Primrose Path (1940) Movie Script

Look, Granny.
Look what I got.
What you got?
Tamales. Mrs. Espinoza
give them to me.
It was very nice
of mrs. Espinoza.
It's good. Eat it.
Smells good.
What's them kids making
that noise out there about?
I don't hear nothin'.
You ain't deaf.
Them kids is slobs.
Them kids are slobs.
Well, they're slobs.
Honeybell, are you sure mrs.
Espinoza give you these tamales?
She would've.
Well, did she?
It don't make
no difference now.
Honeybell, you ain't got no
cause to lie. It ain't refined.
I don't tell
no lies.
You know, if I'd thought
you snitched this,
I wouldn't have ate it.
Mrs. Espinoza
give 'em to me.
Well, that's nice.
You must give mrs.
Espinoza something sometime.
Look at Ellie May!
Well, you're happy
about something.
Ma is supposed to come
home today, ain't she?
That's what
her letter said.
What's the idea
of them pigtails?
What's wrong with them?
You ain't gonna
catch no fellas
running around
looking like that.
Wouldn't want one
if I could get 'em,
and I couldn't get one
if I wanted one.
What are you going to
do-change the world around?
Is pa still sick?
He's in there sleeping off his hangover,
if that's
what you mean.
Oh. Maybe he ought
to have some hot coffee.
I don't where
he'll put it.
His stomach's
all eaten out.
Awake, pa?
Pa, I brought you
some hot coffee.
Thank you, darling.
You're very good
to me, Ellie May.
You're very good to me.
Go on. Drink it
while it's hot.
What's the time?
I don't know.
It ain't runnin'.
Is your mother
home yet?
No, she ain't.
Well, she should be here
looking after the family.
Ma just likes
to have a good time.
Oh, I'm not a fool,
Ellie May.
I'm not a fool.
Ain't you gonna
take your coffee?
No. It isn't coffee
I need.
Don't you think maybe
you drink too much, pa?
It's only a substitute,
Ellie May-
a substitute for
some dreams I once had.
But they've all gone,
whistling down the wind.
I don't know
what you mean, pa.
You keep your dreams,
Ellie May.
After they've done,
you've got nothing left.
'Cause if you let
those go,
you've got
to invent new ones,
and they're never
as good as the old ones.
Oh, run away, dear. Run away
before you get like the rest of us.
But I ain't got no reason
to run away, pa.
What on earth is going to happen
to you in this horrible environment?
Nothing's gonna
happen to me, pa.
Wouldn't you feel better if you
had some hot coffee in your stomach?
I guess I'm a pretty
good mess as a father, eh?
Oh, you're swell, pa.
Aw, gee, pa, you're so
smart and everything.
You've been to college.
I'm always telling everybody how
much you know about them greeks.
Oh, my darling.
Hey, here's some of your
writing on the floor.
Why, I guess that's as
good a place as any for it.
Someday when your book's done,
everybody will be talking about you.
I doubt whether I'll last
long enough to finish it.
What's the matter, pa? You
got a sick stomach?
Maybe you ought to have
some hot clam broth.
I could go down to the beach
and get some clams.
There ain't nothin' wrong
with your heart, is there?
No, darling. It's another kind of pain.
Oh, well. "we live not as
we wish to, but as we can."
So sayeth my old friend
menander here.
Who was it that said it?
Menander, darling
- one of those old greek philosophers.
Hmm. I wish I knowed
more than I know.
Oh, my grip. The
gentleman paid for the cab.
taken care of.
Look out of my way, babies.
Yoo-hoo! Wo-hoo, wo-hoo!
Hello, baby! Oh, she has some presents!
Hello, mame!
You look great!
Here I am-
what's left of me.
Did you bring
any presents, ma?
Oh, Honeybell, it ain't me
you want. It's the presents.
Stop talkin' to ma and
let her get her breath.
Hello, ma.
Hello, Ellie May.
Oh, gee, you look
pretty, ma!
Do i, hon?
Where's my present?
Oh, look.
Ma's got a new fur.
Ain't I the one?
I want my present!
Oh, Honeybell!
You're a pest.
You take your present, run away,
and keep quiet. How's Homer?
He don't feel good.
Oh, that's too bad.
Here's something
for you, Ellie May.
And, ma, here's
something smelly.
Say, ma, Thelma introduced
me to the loveliest gentleman
a mr. Hawkins.
Tell you about it later.
Did you go
to the fair, ma?
Oh, boy, did i! Say, I've
been jounced and bounced
till I don't think there's
a whole bone left in my body.
A monkey in a pineapple!
Oh, ma,
ain't it cute?
Ain't it cute?
It looks like Homer.
Aw, let him be.
Well, its eyes light up.
It does look like Homer,
especially when
he hits the bottle.
Oh, Ellie May, ain't you
pleased with your present?
I'm pleased, ma.
Well, how can you tell if
you don't even look at it?
I'm going down to the
beach to get some clams.
Now, there you are, ma.
Here I buy her
the best pair of silk
stockings I can for the money,
and she don't even
look at 'em.
I'll look
at 'em after.
You're pretty
particular about
where your presents
come from.
I ain't said nothin'.
Good-bye, ma. Good-bye.
Silk stockings'
ain't for a girl
that acts
like a boy.
You should've bought her a baseball bat.
I don't want none.
You got 8 pounds there. All right.
Here she comes.
Are you going
to say it?
I'm not afraid of her.
I'll say it.
Go on, say it.
Afraid of a girl?
I'm not
afraid of her!
Well, then I'll say it!
her mother was a lady-
yeah, you missed! Ow!
It's a shame to waste a good
smell in a place like this.
Well, maybe we'll go
steppin' sometime, huh?
Why not? You can always play
a new tune on an old fiddle!
Well, you're just as young
as you feel, ma. Sure.
Say, got some coffee, hon?
I'll make you a fresh cup.
is this genuine?
Say, nothing else but.
That fella must have
an oil well somewhere.
Say, ma, listen. Say, I says
to him, I said, "mr. Hawkins,
"if you want to throw your money
away, it's all right with me.
I ain't gonna be
the one to stop you."
And, ma, confidential-
he wanted to marry me.
He did!
And I says, "now,
look here, mr. Hawkins,
one husband at a time's
enough, ain't it?"
And he laughed
fit to kill.
He must be a god.
Oh, he's a god
and very refined.
It's too bad Homer
don't do you a favor
and get run over
or something.
Oh, ma. Poor Homer. Somebody
has to look after him.
And of course it's got to be you. Sure.
Isn't it customary for a wife
to look after her husband when he's ill,
instead of chasing
around with other men?
Hello, Homer.
Are you still alive?
Ain't you feeling
well, baby?
Look at them eyes. Looks
like a couple of grapes
floating around
in his head.
You might reserve
your acid wit
for someone
of your own class.
Wasn't no drunks
in my family.
One tiny virtue
is not sufficient
to counteract your
other endowments.
Big words ain't
going to help that hangover.
Ma, leave him be. Come
on, now. That's a good boy.
That's it.
That's a boy.
Oh. Working on
your book, Homer?
What difference does
that make to you?
I was telling mr. Hawkins, a friend
of Thelma's, what a smart man you was.
You don't have to
further my humiliation.
Why, Homer, nobody's
humiliating nobody.
Who is this Hawkins? What kind
of a woman is your friend Thelma?
Where have you been?
What have you been doing?
I've been to the fair
and had some fun.
Don't you want your Mamie
to have a good time?
Look, Mamie, I...
oh, my poor Homer.
Eyes are all red
and watery.
My eyes are red
with shame.
Why, Homer, you ain't done
nothin' to be ashamed of.
Slinking up back alleys with my
collar turned up to hide my disgrace.
Now, honey-bun, you know how
upset you get after drinking.
I can't stand it
any longer.
I'll put an end to myself
- that's what I'll do.
Homer, you give that to me.
Give it right to me.
I only gave it to you because
you was afraid of burglars.
Now, you mustn't
play with it.
Someday I'll do it. Someday
I'll have the courage.
Now, don't you want your
Mamie to rub your head for you,
like a good
little boy?
I'm not a little boy.
I'm ill!
Why, of course you are.
You're a great big boy.
Oh, dear. Poor Homer.
Ain't got no gin left.
That's what's
the matter with you.
The big bad gin's
all gone, ain't it?
Well, Mamie'll
get you some money
so you can buy
some more.
I won't take any money!
I won't take
money from you!
Why don't you go out and get a job-
get some money
of your own?
The work Homer does
takes brains.
They'll never
read his book,
even if he does
finish it.
Now, here you are, Homer.
Take it and have a good time.
I'll take it.
And I hope you enjoy
my degradation.
It's all right
with me, toots.
Now, Homer, don't get tight and fall
in a ditch like you done the last time.
If he fell in the ditch
and I was along,
I'd just cover him up
and let him lay.
Going down
to the beach?
Yeah. Why?
Hop in, and I'll
give you a ride.
I ain't
takin' no chances.
You don't have
to be scared
of a silly old man
like me.
Oh, I ain't
exactly scared.
Hop in, then.
I'm just hankering
to have a talk
with somebody.
I ain't got much
to talk about.
You don't have
to worry.
I'll do
all the talking.
Get down
to the beach often?
Going fishing?
Nope. Clamming.
Oh, you like
to eat clams?
I ain't gonna train 'em
for no circus.
That's what I get
for being nosy.
Why don't you buy 'em in
town? Save you a long trip.
They got to be fresh on
account of my sister Honeybell.
What's the matter
with her?
She's sick.
If they ain't fresh,
she might get
an awful sick stomach.
Oh, I'm sorry
to hear about that.
Do you live
down at the beach?
Yeah. I run
a hamburger stand
down by
the fish canneries.
Hmm. Funny. I was going to have
my lunch down at the beach today,
but I forgot
my pocketbook.
Maybe I could
fix you up.
Oh, I didn't
mean it that way.
That's all right.
Why ain't you at school?
Don't have to be.
Why not?
I get my learnin'
from my pa.
Is he a schoolteacher
or something?
No. He went to college. He's
learning me all about them old greeks.
Well, I wouldn't know
about them.
They was mighty smart.
Don't the authorities
never say nothin'
about you not going
to school?
I'm older than I look.
What do you wear
them pigtails for?
Well, if fellas think you're
a kid, they leave you be.
They're just to keep the
fellas from getting fresh.
You don't mean me, too?
You're a fella,
ain't you?
I'm just an old hunk
of buzzard bait.
You used to be a fella.
I'll say I was!
You said something, kid!
Well, here we are.
What did you say your
name was? Ellie May.
Well, come on in,
Ellie May.
We'll see if we can't fix you
up a sandwich or something.
Maybe I hadn't oughta.
You're hungry, ain't ya?
Yeah, but I ain't
got any money.
You can pay it
some other time.
You can have my
share of them fish canneries.
Them sardines is
getting me down.
You get used to the smells
after 5 or 6 years.
How'd you like
to top off your lunch
with a nice slab
of sardine pie?
I ain't
feeling so good now.
Nobody feels good
that eats in here.
Leave off
them corny jokes.
You got to give the customers
something for their money.
Our food ain't no good.
Fix up that kid
with something to eat.
Boy, you're sure picking
them young, grandpappy-
right out of
grammar school.
What'll it be, al?
One of your 10 centers.
They're good ones.
Made 'em myself.
Best manila rope
in town.
A little longer, you could
hang yourself with it.
Bad enough
to have to smoke 'em.
Uh, don't look now,
but there's a truant officer
standing right behind you.
What'll it be, sister?
What do you think
I ought to have?
Well, you can't serve
that to schoolkids.
How about a nice bowl
of alphabet soup?
Here you are.
Don't pay no attention
to him. His mind wanders.
Maybe it never
came back.
You ain't getting
no laughs on her, big boy.
She'll laugh when she
eats that sandwich.
We paint the ham on
with a brush.
There's the whistle.
Well, give my regards
to the sardines.
Can I take this
with me?
Sure, go ahead.
Thank you.
Where's a good place this
kid can dig some clams?
What kind of clams
does she want?
The kind that don't
make so much noise.
That ought
to shut you up.
Say, she ain't so bad
on the comeback.
Never mind about her.
Did you get to town
and get them bolts
for the pump?
Aw, ain't no rush
about them bolts.
Maybe there ain't no rush for
you, but there is for the pump.
Say, who is that kid,
Never mind
who that kid is.
If you could get your mind
off women for 5 minutes,
we might be able to do
something around here.
Who wants to get
their mind off women?
How you doin'?
Doing all right.
Getting any clams?
There ain't any. I told them some
of your jokes, and they ran away.
You don't think
I'm funny, do you?
Nope. Well, I don't, either.
What do you tell
them dumb jokes for?
In my business, you
got to have repartee.
Got to have what?
Repartee. You don't
put on an act,
they go someplace
else to eat.
What's that got
to do with me?
Oh, nothing, except
when you didn't laugh,
I figured
you had some sense.
You know, them portugee
gals will laugh at anything.
Well, I ain't
a portugee gal.
That's what I say.
Hey, you ain't
doin' that right.
Who says I ain't?
You expect to find
clams under them rocks?
Maybe you know better.
You ought to have
a clam rake.
Maybe I oughta,
but I ain't got one.
There's a right way and a
wrong way to do everything.
What are you
gonna do with that?
What did you think
I was gonna do-
hit you over
the head with it?
Well, you better not.
Come on out here.
I want to show you
you don't know.
Now, anybody knows
you can't find clams
above the high water
mark. Well, what of it?
I'm just telling you.
So we both know
there must be clams
down here someplace.
What are you gonna do
with that rock?
I'll show you. Take
the rock, drop it...
clams spit, that's how
you know where they are.
What makes them do that?
I don't know, but that's how
they give themselves away.
The real way to dig
them's with a rake.
Yeah, but this is
more fun.
Another way to get 'em is
to sneak out on a dark night
and whistle, see?
Clam comes up to see what's
making all the racket,
why, you sprinkle a
little salt on their tail.
Then you got 'em, see?
That some more of
that repartee business?
Say, don't nothin' ever
get a rise out of you?
Not unless I want it to.
Hey, where are you
Huh? Going home.
Come here. I got
some more clams for you.
I got enough of them.
What's wrong with you?
Give me that bag.
Where do you live?
Why? I'm going to give you a lift.
I don't want no lift.
I just want my clams.
You'll get
your clams.
Who's your
Oh, I found her down
here with the clams,
only the clams got
more sense of humor.
Coming to
the bluebell tonight?
Sure, I'll be there. Somebody's
got to keep you gals happy.
Boy, I sure knock 'em
dead, don't i?
Yeah. You probably
want to go talk to them.
I'll just be
getting on.
No. I'll see enough of her
tonight. Here, let me help you up.
No. I can take
care of myself.
Go ahead.
Well, thanks for helping
me with them clams.
I guess I'll be
getting on home now.
Get in there.
Where are you
taking me?
I'm taking you
where you're going.
Sure you ain't taking me
noplace else?
Where else
you want to go?
I don't want to go
Boy, I've seen
some stubborn dames,
but I never seen
nothin' like you.
Don't you
never open up?
Where do you live
in town?
In a house.
I thought maybe
you lived in a tree.
We moved.
Hey, you're harder to open
up than one of them clams.
Well, it don't make much
difference where you live.
We may never get
to town anyhow.
Why? I've just learned
to drive this thing.
One of these
is the gas.
Look out!
Where are we?
Give you a thrill?
You probably think
you're pretty funny.
I'll get a rise
out of you yet.
That's what you think.
What are you trying to do,
dump me in the ocean?
Why don't you just turn the thing all
the way over and kill the both of us?
I think I can do it.
What's it gonna get you?
I'll... get a... rise...
out of you... yet!
Why don't you stay
on your side of the road?
Hey! Hey!
You still here?
Some of me.
I give up. You just
ain't got a rise in you.
I have if I want to have.
Shall I slow her down?
What's the matter?
You getting scared?
Ain't you ever been
out with a guy before?
Well, maybe that's
what's the matter.
With who?
What's that you got
under your nose?
Is it off?
let me have a look.
What did you go
do that for?
Well, I finally got
a rise out of you.
You know, I don't go around
letting fellas kiss me.
I don't go around letting
girls slap me, neither.
Well, you should
have been.
You'd think you'd never
been kissed before.
Well, I ain't-
not by a fella.
Well, I'm sorry.
I ain't one of them
portugee gals.
I never said you was.
Maybe you can go around
kissing them any time you like.
Forget it.
Well, I ain't one of
them portugee gals.
I never said you was.
I knew you was different
the first minute I seen you.
That's more like it.
How'd you know?
Oh, your face and neck's
all the same color.
Them portugee girls
rouge up a lot.
Which way do you turn
here-right or left?
If I was you, I think
I'd pull over to the curb.
I guess maybe
I better have.
Who do you think you
are-the wild man of borneo?
What are you
stopping us for?
It's time somebody
stopped you.
I didn't mind him bumping
me around. Well, I did.
Well, he was only
trying to get a rise.
Well, he got one
out of me.
Let me see
your license.
I ain't got it. I must
have forgot my pocketbook.
Oh, so you haven't
got a license.
I had one.
Well, I guess we'd better
take a run down to the station.
Looks like I'm going
to the hoosegow.
Oh, he can't do that
to you, can he?
That's the way
it looks.
Oh, uh, I don't want
that to happen.
And why not? After
what I done to you?
I didn't mind it
that much.
That yours?
Hey, where'd you
get that?
I just seen it
on the beach,
and I meant to ask you
was it yours.
Hey, officer,
I found it.
Are you sure
you're Ed Wallace?
That's me.
Hey, you could have
kept that.
I'd never known
the dif.
What makes you think
I woulda?
I never said you woulda.
I said you coulda.
Well, I wouldn'ta.
All right,
so you wouldn'ta.
Maybe them portugee gals
woulda, but not me.
Well, you don't have
to get sore.
Well, I ain't sore.
I just wouldn't do
nothing like that,
that's all.
All right, so you wouldn't
do nothing like that.
He won't have to go
to jail now, will he?
No, but you will if
you don't pipe down.
You'd better run along
before you get in trouble.
Well, thanks for
I ain't done nothin'.
You helped me
with them clams.
Aw, forget it.
When people
do things for me,
I kind of like to let
'em know about it.
Well, you don't have
to make a fuss about it.
Well... guess
I'd better be going.
Well, so long.
I get down to the beach
every once in a while.
Well, that's fine. I'll
be seeing you sometime.
So long.
Here's your invite.
Do you suppose hoochamadingy
will be in to supper?
Homer? Probably will if he didn't
go and fall in that ditch again.
Too bad to waste that nice
chop suey on a stomach like his.
Well, there's
plenty of it.
Wait till you see
Ellie May.
What's the matter with her?
She ain't sick, is she?
She's putting powder
on her face.
There's nothing
to worry about that.
Have you washed
for supper?
I ain't a bit sweaty.
Oh, Honeybell!
Horses sweat.
feel the heat.
Say, you come right
here and get washed.
You can't set the table
like that. Now, run along.
I don't want
to wash again.
Ain't you
I ain't got
nothin' but slat.
Honeybell! Wherever did you
learn them dreadful words?
I heard Granny
say it.
Well, it ain't refined.
We can take
his plate off.
It'll make more
room at the table.
I'm getting sick of
looking at that pan, anyway.
Oh, Ellie May, you're all
dressed up! Where are you going?
I'm just going out.
I thought you didn't
want them silk stockings.
I ain't never said
I didn't want 'em.
Hmm. Being so particular
all of a sudden.
Oh, ma, let her be,
will you, please?
She ain't foolin'
nobody. What's his name?
Ellie's got a fella,
Ellie's got a fella
ain't it all right
for her to have a fella?
Can't I dress up
without having a fella?
Who told you you could
borrow my slippers?
They're just rotting
away in the trunk.
I can still
use 'em.
You ain't gonna
lay me away yet.
Oh, hush, ma.
She's wearing
my best hat, ain't she,
and using my purse.
Ellie May, wait a minute
now. Don't run away.
You gonna eat?
I ain't hungry.
Ellie's got
a fella
I heard enough
out of you.
I hope you don't grab the
first cat out of the bag.
I ain't grabbin'
Here you are, hon,
here you are.
If you're gonna step out, you
might as well do it in style.
Aw, gee, ma!
Aw, thanks, ma.
Gee, I hope
I don't lose it.
I don't care, hon, just
so long as you look pretty.
You'd think she
was going out to get hung.
Oh, Ellie May...
what's come over
my baby?
Oh, ma, I didn't want
this to happen to me.
Well, it just happens,
and you can't help it.
But he just up
and kissed me, and...
I don't know what I've
been doing ever since.
Other people have been
in love before, you know.
but I don't like it.
Don't you suppose
I ever been in love?
Sure, ma.
I guess you must've.
Oh, I don't mean pa. It
happened long before I met him.
He was...
well, ma broke it up.
He didn't have no money.
But your ma ain't gonna
let that happen to you.
Do you mean you didn't love
pa when you married him?
Ah, that's different. You
see, he'd been to college
and said a lot
of them big words,
and it kind of swept me
off my feet, I guess.
Pa is weak
and drinks a lot.
Anyhow, I made my bargain
and I want to stick by it.
Somebody has to take
care of the family,
and while it ain't just
like I might have asked for,
why, I done
the best I knew how.
That's what
them greeks said.
Them greeks
down the street?
No, pa's greeks.
They say, "you don't
live like you want to.
You live like
you got to."
Well, that ain't got nothin'
to do with your fella.
What's he look like?
Well, he's tall and he's
kind of got a big nose.
Oh, that's good.
Them men is
usually generous.
What's his name?
Ed. Ed something.
If he hadn't have kissed
me, I'd have been all right.
Supper's getting cold.
All right, ma.
I'll be right in.
You mean, he just kissed you
and didn't say nothin' with it?
Yeah. "I'll be
seeing you sometime."
Oh, he did? Oh, well, we got
to do something about that.
Hey, give me that rouge. You got
to learn to make up, Ellie May.
Oh, but, ma,
he don't like rouge.
Well, not on me.
Well, what kind
of a man is he?
I don't know him
so good.
Now, look here, Ellie May. You've
got to pull yourself together.
Now, for instance, you got awful
pretty-looking legs in them silk stockings,
but you don't know how
to walk on 'em.
Now, no matter what
a man tells you,
he likes a girl to flirt
with him a little.
It's just the same as in a jungle or
anyplace else, no matter what they tell you.
Now, Ellie May, I ask you,
if you was a man, would you like
a girl that walked like this?
No, of course
you wouldn't.
You got to put a little
zing into it, like this. See?
No. He wouldn't
like that.
Well, he's human,
ain't he?
Yeah, but that
wouldn't work with him-
not with me doing it.
Well, I wouldn't know what to
tell you without meeting him.
I wish I knowed him better
so you could meet him.
Well, it's too bad we
ain't got a better place
so as you could
bring him here.
I could ask him, maybe.
No. Maybe you hadn't
better bring him here.
You see, people got
a lot of funny ideas,
and then there's pa
and Granny.
No. No, maybe you hadn't
better bring him.
But you got to
meet him sometime.
Now, look here. Ellie
may, if he's your man,
don't you let nothin' or
nobody take you away from him.
Well, gee, ma. You don't
think I'm ashamed of you?
Now, you run along,
honey, and remember...
your ma is with you.
You're swell, ma.
Run along.
I'll be
thinking of you.
Ma, why can't i
have a fella?
Eat up your chop suey.
You'll grow faster.
You can have all
the fellas you want.
Poor little Ellie May.
It's about time
she grew up.
What's the matter with ma?
Poor little Ellie May.
This the place
you're looking for, miss?
Yeah, I think so.
Thanks ever so much
for the lift.
Don't give it
a second thought.
When I get home...
when I get home...
come on, now. Pull yourself together.
I'll be right back.
If you go back in there,
I'm going to divorce you.
We got to get my hat.
You got it on your dumb head. Have i?
Of course you have.
Give me them car keys.
What for?
I'll drive.
Drive, where you can't
even walk straight?
Come on. Oh, so i
ain't a gentleman, huh?
I didn't say you wasn't,
even if you ain't.
Looking for somebody?
I'm looking
for a gentleman.
There's lots of them
here. Take your pick.
Never mind.
I see him.
Well, just in case, here's my card.
Hamburger by
the sea.
Now, if you folks
get tired of living,
why, come down
to my joint and eat.
Do you go with
the joint, big boy?
You said it, kid.
And listen...
if you can ditch
these 2 sailors,
why, come over and join a hot party.
Can I bring
my hangover with me?
Sure, if it's
Hey, Carmelita,
how about a little action?
Oh, no.
Come on!
Oh, no.
Come on.
What'll you have
to drink, lady?
I'd like a drink
of water, maybe.
a wonderful dancer,
oh, you're
a wonderful dancer.
Hey, how are them drinks coming?
Coming right up.
All right.
Psst. Hey, Ed.
I think you're
getting the buzz.
Oh, that's all right.
Let me alone.
I'm all right.
Too bad she didn't
break her neck.
I'll be right back.
She's pie-eyed!
Well, if it ain't
What in the name of time
has happened to you?
I fell down.
Now, you ain't been
drinking, have you?
Can't a girl fall down
without having been drinking?
What are you doing
in a joint like this?
I came to see you.
And what about?
Well, it's awful
All right.
Come on out here.
Here, let me take
a look at you.
Take that stuff off.
And where'd you get
that hat?
You don't like it?
You don't want
to be a freak, do you?
No, I don't want to be.
Well, beginning to look
more like yourself.
Uh, what did you want
to talk to me about?
I just wanted
to talk to you.
Say, your folks can't
be so terrible strict
or they wouldn't let you come
down to a joint like this.
Oh, they don't know
I'm here.
I sneaked out.
Yeah? Well, you're
sneaking right back.
Oh, I can't.
You can't what?
I can't go back home.
What's the matter? You
scared of getting a licking?
I can't never go back.
Well, why not?
I lied to you before.
I run away.
You did?
I run away
on your account.
You run away on my account? Yeah.
Say, are you off
your head?
Yeah, I guess
maybe I am.
Just what are you
thinking about?
Well, there's no place
for me to go now,
'cept with you.
Hey, I'm tired of this double
talk. I'm taking you home.
Oh, it won't do
no good.
They won't take me back
now, even if you do.
'Cause i... told them
that I loved you.
You what?
And that I was going
with you.
And they said what did I know
about you, and I told them,
and they said I wasn't
never to see you no more.
Oh, I ain't good
enough, huh?
Oh, it ain't that
you ain't good enough.
What'd you go
and kiss me for?
I didn't do nothing
to you.
Are you still harping
on that?
You'd harp, too, if it done
to you what it done to me.
You're just making
a big fuss over nothing.
They said if I even
seen you again,
I needn't never
come back.
Folks ain't got no right
to be as strict as that.
Aw, I want to go
with you, Ed.
Well, I ain't gonna
let you.
I can't cook
nor nothing like that,
but I could wait on the
people and wash the dishes
and learn some
of that repartee.
Well, ain't you got
no friends to go to?
I ain't got nobody now,
'cept you.
I don't like being
put on the spot.
I could even learn to work
them pumps if I had to.
But I ain't ready
to get married yet.
You ain't what?
I ain't ready
to get married yet.
That's something a guy's
got to think over.
Aw, don't do that, kid.
Don't be that way, please.
Hey, what is this?
I'll be right in.
Oh, I know I ain't
as pretty as her,
but maybe I would be if i
had them kind of clothes.
That ain't got nothing
to do with it.
All I know is
you've got to go home.
I ain't gonna have
no more trouble with you.
All right, Ed.
I'll go...
but I ain't going home.
And what do you think you're
gonna do, sleep out here?
Don't worry about me.
Go on back in to your portugee
gal. I'll be all right.
You're going right home.
Go on in.
Just leave me here.
Well, what you gonna do?
It don't make
no difference.
Before you go,
would you kiss me?
All right.
Make you happy.
Now you can go.
I don't like to leave you
out here like this.
Do you need any money?
No, not where I'm going.
You've got me
all mixed-up.
Where do you think
you're going?
Don't worry about me.
You won't see me
no more.
What do you mean
by that?
I won't never
bother you again,
if you'll just
kiss me once more.
All right.
Not one of them
long ones.
Now, you don't want
to do nothing like that.
Well, I guess that's all
I can rob you of today.
That'll be 92 cents.
You're feeling pretty good
lately, ain't you, joe?
Well, why shouldn't people
feel good all the time?
What's happened
to your arthritis?
Never heard of it.
You been taking pills
or something?
Pills are for
old guys like you.
Everybody will think it was you
that got married instead of Ed.
Oh, I ain't
that crazy.
Hey, jake,
did you catch that fight last night?
Where was it?
A couple of portuguese got in a brawl.
It was
pretty messy.
Cops come
and grabbed them
and took them
to the station.
Hey, al,
here's your soup.
Say, Ellie, do you
call this chicken soup?
That's what we call it.
Where's the chicken?
Crossing the road.
Says right here on the
card, "chicken soup."
Oh, well,
don't let that fool you.
Just another name
we got for hot water.
Ha ha!
You better keep quiet, al.
You ain't getting none
the best of it.
I'm going to bring my
other glasses next time.
Maybe I can see
the chicken.
Why, there's a great big hunk of
it right on that piece of rice.
I give up.
Oh, we don't care
what you say about the soup,
but don't pick on the coffee.
It's too weak to fight back.
Had enough, al?
I can't top her.
What unlucky guy
gets the stew?
Poor old
jake halpern.
Where do you hide
the toothpicks, joe?
People that eats in here
ain't got no teeth left.
That ain't bad, grandpappy.
She's got me doing it. It's my own
fault for picking up hitchhikers.
They either bat you over
the head or they move in.
First thing you know,
they're bossing you around.
A little bossing wouldn't
have hurt you a long time ago.
I'll shut up, too.
And now, don't make no
cracks about that beef stew.
Wait till you et it, and then
nothing'll matter anymore.
Nothing to worry about, jake,
till you start turning green.
Maybe I better get down to
ike's place to eat my lunch.
He may have
better beef stew,
but we give
free bicarbonate.
Ed, I'm afraid you've picked
something for yourself.
Aw, I never picked her.
She picked me.
Yeah, and the picking
was pretty slim that day.
How does it feel
to be tied down, big boy?
Who, me?
Aw, I ain't tied down.
Oh, no?
Ask me if I'm coming down
to the bluebell tonight.
Ok. Come to the bluebell tonight, Ed?
Sure. What time
you gonna be there?
Soon as I get through
counting them fish.
I'll be there, if I can get
rid of the ball and chain.
Going to the bluebell
tonight, Ed?
Oh, who said anything
about the bluebell?
Nobody said nothing
what meant it.
How do you like that?
What chance has a guy got?
I used to be as free
as air once.
If you ain't careful, I'm gonna
let some of that air out of you.
Maybe I better get out
of here and get some air.
Maybe you better had.
It's done.
Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
Why don't you go out
and get some air yourself?
Who gets the stew?
That's for al
over there.
Tell him not to look
for any meat in it.
Oh, I guess he's
still complaining.
You got any scratch
for them sea gulls?
It's ok with me,
whatever he said.
Say, can't a man
do his work
without someone always snooping around?
I ain't snooping. How
about feeding the gulls?
You know, you're gonna have
all the gulls in the pacific
around here if you
don't quit feeding them.
Somebody's got to feed them.
When we going sailing?
When the boat's ready,
that's when.
When can I see?
Will you get out of here
and quit being so nosy?
Oh, you like your old boat
better than you like me, huh?
Well, I can get a gal
like you any day.
It's hard to find
a good boat.
Is that so?
Yes, that
- don't lean on that. It ain't dry yet.
Maybe some of them
good-looking customers
would care more about me
than they would an old boat.
Oh, they would,
would they?
Well, how would you like
to have your nose painted?
I never said they did.
Maybe you been making eyes at some
of them good-looking customers.
Maybe they been
making eyes at me.
Have they? I only said,
"what if they did?"
I only said, "have they?"
Maybe I ain't telling.
Maybe you ain't telling. We'll
see about that. No! Stop it!
Come back here.
You're going to get
your nose painted.
Yes, sir.
Now what do you think
you're going to do?
What do you think?
Oh, no, Ed. Not that.
That ain't fair.
Ain't it?
No, you better hadn't.
Who said so?
I said so.
Hey, somebody wants
some gas.
Oh, let them wait.
Here, I'll get it.
Let them wait.
I'll get it.
No, you don't.
No, you don't.
Can't you hear
that horn blowing?
I'll be there
in a minute.
Aw, go on with your mush.
You ain't much use
around here anyway.
Now will you
tell me?
Will I tell you what?
Have they?
Have they what?
Been making eyes
at you.
What do I get
if I tell you?
Will you tell
if you get it?
Well, here we go.
Mmm, that was good.
Let's have some more.
Now can I see what you
painted on the boat?
I ain't never seen
a girl like you.
All right!
Go ahead and look.
You won't be mad?
The Ellie May.
Oh, Ed.
Aw, it ain't
a very good job.
Maybe I should have had
a painter do it.
The Ellie May.
Well, you don't have to
feel that way about it.
It ain't that bad a job.
Oh, it ain't that.
It's just that,
well, I'm happier than
I've got any right to be.
You're a funny kid.
Come on. Let's go out
and feed them gulls.
You mean you ain't heard
nothing from Ellie May at all?
She just up and left.
And she had on my best pair
of patent leather slippers.
Well, I hope nothing's happened to her.
I've looked through the death notices
every day, and she ain't in them.
Did you call
the cops?
She ain't in the clink.
We'd have heard.
Ho ho. You still worried over Ellie May?
It must be a fella.
Well, she's old enough
to have a fella.
Maybe she's run off with a
hobo, like you tried to do once.
Ellie May can take care
of herself.
It's a wonder she wouldn't
let us see him.
It's about time that
somebody in this family
landed something
beside a mini-fish.
Oh, say, mame, how about stepping on it?
We don't own that taxicab, you know.
I know, but, honey, I've misplaced
my best hat with the plumes on it.
Where'd you put it?
Well, now, the last time
I had it was in there.
Maybe Homer traded
it for a bottle of gin.
Now, look at that.
Oh, look at that,
now, will you?
Now, ain't she a scream?
She's a riot.
You can't stop her.
Come here
and give me that.
I want to go with you
and Thelma.
Oh, ho ho!
Come here.
You've been at
my perfumery again.
I ain't been at it.
That ain't
your natural smell.
Oh, there's the mailman!
If Ellie May was
like her,
we wouldn't have much
to worry about.
Oh, quit fretting
about Ellie May.
Say, mame, you better keep
your eye on that waistline.
It's beginning
to spread.
I ain't 16 no more.
Oh, well,
with the new corsets,
you ain't got nothing
to worry about.
You said it.
Where'd you get that?
From the mailbox.
What's that?
You're sure it wasn't
in mrs. Espinoza's mailbox?
Now, what is it?
Why, it's for me.
Wonder what's here.
Maybe it's a bomb.
Hurry up and open it.
Maybe it's presents.
Now, stop it. That's all you're
thinking about is presents.
it's my fox fur.
It's from Ellie May.
Where is she?
Doesn't say.
She's doing all right.
Don't take it
so hard, Pete.
The first 100 years of
married life's the worst.
Now, I'm telling you.
You're telling me.
Fresh out of cherry pie. You
think you can stand huckleberry?
It don't make
no difference.
All our pies taste
just the same. Hi, al.
Hello, Ellie. Hello, Pete. Hello, Ed.
Didn't think you'd be coming
back here after eating here once.
I'm gonna see how long I can
eat here without throwing up.
Here, let me take a look at
you. Stick your tongue out.
You ain't gonna last
long, brother.
Here, let me see. Oh, i
know what's good for that-
some nice irish stew,
made out of some old
inner tubes.
Oh, you can't tell,
'cause it's hid under gravy.
I'll take it and a side dish of arsenic.
While you're waiting, you
can be chewing on some celery.
One stew.
What will you have? Some
coffee and a sandwich?
Want some pie?
Best food I had
in here yet.
How about
a little stretch?
Well, we
certainly made some time.
Well, you're in fast company, dearie.
Say, big boy, how about
some of that snappy service?
Yes, ma'am.
Fill 'er up?
No, just look at the
oil and water. All right.
What's the matter with elmer?
Aw, he's passed out again.
Hee hee hee!
Wake up, elmer.
You're slipping,
big boy.
Oh, let him
sleep it off.
Oh, say,
I want to help.
What's this for?
Oh, that's the water.
Where do you put it?
Oh, right in there.
Here, I'll do it.
No, no, I want to do it.
Ooh, boy!
I always wanted to work
around a gas station.
The old gal's feeling
pretty high.
Ain't we got fun?
I always wanted to
work around a gas station...
poor old Ed's got
his hands full.
get us all wet!
Aw, look, honey!
You got me all wet!
You sure get a lot of
entertainment around here, boy.
Let's wake elmer up.
Come on.
If you get anything on my
new dress, I'll slaughter you!
Ah, come on. We only live once.
That guy in the backseat
sure got a shower he didn't expect.
Stop it!
Aw, quit, mame,
will you?
Listen, you know
who she is, don't you?
I never saw her
That's Mamie Adams, from
over primrose hill way.
And who is she?
It ain't so much who she
is, if you know what I mean.
What right have you got
to talk about people
when you don't know
nothing about them?
I didn't say anything
about you.
Can't people have
a little fun out of life
without some mealy-mouthed guy like
you saying mean things about them?
Listen, lady, I was only telling him-
she may be good and kind
and wonderful
for all you know.
What's the matter?
I'm sorry, grampy. I didn't
know what I was saying.
Did he say something
you didn't like?
No, he didn't mean
Because if he did-
I didn't say anything-
hey, what did he do?
Make a crack about Ellie?
What is this? I didn't
say anything to her.
I was just telling him
about who Mamie Adams-
listen, mister, this is
no place for wisecracks.
Take off your glasses!
Why should I take off
my glasses?
I simply came in here
to get a cup of coffee!
Now, there you are! I don't
have to eat in a joint like this.
I make an innocent remark,
and I get in a great big
argument with a bunch of country...
did you hear what he said? No.
A lot of action going around
here today. Who was that guy?
Oh, I don't know.
Some fresh guy.
I was going
to let him have one.
He made a crack about
Ellie. Oh, he did, did he?
Now, wait a minute. Nobody
said anything about Ellie May.
Well, he made her
sore, didn't he?
The whole thing's
a mistake.
Ain't nobody gonna say nothing
about Ellie May while I'm around.
It was a mistake.
It better be.
Well, it was.
You know al-
how he always gets
balled-up about everything.
Why don't you let me
do the dishes?
Oh, I don't mind
doing them, grampy.
Aw, don't let a thing
like that upset you.
I'm all right now.
Chico, you'd better go out
and look after the customers.
Ooh, gosh.
Ain't there a lot, huh? A lot
more than there was yesterday.
When there ain't no dishes to
wash, that's the time to complain.
I still don't know what happened
between Ellie May and that guy.
Ask benny. He knows
more about it than I do.
How about it, benny?
What happened?
Well, when that old girl was
squirting water out there,
this guy says to me,
"do you know who she is?"
And I say,
"i don't know her."
And he said, uh... what'd
he say her name was?
Oh, I don't know.
A Mamie something
from primrose hill.
Wherever that is.
Yeah, I think I know.
It's the other side
of town.
You ever seen this one?
That's an old guy
taking a bath.
That's what my schoolteacher
did when I showed it to her.
Well, she should have. Come
on, now. I'm way ahead of you.
Oh, you can't work
all the time.
People's got to laugh.
Ho ho ho ho!
How about letting me in on the joke?
Oh, you wouldn't know one
if you heard one.
maybe I would.
What was the joke about that old girl
that was just out there?
I don't know what he's
talking about. Do you?
Say, what's all this mystery stuff?
What goes on?
Nothing's going on.
Why don't you go out there
and work on your boat?
Maybe I don't feel
like working on my boat.
Now, look here. Here's one i
used to do when I was a kid.
I was very good at this
one. I used to catch-
ain't I got a right to
know what that guy said?
He didn't say nothing.
Well, then what'd you jump him for?
Well, he-he asked
for some cherry pie,
and I brought him apple
and so he got sore-
that ain't
what benny said.
What'd he say?
Well, benny said that
the guy made some crack
about the old girl, and
you jumped him for it.
Oh, benny says,
i says, you says.
What difference does it
make what anybody says?
Because if anybody
makes a crack
about Ellie May,
it's my job to bop him.
Well, if you want to bop
somebody, why don't you bop me?
Come on, now.
Hey, Ellie...
what are you
trembling about?
It ain't nothing. I just
don't feel good, I guess.
There, now.
You see?
You got her all upset.
Don't you hear that horn?
Go on out there and tend
to your business.
Ain't you going over there
and feed them gulls today?
Oh, grampy, I'm scared.
Well, if I knew what
you were scared about,
maybe I could help you.
I got a feeling
that Ed figures
I ain't been
telling him the truth.
Oh, he's too nosy.
Guess maybe I ain't told
him everything I should have,
especially about
my folks.
Your folks is
all right, ain't they?
Well, it ain't
what people is,
it's what other people
thinks about them.
Well, the world would be
a lot better off
if there was
no people in it.
Well, that ain't
gonna help me.
I guess I didn't
have no right
to all this happiness
in the first place.
He didn't, neither.
he'd understand
if I told him everything
just like it is.
Well, where there ain't no
brains, there ain't no feeling.
That's a pretty bad
cough you've got.
Who, me?
Yeah, you'd better go out
and get some cough drops.
I want to talk
to Ellie May.
I thought you was
through talking.
That's all right,
I want to talk to Ed, too. Oh, I see.
You're always talking.
I don't know wherever you
get with all that talk.
Look, Ellie May...
I don't want no funny
business between you and me.
Me, neither.
I don't like lying.
I don't, neither.
That's why I was
going to tell you
about that lady
squirting the hose.
What about her?
that was my ma.
Well, what'd you lie
about her for?
Oh, I didn't lie. I
was just all mixed-up.
Then why didn't you go out
there and say something to her?
I was scared.
Oh, you mean
you were scared
'cause she was coming
down here to take you away?
Yeah, I guess
that was it.
Now, look, silly,
we're married now.
They can't do
nothing about us.
But I ain't finished
telling you about her.
Well, you don't need
to tell me about her.
It looks like she might
be a lot of fun.
Well, that's what
I'm trying to tell you.
She may be strict
with you,
but she ain't so very
strict with herself.
Well, she ain't
the strict one.
Who is? Your pa?
I guess so.
Was that him
with her?
It must have been.
Well, they can't be
so very poor,
driving around in a
good-looking car like that.
Oh, that must have
been uncle fred.
You mean the guy
with her?
Yeah, it couldn't have
been nobody else.
You must get kind of lonesome
for your folks once in a while,
don't you?
Sure, I do.
Then what do you say we barge
up and see them some night?
Do you really mean it?
Why, sure. They can't do
no more than kick us out.
Oh, they ain't gonna do
nothing like that.
You can't tell.
I might get to like them.
Well, even if
you don't...
that wouldn't make no
difference to us, would it?
Why should it make
any difference to us?
They're your folks,
ain't they?
gonna have a party
we're gon-
gonna have a party
we're gonna have
a party
are you too lazy to sweep
that dirt out the door?
This is where you
always sweep it.
Well, you don't have
to do everything I do.
Well, then, why do you
always tell me to?
Boy, I don't know
how many more times
I'll be able to make
that hill.
Got something for me?
Go on with your sweeping,
Honeybell. Say, ma...
here's them paper doilies to
cover the spots on the table.
Why do you have to spend your good money
on somebody you've
never seen?
Well, he's Ellie May's
husband, ain't he?
You don't know
what he is.
She may bring him in
on a leash.
Here, ma.
That's the chow mein.
Put it in the oven.
Can I help?
Yes, you can close
the door.
you're a nuisance.
You can unwrap
them candles.
What are we
having, a wake?
Now, Honeybell,
I want you to remember-
don't talk too much.
Can't I even
open my mouth?
Well, you can,
Don't let nothing
come out.
Can't I even
say my piece?
What piece you learning?
Granny learned me
a new one.
Well, then,
you better not say it.
Well, it's no use learning
it if I can't say it.
Well, you can speak it
some other time.
Didn't she say
in her letter
that she didn't want you
to make a fuss?
Yes, that's just
what she said.
She said she wanted him to
meet us just like we are.
Well, how does he expect
to meet us?
Ma, why can't i
get married?
You will probably
All the women in this
family are soft in the head.
Well, here we are.
Give it a toot.
Oh, here.
They're coming.
Now, hurry up now,
Help me pick up now,
and I've got to fix myself.
Say, ma, make him feel
at home, will you?
I'll make him feel
at home.
Your folks sure got as far
away from it all as they could.
Well, it ain't much
of a place.
Well, it looks
all right to me.
I told you
we was poor.
Say, listen, I've been thrown
out of worse places than this.
Here, wait a minute.
Before we go in...
come on.
Well, here we are.
This is Honeybell.
Let me have your hat.
this is Ed.
Well. Oh, so you're
Honeybell, huh?
Who'd you think I was?
You know, I thought
you was two other people.
Did you bring me
a present?
I plumb forgot it.
If I had known that, i
wouldn't have washed my neck.
Oh ho.
this is Ed.
Glad to know you.
How do you do?
Where's ma?
She'll be out
in a minute.
Why don't you sit down,
young fella?
Who do you think
you're staring at?
I ain't staring.
He wasn't staring.
I ain't in the zoo,
you know.
I never said you was.
Well, why don't you
sit down?
Oh, ma!
Ellie May!
Hello, ma.
Oh, it's good
seeing you.
this is Ed.
So this is
your young man.
My, ain't he
Honeybell, did you give Ed a nice kiss?
Why should i? He
didn't bring me nothing.
Nobody learnt you them
manners but yourself.
Anyhow, it's nice meeting
you. Won't you sit down?
Supper will be ready
most any time now.
I, uh, I seen you
once before.
He seen you when you
dropped in for gas one day.
Yeah. What gas you talking about?
Down to the beach. The day
you dropped in with uncle fred?
The day she was down
to the beach with who?
What uncle fred?
Uncle fred?
Oh, sure!
Of course. Of course I remember.
Sure, I knew I'd seen
you someplace before.
Where's pa? - Where
do you suppose he is?
Pa? Well, uh...
pa's went down
to the library
to find out something about them greeks.
You see, pa's what I guess
you'd call kind of a bookworm.
You got part of it
right, anyhow.
Well, come on in.
I want to show you
some of pa's things.
This is where my pa
does all of his writing.
And everything them greeks
wrote is right in here-
you know,
and he changes it
into english.
Boy, that would sure be
over my head.
he's plenty smart.
Yeah. Well, doesn't he
ever do nothing else?
Yeah, he gets drunk and falls in
the ditch at the bottom of the hill.
Uh, you better run
along, Honeybell.
And over here is
his diploma.
They give it to him
at college.
It says on it what for,
but I can't read it so good.
Well, he must be
quite a guy.
Oh, I wished he was here
so you could meet him.
Uh, well, you run on
out there now
and make yourself to
home while I fix up.
All right.
You go tell him
a piece, Honeybell.
I can't.
Why not?
Ma told me to keep
my mouth shut.
Oh, well, you run along. Come on.
If I get tanned, it's
your fault. All right.
Now come on out here
and say your piece.
Look at her following
ed around. Ain't it cute?
Oh, Ed, why don't you
take the comfortable chair?
You don't see a good-looking
man around here often,
do you, Honeybell?
Ain't following him
because he's good-looking.
Now, now, Honeybell.
Ellie wants me
to say my piece.
Well, maybe Ed don't want
to hear your piece.
Oh, sure, sure. Go ahead.
I'd like to hear it.
Leave her be.
She says it cute.
And don't forget
the motions.
Come on, now.
What is it?
Don't swat
your mother, boys.
Now, Honeybell, maybe
ed's too tired to hear it.
Leave her be!
Shall I say it?
Sure. Go ahead.
Don't swat
your mother, boys.
"Don't swat your mother,
boys, just 'cause she's old.
"Don't mop the floor
with her face.
"Think how her love is
a treasure of gold,
"shining through shame
and disgrace.
"Don't put the rocking chair
next to her eye,
"don't bounce the lamp
off her bean.
"Angels are watching you
up in the sky.
Don't swat your mother.
It's mean."
Very good.
That ain't
See you have a visitor.
Homer, I didn't expect you
back so soon.
Well, imagine...
so this is why you tried
to get rid of me.
Oh, nonsense, Homer. Nobody's
trying to get rid of you.
This is
Ellie May's hus-
I know who it is.
So, mr. Hawkins,
you choose to affront me
in my own home.
listen to me.
You think I'm a fool?
It's Ellie May's
Ellie May's
My name is Wallace.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you so ashamed to have
him meet Ellie May's father?
Is that why
you sent me away?
Why does he always have to
turn up at the wrong time?
Well, there ain't nothing
the matter, is there?
No, he's just
pie-eyed again.
Oh, you ain't feeling well, are you, pa?
Oh, why did you
bring him here?
Why didn't you
stay away?
Homer, please.
Well, now you know.
You know what
we are-outcasts!
All of us! Outcasts!
Don't cry, pa.
Let him cry.
Maybe some of the gin
will run out of his eyes.
It's all right, pa.
You sit here.
now, Homer, let Mamie
put you to bed.
Wait a minute, ma.
Let me open this.
Let's take
his coat off, dear.
Why'd you have to bring him
here, darling?
Don't look so surprised, young man.
Ellie May must have
told you he was a souse.
Well, she didn't.
What kind of a family
did you expect to meet?
I don't know.
Well, we're just
like you see us.
We ain't no better
and we ain't no worse.
Well, who works
in this family?
We ain't on relief.
What are you,
a millionaire?
No, I ain't.
I might have known it.
So that's why
you put Ellie out-
just because she wasn't
in love with a millionaire.
Who said we put her out?
Well, you did,
didn't you?
I don't know what kind of fairy
tale she's been telling you,
but she ran out
by herself.
And, besides,
she took my best pair
of slippers.
Hmm. I think I begin to get the idea.
You begin to get
what idea?
Ain't you gonna stay
for supper?
No, I think
I'd better run along.
I guess our supper ain't
good enough for him.
Ain't he
the stuck-up mutt?
And you don't ever have
to come around here again,
as far
as I'm concerned!
Nyah nyah nyah!
Stuck-up mutt!
Freshest thing
I've ever seen!
Ellie May,
I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's
all right, ma.
Ed will understand.
Where's Ed?
He's gone.
You're well rid of him,
if you ask me.
Ed! Ed!
What happened
to Ed?
He couldn't take it.
You didn't say nothin' to him, did you?
I couldn't be bothered.
She called him
a stuck-up mutt.
Oh, baby.
Ma, Ed's gone.
Ed! Ed!
You ain't cryin' 'cause she
lost that big baboon, are ya?
Oh, ma, I've had enough
excitement for one night.
Anyhow, it'll leave more
chow mein for the rest of us.
You ready to eat?
I don't want nothin'
to eat.
I'll show
'em what a little boy am i.
Well, he's at it again.
Where is this Hawkins?
Bring him on.
I'll show him. I'll show him
who's got courage in this house.
Mamie Adams,
where are you?
Oh, my.
Put that down.
Hello, Ed.
Where have you been keeping yourself?
Oh, I've been
kind of busy.
We've missed you. Hey,
gang. Look who's here.
Hi, big boy.
Well, scratch
my eyes out.
If it ain't
our wandering boy.
Hello, Eddie.
look who's here.
Hi, taco.
Hey, boys,
give him a card.
the ball and chain?
Let's not talk
about that.
What's the matter
with him?
Don't ask me.
What's the matter,
I just feel kind of low, that's all.
A little
domestic trouble?
What do you
ask that for?
I figured it was gonna
happen sooner or later.
What do you mean
by that?
I don't want
a punch in the nose.
Hey, what are you
trying to get at?
Oh, everybody kind of figured how
you were stuck on that Adams kid.
Well, maybe I was.
So what?
That's why nobody
said anything.
Sort of figured you
knew who Mamie Adams was
up on primrose hill.
You're a pretty right guy.
Nobody wants a punch in the nose.
That's why nobody
said anything.
Back so soon?
Ain't Ed here?
Ain't he with you?
I don't know
where he is.
He just run out on me.
You mean to say he let you
come down here all by yourself?
Oh, I didn't mind.
I hitched a ride.
What did he run out
on you for?
Everything went wrong.
I guess my folks didn't
set with him so good.
He ain't married
to your folks.
Maybe it don't pay
to be honest.
It don't with
weak-minded people.
I'm gonna find him.
Aw, why don't you
calm down?
You make too much fuss about him anyhow.
I'd like to know what your
folks has got to do with you.
Nobody darest go
too far back.
They'd be bound
to find somebody
that was hung for horse
stealing or something.
Hello, bluebelle?
Bluebelle, is Ed Wallace there?
No, I don't want to
talk to him.
I just want to know
is he there.
Grampy, would you drive me
down to the bluebelle?
I'll get something
to throw around me.
I'd like to take this along with me
and hit him over the head with it.
Maybe I'd get a little better
music out of it that way. Ha ha!
Well, come on.
Let's go.
Ed. Company's come.
I didn't find you at home,
so I come here.
Ed, why did you
run out on me?
I didn't like
your party.
It didn't turn out
so good, did it?
Ed, ain't you
feelin' well?
You said it.
Don't you think maybe
I better take you home?
Who wants to
go home?
But I gotta
talk to you.
Hmm... tell me some
more of them lies?
I ain't never gonna
lie to you no more, Ed.
You said it.
Come on.
Join a live party.
I'd much rather
talk to you.
You can talk.
Hey, folks, folks.
I want you to meet somebody
who's got a lot of class.
Lolita, Carmelita,
I think I know
Sit down.
Now, how about
a drink, huh?
I'll take this one.
The same thing.
I'll have the same.
How about you?
I'd like
a glass of milk.
Maybe we ain't good
enough to drink with.
The other stuff kind
of burns my throat.
Yeah, I forgot
to tell you.
She comes from
a pretty strict family.
They're pretty strict. They
all drink now, don't they?
a good one!
I think maybe we'd better be going.
Oh, what's the matter?
What's the matter?
My friends ain't
good enough for you?
No, it ain't that. It's
just that I don't feel good.
I sort of
got a headache.
Hey, tell them
about your old man,
how he gets a headache
writin' about them greeks, huh?
Maybe cannery girls ain't good
enough company for you, huh?
I ain't said nothin'.
Who do you think
you are, anyway?
'Course, we don't come from a swell
neighborhood like primrose hill.
Now, these is all nice
girls, ain't you, Carmelita?
Hey, big boy. Save
one of those kisses for me.
Oh, I got some rouge on
me. You got a handkerchief?
Oh, all right.
Never mind.
I don't like that
raspberry flavor.
You used to use vanilla.
Oh, Ed, please don't
do this to me.
What's the matter?
Can't you take it?
No, I can't take it.
Well, I had to take it.
Go on and tell them what a
sucker you made out of me.
Tell them how your family chased
you out when you took up with me
just 'cause I didn't
have no money.
Go on, tell them.
Come back here!
So you can't
take it, huh?
Ed, please
leave me be.
Who do you think you're
fooling with that act?
Go on out and try and jump
off the end of the pier.
Maybe I'll stop you.
Go ahead. I got it
coming to me.
I'll say you got it
coming to you.
Go on back up there on
primrose hill where you belong.
Go on back to that
swell family of yours,
do your lyin' up there.
I only lied 'cause
I loved you, Ed.
What kind of a guy
do you think I am?
You're a swell guy,
I ain't blamin' nobody.
It's my own fault.
Only I wished you hadn't
said them things in there.
I wished you'd just
hit me instead.
Now, get this straight.
I never want to
see you again.
All right, Ed.
I won't bother you no more
if that's the way you want it.
That's the way
I want it.
Hey! Hey, wait a minute.
You're goin' the wrong way.
Ain't you gonna jump off
the end of the pier?
Come on, big boy. Forget about
her and let's have some fun.
Go on,
get away from me.
What time
was this?
Just a few
minutes ago.
Then Honeybell comes
running over to my house.
We sent for a doctor
fast as we could.
Now, look, miss, you can't go
in there. Why don't you get back?
But I live here.
Oh, are you
the lady's daughter?
How long have you
had the gun in the house?
I didn't have it
very long.
I see.
What happened?
What happened? Ma!
Are you sick, ma?
It ain't nothin', baby.
I'm all right.
You went to the drawer
to get something out of it,
and the gun went off,
is that right?
Yes. That's
what happened.
That ain't the way
I think it happened.
What makes you
say that?
Don't pay no
attention to her.
It happened
like I said.
Her and my husband don't
get on so particular.
You shouldn't
say things you don't mean.
Doctor, it ain't nothin'
serious, is it?
She should be
in a hospital,
but it's too dangerous
to move her.
What she needs
right now is rest.
Well, take it easy.
I'll be back to
see you again tomorrow.
Everything all right
with you and Ed?
Oh, don't talk about
that now, ma.
Sure. Everything's
all right...
between me and him.
Oh, I'm so glad.
Poor Homer.
Poor boy.
Let me see now. That'll
be 92 cents again.
What's the matter, joe.
Your arthritis kicking up?
Maybe it's your liver.
You know, I've been trying
some of those new thyroid pills.
Oh, fine.
Here's your change.
Like to try a couple?
Now, look here. Why don't you
try to take care of your liver
and let me take
care of mine.
Does that make you
feel better?
A man's got to have
some pride, ain't he?
You ain't gonna get her out of
your mind doin' things like that.
Maybe I ain't done right. Is
that what you're trying to say?
You know what's best
for you.
I don't want you to mention
her name around me no more,
do you understand?
I ain't gonna mention it,
but things was different
when she was around here.
I was different.
You was different.
Well, I don't want
to hear about it.
I ain't gonna
bring it up.
But I think you're blaming Ellie-her
for something she ain't done.
I'm blamin' her
for lyin'.
Maybe she lied to you because
she was in love with you.
She must have been,
makin' a sucker out of
me with all my friends.
Your friends
ain't perfect.
All that guck about
her family bein' strict.
That family strict!
I wanted to use somethin' to
get the taste out of my mouth.
She ain't her family.
Well, do you think I'd trust
her after all them lies she told?
Oh, you have
your faults, too.
Yeah, so have you.
You're darn right
I have.
I wouldn't like people
who didn't have none.
Well, let's quit
talkin' about it.
I won't bring her up
You better hadn't.
I won't.
Can't you move?
Ma, please.
He sits around like
a tired vulture.
Don't pick on Homer.
There ain't much
to pick on.
Here's some hot
broth for you, ma.
Doctor says you
ought to take it.
Ain't no use, baby.
Couldn't get it down.
Why don't you eat
something yourself?
I ain't hungry.
Well, at least you
got to get some sleep.
I'll set here
with your ma.
Ma, I want you and Homer
to go out a minute.
I want to talk
with Ellie May.
you got to rest.
Such a lot
I got stored up.
I got to talk about it.
Ellie May...
if anything
happens to me,
will you take care
of them?
Please, ma, you mustn't talk like that.
I want you to promise.
I promise.
A lot of people is born
to be looked after,
and others is born
to take care my kids.
It just seems to
happen that way.
Ma, don't you think maybe you
better try to get a little sleep?
It ain't all been
fun, baby.
I laughed
a lot of times...
when I didn't feel
like laughing.
And I've cried
a lot of times
when I didn't feel
like crying.
It seems kind of nice...
and peaceful...
lying here like this...
just talking things out.
Go to sleep, mama.
Eat your soup
and stop fussin'.
I'm sick of eating soup.
That's all
you're gonna get.
There's some on the
stove if you want it.
What do you want?
I want to see
Ellie May.
What do you want
to see her about?
I just come up here
to tell her I been wrong.
she ain't here.
Where is she?
She's gone to san francisco
with another fella.
She won't be back
for a week.
I don't believe it.
You don't, eh?
You think she's hanging
around here, wasting her time
on a fella like you
when she can get a real
fella with plenty of money?
Well, didn't she
leave me no message?
Oh, yes. She said if that
big horse face come around
I was to tell him
where to get off,
and it wasn't
the north pole.
So she's gone
to san francisco.
That's what I said.
Do you want me to
spell it out for you?
No. I guess not.
You better send
her clothes back here.
And while you're at it, don't
forget my patent leather slippers!
Who was it?
Just one of
the neighbors.
She's asleep.
There wasn't nobody
here, was there?
I ain't seen nobody.
Have you, Honeybell?
There wasn't nobody here
that I know of.
Ellie! Ellie!
Oh, no! Ma!
I'll be right out,
taxi driver.
Honeybell, take off your
rubbers before you go in the house.
Won't you come in
and have a cup of coffee?
No, thanks. I want to talk
to Ellie May for a minute,
and then I got to go.
Be sure you thank mr.
Hawkins for all he's done.
I will!
We wouldn't have had no funeral
if it hadn't been for him.
He's what
I call a real gentleman.
They don't come
no better.
I'll just leave my
phone number and address
in case you want me
for anything.
Thanks, Thelma, for everything you done.
We'll get along somehow. We always have.
You're taking this
too hard, if you ask me.
I hate to
go in there.
Place won't seem
the same without her.
But you gotta
be sensible.
Here's my
telephone number.
Things get tough,
give me a buzz.
I can introduce you
to some real people,
and they won't walk out
on you, either.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
You shouldn't play so hard,
you wouldn't get hungry.
When we gonna eat?
When Ellie May
gets here.
I'm gettin' awful sick
of that potato soup.
You got to take
the bad with the good.
If ma was here,
we'd have some good eats.
Well, she ain't here.
Stop talkin' about her.
Did you bring
something to eat?
Here's some bread.
Nothin' but bread!
You wouldn't have had that if
I hadn't have walked all day.
I take it
you didn't find a job.
There wasn't any.
Did you try
the canneries?
I tried every place.
If you had any sense, things
would be different around here.
Don't pick on me, grandma.
I'm tired.
Oh, I forgot to
tell you.
Thelma dropped by
this afternoon.
She's got a nice fella
she wants you to meet.
But I suppose you're
too high-falutin'.
We'll make out all
right... without Thelma.
If you don't mind
starvin' to death, I don't.
Didn't pa find nothin'?
He found a gin bottle
Is he like that again?
His breath would
wither a geranium.
And if he don't stop
mumbling in his beard soon,
I'm gonna call
the authorities.
Oh, pa, did you go and
sell the rest of them books?
Oh, what do you want
to go and do this for?
You said you wasn't
gonna drink no more.
Oh, is that you,
Ellie May?
Where's your mother?
Pa, you mustn't
talk like that.
She should be here
looking after the family.
Why isn't she here?
She'll be here soon.
Come on, pa.
You got to lay down.
I'll help you.
I don't want to be
treated like a little boy.
No, you're not
a little boy.
I'm not a little boy.
Come on out
and get your supper.
I thought you said
you was hungry.
I can't eat that stuff.
Are you gonna eat it,
or shall I push your face in it?
Makes me sick
to even look at it.
Makes me sick, too.
But as long as you got
the kind of sister you have,
that's all you can expect.
I wish my ma was here.
Oh, Honeybell.
Oh, now, don't
carry on like that.
I don't want to
live here no more.
I'll run away,
and I won't never come back.
Your ma was the one that knew
how to take care of her family.
Why did she have to
go away?
Please, Honeybell.
You're gonna make me cry.
If you'd quit mooning
about that hamburger guy,
you might get
some spunk.
Oh, hush, grandma.
He ain't goin' out of his
way to take care of us, is he?
Look, Honeybell, you
don't have to cry no more.
We're gonna have lots of food
to eat and lots of presents.
And everything's
gonna be all right.
Now, I think that
just about does it.
You sure don't look bad
for a homemade job.
Let me have
a look at you.
Say, you look better
in that than I ever did!
That's swell of you,
I ain't never had
such a lovely dress as this.
Oh, I never wore it
very much anyway.
Maybe that's
your boyfriend.
Hello, pootsie.
I'll say I have! And
she's cute as a bug's ear.
Sure we'll be ready.
About 7:30?
Well, what's wrong
with that?
I've had a lot of good times in Frisco.
We'll meet you
out in front.
Ok, good-bye.
Was that him?
That was him.
What kind of a fella
is he?
He's a live wire
if I ever seen one.
Is he young?
he thinks he is.
what's his name?
You're as green
as a salad. Ha ha!
What did I say
that was so funny?
No matter what
a man's name is,
he wants to be known
as mr. Smith.
Ain't it so, lillian?
There's an awful lot
of mr. Smiths.
I'll say!
Let me see you walk once.
Oh, I can walk.
You'll do.
Say, I better be
gettin' dressed.
How about gettin' out
my white satin?
Yes, ma'am.
Where are we going?
Oh, we'll have
dinner someplace,
and then a nice drive
along the coast of Frisco.
How's that sound?
I guess it sounds
all right.
Do you mind
doin' me a favor?
Name it,
and you can have it.
Could we stop off at the
bluebelle for just a minute?
It's on the way.
What do you want to stop
off at a joint like that for?
There's a guy there
that I owe something to,
and I just want to
pay him off.
Good evening.
How about a table?
I think so.
Follow me.
Got one over here
in the corner.
That the best one
you got?
Let's have a drink at this
bar and get out of here.
I'll have a better table
for you in a little while.
Well, skip it.
This is
really a joint!
Yeah, the people ain't so high
class, but the booze is pretty good.
I see you still
catchin' them sardines.
How you doin'
with the suckers?
They had to toss
none back.
Who's that,
your uncle fred?
I just call him daddy.
his crutches?
When he gets tired,
he just leans on me.
How about tossin'
your tootsies around, smitty?
Why not?
I want to
tell that guy off.
Why not let
good enough alone?
Who is he?
I used to sling hash
for him.
Thinks he's pretty hot
at repartee.
He's a pretty big guy.
Mostly air.
What do you two
want to drink?
Same thing
you're having.
Same for me.
Make it 4.
How so I stack up with
them portugee gals, big boy?
They still got the edge.
Well, I'm learnin'.
It didn't take you long
to get underway.
I'm pretty smart.
Oh, mr. Smith,
I want you to meet
an old friend of mine.
How do you do?
This is, um,
mister, um...
I forget the name.
My name's smith, too.
A lot of us
in the phone book.
But they all
ain't so high class.
I don't want to get
in no fight.
Oh, don't worry.
He only hits women.
Why don't you take mr.
Smith out on the pier
and show him some
of that high diving?
He's too smart to fall
for an act like that.
I'm not much good
in a fight.
He ain't very brave.
He's pretty big.
He ain't very strong. He eats
in his own hamburger joint.
Why don't you
slap her down?
I think I will. I
heard enough out of you.
I knew
it was coming.
Ah, don't be afraid of him.
He's just a big bully.
What makes you think you can
come down here and pour it on?
Ah, let go of my wrist.
Don't let's
have any trouble.
There ain't gonna
be no trouble.
I just want to
tell this fella off.
I just wanted to see if you
could take it, and you can't.
You had something once, and you
didn't know what to do with it.
You wanted things this way,
and that's the way you got 'em.
You got me
out of your system,
and I got you
out of mine.
That makes us even.
So long, big boy.
Come on, smitty.
I've said my piece.
Let's get going.
Well! What was
all the argument about?
There was
no argument.
He just couldn't
take it.
Come on, let's be
on our way.
See you outside,
Let me have the check. Go ahead.
I'll be seeing you.
Don't have
anything smaller?
No, I haven't.
Oh, I'll have to
get change. Boss!
I want to talk
to you.
I can't put up
much of a fight.
There ain't gonna
be no fight.
I didn't want to
come here.
It was her idea.
I don't know why.
I do.
See, we kind of went
for each other once.
I made a heel
out of myself.
She's just
gettin' even.
Don't hold it against me.
I don't even know her name.
I ain't holdin' it
against you.
I just want to tell you
what a swell kid she is,
and I hope
you treat her right.
Sure picked a nice
spot to start something.
Oh, I didn't start nothin'.
I was just finishing it off.
Hope nothin' happened
to smitty.
I don't think
nothin' will.
If it don't, it won't be your fault.
You tried
hard enough.
There he is now.
Come on.
You all right?
Oh, don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
He didn't say nothin',
did he?
Not to me.
Let's get going.
You said it.
Let's get going.
Say, you're pretty
quiet back there.
We're doing
all right.
Mind if I run up
the window?
What is this?
Get an exclusive?
Gettin' drafty.
Agent Frisco.
You're not
very talkative.
I'll snap out of it
in a minute.
I been noticin' that
ring on your finger.
You know, I forgot.
Oh, that's all right.
Leave it there.
That big fella back there
your husband?
He was.
None of my business, but i
think he's still stuck on you.
He ain't said nothin'
to me about it.
Maybe you never
gave him a chance.
What are you doing
that for?
Oh, I like to play.
Look, mr. Smith,
what's all this about?
My name ain't smith, and besides,
I don't want a punch in the nose.
Oh, whatever
your name is.
My name's Hawkins.
So I think you two
ought to get together.
Get over there!
Hey, gene,
pull over to the curb.
We're gonna unload
a passenger.
just because she
made them goo-goo eyes
I thought I'd win her
home and catch a prize
she is the
best what is
in my biz
just because
she made them goo-goo eyes
you get to bed.
Tell me
another story.
another day.
And don't forget
your thanksgiving.
Can't I say it in bed?
Say it the way
I learned you.
I hope Ellie
comes home soon
and brings lots of
presents for us and candy,
that ain't exactly
the way I learned you.
And bless grandma and ma
and Ellie May and pa, too?
Won't hurt none.
And pa, too. Make me a good girl. Amen.
just because she
made them goo-goo eyes
that's enough
of that now.
You go on to sleep.
What's that?
Sounds like that big
baboon's back again.
He's got Ellie May with him.
You might know
something would go wrong
with Ellie May doing it.
I take back everything I said about her
in my
Hello, Honeybell.
Hello, grandma.
Here's some nice
groceries for you.
Is that what you
went to Frisco with?
We ain't been
to Frisco yet.
And I never got there the
time you said I had, either.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Maybe Ed can tell you
so's you'll remember.
Yeah. You and me's
gonna have a little talk.
Remember the time you told
me Ellie went to Frisco
and didn't leave me
no message?
You can't
bulldoze me.
You're through breakin' up happy homes.
Is that so?
Yeah, that's so. From now on,
I'm runnin' things around here.
I don't have to
listen to you.
Oh, no?
You leave Granny alone,
you big baboon!
And you're goin' to school
and get some learnin', see?
I won't go
to no school!
Yes, you will. You'll
go to school and like it.
Granny, help!
He's hitting me!
Take your hands
off that kid!
Stay there, if you know
what's good for you.
I'm takin' care of
this family from now on.
Is that so?
Yes, that's so,
and if you behave yourself,
everything's gonna
be all right.
Hit him with
the poker, Granny.
You want
another spanking?
I don't take
no orders from him.
Tell her who's boss,
You better do as this
big bully says, Honeybell.
That's better. You
ain't so bad underneath.
Now, look, Granny. Ellie May
and me is goin' to san francisco
on a kind of
a honeymoon, see?
And here. That'll hold
you until we get back.
What are you
gonna do about him?
I don't know, but he'll have
to keep until we get back.
Oh, he'll keep, all right.
He's well-soaked in gin.
Honeybell, you know I don't
think that fella's all there.