Prime (2023) Movie Script

Please stop.
What is it?
What happened?
Go back to sleep.
At this time?
Why didn't you tell me this sooner?
Just give me half an hour. No.
I'll be there.
It was Stefan.
My father is in the emergency room.
Look, I can stay in the car.
I'm not letting you go by yourself.
No, really, it's fine.
This might be our only chance with him.
I don't know if this is going to work.
But we have to try.
It's important.
He's all you've got. I mean,
I don't have anyone else.
I'm going alone.
It'll just make things
worse if you're there.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay, but what's the point?
- Why do you want his blessing?
- Because it's the right thing to do.
And you would know that
if you're serious about us.
You know what I mean.
I can't do this right now.
Then when?
I don't know. My father's about to die.
Can you stop being so selfish?
How'd it go?
I'm here.
We'll be okay. Okay?
I think this can be tightened up a bit.
I just don't want it being too dense.
I mean, you need to make sure that
anyone can skim over this
and have a concrete idea of the project.
That way, anyone who interacts
with it will want to invest in it.
Okay, and all of that just
went over your head, didn't it?
I get it.
I was exactly the same when my dad passed.
Hey. You sure about this?
- About what?
- You see what I mean?
Look at me.
Take the time off.
Alright? Even with working from home,
you're not doing yourself any favors
by pushing forward like this.
You don't have to be a hero.
- No way, man. This is my project.
- Yes, and no one is going to blame you
for taking a step back
for a while. That's all.
Fuck that.
Okay? I'm the only one
who knows the community.
And I'm the only fisherman's son
in the entire company. Don't forget that.
And don't think I don't know that
Thabo's been waiting for me to fuck up.
Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that.
How's Thembi handling all of this?
So, you're sure everyone's
cool with me working from home?
Personally approved it.
Look, I know it's not my place.
But I do think you should
open up to Thembi.
She's a lot tougher than you might think.
Yeah? Well, what do you mean?
Come on, you know what I mean.
You've already bought the ring.
Now's the time.
Stop questioning it.
Yeah, you're right.
It's not your place.
Just hear me out on this.
How do you think Thembi feels? Right now.
I mean you've already told me how
mixed up you feel since your father died.
So, don't you think
Thembi's the one who
should be hearing all of this?
And how do you know how
Thembi feels about all of this?
This wasn't your fault.
Don't blame yourself.
I love you, my boy.
Are you okay?
- Marius?
- Fuck!
Oh gosh!
Where were you?
What do you mean?
Uh, I mean
I mean, I came in here and
I just saw you standing.
I was
I was just washing.
Have you eaten?
- Uh, what?
- You look like you're about to pass out.
Bullshit. I
I just made food and
But I
I just started washing.
It's cold.
Oh my gosh.
Do you want to eat something?
I don't know.
Have you gone to see them?
You know.
I just thought you'd be the one
handling the funeral arrangements.
It's up in the air.
They don't want me there.
Is it Stefan?
It's his mom.
She's scared I'm going
to take everything from them.
What does the will say?
25-75 to them.
But I told Stefan he can have it all.
I don't want any of it.
You know
It would piss them all off
if you used the money for us.
He'd be rolling in his grave.
You're not him.
You're not her either.
Just don't be afraid that
you'll end up like them.
Just take the inheritance.
You can do something with it.
It's just money.
Just don't let the others shut you out.
Put your father at rest.
I'm the chief engineer.
If I'm not the one to fix it,
it'll be a fuck-up.
I'm the one who got the community
to believe in this project.
Everyone else is
treating it like a cash cow.
None of them know what
it's like to be a fisherman.
And they have no idea what it's like
to lose everything when you lose that.
But I have a chance
to bring back the port.
I have a chance to fix my home-town.
And no one is going
to take that away from me.
My mom loved her shop.
And she loved to hustle those markets.
You should have heard her swear.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, the guys would give
her discounts because they were scared.
I was there.
I was scared too.
It must have been
the Portuguese blood, hey?
A fish and chips shop
can't do fish if there's no port.
A fisherman is nothing
if he can't have his boat.
You lose your soul if you can't
do the one thing you're meant to do.
I don't want any kid
to grow up like how I did.
Is it wrong that I want to fight for it?
You have a deadline to present, right?
A couple of days.
So, why are we watching this?
Fuck them.
You worked for two years on this.
And I've never seen anyone
give up their life like you have.
You can't give up on this.
You get this done and
it'll be able to move us forward.
promise me
just promise me that
you'll make things right with your family.
I mean, you can't focus
with everything going on.
Let her go!
Hey, I hope I'm not too early.
Sies, man, it stinks in here.
Are these old clothes?
That's disgusting.
Yoh. Sies.
Thembi, what are you
I'm worried about you.
You heading out?
No, um
I have a meeting.
What for?
Now isn't the right time.
I promise I'll tell you about
this week when I'm back. Okay?
Hang on.
What do you mean?
I just saw you.
Hey, uh
So, what's the occasion?
I'm just um.
Meeting a friend.
Don't make a big deal out of it.
Make a big deal out of what?
I mean
Is it uh
A guy friend or something?
It's been a very,
very rough time, you know?
Yeah, I mean it's just life, you know?
It's been so hectic. I just--
I just, I, I, I--
It's just home and I just
It's okay.
In this industry, we kind
of have to do our own thing.
- Listen, I I came here--
- You think I haven't done things?
I came here as a friend to look for a job.
I didn't come here for anything else.
So if that's your intention,
I'm good, okay?
- Can we just talk about--
- No, I'm really fine. Thank you.
It was great seeing you.
- What?
- Let's just talk.
What do you want?
- Something I've been thinking about.
- What?
Get your hands off me!
What the fuck, man?
Stefan, please listen to me.
I fucked up, I know.
I didn't even know it was today. I
I mean I know it was
supposed to happen today but
Look, I'm sorry.
Call her back.
Call her back and tell
her to get rid of it. Please.
Is this your way of saying sorry?
Thank you.
I mean it.
I've missed this.
It's been ages since
you were here, you know?
Like tonight.
I don't know. I just, um
I've missed you.
It kind of felt like you forgot about me.
I've just missed this.
Something happened.
I think we should just talk about it.
How did it go?
How did what go?
The funeral.
I don't know.
I missed it.
I just did.
But he's your father.
- Marius.
- What?
Don't say what like that to me.
I'm not the one who missed
his own father's funeral.
What is so funny?
You know, he hated you.
And here you are defending him.
You could've been wiped off the face
of the Earth and he wouldn't have cared.
- So, why are you defending him?
- Because he's your father.
Don't you get it?
At least you had one.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You have to make peace with him.
I won't.
He was a piece of shit.
And I'm glad he's dead.
And you should be as well.
He fucking called you
a gold-digging orphan.
Please, okay?
Just let him go.
Please let him go.
Hail Mary.
Full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women.
Blessed is the fruit of thy
thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary
Mother of God.
Pray for us sinners.
And at the hour of our death.
Hi Marius.
Are you okay?
You don't remember me, do you?
I was the one with the purse.
I never told you my name.
Are you okay?
I know you, don't I?
I didn't think you'd recognize me.
We're not supposed
to give our real locations.
Not even if they pay enough?
You're making this weird.
I just never thought
I'd meet you in person.
Well, neither did I, but here we are.
I hope I don't get you in trouble.
That's okay. The cam stuff is just a gig.
Then why do it then?
Make ends meet.
Itch to scratch.
You know what I mean.
I don't want to be too forward
But I
Never mind.
Come on, what?
Only if you want to.
It's your choice.
Eva, right?
Or is it Na'amah?
Eva, right?
Do you want to get something to eat with--
I have to go.
Are you sure?
Yeah. I'm sure.
Maybe I'll see you around sometime?
I know a place.
I'm seeing someone.
That's okay.
It's just for drinks.
In case you need a friend.
Take a moment.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
What's bothering you?
I don't know.
Father, I
I don't know if
if something is happening because of me.
if something is happening to me.
I don't think I have
control of my body any more.
I keep seeing things.
I keep seeing my mother.
Is she not with us anymore?
No, Father.
But you are still seeing her.
How did she pass?
She committed suicide.
I was the first one to find her.
And you were young when it happened?
And now because of it
you have stopped observing?
I was angry.
I'm still angry.
Do you think I can ask
for her sin to be absolved?
I am sorry, my son.
The Church is absolute on suicide.
So, there's nothing we can do about it?
Did she have free will when it happened?
Was she in control of her mental state?
She had severe manic depression.
And she was taking
heavy medication for it.
Did she tell anyone
what she was going to do?
My father pushed her into it.
I see.
You can't ask for
forgiveness on her behalf.
Her path is and was her own.
But what you can do
is ask for amendment for
yourself and yourself alone.
This is your confession.
Not hers.
So, there's no hope for her then?
That is between her and the Almighty.
So, then what's the point of this? Hmm?
You're supposed to know.
She wasn't a bad person.
She doesn't deserve condemnation.
What's the point in believing
in something outside of this if
if you can't do anything about it?
is the problem with faith.
People believe that the Almighty
is within the brick and
martyr of this institution.
That is where they fail.
Mass does not bring absolution.
Only His Grace can.
And only if you are open to receiving it.
You have to trust
in doing the right thing.
That will put you on the correct path.
This is our test.
Your confession?
Father, I have sinned. I have.
I have only one thing to confess.
I was relieved when my father died.
I felt no remorse.
I even celebrated it.
I didn't ever honor him.
I know that is a prime sin.
A most grave sin.
- I'm sorry, I can't do this.
- You are being tested, my son.
Trust in doing the right thing, always.
Pray. Pray for absolution.
Pray for the Holy Mother
to intercede for you and your loved ones.
Because it is time
for you to let go of your fear.
Your trauma is the advantage
to which bets against man.
It preys on your eternal damnation.
It smells your fear like
the blood in the water.
And its fate for your soul
is far worse than death.
What is it?
It is an ancient predator.
One that preys on the weakness of all men.
Because it knows the original sin.
it fears that which makes you better.
That which makes you strong.
What is it?
There's something here, isn't it?
What happened today?
What happened today?
Call her back.
Call her back and tell her
to get rid of it. Please.
- Give me the keys.
- No.
Give me the keys.
No Everything you need
Everything you need is here.
Everything you need is here.
We're here.
Your son is here.
I won't be the other woman.
This is my house.
You don't even love her.
Stay. Please.
I won't let you see him.
I won't let you see him.
You walk out that door
and we're gone.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Where you gonna go?
You've got nothing
without me. This is my house.
You got this through my work and my blood.
- I gave this to you. Me!
- Oh, you're such a big man.
You're so big then why can't
you keep it in your pants, Pieter?
She's young enough to be your daughter!
If you go--
if you go, I swear I'll do it.
I'll do it if you go.
I promise you.
I promise you I'll do it if you go!
I will do it if you go!
Don't ever threaten me like that again.
If you ever threaten me like that
again, I swear I'll end you on my own.
You hear me?
I won't need those fucking pills of yours!
you know that I do. But
you know, I don't know. I think
just reading about such
things is so beautiful.
So much insight into it.
Scared you're not going
to start analyzing yourself?
I probably have started.
Yeah, I definitely have.
- And have you read the book?
- What the hell is going on?
Why is he here?
Bro? What are you--
what are you talking about?
- Can you just give us a minute?
- Of course!
- What is going on with you?
- What is he doing here?
- You invited him!
- Why?
- Why would I do that?
- I don't know! Ask yourself that!
Okay, I'm going to act like
everything is normal, okay?
Hey. Okay. Okay, um
Alright I'm I'm sorry about before.
Okay, I
I just, I I went to the cemetery and I--
We already spoke about this.
You said you went to see your
dad's grave and you paid respects.
We already spoke about this.
And I told you this?
We were even standing here when you did.
Okay, why don't we just go back?
Hey, um
When did I tell you about my dad?
Last week.
Hey, hey, hey.
Are you good?
Chris wants to announce something.
Wait, wait.
You're not kidding about last week?
- Are you?
- No!
And in fact Marius, I need to tell
you something. And I've been
waiting for you to ask me
but I think I should just tell you.
Because it's been weighing
so heavy on me and--
That means that we've already pitched!
- Hi, look I didn't want--
- Just tell me it's still my project.
- Okay, calm down--
- Just tell me!
It's still your vision!
Can you just relax?
Oh God. Okay. Who pitched on it?
The client was very adamant
on transformation. You understand?
Just, just, okay, just--
just tell me how it actually is, okay?
You stole my work
and you put your fucking puppet on it.
- Marius.
- No!
No! Okay? Fuck!
No, you should be offended too. Okay?
How would you feel if someone
made you the token Black on your work?
- Jesus.
- Huh?
Hey, woah, what, now
you got nothing to say?
Look, if it's any consolation, this is
how things were always going to end.
It's nothing personal. It's just business.
Oh yeah?
Well, what do you think is going
to happen when he can't deliver?
I don't know. Maybe you'll just have
to fix that when that happens. Okay?
Okay. Um
it was you that made the call, isn't it?
Answer me.
- God damn, answer me!
- Okay, you need to let go of me.
You need to let go of
me right now, Marius.
I'm gonna leave now.
And I suggest that you take this time and
figure out how you move on
from this like a professional.
Okay, why the fuck
did you screw me like this?
I'm sorry?
I fucked you over?
No, no, no, buddy, you did this.
You did this to yourself.
You have been off for months.
You look like shit!
And let's face it, it's not
just because of your dad dying.
And I don't know how Thembi
puts up with someone like you.
Don't you talk about
shit you don't understand.
Okay buddy, I do understand though.
I understand perfectly well.
Don't try and change the subject.
Okay? You stole my work!
You need to grow up!
The company owns the work! Not you!
And the company is
pretty much going to do as they see fit.
Well, they can go screw over someone else.
Cause I'm not covering for them.
I quit.
What did I tell you?
Have you been talking?
Uh, yeah, what do you think?
She's terrified of you.
What, is, is, is--
- Is it true?
- It's not like that.
- Ah, no, she said she was just terrified--
- Just shut up, okay!
Talk to me. Okay? Please talk to me.
Are you really scared of me?
let me just make sure
that I've got this right.
You're gonna quit because
a Black guy is gonna get the credit.
Is that right?
Just get out.
Look, I'm just wondering
because you've covered for me.
And you've covered for Johannes.
But something's different here.
Why don't you man up
and tell me what that is?
What's different now? Huh?
Come on.
Say it.
Get out.
- What?
- Answer him.
How do you know
if he actually loves you?
he's being
angry and upset
just because we're
giving it over to a Black guy.
I mean
he's even willing to quit!
Huh? So, how do you know?
You don't.
Do you?
I told you.
That's the real Marius.
I'm here if you need me.
Get the fuck out of my house!
Why is it so important
about who gets the credit?
You told me what
this project means to you.
So, it doesn't matter
who gets the credit, right?
You'd be doing right
by your Mom and the community.
So, why care who gets the credit?
He's right, isn't he?
So, what if he is?
Are you going to fuck him as well?
Excuse me?
Ah, don't play dumb with me.
Where you going?
- Hey, where are you going?
- It's none of your business!
You're gonna see him. I know.
Don't play with me.
I saw you with him.
At the restaurant.
You had your hands all over him and
don't think I don't see
the same thing happening with Chris.
You know
if you had been interested at all
in my life for the past two weeks
you would have known
that I've been retrenched.
What you saw
was a piece of shit
who I thought was my friend
forcing himself on me
after I asked him for a job.
You know why he did that?
Do you know why
that bastard thought he could just
get to fuck me and I would just take it?
Do you know why?
It's because I don't have
enough money not to have a job.
I don't have anyone
in my life who can help me.
No one.
No parents.
No siblings.
No nothing.
No one except you.
You know
You know
I thought to myself
that everything was going to be okay.
That everything was going
to be alright because at least I have you.
At least--
At least I have a man who will hold me.
And tell me that I shouldn't give up.
So, I come here
to your place.
Using my money.
Money that I need
to put food in my fridge.
Just so I can see you.
You know
I thought we'd just--
I thought--
I thought we'd just do the stuff
like we used to, you know?
I thought that maybe me coming
here, you'd just offer some sort of help.
That maybe you'd ask me
to move in with you or something!
Because we've been
together for five fucking years.
But instead, I mean
instead, I find you here.
Safe and sound
because I made you feel like that
by keeping quiet about my stuff.
I kept quiet
so that you don't have
to worry about me and you.
I kept quiet
about being so fucking afraid
that I don't have a job.
I kept quiet
about being assaulted
because you needed to bury your father.
And you didn't even have
the fucking decency to be a man
and do it until I asked you to!
So, guess what?
Fuck you.
And fuck you knowing
where I'm going right now.
Because it is none of your fucking
I know it's last minute.
Please, I
I just need a friend right now.
I don't know how to fix this.
I don't know if I even want to fix it.
Maybe that's the question. Right?
You've spent the entire evening
talking about all the reasons
why you're wrong for her.
And yet
you still want her.
Maybe you're the problem.
Maybe you need to
sort out some of your stuff
before you can be with her.
And maybe, you need
to spend some time alone
so that you can stop hurting her.
She deserves the best of you.
See? Just drinks, right?
This was fun.
I mean it was all you.
it was nice to meet a man
who can be so vulnerable.
Are you leaving?
You know why.
Oh, come on, you're not
going to get jealous, are you?
Excuse me.
You're Catholic?
What was it for you?
You first.
No sex before marriage,
no sex out of marriage.
No abortion but no pill either.
Too many men telling
me who and when and how
to fuck.
And you?
I had to condemn someone
that made a mistake.
Someone you loved?
And I know now there's
nothing I could do about it.
Well, if that's the case
don't hold it against them.
Everyone has free will.
It's your greatest gift.
You need a break.
Maybe something fun?
Like what?
I'm on tonight.
We're all sinners.
That's what confession is for.
That's all I wanted to say about it.
I really wanted this to work.
But it can't
if we keep just doing this to each other.
I'm sorry, Marius.
I tried.
Stop it.
Stop it. Stop it. Please stop it!
Please stop it.
Please stay.
Don't drive.
It's not safe tonight.
Oh, really?
I'm sure we could figure it out.
I didn't drive.
Give yourself to me.