Private Detective 62 (1933) Movie Script

Good evening, Your Excellency.
Et voil!
Merci, monsieur, have a good evening.
This way, monsieur.
Come in.
- Glad to see you.
- Thank you, sir.
I haven't much time so...
- suppose we get busy.
- Right.
We've succeeded in getting
the plans of the floors.
Above and below.
Also the layout of the corridors.
And the adjoining building.
I think that covers everything.
You've drawn a tough assignment
this time, old man.
And if you're caught,
you probably will be a...
Sort of a... man without a country.
Well, let us say a man without a job.
Or both.
Mr. Lacourt returns to deliver
his verdict...
in the case of the French government
vs. Donald Free.
This Court declares you, Mr. Free,
an undesirable alien,
determines that your passport
be cancelled immediately...
as well as your deportation forthwith...
considering you are now persona non grata.
If you're aboard this ship, you gotta work.
Well, M. Commandant, here he is.
You have enjoyed your trip,
monsieur, yes?
I'm overwhelmed.
It's too bad it must end so soon.
Meaning what?
I have here a wireless from Paris.
I'm instructed before docking at New York...
to transfer you to the steamship Patricia
leaving for Cherbourg today.
You are to be returned to France
for further investigations.
And if you have enjoyed your trip
on this ship, monsieur,
wait till you're aboard the Patricia.
You mean I'm not even going to land?
That is correct, monsieur.
Who says so?
The Republic of France.
I will read you my instructions.
To Captain Honor LeFarge,
steamship San Nochelle.
Before docking port of New York
deliver deported alien Donald Free...
into custody of Captain Paul Duval's
steamship Patricia...
Imbcile, espce de con!
What's the idea...
Hey, you guys down there!
Stop that man!
It must be getting awfully late, dear.
But it won't take us long
to drive back to town.
Why, it can't be more than
half past uh...
Confound it, my watch has stopped.
Never mind, dear.
I'll call the operator.
It's disconnected.
Just one more half hour, please.
We don't run any chances here.
I wish we didn't have to go back.
What... what is it?
- I don't know.
- Open the door.
If you don't open by the time
I count three I'll break it in.
Are you going to open up?
Well, Mrs. Wright, I've been tailing you
for a long time.
I told your husband that sooner or later
I'd get the goods on you.
Well, we got them at last.
All alone in their nice little love nest.
Who are you?
Dan Hogan, private detective.
And this is my secretary.
And witness
Mrs. Wright's husband has been
a client of mine for some time.
I told him I'd deliver.
And here you are alone at last.
Did you say alone?
Who the...
Who are you?
Well, that's a funny question
after breaking my door down.
Suppose you tell me who you are
before I call the police?
You... your house?
It hasn't suddenly become immoral
for a man to rent a house, has it?
Rent a house?
You mean...
I mean that Mrs. Wright come down here
today to rent this beach house.
This gentleman is my partner.
I just stepped in there to make
a little tea...
when suddenly you break in
Is he kidding?
Of course he's not kidding.
What do you mean kidding?
Why, Mrs. Wright had just handed my partner
$65 for her first month's rent.
Show it to them.
When suddenly you come breaking in.
You see, there it is.
Now she'll probably want
to back out.
And I can't say that I blame her.
It's a wonder you detectives wouldn't
get a little horse sense.
Say, by the way...
How do I know that you are
the detective?
I'm Dan Hogan of the Peerless
Detective Agency.
That doesn't mean a thing.
Anybody can get one of those.
Well here.
There's my license and here's
my business card.
Well, detective or no detective,
that doesn't pay for my door.
I think I'll call the police.
Perhaps you haven't heard that
it's called illegal entry...
when you break into a house
without a warrant.
Uh... hello?
I want the police department.
Hold on, mister, hold on.
You got me wrong.
I didn't know this was your...
Listen, I broke the door, alright.
I'll pay for it, sure I'll pay for it.
It'll cost 25 or 30 dollars
to fix that door.
Yeah, okay, okay.
Just cancel that call.
Twenty, twenty five.
Glad to... it was all a mistake...
You know... you've...
That's all right.
Let's say no more about it.
Now, if you don't mind...
- Oh, sure, sure.
- Come on.
I'm very sorry.
You know, one of these days you're gonna
get pinched for impersonating a detective.
Well, who are you?
Shh, I'm a lifesaver.
Have a nice time.
Say, just a minute!
You have my hat and coat.
But I saved your skin
for you, didn't I?
I received your application, Mr. Free.
I'm sorry I can't do anything for you.
As all candidates for the
detective force...
are selected from our regular
uniformed ranks.
I see.
I'm sorry.
We couldn't possibly engage a store
detective without A-number-one records.
Well, you see, I'm just back
from abroad.
You should have stayed there. Over here
practically nobody is working.
The position of secretary
has just been filled.
Thank you.
I paid $50 for it.
I don't care if you paid 100.
Five dollars, take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
- Ouch!
- Ouch yourself.
- Did I hurt you?
- You certainly didn't do me any good.
I'm terribly sorry.
- Ah, Mr. Hogan?
- No, uh...
Uh, yes. That is...
I'm Mr. Hogan's partner.
Is there something I can do for you?
Why, yes...
Well, suppose you tell me
about t.
Won't you sit down?
You see, I've never had the occasion to use
the services of a private detective before.
Oh, of course not.
My, er... partner is very busy.
Working on a case.
- Well now.
- Well...
Well, certain stories have come
to my ears concerning my wife.
Up to a short time ago we were
very, very happy and then...
Well, perhaps you'd better
see for yourself.
What the hoots...
So what's the idea?
Who are you?
You ask me?
And you call yourself a detective?
I'm your new partner.
My partner?
Say, your face is familiar.
It ought to be.
It's been around a lot.
What are you doing in my office?
Office, I thought this was your bedroom.
I just told you, I'm your new partner.
Aw, now, I ain't got enough business
to share with a house fly.
When I get through here you'll have so
much business you'll have to incorporate.
Money! Believe it or not,
it is money!
Say, it's so long since I've seen
any money...
I forget whether you eat it
or eat with it.
Until you and I have a little understanding
you don't do anything with it.
Now get this.
You've got a license to be
a private detective, haven't you?
- Uh-huh.
- But you haven't any clients.
Well, I have a client but I haven't
any license.
- Well?
- Well...
Am I your partner or do I take
my business elsewhere?
You really got a client, huh?
Okay, we go in together.
Now what's the case?
Get a load of this.
This woman's husband is president
of the Columbus National Bank.
He wants to know where she spends
her time while he's in conference.
Say, this is right in my lap.
I'll handle this case personally.
That's fine.
I was afraid you might turn it over
to one of your... staff.
Oh, that's my new...
my new partner.
I might have known it.
Known what?
That you were a detective the minute
you stepped on my feet.
This is Amy Moran, my secretary.
Sure, secretary.
He ain't got anything to do and I see to it
that he don't forget anything.
Hey, what does that look like to you?
Cigar coupons.
That happens to be money.
Oh, yeah? Well, I wouldn't know
about that.
Well, make yourself comfortable.
I got a lot of work to do.
Boy, this is some job, this is.
Say, how about a twenty for expenses?
You know, I'm still wondering
where I've seen you.
Suppose you put that under the head
of homework.
Right now you've got a case to handle.
Atlantic City next stop.
Just as easy as that.
They registered here at the
Continental Hotel as man and wife...
and just went upstairs a couple
of minutes ago.
You're amazing, Hogan,
positively amazing.
I gotta have you down here
as a witness.
Certainly it's important.
A raid like this isn't any good
without witnesses.
Well, I er... had figured
on being busy tonight but er...
Business before business.
You ought to carry a horn too.
Telegram, please.
- Oh...
- Always right.
What do you mean?
You can't come in here...
Nothing at all, m'am, nothing at all.
We got everything we want, ain't we?
- What do you mean?
- Now just keep cool, calm and collected
What's the idea?
Oh, it's you...
I'm afraid my partner has made
a slight mistake.
Mistake, what mistake?
Ain't this Mrs. Burns?
Sure this is Mrs. Burns.
Now shake hands with her husband.
That's a nice girl.
Sonny, I don't want to have all the fun.
Why don't you play with him for a while?
I don't suppose you by any chance you
remembered to buy the tickets back to town?
I got one ticket, alright.
One ticket, eh?
Sure, how many do you think I need?
The only claim you've got to being
a detective is you've got big feet.
And they're flat.
Say, for the last time
I'm telling you...
Who ever heard of a man going
to Atlantic City with his wife?
Were you ever married?
-I was once, why?
- Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Atlantic City.
Tickets, please.
Look at that rain.
You ain't going to blame me
for that too, are you?
Tickets, please.
Say, what is this? A detective agency
or a dog pound?
Next time you forget your manners
I'm going to sock you.
What's the idea of this dog
stealing business anyway?
Well, we gotta eat, don't we?
Can you think of a better way?
- Than stealing dogs?
- What do you mean stealing?
Can I help it if a dog follows me...
and his owner offers a reward
for his return?
All I've got to say is we've either got
to get a new racket or a new rug.
It'll be a new both.
I got a guy coming here
in a little while...
that's got every racket in this town
in his vest pocket.
We're gonna get together.
And in six months we'll be turning down
more money than the mint can turn out.
- Who is he?
- Tony Bandor.
- The gambler?
- Right.
I'm gonna make a deal with him...
that'll have us riding around
in his 'panasouzas'.
Or his 'pana' patrol wagon.
Peerless Detective Agency.
Who? Mr. Hogan isn't back yet.
Peerless Detective Agency
Who do you want?
Mr. Free?
He isn't in. Would you like
to leave your name?
Betty, get off without your letter...
and bring me those photostatic
checkered papers, will you?
And put that in file 16.
Tell Mr. Free I got the dope
for that Wilson case.
Where's the evidence on that
Philly case?
Here it is.
- No, I mean that bedroom picture.
- I get it.
Here's the one of the Watkins's divorce.
- Yeah, that's it.
- And the Norris Harbaum case.
Just put that on Love Nest
on Long Island.
- Is the boss in?
- No.
It's alright, I'll wait for him.
Listen, fashion plate. Didn't the boss tell you
he didn't want you hanging around here?
I'll keep quiet.
What's the matter, Amy?
You're covering up a lot of
expensive scenery.
This is strictly class joint now
and the boss don't want you around.
I need some dough!
My, my! Have you tried writing
to your congressman?
Oh, shut up.
Come on, now. Go places.
I haven't got any money.
I gotta have some money, that's all.
Oh, yeah? Well that's my trouble too.
Maybe we're related.
Say, you're the guy I'm looking for.
I got a job for you.
Sure, boss.
- Is Free in?
- Yes.
- Hello, Hank.
- Hello, Hogan.
- Mr. Bandor's waiting for you in your office.
- Okay.
Hello, Tony.
Hello, big shot, how are you?
Bigger and better than ever.
You look like you had something
on your mind.
Yeah, I have.
Well, keep your seat.
Let's have it.
- Men are so deceitful.
- Yes, aren't they?
Goodbye, Mr. Free,
and thank you so much.
Uh, who's next?
Mr. Mandelbaum, manager of
the Jefferson Hotel.
- Oh, yes...
- I am so excited, Mr. Free, so excited!
I can believe it.
Name is Reynolds, huh?
Yeah, that's right.
She's been coming to my place
for a long time now.
Lately she's started winning
every night.
It's three grand, or four grand,
or five grand even.
And I've tried cold-decking
or tilting the wheel but...
she cleans up anyway.
Well, now she's in to me for 45 grand.
Well, what's $45.000 to you?
No more than $22.500 is to you.
What do you mean?
Well, I mean partners split losses
as well as winnings, don't they?
Keep quiet, will you?
What's the matter, ain't you cutting Free
in on this sideline with me?
What he don't know won't hurt him.
Besides, he's got what he calls ethics.
In a racket like this?
Now don't worry, Mr. Mandelbaum,
we'll have the dope on her in no time.
I thank you very much
for your kind advice, sir.
- Good day.
- Good day.
Say, I got a special job for you.
That's exciting.
But it's too important just to give
to one of the boys.
Whose home do we bust up this time?
That Follies dame is here
for you again.
Mr. Free doesn't want to be disturbed
for a few minutes.
Oh, alright.
Say, listen to this.
There's a dame in this town that we
gotta get something on in a hurry..
She's got to get in trouble, get it?
But I mean first-class, A-number-one
trouble that'll be hard to get out of.
But you mean that you want me to...
Hey, I don't go in for that.
You can do anything you like
but get her in bad.
She's society, see, and important.
And there's a ten-grand fee
in it for us.
Ten grand?
She's got all kinds of money
and plenty of nerve.
Her name's Janet Reynolds.
You can pick her up over at Tony Bandor's
place almost any night.
It's a rush job.
I'd hop to it.
Well, for $10.000 I suppose there's
no harm in taking a look at it.
Hey, where are you going?
I'm going to see the second act.
Wait a minute, what do you think
this is, a theater?
You can't kid me.
I've got a pass I'll check, see?
Listen, if you don't get out of here
I'll pass you out, do you understand that?
- You can't put me out.
- Oh, no?
Now you get out of here...
Hold that umbrella, will you?
- You mean me?
- Certainly.
Aren't you going to bring me
that umbrella?
Oh, umbrella.
Why didn't you say so?
Keeping me waiting in the rain like that!
How can you be such an idiot?
Perfectly simple, madam.
I do it without half trying.
Thank you, mister.
Oh... why...
You aren't the...
- Are you?
- No.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm so glad.
How stupid of me to make
such a silly mistake.
Not at all. You compliment
my performance as a doorman.
- Good evening, Miss Reynolds.
- Good evening.
But it was terribly nice of you.
Sometimes I'm just naturally nice.
I believe it.
Because you say so yourself
in such an assured way.
You know what they say
about self-confidence.
But I don't. What do they say
about self-confidence?
Why, that er...
Well, it seems to have
skipped my mind.
Perhaps a drink will revive my memory.
Will you join me?
Well, since you're so naturally nice...
- Champagne cocktail.
- Make it two.
Yes, sir.
You come here often?
I'm afraid they think I come
here too often.
I've been rather lucky.
Are you lucky?
I'm beginning to think so.
After all, this is rather unique.
Finding you here alone.
I don't see why.
I like to gamble, that's all.
Still that's no reason for
doing it alone.
I like to sit in a warm tub too.
Does that call for company?
You win.
Perhaps I'm an orphan.
Can an orphan afford to gamble?
Well, maybe I've solved a pittance.
You won't have it long at roulette.
Listen, pessimist.
I started here a few weeks ago
with $1.000 worth of chips.
And you're still able to pay
your subway fare?
After three and a half weeks of play...
the house now owes me $45.000.
Forty five thousand?
Charles, bring an aspirin.
Number ten black.
Even number.
I wish I had luck like that.
Let's try another one.
Place your bets down, ladies
and gentlemen.
She's won $3.000 up to now.
All down.
Eight black. Even number.
Uh, pardon, but just what system
do you use? You win so consistently.
I just pick a number and bet on it.
Then when it wins, I collect.
But... but if it loses?
I don't select that kind of a number.
How are you feeling?
- You did rather well this evening.
- Yes, I won $4.200.
You've practically reduced roulette
to a science.
Oh, no, it's just luck.
Almost $50.000 worth.
I love it.
- The money?
- Oh, no, of course not.
Just the thrill.
Suppose you were held up some evening
on your way home?
I think I'd rather enjoy that.
But there's not much chance
of it happening.
You're a heavy winner.
Yes, but I always let my winnings ride.
Are there no villains lurking
in your life?
Not a villain.
That's too bad.
I was hoping I might apply
for a position as your bodyguard.
Oh, that is too bad.
But I'm afraid I shan't need one.
Quite sure?
You're very unique.
Oh, we're nearly home.
What were you going to say?
I'm afraid it was rather trite.
Go on, say it.
Take a chance.
I was going to say that I think
you're lovely.
Well, why don't you say it?
I will.
I think you're lovely.
I don't think that's so very trite.
Then what?
When I woke up I found myself alone
in a hotel room with this man.
I see.
Don't you worry, Mrs. White,
I'll straighten this out for you.
Thank you.
Do you mind leaving your telephone
number with my secretary?
Why not?
Come along, Mrs. White.
You dirty rat!
But Hogan told me the only way to haul her
was to feed her knock-out drops... .
I don't care what he told you.
We're not using those methods.
The next time I'll break
your thick skull.
Get out.
He's not the only one around here
I'd like to see get chucked out in his ears.
It's nice clean business, Amy....
Framing innocent women whose husbands
are tired of them.
Taking children from their mothers.
Shaming their fathers.
Look. Divorce.
Raid. Raid.
Jeffrey's children awarded
to their father.
Wilson's little boy placed
in a children's home.
Takes a whole crew to wreck a house,
but boy, can one man wreck a home.
Taking cash for being a licensed
Peeping Tom.
You're telling me?
What'll I do with this?
As far as I'm concerned you can...
Oh, Mr. Free, please...
What are you kicking about?
We got every divorce lawyer in town
using our outfit now.
We've muscled in on a dozen
different rackets...
and our payment overdue is as fast
as a mint can make it.
Now what are you kicking about?
You wouldn't understand
if I told you
We're doing business.
But there's nothing in our partnership
that says that I have to like it.
Say, by the way...
How did you happen to hear
about what we were talking just now?
Why... what do you mean?
I mean that you may be
a very good private detective...
but you're no mind reader.
Come here a minute.
I thought so.
Dictaphone, huh?
But, Don, I gotta keep everything
covered around here.
I just overheard you by accident.
From now on, suppose you say that
to your clients?
You want to know what's on my mind,
just come and ask me.
I'll tell you.
- But, Don, for the love of...
- And one thing more.
I want to know who's offering 10 grand
to frame that Reynolds girl.
As long as you're getting your split,
what do you care?
I think this is one case
we ought to drop.
Drop a 10-grand fee?
You're crazy!
I got a date at the racetrack.
I'm late already.
Oh, Don, you embarass me.
You keep decorating me with orchids,
I'll think you're robbing a greenhouse.
You keep decorating me with cocktails
I'll think you're hijacking a rum run.
Oh, silly.
Sit down.
Well, may your rum-runner keep running.
And may your greenhouse keep greening.
We have had some glorious fun,
haven't we?
Despite a rather damp beginning.
I'll never complain about the rain again.
Oh, Don, I hope you don't mind.
I invited an old friend of mine
to dinner with us.
She's just had a divorce and she
was all alone.
- Well, we'll cheer her.
- Excuse me.
Miss Reynolds is in, isn't she?
- Yes, m'am, she's in the living room.
- Thanks.
Hello, darling, I'm so glad
to see you.
Hello. Oh, I'm so sorry to be late.
That's all right.
I want you to meet a friend of mine.
Helen, this is Mr. Free.
Don, Mrs. Burns.
- A friend of yours?
- Yes.
Why, this man's a detective.
- A detective?
- Of course.
He's a private detective.
In all probability he's spying on you
just as he spied on me.
Friend of yours.
Why, don't you see? That's the way
he works, pretending to be a friend.
- Janet.
- Can you deny it?
What she says is true.
But believe me when I tell you that...
Oh, my dear, I'm glad I came.
Perhaps I can stop him from whatever
he's trying to do to you.
Is this true?
I can't believe it
Yes, Janet, I am a private detective.
Well... why are you spying on me?
Haven't you anything to say?
I'm afraid not.
That's number five. Say, how many
can you stand anyway?
How many have you got?
Hey, zig boy...
Did anyone ever tell you
you have the nicest eyes?
Yes... the wrong people always do.
Hey, come here, what's the matter
with you?
You're sorry.
Say, I've been in every speak in town
looking for you.
It's too bad. You should have
come here first.
What in the world have you
been doing?
Say, listen, if you don't go to work
on this Reynolds dame,
we're going to be up the crick.
We gotta give our client a little action
for his 10 grand...
or it's gonna be just too bad.
For whom?
For both of us.
For you maybe, but not for me.
What do you mean, you're my partner.
You've got your tenses slightly mixed.
I was your partner.
Hey, what's the idea?
Well, I'm through.
Do you get me?
I'm finished, washed up.
Furthermore, from now on I want you
to lay off that Reynolds girl.
You're crazy!
What do you mean lay off?
That dame means dough,
You lay off or you won't have
any use for dough.
Why... what's up
- What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you.
What have you done about
that Reynolds girl?
Oh, I had tough luck.
The man I had on the job quit.
Why, what's happened?
What's happened? I'm in a spot,
that's what happened.
I told you you gotta work fast
and now look.
Why, what's wrong?
She just phoned me she was going
to Europe tomorrow night.
- Europe?
- And she wants her dough.
Now, you, you were gonna fix everything.
Now is the payoff and nothing's been paid.
- She's going to Europe?
- You heard me, Europe. Tomorrow night.
And that ain't all. She's coming
to the office tonight at 11:30 to collect.
- Now what are we gonna do?
- Well, what's the rush about Europe?
You ask me riddles.
I'm asking you.
If I don't pay up and it gets around that
I'm welshing I'm gonna lose my clientele.
You had a month to get something
on that dame and what do you do?
Nothing, nothing!
And I set you up, didn't I?
I put you here with this fancy furniture...
and the soft racket and now
you pull a flop on me.
Hold on, wait a minute...
Who's pulling a flop?
I got it. I got an idea.
I got a whale of an idea.
You say she'll be at your office
at 11:30?
- Yeah.
- That's great!
Now all you got to do is put off
paying until tomorrow.
Now listen to this...
You be down at the joint
in half an hour...
It's exactly 9:00 now.
I'm telling you, I don't keep
that much cash here.
There you are.
There ain't over 8 grand there altogether
so how can I pay you fifty on the spot?
I telephoned Sam this afternoon.
That should have been
plenty of time.
I'm sailing tomorrow night.
And I'm sailing with my money.
Of course, of course, sure you are,
Miss Reynolds.
Only it ain't reasonable to expect
to just walk in...
and find that much money laying
around in the safe.
It isn't that I haven't got the dough,
it's just that I don't keep it
all here, that's all.
Suppose there's a raid, what happens?
Think of my dough, don't you understand?
All right, I'll be reasonable.
I sail tomorrow night.
It's your move.
Okay. Now look.
You come to this address tomorrow
at 2:00, say..
Mind that doesn't get around.
I pay you off, you take your dough,
and that's that.
Two o'clock tomorrow.
Two o'clock.
I'll... we'll be there.
And now I'm going to see if I can't
take you for a few thousand more.
- Wish you luck.
- Thank you.
All down.
24, red, even number.
Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.
All down.
24 black, even number.
You know?
I see everything in this room
but the thing I'm most interested in.
- Yeah, what's that?
- Your safe.
I'm sailing tonight as I told you.
And while I don't want
to seem unsociable...
Oh, I see.
Doesn't a pretty woman ever think
of anything but money?
Sometimes she thinks of the things
it will buy.
- Well?
- Well what?
Well, what about the payment?
Wait a minute.
Anybody come here with you?
No. At least if they did I didn't see them
get out of the cab.
I keep my bargains.
Yeah? So do I..
Hold your horses a minute
and I'll show you.
Aren't you tricky.
Yeah, anytime they put anything over
on Tony Bandor.
Why do you suppose I asked
if anybody was here with you?
- Well, here you are.
- Thank you.
- How about a little receipt?
- Certainly.
I don't mean that kind of receipt.
Oh, so it's going to be that
kind of a party, is it?
Sorry, Tony, but I gamble
for my money.
I came here to be paid,
not pawed.
Listen, baby, do you think Tony Bandor's
going to put out 50 grand for nothing?
Now listen to me! I came here
to be paid, do you hear me?
And if you do so much
as lay a hand on me...
- Well, that's what I brought this for.
- Oh, yeah?
Tony, stop!
I'll shoot!
If you take another step,
I'll shoot!
You haven't got nerve enough.
Yeah, Hogan speaking.
Hello, Danny? I just wanted to tell you
that it worked.
I am now a ghost.
Now listen, I'm all packed, see?
Now what do I gotta do?
All I got to do is go to Chei,
isn't it?
Hello, hello?
Going away, Mr. Free?
- You wanna help me pack?
- Sure enough.
How long are you going
to be gone?
- From now on.
- You mean you're quitting?
I don't blame you, I guess.
But when you walk out of here
a bit of decency goes with you.
Thanks, Amy.
Sure wish I could go with you.
Say, working around here I'm even
beginning to look like a burglar.
When I get settled somewhere
would you like to work for me?
For nothing.
Well, the price is right.
I don't know how it happened.
- Who's in there?
- Some dame.
That's right. She asked for you
when she came in.
- For me?
- Yes.
Don... I'm in terrible trouble.
Miss Reynolds just shot Tony Bandor.
Shot Bandor?
I had to.
I went to his place...
He was going to pay me off and...
said that he didn't have that much
money at the club.
So he told me to come to his house
at 2 o'clock today.
Then he went to the safe
and took out the money...
and when I reached for it
he went for me.
I had to shoot him.
Oh, Don, now what'll happen?
The usual thing, probably, unless
we can think of some way out.
Newspaper stories, jail.
After all, Bandor was a big-shot
The police ought to write her a letter
of thanks for getting him out of the way.
Remember Miss Reynolds did not
go to the club.
She went to his house, alone.
To er...
collect a gambling debt.
Even a hand-picked jury would be a little
slow on sympathy in a case like this.
I came right here to see you.
And as you weren't here, I've been giving
Miss Reynolds some advice.
I don't think Miss Reynolds needs
your advice.
Janet, will you come here with me?
Hold on, just a minute,
you can't do that.
I was handling this case.
Was is right.
Hello, boss?
Yeah... yeah, I got it.
Yeah. You mean Free?
Okay, okay, boss, I'll be there.
- What did you do with the gun?
- The gun?
Oh, why... I dropped it in an ash can
on the way out.
What are you going to do?
Let's see if we can't recover that gun.
And I'll have a look at the house.
Come on.
There it is in the middle of the next block.
Right in front of that iron fence.
Suppose you wait in this drugstore.
I'll pull right up the house
and pick you up in a few minutes.
You don't think I ought to go with you?
No, you wait here.
Just pull up in the middle
of the next block.
- Wait for me here.
- Right.
- What'll it be?
- Oh... chocolate soda.
He's dead alright.
Didn't you tell me he that fell
directly in front...
of the Chinese cabinet where
the safe is?
- Yes.
- And that the money was just beside him?
Yes... why?
I think you'd better go straight home
and wait there until you hear from me.
But, Don, shouldn't we notify
the police?
Let me handle this. A detective
has his uses after all.
Now, don't worry.
I'll call you a taxi.
Listen I'm telling you, I ain't hopped up.
He's dead, you understand, dead!
Alright, I just want to be sure.
Now listen to me. You beat it
over to Valentini's, you hear?
Be seen talking to some of them
mugs over there.
Now, you gotta set
your alibi, so careful.
Just stay in circulation.
And lay off that snow
till this gets cold.
- Get me?
- Yeah.
But you gotta stand by me now.
Hey, you...
I got an important call to make.
Are you gonna be there all day?
Okay, boss.
I thought if I waited around here
long enough you'd show up again.
Did you take that run-out powder
on me just now...
...because you didn't like my face?
- What do you mean?
- Don't be as dumb as you look.
I told you to wait for me down at the
village about an hour ago. Why didn't you?
How would I know you was coming back?
I've been gypped like that before.
Is that so?
Well maybe you can tell me where you
drove the guy that came out of that house.
The one that was in such a rush
he couldn't call a cab of his own.
- I don't get you.
- No?
I'll say it in English this time.
I want to know where you
drove that guy.
I don't remember.
Let's take a little drive
down to headquarters.
Maybe it'll help you jazz up
your memory.
- Oh, a dick, huh?
- Right.
How would I know you was a dick?
Say, I don't want no trouble.
He said he was in some kind of jam...
so I run him over to Frank Valentini's
speak over on 3rd street.
What did he look like?
I didn't get much of a look,
he was in a rush.
Medium-sized guy, tough looking,
and nervous, like a snowbird.
Okay, let's get going to Valentini's.
Hello, Whitey.
What's the matter? You look
as if you were seeing a ghost.
I don't feel so good.
Too bad.
Funny I was thinking about you
just today,
wondering why I hadn't seen you around.
Been out of town.
I only got back a few minutes ago.
Lucky I happened to run into you.
I want to have a little talk with you.
What do you want to talk about?
Let's go in the back room
and sit down.
They tell me that a 45 slug makes a hole
about the size of a half dollar.
A hole the size of a half dollar
would let quite a lot of air...
into your middle, wouldn't it, Whitey?
I told you ten times I don't know nothing
from what you're talking about!
Listen, you ain't got nothing on me,
now lay off!
I'm beginning to lose patience.
If you don't open up pretty quick, I'm
gonna let you have it right under the table.
I'll rip a hole in you big enough to drive
a paw through it, and I'm not playing.
I'm going to give you the count of three,
and if you don't talk...
I swear, I swear,
I don't know what you mean!
You're yellow, Whitey, yellow!
That's why you missed when you put
the finger on me over at Bandor's place.
But I'm closer to you
than you were to me.
And I'll take what's left of you
down to the morgue...
and throw it on a cold wet slab
with the other stiffs.
And your dame will weep
and tear her heart out....
for a lug so dumb that he wouldn't talk
when he had the chance.
Quit it, put it away!
I'll talk, honest I'll talk.
- I'm telling you I'll talk!
- You'd better start because I'm in a hurry.
Alright, I did it. I did it, alright,
but it wasn't my idea.
He called me just a few minutes
before you come...
and he told me you was coming
and that I'd better let you have it good.
Who told you?
Hurry, will you?
It may be Mr. Free.
I'm Mr. Hogan. I gotta see
Miss Reynolds right away.
- Come right in, I'll call her.
- Oh, Mr. Hogan...
- Has something happened?
- I'm afraid it has, Miss Reynolds.
Unfortunately you were seen
leaving Bandor's place,
and by the wrong man.
What can be done?
Well, that's why I rushed over here.
One of Bandor's mob, a guy named
Bert Hess,
was on his way to Bandor's when he saw
you run out of the house.
I only got the word an hour ago.
I've just left him over at my office.
Now we gotta stop that guy
from going to the police...
and what's worse, from tipping off
the rest of the mob.
- But how?
- That's the point. There's just one way.
Cash. And I don't mean petty cash.
If the cops come for you,
you'll face a prejudiced jury.
If Bandor's mob comes for you,
it'll be even worse.
Now we gotta pay that egg
to hold his tongue.
Of course, pay him.
Pay anything he wants.
He wants $25.000
and he won't take $24.990.
I'll do anything at all you say.
Then we gotta work fast, because
he's given me just 40 minutes...
to come up here and get the dough.
- Will he take a check?
- I'll make him!
How shall I make it out?
I wouldn't make it out all just yet.
- Oh, Don, I'm so glad you've come.
- So am I.
- Hiya, Dan.
- Why...
Why, I...
You seem surprised to see me.
I was seen leaving Bandor's house
by one of his men.
- Mr. Hogan just talked to him.
- Hm.
That's the reason you're
writing out a check, huh?
Suppose I drop by for that a little
later on, Miss Reynolds.
I got an appointment.
Say, I just heard a story that I think
will interest you.
Sit down, won't you?
Take it easy, Dan.
I just heard this.
It seems that a certain rather wealthy
young woman in this town...
has been visiting one of these
gambling joints lately...
where she won a lot of money...
about $50.000.
It seems the owner of the gambling house
didn't want to pay up.
So he arranged with a firm of private
detectives to try to get something on her...
so that in case he wanted to run out on her
debt she couldn't squawck, you understand.
But the detective agency wasn't able
to get anything on her.
And when the time came
for the gambler to pay up...
he and his detective friend cooked up
a little scheme to frame the girl.
They knew she carried a gun.
so they managed to take the bullets
out of it and load it with doctored shells.
Then the gambler tricked the girl
into a situation at his apartment...
where she had to take a shot at him.
and she ran out of the place
thinking she'd killed him.
- Then he isn't dead?
- Oh, yes.
He's dead alright.
- But, I don't understand.
- I'm coming to that.
It seems that in the meantime our detective
friend had a particularly bright idea.
It dawned on him that he had a perfect
setup for a beautiful double-cross.
That if he could put a real bullet
between the gambler's ribs...
just after the girl left the apartment,
then the gambler would actually
be out of the way...
and our mister detective could grab up all
the money that was lying around loose,
all the profits from the gambling rackets,
and have the exclusive rights...
to blackmailing the girl for
the rest of her life.
You're crazy. You've been reading
too many detective stories.
I didn't read this.
I heard it.
Who told you that bunch of hooey?
The same gentleman who's going
to tell it to a jury.
Whitey, tell him what you're going
to tell the jury.
I'm gonna tell them that a guy hired me
to rub out Bandor and then get you.
Our mastermind didn't have the courage
to do his own shooting.
He had to prey upon the weakness
of a poor hophead.
I rather anticipated that you
would be travelling,
so I took the liberty of ordering
you a limousine.
Over there, boys.
There's the detective we're after.
Hey, what's that?
That's your exit march.
- Your name Amy Potts?
- Yeah, what about it?
Here, a little present for you.
What's this?
It's an invitation to a big party.
In other words, a subpoena.
A subpoena? For me?
For what?
Your old boss, Mr. Dan Hogan's
on trial for murder...
and a few other little minor offenses.
Yeah, I know it, but what's that
got to do with me?
They want you for a character witness.
The State figures you can help
hang him.
It's a pleasure.
I've just received your message, Don.
Well, I'm going back to my first love.
I've been reinstated.
I'm sailing tomorrow.
Are you really going?
You see, I...
Well, I suppose I'm just an adventurer
at heart.
I like the life. Travel,
foreign lands, intrigue.
And frequently as not, trouble.
But it must be a very lonely life.
It's not exactly the sort of life
I would ask anyone to share with me.
I see.
So, I suppose this is goodbye, Janet
Perhaps we'll run across each other
again some time.
Goodbye, Don.
Oh, Don!
Do they let you have wives
in the diplomatic service?
Are you by any chance proposing to me?
And you're supposed to be a detective.