Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, The (1975) Movie Script

Really, I never thought it would come to this.
Really, I never thought it would come to this.
Never! I mean, that's disgusting.
It's revolting.
And it's a crime against nature!
I don't believe it.
And with a complete stranger.
Really, how could he?
But isn't that your wife cheating on you?
Of course not!
He's the one that's being unfaithful.
But how can you be sure?
I recognize him!
Yes, but I didn't get his face.
His face? I haven't seen his face in six months.
Never send a girl to do a man's job.
Well, I've got to be off.
I have to be in the office of Mr...
I almost forgot. In my business-- no names.
Well, I have one for her.
Well, good-bye.
I'm really sorry I couldn't have brought you better
The place is bugged.
Can I help you, sir?
My card.
Oh, yes, Mr. Mann is expecting you.
You can go right in.
Thank you.
That's disgusting.
I like the book idea on the Mercedes Benz.
I like the book idea on the Mercedes Benz.
If the new Mercedes is anything like the old one
in terms of durability and maintenance,
in terms of durability and maintenance,
we can take your suggestion and call the book
Future Schlock.
And as to your project,
I've looked over the research and there's nothing
to indicate that Father Flanagan
ever wrote a gay novel called
'There's No Such Thing As A Bad Boy.'
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
Now, Frank. You don't mind if I call you Frank?
Be my guest.
Well, to come directly to the point,
it's my anniversary.
Thank you.
But that's not the point.
The point is: I'm married--
and I'm going to L.A. in the morning.
And, well... I can speak freely to you?
It's my wife, Pamela.
I mean, I'm not sure.
I'd like you to, well...
I mean, I'd like you to sort of check up on her.
Well, you've come to the right man.
I'm one of the best surveillance men in the
How do you come by a profession like that?
Hereditary. It's in my family.
I'm third generation.
No... compulsive voyeurs.
But that's pathological illness.
Well, we prefer the more fun-loving term:
Peeping Tom.
Naturally, I plan to document everything
I tell you with film.
How do you get the film developed so quickly?
Oh, it's not hard.
For the past ten years, motion picture emulsions
have been developed and refined to the point
where they need very little light
and couple that with the ultra-sophisticated
developers and sonic printers,
high speed processes...
What does all that mean?
I have a drug store that gets it in and out
for me in a hurry.
But you were telling me about your wife.
Yes, I'm not sure Pamela's fooling around, but
she does so many things in the course of a day.
She combines ritual and spontaneity
She combines ritual and spontaneity
in the most perfect and exciting way.
She does social work in the slums and ghettos.
She enjoys solitude, like a walk in the park
and she's at home in a crowd.
She can go off by herself and read
but she gets along with people.
She's political-- yet a strong individual.
For instance, as soon as she wakes up,
she does her morning exercises.
She tells me it's to start her heart.
Then, the make-up.
Then there's breakfast.
And the day begins to take shape.
Do you think the welfare state is still viable
considering the inability up to the present
of the system to reconcile the isolation of the
poor with the assimilation into the system of
a relatively well-to-do hierarchy of government
administrators, corporate functionaries and
executives and the other white-collar elite who
are the necessary benefactors of these poor?
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
Oh! Hi, Pam.
Do you know what day it is today?
Oh, of course I know what day it is.
I'm not sure what year it is,
but I know what day it is.
What time do you want to be cleansed?
Let's see. I don't know. I think there's a dude,
I know there's a dude coming around noon, but
hang on for a minute, will you?
Hold that.
Still there?
Still here, Klute.
Can you call me back in a couple hours
and let's see how it's going?
Yeah, I may get a little rushed today.
The A.M.A. is in town.
I have a feeling - call it an intuition -
that some of the things she does during an
afternoon, well... wouldn't please me.
I want you to do some probing.
All her activities must have a
common denominator.
You can do anything in the interest of the case.
My wife's end justifies any means.
Don't worry about a thing.
You want the truth and ye shall have it.
I guarantee I'll get to the bottom of your wife.
Now, where shall I begin?
Well, we went to a dinner party last night
and the conversation naturally came up-
the impeachment and 'Deep Throat'.
Pamela confided in me that she would like
very much to do that number, if she could.
Could she?
Well, I don't know.
She'd like to try it with someone she doesn't
know. Someone completely anonymous.
I see.
It's begun to shower a little but if I were you
It's begun to shower a little but if I were you
I would hang around Sutton Place for a while.
She's bound to show up there for
her daily constitutional.
Want a good time, sailor?
Why don't we stroll over to that alley.
Now that was really disgusting.
That's really incredible.
It's apparent that she experienced some
deep oral need, which has its roots
in her development being arrested
at about the age...
...of consent!
Oh, no, no- much earlier.
Oh, no, no- much earlier.
She needs a cock down her throat
the way another woman, well,
needs a chocolate cake down her throat.
You're something of a poet.
But I don't think you're right because she does
this social field work.
As a matter of fact, I think today is the day
As a matter of fact, I think today is the day
she sees this poor creature that she works with.
Lives on almost nothing in a slum...
...I mean ghetto.
Get over there and you may see
another side to her.
C'mon in!
Just make yourself at home.
Just make yourself at home.
Oh, hey, listen...
I only give head. They did tell you?
Just blowjobs.
Uh, yes.
No fucking, no way.
Oh, hey, that's pretty. Very attractive.
Very tasteful place you have.
Now, I suck you off for thirty-five bucks.
If you want to cum in my mouth, it's fifty.
If you want, you can bring a girl sometime.
Seventy-five bucks and I'll get you both off.
And you can stay as long as you like.
A lot of my customers bring their wives.
Well, I'm not married.
You see, that's why I've come to see you.
I mean, that's the problem.
You mean, you don't commit original sin?
I commit very unoriginal sin.
Look, why don't you sit down?
You'd be more comfortable.
I may have a little trouble getting it up.
Oh, c'mon now, honey, just relax.
Oh now, if you decide not to go for the fifty, be
sure and let me know when you're gonna cum.
I'd give a lot more than 50 to cum in your mouth.
C'mon babe, just relax.
You're never gonna get anywhere
if you worry about it. OK? Relax.
You don't know how hard I've tried.
But you see, in the last few years,
well, I've been gay.
I thought it was like a passing phase, you know.
I mean, an episode.
But it's been a long time now.
I don't know what to tell you.
There's nothing you could tell me.
Not with all your experience and wisdom.
You know...
I think you've got yourself talked into something.
You do, huh?
Yeah, I do.
Do you think you could talk me out of it?
Well... I don't know.
I could try.
Fuck me.
I can't.
Oh c'mon, fuck me.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Just close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Don't think about anything, okay?
Just feel.
Just feel my lips.
Now, just stay still.
Stay thinking about what you're thinking about.
Don't think about anything, just feel.
Just feel. Just feel.
Yes, see?
Just keep your eyes closed.
See, just feel...
Do you feel good? Do you feel good?
Oh, yeah...
Oh, yes.
Now, you're going to be the aggressor.
Spread my legs.
Now pin me to the mattress.
No that wasn't really very difficult, was it?
Fabulous! It worked perfectly!
It was beautiful. I played it beautifully,
even if I do say so myself.
You know, I think I'm gonna take that part
as a homosexual.
Because if I can convince an old pro like her
that I'm a fag-- I can convince anybody.
So what's happening?
So what's happening?
Oh, nothing special.
You know that actor, Hyrim Wood?
Yeah, he was by today,
...trying to convince me he was gay.
Yeah, well, it seemed important to him,
so I let him pull it off.
Well, I always wanted to ball him anyway.
Ever since I saw him in 'Graffiti Murder Case'.
Listen, can I use your place today?
Oh, sure!
I'm going out to buy a few things anyway.
It couldn't be more clear.
The need for degradation.
For reassurance from observing the very act
in which she feels so... insecure.
But she gives great head.
Indeed she does.
What HOW?
Well, about this time, Pamela usually goes to
Well, about this time, Pamela usually goes to
the park to do some reading, but...
with Pamela, you never know what's going to
Pardon me, do you have a minute?
Do you think that the fact that vocabulary among
the young has diminished is symptomatic of a
recession into the self or simply a manifestation
of a disaffection with traditional modes of
Uh, a little of both.
Thank you!
We're gonna have some fun.
Oh, we're gonna have a good time.
I think you really like to struggle.
I'd really like to suck that cunt.
You wanna get off, don't cha?
Don't you wanna get off?
Gonna do it now.
It's my turn.
Tie her up.
You really got off before, didn't you?
You didn't think you were going to, but you did.
Can you hold your breath a long time, hmm?
Can you breathe underwater?
You're gonna get yours now, you know.
Hurry UP-
This bitch is ready for you now. Come on.
Don't struggle. This gun'll go right off.
You little fascist pig.
Open up that mouth.
Wider... wider...
Open it up.
Keep that mouth open.
Suck that cock. Suck it.
Don't you move your head. You hold still.
Use the tongue. Let me see the tongue on the tip.
Come on. Use that tongue and do it right.
All over, all over.
OK. Swallow that cock.
Faster, faster.
Come on, you fascist pig. Suck!
More. Open it!
Wide. Take it down!
Now you watch. Watch this closely.
You keep watching!
Swallow it. Hold still.
Don't you move. Open wider.
Swallow it deep. Swallow it!
Put your head back.
Keep that mouth wide open
and he's gonna fuck you in the mouth.
Don't move that head.
Keep your head back and your mouth open.
Open wider. Hold still,
let him fuck you in the mouth.
You do it like this.
I want to see you love this cock.
Open wide. Wide. Wider!
Open very, very wide.
Don't move.
Don't you fight it. You know you love it.
Take it all the way in. All the way in.
All the way!
All the way. C'mon you Fascist pig, swallow!
Swallow! Swallow every drop.
Swallow it.
Every drop. Lick it off.
Lick it off! Use your tongue.
Lick it.
Lick it off.
You loved it.
Swallow that down.
Do you know how disgusting that is?
In spite of everything, she enjoyed it.
The humiliation- being forced to submit.
You notice how she got off on the car.
She wants to be treated like an animal.
Who doesn't?
I think you're missing something.
A much more tender, intimate side of Pamela.
Almost child-like, how she relates to people.
Has she done her social field work yet?
No, not yet.
But I've got it covered.
But I've got it covered.
You're a caged prisoner in here.
Thank you.
Thank you for putting into words
what I have felt so long.
So long.
Wait! You forgot the part about
'And at the end of the year,
you'll probably find that you've made no more
than a simple stewardess.'
But I get a lot more cock.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Oh... then you say
And it's illegal...
and not exactly respectable...
...and think of the overhead.
The overhead?
The pay-offs.
The pay-offs.
The hairdresser.
The hairdresser.
The clap.
Thank you very much.
And the boredom.
And the fat politicians.
Back to the clap.
And the men.
They're beasts who think only of themselves...
which is not exactly a bad thing to think of,
when you come to think of it.
You know, you're right.
And the law!
The constant threat.
The ever-present fear of...
The police.
The fuzz.
But... you suck enough cops off in the doorway,
you usually don't get busted.
They let you off for good behavior.
You better believe it!
And the men, the beasts!
I already said that.
Well, they look at you only as an object-
- a machine.
Oh! But a well-oiled machine.
Don't forget the most important thing of all...
The loneliness.
It's not all that lonely all the time.
As a matter of fact,
sometimes there are just so many things to do
one is hard-pressed to know where to begin.
Yes, I just saw her today, right.
Oh! She's coming along great.
Yeah, I worked with her today...
...on her self-respect.
Yeah, she's beginning to have a lot
more confidence with me.
She's opening up a lot more. Both of us.
I'll have four written copies for you
tomorrow morning.
All righty.
Mann's World.
Hello, is Mr. Mann free? This is Ms. Mann.
No, I'm sorry. He's in conference.
Oh, no. Don't disturb him.
Tell him if he wants to reach me,
I'll be at the Plaza at a political party.
Have a minute?
Do you feel that the emergence of Bourgeois and
often corrupt administrations in the recently
liberated self-governing states of Africa can be
explained by re-examining the circumstances of
foreign domination which precipitated the process
of colonial disentanglement?
I certainly do.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Pamela's going to that fund-raising cocktail party
at the Plaza.
The contact and sublime joy in the arms
(and finger) of a woman would indicate
an insecurity with members of the opposite sex.
A sense of inadequacy.
Has she seemed inadequate?
You know, this case is beginning to intrigue me.
Usually, I'm quite detached.
But Pamela, your wife, is quite a challenge.
I just can't quite isolate
and put my finger on that common denominator.
There's a... fascination.
Well, don't be discouraged.
Like I said, Pamela is going to this fund-raising
cocktail party.
My advice is to hide in an empty room.
Political speeches always bore Pamela.
Political speeches always bore Pamela.
She usually slips off somewhere.
[political speech in background]
...but first I want to thank all of the committee
members who worked so very hard to make today
a success. Particularly I must single out Sally
Rosencrantz and Charlene Guildenstern for the
work they've clone. And of course, Pamela Mann,
who perhaps put out more than anybody.
Now, as most of you know, we are all getting
pretty tired of the deplorable state into which
our social and moral structure has fallen. Moral
decay among the lower social classes is reaching
new depths every year. We've all read the
statistics. Now, something has to be done.
And it has to be done now. And it has to be done
by people like ourselves. We must join in the
action against the prurient permissiveness that
has overcome society. We must take action as a
group, and action as individuals. We are very
lucky to have with us today an individual
who knows how to take action. Action against
degeneracy! And action against depravity!
And that's why we are supporting him for political
office. We, of the national society for the
ecological preservation of natural strip-mines
have ourselves a winner!
How can you judge the qualifications of a political
Not by his good looks. Richard Nixon proved
that! No, we can judge the qualifications of
a political candidate by what he, himself, believes
in. The goals he has set himself. The way he
tackles a job. But most important, how he is
committed to ridding us of excessive nudity!
Free love! Dope! Pornography!
I'm coming!
Abortionists! And vitamin-addicts! This is our kind
of candidate. And I should like at this time to call
upon him to explain to you personally his feelings,
and the kind of corrective legislation he would
propose if he is elected. May I introduce to... oh!
Oh, dear. Now where did he go? Oh! Hello?
Hello!? Hello out there, where...
I'm coming!
Well, I'm sure he's in the room somewhere. Oh,
there! There he is. As I said, it gives me great
pleasure to introduce a moral beacon in our fog of
Aren't people friendly when they
don't know each other?
You're right.
Listen, since you've been following me,
don't I at least deserve to know your name?
Trade secret.
Are you trade? You don't look it.
Isn't everybody?
Can I buy you dinner?
Well, listen, I'd love to,
but I have to get back to the party.
And I have to go see a client.
Too bad.
Too bad.
Well, what are you doing later?
Well, I suppose I could be free in about an hour.
Would you like to come by my place?
Your place?
It's my husband's late night.
The only people that will be there
are the servants.
Only the servants?
Only the servants.
Does that include you?
I'll give you my address.
I've already got it.
Well, don't tell anyone.
Well, good luck with your big deal.
It's a case that's almost closed.
And it may be a very big deal.
It's over! Finished.
It's over! Finished.
You're not going to take that disgusting thing out
in front of me anymore.
You're a degenerate. You know that?
You're disgusting. You're a pervert.
Coming all over my face like that.
I wanna be normal. I wanna be healthy!
I want to walk in the sun.
It's my opinion that doing The Life of Candy Barr
with Martha Mitchell would have a certain
It's my opinion that doing The Life of Candy Barr
with Martha Mitchell would have a certain
appeal in Grapes of Wrath county-- but here in the
Superb news!
I'll call you right back.
Really superb!
You asked me to find the common denominator,
the essence of Pamela Mann.
That's right!
Well, chief, I think I just might.
The case has taken a turn.
For the better, I hope.
No, for the best.
You said I could do anything in the interest of the
Bon appetit.
I wonder what he meant by that.
'Bon appetit' yourself.
Would you mind if I use the phone?
Hello, Mann's World.
Hello, is Mr. Mann there?
No, I'm sorry, he's in conference.
Well, don't disturb him.
I just wanted to make sure he was still in the office.
Well, well, well...
They say that when a woman looks as
unapproachable and elegant as you do
on the surface, that right underneath lives a whore.
I know a lot about you.
What's your name?
How did you know I was following you?
Hows your client?
Fine. He, uh, told me to stay on the job.
Then you better hurry.
All right, you fascist philistine pig!
Oh, excuse me, Ms. Mann.
I didn't know you had anyone here.
This is Beverly- my maid.
Your maid?!
Yes, we spend one day a week together.
It's the only way you can keep help these days.
Uh, yes, ma'am?
Freaky time is over, remember you're a servant:
an equal but secondary citizen.
Yes, Ms. Mann.
And what do servants do?
They serve.
I told you only the servants were home.
This is all I really want...
...just to be held by someone.
I think that's what I'm looking for.
What are you doing here?
Well, you asked for the essence of your wife.
I think she's obsessed with secrets.
Everything she does is anonymous.
No identity.
She's even a secret from herself.
But there are exceptions when
she shares her feelings. When it isn't a secret.
When all she wants is just to be held close to
As I said, interesting. But it could have waited
until I got back.
No, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop the case
immediately. Something happened today-
I didn't count on it.
I realize that detectives shouldn't become
involved with their clients, but some things
can't be helped. I think Mrs. Mann has become
too involved with me.
I understand.
Well, I don't want any of my fee.
And I think that this should end it between us.
So do l.
And I'm really sorry I couldn't have brought you
better news.
You know, there aren't many gentlemen left...
...except you. Thanks very much.
Take the gentleman where he wants to go.
Be back at seven in the morning,
we're going to Kennedy.
Good night again.
Come in!
Do you think Argentina can go the way of the
other Latin American country, Chile, or do you
think the recent communist insurgence in the
latter country was an erratic manifestation of the
patterns of political evolution?
I haven't decided yet.
Thank you.
Hi, sweetheart!
Hi, hon.
Who are you?
I'm here to give the film socially redeeming value.
How was your day, doll?
Is that you, sweetheart?
Gee, I didn't know you were so talented.
That's terrific.
You sure did a number on this guy. Jesus Christ.
It was fun.
Was he any good?
Wasn't as good as you.
Hello, Mr. Mann.
Oh, look who's here.
I just came by to say I have to drop the case.
Something happened today. I didn't plan it.
I know detectives aren't supposed to get involved
with their work.
Well, something passed between us today.
I think she became a little too involved with me.
No. No, I don't want any money.
I think it best if we not communicate any longer.
There aren't any gentlemen left.
Thank you.
Thank you.
To all the gentlemen.
And to all the ladies.
That's beautiful.
I'm coming!
Happy anniversary, babe.
Happy anniversary, darling.
Yes! I left a message for you. Thanks for calling.
Listen, um...
I'm going to LA. for a few days, but, uh...
I'm having an anniversary next week and, um...
I can speak freely now, my wife's at the movies.
I'd like you to sort of, you know, check up on her.
Well, I'm not sure, but, you know, she could
fool around.
Yeah, she's very active; does a lot of social work.
You know...
But she enjoys solitude, but
she's wonderful with people.
She's political, but she's got a mind of her own.
Listen, I got an idea.
Why don't you call me here on Monday
and we'll discuss the whole thing.
Real fine. All right, thanks again for calling.
OK. Have a good week-end now.