Princess Cut (2015) Movie Script

May I help you?
Um, how much is that one?
Brilliant choice.
That one is twelve-thousand
I believe.
Would you like to see it?
Come on, grace!
We haven't got all day.
Isn't he so
deliciously gorgeous?
What?! Until he puts
a ring on that finger,
you gotta keep
your options open.
Not Stewart.
Today's fifteen months.
Are you serious?
My record's a measly two.
Yeah, and get this...
He says he has something special
to tell me tonight over dinner!
Oooh, maybe he's
gonna pop the question.
You have to tell me
all the juicy details...
My parents love country livin'.
Something about cleaner air...
...fewer people
to contend with...
...and friendly neighbors
who've always got your back.
There's just
one thing missing...
Dr. Masters!
You're going to love this place.
Yes sir, I believe I will.
Mom, I'm home!
Hi! Have
fun with Tess?
You would not believe
the rock I saw today.
A full carat.
Princess cut.
To die for!
Think Stewart
can afford that and college?
Come help me pick
my dress for tonight!
So what do you
like about Stewart?
I don't know.
He's really cute, and fun...
And smart!
He made the Dean's list
last semester.
I knew a guy like that once.
Grant ...Grant Williamson.
The most handsome man
I'd ever seen.
What happened?
One of the
worst dates I ever had.
All he could do was
talk about himself.
Stewart's different.
I know it's a
long-distance relationship,
but how much could
somebody possibly change?
We all change.
But true love is
worth waiting for.
How 'bout this one?
Thanks mom!
I'd better get back to dinner.
You mind telling your dad it'll
be ready in about an hour?
That is pure gold.
Dad, check this out!
Pesky groundhogs.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of 'em.
Hi daddy!
Hello Princess.
Mom's got dinner.
How's it going?
See for yourself.
Well, we could always
move closer to Raleigh.
Fewer pests...
And a lot closer to Stewart.
Grace, just look at this land...
Our land.
Been in the family
for three generations,
and you'd give all that up
for some college jock?
I can't marry the farm.
Well, you'd be surprised
what you can learn about love
from a soybean.
I've gotta
get ready for my date.
Can we talk about this later?
I'll have to walk her
down the aisle one day.
But he better be
a really good man.
Drew, time to eat!
Please, oh, please
be Mac 'n' cheese!
And what's wrong with
Brussels sprouts, may I ask?
They're stinky
and squishy and...
Now not another word or you're
gonna get a second helping.
Yes ma'am.
Sorry I'm late.
That's okay.
But if we hope
to cover the mortgage,
this harvest is critical.
I know.
I kept it warm for ya.
Guess I'd better wash up then.
Been good for your momma?
Look what I carved!
Thatta boy.
He's looking good!
Where's grace?
picking her up at seven.
Why can't he just come
over here and eat with us?
And would you
have wanted to do that
when we were dating?
She's getting too
emotionally attached.
We can talk about this later.
You look lovely.
Remember what I told you.
Dad, it's Stewart.
Don't worry, if he tries
to touch me
I'll just punch him in the nose.
Where is he?
I got it!
Grace who?
Drew, give me the phone!
Where are you?!
What? Yeah,
I'll meet you there.
Something the matter?
No, he just wants me
to meet him at the diner.
Now let's pray!
Hey, grace!
Over here!
You remember Jake, dontchya?
I thought "we" had a date...
Oh them?
They're just college buds,
they won't be in town long.
You made it!
Whatzzup Stu!
Whatzzup baby?
Hey guys!!
Good to see ya,
you're looking great...
Oh, French fries!
What can I get for you?
Um, I'll have a burger,
fries and a soda.
Same please.
Waitress okay.
So good to see you.
Good to see you too buddy!
Alright, let's get it on...
Let's go... Right now.
Come on!
Let's go.
What is this?
One... Two... Three!
He's got you...
You cheated.
It's the beard.
Some things never change.
Alright, here you go.
You ready for this?
Oh I got you on this one.
Ha! Top that.
Alright, one last one.
Here we go.
We need to talk!
I thought you had
something special
you wanted to tell me.
I do.
Listen up everyone!
We're engaged.
That's awesome!
Yeah, we're pretty stoked.
When's the date?
We'll figure it out.
Armed and ready, over!
You were right.
What happened?
I felt like a third
wheel on my own date,
and I watched him with his ring
on another girl's finger.
Oh honey, I'm so sorry.
Why does this
keep happening to me?
First Bryce, then Stewart.
All the guys around here
are total jerks!!
I shoulda seen it coming.
He was checking out other girls
on our last date.
It sounds like the lord
kept you from a big disaster.
I'm beginning to think
he doesn't even
want me to get married.
Whenever I used
to get discouraged,
my momma used to say,
"Katherine, hope deferred
makes the heart sick,
but when the desire comes
it's a tree of life."
She was right, you know.
Thanks mom.
Besides, the
night's not a total loss.
Why don't we all play a game?
Do I have to?
Come on, it'll be fun.
Okay, I'll go change.
All clear.
My turn.
"I'm Stewart and I'm losing
at the game of life."
Drew, cut it out!
Ah, more delicious cookies?
Thank you!
You're welcome.
"Twin sons are born.
Collect presents."
All you girls think
about is getting married
and having kids.
Marriage is a
gift from god, son.
I don't want to get married.
Remind me of that
in a decade, okay?
Dad, do you think
there's just one perfect
person out there
that we're supposed
to find and marry?
That's a good question, Robert.
I think it's not so much about
finding the perfect person
as it is becoming the person
god meant you to be.
Mmm, my turn.
Thought you could
use a little break.
Thanks, dear.
Just leave it on the desk.
"a willingness to
lead his family,
an understanding of
his wife's needs"...
Sounds like a good book.
Convicting's more like it.
Pastor highly recommended it.
Speaking of pastors...
You know at weddings
when he asks,
"who gives this woman
to be married?"...
Ever wondered where
that came from?
Hadn't really thought about it.
Jeremiah 29:6.
"Fathers give their
daughters in marriage."
So what are you saying?
Who am I going to
give our daughter to?
Most young men today have no
clue what it means to be a man.
They're out there.
I should know.
Duty calls.
Andrew miles Anderson!
I want to see you
in my study young man.
What'd ya do now?
Have a seat.
Son, did you write this?
"Pretty girl, makes great
Mac and cheese,
we need a good man
to come and get her."
She does make
the best Mac 'n' cheese.
Son, there's more to
relationships than food!
But dad, Kenny said,
"the way to a man's heart
is through his stomach."
Wait here!
We'll deal with this later.
Is it here?
I mean, is she here?
I mean... I'm here about
the macaroni and cheese,
and the girl that
needs taken away.
Unless of course she's
already been taken,
in which case, hey, I'll just
take the macaroni and cheese.
I'm sorry, there's
been a big mistake.
Susannah, run away,
you really took my heart away,
you really found me
in my dreams...
Your daughter,
she might need these
when she catches a
glimpse of me, okay.
Technically, I already
have a girlfriend,
just doing a little
comparative shopping,
weighing my options,
always looking for that
I never thought I'd be
the man knocking on your door,
asking to meet your daughter
that I've never met.
But you know what?
It takes a lot of humility
in a relationship,
and that's what I'm all
about... Putting her first.
I wanted
to ask you a few questions
about your daughter.
Is she pretty clean?
Organized? Neat?
Clutter... I can't do
clutter... Clutter's not okay,
hoarding's not okay either,
unless she hoards comic books.
Granted, I won't
be there all the time,
I'll be out making the money.
Now granted she'll have
to do some of that too.
No, no, there's been a mistake.
Now granted
I don't even have a job,
but that's something I can
work on... heh, work on.
I can do business,
advertising, sales,
marketing, tennis...
Best Frisbee golfer
you will ever see!
Now granted these
are just a few of my thoughts,
granted we'll probably need
to talk more about this,
perhaps on our first date.
Granted she'll probably
have to buy her first date.
But there's one thing
I want you to know sir,
I will never take your
daughter for granted!
Yes, hi, I was
looking for information
on a recent graduate
...Clint masters?
Do you know where...
East bend family clinic...
Great, thank you... Yes, thanks.
Guess who?
Farmer girl.
How'd you even know it was me?!
Your perfume.
It stinks.
Thanks a lot!
Can't even get any love
from my best friend.
Just get a new brand.
Smell this.
The guys love it.
Any more Sage advice?
Since you mentioned it,
if you're ever gonna
nab a hot guy,
you need to get a new wardrobe.
Stop dressing like your mom.
I need a latte.
Want anything?
Nah, I gotta run.
Hope you don't mind.
Do I have a choice?
Your bad luck
can't last forever.
I'm sure the perfect guy is
like right around the corner.
Yeah right.
Hello, how can I help you?
Double latte, extra cream.
Have we...
Have we met before?
Please, I just need a coffee.
There ya go.
You were after the big one.
I'm Jared.
Thank you for reminding me
of the most horrible
day of my life!
Cover for me.
Got dumped, huh?
Will you please
stop following me?
Take it easy.
We're practically old friends.
Okay Jared,
since we're supposed to
know each other so well,
perhaps you can fill me
in on a few minor details.
Whaddya wanna know?
For starters,
how'd you got from the
jewelry store to here?
Okay, I drove.
Okay, okay!
Look, I just didn't
like dressing up,
wearing a tie.
Plus, this is
just more my style.
Much more romantic
then helping couples
pick out their rings.
But I've stood
behind that counter
and watched people fall
in love over coffee.
It can happen anywhere, anytime.
And... maybe even to us.
But you hardly even know me.
That's something
I'd like to change.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Listen, would you think it
too forward if I called you?
So many firsts.
Thank you.
Morning, ladies.
Whatchya working on?
It's a project for
my interior design course.
It counts for half my grade.
Whaddya ya say,
when you're finished with that,
we go welcome the new neighbor?
The bates farm?
Thought we'd all give 'em
a warm Carolina greeting.
I could bake a pie.
I'll help you!
You always think
of the perfect touch.
Oh hush.
Jim Anderson.
Clint masters.
Good to meet you Clint.
This is my wife, Katherine,
and the rest of our family here.
Hmmm, this is my favorite.
Thank you so much.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Can I get you anything to drink?
No, we can't stay long.
You've made quite
a few changes to the place.
I hope they're
all good changes, ma'am.
Yes, I didn't mean
to imply that they weren't.
You see, Judy... Mrs. Bates...
And I were very close.
We shared many
happy afternoons here.
I see.
Perhaps you can advise me
if I've overlooked anything.
You get rid of that old stove?
Not yet.
It burnt some of my best scones.
Yeah, but they
made good target practice.
That picture there.
Who is that?
Dad was a champion
rodeo rider in his day.
See, I told you
this guy would be cool.
So why east bend?
Well, after finishing
med school at wake,
a spot opened up at the clinic,
so, here I am.
So you're a doctor?
Hope to have my own
family practice someday.
Pardon my saying so,
but you look so young to
be practicing medicine.
I guess school
hasn't taken it's toll then.
Believe it or not, I'm 28.
I admire your dedication.
Your parents must be very proud.
Thank you, sir.
Don't know if you've had time
to find a good church home yet,
but you're more than
welcome to join us.
Appreciate the invitation.
I'd love to.
Have a sec?
Sure, what's up?
I met a guy at the
coffee shop the other day.
Actually, we met before
but that's a long story.
Anyway, his name is Jared.
At first he kinda teased me,
but then he was really nice
and helped me out.
I bet he did.
I want to meet this guy
before you go out with him.
Don't you trust me?
I don't trust him!
Actually, your mother and I
have been concerned about you.
I'm not a child anymore.
I've been doing some reading.
You might be
interested to hear...
I'll get it.
Sweetheart, wait!
I'm here about the ad
for a pretty girl who can cook?
There must be
some sort of mistake...
Wait a minute...
Let me see that...
Drew! Just wait till
I get my hands on you!!
May I help you?
Ah, you must
be the one from the ad.
I bet you could cook just
about anything, buttercup.
How are you around bikes?
I'm sorry,
but that ad is closed.
Who was it this time?
You don't even wanna know.
Where's grace?
We were having a nice
little conversation.
Oh, she's chasing after drew.
That might take a while!
I'll be in the barn.
That boy, that boy, that boy...
Having any success?
Nigel Livengood,
east bend realty.
Something I can do for you?
I sold a home in this area
and saw this fine piece
of land you've got here.
It's not for sale.
Well, I'm sure you
have some sentimental reason
to hang on to it,
but I'm prepared to pay...
No thanks.
Oh, that's too bad.
According to my sources,
there's a notice of pending
default against the property.
If you'll excuse me,
I've got work to do.
Standing offer.
Get off my land.
Uh, hey!
What are you doing here?
Where you
expecting someone else?
No, no, I, uh...
How'd you find me?
Ever heard of the Internet?
I thought you
were gonna call me.
Thought I'd see
you in person instead.
My dad wanted
to meet you anyway,
so, come on in.
Dad, this is Jared,
the guy I was telling you
about earlier?
Hello, Jared.
Hello. Pleasure.
This is my wife Katherine.
Oh, hi Katherine!
If you have a minute,
why don't we sit down and talk?
I'd love to,
but I was just on my way
to get a shake,
and stopped by to see
if grace wanted to come?
If it's alright?
Don't be out late.
Yes, sir.
I really like your family.
They're all right.
Tell me about yours.
There's not much to tell.
Dad left home when I was four
so I really don't
know him that well.
Sorry to hear that.
And my mom, it was really
hard for her to make ends meet,
so I left home too
when I was 17.
Wow, sounds tough.
Eh, I kinda like the freedom.
You ever plan on settling down?
Um, maybe.
If I find the right girl.
This your place?
Yeah, I promise it looks
a little better on the inside.
Just look at my hair,
it's a mess!
I am.
Not till you put a ring on it.
Princess cut.
You take this commitment
stuff pretty serious, don't ya?
Of course.
Don't you?
Why don't you
come in, get dried off,
and I'll take you home?
I can't.
I shouldn't.
We wouldn't be alone,
if that's what's worrying ya.
My roommate's always in
there playing video games.
I don't know...
Tell you what, why
don't I go check and see.
Maybe grace was right.
Care to fill me in?
I know things are tough,
but we'll make it through.
Couple weeks ago a guy
made an offer on the farm.
It was enough to get us
out of debt...
And then some.
It's been in
your family for so long...
I just want what's best
for the kids, you know?
If only I could
get that combine working!
This is grace, leave a message!
It's not like her
not to answer the phone.
Her battery's probably dead.
I can't put my finger on it,
but something's been
bothering me about Jared.
Well, why don't we have
him over for dinner?
That way we can all
get to know him better.
I'd like that.
This better be grace!
Look at you!
You trying to catch a cold?
Honey, grab some towels.
Mom, I'm fine, really.
What happened?
Where've you been?
We just got caught in the rain,
that's all.
I'm glad you're okay.
I'm fine!
Now please excuse me,
while I get cleaned up.
Hey, what's up, how'd it go?
For the first time in my life,
I'm not sure what to do.
Why? Did he
force himself on you?
No, not exactly.
He kissed me.
And you're
complaining about that?
I've kissed tons of guys,
it's not a big deal.
Then why doesn't it feel right?
My stomach's all a whirl.
You mean it
wasn't what you wanted?
I know it wasn't
what my parents wanted.
Stop worrying about them.
You can't be tied
to them forever.
But now every
time we're together
he wants to go
somewhere secluded!
And what's wrong with that?
I'd feel better telling
my parents I had a great time
if I didn't have to leave
out parts of the story.
Listen, you
care about him, right?
Yeah... I think so.
Then stop making such a big deal
over a simple little kiss!
It's totally unrealistic, right?
Come on grace.
Maybe it's just me.
Hey, I know!
Why don't you call
my mom's therapist?
Your mom has a therapist?
Yeah, doesn't everybody?
I don't know,
I just think that...
Aw come on,
what do you got to lose?
The first session's free.
Have a good night, okay?
Come in!
Mrs. Ludlow?
Grace, darling,
come in, come in!
I hope I'm not too early.
Oh no, no, not at all.
Come in. Come in.
Please make
yourself comfortable,
have a seat.
What's troubling you, dear?
I'm seeing this guy
that I care about,
but I'm not sure why
I don't feel right
about our relationship.
I like being with him,
I just feel inhibited somehow.
In what way?
I don't know...
It's just that,
every time we're together
he wants to be physical.
You know... hug, and kiss,
and stuff like that.
It makes me uncomfortable.
Any past relationships?
Too many.
I feel like my heart's been
passed around like a football.
Which is one thing
I really love about Jared,
he says the sweetest things.
He makes me feel...
But when he starts touching me,
I feel... Guilty.
Grace, what I'm hearing
is a woman in
search of identity.
But identity is irrational,
a tension between your conscious
and subconscious mind.
In order to remove your guilt,
you have to feel free
to construct yourself
within a new framework.
In other words,
perhaps your inhibitions
are telling you
that it's time to try
a starter marriage.
A what?
A starter marriage,
a "trial run" of sorts.
You know, it's a place
where you begin,
but it's not where
you hope to end up.
I'm not sure I'm following you.
You do want
to get married, don't you?
Yes, but...
Then you must facilitate
the breaking down of barriers.
Are you suggesting
that in order to
overcome my inhibitions
I should first live with this
guy without being married?
Well, I wouldn't
have put it in those words,
but this does commence the
process of reconstruction.
But that wouldn't be right!
Well, how will you
know the shoe fits
until you try it on?
I'm sorry,
Mrs. Ludlow,
but I think I've
wasted your time.
Are you sure, darling?
Would you please excuse me?
You've still have
time left in your free session?
Gotta run...
Bye Mrs. Ludlow!
Think on
what I've said, darling.
What an odd little girl.
Drew, look what you just did!
What is going on here?
What am I gonna do?
This is my final project,
and it's due tomorrow!
We'll figure something out.
Sometimes I wish
you weren't even my brother.
Just go away and leave me alone!
Drew, wait, come back!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
Well, I appreciate
your willingness to help.
Sure, anytime.
Have a good one.
You too.
Grace, you okay!?
It's drew!
I didn't see him.
What happened?
Drew, you alright buddy??
I... I fell off my bike.
You okay?
Is he alright?
Does it hurt?
Are you hurt anywhere!?
Look at me.
I'm sorry!
Hey... It's gonna be okay.
Let me see your arm,.
Does it hurt when I touch here?
Can you move your fingers?
No pain down here...?
Is he okay?
Yeah, he seems fine.
Praise god!
Looks like the bike
took the worst of it,
and drew here
just took a tumble.
Tell you what,
you want to try
to stand up buddy?
You okay to do that?
You gave us a scare there man.
Thank you Clint.
I'll come by and
check on you later, okay?
I'd appreciate that.
Grace, is that you?
I'm gonna go lay down.
Are you and drew okay?
He'll be fine!
Are you okay?!
I'm fine...
You know I'm always
here for you if you wanna talk.
Oh, mom!
Everything's a mess!
I've been so foolish,
trying to handle
things on my own.
I knew that if I stuck
around after my dates with Jared
that you'd ask all about it.
I hate this, I just hate it!
I love you,
and nothing you've done
will ever change that.
That night it rained,
Jared wanted to
show me his place.
And he started stroking my hair,
and he kissed me...
And he wouldn't stop.
I was so confused,
I felt trapped...
And Tessa recommended
I talk to her mom's therapist,
and she said I need
a starter marriage.
Oh honey!
Why does love
have to be so complicated?
I think your father
may have some answers.
Grace has something she
wants to share with you,
and we can use your wisdom.
Daddy... I haven't
been honest with you and mom
about my dates with Jared.
He's pushed our relationship
to be much more physical
than I know is right.
I'm sorry for hiding it
from you both.
Can you forgive me?
Of course we forgive you, honey.
Thank you for
being honest with us.
Have you shared any
of this with Jared?
I tried but he
doesn't want to hear it.
Grace, your mother and I
want to protect you
from having your
heart broken again,
from having any more regrets.
Me too.
But how?
I think the answer's been
right in front of us all along.
As the head of this
house it's my responsibility
to help prepare you for marriage
and to protect you
until that day arrives.
Honey, I've been so
busy with this farm
that I've failed to do that.
Can you forgive me for being
so insensitive to your needs,
your hopes and
dreams for the future?
Oh daddy!
I do, I do!
I'm still not quite sure
how this is going to help.
Open it.
And this is gonna
help me find a man... how?
You're trying to get a harvest
before you've planted the seed.
God has given you this
valuable time to serve others
and draw closer to him.
Use it wisely!
And to work on your
relationship with your brothers.
Stop trying to find love,
and let god bring love to you.
Dad, you're not talking about
an arranged marriage, are you?
No, Princess, who you marry
is a decision you're going
to have to make yourself.
But I'm here to help you,
to guide you,
if you'll trust me.
I'm still not sure
what all this means,
but I'm ready to give it a try.
It thrills my heart
to hear you say that.
So what should I do about Jared?
I think you already know.
Grace wait up!
Whoa, whoa!
Oh, hi Jared.
I've been trying
to call you for days.
Why haven't you been answering?
We've been really busy.
Hey, uh,
you wanna go to our spot?
You can tell me what it was
you wanted to talk about.
No, actually,
I prefer to tell you here.
What's up?
I've finally figured out
what's been bothering me
about our relationship.
Uh, what's that?
Jared, you and I
aren't right together.
I just... I think it'd be best
if we stop seeing each other.
You're kidding, right.
I just..I want
to have a clear conscience
before the lord and my parents,
and I don't.
And I don't want to be in
an intimate relationship
until I'm married.
I want my life to start going
in a different direction.
Good luck with that.
I hope you can
respect my wishes and just...
Don't call or come by anymore.
Fine, if that's what you want.
I can play this charade.
Please, don't misunderstand me.
I'm through playing games.
I just want real, lasting love.
And I thought
that's what we had!
I'm sorry, Jared!
Got my work cut out
for me, don't I?
I'm sorry I messed up
your project.
Forgive me?
Of course.
I'm sorry for reacting
the way I did.
Come here!
I love you little brother.
Aww, come on!
Sweet dreams.
I'm sorry.
You all right?
Yeah. I'm fine.
You sure?
Sorry about that.
Hey grace.
I'm sorry, I didn't
know I had company.
Oh, that's fine.
I actually came to see drew.
He doing okay?
Full of energy.
Thank you for what
you did the other day.
I was really scared.
Of course.
Just glad I could be there.
If you're looking for drew
he might be down at the barn.
Well boys, thanks to your
hard work and god's blessing,
we've got us a banner crop.
Only one small problem:
I can't get the combine working
and the parts are on backorder.
So, we're gonna have to do this
the old fashioned way...
...By hand.
Dad, that's insane.
I know, I know, but, uh,
I've got creditors
breathing down my neck.
Isn't there some other way?
I wish there was.
Tell you what: You boys
help me get this crop in,
and we'll celebrate by throwing
a trapshooting competition.
Hmm, hard to pass that one up...
All right, I'm in.
That's the spirit!
But dad,
there's only three of us!
Don't worry about it son,
I know where to
find reinforcements.
Ever worked soybeans before?
No sir, not yet.
How are ya?
How ya feeling buddy?
Thank you for being
willing to talk to me,
I appreciate it.
What's on your mind?
It's about your daughter.
Not exactly sure
how to go about this,
but I want to be clear
with my intentions up front.
I'm seeking your approval
to pursue a
relationship with grace.
I'd like to get
to know her better,
and explore the
possibility of marriage.
Clint, we uh,
we appreciate you coming
to us first about this.
Marriage is a serious matter.
You've impressed me
as a man of integrity.
And I believe you would
do things in a way
that would be honorable
to both grace and to god.
So let's take this step by step,
as god continues
to direct our path.
Katherine and I, well,
we're willing to see what god
has in store for both of you.
As her father,
I promised grace that
I would watch over her,
that I would protect her,
that I would be a part
of this journey.
She's my daughter, Clint.
I understand.
You're a good man, Clint.
Thank you sir.
Thank you both!
May I?
So peaceful.
It is.
Grace, I have something
important I want to ask you.
I've really enjoyed getting
to know your family
over the last few months...
And getting to know you.
I'd like to get
to know you better.
Would you consider exploring
a deeper friendship with me?
I mean, a relationship
in which we'd both be
prayerfully considering
the possibility... Of marriage?
Clint, if you had asked
me just a couple weeks ago
I would have said yes
in a heartbeat...
But I'm determined
not to go through this
without my dad's blessing.
He said, "yes."
So I... Wait, what?
I already spoke
with your parents.
They gave us their blessing to
proceed under their guidance.
Drew put you
up to this, didn't he?
Grace, this isn't a joke.
I think you're amazing.
Your heart's too precious a
treasure to play games with.
I got you something.
They're beautiful.
The Iris symbolizes Jesus
and how we need to build
our identity around him
to be truly satisfied.
And the roses represent
the need for purity
in our relationship.
Grace, I want to treat you
with the honor and respect
that you're due,
so that even if the lord doesn't
bring us together in marriage,
we can remain friends.
I'd be honored to explore
that possibility with you.
Spin... Go for
the magic number... Yes!
No way!
1... 2... 3... 4...
Retire in style.
Who's the winner at life?
This guy!
Okay, come on!
I'd like to see you really try.
That's okay.
I won.
Game over.
All of this... Mine.
You double crosser.
Whoa, wait!
What are you talking about?
I thought
you were waiting on god.
I am.
So then what are
you doing with my guy?
The guy from the
coffee shop, who else?
Okay, wow.
I know what you're thinking.
Honestly, I didn't know
that he was 'that guy.'
So then prove it.
Break up with him.
Break up with him or I'll...
I will never speak to you again!
Tessa, that's not fair!
Just calm down
and let me explain.
Clint and I are just friends,
and we're explore...
Call it what you want,
you stole my guy.
So what's it gonna be?
I'm sorry, I can't do that.
Just come inside and
let's talk about it.
So that's how
it's gonna be, huh?
Some friend you are.
Oh, hey, excuse me.
Yes, can I help you, dear?
Yes, hi, I was wondering...
I'm looking for a
friend of mine...
Clint masters.
Do you know him?
Isn't that
the new doctor in east bend?
East bend, you say?
Yes, down that way, not far.
If you go down
to the first turn,
and you'll take a left,
there at the old
Hirschman place, you know,
and then a few miles on down
you'll see the church
and you'll know
you're close that way.
Don't blink or you'll Miss it.
I hear he's
renovating the old bates farm.
You plan to be around long?
Not if I
can help it. Bye!
She thought Clint was hers?
I tried to explain
that Clint wasn't mine either,
but she wouldn't hear me out.
We all have our blind side.
Another friendship
bites the dust.
Don't give up on her.
Maybe in time
she'll come around.
Mmm! Sweet smell
of success.
And I know why.
Shh, don't give
away our family secrets!
I wonder who that is?
Looking for someone?
Clint masters?
I believe he bought
some property around here.
Oh, are you related?
Not yet, anyway.
He lives the next farm over.
Grace can show you
if you'd like.
That's okay,
I can manage, thanks.
Wait, there he is now.
Any luck finding a combine?
Another dead end.
This young lady's
looking for Clint.
I'm sorry, I didn't
get your name...
Hello stranger.
What are you doing here?
Well, I... I could
ask you the same thing.
I see some of
you have already met.
Mr. Anderson,
this is Brooke,
a friend of mine from back home.
Nice to meet you.
Any friend of Clint's
is a friend of ours.
I was hoping you could
recommend a place to stay.
Is there anything close by?
You must be very tired.
You can stay with us.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I... I don't want to impose...
It's not a problem.
Do you have some luggage?
Sure, thanks.
Robert, why don't you
help her with the luggage.
Can I have your keys real quick?
Thank you.
Um, guess I'll help
with the luggage.
So, where are you from?
I've heard that's
a beautiful state.
Yeah, it is.
How do you know Clint?
Oh, uh, we grew up together
and dated all through college.
Then his parents wanted him
to go off to med school
and that was it...
He practically just disappeared.
I knew someone
that went away to college
and came back a
completely different person.
Well we're both grown up now.
And him a doctor too!
I can't wait to catch up.
So... how is it
that you know Clint?
Grace, can you please
give me a hand in the kitchen?
Be right there.
Wouldn't a restaurant be easier?
Welcome to east bend.
That's a lot of beans!
God gave me two hands,
and I intend to use 'em.
Not gonna let a broken
combine slow me down!
My father says,
"duties are ours
and results are god's."
Your father's a wise man.
So you and Robert
will start over here,
I'll work up the middle and
the women can start over here.
How long do
you think it'll take?
If the weather holds,
and we work fast,
two weeks, maybe three.
Sounds like a workable plan.
Now tell me about Brooke.
Mr. Anderson,
Brooke and I used to be
in a relationship.
Everyone expected us
to get married.
I even had the ring.
It just wasn't right though.
Neither one of us had
our priorities straight.
My parents encouraged me
to just be patient
and wait on god's timing.
So I broke it off with her
and I buried the ring.
Yet here she is.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't want grace to
get a surprise like this.
I believe you Clint.
Thank you.
But I will not
have grace getting hurt.
So I'm counting on god to
show you how to handle this.
Yes sir.
Let's pray.
Lord, thank you
for your Providence
which has brought Brooke
and Clint to our table tonight.
May all of these young people
seated here look to your word
for guidance and
direction in their life.
We ask your blessing
for this food now
and for those
that have prepared it.
In Jesus' name
we praise you, amen.
Clint, you remember
we used to make
cornbread growing up?
I do.
Your favorite.
Ah, looks great.
Yeah, I think I'll
have some cornbread.
This looks delicious.
Who made the cornbread?
I helped out!
She's a very fine cook.
She is a fine cook.
She's got a great teacher.
We teach them well.
Lock that front
window over there.
Were you guys playing in the
yard today or this afternoon.
So Clint, how do
you like being a doctor?
I like it.
How's that going?
It's going great.
I'm liking it here in east bend.
That's wonderful!
We're happy to have you.
Quiet here.
Hard-working people.
So what brings you
to north Carolina?
Oh... Looking
for something I lost.
Well gang, I'm happy to
announce that the crop is ready.
And Clint has agreed
to take the week off
to help with the harvest.
That's very kind of you, doctor.
And as an added incentive,
if we get it in on time,
I would like to host
a harvest festival.
What is a harvest festival?
We invite the community
to come and share a
bountiful feast with us
in celebration of our harvest.
So you give it all away?
Not all of it.
But if god has blessed us
with so much,
we should use it
to bless others.
What a strange idea.
I'm sorry to have to do this,
but I really should get going.
Thank you so much for dinner,
that was fantastic.
Yeah, well,
I know it's not a sports car,
but I have complete
confidence in you.
Thanks, Mike, I really
appreciate this.
Alright, talk to you soon.
you leaving so soon?
I thought we could catch up?
Things have changed.
I've changed.
I've changed too.
But I still Miss you.
I need you to understand.
I'm beginning a
new relationship.
I'm trying to do things
the right way.
The right way?
Am I the wrong way?
That's not what I meant.
I'm sorry... I need to go.
How you ladies
faring over there?
We'll make it.
I'll get the hang
of it by the time we're done.
Hey dad!
Would you look at that.
How'd you get it running?
My buddy Mike works
wonders with engines,
so I asked him
to give it a shot.
All yours.
Looks like we're gonna
have an early harvest festival!
I know you probably
weren't expecting
to see me here, but...
I blew things out of proportion
the other night with Clint.
I'm sorry.
Seems this misunderstanding
was my fault too.
Forgive me?
Of course.
Clint just better
have a brother.
Let me tell you about my hog.
You're gonna like this.
Here it is...
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention?
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming
to our harvest celebration.
Katherine and I,
we really hope you
have a great time today.
And for anyone who's interested,
if you'll start making your way
over to the sporting clays area
we'll start that
trapshooting competition
in just a few minutes.
Come on, sis,
you don't want to Miss my
expert shooting, do ya?
I can't.
I need to stay here
and help out.
Go on, I can handle this.
Are you sure?
Oh yeah.
How'd you
learn to shoot like that?
I guess living in
the country has its perks.
Clint? Clint!
Can you help me?
My gun is jammed.
I'd love some pointers.
Whoa, let me help
you with that Brooke.
There you go.
You know what?
I... I need a break.
Hey, who's that guy?
I... Can't...
Get a good look at him!
Here, try these.
Intruder alert!
Sergeant, man the guns!
Well, who do we have here?
Who's asking?
Jared Cunningham
at your service.
So where you from, gorgeous?
Out west.
Shoulda guessed.
There's not any girls half as
pretty as you are around here.
There's not as many guys
half as smart to notice.
So what brings you out here?
My fianc, Clint.
You don't say...
Come on, wanna go have some fun?
Let's go... Come with me.
How'd you learn
to shoot like that?
I've shot a time or two.
You know, if you want me to,
I can give you a few pointers.
I, uh, I hate to interrupt,
but your dad wants something
in the..In the shop.
So you were shooting
really good!
Thank you.
I move on to the final round,
that's fortunate.
Quite the party
you got going on.
What are you doing here?
Just thought I'd
check and see how that, uh,
how that like "new direction"
was going for ya.
That's none of your business.
Hey, wait!
I wanted to show you something.
Thanks, but I'm not interested.
It matches
the earrings I got ya.
It's beautiful,
but I can't accept it.
Okay, so we went
a little too fast.
Okay, but we can start
over, we can try again.
That's not the
kind of love I want.
All you care about is yourself.
How ya doing?
Good to see you again.
That was some great
shooting today...
Clint, wait!
Would you please stop!
Just go home!
I didn't wait all this time
for some
good-for-nothing farm girl
to come between us!
There is no more us, Brooke.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
That doctor's not gonna
work out for you anyway.
He likes that Brooke girl.
That was a long time ago!
Well, then why is she here now?
We're done here.
Let go of me!
I'm not done!
Hey! Leave her alone.
You okay?
How romantic!
So... So this is
the hero you left me for?
Mr. Nice guy?
Look out!
That's enough!
It's time for you to go!
Let me go!
When that new
direction doesn't pan out,
you'll be coming back.
There is nothing
for you here, ever.
Now get off my property!
You pack your bags, Missy,
you've overstayed
your welcome too.
I'm not leaving
until I get what I came for.
Let's go.
You've done enough damage here.
On second thought,
home sounds really
good about now.
I wanted to
handle this differently.
I'm sorry.
You pass the pancakes, please?
Thank you.
You shoulda seen
the look on Jared's face
when Kenny and I shot him.
I wonder why Clint
had to leave so suddenly?
Things don't always
work out as planned.
I know he had some stuff
to take care of.
Then why did god let
Brooke come and ruin everything?
I can't answer that sweetheart,
but I do know that you
can still trust him.
You should write him.
And be thankful for
what you do have.
Dear Clint: I don't
know where you are tonight
or what you're doing...
...But I never
got to thank you
for defending me last week.
I respect you for being
a man of principle...'ve taught me
to Cherish and value
my parent's blessing,
to wait for god's timing...
...and above all,
to be satisfied in Christ,
whether he brings us
together or not.
Thank you for being
a true friend.
Sincerely, grace.
Sweetheart, you about ready?
Be there in a second!
Missed a spot.
What a lovely young woman
you've become.
I'm very proud of you.
What makes you say that?
There you are, Princess!
Ready for our
mountain excursion?
Can't wait!
Everything's ready.
Time to eat guys.
Dogs, and pies,
and all the goodies here.
Oh man, I'm gonna sit over here.
Why don't you go find grace?
Can you do that?
That'd be good.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I thought you were...
I... I had
to take care of her.
That's not why I went back.
I can't believe you're here.
How did you even know
where we were?
I planned this
whole thing with your dad.
Actually... I believe god
planned this love story.
When he brought me to east bend,
I couldn't have imagined the
blessings he had in store.
I came for a job,
and discovered a loving family.
I put romance on hold, grace.
I was waiting on him
to bring a woman with
character and conviction.
Guess that's settled.
Grace Anderson,
I've grown to Cherish you
over the last few months.
I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.
will you marry me?
Yes! Yes!
I was hoping you'd say that.
Come on.
Let's go tell your family.
Mom! Dad!
He's here, he's here!
Our own little piece of heaven.
So you don't mind
staying here in east bend?
Wherever you go, I'm home.
Dad brought you
by something today.
Her future.
Do that again!