Princess Emmy (2019) Movie Script

[upbeat music]
[narrator] Once upon a time
in the land of Kandis,
a princess named Carlotta
saved a herd of horses
from plunging over a cliff,
but just as the horses stopped,
the edge of the cliff
gave way, and Carlotta fell.
When she awoke,
she found to her astonishment
that she could understand
what the horses were saying.
It was a gift, a reward
for her bravery and kindness.
Back at her castle,
Carlotta wrote a magical book
and through this book,
the talking gift passed
to future generations,
but Carlotta added a warning.
The book must never be lost,
for if it were,
the gift itself would
be lost... forever.
[dramatic music]
-[high tinkle]
-[clock ticks]
[high tinkle]
[high tinkle]
-[horses neigh]
-[girl cheering]
Come on, Caesar! Move, Johnny!
Catch up, Valentine!
And you, Xaver.
Hurry up, Joan.
-[horses cheer]
Come on, faster, run faster.
[birds tweeting]
-[Emmy] You know, Caesar.
-[Caesar] Mm?
Whatever we do, it just feels
like you always let me win...
[Caesar laughs]'s not fair and
it's boring.
What are you moaning about?
I thought you liked winning.
But if the rest of
you don't try,
it doesn't count. [laughs]
You're a princess, Emmy.
We're supposed to let you win.
You should treat me
just like any other girl.
Of course, a girl
like any other.
Who just happens to
wear a crown?
And lives in a huge
gigantic castle?
-With servants and...
-So, from now on
we're allowed to beat ya?
And you promise not to whine
like humans
usually do when they lose?
I'm losing, I'm losing.
That sounds absolutely
nothing like--
Black flip with a double twist.
Very fancy.
I'll double twist you.
No, no tickling! [laughs]
Right then, let's have a
real challenge
and we'll see who the
whiny babies are.
Super, count me in.
-Last one back's a donkey.
-[horses cheer]
Wait, that's cheating!
Come on, Caesar.
Ha ha.
This isn't fair.
Well, I could do it this way.
Or is this any good?
-Bad Caesar, bad horse.
-[people chattering]
-[camera clicks]
[woman] Real excitement
and a tremendous sense
of anticipation here as
Professor Croupe
prepares to read the parchment
to the waiting crowd.
For years we debated the origins
of this ancient parchment.
Was it really a page from
Carlotta's book?
Or merely some trifle
from the past
written in some
long-forgotten strange tongue.
My friends, we now
have the answer,
for last night, under
cover of darkness,
the parchment underwent a most
remarkable transformation.
Uh... which as you will see--
Huh? It's gone, the
page is gone!
-[church bells chime]
-[birds chirping]
[horns honk]
Huh? [gasps]
Gizana? Gizana!
Wouldn't this be perfect
for the Princess Day Ball?
-It's lovely.
-Now hurry up and try it on.
Hello, your highness,
so glad you could join us.
I'd have got here sooner
if it wasn't for certain
horses cheating.
Who, us?
Not you. Caesar.
I may not have run my fastest,
but then you did say we
should treat you
just like any other girl.
Oh, I see.
It's a conspiracy.
You wanted to hear me whine.
-[bell dings]
-Hi, guys.
-[Emmy] David!
Where've you been all day?
Up in the mountains.
And I'd have been first back
if Caesar hadn't cheated.
Wouldn't I?
[blows raspberry]
They don't seem to agree.
Who are you gonna believe?
Me or them?
Anyway, shouldn't
you be at work?
I would be, if this hadn't
practically landed on my head.
[gasps] The page from
Carlotta's book?
-You didn't steal it, did you?
-Course not.
I'm simply returning it
to its rightful--
Whoa, that's weird.
[David] Totally.
I'm glad to be rid of it.
Well, I've got work to do.
Oh, by the way, I just
saw your cousin in town.
Little Miss Perfect.
[Emmy gasps]
-[bell dings]
-[horses whinny]
[both] Hmm.
[Caesar] Now that
really is weird.
-What is it?
You know, back when
I was in the military--
[Ceasar] Hey, shh.
Where's Emmy?
Where's she gone?
-[door scrapes]
-[water drips]
-[high tinkle]
[gasps] Oh!
[Carlotta] Emmy, pass the test
and show yourself
worthy of the gift.
At Carlotta's tower,
you shall meet your fate.
Who fails the test will
lose the gift.
[high swoosh]
Do they mean the talking gift?
I thought I could only lose it
if I lost Carlotta's book.
I'd go and take a look
at that book if I was you.
Very close look.
[upbeat music]
[owl hooting]
-[high whisper]
-[high tinkle]
[Carlotta] At Carlotta's tower,
you shall meet your fate.
[Emmy] Well, I guess this shows
us how to get
there, hey, horsey?
I'll go tomorrow, which means
we have to get up early.
Very early.
[alarm beeps]
Ah, I slept in!
-Mum wants a word with you.
-Not now, Moritz.
-What about?
Hmm, brothers.
Mom, what's this all about?
I'm in a hurry.
Dad, have you seen Mom?
Oh, no, Dad's been making
muffins again.
-[cat meows]
-[muffin whizzes]
[lips smack]
Sweetheart, do you know
what this room is?
Clean? Empty?
Yes, for now.
But in ten days' time,
this will be your stage.
A stage for my little princess
to finally make her
debut in society.
-The Princess Day Ball.
The Council of Elders have asked
us to hold it here in
the castle this year.
And you've been invited, Emmy.
Your first ever
Princess Day Ball.
Oh, what?
[chuckles] You'd better
start preparing.
Remember, you only have
ten days to get ready.
And we have a surprise for you.
What do you think?
-[dramatic music]
It's beautiful.
You're not dreaming, go on.
Wow, my dress. My
Princess Day dress.
Oh, Mom, that's so wonderful.
But, um, but please, I
have to be going.
Aren't you excited?
I really am, but I've got
ten days, right?
-That's loads of time.
-Oh, no.
The time will just fly by with
-Frau Zwickelmeier.
-Frau Zwickelmeier?
Moritz, stop it, it's
gonna be wonderful.
Oh, there she is.
What a happy day!
Oh, I can't wait to see
you in that dress!
Ah, young lady, aren't
you wondering
who your Master of
Manners will be?
You mean you?
[scoffs] No, I excel
at many things.
Ooh, oops, not least baking.
But etiquette isn't one of them.
You'll receive your instruction
from Vincenzo
Massimo Cerimonata.
-[Karl] Muffin anyone?
-Maybe later.
Uh, I've just brushed my teeth.
Can I please leave now?
-I have to--
-Not so fast.
You have to pass certain tests
before attending the ball.
[Karl] Prove you're posh enough.
Well, we wouldn't want
to let the side down.
No, not in front of all
those la-di-das
from the other kingdoms.
And if I don't pass?
Of course you'll pass.
You're an
exceptional young lady.
Really? You really think so?
Yes, absolutely. Now,
let's celebrate with a muffin.
Oh, I uh, I've got this thing
I have to do, I'll be back soon.
-What thing?
-I'll tell ya later.
-Ah, whoa.
-Won't be long!
[man] Huh? Attenzione. Atten--
-[cat meows]
[cat purrs]
[speaks in foreign language]
Sebastian, can I
saddle up Caesar?
He's all yours, Emmy!
Emmy? The Principessa?
[speaks in foreign language]
There's something else I
need to tell you.
[Emmy] Tell me later. Love you,
-La Mama?
-[Karla] My goodness,
what happened?
Please, let me help you.
Your majesty, Vincenzo
Massimo Cerimonata.
Welcome, Senor Cerimonata.
I am most humbly at your
service, ma'am.
Please do come in
and please accept my apologies.
Emmy's terribly excited.
Oh, I'm sure Mr. Vincenzo knows
what naughty little
monkeys children are.
He does, and he will
do his utmost
to make this child a lady.
Oh, your highness,
you are a cook.
Advanced amateur.
Uh... Please, take one.
Oh, Mr. Vincenzo,
let me show you to your room.
Whoa. Look at that,
didn't spill a crumb.
Did you see that, Mr...
Please, let me show
this young man to his room.
Thank you, Fionnuala.
[Fionnuala] You'll be sleeping
in our finest guest room.
Madam, I expected no less.
My name's Fionnuala, by the way.
You think Emmy's ready
for the Princess Day Ball?
For the Ball, yes.
For Mr. Outstanding,
-I have my royal doubts.
-[laughs] Karl. Shh. Don't.
[Fionnuala] And if
there's anything you need,
you just let me know.
And we have a ghost, you know.
Right here in the castle.
[speaks in foreign language]
[Fionnuala] That lot don't
believe in it,
but I've seen things.
[soft music]
[birds squawk]
I think we've found
what you're looking for.
-[Caesar neighs]
-Steady, boy, steady.
[bird squawks]
[Caesar] This test
the voices talked about...
you reckon you'll
discover what it is?
Up there?
Only one way to find out.
Xaver, you're in charge
while we're gone.
Let's move, hop hop.
-[horse neighs]
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We haven't discussed
tactics yet.
Plans, plan Bs.
You know, when I was
in the army--
-Please, Xaver.
-Do give it a rest.
Fine, don't blame me when
the whole thing goes belly up.
[dramatic music]
-[high tinkle]
[Caesar] Amazing. Wow.
[inspirational music]
Come on.
[horse hooves clatter]
-[high whine]
-[horses whinny]
[dramatic music]
-[Carlotta] Who are you?
I'm Emmy, I've come
about the test.
[Carlotta] Who are you?
Are you worthy of the gift?
-[slow music]
-[horse hooves clatter]
It's getting late.
[Carlotta] Are you worthy?
-[bells tinkle]
-[cars rumble]
-[horn blares]
-[birds cry]
[David] Are you
worthy of the gift?
I didn't know what to say.
How should I know if I'm worthy?
Well, we know there's
gonna be some kind of test.
Maybe it's the
Princess Day Ball.
Don't you have to pass
a bunch of silly tests
before they even let you go?
If you do lose the
talking gift--
not that you will, obviously,
but if you did--
can I have it?
-Ha ha, very funny.
-No. [laughs]
Moritz, put that
skateboard away!
[Karl sighs]
That thing's an absolute menace.
[Fionnuala] Moritz!
Horsey, if this test
is the Princess Day Ball,
I reckon it's in the bag.
-[car rumbles]
-[horn blares]
[tires screech]
[upbeat music]
Hello, Frau Zwickelmeier.
Maurice, did I teach
you nothing?
Chin up, up, up.
One's head is always kept high.
And when you did you last
have a haircut?
Ask your parents to
invest in one
as a matter or urgency.
Would you close the door
behind me, please, Maurice?
-It's Moritz.
Frau Zwickelmeier has arrived.
Princess Emmy? Hello?
Would the princess
be in the ballroom perhaps?
Can someone please help me
find the Kleine Prinzessin?
Is somebody going somewhere?
-That's what I wanted
to tell you.
We're going to have a
house guest.
A house guest?
She's up in your room
as we speak.
Your cousin, Gizana.
[dramatic music]
Hello, Emmy, I'm just
throwing out some trash.
What trash?
My dear cousin, as far
as I can see,
it's all trash, but I
couldn't throw it all out,
so I started with
the baby trash.
This is my room,
it's none of your business.
Well, it is my business
if it's cluttering up my bed.
-That's my bed.
-It was, till I got here.
Guests come first,
and that's how it's gonna be
until the Ball.
We're sharing the Ball now too.
If you can pass all
your classes of course.
Shame really. Squeezing you
into this tiny room,
when there's such
a beautiful big one upstairs.
-Show me.
-If you insist.
Take me there.
[Emmy] Ta-da!
Look, your new room.
Charming, huh?
And spacious.
It certainly is.
[Gizana] I'm surprised you
haven't taken it yourself.
[Emmy] Let's talk straight,
shall we?
I can't stop you being here,
but you'd better keep
your distance.
And what distance would that be?
This far?
How about now?
Just say when.
-So you brought me to an arena.
A battlefield with
winners and losers.
Are you testing me?
[chuckles] Please,
you wouldn't stand a chance.
Don't bet on it.
Girls, what's wrong?
What happened?
And what on Earth are you
doing up here anyway?
Emmy just showed me my new room.
[Karla] Emmy.
I thought she'd enjoy
the extra space.
This is no time for jokes.
Gizana, maybe you can explain.
It was a shock to me, too,
The Princess Emmy has a point,
Look at it, the room is
practically royal.
In fact, I think Emmy
should have it herself
as a reward for her generosity.
[Karla] I think that's a
very good idea.
You can move your things
in after dance class.
Which begins in
approximately ten minutes ago.
-But, Mom...
-[Karla] Emmy.
I'm going, I'm going.
[cat meows]
Emmy, what happened?
[Emmy] I've got a new room.
[Zwickelmeier] Ah-ha, at last.
Entre, entre.
What is this, a
frightened rabbit?
A princess strides
into the room.
Yes, Frau Zwickelmeier.
So, down to work.
All dancing starts
with counting.
It might seem odd, but one
who cannot count, cannot dance.
So, are we ready?
Yes, I am.
We begin with the waltz.
One, two, three, one, two,
Together, one, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-[Zwickelmeier] OK,
stop, stop, stop.
The goal, my dear Princess,
is to shine
on this most important day
of a young lady's life.
To reach that goal, we
must be consistent,
focused, and never, ever
lose sight of it.
One should sleep,
breathe, and-- ah, a mouse.
[cat meows, howls]
-What now?
-[Karla] Emmy!
It's a ghost, it's
coming for me!
It's coming for-- Emmy, kill it!
-Here, mousey, here.
Mousey, come here.
Emmy, help me, Emmy.
-No, Rockfried!
[screams, gasps]
That's it, end of classes.
Frau Zwickelmeier goes home.
So long, farewell,
auf wiedersehen, and good-bye.
[Karla] Frau Zwickelmeier,
Frau Zwickelmeier?
-Please don't leave.
-Frau Zwickelmeier.
Could you at least tells
us what happened?
I have no appetite for
You shall go directly
to your room
and reflect on your
egregious behavior.
You know I can rescind
your invitation
to the ball at anytime I choose,
Do you doubt I would do it?
-I didn't hear you.
-No, Mr. Cerimonata.
You heard him, Emmy.
Off to your, uh, new room.
Yes, Dad.
[panting] Princess Emmy,
what happened?
They let me out of
dance class early.
We were wrong about the test.
I don't think it is the ball.
I think it's Gizana.
Well, think about it.
Since she arrived,
everything's gone wrong.
So it's a test to see if you can
put up with your horrible cousin
without going bananas?
And I'm not at all sure
that's a test I can pass.
Of course I won't do
anything silly.
I will, I promise.
You too, bye.
Little Miss Perfect.
Two for you, two for Emmy.
Share and share alike.
I'll make sure she gets them.
-[Vincenzo] Ah, Gizana.
We have a very busy
day tomorrow.
I expect you both downstairs
at 6:30 on the dot.
Yes, Mr. Vincenzo.
And be sure to tell your cousin.
Senor Vincenzo
does not tolerate tardiness.
Oh, I'll make sure she knows.
-[dramatic music]
Poor Emmy.
This really is too wicked.
[dramatic music]
[horn blares]
Princess Emmy, I made it clear
-we begin at 6:30 sharp.
You must be washed,
dressed and ready to go.
-But nobody told--
-Before the final note
-of the bugle is played.
So... are you gonna stand
there all day?
You have three minutes
to get ready, beginning now.
-Tappy toe.
-The time is ticking.
Three, two, one, we
start with balance.
Balance is the basis of
every activity.
-Every move one
makes must be precise.
Next the smiling practice.
Smiling, young ladies,
is nothing to smile about.
It is very, very important
to maintain your dignity
-under all circumstances.
-[cat meows]
No education is complete until
one has mastered the piano.
[upbeat piano music]
-[gasps] Really?
-It was him.
Next, elegance.
The key here is to make
your every move a work of art.
Art class starts at 2:30 sharp.
Anybody want a muffin?
Excellent idea, Your Majesty,
let us have a short break.
[Emmy] Caesar, Rose,
-Xaver, Valentine, Donny.
[Emmy] What's Daphne doing here?
-[horses whinny]
-[Gizana] You know
my dream, Emmy?
To be the most perfect princess
in the entire world.
And I think I can be.
I think I have what it takes.
What about you, Emmy?
Do you have what it takes?
Do you even know what it takes?
-[horses neigh]
Wonder where she keeps
her broomstick.
She isn't always like that.
So you're on her side, are ya?
Maybe you're a little
miss perfect, too.
We didn't think much
of little miss perfects
-in the army.
-[Rose] Oi, knock it off.
Rose is right, guys.
This isn't Daphne's fault,
she's just sticking up
for her mistress.
I'm not being funny or anything,
but did that human just talk?
Uh, yes. Yes, she did.
-Some kind of trick, right?
-No trick.
And she understands what we say?
That's pretty much how it works.
-Oh, my days.
-You'll get used to it.
-I'm not sure I... [neighs]
-[horses neigh]
[Emmy] Whoa.
-[horses neigh]
-You're up to something.
What is it, Emmy?
Some fabulous little secret?
-Or maybe you're cooking up
one of your pathetic--
-[horse neighs]
-[duck squeaks]
-[growls] Donny.
-[horse neighs]
You thought that was funny,
did you?
You and your horses...
it's a joke, Emmy.
Not me.
Whoa, that was close.
[Emmy] Very close.
A little over the top there,
[sniffs] What's that smell?
It's like flowers.
It's coming from the passageway.
Anyone there?
[water drips]
[hooves clatter]
You were right, it does
smell of violets.
-[hooves clatter]
That was seriously weird.
Xaver, lift your feet.
-[all gasp]
Can anybody lend me a comb?
How about you? My hair
got a little discombobulated.
Shall I biff him one?
Whoa, and mess up my
curls again?
Seriously though, I really
do need a comb.
[horse growls]
Is he going to wipe his feet
on my wig again?
Who are you?
I'm Gregorius, the castle ghost,
and that's Xaver,
formerly of the Queen's own
Royal Dragoons,
the beautiful Rose, obviously.
This must be Caesar,
and you are... oh, I remember,
the girl with the gift,
the girl with the test.
The girl who isn't looking
after a certain secret book.
I wonder if Gizana's
found it yet.
[gasps] It's still in
my old room!
-Stop, stop, stop.
Horses that way,
panicking princesses that way.
[high tinkle]
Shortcut, leads straight
to the castle.
Is she always like that?
Poor Vincenzo.
-[horses neigh]
-Mama mia.
[dramatic music]
Bathroom's free, Gizana.
[Gizana] Thanks, Mrs. Bloom.
You'll need to run the
water for a minute.
The boiler's on the blink again.
[David] Thank you, sir,
would you like an orange?
No, thank you,
I haven't the time right now.
-They're lovely and ripe.
-Yes, yes, maybe later.
-[Emmy] Psst, David.
-What's going on?
I need you to distract him.
-Use your imagination.
Princess? Princess Emmy?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! [groans]
A visitor. How nice.
Just, uh... getting a book.
One of your books, or
one of mine?
Mine, obviously.
Well, you won't mind if
I take a look.
I do, actually.
Emmy, I should have known.
-And what is this?
-It's just an old book.
Can I have it back, please?
So, a storybook is
more important
than Frau
Zwickelmeier's dance class?
Consider it confiscated.
-But I...
-[car horn blares]
[Vincenzo] She's here.
Go straight downstairs
and don't keep her waiting.
I've got my eye on you.
At least things can't
get any worse.
Get out of my way!
[cat meows]
Rockfried, get out of the way!
Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!
Oh, no!
[Zwickelmeier groans]
Well, does anyone have
anything to say?
[engine starts]
You win, I've had enough.
-[Karla] Frau Zwickelmeier!
-[car screeches]
Please! Please Frau
Don't leave!
There must be a perfectly...
innocent explanation.
This isn't some
church hall disco.
I know, darling.
What if they withdraw
her invitation?
[Emmy] Ouch.
Oh, my goodness, are
you all right?
Nothing broken, nothing broken.
It's just a little sprain.
[Karl] Fionnuala's ointment?
Yep, looks like it.
Emmy's getting the ointment,
Emmy's getting
-the ointment.
-[Emmy] No way.
[laughs] Fionnuala's ointment.
[speaks in foreign language]
[clears throat]
[Fionnuala] The ointment
has a singular aroma.
No, grazie.
But it's not at all unpleasant.
Oh, you all think
you're so smart.
Mark my words, when it's
fixing they need,
it's Fionnuala's
ointment they ask for.
[Fionnuala] There we go.
Nice and thick.
You'll be thanking me
in the morning.
-[cat screeches]
-You always do.
-Not another one.
[cat meows, purrs]
Right, chaps, you know the
drill. [laughs]
-[horses neigh]
-Fionnuala's wonder cream.
[Karl] One, two, hup.
There we go.
-Oops, watch out for the door.
Now, let's go and see
about that book.
[Fionnuala] Perfect, you'll
be good as new in no time.
Now you rest here while I go
check on that silly man.
-Mr. Vincenzo?
[cat meows]
-[door creaks]
-[cat purrs]
[Emmy] Oh, oh...
[door creaks]
[nasal voice]
No, no, Rockfried,
you stay here.
[cat meows]
[door creaks]
-[cat howls]
-[door squeaks]
[Karl] Blinds down, blankets up.
Temperature? [gasps]
Let's hope he's forgotten
all about this in the morning.
Otherwise he might just
cancel Emmy's invitation.
[Karla] Or even the entire ball.
Listen here, Emmy!
If the ball gets canceled
because of you,
I'm going to--
[normal voice] So, my
sneaky little cousin
does have a secret.
[Xaver] Excellent bandage work.
You know, when I was
in the Queen's Own Royal
-we used to make--
-Not now, Xaver.
It's not my foot I'm
worried about.
Vincenzo's got Carlotta's book.
I said it was a bunch
of old children's stories,
but what if he loses it?
What if he throws it out?
You know what happens
if I lose that book, Caesar.
I'd lose the gift.
Even Gizana's after it.
Oh, no! [sighs]
I need to get that book back.
[horses neigh]
-[ground creaks]
-Shh, listen.
What? What is it?
-Somebody's coming.
-[horse neigh]
For a secret tunnel,
it doesn't seem all that secret.
-Who's there?
Show yourself.
-[cat meows]
I distinctly remember
telling someone to stay put.
I'm sorry, I don't speak cat,
but whatever excuse you're
coming up with,
I don't believe it.
I best go back and check
the door's closed properly.
-[all] Bye, Emmy.
-Be careful.
-See you later, guys.
-[female horse] Bye, Emmy.
Curiouser and curiouser.
[horses neigh]
Guys, guys, don't stare,
act normal.
[horses neigh]
What's going on here?
What did she mean she
doesn't speak cat?
[horse neighs]
I know, you'd tell me
if you could.
You'd tell me what that
infernal girl is up to.
[horse chews]
What about you, Donny?
Do you have anything
you'd like to tell me?
Anything you want to share? Hmm?
-[lips smack]
-[groans] Yuck!
You disgusting bucket of,
of slime!
[owls hoot]
[narrator] The book must
never be lost.
For if it was, the gift
itself would be lost.
[Carlotta] Who are you?
[gasps] Huh?
[gasps, growls]
[Karla] It's going
to be a stage.
A stage for my little Princess.
[Karl] That's the spirit.
[Karla] You will finally
make your grand entrance.
Your official debut in society.
She isn't really going
to lose the gift, is she?
I would hate it if we
couldn't talk to her.
We need to do something.
There's only one thing for it.
We need to get
Carlotta's book back.
[male horse] Us?
We are her friends, aren't we?
-What are you suggesting?
-Stealth mission.
We take the tunnel,
sneak quietly into the castle,
find Vincenzo's room,
and steal the book back.
-[horses neigh]
-OK, there are 26
fully grown horses here.
Excuse me.
[scoffs] Twenty-seven
fully grown horses.
Sneaking quietly
isn't what we do.
Exactly, it's the last
thing he'd expect.
[all chattering]
-Xaver's right.
-Fine. Great.
Stealth mission it is.
Can I suggest that we line
up single file.
[horses neigh]
Does anyone know how to
open the door?
-Shall we?
-[Caesar] Do I have a choice?
-Kinda makes you proud,
-doesn't it?
Right, coast is clear.
Quietly now, secret scroll.
Do humans actually
eat this stuff?
Our job is to love them,
not to understand them.
[horses whinny]
-[glass smashes]
-[cat meows]
[male horse] I love what
they've done with the place.
Did you see that corner thing?
You lot, keep it down.
-Oh, comfortable.
-Very comfortable.
Do you think my nose looks big?
Hey, girls, seen Vincenzo?
Nope, no Vincenzo here.
Bingo, the plan worked.
[Emmy sighs]
Whoa, whoa!
-[Caesar] Morning, sleepyhead.
-[Rose] Rise and shine!
Caesar, Rose, all of you?
Every single one.
We thought we'd give
you a surprise.
Well, you certainly did that.
And we brought you a
little present.
-[Xaver] Real page turner
Carlotta's book!
How on Earth did you get it?
Got Xaver to thank.
Army training came in
useful after all.
Oh, I don't know how
to thank you.
Chocolate, ice cream, lollipops?
Hmm, the page.
It's gone.
-[horses neigh]
-That's mom.
Emmy, in here.
You guys wait here.
And not a sound.
I don't even want to hear
you breathing.
-[horses gasp]
-[speaks in foreign language]
[Karla] Who on Earth
could have done it?
I've no idea, it doesn't
make any sense.
[David gasps] Mom, you've
got to see this.
-I've never seen such a mess.
-[Karla] Me neither.
-[Emmy] You, uh,
think it might have
been Rockfried?
That's too much calamity
for such a little cat.
Perhaps it was burglars,
thieves in the night.
What kind of burglar
doesn't take anything?
Who did it then?
When you eliminate
the impossible,
whatever remains, no
matter how unlikely,
must be the truth.
[gasps] Your fantasma!
Exactly. The ghost.
[sighs] Don't be silly.
I've heard him, Your Majesty,
clanking his chains.
Well, whoever it was,
we have to clean it up.
Ready, forward march.
-[jaunty music]
-[cat meows]
Delays, delays, simply delays.
Crazy, the entire family.
Completamente pazzi.
What if it was a ghost?
Don't you start.
-[stairs creak]
-[Xaver] Shh.
Your Majesties, Your Majesties.
-The horses.
What? What about them?
[Sebastian] They've disappeared,
Your Majesty.
I've looked everywhere,
somebody must have taken them.
-Oh, no.
-Emmy, if I get my hands
-on that ghost.
-Oh, Emmy, I'm so sorry.
[horse neighs]
[all gasp]
-Marie, no.
-I have to go.
[Karla] Do you know
something about this?
Emmy, why?
Uh, guess what, my
foot's healed.
[horse neighs]
I have a duty, Your Majesties.
I must ask myself, is this
the behavior of a princess?
She didn't mean any harm.
Yet the horses clearly
did not enter the castle
of their own volition,
they are merely
animals after all.
Oh, couldn't you give her
just one more chance?
We'd be really grateful.
Three conditions.
-[Karla] Name them.
-[Vincenzo] Number one,
Emmy cleans the mess.
No help, no assistance,
just her.
-[Karla] Agreed.
-[Karl] Absolutely.
[Vincenzo] Number two,
Emmy takes her studies seriously
from now on, maximum effort,
all of the time.
Dress starts at half past
six on the dot.
[Karl] Could be tricky.
[Vincenzo] This is my condition.
-[Karla] OK, OK.
-[Karl] And what's number three?
-[Vincenzo] No more horses.
[Vincenzo] We have seen
enough of them.
If these conditions are met,
Princess Day classes
will continue.
If not, Emmy's invitation
shall be revoked.
[Karla] Emmy. Emmy!
Emmy, you came very close
to missing the Ball.
Very, very close.
But he said I can't
see my horses.
Well, yes. Yes, he did,
and you should see it
as a test, a test of character.
Sebastian will take
care of the horses
while you concentrate
on Mr. Vincenzo's classes.
The sooner you prove you're
a proper little Princess,
the sooner you get
your life back.
-[jaunty music]
-[cat meows]
[cat meows]
[cat meows]
Ah, catching up on homework?
-[gasps] David.
- Carlotta and the Talking Gift.
I didn't know you
were interested
in silly old legends.
-I'm not.
-Oh, I see.
And I always had you figured
as one of the smart ones.
What's that supposed to mean?
Don't worry, you're not
the first one
she's fooled with the old
talking trick.
[high tinkle]
[gasps] Hmm.
-[cat meows]
-Not now, Rockfried.
-[cat meows]
-[cat meows]
[upbeat music]
[cat meows]
Wait, wait, I'm coming,
I'm coming!
Ah. Yes, I'm first.
Morning, Emmy, what kept you?
[horses whinny]
-Any sign?
It's like she's
forgotten all about us.
[Caesar] She's busy.
She'll come as soon as she can.
I'm sure she will.
[alarm blares]
[gasps] Ow!
No time to lose.
[upbeat music]
Am I first? Did I beat her?
-Morning, Emmy, what kept you?
[Emmy groans]
Mr. Cerimonata.
Ah ha, understood?
[Emmy] Mr. Cerimonata,
did I-- [sighs]
[door opens]
[ Emmy] Morning!
Senorita Emmy.
No Gizana? Strange.
Sorry, Gizana, fair is fair.
[clears throat]
[trumpet blares]
You witch!
-Should we get started?
-Wait, wait, I'm here!
Gizana, how nice of
you to join us.
Thank you, Emmy.
It's very nice to be here.
What kept you?
Enough chit chat.
I have decided that today
will be a free day.
No classes?
No classes.
Instead, I will take the
time to reflect
on your progress, and
decide if you have
reached the standard
required to attend
the Princess Day Ball,
Good, then I will see you
tomorrow with my verdict.
Any idea who put those--
Oh, no, you don't!
Come on, Emmy, the
longer this takes,
the worse it's gonna be.
-Morning, Gizana.
What are you doing in here?
I uh, felt like a muffin.
You don't get muffins
out of a box.
Come on, I'll show you
how to make them properly.
Ah, this is the life.
-[horses neigh]
-I'd love to have seen her face
when she discovered
what you'd done.
Excellent tactics, Emmy,
and superb deployment
of resources, if I may say so.
I know that girl.
You shouldn't wind her up,
not if she's sniffing around
about your gift.
David convinced her
it's all a big fairy story.
Carlotta, the talking gift,
-[horses neigh]
-[Emmy] At Carlotta's tower.
What could she do?
And don't forget,
she doesn't have the map.
-[horses neigh]
-Thank you, Paul.
Now why don't the rest
of you take his advice
and stop worrying so much.
She can understand horses.
Gizana won't find the book,
because she isn't looking
for the book, she doesn't
even know I have it.
It's nice and safe in the attic.
-[horse neighs]
-Exactly, I couldn't have
put it better myself.
So it is true.
[all gasp]
-[horses neigh]
-Gizana, please!
You've got to get
there before her!
-[Gizana panting]
-Good morning, Gizana.
Morning, Auntie. Morning,
[Karla] There you are,
We need to decide on
the invitations.
Velum or parchment? Which
do you prefer?
Velum? Parchment?
[growls] Where is that book?
Oh, thank goodness.
[Gizana] Thanks ever so much.
See you tonight.
[owl hoots]
-[bird cries]
-[wood creaking]
[gasps] The book!
No, no, no, no!
Gizana, you witch!
-[horses neigh]
Ready, Daphne?
You'll be talking to me soon.
[horse neighs]
[gasps] Gizana, come back!
[horse neighs]
[bird cries]
[bird cries]
-[birds squawk]
-That must be it.
Let's go.
[horse nickers]
[horse neighs]
Why shouldn't I have
the talking gift, too?
I'm Princess Gizana!
Come on.
[dramatic music]
-[Emmy] Gizana!
Gizana, please!
The book!
I can't lose it!
Why not?
It doesn't even work.
You're good at
tricking people, aren't you?
I wasn't trying to trick anyone.
You made me think
I could have the talking gift.
You made me believe.
No, let go!
[thunder cracks]
Gizana, wait!
I wanted to be special!
I wanted to talk to horses,
but it's all a lie!
If I can't have it, nobody will!
[gasps] The book!
[high tinkle]
-[thunder cracks]
-No, please.
No, no, no. No, no.
Please, please, please.
No, no, no, no.
[somber music]
-[thunder cracks]
[Carlotta] Who are you?
[Gizana] Oh, Emmy!
-Emmy, please!
-I've got you!
[gasps] Help!
[horse neighs]
Please, help me!
[horse neighs]
[horse whinnies]
[horse nickers]
I don't understand
them anymore.
[horse neighs]
I've lost the gift, Caesar,
it's gone.
[Emmy sobbing]
[horse neighs]
[birds twitter]
[jaunty music]
[Vincenzo] Ah, finally. I
see, I see, I see.
Old habits die hard.
With Emmy's imprudent behavior
in front of the Elders,
she shows she is not yet ready
to enter polite society.
Her invitation to
the Ball shall be revoked.
-And what shall I do with you?
Shall I revoke yours, too?
You're not being fair!
You don't know anything.
She saved my life out there!
What on Earth have
they been up to?
[horses neigh]
[door opens]
[horse neighs]
[door closes]
[horses neigh]
[horses snort]
Emmy, I...
I'm sorry.
If you want me to go, I can go.
No, please stay.
[horse neighs]
[horse hooves clatter]
[high tinkle]
[all gasp]
[horses neigh]
[horse sneezes]
-[inspirational music]
[Emmy] Carlotta?
Princess Emmy.
You have shown yourself
worthy of the gift.
[gasps] Wow.
Caesar, what does that mean?
I have no idea and we can't
exactly ask her, can we?
-[male horse gasps] Whoa.
-[Rose] Have you ever seen
-anything like it?
-[male horse] What's happening?
-Where did they come from?
-It's like violets.
-Huh? [laughs]
-Oh, my days!
-I understand you!
-[horses cheer]
I understand every word
you're saying!
-I've got the gift back!
[horses cheer]
[laughs] Hey, Emmy,
what did she say?
That you're one of us now.
I really am?
[Gregorius] Wait, wait, wait.
I would like to congratulate
this girl as well.
For bravery, she
receives a medal.
-[high tinkle]
Well, worth a try, I suppose.
Perhaps you'll save me a dance
at the Princess Day Ball,
my lady.
Wait, you mean,
they're going to let us go?
[all cheer]
Of course! Did you
ever doubt it?
Yeah! We're going!
We're going to the
Princess Day Ball!
[upbeat music]
[narrator] And so by
saving Gizana,
Emmy passed her test.
-[lips smack]
-The Princess Day Ball
was a spectacular success,
and Emmy danced
all the way through
to the wee small hours.
As for the talking gift,
it remained a closely
guarded secret
known only to Emmy's
oldest friend David,
and her newest one, Gizana.
[high tinkle]
[cat meows]
-[Emmy] Rockfried!
-You silly cat.
-[Karl] Oh, Emmy.
-[Karla] Oh, Emmy.
[Vincenzo] Honestly,
all of them,
completamente pazzi.
-[Karla] Sweetheart.
-[Karl] Yes, dear?
How did you make Seor Vincenzo
change his mind?
Well, I gave him one
of my muffins.
-Muffin, anyone?
-[firework whines]
Deep down your heart
Is fueling a fire
Cinders and smoke
When your anger escapes
Make sure this fire
gets stronger
Show the world who you are
Who you wanna be
What you need from me
Turn to the sun
Follow your
instincts with pride
Take a look and see
You can always be
Strong like I feel
Calling on your own accord
So take a hard look at
your reflection
It shines so bright
You do not always have
to wear a mask
To hide your light
When things get too much
Then just take your time
No matter how bad
things get
There's always a way out
Just take a deep breath
And head into the flames
When things get too much
Then just take your time
Who you wanna be
What you need from me
Turn to the sun
Follow your
instincts with pride
Take a look and see
You can always be
Shine like the sun
Find out that
you feel alive
Who you wanna be
What you need from me
Turn to the sun
Take a look and see
You can always be
Shine like the sun
Who you wanna be, who
you wanna be
Who you wanna be, who
you wanna be
Take a look and see
You can always be
Shine like the sun
Take a look and see
You can always be
- Shine like the sun
- Shine like the sun