Prinzessin (2006) Movie Script

I'II miss you, Yvonne.
Need to go to the poIice station Iater.
I insuIted a cop.
I'm going to jailtomorrow.
It's my Iast day!
You think I want to see the cops?
Know what that cunt zIem did?
What do we care?
-She insuIted your guy, DanieI.
He's not my guy.
-He's fucked up.
Sits in the train station aII day Iong
and writes in a IittIe book.
That's his hobby.
He writes down when the trains
arrive and depart, and ifthey're Iate.
What a moron.
Fuck that sIut up.
Can I heIp you?
Where's zIem?
-She's with a patient.
I don't care whose arse
herfinger's stuck in right now.
What is it?
-We had a deaI.
I got to work.
And my friend has to
kick your arse ....
You wiII Ieave at once.
-I'II Ieave when I want to, got it?
You want me to caII the poIice?
TeII that idiot DanieI he can fuck
Russians in a brotheI in six packs.
I saw this guy on TV the other day.
He Iaid down on some raiIway tracks
and had his arm cut offby a train.
He had this weird sickness.
Those who have it are onIy happy
when they Iose a body part.
Then they feeI compIete.
It's a true story!
And there was this guy,
this is so won't beIieve it...
He amputated his own Ieg,
he cut it off.
He had this feeIing that
he had to get rid ofit.
So he feeIs compIete, huh?
-Yes, so he feeIs compIete...
In a big hurry, cunt?
That's enough.
-Leave me aIone!
MarIene wiII fix you up.
She's some Ioserwith a university degree.
How was the gym?
-Very nice.
I feeI great.
I hope you do, too.
That's nice.
Look, and Iobster has so IittIe caIories.
It's just perfect for us.
Do you Iike it?
-Yeah, it'stasty.
Ifthere's someone in prison
who doesn't Iike my face,
she'II be in deep shit
ifI find out.
You'II rock that pIace!
Two more drinks
Fucking Christmas decoration!
It's aImost New Year's Eve!
You're going to see the poIice now?
I've aIways toId you,
don't insuIt cops, that's so stupid.
One more report
and you'II have a record.
You know what that means?
I'm not an idiot.
The girI said someone eIse
has broken her nose
and she onIy remembers you
cause you gave her a tissue.
That was reaIIy kind of you.
It's so boring to teII the same story twice.
Stop covering up for yourfriend!
Now, what exactIy happened again?
I toId you aIready.
there was no one eIse except me.
It was me! I beat her up!
I didn't Iike herfucking face!
If you don't name the offendernow,
I'II fiIe the report.
And we have another caIIer.
Hi, EImar, this is OIaf.
-Hi, OIaf.
What are your pIans for New Year's Eve?
-I'm going to bed earIy.
That's unusuaI. What are you
going to do when you wake up?
Um, I'II have breakfast.
Have I toId you about Frank,
the guy from the Flirt Club?
He's the owner.
He said I shouId come by
forfree drinks.
What about going tonight?
Yvonne's going to jaiI tomorrow,
so we have to party. -I see.
Sure, why not?
Not such a bright coIor, pIease.
I promised the hoteI manager
you'd be on time,
and you're Iate on yourfirst day!
That Iooks deIicious!
We and Mom made bIinis.
Here, try the peImeni.
-Thank you.
I Iike your skirt.
I got it from grandma for Christmas.
-I can teII.
I picked it myseIf!.
What happened to yourface?
First the poIice report,
and now this?
I'm in a hurry.
This is our bathroom.
Have a Iook.
And here is our bedroom.
PIease go in.
Go ahead.
It's very nice.
-Yeah, not bad.
Did you make those curtains by yourseIf?
Are there cIosets in every apartment?
''MaIe pig.''
I didn't teII yourfather
about the report.
'WorId power.''
Three Ietters.
I arranged for you to work at
the hoteI untiI March.
Five Ietters.
No idea.
Yourfatherand I are going out tonight,
and you're staying home.
Forthe visitors.
What's your probIem?
I wanted to see what you and
yourfriends are up to.
It's DanieI!
Sick of crawIing in the mud?
Why aren't you inAfghanistan?
They don't take fairies, huh?
Afraid of getting
your arse bIown off?.
Want some?
I preferred the Iayout in BIock C.
What did you do with aII my stuff?
-I need space.
What are you staring at?
I can stare as much as I want.
Can't get enough of me, huh?
What a hot arse.
You smeII good today, too.
This isn't your room anymore.
You're going to jaiI tomorrow.
And not getting out too soon, babe.
This is Jrgen's new office now.
When you get out in the summer,
we're going on vacation.
Before communism and the war,
us Russians with German descent
were weII respected in Russia.
Have you ever been to Russia?
It's a good country...
... if you are born there.
- Is she aIwaysthat taIkative?
Granny can taIk as much as she Iikes.
-Want usto Ieave?
Christ, what a great boxer he is!
Here Iives Jussi, the bioIogist...
If I were you I wouId piss my pants...
BaIIistics say it's from a gun.
Hi, MarIene.
Can I... crash at your pIace?
Next week I'II be gone.
Where to?
I voIunteered.
That way I get to traveI at Ieast.
Why not just get a flight
toAmerica? They are cheap these days.
You wouIdn't understand.
They need us down there.
Are you going to kiII peopIe?
Sure. Ifit's for a good cause.
I'd Iike to see what it's Iike
to kiII someone.
It's nothing to joke about.
Am I joking?
You German cowards aIways need
a reason for everything.
You have to take drastic steps
down there. Use vioIence.
Or you'II never be taken seriousIy.
Let him eat the other guy's baIIs,
ifthey both Iike it, then it's okay.
Betterthan rape.
CooI pants!
Got that from your mum?
She wouIdn't even give me
her dirty underwear!
Where did you get that money?
PIease give me my things back.
What are you bIabbing about?
I want my credit card back.
You're drunk.
I'm not going to report you.
Want me to smack you?
Are you into that?
So you reaIIy ripped heroff?
Did MarIene ever Iick your pussy?
She can't afford my prices.
Someone jumped down that
high-rise again.
The cops are stiII Iooking
forbody parts.
Some fingers are stiII missing.
You shouId go Iooking forthem.
I'd rather see someone jumping.
I don't think that's very funny.
You Russians wouId use a kaIashnikov.
-Shut up.
You don't even know who your dad is.
CouId be any Turk
between here and IstanbuI
who was in Iine to mount your mother.
Come on.
You know about
the woman who jumped down here?
She waited for her guy
to come home from work
and then jumped out ofthe window
Landed right at his feet
on the street.
Poor guy, I bet there were
guts everywhere.
Hey, where's your stuff?
Don't you need no cIothes?
And when do you have to show up in jaiI?
Don't Iick anyTurkish girIs in prison.
Turks taste Iike garIic down there, too.
They eat too much ofit. It's gross.
I bIew a Turk once and I swaIIowed it.
-Are you done?
I couIdn't beIieve he was a Turk.
Didn't Iook Iike one.
A-3 to 3-8-3, pIease.A-3 to 3-8-3.
-What's up?
It sucksthere,
and I can't just Ieave you aIone.
And they just Iet you go?
I Iied and said I came to visit Yvonne.
-That worked?
No, that's why I'm back again.
She is not in there, is she?
You can't just not go
because you don't want to.
I'm not going to jaiI.
I'd go crazy in there.
It's not funny, Yvonne.
They'II be Iooking for you now.
They'II Iock you up for even Ionger.
You'II reIax.
You Iook Iike shit.
You know how worried Mum was?
She feIt worse
when you were in jaiI.
Let's go.
She's not coming anyway.
What is she doing here,
buying flowers?
What's it Iike to be a soIdier?
Defending yourcountry.
What do you mean?
It's okay.
It's okay?
''Ourteam wishes you
a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.''
CooI that yourfriend Ient you the car.
I went down on him twice!
So now I have to deaI
with randy Mandy.
Fuck you!
But just up the arse!
I'm not into the Flirt Club.
-You've never even been there!
I say, you don't want me?
He says, out with you
I say, you're a pig
He says, you're a whore
I say, damn right
He says, get out!
My pussy's on fire.
Aren't you scared?
The poIice are Iooking for you.
''The poIice.''
I need to piss aII the time.
She's 18. She's a dwarf.
ChiId prostitution's right down the road.
-You're a reguIarthere? Pervert!
What's up?
Go stick yourdick somewhere eIse!
Shut yourfiIthy IittIe mouth and fuck off!.
I thought you knew the manager.
-Come on. Hit me!
I beat up this girI once,
and then she wanted to report me.
So I went to herhouse
and punched her so hard she cried.
Then I stabbed herwith a knife
untiI she begged me to stop.
Then I just Ieft.
But they want me in jaiI
for something eIse.
I aImost kiIIed this cunt once...
NearIy stabbed herto death
'cause she wouIdn't Iisten.
But she stiII dared to report me.
Want a drink?
I'm buying.
-Champagne, pIease!
Do you want a bIow job?
I'II do musicaIs soon
or maybe I reIease a record first.
Are they reaI?
-Are you crazy?
No touching aIIowed, girI!
-Not bad!
Are you demented?
-Damn you!
Hey, that's mine!
It's none of your business!
Do you want meto bIow you?
-Jenny, caIm down.
Let's go to that party.
The music sounds good.
The music sucks.
I need to piss!
Where'sthe Ioo?
-Somewhere back there.
So, what's the occasion?
My mum wouId throw a fit
ifwe had a party Iike this.
This isn't my parents' apartment.
We sent the tenant to a hoteI.
He'II sure be happy there.
-Are you from here?
Who are these cIowns?
Afew thousands are dead but so what?
They have a sytem that works and just
needed a reason to go round the worId.
I don't beIieve in conspiracy theories.
They spend money on this crap.
-It's not about meeting needs.
In Tanzania they'd be kings with
cheap stuffIike this.
Okay, it's kind ofhard to expIain.
Let's start with this.
No trainer beIievesthat his horse...
... can beat the favourite.
... the favourite runsthe track aIone.
Which means, it's won
even before the race has started.
It's caIIed... a ''waIk-over.''
I thinksthat's great!
You're the winnerfrom the start.
But you race to win.
Whoever cIaims such nonsense shouIdn't
be surprised at the economic stagnation.
Do you feeI more Iike a German
or Iike a Russian?
Do you have a fag?
I'd Iove to traveI to Russia.
I heard today's Moscow is Iike
London in the 1950s.
It's not New Year's Eve yet!
I read that after WorId War II
it was forbidden
to speak German in Russia.
It reminds me ofthe Jews.
Foreigners in a foreign Iand.
I'm not a Jew, I'm German.
But there must be some paraIIeIs.
-I don't know.
Are we in Iraq, orwhat?
You don't want me
to come up there! You don't want it!
Hey there.
Let's not do that.
Are you out of your mind?
Let's go!
We have to Ieave!
-Great idea! Get the heII out!
The cunt Ieft the key in the Iock
on purpose.
Open the door!
You're a pain in the arse.
The cops were here aIready.
Why aren't you in jaiI?
Get out ofhere.
Or I'II caII the poIice
Where were you?
The hoteI manager himseIf caIIed.
Why did you Ieave yourwork earIy?
Isn't that Iast poIice report enough?
Katharina, open the door.
Open the door!
Can you hear me?
Katta's not coming anymore.
The cunt doesn't give a shit.
Shut up!
You don't know shit!
Where's Katharina?
-Not here.
Where is she?
-Fuck off.
She got reported again because of you!
Reported? Why?
-Are you fucking with me?
Your IittIe row in the tram
three days ago...
We don't understand
how you can treat your parentsthat way.
Instead ofheIping them,
you run around
with those German sIuts.
-They're my friends.
Some Russians don't want
anything to do with you anymore.
My brotherfeIt shitty
when you Ieft him.
He'II survive.
He's got a new girIfriend aIready.
WiII you be at the cIub house tonight?
I got them.
Why didn't you teII me that
the chick in the tram reported you?
The cunt deserves a bashing!
Can you sIow down?
But I don't want to pound her, okay?
Then I'II take care ofher!
I owe you. You heIped me.
I'II neverforget that.
Just Ieave me aIone with aII that.
Don't you understand?
I'm through.
I don't know, you get on my nerves.
Without me you'd just be
a Russian sIut!
I'm German, Yvonne.
I'm German, I'm German!
Want me to break your neck?
Orfuck you?
You think you'd have a chance, cunt?
''ArrivaI time:
four... coIon... twenty-one.''
''ScheduIed arrivaI time:
four... coIon... eighteen.''
''Time deIayed: three minutes.''
''Passengers getting on: two.
One maIe, one femaIe.''
''Passengers getting off: one.
I heard this story about this race horse...
The others are scared
to compete against it so it runs aIone.
It circIes the track, it races,
aIthough it's aIready won anyway.
The horse runs and runs
and runs...
It's got some EngIish name.
But I forgot it.
Can you get some more dough?
What about MarIene's card?
-It's bIocked.
You race to win.
Do I speak Turkish, orwhat?
-We're just a tanning studio.
And yourfags.
Come on!
-I can't! It hurts Iike heII.
Can we go?
Go ahead.
-And you guys?
I'm taking a piss!.
You here?
So what?
You usuaIIy preferto hang out
with your German friends.
You wouIdn't do that at home.
You're annoying.
Just Iook at yourseIf.
You're intimidating.
If you don't watch out
you'II be a sIut soon.
I get it.
See my girIfriend overthere?
She's a good girI.
Then why don't you just Ieave me aIone?
He was checking out your arse!
He was checking out your arse!
Who wasthat guy?
-Did you see it, too?
Long time no see, huh?
Your Russian sIut can't be far.
What's it to you,
you Turkish cunt?
Where were you?
Ifthey find me now,
they're going to Iock me up forever.
I have to Ieave.
I need money.
Ifit's a stab wound,
she needs a doctor.
Okay, but I need a minute
to pack my stuff.
I can't Ieave her aIone that Iong!
She's waiting for me.
Then go ahead.
Where wiII you be?
You have to teII me the address.
Otherwise I can't heIp her.
Drop the gun!
Drop it.
Drop the gun.