Pretty Broken (2018) Movie Script

pathways of life,
sometimes the road is bumpy.
And sometimes the
terrain is rough.
LINDSEY: Not today.
ANNOUNCER: When you need
help getting back on track.
Hi, I thought you
might be hungry.
LINDSEY: Mm, thanks.
- Why, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Sour cream and onion?
How's the wife?
DAD: Your mother's
doing very well, thank you.
Ugh, Dad, fried
plantain and curry soup
is not a girl's best friend, ew.
How long do you plan to
keep camping out here, kid?
Until Michael quits
being a royal a-hole.
Then I'm sure racking
up a big hotel bill
will do wonders for your
husband's disposition.
It's fine, I used your card.
DAD: Excuse me?
You know, the one with
all the airline mile things,
so in a way, you're welcome.
That's not okay.
All right.
I'm not gonna be around
forever to bail you out.
You gotta figure out
what you're gonna do
with your life, kid.
- I can't find a job, so...
- Finish school.
Look, I'm just (SNIFFLES)
I'm waiting to hear
if I'm gonna volunteer
at the cat shelter.
- Ah, Jesus, Lindsey.
- What?
I'd get to work with special
needs cats and kittens.
And maybe I'll even be able
to keep one or two for free.
For free, okay, come on.
Walk your old man out,
got a plane to catch.
I'm coming.
That was a gift from a very
special student in Kyoto.
It's Jizo, protector of women,
children, and travelers.
Now, traditionally, turn around,
traditionally, you
take Jizo statues
and you put 'em in
intersections and paths,
and it always tells you
the right way to go.
I thought that would
be appropriate.
Does Mom know you're
giving this to me?
It's kinda really beautiful.
Mom doesn't have
to know everything.
This one's between you and me.
when I get back from the climb,
can we all get together
as a family and talk?
And we are live with
Dr. Montgomery Lou
as he discusses
saving the world,
one remote village at a time.
Dr. Lou, tell us about
your next adventure.
MONTGOMERY: Lindsey, I'm
trying to be serious here.
Well, it sounds like
I should film then.
If you're being serious.
I mean it.
This is the last time.
Your mother and I
love you very much,
but you're never
gonna learn anything
if we don't stop doing this.
Why don't you take me on
your next adventure then?
Yeah, it will be so much fun.
I can be your assistant.
You wanna go
- on my next adventure, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
What if it's too dangerous?
Well, why don't
you go to places
like Palm Springs or Key West?
Because the University
won't pay for those.
I know.
Guess I'd better stay
stay here then, huh?
In case you need me to
bail you out, right?
Go see your mother.
She misses you.
And I'm gonna miss you.
But I'll be back.
Thanks, Dad.
love you, kiddo.
I love you, too.
Should have called a caterer.
You got the dessert tray, right?
I've got something, I've got
it under control, it's fine.
Have a cookie, Mom.
Be ready for many
pleasures in the near future.
In bed.
You know, after you read
a fortune, you say, no?
The shrimp looks
beautiful, babe.
MAN: How's Miss
Lou holding up?
Any thoughts on
going back to school?
Follow in your
father's footsteps?
Uh, I'm not really
the professor type.
He's a tough act to follow.
You're probably busy
with your career.
Uh, no, not really, not
anything, yeah. (CHUCKLES)
Well, it was probably
some 20 years ago
I went to the Atacama
Desert with your father.
A trailblazer in
geological studies.
He will be sorely missed.
Liam, did you tell your Aunt
Sandy how you're leaving me?
I'm performing for
six weeks in Vienna.
Liam, that's wonderful.
Did you hear that JoJo?
Lil' Leelee is going to France.
We've got a significant
following in Europe.
LIAM: It's nothing, really,
I just play from the heart.
What's the deal with Liam?
Is he serious about her or what?
LINDSEY: I don't know, why?
Your brother's hot.
Look at him.
GIRLFRIEND: Are you okay?
He's your cousin,
think about that.
Any luck?
This one was starting to
bend but then you came in.
You think Dad's gonna
come back and haunt us?
Okay, not haunt, but visit us?
Check in and make
sure we're okay?
Look, they haven't
even confirmed he's dead.
He could still be alive,
stuck up on that mountain,
waiting for someone to find him.
Then why'd we have a funeral?
Because Mom likes
throwing parties.
Hey, Linds, you have,
um, gas in your car?
Uh, someone will be there soon.
There was a mix-up
at the funeral home.
Apparently we have Ming Lu.
I really need you to do this.
Oh, this is so stupid.
Come on, I can't ask Monty.
It's too much for him, I
gotta be here with Mom.
Lindsey, please.
This has been hard on
all of us, you know.
We didn't get to say
goodbye to him, either.
They couldn't even supply
a photo or properly ID him...
Lindsey, don't.
I'm going to be gone
for almost two months.
Mom needs a lot of support.
Now, just be the daughter
she never had, okay?
That's all I'm asking.
So this is a little more
information on the process.
I really hope you'll
use our services...
Hello there.
Thank you, this is yours.
If it means anything,
they're both in heaven.
Hey, come on,
that's my car, man!
Come on, don't do this to me.
Great, a walker.
What do ya think, DUI?
Working girl?
MAN: Maybe both.
Pay attention, boys.
Let me show ya how a real
man gets the job done.
Excuse me, miss?
May I ask you a question?
Why you walking when
you should be driving?
Pretty girl like you
liable to cause an accident
making all these men
swerve their trucks
to get a better look
at ya. (CHUCKLES)
Jerome Carlyle, and you are?
Lindsey, I like that, it's
got a nice ring to it.
Now is that Lind-say
or Lind-see?
Just Lindsey.
Well, Just Lindsey, you
can call me Jerry, with a Y.
Hey, boys, this pretty
lady here needs a vehicle.
Let's help her out.
Tell you what (CLEARS THROAT)
I'll give a call down
to the tow company
and I'll have your
car back faster
than a jack rabbit in heat.
My life is in that car.
I know, I'll get
ya taken care of.
That's the Jerry
Carlyle promise.
'Cause I'm not taking
care of customers,
I'm taking care of friends.
Mm, yeah, I've seen
your commercials.
Maybe you recognize
me from my TV show.
Back to back Emmys
in '98 and '99.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, Troy Thunderton?
That's it.
Oh, oh, uh, where
there's Thunder?
There's a ton of lightning.
You may not need a car right
now but when you're ready,
I want you to remember me.
- Yeah, I will, thanks.
- Thank you.
This is too weird.
Thank you.
Hey, you think you've had
enough there, Mom, come on.
Look, I don't want you to
worry about any of this, right?
We'll take care of it.
MOM: I told him not
to go, he insisted.
It was work.
That's who Dad was.
Everest was always on his list.
Can we get a dog?
A dog's a lot of
responsibility, Mont.
I don't even know
when the bills are due.
He had several accounts.
He never trusted
me with anything.
LIAM: Mom, Mom,
Lindsey can help.
Really, Liam, with what?
By drinking all my wine?
She's got nothing going
on and she can help.
Thanks for the
vote of confidence.
LIAM: We gotta get going.
- Postpone your vacation.
- It's a European tour.
You can't just cancel
a European tour.
a lot of fans overseas.
I'll call you
from the airport.
Caroline, just remember
you're a shining star
of love and peace.
Leave, just like your father.
All right, all right.
I'll give you a call, all right?
Lindsey, you heading out?
No, I thought I'd stay
here tonight, family time.
Sign the divorce papers yet?
- Why not?
- Not now, Liam.
If it's over, let's
just get it over with
so she can get on with her life.
She's gonna have a lot to do
to get her feet
back on the ground.
Okay, I'm standing right here.
Look, just do
something with your life.
Mom, can you please
tell Liam to shut up?
We don't say
that in this house.
You know that.
Sign the papers, just do it.
Mont, you're the man
of the house now,
so take care of Mom.
See ya.
Good to have you, Lindsey.
Better late than never.
No more chips.
Can you please set the alarm?
That was your dad's job.
You just press the button.
Yeah, you figured it out.
He'd be really proud.
Hey, Linds, what are
you doing tomorrow?
The last time we hung
out was at my graduation
and you were fighting
with Michael.
We'll see.
I have a lot going on.
You sound like Dad.
Have you thought
about college or work?
My palm reader said
my gift is really strong
and I just need to
harness my powers.
See that?
That means that I'm intuitive
and have a keen sixth sense.
And that one means that
destiny will dictate my life.
I don't have that
line on my hand.
She probably just told you that.
It's a science, Lindsey.
No two palms are alike.
They're like snowflakes.
Don't be dumb, Monty.
It's just like
practicing the kazoo.
I really need to
focus and get better.
I moved up here abut 20 years
ago, started the dealership,
and I've been here ever since.
Well, speak of the devil.
You didn't tell me
your car got towed.
How are you
gonna pay for that?
You owe this gentleman a
great deal of gratitude.
You must be Monty.
Holy smokes, you're
the Thunderton guy.
Yeah, well, I left that
life behind a while ago.
It was fun while it lasted.
You two used to
watch him nonstop.
I remember.
Well, um, thank you again
for all that you've done.
It's, uh, crazy here and
I haven't had much help.
That's all right,
no need to explain.
I do need to get back to
the dealership, though.
I'm kinda like the mother
hen to all them cocks.
well, thank you.
You're welcome, any time.
Oh, can I get a
ride back from you?
- Would that be all right?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
I've got a confession to make.
I really want your phone number.
Don't make me beg.
You'll be seeing me
real soon, I promise.
Oh, my god, Troy Thunderton
totally just hit on me.
Hey, Mr., uh,
- Dr. Armstrong.
- Miss Lou.
Always a terrific pleasure.
I wish it was under
better circumstances.
Do you have a minute?
Sure, yeah, um, you
wanna take a seat?
Optimism is a beautiful
character trait, Lindsey.
I always promote hope and faith,
but even if your dad survived...
But no one could put
him in the same area
as the avalanche.
He'd be without
food and shelter.
For him to be separated from
his Sherpas in that terrain
and survive is incomprehensible.
There's a chance?
Yes, yes, there is
a chance, Lindsey.
If anybody can get themselves
out of a situation like that,
it's your dad.
In all the years we traveled
across this globe together,
your father got us out
of one impossible
situation after another.
I entrusted that
man with my life.
And he always came through.
I'm not much help, am I?
You know, if I could,
I'd go over there and
look for him myself.
Well, maybe
that's what I'll do.
Follow your heart, Lindsey.
I get to Everest?
PHONE: Searching the web on
how to cook chicken breasts.
How do I plan a
trip to Mount Everest?
PHONE: Searching the web
for trips to music fest.
You've got to be kidding me.
PHONE: I found five results
for digging in your knees.
A round trip ticket
to Lhasa, China
would be $2,148 with taxes.
(GASPS) Okay.
And an additional
one-way ticket back
will be $1,168 with taxes.
Okay, I'm not accusing you
of not knowing how to
do your job or anything,
but I was finding a lot
lower prices online.
Like, a lot lower.
Right, and if you are
a part of the group trek
to Everest Base Camp, you'll
need to budget in for yaks.
I'd allow for
two to three yaks,
but you'll have to make those
arrangements when you arrive.
Are we buying a ticket today
or are we just window shopping?
Well, are there, like, any
promos or discounts going on?
Planning a trip to Everest
is different than
going to Disneyland.
Well, I've never been
to Disneyland either
so I wouldn't know, thanks.
We're talking GORE-TEX
tents, sleeping equipment,
layered seasonal
clothing, that's huge,
the temps are gonna suck.
Then you've got your oxygen
bottles, masks, regulators,
medical kit, rescue
insurance, satellite phones,
and then a bunch of other
stuff that I'm forgetting.
Yeah, I'll probably
need a scarf, too.
How many people
are on your team?
LINDSEY: Oh, no one
yet, so far, just me.
I've been climbing
for the past 10 years,
I don't recognize you from
any climbs, you, Mazama?
Uh, I went to outdoor
school, like, in seventh grade.
I mean, we went on a
hike that was uphill.
Do you have any mittens
that are cheaper?
These are like $30.
Uh, for just the
basic gear alone
you're looking at like
four k, and that's like,
bare minimum stuff.
Look, if you're serious,
you'd better consider
getting a guide.
You wanna go climb Everest?
It's a little out of my
league, but I do know a guy.
Here you go, that guy.
Oh, yeah, that's tragic.
Local climber, used to
come in all the time.
- That's my dad.
- Oh.
Whoa, so sorry.
I'd love to hear
stories sometime
if you wanted to come
in and tell a story.
Yeah, maybe later.
It's Scott.
I lost a bet.
Where's Mom?
Buying milk and wine.
So, is this it?
This is what you do?
He's a mobile night light.
Christmas is gonna be
really weird this year, huh?
MONTY: Why didn't
Michael come to the funeral?
I miss Dad.
Yeah, me too.
MICHAEL: What do you want?
I'm headed out.
I need to get the papers
filed in the next couple days
so if you could just
get those signed.
You're going out?
MICHAEL: I really gotta go.
I'm, like, headed out
the door right now.
Yeah, well, maybe
I'll run into you.
I'm out too.
Girls night, yay.
Jizo, protector of women,
children, and travelers.
You take Jizo statues and put
'em in intersections and paths
and it always tells you
the right way to go.
JERRY: Lindsey.
Lindsey, I like that, that's
got a nice ring to it.
Guess I better
stay here then, huh?
In case you need me to
bail you out, right?
Thanks, Dad.
- Hey, good evening.
- Hi.
We received a call that
there was a dead body in a car.
Are you all right?
LINDSEY: Uh, yeah, yeah,
I was just taking a nap.
Well, you can't stay here.
You were sleeping in your car
in the parking lot of
the police station.
LINDSEY: Oh, sorry.
- I need you to move along.
- Okay, yeah, no problem.
- Have a safe night.
- Thank you.
What's wrong?
Michael's working late
and I thought I heard
someone in the backyard.
Meatloaf Wednesday.
It's hot.
It was your dad's favorite.
I never really
cared much for it.
Well, you don't need to
make it until he gets home.
Who's this guy?
LINDSEY: Some survival guy
they drop off in the wilderness.
Okay, why are
you watching this?
- Don't watch this stuff.
- Well, they say that.
Your brother
made it to Austria.
I just, I feel like we
have so much to talk about.
I mean, I've barely
seen you in three years.
Where do you wanna start?
How about my wedding?
Not tonight.
Kind of mother doesn't attend
her own daughter's wedding?
Dad was there.
He made an effort to be there
and he was never
here to begin with.
I'm sorry.
I'll make the next one.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
Are you hungry?
Make sure you save
some for Monty.
LINDSEY: Did someone
bring this over?
(LAUGHING) No, I thought
I'd make breakfast.
I'm allowed to, aren't I?
What, you thought I got up
early and went to McDonald's?
LINDSEY: McDonald's
doesn't have bacon.
So, have you considered
applying for a job?
You know, I thought maybe
we could go to the mall today,
pick you out a
really cute outfit,
go to one of the cosmetic
counters, get you a makeover,
and maybe clean you
up a little bit.
For who?
I just thought that maybe
you would feel
better about yourself
if you put yourself together.
I feel awesome about myself.
It's everyone else that seems
to have a problem with me.
Hey, what's up?
I had a dream that
he was still alive
waiting for us to come get him.
Monty, was it a dream
or a psychic vision?
It was a vision.
It was real.
Sorry, I'm just dumb.
No, you're not.
You're gifted.
You just need to
practice your gift.
Queen of Hearts.
Ace of Spades.
Ace of clubs.
There's too damn many of them.
You've been through
the deck twice.
I figured you'd get
at least one right.
JERRY: Is that an
angel on the other line?
I'm trying to reach a young
lady by the name of Lindsey.
Well, you got her. (CHUCKLES)
JERRY: We'll see about that.
You alone?
JERRY: I thought
you might be interested
- in making a little money.
- Yes!
What did you have in mind?
JERRY: I'm looking for a
couple real special people
to help me out,
and I immediately thought
of you and your brother.
Um, thanks.
What should I wear?
Why are we doing this?
Well, I've been thinking.
If you're going to develop
your psychic powers,
then you're gonna
need special training.
If we're gonna hire someone,
it's going to cost
a lot of money.
Why do you care?
I wanna help
because that's what
big sisters do.
Chris Black to
the corral please,
Chris Black to the corral.
Of course.
A deal just walked off the lot.
That's money out of your
pocket, what's your excuse?
I was obviously
in the bathroom.
You've got a phone.
Keep someone on the other
line while you taking a leak.
Two eyes on the lot at
all times, you understand?
Sure, mm-hmm, eyes on the lot.
Don't wanna miss anything.
Don't piss on my leg and
tell me it's raining, son.
Now go out there
and sell me a truck.
You think I was
too rough on him?
No, no, not at all,
just, uh, tough love.
Tough love.
You're one of a kind,
Lindsey Lou, you know that?
Uh, I don't know if
it's an issue or not,
but we don't know
anything about cars.
I've only had my
license for three months
and I don't know how
to parallel park.
It's all right.
I'll take enthusiasm
over experience any day.
You know what else
is important, son?
Drive and desire, that's all
you need in this business.
Take a look out there.
Any idiot can sell a car.
Anyhoo, random drug testing
is the second Thursday
of every month.
The only thing they're looking
for is cocaine or heroin.
That gonna be a problem for you?
I'm on four allergy
medications and I...
Not a problem.
Well, are you here to keep
me company or sell a car?
I'll sell two cars.
Oh, fantastic.
That's great.
Listen, do me a favor, will ya?
Just keep an eye on your
brother, keep him out of trouble.
LINDSEY: Can't I stay
in here with you instead?
We're gonna be spending
a lot of time together.
That's a promise.
Relax, you're gonna be fine.
Now go get your job done.
Yeah, oh, great. (GIGGLES)
Wait, shh, shh.
You hear that?
You hear that?
Wait, wait, you hear that?
Uh, no, what I am
supposed to be hearing?
Thunderton, Lindsey.
Thunderton, the quiet rumble
of approaching Thunderton.
And where there's
Thunderton, there's what?
- Lightning.
- There's lightning.
That's right.
What do you think?
You think it will strike twice?
I don't really
know what that means,
but it sounds really hot.
That's my girl.
Now go on and go get it.
This place is amazeballs.
We're not selling cars here.
We're selling personality
and lifestyle.
If they don't like you, they
ain't buying, all right?
They ain't coming here to
make friends or kill time.
They're here to buy a damn car.
Always be closing, you
ever hear that phrase?
The ABCs?
- No.
- No.
Well, whatever, I've got a
bit of a different approach.
Seal the deal, all right?
That's when you ask for the
sale and if they don't budge,
you lie, you beg, you steal,
whatever you have to do,
you make the deal.
Understand, seal the deal.
- STD.
- STD, absolutely.
Tell you what, why
don't you go out there
and just make yourself
familiar with the inventory?
Can you do that for me?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Listen, I, um, I
hate to ask this but...
JERRY: No, no, what's
on your mind, Lindsey Lou?
Well, exactly how much
money am I going to make?
How much you want?
No, seriously, it's just that
I'm trying to save
up for this trip
- that I'm going on...
- I understand.
I'll tell you what.
You stick with me
and I'll take you
anywhere you wanna go.
The money will come, I promise.
It'll come faster
than lightning chasing down a
jackalope on the barren plain.
Okay, seriously,
you gotta stop
using lines from your show.
It's just very, uh...
I want you to embrace
your inner coyote.
You know what I mean?
Take down the buffalo.
Again, I don't quite
know what you mean,
but it sounds really hot.
You wanna drive me
around blindfolded?
Then I can try to see where
we are using my mind's eye?
SCOTT: Psst!
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's Scoot from
the Mountain Shop.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm just here doing
research for the climb.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
I'm just, I'm
here for story hour.
They usually have a puppet
show and sometimes cookies.
I'm here with my nephew.
He's seven.
- I'm just his ride.
- Right.
SCOTT: I'm totally
not into puppet shows.
- No.
- Oh, god, that's weird.
Do you wanna come
down to the end here?
Say, not that I'm an
expert or anything,
but I have done my
fair share of climbing.
Maybe we could get
some coffee sometime
and talk about climbing?
Uh, yeah, I guess, sure.
That's awesome.
I'm so sorry.
Well, I think it is fantastic
that you both got a job on
the same day, it's great.
It's no big deal.
I think it is.
You know who else
would think it was?
He would have
been really proud.
He will be.
Remember when dad would come
home with all the presents?
And stories?
(CHUCKLING) He always
thought of you kids.
He said he'd bring me
home a bumper sticker.
For what?
Your forehead?
Can you find my dad or not?
He knows the area your
father went missing.
- Many people die there.
- He's not dead, just lost.
He'll do it.
No guarantee, though.
Well, maybe I
should shop around.
I need a guy who can
get the job done.
He'll get the job done
and wants you to know
it will come at a price.
2,000, cash.
Fine, I'll add it to the bill.
How do you find him?
You don't look like
a mountain climber.
Scott, the Mountain Shop.
MONTY: We just
can't leave him here.
He'll be fine.
What if he gets
hungry or something?
Well, he can go
get something to eat.
He's not a freakin'
Gremlin, Monty.
Nothing bad's gonna happen.
Now look, we've gotta
get to work, okay?
All right, fine, you can stay
here and I'll go to work.
Just don't sit around all day.
Bend spoons or something.
What's the deal
with you and Jerry?
Mind your own business.
You keep prancing around here
acting like you own the
place, it's my business.
Barely, you think
you're the first?
The guy's a fraud.
He had a local kids show,
now he's a car salesman,
all right, the writing
is on the wall.
Troy Thunderton was an Emmy
winning children's show, okay?
He taught values
and life lessons
from his Native
American ancestors
that you wouldn't even
begin to understand.
The guy's from
El Paso, all right?
He's about as native as Wallace.
I give you two weeks.
That's about as long
as the others lasted.
JERRY: Lindsey Lou
to the corral please.
You're awfully quiet.
Just thinking.
Remember all those times
you rescued baby animals
with Tornado, your
Indian sidekick
and you'd bring them
back to your wigwam?
Troy Thunderton broadcasted
from a custom studio pueblo,
not a wigwam.
I used to wish you'd
show up at my house
when my dad was
gone on business,
and bring us baby raccoons and
teach us how to make baskets
and grow corn.
It's not too late.
There's always time
for lightning lessons.
Listen, I need to
get to the auction
and take a look
at some used cars.
You'll be all right here
all by your lonesome?
Can't I tag along?
Maybe we can get coffee?
You know what, I
got a better idea.
What do you say we forget
this place and go to Mexico?
All right, if you
make a car deal,
Igor here will take
mighty good care of ya.
Wait, what?
CAROLINE: Well, hello.
JERRY: And to you, ma'am.
Kids drank it all.
Of course.
Well, you know what they say.
Milk does a body good.
Or something like that.
Walk you to your car?
What a gentleman you are.
JERRY: Yes, ma'am.
I got it on trade.
You got STD
power, I like that.
Um, thanks.
So, what did you do all day?
We watched Criss
Angel episodes.
I'm definitely gonna
need leather pants
and an awesome hairdo if
I ever want to go on TV.
Oh, and I went to the library
and I found all three seasons
of the Troy Thunderton show.
I thought we could
watch them tonight.
No, I'm gonna watch
those later, alone.
JERRY: Howdy.
Uh, I wasn't expecting
you to stop by.
Yeah, I mean, I
would've changed
and put on something
a little more fun.
No one will be able to tell
when you're
galloping on a horse.
You look terrific.
Well, there's the belle of
the ball, Miss Caroline Lou.
- You look so handsome.
- You look gorgeous yourself.
Do you mind if we
stop for a coffee first?
We are completely out here
and I am running on no sleep.
That sounds perfect.
I promise I won't
keep her out too late.
She's been working so hard.
Look how exhausted she is.
Oh, I was thinking,
after coffee,
have you heard of that new
country bar that's opened up?
Tumblin' Weed, I sure have.
they have line dancing.
Yeah, we can go there.
I have my dancing shoes on.
JERRY: All right, let's get.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Have fun?
CAROLINE: Oh, you almost
gave me a heart attack.
Aren't you supposed
to work early?
How could you do that to Dad?
You're still married.
- That's adultery.
- Lindsey.
Oh, come on.
Oh, I gotta get
out of these Spanx.
Why him?
He's such a nice
guy, you know that.
He asked me out.
You could have anyone you want
and you choose the one person
who takes an
interest in my life.
Oh, honey, don't
flatter yourself.
Besides, you're married.
Speak for yourself.
We went and had coffee
and then line dancing.
And it was a lot
of fun. (CHUCKLING)
It was a lot of fun. (LAUGHING)
Good night, darling.
JERRY: Step right
up, don't be shy.
Everything all right?
What do you think?
I think you look about as mad
as a mule chewing on bumblebees.
MONTY: Did I earn this?
I threw a couple
spiffs in there for ya.
You too.
I told you I was
gonna take care of ya.
You think I'd send
you home with nothing?
C'mon, kid, let's
go eat an orange.
I don't like oranges.
Mm, you haven't had
one of my oranges.
How's your mother?
Her feet must be hurting
something awful after last night.
The only thing she has is
a serious case of the skank.
Be careful, it's contagious.
Is that how you
speak to your elders?
That's all you have to say?
Look, I may have
retired from TV,
but I'll never stop crusading
to help other people find
what makes them their best.
Your mother just needed
a bolt from above.
You had no intention, did you?
Of what?
Are you saying that
none of this was real?
I've been in love with you
since you were on a
cable access show.
I may have been 10 years old
but you made an
impression on me.
It's time to grow up, Lindsey.
Maybe take a lesson
from your mother.
Like the orange?
Is it gluten free?
I think so.
It tastes weird.
Tastes weird?
Hey. How much was your check?
Okay, good, me too.
We need to save those, okay?
But can't I keep
some for myself?
But I wanted to get a
Troy Thunderton spray tan.
Hey, guys, I'm gonna
go have sushi with Jerry
and then I'll be back.
You don't eat sushi.
It smells like a barn in here.
Come on, I asked you
guys not to let the.
He needs to go home.
He's training me.
Honey, I know it's been
really stressful lately,
but that's no
excuse to act crazy.
Have fun on your date.
Thank you, I will,
and you know why?
LINDSEY: Because
you're selfish?
Ha, Lindsey Lou.
Because it hasn't even
been a week since the funeral
and you're already looking
for Dad's replacement?
Okay, watch your mouth.
No one can replace your father.
You not even
100% sure he's gone
and that we have
the right ashes.
If the funeral home
can't get it right
what makes you think the
Chinese government did?
Your father made a living
leaving me home alone
for months on end.
Do you think I ever got
a phone call from him
when he was in Africa,
South America, anywhere?
LINDSEY: Whatever.
And when he would come home,
he would hole himself
up in his office
or do whatever his
children wanted.
Knock it off.
So you miss your father
after not seeing him
for three months.
I haven't seen him
for over 20 years.
I hardly saw anyone.
So yes, I'm gonna go have lunch.
Because what other
option do I have
but, I don't know,
sit around here
and pretend that he's
going to come home?
Okay, perfect.
While you're pretending
like he's alive,
why don't you sit in your room
and dress in black and
mourn like a normal person?
Like a normal person?
Monty, come on.
Knock it off, just cool down.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm 18, I can do what I want.
I'll report you
for animal cruelty.
And who's gonna feed the goat?
You don't understand.
Yes, I do.
Okay, she's acting
like a total slut
and you know she's only doing
this because I like Jerry.
I never got to know Dad.
Not like you and Liam did.
Look, I swear to God,
everything's gonna be different
when he gets back,
Monty, I promise.
Mom's right.
Dad was never here.
I was in school when Dad left,
and I feel like he's just
gonna come back any day
right through that door.
Do you think Dad would be happy
if he were here right now?
Well, he may be a little
upset about the goat.
Hey, it's me.
We're heading to the
airport right now,
we're catching a red-eye
because I'm playing a last
minute festival in Sweden.
Well, everything's
great over here.
We got a goat.
How's Mom?
Oh, you know, dating.
Huh, very funny.
Look, just make sure
she's happy, all right,
'cause this is, like, a
really tough time for her.
Well, she hung up on me.
Okay, you know what?
You and, just
meditate or something.
But I really wanted you to
drive me around blindfolded
- and then...
- Monty, just stop.
Come on, let's go outside.
I can't work in
this environment.
Oh, hey, hey, ho, oh, ah,
hello, hello, hi, hello.
Let's not point weapons.
You okay?
It's a bad day.
Need to blow off some steam?
LINDSEY: I think
I'm gonna die.
SCOTT: No, no, no,
you're fine, you're fine.
You've got this, okay?
- Just stay focused.
- Okay.
What are you gonna do
when you're on Everest
and it's life or death?
Sorry, uh, high stakes, high
stakes is what I meant to say.
Can you just help me down?
No, no, no, hold on,
you got this, okay?
You sure you don't wanna stay?
it's, uh, it's stuck.
You can't tell
me that wasn't fun.
Tell me it helped a little.
Yeah, a little.
You combine this with
some real mountain hiking
and you'll be a pro in no time.
Well, I'm not
looking to win awards.
I just gotta find my dad.
I mean, he's still out there,
they just haven't found him,
which is dumb.
I mean, considering
the technology
and whatever else it is
that they have out there.
What are you doing tonight?
What, like, later?
Um, nothing.
Meet me here at seven.
Oh, and I'm assuming
that you like Chinese?
LINDSEY: People or food?
Ooh, both.
MICHAEL: Lindsey,
it's Michael.
Call me back, please.
We've got unfinished business.
All right, you got any tens?
You're cheating me, you
ruble headed, son of a...
Watch your mouth.
A lady in the office.
Sorry about the
language, Lindsey.
Lord, you look like you been
rode hard and hung up wet.
What's got your
feathers ruffled?
Can we go somewhere
private and talk?
I know just the place.
It's a shame they're corralled.
On the reservation,
they run free.
Let me guess, you
tame wild horses
and then use them to communicate
with your spirit guide.
I rescued them from
an animal hoarder.
Look, your mother's
definitely got my attention.
I don't want you to
get the wrong idea
about the other day.
When my dad gets back,
you're gonna be sorry.
I can take care of her, Linds.
I can love her.
Ain't that what your
daddy would have wanted?
For her to be cared for?
You're serious?
JERRY: Always am.
You totally played me.
And now you're trying
to screw my mom.
I thought Troy Thunderton
was about honor and respect.
Look, I don't play games,
all right, I don't have to.
Troy Thunderton was a legend.
I've got two Emmys,
remember that?
Oh, shut up.
You had a shitty
regional kids show.
I wish I never met you.
Well, why don't
you wish in one hand
and spit in the other?
See which one fills up faster.
I'm in love and I
ain't going anywhere.
Lightning can strike twice.
My people got stories
to prove that.
Oh, shut up.
You're Irish.
I read you damn Wikipedia page.
BANK MANAGER: So, Lindsey,
what exactly are
your financial goals?
I need about $10,000.
BANK MANAGER: Did you know
that your account is overdrawn?
Wait, what?
No, there should be, like,
$8 in there or something.
Did you make a
purchase for $18.99?
Goat food, damn it.
Okay, okay, just take whatever
you need out of my deposit
and then, I don't know,
open up a line of credit
or something for the rest?
You know what?
Why don't we start here first?
There's some good stuff in there
and it's a really quick read.
And you might need those.
Would you like a receipt?
How's your hot mother?
Hot as hell.
It's nice to see your sense
of humor is still intact.
Which reminds me, Lindsey,
I need your spare keys.
I lost them.
I'm gonna add that
to your tab, okay?
I'm working on it.
Are you working?
You finally got a job?
After three whole
years of doing squat?
I'm proud of you, Lindsey.
- Okay, knock it off.
- Is it a real job?
You know what?
I've had to help out
at the house a lot.
My father didn't leave a
fat inheritance like yours.
Well, yeah, that's true.
- Classy.
- Okay.
I need $10,000.
Okay, honestly, I need 11,641
but I think I can make
things work with 10,000.
All right, 11,641,
that's better.
Open lines of
communication, please.
Let's be honest
with one another.
No, are you kidding me, no.
Michael, come on, I've
never asked you for anything.
Just give me this one thing.
I will, on one condition.
I want these signed.
My accountant says the sooner
the divorce is finalized,
the sooner I can cut my losses.
Lucky you.
I'm not even gonna ask
you what the money is for.
If you're in some kind
of trouble, I don't care.
Don't care.
LINDSEY: It's not like that.
Uh-huh, and if
this is what it takes
for you to start a
new life without me,
I'm cool with that.
LINDSEY: Michael,
this is only 5,500.
You bet it is.
I subtracted your half of
the expenses from that.
Like lost keys,
a cell phone bill that is still
in my name for some reason
and has to be paid every month.
I'm not even counting your
half of the honeymoon.
(SCOFFS) You're ridiculous.
As far as I'm concerned,
this marriage never
even happened.
It's all just a write-off.
Aw, like law school
never happened?
MICHAEL: I'm working
big cases Lindsey.
You're a court reporter.
No, I'm not.
I'm at a firm.
on your internship.
Congratulations on your aah!
You know, I have
some advice for you.
I'm not taking advice
from somebody more
screwed up than me.
But if you wanted
to fool around,
I'd be happy to cut
you a bigger check.
(SCOFFS) Stop.
The next time I see you,
I want these papers signed.
And get the rest of your
shit out of here, please.
I don't wanna have to
take it to Goodwill.
Okay, okay, fine.
I guess I'll just get the
rest of my stuff later.
I hate leaving like this.
CAROLINE: Planning on
doing some baking tonight?
Poison flavored anything.
Heavy on the deadly.
Sweetheart, I am not trying
to replace your father.
No one could ever replace him.
I'm just enjoying Jerry's
company, that's all.
We're having fun.
He's a sweet guy.
Here, enjoy.
We're all caught
between a rock and a
hard place now, honey.
Shit, rocks.
Hey, man, I don't
think she's coming.
Okay, I'll be down
in just a minute.
Do you want to take some
kung pao chicken with you?
I kinda have a lot of it.
MAN: Sure.
Anything you want
You can have
When you close your eyes
What if I told you
You can have it all
If you open your eyes
Open your eyes
I'm here
You're there
Open your eyes
Are you like this all the time
or you just save it for me?
Just because your
life hit rock-bottom
doesn't mean you gotta drag
the rest of us down with you.
You know, I think
I'll stay right here
and make your life miserable.
That's fine with me.
Ain't gonna keep me
from loving your mother.
I am going to squeeze
the life out of you
like a smelly sponge.
You can catch more
flies with sugar, Linds.
Why don't you just try
being nice for a change
and see what happens?
Your mom deserves to be
with a man who loves her
just the way she is and
I intend to be that man.
The fact that you pretend
to be Native American
is really just arrogant.
People protest
this kind of stuff.
JERRY: All right.
How much do you think we
could get for your computer?
To pay for for Sam?
My mentor, I named him Sam.
We could probably get a few
hundred bucks for my laptop.
And then maybe if we have
some more money left over...
Yeah, we can get something
for Mom, okay, whatever.
So, how do we get more money?
Well, we used to swing by
the local homeless shelter,
get some transients,
put 'em in a van,
take 'em around all
the other dealerships.
Then they'd go and flush
out all the customers
like varmints out of the brush,
and they'd come
over here to our lot
just spend like crazy.
Or, you remember
those late night
lonely girls looking
to hook up commercials?
Monty, go do something
else right now.
Say anything to my brother
ever again and I swear to God,
I'll stab you in the
neck with a tampon.
Somebody needs one of Uncle
Wally's magic rum oranges.
Excuse me, is there
something I can help you with?
Uh, you know,
Scott was helping me.
Is he around?
No, he called in sick today.
Oh, oh, okay.
Yeah, he's never sick.
MONTY: I really
feel I'm ready,
like I can use my
gift to help others.
What kind of feeling are
you getting about Dad?
- Oh, Lindsey, enough.
- Why?
Is it interrupting
your dating life?
If you don't like
it, you can leave.
Monty, I need you
to take these boxes
to GoodWill tomorrow, okay?
It's just some old
clothes and stuff.
These are Dad's.
I am keeping things,
Lindsey, don't worry.
I just need to get rid of...
Get rid of Dad.
It's fine, I'll take
care of it myself.
And we're live with
Dr. Montgomery Lou
as he discusses
saving the world,
one remote village at a time.
Dr. Lou, tell us about
your next adventure.
I'm trying to be serious.
LINDSEY: Well, sounds
like I should film then.
If you're being serious.
MONTGOMERY: I mean it,
this is the last time.
Your mother and I
love you very much,
but you're never going
to learn anything
if we don't stop doing this.
LINDSEY: Why don't you
take me with you then?
On your next adventure?
It'll be so much fun.
I can be your assistant.
go on my next adventure?
LINDSEY: Mm-hmm.
if it's too dangerous?
LINDSEY: I should
probably stay here then, huh?
In case I have to
bail you out, right?
What are you doing?
Did you know Jerry
likes to go camping?
He said we could
all go to Wyoming.
He's got this cabin
up in Carbon County.
He said we could all go fishing.
He's pretty cool.
I mean, not Dad cool, but
different cool, you know?
He's a total fake.
He said you're just upset
about Dad and you can't move on.
Can't move on?
Monty, I'm not gonna move on
until I have proof that
Dad is really gone.
Nobody can prove
that psychics are real
but I believe because
I can feel it,
and that's proof.
I've got enough
proof right here.
It's good for you, but
your psychic abilities
aren't helping us
bring Dad back.
Jerry says that courage
is being scared to death
and saddling up anyway.
Jerry said that?
Yeah, he's smart.
And you believe that, Monty?
Mont, can I have a second?
- I'm sorry I've been so...
- I know.
I know.
God, that's hideous.
Where'd you get it, Grandma?
Jerry gave it to me.
I'm lonely.
What about Dad?
What about him?
He traveled the world.
And where was I?
I was here being a
mom, being a wife.
And I never
complained, not once,
because he promised
me when he retired,
we would travel the world,
see places, do things,
meet people, live life.
I put my life on hold for
him and what do I have?
I'm alone.
And you would have seen
that, had you been around.
You didn't want me here.
No, that's not true.
You left.
You didn't wanna be
part of this family.
Life does not stop when you
walk out the door, Lindsey.
After all this time you still
think it's all about you.
MONTY: Lindsey, you up yet?
- It happened.
- What?
The community college
is offering a class
on paranormal studies.
I think I'm going to college.
Where's Sam?
MONTY: Uh, he left.
Left like he went
to go get coffee,
or to walk the goat left,
or like he left left?
MONTY: Now I can go
to an accredited school
with real professors
who specialize...
LINDSEY: Where did Sam go?
He never really talked.
The bank, maybe,
to cash his check?
What check?
I didn't wanna wake you
up, so I wrote him a check.
But, man, Sam is not cheap.
You could buy a
really fancy aquarium
with that kinda money.
Okay, so you what,
you wrote him for what,
- for everything, for all of it?
- Well, not everything,
But most of it.
Why, what's wrong?
That money wasn't
for Sam or you.
MONTY: Yeah, to
help me become psychic.
No, it was to bring Dad home.
Yes, I had plane tickets and
tents and climbing equipment,
and Sam knew Everest like
the back of his hand.
You lied to me?
Monty, just listen
Okay, come on, even
you said Dad was alive,
that you heard him, right?
And what about all that
stuff about good feelings?
You used me!
I took a vow to only
use my powers for good.
Oh, shut up,
you're not psychic!
CAROLINE: Cool it, guys.
Jerry's coming over.
Oh, great, this day
keeps getting worse.
Good, I like Jerry, I can't
wait for him to come over.
LINDSEY: Why, because
he's Troy Thunderton?
You're the only one who
has a problem with him.
He's a loser!
Well, that loser is my guest.
And can you get that goat
out of the house, please?
LINDSEY: You know, if Dad
was here, he'd let you have it.
You wanna hear
a psychic vision?
You and Michael don't
live happily ever after,
you work a crappy job,
and you live by yourself with
a bunch of cats, the end!
And you get really fat.
You're such a fake!
And you know what else?
Jerry makes Mom happy.
At least he comes around
more than Dad ever did.
Shut up!
MONTY: You wanna know why
Michael really kicked you out?
He never kicked me out.
Oh, yeah, so that's why
you've been living in your car
for the past two weeks?
Everyone knows, we've just
been trying to be nice!
- Bullshit!
- We knew.
Maybe our lives
are screwed up,
but at least we're
honest about it.
You act like you're the
only normal one around here
and you're the one that
needs the most help.
We do not slam
doors in this house!
You lost my cousin,
not my problem, lady.
He stole my money.
Hey, you take it up with him.
You have a signed contract?
Not my problem.
This is between you and him.
Maybe he's in Hawaii.
Why would he be in Hawaii?
It's perfectly
beautiful there.
- Okay.
You know, you either need
to give me my money back
or you tell me where he is.
You need to go now
or I'll call police.
Great, we can file a
missing persons report.
SCOTT: You done?
LINDSEY: No, I'm shopping.
Well, orange is a
lovely color on you.
I'm sorry if I creeped you out
and invited you for
Chinese food at a gym.
That's super douchey.
It's cool.
It's normal, right?
Can we go somewhere and talk?
I'm kinda going through
some stuff right now.
Okay, well, then
I'm coming in.
Like it or not, I'm coming in.
You never really planned
on going, did you?
I did.
But my Sherpa ran off, and
my brother's been no help,
and there's no one
else to support me.
I mean, besides you.
You know, I knew your dad.
He used to come in
here all the time
and buy a bunch of stuff.
I can't wait until
he comes home.
What if he doesn't?
It's, like, really rough
out there, Lindsey.
He will.
You don't know my dad.
I hope he does.
LIAM: Hey, it's me.
Hey, Liam, how's Sweden?
The search efforts for
the remaining two climbers
from last month's
devastating avalanche
has come to an end.
The bodies of two
American geologists
have been properly identified
as Mitch Connor
and Montgomery Lou.
Earlier weather conditions
hampered the search
for the missing climbers.
Unconfirmed reports
of Lou and Connor
being found at lower
elevations led to confusion,
as the locals carried out
traditional cremation ceremonies.
LINDSEY: Monty, I'm
sure you already knew
I'd be giving you this.
Go to school, develop
your gift, Lindsey.
Can I help you?
Double check.
We're good.
You don't need to do that.
You, Lindsey.
Don't slam the...
All the lights playing games
On all the counters
and windowpanes
Sun is bright, it's
a new day, and I
Feel brand new
All the winter is gone
Seems it's been here so long
I wanna feel like I belong
Part of something good
Catching on like a wildfire
Feeling for a
brand new start
Winter's gone now
it's so much brighter
A new song in my heart
Mm mm mm mm mm
I'm seeing everything new
I'll get it.
For the first time,
a perfect view
I just, um, wanted to
see if Mom is around?
Come in.
Oh, hey, Lindsey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We were just talking
about your big promotion.
Oh, yeah, uh, now they
let me use the cash register
and wash the dishes.
Grab a plate in the kitchen.
We saved you a seat.
Oh, that's okay,
I already ate.
I just wanted to say hi.
No, come on, don't be silly.
We have so much
food, grab a plate.
LIAM: And some ketchup.
JERRY: Figured we might
be seeing more of you.
Been busy.
Work, you know?
You've been avoiding me
and your mom like the plague.
Your daddy would have
been proud of you, Lindsey.
I know your mom is.
You're building a cumulus.
A thunderhead.
Your lightning will
strike, trust me.
Catching on like a wildfire
Feeling for a
brand new start
Rain's is gone, now
it's so much brighter
A new song in my heart
We got rid of the goat.
He ate Mom's checkbook
and her good towels.
How's Harvey and Kenny?
- They're pretty good.
- Yeah?
Uh, yeah?
- Uh.
- Everything cool?
Yeah, I just, um, I've gotta
go take care of something.
wait till after you eat?
let her go, Carol.
you just got here.
LINDSEY: I just gotta
wrap up some business.
My old man gave me that
watch when I got my PhD.
That goes to Liam.
Now, these, I got for Monty.
That one, you know, obvious.
This one means
never stop learning.
He's a smart kid.
Sees the beauty in the things
that the rest of us miss.
That's for your mom.
It's a Tibetan prayer scarf.
Made me think of her.
She'll understand.
That's for you.
I want you to wear that until
you find a guy so amazing
who loves you
the way you deserve it.
Why did you have to leave?
I'm never gonna leave you.
Not really.
I'm your dad.
Thank you.
love you, kiddo.
I love you, too.
Like a bird on a tree
I'm just sitting here
I got time
It's clear to see
From up here
The world seems small
We can sit together
It's so beautiful
- You and me
- Was it worth it?
So worth it.
We're meant to be
In the great outdoors
Forever free
Ah ah ah ah ah
- Ah ah ah ah ah
- We made it.
Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
Sometimes I need to go
And take a step back
To see the truth around you
From a distance you can tell
Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
You and me
Meant to be
In the great outdoors
Forever free
You and me
Meant to be
In the great outdoors
Forever free
Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah
I don't have
The answers that
I have been
pretending that I do
They can see
Inside of me
Wondering if the
words I say are true
Standing here
Is it clear
I don't know where I'm going
But if say I'm leaving
Would you carry on
without me when I go
Say that you'll come with me
We can both be lost together
Together, not alone
Now that you see
This side of me
Would you be there
Beside me if I'm free
Here I am
Without a plan
But in the end I
know we'll be okay
Standing here
Is it clear
I don't know
where we're going
But if I say I'm leaving
Would you carry on
without me when I go
Say that you'll come with me
We can both be lost together
Together, not alone
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Tell me if you can
And after all
your questioning
Why do you need me there
If I say I'm leaving
Would you carry on
without me when I go
Say that you'll come with me
We can both be lost together
If I say I'm leaving
Would you carry on
without me when I go, oh
Say that you'll come with me
We can both be lost together
Together, not alone
We can both be lost together
Together, not alone