Private Number (1936) Movie Script

Attention please!
I have an announcement to make that
concerns you all.
Mrs. Winfield is returning from
Europe today.
As you all know, that means I shall expect
even greater efficiency from the staff.
Any one of you who shows a lack of
respect.. or discipline..
.. in the performance of duty,
shall be instantly dismissed.
Fix your tie.
Er, yes sir.
It might be better if you'd spend less time
trying to make an impression on the maids.
And more time putting a polish
on your boots.
Is that a button loose on your tunic?
No sir.
Go an sew it on! At once.
Yes, sir.
Straighten your cap.
Your apron needs pressing.
And your hair is most untidy.
Anything else?
For that remark, your wages will be docked.
If there are any humorous comments to
be made around here, I shall make them.
Go and straighten your hair.
You're certainly a splendid
addition to the staff.
Look at your boots. Have you ever tried
pressing your trousers?
And what's this?
Apparently, you think you can
eat your soup and have it too.
It's only my kindness of heart.
That keeps a man on here
after he's outlived his usefulness.
That's all. Dismissed.
Now that you've finished your
"German Army" inspection.
Maybe I could have these girls
shell a few peas.
Are you addressing yourself to me?
I ain't addressing nobody else.
It's trouble enough trying to get dinner
for sixteen people tonight.
Without you covering up my kitchen with
your maneuvers
Why don't hire a parade-ground and
get a band?
Mrs. Frisbey, I warn you.
And I warn you: keep out of my kitchen!
Oh dear, oh dear. This breakage will
cost you something.
Let me see. Six large..
There's something else I'm going to break
around here, and it might be your neck.
Four small plates, four saucers
and two cups.
[bird noises]
Shut up.
[door buzzer]
Looking for somebody?
Yes, I heard there was a job open as
a housemaid.
Oh, I'm afraid you're too late honey,
all the places have been filled.
Oh, I'm sorry. I came as quickly as I could.
You see, I had to walk from the end
of the car line.
Why, that's a three-mile hike.
Why didn't you take the bus
from the car-line?
I uh... I didn't have the bus-fare.
Oh.. well come on in.
Say, any dame that had walked that far
deserves a medal or something.
Here.. sit down.
Oh thanks.
Oh.. gee I'm tired.
So am I.
Say, it's no cinch around here..
.. doing upstairs work and taking
Mrs. Winfield's pet poodle for an airing.
Besides being chamber-maid to the
silly parrot and three canaries.
I wish His Nibs would put you on
just to help me.
His Nibs?
Oh that's Wroxton, the butler. He does
all the hiring and firing around here.
Oh, you know I really need a job.
I haven't a cent.
Gosh, that's tough.
Say, wait a minute. I'll see what I can do.
Hello, hello, hello. Who have we here?
You don't mean to tell me you're
going to work here?
Oh, I hope so.
Well I hope so too. You know the maids
around here are not much to look at.
How many maids are there?
Five. Not counting madam's personal maids.
How long have you been here?
Oh, about a year.
It's a nice place too. That is, if you
can get along with His Nibs.
Is he very difficult?
Oh, you won't have any trouble.
Not with your looks.
Okay kid, I think I've got it all
fixed for you.
Oh you're awfully nice to do this.
Oh skip it.
Now remember one thing. In a house
like this, the butler thinks he's a king.
Treat him like one.
Good luck.
Close the door.
Sit down.
You're quite young, aren't you?
That's really no disadvantage.
Have you any references?
I see you come from Pleasant Town.
How long have you been in New York?
About.. two weeks.
"Reverend H. J. Trumbleigh. "
Did you work for him?
Oh no. He was the pastor at our
church back home.
Now, what's this?
"Pleasant Town Business College"?
I completed a course there in
shorthand and typing.
Ha, ha.
Do you mean you've never been in service?
No.. but I'm very good at housework.
Really I am.
I employ only experienced help.
But in your case, I.. well I suppose
I could make an exception.
You seem bright. Going to start you
off as an upstairs maid.
Your wages are seventy-five
dollars a month.
But you will be paid sixty.
You understand?
I allow one evening a week off,
and every other Sunday.
You.. you mean I'm hired?
I'll give you a month's trial.
Thank you.
Oh one thing more.
As long as you are in this house..
.. you will be responsible only to me.
Is that clear?
Yes sir.
And if you make yourself "adaptable"..
.. we shall get along quite well I think.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, wait a minute! How'd you make out?
Alright. But I couldn't work here.
That butler... ooh, he gives me the creeps.
Hey, now wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Well look, really I appreciate
you're trying but..
.. oh I can't.
Oh now relax. Let me tip you off.
If you're going if for this sort of work, there's
a lot of things you'll have to put up with.
But I don't like that man.
Who does! Why his own mother
wouldn't speak to him.
But don't worry, he won't bother you.
I'll run interference for you.
Now, what do you say?
You're awfully nice to do all this for me.
Oh, just a girl-scout at heart.
By the way, what are your wages?
Why that's something I didn't understand.
He said they'd pay me seventy-five
a month, but that I was to get sixty.
Oh sure, you're kicking fifteen a month
to him. That's his cut.
Say, how do you think these
butler's get rich?
They take a percentage on everything
that's bought for the house..
.. from flowers to fish.
Fish. That reminds me. I have to phone
my boyfriend.
Come on.
Oh Wroxton.
Yes, madam?
They'll be two more for dinner tonight.
That makes eighteen.
Be sure every thing's in perfect order.
Yes madam.
Hello gorgeous.
These are for madam
Thanks. I'll take them right up to her.
Say, you're new aren't you?
Well, I'm not old.
I haven't seen you before.
And I don't miss much.
Is that so?
What's your night off?
Swell. How about a dance tonight?
I'll let you know tomorrow.
Come here, sweetness.
Hey, wait a minute!
Enough of that!
Go on. Get out of here!
Listen, I'm not taking any orders from you.
When you're in this house,
you're in my territory.
Oh yeah?
Possibly, you have forgotten that
little incident?
The night you took the town car without
permission, and smashed it up.
Go on. Get out!
Oh Ellen.
Yes, sir?
In future, if any of the staff annoy
you, report it to me.
Very good sir,
The point is, I will not tolerate any
misconduct whatsoever.
Oh, by the way, Ellen. Come here.
I'm not at all satisfied with the way
my room is being done.
I think I should like you to look after it.
Oh Mr. Wroxton, I'd..
I'd rather not do your room.
But my dear child.
If one is in service it is not a question
of what one would rather do.
It's a question of what one must do.
If one wishes to continue working.
That's all.
Yes, sir.
Robert has asked me to bring these
up to you madam.
Oh yes. Open them, please.
Hello darling. I'm sorry about tonight, dear.
I won't be able to get down.
Important conference with the
Philadelphia crowd.
Oh Perry, that's rather a nuisance.
It leaves me high and dry with
eighteen for dinner.
It can't be helped dear.
I'm working like a dog.
Alright dear. I understand.. Bye.
Oh heavens it's wrinkled, and I
wanted to wear it tonight.
Well, I can press it for you Mrs. Winfield.
Can you?
Well, you're a new girl aren't you?
Yes, madam.
What's your name?
Alright Ellen. Please be quick.
Yes, certainly.
You've done this very nicely, Ellen.
Thank you.
How long have you been here?
A month today.
Ellen, let me see your teeth.
Oh very nice.
I've had a lot of trouble with my
personal maids.
One was a kleptomaniac.
Another wanted to be a tap-dancer.
And the last one was always asking
for a day off to go to the dentist.
Thank goodness you won't need
many days off for the dentist.
Oh. Thank you madam.
Hello Frederick.
Glad to see you, sir.
Welcome home Mr. Richard.
How are you Wroxton?
Very well, thank you, sir.
You're looking very fit, sir.
If I were any fitter, they'd have to put
me in a straight-jacket.
Hello Gracie. How are you?
Hello Mr. Richard. It's good to
see you home again.
Thank you. Where's mother?
She's upstairs.
Okay. Come on, boy.
Say, Gracie. Who's that?
That's Winfield Junior. He lives here.
Not a bad idea, eh?
Go on, clean your bird cages.
Oh, darling!
The world's most attractive woman.
Well you're not so repulsive yourself.
Now, tell me. Did you pass your exams?
All of them.
Oh, I really worked this year.
Look at these Grey hairs.
Yes, I see them.
Hamlet! Hello Hamlet!
Remind me to order a dozen prime
steaks for your luncheon.
Hey, speaking of food, you're going to
have a hundred guests for supper tonight.
Oh Dickie, why didn't you let me know?
I didn't know myself until this morning.
I sent a telegram to everyone in Greater
Manhattan including Brooklyn and the Bronx.
Yes, you would. Alright, I'll phone the
caterer. What shall it be?
Champagne cup, and cold supper?
No.. a cold supper and a hot orchestra!
Alright darling. Anything you say.
Well, where are you going?
Oh, I have an errand to do for
Mrs. Winfield. Have you seen her?
Yes, she's in the living room.
Thanks Chris.
Hello there.
Oh, good evening.
What are you wandering around out here
for? The party's in there.
Well, excuse me.
Oh I know. It doesn't matter if you're
not dressed. Half of them aren't anyway.
Come on. We're wasting time.
Oh, I can't go in there.
Alright, it's too crowded anyway.
We'll dance out here.
Oh but really, I..
Thank you for the dance.
Well, it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?
You know..
.. this may sound silly, but,
I don't know who you are.
Not that it really makes any difference.
Doesn't it?
No. Not all.
I discovered you myself. That's the
smartest thing I've done this evening.
Thank you.
But, just as a matter of statistics,
you know. Who are you?
Who am I?
You really want to know?
I'm your mother's maid.
Excuse me, please.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Beg your pardon, sir!
Your guests are going into supper.
Oh yes. Thank you Wroxton.
Yes, what is it? Oh, your wages.
Yes, sir.
There you are.
I want to ask you a favor, sir.
I'm in trouble sir, and I uh..
Well, I..
I was wondering if you would let me pay
you five dollars this month instead of ten.
For what reason?
My wife's in the hospital. They are going
to operate on her Saturday.
And I need every cent I can get.
I'm sorry Graham, you know the rules.
Good evening.
Mr. Wroxton.
Well, Ellen.
You're looking very smart this evening.
Thank you.
Rather a bit of luck for you, eh?
Promoted to Mrs. Winfield's personal maid.
And you get ninety a month, now.
Thank you.
How much do I give to you?
Oh, nothing.
You keep it. You may need it for something.
Well, I'd rather do what the
other servants do.
I told you I was going to make
an exception of you.
After all, you're an exceptional girl.
That dress is most becoming to you.
I suppose you're going into the city?
This is my night out.
Well, there's no particular hurry, is there?
Well, I..
There's several things I want to
talk to you about.
Won't you sit down?
No thank you.
But this is really special brandy.
I think you'll like it.
No thank you, really.
I don't care for it.
I'm interested in you, my dear.
Very much interested.
Thank you. I uh..
I've tried to do my work as well as I could.
I want you to uh..
I want you to get ahead.
In every way.
[door knocks]
Yes, who is it?
Excuse me. Come on honey,
or we'll miss that bus.
Yeah, I uh. I have to go now.
Yeah, goodnight boss. Pleasant dreams.
Phew. That was a narrow escape.
Hey, this is the first blind-date
I've ever had.
I hope that boyfriend of yours brings
someone who can really dance.
Well, the last time he brought a corporal of the
marines and he was as handsome as Gable.
And Gable ain't bad.
I'll say not.
I beg your pardon, miss.
I think you dropped this back there.
Oh gee, I didn't know I dropped it.
Oh thank you so much.
Oh that's alright.
I thought you might like to have it back.
I'll say I would.
Well, uh. would you like to dance?
Oh. Oh, no thanks really.
You see, I'm waiting for someone.
Oh, I see.
Hey, that was awful nice of him.
My whole month's salary is in there.
Oh, you were lucky that time.
Now take care of it.
Hey, there he is. Hey, Smiley! Come on.
Hi! Hello Smiley!
Hi, Gracie.
Well, here we are.
Don't bother to get up, dear.
This is the girlfriend I was telling
you about. Miss Ellen Neal.
Hello little lady.
How do you do.
Smiley Watson's the name.
Any friend of Grace's is tea-for-two with me.
You see.
Sit right down.
Have I got a surprise for you.
Hey Gus O. Come here!
Hiya Gus!
Girls, meet Gus Rilotvitch.
Champion wrestler of the Navy.
Gus, say hello to the girls.
Go on. Say hello.
The boy is smart as a whip.
Sit right down, Gus.
Come on. Sit down boy. Come on Gus.
Turn on the old personality
and liven up the party.
This will be something.
Ohhh, come on Gus. Say something!
Argghhhh.. say something!
For heaven's sake, say something.
Ha, ha, ha. Is that marvelous?
Never told him what to say. Smart as a whip.
Just made it up like that.
A trigger-mind, that's what he is.
A trigger-mind.
Hi kiddies. Hey, can I have a dance?
Who? With me? Hoooooo!
No, not you.
I mean you, baby.
Wait a minute, buddy. This is my party,
and this is my sweetheart.
Hi, hon..
Wait a minute, son. I don't want
to appear too tolerant.
Or even too convalescence.
But I'm not going to stand here and
have you tolerate me.
And I'm the guy that can do it.
Now scram!
Aw, now listen, Itsy-Bitsy.
Will you wait a minute?
All I want to do is dance with the dame.
Are you going to let him get away with that?
Who me?
Yeah, you.
Not me. Hoo haa.
You, Gus O. Take him!
Do something. And don't say "hello".
Denzil, get the boys. Peggy, come on.
Come on boys, everybody, take him. Take him.
I beg your pardon, Miss. Is there
anything wrong?
Yes, plenty.
Well, I saw that fight start in the dance-hall,
and I saw that you were mixed up in it.
I wondered if you were hurt?
No, I'm not hurt.
But someone stole every cent of
money I had.
I wouldn't go back into there if I
were you. It's turned into a riot.
Yes, I know, but I've got to
find my money.
I haven't a cent and I've got to get home.
Well, that's okay. I'll be glad to help you.
There's my car.
Oh, well I..
That's awfully nice of you,
but I couldn't do that.
You see, I don't know you.
Well, that makes us even. I don't
know you either.
I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll get the
cop on the corner to introduce us.
Well, uh.
Well, really, would you be nice enough
to drive me home?
Why, of course. That's what I've
been trying to tell you.
Fourteen, red.
Fourteen, red.
Place your bets ladies and gentlemen.
[door buzzer]
[door buzzer]
Good evening Lulu.
Good evening Mr. Copely.
Is Grandma home?
Yes, sir. She's home.
Hello, Grandma.
Hello Jimmy!
Well, how's tricks?
Now, grandma, I want you to meet
the future Mrs. Copely.
Oh really, you.. you mustn't believe that.
Well, deary, pleased to meet you anyhow.
You see, was driving Miss Neal home
and happened to be passing by your place.
So, I thought we'd drop in for
a little while.
Well, that is nice of you Jimmy.
Suppose you take the little lady
into the parlor.
Thanks Grandma.
I'll join you immediately, deary.
You run along with Jimmy.
Well, uh. Make yourself comfortable.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
How about a little music?
No thanks. I don't smoke.
Okay, Lulu.
I don't think I should have come here.
I want you to take me home now.
Oh, don't be like that.
The evening's still young.
Here. Try a little of this.
There's nothing like champagne.
Bottom's up!
Who did you say lived here?
My Grandmother.
Your Grandmother, huh?
Oh, she's a great old gal. You'll love
her when you get acquainted with her.
Oh Jimmy. I want to see you a moment.
Don't go away. I'll be right back.
What is it? What do you want?
Now listen. I told you before, I will
not have you bringing strangers here.
Especially dames. They talk too much.
Ah, she doesn't know what time it is.
But if you're worried, I won't take
her in the gambling room.
We'll have a couple of drinks and
then we'll blow.
It's the cops!
It's a raid! You'd better get out
of here quickly.
Two men upstairs! Five men in that room!
Come on out of there, sister.
No. You can't arrest me.
I haven't done anything.
Come on, let's get going.
No, no. Let me go!
Come on now, get out of here.
Mr. Wroxton?
Oh, Mr. Wroxton, something
terrible has happened to me.
An accident?
No. No, I'm not hurt.
I went dancing, and, well,
there was a terrible mix-up.
It wasn't my fault, but I've been arrested.
I lost all my money, so I can't pay my fine.
They're going to put me in jail.
What do you expect me to do about it?
Well I, I didn't know who else to go to.
I thought maybe you'd help me.
I see.
Alright. I'll be along in an hour.
You know I still can't believe it happened.
To think that a perfectly harmless
evening could turn out like that.
You do believe me, don't you?
Of course, my dear.
But you must admit that being
arrested is a very serious matter.
If you were found out, you would never
get another job you know.
I don't know how to thank you
for helping me out.
I've tried to make it clear to you Ellen,
that I have your interests at heart.
Oh, by the way, my dear.
I suppose you know the family are
leaving for Maine the day after tomorrow.
They're going up to their
camp for the summer.
Of course, none of the staff goes with them.
Maids and footmen will be laid off
until September.
However... I'm keeping you on.
Thank you.
It will be very pleasant, without so
many people around.
Gracie! Gracie, I've got the most
wonderful news for you.
Don't tell me! Wroxton's got smallpox!
No. But it's Wroxton I'm looking for.
Come on.
Mr. Wroxton.
We're leaving Gracie and I. Right away.
But I told you, you were staying
here for the summer.
Oh no. We're going to Maine with the family.
Going to Maine? I gave no such orders.
I've just talked with Mrs. Winfield
and she asked me tell you.
Isn't it wonderful?
Oh yes. Quite wonderful, I'm sure.
I knew you'd think so. Come on Gracie.
Oh goodbye.
What are you doing? Oh yes. That's enough.
Oh gee, isn't it wonderful up here.
Just smell that fresh air.
Not me. I'm afraid of fresh air.
Why, it'll take you six months to
get it out of your lungs.
Take my grandfather for instance.
He lived in Flatbush for sixty-five years
and never had a window open.
Then he marries a gymnasium teacher.
On their wedding night she opens up a
window, he gets pneumonia and croaks.
Not for me.
Say Gracie. Who is that?
Oh uh, that's the girl they want
young Winfield to marry.
She's coming up here next month.
Hmm. She'll do in a pinch.
Hello there.
Good morning.
Have you seen Mrs. Winfield?
Yes. She just went down to the village.
How do like it up here in the wilds by now?
Oh, I love it.
It gets uh, kinda lonesome sometimes
doesn't it?
Of course, there's a..
.. a movie theatre down in the village
where they show all the latest pictures.
Next week, they're
running "Birth Of A Nation".
Maybe we could drive down some night, huh?
Why you and I couldn't do that.
Why not?
Well, because! This is your house and I'm
only a servant in it.
Well, here we go!
Say, no kidding! Where did you get that suit?
Pretty cute huh? I bought it from the cook.
One gust of wind and you could take off.
Ah, you're just jealous.
Out of my way, I want plenty of room.
It'll be high tide when I get in.
Hello there!
Remember me? The name is Winfield.
How do you do Mr. Winfield.
How are you?
Hey, how's the water?
Oh, it's lovely.
Looks it.
For two cents I'd jump in with you,
clothes and all.
You'd better not.
Why not?
Because this is the hour that's
reserved for the servants to go swimming.
Oh, I see. That's a very gentle hint
that I'm intruding, huh?
Oh no. Of course not, only..
Let me tell you something.
You've got a lot of old-fashioned ideas.
In this day and age we believe
in social equality.
I'll believe in it too when I'm
able to hire servants.
Look, will you do me a favor?
Stop reminding yourself that you
are working for my family.
Well, I..
You know, it's just an accident that
I'm not working for your family.
If luck had gone the other way, I might
have been your chauffeur. Who knows?
Hey, incidentally, you know I think I'd
make a pretty handy man around the house.
So there's no more of that nonsense. Right?
Right... hey!!
I can't stand here much longer.
I'm frozen stiffer than a cold-storage duck!
Well, go on. Get out of the water.
That's just the point. I can't.
I've floated out of my bathing suit.
So you'd better go on. You don't want
that girl to freeze, do you?
Say, maybe you need a little
thawing out yourself. Come on.
Oh I don't think.. be careful!
Oh, that's marvelous. You're
very good at that.
Thank you. Come on.
Here, you have a go. You try it,
No, no, I don't t think I want..
Come on. It's very easy.
Go ahead. Take the gun.
What do I do now?
This thing here goes right
against your shoulder.
Okay, you see what I mean?
Yeah. I got it.
Now what?
Well then, this finger, put it in here.
This finger here goes on the trigger.
No, no, no. Inside.
In there.
In the trigger. Yeah, I see.
Then you.. then you uh.. look.
Down this barrel, this long thing.
And you sight over the end, that
little thing. See what I mean?
Now what do I do? Pull the trigger?
No, no. You don't pull the trigger at all.
You squeeze, very gently.
Very gently.
I think you'd better let me do the squeezing.
Alright... you ready?
Hold your breath.
I'm holding it.
Here! You take it! I don't want it.
Hey, wait a minute.
Here, try it again.
Oh no. No more of that for me.
Oh come on, come on.
No. Besides, I've got to go now.
Now, what's your hurry?
Well, I have to get back before 4 o'clock.
Mother doesn't need you.
It's very easy..
Now, wait a minute.
You're forgetting that it's your family
that's having the vacation.
I'm only here to do what I'm told.
Well then, do what you're told!
Sit down.
Yes, sir.
I have some complaints to make.
About me, sir?
Yes, about you.
Oh but sir, I've been working very hard.
Too hard. That's what I'm complaining about.
Now, uh, Thursday's your day off, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
Alright. After this, I want you to take
Tuesdays and Saturdays too.
And Sundays and every evening.
Oh my, but you're a hard-hearted
man Mr. Winfield.
The music isn't doing me any good.
Let's hop in the boat,
go over to the dance-hall.
In this little outfit?
Oh, take off the apron. You look like
something out of Vogue.
I couldn't be seen in public with you.
You know that.
We haven't many more nights up here.
I just found out yesterday that we're
leaving at the end of the week.
College begins next Thursday.
Oh, it's been heavenly up here.
I'm going to miss it.
You know, Dick.
Ever since I was a little girl, I've always
been sad when my birthday comes round.
Because that means that summer's over.
You don't mean that today is your birthday?
Well congratulations.
Thank you.
I was born in September too.
Were you?
Uhuh. Now we have something
in common, haven't we.
Come here a minute.
Dick... tell me something.
The answer's "yes".
No, I mean something else.
Oh, when you do that, how do you expect
me to remember what I'm talking about?
Then don't talk.
No, seriously.
It's about that girl.
The one who was supposed to
come up here last month.
I had mother call her off.
Oh, darling.
Don't you know by this time that
there is no-one else.
Oh Ellen!
Mrs. Winfield wants you right away.
Oh, gee, I got to go.
Hurry back. I'll meet you at the boat-house.
Yes, Mrs. Winfield?
Oh, Ellen.
I'm sorry to spoil your evening out, but
there are some things I want you to do.
Yes, madam.
Suppose you start by opening those boxes.
Why, certainly.
You don't mind working tonight,
do you Ellen?
Why... why, no madam.
Yes, that's right. Now hold it
up so I can see.
Hmm... it will do.
You'll look very pretty in it.
It's my birthday present for you.
Oh, that's so nice of you Mrs. Winfield.
How did you know it was my birthday?
I heard the cook ordering eighteen
candles for your cake.
Oh, you're so sweet and thoughtful of me.
Oh, nonsense child, you deserve it.
Thank you, madam.
Don't forget the hat.
A hat?
Oh, isn't that darling!
There! How do I look in it?
Perfectly charming! Now, hurry and dress
if you're going out tonight.
Oh, but I thought you wanted
me to work tonight?
Surely, you don't think I'd have
you work on your birthday?
Well, thank you.
I'm sure your "best boy" will find
you irresistible tonight.
There is a "best-boy" I suppose?
Yes. Yes there is.
One of the town boys?
Well, don't let yourself be fooled
by the summer romances.
You're too nice a girl.
Alright dear, that's all. Goodnight.
Have a grand time!
Yes, thank you. Goodnight.
Remember me?
How do you like it?
Well, where did you get that?
Your mother gave it to me for
a birthday present.
She did, huh? Well if my mother can
give you a birthday present, so can I.
Oh, darling, be careful. You'll drop me.
Here we go.
Thank you.
Alright. Now you sit right there.
We'll be off in just a minute.
Dick, where are we going?
We're going over to that dance
across the lake.
I've made a big decision.
What's that?
We're going to be married... tonight!
Oh, but..
I've... I've thought it all over.
I realize that you're everything I want in
the world. I'd be a fool to let you get away.
I don't want to get away.
I know.
Anything can happen when two people are
separated. I don't want to take any chances.
But darling..
Now listen.
I'm not a child.
I know what I'm doing and I know what
I want. What I want is you.
Oh, you're such an angel, Dick.
Don't you see darling..
Now, listen.
I've got to go back and finish
my senior year.
And I'd like to think you'd be
waiting for me.
Then, when I've graduated,
we'll go to my family and I'll say..
.. well, here we are. How about
that old parental blessing?
I know that there going to be just
as proud of you as I am.
Well, that's a very sweet speech,
and I love you for it.
But don't you see. It wouldn't work out.
It couldn't.
Why not?
Your family.
They're modern, broad-minded people.
I know. Your mother is the sweetest
woman I've ever known.
She's very fond of you.
As her maid, yes.
She wouldn't be if I suddenly walked in
as her daughter-in-law.
Believe me Dick. I know what
I'm talking about.
Well, if that worries you, darling,
forget my family.
We can get along without them.
Do you think I'd let you do that?
Oh no, I love you too much.
Then why not?
I'm talking about "love" Dick.
You're talking about marriage.
I couldn't marry you because..
.. well, it would just be a mistake.
That's all.
Look at me.
Hazel, come here.
When are you planning to do your
share of this silver?
I don't have to do the silver!
Oh you don't? Well..
Mr. Wroxton told me I needn't.
Mr. Wroxton, eh!
Well, just because you're stuck
on him, is no reason..
Enough of that!
Hazel... you'll take your orders from me.
Thanks Mr. Wroxton.
Listen to me, Mr. Wroxton.
I'm used to running my kitchen
to suit myself.
We live to learn, Mrs. Frisbey. In this
house, you'll run your kitchen to suit me.
Well, son, I'd like to hear from you once in
a while, even when you're not asking for money.
Well, somebody's got to help you spend it.
Goodbye darling. Drive carefully, won't you.
Bye, bye Maggie and be a good girl.
See you at thanksgiving?
You may see me before that.
Goodbye Wroxton.
Goodbye sir.
Come on, Hamlet.
Oh I was so afraid you were going
without saying goodbye.
You see, he loves you too.
I think I'm going to leave him with you.
Oh but Dick, what will they say?
What's the difference?
The point is, I want him to keep
an eye on you.
He'll give me a report on
everything you do.
Oh, I hate to see you go.
I'll be thinking about you, darling.
Oh, that's so easy to say now, Dick.
You'll be seeing so many pretty girls..
They may be there... but I won't see them.
I'll write to you every day.
We only have a minute, darling.
Hold me close.
I'd better go now.
We won't say goodbye.
Well, he's gone now. I hope we
don't miss him too much.
Who is it?
It is I.
There's something important I
have to say to you.
I never get a chance to see you alone.
There are always so many stupid people around.
Please go.
Don't be a fool.
Why Gracie's in the next room.
I happen to know it is Gracie's night off.
Are you out of your mind?
Thanks to you..
You know... you've become... an
obsession with me.
All these months you've avoided me
as if you hated me.
Very well, then. Suppose you do hate me.
Sometimes that makes it more interesting.
I don't want to talk about it. Please go!
When I go, you are going with me.
Ellen... I want to marry you.
Marry me?
Oh I've got money. Plenty of it.
I've been getting mine for years,
and I've been waiting.
Waiting for someone like you.
You're not like these other servants.
You've got breeding.
Class. I knew it the moment I saw you.
I've had my eye on you ever since.
I've watched you constantly.
Even when you didn't know you
were being watched.
You are everything I want.
Oh, but that's impossible.
I'm in love with someone else.
I'll make you forget him, whoever he is.
I think I'm beginning to understand.
Do you realize what you're saying?
Certainly I do.
Are you positive of this?
Of course I am.
I've been watching her all Fall.
Get my coat.
Not a word of this to anyone.
You understand?
Beg your pardon, sir.
There's something rather serious
I must tell you.
Well, what is it?
If you don't mind sir. It's something
that concerns the good of the household.
Oh, come on Wroxton. Don't make
a mystery out of it.
I'm sorry to inform you sir that..
.. one of the maids is..
Well, what about one of the maids?
Is she frightened by a mouse, or what?
No sir, she is going to have a baby.
A baby?
You don't mean?
Yes, sir.
Oh poor girl. Wroxton, which one is it?
This will distress you particularly, madam.
You've been very kind to the girl.
Not, not Ellen?
Yes, madam.
Oh, I can't believe it.
Unfortunately madam, it's true.
Well, give her two weeks wages
and let her go.
But Perry, this isn't any ordinary servant.
I've gotten to know the girl.
I've grown fond of her.
My dear, you're not proposing to turn
our pantry into a nursery?
Give her two week's wages and discharge her.
Yes, sir.
Wroxton, you'll do nothing of the sort.
Send Ellen to me.
Very good, madam.
Why talk to her?
I don't suppose you've ever made a mistake
in your life. You're the perfect husband.
Yes, madam?
Ellen, I can't tell you how sorry I am we have to do this.
Really, I... Well, I hardly know
what to say to you.
What's she's trying to say is, we
understand you're in difficulty.
What have you been saying about me?
What I said... was for the good
of Mr. Winfield's household.
Wroxton, I'd like to speak with Ellen alone.
Yes, madam.
Ellen, sit down.
Yes, madam.
Is there... is there anything you
want to tell me?
I uh..
Come on answer us.
Is what Wroxton said true?
I've nothing to be ashamed of... I'm married.
Oh you're married? That's a
convenient story.
Who are you married to?
I uh... I can't tell you.
Ellen, you say you have nothing
to be ashamed of.
Then why can't you tell us who your
husband is?
Oh, Mrs. Winfield, I just can't.
Oh, what's the use of arguing with her?
I won't tolerate this sort of thing
among the servants.
If you can't prove you're married,
you'll have to go.
Very well, sir.
You know you can trust me.
Please, you're only making it harder.
Now, just a minute.
I was prepared to treat you with
every courtesy.
Give you your wages. Perhaps even a
good reference.
All this mystery only makes me
more suspicious.
Why? What do you mean?
I'm just a little too intelligent
to be taken in by it.
You'll pack your things and leave tonight.
Oh Perry, please!
I mean what I say!
Let her alone!
You can't talk to her that way! Can't you see
she's only trying to protect somebody?
No, I'm going to tell them.
You want to know who her husband is?
Gracie, shut up!
It's your son!
Is this another one of your tricks?
There's no trick to it. Every word I've
told you is the truth.
Get out of here!
Go on Gracie, please.
Go on.
Well... alright. I'll wait for you outside.
Oh Mrs. Winfield, I'm so sorry.
I didn't want to tell you like this.
I hope you don't hate me.
You see, Dick and I do love each other.
The whole thing is a lie. I don't
believe you're married.
It's not a lie. It's the truth. Dick and I
were married in Maine on the 3rd September.
Ellen, will you leave us alone for a moment.
Yes, certainly.
Well... this is a fine mess.
So he's married... blasted young fool.
And to a servant!
Oh don't carry on like a Spanish Grandee!
Let's try to look at this thing sensibly.
Ellen is a perfectly decent girl
You mean you'd accept her?
We couldn't do otherwise.
After all, she's Dick's wife.
Beg your pardon, sir. There is something
further, I feel it my duty to tell you.
Haven't you told us about enough
for one evening?
I am acting solely in your interests, sir.
Because of my loyalty to the family, and my affection for Mr. Richard.
I've no choice but to tell you all I know.
It must be obvious to you sir, the girl
engineered this marriage merely for one purpose.
To obtain money from you.
It's a perfect arrangement
for blackmail, sir.
Nonsense! Ellen wouldn't do such a thing.
Ellen Neal has a police record, madam.
A police record! What did I tell you?
Wroxton, do you realize what you're saying?
Yes, madam.
Oh, please Ellen.
Gracie, you may go.
Ellen... I want you to tell me the truth.
Were you ever arrested?
Yes, I was... but you see it was
all a mistake. I..
It was not a mistake.
She was arrested and held. Her name
can be found on the Police blotter.
I paid the fine myself.
I have the receipt here.
Well... what do you think of that?
Mrs. Winfield, you've always trusted..
I'm sorry, Ellen, but..
This rather changes everything.
Look here young woman.
I'm going to be very generous
in this situation.
I'll give you $5,000 to settle.
I don't want your money.
I wouldn't take anything from you!
The only thing I want to do is get
out of this house!
I hope I never see any of you again!
You're treating me like a criminal,
just because I love your son.
No, I'm not good enough for him!
I'm only good enough to have his... baby!
If you will permit me, sir. I shall see to it
that she causes you no further annoyance.
Dinner is served, madam.
Hello Hamlet. You've got to stay here.
Go on.
And that's the facsimile of
the Police blotter.
Yes, but it might be a mistake.
There's no mistake about this. Look.
There's the receipt Wroxton got
when he paid her fine.
You don't understand. I love Ellen,
and I'm going to stick to her.
I don't care what anybody says.
But, darling. We're only doing
this for your own good.
The whole thing will be cleared up
as soon as I talk to her.
Well, she's gone.
You sent her away?
No, she ran away.
Because she realized the game was up.
Did you offer her money?
Yes. $5,000.
She didn't take it, did she?
Of course she didn't! Doesn't that
prove she's on the level?
If she was the type you think, she would
have stayed here and held you up for plenty.
Why... it's all part of a very
smooth scheme.
She knew she would get more sympathy,
and more money.
If she waited until the baby was born.
Dick, do you mean to say you didn't know?
No... she didn't tell me.
Do you think I'd have left her?
She made me go back to college.
She wouldn't take any money.
Now, do you see what you've done?
Where did she go?
We don't know.
Yes, sir.
You know where Ellen went?
No sir. And she said nothing to
the other servants.
What of her friend, Gracie. Where's she?
I regret to say sir, that Gracie
has also left.
Dick... where are you going?
I'm going to find Ellen.
Don't be a fool!
If you leave it to me, I'll get you
out of this mess.
Whatever mess there is, you've made.
Excuse me, sir.
If any letter should come from Miss Ellen,
addressed to your son..
.. what are my instructions?
Wroxton... I didn't hear a word you said.
I understand, sir.
[baby crying]
Goodness. Never a minute of peace,
the way you carry on.
Take it.
[door knocks]
Oh Gracie! How are you! Oooo!
Am I glad to see you!
Hi Smelly, how are you?
Fine. And you look swell, honey.
Wait a minute! There's the person
I want to see!
Oh... ain't he cute.
Gosh, Ellen. He looks just like you.
Oh, heaven forbid.
Ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, gag!
Cut that out, stupid.
Hide your face. Do want to frighten the kid?
Oh, he's alright.
He was sick for a while, but now he's
doing beautifully now.
Gee, honey. You had a pretty
tough time of it didn't you.
By the way, who are these people
you're staying with.
They're some friends of mine from back home.
They say I can stay here until I get
on my feet again.
Oh that' swell. You know things are
picking up with me too. I've got a job.
Oh Gracie, that's marvelous.
What are you doing?
I'm a Ladies-Room attendant
at a gas-station.
Oh, the work's a little bohemian,
but you meet lots of interesting people.
Oh, I almost forgot. Here's a
present for the kid.
Oh Gracie, you shouldn't have done that.
You've done so much for me already. I don't
know how I'm ever going to pay you back.
Shut up.
Oh, Gracie, isn't that a darling little size.
I hope it fits.
And here's something for the little canary too.
Oh, thanks.
I haven't seen this.
Say, you're awful lucky getting all this.
Now there's a bright idea. What would
a baby be doing with an umbrella, stupid?
Well, it might rain.
Ellen Neal?
It's her alright.
It sure is.
Got a letter for you, Miss Neal.
What's the matter? Anything wrong?
Hey Ellen, what's wrong? Let me see that.
Well, how do you like that.
From their lawyers.
"Dear Madam. "
"This is to inform you that, on behalf
of our client, Mr. Richard Winfield. "
"We are starting legal proceeding to
annul your marriage on grounds of fraud. "
"We suggest that you have your attorney consult
with us at the earliest possible date.
Oh, they're cockroaches.
If they annul your marriage on grounds of fraud,
do you know what that makes your baby?
Oh Gracie, they wouldn't do that!
They couldn't!
Oh they couldn't eh? They've got money.
They can do anything.
Ellen, there's just one thing for
you to do. Fight back!
Yes. Yes, of course I will... but how?
I got just the guy.
Sam Stapp, the mouthpiece.
That's his lawyer.
And a good lawyer.
Quiet! How quick can we get in
touch with him?
Where's the telephone?
It's in the grocery store, four
miles down the road.
Come on! Let's get going!
But you've got to go through with it.
Are you going to let these Winfields drag
you into court? Treat you like a burglar?
I just can't believe that they would
do such a thing.
Dick? Why, he's the one who's suing you!
Oh, listen. Don't tell me you're still
trumping up to believe he had no part in this?
Why, he's just as much to blame
as his whole family.
What about those letters you sent him?
Did he ever answer you?
Well, no, but..
Did he ever try to see you?
No! Why, you never heard a word from him.
Now listen to me, little lady.
They're going to sue you for an
annulment. Okay.
We'll slap back a counter-suit at them
so fast it will make them dizzy.
But the first thing we got to do..
.. is to establish you as Mrs. Richard Winfield.
Well, how are we going to do that?
Well, you've been living in
the country incognito.
Quiet! Sam will do the talking.
Now, look.
You've been living out on that farm as
Mrs. Smith. Well, that won't do at all.
What we got to do is bring you to town..
.. and set you up in a first-class
apartment as "Mrs. Winfield".
Apartment, nothing! Make it a penthouse!
But I couldn't. Who'd pay for it?
That's the hot one. Say..
There's a million women in this town who'd
do anything but murder to be in your shoes.
Who's going to pay for it? Why,
the Winfields of course!
Well, Dick, we can't go ahead until
you've signed this complaint.
I won't sign it... I didn't know anything
about an annulment.
Darling, please believe that what we're
doing is for your good.
Yeah.. a lot you care about my good.
Haven't you hurt us enough?
Staying away all these months.
All this chatter is getting us nowhere.
It may bring you to your senses to see what
a smart little gold-digger you've married.
You mean you've found her?
Wroxton located her.
Where is she?
She's living at 772 Park Avenue sir.
Park Avenue?
In an apartment that costs a thousand
dollars a month.
And you're supposed to pay the rent!
And I'll tell you something else she's done.
She's gone all over town, running up bills,
charging them to you.
Look at that! Over eight thousand
dollar's worth of bills.
All charged to Mrs. Richard Winfield.
Have you got the money to pay them?
She wouldn't do a thing like that.
Oh wouldn't she?
Suppose you run up to 772 Park Avenue
and see for yourself.
Come on. Break it up, honey.
Don't be so sad.
You know the old saying "what's good
for the goose is good for.. "
Hey, come on. Take a drink.
This will either pick you up or knock
you down. I don't know which.
No thanks, Smelly
I'll take it.
Hmm. You'll take anything.
Nothing bothers me but a Mickey.
That's a good idea. I'll remember that.
Oh come on sweet.
Well... Mrs. Winfield. You're a success.
Just look at that publicity we're getting.
Well. Oh boy.
I think it's disgusting.
Now, honey, you're not turning softy
on us are you?
No. But I'm sorry we started this
whole mess in the first place.
Mrs. Winfield.
Mr. Winfield's here.
No. I can't see him.
Can't? Just a minute.
Not going to see him? I thought you
had some backbone.
Oh, but Gracie.
You let him bust up your whole life.
After all you've been through, he sneaks
up and sues you, to annul your marriage.
Why, I'd give that heel a blast
he'd never get over.
But you haven't got the nerve.
Even for your kids.
Alright... Ask Mr. Winfield to step in.
Will you step in please.
Thank you.
Ellen, I'd uh, like to speak to you alone.
Anything you have to say to me you
can say in front of my friends.
Alright. I'm want to ask you one question.
Is it true that you were arrested
last spring in a raid?
Yes! What about it?
I guess they were right... That makes me
pretty stupid doesn't it.
Hello Mr. Rollins.
Hello Dick.
That annulment paper, have you still got it?
Yes, it's right here.
Right, let's have it. I'm ready to sign.
I thought you'd see it our way.
It's the sensible thing to do.
Bring him in.
I wish you'd tell me what this is all about..
Shut up!
Is this the guy?
You know this little lady?
Why yes, I..
Well, she's got a lawsuit coming up and
we want you as our witness.
You'll, uh, testify won't you?
Well, I'll do anything that I can.
Now, our case comes up Monday.
When we get you into court..
.. I want you to get up on that witness stand and tell exactly what happened.
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony which you are
about to give will be the truth and nothing but the truth.
I do.
When you entered the Winfield home as a
maid, you knew they had a son, didn't you?
You must have known they had money?
I object your honor. On the grounds that
the question is irrelevant and immaterial.
Objection sustained.
You were not a servant before you
entered the Winfield home, were you?
But you became a servant for the deliberate
purpose of attracting the son, didn't you?
That's a lie!
You tricked young Winfield into marrying you.
I object.
Objection sustained.
Trying to get money from
the Winfields, aren't you?
I'm not trying to get anything for myself.
Only for my baby.
I didn't ask the Winfields for money.
They would never have heard from me if they
hadn't chose to have my marriage annulled.
I don't care what they did to me!
But I won't have them hurt my baby.
I married Dick Winfield because I loved him.
I'll always love him.
That baby is mine and his, and all
the money in the world can't change that.
That's all.
No questions.
That's all. You may step down.
Thank you.
Call Thomas Wroxton.
Thomas Wroxton.
Please take the stand.
You're the butler in Mr. Winfield's
home, aren't you.
Yes, sir.
On the night of May 3rd last year, did
you receive a telephone call from Ellen Neal?
From a nightclub in New York?
I did sir.
Tell us exactly what happened.
Well, sir, she had been arrested.
In a questionable resort owned and
operated by a woman known as..
Grandma Gammon. I paid her fine myself.
Is this the receipt for Ellen Neal's fine?
Yes sir. It is.
Your witness.
No questions.
Don't worry. Wait until we put our
witness "Copely" on the stand.
I'm going to blow this case
higher than a kite.
Call James Copely.
James Copely.
Please take the stand.
What's happened? They've called
him as their witness.
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony which you are
about to give will be the truth and nothing but the truth.
I do.
What is your name?
James Copely.
Please relate the circumstances of
your first meeting with Ellen Neal.
I was sitting in my car at the corner
of 45th Street and 6th Avenue.
Go on.
She passed by the car, and gave me the eye.
She had a cigarette in her hand.
She asked me if I had a light.
We talked for a minute.
I offered her a lift home.
She got in the car.
Then, in common slang, it's what you'd
call a "pick-up".
I object on the ground that the question
calls for a conclusion by the witness.
Objection overruled.
I suggested we go to a dance-hall.
She said she had a better idea.
So she took me to a little private
club on 47th Street.
What kind of place was it?
I didn't like the looks of it.
Did Miss Neal act as though she'd
been there before?
She seemed to know her way around.
She ordered champagne.
And then?
Well, we drank the champagne, and then
went over and sat on the couch.
That's enough.
Your witness.
No questions.
The plaintiff rests.
You may step down.
Your Honor. I wish to place
Ellen Winfield on the stand.
Mrs. Winfield.
Do you know this man? James Copely?
Well, on the night in question,
how old were you?
Why, uh... I was seventeen.
Are you positive?
Why, yes.
That's all.
Your Honor. You've heard the evidence.
This girl was only seventeen years of age.
I ask a warrant for James Copely's arrest.
Your Honor, I ask for a recess,
for reexamination of evidence.
The court will recess for ten minutes.
I can't take that rap.
You've got to get me out of it.
I wouldn't have got you into it if I'd
known the girl was underage.
We'll think of something.
But you can't let me be the goat.
You'll have to buy the girl off.
We can't do that.
You got me into this! You told me I'd
be taken care of.
You got your money, didn't you.
If you don't get me out of it, I'll
go out there and tell them the truth.
If you do, they'll get you for perjury.
Perjury? That's nothing.
This means a stretch up the river.
You took that chance, didn't you?
Mr. Winfield. You've got to help me.
You've got to get me out of this.
They'll send me up the river,
and I'm not guilty.
I lied out there! I'm not guilty, I tell you.
I never had anything to do with that girl
No. Never. So help me.
He promised me, that if I'd go through with
this he'd see that I was taken care of.
Wait a minute.
You mean to say, that he got
you to do this?
Yes, yes! I was a witness on her side. Then
he paid me money to switch my testimony.
Did you pay him to change his testimony?
Yes. But I did it in the best interest
of yourself and the family, Mr. Richard.
Are you gentlemen ready?
Please proceed.
Your honor, may it please the court..
Just a minute!
Your Honor, as plaintiff in this
case I beg leave to speak.
This is most irregular. You will have to
address the court through your attorney.
What I have to say no attorney could say for me.
I object to this procedure.
This is meant to be a court of justice,
and a great wrong has been done.
Not to me, as these lawyers have
been paid to tell you.
But to my wife.
I warn you. You'll be cited for contempt.
I throw myself upon the mercy of this
court. I ask you to dismiss the case.
Fine me for contempt if you want to,
but I've got to tell you the truth.
My family brought this action.
It was cruel an unnecessary, but they thought
they were doing the best thing for me.
They'd accused her of fraud.
Your Honor, the fraud is on the other side.
I've just learned that not one of the
things they've charged against her is true.
I'm not blaming my family. I'm their only son.
They thought they were doing the right thing.
When they learned that I was married
to a girl working in their own household.
It was only natural that they
should try to protect me.
I understand completely why they did it.
They were wrong.
They're trying to break up a marriage which
they say is based on social inequality.
It is based on social inequality.
Your Honor, I'm not worthy of being
Ellen Neal's husband.
I'm afraid I've been pretty stupid.
She's the only one who will come out of
this rotten muddle with clean hands.
I only hope that some day she'll forgive me.
And she'll really know how terribly
much I love her.
Order! Order in the court!
Why Hamlet, where did you come from?
Today, you heard me tell the whole
world how much you mean to me.
I meant every word of it.
Do you want me tell you again?
Never stop telling me.