Prison (1987) Movie Script

Kyrie Eleison...
Sharpe here.
What... no, no, no.
No, Joe, that's all right.
I'll take the first plane out.
Something has got
to be done now
or this whole thing'll
blow up in our face.
I read your report,
but our ideal situation
is still 50 million dollars
and two years away.
We did design this prison
to be finished, didn't we?
Didn't we?
Gentlemen, please,
with a push from this board,
we could start construction
on an effective,
humane, and safe facility,
workable not only
for the inmates and the staff,
but for our entire community.
I'm in a hell of a fight right now
to get last year's
appropriation approved.
Prison reform just isn't
on the governor's reelection platform.
Which leaves us where?
Reopening the old Wyoming State
Penitentiary at Rawlins.
You can't be serious.
That institution's
been closed since '68.
Ethan Sharpe
will be the warden in charge.
My God, Joe, the man is a dinosaur.
All he knows is chain gangs
and tommy guns.
Is that your solution?
Not a pleasant place to spend
one's life, is it, Miss Walker?
You must be warden Sharpe.
There's an awful lot of work
to be done here
in preparation
for the inmates.
I've got 300 men being transferred
over here tomorrow.
They'll take care of the cleanup
and the repair work.
You don't think we should
consider a postponement?
I mean, at least until some
improvements can be made.
I'm gonna be candid
with you, Miss Walker.
I know you represent the prison
board and I appreciate your input.
But I will not have it interfere
with our primary purpose.
Which is what?
Punishing criminals.
Keeping them away
from the public at large.
All the rest...
therapy sessions,
trade skills...
so much window dressing.
The board has instructed me
to assist you in any way I can
and that means from getting things
organized around here
to setting up therapy sessions,
trade skills, and...
all those other
window dressings.
Well, I always appreciate
a different point of view.
And a woman's will be...
most interesting.
Warden Sharpe, I'm here to help
for the next few weeks.
Now, how much
is certainly up to you.
However, I do have a job to do
and I intend to do it.
My office is always open.
Then I'll see you there
in the morning.
It's been a pleasure.
All right, let's go,
let's get moving.
Let's go, close the gap,
come on, let's go, keep it moving!
Up in front, all right,
let's go, come on.
Let's go, let's go,
close it up, come on.
All right, let's clear the yard.
Twenty men to a line.
Arms length apart.
No talking.
All right, let's clear the yard.
Twenty men to a line.
Arms length apart.
No talking.
No talking in the yard.
Twenty men to a line.
Arms length apart.
Silence in the yard.
Hey, come on you guys, let's go.
- Where's the bathroom?
- Hey, what the fuck!
Hey, man, what the hell
are you doing, huh?
- Fuck off.
- What the fuck are you doing now?
You can't steal no fucking bus!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Come on, man.
You are crazy!
Man in front!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Hold your fire.
Hey, watch out for the wall, man!
Hey, man what are you doin'?
How do we get the fuck
out of here, now?
Watch out for the wall, man...
the wall, the wall!
Shut up!
Watch out
for that board, man!
Watch out, watch out, man,
there's a man the way.
Stop, stop.
- Pussy!
- Man, let go of me.
Hey, man, I had nothing
to do with this.
- I swear it was his idea.
- Shut up!
- You got a choice here.
- Yeah?
You can either step off this bus
or be dragged off.
It's up to you.
Let's go.
Move 'em back!
Pretty boy.
All right, listen up!
These two men...
they just cost you your mail
and your visiting privileges
for six months.
Captain Horton, let's get 'em
searched and processed
before the next group gets here.
Wallace, move 'em out,
columns of two, silently.
Let's go, columns of two,
after me, right here.
Move it!
You two just bought yourselves
six months in the hole.
- The hole?
- Get 'em off the yard!
Move out!
You owe me, baby.
Still one hard-ass son of a bitch.
Pretty fuckin' wild, huh?
Come on.
Move it.
Come on, move!
Come here.
Hold it, man.
You fuckin'
with my religion, now, man.
All right, get movin'.
Come on.
- What?
- Come on, come on.
Come on, man,
they let me have it upstate.
Here it's contraband.
Yeah, what isn't?
You're asshole.
Get movin'.
Get ahead on my ass!
Up against the wall.
Back in line.
- Step back.
- You shut up!
Cuff him, Gene!
You're ahead of yourself, buddy.
You're going downstairs, buddy.
Some room, now.
All right, I got him.
Oh, I'm in the hole.
Hey, look, man,
you making a big mistake.
All I did was get on the God damn
bus like they told me.
Hey, man, what's with the swamp lake
around here, man?
Hey, I don't do good places
like this, you know?
I don't think I'm gonna
do good here, man.
Let me outta here, man,
I didn't do nothin'!
- Okay, okay.
- Come on, man.
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, nobody got hurt.
- Rizolli, seven.
- One.
- Reese, eight.
- Santoni.
- Two.
- Morris, nine.
Applegate, three.
- Garcia, thirteen.
- Four.
Cruz, five.
Montoya, sixteen.
French, six.
Young, Volkie, twenty-one.
- Seven.
- Sandor, twenty.
- Johnson, eight.
- Burke, nineteen.
- Morgan, nine.
- Cresus, nineteen.
Hey, car thief.
Bet that's you, right?
I heard some a the guys talkin'
on the line about you.
They said you were some kind
of celebrity or somethin'.
Hey, uh, Joe Lazaro's the name.
But my friends call me Lasagna.
All right.
Hey, I heard you could take
anything off four wheels, man,
fly it away to heaven.
Well, don't believe
everything you hear.
- Hey!
- Hi, kid.
I'm Rhino.
You and me's gonna be cellmates.
Just think of me as one
of your roomies in college...
only closer.
And everything
you gotta know,
I'll teach you.
Hey, man, this is where the bottom
of the damn world drops out.
Hey, man, that could be bad
for your health,
if you know what I mean.
I'll take the top.
I'll take the top.
Look man,
I don't even belong here.
I was just trying to visit my Uncle
Angelo in Phoenix, you know,
and I blew my front retread.
So, I'm gettin' myself
a new set a rubber
off this pickup truck
in this guy's driveway, right?
So, I fucked up,
the guy sees me.
But he goes nuts.
Comes after me with a pistol
and a German shepherd dog.
So, uh, what did you do?
What did I do?
What could I do,
what did I do?
Grabbed the gun and shot
the son of a bitch and his crazy dog.
Cops grabbed me
just as I was getting
the last tire off the truck.
This shit never woulda happened
in New York.
Probably not.
So, I figure...
I'm stuck here, right?
So, I might as well learn a trade
or somethin', you know, like weldin'.
What do you think?
Man, I been doin' time
30 fuckin' years.
Only thing I learned how to do is cut
my meat with my spoon.
And call my friend.
My best friend.
I love this guy, don't you?
I love this guy.
You want a drink?
Got the habit of drinking
Lysol in Gainesville...
in '49.
You ever been to Florida?
Eh, I never saw the beach.
Ten years in Kansas...
never saw the Royals
play a game.
This your first state rap?
Yeah, I thought so.
You got the face
of a lifer, though.
Do yourself a favor, car thief.
Make this your last stretch.
Thanks for the advice.
Closing A-block.
Close A-block.
Why me?
I'm gonna need you in here.
I want to see the electrical
blueprints for the entire prison!
You don't have
to blow my head off.
I'm sorry, Carl.
I haven't been able to...
Had a tough time...
sleeping lately.
Everything quiet on the block?
Yeah, just like it always is
on the first night.
First few days
are always the quietest.
They haven't had a...
chance to form cliques.
They can be managed
when they're disorganized.
I'll stay on top of 'em.
Why don't you get some rest?
Thank you, Carl.
Lotta work ahead of us.
Lotta work.
Lotta work.
What the hell's that?
That key you were drawing.
It was a key, right?
To this place?
- Might be.
- No shit.
How do you know?
I looked.
You looked?
I thought boostin' cars
was your thing.
Well, a car ain't nuttin'
but a series a locks.
Older the lock,
easier it is.
And this place is old.
All right, let's move it! assignments,
tier 1 report to the tool shed.
Tier 1 line up and report
to the tool shed.
We don't have anybody
to dole out water during the day.
That's your detail, Rhino, sign this.
All right.
Sounds good to me, sir.
The kid's with me, right?
Come on, kid.
You know how to use that thing?
You come with me.
You too.
Let's go.
Baby, sure smells
like a tomb in here.
You're not far off.
Warden wants
this broken through.
What's on the other side?
Execution chamber.
Let me know
when you're finished.
Okay, Captain.
Hey, Johnson.
Or maybe the boogey-man.
You ain't scared, are you, sir?
Get to work.
Yes, sir.
Hi, I'm Katherine Walker
from the state board.
Sharpe here.
Katherine Walker
at the main gate.
Oh, it's all right.
Send her in.
Whoa, hey, help, help!
You okay?
Bad spirit.
- Burke?
- What?
Something grab hold of me.
Yeah, I did.
No, something else.
I shook its hand.
Here, help this man.
God, what's happening
around here?
I shook its hand.
Warden wanted
a door knocked down.
What's you guys use,
an atom bomb?
Warden Sharpe wanted in
to the old execution chamber.
We had to knock through a wall.
Must a hit a gas main or somethin'.
Execution chamber.
It's not as though we don't have
ten zillion other things
to do around here.
Maybe he's got special plans for us.
God, I could use a smoke.
I could use a smoke, Hersh.
I got some smokes for ya, buddy.
Some nice, long, nicotine smokes.
See, one a day'll carry me
through the week.
Yeah, well, a helluva lot of good
that does me, baby.
The hell with you, Rabbit!
You hear me?
I want you to suffer.
You're a piece a brown garbage.
I got 12 inches
a brown garbage all for you.
Why don't you come
over here and get it?
Ah, and the matches.
You gotta have matches, Rabbit,
or ya can't light up.
Yeah, there's nothin'
like a good ol' smoke.
Hey, baby, you light up yet?
Hey, cut the light off, man!
Get the light outta my eyes!
Who put the light in my face?
Get this shit outta my eyes,
my eyes burn!
What's wrong in there, Hershey?
Hey, cut that shit out!
You hear me?
What the fuck is wrong in there?
Rabbit, Rabbit, my hands, man!
Oh, shit!
What's wrong,
what's happening in there?
Oh, shit!
My hands, Rabbit!
The floor...
something's going on with the floor!
Oh, shit.
Rabbit, help!
Jesus Christ, Hersh,
what you smokin' in there?
Oh, Rabbit... Rabbit, everything
is burstin' smoke, man!
Something's got
all over the floor, Rabbit!
Help me! Where the fuck can
I turn off the God damn...
Jailor! God damn!
Hey, Horton!
Horton, what the hell's goin' on?
The men in those two cells,
get 'em out!
- Horton.
- Captain.
There's a fire in solitary.
Help Wallace get
those inmates out of there.
Yes, sir!
Please help me, somebody!
Help me, please help me!
We're coming!
No, stay back!
Stay back, th-th-there's
nothing we can do.
Fuck it's hot in here!
- Drop em!
- Let him go!
Help me!
Stupidity never has impressed me.
Why should a short-term con risk
his life for a vermin like Rabbit?
I'll guarantee you one thing,
this, uh, stunt of yours won't
cut you any play with the parole board.
Hand me my towel please.
How ya' doin?
How you been?
I'm hangin' in there.
- That mail sitch is fucked, isn't it?
- Yeah.
You waitin' on any love letters?
Well, when we get
mail privileges back,
I'm gonna get my sister Angie
to send you a picture.
Well, don't go to any trouble
on my account.
Hey, what trouble?
I mean, you're a celebrity, ain't ya'?
Look around.
Everybody's checkin' us out.
- I know.
- I'm serious.
Good looking Italian girl
under your arms.
We'll double when I get out.
You're a fuckin' fool.
I'm one of the smartest people
on this yard.
This is a private conversation, wop.
Now, what you did the other day
took a lot a heart.
And that's why I need
to talk to you, hero.
I need a couple men with heart
to run my poker tables,
make a few collections.
Now, you can make
a nice piece a change at this.
And the fringe benefits
aren't bad neither.
'Cause nights around here
can be short or long.
And you... you got a choice
on how you want to spend
your time in the dark.
Yeah, well, I always manage
to sleep like a baby.
Look here, hero,
you start messin' in my business,
you start thinkin' this shit's
gonna get you any good,
and I'll tear
your fuckin' asshole out.
You hear me?
If you need time
to think about it,
I'll give you time.
So, what do you think?
Let me tell you somethin'.
I always make it a real point
to mind my own business.
Maybe you ought
to try that for a while.
Start right now.
You give me back my ball,
I'll give you yours.
What the fuck
you smilin' at, bitch!
Let's get outta here.
Buddy boy.
How's my main man?
Is everybody suckin' up to you
'cause you hauled my ass outta there?
I really got big plans
for you and me, baby... big.
Do you mind?
Yeah, I mind.
Well, then keep your mouth
shut on this, wop.
No, no, no, I'm saying that
'cause this is on the hush-hush.
I ain't givin' this place
another chance.
I'm gettin' the fuck
outta here tonight.
Why don't you, uh, wait
'til everything, uh, cools down...
No, no, no... tonight.
Hey, Rabbit.
You know you're gonna
get everybody in a lot of trouble.
Hey, how ya doin'?
Hey, fuck everybody else.
You can come with me
if you want, maybe you.
But these guys?
They're on their own
and once I'm gone, that's it.
So, ya in or out?
Good luck.
Hey, I didn't mean that.
Now what?
Well, Miss Walker,
so glad I caught you.
I never received a copy
of your accident report.
Well, you are filing a report regarding
the prisoner's death?
Standard procedure
for the warden to check details
for accuracy
before submission to the board.
Well, I'm sure you'll find it
extremely accurate.
I was there.
I'll make you a copy in the morning.
Well, I'd like to digest this
for a couple a days.
Thank you, Miss Walker,
good night.
Come on, Tiny, one more time,
double or nothin'.
Come on.
I own you.
Let's go.
I got you, I got you, I got you.
Get away from me
you son of a bitch.
You're dead!
Cresus, it's me.
It's m...
I'm sorry, kid.
Who in the hell
you think it was?
Somebody I haven't seen
in a very long time.
Warden Sharpe?
Sir, the power's down
all over the prison.
I want a special count
and lockdown right away.
Yes, sir.
Let's get the lights on!
Damn it, I want silence on this block!
You know that, move it!
Get those lanterns up there
on those tiers.
Get some light up there.
Help these guys quiet down
the prisoners.
Here we go baby, daddy's it.
Don't do it, Rabbit, I know
you're never gonna leave this place.
You watch me, baby.
put that in a plate
and pray for me, okay?
Lazaro, Joseph.
Yo, Adrian.
You in there, Riddle?
What's wrong, Cap?
You can't see me in the dark?
Cresus, Burton?
I haven't gone no place.
Hmm, and you ain't either.
You notice that, Burke?
You ever need a hand again,
you just let me know.
Get the fuck in your bed!
I ought to drag his lazy butt
outta the sack
after all the trouble
he caused me.
Why don't you let him sleep?
You can kick his ass
in the yard tomorrow.
He can count on it.
Somebody didn't pay the bills?
help the rabbit find his way home.
Hey, hey!
So, I guess Rabbit did it
last night, huh?
Hey, you guys hear
about the escape?
Hey, man, you want
to say that again?
I don't think the warden heard you.
We don't even know
if he got out yet.
I'd feel it if he made it.
He didn't.
Not bad for window dressings,
eh, Miss Walker?
What makes you so sure, freak?
Because I'm smart, baby.
Captain Horton, you get these men
back to the cell block!
This time I want to know
who's here and who's not
or your fuckin' job's on the line!
All right, move it on out of here!
Let's go, move it!
I don't care if you have to turn
this place inside out.
But I want a weapon,
I want a motive.
And I want a full confession
from a prisoner by nightfall.
Kramer, escort Miss Walker to her car.
Warden Sharpe, you're not gonna
shut me out again?
Miss Walker,
I don't think this is a safe place
for you during lockdown.
This is the second inmate death
and it is imperative
that I get all the details.
Now you and I both have
a responsibility to the board
to report any incident...
Miss Walker, I don't need you
to remind me
of my responsibilities as warden!
Now, you and the board
will be apprised of the results
of my investigation.
That's all.
We'll see if that's all, warden.
Let's go.
All right, listen up!
Somebody here's made two mistakes.
The second was taking the life
of a fellow prisoner.
The first was
underestimating my ability
to deal with the situation.
Now, if you insist
on slaughtering
each other like animals,
that's exactly the way
you're gonna be treated
unless one of ya's man enough
to step forward.
Captain Horton,
I want you to assemble these
inmates on the yard
at 8 o'clock tonight...
with their mattresses.
You guys stand back,
that's enough.
Now you don't have cells,
you have cages.
One of you could have saved the rest
considerable discomfort.
He still can if he'll step forward
and admit his guilt.
Captain Horton!
Strip 'em down for a body search.
All right, you heard the warden.
Strip down to your skivvies.
Do it!
Since this man won't step forward,
it's up to you to cough him up.
And you'll stay out here until you do.
I'll be in my office if anybody
has anything to say.
Oh, Joe, thank God
you called back.
You're damn right there's a problem.
I know you never received
your accident report from Sharpe
and you never will.
Yes, it happened just like I said.
Joe, the man is outta control.
I think we should shut down
the prison immediately.
I know what I'm asking, Joe,
but that kind of proof
could take months.
Joe... the prisoners are not safe.
Yeah, right.
You wanna eat leather for breakfast
or you wanna get up?
Get up.
Then why don't you do it?
Why don't you move your foot, sir?
Are we having fun?
This nigger broke formation.
You made your point.
You got a problem?
Just fine, Cap'n.
Just fine.
Been a long night.
Go get some coffee.
I'll be right back.
What the hell's going on in there?
Open up!
What the...
Help me!
Horton, Horton, get up here!
God damn it, Ethan,
what's happened?
It's real.
Don't even try it, Cap'n.
I'll spoil that uniform of yours,
I promise.
Look at the guns, Cresus.
I don't give a fuck.
I want to see Ethan Sharpe.
Right now.
Come on, Cresus.
Give it up.
Can't do it, son.
Hey, Ethan.
I missed you
at the party last night.
I been meaning to talk to you
about transferring me outta here.
I know that look, Ethan.
You're as scared as I am.
Ever since you set eyes
on this boy here,
now everything coming down
on your ass.
Shoot him.
Hey, man, shut up!
Hey, Cresus, man,
don't shoot him.
Man, a man would be crazy
to stay in this place.
And one thing I ain't,
and that's crazy.
Now, you guys,
don't take nothin' from Ethan.
I watched that man kill someone.
Get him off the yard!
Don't, don't let me die
behind these walls.
Promise, promise!
You get a fuckin' ambulance.
Red, take that man,
send him to the hole.
- Take it easy!
- Shit.
Muzzle him!
Let him go, man.
Start total lockdown!
'Til further notice,
nobody comes or goes!
This prison is sealed tight!
Total silence during
the lockdown, assholes!
Total silence!
Hey, Tiny, come here, man.
The lights are out.
The fuckin' juice is off, man.
They can't even keep us locked in.
Hey, Kramer, pay
the fuckin' light bill!
Damn it!
Get Captain Horton, now!
Prepare to fire canister!
You guys get ready to move out
and lock 'em down!
My eyes!
Put this over your eyes!
Last one!
We're gonna die for sure!
With a beauty so unexpected,
it has been honored
by Tiffany and Company
with this gold medal.
Never before has Tiffany given
an award to any automobile...
Never until Mustang.
And yet the price...
an unexpected $2,368, FOB Detroit.
And we're not fooling
about that price.
Because for $2,368, you get features
that cost extra in many other cars.
Son of a bitch.
Lasagna, baby,
now that Sharpe got Burke
out of the way,
we just hangin'
around this slaughterhouse
waitin' for our turn.
Yeah, and I'm thinkin'
maybe Sharpe was the one
that got Rabbit chopped too.
No, baby, Sharpe ain't the man
we should be worried about.
Chango tells me there's a kana,
a bad spirit trapped in this prison.
And it's waitin'
to take us out one by one.
No, man, Sharpe don't give
a fuck about no kana,
whatever the hell that is.
I'm tellin' ya, baby, the only way
any of us can save ass
is if I conjure the kana,
find out what the kana wants.
How you gonna keep Sharpe
away from Burke
with that mystic bullshit?
I think we gotta get us
some real help.
Baby, if it don't satisfy kana,
it won't matter.
I know it's against policy,
but I want all your key men armed.
I want the entire prison population
in full restraints.
Ya gotta meet violence
with violence.
I take full responsibility.
And you're sure
the year is 1964?
Yeah, that I'm sure of.
Hey, I remember this.
Bad business up at the prison.
One convict killed another one
and he went to trial for it.
He was the last convict
executed at the old pen.
God of fire, thunder,
and lightning,
the allafan,
the father of Abeegee.
I summon thee,
creature of darkness
by the power of darkness.
I summon thee,
creature of hatred
by the power of hatred,
I... I summon thee,
creature of waste
by the rights of waste.
I summon thee,
creature of pain
by the power... of pain.
I summon thee.
From the abode of darkness
come forth and show yourself!
Show yourself to me.
Show yourself to me!
What's goin' on?
What the fuck is happening, man?
Look at this shit.
We better get the fuck
outta here, man.
- Go, man.
- Go!
Stand away from that door
or I'll shoot!
Sorry, sweet cheeks,
we're gettin' the fuck
outta here now!
Stand back or I'll shoot!
Shut the fuck up!
Get back!
Shut the fuck up!
I said get back,
come on, Rhino.
Back up!
Hey, Johnson,
just calm down, baby.
Hey, hey.
You're one of us now, baby.
You're leavin' with us.
Just put the gun down, okay?
Johnson, put the fuckin' gun down.
We're not gonna hurt you, man.
Just put the gun down, okay?
Listen to me, Johnson.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit, man.
You're hit bad.
We gotta get you
the fuck outta here.
I'm all right.
Forget about me.
Hey, man, shoot
that fuckin' lock now!
I'll be back for you, man.
Let's go!
- Hold it, let's...
- Let me out!
Hold it, we gotta
be smart about this shit!
One of us has to check the gun towers
or none of us are gonna make it!
Who the fuck put you
in charge, wop?
You want me to go out there?
Well, you got the gun,
let's go together!
The rest a you guys stay here
'til we see if it's clear!
Let's go!
We'll be here,
we'll be here, Rhino!
Some things just won't stay buried.
I guess that means me and you.
My past catching up
with me now.
Your innocence bringing
you back like this?
I knew you'd come for me, Charlie?
Now I don't have
to be afraid anymore.
You're frightened
of the wrong man.
Jesus, Ethan.
I thought...
Ethan, Charlie's here.
He come to take us both
for what we did to him.
Ethan, you stole my life.
I watched you kill a man!
And then helped you to send
another man to his death for it.
You had ten easy years in Chino.
Another light stretch
in Leavenworth.
Who do you think's been looking
after you all of these years?
I lived up to my side
of the bargain.
When we sent Charlie over,
we set ourselves up
for this night.
Charles Forsythe is dead!
Charlie's gonna get you, Ethan.
Why you doin' this to me, Cresus?
I gotta get outta here.
Ethan, let me finish up
on the outside?
I can't risk it, Cresus.
You're delirious.
Oh, my.
You're losing a lot of blood.
Now we can take a nice long walk
up to see your friend.
We ain't got far to walk.
Come on, we're gettin' outta here.
You convict shit!
I'm takin' over,
you psychotic son of a bitch.
And you're gonna help me do it.
My men'll cut you to pieces
before you even get to the yard.
Can you make it?
You're damn right.
Nobody in the fuckin' towers.
- Sure, are you sure?
- Yeah.
It's clear.
Let me in!
Let me in!
Let me in!
Aren't ya gonna let
your buddy in?
He's gonna get killed
out there!
Fuck him.
Oh, how I've longed to see this man
at the end of a leash.
There'll be a reckoning for this.
Shut up!
Don't spoil the goods.
Don't spoil the goods,
he's our ticket out of here.
He'll get us outta here.
Let him go.
Make me.
I'll blow you away.
Put him down!
You'll burn in hell for this,
you murderin' son of a bitch!
Yes, just like you.
- Cresus.
- No, no,
if we're gonna get out a here,
it's gotta be now.
Go, go.
Go on back, get back!
There's a riot... these bastards
have taken control!
What the hell is going on?
We had to do it,
he's tryin' to kill us.
They killed the captain
of the guards!
Miss, he's crazy.
Please don't let me die
behind these walls.
Now, who you gonna believe,
him or us?
Let's go.
We're all going to die
with these transgressors!
Shut up!
He's keeping us here.
Cresus, I'm goin' for the gate.
- Stay with him.
- I got it.
Don't wait for me.
Burke, the guns!
Now he's gonna be punished.
Get ready, get ready.