Princess in the Castle (2019) Movie Script

(ominous music)
- Okay, seatbelt on,
look to the left
right round, look right
round to the right.
And engine.
Oh, check it's in neutral first.
Oh, oh, okay,
engine on,
handbrake up, look down
and move off.
Dad, can I have the keys?
I wanna drive.
Okay, seatbelt on, look
to the left, right round,
look right round to the right and engine.
Oh, check it's in neutral first.
Oh, oh, okay, engine on,
handbrake up, look again and move off.
(engine starting)
(keyboard clicking)
(hip hop music)
Come into my world let
me show you what I got
We throw down the rap I hope
the show will never stop
Time to put a mask on
and fake who you are
It doesn't really matter
now 'cause now you're a star
Time to be media and feel so credited
Acting like this is life
even though it's edited
Another sheep, another zombie,
watch me I'm your sedative
Now shh back to, back to bed again
I'm your drug and I'm your fix
The antidote to all your shit
Another train set
another child in the mark
Another reason that we
got to ask for this blood
Taking me
What's the difference
between a lack of worshipping
I said bow down, down, take a knee
What's the difference
between a lack of worshipping
I said bow down, take a knee
What's the difference
between a lack of worshipping
You think I'm some real
black princess in the pea
But you're trapped inside a towel
Every time you're
looking at the screen
Wrapped in your power,
boosting like you breathe
Staring at the cut that's
been sitting on your sleeve
It's a suicide generation we created
From every pop culture
that's ever been so elevated
I know the slice with a
knife will feel so cerated
Then 10 second later your
trend's been outdated
Bow down and take a knee
What's the difference
between a lack of worshipping
I said bow down and take a knee
What's the difference
between a lack of worshipping
Your mansions, yachts
and emotional scars
I'm famous so I trade
it all for a sports car
Sitting there with
a pistol in my mouth
Playing Russian roulette and
the attention that I shout
Looking for a twist you
can hit with a battle spin
I'm going for the
shot, this is my name
Pocket, it's going straight to my head
(gun shooting)
Game's over 'cause now I'm
Dad, I didn't tell you, I got this part.
- Good, you'll be in
the soaps by Christmas.
I should do all your
applications, well done.
- No, it's not that at
all, this is something--
- These punk filmmakers,
they don't know what they're doing.
They've got no respect.
They don't know how hard I
worked the people I looked after.
My responsibility.
My daughter is not going to
get the role I put her up for.
- Dad, what the hell
are you talking about?
In fact, who the hell are you talking to?
You didn't apply for this
role for me, I did it.
- No, you didn't.
I see what goes in and out
of every computer and device in our house.
Don't lie to me, I got you this role.
I did the application for you, princess.
- Dad, I'm not princess and
you didn't get me this role.
I shot the audition
tape at Veronica's house
so I applied separately.
- Show me.
- I can't do it on my
phone, I need the computer.
- Well the laptop's in the boot.
I'll play it later and
you'll see that we applied.
- Oh don't tell me you
sent in two applications.
Oh God, you're just embarrassing.
Heaven forbid I actually
get somewhere with this
and have to deal with people,
what is wrong with you?
Dad, I hate to say this
but you're making this
really difficult for me now.
- Should've worn a low cut
top, shown some more flesh,
worn better lipstick, you've a studio,
you could've done the
tape properly, princess.
- Jesus Dad, what is wrong with you?
It's something.
Let me have a moment of
something I achieved myself.
Let me do this.
I'm 19, I could be at
university but I delayed
because you decided to come back.
- [Dad] I didn't say you couldn't go!
- Dad, you just said I should've worn
a low cut top and shown some flesh.
- Must've been thinking aloud.
- What studio are you talking about?
- [Dad] I got us a studio.
- You got a what?
- I found this place to rent.
I watched a YouTube channel,
followed a filmmaking guide,
got all the equipment
to do the tape properly
and we can be filmmakers.
Now we'll get you the real work.
- That's great, Dad, but you're my Dad.
When did you become a filmmaker?
- Yeah, I'm your Dad and
you're not in university
because you didn't work hard enough.
Me and your mother, we tried so hard--
- Dad, you were in Japan
for like five years.
You'd come back Christmas,
summer if we were lucky.
Now you're back and you're so different.
- I'm not different, Connie.
I just got depressed, that's all.
- Mom said you met a new wife out there.
A Filipino woman.
But she died so you decided to come back.
I actually fucking wish
you'd never come back.
Look at me like I'm that
girl on American Beauty.
- You're my daughter.
You look stunning.
I'm here to help.
- Help, right.
- Your mother lies to you, Connie.
- Does she, really?
- Yeah, your mother lies to you.
That woman lies through her teeth.
I'm gonna have to do something about her.
- You're saying this to me?
Mama drinks like a fish
but you're acting like you wanna kill her.
- She's done nothing.
- Dad, you just said that
woman lies through her teeth
and you're gonna have to
do something about her.
- [Dad] Thinking aloud again.
- You've gotten so weird
ever since I started doing this.
- [Dad] I want you to do this.
- Let me do it, let me see where it goes.
- Of course.
I'm just having issues with your mother.
Go on, go to work.
- Do you remember where I work?
- I got you the job, didn't I?
- Are you picking me up or is Mom?
- I'll pick you up, princess.
- Stop being weird, stop
calling me princess.
- Connie, I'm sorry.
Princess was the name we'd given the baby.
- Dad, I don't care.
I'm not being callous
but all that happened 50,000 miles away.
I was never a part of it.
I don't want to hear about it
so don't tell me about it ever again.
- [Operator] You have a new message.
New messages.
- [Emile] Hi Connie, this is Emile Francis
from The Frost Glistens.
Would you take a minute to be
able to get in touch with us?
We have a few things we'd
like to sort out with you.
If you could get back to us,
you could give me an email
or alternatively you can give me a call
at 0787-233181,
that would be wonderful.
Thank you very much, Connie,
I hope you have a wonderful day.
- [Operator] To return call.
- Today I'm talking about New York,
I'm talking about hair, I'm
talking about technology
and I might have a new sponsor.
(keyboard clicking)
- Alright, bye.
(suspenseful music)
How did I get here, how do I let go?
I'm holding on, too afraid to let go
Even though I'm the
star of my very own show
Neither the hero or the villain,
I'm somewhere in between
Like some kind of hybrid,
I don't know it's just me
A mathematician with a
number, a trick up his sleeve
Then you're looking like
Halloween and scream just for me
I've got something
that you won't believe
Stuck in a nightmare living my dream
How did I get here, how do I let go
How did I get here, where did I go
There's a part of my life
that you would call tragic
As I moved out of it
through divinity or magic
Everything around me I
didn't know was happening
My whole world on top of me
I just felt it collapsing
Go down and I bent to my knees
I been begging at the sky
I been just saying please
You can't bring it back
you can never take me down
How did I get here, how do I let go
How did I get here, where did I go
How did I get here, how do I let go
- It's not cool hanging
around you anymore.
Do you know that?
- Why not?
- You're just so fucking arrogant.
You treat us like shit.
You live in that fucking palace
that none of us are ever
allowed to come into.
You get everything paid for
as we're struggling to
get by with our shit lives
or shit jobs and our shit
university courses but you--
- Don't take it out on me.
- Why not?
You don't even give us the time of day.
It's just me, fucking me, look at me,
I'm so fucking perfect.
Watch me do something insipid on YouTube.
- You all just mock me
and make me look stupid.
I'm not stupid, Danny.
- You are.
You're privileged, you're indulged.
Sometimes you don't even say hi to me.
- I don't mean--
- That's what you're like.
You're not very sincere.
Come on, you can respond to that.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- I just can't, alright?
- At least go back to school.
- I've got a job.
I'm smart, I don't need
to go back to school.
- You think you're clever
because someone told you you are.
I'm a grade A fucking student,
I would never dream of
recording myself ever.
Yeah, you're a little bit
smarter than the others
but you're not clever.
- Stop bullying me.
- No, I'm trying to be real with you.
You were cool before but this acting,
it's going to your head.
You never did it before and now you think
you're better than all of us.
- I don't.
- You do!
You're like that with everyone,
you've turned into this brat.
- [Cameraman] You ready to go, Connie?
- Yeah.
- [Cameraman] Three, two, one.
- Hey October 2007, hey
Internet, hey world,
hey those creepy guys
who know who I mistakenly
had some kind of Internet thing with.
Hey my few thousand-ish growing fans,
I'm Connie Castillo and
welcome to another episode
of my show slash talk slash
rant, Princess in the Castle.
Are you my prince?
I'm kind of looking for one
but I don't really admit that
to anyone except the Internet
which kind of tells you
where I'm at with life.
So on today's show we're talking
about weirdo fucking parents.
We've all got them but I seem
to have Dr. Weird-en-stein
from Weird-ganistan as
the thing responsible
for my creation on this planet.
So send me your comments please.
We are live and I'll see
them when they buzz through.
Oh, I see ya and I agree with ya C-Dos.
So, basically I kind of
want to be an actress
but I do have mega self doubt.
See, the thing is I can actually be
so fucking dumb, it's unreal.
Like I surprise myself sometimes
with what I just don't get.
And I've said this before on
here but my grades are terrible
which means I have no qualifications
which means I still work
in a shopping centre
instead of going to university
all because I'm a lazy
fucking bitch, right?
Who's not gonna agree with that?
See, on here I can be so honest
'cause you're only gonna judge me
by ripping me to pieces
in those comments section
which, like, wow, where does
some of that shit come from?
Anyway, I'm gonna be here
for a while but I need to pee
so stay online and feedback with me.
- [Cameraman] And that's good.
- I got a really big part today.
That's what I've been wanting to tell you.
I thought you'd listen.
I thought you'd want to know
rather than just abusing me.
- I'm not abusing you, Connie.
All you want is fame and
people looking at you,
telling you how stunning you are,
you are stunning, Connie.
I applied for the same film.
- Don't you know the outcome?
- The cast has got announced.
- And you're in it too?
- I can't make the dates.
I can't make the dates, I've got work.
Connie, I was speaking to
the guy every step of the way
but there was nothing he could do
so he's going with someone else.
He said he'd keep me in
mind for future projects
and he asked after you.
- And what did you say to that?
- I said you were pretty good.
Didn't say how insipid you've become.
- Did you see the casting notice?
- Bebe Marie, Lucy in the
feature, the Frost Glistens.
- Is that not cool?
- Bebe Marie,
you know your YouTube has
just gone next level, right?
Would have been cool if I was in it.
- Am I really so self centred?
- Yes, you are, to me
and to everyone else.
You've become a dick.
- You don't wanna speak to me anymore?
- I'm not your boyfriend.
You told me that on enough occasions.
There's only so many rejections I can take
before I can't be bothered anymore.
You don't flirt with someone
for five fucking months
without expecting some sort of a reaction.
- Great.
- I'm not really sorry.
I'm stopping it now.
I'm drawing the line, I've got to.
- Wow.
- It could have been so different.
- Guess I'll see you around then.
- No actually, you won't.
Me and Mom are moving.
You were cool for a bit but
the boys will fancy your Mom.
And we're all just
creeped out by your Dad.
What he did, what he said
to me, that was just.
Even my stepdad sided
with me on that situation.
He had a drink too, I
wanted to smash his face in.
- Yeah, he's getting really pushy.
- I'm surprised he hasn't
fucked you yet to be honest.
- Oh fuck off, what?
- Yeah, it's that weird, Connie.
That's what it looks like.
I guess I kind of loved you for a bit but
that was so long ago
I'm almost embarrassed to think about it.
Yeah, just look at me like that.
I've seen them so many times before.
It's called the I'm so
wrapped up with guilt
that I can't face up to what I think look.
It's such a shame.
You broke my heart,
Connie, you broke my heart.
- Is that it then?
- What do you think I've done?
- I don't know, David,
I never knew what you've been
up to thousands of miles away.
- I married a woman I fell in love with.
She died giving birth to my daughter
who was called Princess.
Princess died a few
weeks after from malaria.
I was never coming back home, Bonnie.
- Do you know your Dad
comes on your YouTube show?
- What are you talking about?
- I don't know, Connie, it's weird.
I think everyone thinks he's part of it,
that's why you get all those comments.
- It's the Internet.
What part does he come in on?
- And what Dr. Ron said,
you're only this far away
from needing anti-psychotic medication.
You're ill.
- I'm not ill!
- Okay so you're wrong.
You are sick in your mind, in
your body and in your soul.
- I'm looking out for Connie.
- You aren't looking out for Connie,
you've got her on a leash.
She can't do anything without
checking in with you first
and believe me she's going
to be broken because of it.
- What part does he come in on?
- I don't know, just Clarissa
told me, I haven't seen it.
I think its when you go for a pee,
he makes a thing of that.
- Stream plays out live,
I've got enough
subscribers, I can do that.
I don't care what I say 'cause
no one's recording it, right?
- Well, someone might be.
- What are you talking
about my Dad coming in, how?
- Well apparently first
there was like this figure
that came across the screen
and then he bumped his head
through the dog's house.
Well then he did the episode
when you get yourself drunk.
- Yeah.
- See, I don't think you
got yourself that drunk.
When you go through the comments
it says that some guy came
and put pills in your coke.
- There's something wrong with my Dad
but he's not like that.
That's just people getting on my back
'cause the show's getting
like by a lot of people.
- Connie, I don't think
we should be seeing
much of each other anymore.
- Why not?
- 'Cause you don't realise what you've got
and now you treat the rest
of us like we're substandard.
And yeah, your Dad got so weird,
like I would be scared
to get in a car with him
because he could just kill me
and bury me in a field or something,
that's how weird he's
got but you just kept
bringing up to him so you to stop it.
I don't know what you're trying to achieve
or if you just don't
realise what's going on
but it's wrong.
You're older than me but
the way you're with him
it's like when I was with
my Dad when I was 12.
When I was a kid.
I'm not a kid anymore.
It's just control.
You play up to it and it
makes you look immature.
And you're not immature, Connie,
but if someone like me is telling you that
then something is not right.
Look, I'm sorry, I know
you've got your ups and downs
in your mood but I just
can't cope with this.
- Alright.
- I don't think you're someone
I want to know anymore.
- Alright, bye.
- Connie needs me.
- Connie doesn't need you
David, you're obsessed with her.
You haven't seen her in
five years, you come back,
she's grown tits and and
ass and a face to die for
and suddenly you don't
see your daughter anymore,
you see some girl on
the street you can save
with businessman with
a trust fund routine.
It may work in China or Thailand
or wherever it is you've been
but it does not work here.
Okay, let me tell you
something about Connie
before I ask you to get
out of our lives again.
I don't think much of Connie.
I am her mother, she is
my daughter, I love her,
if anything happened to
her I would be heartbroken
but for who she is and the way
she lives her life right now
I loathe her, I loathe my own daughter
and I will tell you why, it is because you
have helped me make a fucking idiot.
I don't know what it is I did,
maybe it was undiagnosed foetal
alcohol syndrome or something
but whatever it is that
girl is just a shadow.
She's gotta get her head out of her phone
and stop living in this land of fairytales
and whatever these jobs that
you're putting her up for.
She's not capable nor is she ready
and I should know because
I was at that age.
Do you remember, Bonnie the actor?
Award nominated, won, nominated, won,
I mean best fucking film,
best fucking actress,
best fucking song, best fucking
fuck, I did it all, David.
And you were just a
stain on the invitation.
You gave it all up to give birth
brat-icus achieve-icus nothing-us.
That kind of failure does
not sit well with me.
Can you imagine if I showed
up for those kind of jobs
that you put Connie up for?
Those directors would shit themselves
if I walked in the door.
Award nominated actress
showing up for a sandwich
and a train fare because
they like the script
'cause they wanna mock their daughter.
- The divorce is a formality now, is it?
- I'm talking about your fucking princess.
Well after thousands of
applications, she finally got a job.
Let me guess, it's the playing
card in the school pantomime?
Oh no, hang on, she got
kicked out of school.
So she must third spear
holder from the left?
- No, it's a good script.
It's called As The Frost Glistens.
They gave her the lead and
she applied for herself.
- Oh, she did tell me about that,
she did it at Veronica's house.
- And you couldn't tell me?
- Why would I tell you?
I want Connie to grow up
and get out, I resent her.
I mean, I gave up my career for her
and she doesn't even have the smarts
to finish her high school exams
let alone become an actress.
I mean yes, she's famous
on YouTube but, fuck.
- I hate conflict.
- Oh, I love conflict.
- I used to have responsibility.
- Yeah and you don't have
any responsibility anymore
and you will never have
any responsibility again
unless you could see your
way to being responsible
for killing Connie and me, just a thought,
I could goad you a little
bit more if it helps.
It's a witch hunt and
no one knows where I am
It's a witch hunt and we're
still right out the sky
It's a witch hunt we're
there to infect your mind
It's a witch hunt baby now
get to the back of the line
It's a witch hunt
Got to hide behind
this wall, witch hunt
Got to hide behind
this wall, witch hunt
- Castille, fuck if he's
done something like this.
(suspenseful music)
And no one will survive,
there's a witch hunt
And it's going on tonight,
there's a witch hunt
And their torches in their
hand are burning bright
- Look, I don't think that
girl is who she says she is.
I'd say that's why
there's a media blackout.
I didn't feel it with her.
Well if it was her, I'm pretty
sure my first words to her
would've been I'm sorry.
(dramatic music)
- You're 34 this year.
- No, I'm 36.
- Oh Jesus Christ, I'm in
purgatory, do you know that?
I've lived my life in this house with you
and you're talentless.
- Dad loved me, Mother.
- He loves you in all the
wrong ways, don't you get it?
The abuse is endemic, why
don't you understand that?
- You don't understand what's wrong.
- I'm not your mother.
I'm not, that's why I
can be so mean to you.
I'm your rival for his affections
and you're his favourite.
- I know, I like that.
- Not so dumb then.
- I don't know, I don't think too much.
I go out most days.
- Oh yeah, your job.
- I'm not so good at it anymore.
- Why not?
- [Connie] I'm not good with the money
and I'm not good at watching people.
- That's because you need new glasses
and you didn't finish school.
- I don't know.
All I know is I'm happy most days.
Dad says you're the mad
lady we have to live with.
You've got nowhere else to go
and you don't like going outside
so we keep you in the wall.
- Do you think you could kill
someone if I showed you how?
- [Connie] You want me to kill you?
- Mm, if it's not too inconvenient.
- I've got underdeveloped motor skills
according to Dr. Mann.
We did corset work and
the Mom picked up on it.
I don't like you very much, you know that.
- Weren't you in a film
when you were younger?
- [Connie] I was in a movie.
Dad said I couldn't be in them anymore
because I 'cause I'd
stop being a princess.
- Was this before or
after you hit your head?
- [Connie] I didn't hit my
head, my head got vibrated.
(suspenseful music)
(engine revving)
Hi guys, it's Connie here,
just checking in with you guys.
How's everything been this week?
Today I'm gonna talk to you
a little bit about makeup
and fashion and hair.
So as you can see I'm really
feeling the messy waves
at the moment which is
actually very simple to do.
I just put it up in a bun
in the night, slept on it
and it came out like this.
(speaker drowned out by opera music)
So I'm gonna recommend that to you guys.
Look how pretty this is.
Look how pretty the lipstick is.
- You've got no idea, have you?
- [Connie] No.
- He lobotomized you.
- Is that cool?
- Oh no, it is not cool at all.
- [Connie] I can still do
everything he tells me.
- But is that good for you?
- [Connie] Maybe.
- How long do you reckon
I've been in here?
- [Connie] Mm, longer than
me but you're my mother so.
- I'm not your mother.
- [Connie] Pretty sure you are.
- Pretty sure isn't yes.
- [Connie] Daddy would
say you're having another
of your episodes, Bonnie,
time for the medication.
- Oh, cute nose, one thing,
do you know what sort it is?
- [Connie] No, I have been
talking on the phone to Dr. Mann,
it's a psy-cot-ic or something.
- Anti-psychotics.
Oh Jesus, that explains everything.
Does he have sex with you?
- [Connie] I know other people
have sex, but I don't, Mom.
I don't know what to do.
- But he drugs you?
- [Connie] Does he?
See, I'm not so stupid that I don't see
that you understand what's going on here
in a way that I don't.
- You get drugged and fucked
by your Dad on a regular basis.
I'm on anti-psychotics so I don't know
what the fuck's going on but I am starting
to come clear enough
now or waking up enough
to be compos mentis.
And know that I've got a chance
of getting out of this place.
Do you understand that?
- You're my mother.
You'll tell me anything if it
means I go to sleep on time.
I should go to work.
- Oh yeah, does he drive you?
- Uh-huh, I'm not good on the wheel.
I can't push the pedals right.
I smashed the truck and all these people
were real worried 'cause
Dad's face was all broken
and the locals were like
who the hell are you
and I was like I'm Connie,
I work in a theatre a few
towns across and this is my Dad
and my Mom at home, she's
Bonnie but she's sick
and I'm not the brightest
button on the coat
so that's why I don't think Dad
will let me drive the truck anymore.
- When was this?
- Must've been 10 years ago now.
It was gonna be in the paper
but some bank robbery
or something happened.
Dad was really happy
people didn't get to know
about me breaking the truck.
He had to go to hospital separate
because he was actually quite hurt.
He broke his leg, his
ankle, some ribs, his nose,
I think he hurt his head as well.
I didn't know the truck could go so fast.
- So your Dad's sick now?
- I guess.
I mean when I took the pills before,
like a long time ago, I'd
wake up and I'd feel funny.
Not funny in a good way
or funny in a bad way,
just funny in a what's going on way.
Since the accident I take the pills
and nothing seems to be different
and I don't know what's going on.
I make stuff up to get through the day.
No real routine anymore.
I told Dad I would be his princess
if he made sure I never grew up
and I never had to deal
with my wicked mother
in the same way again.
- So now I'm the wicked
stepmother, is that it?
- Daddy made sure I never grew up.
I made a bargain with the devil.
I feel so ashamed.
I don't know why he left me.
Something used to happen every night
and he'd tell me about it the next day
but I was asleep so he
was really telling me
about my dreams.
Every month I'd have a special dream
and I wouldn't wake up for days.
(keyboard clicking)
- Hi guys, so today I'm
gonna be talking about food.
What's your favourite food?
Do you like sweets, are you healthy?
Are you a salad kind of person?
My favourite food is definitely sweets,
I've got a real sweet tooth, anything,
like cute little cupcakes, I
actually bake a little bit.
Yeah, it's amazing how you can stay skinny
while eating sweets.
I guess if that's all you eat,
if that was like your main diet
then maybe you're just gonna stay skinny
'cause you're not getting
that much nutrition.
But yeah, I should probably work on that
if I'm gonna be an actor
'cause you have to have
the perfect body.
Anyway, what do you guys like to eat?
Do you like anything green?
I'm not a big fan of vegetables.
I think that's part of the problem,
I'm gonna have to work on that.
Also exercise regimes,
what keeps you guys fit?
I quite like a little
jog, go to the gym a lot.
It's an opportunity to
put on a little crop top
and look super cute and look
at all the cute guys at the gym
so yeah, tell me about your lifestyle.
Thanks guys, love ya.
- Such a strange sensation.
Snow on green grass,
not sure I ever felt this before.
At least not that I can remember.
See I just look around
as the frost glistens.
Reminds me of a funeral,
cold December day.
Blazing light, coffin
carried from church to grave,
but that frost, that frost never let up.
Sun wanted to melt it away
but there was no crystals.
Well hell, they had other ideas.
Like me, I've always had other ideas
but now I have an envious
temptation within me.
The girl,
I guess she was maybe
what, five feet tall.
And she was not quite into the fella.
Ma'am, I am so sorry.
I did not realise that you were awake.
I mean they have given you so many pills.
I just did not notice.
So what are you in, a coma?
Are you now compos mentis?
I do have a confession to make, Bonnie.
I did kill your husband.
You see he was getting
real close with Connie.
I didn't like that.
Not one bit.
I set him straight.
I put a pitchfork through
his guts and I buried him
in a field, in a shallow grave.
He probably got eaten up by the animals.
I don't know.
And what did I do with Connie?
What wouldn't I do with Connie?
I trained her up.
- To do what?
- Do what a man might need.
- And why am I here?
- Well that's a good question.
See here's how it works.
There might be one, two, three
of us still alive in here.
Or there might just be one,
two of us still alive in here.
- The psychotics and
sedatives have worn off?
- The other consideration
is one or two of us
might also be dead.
You know what, ma'am?
I do believe you are coming back to life.
- Are you telling me I'm dead?
- Well I think you've
been as good as dead.
I think Connie here
doesn't realise he's dead
because my suspicion
is my skeletal remains
are right in the way in some out building
because I blew my brains
out with a shotgun.
But why would I do something like that?
Well let me tell you.
That drunk accident,
maybe it was a little
worse than she told you.
(engine revving)
See a broken bone, I could
cope with a broken bone.
I'd cope with many broken bones.
But maybe I couldn't cope with
my balls being ripped off.
Or is that me just being
a little too melodramatic?
- [Connie] Okay, seat
belt on, look to the left,
right round, look right round to the right
and engine, oh, check
it's in neutral first,
oh, okay, engine on, handbrake
up, look again and move off.
- [Woman] The drugs ran out, Connie,
you should've realised a long time ago.
- I just do what the man pays me to do.
I come here every day and do this.
- [Woman] What does
the man tell you to do?
- I give you your drugs, I supervise you,
I give you a daily workout.
- [Woman] Then you're not my daughter.
- No, why would I be?
- [Woman] 'Cause you're
coming to my house.
- I care for you, Mrs. Castille.
- [Woman] Mrs. Castille?
That's a new one.
- No, I'm not new, we just
haven't talked much before now.
- [Woman] Yes, I'm aware of that, Connie.
- How'd you know my name?
- [Woman] Something happened to us, dear.
Something, we just need to
figure out what it was and when
and then we can find a way out of here.
- You think we're trapped?
- [Woman] That's an understatement.
- Do you think David has
something to do with this?
- [Woman] Is David your Dad?
- No.
- [Woman] Wake up, Connie.
David is definitely your Dad.
- Then why would he do this?
- [Woman] Jealousy.
- What if he's not jealous?
- [Woman] Why wouldn't he be?
- Got all his questions, haven't I?
- [Woman] In a way.
- I don't know who's who.
- [Woman] I just had this
conversation with David.
- Now you're having it with me.
- [Woman] That's 'cause
you did this to yourself.
- I'm alone in here, aren't I?
I don't talk to you and Dad anymore, do I?
- [Woman] Connie, there might
be someone here to see you.
- Might, that's all
I've heard all my life,
maybe and might, Mother.
I'm not fucking perfect like
you, do you realise that?
Vein and insipid and broken.
- [Woman] No Connie, there's
someone here to see you.
They want to talk to you upstairs.
You need to get up and go
and find out who it is.
I just spoke with your Daddy,
he's gonna try and get
you another job, just go.
- Okay, I'll go see.
(engine revving)
(car crashing)
(dramatic music)
- Yeah, I was driving towards Hastings
and a girl flagged down my car
and practically jumped
into the passenger seat
from the beach near Win-chelsea.
She's clearly distraught,
she's clearly very ill
and she's clearly in need of
immediate medical attention
so I'm taking her
straight to the hospital.
Can you be there to meet me?
I think she must've come from a property
or maybe a car accident
from the Kent-East
Sussex border somewhere,
I don't know, that's
just purely speculation
but she's really very ill and.
Donald Mark Hamlet, Don.
She keeps passing out.
Just keep the line open, wait.
Now I'm gonna take you
to a hospital, alright?
What can I call you?
I'm on the phone to the police.
- Connie.
My name's Connie, I'm 16.
- Yeah, I don't want to be tactless Connie
but I'm not sure you're 16.
- No, no you're right.
My name's Bonnie and I'm 46,
Connie's my daughter, she's 16.
- Yeah okay, stay calm
and you'll be alright.
- Connie, my name's Connie Castille,
I'm 31, in 2007 or 2008 I did something,
I recognise you, I don't know
where I've been since then.
Can you write this down before I forget?
- Alright, that makes the most sense
out of everything you've said so far.
Are you getting this on the line?
- What do you mean it
makes the most sense?
(speaker muffled)
- Look, so far you've said that you are
your 46 year old mother,
then you said you're 50-odd year old Dad,
you said you're your Dad's
dead Filipino wife Na-gay-a
and you also said you were your Dad's
baby daughter, Princess.
(ominous music)
- [Charles] Hi Sam, it's Charles.
What else have we got?
- Nothing yet, oh, we got
the man who found her.
- [Charles] All right, well who is it?
- Director of a film
she was in 12 years ago.
He found her because
he was looking for her.
- [Charles] That's media gold, right?
- Don't be insensitive.
- [Charles] I mean come on,
that's award winning stuff.
- Our source found us.
This girl, she's isn't a compos.
- [Charles] She doesn't need to be.
- No, we're talking whatever
happened to baby Jane.
- [Charles] Psycho baby,
what, is it some kind
of film genre convention?
- Maybe, look, this girl
is really not that well
and there might be two of 'em.
- [Charles] What do you
mean there are two of them?
- Well speculation only,
look, she might have been
in there with her mother.
Father might be an instigator
for a decade or more.
- [Charles] Hillbillies in Hastings.
Alright, let's see where this goes.
- You know Sky might use
it as their main feed
if they can't get their own
people down quick enough.
There's been a big
accident on the motorway.
The traffic Gods, they might be with you.
- [Charles] Alright, I'm
walking and I'm talking.
Terry is next to me if I'm not answering
so I'll give you a call.
(siren wailing)
- And now for some breaking
news on a developing situation
near Hastings, East Sussex.
Initially reported on social media outlets
by the student run Parallel News Service,
a woman's claim that she
has been held captive
for the past 11 years has escalated
into a major police operation.
Details are currently limited.
The first pictures we have
are of reporter Terry Bennum
courtesy of Parallel News Service,
but we do know that this is
an ongoing hostage situation
at an undisclosed rural location.
Speculation suggests this
is an issue of geography
and access but it is
understood that the woman found
was a former actress who in recent months
was the subject of an Internet campaign
to locate her exact whereabouts.
We'll bring you more on this story
as it develops throughout the day.
- Darling, you also said that you'd thrown
a pan of boiling water over your mother
and that you locked
your Dad in the bathroom
after you'd offered him a blowjob.
Yeah, I can do weird, but
you've been through something.
- I know you.
- What do I do then?
- I don't know.
You knocked on my door.
- No, no you stopped my car
and you got in the passenger seat.
I was looking for someone at the beach
who matched your description.
- You were looking for me.
- I don't think I was looking for you
but I found you alright.
- You were.
You were looking for me.
I can't believe you were looking for me.
I can't believe you found me.
You were looking for me.
I can't believe you were looking for me.
I can't believe you found me.
- I'm not sure I was
looking looking for you
but yeah, I found you alright.
- Bebe Marie.
It's the name I put down on a form.
- Bebe Marie.
- Bebe Marie.
It's the name I put on the form.
- Bebe Marie.
How the hell would you know
that name if it wasn't you?
Yeah, this girl, I think I have
actually been looking for her.
- [Charles] So, strategy?
- The meeting.
Bring 'em on board.
- [Charles] What if he wants a fee?
What if he's got media assets?
- I'll get onto legal.
We're gonna need a bigger
outlet piggybacking this
if this gets big.
Our resources, they can be a bit limited.
- [Charles] Am I the priority reporter
or is this on Theresa?
- Big networks, they might use you today,
but if it goes up a gear
we'll slip the journos,
will be all over it.
- [Charles] I wanna say
again, we need extra research.
- No, not yet.
This could be a smokescreen.
- [Charles] See, even you think
the real scandal is elsewhere.
- Maybe, it's not your usual story
to come out of this area
of the country, is it?
Keep tabs.
- Just go online, it's been in the media.
Look up find Bebe.
Alright, it's not massive but it's there.
If it is the right girl,
then she was an actor in one
of my movies a few years ago
and she disappeared.
we thought you gave up.
- I don't know where I am.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know what's real.
- We're safe.
But I think you're quite unwell.
- Where are we going?
- I'm gonna take you straight
to a hospital, alright?
Yeah, 20 minutes.
- Am I okay?
- Yeah we can get there
faster than an ambulance.
I don't know, she keeps passing out.
No, I'm fine, I'm sober,
I'm just in shock.
Yeah okay.
Look, I don't know, last time
I saw her was 10, 11 years ago
but now here she is.
- Look it's the hottest day of the year.
I've been running around
from pilar to post
trying to get all this
information for you, alright?
It might not be her, basement dungeon,
the mother slash wife
have been kept sedated
on anti-psychotics but they
ran out a few months ago.
The bad man went away and the poor girl
got compos mentis as she came out.
That's practically torture
on side effects alone.
- [Charles] Now my name
is Charles Barberry.
I work for Parallel News Service.
You'd have met two of
my guys on the beach,
Terry, she's our reporter,
she's only a student at the moment,
and Sam would've been the cameraman.
Now what's going on here sounds pretty big
so we've got our main journo coming down,
her name is Theresa but
she won't be with you
for a couple of hours yet.
So, Donald, I'm on the beach in question.
Where are you, you can't miss it?
- Yeah, I see you.
- [Charles] Okay, well, thanks
for talking with us then.
- Do you know what's happening?
- [Charles] No idea other
than the girl is critical
and it's an active hostage situation.
Is that how much you know?
- Pretty much.
- [Charles] Well come on,
you gotta start filling us in, please.
- You read about the campaign?
- [Charles] Find Bebe Marie.
- Yeah, so about 12 years
ago we made this film.
We changed the name and it blew up,
as much as a small indie film can blow up.
Got bought by a studio so
they could remake all of it,
or at least parts of it when they saw fit.
Anyway, I end up with a huge check.
- [Charles] How much is a big check?
- Well after all the tax,
obviously it came from the
US first, about 200 grand.
Not so much to show for such a big amount
but I decided to do the right thing,
split it through the cast and crew.
Bebe was due to get a check
for about three grand,
nothing major but enough for
something out of the blue.
- [Charles] And this is what you went
to give to her last night, am I right?
- Yes and no.
- [Charles] What do you mean yes and no?
- We never actually knew where she lived.
We never kept any record
and that girl is not Bebe Marie at all.
- [Charles] Do you really want to tell me
this next bit or not?
- Why wouldn't I?
- [Charles] My luck will be on this
like flies round fucking
shit, do you understand?
- Better ask me first then, hm?
- [Charles] Who is Bebe Marie?
- Connie Louise Castille.
But I only ever dealt with her as Bebe.
It pisses me off when people don't call me
by my professional name.
Earnest Hartley is not
director Donald Hamlet.
- [Charles] Terry's
there with you, I assume.
Is this the girl we're thinking of?
- Daughter of Bonnie Castille.
- You know who these people are?
- [Charles] Yeah, they once
had an arterial connection
to a big media family.
Family feud, connections were
cut, something like that.
- So what did Bebe's Dad,
I'm sorry, Connie's Dad do?
- Castille?
Fuck if he's done something like this.
- [Charles] He had a Filipino wife,
died during childbirth, child
died shortly afterwards,
then he came back to the UK.
He was investigated for fraud
and doing everything he
shouldn't have done abroad.
- So who you gonna call?
- [Charles] Well I'm thinking aloud.
Terry, thoughts?
- This could be massive.
- This story needs integrity.
That girl was a mess.
I can't exploit her.
- We're exploiting the story,
that's what we do in the media.
- Yeah, I understand, which is
why you need me as an asset.
(waves crashing)
- Police in southern England
are slowly releasing the details
of what they call a major
captivity incident in Hastings.
A young woman was found in a rural lane
after having escaped capture.
- [Charles] Police have
cancelled a press conference
but they have issued a statement.
- Tell me.
- [Charles] Absolute media
blackout until further notice.
- That's not normal, anything else?
- [Charles] Surprisingly yeah.
She's currently in a critical condition.
All media cooperation is essential.
No leaks on social, please.
They're hammering this,
they want everything dark.
- [Connie] A young
princess has disappeared.
Held captive by people masquerading
as her father and mother.
She endures terrible hardship.
Plotting escape, she uses
all of her wit and cunning
to kill the mean man and
make the woman suffer.
Using the Internet as her only means
of communication with the outside world,
she makes the world start the
hunt to find the princess.
- What the fuck are we dealing with here?
- This is meticulous planning of years.
- You really think that's the case?
You're suggesting everything
that girl has done
may be written in that manuscript?
- Yeah, that's pretty
much what I'm saying.
- You can all go fuck yourselves
and get out of my head
because all I know is she might
have been through something
and I'm gonna stick by her and sell her
because that is what's
gonna sell this story.
- [Man] All the Hollywood stuff,
that actually plays out.
She was in quite a few
films between 1984 and 1989.
You see she had some talent.
She was whisked off to LA as an artist
of extraordinary ability,
that's how she got a visa.
She got representation and then she turned
into a bit of a bad girl,
got a bad reputation
and then she found her
way back to England.
- What is actually wrong with Connie?
And cut out the bullshit.
- Okay, she had a few cuts and bruises.
Nothing anyone couldn't not
conceivably have on them
in their normal day to day life.
In fact, the doctors really
had to look for them.
She was grabby on the outside
but I will be unrepeatably crude.
I didn't do the examination.
Obviously your girlfriend
Vivian did and her team
but being the push media man that I am
I was practically ever present.
But just so you've got this information
from the ether as such, I quote
one of Vivian's colleagues,
girls who've been held
captive for 10 years
usually aren't virgins.
- [Charles] Listen up, you're
not gonna believe this.
So, our man in question who
might be behind all this,
David Ronald Castille.
- The pissing fuck, what?
- [Charles] The girl is Connie Castille.
The thing with Donald,
he doesn't want money
but we may have to treat him as an asset.
- Fuck me, I'll get ground of my Mom.
Budget directly authorised.
Let's keep this thing moving.
Fuck if he's done something like this.
- [Charles] I need more researchers on it.
- We'll build it, the
blackout's being respected
so we've got time.
- [Charles] Look, we're
playing this straight
but just remember we've
got two angles on this.
We've got the girl's version of events
and we've got the best friend, Vivian.
Something's not right here, keep tabs.
How did I get here, how do I let go
How did I get here, how do I let go
How did I get here, how do I let go
(hip hop music)
(camera snapping)
- Are you sure you're ready
to deliver this interview?
- I've been waiting to give
this interview for 10 years.
- And it was a car crash that
you were in with your father
that really paved the way to freedom?
- Yeah, I mean what I didn't understand
was while I was mentally captive 100%,
physically I could've actually
got out if I wanted to.
I just didn't grasp that because
the abuse was so endemic.
As I said, I actually
had a job to begin with
and I was always told I wasn't
allowed to speak so I didn't.
And for one job he was
teaching me how to drive
but I wasn't very good
at it and we hit a fence.
I was wearing my seatbelt but he wasn't
and he was badly hurt.
These people turned up,
pulled him out of the car,
we went to hospital but
because I was always told
I wasn't allowed to speak,
they thought I was simple
and everything was just arranged for me
and I found myself back in
the house and that was it.
- And do you remember just
how badly he was injured?
- I just remember the smell of bleach.
- [Interviewer] Why bleach?
- In the truck that day
in the passenger foot well
and on his lap were all
these cleaning supplies
we just bought.
Normally stuff like that
would go in the boot
but I said I wanted to drive.
(speaker drowned out by ominous music)
(car crashing)
- And your mother was still in the house?
- At that point, yeah.
- [Interviewer] So--
- Sorry, I just need a minute.
I can't believe you are
both still here for me,
you've been such a massive help.
I love you so much, Don, I really do.
- We're just helping you through.
- No, I think it's much more than that.
- It isn't.
I think you should talk
to that production guy.
- Why?
- I don't think he's
getting enough credit.
If it wasn't for him,
I never would've been able to find you.
- I'll take him out for dinner.
Stop hassling me, we've got shit to do.
- [Woman] Where's your Dad now?
- I was gonna ask you that.
See, I don't think I've left
the house in about a year.
Not as pretty as I used to be.
- [Woman] What about your job?
- I wasn't good at it anyway,
they had to let me go.
- [Woman] Why?
- This man wanted me to
do stuff in the toilets
and then he gave me a load of money.
My manager found out and he
said it was the last straw.
- Jesus.
And no one's realised you've
been sick all this time?
- This all just happened one night.
I think it was after I crashed
the truck, I don't know.
- What was your job, Connie?
- [Connie] I was like a waitress.
- [Woman] What year are we in?
- I don't know what year I'm in.
- [Woman] How can you not know?
- Dad always said you were just sleeping
but we needed to make sure
your body was still working
so I gave you a daily workout.
- [Woman] Connie, when
did I actually wake up?
- Properly?
A few months ago.
- [Woman] A few months?
- It's like you woke up
and you were normal again.
- [Woman] So how long do you
think I've been asleep for?
- Before the truck smash.
Barack Obama was the President of the USA.
- [Woman] Can we watch TV?
- It's your house.
- [Woman] No, it's not my house.
I'm just a guest.
So where is David?
- He hasn't come home and
that's why we're here,
that's why nothing's
getting done around here.
- Are you sure?
Are you ever going to tell the truth?
- What truth is there to tell?
I'm Connie Castille.
I'm the princess in the castle.
And for the rest of my
life I'll sell papers.
For the rest of my life
I'll sell TV shows,
books, films, documentaries.
People love me because I'm a survivor.
- Are you?
- What did I tell you when we were kids?
- Many delusional things, Connie.
- No, I said I was happy for my life
to be the perfect illusion.
12 years old, year seven,
I told you I'd make you famous one day.
Well, you're not as
famous as me, obviously,
but you're getting there
miss celebrity doctor.
You counsel the rich and
famous now, don't you?
Who got you that job?
I better finish the interview.
She's just getting scraps.
Once this airs the phone
won't stop ringing.
- Just don't tell them you
shot your Dad in the face
in the garage and left
him to bleed to death.
- I didn't and that was self inflicted.
- You mean he pulled the
trigger because you told him to.
- Princesses don't pull triggers.
- Princesses poison their wicked mothers
and push them down the stairs though.
- She fell.
I did what I was told
under extreme duress.
- Let's see how long you
can keep this up for.
- 12 years and counting.
(ominous music)
Nobody told me to believe in myself
I've been holding it
together like nobody else
Now I'm breaking down
'cause I'm off that show
It's a witch hunt and no one knows why
There's a witch hunt and
we're staring at the sky.
It's a witch hunt, we're
there to infect your mind
It's a witch hunt baby, now
get to the back of the line
It's a witch hunt, got
to hide behind this wall
Witch hunt, got to
hide behind this wall
Witch hunt, got to
hide behind this wall
Witch hunt, got to
hide behind this wall
Witch hunt
It's a demon waiting at your side,
Staring at your fire just
waiting for you to die
Feeding all your hopes and
dreams so they can go get high
Waiting like a zombie so
you can stare at the sky
It's that crazy feeling, it's
the drugs they get dealing
It's every part of you is the
soul they have been stealing
I'm not saying that I'm in
the middle of a pandemic
But I think the higher ups
that are in control of this
Are in a state of manic.
They never board it down because
they never felt the touch
Instead they tell you
get with the citizens
So we would feel that rush
And now they blame it on
every immigrant or every place
And we're just trying to understand
We're all the human race
None lives without it
There's a witch hunt and
it's going on tonight
There's a witch hunt
and they're talking