Premier cri, Le (2007) Movie Script

I just tell Gaby
that today's baby was born Cristina ...
... with a dolphin.
It was so exciting!
My name is Adriana.
For over 30 years
I am a midwife in Mexico.
And my passion is the interplay
between babies and dolphins.
Gaby already know that the dolphin
emits ultrasounds with its sonar.
now discovered that these vibrations
soothe and stimulate the baby.
dolphin reacts well
Condo presence of Gaby.
Does the baby will be born today Gaby
I do not know.
But she is prepared.
Today is a special day.
There will be a total eclipse of the Sun
I believe that the planets
influence the birth,
think of all the women
the world they're at the end of pregnancy.
imagine them ...
on track ...
Shadow of the Moon ...
... ready to give birth Condo.
And think of all babies,
they'll cry for the first time.
As with all of us.
Gaby wants to have the child in the sea.
I take her to discover
This Caribbean beach.
The ideal place for
a natural childbirth.
Discreet and intimate.
are delighted.
decides that your baby will be born here.
We live here with 4 other couples
a large house ...
... close to this magnificent lake,
in the northern United States.
I think we do a nice pair.
I , Vanessa Quebec.
And he, the American Michael ...
... my love.
I bet this will be our last ride
boat, the two.
Yes, today we will be three.
We call it Lilicoy,
"Fruit of passion" (passion fruit) in Hawaiian.
Will be born in our house
with our friends ...
... without medical help
or a midwife.
It is called this a "free birth".
A baby's eclipse,
I like the idea.
I have pains, and I know
my baby is coming.
I asked to my mother
me to paint the body.
Bonita R I want to be your arrival.
Kencro stand beside me,
with our first two children.
My name is Majtonr.
I am indigenous Kayapo ...
the Amazon jungle ....
We must remove
everything is negative.
I want to Gaby
release your fears.
So with his head under water ...
... she discovers the excitement of
fetus in amniotic fluid ...
... and faces the anguish
... to live and to eliminate them.
Javier's father, is with us.
village midwife
has experience.
Touch my baby and
says it's time.
Fortunately already got some
plants to alleviate pain.
massage with them
will do me good.
Given the proximity delivery ...
well ... I see that Michael is worried.
And if things go wrong
talk much with others.
In general, the reaction is obvious:
the real danger is not the nature,
but the hospital ...
... and all the technological interventions.
Women have always Condo light.
They got that strength.
And I know that you can give birth
following the hearing of my body.
Kencro already sees the
Pokecro our son ...
... as a hunter.
My name is Mane.
grew up with my people
the Sahara.
I know the desert well.
I'm a nomad.
is impossible to get lost here,
if you're a Tuareg.
Nearly two years
I married Mohammed.
He pitched camp
near a well ...
... and we'll wait here
the arrival of our first child.
baby Gaby is underway.
labor begins in the pool ...
... but even before birth,
going to the beach ...
... which is 5 minutes away.
Gaby is calm.
I merely guide it with
some exercises.
admit that drag the rest
community for my adventure.
I am pleased that Michael ...
can talk to women ...
who made the same choice I made.
Together, we fight for a fairer world ...
... and here, with the
Parliament of Maine.
Today, take control of birth
my son is following in that direction.
It is the Claims
a free woman.
Jose Luis is our doctor.
He has made hundreds
deliveries under water.
There's only intervention
if necessary.
is our privilege to let
Gaby will fully enjoy the process ...
of motherhood ....
're only here to admire
the miracle of life.
Michael asks himself
it should feel nervous ...
... but know that I trust in my decision ...
... let him calmer.
Jose Luis is on the beach
to prepare all the material.
Soon we will have with him.
baby is born
have no time to go to the beach
is a girl.
If welcome, Natalie.
Santiago is the eldest brother, now.
also need to take care of it.
So I ask you
that name or give Condo sister.
My name is Hung.
I am a gynecologist at the hospital
Ho Chi Minh City for 10 years.
already helped many babies being born.
is simple: we are the largest
motherhood in the world
45,000 deliveries per year.
What gives 120 babies a day
Here in Vietnam that women prefer
Condo Give birth at the hospital. And I think that's good.
fact, statistics prove ...
... that things go better now
than when they went home.
Here saved many lives.
It is usually
easier to hear it ...
.. Putting it down.
You heard him earlier?
Now I have a small
Okay, you have contractions.
My intuition was right.
I was told it would be today.
This proves that the baby and I
we understand.
I joined Michael, Lauren, Keith and others
the last time.
Again I tell you that I am confident ...
... and know what to do.
True, there is a risk.
Death is part
the birth process.
If by chance
there is a serious complication ...
... accept all consequences.
Such is life
want you to know ...
... that's life.
should not feel responsible.
is how I see things.
I'm not from Varanasi.
I left the field because
queramoos a better life ...
... but still so poor as before.
We live in a vacant lot with my parents,
on the banks of the Ganges.
the cow dung
What is sacred fuel.
My husband has a Pedicabs.
already have a big girl ...
Puja ....
A boy Arjul.
and Artie is the youngest.
We hope the
is the last quarter.
My name is Sunita.
- Hello?! Already begun to be born?
- I
It's very exciting!
The pool is warm
Ethan is to fill it.
We light the fireplace
and has begun!
Resumed contractions,
I'll stop talking for a while.
can keep us informed ...
... overnight
Of course, we call when born.
They can speak in
any language.
Whether in English, French, Portuguese, we call.
Wait ... The Father is there with you?
Dad ...
- Is it time?
- There.
You're already in labor
You'll call a midwife
or will you have him alone
Now we are late to
talk about it, Daddy.
I told you before.
never know
what you can do.
Do not worry.
Well, yes, my God!
- I'll try.
- Okay.
Oh, Daddy.
A kiss. Good luck
I can not go to a hospital,
would be a catastrophe.
Physicians are always
a cesarean ...
... to bring more money.
And we almost did not
what to eat ...
... so come see
the midwife of the neighborhood here.
She does not take much.
I feel better.
says it's not a girl.
We already have two, and gifts for girls
cost much in India.
advised me to eat sugar
before delivery ...
... with butter and hot milk
to help the baby come down.
tells me not to worry.
will give me a shot
and it will be okay.
If something happens,
will be here with me.
also says women ...
... who come to her house crying,
out laughing.
is normal to have so much pain?
Nobody tells me anything ...
Gotta find the strength
to get up ...
... and go to the shelter.
women should not give birth
in tents ...
... because that is where we sleep
with men.
It's tradition. I'll have
my baby in the desert sands.
MEUI baby is coming.
midwife gives me rice
to have luck.
is a custom.
It night ...
... and I'm afraid.
My mom and camellias
're here to help me.
Sandhi, another girl.
I'll do the operation
for not having more children.
Four arrive already.
Help me, Mom!
It hurts me so much ...
I'm exhausted.
I hear them talking to Mohammed.
If it were to seek
because there is a problem.
respected the ritual.
My God, take this
goat as an offering ...
... and protect our lives.
I see the images of the eclipse
on TV.
And I think we should
have an influence on births.
seems that all women from the region
decided to give birth tonight.
is amazing
Faneck, the name Michael
invented for a boy.
We're so alone, in
God decided to take my son.
I have to accept.
is wonderful! How is he
- Okay.
- It takes time to make a Man
Well, born RS 4 hours.
- Born RS 4?
- Yes, but ...
I can hear it
But I left the placenta.
- I drove out to?
- No.
not have asked for a midwife
to come and collect
Well ..
... Perhaps we will.
How is the baby?
- has long hair?
- Very much ...
- ... as Michael.
- How Michael
Yes, exactly like him.
I'll see if expelled
this placenta ...
Faneck was born 3 hours ago
and the placenta still not left.
Everyone is worried because they know
I am in danger of hemorrhaging.
Michael decides Condo call his mother.
had five children, should know.
Tell us what
we can not wait,
we should go to
hospital immediately.
Thirty minutes is the maximum waiting time
before leaving the placenta manually.
Thanks, Mom.
I love you too, thanks.
Dr. Yoshimura
helped me to be born,
me, Yukiko,
and is it going to help my child to be born.
He says that a birth
is like the sunrise:
we can not stop him
even accelerate it.
And I believe him.
clear to us that modernity
upset everything.
What we need turn
the old way of life in Japan.
The protocol of hospitals
dehumanizes birth.
treat him like a disease.
But the woman is not a machine ...
... and the baby is not a product.
Do you feel it?
Here she comes.
Very good.
Ahh, yes ... Well done!
My name is Kokoya.
I Oleseitoi's fifth wife.
There are 10 women.
Nasieku midwife ...
... will help me to give birth
our seventh child.
We Masas.
Today I came to the temple
ask that all goes well.
I almost died the last
Since I gave birth Condo.
Wonder if the gods
are more favorable this time.
wizard reads the stones.
He tells me he will go well ...
... and one boy announces today.
It is the day that the Moon
will hide the sun
Everyone thinks that Sandy
is my stage name.
's not.
is my real name ...
... in real life and onstage.
I love dancing
when I'm pregnant.
My body is completely different.
It's great to feel so.
We lost many cows
because of drought.
So Oleseitoi
want it to be a girl.
Masas Among the men of the other
villages provide cattle to the father ...
... to win the girl,
and marry her later.
When it is balarina,
nothing else matters.
Until the day I met Fred.
With him, I felt like having a child.
There is a natural reflex
to expel the baby ...
... Which leads us to force
quickly and efficiently.
But like most
women take the epidural,
we must teach them to push ...
In a way, is to force an artificial manner.
Women do not do this way,
when it is natural.
Most are children standing
squatting ...
... Or sitting. The position
lying is mainly in European countries.
I will not ever get!
Brace yourself, close your eyes
and imagine the baby to slide out.
Go ... continues ...
It's amazing
I have to learn to give birth.
Elsewhere, there are women
they do not even think about it.
- So, how is it?
- It's hard.
Do not move ...
Yes, it is beginning to
stir a little.
Look, there he is ... so cute!
- Are you turning?
- Yes it is.
Go, go!
- Let him turn around, look at your nose ...
It's so beautiful ...
Has eyes like yours.
- Look. It seems ...
- No.
- It's beautiful.
- Yes, it's beautiful. As the father.
The Moon is closer.
You mean my baby will be born.
The sky is changing.
My name is Elizabeth.
'm Siberian.
Outside 're 50 degrees Celsius ...
... but that does not scare me.
live near the North Pole.
took me by helicopter
Katanga to the hospital.
was with many contractions.
We do not have the right to give birth
how our grandparents.
's why I'm here alone ...
... and my husband got
the dogs and reindeer on the ice.
We Dolgans.
The last nomads
the north.
The doctor decided
I do a cesarean.
My baby is too
great ...
... I'm very worried.
clinic of Dr. Yoshimura ...
... a traditional house was built.
We live here as if
lived 200 years ago.
Strive body
as before ...
... we have a healthy diet ...
Condo ... and give birth without medical intervention,
like our ancestors.
They tell me I have a little girl, Ana
I wanted to have her beside me.
Everything is prepared for
feel good ...
serene ....
with the other mothers,
live in harmony.
talked a lot.
I tell them I was born here ...
... as my brother ...
... and my daughter Utano.
In fact, I think, somehow,
Dr. Yoshimura ...
... as a grandfather.
In my family we say in jest
we are supporters of "salmon Part R":
We always come back to the same place
terms for our children.
Oleseitoi has a
hundred children.
each birth
respected tradition:
Spitting on the baby ...
say it is ugly ...
for luck ...
poke a bull ...
and take you a little blood ...
... and give me to drink;
for me to regain strength.
Oleseitoi is very happy
for being a girl.
We called it Nemal ...
... which brings prosperity.
- You had your child at home home?
- Yes, on the couch.
It must have been painful ...
Can you imagine?
Pilar wants to have her first child
the dolphins.
You know you can have him alone.
I tell him that the great strength of women ...
... is knowing that our body
ready for this.
The hypothesis of a cesarean
you do not seem plausible,
since her grandmother had 15 children without complications,
and all born at home.
Tonight we will train.
not be forgotten that the birth
can occur overnight.
Fernando the attendant,
chose two dolphins calm ...
... who love contact with people.
One is a female, Mouna.
are waiting for a baby.
The dolphin uses its sonar.
ultrasound affect humans
and the intrauterine life,
enhance our immune defenses
and balancing the functioning
the two hemispheres cererbrais.
That's why tonight,
immediately after working with the dolphins ...
... the moms are gonna have wonderful dreams
and they'll sleep a lot.
In my last show
during pregnancy ...
dance on a boat ....
To accustom the baby dolphin,
trained birth with a doll.
Utano will witness the birth
the brother.
Although has only three years,
I think they'll remember for a lifetime.
It's funny ...
You ask me if it's an egg
... it will come out of my belly.
father tells him no.
Utano is proud to have hosted the
Yuit brother, and have cut the cord.
seems that our son, Nino,
decided to be born today.
There are a total eclipse.
It is very rare.
will at least have it
on the day of his birth
Let me go see my cat.
Both traffic today!
Good day ...
No, no, I'm now into motherhood.
Go off the phone.
Fred is a little nervous.
It is the second red raisins ...
Would he be born in the car?
Over an hour of traffic jam.
- Aguentas or not?
- Sure ... I have pains, but I'm fine.
... Do not unnerve me, Fred.
- It's here, huh?
- We arrive.
Come down here.
I'll park the car.
Okay, we'll be parents.
Are you afraid?
I'm fine.
It is a ritual ours: each rose petal ...
is a wish ...
But for all babies
who were born on this day only ...
... in which the Moon
met with the Sun
According to a Talmudic legend ,
when a baby is born ...
still bears the ultimate ...
knowledge of their ancestors.
That's when an angel tells him
to keep this knowledge secret ...
Put down a finger on his lips
and at that moment the baby forgets everything
to enter into life.
touch of the angel left a trace:
the small groove ...
... between our upper lip
and nose.
Only this moment is that the baby
may launch its first cry.