Premature Burial (1962) Movie Script

Good afternoon, Miss Gault.
Good afternoon, Judson.
I'd like to see...
Hello, Kate.
What do you want?
Will you tell Guy that
I would like to see him?
I'm afraid he doesn't
Wish to see you.
I shall have to hear
that from Guy himself.
Oh, really, Kate,
don't you think...
at least I deserve
an explanation?
Very well.
Will you please wait here?
I'm sorry.
Guy does not wish to see you.
I told you I'd have to hear
that from Guy himself.
Emily, you...
you shouldn't have come here.
So I understand.
But, Guy, don't you think
I deserve something...
a little more than a letter?
Look at me and tell me
you don't love me.
My darling,
I do love you... very much.
That's why I sent you
that letter...
because I do love you.
Now, darling, please go away
and forget you ever met me.
I know what happened, Guy.
My father told me.
Did he tell you why?
Despite what he thinks...
I didn't run away from what
Was inside that coffin...
but from what I knew
to be inside me.
L... I don't understand.
I'd hoped to spare you this.
If you do understand,
then you'll realize...
Why there can never be
a marriage between us.
Come with me.
Where does this lead?
Are you all right?
Yes, I... I think so.
Do you want to go back?
No. No.
You've often expressed a wish
to meet the rest of my family.
Well, here they are...
all my ancestors,
famous and infamous...
laid here to...
What is the term?
To rest.
From the beginning,
death has come...
to the Carrells
like an assassin...
but the least fortunate
of all was my father.
How did he die?
Like a single candle
in a dark and airless room.
Emily, my father...
Kate, why are you here?
It's time for your medicine.
Oh, yes. I'd forgotten.
I'm sorry. Thank you.
What medicine?
Guy, is this the cause of...
No. Not a cause. An effect.
Without it, I couldn't sleep.
Guy, tell me.
I should never have gone
With your father...
and those other doctors
that night.
I'm interested only
in private research.
I can never forget
that poor wretch...
Whose grave they robbed.
His staring eyes...
his clutching hands...
his fingernails
broken and bloody...
from the vain attempt
to claw away...
the lid of that coffin.
You see, all this has
a special meaning for me, Emily.
For years,
I've lived in dread...
of being buried alive.
Can you possibly conceive it?
The unendurable
oppression of the lungs...
the stifling fumes
of the damp earth...
the rigid embrace
of the coffin...
the blackness
of absolute night...
and the silence...
like an overwhelming sea.
And then,
invisible in the darkness...
but all too hideously real
to the other senses...
the presence
of the conqueror worm.
I'm sorry.
These are just morbid fantasies.
I'm afraid not.
Every member of my family...
has met with a violent
and horrible death.
I now wait my turn.
How did your father die?
Do you know what that is?
When it strikes...
the victim gives every
outward sign of being dead.
But he's not dead. He's alive.
I was barely 13
When my father was stricken.
Doctor said
it was a heart attack...
and there was a funeral...
and he was sealed in this vault.
That night...
I heard him crying out...
a pitiful, desperate cry.
I begged with them.
I pleaded with them.
"He's alive.
He's alive," I said...
but no one would believe me.
Because it wasn't true.
It was!
I heard him.
In your mind.
No, Kate.
It would be easier
for me to accept that.
But I know the truth.
God help me,
I know the truth!
My father's inheritance
and my wedding gift to you...
Now you know why
I asked your forgiveness.
There's nothing to forgive.
But you must understand...
I understand
that I love you...
and that I want
to be your wife.
Miss Gault...
My brother is ill.
Then I shall nurse him
back to health.
Guy, if you love me...
if you really love me...
you won't shut me out
of your life.
You'll let me share it with you.
You want that?
After what you've heard?
More than ever before.
Tell her, Guy.
Tell her.
you've been most considerate...
and you've always
thought of my welfare.
That is true.
But in some things,
I must make my own decisions.
Of course.
Then I take it you have
made your decision?
I have.
Then let it be
on your own head.
Do you, Guy...
take Emily to be your
lawful wedded wife...
for better, for worse,
in sickness and in health...
So long as ye both shall live?
I do.
Do you, Emily, take Guy...
to be your lawful
Wedded husband...
for better, for worse...
in sickness and in health...
So long as ye both shall live?
I do.
If there be any here
Who know just cause...
Why these two should
not be joined together...
in holy matrimony...
let him speak now
or forever hold his peace.
The ring, please.
Repeat after me.
With this ring, I thee wed.
Then I do pronounce you
man and wife.
Champagne, Lady Catherine?
Thank you.
Oh, yes, a beautiful ceremony.
A toast... to the most
beautiful bride...
and the most fortunate
groom who ever lived.
May they be happy
to the end of their days.
No, Guy. Not in front
of everyone.
Well, then, you'd better
go and play something...
before I lose control
Isn't she beautiful?
Are you enjoying
yourself, father?
Don't stop playing, Emily.
It's lovely.
I want to wish you
every happiness.
Thank you, Miles.
You're going to Venice...
for the honeymoon, I understand.
What was that? L... I'm sorry.
I inquired if you were going
to Venice for your honeymoon...
and I'm not accustomed
to people...
Forgive me, please.
What the devil's
the matter with the fella?
- Emily.
- Yes, darling?
That melody you're playing...
What is it?
"Molly Malone. "
Don't you like it?
No. Please stop playing.
But it's a charming melody.
I said please stop playing it!
I'm sorry. I...
Is there anything I can do, Guy?
No, nothing.
I'll come with you, Guy.
No. Please leave me alone!
All of you,
leave me alone, please!
Guy. Guy, darling.
Please wake up.
They've all gone now.
Yes, Emily.
Are you feeling better?
I think so.
What's the matter, Guy?
What happened to you down there?
I can't remember, exactly.
I was talking with
your father, and then...
And then what?
The music.
Something about the music
you were playing.
What was it about the music?
It was the tune
he was whistling that night.
Who was?
There were two of them.
Sweeney and Mole
Were their names.
Oh, filthy,
disgusting creatures.
They were the ones
Who opened the grave...
and all the time whistling
that loathsome tune.
Now we're alone.
Just the two of us.
What was that?
I don't know.
It sounded like a scream.
Stay here.
King, old fellow.
He is dead.
It must have been the lightning.
We'll bury him.
As you wish.
Now let us go in
out of the rain, Guy.
Why, he was only stunned.
I was going to bury him.
I was going to bury him...
Sketching? Out here?
No, not sketching, really.
Making plans.
For the house?
You're very inquisitive.
Well, I'm married now...
and wives are supposed
to be inquisitive.
And husbands are
Supposed to be secretive.
However, I'll tell you
one of my secrets...
a very closely guarded one.
I possess the ability to kiss
a woman without touching her.
Oh, Guy, really.
You don't believe me?
I'll wager you a shilling.
All right.
I'll accept your wager.
Come on. Show me this miracle.
With pleasure.
There you are.
What about your wager?
Oh, I lose the wager.
Here's your shilling.
It was worth much more,
believe me.
Yes, dear?
What about our honeymoon?
You promised you'd take me
to Venice, remember?
Aren't you happy here?
Oh, yes, of course...
but, well, you're
on your own so much...
and I worry about you.
You must be patient with me.
All right.
In the meantime...
I'll brighten up
that dreary old house.
Look. Aren't they lovely?
Take them away!
Guy, don't be so ill-tempered.
I can't bear living in
a house without flowers...
and neither should you.
Just throw them away!
I loathe flowers.
You must promise
never to bring...
those sickly funeral
decorations into the house.
Guy, I was only...
You must promise!
All right.
I promise.
Yes, Judson.
Dr. Archer has arrived, milady.
Oh. Show him in, please.
- This way, sir.
- Thank you, Judson.
Miles, dear,
how kind of you to come.
I came directly.
I received your message.
Is something wrong?
Guy is ill.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I suppose
it's the Italian climate.
But we didn't go to Italy.
But I thought...
We've been here in this house...
ever since the day
We were married.
I don't understand.
Neither do I.
All I know is that Guy is ill...
and you've got
to help him, Miles.
My dear, surely your father...
has done everything
that can be done.
My father has done nothing.
To him, Guy is
a perfectly healthy man...
but that isn't true...
and you must do something
to help him, Miles.
If you don't, something
terrible will happen.
He's a completely changed man.
I don't even recognize him.
Well, I'll do whatever I can.
Why don't you take me to him?
Thank you, Miles.
I'll just get my wrap.
Your wrap?
It's chilly on the moors.
Where is he?
He started building it
a month ago.
Let me in.
Go away. I'm busy.
Guy, please open the door.
Emily, didn't you
understand me? I said I...
Hello, Guy.
Hello, Miles.
I'm glad to see you.
I must apologize.
I was very rude.
Yes, Guy, you were.
Very rude.
You see, I've been quite ill.
So I understand.
Guy, I have brought
Miles along...
to see if he can help you.
That's very solicitous,
but quite unnecessary.
I'm helping myself now.
How, Guy?
Come inside. I'll show you.
This is it...
my grand plan.
What shall it be?
Some liqueur, brandy,
Guy, I brought...
Now, let us drink
to something appropriate...
To death.
Not drinking?
What a pity.
It's really quite good.
Yes, my dear?
You wish to say something?
Well, in that case...
let me tell you
about my latest addition.
I thought of it
the night before last.
Of course, it's highly
unlikely I shall ever use it...
but one never knows, does one?
Permits of easy egress...
and it's completely
impassable from the outside.
A simple arrangement,
I grant, but effective.
Guy, this is madness.
Madness? It's the only
Sane answer to my problem.
I'll show you just how mad I am.
I suppose she's told you
my father was a cataleptic?
No, but that doesn't mean that...
And I am prone
to the same affliction.
Very well.
Let us consider the following.
Apropos of nothing at all,
I have an attack.
Let us say it happens
during dinner.
Emily sends Judson
to fetch a doctor.
The doctor arrives,
he examines me...
and pronounces me dead.
I am, of course, alive.
You know the nature
of catalepsy.
But to the rest
of the world, I am gone...
passed on, deceased.
So a funeral is held...
and I'm brought
down here to this vault...
and placed in this coffin.
The mourners have departed...
the doors are both locked...
and I'm alone.
Now, pay close attention.
Now, the slightest
movement of my finger...
caused that to happen.
I am now free
of the casket...
but I'm still capable
of only slight effort.
"But," you say, "supposing
no one hears the bell?"
The departing mourners
lock both the doors.
But is that REALLY foolproof?
What if the gate should stick?
You see?
But, of course,
it's barely possible...
that all these methods
might fail.
But tools break, too,
don't they?
A recent invention by
a Swedish chemist named Nobel.
It's called dynamite.
It's an explosive.
But how can one be sure
the stuff will work?
One can't, of course.
one has a bit of food...
Something to drink...
every five
or ten minutes or so...
rings the bell.
Reads a periodical
or perhaps a book.
In the event the strain
becomes too great...
one can avail oneself with
the soothing effects of music.
And then one simply waits.
Rather well thought out,
don't you think?
But no plan is ever perfect.
So now comes
the "piece de resistance"...
or perhaps one should say
the "coup de grace. "
What is it, Guy?
What is it?
The cure for all suffering.
The answer to all problems.
The key, my darling,
to heaven...
or to hell...
or to nothingness.
Thank you, Judson.
Tea is ready in
the dining room, milady.
Thank you.
How do you explain it, Miles?
Well, I don't just yet.
However, I venture to guess...
that the episode
at the cemetery...
changed the general fear
into a specific obsession.
you don't think it's catalepsy?
He's never had these
attacks before, has he?
I mean, fainting spells,
dizzy spells?
No. No.
But his father...
To the best of our knowledge...
catalepsy is not
an inherited affliction.
And there's a new
line of thought...
among some of us...
myself, Cargrave,
and a few others...
that may shed some
light on Guy's case.
You see...
most people tend
to think of the body...
and the mind as being
totally different...
two separate entities...
Whereas, in point of fact...
they're actually linked.
No sugar.
Do you follow me?
Yes, I think so.
You see, physically...
Guy may be perfectly sound now.
However, this constant fear...
that gnaws at him
night and day...
may actually bring about
a condition of catalepsy...
Where no such
condition exists now.
I see.
Well, what can be done?
I am not sure.
I'm not sure at all.
However, I do know this...
that Guy's mind is like
a keg of gunpowder...
and the smallest thing
might set the fuse...
the most innocent
reminder of death...
corpses, graves,
anything at all.
That's the first thing
you must remember.
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
Oh, Miles, I wish you could
come and stay with us.
Well, I was just thinking.
The laboratory downstairs.
What about it?
Well, you may know that Guy
offered me the use of it...
in order to further
my researches.
If I accepted his offer...
I might be able to come
here from time to time.
Oh, Miles, that would be
absolutely wonderful!
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Well, I must go now,
but I'll be back.
And remember,
the smallest thing.
Don't forget.
I won't forget.
Dear Emily.
Frog, please, Judson.
Yes, sir.
Your frog, sir.
Oh, put him down here, please.
Now, if we place one terminal
of the galvanic battery...
in contact with the nerve...
and the other
in contact with muscle...
We cause a contraction
of the muscle.
You see?
Now, if you could
control the responses...
of the human mind
as easily as you control...
the muscles of a frog...
I might have some faith
in your work.
Someday, we may be able to...
if we continue our research.
And if you were
to continue YOUR work...
No, no, no, no.
You know, I think
you should make an effort...
to take your mind
off your fears.
You should get away
from this place.
Take Emily to Venice.
Then when you return...
most of your problem
Would have disappeared.
Perhaps you're right.
I'll think about it.
Don't think about it. Do it.
I may. Meanwhile...
I'll leave you
to your little friends.
Do you wish to continue, sir?
Oh, yes, Judson.
You and Miles were right.
I do have to get
outside occasionally.
I told you.
All we need is each other.
We need nothing else
to be happy.
How true.
How true that really is.
What is it?
What's the matter, Guy?
That whistling.
I don't hear anything.
Listen, I tell you!
Guy, don't run away!
Darling! Darling, what's wrong?
I saw them.
You saw whom?
Those two filthy grave robbers.
They were coming for me.
Ask Emily.
She saw them, too.
No. I saw no one.
But you must have.
They passed right by us.
Surely you heard them.
Guy, you're overwrought.
L... please.
They were coming for ME.
No one questions your word, Guy.
Don't humor me! I'm not mad!
I saw them as clearly
as I'm seeing you!
Darling, let's go back
to the house...
and you can rest, and... well...
then you can talk.
Come on.
You DIDN'T see them?
It was dark and foggy.
I'll join you downstairs
in a little while.
I just want to rest some more.
All right, darling.
We'll all be waiting for you.
How is he, Emily?
Well, he's better, I think.
- He's resting.
- Good.
What do you think he saw, Miles?
Exactly what he said...
the two grave robbers.
Well, then why
didn't I see them?
Because they weren't real.
You mean, they were
Something supernatural?
I don't deny the possibility
of the supernatural.
However, I do believe...
that there's a more
logical explanation.
You see, Emily,
the human mind...
Well, it's a remarkable
It can create something
out of nothing...
and that's probably
What happened.
What you're trying
to say is that...
Guy is mad.
No. Nothing of the sort.
He's disturbed,
and there's a difference.
If his father
Was prematurely interred...
He wasn't.
How do you know?
I know because
I went to the crypt...
and saw for myself.
My father rests in peace.
It's the wind.
- Guy!
- He's there!
There's nobody there.
But you MUST have seen him!
I saw only you, Guy.
Miles, what are we going to do?
Ever since that night
on the moors, he's been...
Well, I just don't
recognize him anymore.
Have you asked him
to go away with you?
How can I?
He won't come out
of that terrible place...
and won't let me in.
All he wants to do
is just sit and brood.
Miles, you've got
to do something.
Emily, I'm afraid
I've done all I can.
Someday, treatment
of the mind...
Will be a science...
and they'll be able to cope
With such problems.
But at this present stage...
Emily, there is one thing
We haven't tried.
Well, just tell me what to do.
Guy, let me in.
Well, this is quite a surprise.
Is there any purpose
to this visit...
apart, that is, from
interrupting my work?
I thought
you'd given up painting.
It's merely portraiture.
Let us say I'm entering
a new period.
May I see it?
I don't think you'd
find it very pleasing.
Surely I should be
the one to decide that.
Very well. Don't say
I didn't warn you.
I call it "Some Consummations
Devoutly to be wished. "
But why?
All these dreadful tortures
you see depicted here...
the rack and the stake...
the whole ghastly catalog...
are they not indeed
devoutly to be wished...
preferred to that fate which
is the most terrible of all?
That fate has already
come to pass, Guy.
What are you talking about?
About you.
You don't fear burial alive...
because you are
already buried alive.
What is it you're afraid of?
Being locked in a tomb?
Why, you've been locked
in a tomb for months.
THIS tomb!
And I've been your widow...
and I don't like
being your widow, Guy.
And what's more, I'm not
going to be much longer.
No, Guy. I'm here
to give you a choice.
You can have this...
this living death...
or you can have me...
but you can't have both.
Emily, please.
I love you, Guy.
I love you very much...
and I want
to take care of you...
but as long
as you're here, I can't.
No one can.
I realize that, but...
I'm so afraid.
Oh, you needn't be, my darling.
I promise you.
Look at me.
I promise you that
no matter what happens...
I'll never let them
take you down to that...
that horrible crypt.
Trust me to take care of you.
I do trust you, Emily,
but it isn't that.
Guy, if you do choose me...
then you must destroy
this evil vault.
Wipe it off the face
of the earth...
and out of your mind forever!
If you don't...
then I shall never
see you again.
Well, which is it to be?
Death by yourself...
or life with me?
Please forgive me, darling.
I wouldn't lose you.
I just couldn't.
Not for anything.
Oh, Guy, I love you.
Guy, that took great courage.
No. Once again,
I was motivated by fear...
fear of losing something
more valuable than my life.
You'll never regret it.
I pray God you're right.
I want to thank you both
for asking me to the ceremony.
I suppose that now you'll be
having that honeymoon, huh?
Yes, but first there will be
a small party Friday night.
You will be with us,
Miles, won't you?
If your father doesn't
take it into his mind...
to keep me working
at the hospital.
Oh, he won't, because
We shall invite both of you.
Well, then, of course,
in that case.
Lady Catherine?
Thank you, Judson.
My friends, to life.
Dr. Gault,
Would you like a cigar?
Oh. Thank you. Yes.
- Join us, Miles?
- In just a moment.
It's extraordinary,
Lady Catherine...
but he looks
the picture of health...
don't you agree?
Looks can be deceiving,
Dr. Archer.
Thank you.
Well, permit me to offer
my congratulations...
on your lordship's recovery.
I think you should offer them
to Emily and to Miles.
They are responsible.
Well, Father, are you
enjoying yourself?
I never enjoy myself.
I merely experience
greater and lesser...
degrees of tedium, that's all.
It's just the cat, darling.
Yes, I know...
but why should
She cry like that?
Hungry, I expect.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Sounds as if it's coming
from over there.
Poor little thing must be stuck.
Wait a moment.
Down here.
Look at that.
It's down here.
Down here.
There it is.
All right, old girl.
We'll have you out in a moment.
However could she have
got behind there?
It must have crawled through.
Let me have the poor wee thing.
There, now.
What a thing to happen.
There, you see?
No harm done after all.
There. She's all right.
Guy, are you all right?
What if we hadn't heard her?
But we DID hear her.
You haven't
put these thoughts...
out of your mind
after all, have you?
Oh, of course he has.
This is just a sort of...
You haven't, have you?
Guy, you've got to
put it out of your mind.
I've tried.
I've tried everything.
Not everything.
Guy, your fear of catalepsy
is based on your belief...
that your father was
prematurely buried.
Isn't that correct?
I heard him. I heard his voice.
You THINKyou heard it.
I heard his voice!
All right, then prove it.
What do you mean?
Just that... prove it.
Take me down to the crypt
and show me his body.
I can't.
Because you know it isn't true.
- No!
- Yes.
Why else do you think
you've avoided it?
Because you're afraid...
afraid that this fear...
is nothing more
than a trick of your mind.
I'd give anything
to find out if that were true.
All right, then
take me downstairs.
All right.
I will.
No. Guy, don't you
think you should rest?
Emily, Miles is right.
I've put this off long enough.
The key to the crypt...
it's gone.
Who has access to these?
No one but myself.
But do you keep it locked?
No, but...
Guy, did you come
down here and take the key?
I don't think so.
Is it possible
for someone to do...
a thing like that
and not remember it?
It's possible.
You admit to doing...
many things lately
that you don't remember.
Well, it's unimportant.
We'll break it open.
Follow me.
Which one is it?
Over there.
I can't.
You must.
It's your only chance.
If you fail now,
you'll be haunted forever.
Kate, bring me a mirror.
You're wasting your time.
He's dead.
No. No, he can't be.
He can't be.
He's finished. Heart attack.
Oh, no!
Are you sure, Dr. Gault?
Of course I am.
No, there's no sign of life,
but to be absolutely sure...
We should make one more test.
Foolishness, Archer.
The man's dead.
Judson, help me with
the galvanic battery.
No, don't do this.
Listen to me. I'm alive.
Can't you hear me?
I'm alive! I'm alive!
Uh, Kate, you and Emily
had better leave the room.
Miles! In the name of heaven!
Well? Is he dead or isn't he?
He is.
No. I'm not dead.
I'm alive!
Judson, help me
With the battery.
We may as well take him
back to the crypt.
No. I promised him that
no matter what happens...
I'd never let them take him
down to the crypt.
Nonsense, Emily.
Oh, well. It's your decision.
Man that is born of woman...
hath but a short time to live,
and is full of misery.
He cometh up and is
cut down like a flower.
He fleeth as it were a shadow...
and never continueth
in one stay.
In the midst of life,
We are in death.
Of whom may we seek for succor
but of thee, dear Lord...
Who, for our sins,
art justly displeased?
Yet, O Lord God most mighty...
O holy and most
merciful savior...
deliver us not into the bitter
pain of eternal death.
Thou knowest, Lord,
the secrets of our hearts.
Shut not thy merciful ears
to thy prayers...
but spare us, God most mighty.
O most merciful savior, thou
most worthy judge eternal...
suffer us not
at our last hour...
for any pains of death
to fall from thee.
Suffer us not.
Pains of death.
Oh, please, help me!
Someone, help me.
Help me!
You may say farewell now.
Good-bye, my darling.
Emily, come back.
Come back!
They'll see me.
They'll look at my eyes.
They're not taking me
to the crypt.
But... Where ARE
they taking me?
Where? Where?
Why can't I move?
Oh, God, why can't I move?
O merciful God...
We consign the soul
of Guy Carrell...
son of Gideon
and Agatha Carrell...
to thine eternal care.
Look at me!
Someone, look at me!
Oh, for God's sake, please!
You can't bury me alive!
Can't you see I'm alive?
God, why can't I move?
Why can't I move?
No. No!
Help me.
Someone, help me!
I'm alive!
Can't you hear me?
Can't you see my eyes?
I'm alive! Alive! Ali...
You'll be leaving, I suppose...
after the reading of the will.
Why should you say that?
No reason. I merely thought
that under the circumstances...
you might find this
house rather disturbing.
To your conscience, I mean.
Kate, are you implying...
that Emily is in any way
responsible for Guy's death?
No one is responsible.
He died of a heart attack
induced by shock.
Don't you understand?
Yes. I understand.
The fact is, he brought on
the shock himself.
The episode in the crypt
and all the others...
they were planned, contrived.
Don't you see?
Planned? By whom?
By Guy himself.
In a strange way,
he wanted to die.
Stop talking about him!
That's a bit much,
Mr. Sweeney.
What is, Mr. Mole?
The old gentleman sending us
out here to dig up this one.
I mean, his own son-in-law!
Well, one stiff's pretty
much like another.
Oh, we've struck wood.
Now, where's the bloody crowbar?
I believe I left it up on top.
Well, Mr. Mole, would you do me
the kindness to fetch it down?
Yes, I will, Mr. Sweeney.
I found it, Mr. Sweeney!
Huh? No!
No! I never did
nothing to you!
Please! Please!
I've never done nothing
to you. Please!
Sweeney! You blithering
idiot! What did you...
I told you to take him
to my quarters.
Oh, well. May as well
have a look at him now.
Ironic, don't you think?
And rather fitting, really.
In life, Guy Carrell contributed
nothing to medical science.
In death, he shall
Serve it admirably.
No! You're dead! No!
Emily, there's nothing
Whatever wrong with you.
Well, not physically, perhaps.
Then why did you send
Judson for me? Hmm?
Well, I was afraid to be alone.
Well, I can understand that.
Perhaps you shouldn't be here.
Oh, Miles, don't you see that...
Please come and sit down.
Now, just for a moment,
and then you must go to sleep.
Miles, you must know...
or at least
you must sense that...
I've been very worried today...
that I'm in need of something
or someone to give me solace.
You and I were
very close once, Miles.
You remember that, don't you?
I can remember
a medical student...
Who was poor
as a church mouse...
and a girl who wanted
to be a great lady.
I was very foolish.
Oh, Miles...
maybe it's not too late for us.
But, Emily...
I made a mistake.
Is that so very wrong?
Come in!
Dr. Archer.
What is it, Judson?
It's... excuse me, milady.
It's something I'd
like you to see, sir...
if you would.
- A medical matter?
- Yes.
Then certainly Dr. Gault
could take care of it.
I think Dr. Gault
Would want you to come...
as quickly as possible, sir.
Perhaps you had
better go, Miles.
Now, come along, Judson.
Judson, why are you
behaving so oddly?
I heard a sound from
the laboratory, sir...
just a bit ago, and...
See for yourself, sir.
Who's that?
No welcome?
No rejoicing?
No kiss?
He's been killed
by electrical force.
Dr. Archer!
That's Sweeney.
Guy, you've got to listen to me.
To what? More lies? More deceit?
More treachery?
No, no. That's not true.
Oh, but it is.
You were very clever, Emily.
VERY clever.
In a way, I'm sorry
to spoil your plans.
Oh, I had no plans.
It was Kate.
You... you wouldn't kill me,
Would you, Guy?
No, darling, not at all...
just as you didn't kill ME.
You wouldn't soil
your pretty hands with murder.
No, you just stood aside
and let them bury me alive!
No, Guy! No!
And so... I shall not kill YOU.
That sorry task I shall
leave to the earth...
and the darkness...
and the terrified pounding
of your own heart.
Guy, no! Not that!
Yes, my beautiful,
my perfidious...
my treacherous love... THAT.
No, Guy!
Stay precisely
Where you are, Miles.
I've no desire to harm you.
What have you done, Guy?
Paid a debt of long standing.
This has nothing to do with you.
I found that out
earlier this evening.
In heaven's name, Guy!
Yes... in heaven's name.
Give me that shovel!
She's dead!
Thank God.
Kate, what are you saying?
Are you so blind?
Can't you see?
That's the key to the crypt.
She had no time to replace it.
I can't believe it. Not Emily.
Yes. Emily.
Sweet, beautiful, gentle Emily.
Once you told her
how easy it would be...
to use Guy's fear to kill him,
she went to work.
First, the hiring
of the grave robbers...
to torment him...
the cat in the wall...
and finally the desecration
of our father's tomb.
Oh, Guy!
I knew what she was doing...
and I wanted to tell you...
but you wouldn't
have believed me.
I had to wait for proof.
You can see that, can't you?
But I waited too long.
I was too late.
Too late.