Primbon (2023) Movie Script

Janu is not ready yet.
So, we're going to wait.
- Rana?
- Janu!
What are you doing?
Let's go! Come with me to the woods.
What are you gonna do in the woods?
I want to make a gift for Mom's birthday.
I told Dad I was going with you.
What? But you didn't tell me.
Let's just go.
But are you sure told your dad?
I did. Now come on.
My goodness, Rana...
Okay, hang on a minute.
- Hurry up, okay?
- Okay, okay.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are deeply saddened to inform you
that our daughter, Rana,
has been lost in the woods
since yesterday afternoon.
- Rana!
- Rana!
I would very much appreciate it
if we went together
to search for our daughter, Rana,
in the woods.
- Rana!
- Rana!
- Rana!
- Rana!
- Rana!
- Rana!
- Rana!
- Rana!
I hope she'll be found alive and unharmed.
I thank you
for all your sincere concern and help.
I appreciate it very much.
- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Yes?
Why do a Tahlil ritual
if they haven't found the body?
I'm not surprised.
According to Miss Nur, after calculating
her birth date, it is time. Right?
But she has only been gone for a week.
Is it okay to do a Tahlil ritual?
Thank you.
Are you sure? Do you really have to go?
Stop asking me questions.
You expect a mother not to ask questions
of her own daughter?
- Mom, I have to do something very urgent.
- How urgent can it be?
- Very urgent.
- Can you do it another day?
What about my birthday?
Mom, before you blow the candles,
I promise I'll be back home, okay?
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
- You'll bring some snacks?
- Yes.
- Water?
- I will. Okay?
- That kiss is new.
- Let's do arm-wrestling then.
No, that's a boy's game.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye, sweetheart.
- Be careful out there.
- Okay, bye!
You've cleaned everything?
This is the Yasin from Mom's funeral.
All right, I'll tell Sis Nur.
- Sis Nur...
- It was made long ago.
If I'm not mistaken, it was...
Fitting into this big family
is not easy, Din.
As a Javanese man myself,
I find it hard too.
I can understand
since you're not even Javanese.
- Too much work.
- I didn't tell them anything.
- Just hang in there.
- But I want something like Mom's Yasin.
- Thank you.
- Well?
It's okay.
But we have to agree on something first.
What date do you want
to be put in the obituary?
I didn't think of that.
Well, what date?
Do you want the date of her disappearance
or the date they called off the search?
Not the date of her disappearance.
That's a cursed day.
"Monday Pon.
The day of the dead,
and a cursed day.
Meaning, a terrible fate will be
upon the person,
and the earth will swallow the person."
In other words,
they will be swallowed by the earth.
But it is the person's fate.
It will be their last day on Earth.
It means
Then, we're not gonna use that date.
I don't want more bad luck
on her 40th-day memorial ceremony.
All right, then.
Let's agree on the date.
Let's agree it's the date
when they called off her search.
Is that okay?
Look at how easily you are
talking about death.
You seem to love controlling
someone's life and death.
But you know the truth.
Her body hasn't been discovered yet.
I want you to be strong.
There's nothing we can do
when it comes to someone's fate.
You want me to believe in fate?
Fate according to whom?
We just want the deceased
to rest in peace.
That's why we have to pick the date.
Her name is Rana.
Not "the deceased."
I am her mother.
I know what's best for my daughter.
And what are you doing now?
You invited people for a Tahlil ritual.
You decided the date of her death.
You gave up.
Do you think giving up is better?
How do you know which is better?
I warned you
that if you let Rana go that day,
misfortune would happen.
But you let her go.
You're still resisting our beliefs.
Even though you knew this wasn't
the first time.
Now, your foolishness
has claimed your daughter,
and you still refuse to believe?
I will believe
only if my daughter comes back alive.
Is that so wrong?
You have to tell Banyu.
Why me? Why don't you tell him?
You're closer to him.
How about we let Sis Nur tell him?
You're right. She knows how to calculate
properly according to the book.
- But we have to do it now, or...
- Sis!
What are you discussing?
How's Rana? What did she tell you?
Did she get hurt?
Your niece has returned.
Stop thinking about bad stuff.
Banyu, if she was still alive, why did she
only come home after seven days?
I don't know.
But she looks fine to me.
Use your brain.
Did you find anything peculiar?
Are her feet touching the ground?
Why don't you check on your daughter?
I can't believe you. How could you?
- Can you believe them?
- Calm down, Banyu.
I can't believe how badly age
is damaging your minds.
- Why are you mad at us?
- My calculation is accurate.
She's right. You should listen
to your older sister.
I need your support.
She was lost and now she has been found.
Stop complicating the situation.
What song is this?
You missed us, didn't you?
Everybody said
that you were gone.
"You have to be strong."
"You have to let her go."
But, Rana, I knew. I believed.
I knew you were still alive.
You promised, didn't you?
You promised to come home.
That you'd come home. Right?
Forgive me, Mom.
What for?
Never apologize.
You're home, sweetheart.
You're home.
Has your sister taken a shower?
She just went into the bathroom.
Here, do me a favor.
Put the towel in the bathroom.
I forgot to put it there.
Your prayers have been answered.
I want you to help me and your father.
Let's keep your sister safe.
You're done showering?
It's not funny, you know.
I thought I had
some noodles left yesterday.
I think it's been a while since
the last time we bought instant ramen.
Can you buy them for me?
Just in case Rana needs a midnight snack
and finds nothing in the drawer.
I think I'd better call a doctor, Din.
I don't think we need a doctor.
I've checked her. No cuts or bruises.
But Nur said we should be cautious.
Making sure is not a bad thing, right?
Just in case. If anything happened to her,
we'd be prepared.
Are you afraid of your own daughter?
That's not what I meant.
I said, if anything happened to her,
we'd be prepared.
Prepared for what?
I can't believe this.
How could a father not seem happy to see
his dead daughter come home alive?
How odd.
You should be happy.
Everybody saw her.
She's here in the flesh.
Your daughter...
she came home right after everybody
decided she was dead.
- Don't say that.
- Well?
I'm just saying.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
Honey, that's it.
I'm sick and tired of this nonsense.
I know your sisters
have poisoned your mind.
Their blind belief in the Primbon book
is driving them crazy.
I'm sorry.
But I just want to share my thoughts.
The more we know, the better, Din.
I know, but not...
- But...
- Enough.
Let's drop this topic, okay?
Don't cry.
No, I'm not crying. I just don't want
to talk about it anymore.
After you went missing,
Mom and Dad wouldn't stop fighting.
I began to get used to it.
I know they both missed you.
Especially Mom.
She didn't stop crying
from the day you went missing.
She wouldn't cut her birthday cake
until she knew you'd come home safe.
What about your present?
Did you make it?
You're still tired?
We didn't know what to do
when you went missing.
But Mom insisted that
you were still alive.
There were moments
I doubted that you were.
I'm sorry for thinking about it.
But I'm happy you're home now.
I missed you, sis.
You just want to sing with Dad, huh?
You want to sing with me.
You're hungry, Na?
Mom said they just released a new flavor.
Your favorite brand.
Let me get it for you at the market, okay?
Are you feeling okay?
I've asked Dr. Adi to come to examine you.
It's only morning
and I'm already in debt again.
- You're in debt again?
- Yes.
- Morning, ma'am.
- Are you all ready?
Not yet, ma'am.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes.
Excuse me, ma'am.
- Hello, hello.
- Yes.
What is it, sweetheart?
Please, can I?
Na, it's dangerous.
It's raining season now.
- You should avoid going to the woods.
- But Janu will be there with me.
Your aunt said you should stay home.
It's your mother's birthday too.
Dad, I'll go with Janu.
He can protect me.
Okay? If anything happens,
you should hold him responsible.
God forbid.
Just do as I say this time.
Or how about this?
How about,
I'll go help you at the market for a week
if you allow me to go?
- Promise?
- I promise.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah!
- Again, promise?
- I promise.
- I can't believe it.
- Can I go now?
Be careful with the cleaver, Banyu.
You'll cut your thumb instead of the fish.
That's impossible.
Rana's not coming with you?
She's already started taking classes?
She's better staying at home still.
The timing is not right.
How is she anyway?
She's okay, right?
No bruises or injuries?
Her body is fine.
But I can't say the same with her mind.
There you go.
You know what?
That's because your big family
is freaking out thinking she's a ghost.
No wonder it's affecting her mind.
- Sir.
- Yes?
- Can I buy the squid?
- How many kilos?
- For the amount of 50,000.
- Okay.
- Here you go. Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
Relax, Banyu.
Stop overthinking it.
You know how your sisters
are always exaggerating.
They're treating the Primbon book
as a life manual.
When your mother was still with us,
I was like you.
Catching fish had to wait until
they approved the date.
"Is it a good day or a bad day to
catch fish?" So complicated.
I was exactly like you.
They were so furious when I told them
I was going to marry Dini.
Then my mother died.
But not everything is about their belief.
Javanese people always follow
their hearts first.
Blessed day or cursed day, who's to say?
You're correct.
Take Rana here tomorrow.
What for?
Who knows?
Maybe after eating this fish,
she'll turn into a human.
What kind of human?
A human fish.
That would be very scary.
I know.
Do you know Rana has returned home?
Don't you want to see her?
It can't be.
No, it can't be.
- Here's 20 for the change, ma'am.
- Yes.
We're sold out, ma'am.
- Here you go.
- Thank you, ma'am.
So this is why.
I wondered why my ears were twitching.
Apparently, I was getting a visit
from an old customer.
- Your daughter has returned?
- Yes, ma'am.
That's why I came here.
To cook her special meal,
I need some ingredients.
Which rice tastes better?
- Is this the one?
- I mean...
She returned on the night
you held a Tahlil ritual?
I wonder why?
Are you sure it's her?
Be careful of haunting spirits.
I'm not joking, ladies!
They're spirits who stay near their houses
for the first 40 days after their death.
Mrs. Dini.
What dream did you have
before your daughter returned?
No dream at all.
I don't trust dreams in this day and age.
dreams can sometimes also come true.
My neighbor once put down a pan,
but it fell down and broke.
Not long after that, her neighbor died.
- Are you sure?
- I swear.
Hey. Did you check with Miss Nur first?
Was the premonition good or bad?
According to Primbon,
when something falls,
that means a relative is going to die.
But you were talking about dreams.
But this is not a dream at all.
We all saw the pan fall.
Let me buy the pan, then. How much?
- You want to buy me a new one?
- How much do you want for that?
Thank you, Din.
Let's say you didn't dream
about it at all.
But did you get any premonition at all?
Are you sure she's really your daughter?
Ma'am, I've changed my mind
about buying your rice.
What's going on?
I can hear your yelling
from my stall over there.
If you want to meet Rana,
you can come with me.
You can see her for yourself.
There's nothing wrong with her at all.
Honey, please help.
- Have you paid for your groceries?
- You can pay for the pan.
Regarding the pan,
she said she was buying my pan.
Yes, but not the rice. Just the pan.
Honey, just pay for the pan.
- How much?
- It's up to you.
You can't do that!
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Sure.
- You're ready to go home?
- Yes.
Can you buy some food on the way home?
When I left the house,
Rana was still sleeping.
I don't want her to wake up hungry.
I didn't want to wake her up.
She's alone at home?
I needed to buy some groceries.
- Okay then, I'm leaving right now.
- Okay.
- Don't forget the lunch.
- Are you okay being here alone?
I want to put this in Rana's room.
Is this much enough?
It's for protection.
If the flowers wilt immediately,
then she's not human.
Aunt Ning.
I remember you used to love
braiding my hair, right?
Aunt Nur told you many
Primbon book stories, right?
Can you tell the stories again to me?
The Primbon Mangkuprajan book says this.
You were born on Saturday.
It is very influenced by earth.
That is why you are a special girl.
You are loved by many...
What's wrong, Aunt Ning?
Aunt Ning?
- What's wrong, sis?
- Sri...
What happened?
What are you doing in Rana's room?
I was braiding Rana's hair, Sri.
But her scalp is rotting.
- There were maggots everywhere, Sri.
- Oh my...
I freaked out!
I couldn't stand the smell.
You're freaking me out.
Don't you realize?
From the day she went missing,
that plaintive cuckoo hasn't stopped
singing in front of Banyu's house.
You know what sign that is?
That's the sign of kepaten, Sri.
There's death in the house.
You're right.
But if Rana were really dead,
how come we can still see her
in the flesh?
I don't know, Sri.
We should listen to what Sis Nur says.
I don't want to make the wrong decision.
Oh my... you're right.
Oh, no.
What's going on in here?
Do you think I'm a ghost too?
That's not funny.
- What's wrong?
- You're startling us.
- Oh...
- What is it?
I just want to ask your opinion.
Let me ask you something.
Aren't you curious about whether that girl
is really Rana or not?
I think we still have to prove
that it's really her.
We did that when Sis Ning put down
a tray of offering flowers.
Right, sis?
Do you have the courage
to retrieve the tray?
Pray to God, Ning.
Ask Him to protect you from Rana.
Hey, sis? What are you doing here?
Aunt Sri.
You're looking for this, right?
Sis. What is it?
Just return it to Aunt Ning.
Your Aunt is going crazy.
Just eat your meal.
The doctor is on the way here.
That's Dad's favorite rice.
The stir-fried tempeh is good.
The boiled egg is good.
The fried vermicelli is also good.
Don't you like the food?
I love it.
Then start to eat.
Today, at the market,
Mom almost made a scene
in Mrs. Anik's stall.
But it was with another buyer.
So, your Mom said
Mrs. Anik's goods were filthy,
dirty, and smelled rotten.
Basically, she called them bad.
But the real reason she did that
was to get a low price.
Your mother is smart, just like you.
Eat the egg, it's good.
What's that?
Oh my...
Are you okay, baby?
I told you not to go anywhere just yet.
You have to eat healthy food
and have a lot of sleep,
considering what just happened to you.
A pretty girl isn't supposed to have
a nosebleed. Wipe your nose.
Excuse me.
Dr. Adi.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, Doc.
- Please, come in.
- Thank you.
- She's in there.
- May I?
Sure, go ahead.
Na, this is Dr. Adi.
- Is this the patient?
- Yes.
It's okay.
Let's do a little health check.
You'll be okay.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Can you open your mouth?
Look up at the roof, please.
There's nothing wrong
with her, right, Doc?
She's fine.
Can I use the bathroom?
Yeah, sure. It's in the back.
Down the hall.
Sis, I don't want to come in.
We need to talk.
Now what? If you don't believe it,
just come inside.
Let's hear what the doctor says, okay?
- She's okay, right?
- She's okay.
Doctor... Doc!
Why are you all outside?
May I know what you're discussing?
It's not just about Rana.
Rana has become a magnet for bad spirits,
attracting them to this property.
That's impossible.
Impossible for you.
Because you refuse to believe.
Sri and I were tormented
by evil spirits last night.
This bowl full of wilted flowers
is the proof.
When Sri went away with the tray,
the flowers were still fresh.
What did you put in my house?
What did you put in there?
You're going to be sorry.
What is she talking about?
How is she doing?
The doctor said she was fine.
Sis. Sis.
What are things going to come to
if we let this happen?
Strange things keep on happening
around us.
I don't want what happened to Mother
to happen again.
Knock on wood.
All the signs are clear, right?
Hang on.
What did the doctor say?
If the doctor didn't say anything,
why should we believe in signs
and the Primbon book and not science?
I'm confused.
Did I say something wrong?
Have you forgotten what happened to Bagas?
Bagas died because you chose science!
- Sis, you've crossed the line!
- Calm down.
Take it back!
- How dare you!
- Calm down, Sri.
How could Ning say that to me?
How could she be that cold?
It made me so furious
when she talked like that about Bagas.
I know. Calm down, Sri.
Collect yourself.
We've talked about this before.
Whatever happened to us,
we did the best we could, Sri.
Calm down.
I know how you feel, Sri.
When Rana returned home,
I thought about Bagas.
Calm down, Sri. Calm down.
Can I go with you, Dad?
What do you want, ma'am? Prawns as usual?
What else, ma'am?
Do you think that's a ghost?
- Why is she...?
- That's Rana.
Is that Rana?
But the girl beside him...
Isn't that Rana?
I'm not imagining this, right?
- That's really her, right?
- My skin's crawling.
She's here.
So, your aunts,
especially Aunt Nur, always say
that if we want to celebrate something
or if someone has just recovered
from illness,
we have to make ketupat.
I'm following their belief.
I'm doing everything they taught me
and told me to do.
They should've been happy to see you home,
all healthy and safe.
You should deliver them to your aunts.
Can you make ketupat?
Here, let me show you.
It's easy.
- Teach me how, Mom.
- Wrap it around your hand three times.
Three times.
You got a short leaf!
Here, use this one.
Yes, wrap it three times...
Why did you avoid me yesterday?
Rana has returned,
and you still haven't come to see her.
What is this?
I can't go on living like this.
I'm tired of being terrorized
by Rana every day.
It was my fault.
I forced her to go uphill.
But I didn't know it was her cursed day.
- Careful, Ran.
- Okay.
Be careful, Ran!
Rana, Rana!
What? Are you confused?
The girl in your house
is not Rana.
What do you mean, not Rana?
When a person gets lost in the woods,
the chance of them being alive
is ten percent.
Especially when they've been
gone for a week.
The only way for us to find Rana...
She has to be cleansed.
If you say the girl in my house
is not Rana,
then who is she?
The birth dates don't match!
- This one...
- Don't show it to her.
What is it, Sri?
I miss Bagas.
Me too.
It's getting dangerous.
It's getting dangerous!
What is it, sis?
All the evil spirits... they're coming!
What is it, sis?
We should do a cleansing ritual for Rana.
A cleansing ritual?
Don't open the door.
It's okay.
- Don't do it.
- It's okay.
This is for Aunt Nur and all of you.
If we hold a cleansing ceremony for you,
is that okay with you?
According to the Primbon book,
after someone has been cleansed,
they will become pure again.
Then do it.
I just don't understand.
Why can't you all
believe my mother?
I should leave now.
I hope you like the ketupat.
We should not be afraid of Rana.
We have to make Dini agree
to hold a cleansing ceremony.
We should hold a cleansing ceremony.
You're living rent-free in this house.
I've made up my mind.
I know I live rent-free here.
I have never been accepted
by the family either.
Because you refuse to become
a part of this family.
You should've never got married.
Your birth dates are not a match.
That's bad luck.
And you were born on the wrong date.
A cursed one.
And it is confirmed that you've brought
a curse upon our family.
Now what?
After you two got married,
our mother passed away.
Now, you've lost your daughter.
You have to realize it.
You don't like me having come home either?
About that, I know it all too well.
From the moment I entered this house,
this family,
I've been judged to be the bearer of
misfortune. A magnet for bad luck.
But don't ever bring up my daughter
in this conversation.
We have decided.
You can't see how your family
is paying for your ignorance.
No, I can see it.
But what do you know about my position?
As a woman.
As a wife.
As one who has carried her children
in her womb.
As one who has given birth.
Who has children.
You know nothing about that!
- Sis!
- How dare you?!
- Sis Ning.
- You've crossed the line!
- Enough.
- You're evil!
- That's unacceptable!
- Calm down, Sis Ning.
- Calm down.
- I know I brought a curse with me!
I brought bad luck to this family!
I married a bad match!
You're a coward, Banyu!
You can't control your wife!
Calm down, sis. Calm down!
Let's do the cleansing ceremony tomorrow.
- Poor Rana.
- Calm down, Din. Just let them.
Calm down.
Please, let's just let them have
the cleansing ceremony, Din.
No, honey.
- If Rana is still alive...
- She is.
- Then there's nothing to be afraid of.
- She's still alive.
Aunt Nur.
Why are you so afraid of me?
Where are you going?
To the woods.
What are you gonna do in the woods?
They say when we do
the cleansing ceremony,
we will find her body, Uncle.
That's just hearsay.
Nobody can confirm the story.
What if your parents are looking for you?
They'll be too busy with the ceremony.
Nobody will notice I'm not here.
I know.
You're feeling guilty, Janu.
And you, Tari...
You need to do something good.
But I think
there's nothing for you to prove.
But this is for Rana.
We're running out of time, Uncle.
Excuse me, Mr. Puppeteer.
I will let my daughter, Rana,
be cleansed.
Thank you.
I accept your request.
Your daughter, Rana, will be cleansed
the way it has to be done.
"Mr. Dalang Kanda Buwana."
"Bathara Kala."
"Yes, I'm here, Mr. Dalang."
"Where are you going?"
"I'm looking for a girl
who is the bearer of misfortune."
"Rana, the bearer of misfortune,
has been offered to me."
"That is impossible." "Why is that?"
"I will purify her soul with Murwa Kala."
"If you think you can do it,
do it right now!"
Where am I?
You bastard.
Honey, this is Mommy.
Rana, this is Mommy.
Wake up.
Sis, please help!
What is happening?
Sis, enough. Have mercy on her.
- Rana!
- Sis... Mom. Sis.
This is Mommy. Mommy...
- Janu!
- Tari?
- Janu!
- Tari!
Janu! Janu!
Rana is dead! Uncle! Banyu!
Hey, sir!
Sir! We found her!
Sir! Ma'am!
Mom, I was going to give
this special gift to you.
But the weather today is bad.
Happy birthday, Mom.
I know you're the strongest person
in the world.
That's why I also know,
we're all going to be all right.
Because I have you.
And you will always have me.
Even when you are alone,
I know you're the strongest of them all.
Don't ever listen to anyone who tells you
that your birthday is on a cursed date.
All the facts show we're all going
to be fine, right, Mom?
Happy birthday, Mom.
Please keep this video.
Because I want you to know
that I will always be with you.
I will always be beside you.
I wish you all the best, Mom.