Pridyider (2012) Movie Script

Excuse me.
Bad dream?
I was about to wake you up earlier.
You were asleep, when the
attendant gave this.
Thank you.
When was the last time you went home?
I was still a child then when I left.
I haven't been home since.
Me... It's been thirty years
since the last time I
stepped in the Philippines.
You know, it's true what
the old folks say...
A person who doesn't appreciate his
or her roots shall never succeed.
- Auntie.
- You really are stubborn!
You still left!
What really is your plan?
Live there?!
Your whole life is here!
I told you I was decided on this.
So you really thought about this?
What kind of a job you'll get there?!
Well, I'm thinking of going
full-time with my cooking.
You changed your mind again?!
Tina, can't you see your
life has no direction!
Every now and then, you
keep changing careers!
Why can't you just settle down?
There's Dick!
Why don't you like him?
- He's been courting you for
the longest time! - He's not courting!
He's flirting!
Besides, that guy just
wants to sleep with me.
I'm tired from the trip.
Let's just talk later, okay aunt?
Wait, wait. You know the
house you're going to?
I have the address now.
I'm taking the cab. Bye.
Hello, Tina...
In other news, the director Quentin
Tarantino lauded the film "Kinatay".
He said, Brillante Mendoza's film
is bold and daring.
The film showed how the woman was raped,
killed and chopped into pieces!
If it's not bold and daring enough, then
I don't know what is!
Of all the stories you could
write about the Philippines,
Why does he have to make a
gruesome film like that?!
We'll lose tourists with that stories!
Can you just lower the radio's volume?
Tina... Tina...
I've been trying to wake you up.
We're here in your subdivision.
Thank you.
Get a maid so you have someone with you.
I don't need a maid.
You've been opposing
everything I say to you!
You think all my decisions
are to spite you.
Just let me be, auntie!
- I'll be fine.
- You just don't understand.
I don't want you alone in that house!
- If you only knew... - if I only
knew what happened to mom and dad?!
Then tell me!
Tell me why they separated!
Tell me why they both left me!
I have to go now, auntie.
- I'll have to go get something.
- Just take care.
You must leave immediately!
- Who are you?!
- Go!
Jimboy! The pig! Jimboy! The pig!
Jimboy! The pig!
Jimboy! The pig! You pig! Pig!
- You pig! Pig! Pig!
- Pig! Pig!
Hey! What are you doing to Jimboy?!
Don't mock him! You're mean and bad!
What?! You want a fight?! Fine!
- She's a bragger!
- How about you? I'll give you one!
- You thought you can get him?!
- This girl's stuck-up!
Are you okay?
Here, sir.
Where's my change?
- Here.
- Make it fast.
Just a minute.
Sir, your change!
- Sir James!
- How's dad?
He's up and about.
But he's been quiet the whole day.
He doesn't even want to watch TV.
And he keeps pestering me about you.
He just has a flare for drama.
I heard you're giving
Jonas a hard time about me.
So someone will take care of you.
- When...
- Pa, you're not going anywhere.
You're still strong as a mule.
And you're physical therapist is good!
All you have to do is listen to Jonas
and do what he says
so you'll get stronger soon enough.
How can you not improve?
I brought you a meat pie.
What do you want?!
No please! Don't hurt me!
Why were you spying on me?!
Friend! I was just looking for Alfred!
- Alfred?
- Alfred!
My cat! He always goes to your house.
So I thought he might be there.
Sorry. I was just looking.
I'm sorry for chasing you with a knife.
You could've just knocked.
I felt shy.
And I'm just not used to
having someone in here.
- You know...
- Go ahead eat.
I'm avoiding carbs these days.
I'm on a diet.
But whatever, I'll taste it.
So you've been living here for a while?
Yes! Since time immemorial,
I think no one lives here.
I don't even know why
someone bought this place.
Why did you buy this place?
I'm not a buyer. I'm the daughter
of the previous owners.
Actually, I just got back from the States.
You're Tina?!
How did you know?
You're the only child
of the Benitez family?
You know them?
There were a lot of stories.
About them.
You don't know?
My aunt always avoids
stories about my parents.
Maybe it's best you don't hear it from me.
This is the first time I've met someone
who knows something about my past.
I think I have the right to know, right?
But I'm not sure if those
stories are even true.
It's okay. Just tell me.
They said, Mrs. Benitez
started to change...
...the moment she caught
your dad and your nanny.
Sir, here it is.
Have a taste.
They said, your dad was just
a naturally affectionate and sweet man.
It's sauted jackfruit, sir.
But because of your mom's paranoia,
she began to think maliciously
about your dad's every move.
What's this?!
Let's eat.
From that moment on,
your mom's jealousy began to get worst.
No, ma'am! No!
- No!
- Have pity on me! No!
That's enough!
Enough! Let go!
What's happening to you?!
She slowly turned into a sadist,
by constantly abusing your dad.
And how was your day, hon?
Because he could no longer take the abuse.
Your dad dated another woman.
You look like Brooke Shields.
Oh, come on!
- Let's drink to that. Cheers!
- Let's drink to that. Cheers.
But wherever private place he went to,
your morn always manage to follow him.
Watching their every move.
Because of your mom's intense jealousy
and hate towards your dad,
Mrs. Benitez's resorted to
an extreme way of revenge.
What did you do to her?!
Where is she?!
What did you do?!
As time passed, your dad finally
had the courage to leave your mom.
He could no longer take your mom's
mood swings and violent behavior.
From that night on,
your dad was never heard from again.
Your mom became a recluse,
trapped inside the house.
One day, the house had an
electrical problem.
So a repair man was sent.
The following days, the police came.
Mrs. Benitez was supposed to be arrested.
But when they arrived,
she was already dead.
The police assumed
that she
she had murdered your dad as well.
But they never found the body.
Girl! You are seriously pissing me off!
Sister stop! Let my boss go!
Or else, we'll have to kill each other!
Hey, you little queen!
Will you stop?! You scared us!
You're such a drama queen! It doesn't
suit you! Yes! It doesn't suit you.
This is Tina.
Tina, this is Agatha.
He lives with me.
Agatha, this is Tina.
You're friends?
- Of course!
- Right away?
Sorry, neighbor friend!
I just love my madame!
That's why I'm overprotective!
Because there's no boyfie to
protect her so this queer will have to do!
You really announced me being single, huh?!
I'll just get you a drink. Excuse me.
- Madame!
- This is great.
This is amazing, madame. You wouldn't
imagine it like this from the outside.
Tina, good thing, I finally
got in touch with you.
What's up?
You're crazy, girl!
Why did you fly all the way back to Manila?
Without even telling me, huh?
It was a spur of the moment thing, Dick.
Besides, I don't think I
need your permission!
Oh, come on, Tina.
Look. I booked you an audition.
I spoke to my agent! You know!
The script's ready!
Everything3 all good! You just have
to come back here to the States.
I'm not coming back so just cancel it.
I didn't tell you to have me booked.
I'm not interested. I'm sorry.
Come on, Tins!
What the hell is wrong with you?!
You can't do this to me!
I mean... Tina bear...
Tina, Tina, Tina...
Come on.
You can't just leave me here.
- Okay?
- Dick, we're not in a relationship.
I'm not your property.
- So don't go telling me where I should be.
- Tina!
"Fin... Tina!
Excuse me.
Is your boss here?
I'm the... I'm the boss.
Hi. Tina.
Pardon Ms. Tina if no one attended to you,
my secretary's on a lunch break.
She's not back yet.
What can we do for you, ma'am?
My electricity at home fluctuates.
I just want to avoid accidents so
I hope it gets fixed right away.
That's easy.
Just write your address here
and then your name.
Then we'll go to your house to check.
Okay. Thanks.
- Excuse me, boss.
- Egoy.
Egoy, this is Ms. Tina.
- Hi, Miss beautiful!
- Hi.
This is for Mrs. Chua.
- Make sure to ask for discount.
- Okay, boss. I'll take care of that.
I'll go now.
No one calls me by that name anymore.
Maybe you don't remember me but,
we were classmates during grade school.
You're the kindest
person to me in school.
That's why I gave you that.
- Cris.
- Yes?
When you grow up, I'll marry you.
Come on, Jimboy!
It's true.
Jimboy, the pig?
Why did you suddenly disappear?
- I thought I'd never see you again.
- Yeah.
Long time.
Over the top!
I'm having my windows
installed with grills.
It's because my cats are so irritating!
They always go around.
That's why I can't find Alfred until now.
Have you seen him?
I miss him.
I'll go ahead.
You're not done yet?!
Atty. Tabalio dropped by earlier.
He was looking for you.
You weren't here.
So he said he'll come back later.
Who is that?
That irritating lawyer from Shopmart.
You know, he talks to
every home owners here.
I think he wants to buy some properties.
They want to put up a residential mall here.
Would you agree to that?
Not sure.
Okay. Bye!
Good afternoon,
Ms. Benitez!
I'm Atty. Tabalio.
Can I talk to you?
You know what, Ms. Benitez,
Several have already sold their properties.
Eighty percent of the home owners
made the smart decision.
You don't want to get behind.
Shopmart has a good offer.
You won't regret this.
I'll think about it first, attorney.
Looks like you're alone here.
This house is too big for you.
With the money you'll be getting,
you can buy a beautiful and bigger condo
in Makati or anywhere you want.
I'll think about it.
Sure. Sure.
No pressure.
Well, actually,
I probably won't really
be selling this house.
This is the only thing left
to me by my parents.
Just a question, Ms. Benitez,
do you have the original
title of this house?
You know what, this title has no
difference with the others you've seen.
Do you want to eat?
I was cooking when you came.
Yes, sure. Thank you.
You're a good cook, Ms. Benitez.
So good!
Thanks for the snack!
I hope you change your mind.
And I hope to do more business with you.
I'll go ahead, Ms. Benitez.
See you again soon.
Friend! What's the matter?!
Why were you shouting?!
That's just pasta!
Are you afraid of pasta?!
Let me see.
It looks okay.
Is there a problem?
Maybe I'm just tired.
Friend, how can you not be tired,
when all you do is constantly cook!
I came here to borrow some eggs.
I'll return it when I get
some at the grocery.
Thank you!
Your pasta looks delicious!
Can you sell some to me?
- Just a little.
- Okay.
Yes! Thank you.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, ma'am?
- How much is that refrigerator'?
- 9,000 pesos.
- Okay. I think I'm going to buy it.
- Okay.
- Ma'am, where do we put this?
- Against that wall.
Straight ahead.
This refrigerator looks
still okay.
I just want a new one.
Maybe you can help me take it outside.
- Come on, dude.
- Push it.
It's heavy!
We can't carry this.
I'll help.
Okay, ma'am.
One, two, three!
It's fine. Just fix the new one.
I can't believe it!
After 20 years. Imagine that dad.
Cristina Benitez and I met once again.
Does she have a husband?
Get married already!
Go give me a grandchild!
- A grandchild?
- What are you waiting fan'?!
- Be like your old man and go after it!
- Just relax.
Your daughter-in-law just arrived.
Hurry up!
Don't be a slowpoke!
So I can attend your wedding.
- Auntie.
- Tina!
How was your talk with the lawyer?
Don't you ever sell that property.
Your dad worked hard for that!
I won't.
I've seen pictures.
And I've actually talked to some people.
Are the stories true about mom and dad?
I don't want to talk about it.
Auntie, why won't you
just tell me what you know?
Is it true that morn got crazy?
Is it true that she murdered dad?!
Just tell me what you know. Please!
If there's one thing I wish I knew is
where my brother's body is!
Just keep the titles in a safe place, Tina.
Brand new and now it's broken.
Oh, damn!
Are you sure you turned it off already?!
Yes, boss! The electricity's off!
Your fuse box
is a bit old so we have to change it.
I'll ask Egoy to do it
for free.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. Is it okay for you
to stay for a while?
I just need someone to talk to.
Yes. Sure.
It's fine.
Do you think this house is haunted?
It's just hearsay, past on.
But no one really knows the truth.
Because it's the first time
someone has live here in ages. Just you.
So it's just me who'll
prove if it's true or not?
Is that what you're saying?
Maybe you're just guilty.
Because the cat's missing.
Why won't I be?
The collar was found here inside the house.
The cat passed by here
then the collar dropped.
It's not your fault.
What about the refrigerator?
Why is the other refrigerator not working?
You know what, Cris...
It's because you're always
stuck here in the house and,
you never go out.
Maybe that's why all sorts of
things popped in your head.
- And where will I go?
- Just here somewhere.
Go around.
You know this place of ours has
lots of great sights and view.
If you want, I can go with you.
I'm still finishing a dish.
- But if I finish early, I'll let you know.
- It doesn't have to be now.
We can do it tomorrow or another day.
As long as I'm your
driver slash tour guide.
Thank you.
- Sir, please let me take a leave tomorrow.
- Stop...
It's me and Mike's monthsary tomorrow.
Stop it, Rose. Doesn't Mike have work?
Sir, he was fired from his job, right?
I know what Mike's going to do to you.
He's going to turn you
into his personal ATM.
Please, allow me.
- Hey. Hurry.
- I'm already in a hurry.
James, can you fetch me?
I need to get out of here for a while.
I'll go there.
Right now. Bye!
Take charge here because I have a date!
Look at you!
How can you go on a date while I can't?!
Because I'm the boss.
- Stay here.
- Where are you going?
Take care!
That's the tree where I climbed up when
our classmates were bullying me.
They were taunting me.
Cause you weren't there.
There is no one to defend me so...
Can you see this?
You fell?
Not really. Just my yoyo.
I ran after it then it fell.
Once I perfected my dishes,
I'm planning to open a restaurant.
For sure, it's gonna be fully booked.
If it's as delicious as this.
You're joking me.
No, I'm not. It's really good.
No wonder, when you're at the grocery, you
were very keen with what you were buying.
You were looking for the
perfect ingredients.
What do you mean?
I'm the one you bumped into at the grocery.
That was you?
I ran after you but then
you suddenly disappeared.
Good thing, you ended up at the shop!
You mean, you recognized me
from the very first time?
Not yet.
But only a fool would get this close to a
perfect beauty and let her slip past him.
As luck would have it,
that perfect beauty was...
...the same girl that
captivated him even as a boy.
That's true.
- Bye! Goodnight!
- Thank you.
Who are you?!
Why are you following me?!
Hey, friend!
Why are you strolling around at this time?
I was running after somebody.
You really are brave, huh?
You're alone in that house,
and yet you still go out at this hour!
Same as you, you're out here too?
Because I was about to
see you at your place!
I wanted to show you something.
It's about your mom.
These are the write-ups
about your mom's case.
These have been in our
cellar for a long time.
I don't know why my mom kept it.
But I hope it helps you
find out about your parents.
This one!
This is Detective Albay.
He was the lead investigator of that case.
Do you know if he's still here?
I wouldn't know.
But, friend,
don't you feel any spirits in your house?
I don't know if I'm just hallucinating or
all the stories are just getting to me.
Sometimes, Agatha and I
hear noises coming from your house.
What kind of noises?
We can't tell.
Sometimes, it's like...
It's like somethings creaking and cracking.
Other times, it's in the kitchen.
The lights go on and off
even late at night.
Sis, why don't you have your house blessed?
Maybe there's someone else
living there aside from you.
I want to talk to that
Detective Albay Celine was telling me.
Maybe he can help me.
What do you want to know, Tina?
A lot.
I want to know if my dad had another woman.
I want to know if my mom really got insane.
I want to know everything there is to know.
Just a minute. Celine's here.
Surprise, babe!
Well, I'm surprised!
How did you get my address?
I Facebooked your auntie.
She messaged me your address.
You know it's really hard
to find a decent place here.
So I figured
why not spend the night?
Nice place, huh.
Haven't you given it some thought, Tina?
Tins, I got you a walk in and
speaking roles in a Brad Pitt film!
I mean, that would be awesome!
Think about it, rubbing
elbows with Brad Pitt?
Come on, Tins!
That's why you should just stop
thinking about opening a restaurant here.
I know it's not going to work.
It's a really bad idea.
Since when were you an expert
in the restaurant business, Dick?
Come on, Tins!
This is a Third World country!
It's not going to work.
You know, you don't need
a Masters Degree for that.
Come on, Dick!
I've told you a hundred times!
I'm not interested in acting nor modeling!
And I am not, nor will
I ever work with you!
I'll just go fix the room for you!
No need!
You know, I could just
sleep here on the couch!
It's near the kitchen.
You know, just in case
I get the midnight munchies.
Are you sure?
It's an old house!
Or maybe I could sleep in your room.
So we could do some catching up!
I know it gets really cold in your room.
So you might need somebody warmth, babe.
Help! Help!
Help! Someone!
Help! Help! Someone!
Somebody! Help! Help!
Tina! Tina! Tina! Please help me!
Tina! Tina!
Tina! Tina! Please!
Help! Someone help me!
Tina! Somebody help me!
Somebody help!
- Tina! Tina! Help!
- Dick, hold on!
Tina! Help! Help me!
Help me! Help!
Tina! Help!
Tina, help!
Tina, help! Tina!
Help! No!
Tina! Help!
- No!
- Dick! Dick!
I saw it, James!
Dick was eaten by the Refrigerator!
I'm not imagining. I'm not hallucinating!
I'm sure!
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
We'll fix this.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
The witch doctor is here.
I summon the minions of Satan
and the evil spirits
possessing this object!
I'm casting you out, bad spirits!
By using this,
we will manage to defeat the evil entity
and the abomination created!
- And Satan's allies!
- Satan?!
What's happening?!
So gross!
What's this?!
Get away from us!
Minions of Satan!
Leave, you evil spirits!
- Father, we'd like to ask for your help.
- About what?
The refrigerator in my
house seems possessed.
Is this the house on the top of the hill?
You weren't the first one
to ask for my help about that.
Detective Albay also.
You know him?
Do you know where we can find him?
In the precinct.
You can try asking them his whereabouts.
Father, when he asked you for your help,
what happened?
If we ask you for your
assistance this time,
could you help us?
Is Detective Albay here?
He retired already. He left the force.
Is that the case?
Could we ask for his
address or contact number?
It's important.
- Regarding those things, you should
talk to our chief. - Okay.
Go ahead.
It's very clear, right?
Leave now. Go on! Go on! Go on!
Excuse me, chief.
We wanted to ask you about Detective Albay.
He doesn't work here anymore.
It's been a while since he was out
of service because he got sick.
Sir, we would like to
inquire about the case of
Mrs. Benitez.
You might know something.
Nothing happened with that case.
Albay is a prick!
He was full of cockamamie theories!
That Mrs. Benitez's house
was possessed by a demon.
That Mrs. Benitez's soul
is still there!
That's why the husband's body
has yet to be found.
He's a dumb-ass!
That investigator is such an idiot!
Good thing he's not here anymore!
Maybe you have his address
or his contact number that we could...
You know, don't waste
your time on that fool.
He's all nonsense!
You won't get anything from him!
Okay. I'll tell her.
Celine said the witch
doctor's finally recovering.
But he still has yet to regain his sight.
My God.
What if I sell the house to Shopmart?
I can go back to Auntie Angie in the U.S.
I'm sure she'll be furious at me but...
If that's what will give you peace of mind,
then do it.
Didn't you say you want to know
- the mystery of your parents.
- Yes but...
I don't want other people
in danger anymore.
Don't believe them! Albay's not an idiot!
He's a good police officer!
The best one even!
Everything he said was true!
That house is possessed!
Believe me! A demon lives there!
If you really want to contact him,
It's quite far.
But I'm sure you can find him there.
I think I know this place. Yes, I remember.
Tina! Tina!
Don't go to her.
Dad, I'm accompanying
Tina on finding Albay.
We'll return immediately once
we're done talking to him.
Okay. Take care.
Jonas, watch over dad.
- Call or text me if there's a problem.
Okay? - Okay.
Let's go.
- James!
- Are you okay?
- I had a nightmare about the...
- What?!
- The fridge!
- Relax. Come here.
It wants to take me!
Nothing's going to happen.
I'm here.
Tina, there's...
something I need to confess to you.
Since we were kids,
I've always love you.
That's our way.
I think we're close.
I'm sure that's Albay's house.
Let's go.
Who are you?
What do you want?!
Answer me!
- We're looking for Detective Albay.
- Why?
Who's asking?
I'm Tina Benitez.
- How are you related to -
- She's my mother.
What your neighbor said was right, Tina.
There's another secret your mother kept.
She made a deal with a demon.
Her obsessive love for
your dad drove her insane.
She wanted him to be hers for eternity.
She found a ritual in a book.
It narrated that she needed to possess
bodies of all your dad's lovers.
They thought she hid the
victims' bodies inside...
...the refrigerator to
keep it from rotting.
But no.
The truth is, she needed the
fresh body parts for her ritual.
But when she was about
to finish the ritual,
someone witnessed her actions.
And that's when her secret was revealed.
She tried to hide.
But she couldn't survive
the deathly cold inside.
She unwittingly killed herself by
hiding inside the fridge.
My neighbor said my mom died
because she slit herself.
There were a lot of versions, Tina.
Especially to the people
who doesn't know the truth,
they invented different stories.
Me, I know the truth!
Because I saw it with my own eyes!
What about my dad...
What's the story about him?
I tried to read the book
your mom was using.
Hoping that I could find out the truth.
With the hope that I could find your dad.
But nothing.
Is the book still with you?
It's hidden at the town's library.
Check it for yourself.
It's up to you.
You might see something I missed.
But me,
I'm done with it.
I think the last time
I search was enough for me.
Because of my obsession to uncover
the dark mystery of the crime
I went back to the house
to look for an evidence.
It wasn't enough that I
got fired from my job.
It even left me with a remembrance.
My child,
I'm taking you away from here.
It's too dangerous here for you.
I hope you can forgive me.
We're near the library.
I'll return for you.
I just need to gas up.
My child,
I decided to let you go
with Angie to the States.
Because your mom was hurting you
I just don't understand!
After all these years, why did you pick
just now to suddenly show yourself?
You didn't even write or call...
- or reach me. - Believe me,
I really wanted for you to return.
But I got scared.
Because your mom hasn't left the house!
That's why I don't want you to live there.
I tried to warn you but you rejected me!
I got scared.
You didn't even introduce yourself.
That's why I let you be.
But I always look out for you, my
child, because she's still there!
Her soul is still there. Locked up!
In the fridge.
Whisper the chant to every body part.
These spoken words will open
the door towards eternal life.
Then mix your own blood with your loved
one's on the night of the new moon.
Continue the chant as
you perform the ritual.
When the sun rises,
You will attain the everlasting loyalty
of your special loved one.
She failed to get my blood.
If that's the case,
she didn't finish the ritual.
But her soul is still in the fridge.
She's still waiting for her chance
to fulfill her demented plan.
There's an antidote ritual
written here as well.
To reverse the demonic ritual.
A holy bomb should be made
so that the portal will finally be shut.
To make this holy bomb,
you will need a vat of blessed oil
mixed with the flowers of the saints.
The wick should be made by the blessed hair
of the animals from Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
And the blood of the person
who commanded the ritual.
But she's already dead.
Where can we get her blood?
My blood!
Her blood runs through me!
Is this okay?
Keep this with you.
My child,
whatever happens,
always remember that I love you so much.
Dad, please don't talk that way.
Forgive me if you grew up
without your parents.
Forgive me if you grew up
without me by your side.
But inspite of everything,
not a day goes by that
I don't think of you.
To tell you the truth,
I hated you for leaving me.
But I've always hoped that someday
I could be reunited with you.
I'm sorry.
He'll me!
- Daddy!
- Mr. Benitez!
The holy water worked.
- Daddy!
- Mr. Benitez!
Daddy, please! If you're there, answer me!
- I'll go down. - Don't go down!
What's the matter with you?!
- I'm going down!
- No!
Tina, I'll go down instead!
No! It should be me!
James, listen!
You're stronger than me.
You can pull me up.
We're talking about my parents here!
I need to finish this.
Tina! Help me!
Help me, Tina!
Tina, help me!
Help me, Tina!
My child.
What did you think
that I'll let you go just like that?
You've become an evil!
You killed them all! You killed dad!
My child.
Don't go.
It's hard to be all alone.
You're my daughter, right?
You should be mine alone.
I'm not your daughter!
You were never fit to be a mother!
Look at them.
They want to be with you.
- Join us! Because there is
no way out of here! - Never!
Leave now, Tina!
Save yourself!
Hold on!
Finally, your dream of us
being together is fulfilled.
It's Tina and James, madame!
What happened?! Let's go there!
Hurry, madame! Hurry!
Oh my! What happened?! Oh my!
Madame, hurry up.
Madame! Madame!
James Dean!
James Dean Qoh!
- Madame! Madame!
- Stay here!
- Tina! Tina!
- James!
Look, madame! The fridge!
It exploded!
Let's go home, madame!
- The cabinet's moving! Look!
- Tina!
Oh, good thing, you're both okay.