Princess Halle and the Jester (2024) Movie Script

[narrator] This is not
your ordinary fairy tale.
Magic and peril,
love and betrayal,
choice and consequence.
Many wonders await
those who dare follow,
but don't say
you weren't warned.
Our story begins
with a king, a queen,
and the birth of a princess.
The queen's eyes grew dim
as she held
the newborn princess.
She handed the baby to the king
and drew her final breath,
befallen to
a mysterious illness.
Deep beneath
the grieving kingdom,
not unlike the humans above,
thirsted for riches and power.
Under the goblin queen's
command, they vowed
to one day re-emerge
and reclaim their ancient lands.
[gentle music playing]
[birds chirping]
My father's wedding!
Part of me actually thought
he'd change his mind.
You think we still have time?
[whimsical music playing]
Apple for spear,
pumpkin for hunt.
Three arrows, three bullseyes
wins you 300 shillings!
Another foolish soul defeated
by the Bow Master's
ultimate machine!
[Halle] Mind if I try?
Which soft-spoken gentleman
thinks he can--
Ten shillings for a go, lassie.
-[villagers booing]
-All right, settle down.
This ought to be a sight.
-[Halle gasps]
-[bow thuds]
Better luck next time, lassie.
My blazes, Halle!
All the castle knights
on high alert,
and you're sneaking out.
And making a show of it, too?
What on earth were you thinking,
nearly exposing yourself
like that?
Come on, Aunt Maggie. I was
just having a bit of sport.
And about to win you
a small fortune to boot.
The Bow Master's a con artist.
He never pays up.
He'd have bolted faster
than a rooster in heat.
[Yakota squeaks, purrs]
The wedding's in
just over an hour.
What are you doing here?
No place I'd rather be
than with you, Aunt Maggie.
You had one of your dreams
again, didn't you?
What was it this time?
Murderers and thieves
running amok?
Hellfire pouring
from the heavens?
Cherry cobbler?
The King's bound to have my head
if you're caught gallivanting
around town right now.
God, you should be home.
I feel more at home down here
than up there.
Always have.
Maybe it's because
you were so close to Mother.
I may have served her
as handmaiden,
but I loved her as a sister.
I need you to
come with me today.
I need someone
to share in my suffering.
Doesn't that sound like fun?
Sharing in my suffering?
Last chance to see the place
before Perscilla redecorates.
I can't.
I wish I could be there
with you, sweetie.
I really do, but...
denial is one of
the few luxuries
a peasant woman can afford.
[Walter] Invitation, please.
Enjoy the royal wedding.
There's a problem
with the princess.
Yeah, she's a teenager.
That's the problem.
Maybe, but she won't
come out of her room.
[Walter] Halle,
are you in there?
-Just a minute.
I-- I said just a minute.
Young lady, your father
has enough problems in his life.
You promised us
you wouldn't do this today.
If he really cared,
he'd be here.
[Walter] Look,
we all admired your mother.
Nothing's ever been quite
the same since the day she...
[somber music playing]
-Halle. Is everything okay?
Is everything okay?
The seamstress has been looking
for you practically all day.
Um, my apologies, ma'am.
I was just running behind.
I hope you know you can
talk to me about anything.
I mean, after all,
we're gonna be family soon.
I was just having
trouble waking earlier.
It must have been a bad dream.
Oh, bless your heart.
Bad dreams can be
such unpleasant things.
Well, it was just a dream.
I'll be fine.
Aren't you going to
mention my dress?
Don't I look simply ravishing?
My father will be pleased.
After the ceremony,
I want that portrait gone.
[tense music playing]
A gift for you, My Queen.
My mother's ring.
May you have the courage
to speak for those you rule,
and the wisdom to listen
to those you do not.
You will always be
my greatest gift.
I present to you,
King Victor and Queen Perscilla.
[villagers gasping]
Your Majesty, on behalf
of the town of Devonshire,
I congratulate thee
on your nuptials.
And, as a small token
of our affection,
for small tokens are
all you've ever afforded us,
I present to you a rare display
of the magic and wonder
that lies just beyond
this kingdom's walls.
[tense music playing]
[villagers booing]
Okay, tough crowd, tough crowd.
I get it. Royalty.
Let's heat things up a bit,
[villagers applauding]
Now, for my next miracle...
-[glass shattering]
-[villagers screaming]
Get behind me!
[knights grunting]
-Guard the throne!
[knight screaming]
[goblins snarling]
-[Walter grunts]
-Stay back.
Victor, no!
[dramatic music playing]
[knight grunts]
[dragon screeches]
[goblin growling]
-[Halle gasps]
-[goblin laughing]
-[Henr grunting]
-[goblins roaring]
Hey, hey, hey!
No, no, no, this way.
Come on, come on, over here.
[dragon snarling]
[Yakota screeches]
[goblin groaning]
-What are you doing?
-Trust me.
[dragon groaning]
[dragon groans]
-[goblin snarls]
-Watch out!
[goblin snarls]
[dragon roaring]
[goblin snarls]
[somber music playing]
Your Majesty,
the princess and the jester
have fled into the woods.
Curious how the princess
was nowhere to be found
in the hours before the attack.
What exactly are you implying,
My Queen?
Mind your tongue, knight,
and remember to whom
you're speaking.
Did you step on something?
Uh, was it something I said?
I mean, I don't...
I don't think I said anything.
You know,
I've always found the sight
of a crying woman to be...
extremely uncomfortable. I-- I--
Okay, come on, Princess,
it'll be all right.
I'm-- I'm sure
the entire kingdom is
probably searching for
your father right now. Uh...
Oh, well, you stopped
by yourself. Perfect.
We have to find my father.
-Yes, we.
My father's your king, too.
Actually, technically,
Devonshire has no king.
You see,
us jesters operate as a small,
independent municipality on--
I need your powers to save him.
What-- what powers?
All that magic and wonder
you talked about.
Plus, I saw you conjure
fire from your hands,
so you must be a wizard.
That was an act, darling.
My act, by the way, in case
you're thinking of stealing it.
So you're just a man?
An ordinary man?
You know, those goblins,
pound for pound,
have got to be
the nastiest little creatures
I've ever encountered.
So agile, too, for having
such tiny little legs.
Any reason you're following me?
I don't know. I guess I'm just
a sucker for hard luck cases.
Do you even know where
the goblins are rumored to live?
Or what you're supposed to do
if you run into any of them?
Or one of the many other
terrible, dangerous beasts
that roam these lands? I mean...
how will you defend yourself?
Let me make a suggestion,
Your Highness. [clears throat]
Come to Devonshire with me.
We have food, shelter, clothes.
They may not be trendy,
but at least they're clean.
You know,
people might be willing to help.
Where are my manners?
I haven't properly
introduced myself.
Daughter of Moira and Victor,
princess of Astoria.
Must be tough to monogram.
[tense music playing]
I'm sorry, Halle.
-"Ring for service"?
-Wait, no, no, no.
I didn't get paid.
Are you kidding?
My father was just captured
and all you're worried about
is money.
Well, the less you have,
the more you worry.
Don't suppose you've got
a couple bucks on you?
[Henr] Time to improvise.
Watch and learn, Princess.
[bell dings]
Oh, hello there.
[chuckles] Hi. Good morning.
Um, two for Devonshire, please.
Thank you.
Leave it on the step.
Piece of cake.
[Henr yelps]
Move along, deadbeats.
-Hey, why'd you do that?
-No one can trick an elf.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Not so fast.
-What about that necklace?
-This was my mother's.
I would rather walk until
my feet were bloody stumps
than part with it.
[elf] Start stepping, honey.
I know something that elves
prize above their vast wealth.
-And what's that?
-Their superior intellect.
Go on.
I'll solve a riddle
of your choosing.
And what do I get if you fail?
The satisfaction of
outwitting royalty, of course.
Well, aren't you
Miss Smarty Pants?
You have
seven and a half seconds.
Tell me, what can you hold
in your left hand
but not in your right?
Ooh, tick-tock,
tick-tock, tick-tock.
[gasps] Wait, I got it.
My right elbow.
No! You tricked me.
You played on my freakish ego.
-Oh, well. A deal's a deal.
[gentle music playing]
My fair people,
today's tragedy has
left our kingdom shaking.
Without provocation,
the goblins have struck
the very heart of our land.
This was to be my wedding
present to my late husband.
I will bring those responsible
for this heinous crime
to justice.
Hey, hey, hey. Over here.
What's the big hurry, stranger?
You're liable throwing
my horses acting that way.
You're a traveling merchant,
If you're planning on
robbing me, you're out of luck.
Sold my last lot
down the River Belle.
No, no, I'm not gonna rob you.
Well, what, then?
You in some sort of trouble?
You see that girl over there?
Uh, she's a drifter.
You know, she's been
wandering these parts for days.
I mean, walking in circles.
She's got blisters on her feet,
bugs in her hair,
dirt on her clothes.
I mean, look at her.
She is helpless.
Helpless and--
Completely mute, by the way.
She literally--
She can't say a word.
She can't say a word.
Mute, eh? That's too bad.
I'm not sure
what I can do for you.
A trade for fresh pair
of clothes would be...
Like I said,
mister, I sold my lot.
-What-- what about these?
-Well, those are for
my wife and daughters.
I picked them up in River Belle.
Not the latest in fashion, but--
I'm sure there's gotta
be something I have.
A trade to make it
worth your while.
Well, that timepiece there
sure would look
mighty fine on my vest.
[scoffs] Okay.
My-- my gold watch
for this moth-ridden thing?
I mean, that hardly seems fair.
How much is that
little mute girl worth to you?
I don't know why you insisted on
these handmaiden garbs.
There were about half a dozen
nicer dresses back at the wagon.
Because, Your Highness,
we need you to look
as far removed as
a princess as possible.
My people don't exactly
take kindly to royals.
[Halle] They don't seem to have
a problem taking royal money.
I realize you didn't
actually get paid.
Look, taking those jobs...
it's about survival.
I wouldn't expect you
to understand.
Try me.
All right,
so let me ask you this.
Would you ever let a commoner
stay the night in your castle?
In what sense?
Well, let's say someone's
passing through Astoria
and gets caught
in a deadly storm.
Or, let's say, you know,
a tenant gets booted
'cause they can't pay rent,
or it's the middle of winter
and a family doesn't
have wood for a fire.
If any one of those people
showed up at your door,
would they be let in?
Well, no.
But that's more
of a safety thing.
I mean, we can't just let
anyone barge into the castle.
Yesterday proved that
there are still those
who wish to harm the king,
no matter how poor or needy
or outcast they may be.
Besides, my father has programs
for that sort of thing.
Well, that sort of thing
lives in Devonshire.
Your Highness,
the military is awaiting
your plan of action
against the goblins.
[Perscilla] Walter?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Any word on Halle's whereabouts?
No, Your Majesty.
[tense music playing]
What is that?
Oh, this?
It's a goblin horn.
Surely you've
heard of it before.
Hmm. Well, it emits
a sound only goblins can hear.
To humans, just silence.
But to a goblin,
it's a rallying cry.
It's a call to battle.
Now, what would
a 19-year-old need with this?
[Walter] Your Highness,
I've watched Halle grow up.
She wouldn't betray
her own people.
Or her own father,
for that matter.
[Queen Moira] It's no secret
she was angry at her father
for remarrying.
And she despised me.
Let's not pretend otherwise,
I don't know how to report this
to the committees.
I'll handle the committees
in due time.
For now, your sole task is
to bring our princess home.
[calm music playing]
Henr, you're back!
Did you get the flower dust?
Did you get it? Did you?
I'm sorry, Fiona. I forgot.
I ran out of time.
Seriously, I'm sorry.
But you promised!
What happened?
-Did you start drinking again?
-What? [scoffs] Whoa!
Okay, she's joking.
That's a joke.
Uh, that's not real.
-She's joking. She's joking.
-No, I'm not.
Yes, she is. Don't listen
to anything she says.
Wow. Um, don't you have
someone else you can go bother
for, like, two minutes
or three or four?
No. Who's the girl?
Did you elope?
Wow. [chuckles] You know,
sometimes I wonder what goes on
inside the head of yours.
-I'm Maggie.
-Maggie, huh?
You don't look like a Maggie.
Well, have you
ever met one before?
Then how'd you know?
I like her.
Well, good, 'cause
she's gonna be staying with us
for a little while.
Did Grandfather
say that was okay?
Okay, Fiona, I'm a grown man.
I don't need Grandfather's
permission to have guests over.
You know he doesn't
trust outsiders.
Grandfather! Henr's home.
And he brought a total stranger
back with him.
-Hey, Pops.
-[Santini] Who's this?
Maggie, my pops.
[whimsical music playing]
[Fil coughs] Good news.
Fixed the pipes. [chuckles]
Well, not all the pipes.
Maybe, like, a third, but...
how do you all feel
about sludge?
[Henr] Maggie, uh, this is Fil.
[chuckles] Oh, my.
What do we have here?
A drifter, Fil.
Could you all excuse me
just for a second?
-[Henr] Where are you going?
-To find myself a drifter!
[Fil laughing]
Son, can I have
a word with you alone?
[solemn music playing]
Come on. Let me show you around.
Come on.
Your satchel's empty.
Where's the money?
-Did she steal it?
-No, she didn't steal it. I--
I never got it. I mean,
halfway through the ceremony,
we were attacked by goblins
on these winged beasts.
I mean,
they-- they took the king.
I barely got out of there alive.
There haven't been goblins here
for hundreds of years.
I got the bite marks
to prove it.
Looks like the Astorians'
decadence has finally
caught up with them.
Serves them right.
But never mind them.
Goblins are their problem.
We needed that money
to pay off the giants.
Why don't we just
kill the damn things?
-No, I'm serious. I mean...
aren't you tired of living under
the thumbs of those giant oafs?
Everyone answers to someone.
[Henr] They say they patrol
the outskirts of Devonshire,
but we all know
that they're the real threat.
I mean, come on.
Do I have to remind you
what happened
the last time we fought back?
We'll work double time
in the fields.
The Astro Fair is
just around the corner.
And then we'll pay the giants
what we owe them.
They'll just have
to give us more time.
From our own grapes.
Pops, thanks so much.
This looks fantastic.
I'm starved.
Who's serving dinner?
We serve ourselves.
Oh, uh, right.
[chuckles nervously]
I knew that.
You know, some people, they like
to open dinner with a prayer,
and I prefer to open
with a joke.
[both laughing]
So, Maggie, tell me,
where are you from?
I, um-- I'm from a town,
a very tiny town,
way, way north of here.
I've been up north a lot.
Tell me the name of the town.
Um, it's called,
uh, North Rotham.
You're from a town up north
called North Rotham?
It's, uh, North Rothampton.
Never heard of it.
Like I said, it's very tiny.
Is it a rich town?
[Santini] Fiona,
let's not be rude.
No, it's okay.
I wouldn't say everyone's rich,
but we have everything we need.
Just like Devonshire.
Oh, I-- I'm so sorry, everyone.
[chuckles] That's just
my pet dragon, Yakota.
He was being so quiet
in my pocket,
I forgot he was in there.
What does that thing eat?
-He's a vegetarian.
-Thank goodness.
-Can I have a dragon?
-[Santini] No.
-Can I have a baby dragon?
Dragons that size usually
come from decadent kingdoms.
Their growth is stunted
when they're taken
from their homeland.
-What makes you say that?
-'Cause it costs a fortune
to hire someone to find
and steal a dragon egg.
It never reaches
its full potential.
That's why that thing
is so small.
Where'd you get it?
I, um...
It doesn't matter.
It's not my concern.
As long as you keep that thing
off of my table.
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's fine.
It's too bad. We could--
we could use a full-sized dragon
right about now.
Don't burden your guest
with our affairs.
It's no burden.
I'm happy to help.
I appreciate the sentiment,
but there's really
nothing you can do to help.
We have a minor giant problem.
He means we have a minor problem
with a giant.
Look, Maggie...
we usually don't take kindly
to drifters in these parts.
But my grandson seems to have
made an exception for you.
But there's no free rides.
You'll get up at dawn, ready to
work, just like the rest of us.
You'll get no special treatment
because of your...
[Halle] Have I been cruel?
Am I holding you back?
How do you like
your mole rat, Fiona?
-Medium? Medium well?
-Hard pass, Fil.
I don't normally
eat that stuff, man.
It's an acquired taste.
You're the only one
who's acquired it.
Maggie! Perfect timing.
Mole rat?
[chuckles] Uh, maybe later.
have you ever had a boyfriend?
See how she just
jumps right into things?
Oh, sure. Tons of them.
-[Fiona] Tons?
-T-- tons?
Have you ever been in love?
I don't know.
I think what Maggie is saying--
and correct me if I'm wrong--
passions of youth often
give way to transgressions
one regrets later in life.
I recall my own ill-fated foray.
Jillian Baker was her name.
But she only wanted me
for my ukulele.
Are you sure it didn't have to
do with your love of mole rats?
It's an acquired taste.
Fil? Your mole rat's on fire.
If my "mole rat's on fire,"
it's only 'cause
it's burning with desire.
No, your mole rat's
literally on fire.
Is it? [chuckles] Oh!
[chuckles nervously] Whoo!
All right, that's over.
That's a little trick
my father taught me.
You'll have to
teach me that sometime.
-[Fil] Yes?
-Tell me about the giant.
-[Fil] Who, Azlor?
He's-- he's a mean one.
What does Azlor want?
Around this time every year,
the giants will--
We show the giants a little bit
of money, that's all.
Money you should've
earned performing
that ridiculous routine
of yours for the Astorians.
Okay, they were
literally attacked.
-Rightfully so.
-Have you ever met
an Astorian before?
No. And hopefully I never will.
Look, give your brother a break.
He's never let us down before.
-Plus, we have the reserves.
-[Fiona] No, we don't.
-What happened to the reserves?
-Santini used 'em last winter.
Good God, man! What have you
been doing this whole time?
You want us all to die?
The harvest wasn't enough after
last year's freeze, that's all.
Why didn't Santini tell us?
-He didn't want people to worry.
-Yeah, now all we have
to worry about
-is being eaten alive by giants.
-All right, relax. I got a plan.
What? Marinate yourself so you
go down Azlor's gullet smoother?
No. I-- Look,
I'm gonna get everyone together,
we're just gonna round up
everything we have
that might be of value,
we'll add it to the bounty,
and then everyone's
just gonna have to work
-double time in the fields.
-[both] Double time
in the fields. We know.
Everything will be fine.
[Halle] Well, I think
I'm gonna head in for the night.
-All right, sleep tight.
If you want to
Have a good time
Come to Devonshire
If you want to
Have a good time
Oh, come to Devonshire
Oh, we've got Dragons and
Wagons and mole rats to spare
Oh, we've got magic
Enchantments everywhere
Come to Devonshire
[both applauding]
Thank you.
[mysterious music playing]
[goblin snarls]
[goblin snickers]
Find me, Halle.
Save me.
[knight] What aren't you
telling us, Maggie?
Go away!
[Perscilla] Welcome home, Halle.
-Yes, darling.
It is your mother.
You are not my mother.
[Halle grunting]
When they discover who you are,
they will bring you back to me.
[Halle gasps]
Time for work.
[whimsical music playing]
Perfect timing.
Hand me that wrench, would you?
Appreciate it.
This happens all the time.
It's quite refreshing, actually.
It's pure sewer water.
It's okay.
[horse snorts]
[Henr sighs]
Can I help you, gentlemen?
We are knights of Astoria.
Our castle was
attacked last week
and our king murdered.
-He was murdered?
The queen has
proclaimed him deceased.
We are searching
for his daughter,
the Princess of Astoria.
I believe she may have
played a part in the attack.
The queen is offering
a hefty sum for
information leading to
her whereabouts or capture.
there hasn't been anyone
like that around here in ages.
Are you sure?
It's a small village.
I would know.
Can we speak with
the other villagers?
[Henr] Don't worry.
I'll keep an eye out.
We could really use the money.
Very well, plebeian.
[thunder rumbling]
What was that all about?
They're knights from Astoria.
They're looking
for their missing princess.
So what did you tell them?
I told them
I'll keep an eye out.
I don't know.
I don't feel like lifting
a finger for those people.
It's their problem. Right?
Let them squirm.
Oh, I could be a jester.
I mean, if Henr can do it.
"Why, Halle,
you did all this on your own?"
"You saved the village."
Well, I mean, that's just
what Astorians do, we--
[thunder rumbling]
...we help.
There you are, stranger.
Avoiding work?
I had to help Fil with the leak,
and then he, uh...
Oh, never mind that.
Tortuga came home.
Tortuga's back? That's great.
-We can start searching
for my father.
-There's more.
He was followed
by Astorian knights.
-Are they still here?
-No, they're gone, but...
It's about your dad.
-He's been declared...
[solemn music playing]
Where are you going?
I can't do this right now.
You can't just quit.
I mean, come on.
Look, I-- I need your help.
We're so far behind
on the harvest,
and there's only a few--
I said I can't
do this right now.
Halle, look,
I'm sorry about your father.
I really am. All right?
But I mean, come on.
You had to have known
that he was probably...
Probably what?
-Probably dead.
-How can you be so callous?
That's-- that's-- that's rich.
That's rich,
coming from an Astorian.
Always so concerned
with your own well-being.
You know, I got news
for you, Princess.
A lot of people in Devonshire,
a lot of people that I know,
are gonna end up
like your father
if I don't pay the bounty off
that we owe the giants.
Oh, here. You want your bounty?
Okay, yeah, what a-- what
a healthy display of emotion.
Which, uh, which etiquette class
did you learn this one in,
Princess, huh?
[Halle sighs]
[gentle music playing]
Maybe my pops
was right about you people.
Let's hear them out.
We wouldn't have
sought an audience
unless it was necessary.
[clears throat] Your Majesty.
Yes, yes. Go on.
It's the crops,
Your Majesty, they--
they've wilted.
Then plant some more.
That won't do any good.
"That won't do any good,
Your Majesty."
See what's happened to the soil?
Make do with what you have.
Necessity is the mother
of all invention, is it not?
The children are growing hungry.
Then give them your portions.
You look like
you can spare a few.
You still have a little
meat on your bones.
King Victor
cared about his people.
Walter, escort her back to town
until she can learn how
to properly address her queen.
[calming music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
[raindrops patter]
On behalf of the town
of Devonshire,
and jesters everywhere...
I'm sorry.
Giants killed my parents.
How old were you?
About Fiona's age.
They're ruthless.
And they're coming.
Then, how about...
we turn our backs on them?
You should get out of here.
Oh, no, I'm serious.
I can give you some extra
shillings to help you out.
I mean, it's... [chuckles]
Like it'll matter, anyway,
we're so far off the mark.
No, I'll stay.
You didn't run when my castle
was under attack, did you?
If I ran every time
there was a threat,
I'd eventually run out of earth.
[villagers chatter quietly]
[tense music playing]
This isn't going to be enough.
What are we gonna do?
Pray for a miracle.
[droning music playing]
[magical music playing]
[dragon growling]
[dragon purring]
[dragon clicking]
[Henr] Hey, Fil,
have you seen Maggie anywhere?
Oh, sure have. What a looker.
No, no, I-- I meant today.
Oh, um, no, I don't think so.
[heavy footsteps thumping]
[Halle screams]
[adventurous music playing]
[Halle] Henr!
I am Halle,
daughter of Moira and Victor,
Princess of Astoria!
Let her go.
[Halle groaning]
Naughty, naughty, now, this--
this fair maiden
was not a part of our agreement.
But young maidens
are my favorite.
-[Halle grunts]
And she's not from here.
She's not one of you.
She doesn't count.
That's not entirely true.
She's my...
long-lost cousin,
and she just returned home
from the Nakanoa Plains,
she was...
living with the buffalo
for a year.
[Halle imitating buffalo lowing]
Azlor is confused.
If you hurt her,
there won't be a herd of buffalo
within 100 miles
that won't come looking for you.
Azlor smell no buffalo.
Azlor think the boy
of Devonshire lying.
Azlor thinks he'll eat
the boy, too.
-[Azlor groans]
-[Halle grunts]
[Azlor growling]
This way! Come on,
come on, come on, come on!
[arrows whooshing]
[Azlor screeching]
[crashing thud]
[Henr gasps, grunts]
[Azlor howling]
[Azlor groans]
-You okay?
-Fine, you?
[Azlor groans]
Never better.
[Azlor groaning]
[solemn music playing]
[Azlor growling softly]
[Azlor growling forcefully]
[whispers] He killed my parents.
We don't fear your kind anymore.
Do you promise to leave
this place, and never return?
Azlor agree.
How do we know that Azlor won't
bring more giants back with him
and attack us again?
I don't know.
I mean, Pops, I think
I agree with Maggie here.
I mean, what kind of war
would we have had in our hands
if I did kill Azlor?
Maggie? Maggie?
What-- what does a drifter know?
Look, Pops, we didn't have
to pay the bounty.
That alone should be
something worth celebrating.
Can't you just live
in the moment for, like,
one moment?
The giants have their rules.
We have ours.
And now, things have changed.
[adventurous music playing]
Next stop, Astro Fair.
[Fil laughs]
[high-spirited music playing]
[giraffe grunting]
[Halle laughing]
Showtime's not
for another few hours.
Get something to eat,
come back, and set up.
Got it, Pops. Thanks.
Let's go.
[elephant trumpets]
[Circus Master]
Step right up. Come on in.
Take this
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
to shoot a goblin.
[arrows thudding]
I have a thing against goblins.
[Madame Mentalist] Care to know
more about your past,
present, and future, young lady?
Ooh, you don't want to go
in there, her act's a fraud.
Well, so is yours.
Yeah, exactly, so I know
what I'm talking about.
Please, Henr, it'll be fun.
On second thought, why not?
Let's go.
[Madame Mentalist] Take a seat
right over here, dear.
Madame Mentalist
will reveal all.
Okay, there's no nudity
in this show, right?
Eyes closed, sonny.
What do you want to know, dear?
Tell me about my mother.
Remember now, eyes closed.
The crystal won't reveal
anything if you peek.
[Madame Mentalist
speaking Italian]
[eerie music playing]
[wind howls]
There's nothing to be afraid of.
The kingdom is safe.
Your mother loves you
so much, darling.
[Queen Moira grunting]
[evil laughter]
[wind howling]
[metal jingling]
My necklace!
Fil, stop that thief!
[Madame Mentalist panting]
Henr, you're late.
Time to set up.
Yeah, I'll be right back.
Someone stole Maggie's necklace.
Let Maggie deal with it.
Show starts in an hour.
I told you, it'll take a minute.
Let me go!
Why are you so willing
to put her needs above
those of your own people?
I'm going to ask you
one last time, son.
Tell me, who is she?
[struggling grunts]
W-- What's going on here?
That lady stole
my friend's necklace.
What else you got in here, lady?
[Madame Mentalist grunting]
Give it up!
Not the face, not the face.
-[Madame Mentalist grunts]
-Get her off of me!
You come with me.
[solemn music playing]
I have to go back.
Because I saw things.
I saw terrible things,
and back at the Madame's tent,
I saw terrible things
happening to Astoria.
Wh-- What kind of things?
How do you even know
if they're real?
I don't.
But even if there's a chance
that they could be real,
don't I owe it
to my people as princess?
Well, you can stay with me,
as Maggie in Devonshire, please.
All this time with you
and Fil and Fiona,
I haven't wanted it to end.
And at some point,
I convinced myself
that it didn't have to.
[Henr] It doesn't have to.
It can last as long as--
as you want it to.
I can't live my entire life
in fear, in secret.
I have to go back
and face Perscilla
and my people,
no matter the consequences.
All right.
Then I'm coming with you.
Henr, I--
I can't ask that of you.
Halle, please.
Please understand.
There's a tree-way,
not too far
over that ridge over there.
It'll take you back
to Astoria within a few hours.
I can-- I can take you there.
Thank you.
Isn't that Santini?
Hey, Pops.
Look, I'm sorry about the show.
I-- I swear,
we'll get everything going
right after I...
[coins jingle]
How could you
sell her out like that?
Why didn't you tell me
who she really was?
Did you think
I wouldn't figure it out?
It's not that simple, Pops.
You've let your lust
blind you to what she really is.
And you've let
your hatred for the Astorians
cloud your judgment.
[Tyberious] Hello, Princess.
It's time to come home.
[Halle grunting]
It appears as if your time
amongst the riffraff
has rubbed off on you.
What a pity.
And you. [laughs]
I remember you.
Thanks for keeping an eye out.
-[Henr grunts]
-Don't touch my grandson.
-[Henr grunts]
-Shoot him!
-[Halle] Watch out!
[Santini grunts]
[Halle gasps]
[Santini grunting]
[Halle grunts]
-Pops, I--
-[Santini grunts]
Um, Fil!
Somebody help me, please!
[Santini] It's all right.
[grunting] Just take--
take care of-- of Fiona.
[sobbing] No, Pops, please.
[fire crackling]
Aunt Maggie!
Walter, I'd chain that one up
if I were you.
She's trouble.
I'm sorry things
turned out this way, Princess.
Oh, come on, Walter.
Can't you see that there's
some dark force at play here?
The queen has given her orders.
There's nothing
I can do, Maggie.
The Walter I knew
was a freer spirit.
More foolish.
This is what we do to traitors.
What are you talking about?
Oh, don't play coy, Princess.
-Perscilla found
the horn in your room.
-What horn?
The horn you used
to summon that goblin army.
I did not order
the attack on the castle.
I do not command the goblin army
or any army, for that matter.
And I certainly
did not betray Astoria.
You did.
By siding with Perscilla.
There'll be plenty of time
for you to sort that out
with the queen soon enough.
Thank you for serving my father.
[emotional music playing]
I should have been honest
with him from the beginning.
It's not your fault, Henr.
Your grandfather
made his own choices.
He would have
never accepted her.
Now I've lost her, too.
[dragon bellowing]
[Dragon purring]
[Henri sighs]
Halle needs your help, buddy.
[dragon bellowing]
Maybe I should have stayed
and tried to reason
with Perscilla.
You know, at least then maybe
Santini would still be alive.
There's no throne,
no kingdom, no Astoria.
They're all lost.
[dragon bellowing]
[dragon purring]
-[Henr] Surprise!
-[Halle] You came back!
Say my name,
and I magically appear.
I had to see what Perscilla
had done with the place.
You know, the fire's
a nice touch.
Kinda risky from a resale
standpoint, though,
don't you think?
All right, now, be careful,
last princess I rescued, um,
well, I owe her a pair of hands.
[chains rattling]
I'm sorry
about your grandfather.
I'm sorry, too.
How did you get back so fast?
I thought
the tree-way burned down.
[wings whooshing]
[laughs] I can't believe it!
Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
Thank you. For everything.
Please, take Maggie and Yakota,
and fly back to Devonshire.
I can't have any more blood
spilled on my account.
No, this is my fight, too.
Why do you keep putting yourself
in harm's way for me?
You really don't know?
It's because that
first day in the woods.
And because
of every other day since.
Look, Halle, I've lost
too many people I love already.
I can't stand
to lose another one.
Henr, I...
[thunder rumbling]
[low, rumbling note playing]
[goblins grunting]
[sinister music playing]
[goblin growling]
[horn sounding]
You still have a choice, Walter.
-We always have a choice.
-You may need this, lassie.
[dragons bellowing]
What's it gonna be, Walter?
Those goblins
are coming for you, too.
[goblins growling]
Fight for Astoria!
Go help Maggie and the others.
[dragon purring]
[thunder rumbling]
[Perscilla] Welcome home, Halle.
I hope you don't mind,
I turned your room into a gym.
-Who are you?
-Don't you recognize me?
I'm your loving stepmother.
[deep cackle]
Reveal yourself, coward.
[nefarious cackling]
[thunder rumbling]
[electricity crackling]
Your father was so easy to dupe.
The Goblin Queen.
Perscilla was merely a mirage.
I knew the whole time.
That simpleton didn't deserve
to rule these lands.
I do.
You don't want to rule.
You want to destroy.
I'm gonna start with you all.
And then every other
kingdom in the land
will bow down before me!
[Goblin Queen screeching]
[Henr grunting]
-[Goblin Queen bellowing]
[Goblin Queen growling]
[Goblin Queen growling]
-[Goblin Queen screeching]
-[Henr grunts]
[goblins squawking]
-[Aunt Maggie grunts]
-[Walter grunts]
[dragon bellowing]
Things are really heating up
between us, wouldn't you say?
[tense music plays]
[Halle] Where is she?
Talk about burning out on a job.
Are these just coming to you?
Hey, when inspiration hits you,
it just hits you.
-[Goblin Queen growling]
-[Henr grunts]
[Halle gasps]
-[Goblin Queen growling]
-[Henr] Perscilla!
Anyone ever tell you
you got a beautiful smile?
Hey, wanna see how fast
I can throw this rock?
[Halle screams]
[dramatic music playing]
[Henr grunts]
[Halle groans]
[Henr grunts]
-[Henr gasps]
-[Goblin Queen growling]
[melancholy music playing]
[Halle sobbing]
[fire whooshes]
[droning music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Halle shouts]
[Goblin Queen screams]
[soft thud]
[melancholy music playing]
[Halle sobbing]
[banging on door]
[Halle sobbing]
The kingdom is waiting.
[emotional music playing]
It seems that fate has
not spared you my same sorrow.
I never got to tell him.
He died never knowing.
When was the last time
you heard me say, "I love you?"
And yet you know that I do.
Love is not just a word spoken
between two people, it's--
It's a joy that you feel
when you're near each other.
It's the way
you motivate each other.
The way you protect each other.
You may not have
ever said it, Halle,
but believe me...
he knew.
Spoken like a wise king.
Spoken like a father.
I'm sorry
I let Perscilla into our lives.
I only hope that
one day you can forgive me.
Life's a lot messier
than in the storybooks.
[hopeful music playing]
My reign is over.
Now, you are Astoria's
best hope.
They have their rules
and we have ours.
She and I...
[sighs] ...are from
two different worlds.
Who knows?
Maybe someday.
[dragon bellowing]
[dragon purring]
[Halle laughs]