Pretty Rosebud (2014) Movie Script

-[Cissy] Gotta go.
Did you by any chance
call those people that you
designed the sports club for?
They loved your work.
-Yeah, they're not hiring.
-At least you tried.
Could you mail
these bills for me?
-[Phil] Yeah sure.
-[Father Antonio] Ash Wednesday
brings the time of Lent.
This is a time for battle,
battle over sin,
battle for our own souls.
In biblical times,
ashes were used
in the preparation for
battle by the Maccabees
who fought for independence.
Ashes were also used
to express sorrow
for our faults and our sins.
-After you.
-Thank you.
Good morning Lauren.
-Oh, hold on a second.
Morning Cissy, you
have a message here.
Everything Ok?
-So if not, continue with the
divorce, I'm telling you...
-[Voiceover] Hello
pretty rosebud.
Your dad and I want to invite
you and Phil to lunch Sunday.
Love you and God bless you.
-[Dom] What have you got for me?
-[Cissy] Here you go.
And I did the survey analysis.
Looks good.
Scottie, check this out.
-Bias is low,
excellent profiling.
-I have a surprise for you two.
-Do you have any
idea what this is?
Is she pregnant?
-Or better, we're
getting a promotion.
-[Lauren] Mister
Allen, your coffee.
-Thank you Lauren.
-And please let me know
if you ever need
anything Mister Allen.
-You're an angel, thank you.
-Here are two of my most
loyal and talented staff,
Scott Kilpatrick
and Cecilia Santos.
This is my good friend
Frankie, I mean Frank Allen,
our next Congressman
for the 29th District.
-It's a great pleasure.
-If you can handle
Dom, you must be good.
Way back when she was doing some
pro bono work for my company
you should have seen her.
Man she could drink us
all under the table.
-Frankie... -[Frank] In fact
there was this one time--
-Ok, Ok, I'll back off.
-This campaign will
be your baby from now
until next November.
-Wanna meet the rest?
-Onward (foreign language).
It's a pleasure to meet you.
See you some time next week.
Somebody from my
office will call you.
Oh my gosh!
Wait a minute, what?
You're going golfing?
-Yeah, the guys needed a four.
-What do I tell my parents?
-Tell them a great
opportunity came up.
-A great opportunity.
-Baby, free greens fees.
That's 100 bucks.
What, somebody looks
a little cranky.
-I'm not cranky.
-You're not cranky?
-[Cissy] No. -[Phil] You
sure you're not cranky?
You look a little cranky.
-Oh God, please stop it.
No, no I'm not, I'm not cranky.
-Kiss me and I'll stop!
-Ok, ok (laughs).
-Where's Phil again?
-Oh I forgot, he had a tee
time scheduled months ago.
-Well, you should have told us.
We would have met on
a different Sunday.
-Ok, I Bubba.
-How's work?
-You spend so much time at work.
I'm worried about you Cissy.
-Everything's great.
-Dom, my boss,
she's amazing, I'm
learning so much from her.
-Be careful Cissy.
You set your goals too high
you won't have
time for a family.
And how's Phil's job
hunting coming along?
-One of his dart buddies is
looking for a business partner.
-What kind of business?
-Carpet cleaning.
-So Jun, how's your work?
-It's great actually.
I just finally got to meet
the board of directors.
-[Cissy] Cool.
Yeah and get this,
the company right now,
their net worth is
over 10 billion.
-Better watch your money Jun.
Miss, miss, we'd like to order.
(foreign language)
Jun, would you care for a beer?
-Yeah, sure.
-Dad, I'd like some wine.
-Yeah sure, when she comes back.
-Dad, what did you mean
I need to watch my money?
-Candace is a lawyer right?
-When she divorces you, she
will take you to the cleaners.
And by the way,
she's already divorced once.
-Yeah, she's divorced
because she got married
when she was really young.
-In God's eyes, divorce
is a mortal sin.
-I mean a lot of people are
getting divorced nowadays so.
-If lots of people
jump off the cliff,
that makes it all right?
We have to send this boy to
China to look for a wife.
-What are you talking...
My mom's Filipino and Spanish.
-Well your mom is an exception.
-What your dad is saying,
is people of similar backgrounds
stay together longer.
We are both from
the Philippines.
We are both Catholic--
-Look at Cissy and Phil,
similar backgrounds.
Well although he could
go to church more often.
Did we pray?
-I thought we prayed, didn't we?
-I have no idea, I came late.
-I don't think we did
but I wasn't sure so
I just got started.
-Let's pray.
In the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost Amen.
-[All] Bless us oh Lord
and these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty, through
Christ our Lord, Amen.
-And help June find a good wife
and bless Cissy and
Phil with many children
with their limbs and
cavities in tact, Amen.
-Two jab, jab, cross, jab, jab,
cross, jab, jab, cross hook
all right let's go,
keep your hands up.
Jab, jab, cross, jab, jab,
cross, jab, jab, cross.
Keep your hands up, keep
your hands up, all right.
Keep your hands up,
jab, jab, cross.
You're leaving
yourself open, come on.
Keep moving, keep
moving, keep moving.
Keep moving, keep moving.
Jab, jab, cross, right jab.
Don't get lazy, don't get lazy.
Jab, jab, cross,
jab, jab, cross.
All right, jab hook.
-Fuck this man!
Fuck this man!
-What's going on?
-You keep riding me.
-I push you so you
can get better.
-Well quit fucking
pushing me so hard.
-Ok, I'm sorry.
It's Ok, let me
help you with it.
Let me help you.
It's Ok, it's Ok.
Take a deep breath.
A deep breath.
It's Ok.
You Ok?
-Hi again!
-Oh hi.
-I keep bumping into you.
I'm John from insurance.
Have a good day.
-You too.
-Can you tell me what office
I'd be working out of?
Yeah, let get back
to you on that.
(phone rings)
-[Voiceover] Hi
you've reached Phillip
-[Voiceover] and Cissy.
-[Voiceover] Leave a message
-[Voiceover] and one of
us will get back to you
-[Voiceover] as soon as
-[Voiceover] we can.
-[Voiceover, Both]
Have a great day!
-[Voiceover] Hey Phil,
hey Cissy, it's Janet.
I'm calling you guys 'cause
I want you guys to come over
after Mass on Easter Sunday.
We're having lechon.
Oh and Cissy, bring
your parents over too.
All right you guys,
see you then, bye!
-You see you have to
match up the song list
with the mini keypad and then
you have to choose a song...
-[Cissy's Dad] No, no,
no, no, no, not that one.
-[Man with Remote] Ok.
-Time flies.
My boys were hoping
the Easter Bunny
would bring them
their little sister.
And Cissy, when will
it be your turn?
-Oh, not just yet, we're
so busy with things like
projects and work.
-Are you sure there is nothing
wrong with your plumbing?
-My crazy wife is so busy at
work she doesn't have time
for me, let alone kids.
-That's Ok, you'll stay home
and take care of them (laughs).
-Cissy, you should
start having children.
-We like to try and get back
into a bigger place first.
-I can't wait to
have grand children.
-Oh and they'll be so cute
with Phil's hair and your eyes.
-You work too much,
leave it to Phil.
-Actually Lola, I'm working
right now on a campaign.
Frank Allen.
-Is it true, he's a gay?
-I don't think so Lola.
He's been married three times.
-That's even worse, divorce and
remarry, divorce and remarry.
How can you trust
a man like that?
-It's terrible, the way
peoples nowaday treat marriage.
His truth is
Marching on
-Thank you, thank you.
(alarm chirps)
-(mocks) "Cissy, you should
start having children".
Is your mom gonna give us
the money to raise them?
-She's just expressing
her opinion.
Other people's opinion
shouldn't matter so much.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-No, what Cissy?
Just drive.
-[Voiceover] Good
morning pretty rosebud.
When are we going shopping?
Call me.
-Hey mom.
Yeah, how's Wednesday?
Yes, I'll come to church Sunday.
Of course, I'll bring Phil.
Love you, God bless you, bye.
-You busy?
-No, come in.
-Check this out.
-Oh my gosh is this--
Oh you click over here, you
get his infrastructure ideas.
Up there is his tax policies.
Over here watch this on his bio.
-I'm Frank Allen, I'm--
-Mister Kilpatrick,
I am impressed.
-Miss Santos, you should be.
-I should get back to work.
I came in late today so.
-Sure, hey don't
forget those drop offs.
We need your signature
by the end of the day.
-Of course.
-Ok, good.
-There she is.
-Hey, fundraiser, my place,
the 14th, bring Phil.
-Of course.
-I'll call you with details.
-Sorry I'm late.
-Where's Phil?
-He had a meeting.
-There's no one in
the confession line.
Let's get up there quick, go.
-All right, I don't need to go.
-Go, go.
-Bless me Father,
for I have sinned.
-Cissy is that you?
-Hi Father.
My last confession
was about a year ago.
-Probably longer.
-My sins are, I have
lied several times
like maybe six, I
slept with another man
and I have not been to
church every Sunday.
That is all Father.
I am sorry for these sins
and all the sins of my life.
-Cissy, Cissy, Cissy.
First things first.
You know that honesty reinforces
the integrity of the soul.
-And you know that God
being your best friend
deserves at least an hour
of your time a week.
-Yes Father.
-But really concerns me is this
sleeping with another man?
Premarital sex is one thing,
What's going on with Phillip?
Phil hasn't worked a
job in almost two years.
He said he won't do a job
that demeans his spirit.
-Long confession.
-Reminds me of
someone else I know.
-Your father's clued me
in on your situation.
Phillip is breaking
the marriage contract
because the man is supposed
to be the main provider.
-That doesn't mean you
can run into the arms
of another man.
You're also breaking
the marriage contract.
-My advice?
Don't confuse yourself.
You can't ride both
sides of the fence.
Actually you shouldn't be
riding the fence at all
if you're not
married to the man.
Make an act of contrition.
-O my God, I am heartily sorry
for having offended thee.
I detest all my sins because
of thy just punishment.
But most of all because
they offend thee, my God
who art all good and
deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve, with the help
of thy grace, to sin no more
and to avoid the near
occasions of sin.
How was your day?
-It was good.
-Any luck?
Want chicken stir
fry for dinner?
-[Phil] Huh?
Yeah, sure.
-Don't forget Frank's
fundraiser Friday.
-[Phil] Frank's a fake.
-[Cissy] Well, he's
paying our bills.
(exaggerated sigh)
Can you please
get us the waters?
Let's pray first.
Bless us O Lord and
these thy gifts,
which we are about to
receive with thy bounty,
through Christ our Lord, Amen.
(game resumes on TV)
-[Frank] This must
be your other half?
-Indeed, this is Phil.
Phil, Frank.
-[Frank] Absolute pleasure.
-You must be very
proud of your wife.
She's a huge asset
to my campaign.
-Thank you.
-If you'll excuse me,
time to kiss some butt.
-Of course.
Thank you.
Oh hey, there's Dom,
let's go say hi to her.
-Excuse me, Cissy!
So glad you could make it.
-Absolutely, great turn out.
-Lots of deep pockets too.
-Hey Cissy, hey Phil!
Hey beautiful house huh?
-It's a home, we haven't
been able to do much.
Oh, there's the Reverend.
I need to talk to him about
an endorsement, excuse me.
-So Phil, how's work?
-Actually I'm in between.
-Honey, I'm sorry, I need to
catch Doctor Duke, excuse me.
-You know what Cissy,
I'm gonna come with you.
Phil, I'll catch
up with you later.
-Would you like
another drink sir?
-Yes please.
-Red or white?
-Doesn't matter.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
-Hey honey.
There's some people
I'd like you to meet.
-Hey, can we go now please?
Attention everyone!
-Wait, we need to
stay here for this.
-[Dom] Today we support
an extraordinary man.
He protects the environment.
He fights for human rights.
He develops local businesses.
Hell, the only thing
he doesn't do is age.
Ladies and gentlemen,
a dear friend
and our next congressmen,
Frank Allen.
-Thank you Dom.
Well before I
make any promises and
ask you for money,
I'd like to thank my
beautiful wife, Barbara
for all of her support.
Without her, I
wouldn't be here today.
I'd also like to thank
Dominique Andrews
for this beautiful site today.
She's done a fantastic
job heading up to media
and marketing for my campaign.
Now I also have to
acknowledge the backbones
of our marketing strategy,
Scottie Kilpatrick
and Cissy Santos.
Come on you two, come up here.
Without their hard
work and dedication,
we wouldn't've held on
to our 10 point lead,
so let's give them a
hand, give 'em a hand.
We've endured some tough
times these past few years.
Now as your next congressman,
I promise to revitalize
the American dream.
And with your help and support,
I know we will be successful
so that America will once again
be the land of opportunity,
thank you very much everybody.
Thank you.
(applause and whooting)
Thank you, have a great time.
-[Cissy's Mom] Don't
you need some of those?
-[Cissy] Yeah, I
got some already.
Yeah, thanks.
-[Cissy's Mom] Look at that.
-[Cissy] Oh, that is funny.
So mom, I wanted to ask you,
"How do you and dad do it?"
-What do you mean?
-Everything you know.
Money, relationships
Phil hates my work.
But he won't work.
Not since he got downsized.
-You mean laid off?
Laid off.
And I honestly thought that
after we sold our place,
moved to a smaller one,
it'd force him to get a job,
help around the house,
pay bills, something.
-Maybe you should help
him with his job search?
-I try.
I circle job leads
in newspapers,
I make inquiries
and you know what?
He never comes with me to church
and he forgets family things.
I don't know he just
doesn't seem to try anymore.
-Have you tried therapy?
And he says we don't
need it anymore.
And mom,
in bed
he just like goes
through the motions.
-Is your libido
stronger than Phil's?
-Yeah, I guess so.
-Like father, like daughter.
-Remember in fourth grade,
you kissed Jimmy
on the playground?
And Bobby and Anthony and Terry?
Now you know why
we were so strict.
-I always did like boy germs.
-Boy germs don't always
make a girl happy.
(alarm chirps)
We should stop
meeting like this.
-Yeah, I agree.
Look, here's my card.
If you want, give
me a call some time.
Maybe we'll have
coffee or something.
-Sounds good.
I'll see ya'.
-See ya'.
-Can I help you?
-Yeah, exactly how long
is this emergency meeting
supposed to take?
-I have no idea,
please take a seat.
-Hey babe, I'm home.
-Oh hey honey,
I'll be right out.
Hey honey.
-[Phil] Hey.
-What's going on?
-I'm gonna go head to Palm
Springs with the guys.
Jerry scored us a great
mid-week deal through work.
-How'd it go today?
-Waited for an hour
and then I left.
-They didn't even meet with you?
-No, apparently they
had better things to do.
-Well, did you at
least reschedule?
-No I really didn't
get a very good vibe
from the place you know?
-The Visa's maxed out.
You can use the MasterCard.
-When ya' coming home?
-What time?
-I don't know, it
depends on traffic, why?
-Well, you have a
meeting with Frank.
And then, I was thinking
afterwards maybe
you and I could do something?
-Yeah, yeah maybe.
You seen my golf shoes babe?
Out front by the hall closet.
I need to talk to you.
What happened here?
-That was my shot at the title.
I had the guy against
the ropes and I was
I was hitting him
and hitting him.
I was hurting him.
And all I keep thinking was
I really don't want
to hurt this guy,
I mean really hurt him.
And he knocked me out.
-[Frank] Thought
you might be hungry.
-Let me just finish this.
-No, you need to take a break.
-I have to get this
out to your people.
-You will not keep working
without any sustenance.
You'll collapse
and that will not look
good for my campaign.
-Ok, Ok.
-Smells good, huh?
-Thank you.
The 30 second spot
with your family
is the one that focus
groups love the most.
Check out the stats.
-I'm thoroughly impressed.
-Scottie helped me with--
-I hold you entirely
You know, I like
working with you.
-I like working with you too.
You're gonna win this
election by a landslide.
-You know I'm going up to
Sacramento this weekend.
Maybe you should
head up there too.
There's a lot of key people
I'd like for you to meet.
-How about Scottie?
Well he's working on
that beach clean up.
That'll close a gap
with the green votes.
I'd love to but I have a
family thing this weekend.
-Ok, well next time then.
(telephone rings)
-[Voiceover] Hi
you've reached Phillip
-[Voiceover] and Cissy.
-[Voiceover] Leave a message
-[Voiceover] and one of
us will get back to you
-[Voiceover] as soon as
-[Voiceover] we can
-[Voiceover both]
Have a great day!
-[Voiceover] Hey baby, it's
me, pick up, pick up, pick up.
Ok, guess you're not home.
Traffic's terrible so we're
coming back tomorrow morning.
Miss you, bye!
(cell phones rings)
-Hey Dom.
Oh yeah, right.
I'll be there in half an hour.
-Hey babe, I'm back.
-[Cissy] Hi honey,
how was your trip?
-Well you know, traffic.
-So there's some
food in the fridge.
You can warm that up.
Dom needs me to get...
-When were you gonna tell me?
-I'm sorry, I--
-You tell the whole world
but you don't tell me?
(yells) I'm your
fucking husband!
-I was waiting for the
right time to tell you.
I'm just staying
with my mom and dad--
-We don't need to discuss this?
Discuss what?
You don't ever listen to me--
-Do you even think about me?
-I just need space to think.
Space God dammit Cissy!
How long you been
needing space, huh?
-You know we've been
having problems and--
-You think moving out
is gonna help that?
-(stutters) I need to distance
myself to think clearly--
-Distance, how about some
distance from work, huh?
How about that?
-Don't attack my job--
-Oh no yeah, let's not
attack Cissy's baby.
Let's not attack the campaign.
God forbid!
Where the hell are you going?
-Yeah, fucking work!
-I was stupid, really dumb.
-Hello, are you coming?
What's wrong?
-Nothing, nothing.
-It doesn't look
like nothing's wrong.
No, I'm fine.
-Cissy, what's wrong?
-Nothing, I'm fine.
-[Scottie] What happened?
-Oh fuck.
I fucked up.
-[Scottie] Cissy what's--
-I fucked up.
It wasn't supposed
to happen this way.
-What wasn't supposed
to happen this way?
-He wasn't supposed
to find out like this.
He just, yelling and yelling.
I needed space to think.
Our parents want
us to have kids.
How can Phil and I
possibly have kids,
when he's one big fat kid
and I'm a complete mess.
-[Scottie] Slow down.
Looks like somebody could
use some straightening out.
You want to get some air?
-Sounds good, yeah thanks.
-So, the screen he saw this,
you left it up on the screen?
Is that why you were late today?
I got it Cis.
-He just wouldn't stop yelling.
I don't think I've ever
hurt him like that before.
-So how did you and Phil meet?
-We met at a Filipino art show.
I remember thinking he
had the kindest eyes.
I don't know, he fit,
Like we spoke the same language.
-So you got married?
Wanna have a seat?
-I wanted to be ready
but I don't think I was.
And I don't think he was either.
His mom bailed him out
of credit card debt,
three times.
-That's not a good sign.
-God I don't know I think
at a certain point you
you just get married
'cause you're supposed to.
You know it's the
next natural step like
learning to walk or
going to college right
after high school.
-I can relate.
We had a similar situation.
Well we got married
right out of college.
But one thing was the
same was we wanted to
and we weren't ready.
Our families go
way back you know.
Everyone thought it
was a great idea.
-It sounds familiar.
-One thing I learned
through all that is
you got to put yourself first.
-That sounds kinda selfish.
-You can't put
everyone else first.
You got to life your life
on your terms.
No one else is
gonna do it for you.
-Well sometimes I
wish someone would
because I am so tired
of screwing it up.
-They'd do a horrible job
at being you, horrible.
-So what should this say?
-We need to set a time limit so
put down six months.
-Well I don't know if I'll
be ready in six months
or a year--
-And we also got to
figure out how many dates
we're gonna have each week.
-Ok, two or three?
-I'd prefer two.
-Just put down three.
-And I think we should be
allowed to see other people.
-Because we need to figure out
if this is something
we really want.
No way, absolutely not.
No seeing other people.
-Well how about as friends?
-That's not really
seeing them then is it?
Look just
put there will be no
dating of other persons for
or experimental purposes.
Wait, you know what?
Make that,
there will be no dating or
sleeping with other persons.
-So how is work Jun?
-It's good, really busy.
Oh, by the way
you know the big case
Candace was working on?
She just won.
-That's great Candace!
-Thanks, I'm just glad
it's over you know,
all the long hours.
-That's 'cause you care
about your clients.
I'm proud of you babe.
Doctor Lam?
Jun tells me how affected
you got when your
patients are doing badly so
it's kind of the same thing.
-Speaking of which,
dad how's your work?
Megan Mahoney's got
a birthday coming.
We should get her something.
-Who's Megan Mahoney?
-You met her before.
Pretty woman from
the drug company?
-Mom, this is great, thank you.
-Missus Lam it's delicious.
-Thank you.
-You know what?
I'd like to make
an announcement.
I wanted to say this
earlier but last week
when we up to Napa
I asked Candace to marry
me and she said yes.
We're engaged!
-What a surprise!
Oh congratulations!
Oh my God.
I love you guys.
-Thanks Cis.
(kisses both)
-[Cissy's Dad] That boy!
You should work
things out with Phil.
Ok dad.
-Believe me marriage
is not easy.
-And I've made some
mistakes in my time,
we all have.
But divorce is not the answer.
There isn't anybody
else is there?
-Of course not.
You must pray and
talk to Father.
God will guide you.
-I can talk to you but
I don't know about Jun.
I can't talk to him anymore.
He's so Goddamn stubborn!
-He's just head strong.
-The boy doesn't listen!
I tried to tell him
for his own good.
That son of a bitch
Candace is trouble.
Maybe you can talk to him.
Tell him how we feel.
-[Cissy] Ok dad.
-Sorry, I didn't
mean to startle you.
-No, it's Ok.
-I knew I'd find you
here over the weekend.
-Well I just wanna
make sure we win.
Well, you win.
-Well I was thinking
you need a break.
-Well I appreciate the offer
but I have a lot of work to do.
-My wife is away with the kids.
-Why don't you give them a call.
-Come on.
All work and no play
makes Cissy a dull girl.
-I play enough.
Yeah but not with me.
Come on.
As part of my media
marketing campaign
you have to do what I want.
-You know tonight's not good.
How about Friday?
I can do Friday.
I can what 'til then.
See ya' then.
(light knocking)
-Well this is a
surprise, come on in.
-[Cissy] Thanks.
-[Scottie] Yeah.
I always knew he was a
little too interested in you.
-You called it.
-You know you don't
have to do this.
-I can't just up and leave.
I've put way too much
work into this campaign.
This is a big project for Dom.
And they're friends.
-[Scottie] You can talk to her.
-All of this is just too
much to deal with right now.
My head's gonna explode.
-I swear, you couldn't
make this shit up.
What do you think I should do?
-I can't tell you what
to do but whatever you do
I'll support you.
Good morning pretty rosebud
I pray you tell me true
To be as sweet
as a red red rose
What must a buddy do
To be as sweet
as a red red rose
A little girl like you
-A little girl like me
Must grow and grow
And grow and grow
And that's what she must do
-I miss waking up to that.
-Soon you will have your own
rosebuds you can sing to.
Aren't you going to work today?
-I think I'll work
from home today.
-Your dad and I have
a dinner tonight.
You're welcome to come.
-That's Ok, Phil and I
are gonna cook dinner.
-Good, good luck.
And tell him we send
him our love, yes.
-I will.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
-Hey honey.
What's wrong?
-Come on Cissy, don't!
-I know.
-What are you talking about?
-I know you're lying to me.
I know.
Come on Cissy do you
think I'm stupid.
I know.
You have no idea how
much that hurts me.
-I'm sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
-Yeah, well you did.
And with somebody I know.
-Does it matter?
-Who do you know about
or think you know about?
-Jesus Cissy, how many guys
did you cheat on me with?
-Just tell me how you
know or what you know.
-Do that and all you're
worried about is what I know?
-Wait, I can't believe you
are gonna leave without
telling me what you know.
-'Cause Cissy, right now
that's all I got over you.
-Hi John, it's Cissy,
give me a call.
Hola, Alejandro.
Hi Scottie, it's me
Cissy, please call me.
Hi mom.
I have something to tell you
and you're not gonna like it.
(nervous laugh)
I cheated on Phil.
And you found out?
Please don't tell dad.
You think?
Ok, Ok.
Thanks, I'll try to see him.
Love you too.
Thank you seeing me on
such short notice Father.
-[Father Antonio]
My pleasure Cissy.
He's hurt.
-I know.
-So what do you
want to do Cissy?
-How do I stop?
-Do you want to stop?
-No, lie to me Cissy.
Do you want to stop?
I don't get what I need
from just one person.
I go to different
people to get it.
-I see.
what you need doesn't
need to come from someone else.
-You mean it has
to come from Phil?
From God?
-[Father Antonio]
No, not exactly.
-From me?
-Well God is in you.
You just have to listen to him.
You know the Commandments,
thou shall not kill, thou
shall not bear false witness
don't just pertain
to dealing with others,
but also yourself.
-I've been breaking more
Commandments than I thought.
-(laughs) You and your
dad are gonna give
Catholics a bad
name, all that guilt!
-I don't know what to do Father.
-But why?
-I don't want to be judged.
I just want people
to be happy with me.
-If every sermon I wrote I
wanted people to be happy
or to like me
I would never write
or say a word.
You'll always be judged Cissy.
You can't make decisions
to please others.
-Well right now I'd settle for
just not making anybody mad.
-How was the talk with Father?
-It was good.
-He's helped out
your dad a lot too.
Oh, speak of the devil.
-These are for you my darling.
-[Cissy's Mom] Thank you.
Thank you.
-Hi dad.
-No work today?
-No, I took off today.
-Good, you can eat with us.
-That's not cooked yet.
And dad can you help us
set the table please.
-Dinner will be
ready in 15 minutes.
-You know what, I'll
just clean this up.
-Good, good.
How was your appointment
with the new dentist?
-Well, you know how it is.
Doctors always make
the worse patients.
-[Cissy's Mom] But
did he do a good job?
-[Cissy's Dad] It was all right.
He's just got this weird face.
-Cissy, can you
please pass the rice?
-He's got these huge
bucked teeth, you know.
I can't believe it.
A dentist with bucked teeth.
Like this.
-[Cissy's Mom] You
are exaggerating.
It couldn't be that bad.
-[Cissy's Dad] No he was.
Can you believe that?
A dentist with bucked
teeth like this.
(gnawing noise)
Cissy, you're awfully
quiet tonight.
-Got a lot of my mind.
(playing forcefully)
-(yells) Cissy!
Stop it!
What's wrong with you?
You're gonna break something!
-You stop it!
You stop it!
-What the hell is
the matter with you?
-What the hell is
the matter with me?
What the hell is
the matter with you?
How could you?
You did it!
-Did what?
-[Cissy] You make me sick!
You cheated
on mom.
-We went to karaoke.
-Do I have to spell
it out for you?
I've known for years, for years!
-What are you talking about?
-I overheard you arguing
back in the sixth grade!
Don't you see how
he flirts with every
woman he comes across.
If he does it in
front of your face,
can you imagine what he
does behind your back?
Are you blind?
-Don't talk to
your mom like that!
I didn't raise you to--
-You didn't raise me,
you intimidated me!
And I am sick of it!
-Don't talk with
such disrespect!
You're so American--
-I'm Americanized right?
Yeah, Americans--
-Stop it, both of you!
You are so alike!
Yes, your dad is
a flirt, I know.
But so are you.
But your dad did
not cheat on me.
I'm sorry that you
overheard the argument.
Yes, I cheated on
your mom, once.
And it was the worst
mistake of my life.
I wanted to tell you children
but your mom thought
you'd lost respect for me.
You'd stop loving me.
-I didn't want you
children to get hurt.
-We always wanted to do
what we thought was
the best for you.
I never wanted to
hurt any of you
but the truth of the matter is
I'm lost without your mother.
She's the best
woman in the world.
Best woman for me.
-[Father Antonio]
In today's gospel,
there are six
bridesmaids with oil,
six without.
Some people are prepared
for the coming of the Lord.
Some are not.
We must be ready.
We gotta clean house,
finish old business.
We can't move forward
with dead weight
shacking our feet.
Many times
we wait for a catastrophe,
a death, an earthquake,
an illness to say
the difficult things
to make things right.
Many people
keep plunging
along day after day
and not living in the
world that God intended.
Living in fear
with their dreams and
their hearts buried.
We don't know when
we will be called.
We do not know when we will
breathe our last breath.
So why live one more
minute of your life
waiting to live it?
-[Voiceover] You have no
idea how much that hurts me.
-[Voiceover] Be careful Cissy,
you set your goals too high,
you won't have
time for a family.
-[Cissy] You should
start having children.
-[Voiceover] This
campaign will be your baby
from now until next November.
-[Voiceover] My crazy
wife is so busy at work,
she doesn't have time
for me, let alone kids.
-[Voiceover] Phillip is
breaking the marriage contract
because the man is supposed
to be the main provider.
-[Voiceover] Other
people's opinion
shouldn't matter so much.
-[Voiceover] You're also
breaking the marriage contract.
-[Voiceover] I can't wait
to have grandchildren.
-[Voiceover] You know you
don't have to do this.
-[Voiceover] It was the
worst mistake of my life!
-[Voiceover] You have
to do what I want.
-[Voiceover] And all
I kept thinking was
I don't really want to hurt
this guy, I mean really hurt him
And he knocked me out.
-Got a minute?
-Yes I do.
Got more than a minute.
-I've requested to be assigned
to a different account.
Here's a copy of my
resignation letter
and nondisclosure statement.
-I'm confused.
I thought we had an agreement.
-We don't.
-Not good for your
political career.
-I know.
-Wait, you don't even
want to try any more?
Come on Cissy we
can work this out.
I don't want to be
married anymore.
I've forgiven you.
-Just never thought
it would come to this.
-Me either.
I'm just hoping that,
God I know it sounds stupid,
but we can
you know,
remain friends?
-But I have an idea.
-Remember how we started
off that big, beautiful
wedding ceremony?
-We gather here today
not for a sad occasion,
but a joyous one,
to symbolize their
peaceful dissolution,
we'll now have Phil and Cissy
light their candles.
-Well wait, we should light
the same one together.
Let's light our candles first.
-No, no, no, no, no,
we talked about this.
We light the center one first,
then we light both of
our candles from it
showing that we are becoming
two entities from one.
-No, we light the
center one together
as a symbol of our
covenant with each other
are coming together.
-But we're not coming together.
-This is ridiculous.
-Phil is right.
Just cooperate.
-With all due
respect Lola Pin-ing,
don't interfere!
-(foreign language)
-[Phil] Mommy!
-[Cissy's Dad] What!
-Everybody could we
just please calm down
and let Jun continue.
-God created us and brought
us forth into the world.
These two people
came together for a time to
walk along the same path,
hand in hand, now they have
come to a fork in the road
facing diverging paths.
Let us bless both
of these journeys
as they each go and grow
in the ways their souls need to.
At this point,
anyone may add their own
prayers and intentions
and we'll respond by saying,
"Lord hear our prayer."
-That you bless everyone here.
That you bless Cissy's
parents and my mom
for all their support.
-[All] Lord, hear our prayers.
-For all the good times we've
shared, we thank you Lord.
-[All] Lord, hear our prayers.
-That the children
learn from this
and grow stronger as a result.
-[All] Lord, hear our prayers.
-That all of us will turn to
God in these challenging times.
-[All] Lord, hear our prayers.
-That you forgive us
for breaking our vows.
-[All] Lord, hear our prayers.
-(mouths) I'm sorry.
-(mouths) Me too.
("New Year's Song"
by Tim McMorris)
It's a new day
And a new year
Shout it out loud
sing with the crowd
Celebrate 'cause
Good things are coming
New opportunities
are at the door
Hold your head up
Drop the sorrow
No regrets now
For tomorrow
It's a new chance
For a new life
Everything you've
been waiting for
The future's bright now
As things turn over
The possibilities
Around the corner
New innovation
With new creation
All the good things
that we have in store
Now it's a brand new day
And it's a brand new year
And there is hope in tomorrow
now there's nothing to fear
It's not coming
yeah it's already here
Now it's a brand new day
And it's a brand new year
So sing and be happy
and share the good cheer
It's not coming
yeah it's already here
It's time to
dream bigger dreams
Where impossible is
not hard as it seems
And live in high hopes
throughout your day
And know that happiness
is quickly on its way
We're moving forward
We're going higher
We're reaching things that
we formally just desired