Pretty Dead (2013) Movie Script

Hey, dad.
Remember when mom told me that
monsters were just in my head?
That the world
didn't need vampires
and werewolves and zombies.
Because people were capable
of doing all the dark things.
The world had room for?
I don't want to be a monster.
And i don't want
to be experimented on.
I'm already dead already.
I just need a little help
lying down.
[ Voice breaking ]
Sorry, dad.
This isn't your fault.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Thud ]
When we're done
talking here,
I'm going to
have nurse boyle.
Treat that infection
on your face.
No, i told you.
Whenever i do that,
It just makes it
dig in further.
I'm also going to take
some blood from you,
And we're going to do
a general physical.
Please, please,
I understand that you are afraid
of what we're going to find,
But i think we need to know
what we're dealing with here.
I am not...
and i got to tell you,
What i think
we're going to find.
Is that you're suffering
from schizophrenia...
cotard's syndrome.
And when you're wrong,
what happens then?
either way,
We need to know
what's going on with you.
In order to cure you.
I am not schizophrenic.
Would you like to know
why i think you are?
Why not?
Your mother died
at a significant age.
In adolescent development.
The fungus you believe
that's inside of you.
Is very similar
to the staph infection.
Which killed
your mother.
The drug use,
the stress of becoming a doctor,
And getting engaged
all at the same time,
Not to mention overdosing
in a public restroom.
These are
all risk factors.
Which lead to the onset
of schizophrenia.
the nature of your situation,
As you described it
to me,
Is very similar
to the delusions found.
In these kind
of psychotic disorders.
But i...
i'm not delusional.
Did a doctor confirm anything
you found out about yourself?
Ryan confirmed it.
He's an emt.
I'm a doctor.
that isn't enough?
We fucking videotaped it.
Where's the videotape?
It's... it's at my apartment
or the cops have it.
is often associated.
With delusions
of persecution.
You think
i faked it, too.
And what about the pictures
the cops showed me?
It's amazing,
Patients suffering
from cotard's syndrome,
What they would do
to prove to themselves.
That they are,
in fact, dead.
It's extraordinary.
[ Indistinct conversation
in distance ]
[ Laughs ]
And here we both are
on the ferris wheel.
I've been on this
once before,
But this
is ryan's first time.
It's my first time.
She's more experienced
than me.
In all things,
[ Gasps ]
is that true?
[ Chuckles ]
This could be the beginning
of a wonderful relationship.
A little more confidence,
I was gonna say something else,
but i bit my tongue.
So, this is our first time
together on the...
the ferris wheel,
and our official first date.
Did you... did you ever imagine
it would be like this?
I imagined it being better,
[ Chuckles ]
what could make it better?
What could make it better?
I don't know.
After this,
what are we gonna do?
Um... we should...
uh, we...
after this,
we're going to eat.
Oh, are we gonna eat
some scrimps?
[ Gasps ]
But i want scrimps.
That's good, too.
Okay, we'll do
whatever you want.
We'll do
what you want.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Rock music playing ]
[ Indistinct singing ]
What are you doing?
You starting to get nervous? No.
Starting to get nervous?
Shut up!
Look at her wiggling.
I know.
I'm trying to watch.
Shut up for a minute.
you shut up.
Listen, have you noticed,
but monogo...
monogamy and matrimony
are not natural occurrences.
In the natural world?
You're not a natural occurrence,
hey, just do it already.
It's not like
she's gonna say no.
She's not going to say no.
She wants it so bad!
Quint: i'm not gonna bring this
every time we have a...
i didn't ask you
to bring it!
Move your ass.
Regina, move your ass.
Whoa, where are you going,
dr. Stevens?
It is my party,
and i can pee if i want.
What is wrong
with you guys?
Are you serious
about yourselves?
we're not the jackass.
Who's been carrying a ring
around for six fucking weeks.
No, you're the jackasses
trying to blow my spot.
About my proposal.
You fucking do it!
I have something that'll help
you grow a pair of balls.
Joe: yeah!
Quint: holy shit.
That's on camera.
Ryan: let's not...
we're not gonna do that.
I don't want
to do that.
Okay, well,
you're not the only one here.
Come on, we don't need to do
that to have a good time, guys.
We do.
We are boring.
[ Laughter ]
That's true, that's true.
Well, you don't want to do it,
there's more for me.
More for me.
Yeah, yeah.
Don't trip over your vagina
on the way to pussy town.
I like pussy town.
Pussy town express
pulling out of the station!
Population me!
Ryan chairman of the board.
Wait. Hold on. He's saying
something really important...
let me get important
for a second.
Okay, man.
You guys
can do all the drugs you want,
Just calm the shit down
with the proposal shit.
Let me do it on my time.
Dude, get the camera
out of my face.
So, your time would be 2014?
Joe: at this rate...
[ indistinct singing ]
Are you
gonna do a bump?
Do a bump with us?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Oh, what's wrong
with you guys?
What is this
"say no to drugs" thing?
That's so, like,
Are you max headroom?
When you guys are married
and you have, like,
A boring little house
and a boring little life.
With a boring picket fence.
And little stupid dog
that barks all the time,
Then you can be boring
and responsible,
But right now,
you need to party.
You just became
a fucking doctor!
You're gonna save lives.
You need to party!
[ Dance music plays ]
Cooper: Take it off!
[ Laughing ]
It's okay, tinker bell.
Shonda: Oh, shit.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, my god,
where did you get this shit?
[ Sniffs ]
Patient had it on him
when we picked him up.
A patient?
[ Laughs ]
Did you fucking steal
some crackhead's shit?
[ Both laugh ]
okay, wait, wait.
Wait, hey, did you let her
steal some crackhead's shit?
It wasn't
a crackhead.
Are you filming this?
[ Chuckling ] no.
I'm not filming.
Are you serious?
I bought...
i paid for this camera.
I'm gonna use it.
You're not gonna run for
congress, shonda, so shut up.
she's considering it.
Do it!
It's really good shit.
What happened?
What happened?
Regina finally...
uh, hey, did you loosen up?
Did i miss it?
No, no.
She's not
gonna do it.
but seriously, like,
If i'm gonna be treating people
who are whacked out,
Then maybe it's a good idea
that i just try it.
That's such
a bullshit excuse.
Can you stop
trying to be my dad?
Wait. Like, no. Please?
This is my last chance
to be irresponsible.
Quint: oh, shit.
Look at this shit.
seriously, quint.
It may not be the best idea
to film the illegal actmties.
Come on.
You guys suck.
[ Sniffles ]
Regina: seriously,
you put that thing away.
And sing something.
I don't...
your nose is bleeding.
Yeah, shit.
You all right?
[ Indistinct singing ]
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, you okay?
You do not
look so good, sweetie.
All right, you need
to go to the bathroom.
Oh, shit.
Go to the bathroom.
[ Chuckling ]
danny boy
the pipes,
the pipes are calling
You guys are terrible
irish... no, we're not.
You're not irish.
I'm the most irish of all...
[ knock on door ]
Uh, your friend
is passed out.
In front of the bathroom,
I think it's time
y'all get the fuck out of here.
Why did you have to
give her that shit?
I told you not to...
Lower your voice.
Screw you.
She could be o. D.'Ing.
Uh, hey, Cooper, it's ryan.
Um, i'm at the hospital still.
[ Sighs ]
I guess
we're responsible adults now.
Here we are, responsible adults.
I don't want to
really talk about it, but, uh,
The important thing
is regina's gonna be okay.
There were complications,
And nobody here can really
explain what happened...
some kind of freak
blood allergy, i don't know.
But she's pulled through,
thank god, and she isn't like...
seems like
she's gonna be all right.
I'm just really tired
and i want to go home,
So i'm just gonna stay here
until she's...
they're ready to release her,
And um,
i don't want to talk about it,
I don't want to know
where you got that stuff.
It's not important right now.
What's important
is that she's okay,
And i'm gonna take her home.
[ Guitar playing ]
Want to hear the song
i wrote for you?
Regina: yes.
[ Guitar plays ]
About doctor/emt love.
[ Chuckles ]
I wrote... you know this,
but it's a little complicated.
Two people
trying to save lives.
[ Sighs ]
Have a relationship
[ Laughs ]
If you don't know.
Goes a little something
like this.
love is an oddity
between a doctor
and an emt
[ Laughing ]
oh, my god.
when she's taking off
her scrubs
i'm putting on
my rubber gloves
and though
she thinks i'm a dope
she looks sexy
in a stethoscope
[ Laughs ]
why, thank you.
and i can't wait
to see her later
'cause i know
i can defibrillate her
[ Laughs ]
somebody call 911
'cause i got an emergency
i'm in love
with a beautiful girl
and she wants
to become an md
No, keep going.
Don't stop.
[ Laughs ]
[ Ryan vocalizing "wedding march" ]
Who is this gorgeous girl
in my bed?
It's my soon-To-Be wife.
let's make this happen.
Sleepy toes?
Time to get up.
Time to get up.
I have
a little surprise for you.
i feel like crap.
just open your eyes.
Just let me sleep until
i go to the hospital, okay?
But baby.
Come on.
You want to sleep?
You want
to sleep forever?
[ Chuckling ]
How come?
It's time to get up.
I have a big...
[ smooches ]
I have a big surprise
for you.
[ Groans ]
If you get up,
i can show you.
Well, okay.
This is comfy.
This is comfy.
[ Chuckles ]
all right.
You ready to get up?
[ Groans ]
I love you.
All right.
You ready
for a big surprise?
[ Groans ]
are you ready?
What time is it?
It's like...
it's like 11:20.
It's 11:20.
it's okay, though.
It's okay.
We have time.
I'm gonna be so late.
No, hold on.
They're not
gonna let me scrub in.
Wait, i...
i have something...
i have something
really important.
That i want to ask you.
I'm so sorry,
can you wait till i...
i love you,
I love you,
I love you, too,
but i'm gonna be real late.
Can you
make me some toast?
You want toast
right now?
I'm gonna be so late.
[ Chuckles ]
All right.
Thank you.
Oh, okay.
[ Sighs ]
All right.
We'll get this done.
Making toast.
How many pieces
you want?
One? Okay.
Oh, thank you.
I just
put it in.
Oh, my god.
I think
that's bad.
we just bought it.
Seriously, babe,
taste it.
Well, baby,
just come sit down.
I'll cook you
whatever you want.
You have time?
I need something
that's fast.
You want yogurt?
i'll get you a bowl.
Ew, is that this?
[ Sniffs ] ew!
That is...
i just bought that.
It's fine, baby.
It's fine.
You know
what's really good?
The fruit.
The fruit is really fresh.
I bought it today.
Would you like
some fruit?
Just have a seat.
Have a little seat
over here.
This is actually...
that's raw bacon.
I don't know why,
i just...
You can't...
are you just gonna eat
raw bacon?
It's good.
Have you had
raw bacon?
[ Chuckling ]
I've never
had raw bacon.
Regina stevens,
despite the fact.
That you're eating raw bacon,
i love you more than anybody.
[ Muffled ]
i love you, too.
Shit, i got to go.
I love you.
I lo... okay.
come here real fast.
I just have something
to show you.
Just something to show you
real fast.
[ Door opens, closes ]
That did not go as planned.
Guess i should've put it
in the fucking bacon.
[ Sighs ]
[ Door opens ]
I totally
forgot my...
What is that?
[ Chuckles ]
Let me...
Let me do it.
Let me do it.
oh, my god.
You've been trying
to do that all morning.
[ Chuckling ]
Little bit.
Regina stevens.
[ Chuckles ]
Will you
shut your mouth,
And will you do me the honor
of being my wife?
[ Voice breaking ]
[ Sniffles, whimpers ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Both laugh ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Laughing ]
Ah, fuck!
What the fuck,
Oh, my.
Oh, my god.
You bit the fuck
out of my tit.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god,
you almost got my nipple!
I don't know
what happened.
[ Chuckles ]
are you serious?
Looks really bad.
Oh, i think it's...
it looks worse than it is.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's fine.
It's fine.
I appreciate
the enthusiasm,
But jesus christ,
you got to watch those chompers.
Oh, god.
I'm sorry.
i know, i know.
It's fine.
I'll have cooper
look at it.
I'll get cooper
to clean it up.
[ Chuckling ]
it's fine.
You don't look fine.
I know.
I'm fine.
Just go to work.
We'll continue
this later,
a little less violently,
And it'll be fine,
all right?
I love you.
You have blood...
oh, we got to get that off.
All right? Go to work.
I'm serious.
Are you sure
you're okay?
Babe, i swear.
Listen, go.
Go to work.
I love you, fiance.
Be out
in a second.
[ Chuckles ]
Okay, go.
[ Sighs ] damn.
[ Door opens, closes ]
I know.
The day that ryan proposed,
i was halfway through rounds.
And i had
to excuse myself.
Because of how loudly
my stomach was growling.
I was
so hungry.
I'd... never been hungry
like that before.
And everything i tried to eat
just tasted rotten.
This girl came into the stall
next to mine.
I was in there,
Trying to figure out
what was wrong with me.
She changed out her tampon,
and the smell of blood...
anyway, and i don't remember
leaving my stall.
Or digging through the trash,
but the next thing i know,
I'm sucking the blood
out of this thing.
Like it's a fucking popsicle,
instead of being completely
disgusted by what i was doing,
I was finally eating something
that tasted right.
Doctor: nobody knew
you were doing this?
I was an intern.
Getting access
to human tissue was easy.
It was kind of like
stealing pens from the office.
Ryan, obviously,
didn't see it that way at first,
But it wasn't hurting anybody,
and after enough convincing,
Even though it grossed him out,
he really loved me.
That was enough.
At least for a while.
Look, i... i thought the crazy
cravings were under control.
I mean, shit, i thought it was
gonna be a medical breakthrough.
uh, hey, babe,
There's a bunch of biohazard
bags in the refrigerator.
Um, i don't know
what's going on.
I don't...
i'd like you to explain this.
'Cause i can't eat anything
in the fridge.
'Cause it really reeks,
and i know you know.
That thanksgiving is coming up,
So i was gonna do some shopping,
so give me a call.
We need to talk about this.
your bio-Waste shake
brings the boys to the yard
you love
to drink human lard
i'm going to
blow my chunks
Oh, this one's
female body fat.
What's that?
Is female body fat
lighter than regular body fat?
Is what?
Is it lighter?
Is it, like,
diet body fat?
Are you worried at all about
the fat calories in the fat?
Are you calling me fat?
No, i think you're perfect,
but i ha... what...
i have to wonder
what the consequences are.
Of drinking
a fat shake are.
[ Smacks lips ]
[ Laughs ]
I'm not gonna... to got to...
i can't kiss you after that.
Dude, gross.
Gross. Okay.
No, i don't.
I'm not...
you love it.
All right.
All right.
Maybe... maybe
brush your teeth first.
[ Chuckles ]
I don't even...
i don't even remember biting him.
Or doing any of the other shit
they said i did.
And i'm not...
i'm not saying i didn't do it.
I know i did it.
I just... i black out...
or something.
Is it possible
that you don't want to remember?
So, i've decided
to document this research.
Um, here are the facts
that we have so far.
One... food makes me
completely sick.
Can't eat it unless it's pork,
and it has to be raw.
which kind of makes sense.
'Cause pork
is the closest to human flesh.
Or human...
i can eat human tissue,
Blood, fat,
and that kind of stuff,
I cannot seem
to get enough of.
i can't sleep.
I haven't slept
in 10 days,
And it's been forever since
i've felt tired in that way.
Three... my blood pressure
and my, um, my pulse.
Are significantly lower
than they ever have been,
And there seems to be
some correlation.
Between how recently
i've ingested human tissue.
And how low those levels
actually go.
So, today,
we're going to test for, um...
do some blood
and test for anomalies.
You left out the best part.
Tell them about your finger.
Oh, right, okay.
Um, so, my finger...
i cut it a couple days ago,
And it seems to be...
it's healed extremely quickly.
You can look.
There's not even
really anything there.
The hypothesis is...
[ chuckles ] that my fiance
is a mutant.
[ Chuckling ]
the hypothesis.
Is that there seems to be
something new in my blood.
That's accelerating
the healing process.
just as long.
As you don't mind
cannibalizing human remains.
Well, yeah,
but that's how it is right now.
I mean, once we understand this
a little bit better,
We'll be able to find a
substitute for the human flesh.
I'm sure of it.
Yeah, sure.
I mean,
they have tofurkey.
I'm sure
that human-Flesh substitute.
Is just
around the corner.
Yeah, i thought you were
gonna help and not mock.
I'm sorry.
Just how i cope.
but really.
I mean,
imagine a world.
Where, you know,
patients can go home.
The same day that
they've had open-Heart surgery,
Or they don't even
need open-Heart surgery.
I mean, this could
really change everything.
[ Dramatically ]
imagine a world.
Where patients are fed
human remains by their doctors.
Get the blood stuff.
Okay, uh, we are gonna do
a little experiment.
I am going to make an incision
into regina's hand,
And we're gonna see
what happens.
I don't... i don't think
i can do this.
Babe, we talked about this,
It's gonna be fine.
Don't worry.
You're sure?
Yes. Okay.
Thank you.
Okay over here?
Can i get you anything?
No, i'm good.
Another glass
of fat shake?
I'm okay. Thank you.
Four hours.
Totally healed.
That's pretty damn fast.
You okay?
If my mom would've been able
to do that...
Welcome to regina and ryan's
science show,
Starring regina and ryan,
the science couple.
Um, so,
as we suspected,
There appears to be something
in my blood,
Which i'm gonna show you
right now.
This is an image
from a regular microscope.
And as you can see, there
appears to be a symbiotic...
sorry... relationship
between my cells,
Which are over here,
and then the fungus,
Which is right here.
And this
is the same image.
From an electron microscope
at 100,000.
Oh, gross.
Look at that.
That's inside you.
We think that it's possible
that this very fungus.
Is chemically influencing
regina's behavior.
It's not making me
do anything.
Well, you're a lot smarter
than an ant, babe.
What are you
talking about?
Don't you remember
when we saw that tv show.
About the ant
that goes all crazy.
And it runs
on top of the bean stalk.
And it gets that thing
that grows out of its head.
Like a big ant...
[ Chuckles ]
And it shoots
all that stuff.
Wait, you think the fungus
is controlling my brain?
It's a very simpical...
[ chuckles ]
It's very simple...
oh, it's a very what?
It's a very simple chemical
process to trigger hunger.
It's a very...
no, it is.
It's a very simple chemical
process to trigger hunger.
You know that.
But then
that would mean that...
i mean,
we would have to test you.
Because that means
you could be...
no, it's fine.
I'm fine.
I already did.
I'm fine.
don't bite me again.
I thought you thought
this was cool.
I do.
I think it's really cool.
It's awesome.
It's frickin' amazing.
I want to learn
all about it,
But i just don't really want
to eat people.
these common black ants,
Known as monomorium minimum
to entomologists,
Are one of the most common
ant species in the world.
Colonies can contain
over 2,000 workers per queen.
But this one here is exhibiting
some odd behaviors.
It has been infected
by a parasitic fungus.
Known as cordyceps.
This remarkable fungus infects
both the body of a host,
As well as its mind.
As the fungus
begins to take control,
The ants exhibit
periods of intense aggression.
And disorientation
until finally,
The cordyceps wins control
of its victim's mind.
And compels it upwards
towards the light of the sun.
Once the ant has expended
the last of its energies.
Moving to
the highest possible point,
The fungus directs the ant.
To anchor itself
with its powerful jaws.
If the infected host cannot
be isolated from the colony.
Or the other workers,
The consequences
will be catastrophic.
This is the reason why,
over the next few weeks,
The fruiting body
of the cordyceps fungus.
Will emerge from the host
and spore.
The millions of spores erupting
from a single contaminated ant.
Can infect an entire colony
in a matter of days.
Strangely, while there are
thousands of species.
Of cordyceps fungi,
Each one
is genetically specific.
And can only infect and control
a single species of insect.
As devastating
as these attacks may be.
To the population
of the colony,
They are of vital importance
to the overall ecosystem,
As they prevent any one species
from becoming too successful.
And upsetting
the fragile natural balance.
The greater the population
of a particular species,
The greater the chance
a cordyceps fungus will evolve.
And keep it in check.
No, 'cause you know,
it's possible, though,
That you were abducted
when we were asleep,
And aliens
from another universe.
Came down and put a little
alien embryo inside you,
And that's what's making you
want to eat all this stuff.
It's a possibility.
I mean,
you know, like...
that's why i'm a doctor
and you're just an emt.
You know, like,
symbiotic relationships,
And that's...
weren't you talking about that?
No... yes.
All i was saying
was that cordyceps.
Don't normally have
symbiotic relationships.
With their hosts.
Yeah, but...
so, it would be weird
if, in this case...
but up until now,
weren't you saying.
That their hosts
have been ants and beetles,
And so... and we haven't
even conformed...
[ chuckling ]
Confirmed that it's
a cordyshlap or whatever it is.
Yeah, but it's making me
want to eat people.
That's how you know
it's not a parasite.
'Cause if it was just using you
to incubate the spore,
Then we'd be fighting
to keep you off of rooftops.
Instead of spending
a romantic evening...
no, but rooftops
wouldn't be so bad right now.
Come on.
Don't talk
like that.
[ Chuckles ]
You know, i'm not...
i'm not gonna let anything bad
happen to you.
You promise?
I promise.
[ Chuckles ]
you hesitated.
[ Both laugh ]
I promise.
I cross my heart.
I hope to die.
But don't eat me
if i die.
[ Sighs ]
Ryan, i think
we should get a gun.
What are you
talking about?
I think,
just in case,
I think it would be smart
for us to get...
just in case
of what?
We don't need a gun
for anything.
that's just stupid.
Ryan, seriously,
we need to have a failsafe.
We don't need
a failsafe.
I'm not
getting a gun.
No guns.
End of discussion.
I don't know why you're being
so final about this.
We're getting a gun.
Because we don't need a gun
and we're not getting a gun!
We're getting a gun.
When my mom died, um...
i, um,
i just kept everything in.
And eventually,
i, uh, felt...
so cold and alone...
that i just
kind of went numb...
to everything.
Until i... until i met...
[ voice breaking ]
until i met ryan.
Um, but then, you know,
he started pulling away,
And... i knew it was just...
things had gotten
too far out of hand.
I knew it was too late
to get help.
[ Gun clicks ]
It's tripped.
Quint: jesus.
I got it.
That's why
we do not need a gun.
We just don't need one
that... that's big.
That the...
[ sighs ]
We just don't need one
that big.
We can get
a smaller one.
Come on.
Regina: this is
for your protection.
I don't need protection
because i'm not gonna do it.
Ryan, we need to have
a failsafe, honey, okay?
If i get out of control,
then we're gonna be...
if we need a failsafe,
Then it's already
out of control.
Just let me
take you to the hospital.
You have friends there,
they'll look after you,
They're not gonna do anything
you don't want them to do.
The new diet, uh,
doesn't seem to be as effective,
And it's not really
satiating the cravings,
So in the event that...
in the event
that she loses control,
She wants me to shoot her
in the fucking face.
Do i have that right?
Yeah, so,
that's not gonna happen.
We're gonna go
to the hospital.
Where she can be
looked at professionally.
Ryan, i don't need
to go to the hospital.
I'm fine.
I just need
a little bit of time.
To figure out a combination
of things that'll...
[ sighs ]
...that'll stop
the cravings.
Do you?
You sound like a crazy person,
you know that?
it's not funny.
I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
Fine, but then will you at least
come in and buy it with me?
Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,
If ryan shoots me
with this gun,
Know that it's because
i asked him to,
And, um,
he's not a killer.
He's great,
Let's go
to the hospital.
We can go right now.
i need this to feel safe.
Okay, i need to know
that somebody has my back, or...
[ sighs ]
Fine, i'll...
i'll go in with you.
But the only thing
i'm using that gun for.
Is to knock your dumb ass out
and drag you to the hospital.
You wouldn't do that
to me.
You don't think
i would?
You don't think i would?
Just tell me.
Tell me, how is that
not different?
How is...
how is that not better?
You're already experimenting
on yourself,
So how is it not better
just going to the hospital.
Than me shooting you
in the face?
Tell me.
Just tell me.
[ Sighs ]
That's what i thought.
[ Chatter ]
Man: all right,
this one's good.
Don't. Don't.
Got it?
All right.
I can go?
Oh, there you go.
I think
that's the one i want.
That's the one you want?
[ Gun clicks ]
That's it.
All right.
We can do that.
Ryan: uh, hey, um, i'm...
in this seminar in san diego
Cooper told me about.
I'm gonna go.
Um, i know you're having
a tough time right now.
And that you probably
wanted to kill me.
For not being there for you,
but, um,
I can only be where i'm at,
and i...
i mean, you asked me
to shoot you, regina.
What... what am i supposed to do
with that?
[ Sighs ]
Whatever signals the fungus
in my brain is triggering.
Are getting stronger,
And... i'm starting
to get a little scared.
Ryan is freaking out.
I mean, he's my partner
in all of this.
I've tried to use
anti-Fungals to counteract,
But they only make it worse,
And they make me hungrier
almost instantly,
Which is a problem.
is virg's birthday party,
And... i mean, i probably
shouldn't go, but if i don't,
She's gonna fucking kill me.
I...wish that i could tell her.
Anyway, um, the point of this.
Is to show you
the latest development,
So let's just get to it.
No wonder ryan's making
every excuse not to come home.
You know, i don't even think
i can have kids anymore.
I don't think my biological
clock's even ticking.
I mean, if i could have kids,
what'd come out of me, you know?
Snack time at daycare would
take on a whole new meaning.
Were you afraid you might infect
your goddaughter?
There, see? That's what you have
to look forward to.
You get pregnant, and you
can have your own pair of these.
Woman: [ laughs ]
Okay, i would take these
if that meant...
oh, you wish you were
pregnant, don't you?
[ Indistinct conversation,
laughter ]
Oh. Here, you want to come sit
with us?
Is that your doggy?
[ Squealing ]
[ Laughter ]
Jesse: uh, a little bit small,
look at...
look at mommy's new slippers.
Look at... look at these.
[ Laughter ]
What do you think?
Be honest.
Uncle ryan got them
for her.
For mommy.
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughs ]
He wanted to say hi.
Hey, bruce.
Quint: shonda.
Do you have a birthday wish
for virginia?
Yes, i do.
And what is that?
Okay, and it is not that.
Come on.
I am taking over this camera...
...'cause you are now banished,
and i am moving over here.
Hello, miss regina.
Do you have a birthday wish
for our lovely girl?
Um, hi, virginia.
Happy birthday.
oh, are you okay?
Yeah, i'm fine.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Are you done, or...
i'm confused. Are...
can you catch it?
Where are you going?
Hey, shonda.
What's happening?
Do you have a birthday wish.
For this lovely lady
standing next to you?
Which one?
Where's the lovely lady?
Oh, that's kind of heartless.
That's nice.
Are there some coming?
That's really nice, right?
Who did you invite?
[ Laughter ]
god, you're such an ass.
No, no, no, no.
You know we love you.
Well, then... his simon
& garfunkel chicken...
yeah, see? ...Was my
secret birthday wish.
You know,
anyone with an album,
Put a bunch of ingredients,
any stuff on them.
So, some rosemary, some sage,
some thyme, some...
[ dog barking,
child screaming ]
What is it?
Quint: give me the camera.
Give me the camera.
Get in the car.
Get in the car, jesse.
Should i call 911?
Regina: i can't believe
i blamed it on the dog.
[ Chuckles ]
The truth is...
this thing...
is ugly and disgusting.
And i wish that i could...
turn my body inside out
and scrub it off.
It's there all the time.
I can't even sleep for, like,
five minutes.
I haven't slept
in two months.
We can fix that, reggie.
Why haven't you told me that you
haven't been sleeping?
[ Scoffs ]
what's the point?
Just let me die before...
before something bad happens.
That's not what we do here,
Well, what...
what do you do here?
What is any of this
supposed to be doing?
We will diagnose your condition,
treat you accordingly,
And with any luck, get you
back to feeling normal again.
[ Chuckling ]
Like what?
Like, there's, like...
you're gonna cure me?
What kind of cure is there
for the things i've done?
So... i'm just trying to remain
in control here.
Working off the theory
that if i can lessen.
The amount of fungus inside me.
Or kill it,
Then i might be able to stop
the cravings and symptoms,
Um, hopefully, completely.
Uh, i've made a batch
of... kill juice.
It's, uh, three parts lotrimin
and one part bleach.
Lotrimin is, uh, one of
the best imidazoles out there,
And, uh, if anything's
gonna stop this thing.
From reproducing,
this is it.
And bleach...
i mean, bleach kills everything,
So... i'm hoping
that between the two,
I'll be able to weaken
or... stop.
The fungus' hold on me.
The only question is...
...what will happen to me
if the fungus is killed,
'Cause i'm already
not registering a pulse,
And there's really no sign
of blood pressure.
and, you know, i feel
pretty dead already,
So... if that's
what's happening,
Then... i might as well
just make it official.
[ Sniffs ]
[ Chuckles ]
Don't try this at home.
[ Gulps ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Shuddering ]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Knock on door ]
You order pizza?
There's no numbers
on your door.
Great, a fucking zombie.
do you have $28.17?
Ryan: oh, my god. Regina:
put the camera down, ryan.
Oh, my god.
What did you do?
Give me
the goddamn camera.
I would've brought you
a fat shake.
I didn't know
you were out.
Is this what you do
when i'm not here?
You just eat pizza guys?
Is that...
it must've taken over,
because i-I didn't do this.
This is bad.
This is real bad.
I swear, i didn't do this. I'm sorry.
I've got to take control.
I woke up and... and there
was blood everywhere...
i got some bleach in... under the sink.
...and he was dead.
I was trying to kill it,
and... and it...
it fought back.
I don't... well, how did
you get him in there?
You can't...
you can't film this.
give me the camera.
I just really need to...
stop it.
I need to record this.
You killed somebody.
Yeah, well, you were supposed
to be the one.
To stop that from happening,
And you flaked on me,
and now i need your help.
No, no, this is not my fault.
I can't help you with this.
I can't deal... ryan, ryan,
i will go to jail forever.
Look what you
fucking did.
I know.
I didn't do it on purpose, okay?
You know that. I know
you're out of control.
Obviously i'm out
of control, okay?
We know.
We talked about this.
We had a deal, okay?
You know what you have to do.
No, no, i don't...
what i need to do.
Is call the police
because you... you need help.
you're fucking crazy.
You're... you're...
i'm a monster, ryan.
Baby, you're not a monster.
You're not a monster.
You just need some help, okay?
This has gone too far,
you know.
You've got
something inside you.
We need to... we can get you
some help and we can...
listen, there's got to be
something we can do.
There's got to be somebody
who can help you.
Wait, may... maybe there's
still time.
You're killing
people, baby.
Not people.
Just one person.
Are you
fucking kidding me?!
Are you listening
to yourself?!
I can't do this.
I know you're scared, 'cause i'm
scared fucking shitless,
But i... i don't feel safe
around you anymore.
You are not safe to be around.
Ryan, you cannot leave me behind.
You cannot leave me behind. I have to.
I have to leave.
You have to go to a hospital.
You have to get some help.
No, we... we can't go
to a hospital.
They're gonna te... test...
i'm done.
No. I'm done.
You're on your own.
You cannot do this
to me, ryan.
Don't leave me,
you asshole!
[ Door slams ]
[ crying ]
Um, maybe my dad,
but i know what i saw.
Schizophrenia is
often associated.
With delusions
of persecution.
How am i paranoid?
Because i... i don't want
to be some lab rat?
Because i'm hurting people,
so i stay away from them?
That's not paranoia.
That's common sense.
Patients with schizophrenia
often experience losses of time.
Where they black out
and they come to,
And they don't know
how they got.
To where they are
or what they've done.
Or where they've been.
And you've explained to me
that you have blacked out.
Half the kids on campus
have drank too much.
And blacked out
at one point or another.
Does that make all of them
Were you drinking before
your loss of time, regina?
Look, i wish i was
You know, give me a pill...
poof... all this goes away,
But that's not
what's going on here.
the mind is a very,
very powerful thing, regina.
Do you remember what happened
after, regina...
between the time
when you pulled the trigger.
And woke up?
Hey, dad.
Remember when mom told me that
monsters were just in my head?
That the world didn't need.
Vampires and werewolves
and zombies,
Because people were capable
of doing.
All the dark things
the world had room for?
I know what it's like.
To have something eat you alive
from the inside,
And i know that if i don't eat,
i'll be eaten,
Or worse, it'll spore, and...
this is the last chapter
of this investigation.
The big medical breakthrough
i thought this was.
Turned out to be a lot simpler
than i thought.
You know, murder,
i-I get it.
I can come up
with a thousand reasons...
i didn't mean to do...
to do it.
I don't want to be a monster.
And i don't want to be
experimented on.
I'm already dead already.
I just need a little help
lying down.
I just...
[ sighs ]
i can't explain it.
You're not gonna believe me
Try me.
It couldn't hurt,
[ Sighs ]
If i don't ingest
human tissue,
The symbiotic fungal parasite
in my body.
Will spore and infect.
Who knows
how many other people.
[ Door unlocks ]
Ryan, don't you fucking
come in here.
I just want to talk,
Just want to talk.
Thought maybe you'd
have checked yourself in.
Look at me.
I can't go out like this.
I don't trust myself to be
around people.
That's why you need
to turn yourself in.
You can't... just keep
hiding in here.
And hope that this is gonna go
away, 'cause it's not.
Let me look here.
Honey, you've got to get...
yeah, it hasn't spored yet,
If that's
what you're worried about.
It isn't.
When it finally spores,
i doubt you'll still be...
yeah, well, that's why i'm not
gonna let it get that far.
Good, then let me take you
somewhere right now.
And he... he didn't...
Why would you do this?
[ Sighs ]
Of course not.
I was dead.
[ Sniffs ]
Plus, i'm sure he didn't want
to implicate himself.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffles ]
You know, with the pizza guy,
that wasn't me.
[ Sighs ]
When i came to,
he was there.
And... i mean, i didn't know
what happened.
Well, i knew
what happened, but...
and i think i blacked out.
When i didn't respond
to the hunger cues,
But it's not me.
It's what's inside me.
You know that, right?
[ Scoffs ]
doesn't even matter.
You checked out
of this relationship.
As soon as this crap starts
showing up on my face.
That's not true.
I'm afraid of you,
You killed somebody.
Please, you stopped coming home
long before that happened.
What did you
want me to do?
Help you steal body parts
and blend them up.
And write you poetry about how
you have a fungus inside you...
a fungus that can be contagious
at any second?
I'm not a bad person for being
weirded out by this.
No, you are a bad person.
For ditching me
when i needed you most.
You're out of control, and i get
that you're pissed off.
But let me get you help.
I'm gonna go
in the bedroom,
And i'm gonna pack you
a bag.
And i'm gonna take you.
To the police station
or the hospital...
but you can choose.
It's too late for that.
Whoa, whoa.
So, you killed and ate
the pizza-Delivery guy?
That's not...
that's not what ryan
told you?
[ Door closes ]
Sorry, dad.
This isn't your fault.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Voice breaking ]
i want to see ryan.
I get a phone call.
I want to see ryan.
Ryan: reggie?!
Jesus christ.
[ Telephone beeping ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
Oh, babe, what did you do?
What did you do?
Oh, please.
Just hold on.
Just hold on.
Come on.
Man: 911,
what's your emergency?
I'm am emt.
I have a 24-Year-Old female.
With a self-Inflicted gsw
to the head.
She's in full arrest.
I'm at 1915 maple street.
Is that an apartment
or a house?
It's an apartment.
I have you
at 1915 west maple...
no, it's north maple street.
It's in westwood.
1915 maple street
in westwood. Got it.
She's not breathing and you
confirmed she has no pulse?
Yes, correct.
Go ahead and start cpr
if you haven't already.
Police are en route, but
paramedics will have to stage.
Please, just...
just hurry.
What the...
[ grunting ]
we've got regina stevens.
Caucasian female, 24 years old.
Cause of death
still undetermined,
Though it's probably not
from this apparent gunshot wound.
Just over the left mandible.
It's 8:07 p.M.,
And i'm gonna go ahead
and make the first incision.
[ Gasps ]
[ Panting ]
Are... are you okay?
Don't say
anything else, honey.
John's on his way.
[ Voice breaking ]
no, i-I don't need a lawyer.
I don't need anything, okay?
I just... i don't...
i don't want
to do anything.
Is this bruising?
What the hell's wrong
with you people?
Okay, before you go off the deep
end there, mr. Stevens,
You should know
that your daughter.
Has just confessed to two
extremely brutal murders.
I can't explain it.
This is a mistake.
It's not a mistake.
[ Sobbing ]
i'm so sorry.
Don't, please.
I'm dangerous, okay?
You have to stay away
from me.
I don't want
to hurt you, too.
Dad. I'm sorry.
What's the truth,
What happened
the night you say you died?
but got me back.
Shit. Yeah, shit. You all right?
when summer's.
Hey, whoa, whoa, hey.
You okay?
Joe: you do not look
so good, sweetie.
Shonda: oh, shit. All right, you
need to go to the bathroom.
Go to the bathroom.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Regina: it had to be something
in the cocaine.
I-I don't know what else
it could've been.
But it could've easily been
Dr. Romera: why didn't any
of your friends get infected?
You were the only one
who got sick.
I don't know.
Maybe i'm unique somehow.
Cordyceps bond
to genetically specific hosts.
Maybe my immune system was off
while my heart was stopped.
I mean,
maybe when ryan continued.
To pump the infected blood
through my system.
While doing cpr...
yeah, maybe that's what
allowed it to take hold.
I mean, i was the only one
who died that night,
With it
still in my bloodstream.
You know, that's why it
would only affect me.
And not anybody else.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Ryan brought me back,
but it was too late.
I died that night.
I've been dead ever since,
And everything i try to do
to fix myself.
Just makes things worse.
Get that fucking thing
out of my face!
[ Panting ]
Halt compressions.
I feel something.
Regina! Regina!
Turn her. Turn her.
Joe: oh, fuck.
Shonda: oh, regina.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. Turn.
i can feel it in me.
You have no idea how hungry
i am right now.
Is she awake?
I don't want
to hurt people anymore.
You're not safe.
Nobody is safe
as long as i'm alive.
One, two,
It would be easy to prove
what you say is true.
If we do a physical.
And send a blood sample
to the cdc.
[ Sighs ]
I, uh, think
this might be broken.
It's not broken.
Dr. Romera: i'll look at it
in a second.
[ Sighs ]
Doc, i can't find
a pulse.
Just treat her face.
I'll do the vitals myself.
This isn't gonna hurt,
Just gonna...
put this on you,
[ Gasps ]
Jesus. I've never seen
anything like this.
How much haldol
did you give her?
given her 25 milligrams.
I didn't want
to give her any more.
And no response?
And the thorazine?
It had no effect on her
the whole week either, huh?
[ Growling ]
All right, let's give her
another 5 haldol.
And start on lorazepam,
2 milligrams every 10 minutes.
You're not concerned
about putting her in a coma?
What i am concerned about,
nurse boyle,
Is that my patient is
out of control.
And she may be
a danger to herself.
That is the only thing
i'm concerned about.
Hi, this is
georgina boyle... again.
I'm a nurse at linda vista,
and i'm following up.
On blood sample reference code
charlie delta lima 457.
We have reason to believe.
A biological agent
may be involved,
So we really need to know
if there's a risk of infection.
And what precautions we need
to be taking.
Can somebody please contact me
as soon as possible?
Thank you.
Can you hear me?
She's... she's...
the patient remains
in an...
[ screams ]
[ Flatline ]
[ Theme plays ]
Good morning.
Hazmat crews and center
for disease control officials.
Have sealed off the linda vista
community hospital.
In boyle heights.
There's still no official word
regarding conditions inside.
However, sources are telling us.
That the sudden death
of one of the patients.
May be the reason
for the lockdown.
Kcdl's ethan hawley is live
on the scene in boyle heights.
Ethan, what can you tell us
about what's going on there?
Thanks, sally.
Uh, what we're hearing now.
Is that there are as many
as 75 hospital employees.
Still trapped inside right now.
That's the latest number
we've got.
The police department
is telling us.
That it all started
around 5:00 a.M. This morning.
With the death of a patient
named regina stevens.
From what they're calling
an unknown biological contagion.
The center for disease control
is here on site.
They've locked down
the building.
They're doing their best to stop.
Any potential spread
to the surrounding community,
And i've actually been
in contact.
With one of the nurses
who's still in there right now.
Her name is georgina.
She's telling us.
That the building
is hot as can be inside.
Whether that's related.
To attempting to contain
the contagion or not,
We can't really say
at this point.
But because they're uncertain.
As to whether
the pathogen's spread,
The cdc is asking
that anyone at home.
Exhibiting flu-Like symptoms,
Please contact the california
health department immediately.
Uh, do not go to a hospital.
They're emphasizing that.
Please contact them,
and they will come to you.
But that's... that's
really all we know right now.
I'm gonna try to find out
more for you,
But for now, i'll send it
back to you, sally.
[ Thumping ]
Right there. Right there.
Right there. Oh, my goodness.
Oh, what in the world...
Holy... Holy crap.
What the...
what the hell is she...
Hold up.