Prey for Death (2015) Movie Script

Hey, little girl! Come on out!
I'm not gonna hurt you!
Where're you at? You don't wanna be
out in the wilderness all alone?
I'll take you to your dad.
You want to see your dad, don't you?
- Bart?
- I'll get this one!
You just make sure you kill that girl!
Oh, I'll get her. You just make sure
you get him!
Sorry, little lady.
We can't have any witnesses.
- Daddy, please help me.
- You just close your eyes.
Turn around, Leia!
Put the gun down!
You know what happens when you
shoot an unarmed man in these parts?
- Do your job, Sheriff!
- Shut up!
- Damn it, listen to me.
- I am innocent man!
Is this one of the cowboys
who killed your wife?
Last one.
Okay, glad you've found 'em.
Now let me take him as my prisoner
and you as my witness.
Put the gun down, Chamberlain.
Put the gun down.
You can help me bring him to justice
in a court of law.
Good man, Chamberlain.
Now let him go.
Unless I get Donnison,
I will not let you go.
No, you won't.
You'll hang for this.
How delightfully rustic.
I haven't seen a place this filthy
since Calcutta in '54.
- Agreed, sir.
- Ah, but that's all part of the charm,
part of the adventure.
Oh good. It looks as though somebody has
noticed my money.
May I introduce you to
Baron Charles Emerson of Yorkshire.
Good day to you, sir.
May I welcome you to Franklin County.
We have all the hospitality and comfort
you could want.
I'm Mayor Cotswell
and I am at your service.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Oh, the pleasure is all mine, good sir.
- Now, if I may, you mentioned hospitality?
- Oh yes, we have a hotel,
a saloon and a brothel.
With just about the sweetest ladies
you ever did see.
How very inviting.
And what of the war?
Oh, the war don't come close to us.
You have nothing to fear.
Oh, I am not afraid of the war,
I am in awe of it.
But first things first, dear Mayor.
I hope you don't mind my saying,
but I am wildly attracted by your topper.
- My hat?
- Indeed.
And if I am to acclimate to your culture,
'blend in', so to speak...
um, I'm going to need it.
Hm. Well, I'm gonna be honest with you, sir.
Baron. With this much money,
you could buy ten hats.
We've a general store in town
that sells 'em.
Well, I don't need ten hats.
I need but one.
This one, in particular.
My pleasure.
Hey, is there anything else
we can do for you?
Well. yes, I read in the newspapers recently
that your Sheriff apprehended a desperado.
Oh yes, we are mighty proud of our sheriff
for apprehending that varmint.
We are hanging that murderous
Chamberlain character tomorrow.
I can get you a seat at the hanging,
if you like.
Ah, simple entertainment
for good simple people.
Mr. Chamberlain claims he murdered
those men in self-defense.
Now, we got no proof of that, of course.
Those men were slaughtered in cold blood.
Highly suspect, if you ask me.
Now I know why they call this
The Wild West.
Well, the West has been known for it's outlaws,
but we're bringing that to an end
here in Franklin county.
We're gonna make an example
of this Mr. Chamberlain.
I am sure that there are truer words that have
never been spoken, dear Mayor.
- Now, about that brothel?
- Well, right this way.
Your Chinaman will have to stay out
back in the alley, of course.
Hi, baby.
I'm here to serve notice
to you, Mr. Chamberlain.
According to the laws of this state,
if you stand convicted of murder
your daughter is to be placed
in the custody of the Mission Orphanage.
No. No, you - you can't
take my daughter, please.
You're scheduled to be hanged tomorrow, Mr. Chamberlain.
At least you got a fair trial,
unlike the men you murdered.
Those men killed my wife and were going
to kill my daughter,
if I did not get to them first.
The sheriff didn't believe you, the jury didn't
believe you and the judge didn't believe you.
And even if I did, it wouldn't
make any difference.
My job is to serve notice, I've done that.
- Say goodbye to your father, child.
- Daddy, don't let her take me.
When Mommy went to heaven, you
promised me that we would always be together.
- It's time to go.
- No, wait. Wait!
Prolonging this is pointless.
- Daddy, don't leave me.
- You gonna be okay, baby. I promise.
I love you so much.
Okay now. Come along.
- Good day to you, sir.
- I present Baron Charles Emerson of Yorkshire.
Always a pleasure to meet a lawman.
Can I help you folks with something?
Of all the places I've been, this Wild West
of yours intrigues me the most.
You have everything, from gunslingers
to grizzly bears.
You have the noble savage Indian,
you have a virgin frontier.
You have a lust for gold, for women.
And for whiskey.
And above all else, you have lawlessness.
And that, my new colleague friend,
is what brings me here today.
You are looking for... lawlessness?
No, no. But I am looking for an outlaw.
And if I understand it correctly,
you currently have one in your custody.
A particularly ruthless example.
That ain't the half of it,
let me tell you.
- Is he dangerous?
- And how.
He killed four men. Killed a couple of
them fellas with his bare hands.
I can let you have a look at him,
for two bits.
Or you just wait till tomorrow noon
and see him swing for free.
Ahh! You're a businessman. How fortuitous for I have a proposition for you.
A very lucrative one.
A propo... A pro...
- What exactly are you getting at?
- I would like to pay you money.
You want to pay me?
For what?
- I would like to pay you $500.
- Five hundred?
All you have to do is to turn your back
for a few minutes.
Turn my back? To what?
Your prisoner.
I need him.
- You want me to give you the prisoner?
- No, no, no. I want you to
turn your back and think of all the ways
you'll spend your money
I'll take the prisoner myself.
He's supposed to be hanged tomorrow.
And I'll lose my job.
And just how much do you earn
on this, er... job?
Two dollars a week.
So I am willing to pay you...
five years of your wages.
And all you have to do,
is to close your eyes for two minutes.
That's a... rather large raise.
But I won't have my badge no more.
You can tell everyone you fought valiantly against us. We won't say a word.
And you may even emerge from this a hero.
You think people are gonna believe...
that an old guy... and a Chinaman...
... roughed up Buford M. Wallace?
... and rode off with his prisoner?
It's gonna be pretty hard to believe... mister.
- I present Baron Charles...
- Not necessary, my boy.
He and I shall speak here as equals.
How do you do, Mr. Chamberlain?
My name is Charles.
I've come a long way to meet you.
Mmm, quite an impressive specimen,
wouldn't you agree?
- No sir, not to me.
- Oh, come now lad, don't be rude.
Look at ferocity in his eye.
Like that of a lion.
I've hunted a lion, a huge male,
on the Serengeti, in my early years.
It's speed and strength proved less...
formidable than my own skills.
As a matter of fact, it was a rather easy kill.
I'm curious to find out
whether you'll will fare better.
I can see in your eyes you're
already plotting an escape.
And that you would heavily kill both me
and my valet in order to achieve it.
Oh, I admire that. It confirms one of the reasons I sought you out in the first place.
However, I can assure you
that will be totally unnecessary,
for when we have concluded our conversation here,
I and my valet will free you from your chains
and we'll spirit you out of here.
Say again?
Ahh... so you do understand me?
My friend, I am a hunter.
I have hunted all the great beasts of the world,
from the lion to the elephant,
from panther and the Kodiak bear.
And I have killed them all.
But alas... they were all too easy.
Never once that I experienced the thrill
of my own mortality.
So I took the next logical step.
I began hunting... people.
But not just any people,
really, nearly no, I...
began to target the world's great warriors.
I killed a mighty Maori in New Zealand.
A ferocious Sikh in the sweltering Punjab.
Even a fearsome Zulu or two
on the plains of Southern Africa.
Let me show you this.
This... was bestowed upon me by a Samurai.
Do you know what a Samurai is?
The Samurai, are the most incredible warriors.
Intensely trained, highly skilled,
devilously clever and quick.
The one I hunted almost killed me.
Oh, it was a gruesome,
bloody fight to the death.
But... as you can see, it was I
who prevailed at the end.
The point is...
... I have traveled far and wide to hunt
some of the world's greatest warriors.
And now I'm here for you.
The great Western Desperado, the ruthless outlaw, who can kill men with his bare hands.
Is it just me or is the air fresher
at this altitude?
I divert at your judgment, sir.
I believe it is!
And it has just inspired me, Kowloon.
How so, sir?
Perhaps after this adventure
we should travel to Nepal.
The mountains there are even higher than these.
There's a mountain range there
called 'The Kangchenjunga'.
I believe it would make for a challenging
hunting ground.
If you say so, sir.
I knew it!
Just as I predicted.
He is taking the north side down, instead of
the eastern side, which is considerably easier.
This means he understands what is happening and he's using tactical thinking in order to elude me.
What a promising beginning.
Let's get going, Kowloon.
Don't dawdle.
Ahh, you see? He thinks
my little gift might be a trap.
He doesn't know me.
He may think I'm just out for the kill,
but it's the hunt! The hunt that is everything.
I am fair with my prey... thing I am not, however... is patient.
That was just a warning shot, Mr. Chamberlain.
But now try havoc!
You might have hit me, if I hadn't been informed as to the range of your weapon!
Why do you think I'm standing so far back?
However, I am also informed
as to the extreme range of my rifle!
This is getting very interesting.
Isn't that what's life about?
A fair fight, a level playing field.
Kowloon, switching to revolver.
Let me have no advantage.
Stay in good cover, Kowloon.
I count six, Mr. Chamberlain.
You are out of ammunition. I am not.
That was exhilarating!
Now please hand me my rifle.
And be so kind as to reload that.
Nothing feels better than existing exactly
the way we were meant to.
I never feel more alive than when I'm on a hunt!
I noticed that, sir.
And have you noticed this?
These tracks remain steady
in one general direction.
It's only a cause when one knows
where one is headed.
Could it be he is familiar with this terrain?
It's possible we didn't take him
far enough away from town.
So based on what you know, Kowloon,
what would you say our chances are?
I never bet against you, sir.
A fine sentiment, but this is not about gambling.
It is about education,
observe this hunt closely.
For it may be of value to you one day.
Well! Off we go.
Regrettably, my boy,
it makes fools of us all.
But it's not over. We'll split up.
I continue to follow his tracks,
and you flank him... from the north.
He is likely exhausted as well.
If you spot him... fire this. Into the air.
The kill is mine, remember.
Guns are for old men and women.
We are neither.
You know how to fight like a man.
Yes, I do.
- So you don't like guns?
- No. Guns are for cowards.
Didn't your people invent gunpowder?
The Baron thinks highly
of your skill as a warrior.
I don't.
I dont take kindly to trespassers here.
Now put your hands up.
Oh, no.
Please don't be dead, for I will never
be able to forgive you.
Forgive me for what, sir?
For dying before you have
truly lived, my boy.
I met Mr. Chamberlain.
He wanted to leave. I thought he should stay.
- You were late, sir.
- My apologies, I lost the trail.
Briefly. So... you fought?
So now he is dead?
Well, I specifically reserved
the pleasure to kill to myself!
- He's alive and... fairly well, sir.
- How is that possible?
He cheated.
He threw a rock at me.
A rock? But that's just simply not cricket!
But... that would explain
your current discomfort.
- It would also explain your mistake.
- My mistake?
Yes, you assumed you were fighting
a civilized man.
Not a barbarian who makes up
his own rules as he goes along.
But no harm done. Except you, of course.
One day you may thank Mr. Chamberlain
for this encounter.
'Cause we learn more from our failures
than our successes.
This has made you smarter, stronger and deadlier.
- Do you understand?
- I do, sir.
Good. Well...
... now that you're alive and...
sufficiently rested...
...I want you to set up camp here for the night.
The hunt will resume on tomorrow.
In earnest.
We don't get many visitors around these parts.
Okay, I don't get many visitors.
You here alone?
No, I'm here with my friend.
Oh... I took your gun. You didn't have
any ammunition, anyway.
Any men folk around here?
The war took my brother and my father.
The war didn't take him. He... left.
On his own.
You got any children?
Not that it's any of your business... No.
That's why my husband left.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't be.
Mind if I join you at the table?
So, what are you doing here
in the middle of nowhere?
Are you running from the law?
Something worse.
How can I help you?
One should never pass up the opportunity
to admire something like this.
But, sir, the hunt?
If we should let something as magnificent
as this pass our gaze without notice,
we should rightly be called joyless.
We are merely out for a kill, that will make us
no better than the animals.
But we better ourselves with the hunt.
By challenging and defeating a worthy opponent,
we improve ourselves.
Experiencing joy is a part of that process.
Understood, sir.
Now. Did we bring along that old whiskey
that we procured in Scotland?
- Yes, sir.
- And what does that whiskey prove?
That even the Scottish aren't completely useless?
You learn very well. Now, be a good lad
and pour me a small shot.
- Breakfast?
- Thank you.
- You got a lot of nice tools here.
- Yes, my father was a blacksmith.
- Do you know to use them?
- My grandfather taught me how.
It's a shame they are going to waste now.
This place is a paradise.
It could be.
You know, you could stay here for a few days.
Just... long enough to regain your strength.
I wish I could. I really do.
You got someone waiting on you?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Um... special someone?
Yes, ma'am.
I was thinking... you know, you could use
some extra time.
but, er... I've been alone for a long time.
And I'm used to it.
Oh, your gun.
I have some extra ammo,
so I loaded it for you.
Go on, take it.
There he is...
Prepare yourself, Kowloon, the chase
is about to resume.
What is this?
It seems that for the first time we may have
a surrender on our hands.
I may have misjudged this Western warrior.
So did I once.
Hold there.
Do I surmise that you acquiesce to my
superior skill and tenacity?
Hell no.
What the devil are you doing?
A sense of fair play does have it's limits.
I say we end this here. Now.
I see. And how exactly do you propose
to accomplish that?
You and me, man to man. Pistols.
Until it's done.
A duel?
Kowloon, this hunt has suddenly started
to exceed my wildest expectations.
What are the Western rules?
Unholster your weapon fast, and aim true.
Simple enough.
Very well. I find your terms
to be very... agreeable.
Would you allow me, on your honor,
to... properly equip myself?
I admire this man, Kowloon. So much so that...
I believe that I must kill him now.
Take cover, Kowloon.
That shouldn't be... but a moment.
It seems I have been bested at last, Kowloon...
But do not... despair... for I
have lived my life.
- I have... truly lived.
- I don't know what I'll do.
Nonsense, I've taught you well.
And I... am prepared for the unexpected.
In my... pocket... you will find
my... legal will.
I leave all my remaining wealth... to you.
Use it wisely. Improve yourself... always.
Never stop advancing, you hear?!
Oh, Baron, don't leave.
Tut, tut, my boy. I'm merely
embarking on another adventure.
The greatest... one of all.
- Okay, is everybody here?
- Buford, where's the sheriff?
He went to County-C, for court day.
He even know you pulled up a posse?
- He left me in charge, didn't he?
Seems strange leave you in charge
after you lost that one prisoner.
I didn't lose anybody.
His gang came, took him from me.
I'm a hired gun, I ain't gonna do this for no pay.
You're gonna get paid. And don't forget
I overlooked the fact that you're a deserter.
Did your time, my ass. You jumped two feet
when you saw my badge yesterday.
Don't forget I know something
about every man here.
Does anybody else want to shoot off your mouth? I didn't think so.
What's the plan?
Chamberlain's gonna try to sneak
in here, all quiet-like.
To slip away with his little girl
before anyone knows he's here.
Here comes Mrs. Habishaw from the orphanage.
- She has our bait.
- But ain't it wrong to use a man's kid as bait?
Ain't it wrong to gun people down
in cold blood?
- That man is wanted for murder.
- Mr. Wallace.
Did I just hear one of your men
refer to this innocent child?
- As bait?
- He didn't mean nothing like.
I should hope not.
Have your men been drinking?
No more than normal - for a man
who's putting his life on the line.
All liquored up waiting for a gunfight?
I closed the streets off. You shouldn't even
be here, Mrs. Habishaw.
In case you've forgotten,
you were the one that told us to be here.
Alright, why don't you go
wait in the office, then?
Go in the back, no stray bullet
should get you there.
Go on now, git.
- You know why I'm here.
- Oh, I know a lot of things.
Don't you mess with me, Buford.
I want my daughter.
I want to take her out of here.
We all live.
I know you got those men with you.
And if you try anything, as God is my witness,
I will kill every last one of you sons o'bitches.
So what's it gonna be, Buford?
Just you and me.
Who is that?
An army deserter.
Came here yesterday.
No, it's not. It's a famous outlaw, Chamberlain.
You got him.
He killed your posse when you killed him.
I killed him?
- But what about...
- Well, congratulations, Deputy.
Looks like you're gonna be a hero
in everyone's eyes.
Most everyone.
Maybe you'll even get a reward.
But you make damn sure he's buried put
when Sheriff gets back.
And do it yourself, do you hear?
Daddy, who is that?
Is this the special someone you told me about?
Yeah, this is my daughter Leia.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I was wondering if you still needed
that blacksmith?
Oh, it's not a temporary position.