Pride of the Marines (1945) Movie Script

turner entertainment group
man, voice-over:
This is philadelphia, 1941.
Everybody's got a hometown.
This one's mine.
My name is schmid.
Al schmid.
Maybe you've heard of me,
maybe not.
Anyhow, one way or another,
what i've got to tell you
starts here in philly.
I grew up here.
Used to go to places
like independence hall.
That's where
the liberty bell is,
and where the declaration
of independence was signed.
When i went to school,
we used to visit the museums
and famous places
like constitution hall.
Our first congress met
right here at tun tavern,
where the u. s. Marines
were founded back in 1775.
And this is where
betsy ross lived.
You heard about her, i guess.
She made the first
american flag.
None of these things meant
a whole lot to me then.
When you grow up with something,
you kind of take it for granted.
And the reason you're
seeing these places now
is just because this
is where my story begins.
But it could have
begun anywhere.
It could have begun
in your hometown maybe.
And what happened to me
might have happened to you.
Hey, look what i got.
Say, what's the idea?
What are the flowers for?
Somebody kick the bucket?
No. First bouquet
i ever bought for a gal in my life,
and they're for
your wife.
Say, what are you doing?
I got tired
of buying batteries.
I'm hooking this up
to the house circuit.
What do you know
about electricity?
Nothing, but it
ought to work.
Might set
the house afire.
Short circuit.
Where's ella mae?
On your anniversary?
It was her idea.
Girl: Hi, al!
Hi, loretta.
Those flowers for me?
Nope. For your
hard-working mom, honey.
Gee willikers.
If anybody ever
gave me flowers,
i'd fall flat
on my face.
Mrs. Merchant,
when a star boarder
buys a bunch of posies for his landlady,
you know
she's a swell gal.
Happy anniversary.
the only couple
i know that are happy though married.
One of these days,
you'll be bringing flowers
home to a wife
of your own.
Then there'll be
two happy couples.
I live alone and like it.
You live alone
and look it.
Wait till
you live double.
It's more fun.
Aw, those flowers
are beautiful, al. Thanks.
Now you better
get ready for dinner.
Come on, al,
let's go get shaved.
I should have thought
of that myself.
What do you shave for, al?
Oh, to make me handsome.
I think you're
handsome already.
I think you're beautiful.
Do you like girls, al?
I sure do.
When did you first
start liking girls?
Well, when i found out
they weren't boys.
Well, if you like girls,
how do you know you're
gonna be a bachelor?
'Cause i ain't gonna
ever get married. Ever.
I wish i could shave, too.
Oh, that's easy.
Here. Sit right here.
Slap on the soap.
Feels good.
It tickles!
Now lift your head.
Al, ma says she knows
lots of legible girls.
Yeah, i know that already.
Mom can get almost
anybody married, pop says.
That's why she invites
all those girls here to meet you.
Ma says someday you're
gonna get hooked.
Not me.
If i do, i won't be
a bachelor anymore, see?
I'll tell you a secret
if you give me a big kiss.
You know, i am
gonna get married.
Oh, 5, 6 years from now.
To me?
Oh, you wouldn't
really marry me.
Honest to pete, i would.
Oh, gee!
I'll always remember
the first time i shaved,
you did it.
I put my car
in the garage.
Wouldn't you know it?
It rained on my anniversary.
Never in all my born
days did i ever see a prettier table.
Candles and everything.
Oh, those flowers
are beautiful, al.
You do know the way
to a woman's heart.
You know,
the funniest thing happened today.
I ran into a girl
i used to know.
Pretty as a picture.
Nice manners, and she's
a good bowler, too.
Ruth bowled 500.
300 is tops.
What's the extra 200
for, good behavior?
Maybe. I don't know
anything about bowling.
Ella mae, stop being
mrs. Cupid, will you?
Ditch the bow and arrow.
Girls are great
for laughs,
like those silly hats
they wear.
Don't bring
any new girls around here, please.
Well, anyway, she's
a wonderful bowler.
You blew a fuse, jim!
I fix something,
then everything
goes black.
Loretta: Daddy,
the lights are out!
Jim: Yes, dear,
i know they're out.
You're sure
a great electrician.
Thanks for
the compliment.
Ella mae: Jim,
the lights went out!
Jim: Don't you think
i know it?
Did you ring the bell?
Yes, and sparks
flew out.
We blew a fuse.
Don't the merchants
live here anymore?
Yeah, i'm al schmid.
I board here.
I suppose your name
is ruth.
How did you know?
Ella mae was te...
it's silly for you
to be standing out there.
Come on in.
Jim: Confound it!
Where's the stairway?
Hi, ruth.
Gotta find some fuses.
Why don't you
take that thing off before it flies away?
Hat. Hat.
Ella mae: Jim,
something's burning on the stove,
and i can't see
a thing.
Jim: Find a safe spot
and sit.
Where's ella mae?
The kitchen. Have a sofa.
Loretta: I fell over
a waste basket, daddy!
Jim: Then pick yourself up.
Ella mae and i used to
work in the same office.
Jim and i, we work
in the same factory.
That must be nice.
Loretta: I bumped
into the door, daddy!
Ella mae: Jim, do you
know what you're doing?
Of course i know
what i'm doing! I'm fixing it!
Loretta: Did you
get a shock, daddy?
Ella mae: Put a penny
in the fuse.
I just got a shock taking
a penny out of the fuse!
Don't let anybody
ring the doorbell.
You see how simple it is?
They have a lovely home,
haven't they?
I suppose you'd like one
yourself someday.
Well, yes, someday i'd
like a home of my own.
I thought so.
On the installment plan.
Most couples
start out that way.
Hmm. They sure do.
The flowers are nice.
So many of them, it's
almost like a wedding.
A wedding? Oh, boy,
that's a hot one.
You're way ahead on
your installments, sister.
Hi, ruth.
Well, you two are
good friends already.
Yep. I feel
as if i met her dozens of times.
Well, isn't that nice?
Come on upstairs, ruth.
Stuck a pin
in the doorbell.
What gives?
Ella mae has got to
stop picking out girls for me to marry.
I'm fed up. I just
can't take it anymore.
She doesn't mean
to be a nuisance, al.
It's just kind of
a disease with her.
I'm gonna cure her.
Bowls 500.
What's the score?
You've got 220.
Ruth's got 40.
Bowls 500, does she?
How much longer
does that poor girl have to take this?
He's making her feel
like a monkey.
Not that he isn't
enjoying himself.
Every once in a while
those pins act like they're nailed down.
He's using her
to tell you off.
That's what you think.
Jim, what are you doing?
I'm gonna fix
this gadget.
It's out of focus.
You'll do no such thing.
Yeah, but...
you'll be sued. Now,
put that toolkit away.
Put that toolkit away.
Yes, dear.
You know, i figured out
what's wrong.
This alley must be warped.
So is your sense
of humor.
Hey, what do you say
we drop over to webber's
and schlup up
a few beers, huh?
Aw, but ruthie hasn't
hit her stride yet.
Aw, come on, al.
She wants to get
her game going, don't you, ruthie?
Yes. I'd enjoy
another game.
Well, come on, dear.
Good night, kids.
Have a good time.
Good night.
Good night, all.
Thanks for dinner.
You be good.
Well, champ,
start bowling.
You know, i think
there's something wrong with the way i play.
You don't mean it.
I'd be terribly grateful
if you'd show me how you do it.
Well, i'll tell you,
it takes a long time
to learn.
Not with a wonderful
bowler like you to teach me.
Well, uh...
well, um, you, um,
bring the ball all the way
back like this...
now i see where all
your power comes from.
And then you let it go
like that.
Oh, i'm so sorry,
but the way you moved
your legs was so graceful,
i forgot to watch
your grip on the ball.
Oh. Like this.
And that little step
you do...
is that one
of your secrets for success?
Oh, well,
that was a mistake.
You made a mistake?
I was a little nervous.
You, al schmid, nervous?
Now, look, are you
gonna try what i just showed you?
I could never do
that cute little step.
Now you're angry.
I'm not angry!
Either put the ball down
or throw it.
I didn't say on my foot!
I missed your foot.
By 1/4 of an inch.
How would you feel if...
from the way you've
been acting tonight,
i didn't think you knew
what feelings were.
See here, this wanting
to bowl was just a gag?
Now, don't spoil things
by acting intelligent.
Are you trying to make
a monkey out of me?
It wasn't hard.
You're not very bright.
Is that right?
Now maybe you know
how i've been feeling all evening,
thanks to you.
Thanks to me?
Who asked you on this date? Not me.
You cooked it up
yourself with ella mae
so you could hook
yourself a husband.
You wanted me
to cooperate.
Well, i didn't.
I'm no dummy.
When i take out
a dame... look out!
I don't know what
you expected from this date, mr. Schmid,
but i certainly
didn't expect you.
Ella mae said there'd
just be jim and her.
And as far
as i'm concerned,
i've spent a dreary evening
with an awful drip.
Hi, ruth.
Ride you home?
Go away.
But our little boy
is sick, ruth.
He keeps crying
for you.
You can't desert him
like this.
Stop being a clown
and go away.
But he didn't sleep
all last night.
He kept crying, "mommy,
dear! Mommy, dear!"
It's all right if you
don't love me anymore,
but you can't desert
an innocent boy.
You ought to be ashamed
of yourself.
It's all nonsense.
I don't even know him.
Young man,
is this just a pickup?
Does she look like
she don't know me?
Or do i have to go as far
as to tell you
she happens to have
a mole on her...
excuse me.
Take my advice,
young woman.
You'll go home
to your child.
Go on, sister.
Go home to your kid.
Probably crying
its head off.
It's all right.
It's got two of them.
Two heads.
Imagine that.
You know, you acted
just like you didn't like my looks.
Oh, you're not
so bad-looking.
You'd say so, even if
you didn't think so.
You'd think so,
even if i didn't say so.
Why don't you answer
the phone sometime?
I do. Depends on
who's at the other end.
You know, i struck up
quite a friendship with your uncle ralph,
except he's a little
too old to date.
Try harder.
He won't hook you.
I'm apologizing, see?
How about if we
throw away the rest of the cards
and start with
a new deck, huh?
How about you keeping
your eyes on the road?
Would you mind driving
a little faster?
It's my birthday tomorrow,
and i have a dinner date
to celebrate it tonight.
You got a date
to celebrate tonight for tomorrow?
It don't make sense.
Does it have to?
Why are you slowing down?
It feels like my left
rear needs some air.
If you stop, i walk.
I guess i was wrong
about my left rear.
Is that your date
waiting for you in front of your house?
Yes, it is.
Hey, what's the idea?
What's the matter?
Didn't you see my car?
See it? I hit it, didn't i?
Who are you?
Al schmid. You want to
make something of it?
Don't stay out too late,
I'll be back at 10:30.
What makes men
do such crazy things?
Uncle ralph!
Is that the doorbell?
Uncle ralph!
Uncle ralph!
It's 10:30, sweetheart.
Happy birthday tomorrow.
Can i interest you in
a whirlwind courtship?
Say, any loose
bowling balls around here?
Uh-uh. Don't say it.
What girl wants to
stay home on the night before her birthday?
You don't have to
worry about me.
I've got plenty
of boyfriends.
Then i'll start at
the bottom of the list
and work myself up
to number one man.
You start going with me,
and you're liable to get hooked.
Stop throwing that hook
at me, will you?
After tonight,
if you still don't want any part of me,
i'll... i'll leave
I'm going to bed.
How about celebrating
your birthday tomorrow
with me
and something special,
like going
to the fights?
Save that
for your birthday.
Ice hockey?
Roller skating?
Oh, i get it.
You either want
to exercise or see other people exercise.
Oh, don't get me
wrong, ruth.
I'll do anything
you say.
Like going hunting?
Believe me, ruthie,
there's nothing like it
when the weather
is cool and crisp
and frost is in the air.
You're glad to be alive,
and, oh, it feels good
to smell those autumn leaves burning.
You can hear
the coon dogs running.
Honest, it's great.
Hi, ruth!
Coffee perkin'?
It's on the fire.
If it gets cold again,
why, we'll keep warm.
We've got plenty
of wood.
Boy, when i get out in
the country like this,
i don't know why i ever
came back to the city.
Why did you?
After my ma died,
my old man got married again, see,
so i hit the road.
Where's the corn?
Right there.
I was just a kid,
but i could take it.
How old were you when
you started to work?
That's kind of young
to be on your own, isn't it?
How about you?
Oh, i like it.
I like to live
Even if the money
ain't much.
At the end of that year
i saved 8 bucks.
Right now
i'm sitting pretty.
S burner
at the foundry.
Making 40 bucks a week,
trying hard
to spend it all.
You want to help me
spend it?
Easy come, easy go, hmm?
Easy come nothing.
It's hard work.
What's the use of making
dough if you can't have any fun out of it?
You might save some
for a rainy day.
What rainy day?
Ain't gonna be any.
I got it all arranged.
Every day is gonna be
sunday in summer.
No responsibilities,
no worries,
no waiting around
on women.
Real rugged, aren't you?
You know what?
No, what?
You're the best girl
i ever took any place.
You know what i like
about you?
I can't imagine.
I like the way
you stand up to me.
I like
the way you curl up in the car seat.
I like the way you don't
jabber all the time and you sit quiet.
I like the way you laugh
at my corny jokes.
I like the way
you listen.
I like it when you
say you're gonna do something, you do it,
and you don't make up
a lot of silly excuses.
Silly excuses about what?
Oh, about going out.
I didn't think
you would.
Look where we are.
That's the second time you've
kissed me without warning.
You want a warning
next time?
Like what?
Oh, something like hello.
That's a fair enough
You brown-eyed devil.
Jim, what in heaven's name
are you doing?
I'm fixing the radio.
It just so happens
that the adjuster case
and stud for
the oscillator coil
are too close to
the 5-point female plug for the speaker cable.
What does that mean?
It means the beginning
of the end of our radio.
This thing snores.
Ah ha ha.
Ha ha.
Have a rug
with the boyfriend.
This prince valiant,
oh, he's a real rugged fella.
Here, have a comic.
Jim: Boy, what i'd give
for two weeks in canada now, huntin' bear.
Let's go. I'm ready.
Oh, no, not with
my responsibilities.
Dinner's almost ready.
Jim, call loretta.
5 bucks it works.
I haven't got 5 bucks.
Jim and ella mae
have picked out
their favorite joint
for new year's eve.
Want to come with me,
or should i look up
in my address book
and find some good-looking dame?
Suit yourself.
You know, uh,
come to think of it,
i don't have any other
boyfriends anymore.
That's not so good.
What's wrong with me?
So you want a new crop
of boyfriends.
I didn't say i did.
All right,
if that's the way you feel about it.
Maybe you won't have
to put up with me so long.
I kind of feel
the moss under me.
Soon as i get
a neat little pile in the bank,
i'm gonna
pull up stakes, go to canada,
spend the whole year
huntin' and fishin'.
Want to come?
When the time comes,
ask me and see.
I always told you
i was a rolling stone.
You're not surprised,
are you?
Radio announcer:
A report has just come in
that the japanese
have bombed pearl harbor.
We have no further
information at present,
but more bulletins
are coming in over the wires.
pearl harbor?
I don't know.
I was never good
at geography.
You want
to come with me new year's eve?
I might,
if you ask me nice.
Once upon a time,
he told me he was gonna marry me
when we were shaving.
Fine thing.
I think we're
both out of luck, loretta.
He'll probably end up
happily married to a shotgun
and having a romance
on the side with his fishing tackle.
there's nothing wrong with a shotgun wedding
if it's
your own shotgun.
Jim, where's
pearl harbor?
Pearl harbor?
Oh, it's down the jersey coast,
near atlantic city
Can't be,
the japs are bombing it.
I know where
pearl harbor is.
We had it
in geography.
Aw, it's one of those
men from mars programs.
The japs just
got through telling roosevelt they love us.
Radio announcer:
We interrupt this program
with news of grave importance
to every american.
War broke with
lightning suddenness in the pacific today.
Doesn't it
smell good? Shh!
Without warning,
waves of japanese planes
attacked hawaii
this morning.
Bombers blasted
at pearl harbor,
at the city
of honolulu.
The initial attacks caused
widespread damage and death.
Full reports
have not yet come in,
but one thing
is already certain:
The united states is at war
with japan.
Stand by.
Dinner's ready.
what do you know?
Are you going
to war, daddy?
Are you gonna
be a soldier?
Come on and sit down.
The roast will get cold.
We're at war,
The united states
is at war.
Yes, dear,
i know,
but the roast
will get cold.
Now, come on
and start carving.
Yes, dear.
Are you gonna be
a soldier, al?
Ah, i'm going to canada,
shoot bear.
Leg of lamb, mmm.
Boy, oh, boy, that
smells wonderful, ella mae.
It's about time
somebody said that.
I hope you two are
going with us new year's eve.
It's that little
chop suey place.
The management likes
to have us come on new year's.
Says we add class
to the joint.
Jim and me got engaged there...
oh, i forgot the candles.
Oh, here you are.
Why, i'm the best
little candle lighter in philadelphia.
You know, i bet it would
be more fun shootin' japs than bears.
Hiya, joe.
Hi, al.
Hiya, scott. Hi.
Where you been?
joining the marines.
Ah, baloney,
they'd never take you.
Aw, is that so?
Take a look
at this.
United states
marine corp.
Say, that's
pretty good.
Happy new year!
Happy new year!
Happy new year!
Haa ha.
You know,
you gotta be real rugged
to get in
the marines.
First to land
first to fight.
They turned down
4 guys in front of me.
the marines aren't takin' everybody.
I walked in,
they took my pulse,
eyes, ears, nose,
I coughed.
Raised my hand.
Slapped me on the back.
I'm a u. s. Marine.
Well, that was fast.
Took 4 hours.
How come they
held up the war
to let you
keep our date?
Oh, i just
described you to them, sweetheart.
A picture of the
when he hears
al schmid's in the marines.
War's over.
Ruth, how do you think
you're gonna like al in a uniform?
Don't expect i'll
see enough of him to tell.
As soon as i
get on the train,
ruthie's gonna get
herself a new batch of boyfriends.
Aren't you, ruthie?
Yup, one for every night
of the week.
We kind of made
a little agreement for tonight.
No getting
Isn't that right?
That's right.
Boy, oh, boy.
7 more hours before my train leaves.
Kind of
gettin' excited.
Hurray for
the u. s. Marines!
On your feet,
miss hartley.
Do you suppose
he's gonna propose?
Search me.
I kind of thought maybe
he'd do like you did here,
when you asked me.
Maybe he isn't
as smart as i was.
You know, ruthie,
i been thinkin'.
Yes, al?
The only japs i ever seen
were at atlantic city,
where you throw the ball
and win a kewpie doll,
and it gets broke
before you get it home.
Those japs always
were snikey.
Yep, shootin' japs
oughta be more fun than...
shootin' bear?
You don't figure
they could shoot you.
Me? Well, what have
they got against me?
Man: Happy new year, everybody!
Happy new year!
Ruthie, i...
i want a kiss that'll last me for the duration.
You got one
like that?
I'll do
my darndest.
Crowd: And days
of auld lang syne
for auld lang syne...
happy new year,
Happy new year.
For auld lang syne
we'll take a cup...
al: Don't you believe it.
The marines'll get every one
of those islands back.
Jim: Providing al schmid's
one of the marines, huh?
Al: Well, i sure hope
to be there when it happens.
Ella mae: If you two kids
want to take an extra minute
saying good-bye,
jim'll keep me warm.
Al: I won't be long.
Gotta pack, still, you know.
Ella mae:
Call me tomorrow, ruthie.
Ruthie: Ok.
Jim: Happy new year.
I don't know whether
to ask you to sit down, or what.
I, uh, i gotta
pack, sweetie.
You packed that trunk
10 times already tonight.
It's not a trunk.
It's just one of those little...
i know.
Kind of exciting
being a marine
going off to war,
isn't it, al?
Well, i guess
if i were a man,
i'd join
the marines, too.
I'm glad
you're not a man.
Why do you think?
I'm not thinking
very much right now.
Honey, i, uh...
well, there's
a lot of things i'd like to say,
but i don't know
how to say them,
so, uh,
i'll just cut it down to good-bye.
I'd like to see you off
at the train.
I don't want you
to stay up that late.
I'm not tired.
All right, al, if that's
the way you want it.
It's better
that way.
You know, i'm...
i'm not much good
at letter writing.
I'll bet you're not.
Anything i want to say,
i'd better say now.
I know i've been kind of
monopolizing your time
the last couple
of months.
L... i want you to get
back into circulation.
Have fun.
You don't have to
worry about me.
Sure... isn't as if
anything was said between us.
That's right.
Can't tell.
Things may be different.
Well, i, uh...
You've been fun,
You've been fun,
too, al.
Al: I want you to get back into circulation, have fun.
Ruthie: You don't have
to worry about me...
you don't have to
worry about me...
You came anyway.
Are you sore?
Sure, i'm sore.
I could murder you.
Aw, honey, you were
gonna just stand here
and let me go
without saying anything.
I don't know,
i might've called to you at the last minute.
Man on p. A: Sun line limited
arriving on track number two.
we only got a minute.
Ruthie, listen, you love me?
Well, me, too, you.
I don't want you doing
what i said; going out with other guys.
I guess i wouldn't
have, anyway.
You've spoiled me
for anyone else.
Will you wait
for me, ruthie?
You'll have to
pry me loose.
I'm the sticking
kind now.
Man: All aboard.
I want one last look
at that sweet face you got.
Don't change the way
you look, will you?
That's the way i want
to see you when i come back.
Take care
of yourself,
and, darling,
don't be a hero or anything.
Honey, i'm gonna
wrap myself up in cellophane.
I got a reason now.
Man: Aboard! Aboard!
I see you got
your trunk packed.
Oh, i forgot
about your present,
and the train's
gonna start.
Here, it's for
good luck, al.
Oh. Aw, thanks,
that's right.
I got something
here for you.
Well, mail it.
The train'll go without you.
Here, i want you
to have it.
It's kind of dinky.
If you don't like it,
throw it away.
Good-bye, honey.
I even like
your hat.
Say good-bye to al?
Yes, uncle ralph.
We don't often
see that.
Kind of special.
Sort of
a special day.
Ruthie, voice-over:
The day came when al sent me a new forwarding address.
He didn't know
where he was going.
Later, a card came
saying that private schmid
had arrived safely
at his destination.
Of course, it didn't say
that that destination was guadalcanal.
All of us were reading about
how important it was
that the marines capture
henderson field.
Al, voice-over:
After we hit the beach,
taking henderson field
was pretty easy.
Hangin' on to it
was something else.
Then the japs pulled back
into the jungle.
Things got
plenty rugged.
They taught us what
infiltration really meant.
They were good at it.
Too good.
We learned a lot
of lessons.
Man, we had to.
Wasn't enough
of anything.
Not even any mail.
So we read our old letters
over and over again.
I got one letter
off to ruth.
Then things got worse,
and there wasn't much time for writin'.
Where's that shambo?
I don't know.
Somebody oughta
take care of that.
somebody did.
I hear they got 4 of
our cruisers last night.
Now all the nip crews
has got to do
is sit out there tonight
and spit at us.
Anybody tell you
you're gettin' ripe?
That's all right,
i'm gettin' used to it.
jap stinks worse.
Gonna dig this hole
so deep,
it'll be just short
of desertion.
Got any dope?
the nips are landing up the coast a-ways.
No sleep, no chow, no smokes, no mail,
not enough planes,
not enough navy, not enough doctors...
brother, we're hangin'
on the ropes,
and the referee's
up to 8.
You know something,
we've been here
two weeks, already.
It's our
Remind me later,
i'll bake a cake.
Imagine me,
gettin' married in the morning
and leaving for
the embarkation point
that very noon.
No honeymoon?
No nothin'.
How do you like
this guy?
He gets married
in the morning
and embarks
in the afternoon.
It's like
buyin' oats for a dead horse.
Don't let him
rib you, lenny.
I wish i'd done
the same thing.
Why you guys
gangin' up?
Didn't you hear what
the lieutenant said?
Thought you were
takin' your legs
back to
the medical?
I'm ok.
It's time to relieve
those guys, ain't it?
Be dark in
a few minutes.
Let's make
a run for it.
Naw, they'd
cut you in two.
Then the two of us
should go.
Legs running
one way, torso the other.
comin' in.
coming in.
Schmid coming in.
Too many in here,
get goin'.
Is that the straight dope
about them comin' over tonight?
Shove off,
Ok by me.
Home and mother.
He didn't change
the bolt in this.
It's still burred.
Maybe there's
a spare bolt in the parts box.
Man: Check your
water hose, al.
Water hose, clear.
No extra bolt.
Check the final
protective line.
Every time we relieve
those guys,
we have to have a traverse
and search exercise.
Check the
ready boxes, al.
Huh, not on.
What's the lay
of the base of that stunted tree?
That's 400 left...
up 10.
What do you make
that brush across the river?
Which one?
Right there,
right in front of that busted coconut pod.
The base point?
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, come on,
the light's failing.
Left 920...
come on,
come on...
down 6 mils.
Why don't those guys
learn how to make up a range card?
Hey, lee.
Here's a belt
with 1 in 3.
Stow it.
How many boxes you got
belt 1 and 5?
Here, you guys.
Hot potatoes.
Al: Ha ha!
How do you like that?
Scared by a crab.
Sand crab.
Doesn't this hole
smell bad enough
without you cracking
a crab in it?
What do you
expect me to do?
Pack it in ice
and ship it home?
When you two joes quit
discussing seafood,
there's a small matter
of a couple million nips across the river,
more or less.
This place stinks.
I'm gonna get some air.
Better put that back
before morning.
It'll be back.
It'll be back.
When they come,
i figure they'll cross the river at the sand bar.
It's darkest there.
Don't fire until then.
Move the machine guns
up the river,
the whole battalion's
dug in.
Hold your fire till
diamond's outfit opens up.
Once the nips
spot us,
boom, the mortars
You're gonna speak
your piece tonight, baby.
chop their heads off.
Al can tell you.
He saw me fight
in philly once.
Maybe they went
No, no.
This is their chance.
They've been getting
We haven't.
It'll come
sooner or later.
I'll take sooner.
I'll take later.
Warm night.
I'm thirsty.
I'm gonna kiss
my shamrock.
Just for luck.
Maybe a ship'll
come in tomorrow
with some mail
on it.
Why is it that
everything good
is always gonna
happen tomorrow?
Nah, nothing
will happen tonight.
I'm gonna flop.
Japanese man:
Tonight you die. Tonight you die.
Al: Can you
see them?
Can you see
any of them?
No. But they're there.
That's their cheerleader
working up their nerve.
The shambos are getting
crocked again tonight.
Their version of chloe.
Sounds like they're
all looking for chloe.
Chloe, they're all
looking for you.
And most of 'em
are gonna find you.
It's starting.
It's starting.
We're getting
it now.
Keep down!
Al: No. Don't look
till the last second.
All they gotta do is
wade across to get us.
Wish it were quicksand.
They won't come from
where they're shooting.
I think they're crossing!
There on the sand bars,
That's them!
Fire at the wreckage.
Now! Now! Fire!
The tree! The tree!
The best tree left!
Get up...
knock 'em over, boys!
One big bowling alley!
In the gutter!
Kill 'em!
Good boy.
You stopped 'em.
Don't waste your fire there.
That's pool sector.
Hit 'em in the...
hit 'em!
Come on. Hurry up.
On the double!
We're loading
as fast as we can.
Ok. Ok.
There's some
that crossed over.
On our side!
Fire, johnny, fire!
Take over. Take over!
I'll feed. I'll feed.
Over the sand bank.
The sand bank!
The sand bank!
Come on, you dirty...
right now! Attaboy!
I got him.
I got him!
They got
bill waters' gun.
You'll have to watch
that side, too.
I'll watch it.
I'll watch it.
How's johnny doing?
He's dead.
Right through
the head.
Oh, you yellow-bellied,
dirty, stinking, slimy pigs!
The best guy in the world.
Watch it! Don't get
Watch it! Watch it!
You hit?
They got
the water jacket.
We're gonna get
a stoppage.
Where's that skivvy
who was yelling?
Never mind him!
Find that stinking
crumb for me!
Forget him.
Keep watching.
They'll be coming...
Push me out
of your way.
Where you hit?
Arm. Shoulder.
Get me out
of your way.
Get back, al.
Watch 'em.
I'll give you blood poison,
you ringtails!
Al, don't let 'em...
Japanese soldier: You die!
Tonight, you die!
Tonight you die.
Watch him.
Watch him, al.
Japanese soldier:
We come, you die.
We come...
eat dirt, tojo!
Eat dirt!
I'll shut you up.
I'll find you.
Short bursts, al.
No stoppage.
We'll hold 'em, lee.
We'll hold 'em.
Good ol' gun.
Don't jam on me,
You suckers.
You think
i don't see you.
That got you rattled,
didn't it?
Come on. Come on.
Just try to get through.
Come on, suckers!
Thought you wanted
to have us in fear.
I'm still here.
I'm all staked out.
Staying here right till
the end of the world.
Lee, you hurt bad?
Stick it out, lee.
Get light soon.
We're holding.
Japanese man:
Tonight you die.
Tonight you die.
Just give me...
Why can't
i shut you up?
Why can't i
shut you up?
Tonight you die.
You ain't coming
so fast now.
What's the matter?
You don't like
what you're getting, do you?
Come on. There's
nobody in your way.
Just a couple
of marines.
Come on.
I'll take you.
One at a time
or in bunches.
Al. Al.
My face.
L... i can't see.
My hands.
I can't see!
Lee: Don't do it, al.
Don't do it.
Don't do it, al.
We'll get help soon.
Don't shoot yourself.
Shoot myself?
just tell me
where they are, lee.
Tell me where
they're coming from.
Show me
where they are.
I'll shoot 'em.
Tell me where
they are, lee.
Tell me where
they're coming from.
Show me
where they are.
Ruth, voice-over:
I didn't hear from al for a long time.
Philadelphia seemed
a long ways from the war,
but we thought of al
every day.
Man on loudspeaker:
Ruth hartley, telephone.
Man: Oh, ruth?
Oh, yes, uncle ralph.
There's a letter here
from the naval hospital in san diego.
I opened it.
Yeah, it says
al is there and ok.
Oh, thank god,
uncle ralph. He's safe.
He can't write
right away,
but he wants you
to write him.
He sends lots of love.
He says to address
reply in care of miss virginia pfeiffer.
Virginia pfeiffer...
american red cross...
naval hospital,
san diego.
Al: And as far as
the red cross workers are concerned,
why, they're ok,
like the one who brings me a letter.
As for me,
i'll take a girl named ruth every time.
You know, miss pfeiffer,
once out there,
ruthie mailed me
a curl of her hair,
and when
i opened the envelope, this curl fell out.
The guys ribbed
the daylights out of me.
From then on, i always used
to take her letters away somewhere to read.
You never know what was
gonna pop out of them.
Now, where was i,
miss pfeiffer?
"Well, i'll take a girl
named ruth every time"
yeah, well, um,
i guess that's all.
Oh, come on, al.
Give a little bit.
Think how many letters
she's written you.
Think how she wants
to come to you.
Well, what do i say?
Well, you want to tell
her about your gang?
Oh, yeah, sure.
We got a great gang of gyrenes here, ruthie.
A lot of them
from the canal.
Lee diamond,
who was with me at kebabian.
Um... where's
that ashtray, please?
On the desk,
by your hand.
Your right hand, al.
Oh, thanks.
Um, "the guadalcanal gophers
knitting society" we call ourselves.
More grab...
excuse me. Heh heh.
More horsin' around
than i've seen in a month of sundays.
Guess everybody's
sure glad they're alive.
Well, i guess that's all.
Um... isn't there
anything else you wanna tell her, al?
Like what?
About your eyes.
Well, she'll have
to know sometime.
Look, after i've
had my operation,
after i can see again,
then i'll tell her,
then it'll be a big laugh
for both of us, understand?
Al, the doctor doesn't
promise you'll see after this operation.
Maybe they're...
i know
those doctors.
They never
promise anything.
I remember
the one onboard ship,
he kept telling me
i'd lose my leg because of that blood poisoning.
Didn't, did i?
They're both here, and they ain't cork.
And add this:
Ruthie, i've been saving the best part for the end.
You've been asking me
why i haven't been able to write to you myself.
Well, the reason
is... my hands.
L... i caught some
grenade fragments in them like a dumb boot,
but any day now,
you'll be getting a letter
written by
yours truly himself.
Al, this isn't any good!
You're just storing up
trouble for both of you.
Don't be a killjoy!
Here i am, sitting on top of the world.
Now, put this in.
Pretty soon,
i'll be coming home,
walking right up to
the steps of your house.
And don't you worry
about my hands, baby,
because when i
get them on you,
well, you'll know
they're all right.
Gosh, sweetheart,
i can hardly wait to see you.
I, uh...
oh, say it, al.
Just make-believe i'm a typewriter.
Don't be
I can hardly wait to kiss you for the first time, honey.
I never told you
what i feel like when you're in my arms,
looking up at me
with your eyes like...
like... with that kind of
funny, wonderful light in your eyes,
like you did
on the railroad station platform.
Say it, al.
Lots of love,
your brown-eyed devil, al.
She called me that once.
It's a kind of joke between us, see?
Ain't that
a nice face, though? Ain't it? Take a look.
Oh, come on, schmid.
I just looked at it
a little bit ago.
Now, don't rib me.
I only showed it to you once.
Yeah, it's a nice face.
A guy could lean
on a girl like that.
A marine
don't lean on anyone.
If there's any leaning
to be done,
now the female sex
is the weaker, isn't it?
Well, everybody leans
a little on somebody.
Nobody stands alone.
You just wait until tomorrow
after my operation,
i'm all fixed up.
I'll stand alone.
You just wait. You just watch me!
I'll ask permission
to be there.
Well, you better be.
I wanna find out if
you're as good-looking
as your voice
sounds like you are.
Oh, don't spoil me, schmid.
Keep it tough.
Hi, al.
Is that you, lee?
Yeah, i've been
waiting outside. I'm next.
You better be careful
of this guy.
He's a little short
on the brain.
He got
3 machine gun bullets in the shoulder.
You'd think after
the first one, he'd have sense enough to duck.
At least i had sense
enough not to play catch with a jap grenade.
Why don't you hang
a lantern on that thing?
Uh, did you buy
that present for my wife for me?
Yeah, i bought two
for you to choose from.
Hiya, tom,
how's your malaria?
It's that tall.
You'd never know it.
Ha ha.
Wither wouldst thou
love to be shoved, alberto?
Oh, once around
the hall, thomas. Ok.
Here we go
gathering nuts in may
nuts in may,
hay in may
here we go gathering...
man: Darken the room,
Hold the bandage,
will you, schmid?
Guess we're
ready, now.
Not too soon
for me, sir!
I'm bustin'
at the seams!
It's been the
longest 3 weeks of my whole life!
Now, look, schmid.
Don't you expect
to see the minute the bandage is off.
I'm darkening
your room... ok.
Ok, you told me
Just get it off,
will you?
Now, i'm not making
any promises either.
You see,
the healing process...
all right, all right.
Let's try it,
please, sir!
The bandage is off now.
You can open up.
Not a darn thing!
You told me
it was dark in here.
How about
that flashlight, sir?
You promised!
I will.
Take it easy.
I'm taking it easy, sir.
Well, you don't expect me
to see with the blinds down.
You think i don't know
my eyes have been injured?
Why, i even expect
to be wearing glasses
the rest of my life.
"Four-eyes schmid. "
I don't mind, sir.
I don't mind
the glasses. Really, i don't.
I'm going to snap
the flashlight on behind my back
and then bring it around
towards your face.
First time
you see it, holler.
I'll holler.
I'll holler so loud
my girl will hear me in philadelphia.
Yeah, i'm ready.
I'm ready!
Turn it on, sir.
Even if it's only
a two-bit flashlight.
I wanna see stars
and angels and ruth.
Give me something
to holler about, please!
Come on,
this is one time
i wanna get hit right
smack between the eyes,
come on, doctor.
Let's see the light.
Bring it closer.
See anything?
Yeah, like
a locomotive headlight.
Way off in the fog.
Bring it closer!
Closer, please!
I'm sorry, schmid.
The light was put on your eyes.
No. I can't be blind...
not my whole life!
Look, schmid...
please... please...
you medicine fellows,
you know.
You're educated,
you're smart.
You got ways
of fixing guys up.
I tried my best.
I fought.
I'm not asking
for so much!
this examination isn't final.
I told you yesterday
it wouldn't be.
When can we try again, sir?
Tomorrow? Next week?
You're still
suffering the effects of eye concussion, schmid.
There's still pieces
of grenade that have to work themselves out.
You'll probably need
another operation after a while.
We'll have to wait
6 months, a year.
Even then,
there's no assurance you'll ever see.
6 months?
What are my chances, sir?
Give it to me straight.
Miss shelby,
bring me a card, please.
I have a card here
i want you to take with you, schmid.
We have people
right here now who will teach you.
This is for blind people!
I don't want
any of this stuff!
I want to stand on my own!
I don't want
any of this stuff!
Schmid... right now,
i'm thinking of someone, a doctor friend of mine.
We went to school
He was blind from the time
he was 10 years old,
but that didn't
stop him.
He's married
and has two kids.
He's a fine psychiatrist
and a happy man.
Are you listening
to me, schmid?
I'm not saying
it'll be easy for you,
and these first few months
are the toughest.
People get the wrong idea
about blindness.
A blind man
isn't helpless;
he just has to do some things
differently from the rest of us.
Are you listening
to me, schmid?
Why don't god
strike me dead?
We back at the warden?
A couple more steps.
I'll take it
from here. All right.
Hi, al!
Hiya, gophers!
I'm shoving off.
Good luck.
Now, listen, tommy,
let me get the picture straight.
You mean to tell me
that she tricked you into going up to her apartment?
Sure, i was trapped!
She had a beautiful
two-room joint overlooking los angeles.
So i go up there
with her,
and she pours me
a nice, tall drink.
Then we sit down
on the sofa.
What happened then?
Take it easy,
i'll tell you.
Well, we're sitting
on the sofa, see, and i got my arm around her.
getting cozy, see?
Just as i'm about
to kiss her,
all the lights
go out.
Killed all
the conversation.
Well, what'd you do?
I was in luck.
I had my flashlight with me.
Did you light it?
No, she wouldn't
let me!
She told me the noise
would wake up her father.
Tommy: Hey, sarge,
where you going?
I got my first
3-day liberty, tommy.
I'm going to
los angeles.
You got a date?
You call this number
when you get there.
I don't like
blind dates.
She'll be sober
when you get there. Give her a ring.
What's she like?
Out of the world.
Out of this world, huh?
Well, los angeles
city limits,
how much farther out
can you get?
What's she look like,
an umbrella?
Are you kidding?
She's a beauty!
Big brown eyes
like saucers.
And when she smiles,
she flashes the most beautiful set of teeth you ever saw.
And what a build!
This girl has got a figure out of the world!
When you see
this girl's figure...
now, i've seen a lot
of figures, brother,
and i know
what i'm talking about.
She's got the most...
wait a minute.
I'll get my hat. I'll go with you.
Where's my hat?
Al, this is lee.
I just heard
the bad news about... about the eye test.
Look, al, i got an uncle
who's a doctor...
and he's no dope.
4 years city college,
harvard med school grad, a real smart guy.
And sometimes
he's right,
and sometimes
he's wrong.
Like the time, al,
that my aunt, his very own wife,
went to him,
and he says,
"minnie, you're
gonna have a baby. "
I mean, this is
his very own wife!
And she's overjoyed.
And he's happy.
And they call us
on the telephone,
and they tell us how
they always wanted to have a baby.
And we tell them
we think it's wonderful.
You shoulda
been there, al!
They were going
to name the baby leroy, after me.
You know what, al?
The next morning,
the very next morning,
we find out it was
something she ate.
So you see, al,
what do you got to worry about?
Doctors are human,
they make mistakes!
Thanks for coming, lee.
I'll see you
in the morning.
Ok, al.
Al: Ruth!
No, stop it!
No, stop it!
No, stop it!
No, stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it!
Where is he?
Where are they?
Find them for me.
Please find them.
Please... find them.
Please find them for me.
find them for me, lee.
F-f-find them for me.
Find them... where are...
Why can't i shut you up!?
Ruth! Ruth!
Ruth! Ruth!
Ruth! Ruth! Ruth!
Ruth. Ruth. Ruth...
where's that bench
you were talking about?
Right here.
I want to get this
over with quick.
Got your pencil?
Dear ruth...
what harm would it do
to wait another week?
What good will it do?
I made up my mind last night.
Your mind's made up,
but what about giving ruth
a chance to decide
for herself?
To decide what?
How to ruin her life?
Look, she's worked hard.
Me, the bigshot.
I was gonna
buy her things she never had,
i was gonna see that
she'd never have to work again.
What good
can i do her now? I can't get married.
I'll never be able
to earn enough money to keep her.
But, al...
i won't have her being
a seeing-eye dog for me!
How do you know she'll
feel that way about it?
At least tell her the truth!
Find out what she wants!
Sure. Tell her the truth
so she'll pity me.
Nothing doing.
I'm leaving pity out of this.
Aren't you leaving
love out of it, too?
You don't seem to care
what you do to her.
She isn't going to stop
loving you, writing to you!
Send the letters
back, then!
Supposing she does have
a few bad days.
She's pretty.
She'll meet another guy.
She'll fall in love.
You gonna write
the letter for me
or do i have to ask
lee diamond to do it?
All right... ok.
Dear ruth...
i know this is gonna
be a kind of surprise to hear,
but i'm going to give
it to you straight.
I'm not
coming back to philly. Not now, not ever.
And as far as getting
married is concerned,
well, it just ain't up
my alley, that's all.
I hope you'll be
very happy,
and i hope you'll find
a new boyfriend real soon.
Yours, al schmid.
Oh, al.
Schmiddy, don't you get tired
eating in the supply room?
Why don't you eat
in the mess hall with the rest of the guys?
Why don't you learn
how to feed yourself?
It's easy, honest.
Coming up.
We put the food on the plate
according to the clock.
Like, potatoes at 12 o'clock,
vegetables at 3:00,
meat at 6 o'clock.
Coming up.
It's part of our job
to teach blind guys how to...
don't call me blind!
I don't see so good yet,
that's all.
Don't you ever
call me blind again!
Ok, kid, ok!
Anyway, why don't...
mind your business.
Coming up.
I don't want any more.
You want dessert?
Al, here you are!
Al, there's a long-distance
telephone call for you.
I'll take you.
From where?
It's from ruth,
from philadelphia.
I ain't here.
Well, she's probably
received your letter...
don't you understand?
I can't talk to her.
Tell her
to leave me alone!
All right, al.
Can i steer you
anyplace, schmiddy?
Wanna hit the sack?
I can sleep anytime.
See with me,
it's always night time.
How about
the recreation room?
We can get jack benny
on the radio.
You know, that was
an old girlfriend of mine calling.
Her name was ruth.
Yes, operator.
One moment, please.
A friend of the party's wants to
know if she can accept the call.
A miss virginia pfeiffer
from the red cross.
Oh, yes, yes.
She's been writing.
Go ahead, san diego.
Is this ruth?
Yes, miss pfeiffer.
I got al's last letter!
Understand this,
he isn't breaking
with you
because he doesn't
love you.
Believe me, he does.
Well, then, why?
He just had
a very bad shock.
What is it?
Al has completely lost
the sight of one eye
and may never regain
sight in the other.
That's why
he's not calling.
He's afraid
of becoming a burden.
Do you understand now?
Hello, ruth?
Yes. Yes, i understand.
There's one thing
i'd better find out.
Uh, now, you can
think this over if you want to.
make a difference in helping al.
You still love him?
Do you want him?
I mean,
as a husband.
Oh, yes!
Yes, i do!
Remember, he may
be totally blind
for the rest
of his life.
What does that matter?
Do you want
to think it over?
Think what over?
I didn't fall in love
with his eyes nor the color of his hair.
I fell in love
with him, with al!
That hasn't changed
just because something's happened to his eyes.
You're the kind of girl
i thought you were.
listen carefully, ruth.
I know you'll want
to come out here, but don't come.
Al seems to go off
the deep end
every time
i mention your name.
Just keep writing
to him
and try not to mind
if he doesn't answer.
Just be patient
and keep loving him.
We have a pretty big
job ahead,
but we can do it.
My part first,
and then yours.
I do understand.
And i'm so grateful
to you for everything.
that he loves you
and that he needs
you terribly.
So if you'll
keep loving him...
oh, i will. Always.
Good-bye, then.
I guess al still
doesn't know
what a wonderful
girl he has.
Lee: Hey, angelo,
how do you like that?
Hey, guys.
Take a look.
No more cast,
isn't it wonderful, huh?
How do you like it?
Isn't that marvelous? Marvelous.
I want you
to meet my friend.
Glad to see ya.
Hey, guys!
The cast...
it's off, look.
Let's barbecue it.
Ha ha.
Would you care to say a few words
to the radio audience?
Hello, mom?
It was a great fight.
Didn't lay
a glove on me.
Ha ha.
You know what
i'm gonna do with this?
Don't say it.
Gonna have it mounted.
To decorate the homestead
in flatbush,
over the stove.
How's the arm work?
Come again?
How does the arm work?
Great. Here,
give me one of them darts, i'll show you.
Tom, hold this.
Spitball diamond
is now on the mound.
Let me out of here.
What are you,
a coward?
Right down the alley.
Two fingers.
Hmm... almost
a bull's-eye.
A bull's what?
Well, the wind was
against me.
Would you like
to dance with a girlie
with a hole
in her head?
Hi, al!
Hi, gofers.
Hi, al. Tommy.
Hi, hero.
Guy made
that crack gets his neck broken.
Ok, killer.
i don't mind.
It ain't pretty,
but neither am i.
Whose turn
is it next?
I'll take it, red.
In the evening,
by the moonlight
you can hear
those darkies singing
in the evening,
by the moonlight...
any of you birds
hear talk about goin' home for christmas?
Yeah. Wish i could
believe it.
Wonder what kind
of a christmas
they have
in california?
I hear they got no snow,
but they got variety.
One year, fog;
the next year, rain.
I heard everybody
who's fit goes home,
walking cases
get a furlough.
That's the scuttlebutt.
Speak up, red.
Or write it down.
If i did write it down,
you couldn't read it.
You blind bat.
Ha ha. I've heard
of bedroom eyes.
Red here's got
a bedroom voice.
Well, i guess
i'll be stuck here.
Me, too.
a walking case, al.
Yeah, except i got
no place to go, see?
Well, i know
i'm going home.
The doc says
for good.
I telephoned my wife
last night
to give her
the glad news.
When i told her
i was comin' home,
she got
all choked up, couldn't talk.
Just busted out
Don't you hate it
when a dame cries?
No, with me
it's different. I'll tell you why.
When a guy gets
married, like me and my girl did,
and goes overseas,
a lot of things can
happen by the time you get back.
The way she cried
told me a lot of things.
Told me how much
she wanted me back.
when a dame cries,
it makes you
feel good.
You read in the paper
about a guy's wife runnin' out on him,
and right away,
you think it's gonna happen to you.
Lee: I figure it
this way.
Any guy's wife
that would double-cross him
while he's
in the service
will do it
in peacetime, sooner or later.
What's the first thing
you're gonna do when you get home, bill?
I think i'll spend
about 3 solid weeks
just saying hello
to my wife.
What are you gonna do
after you get tired saying hello?
I got myself a nice
little street corner
all picked out
for my business.
You lucky stiff.
Lee: Hi, virginia.
Virginia: Hi, lee.
Join the gofer sewing circle.
We're cookin' up a storm.
Sure it's not
private gab?
We got no secrets
from you.
Irish has been
telling us
about a business
he's going into,
after he gets
his discharge.
Yeah, on a corner.
Oh, if it's
on a corner,
it must be
a saloon or a bank.
Which is it,
You're not
even close.
Twice in his life
my old man got his name in the papers.
The first time,
in 1917.
He was the first
to enlist in milwaukee.
The second time,
in 1930.
He was the
first vet to sell unemployed apples.
Any of you guys
want a piece of my street corner?
I ain't bright,
but i'm honest.
Count me in.
"Irish and schmid,
apples and pencils. "
We oughta do all right.
Aw, come on.
Climb out of your foxholes.
What's the matter,
you guys think
nobody's learned
anything since 1930?
Think everybody's
had their eyes shut
and their brains
in cold storage?
I'll tell you guys
something funny.
I'm scared.
I wasn't half as scared
on the 'canal.
If a man came along...
and told me
i'd have a decent job the rest of my life,
i'd get down on my knees
and wash his feet.
Well, i'm
not scared.
You talk like a guy
with dough in the bank.
You ask me what
i want out of life.
Well, i'm not
an ambitious guy... 30 bucks a week.
Enough to take
my girl out on a saturday night,
a ball game
on sunday... that's about all i ask.
Or is that too much?
You're a cinch.
Things are
different now.
The whole country
has its eyes open.
Won't be like
1930 again.
That's pretty
but i don't
understand the words.
What about
the g. i. Bill of rights?
I'm going to college
on that.
They guarantee
your old job back, bill.
They guarantee
your job, do they?
I wrote my old boss
to get my job back.
What did he write me?
Quote, i'll tell you
what he wrote.
"I'm in a new business,
and your old job just ain't. "
There's nothing in
the g. i. Bill of rights to cover that.
You can't
get your job back if it doesn't exist.
That's gotta
be considered. Considered?
Now i'll come out
and say what i'm thinking.
How about them considering
the silver plate in my head?
How long did we get
to consider
when they said,
"hit the beach," at guadalcanal?
They said, "go,"
and we went.
Well, that's ok.
Well, i want
some considerin' now.
I got a wife.
I want to support her.
The doc says i can
never do heavy work again, ever.
Well, i wanna work.
My boss says,
"no job, nothing to come back to. "
How do i know
anybody'll ever want me?
Yeah. Yeah, when i get
back to el centro,
i'll probably find
some mexican's got my job.
I'm sorry, juan,
you're a mexican, but you're different,
y-you're one of the guys
in "b" company.
Nah. I'm not
different, joe.
I'm just a mexican,
like a lot of other
mexicans who fought.
You dumb coot.
He's got more foxhole time
than you've got
in the marine corps.
Can i put in
my two cents?
You guys are all jumpy.
Nobody can blame you.
You're shut off here,
and sometimes it must seem
as if nobody cares.
Who does?
Well, people care,
all the people.
Civilians aren't
strange animals.
They're your own fathers
and mothers and wives,
your sweethearts,
your friends,
and believe me,
if they can help it,
you're not going
to be let down.
Aw, that's
a dame's...
i mean, a female's
point of view.
So the g. i. Bill
sends some guys back to school.
Gets some
other guys jobs.
Gets a guy started
on a farm.
So maybe we'll even have
prosperity for two years after the war
while we catch up
on things...
like making diaper pins
and autos,
things the poor civilians
did without.
But what happens
after two years? Answer me that.
A bonus march.
No, sir.
You guys think because you did
the front-line fighting
you can take a free ride
on the country
for the rest
of your lives... no, sir.
Look, there's no free candy
for anybody in this world.
I know what i fought for...
i fought for me.
For the right
to live in the u. s. a.
And when i get back
into civilian life,
if i don't like
the way things are going,
ok, it's my country.
I'll stand on my own two legs,
and i'll holler.
And if there's
enough of us hollering, we'll go places, check?
Listen to these
two characters
checking each other off
like a couple of bookkeepers.
So what? We agree.
Only you ain't got
the books to check, that's what.
You ain't gonna
write the piece.
You ain't gonna
run the country.
You're just a couple
of ex-heroes sittin' around in a hospital.
I'm going to be
a lawyer.
Who says, in 10 years
from now, i won't be a congressman?
I'm going into politics
with both feet.
And if i have anything
to say about it,
my kid isn't gonna
land on any beachhead.
And if any old windbag
tries to sell me the idea of shipping oil to japan
or doing business
with any new hitler, he'd better start ducking.
Ok, junior.
I'll check that.
And i'll put
a little handwritin' on the wall for you, too.
We don't want no apples.
And whoever's running
the country better read it too...
no apples,
no bonus marches.
I'll paste
that in your hat, congressman.
Like they say in those
old revival meetings,
"hallelujah and amen. "
Ok, al, ok.
And i'll wrap it
up for you.
One happy afternoon,
when god was feeling good,
he sat down,
and he thought
of a rich,
beautiful country.
And he named it
the u. s. a.
All of it, al...
the hills,
the rivers, the lands, the whole works.
Don't tell me
we can't make it work in peace
like we do in war.
Don't tell me
we can't pull together.
Don't you see it, guys?
Can't you see it?
You askin' me?
I'm askin' you
like everybody else.
I don't see none
of those things you said god made.
I don't see a thing.
I didn't mean it
that way.
No, you didn't.
But a lot of things
take time in this life.
When a man has to climb
a mountain all alone,
he loses the way...
and it's up to
his friends to help.
What's on your mind?
I thought it was
something important.
You're important.
Sit here.
I want to say
something important, too...
straight and tough.
Suppose the worst
happens to you, al,
and you don't get
your sight back.
I'm not kidding you,
you're gonna
be cut off from certain things.
No hunting,
no driving your own car,
no watching
ice hockey.
But even
without sight,
a man can
swim and dance and go fishing.
He can't hunt,
but he can walk in the woods
when the leaves
are falling.
With only
a little training,
he can learn
to play poker,
checkers, chess,
He can learn to read
by the touch system,
type his own
letters, listen to music...
he can play any old
instrument he wants.
Don't you see, al...
once you get
over your fear of being helpless,
the whole world is
wide open for you.
With a tin cup?
If you're afraid
you can't hold down a job anymore,
that's just
crazy, al.
You can go back
to a job that's just as good
as the one you left.
Why, right here
in california,
there are over
400 blind workers in the aircraft factories.
I tell you, it's
all very interesting, virginia,
but it sort of
doesn't apply to me.
A couple of months
from now, i'll be able to see all right.
Sure, al.
I hope so, too.
I just thought
you might like
to know some of these things.
Yeah. Sure.
Ok, al.
Hey, tommy, tell 'em
about the first time you went huntin'.
Oh, the time i want
to take my girl huntin'...
so i go out, and i buy
the whole thing...
the hat, you know,
with the tail in the back,
and the leather coat
with the things across here,
with the shells...
you know, and the gun.
Now i gotta get
a dog, see?
I buy the best dog
in illinois,
the best huntin' dog
you could buy.
75 bucks.
One dog. $75.
So i went huntin'
with her, see?
We get out there.
Soon as he sees
a rabbit or a bird,
stops dead,
he goes like this.
Doesn't catch nothing.
Just like this...
I beat him over the head
with the gun a coupla times.
I broke him
of that habit.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha.
Hi, virginia.
Hello, boys.
Al, it's time
for you to see the captain.
I want you
to see a picture of my girl.
She sure is.
But who's the guy
with his arm around her?
That's my friend
from the draft board.
Beautiful girl.
Great friend.
Captain burroughs says
to come in.
Thank you.
Door, schmid...
to your right.
Good morning,
miss pfeiffer.
Good morning,
captain burroughs.
Good morning,
schmid. Good morning, sir.
Hi, al.
Sounds like lee.
That's it.
Schmid, i got
great news for you.
You're getting
a navy cross.
wonderful, al.
Navy cross...
never in all
my born days did i think...
the navy cross?
Stand at ease.
Corporal diamond's
getting one, too,
although the ceremonies
won't be held at the same place.
That sounds
great, lee.
Yeah, gave me
a wallop.
Your hometown's
quite proud of you, schmid.
I guess you know
that the papers have been printing
a lot of stories
about you.
So the navy's decided
that you'll get your award
at the philadelphia
navy yard.
Corporal diamond's
going on furlough, too.
He'll be on the train
with you
and effect your transfer
to the naval hospital.
You leave tomorrow.
You'll be home
in time for christmas.
Couldn't ask for
a better christmas present than that, could you?
I gotta go back there?
It's your hometown.
Why not?
Well, it's not
my home anymore.
We've found,
from past experience
that men convalesce quicker
in a hospital near their home.
But it isn't
my home, sir.
According to
your record, it was when you entered service.
Yes, sir. But, uh,
I-i'm gonna move.
I got a brother
in chicago,
and when i don't
have to go to no hospital no more...
let's stop shadowboxing.
You don't want to return
to philadelphia
because you've
got friends there.
You're afraid
to have them pity you.
That's it, isn't it?
No. N-no, sir.
That isn't it...
just because a guy happens
to have a little
eye trouble.
Why, in a couple
more months,
after i've had
another operation,
i'll be able to see
all right, sir.
Well, then,
why don't you go home?
You've got a girl there.
No, sir.
She and i are all washed up.
I got nobody
in philly for me. Nobody.
You need to find out
from the people
who knew you before you were injured
that you mean
just as much to them now.
Until you learn that,
you won't make any progress.
I'm making
progress, sir.
I'm trading a couple
of eyes in for a ribbon on my chest.
Now i'm going home
so people can stare at me.
fine progress!
You're under orders,
You're going back.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Good-bye, diamond.
I'll be seeing you.
So long. So long, schmiddy.
Here we are,
You gonna miss me,
I don't know how
we'll run the place without you.
By the way, i put
a couple of letters in your bag
you don't
know about.
Thought maybe
you might want lee to read 'em to you.
Aw, you're
a great fixer, aren't you?
I don't wanna read 'em.
I'm sorry, i just
wanted to help...
listen, I-i've
been carrying a beef inside me,
but it hasn't been
against you.
You're great.
I'm glad
you think so, al.
Listen, will you
do me a favor
and send ruthie a wire
and ask her to...
ask her to meet me
at the station, will you?
Sure, i will.
It's not for the reason
you think.
I just want to get
things straightened out once and for all.
As long as i can't see,
i don't want to marry anyone.
Ok, al?
Keep your powder
dry, virginia,
and thanks
for everything.
Good-bye, lee.
Good luck.
You know...
some of these days, i'm gonna come back here
and find out what
you really look like.
I'll be an awful
No, you won't.
You're swell.
Don't stop
fighting now... don't.
So long, ginnie.
So long, schmiddy,
you lucky stiff.
Say hello
to philadelphia.
So long,
fellow. Have a swell trip.
Dear heavenly father,
he's got to come home
where he belongs.
He's got to know
he's wanted.
Lee: It was gonna be
the biggest production we ever had,
don't you gentlemen want to get some sleep?
How about it, al?
I'm not sleepy.
Well, call me
when you want me.
Thanks anyway.
So, like i was
everything was going
along all right
until our
high school teacher hands me the girdle,
and she says,
"put this on. "
I took one look
at that belly choker and i hit the roof.
I says,
"look, miss tuttle,
"i am willin'
to be the dame in this play,
"i am willing to wear
the blonde wig.
"I'm willing
to wear the dress with the phony fronts.
But a girdle
stops me cold. "
Nobody was gonna
get me to crawl into that booby trap.
So she gives me
a pep talk
about how
if i don't wear the girdle,
i'll have nothing
to hold up my stockings.
You know how
them girdles are.
They got
long tentacles
hanging down
all around them.
And by this time
i'm burnin', i'm really steamed up.
And i says,
"look, miss tuttle, i won't do it. "
She says,
"you will. "
And i says,
"i won't!"
So i put on
the girdle.
Well, it was
about this big...
junior miss size.
I wrestled
with that thing for a solid hour.
I was on a chair.
I was on a table.
I was on a floor.
You've gotta get leverage.
I pulled it,
i yanked it, i jerked it,
then, by some
supernatural miracle, i got it on.
It was like sitting
in a tight foxhole.
Why do women insist
on wearin' them things?
Believe me, al,
if i was a dame,
i'd settle
for the spread.
You don't have
to entertain me, lee.
Where are we?
Still crossing
ohio, i guess.
What time is it?
Uh, 5 to 3:00.
Wanna go to bed? I'll call a porter.
Aw, i feel kinda jumpy.
You don't have to sit up with me, lee.
Oh, i'm not sleepy.
How about
some dominoes?
Ruth: I'm
the sticking kind, al.
Al: Don't change
that sweet face of yours,
Suppose the japs shoot you?
Me? What have
they got against me?
I'm the best little ducker
in the world.
Ruth: I'm the
sticking kind, al.
I wanna see
that sweet face when i come back.
Why'd you
join up, al?
I wanna see...
why'd you join?
I wanna see.
Why'd you join?
I wanna see!
I wanna see!
What's the sense
of seeing ruth just to break up with her?
It was a crazy idea
i had.
Won't do her any good,
won't do me any good.
We're finished.
There's no point in having
a wake over the corpse.
I don't want her
to come to the station.
I don't want
to see her at all.
You send
a telegram for me. Tell her not to come.
That's not fair,
She's probably
planned a christmas celebration.
You're going
to see her.
Lee, don't make me
fight you.
You and me, we don't
have to be polite with each other.
What have i got
to celebrate?
What does "welcome home"
mean to a blind man?
Maybe more
than to anyone else
if he doesn't hide it
from himself.
Cut the guff.
You're not talking me
into anything.
Al, i want to tell
you something.
You gonna
write that wire?
I'll write
the wire,
but first i want
to get something off my chest,
from me to you
without etiquette, too.
Al, back there
on the 'canal,
i thought something
about you i never told you before.
It was after
you got the grenade in your face.
Towards morning,
it was,
when we thought
the japs were coming in on us.
You remember
what you did?
You pulled your. 45,
and i thought you meant
to kill yourself.
But you kept
yelling out,
"tell me when
they come in, lee, i can't see 'em,
but tell me
where they are, and i'll shoot 'em. "
Well, i was
scared to death
and layin' on
the ground waitin' for a jap bayonet.
But i kept
thinking something.
I thought,
"that boy schmiddy
has more guts
than any man alive. "
I was wrong, al.
I think
you were hopped up by excitement,
like you'd taken
a shot or something.
I don't think
you got any guts, al.
I think you're
kind of yellow.
You haven't got
guts to see ruth.
Shut up, shut up!
You haven't got guts
to pay off on a bet!
You didn't enlist
in the marine corps
because you had any
sense in your head.
You didn't care about
this was the u. s. a. And you lived in it.
You didn't know
what the war was about, and you didn't care.
You're a hopped-up kid
lookin' for excitement...
that's a lie,
and you're a stinkin' liar.
You're saying
those things
'cause you know
i can't crack you in your lyin' face.
then ask yourself a question.
Would you do it
over again?
If you knew you was
gonna be blind,
would you do it
over again?
Or would you ask
for shore duty, maybe?
Al, look.
In a war,
somebody gets it, and you're it.
Don't you think
i'd crawl
on my hands and
knees to a doctor
if he could take an
eye out of my head
and put it
into yours?
But he can't, al,
he can't.
Believe me,
you ain't been a sucker.
There ain't a guy
who's been killed or disabled
in this war
who's been a sucker.
I know it's
a stinkin' war, but it has to be won.
And you're
one of the guys
who lost some chips
in the winning.
got problems.
I know you're
in a tough spot,
but it ain't
peaches and cream for everybody else.
What problems
have you got? You're in one piece, ain't you?
Your wife don't have
to turn over in her insides when she sees you.
When you go for a job,
there ain't nobody gonna say,
"we got no use
for ex-heroes like you. "
That's what
you think.
Sure, there'll be
guys who won't hire you,
even when
they know you can handle a job.
But there's guys
that won't hire me
my name is diamond instead of jones,
i celebrate passover instead of easter.
Do you see
what i mean?
You and me,
we need the same kind of a world.
We need a country
to live in
where nobody
gets booted around for any reason.
Aw, i'm all mixed up...
mixed up and scared.
Draggin' at the heels
and yellow.
Oh, no, no,
I... i wasn't telling the truth before.
You're not yellow.
Aw, you're
a swell guy.
You're a pure sort
of a guy if i ever saw one, but...
don't leave
all your guts back on the 'canal.
You need 'em
now, too.
That girl
loves you, al.
You two
can make out.
She's the real goods.
Ok, lee.
But now
we send that wire.
Didn't what i said
mean anything to you?
It means
send that wire.
It's good we're late.
Ruth got that wire, then.
It's too bad we can't
get those navy crosses together.
We won 'em together;
we oughta collect 'em together.
Say, al...
you hold any hard
feelings about what i said last night?
Nah, forget it.
Say, you don't have
to come to the hospital with me.
Your wife's sittin'
in new york, bitin' her fingernails.
We're late enough
It's all right.
The trains run pretty often.
Well, maybe
there's a navy car waitin' for me.
Or you can just
stick me in a cab.
Well, i'd like
to get you settled.
Come in.
Your bags are
in the vestibule, gentlemen.
Mr. Schmid, i heard
that march of time broadcast
about what you done
on guadalcanal,
and i saw
your picture in life magazine.
And i want to say
i feel honored you rode in my car.
And i read you were
there with him, sir.
Thanks for letting
us stay up so late last night.
No. Like i said,
it's been an honor.
I want to navigate
this on my own.
Your bags are
right there, gentlemen.
Boy. It sure smells
like philly, all right.
You know, not so long ago,
i left from the same place.
Ain't it grand
to be home?
Say, you don't
see ruth around here, do you?
That's fine.
Now that's
off my mind.
Uh, do you wanna
wait here a second?
There's a conductor
over there i want to ask about trains.
I wanna gauge my time.
Sure, go ahead.
Stick here
with the bags a minute, will you?
I'll be all right.
Porter: All aboard!
I recognize you
from al's snapshot.
You're ruth.
I'm lee diamond.
Didn't you get the telegram?
Yes, but i decided
to come anyway.
Lee, you've
got to help me.
I have to get him
back among his friends, where he lived.
He's got to know
that we...
he's pretty set
on not going.
Where are you
taking him now?
Navy hospital.
Well, he's got to come
home first, even if it's just for an hour.
It'd mean so much
right now.
If he won't go
with you, he won't.
You'll just have
to try.
I've got
al's car with me.
Couldn't you lie to him
and tell him it's a navy car, maybe?
I don't know. It...
i want one chance, lee,
won't you give it to me?
It's his whole life
i'm fighting for.
Yeah. I know.
And yours.
Al, here's luck.
Number one,
there's a navy car waitin' for you;
number two,
i can get a train to new york
in 15 minutes.
Do you mind
if i take you up on that proposition?
Sure, lee.
Go right ahead. Thanks.
Your bag's
on your right.
Here's the navy car.
a good-looking wave ready to take you.
A wave?
Say, that's class.
Don't step out of line.
She's a loo-ie. Ha ha.
I guess i won't
see you for a long time, huh, lee?
Well, maybe
after my furlough,
i can drop off
and see you on my way back to san diego.
Hey, that would be
great, if you could.
You'll probably see
a lot more action before this is over.
Looks that way,
my arm's coming along good now.
It'll be funny,
sittin' around,
thinking of you landing
on a beachhead again.
When i hit the beach,
i'll mark the first nip
for you, al.
Yeah. Get 'em
in the eyes.
Right in the eyes!
that kind of popped
out of me
without me
even thinking of it.
Ha ha.
Take care
of yourself, al.
I'm gonna miss you, you old ball of fire.
Yeah. Likewise.
Say, uh, what were
them old hebrew words you told me?
Sholem alechem?
Yeah. Well, uh...
sholem alechem,
That goes double
for you, al.
Well, i'm off
to the beachhead.
Ok, lieutenant.
I'll write you, al.
So long, lee.
So long, al.
I know
where we are now...
independence hall.
I used to remember
hearing the bell strike the hour.
Somehow, whenever
it struck 12 noon, i got hungry.
Out on guadalcanal,
i remembered that bell whenever i was hungry.
Good day for huntin'.
Cold and crisp.
Had my huntin' coat
and boots on... be all right.
Ever go huntin'?
Couldn't hit the broadside
of a barn right now.
Got eye trouble.
That's why i'm here...
get 'em fixed up.
Are we
at the hospital?
I used to count steps
when i was a kid.
Now i'm back
at it again.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Any more?
7, 8, 9...
you're home now.
Please forgive me
for doing it. I had to.
Why? It's no good.
Now, be
reasonable, al, it's christmas eve.
I didn't have
the heart
to tell ella mae
about your wire.
She has dinner
all ready for you, in your honor, and...
loretta has
a present for you.
It won't work.
I'm not going in.
You can tell 'em
anything you want.
You're still
the same stubborn...
look, if you and i
are finished, ok.
But why can't you stay
to a christmas party with your friends?
Loretta: Al.
Oh, al.
Hiya, kid.
I read all about you
in the newspapers.
You killed 200 japs,
didn't you, al?
So they tell me.
Come on inside.
I'll take your bag.
I'll show you
the way.
You got hurt
in the eyes, didn't you?
Yes, i did.
i need some help.
Ma? Al's home.
What's it like
when you can't see good?
Is it like
being in a dark room?
You got it.
Al! Oh, it's so good
to see you.
I don't see
why i can't be sentimental, too,
under mistletoe.
Hi, ella mae.
How's jim?
Oh, he's fine.
He'll be home from work
any minute now.
Give me your coat.
Now, you just
make yourself right at home again.
Loretta, you come on
in the kitchen
and help me get
the drinks ready.
Al and ruth,
you go on in there and sit down.
Sofa still
in the same place?
Yes, everything's
just the same.
No, thanks.
I don't smoke, al, remember?
Yeah. I remember.
Do you have a match?
Got one.
Things pretty much
the same, huh?
Yes. Everybody's working
a little harder, of course.
Things are
rationed, too.
Yeah. I heard
all about it.
As long as i'm
staying for dinner,
you might
as well know
how they feed chow
at the hospital.
I mean, with people
with eye trouble.
They use
the clock method.
Potatoes at 12:00
on the plate,
vegetables at 3:00.
Meat at 6:00.
You see?
Virginia wrote me, al.
Oh. Great little
fixer, that girl.
She's wonderful.
Yes. She's ok.
You're looking fine, al.
How about you?
You change
your hairdo or anything?
No, I... i look
the same, i guess.
You still wear those
silly-lookin' hats?
I guess you'd think so.
We're awfully
proud of you, al.
Cocktails, al,
we're being very festive in your honor.
Cocktails? That's
class, all right.
Have some nuts?
Sure. Thanks.
Oh. Daddy,
al's here!
Right there.
Al, you old
no-good marine.
How are you?
gee, it's good
to see you again.
Isn't it great
to have him back?
Am i glad
you could make it for christmas with us.
Me, too.
Al? Here's
your gun, al.
Thought you might
like to see how clean i kept it.
Ella mae: Put it
down, dear, he doesn't want it right now.
your drink, al. Oh, thanks.
Now, you go on upstairs
and get cleaned up.
I won't have
my dinner spoiled.
No, dear.
you see that, al? I'm still henpecked.
Ha ha.
Sounds it.
I'm having a cocktail
too, al... ginger ale and grape juice.
Same old stuff,
You betcha.
There's some new
boys up the block.
Kinda rough,
but i found a smooth one.
Ha ha.
I bet you did.
We have a super tree
this year, al.
Almost touches
the ceiling. Swell.
You want me to tell
you what's on it? Never mind.
There's a great
big star on top, and underneath...
never mind, loretta,
i don't wanna hear about it!
Oh, honey.
Excuse me.
Of course
i want to hear about your christmas tree.
I'm just tired
from the train, that's all.
It's a nice tree.
Lots of colored
Sure, honey, sure.
Forgive me.
In a minute,
you can tell me all about it, huh?
All right.
I forgive you.
How was
your trip, al?
Ok. Every state
sounded alike.
Your old room's
all ready.
It's got new wallpaper.
I did it myself.
It's a little lumpy,
but it's clean.
Sorry, jim,
i've got other plans.
I'm going to chicago,
to live with my brother.
Oh, i, uh...
didn't know that.
Well, i'll see you
in a minute, folks.
I gotta help ella mae
in the kitchen.
But, al...
I thought you were
going to stay here and marry ruth.
Loretta and i have
talked everything over, al.
She's quite
grown up now. I'll say i am.
Too big
to give me a kiss?
Big girls
kiss, too.
Mm, you've been
practicing. Uh-huh.
On stevie,
the smooth boy i told you about.
Ha ha. It felt
smooth, too.
Al? You're
not different, are you?
Of course he's not.
Ma says all
soldiers come back different.
She said you'd
be different, too.
I'm a little different,
i suppose.
No, you're not.
Can't see loretta's
christmas tree, can i?
I can't see you.
Doesn't that make me
No, i don't
mean your eyes. I mean you.
You're not different.
i think you're
just the same.
I can tell.
Jim: Ok, kids,
come and get it.
Dining room still in the same place?
Am i sittin'
where i always used to?
Yes, right next
to ella mae.
Watch me make this
on my own.
There. You see?
There have been 20 babies
born on this block
since you left, al.
Guess that always
happens in wartime.
Train whistle
still go at night? Sure.
Bet you didn't remember
to light the candles, did you?
Oh, dear, no.
Here you are.
Remember me, ella mae?
The best little
candle-lighter in philadelphia.
Ella mae:
Jim: Al, there's
a blind fellow working at our factory now.
Loretta, stop
reaching for things.
Haven't you got
a tongue?
Sure, mom.
But my arm's longer.
It's time for you
to take your present to stevie now.
Go upstairs
and get our coats.
This blind fellow
i was telling you about
went to a school.
You know, it's
a funny thing, al, but...
he can feel those
small rises better than i can see 'em.
It's god's truth.
How does he get
to the plant? By bus.
takes him, huh?
Oh, no, he goes
by himself.
Al, i went to see
mr. Davidson last week,
and he said
that if you'd go to the same school
for a couple
of months,
you could have
your old job back anytime you wanted.
He did, eh?
Well, it just doesn't
fit in with my plans.
Loretta: I lit
the christmas tree lights.
I'm all
ready, mom.
We promised to
drop in on these neighbors of ours.
Their youngster has
a crush on loretta, and he's sick.
We won't
be gone long.
I'll give you
my present tonight if you stay, al.
There's some beer
in the icebox. Help yourself.
We'll be right back.
Now, don't you dare
touch those dishes.
Ruth: All right.
You're gonna
love my present.
It's just what
you've always wanted.
Swell, loretta.
Shall we go into
the living room, al?
Sure. I don't need
any help.
I can find my way
around this house blindfolded.
Peace on the earth,
goodwill to men
turn the radio off,
will you, ruth?
It's some kids
The world
in solemn stillness lay
to hear
the angels sing
for lo, the days
are hastening on
by prophets
seen of old...
I want you to take me
to the hospital. Now.
But you said you...
i said i'd stay
because i didn't want any arguments.
Now i want to go.
Loretta will be
awfully upset.
Am i going to have
my life run by loretta?
I wouldn't have
been stuck here in the first place
if it hadn't been
for that kid.
Now, don't blame her.
I brought you here.
Then get me out.
Al, i want
one fair chance to talk to you,
and you've got
to give it to me.
Ok, you can
talk your head off.
There's nothing
you can say
i ain't
said to myself a thousand times.
What's the use?
You don't know
what i want to say.
You don't even
think of me.
Always trying to run
the whole world by yourself.
Don't pull
any tears on me.
That's why i didn't
want to see you in the first place.
I'm not pulling
any tears on you.
You didn't want to see me
because you love me.
Yet you're ready to let
some fool idea in your head
wreck both of us.
Ruth, i'm helpless.
I'd be a drag on you all your life.
Why don't you let
me decide that?
Because i'm
nobody's lap dog, that's why.
You think i want
to live out my life
knowing every day
of the year
you married me
out of pity?
I got too much pride
for that. I'd rather live alone.
you haven't got any pride!
You just
tell yourself that.
You haven't got
enough pride to face the truth.
Virginia told you
about the jobs.
You could get
hundreds of them.
But you didn't want
to learn one.
You want to be lonely.
You want to feel
sorry for yourself! You wanna be helpless!
You haven't got
the pride to accept being blind like a man.
Get me
out of here! I won't.
Get in that car
and drive me. I won't.
You're going to stay here
and listen to me. I won't drive you.
That's fine.
That's great. That ties it up.
I could beat
your ears off for saying that.
But you missed
one card... i may be blind,
but i know where
the phone is in this house.
I'm calling a cab!
I don't need any help.
Please leave me alone.
Oh, al,
don't be hurt.
I've gotta go
get that cab.
If you go out
of this room now,
you'll leave me
to stumble all through my life
the way
you just did.
I don't pity you, al.
I love you.
Suppose there never
was a war, darling.
What if we were
married and one day i got hit by a car
and was left
a cripple...
would you
walk out on me?
No, you wouldn't.
Darling, my heart's
been falling over things all year
because you've
been gone.
I need you, al.
Sure you'll
need me, too.
What's wrong
with that?
Why shouldn't
two people need each other?
I know these
last months
have been awful
for you, sweetheart.
And it's only
because you're fine and decent
that you're
afraid of being a burden to me.
But you won't be,
not you, al.
You can work.
We can have
a family.
Sure, we'll have
a problem,
but everyone
has problems.
All married
couples do.
People can't let
each other down because of that.
I don't know
what i'll do if you leave me now.
I need you too much.
Ruthie, don't.
I don't want
to make you cry.
It's just that i was
an ordinary guy before,
and i wasn't
worth you then.
And now, i'm less
than an ordinary guy.
I can't see.
Less than ordinary.
Oh, sweetheart,
don't you realize
that every single
man who's fought
is no longer
Don't you realize
that millions and millions of people
were looking
to guadalcanal every day
when you were
fighting there?
They were,
millions of them.
Every civilized
person in the world, i guess.
It wasn't
any ordinary guy
who kept the japs
back that night.
It was one of
the most extraordinary fellows in the world.
You... al schmid.
South pacific force
of the united states pacific fleet,
of the commander.
In the name of the president
of the united states,
the commander,
south pacific area and south pacific force,
takes pleasure in presenting
the navy cross to
private albert a. Schmid.
united states
marine corps reserve,
for service as set forth
in the following citation.
"For extraordinary heroism
in the line of his profession as machine-gunner
"in the action against
a strong japanese landing force
"in the solomon islands
on august 21, 1942.
"Schmid's machine-gun squad
was attacked by the enemy.
"Lacking the protection
of riflemen,
"it was necessary
for the squad
"to tear down
their frontal protection,
"in order to meet
the oncoming enemy.
"Under the greatest
"the enemy attack was met
and repulsed.
"In the action,
schmid was seriously wounded.
"His courage,
intrepidity, and fortitude
contributed largely
to the defeat of the enemy. "
W.f. Halsey.
Admiral, u. s. Navy.
I congratulate you,
I'm mighty proud, sir.
That was
wonderful, al.
Let's get that cab
with the red top on.
How do you know
it's red?
Its kind of fuzzy,
but it's red, ain't it?
Yes, darling,
it is red.
Now, look, honey,
don't get your hopes up.
That doesn't mean
i'm gonna see good again.
Whichever way it is,
we'll do it together.
Man: Where to, folks?
America, america...
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