Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe (2018) Movie Script

["I'll Be There For Christmas" playing]
You know
It's driving me crazy
Just being away from you
It's getting colder and baby
I don't want no winter blues
Yeah I know we've been here before
You've been all alone
When the first snow falls
This time I'm telling you
I'll be there for Christmas
Baby, baby I'll be there for Christmas
Good morning, Desmond. Darcy Fitzwilliam.
Every day, like clockwork. This is for you.
Oh, Darcy. You shouldn't have.
Thank you.
So cuddle up by the fire
What are the odds there's a
winning lottery ticket in here?
You know, for, uh, tuition.
There's gonna be some
Wait. He got in? Early acceptance.
My son's going to Stanford.
The first one in our family.
This is such wonderful,
wonderful news.
Oh, you must be so proud.
Yeah. I mean, I'm gonna be
working here till I'm 106,
but it's good.
It's good, you know.
Only if I could afford
your minimums, you know.
I'd throw you some of my money
to invest for me.
Hey, if you want to invest
with us, I'll take care of you.
Don't worry about our minimums. Really?
Then maybe me and my wife could
have something for our retirement.
It's what I do. All right.
Well, just for that,
coffee is on the house today.
Absolutely not. I am paying.
Your son's going to Stanford.
It's so exciting.
Hey, Merry Christmas. And we're
gonna talk when I get back.
Yes, we will. Thank you, Darcy.
Merry Christmas!
I said I'll be there
For Christmas
Let me know if you have any questions
about these financial statements.
Just call me. I... I won't be in
the office over the holidays,
but I'm always available to you.
Well, I'll try and leave you alone,
so that you can enjoy Christmas.
You can wake me
from a deep sleep, Mark.
I always have time
for my favorite clients.
I bet you say that
to all your accounts. Only when I mean it.
I knew I made the right choice
going with you, Darcy.
And I will make sure you never regret it.
Merry Christmas, Mark.
Merry Christmas.
Okay. I've got all your gifts organized.
Home, mail-room staff, accounting.
Great. How did it go
with Mark Spencer?
Uh, good. He's happy. Of course he is.
His portfolio has grown 22 percent
in eight months thanks to you.
[telephone rings]
So, why do you look so unhappy?
I'm not unhappy.
I'm very, very happy.
And I'm very, very convinced.
[sighs] I'm fine, Erica. I'm just
really looking forward to the break.
From work or from Carl?
Uh, my partners aren't exactly
thrilled with me right now.
But I think as long as I can
keep Mark Spencer happy,
they have nothing
to complain about.
So, I'm going to just throw
myself into the holidays
and not think about all this
for a minute.
Well, I think
it's great you're going home
for Christmas instead of working
through the holidays like last year.
Oh, no. I will be working.
My mother is actually throwing the
Pemberley League holiday auction.
The family who is supposed to do it,
they dropped out at the last minute.
So, we have to basically plan
the equivalent of a wedding
in about seven days. Hmm, that sounds fun.
Yeah, that's not the word I would use,
but it's just the distraction I need.
[cellphone beeps]Oh, car's here to take you
to the airport.
You've got this.[sighs]
That's yet to be seen,
but let's keep hope alive.
Merry Christmas.
Off to Ohio?
Yes. But I'm available by phone if
you or the other partners need me.
I sent an e-mail with the
projected profit margins
for the accounts, big and small,
and the numbers look great,
Austin. Yeah, of course.
I really think we can continue
to grow and expand even more
if we just lower
our investment minimums.
And then, there are those who say,
if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
You know when we started this firm...
...we agreed we'll always hear
each other out. And we will.
I hear you.
But I don't want you to worry
about any of this now, Darcy.
You just enjoy the holidays
with your family,
and I'll hold down the fort.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
[Darcy] I'm on my way to the airport now.
I can't wait to see you.
[Gloria] Yeah. Actually, your father arranged a pick up
for you, because I have a
meeting with the caterer
and he's still gonna be
at the office.Wait. Who?
We invited Carl to the auction
when you were still together,
and then he and dad arranged
meetings for this week, so...
Mom, really? He still does work
for the company, honey.
And he's a good man.
I know he's a good man. I just
don't know if he's the man for me.
And I just need some time
to figure things out.
It's only been a month.
Well, a... anyway, you and I are gonna be busy with the auction,
and he and dad are gonna be
busy at work.[sighs]
Listen, I'll just hire a car
for you. If it's uncomfortable.
No, it's fine. I mean,
Carl and I are still friends.
I just hope he realizes
that's all it is.
I'm sure he does.
Have a safe flight.
I love you, darling. Bye, Mom.
And the things you were trying to
get away from follow you home.
[Darcy] Thanks.
Hey. Let me help you with that.
Oh, no. I can get it.
I know this is weird for you. But
your dad booked these meetings
and insisted I still come.
What can I do?
He's... he's my boss.
I know. Once he gets an idea in
his mind, it's hard to change it.
Sounds like someone else I know.
Listen, I...
I didn't mean to hurt you, Carl.
I know.
And I take responsibility
for my part.
We were both so busy,
and I wasn't always present.
It's not just that it's...
Everything in my life seems to work
and yet I still feel unsettled.
I just need some time to clear my
head and figure out what I want.
I get it. You need space.
Yeah, and I'm not saying never, just
not when my head is still unclear.
Okay. But I really do believe
we're meant to be together.
And this one is a turkey pot pie,
with a whipped garlic mashed potato.
It's a little spin on a
traditional Christmas dinner.
I like to get creative
with the classics. You know,
I've thrown dozens
of parties, so...
why is it that I've never heard
your name before, Luke.
I'm actually new
to the catering scene.
I just bought this place
three months ago.
So far the only thing I've been
able to change is the menu.
Well, when my friend said that
I had to come for a tasting,
I was skeptical, but...
already this is so much more
than the previous place.
I actually have plans for a full re-brand.
A new name, renovations...
You won't even be able to recognize
this place when I'm done with it.
Man with a plan.
So, the turkey pot pie. On the
menu, only for the holidays.
It's the most delicious food
I've ever tasted.
Good. Tell your friends.
No. I wanna show my friends.
I'd like to hire you to cater
the Pemberley League auction.
My predecessor was gonna do
all the cooking herself,
but then she had to back out.
And now everybody is all booked
for the holidays.
Well, then it's lucky for you
that no one knows I exist yet.
[both laugh]
Why don't I come up with a
few additional menu items,
and run them past you?
Come by the house tomorrow? Absolutely.
With this food...
everybody is gonna know
your name by Christmas Day.
See you tomorrow.[Gloria] See ya.
[Gloria] Darcy. Oh, you're here.
I just got in five minutes ago.
I'm sorry
I didn't pick you up myself, but
the caterer went very quickly.
A few samples. I was sold. Well, good.
That's one thing off our list.
I'm just so happy to have you
finally home for Christmas.
Mom. You talk
like it's been decades.
I missed two Christmases. And I just
saw you last month in New York.
Well, never enough for me.
But anyway, you're here now.
Not a moment too soon.
We have so much to do, Darcy,
and so little time to do it.
Well, let's... let's have a cup of
tea and we'll make an action plan.
Okay. Let's go.
So, when Marian Beckwith
couldn't host it anymore,
I couldn't just let it
be canceled.
I mean, we haven't hosted this
in... in years,
but this and Pemberley Carols are
the highlights of the season.
Oh, it's been years since I've
been to Pemberley Carols.
I can almost smell the roasted
chestnuts, just thinking about it.
Well, it's not for a few days,
so if we can squeeze it in,
we'll go caroling in the square
and you will get your chestnuts.[giggles]
That'd be perfect.
Anyway, Marian was behind on
everything, which has forced me
to play catch up, and we are low
on big-ticket auction items.
So this year,
I'm going to do
something completely different.
Wait, you're... you're
auctioning Christmas trees?
Custom Christmas trees.
Aren't they exquisite?
A charity in Kirkwood had one and
look at the money they raised.
Wait, is that per tree? Yes.
I've hired a top-notch designer
to create them,
and in record time, no less.
And people are already intrigued.
It feels... fresh.
Oh, well, I like it even more. Fresh
and exciting is just what I need.
Well, you have worked so hard
to build something incredible,
and I hope that this Christmas you can
just enjoy the fruits of your labor.
What's the matter, Darce?
[stutters] Nothing. I...
Don't get me wrong, Mom.
I love my work. I just...
I feel like
I'm missing something.
Anyway, it's good I'm here now.
Spending time with family. Dinner
with Caylee tonight. It's good.
Well, know that I'm
very proud of you.
And though your father doesn't
admit it often, he is too.
But, he would be more so if I
came back and worked for him.
Well, I've asked him to lay off
the pressure this week.
Uh, thank you. If he hears I'm unsettled,
he'll just say, "I told you so."
No. He won't say that, honey.
He'll be thinking it.
[laughs]He just won't say it out loud.
He promised.
Thanks, Mom.
Everyone decent in here? Caylee!
[Darcy laughs] Hi.So, hurry up and finish
whatever it is you're doing.
Ah, just researching. Five tips
to throwing a super fund raiser.
Well, the internet will still
be here when we get back
from dinner, so let's go.
We have so much catching up
to do. I just talked to you
a few weeks ago. Well, I have more to tell now.
I didn't want to say anything until I
knew it was something, but... [sighs]
...the new man in my life...
Jim Bennett.
Wait. Jim Bennett.
Why... why do I know that name?
Did he go to Pemberley High?
Wait a second,
is he Luke Bennett's brother?
Yes, but please
don't hold that against him.
[chuckles] What do you mean?
Luke Bennett and I had this...
A silly high school rivalry,
like two decades ago. You guys
used to fight all the time.
We did not fight, we debated, which
is what you do on the debate team.
On the stage, yes. But you guys
took it off the stage.
To the cafeteria, the hallways. Okay, fine.
But I'm sure we both have changed.
I mean, I know I have.
Good. Because we are having
dinner with Jim tonight,
and Luke might be there.
And by "might" I mean he will,
because he owns the Tavern now.
Great. Yeah, no problem.
[music playing]
Look at you, making a name for yourself
on the Pemberley party circuit.
Uh, still got a long way to go, but at
least this place is half full tonight.
Hey, don't sell yourself short.
It was always your dream owning a
restaurant and now you're doing it.
Dad would be proud.
Well, let's hold off on the celebration
till the vision is complete.
Soon enough, little brother.
Soon enough. Hey.
And I'm hoping you'll come to my
White Elephant party tomorrow night
just for a little bit.
Luke's letting me have it here
because my place is so small.
Yeah. Of course, I'll come. I mean,
I'll never have enough pointless gifts
in my life.[scoffs]
Luke Bennett. Darcy Fitzwilliam.
Okay. I'm gonna go sit with Jim.
My old sparring partner. Um, who are you calling old?
Never you.
You look good.
I heard that you got in today.
Yeah. There's nothing like
Christmas in Pemberley, right?
I'm surprised
to hear you say that.
From my understanding
you've missed the last few.
And how would you know that?
Have you been checking up on me?
People talk around here. It's
the information superhighway.
Really? Hmm, that's interesting.
Because I heard
that you've actually been
in Cincinnati until recently.
So now, who's doing the checking up?
I'm flattered.
Uh, yeah. No... no. Don't be.
It was on the alumni website.
Yeah, along with 300 other bios
and you remembered mine?
It... I'm honored to be on your radar.
The great and charmed,
Darcy Fitzwilliam,
and always destined
for huge success.
You say that almost
like it's a bad thing. No, I'm happy for you.
We should all be so lucky. Oh, luck?
Yeah. I mean,
maybe it's not so much luck.
Maybe it's, you know,
hard work. A little luck on the side.
Yeah. I could say the same for you. I
mean, you own a restaurant. That's...
It's not nothing. That is double negative.
And you're still correcting me.
Really? After all these years.
You just can't help yourself?
[both laughing]
You know, really, I think
that you should be thanking me.
I think I deserve a little bit
of credit for your success.
Really? Wow. Is that so? We challenged each other.
That is why we went
all the way to state.Oh.
Okay. So see, all these years later I...
I'm sorry I didn't realize
it was some secret reverse
psychology you were using on me.
Or maybe I just knew
a good team when I saw one.
I'll get you guys some menus.
Well, I think it's safe to say
he hasn't changed.
[knock on door]
Darcy.[door creaks]
[scoffs] Hi, Dad.[Edward laughs]
How was your dinner
with Caylee? It was good! It was nice.
We, uh, we had fun.
I'm sorry I wasn't here when you got in.
But, we'll have plenty of time
over the holidays to catch up.
Your mother
has saved the Christmas tree,
so we can all
decorate it together.
I'm sure she did. It is
one of our best traditions.
Your brother gets in the day after
tomorrow, so that's when we'll do it.
We're so thrilled
to have everyone here this year.
Especially when your mother said, uh,
you were a little bit unsettled.
Everything's fine, Dad.
I just needed a break.
Well, if you came back
and worked for me,
you could have all... I think you made a promise
to Mom.
Oh, she mentioned that.Yeah. Forewarned is forearmed,
I will do my best.
But I will never apologize
for wanting your incredible
talent at my company.
That means a lot to me, Dad.
It really does, but... [sighs]
I needed to make it on my own. And
I feel like there's more I can do.
Like what?
I'm working on it.
Okay. Understood.
I promise,
I will not mention it again. Until you do.
I could slip.[Darcy laughs]
Good morning.
Okay. I have mapped it all out. We are
gonna have passed hors d'oeuvres,
and then we are gonna have
a desert station
right in front of the bay window
in the living room,
right by the
silent auction items.
And I was thinking...
what if we line the perimeter of
the dining room with the trees,
and have the auction there?
Wow! You have really
thought this through.
I want
to outrace previous years.[sighs] I hope we can.
As I said, Marian was behind
on everything,
including collecting donations
for the auction. [sighs]
I just hope those trees are as great
as the designer says they're gonna be.
Don't you worry, Mom.
This year has the Fitzwilliam
name attached to it.
I'm going to make sure
it is the best year yet.
[doorbell rings]Oh.
That must be the caterer.
Your father will let him in.
But come and I'll introduce you,
because you're gonna be working
with him anyway.Great.
Thank you for helping us
on such short notice.
Luke.[Luke] Darcy.
You two know each other?
We went to high school together.
We were both on the debate team.[sighs, scoffs]
That's right. I'm so sorry for not
making the connection yesterday.
Well, this is perfect, because you two
already know how to work well together.
You did take
that state championship.Yeah.
Darcy and I always
did make a great team.
Wow.Yeah... [chuckles]
Okay. So, I have put together
a few different menus for you.
But it really depends
on which direction
you're gonna be going
with your theme.
Well, we're benefiting
the Pemberley Youth Center,
so we're calling it,
"A Season for Giving."
Yeah. I guess that works. Let
me show you what I had in mind.
This whole place
becomes a Winter Wonderland.
We remove all the furniture.
Food table goes here,
right by the window with the
presentation to go along with the motif.
It... That's actually where
I'm putting the desert table.
Just here me out for a second.
The guest, they mingle here
by the roaring fire.
We give it a nice, inclusive
living room feel. And the food
has a contemporary twist.
Pancetta wrapped beef tenderloin,
with horseradish cream.
Honey roasted figs.Hmm.
Yule log with a cognac glaze.
you've done a lot for one day.
I want it to be more than just food, Mrs.
I want it to be an experience. Please, call me Gloria.
Mrs. Fitzwilliam
is my mother-in-law's name,
and she hates
sharing that title. [laughs]
Will do. This is all very innovative,
And I love the Winter Wonderland feel.
It's... it's warm and cozy.
Yup.Yeah. But the theme
is "A Season for Giving."
Inside Winter Wonderland.
Right, but I've actually
already mapped this out.
You know the decorations, the
tables, the silent auction area.
Well, so you can mold the two together.
Your ideas and Luke's.
In fact, Luke, we could really
use someone with your instincts
to help Darcy
execute the whole event.
Mom, I really don't... I don't think that's...
You know, in the past,
I always had an event planner,
but at the eleventh hour, no one was
available. And we are on such a time crunch.
I appreciate that... You know, people who come
to this fundraiser
throw parties.
Lots of parties.
This could be the best publicity you
could ever wish for. And, darling,
I know you like
to do things your way,
but just accept the help.
You two handle your end,
I'll find more auction items, [Darcy sighs]
and together, we just might
just pull this off.
All right. Well...
I guess we better get shopping. For my theme.
it's our collective theme.
Sure. Why not?
Setting up for Pemberley Carols.
Oh, it's so nice.
I hope we can come.
In four days though,
there's still so much to do.
[cell phone vibrates]
And it's my mom. Okay.
She needs me to pick up an auction
item at the gift store down here.
And I need to get on my supply
order and call the service
to hire extra wait staff,
since your mother
loved my idea so much.
Wow, you're just gonna keep reminding
me of that forever, aren't you?
Probably. Yeah.[sighs] Listen,
have you ever catered
an event before?
Yeah. I cater a restaurant
full of people, every day.
It's not the same thing. Have you ever
thrown a charity event before?
No, but my family has.
And I... I've always helped out.
It's not the same thing.
We're both rookies here.
No, I'm not a rookie, because I've
thrown other types of parties.
And I've fed other types of people.
I think I'm up to the task.
Okay, well, good, because this
party has to be a success.
And I don't do
anything halfway. Good, neither do I.
Okay, good.
Then we're in agreement.Good. I...
have nothing else to say.Good.
'Cause... I'll be right back.
Hi. I'm Darcy Fitzwilliam.
I'm here to pick up a donation
for the Pemberley League holiday auction.
Are you Charlene Johanson?
Yes, of course.
I have it right over here.
Great. Your store
is so beautifully decorated.
That Christmas tree
in the window is just amazing.
Thank you. I'm trying
to build up my clientele.
I do interior design
on the side and this place
at Christmas tends to be
a good conversation starter.
I'm sorry it's not much.
I wish I could do more.
This is beautiful.
Really, we appreciate
your donation so much.
I'll... I'll make sure
you're properly credited.
for the Pemberley League. Merry Christmas.
Okay. Have the silent auction item, and
I think we are good on decorations.
Okay. Well,
I can take you home...
but then I have to get back to
the restaurant to start to prep
for Caylee's party. So, you will
have to start decorating alone.
Well, you know what they say, if
you want something done right,
do it yourself. Well, unless you're racing
on a bicycle built for two.
Oh. Carl, hi.
I was actually gonna meet
your dad up the street.
Did... did you see the 4J Medical
closed at 25 dollars a share?
I did. It practically doubled. That's a good call, Darcy,
putting you clients in that one.
Sometimes an instinct pays off.
Stocks. Boring. Business stuff.Sorry. Carl Downs.
This is, uh, Luke Bennett.
He's our caterer. We're old friends.
And we're old friends,
and he's actually
catering the auction.
Oh, I see.Yeah. Carl works for, uh,
my dad.
And he actually heads up
our New York office,
since my dad is mostly here
in Pemberley.
It's nice to meet you.Yeah. You too.
I guess I'll see you soon.Yeah. See you soon.
So what was that about?
Um, it's... it's a long story.
So, if we can just keep the momentum going.
Oh, hi, honey.
Hey. That is gonna be so beautiful.
But why don't you save the decorating for
later, since you have Caylee's party.
I was just getting a head start.
I mean, it is no easy task
making this place
a Winter Wonderland.
We can do the Christmas tree
tomorrow night
when your brother gets here. We'll get it done.
Go have fun with your friends.
[cellphone vibrates]
[cellphone clicks]
Erica, you're there late.
[Erica] Darcy, something very
weird is going on around here.
What do you mean? Partner's meeting.
Tomorrow afternoon.[Darcy] I don't know anything about a partner's meeting.
I, kind of, think
that's the point.
Well, I wasn't invited. [scoffs]
I overheard Austin's assistant talking about it in the break room.
You're definitely not invited.
Oh, I imagine I will be the topic
of conversation at this meeting.
So, what are we gonna do?
[Darcy] Listen, don't tell anyone I know about it.
And patch me in
via video conference.
An ambush. I love it!
No, it's not an ambush.
But we're partners.
I mean, if they have something they want to
say to me, they should say it to my face.
Everything all right?
Yeah. Yeah. No, no,
it's... it's all good.[Edward] Well, okay, uh...
I'm here, if you need me. Thanks, Dad.
Have a good time tonight out. Good night, Dad.
[music playing]
All right. All right.
Who is white elephant number nine?
That's me. Oh, Darcy. Come on up
and choose a present
under the tree,
or if you like you can steal one
of these already open gifts.
We have the crossed eyed owl,
or the talking golf putter.
Well, as wonderful as those seem,
I am gonna choose a new one.
And I choose this.
Oh. [laughs]Oh, wow.
[Darcy and Caylee laugh]
Darce, you know the rules.
If it's wearable, you have to put it on!
[both laughing]
Yes. All right you guys.
Let's take a little break.
We have to try some of Luke's
amazing appetizers,
if you haven't tasted them. It is the rules.
[sighs] Well, this is just...
I mean it's everything I ever wanted.
Yes. What are the rules as far
as how long
we have to keep this stuff on?
I don't know. But I'm guessing,
it's at least January 1st.
What? No way. It's not fair.
'Cause you look...
I mean yours looks really,
really great.
Yeah. Listen, don't tell anybody,
but the second I get to my car,
I'm taking this off.
Are you leaving? Well, I mean,
not right this second.
But soon, yeah. We have
to start so early tomorrow,
and we're already behind
as it is, and... [sighs]
Oh, there's just
so much weighing on this.
You okay?
I just...
There's some stuff going on at the office.
It's... it's nothing major.
[clears throat]
Do you want to talk about it?
I'm actually a... [clears throat]
...pretty good listener. Oh, please. Are you kidding me?
You listen just enough
to take the contrary position.
You take the pro
and I'm the con.
I don't know if you want
to call yourself a con.[chuckles]
Noted. Look, Darcy, [laughs]
over the next few days
we're in this together.
You're gonna
let me in eventually. So...
why all the mystery? There's no mystery.
What you see is what you get. I am not buying this,
this everything's fine routine.
Stuff is going on with your company.
The guy who works for your dad.
Maybe I can help.
I don't need help.
[music playing]
Ah, you first. Ah, no. You first.
I insist. I insist more.
You have a job to do. The customer goes first.
One of us needs to step away
pretty quick here.
Are you kidding me? Really?
You put mistletoe in the door way?
What? It's tradition.[Darcy laughs]
It was started by ancient
civilizations who believed it
warded off evil spirits.
I also think it's poisonous. Please its mistletoe. It's...
You know, it hangs there,
people kiss. Christmas.
Are you telling me, you don't
actually know the significance
of a kiss under the mistletoe.
Oh, is the great Luke Bennett
losing his touch?
I'm just a little unprepared.
But I will research it and I'll
get back to you. Although...
I do think that we should
probably honor it's tradition.
Don't hold your breath.
Oh, I got some push back.
But I said, either I'm taking
Christmas week off to be with my family,
or I'm finding another hospital.
[both chuckling]
It's been madness. He's working in the
ER, what three, four nights a week?
He gets home
when I'm leaving for work.
[Parker] We're like two ships
passing in the morning.
[Gloria] Well, I said to dad, "We
are waiting till everyone is here
before we decorate the tree."
We'll do it tonight.
I can't think of anything more wonderful
than having my whole family here
at Christmas. I second that.
Oh, I can't believe I'm actually
seeing you in person.
[Darcy] Hi.[Monica] Hi.
[Darcy] Oh.You've grown.
[laughs] What are you talking about?
We FaceTime every other day.
Yeah, I know. I'm just happy
to see you, unpixellated.
[laughs] I can't believe no one
woke me when you guys got here.
[Monica] Oh, we thought... This feels complete now.
Yes. And at last, there were six.
No, we're just... we're just five.
Carl and I broke up.
He's... he's still in town,
we are just five.
We're not talking about Carl.
We're six now.
[gasps]Or at least we will be,
in June.
[all exclaim]
This is good news.[indistinct chatter]
[Edward] What a blessing.[smooches]
I don't know what we're gonna do
with our schedules, but...
We're gonna make it work.Yes.
[Darcy] I'm so happy. Get something
for us to toast with.
Cocoa would be nice. I'll help. And I'm going to go upstairs
and freshen up.
That red-eye was brutal. So...
[Darcy laughs]
I can't believe this.Yup.
Oh, my gosh.
Wow, the best news. I... Yeah.
I can't believe it.
First you get promoted to attending physician
and now...
now you're gonna be a dad.
Yeah. So happy for you, Parker.
Yeah. I'm happy for you too, Darce.
We're both making it happen,
and getting everything
we always wanted.Yup.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I just...
Uh, I mean, I look at your life and it
is so beautiful and complete and...
and I look at my life and...
I don't know,
is this what I'm working toward?
And what about Carl? Yeah.
It just wasn't progressing.
Nothing seems to be.
I don't know. Just being home
and seeing everyone so settled.
It's just kinda shinned a light
on all that, you know.
Is Dad putting pressure
on you to come back?
He's... on his best behavior.
But I know he's secretly hoping I'm
gonna take over after he retires.
I can tell.
He has the worst poker face.[Parker chuckles softly]
Yeah, but you're still digging
in your heels like you do.
Well, you know,
I can't help myself.
I don't know. Maybe the problem
is I'll never be satisfied.
And maybe you're looking for
satisfaction in all the wrong places.
[Gloria] Are you serious?
So, I don't understand why you would
take this on in the first place.
This is completely unacceptable. Wait, what's going on?
The designer for the trees.
She's out.
What? Why? She must have obviously
overbooked herself, and she's
probably a terrible business woman.
Okay. What are we gonna do?
I mean, if we wanna make money,
we need a professional. I know.
I've got other people I can call.
But this close to the holidays.
[doorbell rings]Let me see who's available.
I don't know what I was thinking
to take this on.
And I don't know how I could
have ever done it without you.
I'm happy to help. Mom just
figure out the designer,
I'll handle the rest
of the logistics.[door opens]
[Luke] So I'm here, and I
brought my truck as requested.
Great. Thanks, Luke. Okay. So
you guys go pick up the trees,
I'll try
and find another designer.
What... Why do we need his truck
and what trees?
Oh, uh, the lot downtown is donating
trees for the foyer and the living room.
Wait. What happened
to the designer? Mom. Why would you call Luke?
I can totally take Parker's car.
I can handle this.
You're gonna pick up three
Christmas trees by yourself,
in a rental car? I would have figured it out.
Well, now you don't have to.
So you two go pick up the trees.
I'm going to try and stop
this event from imploding.
[scoffs][Luke] Wait.
What happened to the designer? I'll tell you on the way.
Why don't you just wait here and I'll
get the guy to bring the trees over.
Hi. I'm here for the trees
that were donated.
You want some help? No. I got it.
Are you sure? 'Cause it looks
like you could use some help.
I'm totally fine.
[Luke] You're doing great.
Yeah. Just two more after that.Yup. Just... just two more.
I'm so sorry. How about now?
You want some help now?
Yeah, yeah. It would...
it would appear that I would.
Oh, no. You gotta say it
like you mean it. I,
Darcy Fitzwilliam,
would love your help.
Just get over here
and help me, please. Thought you'd never ask.
I cannot believe this.
I'm so sorry.
we're gonna pick them up.
Well, he's gonna pick them up.
Yeah. Thank you.
Just go ahead. Say it. Wasn't gonna say anything.
You were dying to.
It's written all over your face.
Why do you go through life like you
always have something to prove?
Because I'm a Fitzwilliam.
Everyone assumes
I've had everything handed
to me my whole life.
And there's nothing I can do
to convince them
I've actually earned my place.
I mean, you said it yourself.
You said it was DNA
and luck that got me where I am.
Well, I didn't really mean that.
[sighs] I always envied how easy
you had it. But maybe you just...
...made it look that way. What?
I always thought the same thing
about you.
[chuckles]You were always so charming
and magnetic.
I mean, you didn't even have to try,
and you'd win every single time.
I always felt like
I had to try extra hard to win.
It's no different
when you're not a Fitzwilliam.
So, is that why you never went
to work for your dad?
No, I did work for my dad.
Yeah, and he taught me everything I know.
But when it... [inhales] came time for promotion,
I... I passed.
Hmm. I could see the way people
looked at me in the office.
And I... I knew
I'd never have their respect.
Why do you care
what people think? I don't.
Who you trying
to prove yourself to?
There's not a single person
in this town who ever doubted
that you'd do something
exceptional with your life.
You don't have
to prove anything.
Thank you.
We should... Yeah.
Okay, Erica, I'm on. Here goes. Patching you in.
We'll just table
that till later. Hi, everyone.
Sorry I'm late for the partner's meeting.
What did I miss?
With it being the holidays, we didn't want
to ruin your trip with trivial details.
Oh, I'm interested in all
details, trivial or otherwise.
Then I'll just come out
and say it.
We're all in agreement that if
potential clients can't meet
our investment minimums,
we don't have the resources
to support them. It will pay for itself
in the long run.
Our goal has always been to compete with the biggest
Wall Street players
and we're almost there. Yes,
and by opening ourselves up to all potential investors that only gets us there faster.
But Darcy, with all due respect,
that's not the vision we have
for this firm.
And I think everyone at this
table is in agreement with that.
So. what are you saying?
Either stay on this train,
or hop off at the next station.
I'm not selling my share.
Understood, Darcy.
Why don't we all enjoy our holidays,
and we'll table this conversation until after the first of the year?
No. I truly understand.
It... it really is short notice.
So, thank you anyway. Bye.
[cellphone clicks]Still no luck finding
a designer?
Four days before the event and no
one's available. Imagine that?
Well, I did get Caylee's uncle
to donate a gold bracelet
from his jewelry store,
so there's that.
I'm gonna go pick it up now. Oh, thank you, darling.
That's wonderful.
But the trees,
they're our big-ticket item.
Look, I don't know what we gonna
do, but we're gonna figure
something out, Mom. Well, better do it soon.
[Darcy] So you made it?
Around this time of year,
most of my interior design jobs
are Christmas decorating.
That window is my calling card.
The trees really auction
off for a lot? Yes. And yours
is just as beautiful as the ones
at the Kirkwood auction.
Well, you can definitely
have that one,
but how many more
will you need? Um, five.
I know. But you could have all
the help you could possibly need
from me and my entire family.
And it would be a great
opportunity for you as well.
Okay. Count me in.[laughs]
You have a truck
that could fit that tree?
No, but I know someone who does.
So, Charlene will put the tree
back together tomorrow, and...
I'm just glad we're able to bring most
of the stuff to the house tonight.
Just hope she's able to finish
all these trees in time.
A few trees
are better than none.
And I'll do whatever
I can to help out.
Oh, good. Thank you.
And she said her supplier
is actually gonna be donating
all the tree trimmings.
Best thing about Pemberley...
we show up for each other.
And I'm glad it's Charlene
and not just,
you know,
not some fancy designer,
who we need her more
than she needs us.
You really like helping people.
Don't tell anyone. I don't want to
ruin my image of being all charmed
and spoiled. My lips are sealed.
What say we take a little break? Just maybe
an hour. Check out Pemberley Carols.
It's not like we can do much
without Charlene tonight, anyways.
And it looks like
everyone else is going. It is a big night for the town.
So, what do you think?
I think we are going caroling.
And I'm finally
gonna get my roasted chestnuts.
[Luke] You know, I've actually never
even tried a roasted chestnut.
What? Okay. There are so many
things wrong with that statement.
Least of which, you're a chef. Is it criminal?
Yeah, it's totally criminal.[both laugh]
[carolers] Jingle bells jingle bells Jingle all the way
Smell that? Yep.
[sighs] Smells great.
What is it? Home.
And chestnuts.[all laughing]
My girl came through
for me today. Darcy always comes through.
It's just a step
in the right direction.
Making spirits bright What fun it is to...
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother
And child
Holy infant so tender
And mild
Okay. I'm primed and ready.
I hope that you didn't oversell.
Well, if I did.
It just means more for me.
So it's a win. Hi.
Thank you.
All right. Sleep in heavenly peace
You lose. I like it.[laughs]
I already know what
I'm gonna do with them.
I'm mentally preparing
a dish right now.
You love what you do.
[laughs] You do.
I can see it
when you talk about it. Passed down from my dad.
His love for food
was infectious. [sniffles]
6:00 p.m., family dinner...
before he'd go work the night shift.
That was his rule.
Your dad was a good guy. I...
I remember,
he never missed a debate.
Yeah. You know, the plan was...
after culinary school that I would
open a restaurant with him.
It was family style.
And I was off in Cincinnati,
working and saving, then...
life happens.
But I wasn't giving up
on our dream. I'm just...
doing it alone.
[chuckles softly]
He was a good man.
I bet he'd be proud.
I'll be happy to be half the man
that he was.
You get to a point in life
when someday becomes now,
and you just gotta go for it.
Full on.
I think
that's why I felt like I...
I just had to break it off
with Carl.
See, I knew it. I knew there was something
going on with you and that guy.
I mean, was it the...
the crippling awkwardness
that gave it away? Or it could have been
the daggers
that he's been staring at me.No.
He doesn't mean anything by it.
He's... he's a good guy.
He's the perfect guy.
Perfect job, perfect life.
Well, sometimes perfect
only exists on the surface.
I've been there.
My last relationship.
And you can't stay in something just
because it makes sense on paper.
That is exactly where I was.
Yeah. I think that's why it's been good
for me to take a step back this week
and just look
at the big picture.
[sighs] Yeah.
And then the question becomes...
do you really
want to step back in?
Look, you two are sitting
underneath the mistletoe!
You know what that means.
[Darcy chuckles]
Oh, yeah, mistletoe.
It's a great question actually. What
does a kiss under the mistletoe mean?
I haven't had the time. Really?
I've been a little busy.Please.
All right. I'm on it.Yeah. I'll believe it
when I see it.
[both laughing]
I do have to say though.
You are every ounce
the man your dad was.
Come on.
This is the last of them.Okay. You can just put it there
next to Charlene's supplies.
[Gloria] Cocoa everyone.
Okay. So I should get going.No. No. Luke.
Stay. Have some cocoa.
The more the merrier,
I always say.Yeah. Stay.
It's lopsided.
Oh. Yeah, you know what?
It needs to go up a little on the left.
What? Yeah. It needs to be, you know,
perfectly symmetrical.
Have I taught you nothing?
Perfectionists, both of you.
I mean, you can take out an appendix,
but can't hang Christmas lights.
So, I ran into Sally Bassman just as we were
leaving tonight. Ticket sales are down.
I suspect it's the rumor mill.
Us taking it on at the late stage
and then losing the designer.
But... [sighs]
why do people
have to talk so much?
Okay. So,
we change the narrative.
You know, we talk about the youth
center and how it benefits them.
And maybe we do an e-mail blast
to the Pemberley League's
entire mailing list.Yeah. That's a great idea.
I mean, Caylee's a graphic designer.
I'm sure she could come up
with something great for us. Now, that is a good idea.
I could talk to my brother.
Have him reach out to the clientele
at his law firm, too.Yeah. And Dad's clients.
Those are the people who would
come to this event anyway.
Yeah, many of them are.
But I'll be happy to reach out to the others.
Okay. Let's create new buzz.[Darcy] Hmm.
I think it's time
for the tree topper.
Oh. Well, I'm not allowed to
climb, lift, or eat sushi.
I know this doesn't apply to what
we're doing here, but... [sighs]
I'm really going to miss sushi.
[all laugh]
why don't you do the honors?
Okay.[Luke] I'll help you.
Can you grab a ladder?[Luke] Yeah.
Oh! Next part is my job.
Edward, get the lights.
Edward, get the lights.
[button clicks][Gloria] Oh.
[Darcy laughs]
It's so pretty.
[inhales sharply]
[cellphone vibrates]
I actually have to... Sorry.[Gloria] Although honestly,
honestly, I think it's a bit
thin down at the bottom here.
Erica, it's so late. I was finishing
yearend statements.
Have you checked
your email recently? No, why?
Austin didn't waste any time. Hey. What's going on?
A message from The Maberly's.
They want Austin on their account from now on.
She's poaching my clients.
She is trying to drive me out.
Clearly. I knew she was a snake.
[sighs] Listen, I need you to call
Mark Spencer and let him know,
I need to speak
with him immediately.
I'm gonna leave him
a message as well.
Yes. Okay. We need to get to him before
Austin tells him who knows what.
That's what I intend to do.
Thank you, Erica.
Work call? This hour?
Yeah. You know the old story.
Go into business with people, operate
with integrity, and they try
to drive you out anyway. That story?
I hate that story. Yeah, me too.
The one time I didn't
do everything on my own.
It's okay to put your trust
in people, Darcy.
Some of us
still know your worth.
Good night.
Good night.
Good morning. Good morning.
[Gloria] Coffee's ready. Oh, good.
Darling, do you mind running over
to the Pemberley Youth Center?
They've got a banner that
they are gonna be displaying
at the auction, and I was to be there
at nine to meet with the director,
but now I have to meet
with the Pemberley League board.
Really? Why? They didn't say. But... [sighs]
I'm afraid with the low ticket
sales, they just might pull the plug
on the whole thing and that would be
just so upsetting for the children.
I'll keep reaching
out to my client base.
Yeah. I can reach out to mine, too.
Well, most of them.
And I know people nearby.
I'm sure the very least they'd be happy to donate
to a good cause. I don't think they're gonna
pull the plug this late
in the game. Well, we'll soon find out.
You know what?
Luke's on his way over.
Why don't you let us
grab the banner,
and then you tell the board
we've got it under control?
Good luck.
And it's all thanks to the
support of the Pemberley League.
In fact, those kids
playing volleyball back there,
every piece of equipment was the result
of last year's holiday auction.
Art supplies, music.
We even have a youth choir now. Glory to the newborn King
Peace on earth
And mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled
Joyful all ye nations rise
Join the triumph
Of the skies
With th' angelic
Host proclaim
Christ is born in Bethlehem
Hark the herald angels sing
Glory to the newborn King
[Darcy] Superb.
[Beverly] And that's the banner.
Come on down, kids.
As a way to say, thank you.
They picked it out themselves.
[Darcy] Oh!
Thank you. This...
[laughs] ...this is so sweet.
All right, everyone.
You can go back to making your gingerbread houses.
You know what?
That's how we sell tickets.
We give the people something like that.
Something that moves them.
We could see if they'll perform
at the auction.
Yeah, but that's only good the day of.
We need people to know
about these kids before then.
Wait. What if we put...
what if we put some sort of video
in the e-mail blast?
You know, we put a face on it,
and that'll get people
to show up. I've got a really great camera
on my phone.Great.
I think we should tell Beverly.
Oh, wait.
I've been thinking and I'm
gonna waive my catering fee.
All the money
needs to go to the event.
Not overhead.Luke. No.
You can't do that.
You... you need the money for supplies,
and staff, and... and to help
with your renovations.
So, I just put it off for a little while.
It's worth it.
I... Well,
I don't know what to say.
You know, my parents, a lot of
their friends are investors.
And they invest in things
other than the stock market.
And would these fine friends
perhaps be coming to the auction?
I know of a few who are. Yes.
And if there's anything they love
more than a good business idea...
it's a good meal.
[Darcy] Hi, Mark. It's Darcy Fitzwilliam again.
Listen, could you call me back
as soon as you get this?
It's very important.
I'm available on the cell anytime.
[door opens]Thank you.
[door closes][Edward] I think I should go
to New York for a meeting
with him.
It would certainly help secure the
account if you're there in person.
I'm gonna be in New York... Hi.
...the second week in January.
Make time for dinner? Maybe all three of us?
Oh. Yes. Yeah. We can definitely
find a date that works for everyone.
What time
does the designer come? Um, around three.
Well, Carl and I will finish our
work and, uh, then we'll help out.
Happy to be of service.Sure. That that sounds great.
Thanks, you guys.[door opens]
[door closes]
how did it go with the board?
Well, they're not pulling
the plug, yet.
I think they just needed
to be reassured I did my best.
And I'm having them send their
e-mail list directly to you.
Okay, great. Well, Caylee and Luke are
in the kitchen editing the video now.
So, it should go out today.Okay. Not a moment too soon.
All right.
Glory to the new born king
[Darcy] How's it going?
Okay. So the link works.
I just need to merge these contacts,
and it's sent.[sighs] Thank you so much.
I will make sure everyone knows
how helpful you were.
Good, because I'm a one-woman show,
and I could use the publicity.
Well, that is the idea.[Caylee] Okay.
See you guys later.
I gotta go meet your brother.
Thank you, Caylee.
I wanted to tell you too.
I'm gonna put a sign on the table
that you donated all the food. You don't have to do that.
I'm bringing business cards.No. We're doing it
for everybody.
You're not that special.
And here I thought it was
because you were warming to me.
[laughs] But the sign is still
gonna have to say, "Metro Tavern",
since you still don't have
a new name.
Darcy, it's not a decision that can be
taken lightly. It's like... [sighs]
...naming your child,
or naming your pet.
There's no going back.Right. I get it.
You want it to... [sighs]
you want it to feel
like they're at your table.Yes.
That's it.
Luke's Table.
It's so simple.
I bet you cannot believe you
didn't come up with that yourself.
I may have had a fleeting
thought once or twice.
Well, you're not the only one with
good ideas around here, buddy. Okay.
Charlene's here and needs help unloading.
Give us a hand, Luke?
[Luke] Yeah. Sure.
[music playing]
What? No, you did not.
What? I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh. Okay.
I must have just imagined it.
Oh, guess you just imagined
that too, huh? Oh, really?
You started this. Yeah, and I'm gonna finish it.
Oh! Don't. Don't count on it.
Okay. Okay.
I definitely won.
I didn't have too much time to
plan, but I think I've come up
with some designs
you'll really like. Well, if they're half
as beautiful as the one
from your store. I've got everything we need.
And I think we can get them done
in time, with all hands on deck.
You have me until tomorrow. I have got a lot of food prep.
If you need some help, we can come
after these trees are finished.
I will. That would be great.
You know what I was thinking?
What if we curtained off this room,
and we kept...
we kept the trees a surprise,
you know, and there were this big
reveal after the guest arrived?
I think that's the perfect idea.
Keep the suspense up.
All right, then,
let's get started.Okay.
[indistinct chatter]
[Luke] That's perfect.Hey. What's happening?
[laughs]What's that?
Oh, this is great.Yes. It's a good look for you.
[cellphone vibrates]Oh.
Oh. Yeah.
You actually have to... Okay. Okay. Okay.
Uh, here. Spin out.[cellphone continues vibrating]
[cellphone clicks]Hello, Darcy Fitzwilliam.
Erica. Hi.
Did Mark Spencer call back?
No, but I think it's time
for you to come back.
Why? What's... what's wrong now?
Another client just jumped ship to Austin Avery.
[sighs] Who?
Gambill.[sighs] Whatever Austin
is saying to poison them
against me, it must be good.
I've made him a lot of money.
Austin's purposely doing this
while you're gone.
You need to come back here
and fight.[Darcy] I can't.
The event is in two days.
Listen, please
keep calling Mark Spencer.
I will do the same.
He's the key.
[Carl] Are you okay?
[sighs] Yeah. Great.
Look, I'm not gonna say anything
about us, or your business,
or even working for your dad.
I just want you
to know that I'm here for you.
That means a lot to me, Carl.
Thank you.
Hi, Darce.
I didn't know anyone was here.
You want some pie?
It's chocolate with an eggnog swirl.
It's Luke's recipe.
You don't have
to invite me twice.[chuckles]
You had me at pie.[laughs]
You know...
I was looking around, you know,
when we were working on the trees.
And I was thinking...
the house feels alive.
Hmm. Yeah, it's the...
it's the Christmas spirit.
It's contagious.
what's the occasion
for such a decadent treat?
Hmm, I think it's the phrase...
"Pie clears the mind." [both laugh]
You wanna talk about it?
Dad, are you happy in your work?
I mean, you've built
this incredible empire, but...
are you really happy?
Work isn't only about the job.
Sometimes it's about what kind
of footprint do you wanna leave
after you're gone.
It's really important to you.
Well, I was always determined to build
something that would outlast me.
Yeah, me too, and...
and we have.
That's why it meant so much to
me to have you be a part of it.
Dad, if you value me so much,
you have to value my judgement.
I do.
I just know, you're unhappy.
This stuff with your partners.
Maybe it's a message
that it's time to move on.
You know, uh...
Carl is a great young man and...
the two of you together
would take my company
through the stratosphere. Dad, the problem
with that is...
that's what'd make you happy. I just want what's best
for you.
I know. I just...
[chuckles nervously]
I mean, I'm being... I'm being pushed out.
I... My best client
isn't calling me back. I...
I don't know what's best for me.
You know what I've always
told you and your brother?
When somebody tries to
wrong you, do you cave?
Or do you fight?
My default has always been to fight.
I guess this time
I just don't know
if I would be fighting
just to win.
Well, there's another part to that
advice that I should've added.
Walking away isn't always
a sign of weakness.
Sometimes, it's an even bigger
show of strength.
Thanks, Dad.
Come on, what you need is
some more pie.
[music playing on radio]
So, my parents are helping
Charlene finish the last tree,
so you have your sous chef.Good. Because...
your mom just texted me
the final head count.
I know.
I think the video is working.
I mean,
we've gotten more ticket sales
just since the email went out.Yeah. We have so much to do
to get ready
for tomorrow. I know. And we need
to get started,
because I have to go shopping to buy
a dress. I mean, I can't wear this.
[laughs] See? Aren't you glad
that you didn't re-gift it?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, this just...
Wow. This smells incredible.
I mean,
it smells like Christmas.
I had no idea
you were such a talented chef.
Yeah, why don't you take some pies
out of the oven to let them cool,
and I'll finish this up.
They're chocolate chestnut,
by the way,
a friend of mine recently
introduced me to chestnuts,
so, I kinda had to run with it.
Stop it! No. I refuse. [laughs]
You're amazing.
Laughing all the way
I mean, you're... you're an amazing chef.
You're like a...
a super hero, with pies.
And sing songs tonight Oh, it's our song.
Uh, said no one ever.
I'm sorry,
"Jingle Bells"
cannot be our song.
What's wrong with "Jingle Bells"?
It's a classic.
Yeah, for a third-grade recital.
We wish you A Merry Christmas Eh? An improvement?
It's, you know. We wish you A Merry Christmas
Oh, well, it's impressive.
What is happening right now?
And a happy new year What's... [laughs]
Okay.[both laughing]
Oh, oh, there's something...
there's something I wanna show you...
that I made.
So, these were the place cards at
Christmas dinner when I was a kid.
And I'm gonna put them
on all of the food tables.
This is... this is adorable,
and so clever. You know, I've got dozens
of little ideas like this.
You never know
which one I'm gonna pull out
of my sleeve that day.
Uh, so why don't you sugar those
and I'll finish up with this.
Of course. Right.
[clears throat]
You know you're really lucky.
How's that? You know exactly what you want,
and how to go about getting it.
I just try to do what I love.
What is it that you love, Darcy?
[sighs] I love my job. I do.
But it's...
it's not just about accounts.
It's about the people
behind the accounts that matter.
You know, I'm just trying to get
my colleagues to see it that way.
I feel like we should use our resources to
help everybody become financially secure.
I mean, I know I can make a
difference if... if they would let me.
You might not feel like you're
making a difference. But...
you are in other ways.
Why do you keep
checking your phone?
Oh, I'm just waiting
for a client to call.
Huh. You know what?
I think I like the other one better.
The boutique's gonna let me
bring one back tomorrow.
Oh, plus. They donated a gown
for the silent auction.
You really got the community
to step up. That's great.
Yeah, this one's pretty, but I
think I like the red better, too.
Yeah, and with it being
Christmas, I feel like
the red's more appropriate,
right? Plus, it looks great on you,
in case there is anyone
you'd like to impress.
Um, there is not.
I know, and the more I think about
Carl as great as he is. I just...
It's become very clear to me this week that
I don't think I can get back with him.
I need to move forward.
And I need to be honest with him. But...
first, I just have to get through
this party, unscathed. [sighs]
Could it be one, Luke Bennett,
that brought on this revelation?
[scoffs] What are you
talking about? Come on.
I saw you two
at Pemberley Carols.
What does it matter?
I'm... I'm going back to New York
after Christmas, and... [sighs]
he has a business here. Look, Darce,
I'm gonna be blunt.
Oh, is that a new thing
for you? Really?
I have noticed a light in you,
this week. It's nice to see.
It... it's just because
I'm with my family,
and you know, the event,
and Christmas.
And Luke.
Jim says he's noticed
the same thing in his brother.
Yeah, because we're working,
you know, on something together.
We're working
towards a common goal.
Darce, you can deny what's going
on right under your nose,
but I'm not going to.
I mean, how can it ever work?
We live in two different cities.
Look. Darce, you haven't been happy
for a while now. Maybe it's time
to not only change up your business,
but change your geography too.
[Gloria] And we've already
removed all the furniture.
Darce, this is Sally Bassman,
from the Pemberley League Board.
She's just come here for a little
walk-through before the event tonight.
Well, I was just telling your mother.
Everything looks exquisite.
You know, calling your family was one of
the best decisions we could have made.
Really. Uh, I think you've
pulled this off beautifully.
Thank you, Sally.
We've actually had a lot of outside help, too.
Hey, Darcy, have you heard
from the service staff?
I haven't seen
any of the servers yet.
Uh, no, I haven't.
But I'm sure they're on the way.
Everything okay, Luke?
Yeah. Of course.
They're not even late yet.
I was just wondering.
Sally meet Luke Bennett, he's our caterer.
He's actually helped plan the event
from top to bottom.
Truly every single detail.
And Sally Bassman's
on the Pemberley League Board.
It's very nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.
[cellphone rings]Oh.
There they are.
Text from the staffing service.
Servers are on their way.
Uh, Sally's not only on the board,
she's also one of the original investors
in Dairy Leaf Ice Creamery.
I love that place.[chuckles] Yes.
The first time I tried it, I knew
there was something special there.
I have an instinct
for these kinds of things.
Oh, wait until you taste Luke's food.
It is incredible.
He actually bought Metro Tavern,
although the name
is gonna be changing soon.
You know what, Mom?
Why don't you bring her
in the kitchen, and have a
little sample of tonight's menu?
Oh, I would love that,
I'm starving. Wonderful idea.
Follow me, Sally. See you soon.
All right. Enjoy.
[sighs]Okay, what is going on?
You said they just texted you.
Yeah, they did. But it was
to say they're not coming.
Other than three people from my
restaurant, we have no servers.
Well, he apologized profusely, but
he said that they have us booked
for tomorrow night.Yeah. Despite three emails
from me all mentioning the date.
And there's really no one
available at the last minute?
It's Saturday night, party season.
Their people are all booked up.
I'll never use them again. I mean, we have a house full
of people coming in an hour and
no one to pass hors d'oeuvres.
No one to serve food.
Well, I worked my way through college
as a cater waiter. I can help.
Monica, we're not gonna let you
be on your feet all night.
Oh, please. She still runs
three miles every day.
She can handle it.
And I can make some mean drinks,
so, put me behind the bar.[Monica] Yeah.
Thank you, guys.
Really, thank you.
I know you wanted to
enjoy the evening.
Darce, we're family.
It's what we do.
We can ask Jim and Caylee. I'm
sure that they'd help out, too.
Okay. So that's four people.
But we were expecting a lot more staff.
I mean, who's gonna man the food stations?
Who's gonna serve?
[knock on the door]
Hey, Beverly. Come in. Hey, Darcy.
The kids are all here. We don't want to
be in the way while you finish setting up,
but they'd love to help if
there's anything we can do.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking? I hope so,
because my idea's brilliant.
[music playing]
[cellphone rings]
Oh, Luke said... [laughs]
...he said the kid's choir
costumes are perfect.
It's a great fix, Darcy.
Honestly, even better than hired help.
It is right, 'cause it's personal.
You know, it means something.
Which is why I wanted them here
in the first place. I mean,
I didn't expect to put them
to work.
No, they're just excited
to show their gratitude.
It's like it was meant to be.
Yeah, it does feel that way.
It kinda feels like I'm a part
of something transformative.
I wanna do more. Like what?
I just really wanna work with people and
not just be part of the bottom line.
You know, I wanna be of service.
I can't think of anything more wonderful
at Christmas than being of service.
All right. We have to hurry up.
This thing is happening.
It's happening. [exhales]
[indistinct chatter]
I look like a penguin, don't I?
Not a penguin. More like...
more like James Bond.
Oh, well, I'll accept that compliment,
m'lady, and I'll raise you one.
Was... was that James Bond? Yes.
Very much so.
You look stunning.
Thank you.
So, the kids are...
They're doing great.
Guests are mingling.
We're plying them with food and drink.
They're starting to bid
on the auction.
Good. It's almost time
to unveil the trees. So...
I'll gather around the kids.
You find Charlene.
Sounds good.
Mark, what are you doing here?
Listen, I've... I've been calling you.
I was with my family
at our cabin in the Poconos.
I needed a few days to unplug.
Imagine my surprise,
when I plugged back in.
Yes. I'm sorry
about all the messages. They weren't all yours.
I called your assistant and she
told me where I could find you.
integrity is crucial when I
choose anyone to take care
of any aspect of my finances,
or my businesses.
I feel the same exact way.
Listen, whatever Austin may have said...
I don't believe a word of it.
Anyone who would treat
their partner that way...
I don't care how many clients you have,
or how big or small they may be.
You've done your job.
And very well for me at that.
I am so happy
to hear you say that.
I'm gonna be selling them
my share.
We have a different vision,
my partners and I, and...
I think this will be
the best thing for all of us.
Well then, let me be clear.
Wherever you go...
I'm with you.
Thank you.
Hey, we're ready.Great.
Looks like Sally Bassman
is a fan.
Oh, no. You have no idea.
She said that she wants to talk to me
about my restaurant as soon as possible.
Her words, not mine.
Luke, that is incredible.
I actually have some big news too.
Um, it's kind of life altering.
It's... it's a long story.
As soon as we're done
with this.Okay.
Okay, good. [clears throat]
All right.
Good evening, everyone.
My mother, Gloria Fitzwilliam,
has asked me to speak, so,
on behalf
of the Pemberley League,
thank you so much
for being here tonight
to celebrate
this wonderful cause.
You know, Christmas isn't just a day or
a season, it's... it's a state of mind.
It's a time of giving
and that's...
Well, that's something I'd like
to hold onto throughout the year.
When we see the tangible impact
we have on others...
how can we not be moved?
So, I'm very proud to introduce
you to Beverly Jensen,
and the
Pemberley Youth Center Choir.
You may recognize them
as our servers tonight.
This was just a small way
they wanted to say thank you.
Angels we have heard on high
Sweetly singing
O'er the plains
And the mountains in reply
Echoing their joyous strains
In excelsis Deo
That was so beautiful.
So, please eat, drink, dance,
and enjoy the beautiful trees,
custom designed by local
Pemberley interior decorator,
Charlene Johanson.[all applaud]
And our live auction is set
to begin in one hour.
[music playing][indistinct chatter]
You were great.
Absolutely great, thanks.
Hey. Hey, the kids are a hit.
I know, happy accidents, right? Yeah.
What are you two doing
standing here
while this beautiful
Christmas music plays? Come on.
Shall we? Sure.
Tonight has been perfect.
It has. This whole week,
despite the stress
and the... the mishaps, it, uh...
it's given me a lot of clarity.
About? About what I want in my life,
what really fills me up.
Being with my family, and...
seeing my brother and Monica
take this next step. I mean...
I've made a big decision
about something I want.
I'd love to hear it.
I've decided... There you are.
Your mother's looking for you. Oh, uh...
I'll be right back.Yeah.
Wait. Where is my mom?
You said she needed me.
I needed to talk to you.
I tried to give you
some space, Darce,
but there's so much
I need to say. Carl...
just let me get this out.
I wasn't born yesterday.
I see the way you look at that Luke guy.
that's not what you think.
It's... Well, maybe. I don't know.
But what I do know...
is that you and I fit, Darcy.
We're cut from the same cloth.
[sighs] We work in the same field.
We speak the same language.
You and this... Luke guy...
Sure. He's nice.
You wouldn't be happy here.
You're a New Yorker now.
Your life is there.
Your business is there.
And I'm there.
[Carl] We work.
Let's go back to New York together,
like it's supposed to be.
Carl, you are such a good man...
but, it's not right.
We're not right.
And yes,
the optics look great. But...
it has to be
more than just a good fit.
It has to be love.
And I don't think that's
what you're feeling either.
We could've been good together.
We both deserve
something more than just good.
[chuckles] I...
I want you to be happy.
You know that, right?
And I want the same for you.
I think I'm going to go
back to New York now.
Merry Christmas, Darcy.
Merry Christmas, Carl.
Hey, Jim.
Can you keep an eye on things?
I just need a minute.
You okay? Yeah.
Darcy just got back with her ex.
What? Yeah. I saw it
with my own eyes.
She said that
she'd made a big decision.
Guess this was it. No way. That is not possible.
I need to go find her.
It was never gonna work,
anyway, right? You're going to be okay.
You're on the verge of getting your dream.
Eyes on the prize, Luke.
Yeah. You're right.
I'm gonna get some air.
I'll be back in a few.
[knock on the door]
Carl told you he's leaving? He wanted to assure me
that none of this would impact
his job performance in any way.
Of course. He's a professional. He is.
And he will remain at the helm
of my New York branch,
until I find someone up to par,
so I can finally retire.
I know. I know.
It's not you.
Dad, our family
means everything to me.
You know what?
You've taught me everything I know.
Not just in business, but...
in life.
I don't know if I've
ever thanked you for that.
No thanks necessary.
You know...
I think you got
all of my strengths,
and none of my weaknesses.[Darcy chuckles]
what if we combined the best
of both of us?
What are you saying?
Let's say I come on board.
We have no investment minimums.Done.
And I get to take on
any client I want, big or small.
Absolutely. And we help small businesses
find funding they need.
We'll consider it a, sort of,
angel investment arm
of the company.
I like that.And...
There's more?
...we create
the Fitzwilliam Foundation.
Dedicated to philanthropy
in our community.
We have fund-raisers.
We help people just like the...
the Pemberley League does. You gotta a lot of demands,
young lady.
And they're all reasonable. And better than the last.
You've got a deal.
I think we do. We are gonna do
great things together.
I already secured
a very big client tonight.
I always knew I'd get you back
into my company,
one way or the other.
[both laugh]
Thanks, Dad.
I love you.
I love you, Dad.
Hi. Have you seen, Luke?
None of the staff have seen him.
Uh, no, but Carl just left a few
minutes ago looking pretty grim.
Yeah, it's over.
For real this time. Oh, I'm so sorry, Darcy.
But there is so many fish
in that sea of New York City.
Oh, there's so many fish everywhere.
You're gonna be fine.
Maybe even here...
in Pemberley.[Parker] What?
You're thinking
about staying in Pemberley?
I have to go.
What just happened?[glass clinks]
[Gloria] Okay, everyone.
Time for the tree auction.
[indistinct chatter][door closes]
Darce? Oh, hi.
Did you get back together
with Carl? What? No. No.
Where did you hear that?[Caylee] Luke.
He saw you guys.
He seemed pretty upset about it.
Oh, no. [sighs]
No. No. Carl and I
did not get back together.
Luke is crazy about you, Darce.
It's so obvious.
Wait, where is he?[Jim] Nobody seems to know.
He said he was gonna get some air.
So we came out to look for him.
But we can't find him anywhere.
He... he wouldn't just leave,
would he?
He would never walk out
on a job.
It's straight to voicemail.[Darcy sighs]
Okay. Can... can you guys
please keep looking out here?
I'm gonna look inside.
I have to find him.
I have to tell him. Tell him what?
That I'm crazy about him, too.
[Darcy chuckles]
Can I have an opening bid
of 1,700 dollars?
I have 1,700. Looking for 1,750, 1,750.
Come on, folks. Look at this.
It's a Colorado blue spruce.
Come on, 1750, 1750.
Looking for 1800.
Everything okay, Darce? Yes. Yeah. No.
Everything's perfect.
I'm loving these high bids. I know.
I have 1850. Number 11 at the back there.
1850. Is that a bid, sir?
Eighteen-fifty...[indistinct chatter]
I've... I've looked everywhere. He's not calling back either.
You know, I have to find him
and bring him back here.
You want me to go? No, it should be me.
Take my car. Hurry back.
We'll cover for you while you're gone.
Okay. Thank you.
[door closes]
[Luke] Where are you going?
You can't leave your own party.
Where have you been?
We've all been looking for you.
Talking to Sally Bassman
by her car.
I ran into her outside, and offered
to walk her over to her driver.
And she wanted to talk
about the restaurant.
About investing. That's great news.
Yeah. Looks like we've both had
a pretty monumental night.
I... I mean, yes. It's...
it's been great. But it...
hasn't been monumental
in the way you think.
You didn't get back together
with Carl? No.
How could I when...
How could I when my heart
belongs to someone else?
Someone who's... who's fun,
and kind, and generous, and...
and makes me laugh, and...
has shown me what it is to
actually be a part of a team.
You forgot handsome.
Oh. Yes, incredibly.
[laughs] Incredibly handsome.
Okay, so now that I know the
news wasn't about Carl.
No, it wasn't. The news is...
I'm selling my shares
and I'm staying in Pemberley.
Yeah. I'm gonna work
with my dad, but on my terms.
That sounds
like the best of both worlds.
Yeah. I think in Pemberley, I...
I think
I found the best of all worlds.
Look at that.
You're up.
I hope you're prepared.
Darcy, I'm... Come on. [laughs]
Totally prepared.
In ancient Roman times,
enemies at war would reconcile
their differences
underneath the mistletoe,
so they...
I didn't really wanna hear
the whole explanation.
It's just a good tradition.