Pride Jewel (2021) Movie Script

[intro music playing]

Okay, it's time.

The day my mother died,
she told me
that life was a choice
between love and money.
One brings comfort.
One brings peace.
And if you're not careful,
she said, both bring pain.
I had to choose.
If I didn't pick,
life would choose for me.
And it all happened
just like she said.

When I was a kid,
my mother and I
would watch the American
show Wheel of Fortune.
Cyrus was kind of like that.
One spin of the wheel and
all your troubles would be over,
or maybe you land on zero
and end with nothing.
I was about to play.
Cyrus would offer me my first
job and I would take it.
That's Alex.
Me and Alex
became friends real fast.
He was a foster kid
and always in debt.
And now you know why.
Better put some money
on these guys.
[clearing throat]
Umm, can we talk?
What is it?

Give me a few minutes, huh.
Okay, guys, good work.
Take a break.
Hold on.
So... How much?
Twelve grand.
You dumb fuck.
I had a great hand.
I mean, who beats a straight
flush unless they were cheating.
Now, I know.
I have a problem.
I've been trying to stay away
from the drugs, the gambling.
The rush is--
How does that feel, huh?
Does that give you
a little rush?
Huh? I wanna make sure
you get the rush that you want.
No more gambling. And stop
taking those goddamn pills.
Look at me. This is the
last time I bail you out.
The last time.
George will get you
the rest tonight.

Okay, come on!
Let's see some fighting!
My mother always told me life
moves slow until it moves fast.
That is how it was for my uncle.
He got married the day before
the 1988 Armenian earthquake.
In the blink of an eye,
his wife died in his arms.
Two weeks later
he came to America,
and life became slow again.
Too slow.
My father said
it was nothing but bills,
and beer, and bullshit.
But when we needed help,
it was him my father asked.

[phone vibrating]
Hello, hello.
Rent is late, Davit.
Just give me some time, man.
I'll take care of it.
On July 7th, 2008, we landed in
what I would call my new home.
That's me with my father.
is that what we looked like?
I guess we all look like that
when we get to an
unfamiliar place.
Full of hope and searching
for the American dream.
Hey, brother!
Good to see you, man.
You look older.
-Get outta here, man.
-You lost so much weight.
Come on, look at me.
What happened to you?
You're disappearing.
-What about...
-Don't forget about Andre!
What is this? Look at you, huh?
You were just a baby
when I last saw you.
It's been a long time.
Come on, let's go inside.
I don't know how old she is,
but I'm thinking.
-I'm gonna estimate something.
Ten minutes
you haven't been here.
Might be older than that.
Older than me, perhaps.
You think I'm gonna go,
fuckin', to the movies?
You think I'm gonna
go to the movies?
-Uncle Davit?
-Look at this guy.
Look at this guy! Huh?
-Look at him. Half-naked.
-Look at this guy.
Let me show him to his room.
What do you do
with this guy all day?
Careful with him. Tellin' you.
Don't listen to him. He's crazy.
This guy's a nutcase.
Yeah, that's papa
for you, you know.
You never can count on him.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's a little small,
but um, you'll be comfortable.
Andre, if you need anything
you let me know, okay?
Thank you
for letting us stay here...
And I'm sorry about aunt Sona.

Welcome home, Andre.
I was told America
has a sweet smell.
And everywhere I went,
I could smell it.
Fancy restaurants,
new cars and cash everywhere.
Except I couldn't tell
where it was coming from.
Fucking amazing.
I couldn't even believe it.
It was like a dream come true.
Just like that,
in a few seconds, I made
like two grand up top, you know.
You like that?
Yeah, it's funny.
Hey brother, you're Armenian,
I know. Nice to meet you.
My name is Alex.
What's your name?
I'm Andre. Nice to meet you.
You must be new here.
You know, there aren't a lot of
Armenians in this part of town.
Trust me. I know everybody here.
Yeah, I don't know anybody here.
I feel out of place.
Why? You know me now.
This here is Eddy.
Don't be intimidated by him.
He only bites
when he doesn't like someone.
-Right Eddy?
-Don't be stupid, alright?
Hey, you wanna come to a party?
-Yeah now.
I need to let my father know.
Still need his permission
to go out somewhere?
What are you,
an eight year old boy?
Tell you what.
Why don't you text
your father when we're
on our way over there?
I don't have a phone.
Come here...
Come here.
-Choose one.
-No, I can't do that.
You don't wanna turn down
a gift from us, do you?
No, I didn't mean that.
-Choose a phone.
-Thank you.
And he chose the red one.
Alright, I'm gonna
go see Franco.
Alright... Let's go to that
[upbeat music playing]
This place was just like
the movies I had seen as a kid.
And it's also
where I met Sophia.
Man, stands out in a crowd,
doesn't she?...
Come on.
Sophia. When are we going out?
How about never?
Ouch. Shut down again.
That hurts.
This Sophia.
Andre just moved here.
Hmm... Could give us a moment?
Be right back.
Don't do it.
-Do what?
-Don't get him involved.
He just got here.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Come on. I got someone
else I want you to meet.
Relax, George. He's with me.
It's okay, George.
Sit down.
What's your name?
Alex tells me you just got here.
I remember a time
I just got here, too.
So how do you like
America so far?
I like this America.
This America.
Yeah, I like this America, too.
Who taught you English, Andre?
My mother.
Your mother?
She taught you very well.
She give you
your good looks, too?
Did you know my mother?
You go enjoy the party, huh?
You have a good time.
Let's just go in
and see how it feels.
Got a three month
lease for free.
What else you want?
It's a perfect place
for a jewelry store.
Owner wants to retire, hm?
What do you think?
What's wrong?
No offense.
Brother, I mean no disrespect,
but what do you know
about starting a business?
I'm fifty eight years old.
I'm supposed to start
my life all over again?
I have forty two thousand
dollars to my name.
I don't want to lose it.
It's my life savings.
Besides, forty
two thousand dollars
is not enough
to start a jewelry store.
And it seems too soon
to be starting a business.
Too soon?
How're you supposed
to make a living?
You think your life savings
is gonna last you
forever in this city?
Don't worry about the money.
I'll get the money.
-I don't know.
-You've been a jeweler
for over twenty three years.
Here's your second chance
to have a good living.
I don't know!
Back home I knew people.
Had connections,
customers, but here?
We're not back home anymore!
You got a twenty
three year old son
that still needs his father,
and you need to make a living.
You can't be stuck
in the past, man.
Listen to me.
Opportunities only knock once.
Just gotta make sure
you're around to open the door.
When you're right, you're right.
Who made you so smart?
Our beloved mother, that's who.
I'm the older one.
I should be smarter than you.
Hey! What can I say?
How's Andre doing?
If you only knew.
He wants nothing to do with me.
Come on. He's just trying to
figure things out in his life,
that's all.
Come on!
Stop thinking about that.
You have a business to run now!
This is great.
You're gonna make
a killing here.
My father had a plan.
It was five words long.
"Work hard and be patient."
All I could think was, "Why?"
So I can spend my one free day
walking through town
and getting excited
about the sunset?
No, thanks.
I was in America now and
I wanted the good life... fast.
Hey, come outside.
[door squeaking]
Hey, what are you doing here?
I was in the neighborhood.
Umm, hey, I wanted to thank you
for finding us this place.
Don't thank me. Thank Cyrus.
He's the one that
arranged everything.
I'm just glad your dad decided
to move out over here, you know?
Something different...
Come on.
I wanna take you somewhere.
Cyrus might have a job for you.
-A job?
I mean, he really likes you.
And you know,
if you work hard enough,
be loyal, you can make
a lot of money with him.
Okay, let me put on a shirt.
Yeah, please do.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Hello Evon.
Come on. Let's talk.
Is this better?
Jesus, you look like a pimp.
That's a good thing, right?
No Andre, that's not a good
Don't worry about it.
Get in the car.
We gotta go.
-Come on.
Come on, Evon.
Where are my diamonds?
It's not worth it.
I don't know. I swear to God.
Let's leave God out of this.
Look at me.
I'm your God now.
I can have mercy, Evon.
Or I can send you to hell.
Where the fuck are my diamonds?
Where the fuck are my diamonds?!
I swea... I swear on my fath...
I swear on my father's
grave, I don't know.
Your f...
Well, I guess he doesn't know.
I mean you wouldn't swear
on your father's grave
if you weren't telling me
the truth now, would you?
No, you wouldn't do that.
I mean what kind
of a man would do that, right?
You're a good man, Evon.

It's been a slow year.
You know?
I'm a little on edge.
You know how this
fucking business is, huh?
Can't trust anyone.
I'll make it up to you, huh?
Come on, come on.
Get up. Come on.
Come on, you can get up.
Come on.
Come on!
Okay, okay, okay...
Alright, buddy...
Make sure that man
doesn't go hungry.
Jesus Christ.
Are you alright?
What happened?
Look at me. You want
some water or something?
I'm okay.
-Sorry about--
-No, no, no.
Don't ever apologize.
No matter what.
Makes you look weak...
that's a bright fucking shirt.
Thank you.
It's not a compliment, Andre.
I wanted to thank you
for finding us a new place.
Oh, don't worry about it.
We all need a little help
when we first get here, right?
Meet me tomorrow
at the Jefferson Street Mansion.
I got some work for you to do.
-Not this kind of stuff, okay?
Once upon a time, a man crosses
the sea and meets the devil.
What happens next?
I had no idea,
but I wanted to find out.
I knew Cyrus was a thief,
and a liar and violent,
but he was who he was.
He didn't pretend
to be different
and then betray my mother
in her own bed.

I was ready to spin the wheel.
Maybe it would land on money.
Or maybe on power.
Or maybe, I would have it all.
You know, it's too bad
you had to see
what happened to Evon
the other night.
Sometimes I have people
that work for me
that can't be trusted.
This is a beautiful place.
Yes, she is.
Yes, she is.
But you know I didn't get my
American dream overnight, Andre.
And I know that's
the dream you have too.
I can see it in your eyes.
I had to do a lot
of things when I first got here.
That others didn't wanna do.
I took risks.
I worked jobs.
They weren't taking me nowhere,
but I knew what I wanted.
So let me ask you, Andre.
What do you want from America?
I want money.
I wanna live like a king.
A king...
You know how I can afford
all my stuff?
Shiny rocks.
You have a jewelry store?
No. I'm more of a...
I'm more of a middle man.
You see, what we do
is we take jewelry
from the wholesalers
and specialty warehouses
and we send them to some guys
who work for me.
They take the diamonds
and they redesign them
into these beautiful pieces.
One of a kind, Andre.
Works of art.
And we sell the same merchandise
back to whoever we took from
for a better price.
They report the loss
to their insurance company.
The insurance company
covers the losses.
And everybody wins.
Well, everyone except
for the insurance companies,
but fuck them, right?
We're like uh...
We're like Robin Hood.
You know Robin Hood.
So we steal the jewels?
Not exactly.
We simply borrow the merchandise
and sell it back to the owner
for a even better price.
You understand?
My father's a jeweler.
That right?
I didn't know that.
I bet you know a lot
about diamonds.
I could use someone like you.
I want you to start
working here.
You'd be cleaning up tables.
Bus boy.
Start slow.
Like I did
when I got here, right?
Every now and then
you help George.
You do good, then we'll see.
But Andre, one thing I need
to know is that I can trust you.
Can I trust you?
Yes, of course.
Buy yourself
some new clothes, huh?
You work for me now.
You gotta look sharp.
George will let you know
when you start.
Thank you.
I'll work hard.
I know you will.
[birds chirping]

Why did you want to meet?
I treated him
to full five courses.
[car door closes]
Welcome to Miriam's Jewelry.
This looks great, man.
Thank you.
Would you like some coffee?
Do I have to buy something
or how does this work, sir?
How's business, man?
Ahh, few local merchants dropped
by to introduce themselves.
It'll take some time.
No worries.
Where's Andre?
He should be here.
He said he was busy.
Busy being angry
with his father.
I can't say I blame him.
I let down his mother.
He's getting into trouble.
I can feel it.
He's always with that
friend of his.
I'm losing him.
Don't say that, man.
You worry too much.
It's your grand opening,
come on!
Andre's a good kid.
He's gonna be fine, Joseph.
Don't worry about it.
[upbeat music playing]
-Where are you going?
-Hey, I'm going to work.
Want a ride?
It's kind of far.
It's okay. Come on, get in.
You need to get yourself
a car in this town.
The buses here
are always running late.
This is where you work?
Nice place.
Umm, I'm early now.
You want to sit?
Where do you work?
I work at Ruti's
Boutique in the city.
I want to be a fashion
designer one day.
So I've been saving up money
to go to school in Paris.
Oh, my friend
and his family live in Paris.
Yeah, they moved there
after the earthquake.
They had to start a new life
in a new place.
It was hard for them at first,
but once in a while
he would send me
pictures of him and his family.
But I haven't received anything
ever since I moved here.
How did you get a job here?
Cyrus gave me the job.
Listen, I know you just got here
but you can't work for him.
Alex says if I work hard,
I can make a lot of money.
You need to stay away from Alex.
He's not who you think he is.
He's been helping me
ever since I got here.
You don't understand.
My brother, Grish,
he used to work for Cyrus.
Grish told him he didn't want
to work for him anymore
but Cyrus convinced him
to do one more job.
Then he can walk away.
They shot him in the car.
Right after the job.
Cyrus even paid for the funeral
so no one would
suspect anything,
but I know he had him killed.
That's what they do, Andre.
Is that what you want?
I didn't know.
He invites me to his parties
and I show up once in a while
so he thinks he has me fooled.
I wanted to go to the cops,
but I'm too scared
at what he'll do to me
or my mother.
Are you hungry? I brought
some extra food with me.
I don't have an appetite.
How about a soda?
No, thank you.
Umm, I have to get going.
Thank you for the ride.
Don't worry about it.
I didn't know
what to say to Sophia.
I felt bad about her brother,
but I didn't know him.
All I knew was I didn't want
to be a nobody in this country.
Are you Andre?
-Grab an apron.
Do the dishes.

My father told me
to each dirty dish
as look at a step closer
to being a waiter.
The smell of detergent
on my hands
and the ache of my feet was
a sign of success in America.
The money from my first shift
didn't even pay
for that stupid red vest.
Cyrus, on the other hand,
had a different definition.
To Cyrus, success was walking
into a jewelry wholesaler
in a new suit and casing
the place for a heist.
Once he started to trust me,
I was part of a crew that wasn't
cleaning up after others
but cleaning them out.

Sophia, uh, this is Andre.
Oh, hi Andre.
Sophia, I wanted
to thank you again
for, you know,
giving me a ride to work.
No problem.
I don't have
anything interesting to say.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Okay, well, maybe
try texting next time?
Oh, well, I wanted
to talk to you, too...
Pizza or Greek salad?
I wanted... I was just
uhh, what food you would like
to eat with me tomorrow.
Uhh, no thanks. I'm busy.
I have to go.
Oh, did I upset you?
No, umm, I just gotta go.
Oh, well, have a good night.
Thanks Andre. Bye.

That's them.
Wait for my mark.
Good morning.
This is heist.
Now I give you
set of directions.
You will follow in order.
Failure to follow directions
will be bad mistake.
Put gun and wallets in bag.
Three seconds. Go!
Turn off alarm. Five seconds.
Turn off wi-fi for camera.
-Ten seconds. Go!
-I can't shut it off.
Only the owner has access to it.
He's probably
watching you right now.
Fuck! Are you out of
your frickin' mind?
Next time do not speak
unless spoken to?
I was spoken to.
Open the locks.
You have four seconds. Go!
We now have IDs
and all information we need.
You do have option of reporting
little incident to police.
If you choose that,
it won't end up well for
you or family members.
Remember, employer will
most likely report incident
to insurance company
and claim loss.
So he's not losing money.
We appreciate
your cooperation this morning.
Have a nice day.

[speaking Russian]
[engine revving]
How much did they get?
According to the clerk,
around two hundred fifty grand.
No shit. Hell of a payday.
I reviewed the surveillance room
and the last couple of days.
There's something
you should look at.
Clerk was helping himself
to the merchandise
last night before the heist.
Christ... What a cluster-fuck.
How much did he get?
I haven't asked him
about it yet.
I want our guys
to do a tally first.
That way we know if he's lying
when we press him on it.
But he did say
a young guy came in
looking for
an engagement ring yesterday.
Maybe, uh, he was in a hurry
to get married, right?
Why should our schmucks
be the only ones to have fun?
Alright, look.
Let's, uh, let's have the
clerk come down to the station.
Probably nothing
but it couldn't hurt
to ask him a few questions.
So you don't want to look
into the young guy at all?
Why? The clerk's
the only one worth our time.
We can't question every shopper
that comes in here.
So... what do you think?
I think they're good.
They, uh, cleaned up without
a trace in under two minutes.
They clocked the place
so they'd be
outta here before we got here.
They're pros.
Jesus! Do you
ever clean your car?
It stinks in here.
I'll roll down the window.
It's 53 degrees outside.
I don't know
what to tell you, kid.
Toughen up.
Just go.

Hey guys, dinner's gonna be
ready in ten minutes!
I hope everyone's hungry.
I'm hungry.
Are you hungry, George?
Da, boss.
What are you doing in my house?
Are you outta your fuckin' mind?
I like to keep a close eye
on my investments.
What if my wife sees you?
Tell her Uncle Cyrus
is here to see the kids.
What do you want?
Is that any way to talk
to your business partner?
Oh, get this right.
We're not partners.
You happen to need my services.
That's it. I don't make
partners with the devil.
It's against my religion.
Hmm... You know shooting that
security guard was a bad move.
His father works for homicide.
That's why I paid
for your reelection.
So you make bad things go away.
Yeah, well, five hundred grand's
not enough to cover up
all the bullshit
you guys are pulling
in this town.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're getting a bargain.
Wow. What a greedy
little bastard you are.
Fuck you.
No, no.
You watch it...
I got a few things coming up
in the next couple of weeks.
I don't want those
two detectives of yours
asking too many questions.
I don't like questions
unless I'm asking them.
I know my end of the deal.
Yeah? Good!
I'm glad you do.
I see you've
been spending my money well.
Got a nice house here.
You know,
we saw... who did we se--
We saw your wife around town.
Brooke, is it, right?
Blonde? Hm?
And those two beautiful,
adorable kids.
Honey, I'm taking the trash out!
Let's go, George.
Have a nice night.

Look, do you know anything else
about the heist?
No. I'm telling you the truth.
I have no idea
who these guys were.
I really don't.
Alright, get the fuck
outta my office!
And you better get rid of those
rings quickly
or you'll see me again!
And next time, I won't
be so charming.
What about the owner?
Oh, fuck the owner!
You heard what he said.
He can afford to lose
a few rings...
Alright, alright.
I'll, uh, send the two eds over
to talk to him, okay?
You're a real pain in the ass.
You know that, Sanchez?
Like my wife.
Yeah, but you like it.
For the record, I'm used to it.
I don't like it.
Hi Sophia!
Andre, you look different.
What are you doing here?
I got
you a small gift to thank you.
It was just a ride.
It wasn't a big deal.
To me it was a big deal.
You didn't have
to do that, you know.
It was really nice of you.
Please. It's just a small gift.
This is not small.
I can't accept this.
Please take it. It took me
a while to find it for you.
Well, I'm sure wherever you
got it from, you can return it.
Oh, okay, well
I just thought maybe--
Look, Andre, I'm sorry
if I hurt your feelings.
You didn't hurt my feelings.
I mean, if that's how you feel,
that's how you feel.
Well, that's how I feel.
You know why I got it for you?
Because the diamonds
sparkle like your eyes.
Here, let me show it to you.
You see how they shine
just like your eyes.
You know, that's
a stupid pick-up line.
What line?
Your eyes
shine like the diamonds?
Well, I really meant it, Sophia.
Well, thank you.
It's a very lovely
and thoughtful gift.
Did you wanna get
something to eat?
I can't today.
I have to help my mother.
Oh, I can help!
My mother?
Yeah, you know,
show her my respects.
-I'd like to meet her.
-No, no, no, no, no.
That's very nice of you,
but absolutely not!
Look, Sophia, I like you.
I like being around you.
I like the way you talk,
how smart you are,
how confident
and beautiful you are.
I liked you since
the first time I saw you...
I'm trying so hard
for you to like me,
but if you don't like me,
just me tell now
and I'll never bother you again.
I have to go clock out.
My mother wants me to pick up
groceries on my way home.
What's that?
What? Groceries?
She wants me to pick up
food for the house.
Ohhhh! Yeah, yeah, I can
definitely help out
with that, yeah.
-I don't want to, uh--
-I'm only helping, Sophia.
Look, I even went
and got myself some new clothes
so you're not
embarrassed with me.
Come on, we'll go with my car.
I'll take you
wherever you want to go.
You got a car, too?
More like a gift.
Don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.
You're playing with fire.
You're only helping me
with the groceries.
You are not meeting my mother.
Maybe I'll meet her next time.
Okay, okay.
Whenever you're ready,
you'll let me know.
Don't touch anything.
I'll be right back.
Once upon a time,
a man meets a woman.
They get in a car
and they drive.
Sometimes you are
in the presence
of something you can't explain.
Sophia made me feel that way.
What you got for us, Kim?
Word out here
is they got help on the inside.
Inside these stores?
-The employees?
-Inside your department.
What?! Inside job?
No fucking way!
I don't know.
Look, whoever is doing this,
sends a good-looking kid
to pull off the jobs.
You need them to make a mistake.
But from what I hear,
they don't make mistakes.
Catch person helping them
on the inside,
and then you got your guy.
Why the hell do I even pay you?
So angry!
Such a shame.
Remember, Stark.
It is better to conquer yourself
than to win a thousand battles.
Get the fuck outta here, Kim.
Looks like you were right.
Lover boy's our guy.
Call your hundred.
Raise you two.
Hey! It's so good to see you!
Come on in.
Welcome. Come in, come in.
I hope you're hungry.
I got you something...
Here, open it.
You don't have
to keep getting me gifts.
I want to...
Well? Do you like it?
It's beautiful.
You deserve anything you want
and I wanna be the one
to give them to you.
Please listen to me.
You know you can't afford this.
This is dangerous.
-I can handle Cyrus.
-You keep saying that.
You have no idea what he's
capable of doing to you
or your father.
I don't want this life,
do you understand?
I look over my shoulder
every time I leave the house.
I want a new life.
A new start.
Away from here.
Away from Cyrus.
Can you give me that?
Hey, don't worry about it.
Answer me.
I won't let anything happen
to you or your mother.
I won't let anything
happen to you.
I promise you.

Your rent is late again,
my friend.
How's Andre doing?
Eh, the good things
he gets from his mother.
Of course the stupid shit
he does,
that's definitely his father.
Joseph's starting to worry.
Says he never sees him.
He's working, right?
He's making more money
than that
pathetic father will ever make.
What if he connects the dots?
What dots?
My fee.
For putting him in touch
with your guys in Helendale.
He won't.
Come on.
He's getting Tiffany product
for JC Penny prices.
Even he's smart enough not
to ask questions
with that kind of a deal.
Okay, it's coming up.
Turn here.
Picked a nice place for him.
The fuck are we doing here?!
I was thinking of maybe paying
him a visit one of these days.
Cyrus, I thought that,
you know...
Thought what?
What did you think?
That he was your brother?
That I was gonna stay away?
He spent his whole life
savings on this place.
He took something
far more precious from me.
I think now it's
time to collect.
He's my only brother.
You sold him out
before he even got here.
Now what, you're
having buyer's remorse?
You know, Miriam always told me
that you were the weakest
one in the family.
Always looking for a handout.
Always broke.
Get the fuck outta my car.
Cyrus, please don't hurt him.
You already collected.
You have his son!
Get out!
[snaps tongue]

[soft music playing]
Pull over.
You took her from me...
You have her marry that
And then you took her for good.
Pap, what are you doing here?
This is how I meet your father?
You told me
he was with your uncle tonight.
I did. Sophia!
Sohia, wait!
That's all I want to know.
This how we raised you?
I demand an answer.
You show me no respect.
Avoiding me
every chance you get.
What did you expect?
I don't know you anymore!
How you get money for new car.
And now you disgrace
your late mother
by bringing this whore
into my home!
Don't you ever say that again!
I loved my mother.
You're the one that brought
a whore into her bed.
You never loved her.
You gave her a broken heart
and now she's dead.
You brought shame to my mother.
Not me.
[door closes]
Well if you're not gonna help
me, then I won't help you.
I will not be a good shepherd.
You hear me?
I will not be a good shepherd.
-You know what's going on?
-No idea.
Come on, boys.
We're celebrating today.
You did very good last month.
Everybody gets a little
appreciation from me.
My boy, Andre.
Good work.
Getting better.
I knew why we were there.
Cyrus had already told me
about his plan.
I thought he was crazy.
But he looked happy.
He seemed at peace.
It didn't feel right.
I got something coming up
in the next couple of weeks.
Something a little different
than what you're normally
used to.
You're gonna make a score,
but at a wedding.
Lots of cash and jewels.
Gifts for the bride.
-Who's getting married?
-Emma Bedrosian.
Who the hell is Emma Bedrosian?
Her father is the biggest wine
distributor in the country.
No shit.
I don't know about the wedding.
At least with the jewelry stores
we still have a set plan.
Hey, you're talking too much.
Just sit there and listen.
Are you done, Eddy?
Is it okay if I continue?
Now I know this job
is a little different
than what you're used to.
But it's a sure thing
if everybody does
what they're supposed to do.
We got our boy here, Andre,
working at the wedding.
So we have someone on the inside
so we know what's happening.
There'll be plenty for all of us
to take a nice vacation
when this is all done.
George will fill you in
at the end of the month.
Come on, drink up, boys.
Your ship has sailed in.
In a couple of weeks,
we're laughing all the way
to the bank, huh?
[speaking in Armenian]
How's your father?
Is he still angry?
He's hardly a father.
You're gonna have
to make it work with him.
It's useless.
One day you're gonna
have to forgive him.
Next to me, he's all you have.
I don't need him anymore.
Maybe he needs you.
Cyrus wants us
to take down a wedding.
What? What do you mean
take down the wedding?
He wants us to take down
the Bedrosian wedding.
He says the gifts for the bride
can be worth a lot of money.
He wants you to steal
from a wedding?
Are you out of your mind?
Do you have any idea
how crazy that sounds?
You have to stop.
This is not the life you want!
Don't you think I know?
What choice do I have?
Look, I have a plan.
After this job,
I'll send the money to my friend
I told you about
who lives in Paris.
I talked to him the other day.
I told him all about you and
how you want to live in Paris.
He'll take some of the money
and find us a new place.
This is our chance
for a new life together.
That's not a plan.
You might as well put a gun
in your mouth and shoot.
You think Cyrus won't
be looking for us?
What about my mother?
I don't wanna live my life
in fear, don't you understand?
If you go through with this,
not only do you
jeopardize your life
but everyone who loves you...
You're serious about this,
aren't you?
How selfish can you be?
Sophia, I know what I'm doing.
No, you don't!
You're just a little boy.
I made a big mistake.
I don't wanna be
with you anymore.
I tried to help you, but
you didn't want to listen to me.
I can't be around all this.
-It's too dangerous.
-Hey, hey.
This is my last job,
I promise you.
You know who told me that?
My brother.
Look where he ended up.
I am not your brother.
I can handle Cyrus.
I love you.
I want to marry you, Sophia.
I don't wanna marry you.
Don't call me.
Forgive your father.
He's the only one you have now.
Sophia! Sophia!
[engine revving]
When I was a kid,
they found a Russian bomb
beneath the playground
of our school.
It had been there
since World War II.
For years, I had played
on top of something
that could blow me to bits,
and escaped.
The clerk from the wholesaler
we hit wasn't so fortunate.
Can I come in?
Yes, sir.
Seems we have some
jewelry thieves
who aren't content
with simply stealing.
I understand
they like to murder, too.
Not good.
So I'm running again
for Police Commissioner.
What's the plan here?
Well, uh, it's been tough, sir.
We don't even know who they are.
They leave no trace.
No one's been able to ID them.
I understand there's gonna be
a jewelry convention
coming up at the Galleria Center
down at the Mission District.
You think these guys
are gonna try and score?
Well, uh, it's been hard to say.
I mean, I don't think
they make a move
unless they know
it's a sure thing.
Goddamn it, Stark.
Jesus. I need a hell of a lot
more confidence in your tone.
Yes, sir.
I want these guys
put behind bars, period.
Put every cop you got.
Secure the Mission District.
-Yes, sir.
-Every cop.
I want these sons of bitches
behind bars...
Be safe out there.
Yes, sir.
Cyrus, it's set.
No cops will be there
for twenty minutes.
They are otherwise engaged.
The wedding
will be clear for you.
I knew there was a good reason
to keep you around.
Don't forget
to transfer the money
into my account by tonight.
And tell your scumbags
not to shoot anyone.
I don't wanna waste my time
reading bullshit
reports all day.
The white gold is doing well.
I like to order the pearls, too.
Yeah, their pearls
are really popular.
How much?
Hm, that's pretty expensive.
No, no, send them.
I'll have the money.
You want some lunch?
You cannot be angry
at me forever.
As much as you want to be away
from me,
I won't let you go.
You are your mother's
pride jewel, son.
I know what I did
hurt you and your mother.
But I cannot change the past.
All I can do now
is be a father to you.
But you have to let me.
You're my life, son.
You hear me?
If you need me,
you know where to find me.
[door closes]
[door closes]
You serve this
to your customers?
It stinks.
I thought you were dead.
I was resurrected.
I've come here
to collect what's owed to me.
I don't owe you anything.
No, no, no,
you definitely owe me.
How Miriam tolerated
your side of the family,
I'll never understand.
Get out.
You have no business here.
You fucking donkey.
Do you have any idea how lucky
you are to be alive, huh?
Have a little respect
when you fucking talk to me.
Now, I hear you owe
your suppliers money.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
-Oh no?
Hm, do you think every immigrant
jeweler who comes here,
fresh off the boat, no credit,
finds a perfect place
to set up shop,
and a vendor to supply him?
Got it?
Come on, you're not that stupid.
But today's
your lucky day, Joseph.
I paid your debt.
This morning.
What, no thank you?
Can you believe that?
George back there,
he's gonna come
by at the end of every month.
To collect.
My cut is sixty percent.
Get out of my store, you leech!
Sixty percent.
Or maybe your little boy
doesn't have the money
to drive a nice car,
or buy nice clothes.
Or maybe...
maybe he'll
go and see his mother.
Stay away from him.
You understand?
Stay away from him, please.
He's just a boy.
He deserves a life.
Your problem has been
with me all your life.
Not him, please.
I'll walk away.
You can have the store.
Just stay away from him.
Miriam had a choice
not to marry me.
You know why she chose me?
Because after you left her,
like a coward,
she finally realized
that she gave her precious heart
to a man without honor.
I've made mistakes in my life.
And I pay the price now.
But you--
You're a lost soul.
Twenty years
you have been in this country.
And what do you do?
The same thing.
You think you're a big shot,
a tough guy 'cause you have
a gun and money, nice clothes.
But you know what you are?
You're a low-life nobody!
[heavy breathing]
She never loved you!
Take that to your grave!
[tense music playing]
[speaking in Russian]
When I get back,
the money better be ready.
-What did you get me into?
-What's going on, man?
showed up at my door today!
Cyrus? Cyrus is dead.
-You liar!
-What are you talking about?
-All this was a setup?
What are you talking about?
The jewelry store! Suppliers!
All lies!
I spent my whole life savings!
I'm left with nothing!
What are you talking about, man?
-Come on!
Don't lie!
How much he pay you?!
I was trying to help you
and Andre.
Help? What help?
What a fool I was
to believe you.
I came here for a new start.
This is what you do to me.
You're my brother.
We have the same mother.
I was trying to help you
and Andre.
Believe me. I was trying
to help you and Andre.
Get away from me.
We are no longer family.
If you come near us again
ever, I will kill you.
I'm the shit.
Where are you? There he is.
God, you know
how much I love you.
Who's the big dog?
How you doing, Alex?
Fucking great, man!
It is my favorite
time of the day.
Hm, you want some?
-No thanks.
-Alright, suit yourself.
I need to ask you for a favor.
Sure. What is it?
I need forty
five hundred dollars.
Yeah, okay. Sure.
You know I promise I'll
pay you back, right?
I know.
So, you ready for next week?
I guess.
I'm worried
something can go wrong.
Really? Like what?
I don't know.
It's too big of a job.
Too many people.
You worry too much, man.
Just stick to the plan
and you'll have so much money
you won't even know
what to do with it.
Who shakes down a wedding?
Cyrus, that's who!
What if we tell him
we don't wanna do it, you know.
Tell him it's too dangerous.
Wait, what?
Whatever you're smoking
has to be much better
than what I'm taking.
-I'm serious!
-I'm serious, too!
You see how I live my life!
It's fucking shit!
This man, he took me in.
I'm a fucking junkie, Andre!
He took me in, he taught me
everything that I know!
And you want me
to turn my back on him
just because you're
scared to do a job?
Fucking wow.
You had no problem
giving Sophia a stolen necklace,
and now you're having
second thoughts
about doing a shakedown
at a goddamn wedding?
Fucking fabulous!
Just change your mind!
Let me tell you something,
and you listen to me fucking
loud and clear, you got this?
You're a part of us now,
and you don't bite
the hand that feeds you.
You got that?
Hey! You understand?
You're gonna do this job
and you're gonna do it
with a fucking smile
on your face.

[tense music playing]
[people talking indistinctly]
[over radio]
We need more sparkling water
in the tent, okay?
Erin, can you get on that?
Then I need someone
to retap the beer and--
Hey, guy, can you hear me?
Loud and clear, buddy.
We're in position.

[door squeaking]
Cash box is in the office.
Wait for my signal.
[doorbell ringing]
[upbeat music playing]
When I saw the bride, all I
could think about was Sophia.
That she should be the one
wearing the wedding dress
and I should be
dancing beside her.
I had made the wrong choice.
But Cyrus was an island
unto himself and I was stranded.
I had to do this
and hope the money
was enough to get far, far away.
One security guard
in the office.
One in the tent.
Meet me at the service entrance
and take the cash box first.
I repeat,
take the cash box first.
Okay, it's time.
[tense music playing]
Andre, the cash box is here,
but the guard isn't.
Where the fuck is
the second guard, Andre?
Care to say a few words
about the happy couple?
Come on, don't be shy. Come on!
Get that thing outta my face!
Hey man, don't touch the camera.
Just put them
in the fucking bag... Idiot.
What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
Jesus, we're on a job.
Relax, it's just Snickers.
I'm gonna go freshen up.
Looks like the bride is going
inside with the bridesmaid.
They went upstairs.
You can get the necklace now
if you move.
Remember, no one gets shot.
I need to use the lady's room.
-I'll be right back.
Don't scream.
All the jewelry in the bag now.
You have ten seconds. Go.
I will not spare your life.
Now you have seven seconds.
You forgot something.
Come on.
Listen, you have your
whole life ahead of you.
If love is real,
he'll buy you another.
Let it go...
On the ground.
Don't move for ten minutes.
You look very lovely.
Have a wonderful life.
[bride screaming]
Oh shit! Get down!
George, get down!
[speaking in Russian]
Watch out!
Alex, kill him!
Got him, fuck!
Leave him. Let's go!
Come on, let's go!
[heavy breathing]
[sirens wailing]
Come on, come on!
[sirens wailing]
-Drive! Drive, goddamn it!
-Where's George?
Hey, you're a reporter, right?
Yeah, why?
-Look at this.
-What do you got?
A high risk jewelry heist
took place
at the posh Bedrossian wedding,
just behind me earlier today.
The family has set aside
a reward worth two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars,
to whoever can identify
one of the fugitives
or identify the mastermind
behind this sophisticated heist.
So far, we know that this man
is believed to be involved.
If you have any information,
you're encouraged to contact
the Napa County Sheriff's Office
at seven zero seven, two five--
[doorbell ringing]
Brother... Hear me out.
I have an idea to help Andre.
Did you get it? Yeah,
everything's inside the bag.
Where is everybody?
I don't know. Alex and Andre
were supposed to be here.
Where's George?
George got shot in the leg.
He couldn't move.
I killed him.
You killed him?
You did the right thing.
-Where the fuck are you?
-I'm on the way.
No! Shut the fuck up,
you junkie!
What did I tell you?
-Are you high right now?
You said you were
gonna take care of Andre.
His face is all over
the fucking news!
-I'm not high.
-No-- You know what?
Forget about it.
Forget it.
'Cause I'm talking to a corpse.
I want you to give that junkie
a rush he's never had.
And I want you
to take care of Andre.
Right? Take care of Andre.
You got it, boss.
No more screw-ups.
What are you doing here, son?
It's okay.
Come on.
Follow us home.
I can't go home.
They'll find me there.
Uncle Davit started this
and maybe he could end it.
He told my father and Sophia
something big.
It was like handing me a gun
with one bullet against an army.
But all I could do was take aim
and pull the trigger.
Yeah, hello.
Listen, you little shit,
if you're playing games with me
I'm gonna rip
your fucking throat out
when I find out who this is.
You get me?
Is this Mr. Bedrossian?
Who the fuck is this?
I have information
on Cyrus Khazarian.
I know where the jewels are.
Do you represent the family?
Yeah, I represent them.
Can we meet in person, please?
Meet me at the shipyard.
4PM tomorrow.
You be there.
Well, give me some good news.
I can't find him.
You find him!
You understand?
You know what?
Fuck it. Forget it.
I'll find him myself.
Cyrus. You scared me.
Why would I scare you?
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for Andre.
Do you know where he is?
I don't know.
My mother doesn't allow me
to see him anymore.
Oh, your mother. Yeah.
Your mother's very smart.
He's no good, Sophia. No good.
If you know where he is,
I really need to talk to him.
I don't know.
You know,
when I was younger,
I knew a girl like you.
She was much better than me.
I never truly
respected her power.
For decades, I kept
trying to find her,
or find someone just like her.
The one power I had over her
was I could always tell
when she was lying to me.
If you know where he is,
and you're trying
to protect him,
it's not a good idea.
I want to help him.
I like Andre.
So if you know where he is,
please let me know.
I would.
You know I would.
But I really don't.
You watch over your mother,
You're lucky to have her.
Oh, that's beautiful.
I'll be away for a while.
But I'll always know
where you are... Sophia.
[phone ringing]
I know you.
Your face is all over the news.
You got the money?
You think I walk around
with two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars in my pocket.
First you're gonna tell me
what I wanna know.
Come on, Davit.
This can all stop.
Just tell me where Andre is.
How do I know if I tell you
what you want to know,
you won't arrest me?
Well, you don't.
And if you lie to me,
I'll be up your ass
so fast
you wouldn't know what to do.
And there's a catch.
What's the catch?
Well, I arrange the money.
I get ninety percent
off the top.
No way.
I'm taking all the risks!
I don't even know if you'll
let me go!
Come on. You know. Look at me.
You know.
Just tell me where he is.
I'll stop all this right now.
The way I see it, you only got
one option.
I could shoot you dead
right here right now.
Nobody would give a rat's ass.
But you know something?
Maybe you're right.
You take your chances.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
I'll tell you, but I walk away
from this whole thing, right?
Ahh, I guess you're not as weak
as I thought you were.
But now you're
being fucking stupid.
Look at me.
You're being stupid, Davit.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where is he?!
Are you gonna talk or what?
Cyrus sends the jewels
to a couple guys
at the Glenoaks Apartments
in Helendale.
San Bernardino?
Look, I said I don't know.
Okay, Davit.
You'll pick up the cash at
a small park down at the Marina.
There'll be a surfboard
have no business
on top of a green statue.
Underneath the surfboard,
you'll find
a grocery bag
with your money in it.
Just make sure you keep
your nose clean in this town.
'Cause if you don't, I'll
put you away in a heartbeat.
Where's Andre?!
Fuck you!
Elmer! Come on, Viola!
Follow me. Come here. Come here.
One for you. Wow!
Nice of you to join us.
-Ahh, my pleasure.
-Let's do this.
Let me do the honors.
This fucking guy, huh?
Oh, it's good. It's good.
Don't fuckin' move!
Let me see your hands, asshole!
Stand up. Behind your back.
Turn around.
Put 'em behind your back slowly.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used
against you in the court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you can't afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you.
Do you understand your rights?
Fuck your rights.
Let me talk to him... alone.
You two wait outside...
This is what happens
when you threaten my family.
You're nothing
but a fucking low-life.
You better hope I don't get out.
That won't be a problem.
Stark! Sanchez!
Sir, there's a reporter outside.
Already. Hm, I'll talk to 'em.
I'm happy to say today
that our dedicated detectives
arrested Cyrus Khazaryan,
mastermind behind a 1.6 million
dollar jewelry heist
that took place
at Emma Bedrossian's wedding.
This arrest wouldn't
have been possible
without Mr Bedrossian's
assistance and generosity.
There are still three
fugitives at large
but rest assured
we have got credible leads
and we're following
these leads aggressively.
I do have a message
for the fugitives.
If you think
you're getting away,
you're making a big mistake.
We are coming for you.
We will find you.
And we will arrest you.
So make it easy on yourselves.
Where you going?
Hey, I was just
coming to your place.
Really? Why?
To see if you were doing okay.
Why wouldn't I be doing okay?
And why are you lying to me?
I'm not lying to you!
So where have you been?
I've been laying low.
See? You lied to me again.
And I fucking hate liars.
-After all we did!
-Oh wait, wait.
So once upon a time,
a man travels across the sea
with his father
in search of a better life,
and spins the wheel of fortune.
He meets some bad people
and does some bad things.
Until one day, he meets a woman
and falls in love.
She takes his hand and leads him
away, and they have a child.
He works twelve hours a day.
And for the first time
he feels rich.
I don't live like a king
and I still don't
make much money,
but I finally understand
that word: fortune.
Hey stranger!
Forgot your wallet.
Don't lose your ID.
People can find out
where you live...
You have a beautiful wife.
Who was that?
Come on, your father's
waiting for us--
ah, did you get my mom's pills?
I did. Don't worry.
I wish I could say
I'd forgotten my past.
But my past won't forget me.