Preman Pensiun (2019) Movie Script

We are gathered here because of business.
Bahar called this busines... a profitable...
...yet negative one.
It has long existed...
...even since before he was born...
...and will exist...
...until after we die.
We are already move on.
We may look back
to see history and learn,
but not to turn back.
The way we change is never easy.
We will go through difficulties and pains.
We must work hard.
And succeed.
We prove to Bahar
who is resting in peace.
Now, we have profitable...
...and positive businesses.
This is our last meeting.
"Three Years Later."
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop right there!
Stop, right there!
"Preman Pensiun"
Honey, wake up!
Wake up! The sun is up!
-What time is it?
-It's 6:30 AM.
-It's still early.
-It's not.
If our daughter greets her teacher
at this hour,
she'll say, "Good morning",
not "Good afternoon."
It's up to you to believe me or not.
I believe you, then.
-Brush your teeth first!
The best way to drink coffee
is before brushing your teeth.
-What's up?
Sit down.
The sales of our crackers are declining.
When steamed brownies were on the market,
many people bought them.
But they didn't last long.
Nobody wanted them anymore.
Then spicy chips followed.
Many people bought them.
But they didn't last long.
Nobody wanted them anymore.
Then we are selling crackers.
A lot of demand from customers.
-But now...
-It's dropping.
Yeah, I know.
-What should we do now?
-What do you mean?
If the sales are getting more declining...
...this business may be closed.
We must maintain this business
as best as we can.
Don't let it closed!
Because our workers rely on this job
to provide for their families.
Sir, do you want me to put this coffee
here or inside?
-I told my wife to make me one.
-She made this. I'm just giving it to you.
Put it here!
-Do you want coffee?
-Thanks, sir.
I ask you once again.
-Do you want coffee?
-If you want it, just say it.
-Just tell the truth.
-I want it.
Take this.
-Why do you give your coffee to me?
-You've said that you want it.
-So, your coffee?
-I'm not drinking it.
Because I gave my coffee to you.
I feel bad.
You just enjoy the coffee.
Actually I feel bad
because I don't drink coffee.
-Don't be like that, sir.
-Like that.
Honey, there is a call from Kinanti.
-What's up?
-I'm in Bandung.
Just arrived last night.
Are you Miss Bandung?
Next week is the thousandth day
of my father's death.
-Next week?
-The thousandth day?
Time passes by so fast. Its almost
a thousand days since he passed away.
-Okay, I'll pick you up there.
Just tell me if you're on the way
to my place. I'll be waiting.
-I'm leaving, then.
-Wait a minute.
Yes, sir.
What happened in the New Market yesterday?
I don't know. What happened?
If I knew, why did I ask you about it?
I'm sorry.
Are you done?
That's it. You can leave now.
Sis, I'm going to pick up Kirani.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Let's go.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Where you're going?
-Take the keys inside.
-Hurry up.
-Yes, ma'am.
Don't you open the gate first?
I forgot.
Do you know what happened
in the New Market yesterday?
Who is the culprit?
Not locals living there,
but the incident happened there.
Do you know him?
I don't know.
Police came right after the incident.
Interrogate the witnesses!
Investigate that case immediately!
Yes, sir.
Dago, Dago, Dago...
-To Majalaya?
-Yes, sir. Please.
Majalaya, Majalaya!
-Where is Bubun?
-He is there. Can I call him for you?
-No need. I'll go there by myself.
-As you please.
Thank God.
-How are you?
-Not good.
-Not good?
-Please sit down.
-Thanks, Bun.
-Do you want coffee?
-Yes, please.
-It's still too hot!
-I know.
-Why are you so quiet?
-Yes, you are.
-No, I'm not.
I can see that.
I'm thinking of something.
Thinking of what?
Are you returning to make money
from this bus station like you used to?
No. I just want to meet my friends.
How is Bohim doing?
T-shirt sale. T-shirt. Please.
T-shirt for kids! Perfect gift for kids!
T-shirt for ladies! Don't ever think
of cheating on your wives!
Are you thinking of another woman,
not your jacket business?
-No, I'm not.
-You're lying!
No, I'm not.
-Do you swear?
-I swear!
-What do you swear by?
-What do you want me to swear by?
-My wife and children.
-I see.
-Please have the coffee, bro.
How is Cecep doing?
How about Uu?
Going home to Rancaekek.
Working as a handler
in the horse attraction like he used to?
He's been a handler since he was young.
He moved here just to be Bahar's henchman.
There's me above him, and Mus above me.
-What is it, Mom?
-Where are you going?
-Monitoring the workers.
-Bring martabak home for me.
Martabak stall opens at night.
-How about surabi, then?
-The stall opens in the evening.
-How about meatball?
Meatball, then.
-Yes, Mom.
-Off you go.
Okay, bro.
Take care yourself!
You don't want to come with me?
I don't.
I often meet Mus.
-How about you?
-Nope! I'm still tired.
Have a spirit!
Come on! Hurry up!
How is your husband's condition?
Still unconscious.
Any police there?
Any friends or relatives coming?
Yes, but none of them knows the beating.
What did the police ask you?
"Who beat Dayat up?"
What did you answer?
I don't know.
To the advisor of Siliwangi
Boxing Camp Kodam III,
salute up!
Salute down!
Good afternoon!
Good afternoon. Fantastic!
Keep the spirit!
The match that you are about to face
is not only for victory,
but also for the honor of Siliwangi.
-Fight and win honorably and bravely!
-Yes, sir.
-How are you and your family doing?
Thank God. They are fine.
How about your business?
The sales are declining.
Maybe people are bored eating crackers.
What flavours do you offer?
Just like before. Only one flavor.
That what makes people bored.
No innovation.
Innovation? What do you mean?
I'll ask my friends for help.
-Thank you, Ujang.
-You're welcome.
Is it possible to get the business closed?
I'll survive as best as I can.
If it's closed,
they may not get a new job soon.
-I'm going there.
-Do you want to go to the toilet?
No. I just want to rest.
T-shirt! T-shirt! T-shirt! Bro...
-How are you?
I often visit his house.
You should come, too.
Okay. I'll visit Bagja,
but not today because I'll go shopping...
...with Kirani, Sudirman, Kinasih,
Bakti, and their kids.
I'm off now.
Let me know if you need help.
I will let you know.
What news?
-Iwan invites you to the match.
-When is it?
On Sunday.
-Tell him I'll come.
Now, find bodyguards for Bahar's family.
They are shopping.
I'm sure they are safe,
but keep guarding them.
Whom will you contact?
-Murad and Pipit.
-I'm Pipit.
-I don't like his name.
-I mean, Firmansyah Pitra.
You can call me Pipit.
What's up, Ujang?
Mus wants you to guard Bahar's family now.
Are you single or taken?
We have a duty.
Hey, yo!
-How are you?
-It's good, then.
-Thank you.
Mus! You're not bringing
meatball home for me?
Oh, my God! I forgot.
-Do you want coffee?
-Or do you want to eat something?
-I'm hungry. I want to eat. Is it okay?
-It's okay.
-I'm leaving now, okay?
-Okay. Bye.
Come here!
-Who is he?
-A friend.
-Why isn't he in uniform?
-He is a college student.
-Your friend is a college student?
-What was he doing here?
-Taking me home.
-Are you running out of money?
-Why did he take you home?
-He wanted to.
Why don't you tell me you're home?
I'm starving, you know!
Three years ago, after we quit
from making money in the bus station,
I went home to Sukabumi.
Having a catfish business,
It hadn't run well for two years
until finally I went bankrupt.
-My wife wants a divorce.
-My wife left me.
-She can't survive living poor.
-Oh, my God.
-Where are you?
-On the way to meet a jacket buyer.
-What time are you going home?
Later, after meeting the buyer
and having a deal.
-What's up?
-I want to tell you something.
-What is it?
-I'll tell you if you're home.
What time do you meet the buyer?
Roger that!
-We're off now!
-Roger that!
Slow down, Murad.
I don't want to fall down.
Excuse me.
Wait a sec.
Hey, Imas?
-Is Mus home?
-He is. Come on in!
Good afternoon. Happy shopping.
I'm looking for kids' clothes.
Move it, Pit!
Is this good?
-How is it? Clear?
-Pipit is lost.
-How come?
-Are you shopping alone?
-Yes, sir.
-Where is Dikdik?
-He said he is meeting a jacket buyer.
-Is the jacket business still running?
-He said it is.
-"He said?"
-I'm not part of it.
I see.
What are you doing here? Dropping by?
-I want to tell something to Mus.
-What is it?
I'm pregnant.
What? Pregnant?
-So, why do you come here?
Your husband is Dikdik, not me.
I just want to tell you that.
-Where have you been?
Thank you.
-How is it? Have you found Pipit?
I did.
-How is Bahar's family?
-They are safe.
I met with Bohim and Uu.
I asked for their help.
Now I'm meeting you here.
I'm asking for your help either.
Whenever you need me, I'm ready to help.
Thank you, Cep.
-Want to come in?
-I've told you that I have an appointment.
-Just a minute.
-It won't be a minute.
-How long will you be here?
-I don't know.
-Want me to pick you up?
-Let me know when you're done.
-Be careful.
-You should be.
Dik, How are you?
How are you, bro?
I'm fine.
What is he doing now?
Just like before.
Jacket business?
I take the jackets from Garut,
Sukaregang, and sell them in Jakarta.
-Does it run well?
-Not bad.
I'm glad to hear that.
Do you have a child?
About to.
Is your wife pregnant?
Thank God, I am.
-How long?
-A month.
You're about to be a mother.
Excuse me.
Wait a sec.
-Is Safira home?
-She is. Wait.
-Please sit down.
-Who is that?
-Safira's friend.
-A boy?
-Are you Safira's friend?
-Yes, I'm Rendy.
I don't ask your name.
I'm Safira's father.
-What do you want to do?
-Shaking your hands.
I don't want to do that.
Safira is still getting dressed.
-Want something to drink?
-No need.
He is about to leave.
-What are you doing here?
-I want to ask Safira out.
-You'll leave your bike here?
-No. I'll ride it with Safira.
You said you just want to ask her out.
-I mean...
I want to go to Cikapundung with Rendy.
It's almost dark.
Are you going until night?
-You must be home by 9.
Let's go!
We're leaving.
Our daughter has grown up.
She starts dating with a guy.
Are you worried?
When you came to ask me out,
my mom was worried either.
My daughter is going out with a boy
to Cikapundung, she said.
I need someone to watch them.
-Whom will you contact?
-Murad and Pipit, I guess.
-Firmansah Pitra!
-I mean, Murad and Firmansah Pitra.
Tell Murad to send my message to the boy,
What message?
I was going to talk right away,
but you interrupted.
"You should be careful
if you are dating that girl."
"Don't hurt her physically..."
"...and emotionally!"
"She is Muslihat's daughter."
What are you doing?
Waiting for my daughter to go home.
Let me know if there is sekoteng seller
passing by.
Okay, Mom.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for sekoteng seller.
Wait inside!
I don't want you catch a cold.
If he passes by,
we can hear his voice from inside.
Ting! Ting! Ting!
-Do you have a coin?
-For body scraping?
-You've caught a cold already?
No. Just keep it for emergency.
Are you waiting for sekoteng seller
or our daughter?
You don't need to worry too much.
Our child is a girl. It is a high risk.
-She said what time will she be home?
-I told her to be home by 9 PM.
It's just around 7 PM now.
-What are you looking at?
-A clock.
-What's wrong with it?
-The time.
Both times are wrong.
I'm waiting until she come home.
That's Mus' daughter.
-I want to go to toilet.
-You want me to come with you?
No need. You stay here.
Waiting for sekoteng seller
passing by, too?
-I want sekoteng too.
Sorry, that seat is taken.
-No one is sitting here.
-She is in the toilet.
The girl in the toilet is Safira.
-You know her?
There is a message from her father.
-What message?
-Three bowls of sekoteng, please.
-Last night,
when you took me home,
why were you so quiet?
-I wasn't. I talked.
-You did before I went to toilet.
When I came back,
you didn't say a word. Why?
-Answer me!
-I'm eating.
You can talk when you eat.
It's nothing.
Why have you been so quiet lately?
-Because of my business.
-What's wrong with it?
You don't need to know.
Are you confused how to leave me now
because I'm pregnant?
Who wants to leave you?
It turns out
that she is Muslihat's daughter.
Who is Muslihat?
-Her father.
-I know that.
If she is Muslihat's daughter,
then Muslihat is her father.
I met him yesterday.
He is small but looks fierce.
Then two big guys came to me last night.
I was threatened and warned to be careful.
You made a right decision.
-What decision?
-Leaving her.
Don't cry here! It's embarrassing.
Can you help me to tell Muslihat?
Idris just arrived in Bandung.
He wants to meet you.
Why are you crying, dear?
I want to eat something.
I know, but don't ask for pomelo.
It is hardly to be found.
That's what it wants, not me.
-Okay, I'll look for it.
-It must be here fast.
-Hurry. Don't just say "Okay".
-"Okay" again?
So, should I say "No", then?
I'm off now.
-Please have a drink.
I'm looking for information about what
happened in the New Market a few days ago.
-Is that it?
Time flies so fast. It's been almost
a thousand days since your father died.
It's true.
I just remind this to you.
Making a pilgrimage at someone's grave
is not to talk and ask for something,
but to remind us
that this world is mortal.
Then it is to pray for the dead ones.
-Thanks for the info.
-You're welcome.
How are you, Mus?
I'm fine.
Your family?
They're fine.
Your henchmen? Your ex-henchmen?
They're all fine.
-How about you, sir?
-As you can see.
-From Jakarta?
-No. I came from Bahar's grave in Garut.
It's the thousandth day
of his death soon.
Maybe his children will make
a pilgrimage there.
I cleaned the grave,
pulled out the growing grass,
picked up the fallen leaves.
Yes, they will. I will, too.
Bahar is gone. There is nothing left
including his bones.
They have turned into the ground.
What's left is just his history,
message, and hope
that he put on your shoulder.
He chose you because he trusted you.
-Yes, sir.
-I'm going back to Jakarta.
Yes, sir.
I know since Jamal was arrested by police,
you haven't wandered around the street.
But you have ears.
You must've heard
about the incident in the New Market.
-I don't want to interfere, sir.
-If you say so, it means you know it.
I just wonder who the culprit is.
Answer me!
My boyfriend dumped me.
We broke up!
Our girl has been crying all day.
-Being dumped by her boyfriend.
-By the guy who asked her out yesterday?
-Come here!
-Right now?
How much?
-You'll not finish it?
-No time!
-I've just arrived here.
I'm at home.
Sorry, I'm wrong.
You're right about what you've
just said that you're wrong.
What should I do, then?
You have to fix your mistake.
Come to my house! Hurry!
-Yes, sir.
-Okay. We have to meet now.
Sit down!
-Did you really send my message to Murad?
-Yes, sir.
-Did Murad do what I told him to?
-Yes, he did.
-Who said that?
Did Murad tell the boy
not to hurt my daughter?
Yes, he did.
-Don't let her broken-hearted!
Then, why did she break up
with her boyfriend?
Maybe they aren't meant to be together.
-What does it mean?
-I don't know exactly.
My wife said that my daughter
has been crying all day.
That guy made my only daughter...
...crying all day long.
What should I do?
Take a revenge.
I sent a message from Safira's father
to you. You should be careful.
Don't let her hurt and broken-hearted!
Why did you break up with her?
I don't care!
You have to make up with her!
-Please make up with me.
Why did you answer your phone outside?
-If nothing, why did you do that?
-I just wanted to.
-So, I can't hear you?
-Because the caller is a woman?
-So, why did you avoid me?
-I was discussing business matters.
-You're lying.
-I'm not.
-Do you swear?
-I do.
-Swear by?
-What do you want me to swear by?
-I swear to God.
Don't say that
if you'll break my heart again.
-I swore, babe.
Do you believe me?
I'm trying to.
I know Darman. Someone must've paid him.
Now, we have to find out who paid him.
-We can ask him about it.
But the problem is that he is not alone.
He is also too strong for us
to make him tell the truth forcefully.
-We should ask for others' help.
Murad, Pipit, Dikdik, and Ujang.
Call Ujang to tell the others.
Tell him we're going to have
a small reunion. Don't tell Mus!
-Ujang, this is Cecep.
What's up?
-Could you come?
-What's up? With whom?
We're having a small reunion tonight
with Gobang, Uu, and Bohim.
Okay. Where?
-I'll text you later. Tell the others.
-Who else?
Murad, Pipit, and Dikdik.
-I will. I'm on the way to Mus'.
-Don't tell him!
I suspect that my husband
is having an affair with another woman.
Is Dikdik cheating on you?
Apparently so.
Did you see by yourself or hear rumors?
-Neither see nor hear.
-So, why are you suspicious?
He avoided me when someone called him.
He went outside to answer the phone,
so I couldn't hear.
You should have the proof
or at least the signs.
Don't be blinded by jealousy!
-Who is this?
Hey, Kinanti. I thought of someone else.
Do you still often meet your ex-henchmen?
-Do you still monitor them?
As long as they don't make problems,
I let them be.
Why do you ask that?
-About Imas' husband.
Why is he?
Imas is suspicious
that he is cheating on her.
Okay. I'll handle it.
Okay. We'll meet again tonight.
Sit down!
-Is it done?
If it isn't, I'll soak you
in the rice field.
Don't do that, sir! I'm afraid of worms.
-I have another task for you.
-What is that?
It's about Dikdik.
Rumor has it, that he is having an affair.
Check it,
if the rumor is true
or it's just his wife's prejudice!
Yes, sir.
-Have we just arrived?
-Yes, Jon.
-Finally I'm in Bandung.
-We're going to my house.
After that, we walk around, okay?
Yes, sir.
-Okay, kid.
-A small reunion.
-Ujang invites us to come tonight.
-Any food there?
He said a small reunion.
A lot of food, then.
-Is is expensive?
-Do you have the lead?
-Not yet, sir.
-Who's coming?
-Ujang said only Murad and Pipit.
-He's been called, but not confirmed yet.
He wants to ask
his wife's permission first.
Is he afraid of his wife?
Well, you can stay here for a while
until your husband picks you up.
Why don't you eat much?
No problem. Six is enough.
Have a seat, Jon!
This is called Asia Afrika Street.
-So many buildings.
-Of course. This is Bandung's Old Town.
There is an old building
called Independence Building,
it's where presidents
from many countries had meetings,
during the Asian-African conference.
-Now, that's where superheroes meet.
-What superheroes?
-Let's go there!
-Wait a minute,
I want to tell my friend
that I just arrived in Bandung.
-Hello, Ujang. This is Joni.
-Are you in Jakarta?
-No. I'm in Bandung.
Incidentally, we're having
a small reunion tonight.
Gobang, Uu, Cecep, Bohim,
Murad, and Pipit are coming.
Now, I'm with Jono,
my friend from Jakarta.
Can you let him alone for a while?
-I'll ask him first.
Could you meet the superheroes
by yourself?
Where are you going?
I was just invited to a small reunion.
I'm coming to the reunion if you're not
afraid to walk around by yourself.
Why should I be afraid?
Are you sure it's not going to rain
like last night?
If so, maybe it's just drizzle
like last night.
No, problem. Its romantic.
-How are you?
-Not good.
-Not good?
-I'll tell you later.
-Where are you going?
-A small reunion.
-Why do you just tell me about it now?
-Ujang invited me this afternoon.
You want to meet another woman,
don't you?
You're just too paranoid.
I'm not. I just don't believe you.
-Call Ujang, then!
-For what?
-That you will believe me.
-He must be covering the truth for you.
You must've told him to tell me
about the reunion if I'll ask him.
-What should I do, then?
-Don't go!
It's Dikdik.
-Ujang, I can't come.
-My wife doesn't allow me to.
-Dikdik can't come.
He is too afraid of his wife.
Joni called me.
He said he is in Bandung now.
Then I invited him to come here.
Thank you.
What's up, Jon? Joni, I want to go home.
-There are so many ghosts here.
-Are you sure?
-In front of Independence Building?
-They are fake ghosts.
-I'm still scared.
-Just move to a crowded place.
-But the ghosts are there!
It's drizzling.
How are you?
Not good.
I got news that my brother-in-law
was beaten up by some guys.
He has been unconscious for three days.
Cecep got a clue that Darman executed him.
But Darman was paid by somebody.
I need your help to push him
to tell who paid him.
But I don't force you to help me.
For those who can't help me,
thank you for meeting me here.
I'm in. I need an exercise.
-Are you in?
-If you're in, I'm in. We are a combo.
-I'm in.
-How about the others?
-I'm in.
-I'm in.
Let's go!
This is the song when we were dating.
I'm ashamed.
-Are you guys going to beat us up?
-Like you guys beat my brother-in-law up.
I'm waiting too long.
Just be patient.
Let's fight!
Let's eat up!
-Who paid you?
Thank God. I'm full.
I'm going to buy rose water and flowers
for pilgrimage tomorrow.
You said "Yes", but still sleeping.
Don't pull me away!
I can get up by myself.
I'm still conscious, just sleeping.
-Has our daughter gone to school?
-She has.
-Is she still sad?
-Not anymore.
-Are you sure?
-It's up to you to believe me or not.
I believe you, then.
-Excuse me.
-Wait a sec.
-What's up?
Sit down!
I've got news about Dikdik.
Is it safe if I talk about it here?
Yes, if you don't shout.
-Is Dikdik really having an affair?
-I don't know yet.
If so, why do you come here?
To tell you the news.
-You said you've got news about Dikdik.
-The other news, but still about Dikdik.
What news?
About the incident in the New Market
you asked me about,
the perp is Darman.
The victim is Gobang's brother-in-law.
You said you've got news about Dikdik,
but you're talking about others.
This has a connection with Dikdik.
What do you mean?
The one who paid Darman to kill
Gobang's brother-in-law is Dikdik.
Sir, do you want me to put
this coffee here or inside?
Your wife made this.
I'm just told to give it to you.
-Give it to me.
-As you please.
-You want coffee?
-No, thanks.
-Are you sure?
-I am.
About Dikdik,
let me handle it.
I've told our relatives
that your husband is dead.
I asked the chairman of the neighborhood
and our neighbors,
that we will bury Dayat this afternoon.
-See you.
-Bring the groceries inside.
-Yes, ma'am.
-What can I get for you?
-No need, thanks.
I just want to sit on the chair like
I used to when I talked to your father.
Gobang's brother-in-law is dead.
He will be buried this afternoon.
Say my condolences for Gobang.
I'm so sorry for his loss.
I can't come.
There is an important problem
I need to fix today.
Yes, sir.
-Is someone dead?
Gobang's brother-in-law. My ex-henchman.
I used to sit here.
On this chair.
The same chair where I sat
every time I talked to your father.
Your father used to sit there.
On the chair you are sitting now.
He's long gone now.
Since three years ago.
Tomorrow is the thousand day
of his death.
Idris came yesterday.
He lives in Jakarta.
He went far to Garut
to clean your father's grave,
pull out the growing grass,
pick up the fallen leaves,
because of the respect
inside his heart to your father.
Idris said to me,
" gone."
There is nothing left including his bones.
They have turned into the ground.
What's left is just his history,
message and hope,
that he put on my shoulder.
Are you having a problem?
Not me.
My ex-henchman is the ones
that have problem.
Are you still responsible for them?
My henchmen are my family
and responsibility.
Henchmen can become ex-henchmen.
...can family become an ex-family?
That's what your father said.
While I'm sitting right here,
I'm thinking of your father
giving a command for me.
every question must be answered by you.
Every problem must be solved by you.
I'm off now.
I need to solve a problem
caused by my ex-henchman.
This is about your job,
your jacket business!
You lie.
I did.
I made a promise to Imas
before we got married.
After marriage,
I wouldn't do the dirty job anymore.
I tried another business,
but I failed.
So, you're still doing the dirty job
like you used to?
Yes, sir.
I've got news.
That Gobang's brother-in-law is dead.
Is that your responsibility?
Yes, sir.
When I did the dirty job,
I never killed people.
I didn't mean to, sir.
I never taught you to be a murderer.
Its an accident.
My job was to find five cars
Dayat rented but never returned.
I didn't know Dayat
is Gobang's brother-in-law.
I paid Darman to find Dayat
because I couldn't reach him.
When Darman and his men found him,
he ran away.
When they managed to catch him,
he fought them back.
the problem is between you and Gobang.
Do you want to finish it by yourself?
Or you want me to handle it?
Let me finish it alone, sir.
Based on the report from our unis,
there was a fight between two groups.
But he only found the victims
in the crime scene.
One of the victims said that they
were attacked by a gang led by Gobang.
-Let me finish my problem with Dikdik.
-We're dismissed.
-Thank you.
-Thank you all.
-No problem.
Now, we are looking for Gobang.
We must arrest him immediately!
Yes, sir.
-We have to meet.
Any problem?
What is it?
Business matter.
I'm off now.
Where are you going?
Finishing a problem.
-Has it started?
-It's about to.
I know you've won a lot
in the middleweight division.
Now, you have a chance... win in the heavyweight division.
-Yes, sir.
-I'm sure you can win this match bravely.
-Yes, sir.
The first match, from the red corner.
Fico from Sasana Banteng Jakarta.
The opposite of him,
from the blue corner,
Iwan from Sasana Kodam III
Siliwangi Bandung.
-What are you doing?
-Watching boxing match.
-In the sport centre.
Round one.
Hit him!
Come on, Iwan!
Iwan, Iwan, Iwan!
Round two.
Iwan, Iwan, Iwan, Iwan!
-I hope Iwan wins.
-He must win!
That's true. He must win!
It's cold. Let's come inside!
I want to be here for a while.
Okay, then.
I'll come inside.
Round three.
You paid Darman, right?
Darman killed Dayat to death.
My sister lost her husband.
My nephew lost her father.
Your wife,
your child,
will suffer the same fate.
Blood must be paid for blood,
life must be paid for life.
Watch out!
Yes, hello.
Imas just called me.
Someone stabbed Dikdik.
We are
with Bandung Wetan Police Department.
We want to interrogate Gobang.
Gobang was accused of stabbing Dikdik.
Gobang! Oh, my God.
-Let's move.
Get in!
I know you're in heaven, Bahar.
But you must be disappointed there.
I can't take care of them here.