Prizzi's Honor (1985) Movie Script

My oldest, dearest friend.
Your son!
He lost his mother,
but he's got another father.
I'm his father now, with you.
I'll be as one with you,
protecting his future.
We're honoured,
Don Padrone.
Raise the first finger
of your right hand.
This drop of blood symbolizes
your birth into our family.
We're one,
until death.
We'll protect you...
so much you protect
Prizzi's honour.
- Do you swear it?
- Yeah.
Now that you have sealed a truly
Christian marriage...
give these wedding rings to each
other saying after me:
In the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...
take and wear this ring...
as a sign of my love...
and fidelity.
In the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...
take and wear this ring...
as a sign of my love...
and fidelity.
In the name of the Father and of
the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Hey, you know that girl up there...
blonde, lavender gloves?
Look pal
I'd like to help you but.
I gotta take shots of the notables,
the bishops...
Mr. Partanna,
what can I do for you?
I want shots of that girl up there
in the lavender gloves.
You got it,
my pleasure.
Take care of yourselves.
Don't tell me that
was Charley Partanna.
- Himself.
- Holy shit.
Hey, give me a ride over
to the reception, will ya'?
There's over half a dozen veal
steaks on the Prizzi meat counter.
You got it Charley, jump in.
Ok, quiet down!
Quiet down!
Ladies and gentlemen,
my brother Eduardo and I...
would like to introduce you to a man
who needs no introduction:
Our father
your dear friend...
a legend to his people:
Don Corrado Prizzi.
My father welcomes all of you
to this great family occasion...
and he says that you should
all have a great time.
He offers his toast of love...
to the happiness of the bride
and groom...
and he wishes them
many children.
Thanks to you all.
Excuse me would you care
to dance?
Some spread, huh?
Haven't I seen you
I'm sure I'd remember.
I mean...
maybe's you were at the marry
mountain with the bride...
I could never miss you.
And you are?
Charley Partanna,
pleased to meet you.
Miss, Miss!
Telephone lady!
- Telephone?
- I'll be right back.
Hello, Aunt Amalia!
Pop actually invited me
to my own sisters wedding.
Imagine that.
He must be getting soft in his old age.
Cara, let me look at ya'.
So Aunt Amalia
what do you think?
Such a one.
Always making
a show of yourself.
Come on Aunt Amalia,
I got a reputation to live up to.
I'm the family scandal.
Everybody be disappointed
if I stopped.
Have you paid your respects
to your father yet?
- Do I have to?
- Sure you have to.
Come on, lets' go together.
Hello Pappa!
Dominic! Dominic!
She came to pay you her respects.
Speak to her!
Then how come she ain't
dressed right...
If she's so respectful?
How come she show's up
at a family wedding...
dressed like a Badonna Dialo?
Don't worry Aunt Amalia,
he'll get his one day.
You ought to be ashamed
of yourself.
Where's the lady
you took to the telephone?
Where's the lady
you took to the telephone?
How should I know mister?
Who told you to go get her?
Some old guy, I don't know.
An old guy.
Watch out for them conolli's.
Thanks mister.
Hello Charley.
- Hi Maerose.
- Hi.
- How are you Mae?
- Fine Charley, and you?
Fine too.
So how's the decorating
Oh, it's just great Charley,
we're always busy.
Everything is art deco now.
Art who?
You know art deco,
after art nouveau.
It's a style it's not a person.
Like all that art stuff.
What's the matter Mae?
I should have known to stay away.
What happened?
I went to say hello to my father,
and he called me a whore.
Maerose, I'm sorry.
Listen Mae what you gotta do
is forget about your father.
Forget about the alignment.
They never gonna take you back
So screw them.
They don't deserve you.
Especially that fucking Dominic.
Mae, you are still beautiful.
Why don't you find yourself someone
who has nothing to do with the family?
Settle down,
couple of kids.
A life.
Practice your meatballs.
Sure Charley.
Thanks a lot.
You're a big help.
Are you the guy
who took the pictures?
- So when do I get to see them?
- They're in the lab, Mr. Partanna.
I'll make sure I get them to you
as soon as they're out.
About noon tomorrow.
- Ok, meanwhile give me her name.
- Her name?
- Yeah her name, for Christ's sake.
- Mr. Partanna I didn't get no name.
I thought you knew her.
Oh for Christ's sake's!
- Hello.
- Mae.
She ain't here.
You wanna leave a message?
- Who is this?
- This is the girl.
Ask her, this is very important.
Ask her if she knows a woman
at the wedding...
who wore a lavender dress.
- You got it?
- I got it.
Make sure she calls me.
You hear?
Now what's your name?
I'm gonna send you ten bucks.
Ten bucks?
Miss Peaches.
Ok, Peaches.
You tell Miss Prizzi
she has to call me...
no matter how late, tonight.
- Ok.
- Peaches thank you.
Bye, bye.
Hey Partanna!
What's up?
Somebody tagged Sally
Turbino this afternoon.
Who dunnit?
Where were you between
two and five today?
I was at the wedding.
Corrado Prizzi's
granddaughter's wedding.
They're all gonna turn out
to be at the wedding.
Come on!
We're taking you in!
You couldn't be cleaner?
- Who made the hit bob?
- We did.
We did? How come we did?
I don't know nothing about it.
Well that's the best way in it.
Who hit him?
I don't tell.
It was a specialist job.
How come?
Dominic told me to set it up so
he couldn't have nothing to do with it.
We was all at the wedding.
- Mae?
- Charley?
Did you have any luck?
What kind of a message was that?
Who can remember
a girl in a lavender dress?
I was wearing a pink and black
So you don't know
who she is...
the woman in the lavender dress?
Oh, go suck your head!
Mr. Partanna please.
It's Irene Walker calling.
- Is this Charley Partanna?
- Yeah, yeah.
I hope you don't mind
my calling so late.
I wanted to apologise for running
out the way I did this afternoon.
This is you?
Irene walker?
I recognise the voice,
but I didn't get your name before.
I just wanted to explain.
I hope you don't think I'm rude.
Rude? Oh, no, no.
You could never be rude.
So listen um.
Why don't we get together later,
for like a late dinner?
When you mean tonight?
I could pick you up in half an hour.
I live in California.
Yeah, that's where I live.
I had to come home.
How about lunch tomorrow?
How about the bar
at the Bell Age hotel?
That would be tremendous.
What time?
- About two?
- Great.
I was scared I was never
gonna see you again.
Dos zumos de pia
con Bacard.
What was that you said?
I ordered us a drink
something I think you'll like.
Say it again.
Zumo de pia
con Bacardi.
What is it some Puerto Rican
or something?
Yes, I guess it could be.
Pineapple juice with rum.
I had it in Cuba.
What were you doing in Cuba?
I was on my honeymoon.
I didn't know you was married.
My husband left me 4 years ago.
I don't know where he's.
I don't wanna know.
He left you!
Crazy huh!
I could find him for you.
Let him stay lost!
Well you might wanna
get married again someday.
but until that happens...
I don't wanna know about him.
What about you?
Are you married?
Once I was almost married.
Mae rose was her name.
We grew up together.
One night we had a big fight...
because I was dancing too much
with another girl.
I suppose I did it on purpose...
because I wanted
to make her jealous.
So she flew off to Mexico
with the guy.
Shacks up in a hotel...
Father sends some goons down there
to clobber the guy.
Brings her back to the States and
don't let her back into his house.
That was 4 years ago.
That's it?
Yeah, she can't even go
to Brooklyn any more.
Only unless it's a special occasion...
weddings, funerals,
stuff like that.
We're still friends.
She's in decorating.
She did my apartment,
real nice job she did too.
That's some family you got.
I like you coat.
Do you?
A coat like this...
stand out in New York,
you know.
My father always says
it's better...
to stand out because
of how serious you are...
instead of clothes, cars
or diamond rings...
For men that is.
What am I doing all
the talking here for?
How come I met you
at a Prizzi's wedding...
and you ain't no wop?
The Bishop who married them
wasn't Italian.
No he's a Polak.
So am I.
Walker is a Polak name?
No, it was Walkervisks.
I shortened it.
My maiden name was
Irene Walkervisks.
Either way...
you're sure one
beautiful woman to me.
I guess I thought that Walker sounded
more like a tax consultant should.
You're a tax
What do you do
when you consult?
I save people money.
Show them the angles.
There are a lot of angles.
This L. A corporation...
had a guy kidnapped
in the Middle East...
so I told them they ran some money
that was tax deductible staff loss.
- Things like that.
- Terrific.
- Shall we go?
- Oh, yeah, sure.
We'll take my car.
- What kind of a car is this?
- An Excaliber.
Japanese make them in England
for the Arabian market.
Great California car.
It's a great anyplace car.
Jesus it must cost though huh?
Well it wasn't free but
think what'll cost in two years.
- Like to eat outside?
- Yeah.
Irene I gotta say it.
I can't sleep.
I'm a grown man middle aged
but no...
nobody in my life has ever
affected me anything...
like the way that
you make me feel.
I love you.
That's it.
That's everything.
I love you.
I think I'm in love with you
too Charley.
No it ain't in love.
In love is temporary.
Then you move on
to the next in love.
Everybody is always falling
in and out of love.
I notice.
I remember everything...
I read about it in magazines.
When you're just in love
it's just...
Wait a minute.
A hormonal secretion...
which changes the senses smells.
So as to affect someone
in a certain way.
That's what in love is.
Who needs it.
I mean, I love you
I think that's sounds
like I'm hedging, but...
I don't know how to say it
because I've never said it before.
All my life I've had
to protect myself and...
you can't protect yourself from
anything when you love somebody.
I love you Charley.
What's that they're playing?
That's "Noche de Ronda."
I'm never gonna
forget it.
I'm never gonna forget
this dress.
I'm never gonna forget anything
about today.
Wherever we go
whatever it is...
whenever they play this song...
this is gonna be our song.
Everything being equal...
would you marry me?
Everything being equal...
I'd marry you tonight
Oh, yeah!
Have a cigar!
My favourites.
From Mexico.
Smell delicious!
Charley come in.
You know Cyril, don't you?
Hello Charley nice to see ya'.
- Wanna cigar Charley?
- No, thanks.
Sit down!
Now Cyril,
you tell him...
what happened at the big casino
with those dirty bastards.
I've been President of the Prizzi's
casinos in Vegas for 20 years...
and I have never seen
a scam like this before.
I've got 14 phony I.O. U
They come to $722,085.
Now when the collectors go to
pick up the money...
the player that signed the I.O. U
is dead...
from some bad cold or something
before he signed the paper.
Or else he was someplace else and
he wasn't in Vegas to sign it.
Every piece of paper is counter-signed,
that's house rules...
by Louis Paul,
the acting manager...
and the man in the cage,
Marxie Heller.
They had to be working together.
I don't get it.
Louis takes paper to the cage
all he gets back is chips.
- That's house rules too.
- Yeah.
Now the big boss tells me
there's a woman in it.
He says that he twice saw Louis...
bring two big racks of $1,000
plates to this woman.
She went to cashiers window but
he didn't think anything of it.
So where's Louis and Heller?
Louis caught it.
A bullet in the head.
Heller is hauled up in L. A
He's got a wife out there.
They found Louis laid out
in the front seat of his car...
in the parking lot of Leone's bar
way out on the street.
I knew Louis when he was a helper
on an ice truck 30 years ago.
We taught him his trade.
He wasn't smart enough to figure
a scam like this.
So I guess the first thing to do...
is to find Marxie Heller.
I remember him now.
He always wore
a silver toupe on the job.
He had dark brown bags under his eyes
as if he had coffee grounds in 'em.
That's him.
He was good with figures, steady.
But he got T.B.
Louis Palo was thief
but he was ours.
Heller must have iced him
So you ice Heller.
What do you want my friend?
The Prizzis sent me.
Where is your wife Mr. Heller?
She's at the supermarket.
And just who are you?
Charley Partanna.
Where's the money Marxie?
Straight arrow Charley.
The old American hood.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Get up onto your feet!
Come on!
Put your hands up!
I think you broke my wrist.
You won't need it.
Come on!
I'm home, dear!
Marxie's not here, Mrs. Heller.
What are you doing here?
Why didn't you call first?
You always call first!
Marxie Heller's wife?
You married to Marxie Heller?
- Where's the money?
- Money?
No bullshit.
Your husband killed Louis Palo
for the money, where is it?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You've knocked me for whoop here.
- Where Is Marxie?
- Dead.
In the trunk of his car.
Stop this cheap bullshit!
Where's the money
that your husband and Louis Palo...
scammed from the Prizzi's
in Las Vegas?
Maybe I...
I do know something about it.
He had a bag with him.
I'll show you.
It could be in here.
It's the only place I know
it could be.
You sure?
I'm sure.
I got $360 here.
Don't keep telling me
what I just said.
Where is the rest of the money?
I didn't even know
the money was there.
How could I know
it was short?
When Marxie came home
three nights ago...
after being away from
me for five years...
he threw that bag in the closet.
That's all I know.
Did you ask him why he came back
to you after five years?
Charley please try and understand.
I was glad when Marxie
showed up because...
it gave me a chance to
ask him for the divorce.
You wanna know what I remember?
I remember you coming in that door
and saying...
"I'm home dear".
Is that the way you ask for a divorce
these days...
Mrs. Heller?
Charley, I could see
how sick he was.
I didn't need to ask him.
He only had a few weeks left.
Oh, Marxie.
In all the years I knew
Marxie Heller...
he never yelled at me
or hit me...
or stole my money.
He was my friend.
If it wasn't for him.
I'd probably still be earning
my living on my back...
with half of your pals
in Chicago.
It was his idea to study
book keeping and...
he got me a job
on the main wire too.
Then he talked them into
making me a courier.
He told me to study tax laws...
while I was flying back and forth
to Switzerland.
He was always there for me,
like nobody else in my life.
And I loved him.
Not like I love you,
But I loved him.
And that's the Gods honest truth.
And If you don't believe me,
why don't you just kill me
and get over with?
I can't.
I can't change the way
I feel about you.
I look at you...
and I see what I wanna see.
That's what love is.
If you were anybody else
I'd blow you away.
But I can't.
I have to believe this.
Well how'd it go out there?
I brought back 360 dollars.
How come only half?
I talked to Heller
he won't say nothing.
So I pay him off with a bing.
Then the wife comes home.
We talk.
No problem.
She's brings me the money
which she thinks is there...
cause he brought a satchel home
with him when he came.
I count.
It's only half.
You worked her over?
No, she was scared.
She knew I'd tapped her husband.
I think she was telling the truth.
What happened to Louis split?
I don't know Dominic.
Somebody has got
our 360 dollars.
Find it.
When I close my eyes
and you're cooking, Charley...
I think your mamma
is still with us.
Thanks Poppa.
do you think Dominic believes
that I copped that other 360?
What the hell Charley.
The money had to go someplace.
Dominic hates your guts anyway.
Yeah that's getting real bad.
He never lets up.
He don't eat right.
He never eats like this.
He's got heartburn from
that place he eats at all the time.
They make garbage.
It's not like this.
Well the man can't hate me
cause he don't eat right Pop.
believe me, I know how
that mind of Dominics' works.
His life turned out miserable.
He has to blame someone.
Every time he sees you...
he's reminded of the shame Maerose
put on you...
on him,
and on the whole family.
You forgot.
Not Dominic.
He probably worked it all around
so the whole mess is all your fault.
Get it out of your head,
out of your head.
Great dinner Charley!
What's the occasion?
I wanna show you a woman.
The one that I went to California
to see about.
Isn't she beautiful?
I like her.
Kind of darker and
more round woman myself.
See you got a picture of me
with her.
- Pop what are you doing?
- Jesus Charley!
She was the one we brought in
to make the Turbino hit.
She was a speciality hitter.
Charley let me give you a hand
with the dishes.
No, it's ok.
I'll just stack.
The girl'll take care of that
in the morning.
Then, I'll just head on home.
Getting late by my clock.
- Great dinner Charley.
- Thanks.
- Goodnight Pop.
- Night son.
Thanks a lot.
What is this?
It's 00:45 a.m.
It's the second time
you've called me in four years.
Mae, listen.
I broke that vase.
What vase?
That special vase
that matches the rug.
The one you knocked your self out
trying to find.
Charley what are you out
of your mind.
- You alone?
- Course I'm alone.
I gotta see ya'.
What's with you?
We gotta talk.
You wanna talk out here
or you wanna sit down and talk?
Oh, this is a beautiful set up
you got here Mae.
The colours are right.
That's what counts.
Everybody sees shapes differently
but colours are forever.
Why'd you call, Charley?
We wasted a lot of time Mae.
Four years you call that
a lot of time?
How come you didn't wait
till I was 50?
You could have been a fat wop
broad by the time you were 50.
You wanna do it Charley?
Is that what you want?
Whoah take it easy!
What the hell Mae!
Nobody took it slower than me
Four years.
Answer the question
do you wanna do it?
Well, yeah.
let's do it.
With all the lights on?
Yeah right here on the oriental.
With all the lights on.
Mamma Mia!
What's your problem Charley?
It certainly isn't
your God damned face.
How can I tell you
with all people?
But I got nobody else I can talk to.
It's about a woman.
Go ahead.
Tell me anyway.
How can I feel worse than
I used to feel before last night.
We grew up together.
We're the same people.
What the hell Charley,
the calendar takes care of everything.
I met her in a church.
Just happened.
I knew she was the woman for me.
She'd organised a scam in Vegas.
I go looking for the bad guy and
it turns out to be my woman.
Can you imagine this?
Not only that.
Pop tells me...
she's the piece man
for the Turbino contract.
But just the same.
I love her Mae.
I love her.
Can I live with this?
I gotta do something about.
I gotta straighten it out.
Then do.
Do what?
Do I ice her?
Do I marry her?
Which one of these?
Marry her Charley.
Just because she's a thief
and a hitter...
doesn't mean she isn't a good
woman in all the other departments.
If she was some kind of fashion model
it wouldn't last more than 30 days.
But you and she is in the same
line of business.
You're lucky you've found each other.
You know that Charley?
She's an American.
She had a chance to make a buck
so she grabbed it.
Marry her Charley...
and at least I'll be able
to get something out of it.
I'll be able to go back
in the family.
Shall we have them play
"Noche de Ronda"?
Would you ask them?
I've been all shook up.
I know everything.
I know you made
the hit on Turbino...
after the wedding reception
when we met.
I know you've been scamming us
with Louis and your husband.
I did the work on Turbino.
I had nothing to do with
what Marxie and his partner did.
Louis Paulo was so suspicious...
that he checked the car for bombs
every time he started it.
But he would have let some
beautiful broad
walk over get in
and sit on his face.
No matter how you got it
in your head Charley, you're wrong.
I had nothing to do with it.
Did you mean it that first night
when you asked me if I'd marry you?
The Prizzi's are gonna have
to believe me cause I believe you.
So could we get married.
What you say we have one of those
pineapple drinks?
The honeymoon has already started.
Kiss me Charley.
In public?
I'm in L.A.
And that ain't all.
I'm gonna get married.
The same woman?
The contractor?
Yeah, she's Polish...
but the family will get used
to that gradually.
Yeah, when she walks in a room...
the rest of the women of family
are gonna have to shut up.
But I know how you feel
about her Charley.
I'd not try to stop nature.
Good luck, son.
- Thanks Pop.
- Say. Listen.
The Don wants you here for
a big meeting tomorrow night.
Jesus, Pop what about
my honeymoon?
So you'll have it in Brooklyn.
So what do you say
we go for some confetti...
and maybe a couple of pictures?
Whatever you say honey.
If only Marxie could see me now.
What's so funny?
Me marrying a Sicilian.
I can hear him.
He always used to say:
"The Jews are bad enough
in this business...
but the Sicilians'd rather eat
their children than part with money.
And they're very fond
of their children".
Marxie Heller is so fucking smart...
how come he's so fucking dead?
The man at the end of the table...
is Mr. Alvin Gomski.
He's Treasurer of 18 Lodges Bank
in the United States...
of which we own 25/.
Now I asked Mr. Gomski
to come here today...
so you can hear from his own mouth
what has been happening.
The bank president
Mr. Robert Finlay...
is stealing from the bank...
mainly through crooked
foreign exchange deals.
If he's allowed to continue...
the bank will go under
in less than a year.
Thank you Mr. Gomski.
Harry go.
See Mr. Gomski to his car.
Robert Finlay's real name
Rosario Filargi.
Now anybody who changes his
name from Filargi to Finlay...
is also stupid enough...
to think that we wouldn't
protect our 25 percent.
Tell them our plan Eduardo.
We are gonna kidnap Filargi.
He's covered with two and a half
million in kidnap insurance.
That's the tag on him
and we make the snatch.
We know the insurance company
is gonna pay cause...
as Charley has already pointed out...
that money is tax deductible
We're also gonna leave a trail...
so that the Feds think Filargi
organised the whole thing.
Cheating the bank,
milking the insurance company.
When the mierda hits the fan...
we'll be able to buy another
good size chunk of the bank...
for about 10 cents on the dollar.
We get control and interest.
we stand to make
sixty seventy million dollars.
Thank you, Eduardo, my son.
Some men suffer most
when you take their lives.
Life is what is sweetest to them.
For Filargi money is sweetest.
We'll leave him with his life and
without money or anywhere to get it.
Well done Don Corrado.
That's beautiful.
I almost feel sorry for the guy.
Beautiful is right.
I like most beautiful things, Charley.
This one is very simple.
We rely on you.
How do you want me to handle it?
Pick your own people.
We don't wanna know.
Dominic my son stay with me
a moment.
Maerose has written to me, Dominic.
The man she wronged
has married another woman.
Now Maerose has suffered,
as you have suffered during
the years of her disgrace.
Now honour is protected,
I beg you...
on my knees...
show compassion.
Here read her letter.
Look how the child loves you.
She wants to take care of you.
Send her to me Poppa.
She's my daughter again.
What we gotta do is take care
of the bodyguard...
and get Filargi down to
our van in the basement.
- Ok?
- Ok.
There's only three apartments
on the floor.
How are you gonna do that?
One of them is empty,
this one we rent it.
The other one,
we send matinee theater tickets...
and heavy duty lunch invitation
to the dame that lives there.
A limo picks her up
and brings her back.
She thinks it's a prize
she's getting...
for working at the public library
for sixty years.
She'll go alright.
Everyday Filargi's bodyguard
comes out first.
He goes to the elevator,
pushes the button.
When he gets there,
he puts it on hold.
Then he goes back to the apartment
and knocks on the door.
That's when Filargi comes out.
You know guys, you need a woman
on this stand.
- A woman?
- Yeah.
A woman comes out of
the south apartment holding a baby.
After Filargi's bodyguard gets him
out of his apartment.
She smiles at them,
she goes gogo gaga at the baby.
She tosses the little darling
at the bodyguard...
who naturally tries to catch it.
While he's doing that, she gets her
piece out and covers him.
You come out of the other apartment
and take Filargi down to the garage.
She takes the bodyguard back into
Filargi's apartment and does the job.
That's good.
For Christ sake.
Where we gonna get a baby?
Where we gonna find a broad
who would do something like this?
Here, me.
We get a fake baby.
Good thinking Irene.
You guys work it out.
I got a terrific dinner almost ready.
Just a couple of minutes.
Pop, what's the matter with you?
I didn't get married so
my wife could go on working.
Charley, she's right
and you know it.
Throwing the baby.
Well that's strictly a masterpiece.
The Prizzi's ever found out
I used my own wife on this job...
I couldn't hold my head up.
I'd be the laughing stock
of every family...
in Brooklyn and New York.
Who's gonna know Charley?
And what's that compared to sixty,
seventy million dollars.
Gentlemen, dinner is served.
- Maerose!
- Coming Poppa!
Jees Mae, you look awful!
My beautiful daughter
has turned into an old woman.
Charley Partanna did this to you.
He had a chance to become part
of the Prizzi family.
He had no use for you.
Oh, he had a use for me Poppa.
He came to my place in New York
the night before...
he married that woman
in California.
And he forced himself on me.
And he did it to me.
- He did it to you?
- Yeah, Poppa.
Screwed me three times, maybe four.
I can't remember.
You whore.
Shut your filthy mouth you here.
How can you say such things
to your own father.
He done that to you, Charley?
- You sure?
- Am I sure, Poppa.
You should see the size of him.
- You should.
- Shut up.
How can you say such things
to your father?
Where's your honour?
Are you kidding Poppa?
I have no honour anymore.
Here Poppa.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Do you mind?
I must have the wrong floor.
Oh my God!
No blood I think.
Ok, come on!
Lets move them!
I had to hit her Charley,
she was looking straight at me.
You done right, really.
I can't get over it.
I mean what kind of creep
wouldn't catch a baby.
If it was real,
it could have been crippled for life.
He wasn't
the bodyguard of the baby.
When the Don gets what he wants
and when I ask him for some time...
we're gonna go to the old country
have a real honeymoon.
Maybe even a real baby.
Oh, God Charley,
I love you.
What do you want?
Come on!
- See you at dinner.
- Ok, dear.
Recapping our top stories
at this hour.
- Come on Charley.
- Shut up, I wanna hear this.
Police have now identified
both victims.
One of whom was
a police captains wife.
The man found with her
was the bodyguard...
of the bank President
Robert Finlay.
Finlay's apartment is right
next door...
to the one where
the two bodies were found.
Bank officers
reported him missing...
when he didn't show up
at a meeting on Monday morning.
Police now speculate
he has been kidnapped.
They also believe
that Victoria Calhain...
stumbled accidentally into
the scene of the crime...
and the kidnappers...
Look at this.
First she gotta push the wrong button.
Then the broad turns out to be
a cops wife.
Call's still waiting Charley.
Hi, darling!
Were you watching the TV just now?
Yeah, a police captains wife.
I couldn't believe my luck.
All hell is gonna break out
over this, Irene.
Cops don't like it much
when we hit one of their wives.
But it was an accident.
Mr. Ciglione?
Mr. Ciglione.
Mrs. Prizzi would you like to
come to my office please?
Mrs. Prizzi,
would you care for a drink?
I'll have a Babycham.
You heard what the lady said.
A Babycham!
Would you please sit down
Mrs. Prizzi?
I think I got something for you.
Come on!
Sit down over there.
That the broad?
Tell the lady.
I was using this camper as
a trick room in the parking lot.
As I lifted up my head from the job.
I saw this woman in hot pants...
running to the lights of the car where
Louis Paulo caught it in the head.
She's in the car a couple minutes.
Then she gets out
and goes to the trunk...
takes out a satchel
and then she fades.
The same woman?
Yeah it's the same one.
Why don't you go on one
of those cruises, honey?
You've reached the answering
machine for 5554375.
Nobody can take your call
right now.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
Meet me on the promenade,
Brooklyn 7pm tomorrow.
Full price.
I'll be on a bench at the end
reading "Popular mechanics".
Are you the contractor?
How much?
It depends.
Some hits are tricky.
Who is it?
A Brooklyn fellow,
Charley Partanna.
Charley Partanna?
Amalia told me that
you wanna thank me...
for bringing you home?
you are blood of my blood!
You're flesh of my flesh!
And as long as I'm able...
I'm gonna think about
your well being.
Thank you, grandfather.
You have drawn me back
from purgatory.
I wish you had been a son.
You are a true Prizzi.
Hey, you like to have a cookie?
It is I who must offer you a gift
A gesture of my gratitude.
I have always enjoyed gifts.
Who's this handsome lady?
That is Charley Partanna's wife,
My gift to you is not only
the pictures...
but also what they mean.
Louis Palo was killed
in the parking lot in Las Vegas.
I know.
I took these pictures there.
There was a woman who had been
turning tricks in a camper...
in the parking lot.
She told me she saw this woman...
get into a car with Palo.
After a minute she got out,
went to the trunk...
and took out a satchel.
This woman?
Yes, grandfather.
She killed Palo...
and she stole 720 dollars
from us.
She gave back half to save herself.
What do you want me to do?
She dishonoured us!
You're like me.
We forgive nothing.
What would that do
to Charley Partanna?
She must pay
like anybody else.
Oh. What you ask...
that would cause Charley
great pain.
What is that compared to
the honour of the Prizzi's?
Charley is like my son.
I pledged to be his second father
on the day that he was born.
- Grandfather.
- Shut up.
Have another cookie my dear.
We're here to tell you what we're
telling all the families in this town.
All contracts are off...
until we get who ever killed
Captain Calhain's wife.
How do you mean Davey?
It means nothing is happening.
We're coming down hard on you.
A police captains' wife
has been murdered.
You got narcotics right?
Plus loan sharking.
Plus horse books, football,
basketball and boxing.
Not to mention what you take out of
restaurants in the trucking business.
Plus a couple of millions
in TV sets...
that fall of the back of a truck
every week.
We're gonna put them all out of
business, as of now.
It'll cost us hundreds of thousands...
but that the way it's gonna be.
I've been doing business with
the Police commissioners squad.
For over 40 years now.
We always went under one rule:
You take our money,
you leave us alone.
The more pressure you put on us
the more money you cost yourselves.
There ain't a cop on the squad...
who's had to get by on straight
police pay for a long time.
Look Angelo, our people don't like
this any better than you do.
But this one's a point of honour
with us.
Do you understand that Angelo?
You're a fine looking woman.
Charley Partanna is a lucky man.
Thank you for coming.
What a surprise you gave us
with this sudden wedding.
Well, we just sort of swept
each other away.
I understand,
I was young once.
marriage of yours
has troubled me.
Why Don Corrado?
The people at Prizzi's place
in Vegas...
have looked at pictures of you.
They've told us that
you killed Louis Palo.
Now, under ordinary
you would have to be punished...
cause those who steal must pay.
You're the wife of my God son.
I've searched to find some way
to show you clemency.
What can I do?
Well you got the other half of
the 720 dollars?
Was Charley in this with you?
He believed me when I told him
the half was Marxie's split.
He didn't know that I had anything
to do with it or that I killed Louis.
Now you have five days...
to get the 360 together,
give them back...
together with
a 50 percent penalty...
for what you have done to us.
Will five days be enough time
for you?
Five days?
Yeah, I can get it together
in five days.
How come you're in L. A?
I had business to attend to,
didn't you see my note?
Can you get out here this weekend?
I don't think so.
Tell me.
Tell you what.
Tell me I love you.
I love you.
Love you too, and it's real.
May not be scientific, but it's real.
I read it in a magazine.
According to a doctor...
everyone is trying to get...
what they thought
they needed from their mothers...
but they didn't get it.
I don't even remember my mother.
That's the amazing part.
There's something in you
that knows anyways.
The magazine said so.
That's what love is.
When you find someone
who'll give you...
what you think you wanted
when you were a baby...
but you didn't get it.
A doctor wrote this.
Charley forget doctors.
Better yet,
lets play doctor.
On the phone?
Doctor Partanna
I have this itch...
They're not kidding around
this time.
It's gonna get worse.
They're gonna keep leaning on us...
until we give them whoever it was...
that hit that Cops wife.
All I know is that...
the cops tell us...
the guy who got snatched the day
they did the number on the cops wife...
was in big business
with the Prizzi family.
I wanna make this a short meet.
I wanna put it to a vote right now...
that Dominic Prizzi...
tells us what the hell
he's gonna do about it.
Raise your hands.
Hold the hands.
Who do you think
you're talking to?
I am Dominic Prizzi.
When most of you people was walking
around with holes in your pants...
I was holding up gas stations.
We was the biggest family
in the country.
And now most of you have figured out
how to push broads...
we're still the biggest.
We lose more when the cops
get in an uproar...
than any of you.
Now we don't like it...
but you ain't gonna tell us
how to run our business.
We ain't taking any shit
from any outsiders...
about the family business...
especially from a scummy little pimp
like you, Seor Bocca.
I hope you like it!
Thank you.
Padrino, you never saw anything
like this here...
the broad pushes the wrong button
on the elevator.
The door drops just in the minute...
when the second man drops
the bodyguard.
The woman is standing there.
She makes all three of us.
She had to go.
I'm sure you didn't act
without thinking.
That's why I called you here today.
You're a thinker.
Dominic is a sick man...
and the return of
his daughter brought him no ease.
He has got older.
I'm gonna move Dominic out
to Vegas...
and make you boss.
I'm speechless Padrino.
is an honour...
beyond my dreams.
What could I do to show
my gratitude?
For the time being
this must be our secret.
You must not even tell your father.
I don't understand Padrino.
We'll announce everything once
the Filargi thing is settled.
Then Dominic will move out
and you'll move in.
God, I missed you.
So I gathered.
What's been happening?
Just had a meeting with the Don.
A private audience.
He wants me to take over.
He says that Dominic is sick.
They're gonna send him to Vegas.
I'm gonna be the boss.
that's fantastic.
I don't know.
Sounds fishy to me.
Number one...
should have been Dominic
told me...
instead of the Don.
Well maybe the Don hasn't broken
the news to Dominic yet?
Whether he has or he hasn't...
he would have told Pop.
He don't decide what Mass to go to
unless he talks to Pop.
Big deal like this they'd go over
every angle fifteen times.
They didn't?
And worse than that.
The Don says for me not to tell Pop.
Wanna know what I think, Irene?
I think they're setting me up.
I think you're right Charley.
I think they're after our scalps.
How do you know?
I gotta a couple of things to tell you.
I went out to L. A on orders
of the Don.
He told me to bring back the money
I took from Louis Palo...
plus 50 percent interest.
So you did ice Louis Palo.
You swore to me that you didn't.
You lied to me.
I lied to you because
you wanted me to.
I only told you what
you wanted to be true.
And I told the Don
it was all my doing.
Jesus Charley, I'm so sorry.
What's the other thing you got to tell
Dominic has put out
a contract on you.
What are you fucking nuts?
No, Charley,
I'm the contractor.
Dominic hires my own wife
to clip me?
Charley he didn't know
I was your wife.
He just wanted the best.
let's go to Hong Kong tonight.
What are you talking about?
Let's beat it while we still can.
Beat it?
Yeah, scram, split,
let's make a run for it.
Look I know this guy in Hong Kong
who can give us...
new prints even new faces
in a few days.
We can get out of this crazy world,
we can start fresh.
We can be together all the time.
Hong Kong?
Hong Kong, Brazil, South Africa.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is us together.
Listen, I've been doing three four
hits a year for the last few years.
Most of them full pay.
That many?
Well it's not many if you consider
the size of the population.
The thing is
I got almost a million.
In a safe deposit box on the coast.
You must have at least
that much put away.
We can take all the money
and make a run for it.
We can go where we want,
do what we want...
we can be together
all the time.
Please Charley let's just go
before they get us.
They're not gonna get us.
Piss on the Prizzi's.
These people can't win all the time.
There has to be a way to beat them.
Let's call Pop.
And the Don told you to keep
making you boss a secret from me?
And he told you he's letting you off
for giving him back the money?
Plus fifty percent.
And Dominic gave you a fifty dollar
down payment to hit Charley?
Brand new bills.
Oh, he's hot.
I ain't never seen him this hot.
It's just business, just business.
What are we gonna do?
We have to take away the only thing
the Don wants,
You have to snatch Filargi again
This time from the Prizzi's.
How many people you got out there
holding him down?
My people,
they do whatever I tell them.
Filargi is worth seventy million,
maybe more to the Prizzi's.
Including the bank.
So what are you next to
seventy million dollars?
They'll take whatever deal
you offer them.
Yeah, no choice right.
They know we can let Filargi
go and testify against them.
Or even worse...
you can try and go into...
the Governments
witness protection programme...
and testify against
the Don and Dominic.
To a jury the colds facts would be
you shot the Captains wife...
on orders from the Don and Dominic
after they hired you for 150 dollars.
You're very dangerous to the Prizzi's,
It could turn out to be a good thing
Irene zipped the police captains wife.
It could solve all our problems.
We're here tonight to honour
my son.
He's gonna leave us...
to live in a 935 dollar
next to his own golf course
in Las Vegas, Nevada.
And I said to him,
from you, from my heart...
God speed you!
God bless you Dominic!
And I want to present you...
with these tokens of esteem
from your entire family.
Some going away presents.
A complete set of
Stealing silver golf clubs.
That bag is made out of the hide
of an elephant.
It's the only one
in the United States.
And one thousand of your favourite
Mexican cigars.
We're gonna have a song...
in celebration of this grand
the great Tenor
Tomas Innovarata.
Get moving.
Holy shit boss.
Somebody done the job on Fingo.
The Bocca's.
This killing of the Police captain's
wife is costing us all too much.
I got something to read to you.
It's a letter.
A letter?
Who from?
You all set?
Dear Eduardo...
You're probably hot right now
cause we took Filargi.
But when you hear
the reason why...
you and the Don are gonna understand
there was no other way we could go.
Dominic put out a contract on me.
He's a fucking liar!
You wanna hear the letter,
listen don't talk.
There's a 130 million dollars here
maybe more.
We've gotta renegotiate it
before we get it back.
Just shut up and listen.
Go on, sit down.
Go on.
Dominic will say
it's a lot of bullshit.
It so happens
he hired my own wife...
and gave her a down payment
of 50,000 dollars.
And my wife is sitting right next
to me and she's laughing like hell.
I personally think the Don found
Dominic on a doorstep...
because he's too dumb
to be a Prizzi.
The first thing I gotta have
before you get Filargi back...
is that you deliver
Dominic to me...
where I tell you
and when I tell you.
This time no contract,
I'll kill him myself.
Listen to the letter will ya' Dominic?
Come on.
For the main money
this is what I want.
23,014 dollars for expenses.
Then 50 dollars for my helper.
Of course the 150 dollars
that was promised my wife...
as second man in the Filargi scam.
Charley's wife was the second man?
She was the only way
we could take out the bodyguard.
Then I want all the insurance coverage
on Filargi's kidnap policy...
which is two million five.
- My God he's a real businessman.
- That's my boy.
We gotta make him an offer and
eventually we settle.
The way I see it, we get about
60 or 70 million dollars...
with about 5.9/ sales costs...
if we give Charley everything he wants,
which we obviously won't.
And I am part of
the fucking sales cost.
take some blood pressure medicine,
will ya?
Charley is just making a point.
Everything is negotiable.
We go over to Poppa's...
we hash this thing out.
Come on!
Let's go!
- Somebody is dead?
- Yes,
Who's dead?
The Bocca's again.
Oh Dominic!
He got old!
Maybe it was his daughter,
who knows.
I agreed to retire him...
and I gave his job to Charley.
I told him to keep this secret
a little while...
Dominic's banquet.
Now Charley is all mixed up...
and we gotta get him back.
Only Charley can hold everything
together here.
How you doing Pop?
Fine, everything alright?
Yeah, everything's quiet out here.
That's better huh.
Sorry to drag you out here...
but I didn't want anyone
taking a pot shot at me.
When I told the Don about Dominic
putting out contract on you...
it knocked him out.
He couldn't believe it.
He told me with tears in his eyes
that he gotta straighten all this out.
He wasn't setting me up?
He said...
and I've known him for fifty years,
so it's like looking through his heart.
He said:
"We need Charley".
Oh, he said that?
The Don and me
don't have much time left.
The family has to keep going.
You're the only one that can run it.
Then everything is ok.
We don't have to hang on to Filargi.
The Don gave me his guarantee.
Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock,
you bring Filargi...
at 42nd Street library
and let him out.
I'll tip off the cops and the FBI.
They'll be in his hotel room.
Ok Pop, want the paper?
Na, read it from cover to cover.
Jupiter was 6 at Vermont.
By the way,
the insurance company paid off.
Take care of yourself Charley.
How are we gonna take Filargi in?
Pop's sending someone up on
the Palace to meet us.
We'll transfer him into the van
and I'll drive him into the city.
You stick with the plumber.
He'll drop you off at the apartment.
Tell me about the money Charley.
My end is 2,5 million...
plus I'm boss of the Prizzi's...
with heavy points in everything
the family does.
This time next week
we'll have all the money.
You mean to tell me you're gonna
turn over a hole ball of wax...
to some Sicilians who are gonna pay
you what they owe you next week.
Honey I'm the boss.
They need me.
I gotta believe Pop.
They're not gonna screw us over now.
Well maybe Pop is in there
looking after your interests...
but that doesn't necessarily mean
he's looking after mine.
There is a real pressure to turn over
the second man.
You're my wife.
I'm your Polak wife.
Irene will you shape up, jees.
Ok, I'll shape up as soon as I get
my 900 dollars.
What 900 dollars?
The $720 from the Vegas scam...
plus the $180 that
Don made me pay as penalty.
That's 900 dollars.
I just want what's mine.
That's Prizzi money honey, not yours.
You stole.
The Prizzi's got theirs back
from the insurance company.
Now I just want it back.
That ain't gonna make no sense
to the Prizzi's, honey.
Remember the words of the late,
great Marxie Heller.
We'd rather eat our children
than part with money.
Remember those words, honey.
I am Charley, I am.
Mr Filargi...
you were born a poor kid
in Naples right?
Yeah that's right.
You remember the Camorra?
The Camorra was small,
we're very big.
There's no where's we can't go.
They could lock you
in a steel room...
in a submarine
at the bottom of the ocean.
And we'd still get to you.
The cops are gonna talk to you.
If you tell them anything about who
took you, or where they took you.
We're gonna kill you.
I understand.
You're free Mr. Filargi,
good luck.
I've forgotten the Prizzi's already.
I got a request to make...
or Irene has.
What kind of request Charley?
She wants her money back.
What money?
The 540 she gave you for the Don.
Plus the 360 I took the night
I zipped Marxie Heller.
That money.
She's willing to forget about...
2,5 million for Filargi's insurance...
and the rest of what Dominic
owed her for the contract on me.
But she wants her 900 back.
With all the respect Charley...
your wife must be cracked.
Try and see it from
her point of view.
I mean you agreed to all that stuff
in the letter we sent...
when we had Filargi.
You made a commitment, Pop.
And anyways,
it was Irene's move...
that got Filargi out
in the first place.
We're gonna get the bank.
So, 900 doesn't seem
like so much money
Irene figures
she got it coming to her.
I glad that she's so foolish
and grasping.
Makes it a little easier
what we gotta do.
The family has decided that...
we've got to give the second man
to the cops.
Give Irene to the cops?
The family decided that...
we got one week to give up
the second man...
or we'll be at war.
War will cost us everything we got.
And that could mean the end
of the family.
Well Padrino.
You should never have married a
woman who wasn't in the environment.
That wasn't smart.
Might have been alright
if she was straight.
But she wasn't.
She gotta go.
And you gotta do the job on her,
You're the only one who can get
close enough to do it.
Zip Irene?
Clip Irene?
If they take her alive
they're gonna make her talk.
And if she talks...
she's gonna drag us all to jail...
maybe even to the chair.
Filargi will go free and
we'll never get the bank.
There's no choice here.
How is doing a number on Irene
gonna satisfy the cops...
about the broad that pushed
the wrong button?
Filargi will identify
your wife's body...
and there will be no-one
to question.
Everybody will get
what they want...
and we can all go back
to doing business.
But Padrino...
she's my wife.
I can't kill her.
Now, Charley...
you swore an oath of blood,
my blood and yours.
That you would always put
the family before...
anything else in your life.
I'm simply calling on you now...
to keep that sacred oath.
Irene is my family Padrino.
She's my wife.
She's a woman you've known
for only a few weeks.
She is your wife.
We are your life.
You're failing your oath...
when you covered up for her
in the Vegas scam.
A great sin
against your honour.
But this for this you must stone.
I need her.
Look at you's.
Pop, you've been alone
since Mamma died.
Padrino you've been alone
all my life.
Is that what you want for me,
to grow old like you?
With nothing but bodyguards and
money to keep me company?
my beloved man.
You will be even more alone.
If you turn you back on us,
we are your blood.
Jees, I feel like I'm drowning
or something.
We covered up the Vegas scam
to protect her.
That's what I thought
we did for our women.
How can that be a sin
against honour?
She is a hitter and a thief.
You must give her to us.
What is your answer?
The family.
It's the only place I can be,
I know that.
It's business Charley, only business.
Everything is ok.
The Don's gonna give you
your money back.
All 900 dollars, I got it right here.
The Don's giving money back?
Since when?
Yeah you could have knocked me
That ain't all.
He's gonna pay you every dime
for Filargi's stand...
and what Dominic set.
How about that?
Oh, Charley!
I'm glad
everything is settled.
I just...
wanted you to know that
everything is a hundred percent ok.
Oh Marxie,
I should have listened.
After you take this stone out
of my shoe...
you call your father...
and tell him where he can get her.
And then the wind will stop blowing.
you got 900,000 here.
What's the first flight out of L.A. To
Hong Kong in the morning?
Flight 009 at 10.45 am.
But we can get you to Hong Kong
tonight out of LA.
Oh no thank you I have to go
to the bank in the morning.
Reserve 009 then one seat, first class.
The name is Hilary Jackson.
Mrs. Hilary Jackson.
Look who's here.
What a wonderful surprise!
Baby I got three whole days.
We can do anything you want.
You name it.
Baby we are gonna have a ball.
Jesus, what a beautiful song.
Why don't you go
and warm up the bed?
I'll be right there.
Charley, you know what?
My sister Theresa just got back
today from her honeymoon.
Where did they go?
Outer space?
What do you say...
we go to dinner tonight?
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I mean let's go some place
and get something to eat.
You, me and Irene?
Just you and me.
What about Irene?
She had to go away.
She won't be back.
How about it?
How about?
Holy cow, Charley.
Just tell me where you want to meet.