Private Property (2022) Movie Script

I always just did
whatever I wanted.
I always used to cheat.
Morning, Jorge.
Good morning, Kathryn.
Because I was young
and I didn't care.
I remember once I went to a bar
with one of my boyfriends.
And I saw this man
across the room.
The handsomest man
I've ever seen.
He was so alive.
And I was staring...
I couldn't help it.
And then he looked at me...
with just one look.
And I followed,
like I was tethered to him.
Like he had hypnotized me.
It was a single bathroom,
but he didn't lock the door.
Once I walked in,
we grabbed each other,
he threw me on top on the sink,
ripped my underwear off,
and fucked me.
It probably only
lasted a minute, but I came.
When he was done, he kissed me.
I was still shivering
and then he left the bathroom.
So, I got myself together
and I went back to the bar.
And he was still there
with his friends.
And he smiled at me
one more time.
And that's the last time
we looked
or talked to each other.
Some people would call me
a slut for that,
but I honestly think
it was one of the most
romantic moments of my life...
in a very... slutty sort of way.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- This is Mrs. Carlyle?
- Yeah, this is she.
Hello, Mrs. Carlyle,
I'm Javier Del Toro
from LA Bloom Gardening.
Yeah, funny you called actually.
Um, my gardener, Jorge Torres,
he was supposed to come...
Miss, I would like to inform you
that your gardener,
Jorge Torres,
no longer works for the company.
Did he
switch companies by chance,
- because I might just...
- Uh, ma'am, he was detained.
But I-I will have a new gardener
for you this afternoon.
Hello, um, Miss, uh...
Miss Carlyle?
Mrs. Yeah.
So, this tree here
needs to be...
I think that's pretty much it.
I would say
that you can start now,
- but you don't have any tools.
- Oh, no.
I'm not supposed to start
until tomorrow.
- Oh.
- Thank you, Mrs. Carlyle.
Is something wrong?
The door's locked.
This is so not okay.
I was sending an email
and it was uploading.
I can get you in, but you're gonna
have to promise me something.
That you won't call the cops.
- Thank you, so much.
- No problem.
Hey, uh, one more thing.
Did you know Jorge?
The gardener
who used to work here?
- No, ma'am.
- Right, of course,
I figured you wouldn't, um...
I knew of him, though.
Seemed like a decent guy.
It was too bad.
- Too bad about what?
- You didn't hear?
They rounding him up.
[upbeat music playing
I missed you today.
I missed you.
I wish the Anderson's
would sell their place.
They're asking too much.
It's just been empty forever.
It'd be nice
to have some neighbors.
Okay, no more skinny dipping
with new neighbors.
You know, I actually, um,
swam laps for an hour today.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
I'm just trying to
stay in shape.
Oh. I can see that.
Come on.
Oh, this table still wobbles,
I hate that.
Baby, you wanna catch a movie?
Don't you have to
read that script?
You know there's, um,
there's a-a part.
There's like a supporting part
for a woman my age
and I don't know if you do it,
maybe you can get me
a connection maybe,
um, audition for the director?
If I do it, and that's a big if,
I'll put your name
on the list to audition,
but that's as far as I can go.
You want to get it
on your own terms, don't you?
Can we light a fire?
Sure, go for it.
Won't we have to
turn the gas back on?
I'll do it.
- I can do it.
- No, no, no, no.
I-I... I'm sure he's good for it.
I mean, his cash position sucks,
but his tax position
is nothing but capital gains.
He'll finance the debt.
It just floats for two years
for Christ's sake.
I'm going to bed.
Yeah, it's all figured out.
Okay, well, um,
what about a smaller part?
The ex-girlfriend?
Yeah, just a minute.
Oh, hi, Mrs. Carlyle.
I just wanted to let you know
that I was here
and ready to get started.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
- Oh, uh, uh, ma'am?
- Yes?
Well, you see the ivy
on that tree there?
It's falling apart.
If you don't mind,
I'd like to start there.
- Sure, whatever you want.
- Okay.
I only ask, 'cause I want
my clientele to trust me
as a valued collaborator
on their home.
You know, more than just a,
uh, a gardener.
A, uh, you know,
a landscape architect.
Well, that's very sweet,
but why don't you start by doing
a good job on your first day?
Yes, ma'am.
It's all improv.
He lets you say
whatever you want.
Wait, there's no script.
No, well, there's a structure
but the character is mine.
That's what he said,
"She is yours".
- Sounds awesome.
- What are you doing?
Uh, you know, just auditioning
and cleaning the house.
Meaning your luxurious mansion
in Laurel Canyon
while I share a three-bedroom
with five people.
Don't pout.
It's unbecoming.
I miss the hustle.
Hustle sucks.
Enjoy your freedom.
Oh, I gotta go.
I love you.
Do you want some lemonade?
Do you want some lemonade?
Yeah, I'd love some.
You know I never got to, um,
thank you
for letting me in the house.
Yeah, what'd you
have to send so bad?
Uh, an audition.
I didn't get it, so...
- Wait, you're an actress?
- Sort of.
Trying to be. Aspiring.
- Anything I would have seen?
- No, probably not.
I've just done, you know,
a couple of short films.
Um, I actually have one
premiering tonight.
Wow, cool. Where do you
get to go to the premiere?
Oh, uh, it's online.
I mean, it's kind of how people
are seeing things, anyways.
That's so true.
And I get it, because I'm a...
Well, I'm a rapper, you know.
I'm a landscape architect, too,
but, I mean,
my real passion is music.
Quite the Renaissance man.
Hey, don't make fun of me.
Oh, I-I wasn't.
I swear, I wasn't.
- So, can I hear some of it?
- Some what?
- Your music.
- Oh.
Oh, come on,
you know you want to.
Oh, man.
Yeah, okay, okay.
Yeah, uh, okay, hey.
Hey, Ms. Carlyle
look at that smile
Light up the world
like a sun dial
Yeah, many men
would go on trial
Just to get a look
at that pretty smile
Thank you.
Hey, you know,
how you could really thank me?
I mean, like a...
Like really, really thank me?
You mind if I jump in the pool?
- Oh, um...
- But just for a second, okay.
It's so hot
and I'm sweaty and sticky.
I've been staring
at that water all day.
Well, you don't have a suit.
Don't need one.
Alright, well, I guess.
Are you a swimmer?
Never really get the chance,
but I'm pretty good
at most physical stuff.
Just, uh, not much up here.
What's the hurry?
Uh, I have to clean the house.
You clean your own house?
Gives me something to do
in between auditions.
What's your husband think?
- Of what?
- About the acting?
He's a producer,
so he's super supportive.
He gets it.
Does that mean
he could get you a job?
I want to get it on my own.
You know, on my own terms.
It's better that way.
"You want..."
Why don't you want me?
Why don't you want me?
"Why don't you want me?"
Hey, Ben.
Something I can do
for you, Mrs. Carlyle?
Are you a good handy-man, too?
Give it a try.
Anything else I can do for you?
Actually, yeah.
"Why don't you want me?"
"Look, I just... "
"I wanna know why."
"I just...
Well, I'm in love with her.
I'm sorry."
"Why aren't you
in love with me?"
"That's never
what this was about.
We were just..."
"Just what?"
- "Just..."
- "Just sex?
Is that all
this ever was to you?"
"I'm sorry.
It just wasn't meant to be."
"If you walk out that door,
you are never coming back."
You can press stop.
So, what'd you think?
Well, I don't know.
It's pretty corny if you ask me.
Hey, no, I-I mean the script.
You were...
Yeah, um,
I'm gonna get back to...
Good work today.
Thank you.
Keep your damn money, lady.
Look, please forgive an actress
for being sensitive.
It's my job, you know?
I'm sorry.
You know, I meant that
the scene was corny, the words.
But not you.
You were good.
I shouldn't have said that.
It doesn't matter.
You know, I don't get you.
What do you mean?
Look, I don't have anything.
I mean, I'm a broke, poor loser.
You know that, right?
And I see your house
and your car,
and you have everything.
But you don't appreciate it.
I mean, nothing works.
You have all these
beautiful things
and they aren't being
taken care of.
You have to take care
of beautiful things.
Look, I'm a plain
working-class guy.
And, yeah, I've been to jail.
My boss doesn't know that,
but there it is.
You could get me fired
if you wanted to.
And you could judge me
like everybody else does.
But people don't see me.
They don't see that I'm a...
I'm a stand-up guy.
That I'm the type of guy that you
should call when you're in a jam.
I'm good with my hands.
I can make up rhymes
that make people happy.
You know, I'm worth something.
You know, people don't see that.
You ever feel that way?
You have no idea
what it means to a guy like me
to take a dip in a private pool.
Hey, were you sleeping?
No, just napping.
Oh, is everything alright?
- Yeah, I just had a dream.
- Oh, bad?
I dreamed the pool got so hot,
all the water boiled away.
You want me to... you want me
to turn off the heater?
- Ohh, what are you doing?
- Take off your clothes.
Babe, no, no, no,
I got reservations.
- How come?
- We're cheersing.
Babe, you didn't
have to do that,
I mean, it's just an online...
I booked the actor.
Yeah, it was just a meeting.
Anyway, I... he wants me
to fly out to San Francisco.
- When?
- Tomorrow.
- For how long?
- Just for the day.
Did I ever tell you
what happened to Jorge?
The gardener.
They said that he was detained.
- Like he was late?
- No, like he's in custody.
Oh. ICE?
God, wait, do you think?
No, do we have any extra ice?
Oh, yeah, um,
there's some in the ice bucket.
You know, I think that you
should do something, because...
I don't think it's a good idea
to get involved, babe.
I mean, you don't know this guy.
Yes, I do.
I'm here with him all day.
He's a very sweet man.
But you don't really.
You could be vouching for
a criminal, you know?
I think it's best
if you just drop it, babe.
So, what are you gonna do?
- Drop it, I guess.
- No, about the lawn.
Oh, they hired
a new guy already.
Huh? How is he?
Where are you going?
I left the pool light on.
I can turn in off.
No, I'm already up.
Excuse me?
Hey, you left
your side door open.
Who's up there?
No one should be up there.
Hey, Ed!
Turn that down, man!
That's, uh, that's Ed Hogate.
I met him yesterday. He just
bought the Anderson's place.
Oh, really?
Yeah, he saw me working
and asked me to do
some handy work for him.
I think he said
maybe he met your husband.
Oh, Richard
left for San Francisco.
Oh, well, business?
You know, I didn't think that
you were scheduled for today.
Yeah, I'm not,
but I thought maybe you'd, uh...
maybe you'd let me
take you out to get some brunch
or something like that.
To thank you for the job
and just for being
so nice to me.
I don't even know
what brunch means.
Why don't I just cook us up
a couple of burgers instead?
Oh, don't go through
any trouble for me.
Oh, no, please
don't worry about it.
Go invite Ed.
I want to meet my new neighbor.
Mrs. Carlyle,
let me introduce you to Ed.
Oh, please,
you can call me Kathryn.
- How are you, Ed?
- Hi.
Uh, have a seat.
Oh, and um, how do you
want your burger cooked?
On the grill is fine.
Well, uh, eat please.
Oh, I used lemon dressing.
You know, I'm trying
to lose weight,
so everyone has to suffer.
Come on, you're in great shape.
Mmm, yeah, where could you
lose it from?
Oh, you both
are being very nice.
So, how'd you end up, uh,
buying the Anderson's place?
I work at Silicon Valley.
That's where
I made all my money,
so I thought I'd come down here
and give old Hollyweird a try.
Look, here's my card.
"Zzzombi. Product manager".
Yes, you see, I'm in charge of
the product team.
They're the ones
who build the applications.
A bunch of degenerates
and thieves, if you ask me,
but they're the ones
who get advertisers
to buy space on the app,
which is all about
sleep technology.
Z, Z, Z, "Zzzombi."
"Sleep like the dead." Hmm.
So, I'm the one that's pulling
all the strings from the top.
You gotta keep them separate,
the groups.
There's the snakes, and the rats
and the birds, and...
So, if you wanna
download the app,
I can give you a 15% discount.
Sure, Ed.
Thank you.
Um, are you guys ready
for your burgers?
You're the hostess.
Thought maybe you
could use some help.
Oh, yeah, um,
can you get the butter?
- In here? Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, why don't you
let me do that?
I was a diner cook up in Fresno.
What haven't you done?
Where did you
first meet your husband?
Um, on a movie.
Yeah, I-I had one line
in a movie he produced.
And he asked me out,
and I said no,
because I didn't want everyone
to think...
I mean, well,
you know what I mean.
But he kept asking and then he
kept asking after we wrapped,
and then that's when I knew
that it wasn't just like
a silly little thing.
How long you been married?
Oh, a-a long time.
You love him?
Well, I was 19 and...
I mean, yes.
Yeah, I'm in love with him.
He takes care of you?
Well, he's given me
everything I've got.
But no parts?
I don't want him
to give me a part.
Hm, I'm not sure
whether I believe you or not.
Well, I said it.
And I can speak for myself.
Now, if you
believed the things I said,
we would probably
get along a lot better.
I watched your short film
last night.
You did?
Yeah, on my phone.
I really liked it.
You're a great actress.
I really thought you were
the person you were playing.
And, well, uh, you looked
really beautiful in it.
That was really sweet.
Thank you.
Yeah, no problem.
I, uh, I think you
should show it to your husband.
Maybe then he'd put you in a...
In a movie.
- I told you...
- But it's none of my business.
No, it's not.
Those look really good.
Yeah, um, actually,
can you take care of this?
The grill's just outside.
I'm just gonna change,
I'll be a couple minutes.
I hope you don't mind
my raiding your beer
but Oates here was thirsty.
Yeah, that's his,
uh, his nickname.
Where'd you find that?
Damn, I was afraid to bend over.
Uh, do you play, Oates?
Oh, just, uh,
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
I bet you play.
I mean, when I was little,
you know,
my parents had parties.
Well, we're having a party.
You got any dance music?
Um, Alexa,
play some dance music.
Did you really like my film?
I loved it.
Is he upset?
Well, he's, uh,
he's kind of lost.
Maybe you should go after him.
Do you want me to?
I think so.
Kind of overstayed my welcome.
Yeah, it's getting late.
What time do you have to go?
Richard lands at 8:40.
Plenty of time.
I have to pick him up.
It can't be later than 6:00.
One for the road?
I'm living the dream
- No.
- Burn down the stream
I'm too drunk.
I'm not gonna be able to drive.
Run all the steam
I love...
Got a couple grand
And that I can't
Down there in the day
Good morning.
How far to the Sunset Strip?
About 40 miles.
You got any water?
In the store.
I look like
I got a dollar to spare?
If you aren't gonna
buy anything,
don't waste my time.
Would you
rather we just take it?
And trash
your shithole store instead?
Guys, I don't want any trouble.
Oates, why don't you go inside
and grab us a couple of bottles
of water, a couple beers,
and a pack
of my favorite cigarettes.
You think I care
about going to jail?
Not thirsty.
We'll be out of cash soon,
so we need to find something.
I think I got one.
You wouldn't know
what to do with her?
Sure like to try
and figure it out.
A good way to get killed.
Got a rich daddy at home
with an elephant gun.
No, she's all by her lonesome.
Daddy is out working.
Maybe you're right.
Let's find out.
Fill her up. Regular.
Right away.
Excuse me, sir.
I just gotta say she's a beaut.
What year is she?
This here
is a 1971 Buick Electra.
All of it's mine.
It's a '70.
You say so.
Well, how could you not know?
I won it in a card game.
Hey, you're not headed
to Beverly Hills, are you?
Matter of fact, I am.
I'm on my way
to Beverly Hills Hotel.
Are you kidding me?
Hey, I'm going the same way.
Only, uh, my car broke down.
I managed to make it
to the station,
but, uh, I'ma have to
leave her here overnight.
Oh, that's too bad.
What do you got going
in Beverly Hills?
I'm a musician.
See, I've got a big meeting
with some bigwigs
in them big hills.
See, I'm a star,
just, uh, nobody knows it yet.
Bet you are.
Hey, I'm sorry to be rude,
let me introduce ourselves.
My name is Arthur Morgan.
Good to meet you.
And this is my buddy,
Leon Davis.
I'm Ed Hogate.
Got a firm policy.
Never ever carry any cash on me.
It's a good policy.
Oh, um, excuse me?
Do you know where
the 14 South is?
- Am I close to the 14 South?
- You're close.
Yeah, I'm sorry um,
my-my GPS isn't working.
Alright, Oatesy boy,
you get your wish.
What do you mean?
That one.
Uh, she's a little
out of your league,
don't you think?
Here's some advice,
free of charge.
All things in this world
are divided into groups,
separated like animals,
birds, reptiles.
So, you... you wouldn't...
You wouldn't breed
a snake with a bird, would you?
Just wouldn't work.
Same exact thing
goes for people.
Trust me.
Do not mix your groups.
That's racist, Ed.
What? No, no, no, no.
Hey, we need a ride, Ed.
- We're going the same way.
- What? Wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on a second.
Wait, wait, wait,
hold on a second!
- Get out of my car!
- Better hurry up, Ed.
- We're gonna lose her.
- What?
Get the hell out of my car
before I call the police.
- What, with this?
- Hey!
Wouldn't do that if I were you,
Mr. Hogate.
Follow her.
Why do all these tech companies
have to spell shit wrong?
I have a meeting
and I can't be late.
Come on, Ed, you can go on
a couple of more miles.
Thanks for the lift.
And, uh, can I tell you
something, Ed?
That you didn't hear anything,
you didn't see anything.
It's no skin off your nose.
You've got your big meeting
this afternoon
at the Beverly Hill Hotel,
so you won't say anything,
will you?
God, I hope not, Ed.
Think he'll keep quiet?
Oh, sure.
He's got the situation
divided into groups.
He knows which one we belong to.
So, we go in?
Can't just walk in
and take whatever we want.
Gotta be smooth.
Remember last time?
Get invited in.
Like vampires.
Then we'll get
the run of the place.
What's theirs is ours.
Whoa, hey, hey.
There's a light on.
It's broad daylight.
This place is empty.
Well, what about the light?
That's just to scare
the criminals away.
Move over.
Think she's gonna go for a swim?
Why not?
Nobody's watching.
That window
looks right down on her.
Let's-let's just go.
Hold on.
I got an idea.
What are you doing?
Shut up.
Hello. I'd like to report
an illegal alien
in my neighborhood.
Richard Carlyle,
2375 Nightingale Place,
Los Angeles, California 90046.
Well, that's where he was last.
Well, he was
harassing my daughter
and he flashed a gun at me.
Look, he has gang tattoos,
okay, I can tell.
I'm a lawyer.
Well-well, hurry up.
She naked?
She's kicking her stupid feet.
Quit kicking your stupid feet,
you bitch idiot.
I can't believe it!
It worked, man.
It worked!
What... Duke,
what was the point of that?
Why'd you do that to him?
Because she's gonna need
a new gardener.
And you're looking at him.
LA Blooms Gardening,
this is Javier Del Toro.
Mr. Del Toro,
are you the manager
of LA Blooms Gardening?
Yes, what can I do for you?
Tell her you're Javier Del Toro.
Her gardener's gone.
Mrs. Carlyle, alright?
Use an accent.
Is this Mrs. Carlyle?
Yeah, this is she.
Hello, Mrs. Carlyle,
I am Javier Del Toro
from LA Bloom Gardening.
Yeah, funny you called actually.
Um, my gardener, Jorge Torres,
he was supposed to come...
Yes, I-I would
like to inform you
that your gardener,
Jorge Torres,
no longer works for the company.
You're supposed to do that
into a woman, not your hand.
What does that mean?
Save some jizz for her.
Hey, don't talk to me like that.
I-I told you, I'm...
I wasn't doing anything.
Shut up.
Where are you going?
I'm going to say hi.
What do you think?
I'm Ben... Saunders.
That sound White?
White gardener extraordinaire.
It's all a game, Oates.
The whole world.
Only suckers choose not to play,
suckers who don't know
they're in one.
I would say that you can start,
but you don't really have
any of your tools?
Oh, no.
I'm not supposed to start
until tomorrow.
Oh. Yeah, they-they
didn't tell me that.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, they just wanted me
to get a feel
for the place today
and I'll be back tomorrow
with everything I need.
What-what happened?
She told me
about the whole neighborhood.
We've moved into the Anderson's.
After they moved out.
And how'd she look?
Is that her boyfriend?
Husband. Richard.
How do you know?
Because of the mail.
Because he's a big fat square
dickless faggot like you.
She's done with him, except
for the house and the car.
How can you tell that from here?
You learn to read the signs.
You see the way
she crossed her legs?
Like she never even met him.
Where'd you learn to cook?
I was a short-order cook
in Fresno.
Did that before you
found me in that place.
I don't know
how I ended up in that bar.
I know why you were there,
but me,
I was just exploring.
I was supposed to meet
a record exec there,
but he wanted me
to suck his dick.
And I ain't into that fag shit.
Well... you saved me.
I don't know if saved
is the right word,
you seemed to be enjoying
yourself well enough.
- They make you act like that.
- Who makes you?
Eh... well,
you-you killed him.
What, that little twink?
Why he couldn't make
a songbird...
Yeah, but they made me.
- I told you that.
- Alright, Oates.
I wouldn't do anything
like that...
You know, just one time,
I'd like to have a...
A decent meal.
You know, a fancy dinner.
White table cloth.
You know, good wine, candles.
And those two over there,
they get that every night.
And they don't appreciate it.
You know what I wanna do?
I want to sit
in that white convertible.
Yeah, we-we-we could
take it out for a spin.
I know this guy,
we could sell it to him.
We could get out of this place.
I mean, it gives me the creeps.
We could...
We could sell it to him.
- We could...
- No.
No, I just wanna sit in it.
See how it feels.
Not ready to take anything yet.
If they hear us, we bounce.
It wouldn't be worth it.
You wait here.
Well, I wanna go
if you're gonna sit in it.
Smell that perfume?
I can't smell it from over here.
Get in, son.
We need a truck and some tools.
Break in, get the car?
No, so I can be a real gardener.
It's the whole charade, man.
It's working.
I just need the optics.
What-what is this?
I-I-I thought it was a cash job
with a girl on the side.
And now...
you-you're a gardener.
I mean, I don't get it.
Ms. Carlyle
Look at that smile
I'm just finessing it, man.
Alright, I'm doing it smooth.
When I'm through with her,
she'll open up her home safe
for us herself,
she'll hand over her jewelry.
You'll see.
But... a-a safe?
Yeah, of course,
they got a safe.
They're rich, aren't they?
Full of cash and jewelry,
I bet, too.
Alright, you just got to be
a little patient with me.
Let me spend a little bit
more time with her.
You're lying.
You like her. You want her.
Oh, fuck her!
Man, fuck her tits
and her condescension.
Fuck her house
and her acting career!
If I wanted her, I could have
taken her in the garage.
Or on the patio, or I could have
pushed her in the fucking pool.
- I'm tired.
- Hey!
- You listen to me, alright.
- Stop.
You wanna take the place now,
all violence and chaos?
Huh, you want me
to go down there
and drag her up by the hair?
Tie her up while she
kicks and screams? Huh?
You want me to cut her, so she
bleeds all over you, Oates?
You tell me, you wanna
leave her dead or alive,
'cause it makes
no difference to me.
We do it my way...
and all the time it takes.
Now, go take the truck back.
This is a waste of time.
Acting like my friend,
he's not my friend.
I'm tired.
So... I watched your film.
You were so beautiful in it,
you are a great actress.
I mean, you're really
believable, it's...
Your film really moved me.
What's it like
to pretend to be somebody else?
They're leaving.
You know,
you're doing all the work
and he's taking her out.
You're nowhere, man.
She's not gonna sleep tonight.
She'll lie awake, think of me.
You watch.
She's looking up here.
Blow her a kiss.
No, man.
Let her sweat.
What are you doing?
Just play along.
Today's the day.
You're Ed.
Uh... Ed?
Who's up there?
I mean, no one
should be up there.
Hey, Ed!
Hey, turn that down, man!
You're invited to lunch.
You bought this house.
We met yesterday, and you
asked me to help to fix it up.
you're in the tech business.
Come on, man.
This-this is...
- "Zzzombi."
- Yeah.
That's your card.
Your name is Ed Hogate.
Mrs. Carlyle,
let me introduce you to Ed.
I knew it.
You were just
after her all along.
Then where's the safe?
Let's get this over with.
There's no safe, you idiot.
There never was a safe.
Look, we're here for her.
I'll give you first crack at her
if you stop fucking this up.
I don't wanna go in there.
It's okay.
You don't wanna be sick, right?
No, I'm... I really don't
want to go in there.
It's okay.
It's okay, I got you.
I can't.
Yeah, chill.
Here you go. Here you go.
It's okay.
This is our bed.
We can somewhere else.
- We can go next door.
- Hmm?
I, uh, I need to tell you
something first.
About Oates.
He, uh, he doesn't really work
in Silicon Valley.
I know.
He didn't buy
the Anderson's place.
He's squatting.
He told me not to rat.
He asked me to help him.
He wants something
that doesn't belong to him.
That's why he stormed off,
you see?
I wouldn't let him do it,
I wouldn't let him hurt you.
Do you know why... Kathryn?
It's because
I'm in love with you.
We're somewhere else.
We're here.
Take her.
Quit moving or I'm gonna
cut your fucking head off!
I can't.
Don't tell him I couldn't do it!
How could you?
How could you?
Duke, don't!
Don't hit her.
Duke! Duke!
Alright, Duke, I can't...
I can't... I can't move.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry!
911, what is the location...
Duke, she's here!
She's here, Duke!
- Please, be quiet.
- Duke, she's here!
She's here, Duke!
- Shut up!
- Duke! Duke!
Richard! Please, help me.
You alright?
I wasn't... but I am now.
Let's forget what happened.
It's in the past.
Let's try to be
better together, alright?
I love you, do you know that?
Do you love me, too?
And cut!
everybody gather around.
Everybody on set, please.
Can I have your attention?
That's a picture wrap
for Kathryn Carlyle.