Primrose Lane (2015) Movie Script

- Get it off me!
- Chris, open the door!
I don't get the whole
foreclosure thing.
- They bought it at auction
and apparently, they
left it furnished.
I mean, it's
a hell of a bonus.
- If the previous owner
got foreclosed on,
why did they leave
their furniture behind?
- I don't know.
Maybe they died and there's
no heir to settle the estate.
- Or,
maybe they committed suicide
and we get to sleep
on their deathbed.
- I'm sure you'll have a
really pleasant conversation
with Jack and Sue asking
them all about that.
- Foreclosure's bad jojo
no matter how you slice it.
- Do we really have
to bring the dogs?
It's not too late to drop
them off at a kennel.
- My babies are
not being boarded.
- Maybe if we had real babies,
these could just be our dogs.
Ain't life swell
Ain't life swell
You can tell
You can tell
Who needs a wishin' well
- Did you make a $103
music download charge?
- Probably, why?
- For what?
- Are you the
download police now?
- Turn signal.
You know, studies show
that men who use turn
signals get more blow jobs.
- Did we
get that option in this car?
She's the bubble
in my champagne
Just like the family
on Primrose Lane
And we kissed
And we kissed
And she kissed
Keep on talkin'
They can share what
they wanna share
But we like sunshine
and we like rain
Sweet molasses and sugarcane
Stick together
like a daisy chain
Just like the family
on Primrose Lane
- Wow, now that's a house.
You sure we got
the right address?
- Yeah, those are their cars.
- What time were
they expecting us?
- We left it open.
- So you thought it
would be a good idea
to drive all the way out here
without confirming first?
- All right.
Hey, it's Chris, we are
here on your doorstep,
not sure where you are.
Okay, give us a call, bye.
Sue, it's us!
And our dogs!
- Uncle Jack's.
- Why would they have a lock
on the inside of the door?
A panic room?
- I don't know, maybe
this used to be a basement
instead of a closet?
- Why would you have a lock
on the inside of a basement?
- I don't know?
When I channel the original
owner I'll let you know.
- Hello.
You hear that?
- What?
- Like a scratching sound or--
- It's probably just
rats in the attic.
- Chris, it's been hours,
maybe we should go?
- Relax,
they'll be here.
- Maybe we should
call the police?
- To report
what, exactly?
- I don't know, missing
persons, I guess.
- You really think someone
abducted a family of four?
- Well, where are they?
- I don't know where they are,
but I'm sure there's
a logical explanation.
- Where's the phone?
- I don't know,
I'll check the kitchen.
- Hi, you've
reached the Potts family.
- Leave a message!
- Jack, hey,
brother, I got your message.
Very funny, call me,
I want to come see that
haunted house next month.
- Hello, hello?
It's me, you have to leave!
- Now can we call the police?
- I wish there was something
I could do to help you folks,
but without more to go on,
there's not much we can do.
There's no sign of forced
entry or a struggle.
Are you sure they didn't leave
town by way of cab and plane?
Maybe they just wanted a
technology-free family getaway.
- Their keys are here.
- Lots of folks have a
spare set of travel keys,
apart from the usual
fully-loaded set.
- The door was left open!
- Well, we're trusting
folks in this town.
Yeah, I'm not saying
that I recommend it--
- Thank you, officer.
Sorry, my wife's just concerned.
Is there anything else
you can do at this point?
- Well, I'll come by
tomorrow afternoon
to see if there've been
any further developments.
We can take it from there.
- That'd be great, thanks.
- Where would you go
that you would leave
your cell phone behind?
- I don't know?
I don't know why their
cell phones are here,
I don't know why
their keys are here?
I don't know why they're
not here, I mean--
- You should have said
something more to that cop,
he should be doing
something right now!
- The cops don't care!
All it means to them is a
couple more hours of paperwork!
I don't know, you want
me to call another cop?
- I want to leave!
- I, I think we're
probably overreacting,
but if anything really is wrong,
I think we should figure it out.
- Why do you always have to
stick your nose into everything?
We never should have come
in in the first place!
- We were invited.
- They're not home!
- If this is anything more
than a misunderstanding,
I think we should get
to the bottom of it!
I would want Jack
and Sue to do that
if the roles were
reversed, wouldn't you?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I would.
- Look, I'm sure the
cop's right, everything's fine.
Okay, come here.
We'll just,
make a night of it.
Hey, did you...
Robin Laura Smith,
I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.
I want to have babies with
you, lots of 'em.
At least two, three.
Will you marry me?
- Yes.
- What are ya doin'?
- I couldn't sleep.
- You okay?
- I know
that we agreed on having kids.
- Yeah.
- But we're dependent
on my income right now
as it is and
how do figure kids into the mix?
- I don't know, we downsize.
- I like our lives
the way they are.
- So what are you,
what are you sayin'?
- I just don't
want my whole life
to be about driving to work,
working all day,
coming home at night,
you know, like changing diapers.
It's not my dream.
- So,
after eight years of marriage,
it basically boils down to
I don't make enough money
and you don't want
to change diapers.
That's great.
What the fuck am
I supposed to do?
Get it off me!
Get it off me!
- Chris!
Chris, open the door!
- Get it off me!
Where is it?
- Open the door!
What, what, what?
- Where is it?
- What?
- I don't know,
it must have been?
I don't know, I think it's
uh, rats or something!
Oh, God, it
was under my shirt!
It was clawing my, my back.
It was biting me.
Oh, my God, where
is it?
- Honey.
Honey, honey.
I don't see anything.
- Yeah, it was uh--
- I don't see anything.
- No, it was there.
It was like a small animal
and I was squeezing it!
I can't sleep.
I'm scared.
- It was probably just
a dream, a nightmare.
- No, you don't
understand it, it was real.
I was awake, I felt it.
- Maybe you were
sleepwalking, hmm?
Go to sleep.
It's okay.
What are you doing?
- Just goin' out for a
jog to clear my head.
Maybe I'll find a neighbor
who knows something
about Jack and Sue.
- Father, there are
holes in this house.
- Nonsense, son.
There are no better architects
than the Hoss Brothers.
- Salty!
There you go, huh.
Where's your brother?
Did Daddy take him out
for a jog and not you?
I'm losin' it.
- I was two steps
away from Yogananda,
what do you want?
- I think I need your help.
- Princess, what troubles?
- Joel, you know me,
I am not one to let my
imagination get the best of me,
come on.
No, I, this place
is such a money pit.
- Maybe you got confused.
- I know what I saw and--
- Don't hiss.
- And then I went to her
office and she had this journal
and she's been
tracking this thing.
She had pages marked on
the internet, she,
look, this house has a history.
- Speakin' of history, I
know just who you need.
- Who I need is Chris.
You think he left me
because I told him?
- Hell, no, he
can't run that far.
He's probably off brooding
at some coffee house.
If he doesn't come back
in the time it takes
to read the Times
from cover to cover,
let me know.
- There is so much weird
shit in this house.
- You were right, by
the way, it needed to be said.
I mean, how do all
you breeders sleep knowing
there's all these mouths
to feed all over the world.
- Joel!
- There are plenty of
nice little Chinese babies
in orphanages if you ever
want to go that route.
I would make a fabulous manny!
- Joel!
- Or and Uncle Chenchen!
- Joel, I'm serious!
- You need to see Dr. Hunt,
she's right next
door in Sierra Madre.
I went to her when I was having
an energy crisis last June,
she's amazing!
- Joel, I need help, I
don't need crystal therapy.
Can't you just come out here?
- Let's see, my
ghost-busting jumpsuit is
at the dry cleaners and I
have a date with Juan tonight.
Yep, no can do.
- Juan, is that
the internet guy?
- Why do you
have to make him sound
so cheap, darling?
- So you're gonna stand up
your friend of 15 years,
15 years, Joel--
- What's the address again?
- Hi, I'm friends with your
neighbors, Jack and Sue.
You don't happen to know
where they are, do you?
- Sorry, no.
- My husband and I were supposed
to spend the weekend with them
and um, did my husband
stop by this morning?
- No.
But, but hold on.
Did somebody stop
by this morning?
- No.
- Sorry we couldn't
be of more help.
- If I get pregnant now,
I'll lose my leverage and
I may not get it back.
- If not now, when?
- Give me two more years to
stay focused on my career
and then I promise, I promise.
Hello, Dr. Hunt, please.
My name's Robin, I was
recommended to you by Joel Chen.
Could you tell me a little bit
about the type of
work that you do.
- Hi, I got your call.
- I'm sorry, I think you're
confused, I don't live here.
- No, no, no, it
was definitely you.
- Excuse me, but who are you?
- Crystal Finnegan, psychic.
Maybe even a healer, I haven't
really felt that one out yet.
- Okay.
Did Joel put you up to this?
- Joel?
- What?
I wouldn't do that just yet.
- So.
It was Dr. Hunt, right?
Of course, you're another
one of her crystals.
How did you get this address?
Oh, right, don't tell
me, you're psychic.
You've been psychic
your whole life?
- No, five or six
weeks, give or take.
- Officer.
- Ma'am.
I see that your
friends have returned.
- No, sir, in fact my husband
went jogging this morning
to talk to some of the neighbors
and find anything else out.
I'm concerned because he
left without his phone,
it's been over eight hours.
- I see.
Ma'am, it seems like
you've got a lot
of missing persons
on your hands.
- That's why you called me.
- And you are?
- No, no, wait, um.
- Crystal Finnegan, psychic.
- Ah, I understand.
Well, then, it seems like you
ladies are workin' this out.
- No, officer!
- You know where to find me!
- Okay, I don't know
who put you up to it,
but I'm not game, thanks.
- But you called me.
- Right, well, if I need
you, I'll call you back.
Thank you!
- But, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I think if you--
- Bye!
- I think
I can help you!
- Bye!
Have a sparkly day!
- Here, puppy!
- Pepper!
Who's in there?
Pepper, Pepper!
Give me back my dog!
- Mother, I'm going out now.
- Very well, my dear,
but do remember
our agreement, hmm?
No more strays.
Mr. Puff and Mistress
Fluff are quite enough,
we cannot save them all.
- Yes, Mother.
- Okay.
- Thank you for coming.
- Jewels from the queen.
- Thank you, but what?
- It's a mala, it
helps you focus.
You say a prayer and
mantra for each bead.
- Shit, that's a lot
of prayin', Joel.
I haven't really been in
touch with the Almighty
since I was about 10.
And I think it was
something along the lines
of, "God is neat, let us eat."
- Now, blow out the flame.
- What's
this supposed to do?
- Cleanse, purify,
remove negative energy--
- Oh, it smells like it's doing
just the opposite.
- Open positive channels.
Behave, you're not
supposed to inhale.
- That's not
what you said in college.
That's where Pepper
went missing.
- Is there a basement?
- Not that I'm aware of.
- Darling, are you sure she
didn't find an entry point
or crawl space?
Maybe she got out and
decided to explore.
- She was there.
- You could have heard
her below the house
and mistake the noise as
coming from inside the closet.
- Oh, my God, you're right!
- See, I'm sure.
- You're totally
right, oh, my God.
Earlier today, this...
That's her.
- I, I can see you!
I know you're in there.
- Hi.
- Glad you called back.
Ooh, and great malas.
- How do you do that?
it was pursuing him.
- What was?
- Ohh, that's gonna be a
hard one for you to hold.
- What do you mean by that?
- He never went jogging.
- Where did he go then?
- Up, sort of.
Is there an attic here?
- No, I wasn't
exactly looking for one.
- I'll be back in
the morning with a ladder.
- Mama, what do I do?
I don't know what's
going on here?
- ,
you listen to your heart
and stand by your friend.
- But what if I see
a spirit or a ghost?
Mama, you should see this place.
- You tell it to go away
or you send him home to God!
- Mama, what if
it doesn't listen?
- Then you run like hell!
As fast as your ugly
toe can carry you!
- Joel!
- Mama, I have to go.
I'm coming!
- What's that for,
other than to stink?
- A spirit barrier.
Spirits can't tolerate
burning incense.
- What if Salty and
Pepper come back
and break their legs
in one of these?
- I think I've come to
know Salty and Pepper,
they're not exactly
stealthy creatures.
We'll hear them coming.
- Well, you just remember
that when you go to the can
in the middle of the
night and break a toe.
This is ridiculous.
We're not even Christian.
- Neither was Jesus.
- Where did
you get this thing?
- Online, it was listed as,
Fuzzy Jesus Queen Blanket,
it was meant for me.
- Your soul is
signaling for help,
you're having a serious
energy struggle.
- My husband
wants to have kids
and, um, I'm not so sure.
- This is on a much
grander, cosmic scale than that.
- A killer, a killer!
- Wait a second.
No, wait, wait.
It's not a rat,
- Huh.
- How?
I'm am all out
of clothes.
- Borrow something from
your friend's closet.
- Under the circumstances,
that is creepy and
wrong in too many ways.
- I sense a need for an
emergency fashion reconnaissance.
- How can you think of
shopping at a time like this?
- Necessity is the mother
of credit card intervention.
Oh, look, we have enough
time to make a run
before Crystal gets here.
Divide and conquer!
You hit the juice bar
and get my fresh, local,
organic 85% vegetable juice
and I'll outfit the troops.
- I think she might levitate.
- Shut up.
Crystal, Crystal!
Are you okay?
- Faith precedes validation.
You must dare to believe.
- What does that mean?
- That's the message
they sent you.
They, who?
- Your guides.
Look, I didn't
ask for this, either.
There's a shift
happening in our world
that's like the veil
is being lifted.
- If this is gonna turn
into some sort of
apocalyptic sermon--
- It's not what
I'm saying at all.
There are no demons coming,
they've been here all along.
- Madam, I move for
you sewing into back room?
- Oh, no, Wu, I like it here.
- But, madam, Sir no like.
Sir come home tomorrow.
- Well, Wu,
I like this room the best
and I believe that women
have a right to a vote.
Sir will have to go.
- Yes, madam.
- Mm, what's
this supposed to do,
other than make my butt numb?
- Prepare the body,
prepare the mind,
open your chakras to the
infinite possibilities.
- Possibility of what?
- A spirit can understand,
allow and believe in science,
but science refuses to
give credence to spirit.
- There's evidence for science.
- There's evidence for
faith, but it's intuitive.
If you refuse to feel,
you're largely cut off.
- How do you know it's not just
a brain chemistry reaction?
You're freaking me, it just,
it all seems a little
crazy town to me.
- No one's trying
to convert you,
not everyone answers the call.
- Then what's the
point in all of this?
How is it supposed to make
any kind of difference?
- That's
where faith comes in.
- Okay, well,
what next because I think
that my chakras are as open
as they're gonna be.
This is what's known
as page, the last
I'll tell you a secret, too
It's put here at
the end of the book
To show that you've
read it through.
Good night
Do I get a kiss?
- I don't go!
- Come on, it's time for bed.
- Come on.
- No go!
It's time for bed.
- Mama!
I miss you!
- Emma.
My love.
Why aren't you in bed?
- I'm so glad you've returned.
- Emma, what's all this?
- Oh.
the light in the morning
to sew by is so divine--
- There are plenty of rooms
with sufficient lighting
for your hobbies in this house.
I'll not have all this folderol
cluttering up my parlor.
This is where I like to
sit with my thoughts.
It's where we entertain guests.
- Yes, dear, but that is
why I made the curtains.
We can obscure any eyesore--
- It's fine for now,
but I have to be back
on the line in a week's time.
I expect all of this to be
elsewhere upon my return.
Is my meaning clear?
- Yes, dear.
- Emma,
I have missed you.
Now, away with you,
I'll be up presently.
I just want to have
a little smoke.
- They were here
in this room.
They were here.
- "American Secretary
of Interior Attacked."
Did you see this, darling?
The Secretary of Interior--
- Dr. and Mrs. Ebald
Lickybug to see you.
- It's Dr. Ewald Lichtenburg.
- Bickybug, you devil!
- Ah!
- What strange
machinations have you
and your sorceress been
brewing up now, eh?
- She's said to
raise the spirits
from the great beyond this eve.
She's ripe raving mad, no doubt.
I could devour you.
But, alas, it behooves
me to humor her
such that her beauty
doth disown me.
- Let the evidence
speak for itself.
- Free the cats to
prowl, good man.
Perhaps you and I
can raise old Lucky
catch a hint of
the race outcomes.
- I'd
sooner know the direction
of an new rail line.
- Oh, yes, I know this one.
Keats, yes?
- Indeed.
- Of course.
- They were here.
They have your dogs.
- Why?
- I don't know?
They were definitely here.
- What--
- No, no, no.
Nope, nothing.
- What am I supposed
to do with that?
- Dust for prints.
- Wait for the answer
and believe it will come.
- Right.
- Friend, I fear you tread
a dangerous territory
by harboring that Asian.
There's word of
penalties being levied
against employers
of the illegals.
How many paper sons has he
ushered across our borders now?
- I'm not one to
judge the accuracy
of one's personal affairs.
- He would be one ripe fertile
bastard were it true, huh?
In San Francisco, they've
begun sequestering them
at port for questioning.
Why not let him go before
the cauldron gets too hot.
- We'll do nothing of the sort!
Wu has every right to be here,
he's an asset to our
family and our home.
- Firecracker!
Careful, lest ye be burned.
- Oh, I fear I should be
cautioning you with the same.
- I am afraid I really must
agree with my good Doctor.
Pray, what makes you
so keenly fond of him?
- Wu,
his name is Wu.
- What stokes your
affection for Wu, then?
- A hearty respect for the value
of his heritage and skills.
- You sport an interesting
preoccupation to concern yourself
with such matters of
your household help.
- I make it my concern to know
well who is under the roof.
- And what so fascinates you
in the tales of the Orient?
- Wu hails from a
family of farmers,
generations spanning
hundreds of years,
taking pride in the land.
His grandfather cultivated herbs
and disciplined himself
in the healing arts,
a trade passed down to Wu.
- What of it?
- With no legal authority
to purchase land in
the United States,
he is prevented from fulling
exercising his skilled trade.
- Madam, you take tonic now?
- No, Wu,
I think not.
Dreadful tasting stuff.
- But, doctors say--
- Wu.
- I make for you herb
from my country for heal.
- My Lord will provide
a way for me, Wu.
- But you tire.
- I'm only tired of being
here without William.
Any word of his return?
- No, madam.
Important work take long time.
- I suppose.
- He fancies himself a
farming doctor, does he?
- What does it say of a
people who are pleased enough
to break a man to
benefit from his labor
with no regard for his welfare?
- Hmm, bravo.
- Your butler lives in gainful
employ in circumstances
that must far outweigh
that which he left behind.
If his willingness to risk
the guise of authentic right
and relation to cross
borders is any indication,
he is content with
the opportunities
our glorious land holds?
- When William plucked him
from his work on the rails,
he had not been paid his
rightful wage due for weeks.
The only payment doled out
to him was a regular threat
of report and deportation.
My, love.
- He could have discreetly
sought employment elsewhere
if he found his
conditions unfavorable.
- That's irrelevant.
The treatment of his people
is a mockery of justice.
With no right to testify
against a white man
in our judicial system, we
might as well call them slaves.
- Who is mocking justice?
Friend, has honesty no value
in your code of ethics?
He and his kind have perpetrated
a most cunning deceit,
manipulating our borders and
seizing upon our vulnerability
in the aftermath of devastation.
Do I interpret correctly
that you welcome any palette
of people who seek liberation
from their own spoiled soil
to enter our promise land
through a passageway of lies?
'Tis as much illegal
as it is immoral.
- I'm afraid I do
not consider flight
from a perilous political
climate a deviation
from ones morals.
Pray, that you
should never be faced
with such a
terrifying potential.
- Then where does one draw
the line to guard, rightly,
all our glorious nation affords?
- I suggest that a
justified citizen is one
who furthers social development,
upholds civic responsibility
and weaves tight the moral
fabric of our culture.
- Agreed!
- Ah-ha!
- Agreed, agreed, agreed!
But the Asian is not our culture
and his morals are called,
rightly, in question.
Next, you'll be trading in
your silver for chopsticks.
- I'm afraid I cannot see
the merit of skin color
or origin of birth in
the components which,
I believe, propagate
a thriving community.
- My.
Clearly her thoughts
are well informed.
- Why either of them
married is beyond me.
They should have both
been schoolmarms chirping
from a lector.
- I envision
them more as Johnson
and Jeffries in the ring.
As fierce as they are,
you should tread lightly,
less the suffragettes
have their way.
- She is here!
- Prophetess.
Retrieve my bowls.
Have you prepared
the supplicant?
- Uh, no.
- Tone in.
Use caution here.
- Why?
That's where my
dog went missing.
- When you're ready to receive
the answers, they'll come.
- Look, my friends and
my family are missing,
so if you know something
that I don't, lay it on me.
- The crystal beneath the earth
in this region has created
a portal above this house,
allowing energy to pass through
from one realm to another.
They've all passed through.
These gateways to the gods
were not intended for mortals.
- I am sorry to
shift the course,
but the night is
not growing younger
and if you would all like
to witness a true marvel,
a glimpse into the hereafter
and the wisdom of the infinite,
you must all gather around
the table this very instant.
- You have a much deeper
connection to the universe
then you're willing
to acknowledge.
Allow yourself to remember.
Trust your intuition.
- My intuition was telling me
to get out of this
house from the get-go.
- Well, the moment to have acted
on that impulse has passed.
You're here.
You already crossed
over and returned.
- I don't understand,
I never left the couch?
- You haven't yet,
but you will.
- You've completely lost me.
- Forget your ideas about time.
The soul is energy,
it transcends time and space.
Energy can split, but it
can only occupy one body
at any given moment.
The future you is trying
to communicate with you.
It's unable to
physically manifest.
- Doctor Lickybug, how
may I help you, sir?
- Lichtenburg.
Lichtenburg, if I can
say your name, good man,
why can't you say mine, Vu?
- Wu.
- Vu.
- Wu.
- Vu.
- Wu.
- That's what I'm saying, Vu.
- Wu.
- Vu.
- Wu.
I come at the behest of William.
He sent word requesting that
I check in on Mrs. Monroe.
- I get madam, sir.
Madam is indisposed, she
asked I send you regards.
- Very well.
Please do not hesitate
to call upon my household
if we may be of any
further assistance to her.
- Yes, sir, Dr. Lickybug.
- Vu.
- Wu.
- Someone's coming to guide you.
I don't think
I can handle anymore new
acquaintances right now.
- Do you want to
find your husband?
- Of course.
- Then you don't have a choice.
- Wu.
Sit down.
- Wu eat in the kitchen, madam.
- Wu!
I'd like you to
have a seat, please.
- Mama, where's Dada?
Where's my dada?
- Father will be home soon.
Tonight we'll have Wu
have dinner with us, yes?
- I can plate--
- No, Wu, I'm
not hungry, thank you.
Is there something
the matter, Wu?
- Wu use chopstick, madam.
- Oh, of course.
I presume that you have
some in the kitchen.
I'll get it for you.
No, please.
Please tell me you
did not buy into that!
- If you think they're
both a bunch of nutters,
how do you explain
where Crystal came from
in the first place?
- I don't know?
- Not once, but twice!
- I don't know!
- That's the only lead you have!
- I just want my family back.
- Doctor and Ms...
- The arrangements
have been made, friend.
- All the garments
have been prepared.
- Thank you.
- Dinner is served, sir.
We have Smythe put
the children to bed.
- Okay.
- I sit with madam, sir.
- William, you
have to eat something
to keep up your strength.
- There are ways to
speak with her again.
There are!
There are ways.
Forever come
We implore the
infinite intelligence
to bring forth the
spirit of Emma Monroe
to commune and
communicate with us.
- Emma, be with us!
- By the powers of the Almighty,
come forth, Emma, join us!
Enter this circle
meant to embrace you!
Tell us of your journey.
- Emma, be with us!
Emma, are you here?
Emma, is that you?
- Friend, it's time
to get some sleep.
- William,
she has let you know that
she has crossed over.
We can trust that she is well.
You must take your rest.
- I
leave her
- Then allow us to sit
vigils through the night.
You have much before
you in the days ahead.
- You tell him!
Tell him, you must!
- No, no, no.
- You must, you must!
You must tell him!
Tell him!
She is not his mother!
- Emma.
- You must, you must.
Don't let him, she's
not his mother!
- No.
Bear strength, little master.
- I can help bring her back.
- Oh!
Only in your heart.
My dear, Myrtle.
- Wu!
- You need to go home!
You need to go back to God!
- Joel!
Dr. Hunt, this is Robin
James, I need to see you!
- My next
opening's Thursday.
- No, no, this is urgent!
I need you to come here now!
- Well, I'm
afraid I can't be
of service to you right now.
- Please, ah...
- Let me
know if you'd like
to make an appointment
for next week.
Be in touch.
- Hello!
Okay, Crystal, I'm calling you!
However you heard me the
first time, hear me now
because I need you
to come here, please!
Come through that door
right now.
Whoever you are, whatever you
are, come and take me, too!
Bring them back!
The Lord is my Shepherd,
I shall not want,
he maketh me
to lie down
in green pastures, he,
he leads me beside the
still waters.
What are the words?
Yea, though I walk
through the shadow
of the valley of death,
I shall fear no evil.
Thy road and thy
staff, they comfort me.
Those are somebody else's words.
Oh, Joel,
please be with me now.
- I can help you find them.