Pretham 2 (2018) Movie Script

Is it worth seeing this place paying money?
It's only twenty rupees.
It'll be a regret not seeing
Mangalasheri Mana in Ottapalam.
The gate in movies was a padipura?
That was in the movies, this is original.
Entry with pass.
Time 9AM to 5.30PM.
Is there any shooting going on?
A marriage photo shoot is going on.
Not that, any film shoot?
Shooting of Vijay's Tamil movie just got over.
Mammootty's new film will start next month.
Next, we will take a photo with sister sitting"
and brother standing on the swing and
That is not a good decision.
We would like to go for honeymoon soon.
Take a photo.
Are you game with Mangalasheri Neelakandan?
This is the deity of Mangalasheri family.
The ceremony is on the uthrattathi
day of Malayalam month kumba.
Think of your favourite actor.
Did you think?
Look into my eyes.
Isn't this easy.
You should have thought ofa
person difficult to guess.
How did you guess?
Please teach us the secret behind this.
This is Mentalism.
Do you know who is staying in the guest
For Dr. Venu's Kayakalpa treatment?
Stop boasting.
I know the trick, you mentalists
do to make an object rotate.
Don't try to trick me.
Your time starts now.
Is Sir's 'Kayakalpa' also a trick like this?
It's a proven science.
I've a lot of patients who have
completed till Kudipravesha.
Haven't you come here to test me..
In the name of 'Kayakalpa' treatment?
Isn't that a good experiment?
Especially when our body
itself is the test object?
Like a snake shedding its skin?
Mentalism is also true, Sir.
This was just a mischievous thought on your
Instagram video on mind power yesterday.
But still, I have my doubts.
Was there anyone inside the
'Mana' yesterday night?
Some kids are coming for a
short film shoot tomorrow.
Just asked.
I'm scared when you ask like this.
Short film team, isn't it?
I am Tapas.
You are Unniyettan, isn't it?
Are you alone?
Others will join soon.
This not a film shooting like you think.
There will only be a few of us.
I know.
Many people come here to make short film.
If asked for rent, they will not give.
We will give the rent.
- OK.
Butwe will need Unniyettan's help and support.
If you give the rent on time"
my support will be always there.
There is a hall upstairs.
Only that, some art work will need to be done.
Are visitors are less today?
Visitors will come only on Saturday and
By the way, haven't you booked hotel for stay?
We don't need any room.
- Oh!
We will stay here.
This facility is enough.
Actually, this is an adventure for us.
I have never seen the people
who are going to come.
We are all online friends.
There is a Facebook group
named 'Cinema Pranthanmar'!
We have acquainted through that.
- OK.
Whatever it is, you cannot stay here.
Please don't say like that, Unniyettan.
This place is a nostalgia of many good films.
We will go only after enjoying all of this.
Next person has come.
Mangalasseri Neelakandan.
Isn't Mangalasheri Neelakandan,
Mohanlal's character in Devasuram?
This Neelakandan is Mohanlal's biggest fan.
In our group, most ofthem have such nick
Only very less people like me uses original
Then what is Neelakandan's real name?
I too do not know.
That is the biggest thrill of this get together.
Are you making short film with..
People whom you have never met?
Don't you need Iooktest?
- Why?
We are shooting our own story.
- Oh!
About some Facebook friends
who don't know each other.
During an interval in their life..
They are getting together at Mangalasheri mana.
The name of the film is
also the same - 'lnterval'!
Now, whatever is their physique..
Let them act as they are.
- OK.
I am thinking of marketing this short film..
Highlighting this uniqueness.
How is it?
There is a good possibility that it will be good.
Mangalasheri Neelakandan! [Sarcastic]
A duplicate is duplicate
and original is original.
Hey give me the money and go.
Oh! sorry.
I was just savoring this moment.
Here, keep the change.
I don't need anytip from you.
Here is your cash.
I had planned a heavy mass intro..
You spoiled it.
Ramanand Kalathingal.
A Lalettan touch in the name itself.
My family gave me the name.
No one else came?
They are coming.
Tell me..what are you doing?
I stay at Dubai.
I have a family hotel business.
Oh! can make out from your looks.
This is Unniyettan.
He is all in all here.
Why are you looking at me like this?
Shall I call you 'Warrier'?
Do you mind?
How did you know that I'm Warrier?
Shouldn't it be only that!
Where were you all these days?
Brother..what are you doing?
This is 'Udukku'.
This is 'ldakka'.
I've lost touch as I am not frequently using.
A girl in our group has come at the gate.
What! a girl?
Unniyettan doesn't let her inside.
You just hold this.
Why can't you let me in?
It's not so.. Listen to me.
If you have allowed gents in my group to enter..
I will also enter.
I don't have any issue letting you in..
What I said is you can't stay here.
Who are you to decide that?
I decide all things happening here.
Make her understand.
Iam OK!
What is this old man telling, Tapas Menon?
That's correct.
Who is he?
Is he another crazy staff?
Don't you recognise me?
- No.
I am Mangalasheri Neelakandan
alias Ramanand Kalathingal.
I am a bachelor.
I am Anu Thankam Paulose.
- OK.
Father and Mother is in my name itself.
- Oh!
Mothera Hindu and Father a Christian.
I guessed it seeing the feminism.
Sardine might be yourfavourite fish?
Shut up.
This is how a girl becomes a feminist!
Tell me Anu..
- Yes?
Exactly, where are you from..
What are you doing"
are you married?
Actually I am from Australia,
a nurse and divorced..
Are you divorced, is ittrue?
Me too!
But didn't you tell you are a bachelor'?
But, we call a divorcee a bachelor, isn't it?
Priya Kuttos won't come it seems.
Her boyfriend eloped with someone else it
I don't mind if someone doesn't come anymore.
Anyway, Anu has come.
- Hmm"
Then who will enact the characters in my
'Chathiyan Chandu' who had
confirmed has also not reached.
Anyways, Shahrukh Khan will reach now.
How did you know, there is
no message in the group!
I got a message now.
- Is it?
Do you have prior acquaintance with Shahrukh
Yes, we chat occasionally.
But he is smart.
It would have been difficult if he had not come.
Title song is planned with his dance.
Oh! Is he a dancer?
Then he will be a boring person.
I do not like dancers at all..
With all those six pack and body shape"
Ugly fellows, seriously.
[Temple bells..]'s true.
Is that a Temple?
- Yes.
I will go pray and come back.
- Yes?
That Temple has along life..
I too just thought of praying, come.
God!..please make herfall in love.
He is a nuisance.
We can plan the Christmas scene here.
We'll decorate with lights here.
Crib, we will place it here.
- OK.
Who is that?
Shahrukh Khan!
Is it Shahrukh!
Godl, it should not be a six pack.
What is this pack?
[All surprisedl]
This is not Shahrukh Khan!
Isn't she Kajol?
'Kuch kuch hota hai..'
I am confused now!
Should I choose this?
Shahrukh Khan?
- Yes.
Oh! OK.
Being a female, why is your id 'Shahrukh
I am a real Shahrukh Khan fan.
Yes, you should be real..
That is what Neelakandan loves.
Who is this?
Do you recognise me?
This is Neelakandan.
Of course, my beautiful girl, Karutham ma.
But this was a surprise even to me!
What, that I am a girl?
Don't get tensed because of that.
Ifeel, I am more ofa tom boyish type.
Throw away that coffee, I'll give sip up.
What are you doing, child?
You could tell Uncle if you needed coffee.
How will we know ifthey have
some infectious disease?
Oh, no!
This is Mani Uncle.
He looks after my grandmother.
There are some demands for our
grandmother before the shoot starts.
- What?
Gents should not touch her while acting.
She will only act wearing
dresses below knee length.
But, now the dress is above the knee.
That is her wish.
That can't be the case in cinema.
Very bad.
Isn't there a bathroom here?
Washroom is overthere.
It's not to wash, I need to pass stool.
I will go and come back.
Will he be with us during the full shoot?
That is the plan, but we will see.
Yes, please make him leave.
You come., I will show you the place.
Tapas..she is an atom bomb.
You do one thing.
Create a script such that I am carrying
her and dancing with the tune.
That will be a hit.
Firstly, you don't spoil anything.
Go away, if you don't want.
[om song lyrics]
Why are you tensed, children?
'There is no better mix in the world'..
Don't you remember these words of
Yes [Irritated]
Dropping from school after completing 10th..
Didn't your parents say anything?
For what?
They know that I like dance.
My parents are cool.
I did a change in the script.
What is it?
I reworked the portions of
Priya Kuttos and Silk Smitha.
We will split and take the
dialogues of Chathiyan Chandu.
That will be wonderful.
Didn't I tell you the other day.
He is a cheater, 'Chathiyan Chandu'.
I should be blamed to believe
him and come fonlvard forthis.
Why do you get tensed when I am here?
This 'Jagannathan' will do anything underthe
You need to only make ready 3 ice cubes.
Sorry, I am late.
Hello guys.
Why are you all staring at me?
You don't recognise me?
You don't recognise me?
Who is this Malayalam speaking Bengali?
I don't know.
If you have ordered food from hotel..
Pay and send him off.
Your daddy is a Bengali.
It's me, 'Chathiyan Chandu'.
You are shocked, isn't it?
You are shocked.
You are shocked.
I got shocked 3 times.
Is this Anchovy 'Chathiyan Chandu'?
He is not at all a bait for Neelakandan.
G o away.
Are you Neelakandan?
You fat guy.
An actor firstly should have a fit body like me.
Not like a banana stem cut into pieces.
We will get acquainted slowly.
First of all, my hugs and kisses.
Please get up.
You come.
He is a loving person.
Joffin, Joffin T Chacko.
What is this?
Why, don't we have hugs and kissmis?
I don'tthinkthat is necessary.
Anyways good.
You came at the correct time.
Iwill do onething"
I will read out the script.
No, I don't think that is necessary.
I will lose the thrill while watching the movie.
Then I shall WhatsApp the final draft.
No, a natural actor doesnfit require that.
I am spontaneous.
You know how costly the bottle was?
Mullankolli Velayudettan has put
the bottle to cool, that's all.
You idiot!
Oh, don't we put the bottle upside down to
Do you have another one to take?
Do you get good salary at Lulu mall?
Things will work out.
But not enough for my lifestyle.
But, I will start my shop there in a year.
Why are you so confident?
I'll make the shop I'm working"
shut down within a year.
Then that space is free.
Everything will work as per God's will.
What is his ID?
Chathiyan Chandu.
- That's the reason.
Correct name.
Guys, one second.
I forgot my phone.
- What?
Where did I keep it?
Who is this Kattappa wearing skirt?
Is he dead?
Is he from our group?
Excuse me.
He is not dead!
Who are you?
I am the patient staying there.
Mental patient at Madampalli?
Is that a saying?
- Yes.
Myself and Unniyettan usually
plays cards at this time.
He just left.
Sorry, as the shoot will start from tomorrow..
That will be difficult.
- Oh!
He had indicated.
Anyway all the best.
John Don Bosco.
Tapas Menon.
- OK, Joffin.
Anu, Karuthamma,Australia.
- Yes!
Next is me.
Unniyettan had told.
Anyway, take care.
What are you doing?
No specific work to say.
Then it's playing cards only.
- OK.
Why are you here, Sir?
Do you remember me?
You published my father's book at Delhi.
Oh! JNU?
- Yes.
Venu sir's daughter?
- Yes.
Is he still teaching there?
Father will retire next year.
- OK
Guys, this is famous mentalist, John Don
He is mentalist.
Sir, shall Itake a picture?
Father will be happy seeing this.
Don't put the flash on.
It will reflect after hitting his head.
Actually this is devil's sign.
- ls it, really?
Then we can hold like this.
- What is this?
You will be here for some days?
- Yes.
You need to teach me mentalism this time.
Last time you promised me.
Mentalism is fraud, all are pre-planned.
Panikkayoor is my Facebook friend.
- He has told.
That might be true.
Else, do one thing.
Closing your eyes, without touching"
can you show any item?
Isn't challenge boring, Raman?
See..that's it!
Sorry Sir.
- It's OK.
Ramanand has reopened a new restaurant?
- Yes.
You should be careful when you
send messages to clients.
Else you will lose clients.
It's not 'We are reopened'..
Its 'We have reopened.'
Check your message.
It's correct!
- Brother, no Sir..
It's only that I liked
Panikkayoofis Facebook page.
I do not know him personally.
How did you find it?
This is simple.
Sound of each letter on keypad is different.
Just listen to that.
Is that all?
Was this what you call mentalism?
Tiff between Joffin's father is not over yet?
Anyways, after a point.
It's better to leave from home.
That will make us more independent.
You take care.
Is it true that there is a tiff with your father'?
Only that is there!
But how did he get to know this?
Did you send any message to yourfather?
No, I don't have balance in my phone.
[Evening prayer-J
God, be with us.
Warrier, at times, shall I call you 'Peringodafi?
What is that for'?
Simply, for fun.
Call me ifthere is any need.
I'm staying 2 houses ahead.
I allowed you to stay only because John sir
Request you not to create
any disrepute to the Mana.
You go Unniyetta.
Everything is OK here.
Ifthat is so, good for you.
- OK.
One more thing.
If you hear any unpleasant sound at night.
No one should come out.
Why is there any problem?
It's a place where lot of souls wander.
The last Tham puran committed suicide here.
Is it the sixth Thampuran?
Thampuran's here do not have any number.
Thampuran's main hobby was
to make dolls for children.
But he did not have any children.
There is nothing to worry, Ijust said.
OK then. Bye.
There are no Thampurans without number.
To my knowledge all
Thampurans have number.
[Lights flickering..]
What is this?
[All frightened]
Why is the light flickering?
- Yes!
Doesnfit it burn like this if the voltage is low?
Yes, that's true.
Now, all of you go to sleep.
Brother, give us five minutes.
Let us plan for tomorrow's shoot..
And go to sleep soon after.
I can't allow any planning at midnight.
You ask.
Please Mani uncle, , allow usfor sometime.
OK, only five minutes.
Yes, OK.
Is this nuisance sleeping with us?
Sorry, grandmother won't allow
me to come without Mani uncle.
They both are my biggest
problem when I come to Kerala.
Leave all those now.
We all will now arrange for a cot for me to
Lying on a mat is difficult.
There is no cot.
Guys, please listen.
We all have come from our boring life.
After some days, we will return
to the boring life itself.
Of course!
But when we return"
We will all have a DVD of 'Interval.
- Yes.
It could be a good film, bad film, whatever.
Whenever we watch this later"
It should be full of beautiful
moments of our days here.
So from now on..
Let's make each moment count.
- OK.
- Ready.
Isn,A6t this clich\/, Neeru?
Isn't it?
Leave my hand.
Finally it's only 5 of us?
Rati sister had been very active in our group"
Where is she now?
That's because of people like you.
Silk Smitha sister didn't
come as her kid is not well.
How did you know?
I did not know!
She told me the truth, when I
asked through Sweta Menon's ID.
Is 'Sweta Menon', your ID?
Yes, you stupid Chandu.
Do you want me to put the personal chats.
You sent to Sweta Menon in the group?
Oh, is that so?
Then I too have something to reveal.
Who do you think Sunny Leone is?
Is that you!
Guys, why are you blabbering?
You close the door and go to sleep.
- OK.
Go fast.
So early?
Good night, sweet dreams.
- Enough ofGood nightwishes.
Are you going now?
Now or else at what time?
- Shouldn't they get sleep?
Is it a boarding school?
Is it a never ending discussion?
Is it on this ceiling, the numberless
Thampuran committed suicide?
Why do you want to say that now?
Say a 'No' buddy, onlythen I can sleep.
Then 'No'.
Then we can sleep.
See, it's true.
I got a message.
I will come now.
- Where are you going?
Is that your lover?
What is her name?
Just started.
- What?
Natasha Simon.
She is a little fat.
But her father, Simon is very rich.
- So ovenlveight is not a matter.
Iwill come now.
I think he will die getting beatings.
Hello, who is this? [In female voice]
Joffin has gone to bed.
No, I am Joffin's girlfriend.
[LaughLTricked you!
It's me Jofin.
It's me Joffin, there is no one else here.
My dear, believe me.
It's me, Joffin.
Then, keep the phone and go you fatty.
Never brag about yourfather's wealth at me.
You don't know me..
You fatty, ovenlveight lady.
You get lost, let me see.
I am relieved now.
This was not at all necessary.
Neeru is the only hope now.
What is it?
- What is it?
Thampuran's ghost!
Thampuran's ghost is there.
- Where, here?
- Yes.
What is it?
What did you see?
I saw a real ghost there.
- What happened?
Brother, please go and have a look.
This guy is go and sleep.
I am not crazy.
My dear Neeru, I saw.
Tell calmly.
Just shut your mouth.
Hold on.
Give me some water.
- Don't you hear a sound?
There...there it comes.
Is this Thampuran's ghost?
Was it you?
- Yes, it's me.
What is going on?
Did you get scared seeing this joker'?
You don't talk much. If you had seen,
you would also get scared.
Silly guy.
Are you having get together without me?
You must take bath in the pond here.
It's very relaxing.
Relaxation, at this midnight!
Why do you need a stick to take bath?
To scare away the dogs.
- What is this?
This, I got it from the pond.
Isn't it nice?
I'm a kid at heart, Anu..
Didn't they say that the Thampuran"
who committed suicide, made dolls?
Is it?
There is a Japanese horror movie..
The dead man's spirit is in the doll.
Whoever sees that first will die.
- This doll?
Don't look at me.
You saw it first.
All of you go and sleep.
She told that simply.
I know such real stories.
It's dangerous to keep it here.
- What kind of danger?
This is like your barbie doll.
That's all.
Please throw it away, Mani uncle.
What is this child?
That's all.l should put it
back in the pond, is that all?
All of you do one thing"
Close the door and go to sleep.
Come Neeru, we will go and sleep.
- Leave me.
Sorry, I am tensed, that's why.
What is the point of having education?
You cannot do anything, all are cowards.
You all have come to take short film!
Anu, if you are scared, don't close the door.
Get lost.
Do you need to flirt in the midnight too?
You will be satisfied only if
you took bath in the pond!
I am recovering one by one..
All that I Iostwhen I was in Dubai.
My youth, childhood, old age"
So the college boy doesn't
need to recoverteenage?
You rascal, if you tease 'College Kumaran'..
I will pick up on 'Gangstefi.
'You will always remember your death.'
Oh!, can you stop and come to sleep.
We need to start shoot tomorrow morning.
I'll tolerate if someone says about my father..
But I won't tolerate if told about Lalettan.
That lwill tell about anyone"
But if you tell about Ikka, I won't tolerate.
Can you both go to sleep?
Are you crazy?
Keep it away.
Get lost.
All of you please come out.
- What happened?
There is a thing outside standing like this.
What is that?
- Come and look.
Put that away you crazy fellow.
- Come here.
It was there.
- There is no one here.
Oh Lord Mahadeva!
We could have invited John sir also.
That bald head is so boring.
Neeru, you forget him.
Simply to increase my pressure.
What is it for?
Normally we crack coconut for Ganapathi?
Even Shekar Kapoor does this in Hollywood.
Who is he?
- I don't know.
You don't know that also?
Let everything go well.
- Thank you Thirumeni.
Are you using 5d camera?
- Ultra sonic.
I have also directed a short film.
Temple run.
It's a story of a Christian boy
unknowingly entering a temple.
Finally the story will end when the..
Local people catch hold of him and circumcise.
Wonderful story!
- Thirumeni, makea move.
Call me if you have any doubts.
I will be there in the temple.
We have pooja 2 times a day.
- OK.
Then, let your work go well.
Was there any mosquito nuisance yesterday
No, nuisance from ghosts were there.
- What?
Unniarcha, sorry Unniyettan..
- We got a doll from the pond yesterday.
These guys were very frightened"
but I got scared only a little.
Moreover, when I got out in the night.
One guy was looking at the moonlight.
But later he was not to be seen at all.
That might be one ofthe workers..
They might have come out due to heat inside.
It might be that.
So Unniyettan, you make a move..
Let us start.
- OK.
Don't you need a cameraman to shoot the film?
We will we do that.
You don't need Camera, light, jib, crane etc?
Don't you need all these?
The light here is more than enough.
Moreover, everything is digital now.
We even have the history of a
single person making a film.
Do you know?
- No.
We are five, then what's the issue?
[Sarcasm] Carry on.
Is he teasing us?
Why do these come and spoil our
confidence in the morning itself.
You forget it.
You plan my heavy intro scene now.
Let there be some thrill.
He only tried to reduce my confidence..
You don't spoil whatever is left.
So don't you want anyone to watch the short
Was it you who was standing outside last
Yes, that was me.
I got scared seeing your bald head.
Did you go to Pazhani?
No, this is hair loss.
Yes, isn't it too hot.
Hairfall will happen.
Do you have any other work here?
Iwill do everything.
That is good.
What are you doing there?
Nothing Sir, you take your seat.
Iwill come now.
- OK.
Who is that?
He has come here for massage.
So, do you know massaging?
Oh, yes.
Oh, how much do you get for that?
Nothing specific..
I will receive whatever given.
But it's hard for you, isn't it?
We need a massaging person at ourtharavadu.
It's for our grandmother.
- OK.
Would you be interested?
Let methink.
What is there to think?
I will ask them to give ten
thousand rupees as salary..
You will eight thousand and
I will take two thousand.
That is the way we work.
Is it agreeable to you?
Anyways, you give it a thought.
- OK.
I will give you eightthousand"
My desire from the past six years"
The zeal that is in my mind as alight.
What is this!
My MangalasherL.
My Mana.
Cut it.
How is it brother?
Do it with some more passion and emotion
Was it not there?
We will try again.
Ifl had a 'ldakka' in my hand"
it would have been better.
I'm conscious when my hand is empty.
That is why you have the bag.
But isn't that on my shoulder?
Idakka in hand!
He is making it full comedy.
Come, let us try again.
We will try.
Shall I provide a suggestion?
Can you make the dialogues lighter?
Like what ordinary people speak?
This six years of prayer, desire..
Removing that and being so natural, like..
'After an interval of six years..'
'Induchoodan has come back..'
My character does not have such a dialect.
Please do as what I say.
OK, I have become the character now.
If that's the character, it's OK.
By the way, you don't get tensed..
Even if this short film turns out to be a flop..
Iwill still give you my date.
Aren't you haPPV7
OK, we will try.
One more.
Hope you don't have any trouble from the kids?
It's only because you said"
they are allowed to stay here.
They are good.
I too will have a company.
Yes, very good kids. [Sarcastic]
They were very frightened yesterday night!
They got a doll of the Thampuran..
And were telling there is ghost here.
Haven't I told you not to
scare people coming here?
I did not tell anything.
That's the physiology of fear, Unniyettan.
Just a spark is needed to catch fire.
Thampuran is here itself, Unniyettan.
We used to talk in the evenings.
Don't try to put a spark in my mind.
Isn't it, Sir'?
- I don't know.
I like to believe I'm an old communist.
Doctor knows.
Tham puran had come even yesterday.
He said, he liked the kids.
Is it?
- Yes.
But Thampuran is a little upset with you.
Why is that?
One week before he died..
He had given money to pay electricity bill..
It seems you did not pay?
Who said this?
Thampuran himself!
He doesn't have any complaint.
But little sad, that's all.
Iwill come back soon.
Why did you scare the poor guy?
What is this"
a dog waiting to pee.
Can we shoot?
Five minutes.
Give me some peace.
Let him correct the script.
You look more beautiful in short dresses.
You were beautiful yesterday.
Thank you.
No mention.
Othenlvise she will wear long dresses.
She is making me lose control.
Bend a little more.
Only then people who are watching will enjoy.
This is a good cup.
That is my favourite cup.
That's my dad's gift.
Do I want to support here?
You crazy fellow!
What are you doing?
What are you upto?
What is the issue?
What are you doing Mani uncle!
Let me free.
Do you know who this child is?
They were rehearsing what is there in the
Your scriptmrubbish.
Didn't I tell you in the beginning itself?
Mani uncle, don't create a
scene and spoil the script.
I am here to solvethe issue.
Being a grown up, why don't
you advice these kids..
Instead of playing around?
You idiot.
Did you hear what he called me?
- Mani uncle, please go away.
No child, you don't say anything more.
I can't watch anything more.
I am going to call grandmother now.
Enough of your shooting and rubbish.
- Is he mad?
I cannot allow such things.
I will make him answer for Neeru's tears.
He doesnfit know me.
I have an extra bone.
You have an extra vein, not bone!
You get lost.
This will not work out"
ifthe first day itself is like this.
This will not work out.
We can find a solution for everything.
You clear out the confusions in the script now.
You all are my confusions.
What buffoonery are you all
doing on the first day itself!
Did we come all the way to shoot like this?
We can stop it here, if that is the case.
Tapas..words once said and"
weapons once released cannot be taken back.
You should remember that.
Go away from here.
Don't worry, we are all with you.
From tomorrow, everything will be OK.
Yes brother, it will be OK.
But what will we do with that person?
Including Neeru's dance, we have a lot to
Neeru, if he creates any further issues..
I swear, lwill beat him.
You want to get rid of him
without causing anyone trouble?
I don't think he will go even if he is killed.
- We will find out a way.
You give me that.
With this bluetooth speaker and the doll we
You will need to create an
atmosphere of black magic.
We can get rid of him today night itself.
He only knows the friend named Raman..
He has started.
He doesn't know the enemy named Anand.
Awappa! Ayyappa!
Lord Ayyappa!
Who is that?
Are you doing good Mani?
Don't play games.
I like you very much Mani.
Who is that?
Are you coming with me?
Who is that?
Didn't you hear what I asked?
Haven't you lived enough in this world, Mani?
Are you hungry Mani?
Come Mani.
Mani how beautiful are you..
Stop talking.
He has reached downstairs.
Put offthe bluetooth.
Lower your voice.
Where are you all?
Neeru, call him.
- OK.
Child, where are you?
Mani uncle, somebody has locked me up in our
Neeru is suffocating"
Neeru is scared"
Come and save Neeru, Mani uncle.
Oh God! What is happening here?
Is it OK?
Why is your slang like this?
Are you a little baby?
He will now enter into the can.
Connect the Bluetooth speaker in the car.
Mani, I knew my evil spirits would bring you
I am thirsty, Mani.
Can you give me your blood, Mani?
Come soon.
There he is,lying down.
There he is, lying down.
Don't worry, he is only unconscious.
I want to see his face.
Hold him.
Do it slowly.
Brother, hold him.
Come, we will put him in the well.
You hold him.
I gave only the idea.
What an irritating fellow he was!
What all were his demands!
Hold tight.
Grandmother will scold..dress above the knee..
Isn't Neeru innocent?"
Don't you tease Neeru.
- Isn't Neeru sweet?
How will I not go when my
grand daughter is not well?
That's true.
There is nobody to look after that.
Mani uncle, didn't I say, I'm OK here.
You go.
What is OK here?
Then what about the last night incidents?
Are you even more scared than us now?
Hearing Tham puran's sound
is just your imagination.
It's better not to stay here when you are scared.
Do you know why?
If you get a heart attack out of fear"
Isn't it?
That's true.
It's not out of fear.
It's my daughter's.
Didn't you tell it's your grand daughter earlier?
Now it's daughter?
Yes, isn't it my daughter's child?
Just shut up.
- OK.
Let him go.
- Dear Mani uncle, we understood.
Iwill ensure that she doesn't
wear short dress and"
doesn't touch the guy's while acting.
If you are still not convinced..
I will WhatsApp the photos in
which we don't touch each other.
How is it?
I will convince grandmother and father.
Mani uncle you please go.
Grandmother will not tell anything.
Come shot is ready.
Mani uncle will handle that.
I would have danced like this
if the stage didn't collapse ..
During my dance performance
when Iwas in fifth grade.
- Tea for everyone please.
Is there any issue now?
Were you screaming since the milk turned
It might due to many reasons.
Water contamination, problem with milk..
Even boiling pressure can bethe reason.
Anu was alone while boiling the milk?
Why did you ask?
Just asked.
Nothing like this has happened here before.
I think this is Thampuran's game.
He might be angry since you didn't pay the bill.
Let me go up to the gate.
There is nobody there.
Let me go and check.
Please move.
Is this any version of psychosis?
I don't think so.
Then it's not what I thought.
What did you think?
No, nothing specific.
There is no issue here.
Did you take the milk from here itself?
- Yes.
Some people get such illusions, that's why.
Are you saying, I did it on purpose?
But, I did not say so.
A mentalist!
Hey, Anu..
You are not the psycho at Madampalli!
- Neeru, can you please come..
We will com plete the shot.
Unnecessarily creating issues.
Neeru, where did you learn to dance,
Sir, one minute.
- Yes?
I have created a fake FB account 'Thampuran'..
To scare these guys, with the doll's picture.
Iwill discuss, OK?
What did she say?
- Oh!
Is there a way to make her talk to me?
Iam slightly frightened to approach her.
Is it love?
Yes, very much.
Tomorrow is her eighteenth birthday.
Today night we have planned a surprise party.
What is that for'?
Will Joffin's father agree forthe marriage?
How did you know I came after
fighting with my father?
When Neeru told about his father"
you were disturbed.
You still like your father, isn't it?
Not at all.
You should be shot dead.
Like my father?
Not like, it's love!
Be careful"
Tell me where you are taking me.
I will tell, come.
Happy Birthday Neeru.
Happy birthday to you"
Happy Birthday to you"
Happy birthday, dear Neeru..
Happy Birthday to you"
Many many happy returns ofthe day.
Thank you.
- Yes, of course.
Marv Poppins!
Neeru, I did all these arrangements.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Happy birthday!
Why is he here?
Eighteen is the smartest age.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Eighteen is the smartest age.
Is it the same?
Don't you know seeing this?
It's the same.Thank you.
Didn't I ask him to tell ideas like this?
He won't tell you.
From ancient times, Mentalists are a mistery.
Especially him.
Is it over?
Can we cut the cake?
Happy birthday to you.
What is this?
What is happening?
Throw it away.
Are you OK?
Neeru, are you OK?
Shutyour mouth.
How many times did I tell
you not to buy snow spray?
Many accidents have happened
who used this to celebrate.
There are many videos in you tube.
Did you direct those?
No, you father directed it.
G o away.
Did he also abused my father?
Are all satisfied when someone abused my
After conducting an event at night?
But, I did not buythis gun.
Gun..Go away.
Then shoot me with this.
I shotthis thinking of using
it forthe short film.
Everything has gone waste now.
What is Tapas's short filmfis story line?
It's starting with a normal
friend's reunion story.
We slowly realise that there is a ghost.
Oh, is there horror element?
Then what will the ghost do to you?
It's a friendly ghost.
Instead of scaring us away"
it runs away from us.
That's the story.
Really nice.
Will all your FB friends come for 31st
Most ofthe lD's in our group are fake.
But it's afun group.
Many have agreed to come.
Sir, Iwould like to add some
mentalism into the storyline.
Would you be able to help?
Why not?
A mentalist is already there in the story, Tapas?
Thank you, Sir.
It's now become a problem..
To allow the kids to stay here, isn't it?
Do you sense anything?
A disturbed soul.
I don't know.
But it's powerful.
That kid is it's target, Niranjana.
But why?
There is a reason for everything that.
Has been happening here forthe last 2 days.
I will ask them to shift today itself.
If we do so..
We can only avoid a tragedy here.
But it will happen.
If it is to help the kid..
We will need to find out the past.
- Three, Six, Five, Seven, Eight.
[Su rprised]
One more.
How do you do this?
It's not necessary to see.
Hearing is as important as vision.
Each letter has a specific sound.
Now Neeru give a try.
Give me.
- OK.
Just listen to the sound. OK?
- Square?
Is it correct?
Now you learnt all mentalism!
Now something else.
- We will see another one tomorrow.
This is enough for the time being.
Neeru's schooling was in Delhi?
Yes, in Delhi, as far as I can remember.
My parent's was a love marriage.
Initially it was an issue..
But now both families are happy.
What's yourfuture plan?
Do you love someone?
No, I don't have time for such nonsense.
I need to do PhD in contemporary dance
And start a dance school after coming back.
Good, good.
Raman, Joffin, what are you doing there?
Come over.
Don't push, you rascal.
He found us!
Didn't I tell you that he will find us.
How did you know we are here.
I smelled you.
Is he a dog to find using smell?
But, I have not used perfume!
Perfume is not required for that.
Sweat of each person has it's own smell.
Isn't your deo 'playboy', Raman?
Very bad.
Neeru, have you not seen them before?
Not even a phone call?
That was the thrilling part for me to come here.
Totally strangers get together.
Shall I ask you one thing?
Can you see ghost?
Yes, I can see you.
Not that, when I googled you..
I read about one ortwo psychic experiences.
Can you actually see ghosts?
How could you see?
That's a flash back.
Would there be a lag?
Do not know.
I can tell if you are interested.
I am not so interested.
Yes, tell us.
There was a girl 'Angelina' who..
Studied with me in the orphanage.
She liked my magic.
She died when we were in 10th grade.
Only when she died..
I realised that how much I loved her.
Then what?
I went into depression for sometime.
It's because I wanted to talkto her again"
I started this mentalism and paranormal
Do you talk to Angelina still?
Death is actually similar to the birth of a child.
In their new world..
There will be confusion, tension and fear.
Itry to help them out.
That's all.
Anyone here has come for help?
No one has come asking for help.
Si f?
Did you understand what he said?
I didn't understand.
One ofthe three articles in the world..
That no one understands is his!
But nothing in his head.
Is this enough?
This is superb..
But if we have to use it in the film..
One of us will have to learn and perform.
Else it won't be convinced.
What can we do forthat?
I don't know that.
But, won't he teach mentalism only to girls?
Raman and Joffin can do.
But it will take minimum 10 years.
I will not be available for so long.
Hey, if you can come a little faster"
we could take a shot here.
What is this"
Is this the Goddess herself in front of me?
Isn't this the dialogue I wanted to say?
To think othewvise, have you met Goddess
Is it?
Sorry, if I offended you.
It's OK.
It's not OK.
All these are his idea.
First quarrel, then patch up..
Next is love.
How fast did you all become thick friends.
Were you all together in school or college"
or is there any connection between parents?
Didn't I tell 'No' in Malayalam earlier?
This coir..
Only ifthere is any in our previous birth.
Anyways, not in this birth.
So Anu, do you believe in after birth?
Of course.
A warrior often comes in my dream.
It would be Manju Warrier!
Anyways, I am going to the hospital.
I will teach you a simple trick that you can do.
I am starting 'Rakthamokshafl
What motion?
Is it loose motion?
- Rakthadooshya'
It's not that.
Rakthamoksha is the first stage of Kayakalpa.
Anyway, let me leave.
You take care, Anu.
Mr. John..
Can you stop torturing me like this?
You cannot, is it?
Iwill try not to.
You don't worry.
I have a good idea to expose his stupid
Is it?
- Yes.
He is using magic equipments.
For all his mentalism programs.
The finger cots, sticking gel..
And many otherthings Iikethat.
Everything will be there in his room.
Is he stepping inside after marriage?
Slowly, close the door.
Be careful.
I will take care.
What is this?
[Trying to open]
He wears undenlvear too, Hush Puppies.
Did we come here to find this?
Go and check.
You take it if you want.
Don'tgive to him.
Is he going to be a Buddhist?
The room is full of Buddha.
It's not a big deal.
Every fraud intellecfs house
will have such a thing.
It's there in my house too.
There is nothing in this?
What is this?
A lid.
It's all a gimmick.
Check these items of mental asylum.
Did you see this?
Empty book, showing as voracious reader"
I won't see.
Look at what I showed you first.
This is to keep the undenlvear"
Didn't I tell you to take the undenlvean.
Then why are you bargaining?
What is that noise?
Who told you to put on the fan?
Idid not put iton.
Go, put it off.
He will spoil all of this.
Forgot about why we came here
for when you got the undenlvear!
He will not wear that too.
These switches are all off already!
What is this?
Where were all these papers?
What is happening?
I don't know.
Come, we will go.
Open it.
I am not able to open!
Open it the way you did it earlier"
ldon't know to open it from inside.
I am suffocating.
My hands and legs are shivering.
There is a way, come.
My leg..[Screaming]
Help me instead of falling unconscious.
Nothing to weep like this.lts only a small injury.
No its serious
Iwas saved since I fell
unconscious at the right time.
IdiotlYou are responsible for all this.
He forced me to enter that room.
Oh Kattappa is back after
his lose motion treatment.
Did you come to check if we died?
Why did you try to enter my room?
Sorry sir.They made a mistake.
Have you done mentalism on that fan in your
Was that some kind of a room security system
Does anyone keep security system on fan leaf?
What if we had died?
In Trivandrum medical college a patient body was
cut into two with a similar fan blade accident.
Oh!Did he survive anu?
No.He lived with 2 bodies!
Its our mistake sir.
Please don't misunderstand us.
Anyway 50W-
This Mannadiar is not a Sudra
or Vysya to forget or pardon"
if you say sorry like this.
I am a Kshatriya'.
Isn't this lkka's dialogue?
I will return it back to you when you need it?
Anu, can you massage on my back?
You better do it yourself!
Anu..l do not need a massage on my back.
Cut it.
Is it OK?
This is superb!
We have completed almost fifty
percent scenes of 'lnterval'.
Is it?
Then instead of interval,
can we display 'The End' here?
Itwill be something unique.
That calls for a celebration.
Yes, I have brought the best thing for that.
Is it?
From now we will shoot fast.
Improvisation, that is cinema for me.
If it goes like this, I doubt he will go mad.
Isn't it, Neeru?
Your daddy is crazy.
That's true, my father is anyway crazy.
Arak Bali!
Where were you hiding this?
Be careful, it's a mystic drink.
The kick is different for each person drinking.
Don't make me fall for it, brother.
What isthis thing!
Food pipe has become like national highway!
It is even used to drive the evil spirits in Bali.
No wonder it has an evil taste!
Then you better not drink.
If that girl only has the problem..
What about the accident that
happened in this room, John?
I was wrong.
It has come for all of them.
But, they have nothing in common.
That makes this the toughest case.
Is the download over?
- It will be over now.
We will see Shahrukh Khan's new movie here.
I don't want to see.
Iwill watch it in theater.
Shahruk Khan doesn't need your money to live!
That's it.
My dear Neeru, it's not an issue if malayalees.
But it wrong if North Indians do.
That's crime.
Iwill come now.
Should Icome?
- No.
Tapas, come out of the water.
This will get over.
I cannot have this alone.
Tapas, come up.
Stop playing.
The movie download will be complete now.
Tapas, don't play game.
Hey, jump and save him.
I don't know to swim, you go and save.
If I knew, would I ask you to?
Somebody, come here.
Unniyetta, come over.
Dinesh, go soon.
Somebody, please come.
Tapas...[Panic calls]
Get him up..careful..
Raise his head"
Rub his leg..
What happened?
- Tapas?
Why is he not opening his eyes?
It's OK.
Open your eyes.
How many times have I warned
you not to step in the pond?
Take him up.
Oh, God!
You scared us, rascal.
Rub the other leg.
What happened?
Move a little..let him get some air.
What happened?
Press his stomach.
- How did it happen?
Take him to the hospital soon, Unni..
Hold him.
Mangalaseri Neelakandan.
Chathiyan Chandu.
Shah Rukh Khan.
Tapas Menon.
The one who got drowned after drinking
Now I am fine sir.
What happened was my mistake.
We don't have any complaint sir.
What if you had died?
It would've been a problem for us.
It's the duty of the police to enquire
accidents reported from hospital.
The biggest shame of this Nation are
irresponsible youths like you.
Please don't tell that sir.
During theflood only youths like us
were available for relief work 24/7.
Stop it.
In the pretext of shooting boys
and girls are having fun here.
Did you thinkthis is a place for that?
Did you ask for me?
Are you staying here for
Kayakalpa treatm ent?
Isn't the hospital in town?
I will move to hospital at the
next stage of the treatment.
I have seen you somewhere.
No chance.
He is a Mentalist.
What mentalist?
All are frauds.
Sir please don't make any problem.
Venu doctor will come now.
Who is he to make a difference?
Iam aware of all the illegal
activities happening here.
Now you started lodging people here!
It is not like that Sir.
What's not like that?
First let me finish this.
You wait here.
What is yourjob other than film making.
I am an engineer in Hyderabad.
Is it?
I have an hotel business.
Did I ask you?
You would anyway ask.
Sorry Sir.
What is yourjob other than shooting?
Didn't you hear me?
Iam a nurse.
Where in Kottayam?
Medical center.
So Australia?
Is there Kottayam in Australia?
Shetold us..
What did she tell?
Why are you blabbering?
Your routine is not proper
since wife left, isn't it?
It's been a month you
got punishment transfer"
for unnecessarily getting
involved in nurse's strike.
Is it not?
Ask them to change the mirror
bulb at your hotel.
Is finding this hair, Mentalism?
Sir, the kids are genuine.
Isn't this a normal incident Sir'?
Please leave it.
Take your hand.
Rub offthe kajal of the lady
constable from your neck.
Isn't it a shame if others see?
Finding this hair is also Mentalism.
When you who administers the law, is breaking
Isn't it unfair to accuse these kids?
Let them go.
OK, OK, I understand.
Anyway, since he is begging so much..
I am not taking action for now.
But, if anything like this happens further"
I will shut down this place.
Did you hear?
- Yes.
OK then.
- OK.
Why did you lie to us, Anu?
Did you think of making us fools?
Why don't you speak?
Enough of shooting.
It's only issues after we came here.
Now this.
Iam fed up.
Me too.
There is some mystery about this
place, the bald person etc.
I strongly doubt she is also part of it.
Did you all notice"
When the accident happened, where did she
Anu went to take the camera.
Whatever, I am scared"
lam quitting.
We will stop the shoot here.
Brother, you tell that my character is dead..
And adjust with a photo.
Her Australia, divorce, what not.
She was justjoking, OK.
Is this a joke?
Why is she not telling anything now?
Actually, I will go to Melbourne
ifthe visa is cleared.
Then, why did you say you are divorced?
Since lwill be staying with strangers"
I thought it will be safe
if I said I was a divorcee.
Who told you will be safe if
you told you are a divorcee?
These guys will be interested to drive..
If they know it they have license to.
Take your ID card"
I don't trust anyone.
Can you stop it.
This short film was developed
after a planning of 5 years.
I don't know if I will have the initiative"
to co-ordinate even if If I get another 5 years.
Even ifl have"
we all will be at different places.
Anyway, we have reached so far..
If we shoot for anothertwo, three days"
Can't we finish it?
Post production and New year screening"
let it be anything"
can't we wait for 2 more days?
I am ready.
In our group, it's more of fake lD's.
But it's afun group.
Is there a way to return back
this money to Thampuran?
I don't know if this is more or less.
I doubt if my wrong action"
is the reason for all the issues happenings now.
To your knowledge, other than Thampuran's..
Did any other un-natural death happen here?
No. Why?
What should I do with this?
Shall I give it to thetemple?
Give it to any needy.
Thampuran's anger will go if I do so, isn't it?
It's time for my medicine.
I forgot about that.
Iwill bring it now.
That SI has newly taken charge here.
Young blood.
We can't blame him too.
He was only doing his duty.
I told the same to SP.
Initially, police had issues even
in allowing visitors with tickets.
Later it got cleared.
With this, the maintenance will go smoothly.
What are you thinking?
There is a common factor between all ofthem.
What is it?
There are some vital links..
That we tend to neglect in many cases.
Make it clear.
Isn't the online group where they..
Met and made them get together?
So what?
That's the connection.
What connection?
The presence that came in search of them..
Might have come from there itself?
John, where are you?
Are you busy?
Never mind. I need a help.
What happened?
I need details of a Facebook group.
At the earliest.
We are here to investigate cyber crimes.
What is the role of a mentalist there?
Hey, I am serious.
Iwill email my queries.
When will you be able to
give a correct information?
Tomorrow, by end ofthe day.
Is that OK?
OK, fine.
Is it OK?
Where is she? Light is going down.
Where is Anu? What is happening?
I called her many times.
She is not coming.
I feel like beating her up.
I feel irritated at the sight of her now.
Hall is also booked for
screening at Kochi on 31st.
Many in the group has confirmed their arrival.
After completing the shoot.
Don't we need to do music, editing
and entire post production?
What will we do, if she doesnfit co-operate?
Tapas, issue isn't happening
between a right and a wrong.
It's between a right and a right.
You give a thought.
By the time I will bring her.
I will also come.
What is your problem?
I have no problem.
I have only asked for some time
to mentally prepare forthe shot.
To mentally prepare, are you doing the
role of Shobhana in Manichitrthazhu?
Don't tell too much..
This is the time of 'Me too' campaign.
Tapas, Anu..listen to me..
Our life is too short"
we are here only for a very short time.
In between, a bigger"
What is the point in carrying a bigger ego?
Neeru, listen without crying.
- True.
Forget everything and give a handshake.
Give a handshake.
Give Anu, you mischievous girl.
That's it. Happy now isn't it?
Aren't you haPPV7
We can make Christmas cake today.
Anu makes super cakes.
Oh, won't her mood be alright soon?
Iwill make our life full of compromises.
I have collected the details John asked for.
Are you free now?
I'm sharing my desktop, one sec.
Satheesh, no calls for next 30 minutes please.
Thank you.
Yes, John.
Got it.
There are 1,46,000 members in this group.
86,565 active members, isn't it?
There will be duplicate and fake lD's in that.
Out of this, cases as per cyber law..
Has been charged against 856 members.
So many ofthem?
Now a days, case will be
charged for silly reasons.
If one puts an offensive comment or
if someone puts a provoking post.
Most cases are like this.
Meera, how many out of 856 have been
That, I will have to check. One minute.
78 m em bers.
I have added their list.
Meera, out of this 78 members..
Who are not alive?
We will have to approach native station forthat.
I only have the details till
the last Iogin details.
OK Meera, Thank you.
Hey John, wait.
This is interesting.
We had de-activated the 78 lD's..
When the case was registered.
One of the lD's is active.
But, I am not ableto track the IP.
I don't know why.
Which one?
Before de-activating"
where was it last logged in?
That I'll find out.
Anyways, I'll share the FB profile link.
- OK.
We will build a small house
like this in Australia.
No, it's OK if that's at Kottayam.
How was my acting?
It is as usual.
How did you know the officer..
Was divorced and staying in a hotel?
He had a mark of the wedding ring removed.
Moreover, the hotel key was in his pants
Is it?
Poor fellow, he is in frustration after divorce.
Then, how did you know about
his punishment transfer'?
Google..l googled him.
Everything cannot be found out with
See, didn't Itell you brothel'?
Thank you.
- Why?
If John had not been there..
Iwould have been caught by the police.
Can we shoot the climax"
Light is going down.
All of you come.
Why is everyone getting message at the same
'My story is not finished, Mayflower.'
What is this?
I have also got the same message!
What is this flower?
Isn't My Story, our Prithviraj movie?
This is a private number.
There is some issue.
That might be some junk message.
We will shoot.
Bring that camera.
Come here.
If he touch the camera, film will be a flop.
What's news?
Work is going well, isn't it?
I am trying to get yourjob ready.
Hello, grandmother"
Oh, charge is over.
Grandmother has come to Guruvayur temple.
I came to take Neeru.
Grandmother will get tensed
if she doesn't get the call.
What will I do?
Call from my phone.
Do you have phone?
Where is Neeru.
Shooting nearthe pond.
- Near the pond.
Bathing scene?
Oh, God!
Like 'My dear Kuttichathan', 'Njan
He is gone, isn't it?
Will we ever see 'Zero' again?
Iwill miss him.
Why are you crying like a child?
What are you doing?
Didn't he leave?
Why are you crying, my child?
This is field, please move.
Can't you see the short film shoot is going on?
No shootwill happen here.
Grandmother is waiting at Guruvayur.
Why didnfit you answer the call?
Come here.
What is it?
When you called, didn't Itell you that.
Ifl come, shoot will not happen?
You don't tell me anything"
Get into the car.
Isn't it a matter of one day?
Grandmother is alone there.
I need to go.
What will happen ifl don't come?
I'm only asking you to come.
What ifl do not come?
Oh, God!
Then you, yourself inform grandmother.
I cannot play around in between you both.
What to do if she starts like this?
What happened to her?
Iwill tell, come here.
We will kill him and put him in the pond.
She has psychosis and"
All of you come here.
One minute.
Have a look.
What is it, Neeru?
What is it?
What is the issue? [Reading message]
All of you are here, what is it?
What is the news?
Have you read this book?
It's interesting.
The story line is the interaction between..
A father and his to be born child.
Tapas will like it.
What is the meaning ofthis?
It's from your number, we received the
Did you do this?
Have you heard the name 'Mayflower'?
I know only 'Manjil virinja poovu'.
What is this Mayflower?
This was a member in your group.
It wanted to check whether you all have..
Any connection, I sent the message.
The owner of this ID is no more now.
It's the soul that is creating all issues here.
Before you came here..
As you didn't know each other"
it is also seeing you only after you reached
Rather, it was waiting for you all to come.
It's target is all of you.
Ghost, in the internet, that too in our group!
It's following and attacking us..
It's horror story never heard before.
Isn't Tapas's story the same?
Life can be strangerthan fiction.
Some stories will lead us..
To some mystic areas beyond our imagination.
I don't know how to convince you.
It's a ghost!
God, were there so many steps before?
Run fast.
Ithink there are 3 to 4 ofthem!
It's coming
Hi Meera.
I tracked the details.
Mayflower used to Iogin from a flat in Thrissur.
I am sending you the address, OK?
Thank you, Meera.
I will be relieved only if the pooja is over.
Goddess is angry.
These are all it's indication.
Nothing like this has happened here before.
Is it not? No.
John sir is not to be seen in his room.
Canfit find in his room?
- No.
Why is it burnt?
Oh Goddess, aren't the trials over?
10B, are you from the media?
Please don't more create news and"
spoil the flat's reputation further.
After the bank manager was jailed..
The flat rentals have come down.
Do you know that?
Iam not from the media.
I came here seeing the online
advertisement of the flat for rent.
Is it 10B?
So, is Deepa madam moving to native place?
I don't know.
Is there a problem?
Even if I didn't say, you will come to know.
So, I will say.
- OK.
Her husband was jailed in a bank fraud case.
Their only child committed suicide..
In the same flat 6 months back because of that.
Oh, No!
He was a peculiar boy.
He wouldn't talk to anyone.
He didn't have friends too.
He wouldn't even step out of the flat.
If it's for rent, there is another flat.
I can show you that.
Give me some commission, that's all.
We can think of that.
Now let me go and see the flat.
From morning, I have not seen anyone outside.
Don't be afraid. Open the door.
Who is it?
Kids, afterthe pooja that is starting tomorrow,
everything will be solved.
There are 2 days of activities.
You can do the activities yourself.
We don't need the Mana,shooting or anything.
We are all relieved only in the morning.
John sir is also not to be seen!
Iam feeling odd.
Was there any quarrel yesterday?
So that is the biggest issue for you?
Don't make me call some other name.
Move away, 'Mundakkal Shekara'.
This the rosary my father gave.
It's only because of this I
could hold on yesterday.
Who kept this here to scare people?
What is the issue, kids?
What else should happen?
Why do you get scared like this?
Did you call for Uber?
I had called your father twice.
Where were you?
You did scare us.
Unniyetta, I went in search of a person.
Mayflower is Manav Mathew.
I'm coming from Manav's house.
The issue won't stop here if you go.
He has seen you.
And he will follow you.
Only through you all..
He will be able to find the answerfor his life.
'Credit card fraud, bank manager arrested.'
'Distressed son commits suicide.'
Manav's father, Mathew Emmanuel"
was in the IT department of VTI bank.
Mathew is in jail for credit card fraud there.
Only because of his son, Manav Mathew.
It was the data in Emmanuel's
laptop that was lost.
Other than Emmanuel"
only Manav was using that laptop.
After Emmanuel was jailed"
not once did Manav go to see him.
He always sat in his room.
Till the end.
Manav committed suicide due to the
that his father was jailed because of him.
But what is it's connection with our FB group?
We checked his internet history"
when a case on film piracy came.
He was irregular at school too.
We couldn't pay attention
amidst our work pressure.
Manav started his wrong deeds
by uploading to your FB group..
Videos of new films he shot from theaters.
He got the appreciation that..
He never got from school or friends.
Initially it started off as a joke but.
Somebody in your group taught
Manav the way to earn money.
Rather, he used him.
He doesn't know who the person is or what he
Moreover at his age, he couldn't
recognise the treachery.
Then it shifted to dangerous cyber crimes.
Like this credit card fraud.
He reached a stage where his
father could get into trouble.
Mathew took the blame on him to save his son.
If he also got involved in the case"
we thought his future will be spoiled.
So we did not pursue it.
Doing that now is of no use too.
The person who used Manav's
brain to earn crores escaped.
He wants that criminal.
The one who destroyed his family, fun and life.
If you recollect.
Each of the attack against you..
Was due to an internet fraud"
or something wrong from your side.
He suspected if it's you.
'Is the download complete?'
'We will see Shahrukh Khan's new movie here.'
'I have created a fake account, 'Thampuran'..
In our FB group to scare these
guys, with that dolls face.'
He can choose different mediums.
As you said, it may be a doll, fan or whatever.
The point is..
He istrying to communicate.
If we can bring that criminal
to the film screening"
that you are going to host on 31st.
We can help Manav.
But you will have to complete the film.
You want to help him?
No Sir.
I can't put them in to danger anymore.
I have given up the dream.
We will finish it.
We are with you, brother.
We can complete it.
It's not only for Tapas, for this cause.
Thank you.
But in your story, for this screening alone..
Some changes will need to be made, Tapas.
How, what change?
Iwill tell.
Let methink.
If there is such a fraud in this group"
will he come forthe screening?
How will we find out?
Today is 27th.
We have only 4 days left.
Iwill have to find him and bring him there.
Thatfis my promise to Manav's mother.
You finish the film.
Just leave the name ofthe villain.
I'm getting scared thinking of the kids.
Who has entered inside and done all these?
Would it be the breeze?
It's a sign.
He is here.
That's him.
That big criminal is hiding
behind this fake ID, 'Joker'.
If we can trap him..
We can save Manav's father.
Maybe others like this too.
We have not noticed such a person in this
To get his original details.
Can't your cyber cell friends help?
No way.
In the last one month itself"
he has logged in from 7fake lP..
All through VPN.
Most days he is online 24 hours!
How can that be?
He is playing this very smartly.
If such a person should be brought
forthe short film screening"
we have to be double smart.
Such a person will not have the
nostalgia of a get together.
If we initiate the contact"
he will doubt, he won't believe.
He should be contacting us.
I have a plan.
'Those who want free unlimited
data, post your mobile number.'
When did you become a member ofour group?
Yesterday night.
Is 'Sherlock' your new ID?
That's interesting.
'I have cracked ZIO mobile network.'
Isn't this the usual hoax message?
How willthis help?
How will Sir give free data to
those who comments mobile number?
I have friends there.
They will coordinate.
Will the Joker fall in this trap?
Is he such afool to comment his mobile
I have claimed to have hacked"
one ofthe most powerful servers..
With multi-Ievel security.
Wouldn't Joker require the skill of such a
Lot ofthem are commenting
mobile number for free data.
They will get it.
When we prove him something that he cannot
He should contact.
'I got it..Thanks..'
It's working.
'Me teen!'
Let's wait.
'How did you crack ZIO network?'
None of your business...!
Why is he taking so much time to type?
'Then you are a fake.'
'releasing algorithm Azkyp1582k76'
What is he typing?
'Can we work together...?'
'Let's discuss...'
'When...? Where...?'
'Are you coming forthe group get togethen?'
Will he come?
There is no better place other than"
a crowded theater for 2 people to get together.
That is true.
'How can I trust you...?'
- Give a reply.
'Then leave it.'
He has left.
Didn't I tell you earlier
that this would not work out?
We hurriedly changed the story and shot the
Post production is also completed.
It's all waste now.
He should respond.
'I am coming.'
Didn't I tell you that it will work out?
'See you there'
Mr. Joker..
From now on there are no
small games, only big games.
See you on 31st.
[indistinct conversation]
Were there many people for the shoot?
Only 5 of us.
Happy New Year.
Happy New year.
[indistinct conversations]
- Hi.
What is your ID?
Captain America.
Spider Menon.
Venu Nagavalli.
- ls it?
What is your name?
Manju Warrier.
Are you sure he will come, John?
He will come.
- OK.
DGP is very hopeful.
It's notjust Manav's case"
If we can find this"
it will be a major break.
Who is Sherlock who gave us the free data?
Is he here?
Anyways that is great.
Anu David.
I am Johny Vellikkala.
[Message from Joker] I am here.
He is here.
But this area is not in our control.
We should get him inside the
theater at the earliest.
- Yes.
Guys, please listen.
It's time forthe show.
All of you, please get inside.
We have booked the hall for 2 hours.
We all can get acquainted afterthe show.
'Lets catch up after the show.'
[indistinct conversation]
[indistinct conversation]
Look at this.
- What is it?
Mayflower is atA J Hall!
Oh God.
[Door opening]
What is this?
There range is also gone now!
Attention everybody.
Attention please.
I don't know what you all are
going to see is good or bad"
Still we have all tried our best.
We had to make changes in the script.
Based on our experiences.
Thank you all for coming.
Let's all watch the film.
Isn't it a new birth?
I will need to take baby steps.
This will be our life's best interval.
You wait and see.
I was following me.
There is something wrong here.
Was it you?
You scared me.
We are trapped here.
We need to find a way out ofthis.
But how?
Our FB group and short film..
What is this connection between them?
It's Mayflower!
A person in our group is the reason for his
Joker..he is the villain.
But, who is he?
Where is he?
Please remain seated.
Silence please.
Myself Meera Anwar, City Police Commissioner.
No one can leave the room now.
It's a police investigation.
Please co-operate.
All of you please hand over
your lD's to the police.
Collect it, quick.
What rubbish is this?
Open the door.
There is no need to panic.
Myself, John Don Bosco, a mentalist.
I'm a consultantto the police.
I'm the one who posted the offer
on free data in your group.
That was also part of investigation.
What investigation?
Iwill tell.
The Joker you saw in the film is here itself.
He is one among you.
We are here to find him.
It's as per DGP's special instruction"
that the investigation is going on now.
So please co-operate with us.
John, all yours.
What I need to tell you is..
Please don't protect a criminal.
If anyone here knows about the
person Joker, please respond.
OK, I believe you.
That gentleman on the right.
Can you stand up please?
When I said, Joker is one among you..
All were looking around.
Only you were sitting with your head down.
That's because I had headache.
Please stay.
Can you please stand up?
Please stand up.
Can you please stand up?
Is he high court, to give stay for everyone?
What's your name?
Was he an LP school teacher"
making everyone stand up?
One among these 9 is Joker.
But till the investigation is over..
No one can go out.
Aren't you the Joker?
No, why don't you understand?
You can sit.
Symmetrical body language.
Yes, I knew it Neeru.
What is it?
I don't know, look there.
Thank you, Sir.
Nice watch.
What is your name?
Revath i.
Have you gone to police station?
There was a issue with passport verification.
Thank you, Sir.
You stay.
That's deception.
Yes, deception.
I was wondering, why it's not coming.
You stay.
Neeru, what is this?
No idea.
You also stay.
Look at m e.
Please stay.
Eye integration.
My tension is whether..
We will grow old standing here!
Can you both smile?
Keep smiling.
Is this a smiling competition?
Are you smiling after killing the boy?
You sit.
You stay.
OK, let's try this.
Look at m e.
Can you quickly count the people
with specs in this theater?
Can you? Please.
Don't change your focus.
Keep counting.
Oh my God!
You are able to count, is it?
All of you have mobile phone?
You came here to see Sherlock, isn't it?
Is it him?
A logically puzzled mind can't
think 2 things at a time.
He is telling the truth.
You can sit.
If my assumption is correct.
All these four have come to see Sherlock.
But how four ofthem?
It's not any ofthem who messaged me.
Then who?
Are you mocking us.
First he told it is one person
and now four persons.
Last the commissioner will be the villain.
We can't hold this crowd for a long time.
It would be a big problem in social media if we
do not solve this case today.
Ithink I'm failing here.
Shall I ask them to open the doors?
We'll tell that it was a mock drill.
You may both sit.
You both too.
Will you tell something?
Is this some kind of a joke?
Open the doors please.
What did you just say?
Is this some kind of a joke?
Else what are all these?
What's your name?
I need to check all of their lD's.
Get those lD's.
It won't get over seriously.
Hi Siri..
Why is he looking at me?
Are you that Paul Barber'?
He is online for 24 hours on many days.
Why is he taking so much time to type?
Jyothis, Ousepacham.
Kalidas, Emil
Please stand up.
Please stand up.
Finally he will tell, it's not them!
Wait and see.
All four of you are just a joke..
Without the 'R'.
Can you please stand up, Mr. Renil.
Blind! How will he watch the film?
Forthat, inner eye is enough.
The Mastermind of Joker team!
Original name, Renil.
ID in this group, 'Daredevil'.
The only one Avenger that is blind..
'Daredevil'! Is it not Renil?
Joker is not one ofthem.
They are the 'Joker'.
And Renil.
J, O, K, E, R.
What nonsense is this?
What evidence do you have?
You are the evidence.
Cyber crimes are the easiest to prove..
When a criminal is caught.
Your bank records, browsing history"
the transactions you made"
for all ofthese, you will be answerable.
Can you?
Didn't I tell you before..
Only a menatalist can solve any case properly..
Police and military are nothing.
That's my boy.
I can prove this case right here now.
Give me your phones.
Give me.
OK, it was a mistake.
We agree.
We got acquainted through internet"
We got trapped in making easy money.
We had severe financial problems.
These are stories told by all criminals.
You all are misfit in this world.
Hey, I was made misfit by this world of yours..
Instead, I made the cyber space my world.
But, we have not killed anyone.
What you have done is brutal
than killing a person.
You have executed his soul.
And it's going to follow you.
You deserve no mercy.
Meera..they are all yours.
Take them.
We can take immediate action
aftertheir bank records verification.
After that, release of
Manav's father will be easy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Iwill call.
See you.
- Bye.
Thank you.
'Joker group meets with a
mysterious death in the lockup'
Manavs father and mother is coming to meet
They are waiting for Sifs
Kayakalpa treatment to get over.
Sir, tomorrow is the award function.
Our 'lnterval' has bagged 5
awards including best short film.
Oh, congrats.
I am the best actor!
After that, I have stopped acting in films.
Shall we buy this and make this a resort?
First pay this cafs loan.
Who are these 3 blind people?
You can't park visitor's car here.
We are not visitors.
We came to know about Kayakalpa treatment.
Is he deaf?
The thing that gives eternal youth?
Who from you needs to get eternal youth?
We all require.
We can give whatever money you need.
Is there anyone who has completed
'Kayakalpa' and got eternal youth?
Yes, one person has completed only yesterday.
Is it?
There he comes.
Oh my God! Perera, escape.
Oh! John..Don..Bosco!
Who are these three idiots?
Is this eternal youth?
He has become very small!
Do you already know each other?
Not really, isn't it Shibu?
He always has a group of kids to fool.
Hey..what a surprise!
What surprise?
It is nothing bigger than the floods, right?
Deny Kokkan looks like a swami now.
Isn't it, Priyan?
But he behaves like a priest.
You did not come here to see me.
We would never come.
Kayakalpa...eternal youth"
is it?
Have you still not learnt to
talk like a normal malayalee?
Anyway, meet Raman, Neeru, Anu, Tapas and
- Neeru.
It doesn't matter.
No..there is another person to hug her.
Who is this?
He might be a nuisance.
Not so much as you.
There is a person for her too.
Is this Malayatoor hill?
- No saint Geevarghese.
Then go hit the dragon.
Priyan has not yet changed.
- We are giving him medicine.
Why do you need Kayakalpa now?
You could do with ten push ups daily.
That doesn't help.
Is that the reason why you
still carry Spanish fly?
What is this Spanish fly?
Google it!
I don't have it.
- Yes, you have.
- Yes.
Shall I take it from your pocket?
- I said, I don't have.
This is a medicine for my grandmother!