.
She's been into filthy work
and ended up losing her father.
-Father, get up...
-She lost her mother during her birth.
And you've made your
father lose his life before you.
-Disgusting life!
-It doesn't matter if you live or die.
-Chitra... Chitra...
Hello doctor, how far have you come?
Please come quickly.
Talk to the doctor.
That's the story that happened.
[bike revving]
What happened, dude?
Don't feel sad.
I got a great idea.
Let's take Anita with us.
Anita and Chitra are best friends,
right? She might be a help for us.
Is this necessary for us?
Don't worry,
I'll handle it.
-Stay put!
-I have to talk to you.
-What is it?
You know how deep Sudheer-Nandu's love is.
But the problem is that, Nandu is
behaving differently every moment.
She says that he is his life and in
moment, she keeps him away from her.
I don't understand it.
You know about Sudheer, right?
You should unite them.
What should I do?
Nandu would get
convinced if you talk to her.
Alright. Let's go.
[door unlocks]
Nandu... Nandu...
Hey Pulugu, where is Nandu?
Don't worry.
It's her arrival time.
Arrival time?
Isn't she here?
She is taking rest upstairs. She'll come.
[ball bouncing]
Look, that's the signal.
She'll come now.
Why are you giving me caution
as if there is a ghost in this house?
You'll know when she arrives.
It's been a long time that
you've talked to her.
I'm just advising you to be careful.
-Oh! Okay.
-That's it.
-Dude, let's go.
-What about her?
Let's go, dude.
-Hey, you go. I'll handle it.
You'll have good time!
-Let's go and have a smoke.
-Go, dude.
Poor Anita! We left her alone.
Dude, don't worry. Chitra is her friend.
She won't hurt her.
How are you? It's been a very
long time that I have seen you.
I met her once but she
has a good opinion on me.
Dealing with her is very easy.
Why aren't you talking?
Huh! What should I talk?
I thought you were a good-hearted girl.
What did you tell to Bindu on that day?
"Sudheer and I love each
other more than our lives."
"We are going to marry soon."
You said those words,
but what are you doing now?
Your behaviour is not good.
Why are you looking at me with that
serious stare? Are you going to hit me?
I thought you loved him sincerely but
you've proved it otherwise. Disgusting!
How dare you slap me?
I'll teach you a lesson.
-Hey Balkampet!
-I think she got her bashed up!
Is she mad, she is behaving
as if a ghost possessed her?
Behaving as if a ghost possessed her?
She'll actually behave like a ghost.
Because she is a ghost.
[door closes]
[knocks] Hey Bablu, open
the door... Open the door
Fatso, open the door...
I knew that Bindu wouldn't spare Nandu.
Bindu became a ghost
and possessed Nandu.
As Bindu is my friend, I have to somehow
convince her and escape my way out.
Nandu... Nandu...
Oh no! Bindu...
Oh God! Please save me.
-Oh God!
Oh no! Bindu...
I know how sincerely you loved Sudheer.
But he was in love
with Nandu at that time.
You've committed suicide
because you couldn't stop loving him.
Your love is great,
unlike the love of my other friend Chitra.
-Oh no!
She betrayed three guys.
She became reason for her father's death.
That's why she's dead.
Do you know who I'm?
-No... No...
Chitra, you are my golden girl.
You are my best friend, right?
Drink it.
You know I don't drink, right?
Oh no!
What is meant by friendship?
[scoffs] It means supporting a
friend even when they do wrong.
Then, what have you done?
You are doing bad publicity
about me even after my death.
-Am I right?
-No... Please...
Why are you scared?
Hey, this is me...
-I'm your friend, Chitra.
-Be cool.
-[trembling] Oh no!
Ah! Uhuh!
It's been a long time that
we've spent time together.
Come, let's go.
-Oh no!
Well, sleep on that.
[chanting Hanuman Chalisa]
Did you get bashed up well?
Why didn't you tell me that
Chitra possessed Nandu?
She is your friend, right?
I thought you'd control her.
Control, my foot! She gave me a nightmare
by giving no rest to my body and eyes!
Anita, I'm sorry.
I don't want both of
you to suffer due to me.
Whatever happened till now is enough!
I'll handle it from here.
Both of you, go now.
Dude, I was bashed up many
times by her till now.
I don't care about what might
happen. But I'll be with you.
If I leave now,
it is like betraying our friendship.
We'll definitely move out of
this place along with Nandu.
-Anita, you can leave.
Are you the only friend?
Am I not your friend?
I'll be with you and three
of us, let's save Nandu.
-Alright! Let's search for her.
Well, Nandu is not her room now.
Time is 3.30
She disappears every
day exactly at this time.
Hey, we've been outside.
And Anita is inside.
So... It means that Nandu
didn't go out of the farmhouse.
Nandu is inside.
[water drops dripping]
[water leaking]
The water is leaking on the terrace.
Let's go to terrace.
[door unlocks]
[water rustling]
-Oh God!
Call the seer immediately.
[dials] The customer you've
dialled is not reachable.
Damn! There is no signal.
Hey, there is signal over
here. Try calling now.
[dials] The customer you've
dialled is not reachable.
[phone ringing dialer tone]
Guruji, where are you?
I'm almost near farm house.
Well, we are coming too.
-He said he's is here.
-Let's go.
[fire crackling]
Bablu, call the Seer.
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[vehicle arrives]
-[electricity buzzes]
-[electricity buzzes]
[switches off]
-Oh no!
Don't you understand what is happening?
Or, do you want me to tell?
As you didn't marry me,
As Bindu humiliated me,
My life was ruined.
The moment I died,
I brought Bindu under my control.
Then, I saw you in the
college for the first time.
I thought to give you a lifetime of hell
by making you madly
fall in love with Bindu.
Sudheer, I love you.
But it was my bad luck,
that you rejected Bindu's love.
Because you were already
in deep love with Nandu.
That's why I've called Nandu through Bindu
and warned her to forget you.
I hope you well understood.
But Nandu didn't accept it.
That's why I've killed Bindu who
is one of the reasons for my death,
and possessed your Nandu.
In order to spend with you privately,
The one who brought you here...
Did it you think it was Nandu?
It was Chitra!
[gate creaks open]
First, I've made you worry by
making Nandu disappear from you.
After that, I've aggravated
your worry by making you doubt
that something had happened to Nandu.
And after, I've been showing
myself to you only at nights
and made you mad during daytime.
Every time, when you shower love on her,
Do you know how I used to feel about that?
I used to get so enraged
that I feel like killing her.
My vengeance shouldn't
be satiated so easily.
That's the reason,
I've been with you and
created all the problems.
I think now you got the clarity, right?
Chitra, I didn't cheat
you in the name of love.
It was you who
cheated in the name of love.
I went far away from you
but didn't plan revenge on you.
-Nandu is my life.
Kindly leave us.
No chance at all.
Hey, hooking up each day with
a different guy is not love.
Loving a single person
throughout life is what love means.
They have to live for each other and
if necessary, die for each other.
That is real love.
You will never understand it.
Poor Bindu! what did she do to you? Huh?
She wants to teach you a
lesson as you have done wrong.
But for that,
you have unfairly killed Bindu.
You are a pyscho!
-You don't have a heart.
My life got ruined.
And today, your life would get ruined too.
But I won't be doing anything.
It is you who is going to
kill your beloved Nandu.
In the grief of killing your beloved,
you'd commit suicide.
[thunders rumble]
Nandu, I hate you.
[door creaks]
[laughing freakishly]
[thunders rumble]
[door opens]
[making freak sounds]
[door creaks open]
Hi Nandu...
-No, Sudheer. Don't kill me.
-[making freak sounds]
[thunders rumbling]
If I wish,
I can make you
kill your beloved with your hands.
I will get her killed.
Your anger, grudge, and revenge is on me.
Seek your vengeance by killing me.
But don't hurt her.
she has no part in what
had happened between us.
It means, are you going to give your
life to save the girl you loved?
Is your love so great
that lives can be sacrificed?
[vase shatters]
[mirror shatters]
[groans in pain]
Nandu, I love you.
[siren wails]
Sudheer... Hey Sudheer.
Where is Sudheer?
[vase shatters]
[machine beeping]
Sudheer, I, who got accustomed
to the habits of this generation,
thought life means spending lavish life.
In that way, I ruined my life.
As you said, hooking up with
multiple people is not love.
Yours is real love.
You didn't care for your
life to save your beloved.
I troubled you in many ways till now.
Now, I'm wholeheartedly
leaving you and going away.
I wish you and Nandu to live happily
together throughout your lives.
See you.