Princess (2022) Movie Script

Almighty God, all-knowing God,
God of my ancestors.
I bless Your name this morning
and I thank You.
Thank You for Your guidance
and protection.
You know why I'm here this morning.
I came here with empty hands
but with Your blessing I will fill them.
Bless me with more clients
and gift more money to my soul.
Send me good clients,
the bad ones won't even see me.
In this place I'll be the first
but not the last.
God, I need money
for my life and for my soul.
In the name of Jesus
I pray to You, amen.
-You like dancing?
You're beautiful!
-What's your name?
-Pamela. And you?
-I'm Nicola.
-And you?
-I'm Valerio, hello.
-How much?
-20 euros.
Can't we do something else?
I'll pay more for ass.
Nigerians don't do ass.
-Job for all three?
-50 euros.
-50, 50, and 50.
-Gimme a break!
-Job for all three?
-Yes, but show me what you've got.
-You come sit here.
-Hold on.
Show me what you've got first.
I look... how d'ya say it?
Turn around, lemme see.
-I didn't see.
-Tough shit!
-Open the door.
-He couldn't see.
Show him, too.
Pamela, Pamela, Pamela!
Easy, easy.
Quit yelling, you'll scare her.
-Let's go.
-You're a hottie.
-Can I touch?
150 euros is a lot for a builder.
-You can touch for 150 euros.
-I'm a builder.
-Pay me.
-I want to touch first.
Money first.
Before buying a sofa,
I sit on it.
Pay me.
Pay her and she'll even
give you a twirl.
-Gimme the money.
-The boss should pay!
This is the last time.
-Let me touch.
-Touch, then job.
-Job for all three.
-You're hot.
-Job or not?
-Let me touch.
Come closer.
I can't reach.
-Hot damn!
-Is it soft?
-Let's go.
-Take your pill.
-Where are you going?
Go ahead, we'll take turns.
Come back on your own another time.
We'll take turns.
Hey, don't touch!
I'll come right back.
-I'll buy cigarettes and come back.
-Let's go.
-Be right back.
-He needs to get cigarettes.
-It's a no go this time.
I promise we'll come back.
-You're hot!
-No touching unless we fuck.
Fuck you.
What happened?
Three guys jerked me around.
-Did they hit you?
-No, but they touched my ass.
Jesus! What animal is this?
Dunno, looks like a forest dog.
-Pick it up.
-Help me.
Move it over.
Hold this.
-Grab this.
-No, I'll grab this.
-This animal is big.
-Very big.
I'll hold it, find a place.
Be gentle. It'll cry.
Pour it properly.
-You wash it like a baby.
-Your baby!
-No, yours.
-No, yours.
Princess, you're a great cook.
The food she cooks
is as sweet as her pussy.
Our pussies are sweet too, trust me.
My pussy has always been the sweetest.
You think you're my wife?
Don't even!
She put her boobs in my face.
This damn weather...
Still raining.
We can't work in this weather.
Why, where are you going?
If this rain stops...
Where are you going?
To work, okay.
-In the rain?
-It'll stop and the money is there.
What do you want?
-Too much make-up.
-No, I like it.
Go out like that on the streets.
Don't break my mirror!
What's your problem?
Go inside!
Go inside, idiot!
You're just jealous.
Easy, Princess.
-Easy, it hurts.
What's this, a mark?
I told you it hurts.
Go easy!
Are you nuts?
Don't hit me.
-Go easy.
-Easy, my ass!
-I'm doing you a favor.
-Some favor.
I'm helping you and you hit me?
-I wasn't killing you!
-You were.
-Do you want clients or not?
-Shut up.
You never clean your face.
-I make money anyway.
-I'm helping you make money.
-Shut up.
-Your face is rough.
-Get off.
Please, you get my leftover clients.
A princess like me?
-What princess?
-You're looking at her.
-Want my wig?
-For what?
So people think you're Success.
Then take mine,
so people think you're Princess!
-We'll see.
-We will see!
-You're pimple-faced.
-No, you are.
-You whore for free.
-You whore for free.
Hi, come here.
How are you?
Hi. I'm all right and you?
What's up?
I was just strolling around alone.
Let's go and fuck.
-Come with me?
-Just like that?
Let's go.
Dunno, what's your name?
Nice name. How old are you?
At least you're over age.
Where are you from?
Mali, Senegal?
-I was close.
Let's go.
Fine, let's go.
Show me where.
-Is it far?
-No, right here.
You're holding me like an old man?
Now I feel like a child.
Hello, Success?
Sister, what a dumbass I found.
I bet he can't get it up.
What a drag.
-Where, here?
Here? No...
-Not like this.
Sorry, I made a mistake.
Not here.
We work up here like monkeys.
We eat bananas.
We fuck, fuck, and come down.
Come with me.
-You're funny.
-Okay, give me money.
-How much.
-30 suck and fuck.
No, not 30.
I can't give you more than 20.
-20 or nothing.
-20 is okay?
Hold on...
Do you... have any diseases?
You think I have diseases?
With all the clients...
No disease. And you?
-I don't.
-Me neither.
But you have lots of clients.
Yes, I know,
but I don't have any diseases.
Can I just check one thing?
Show me if you have
any cuts in your mouth.
-My mouth?
-Yes, open up.
Open wide.
Oh God!
You think I'm a dick vampire?
Come on, let me see the bottom.
The whole mouth.
I know it's weird,
like you're at the dentist...
-All right.
-Is the checkup over?
It's over. I feel better now.
Pay me.
-All right.
-Do it here standing?
-Open that.
-And you?
-All right.
-A condom...
-Will you do it or should I?
-You gonna turn around?
I'll put it on.
Hold on...
-Okay, ready?
All right?
Like it?
Let me hear how much you like it.
Does it hurt or is it okay?
Hi, honey, how are you?
-I'm good thanks, you?
-Wait want to work?
-I'm looking for mushrooms.
What are mushrooms?
-Mushrooms are...
-Hold on.
What are mushrooms?
I don't know mushrooms,
I only know: "Amore andiamo."
I only know: "Amore andiamo."
You like these with pasta?
-I don't like them.
-I need mushrooms for pasta.
-Have you seen these around?
Because there are lots
of mushrooms in...
I don't know, I only know money.
Yes, but...
Here they are!
Hold on...
These are really great.
They're huge.
With these mushrooms, look...
If you cut this part here,
right here...
then saut it with garlic
and chillies, it's delicious.
-I don't know.
-You brought me luck!
-I only know money.
-With lemon?
You mean this with lemon?
I only know money.
Oh, I misunderstood!
I thought you said with "limone".
Now that you found those, let's go.
Time for me.
-Let's go.
-I have no money on me.
Don't lie, I know you have money.
You went out without money?
I won't do anything.
-What are you doing?
Don't laugh, I'm just touching.
-No more pockets.
-No money?
I'm sorry.
-Don't get angry.
Take this.
-I don't like it.
-You don't want it?
I only fuck, what is this?
It's like a flower.
Fine, bye.
-I'm sorry.
No problem.
Okay, bye.
You won't let me work.
Bye, handsome.
Happy birthday!
What a pain!
I'm sick of these braids.
Joy, you seem down.
What's wrong?
Who broke your heart?
Do I look like someone
who has a heart?
People who pretend to have no heart
are the ones who suffer the most.
I never get upset
over matters of the heart.
I only get upset over money!
What money?
The money I sent to my sister
never reached her.
The man said he sent it,
but my sister never got it.
Why do you trust your sister?
Don't you know
that Africans steal money?
My sister doesn't pocket the money.
I'd bet my right arm on her.
-Are you sure?
Why do you pretend your family
is better than others?
-No family is perfect.
-Perfect, my foot!
I would never trust
my siblings either...
The problem with Nigerians
is when you come to Europe
you're the youngest
but become the oldest
and the oldest in Africa
becomes the youngest.
And if I don't have money
to send to my family,
they call saying they're starving
to death and beg for money,
then they vanish
and call one month later.
But when I was in Nigeria
we had plenty to eat.
I didn't tell anyone
when I left Nigeria
because they wouldn't have let me go
out of love.
When they found out I was in Italy,
they started asking me for money
like crazy.
But I had to pay off the debt
with my madam.
How could I pay
both her and my family?
I didn't send them a cent
and so they stopped calling me.
If they don't call me,
I won't call them anymore.
-Are we done?
-Stay still.
Princess, bless your generation!
Bless your family,
bless your integrity.
As He has declared,
may heaven give confirmation.
If we have asked Him,
He will do it.
At the end of time so long.
In the name of Jesus Christ!
Let the house say a lot of "Amen"!
We'll make an offer to thank God.
Because many people of her age
are gone.
If you are happy God has kept her
in the land of the living,
come forward and donate something
to thank God...
as the choristers start singing.
This is our style, our real style.
-Careful, you'll fall!
-I'm a big fish, I can swim.
-You're a fish?
-I am.
I didn't know you were a fish.
Get down.
Today's your birthday
and we still haven't eaten.
Look at these lovebirds!
It's her birthday!
-My love!
-No, he's mine!
These white girls are so jealous.
Today's my birthday.
Who's this? Do you have boobs?
It's a man, he doesn't have boobs.
Are you a woman?
-He said "man."
-He'll make her vanish.
-Don't touch my boobs!
Okay, enough.
Hope we don't vanish.
Let me see your face, open up.
All set?
Today is my birthday.
I'll give you money now, okay?
I'll give you money and you go home.
10 euros?
That's a lot!
Sister, I see an old man coming.
If I fuck him he'll die.
You idiot.
20 euros suck and fuck,
then 500 for the funeral.
Take it easy, hold on...
You're pissing me off, just go home!
Keep your phone on.
Don't turn it off like last time,
you made me freak out.
-I'll lock you up at home.
I won't let you come here anymore.
You bring kids into the world
and this is how they treat you.
What happened?
I said... kids...
-See what pains they are?
All right, that's enough.
-I like you a lot.
I like you a lot.
But he's a pain in the ass.
Let's stop here.
I'm tired of walking.
We'll stop here.
Gimme a blowjob.
20 euros but it's my birthday.
30 euros.
-But it's my birthday.
I can give you 10 euros
which is like 20,000 liras.
20,000 liras is a lot.
10 euros?
-And then...
Then we can have a drink.
All right?
Have a drink.
-Want some?
-No, thanks.
-Come on!
That's not good for you.
You're old.
Stop, come here.
Hold on!
Goodness, hello! Let's go.
Where do you want to go?
-Want to make love?
-No, stop.
-I'll stop.
Want to make love in the woods?
No, in the car.
-Nice car.
-You like it?
No, don't.
Honey, don't, let me do it.
-In the car, come on.
-You like nice cars.
-In the car, understand.
Let me open the door
for this beauty.
Like it here, honey?
What do you want to do?
I'm a spoiled guy.
Want to marry me?
-You want to marry me?
Are you sure?
Okay, I'll marry you
and change your life.
Have kids with me?
Kids, too?
How many?
What a woman!
What's your name?
How much, Giulia?
Want to work here or in a hotel?
Work? I don't work.
I'm rich, I can't work.
Want to work here or in a hotel?
What hotel? Forget the hotel.
No hotel, I'll change your life.
You're too beautiful for the streets.
-Want kids?
Then no hotel!
Kids should be taken on vacation.
Now, tell me how much.
For without?
-How much for without?
-100 euros.
For 100 euros you do it
with everyone without.
No, only you.
-Only me?
-No, with everyone.
Why only with me?
Because you're handsome.
What are you doing, Giulia?
-Not with me.
No, just me and the car.
The car and me. Not you.
Hold on, my friend.
-Your friend?
-Yes, Success. Wait.
God blessed me
and forgot about you.
Fuck off!
Can I stand up please?
Down? Up.
Sure, honey.
You can do anything.
Take your shoes off.
-Take them off.
This is your home.
Take off your shoes and get comfy.
Look at me!
You're beautiful!
Giulia, sit down.
Want to see how fast this car goes?
Sit down, honey.
Hold on tight.
-I like this.
-We'll take off.
We'll go far away, Giulia.
Hold on tight.
-How are you?
-I like your blue hair.
Can I help you with anything?
Give us money.
Give us 1,000 euros.
No, but I can give you these.
Don't run away!
Even with documents, there's no work.
For years my friend has prayed:
"God, give me documents".
She got them and has been
looking for work for 3 years.
-I know.
-She's been looking for 3 years.
No work with documents,
no work without documents.
There's no work no matter what.
I'm sick of this country.
The worst thing I heard:
if you work the streets
for 5 years, you can't have kids.
I want to have kids, a family.
I'm getting close,
I've been working the streets
for over 3 years.
I can't take anymore, I'm tired.
I'm not tired
and I never complain,
because I don't use
my real body for work.
I don't use my real pussy for work.
Before coming to Italy,
my madam made me take an oath.
When I swore that I would pay her back,
since my debt was really high,
she asked if I wanted to use
my body for work.
I said: "What do you mean?"
She said I could swap my body
for another one.
I would use another woman's body
to work
so she would feel the pain
instead of me.
I agreed and we did it.
I never saw the other woman,
I don't know how they did it,
but it worked.
Since then,
I never feel pain when I work,
but the lady in Nigeria does,
she bleeds...
-How can that be?
-And she smells.
I realized it had worked
because she was a wreck
and I was fine.
When you work with clients,
your body feels something,
but I don't feel anything.
That's why I never complain.
What if that lady dies?
My madam's doctor
told me that won't happen
until I retrieve my body
and give hers back.
And if I hit you, who feels it?
Stop it!
I'm not talking about the body.
If you hit my pussy, she feels it.
But not my body.
Hold the dog, please!
-You can't leave it free around here.
I don't like dogs.
-You like cats?
-No, I don't like animals.
-You don't like animals?
I don't like human beings.
What do you mean?
Are you a spirit?
You don't remember me?
I was looking for mushrooms.
-Right. Today you have a dog.
-You changed your hair.
It's nice.
Why don't you like humans?
Are you a spirit?
-Are you a spirit?
I don't know.
-You don't?
What are you doing?
I have to check.
If you're a spirit.
That's the way to check
if I'm a spirit?
-What is a spirit?
-You don't know?
I look like an ancestor?
-Because I'm older.
Not old...
-Where are you going?
-Around with Vera.
Liar, you're looking for me.
-Let's go!
-No! Where?
Let's go. Hold her.
I'll hold her.
It's beautiful.
-Fantastic place.
-This is beautiful? Please!
I think it's better to work...
-Hold her!
It's better than working in the city,
on the street.
Yes, but white girls work in the city,
black girls in the woods.
Do you work for yourself
or do you have to pay someone?
I work for myself. You talk too much.
Too many questions. Tie your dog.
Where can I tie my dog?
You're asking me
where you can tie your dog?
-Tie it here.
Please tie your dog, my friend.
With all these trees,
you're asking me...
Vera, listen...
I'm going to chat with this friend now.
You be good, okay?
Look, she's jealous.
-Yes, she's jealous.
-What do you mean?
Why, are you a dog?
No, I'm not.
Why do you speak to the dog then?
Because she's my dog.
You sleep with the dog?
Yes, some times.
Because when I wake up, she comes
into bed and we sleep together.
Like husband and wife?
-You sleep with a dog?
-You fuck your dog?
-No, I don't fuck my dog.
Never mind Vera.
-I have to go, sorry.
Leave it, it's just an animal.
Because I know my dog...
That's not nice.
-I'll come again without Vera.
First mushrooms, now dog.
No work, it's not nice.
-What is this place?
-This place?
-What is that?
-A little house.
Don't worry, it's trash.
Let's go.
You have to give me a little money.
-We spent time together.
I'm sorry, I'll come another time
without Vera, okay?
But wait, wait...
Oh! Stop that!
Maybe you are a spirit.
No! I'm a human.
You are a spirit,
you don't like human beings.
What's your name?
-Okay, Corado...
-Corrado, with two Rs.
Corado, Corrado, it's the same.
-Your name?
-Bye, Princess.
Come on, Vera.
-Train strike?
-The train doesn't work.
Italy's broken.
In Italy... nothing works.
-Pretty girls.
-Can I help you?
-Can I?
-How can I help?
-A ride.
-I like your car.
Nice and big.
I like everything I see right now.
What does he want?
Let's barter. You pay me.
-Not with money.
Not with money.
Don't worry.
I'll give you a ride
and you'll give me...
-How'll we pay you?
-What's this?
I don't understand English.
-What's this?
-Chick chack ...
-Like this.
-Chick chack ...
-All right.
-Chick chack , okay?
-I likechick chack .
Where do you want to go?
-Don't mind my friend.
I was worried, Austria is far!
Ostia is far too.
This is my taxi, my job.
I haven't been working much...
I'll give you a ride,
you give me your cherry and yours...
-No cherries here.
We don't have a garden.
Oh, pussy!
-I'll be your gardener.
-All right.
-You understand?
-Yes, let's go.
-How old are you?
-I'm older.
Too old.
-You're old.
Old is 80.
I'm older but not old yet!
-How old are you?
-I'm 22.
Just a kid...
I'm a bit too old for you but...
Older man is good, right?
Now we'll have some fun.
It's a good day.
Right! Thanks.
-Thanks, pal.
Thank you for the company.
-Thank you.
Where'll we go dochick chack ?
Where? Yes, in there.
-In there?
-All together?
Why all three?
How many dicks do you have, three?
You want to fuck three girls?
You have three dicks?
-Be quiet.
-Do you have three dicks?
Yes, three dicks.
No, one.
Then take one girl.
Take one.
Fine, just one. Calm down.
I was trying to talk...
-You calm down.
-I'm calm, very calm.
-Me too.
-You don't seem calm.
Don't ruin this lovely moment.
-I'll pick you.
I like you.
30 euros suck and fuck.
-Who'll pay for the fare?
-It was a ride.
I talked to you
and you said "okay."
-Yes, a ride was okay.
-What the fuck?
Come on, 30 euros suck and fuck.
The fare is 40 euros.
How much does gas cost?!
I paid 100,000 euros
for my taxi permit.
-This is my work.
-Gas only costs 2 euros.
Gas only costs 2 euros.
Italians steal from Africans.
-Yes, all Italians.
-How dare you!
-Don't get out.
-I'll get out.
Let go!
I won't hurt you.
I just want to talk.
-Calm down.
-Let go.
I said calm down.
-Let her go.
-Let her go.
Let her go!
What's wrong with you?
-You nuts?
-Calm down.
Pay the fare.
You want to fuck Nigerians for free.
-Fuck you!
-Fuck you!
Fuck all Italians!
-How's it going?
-My baby.
-You look like you made money.
You look like you made money,
I made nothing.
Let's go home and rest.
-How was work?
-Like I said, no clients.
No work when it rains.
It's too cold today.
Calm down.
Look, here's money.
Sorry, I lost it this morning.
What do you want?
-You came to argue again?
-There was a misunderstanding before.
What do you want?
I don't understand.
You're an asshole.
We don't want anything from you.
Money, I'll pay you.
Just ignore him.
You're not a good man,
you're an asshole.
We don't want anything.
I want you.
-No, you.
Let's go.
You wanted me this morning.
Now you want my friend.
- I was angry this morning.
-You're crazy.
You're no good, you're Italian.
You're beautiful.
Now are you calm?
I'm good.
Be good?
I'll be good and pay.
Are you sure?
Yes, I swear on my mother.
-Wait, I'll be quick.
-Don't waste time on him.
He's an asshole.
You were an asshole before.
This morning you said
you had no money...
-Now you want to pay. Why?
-I was confused.
Wait! Can't you see
he's calmed down?
I'll do it, he said he'll pay.
Who cares!
Hold on, I'll be quick.
Wait here.
Success! Wait 5 minutes, please.
Finally, nice and calm now.
Nice to meet you, I'm Giovanni.
What's your name?
You won't tell me?
I forgot my name.
All right...
Where to?
Wait, there's my friend.
-No, she's jealous.
Success! Wait for me, okay?
What does "jealous" mean?
Don't say that again!
-Where to?
-Just go, I'll show you.
-Why not?
Take it.
No, you get naked.
Get naked out of the car,
I'll look.
Are you crazy? What are you saying?
I don't understand.
Naked? I won't get naked.
-I don't understand.
-I won't get naked. No.
Let's go then, forget it.
If you want, I'll get naked
up to here. Not on top.
I'll take off my pants.
You won't get totally naked?
-Not totally.
-Then forget it.
-I'll go get your friend.
-Wait, my foot!
You're not in charge,
I am, I'm paying.
-I understand you pay.
-I decide!
I want to enjoy this.
Now get naked!
Let me see.
Baby, turn this way.
-Look at me a bit.
-No, this is enough.
I'm cold, please.
Then fuck you!
No, wait.
My clothes are in there.
-Get lost!
-Wait, fuck you!
Gimme my clothes, please.
Hello, Success? Are you far?
If you're nearby,
please come help me.
You won't believe what he did to me.
I'm naked. He took off
with my clothes in his car.
Please, come help me.
I'm naked and cold.
I'm not kidding.
Now do you believe I was naked
in the woods? Can you believe it?
I'll make you pay for this.
You'll see how it feels.
Shut up! Don't talk to me.
I'll show you all.
-Don't worry.
-All, who? Who are you mad at?
Come with me.
Watch out.
What's your name?
-Success is very sick.
She can't work.
-She looked great last time.
-I'm free.
-You look great, too.
-Let's go.
-It's free today.
-Why free?
-She's sick and can't work.
-How unusual.
-Why are you with my client?
-Don't touch me.
Let's go. I just wanted to meet her.
What's your problem?
I don't understand.
You want his money, huh?
You left me in the woods alone!
-Behave yourself.
-You left me in the woods.
-Blame your stupidity for that.
-No, your stupidity!
So you want money from clients?
From him yes,
because I know him well.
What about the taxi driver's money?
I told you to leave
because you're naive.
Blame me for being naive...
Now your stupidity
is costing us this client.
-You made me lose a client.
-It's your fault.
-Don't touch me.
-Get off.
After all I did for you!
I'll hurt you, I swear!
I'll kill you, I can't stand you.
Stupid friend, get out of here.
This is how you behave?
Get out of here.
This is who you are?
Fine, I'll leave.
-I'll leave then.
-Money will kill you.
-You too.
-All this mess for money.
-Fuck you.
-Fuck you.
Go cry for your money.
How are you? Do you have money?
-Thank God.
-I have this, so let's go.
I have an appointment,
something to do in Ostia.
Appointment? No.
Today you have money.
-You always have problems.
-Stay here, I'll come back.
I don't believe you,
you have money today.
-I'll come back another time.
-No, I'll come with you.
You're liar, always a problem.
Now you have money,
but you have an appointment...
Get in.
-They are afraid of us.
Afraid of you but not me.
Why are they afraid of us?
Why do you feed the pigeons
instead of people?
You give them good food.
Why? You're wasting it.
People are starving
and don't have food to eat
and you waste food... why?
Remember? I told you:
I prefer animals.
I don't like human beings.
You told me,
but I don't understand why
a human being doesn't like people.
-Can you explain please?
-Yes, I can.
Because human beings...
are a big mistake.
Because God...
Because God created
flowers, the sea, the sky,
the animals, and it's all perfect.
Then, He creates human beings
and He makes a big mistake.
-God can't make mistakes.
-Everything was perfect.
You can't say God made a mistakes
if you're alive today.
He made just one mistake.
God can also make mistakes.
Wait, let me talk.
God can't make mistakes,
you don't have to question God.
If God made mistakes,
you wouldn't be alive today.
Many people are dead,
some are in the hospital sick.
-But you're here breathing.
-Yes, you're right.
And you say God made a mistake?
Don't say that.
As for me, I'm not a mistake.
-It's my point of view.
-You don't have to say that.
-I'm not a mistake.
-I didn't say that.
-Are you a mistake?
You can't say that!
I can, it's what I think.
You're not crazy, why do you say that?
All right...
I'm hungry but I'm not a pigeon.
What will you buy for me?
-Good morning.
-What can I get you?
-What would you like?
pizza, panino.
-Have your coffee.
-There's tuna inside?
There's egg inside?
-Yes, one?
-Like it?
-You lick it.
-Lollipops are good.
Pink is my favorite.
This is my favorite.
-I'll take three different colors.
-The cane.
-Like for an old man.
-Yes, old man!
-I'll need one soon.
-I'll keep it for you.
The water's clean,
In this area,
usually the sea is dirty.
You like the sea?
I do.
You like to swim?
No, I don't know how to swim.
You don't?
You have to learn.
But I don't know how to swim.
I'll put this inside...
Look at that.
That statue.
Oh, the image.
-Who is Neptune?
-The God of the sea.
-God of the sea?
We have only one God,
He's up there, not here.
Yes, but he's an ancestral god.
-No, no ancestral gods.
He makes mistakes...
-Know this game?
-It's fantastic.
Yes, to win money.
Lot of money.
I'll play and you play.
I'm unlucky.
-Unlucky guy?
Yes, I'm unlucky.
I lost.
Try with yours.
Yes. Ritual: you kiss the card.
Yes, you kiss the coin, then kiss me.
So we win.
You have to kiss me to win.
Let me check.
-I won?
-It's insane.
I know I won,
because I'm lucky
and you're unlucky.
-I know I won.
-You did win.
-It's incredible.
I won?
-Gimme my card.
-No, wait.
Gimme my card!
I'll throw you in the water!
Gimme it!
I won?
How much?
-You're lying, I won.
I know I won!
-No, sorry.
-I won.
I know you're jealous of me
because I'm a lucky girl.
Hands on the wheel.
Shift here...
The gears.
First, second, third, fourth... okay?
Wait, let me use my mind.
-I have to explain first.
-You're scared, go like this...
The sign of the cross?
In the name of the Father, Son,
Holy Spirit...
-Don't be scared.
-God help us.
Nice and slow.
Turn it on, shift.
-Like this?
-You know how to drive?
You said you don't know
how to drive.
I learned as a child.
They taught me how to drive
when I was a baby, years ago.
You're a good driver.
You are scared, don't worry.
No need to speed.
I know you're scared.
Now we'll learn how to park.
How to park...
-Yes, it's important.
-It's boring.
-It's important.
-I don't need to park.
-Be happy for me.
-I am.
If you're happy for me say:
"Good job, Princess."
-"Good job, Princess, don't park."
-Don't park.
I'm happy.
-Want to go to the city.
Thanks for today.
No, take the jacket.
-I don't know...
-Maybe it's cold in there.
-It's yours, take it.
See you next time.
Want to come over tomorrow?
Come over? How? Where?
My house.
-Your house?
You're asking me over?
If you want.
Your house?
-Yes, okay.
Can I sleep at your house?
Tomorrow we'll...
if you want...
I need to know
if I have to bring my things with me.
You can't decide?
One hour with me is 50 euros.
Two hours is 100,
if I sleep over it's 200.
Okay, bring your things.
Okay, I'll sleep at your house
and bring my things.
200 euros.
Don't be surprised, it's my job.
You're right, sorry.
-200 euros.
-200 euros.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
What time?
As you like.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Hey baby,
let's go somewhere.
-I'm done for today.
-You're sunbathing?
All right, bye.
Sorry I'm late, Princess.
Princess, my foot!
Know how long I've been here?
I've been working
and didn't even brush my teeth.
Everyone was looking at me like...
Leave me alone.
-You changed your hair.
-I felt like a fool.
Don't bring up my hair!
-You changed your eyes.
-It's not your business.
You think I'm joking around?
I don't know why
you do this every time.
I'm not a fool, okay?
What do you want to do, come?
I'm a human like you,
treat me well.
Don't keep using excuses
every time.
You're angry, you're right.
Gimme the money.
Okay, here's 100.
-Why 100?
-Because this is for nothing.
It's a gift...
A gift?
Come with me if you want,
or I'll go away...
You want to go away?
No, I'm not laughing with you!
-Are those your parents?
-Where are they?
I'm sorry.
Is that you?
The nose is the same.
And it's always growing.
Growing, yes.
Like the view?
I'm lucky for the view,
I'm lucky for this house.
Want something?
No coffee?
Sorry, cold shock.
I'm fine, don't worry.
-I don't want coffee.
Are you okay?
-Let's go.
We go to work?
We go to work?
I mean let's go and work inside.
Yes, otherwise I don't know
what to do.
-You don't?
-I know what to do.
If we work, I know what to do.
Don't think about it.
-I have to ask.
-Don't think about it.
How much does one kiss cost?
No kisses.
Why not?
-I don't like it.
-You don't?
I only kiss my boyfriend.
-Only your boyfriend?
-Want to be my boyfriend?
You have to know.
I have to know now?
If you become my boyfriend,
you pay my rent,
you take me shopping,
you give me money to do my hair...
And I have to decide this before?
-You have to decide now.
If I become your boyfriend...
and you kiss me,
and you don't like me,
then what do you do?
I don't understand.
-It's complicated.
-I don't understand.
You never kiss?
How can I kiss everyone on the street?
-No, because they don't brush.
So you think I don't brush?
I didn't mean you.
-You think I don't brush?
-I didn't mean you.
You think I don't brush!
I didn't mean you,
but others on the street.
Give me something...
Like a baby.
Gentle, like this.
It's romantic.
Do it well.
-Sexy guy.
-Be romantic for once.
Like this?
Sexy guy puts on perfume.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-To work.
-To work.
I'm jealous of your boyfriend.
This is your boyfriend?
-Who's my boyfriend?
The phone?
Maybe you're a telephone.
Yes, the phone is close to my heart.
All of the time...
-All my life is here.
So you kiss your phone?
Stop what?
-You make me feel shy.
-You became so shy.
You're beautiful when you're shy.
I'll make pasta.
No, thanks, I have to go.
Macaroni or twists?
Macaroni or twists?
-I'm not hungry.
-It's my specialty.
Maybe next time.
It's been two hours,
you only gave me 100,
I have to go now.
We can eat together,
then you go.
Yes, don't worry,
next time, okay?
I'll take you home.
Wait, look.
Look, the bar we went to,
where we bought sandwiches.
It's not closed.
Pit stop?
You can't go in, it's a private party.
No! Princess!
We'll just take a look...
Sorry, you can't go in,
it's a private party.
Miss! Okay...
It's my party.
-Have some cake.
It's my birthday, it would be a gift.
Come on.
It's time for happiness,
it's my birthday.
Come on.
Make room for these friends.
Come in.
-Whose turn?
The newcomers.
One song, you can't just eat.
You have to sing a song,
both of you.
I can't sing.
-Come on, Corrado.
It'd be a gift to me!
She's good!
She's a great singer!
What's your name?
-Your name?
Princess, sing me a song, please.
-Princess, Princess, Princess!
Come on!
Why are you smiling?
-Like it?
Fantastic pajamas.
-You don't have one?
Because you're old.
Yes, I'm so old
I don't have pajamas.
-Okay, can I ask you something?
I want to know...
If we become boyfriend
and girlfriend...
is that karaoke place
where we'll spend Saturday nights?
Dunno, you wanted to go there.
I followed you.
I wanted to go
but it's boring.
You like to sing.
Yes, but you forced me to sing.
If they want me to sing again,
they'll have to pay me.
Pay you?
-You can sing for free.
Don't think that someone
has to pay you for everything.
Why should I sing for free?
Nothing is free.
-I don't want to be used.
What do you mean?
For example...
you've come into my life now...
we spend time together,
we go to bar, karaoke,
we drove together,
did everything together.
Then you want to sleep together.
And you leave...
Then you leave. Understand?
At least you paid.
If you don't pay, you're using me.
If you come into my life,
don't pay me, and you leave...
it means you're using me.
Yes, I can't do something for free.
I want to watch a film.
A film? Let's watch a film.
What are you watching?
-A cartoon.
-A cartoon.
Why do you watch cartoons?
Because I can learn Italian.
-So you learn...
Because they say one thing two times.
Yes, what do they say?
They say: "Let's run away!"
And in Italian?
No, wait, I forgot.
Don't laugh!
-I said it before.
You can leave your boyfriend.
-My friend.
Whose is it?
-A sort of monkey.
-It's Vera's.
I like it, give it to me?
It's yours.
It's too early for this, okay?
It's the first time I come to your house
and sleep here...
Why not stay here for a few days?
-What do you mean?
-I mean, stay here with me.
-You want to lock me up?
-No, I don't.
I want to take care of you.
-Take care of me?
Thank you.
The bed is wet.
What do you mean?
Why is the bed wet?
Don't worry,
I'll change this and we'll sleep...
What do you have to change?
-It's pee.
We have to change the sheets.
Don't worry.
-Don't worry.
It's pee,
we have to change the sheets.
We have to take these off.
We have to change them.
I'll get clean ones.
What's going on?
Hold on.
Come with me.
-Close your eyes.
-Should I walk?
-Yes... don't worry.
Long time... You missed me?
Yes, a lot.
Me too.
You made a house...
-Yes. Like it?
-Little house. Yes.
Yes! I built it for us. So your family
won't lock you up anymore.
We'll stay here together
and I'll take care of you. Okay?
Come here.
Why over here?
Let's go there.
The usual place.
I work here now.
Not there because...
For many years,
I was standing to work,
now I have pain in my back.
I can't stand anymore.
-Back pain?
-I can't stand anymore.
I made this house
so I can lie down.
-We'll lie down here.
-What's wrong?
-Be gentle.
We're not fighting!
Chill out.
-Come here.
Trying to break my back?
Hurry up and come...
-Do you have scabies?
-Are you done?
-What's up?
Let go!
-Get back here.
-Don't push me.
What's wrong?
Gimme my fucking money then.
I'm done.
Don't touch my pockets!
You worked me here.
Did you work me or not?
Don't touch me!
Gimme back my money.
Stay still.
-Gimme my fucking money.
-Get off!
Gimme my fucking money
and fuck off, you negro!