Probation Order (2013) Movie Script

Marlboro, Madam.
One by one.
My Card, 150 points.
What game are you playing?
World of Warcraft.
You can play it with "My Card".
Buy the card.
1O dollars. You like to pay with Octopus card?
Here. Octopus.
Pack the things up.
It's the first day. Could you handle it?
It's good for day one.
Please pay right here.
What 'S up?
She stole a lipstick.
Madam, you haven 't paid for it.
There are CCTVs here!
Stop! Madam!
What are you doing?
What 'S up?
You haven 't paid for that.
For what?
What 're you doing? Stop!
I suspect that you stole our lipstick.
Please let us check your bag.
Need to search my body as well?
I didn't say it.
Do coorperate or I have to call the police.
Hey beauty.
He said I stole their lipstick.
Please find someone to prove them wrong.
You want me to call the police?
Shut up. Give me the cigarettes.
Hey! Hey!
What 're you doing... stop!
I misunderstood you. I apologize.
Does it mean anything? You framed me!
I could say your mom is a whore!
Madam, it was a mistake.
Please do not humiliate me.
Did I? Your dad is a man whore!
What happened?
Someone just robbed the store.
Did you call the police?
Go ahead. This is my first day on the job.
It's so dangerous. Stealing
and robbing every day!
You do my work. I quit!
Holy shit. I told you to take more condoms,
And you said you didn't like it!
I can sell it. Lecher!
You should 've said that earlier!
Kiki, it's for you.
You love money, but I only love to play.
You 're so late!
We 're gonna take yours.
Don't touch my pumpkin! I'm in a traffic jam!
Rainbow is so great that
she sacrificed for us heroically.
Sacrificed heroically?
Fat Fung, it's not a crime learning too little.
Stop it. I'm hungry. Get something to eat.
Shut up. My probation officer is calling.
Hey man.
- What can I help you?
- Hello, Tinky
I want gold label hodgepodge cart noodles.
Gold label hodgepodge cart noodles. Take away.
Hey, Miss Cheung.
What 'up. Are you going home?
I'm ordering some noodles downstairs.
Coming home soon.
I'm around here. Coming now.
So hurry up. I have an interview next morning.
What interview?
A restaurant in Tseung Kwan O.
That's good. Sleep early after your meal.
Great. Thank you. Bye.
Shouldn 't play too late at night
when you're still under probation.
Good news. Demon Queen said to go
clubbing 3 hours later. Who doesn't go?
What do you say? Team Probationers.
Tinky, did you say you have an interview tomorrow?
Cut it, Carmen!
Help! No!
Go to the toilet.
Okay fine... get up... I 'll hold you.
Arrived. Lend the ID card.
Brother Tak, lend the card.
Okay. Bro Sam, he wants to borrow the ID card.
Thanks. Brother Tak.
Bro Tung. You gotta get a female ID card!
What the... Tell the doorkeeper yours was cut.
Hey...purple... that one with purple hair.
The gal with purple hair is gorgeous.
What the heck? A guy!
Handsome Tung. No woman can resist you.
Bro Tung. Straight or curl, it's hard to tell.
I like it. So what?
You want to get it cut?
What if a guy flirts with you?
Leave him alone for sure.
Tung is not gay. Not a ladyboy either.
Not sure. Someday I may change sex and love women.
And when you do, you have to love guys.
Why dance so long?
Does it look pretty? I picked it.
Yeah, so pretty. Nice.
What 're you drinking?
Eh... Chivas.
Let me decide, okay?
Hey, both are gals.
Get her if you want. Don't look out.
Look out! English.
They want to leave.
Only red wine tonight. No other choices.
Come back so early?
Madam, Bro Fire wants you to help him jizz.
Get lost! Jizz over your mom!
What the fuck! You cocky bitch!
Stop messing up here. Let's talk.
She calls you
I am Demon Queen.
I know Johnny.
Demon Queen.
Little Johnny, get him here.
I 'll rape you right here right now!
What 're you doing!
Sit down.
You think you're the boss?
I'm furuios, you fucking shemale!
Who's there?
Brother Sam. Brother Sam.
Ghoul Sam, boss of Thai Shing.
Bro Dragon's casino partner.
Mr furious, huh? You wanna get screwed up?
You know me now?
Sorry, Brother Sam. Fire is drunk.
Bottoms up with Bro Sam.
I'm sorry, Brother Sam.
I'll pay the bill.
Thank you, Bro Sam.
Are you okay?
Sam is so hot!
You Okay?
Bro Dragon's guys... don't even touch them.
Nothing happened if that
Mainland bitch was not so arrogant.
Go fuck your dad then.
Fine. How about you going to get him?
- Stop it!
- Angie
Everydody dances here...
But she's so sexy.
It's a matter of course to flirt with her.
Candy, you go away with Angie.
What a noob.
Sorry, Angie and Davis just split up.
None of my business.
Okay, stop!
Angie, how about trying "Coke"?
You 'd get better.
Now? Are you kidding me?
Never tried it? No problem, wait.
Bro Dizzy, $3,000.
What makes the highest profit? Drugs for sure.
You're trying to sell drugs?
How much could I? No capital.
It's so corrupt.
What corrupt? It prints money! It's worth it...
Even if I have to go in jail.
Shit. Enough of it.
You have no guts, and greedy too.
It's for your own good. What 're you saying?
I'm just stating the facts. Don't be so rude.
Fuck you!
Wow! What are you doing?
Fallen into the trap!
You bit... biatch!
Can 't stand it. Mr Fruit, I'm leaving.
Social workers are not trustworthy.
What did she say?
It's for your own good, Tinky.
What did she say?
She wanna sell those things.
I said no, but she said I'm a coward.
Don't know if I should be angry,
but you said we have to be tolerable.
So I'm gonna forgive her.
A better thought. Why come to me?
I'm thinking of studying again,
but I lack confidence.
I want your encouragement and support.
If you do want to study, I must support you.
Really? Come with me to buy something.
Great. Another day.
How about tonight? Did Demon Queen find you?
No. Where 're you going?
My home. I'm taking the stock.
Hi, this is Candy. Usual spot.
It's fine. Great stuff.
What great?
You... you like that too.
We 're talking about skin care.
Skin care?
Go on. Sorry.
Wanna die? Victor hates those who's on drugs!
Who knows?
Sometimes I use skin care stuff.
Just okay.
He is chasing you.
He's an engineer. Will get back to Australia.
You understand. Good.
Let's go.
5 years in a flash.
If mom took the surgery earlier,
She whould 've been alive,
but back then we were poor.
I won't take it.
I know you guys wanna help me,
But what you do today proves me a failure!
Fruit. Go to the hospital. Mom is dying!
What a short life.
Disease is what humans can't control.
Mom wouldn't have died if she got cured earlier.
The doctor said it, brother!
Change the slide, thanks.
This is a Double-layered ventilated facade system.
It's the first of its kind in the world and your building
will be the first implemented
The system works in a very simple way
(HP(House's Party) 2:00pm My place?)
The facade will be comprised of
insulated glass units.
There will be coated with low-emissivity
coating on the inside
and the outside with the low-emissivity coating.
(Okay. Will Davis come?)
This will help to cool the building to the
air movement within the facade itself.
(No. Forget him.)
And that will reduce your
air-conditioning loading,
and most importantly for you, the cooling cost.
Fine. We 'll think about it.
Thank you.
This way, please.
Are you ok?
Fine, just fine.
It's for you.
Thank you.
A lot of hair!
No, you can't!
Take a shit? In the street!
Haha. Flowers are fighting each other.
Your guy doesn't want you. You're crying.
See, you're fighting each other.
What's wrong?
You make me want to cry.
I didn't steal it. I paid for it.
She gave me the change, but I forgot the receipt.
I forgot it so how can I have a record?
I did not steal. Why am I guilty?
She did, but she forgot it.
Stole a bottle of water? I have money.
Been to Hong Kong for 5 years.
She's been like this...
Since 3 years ago when dad ran away.
Always blame for rich guys taken
a lot of money from us.
Taking a bit from them doesn't
make them any harm.
I don't know what "theory" it should be called.
You don't know. You are never poor.
She gotta attend the court next month.
She had a prior record and never regretted.
Probably will go into jail.
And you're not an adult
and don't have a guardian.
I 'll arrange you to a temp shelter,
Then transfer you to a dorm.
She's not an obedient type.
Don't know how to teach her.
Dorm is a good choice.
Shut up.
See? She treats me this way.
Go fuck yourself!
Hey girl.
What's your price? I 'll give you the bag.
Go to die! I'm not a whore!
Material girl.
The problem is not where to live.
It's that I wanna live with mom.
Fine. I have $30.
I can get you some alcohol.
Demon Queen pays for the rest.
I'll buy then.
Hey. I can't drink here. You want me pay for it?
Bro Lap, don't spoil it all.
I called Social Welfare Department.
I can be your guardian for now.
If your mom is found guilty,
then come to live with me.
But I may be even more harsh
than the superintendent.
Bro Lap, you look more like
Rainbow's father than ever.
It's fine even if she wanna stay long.
Don't take advantage of auntie.
What "advantage"?
It's generation gap.
Don't take generation gap of auntie...?
Those born in the 90's are all the same.
Thank you, Lap. I have $30 to pay
a part of the rent.
Talk later if you have that much.
$30. How useful!
Keep it. Your mom may not be guilty.
Thank you, dad.
How about Angie?
Hasn 't come for a long time.
Did anyone see her?
Maybe she moved somewhere.
She loves foreign cocks lately.
Foreign cocks? He's a Chinese Aussie.
It's heard that Angie
likes "Coke" these days.
Bro Sam told me.
Dumped by a guy only. That serious?
Stop it.
What if it happens to you?
Do you have to speak it this way?
I am the faithful type.
I can do everything for Bro Sam.
I love him so much.
You think a girl is that simple?
You said that. How do you know Bro Sam loves you?
My secret with Sam... you won't get it.
One-sided love.
Who just WhatsApped you?
I've bought you something.
What is this pickle cabbage-like thing?
Wear it after you change sex.
No! It's ugly!
Have a try.
Stop it!
(HP (House's Party) 9:00, my place.
You buy the stuff, okay?)
Angie, your turn to talk jokes.
Okay. Alright.
One day a guys' home catches on fire.
He calls the police and says "Fire! Fire!"
And then... I forgot.
Angie You 're so cute!
Leave me alone.
You want me to carry on!
Woo woo woo
Laugh louder and you guys
don't need to work overtime.
Hey, Bro Wah,
I'm Angie. I want 5 "Cokes".
Wait downstairs at my home at 9:30. Bye.
Sis Angie. How late!
Madam, you picked this pack
of cocaine from somewhere?
No, I bought it from him.
It's not me!
Tell me. Did you pick this up
somewhere from the floor?
I said no. Why do I have to pick?
Please turn your voice down!
No. I buy it for myself!
Don't frame me, I didn't traffic drugs!
Fine. I can't help you then.
Come with me to the station. Let's go!
I'll give you this.
What 'S up?
I want to change my testimony.
Sorry, you've signed for it.
You 'll have to talk with the judge.
Someone bailed you out. Go through
the procedures now.
Is it Candy?
Don't know. Come out.
So lucky that Candy told me about it.
Is she with you now?
No... no! I...
Angie, you get it wrong.
Send me you account with WhatsApp.
I 'll give you back the money.
Listen to me... wait! Angie!
Thank you.
Angie, stop it.
Hurry up. 2 "Cokes".
To my home. Quick, hurry!
It stinks and everything is a mess.
I'll give you 15 minutes to tidy it up.
Sure, no problem.
15 minutes?
You sit here for 15 minutes.
Do not touch my fridge.
What do you want? Just awaiting trial.
Don't have to behave like this.
Don't touch my clothes.
- Don't move.
- What?
Get changed. Come on.
In the toilet.
You guys get in.
After that I 'll pay for your meals.
Open the doors...
You do wanna help me to get changed?
I 'll help you now! Put off your
clothes... your pant...
Come on. It's worth the sacrifice
for your friend.
Don't throw away my stuff. What about yours?
- Don't touch my things!
- Let's take a photo.
Hold it for me.
I 'll take it.
Take the camera.
The beef pancreas are delicious.
Come on. Demon Queen doesn't eat meat.
Sure. Stinky tofu is better.
No, pork intestines are better.
So dirty. Be careful or
you 'll become fat ladyboy.
What did you say?
Take it for me. Stop it! Give me back!
Don't touch my hair!
It's beautiful.
It's mine.
Okay, understood.
Angie's coming.
Sorry, I'm late.
Soda here.
You get it for me?
No, don't. I'm fine.
I pleaded guilty. The report will arrive this week.
What's your plan?
I chose Hei Ling Chau.
Kane, it's $5,000 here.
Go change your sex with this.
I know you're dreaming of it.
Promise me. When I get out of jail,
you 'll become a beautiful girl.
I promise you I 'll never be late.
I'm going-
Sta)' longer!
Thank you all.
Angie, Sorry.
You 're hurrying to die?
Yes. How do you know?
Why Hei Ling Chau?
I suggest you not to.
Don't worry, Bro Lap. Thank you.
I know the sentence will be shorter.
I know it.
Lap, just leave her alone.
You get in first.
You have so many choices.
I've made the decision.
Come on, cheer up.
I have a good news. My mom is not guilty!
But Angie is going to Hei Ling Chau.
Congrats, but don't you have to gloat on it?
We belong together!
It's better going into jail.
Always staring at us.
I thought she was haunted.
Angie is good.
She's in trouble but still pays for my survery.
Kane, She gave you money
and you begin to defend her?
What do you mean?
Rainbow, give me $5,000 and I 'll help you too.
You like my fist?
You 're strong enough?
Calm down. Just a small matter.
Small? Your dick?
Stop it or cut it off!
Stay calm! Calm down!
Coke, please. Thank you.
Candy, have you...
Heard anything about Angie?
Just stop it. She chose Hei Ling Chau.
What is Hei Ling Chau?
Forget it. You can't help her either.
See how the judge decides.
10 miniutes. Give me 10 minutes.
Aren 't you going for a meal?
Nobody here at lunch time.
Come to my office and talk, okay?
You still have many choices.
My point is...
Anyway, don't choose Hei Ling Chau, Okay?
There 'll be a code that lasts forever.
I'll think about it.
You 'd better think about it.
I've written a pleading letter.
Just leave me alone. You 're so busy.
Go back to Australia!
I'm not going.
They 're coming. Go back.
Angie... the pleading letter...
Anything to help?
I 'll do it myself.
I can't visit you.
You know, your stepfather doesn't allow me.
And I'm so stuck.
I'll try to persuade him. Take care...
You never treated me wrong.
You only owe dad.
Morn is right. Your current father
is handsome and rich.
Even if not killed by a car,
dad would 've been killed by loan sharks.
He was addicted to gambling.
That is what your real dad was.
Without the stepfather,
would you have such a big flat? Retard!
I've read your pleading letter. Well written.
Shit! Who let you read it?
Why can't I? Everybody knows you well.
Let me remind you, sister.
This Aussie is good. He's an engineer.
What else do you worry about?
Such a good man can be married to him.
You go married to him, bastard!
Do not talk to me like this!
Fuck yourself.
Let her be, mom. She closed the door.
No home visit. I told you!
I'm fine, but I wanna ask...
Does uncle behaves like normal?
Can you put your pants back on?
I'm going for a massage.
Does he like massages?
Don't listen to him.
I told you to put your pants back on.
I 'll put them off.
You crazy? There's a guest here.
Uncle, how about...
Putting your pants back on?
Never seen it?
Just like what is done in some movies.
Sir, I'm going for a massage.
You guys have a chat.
Get into the room.
You son of a bith! Pure madness!
Let's talk downstairs.
My dad is naked at home. He gets hookers too.
How could I go home?
I just want a simple family.
Why is it so difficult?
I'm getting this call.
What a coincidence...
Sorry, I gotta do something. I'm leaving.
Never mind. I 'll talk with the probation officer.
Just stay longer.
Go home early. Don't leave. Okay?
Remember to call me.
Okay. Good night.
Ran once again!
They 're too luxurious to be used here.
We 'll keep them for you, and...
hand them to your family when they come.
No way. Thrown them away.
Put off your clothes.
Get down for a body check.
Open your legs.
- Soda.
- What's up?
I returned from the hospital
with the sex change form.
Scheduled to be done in 2 to 4 years.
Such a long time. What do they need to check?
How to evaluate?
Complete femenine clothing.
See if I can adapt or regret.
Do you go to male or female toilets now?
Bullshit. Ladies, of course.
Pervert! Beware of getting caught.
You say you wanna become a girl all day long,
just like Tung.
I'm not like Tung.
He never thinks he's a guy at all.
And I...
My secret with Sam... you won't get it.
Tell us or we will not help you!
Then... get lost!
I 'll say it now!
When Sam was drunk,
he told me that he 'd marry me if I changed sex.
You think it's true? He was drunk!
He was not all that drunk.
Just a bit conscious! Bro Kane,
you dare to take the bet?
Yes. I can bet my life on it just for Sam.
Are you sick?
Just wake up! 4 years!
After that, he could 've married
someone and had a baby.
Will his kid call you godfather? Or godmother?
Don't worry. We 're friends.
Demon Queen will help you.
Don't count on me.
Can 't do it in Hong Kong. Thailand
is the nearest place.
So expensive. More than $200,000. What can I help?
Together, we can change the world.
What tricks do you have, then?
Of course there is.
Does your idea work?
Just say it. I must help him whenever I could.
Do remember. It's you who said this.
Really, Demon Queen? Thank you!
Drink something, slowly. Be careful.
What idea do you have? I hate secrets.
Stop fooling around.
Just say it! Now!
My idea is...
Rob our own flats, one by one.
Any objection?
No? Then let's go. Come with me.
Go... go.
Wait a minute.
Take whatever you want.
What can we take?
So dirty!
Check it out.
Someone's coming!
Go! Beat his ass!
No... no! Stop!
Let go!
Why yelling? Nobody's gonna harass you.
Gosh. He 'll probably recognize me.
We 're caught in a trap!
Holy bitch!
Call her!
My house is being robbed!
They're helping Kane to raise money...
for the sex change surgery!
Why would it happen?
I know this is wrong...
but we have no other way.
Tell me. Who decided to do it?
I won't tell you. I won't betray my friends.
Fine. I 'll call the police.
Police? Which means it's me
who betray my friends?
You have to pay for what you've done!
Give me back the phone!
Give me back!
Mr Fruit. I know it was wrong.
This is the last time, I promise!
They've all left.
I won't admit it too.
I'll never betray them.
Calling the police will only make you trouble.
- Mr Fruit.
- Fine.
Only once! No next time!
- Thanks!
- Fine. Sit back...
Sit back!
Lo Lei Yung. Your dad is here. Come with me.
Sau Man Kwan. Your morn is here. Go.
Lai Siu Mei. Your mom is here. Go.
Lam Siu Yee. Your mom just called us.
She can't come today and will visit you next time.
Don't rob my home.
You all whined about Tinky's home.
And me? Nothing there, not even have
"One" noodle. Give up.
I don't care. One by one, we said that.
How small here!
How could she live?
SO tiny!
Bigger than the subdivided units.
Rainbow isn't lying.
She doesn't even have "One" noodle.
I feel a bit sorry about it.
No. She has a lot of clothes.
Clothes are not edible.
We 're friends. Take it as a gift.
(Access prohibited.)
(I stay in Hong Kong)
(Way to go!)
Bottoms up!
Such a huge place for yourself.
Don't you feel bord?
How do you know I live alone?
Raymond and other guys told me.
Your phone is ringing.
Answer it...
but the reception is bad here.
I have to go to the door.
Okay. I'm answering. Hello? Hello?
Hey? Speak something!
Who is this?
Nobody answered.
It always happens.
Such nonsense phone calls. Leave them alone.
I 'll have to work now.
I'll pick you up at night right there.
Call you at 7pm.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Wait here?
She said so.
She's so late.
I'll have to dine with dad tonight.
You guys have 3 hours only. Hurry up.
The key.
Got it.
Where are Flyer and others?
They go by themselves.
Don't make it too messed up. Wear gloves.
Got it.
Must leave no later than 10:00.
And never call me, never whatsapp me.
I wanna create an alibi.
Roger. A taxi here.
We 're gonna be rich!
The money's not yours!
Slient. This is a high class zone.
Wear your gloves. Turn off the phone.
Don't take the bulky ones.
Don't break their stuff.
Demon Queen said no antiques can be stolen.
Bear in mind.
Move a little more.
Such a big house!
That's why Fat Fung drives a truck here.
Tinky, I must thank you.
Let '3 go!
Have we gone too far?
My morn is right. The rich guys owe us!
They must have got insured.
Quick! 10 miniutes left.
It's gold.
We 're gonna be rich!
Don't keep them for yourselves!
It depends on my mood.
What? Toilet seat?
It's gold!
Quick. Keep on.
What did you guys take?
Cash. Cash.
Hide them!
What day is it
Well done.
It's Sunday today so hurry up.
Gotta hang out the clothes.
You wanna die?
You hang these out. You hang these towels.
(Move out.)
(Sai Wan Ho.)
It's not to be put here. Closer to that way.
(Call home.)s
What happens?
Nothing, nothing...
What's up, brother?
Sister, are you all right?
You sleep well?
Does anyone bully you?
I'm telling you a joke.
A guys' home catches on fire.
He calls the police.
The cop said, "Where are you?"
He answered, "At home!."
The cop said, "I need the location".
And he said, "My kitchen!"
The cop said,
I mean how do I get to your home?
He's angry and said,
Holy shit! Don't you have fire trucks!
Fine. Never mind. It's not your problem.
Your brother is hilarious!
A little bit.
(When you get out, we 're gonna dine together,
dance together...)
Where 're they?
Demon Queen's birthday.
Sam invited them to J Club.
May come back next morning.
You allow them to stay with such a bad guy?
Allow? Can I not allow them?
Stopping by force is not my way.
Brother. Your way is to review.
Anyway, call me right away
whenever what happens.
I 'll report it to the police
and let him get caught.
It's just for his good.
I won't report it even if I know something.
I 'll only persuade them or even
scare them in order to change them.
If you do the same old shit, sooner
or later they 'll be corrupt.
Money here. Come here now.
Go to hell!
Give me back!
Stay back!
Stay back, bitch!
Should be enough for auntie's medical expense.
Got it by robbing?
No. Yesterday I heard my boss say...
Take the money back.
It's okay. Don't worry. We're just gonna help.
So do you need it?
I don't.
Fine. We 'll take it to the casino.
Stop being impulsive!
Someone dosen 't want it.
No. Bro Lap is for our good.
I'm trying my best to help you.
I know you guys wanna help me.
But what you do today
proves me a failure!
I borrowed the card. Don't get charged.
Got it.
Be smart!
Watch it!
- Roger.
- Call me if anything happens.
Look around.
Her cabinet isn't locked.
Better put it somewhere eye-catching.
You 're right.
Shit! Run! Run!
Open the door!
Fuck! She locks us up!
What 'S up?
Why didn't you call us when boss came back?
She's back, isn't she?
She locked us inside.
Which floor are you in?
I 'll come stop boss right away.
15th floor. Hurry!
Okay, bye.
Shit, it's too late...
Cops everywhere...
Don't move!
Sorry, boss. All the money are here.
We are wrong. Bro Lap did hope us to confess.
But we decide to bring back the money. Sorry.
What's happening?
Run now!
Don't move!
Brother, no!
Let go, asshole! Let go!
I want revenge!
No! They'll kill you!
Let go!
You should 've called the police
and everything'd be fine.
They did it just for me. For good.
They returned the money instead of confessing.
Not that bad.
But they 're caught.
You could say they deserved it.
The result would be the same
whether the cops came.
The end seems right, but in face...
Mom was too poor to do the surgery,
and they are arrested.
And Runaway is lost.
The fact is, it ends up in a lose-lose situation.
If I didn't know this is the stolen money,
Morn might not have died.
And we don't need to end up in jail.
That's actually win-win.
But later I think they did
a good thing in the wrong way.
It's my fault.
There's something I'm still not clear,
so I decided to resign.
So that's why you quit the social worker job.
Brother, this is only a job.
Obeying the law is enough.
Don't need to think too deeply about the cases.
I tell you. If Tinky ever rob again,
I must sue her with the evidence.
Helping these teens are our responsibility.
It's not simply a job.
Stop this shit. I don't understand what you say.
Open the door! I know she's inside. Right now!
She's not here.
Liar! Open the door!
Hasn 't come back yet.
Now! Open the door!
What 'S up?
The dog upstairs is yours?
The shit stinks. And it's so noisy
that I can't sleep.
I warn you. You gotta move.
What? It's you who has to move!
You threaten me? I 'll call the police!
Do it. Right away!
You dare do it? Watch out.
What? Are you leaving?
Crazy bitch! You 'll pay for it.
He's a newcomer. Complained 2 times.
I know. I 'll move somewhere.
Cutie...come here.
Kissie... Kissie? Where is Kissie?
You hungry?
He said he 'll kill all the dogs.
I'll kill them!
Are you okay?
Okay, then go to work.
Enough money now.
Will make a booking next week.
I want to be a girl.
But I'm poor. And mom left me.
I've been in the street for 19 days.
Without Rainbow group, I'm still wandering.
Kane. I'm not like you.
I don't have so many friends.
No one ever helped me.
Get married with a rich guy and it's done.
Crazy. The one who gives me money is my dad.
I won't get married with him.
What a stupid idea.
I hate myself. I hate my body. Everthing.
I'm in pain.
If I can't change my sex,
I would rather choose to die.
Don't scare me, Tung!
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
It's raining. Go.
(u '8 me-)
(I Love You)
(I Love You)
(I Love You Too)
I'm back to the office.
I've booked the schedule for you.
To Thailand! Get it cut!
You don't need to thank me.
I don't wanna be your dad.
I'll use you as a guinea pig.
I'll do it if the result is good.
What did you say?
We 're friends.
I'll help you.
It's not what you want.
I don't mean to take yours.
Go. Don't give me.
We 're friends. You have to go.
You have to go. Understand?
No one know I have so many kids.
I knew you are a bitch.
What? Everyting I do is just for them.
But... what do you want to do for them?
When I save enough money,
I'll open up a pet's home,
And adopt even more wandering animals.
Sleep with guys just for the cats and dogs!
Stupid ass!
What? You wanna die?
Cheers! Cheers!
Enjoy yourselves! Don't worry! Happy drunk!
Let's play some games.
Bro Dragon. Hand guessing or dice cup?
I 'd have an advantage!
Hey girl, you look so familiar.
Did I meet you in another club?
Don't stop Bro Dragon.
Always likes young gals.
Sorry, boss.
Leave him alone. Me first.
10. Hit!
Coming. Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary.
What do you have?
I'll sing a song for you.
No, madam!
His voice is even worse than swear words.
But I'm ready!
I'll help you.
So beautiful!
Perfect edition. 5 carats.
So shiny! For me?
It's okay? Darling.
Thank you, hunny!
No thanks...
Hi? Yes... when have you come back?
10, 10... hit! Alright... 5, 10!
Darling, where is your ring?
Gosh! I had been wearing it!
Did you drop it into the toilet?
It was gone after
she just talked on the phone.
How do you know?
The ring is so shiny.
Search the place! No one can leave!
It's not with me.
Sorry, everyone. Dragon's ring has gone!
Call me if you guys find it.
Lock the gates.
What's happening, Fire?
Shut up! Sit down!
Is the ring there?
Have searched, but can't find it
Boss, can't find it anywhere.
My wife's ring has been stolen!
It's not found. I've told everyone.
If they ever take it, I 'll lose face.
Anyone found stealing the ring... he 'll pay for it.
Anyone who finds the ring or give me updates,
$300,000 reward.
I 'll pay for the wines tonight. Excuse me. Go!
So beautiful.
I told you. I 'll get you once the adaptation
period is passed.
WOW, so pretty!
You wanna harass me?
Thank you.
Tung is coming.
What? When did she come back?
Honestly, I have something to tell you.
Go ahead.
You guys tried so hard to raised money for me.
I did do it. I gave the money to Tung to do it.
Are you kidding us?
What the heck, Kane?
I knew it would happen.
We should 've spent it all!
Don't be like this. I know I can't cheat you.
I hope you guys can forgive me and Tung.
You know how hard we did for you!
I know... I have one more thing to say.
I wish you guys... could raise
he money once again.
Bro Lap knows about the robbing.
We can't help you.
I don't have so many gold toilet seats.
Demon Queen. Gold toilet seat here.
- Wanna get it cut!
- Go ahead!
Long time no see.
Should've touched it before.
Carmen. Just deal with it.
Don't be angry. Just a little compliment.
Get lost!
(I've quit drugs. Maybe I can be released earlier.)
The ring is beautiful!
You dare stealing Dragon's stuff?
Keep quiet. Dad hears it and I 'll be finished.
You dare sell it?
Later, after they 're less alert.
If they think we "picked" it somewhere,
we can get $300,000.
It's worth at least 2 or 3 million.
Sell as loot and it's worth 30%.
The reward is only $300,000
It's 2 to 3 times.
2 to 3 times...
Let me try it.
Let me take a photo.
2 days ago, Angie told Victor
to hand me the letter.
What is it? Read it out.
No need. I can't understand.
She probably mentions I'm pretty.
She said she used to scorn me
and want me to forgive her.
Really? Angie has changed.
Everyone knows I'm pretty.
Forgive her? For nothing?
It's for real. Angies does mean it.
Why do I need to lie?
Everyone who receives the message, read it out loud.
Angie, it's good you want me
to be your friend.
I also had something wrong.
Thank you for praising me.
You 're actually prettier.
Let's meet after you come out for a drink.
My treat.
Your friend. Rainbow.
Who took my phone?
It's not me. Let me pay for the drinks.
I almost forgot you like to pay for drinks!
You again! It has been you, always!
Tung, see the box on the table?
Wear it. A gift to celebrate that you work.
You don't have that much.
Borrowed from Demon Queen again?
Will you come tonight?
I 'll stay in the dorm these days.
I wanna leave the dorm later.
Great. Stay in my home.
I wanna to live alone.
Let's talk later.
Call me after you get off work.
See how well you've done.
Bro Sam.
I've thought about it.
What we do hurts Kane so much.
Let's let it be.
- Tung...
- How about we break up?
Kane, open the door! Let's talk!
Kane, I know you're here.
Open the door and let's talk!
I can do everything for Bro Sam.
(Tung... I've been trying so hard to love,
but I can't.)
No one ever told me about it.
Stay with me...
I only love Sam.
I must stay with him...
Because I love him so much.
Open the door.
Open the door first!
Demon Queen, you have time to have a chat?
Sure, I 'll come after the meal.
Not in a rush. Around 9:00.
I need to have a shower first.
Bye bye.
How do you know Bro Sam loves you?
If Sam doesn't love me...
I would rather die.
Bro Sam, I love you so much.
Tung is back.
You son of a bitch!
Calm down!
What? Sit down.
This card...
Has Kane's final words.
Let's watch.
Please do not blame Tung.
I've found on the Web that she has
Gender Identity Disorder.
She doesn't want it.
Tung is the best friend in my life.
Although he is with Sam...
Bro Sam never said he loves me.
All those are only my dreams.
Withour Bro Sam...
My life is meaningless.
Sorry, I don't have the courage
to attend your wedding.
But I hope you remember...
Though I've left you today,
My heart is with you forever.
And you, Demon Queen.
Sorry to have scared you,
Because you are my second best friend.
This necklace is from Kane.
I 'll always wear it.
Please forgive Tung...
Which is Kane's wish.
I'm richer...
So that bitch Tinky robbed my house
and took all the advantage.
You think I don't know it?
I ignore it because of you.
Sister, No!
Me, no...
Cutie, get up!
Don't sleep. Get up! Wake up!
Open the door!
Open the door!
Madam, are you okay?
Stop it,
I want to drink Coke.
No. Sit down for now.
I want to buy Coke.
I want to buy Coke.
Did you get hurt, madam?
I want...
Coke... I want...
Bro Lap. ls Demon Queen fine?
In a coma. We can't visit her. Just sit down.
What the fuck!
It's Tung. That bitch makes her like this!
It's the drugs who hurt her.
The doctor said she drank too much "happy water".
My dad once stabbed my mom twice,
just because...
He wanted to buy drugs with her $80.
You say you don't want others know it.
I don't want to see my friends get hurt again.
It's so lucky that Demon Queen is still alive.
But her leg may not function
or one leg will become shorter...
Sorry, I'm getting a call.
No, no stock.
No stock.
Mr Fruit wanna meet us.
Doesn 't he meet you?
I hope so.
Go home and talk tonight.
Store the file will.
Yes, Madam.
It's heard that Dragon lost his ring,
and said the thief would pay for it.
Will Tinky be in danger?
Don't trust the gangstas.
She 'd be forced to be a hooker only.
Unless what?
Unless she sold it and Dragon couldn't find it.
Then who knows what he 'd do.
He said it's perfect edition with 5 carats.
Fake, isn't it?
How about bringing me to your friend?
Of course not! Don't kid me.
Why not? Let me hear what she 'd say.
You wanna date her?
Who is your friend?
A human. A girl.
Stop talking about privacy.
Find us cops and she 'd surely be arrested.
Mr Fruit. Make her come out.
Be careful. Don't scare her away.
Credible news, boss.
A social worker called Fruit just raised a case.
He said the ring is on a young gal.
He doesn't know about the $300,000 reward.
Reward? Stupid asshole.
Is he a social worker or an undercover?
He think it's a good way for the case,
but it turns out good for us.
Anyway, we have to be faster than the cops.
Find that bitch and the ring.
That's a stolen ring.
Can 't be put to the lost and found.
Madam doesn't know a thing about it?
Shit. No one knows if you don't say it.
Follow the social worker
and we must find that chick.
Yes, boss.
Mr. Fruit.
I recognize her.
Police. Are you Tinky?
We suspect you stole
a lost diamond ring.
Please come to the station for inspection.
You retard!
Cops. Run!
Hurry UP!
- Tell bragger to stop them there.
- Roger.
- Find someone to stop the cops.
- Copy.
Get away. Get away!
You psychos!
Give way!
You hit someone!
- Police! Don't stand in the way!
- Then what?
Get away!
The cops have hit someone!
This way.
This way, boss.
Where to?
Bring him to the hospital.
I 'll do it.
Have you betrayed us?
For your own sake.
I'm protecting you in another way.
None of your business. Get lost!
No, none of my business...
What a coward.
See, none of my business!
What the fuck!
I'm reporting a crime...
Stop running!
The girl's right there.
You are to blame!
This way.
You go that way.
What should I do? I can't go home
or mom 'll be in danger!
My dad may also be in danger.
What to do now?
How do I know?
Tinky, think about. You must have some idea.
Think about it!
I said I don't know!
So what should we do now?
I said gamble. Go.
Where to? Macau?
You crazy?
Trust me. Two birds with one stone. Go.
Find them and they'll be pathetic!
Get away!
Say it!
Sorry, Bro Dragon. I am Tinky.
You 'll never believe that I'm not greedy.
The ring is 5 carets. How can I not be greedy?
I 'll return you the ring.
The only way is to return the ring.
There's nothing to do with her.
What a friendship. Not scared of death, Tinky?
I'm prepared to be beaten hard,
so I told her to take me away.
That's good. We never have to hide anywhere.
And the cops can do nothing.
Killing two birds with one stone.
It's doomed now.
You have some talent, bitch.
No! Stop!
Bro Dragon, stop it!
Dragon... Just a kid. Let them go.
Take her away.
You Okay?
Bro Dragon. I've given you back the ring.
Any reward?
Are you not enough of it?
Just kidding.
A little bit...
No! Just kidding!
I can stand it. Don't worry.
Taxi... Why no taxi?
Have some food.
I mean run away.
I stole your ring, and got someone...
to forge one and put it into the bear's mouth.
The ring Dragon has doesn't worth 2 millon,
but $500 instead.
You will die! Do you know that?
I knew nothing! I shouldn't have done that!
I thought you wouldn't sell it so early,
So I made use of it.
You know how profitable selling drugs.
I sold twice and got the bag.
But bad things happen right away.
I don't know what to do now.
You "stole" it, not "took" it!
The ring is mine!
You earned the money but didn't share the money!
How? You said you don't sell drugs.
I'll tell them.
I'll go to tell them.
Go ahead. You must die before I do.
Are you scaring me?
No, Tinky. I'm not.
It's my fault. I'm a bastard! But never go back.
Who did you sell the ring to?
To Dizzy.
There's no turning back.
Give the drugs to Dragon.
It's useless. He hates drug sellers.
Her sister died of "Coke".
You can't give him drugs.
What should I do then?
We must die.
Go to APM to find Bro Lap.
What's the use of this?
To hear some advice.
Bro Lap. How about you borrowing $300,000.
I'm gonna get back the ring from Dizzy.
It's not about money now.
It's all about face.
You let him lose face. How could he let you go?
Dizzy must find bro Dragon.
There's $300,000 reward.
So lucky that we ran early, or we 'd be dead.
You are now dead, retard!
Take these girls back!
Yes, boss.
I wanna see Bro Dragon.
Congrats, Bro Dragon. The ring is found now.
How do you know?
He may be saying that he helped us
to find it back.
The fact is, someone called Rainbow sold it to me.
Then I gave her the unpure "Cokes",
So that her buyers won't die of it.
She's called Rainbow. Not Tinky?
Bro Dragon.
I'm not talking to you. You, come out.
How much did you sell the "Cokes" for?
I only sold twice. I think selling drugs is wrong,
So I gain a bag
and these remaining "Cokes".
What do you mean by "wrong?
My friend is still in the hospital
because of the drugs.
I'm not at all good,
but I don't want others hurt.
What do you mean? Irritating me?
I think so.
You wanna beat me too?
Because of what you just said, I 'll let you alive.
Stay your hand here.
No, Bro Dragon! Sorry!
I was wrong, Bro Dragon!
Bro Dragon, I'm Lap, former social worker.
They shouldn't end like this.
Please let go.
I 'll buy you back the ring for $300,000.
Give them a chance.
Okay. No need to stay their hands,
But they gotta take all these "Cokes".
Bro Dragon, it's the same as taking their lives!
Retard! The "Cokes" are all not pure.
You 're fooled.
It's my fault. I'm too greedy.
Do you need guys, Bro Dragon?
I can be your guy.
Please do not chop off Rainbow's hands.
One hand each.
You, left hand.
You, right hand. Put it on.
Stop! I have $200,000 here.
I 'll deposit $100,000 into your account.
Don't believe me?
I have money. We don't need to owe him.
I want to buy back my ring with my money.
Madam's request. I believe you, of course.
I 'll send you my account number.
Leave the ring here. You can go now.
I have some private matter.
Fine. Guys, go.
Bro Lap. Get up.
I am May.
Bro Lap. Who are you?
Call me May.
Boss's wife?
Pinky told me that it's you
who told her to confess.
Thank you so much.
Doesn 't matter. I 'll never take this money.
The $300,000 was to save someone.
Thank you.
Then buy me a coffee. Thank you.
I must pay you back for your favor.
My brother borrowed money from
a loan shark and was kidnapped.
I had to give $300,000 to get back
my brother before 12 am,
Or his hands would be chopped off.
Back then I didn't know Dragon.
And no money from the company.
Now he's studying abroad. Thank you.
Never mind.
Bro Dragon, I must pay you back.
Lap will return you the ring.
You don't need to pay the reward.
Just like Lap buying back their hands.
Would it be possible?
Bro Lap? My wife mentioned about you so often.
Bro Dragon... I want...
I'm not that cruel.
Go thank Lap.
Thank you, Bro Lap.
They 're clever and smart.
I want them to work at my shop. What do you think?
You decide it.
Thank you! Now!
Thank you! Bro Dragon.
Thank you! Madam.
You gotta work hard from now on.
Don't worry. Bro Dragon.
We 're here to kick the thieves ' asses!
Thank you so much, boss!
Never thought that...
the decision I made that day...
ls the preparation for these two kids.
I can also be positive about what I do.
Thank you.
Bro Lap.
We 're leaving.
Bye. Thanks.
All gone! Great!
The hands are still here!
Hello? Okay, thanks. Bye.
Why so happy?
Kiki called me and said...
Said What?
She said Demon Queen can be
discharged 2 days later.
She 'll come back on Sunday
and attend our 5th anniversary.
Sure. The 5th anniversary.
Great. We 're back again.
Be careful! Does it hurt?
A little bit...
I heard them say that your leg is hurt.
Walk faster or you 'll get caught!
Take care. Sit down.
Demon Queen, what's up?
Shut up. Why didn't you visit me?
I'm afraid you're still angry.
How stubborn you are!
Sam. You shouldn't stay with such a prick!
I don't need to break up with her.
She's decided to start over in Britain.
It's Bro Sam who lent me the money.
I'll study hard and pay him back.
You wanna fuck foreigners!
What the heck!
Go get Angie back.
Take care. Slowly.
Sis Rainbow. Your good friend here.
You envy?
Hello. Baby Angie.
Haven 't seen you for so long.
Honestly, I wanna introduce you to a person.
My morn.
So beatufiful as fuck.
What the fuck?
Carmen, cut it!
Hey everyone. I have one more thing to tell.
I'm getting married to Victor next month.
But my husband still refuses Angie,
And doesn't allow me to go to their wedding.
So... Lap,
I wanna invite you as Angie's witness.
Auntie, I am so willing to be her witness.
Thank you.
But mom also gave me the
wedding ring of her and dad.
So from now on,
I am with my dad forever.
Do hide it from Rainbow or she 'll steal it.
What? You thief! I steal you and...
Stop. You didn't buy any bags for me.
Hey, stop destroying
such a touching moment!
I'm touchingly destroying. So what?
Congrats, auntie.
Thanks. It's me who should thank you.
You encouraged me to see her friends.
They 're so cute.
They 're nuts!
Thank you, mom.
Good girl...
Take auntie to have some drinks.
Cool. Let me bring you there.
Bro Lap.
Fruit, go chat with them.
Come here!
Bro Lap.
Runaway, long time no see.
Haven 't heard about you for years.
We can't find you.
I 'd been to Taiwan for 4 years.
And we 'd been to Taiwan for 3 years.
You know what? Runaway finished a bachelor degree!
That is cool!
That time...
No, Bro Lap.
I wanna tell you that we never blamed it on you.
Otherwise we wouldn't come to see you.
No shit talk. Lap,
we wanna tell you that...
My brother is releases from jail.
He won't stop. Be careful.
I was never sure if what I did was right or wrong.
But since a few days ago...
I am sure of myself.
Bro Lap...
- Police!
- Don't move!
Fruit! Are you okay? Call the police!
I'm fine.
Don't move!
Why do you not listen to me?
I'm not done with it.
I'm gonna kill you!
Why would this happen?
Don't know.
I 'll take you aside.
Are you miss Fong Yat Ki?
What 'S up?
The CCTV in the shopping center
recoded that you hurt others.
The police are evident...
To charge you with assault...
And armed gang fight.
Madam, please don't use the handcuffs.
Bro Lap. It's my duty.
Turn around.
- I 'll take the revenge again!
- Go!
Don't look. Go!
It's fine.
Thank you!
Take the photos now.
Kiss her! Kiss her!