Problemos (2017) Movie Script

Call your pal for directions.
They have no cell phones.
Oh, okay...
But reassure me they have clothes.
Margaux, no iPad.
Look at the scenery, the sheep...
the stuff.
What the hell is this?
Your pal teaches yoga
to which SWAT division?
What a pain.
Excuse me?
Is this your gray SUV?
- What?
- The gray SUV. Is it yours?
A rental. Why?
How funny!
A while back, I had a black SUV.
Okay. That's pretty funny.
Have a nice day.
Come, honey.
Weird activist humor.
Welcome, friends!
Hello. We came to see Jean-Paul.
I know.
I see you have electronic devices.
Some people here are electro-sensitive.
You must leave them.
- What?
- Cell phones. Leave them.
But with me.
I'll put it on flight mode.
They emit waves, even off.
It was proved.
- It's only 3 days.
- During the French Open!
- Honey, you don't need it.
- I do!
Margaux, stop!
Help me!
Margaux, stop. Hand it over!
Let go of it!
- Excuse me, sorry.
- Kids...
Give me a kiss.
Margaux, a kiss or I'll get mad.
Follow me.
- Shit!
- What?
I totally forgot my djembe.
What a dummy.
Margaux, I'm sorry. Forgive me.
' She's - Shut up!
Jean-Paul is over there...
No way!
- So happy to see you.
- Me too.
What a beauty!
It's been so long. 8 years?
- You haven't changed.
- You neither.
- What did you do to your hair?
- Nothing, apparently.
- This is Victor.
- Jean-Paul.
Unusual out, not bad.
I'm Jeanne's former yogi.
I know.
And this is Margaux.
Hi, Margaux. I'm Jean-Paul.
You'll love it here, lots of kids!
Well, a few.
- How beautiful.
- We're lucky. Nice location.
Welcome, first of all.
Want a tour of the property?
Though we don't believe
in ownership.
All right... go ahead and I'll...
Want me to come?
I have the bags... Is it long?
No one gives a fuck?
We're organized by activity zones.
There's the workshop...
"best tomatoes in the region."
Mobilization to defend the zone
began 6 months ago.
Now we're self-sufficient
thanks to permaculture.
Best tomatoes in the region!
Besides defending the zone,
we aim to live differently.
That's the thing.
Meals are prepared
in the community kitchen.
Relaxation area.
We have a canteen too.
Our clothing workshop
supplies us with our outfits.
- Margaux, you have a friend.
- Great!
What's his name?
The child.
The child...
First name?
No first name?
I didn't stick a label on him at birth.
A first name
is your first classification.
He'll choose his name.
He doesn't belong to me.
We all meet our names
if we stay attuned
and open-minded.
Did you meet your name?
I'm Gaya.
I'm Potato.
I met my name in a diner...
He's Victor, and I'm Jeanne.
Jeanne... welcome.
- It's mine. Hands off!
- Let him.
- She said "it's mine."
- Forget it.
We avoid the notion of ownership.
It's important for us.
Rule number 1.
Okay, fine.
I want my iPad!
Honey, it's impossible.
I said I want it!
She's exhausted.
I swear...
- Isn't it nice here?
- You bet.
- Just like at home.
- You bet.
You clone?
We said 15 minutes. It's been 5.
He's a bit of a pain.
You bet.
We're a mix.
I grew up in a very conservative family.
Simon was in real estate.
He had a burnout.
He found himself here.
Hey there, Simon. You okay?
They called Dylan a delinquent
in Babylon.
He found his place here.
Krishnamurti says it's unhealthy
fitting into a sick society.
Your husband's cute.
Here are the showers.
Water straight from the river.
A bit cold, but tolerable.
The sign is a joke.
They want a water park here.
In the region's only wetland!
It's why we're mobilizing.
We wrote "Aqua Park" ironically
to show them
we have a sense of humor too.
Aqua Park!
I get it now.
They wanted a waterpark
so the thing for the showers
is a joke about water.
How clever!
Not bad!
- I found it.
- You really nailed it!
Aqua Park! Right over the shower!
- Good idea.
- It just hit me.
They're charging!
You shot her in the back!
They're charging!
You have no right!
Read the statutes, dammit!
We're non-violent, dickwad!
Know why we're doing this?
For you and your kids!
No hate... Never show hate.
I'm on your side, dammit!
We can change their mind on the size
and on water management.
We can propose
in a constructive mindset.
More like a compromised mindset.
Let's at least hear him out.
Send a delegate
to the township board tomorrow.
We're not part of the system.
We won't give in like you.
To refuse is to exist.
- I'm the system?
- The guy behind you.
- Yes, you!
- I started years ago.
I met Michael Moore...
Met him?
So come screw my sister.
Good news.
People who know Moore
can be capitalists.
Murderer! Bastard!
Hang the Green Party from trees!
Piece of shit!
Beat it, clown!
Keep smoking joints
in your tents
and you'll save the world.
Get lost!
I don't believe it.
Margaux! I've been...
- Hello.
- Hi!
All Well?
- I was looking for you.
- She's yours?
So cute!
How old?
- How old do I look?
- No, her.
Sorry... uh... 6.
Dad, I turned 7.
Only recently.
Since January!
And how old are you?
I'm 16.
I know, I look older.
People think I'm 19.
19, 20...
Not too young to be an activist?
I'm no squatter.
I'm just on vacation
for 2 weeks with my dad.
- Who's your dad?
- Jean-Paul, the hobo head.
That's so funny.
He taught yoga to my...
to a...
Can you do me a little favor?
Well... yes!
Great... Can you get me some oil
and put it on me?
On my body.
In front of the kid?
Yeah, sure... some suntan oil.
No, it's in the kitchen.
Go to the kitchen,
get it and oil me up.
Go on. I'll wait.
Sorry, I was distracted.
- You're staying for sure?
- I won't budge.
Your dad's crazy.
It was so close...
What are you doing, honey?
Don't film.
Give it to me.
Give me that. Go see Mom up there.
Go see Mommy. She's so cute.
Maeva, I told you 100 times.
That oil is for cooking.
You don't tan with food.
It was dumb to throw all our tomatoes.
Mozzarella alone is...
Let go of that!
Give it back. Let go.
Come! Give it back!
Come here!
- What?
- I doubt it.
- What?
- I doubt that's how to talk to dogs.
He took my chicken!
No, he didn't.
He helped himself to chicken.
It's not our job to train them,
but theirs to train us.
If someone is at home here,
it's not us. It's them.
Or us? So?
They arrived on Earth before us.
They were here from the start, right?
So maybe ask him permission
to eat with him.
I doubt he'll answer.
Without training, he'll become wild.
He'll do as he pleases, bite.
You class "wild"
in the "Not Good" folder?
No, in the "Wild" folder.
Just in the "Wild" folder.
Welcome to the women's circle.
Today we'll discuss a method
to avoid sanitary pads
during your period.
It seems to...
Where are you going, Victor?
Women's circle?
I thought it was the Let-Go workshop.
For you,
periods concern only women?
I didn't say that,
but it's more a women's problem...
It's a problem?
So you should stay.
Periods are not a problem.
All right. It's not what I...
It's an expression.
Sanitary pads.
Despite being an ecological disaster,
as irresponsible as using baby-wipes...
Like big pussy wipes.
Yeah, so they pollute.
But I think
it's another Babylonian method
to inferiorize us as women
by making us wear diapers.
It's unacceptable. We agree?
You can't leave the circle early.
I thought it was over.
People clapped.
It's not.
You can sit.
I'll signal you when it's over.
You may learn something.
So we can do without tampons.
But why?
Because the vagina is a muscle.
We can contract it.
Like the bladder, with urine flow,
we can control our blood flow.
The bladder, a muscle?
I'm not sure.
Yes, it's a muscle.
I don't think so.
I was taught differently at school.
That place for reproducing inequality
and propagating bourgeois culture?
Just a place to be taught.
To be taught elitist culture?
Not much of an elite in kindergarten.
He learned everything
in kindergarten.
Drop it. No big deal.
To get back to Gaya,
I already practice natural evacuation.
I still have some untimely discharge,
I see my period differently now.
I started to love it.
To wait for it.
- So nice.
- Like me with my poop.
I suggest we sing.
I love my period
It connects me to the moon
I love my period
when it's brown I do not frown
I love my period
No one will knock me down.
I have a real problem to share.
My pussy stinks.
Ever try a hibiscus poultice?
- No.
- Try.
You can even let it brew
all night inside you.
Thanks, Gaya.
It's about time that men and women
finally become equals in society.
Because you can tell they're equals.
It makes me...
They're equals.
No use trying to make us believe
they're not equals,
because they're equals.
That era is over with!
It spoils my life.
First thing in the morning.
Last thing I think in the morning.
In the afternoon, surprise!
First thing I think.
And it's the first thing I think
in late afternoon.
- It's fine, doudou.
- No. Yes, doudou.
I think about it.
Don't worry, doudou.
Is the women's circle almost over?
Excuse me.
Exactly what workshop are we in now?
Thanks, Patrice.
No more topics.
It bothers me
that Victor expects me to wax.
I find it outdated.
- So we bring that up here?
- Why not?
Do you still make love?
We never make love...
I mean, very rarely.
Of course sex is hard
with your impositions.
We have no sexual problems.
I have nothing against body hair.
Why not? There are even bearded women.
Your aunt.
Our impositions?
Yeah, we're a couple.
"A couple."
Victor, wouldn't you be more satisfied
if you could make love with other women?
Here? I mean...
It's a question...
And you?
- What?
- I mean do you...
No. It's no?
For us, it's no.
You're thinking twice?
I'm taken by surprise.
I never considered it.
You should.
- Yeah?
- We practice it here.
It's our choice.
It's not us... We don't practice it.
Why don't we go to the workshop
to see how...
What the hell?
We live the workshop.
Come to the barricade.
I don't know. Come!
We're talking...
- Screw you. I hate you!
- Why?
So what about polyamory?
- Honestly...
- Wanna try?
I'm exhausted.
- Really?
- No, I'm fine.
There's nothing.
Not a soul.
Maybe we won at the town council.
Maybe they gave up.
Maybe it's a trap.
Just an act, so we disperse.
We leave, let down our guard,
they plow in and we're fucked.
A Trojan horse!
- Without a horse.
- Exactly.
Well anyway,
cops or not, nothing's changed.
Our presence
isn't just a protest movement.
Let's show them
that we can live differently!
Sing, nightingale, sing...
Victor and I wanted to tell you...
being here is helping our daughter.
If you all don't mind,
we'd like to spend
2 weeks with you.
2 or 1. Yes, it's nice here,
but maybe 5 days... 3 or 4.
It'd be nice
if you consulted with me first.
So we'll be staying 2 or 3 days
and thanks for having us.
I won't go back
to my city bubble either.
My wife is speaking the truth.
We're sick of the consumer bubble
they make us live in.
Ever try to leave a supermarket?
How Babylonian!
Going in is easy, but there's no exit.
Entrance, no exit.
Yes, it's written. Usually it...
Depends on the place,
but the ones I go to have exit signs.
My wife and I have a real problem.
We're constantly solicited nonstop,
like the last time.
We buy cereal
because we need cereal, fine.
But next we go by the fish aisle.
What do we buy?
Fish. Meat aisle?
Meat. We buy it. We have 2 freezers.
So we freeze it.
It's awful.
Then a lady gives you some melon.
It's good melon.
Sure it's good.
What do we do? Buy two good melons.
It's endless.
And potato chips, doudou.
Chips? Old-fashioned chips.
Good point!
Old-fashioned chips. "New recipe."
More like a new scam!
Usually old potato chips are soft,
not crunchy.
With these, you open the bag,
a "new" bag and they're crunchy.
Didn't something weird happen?
Surprisingly crunchy.
Isn't there a small problem?
I don't get... What was your point?
It's tampered with.
They add crunch.
We're staying.
It's true.
But we know it.
We must forbid the use of cell phones
on the terrain.
We're all responsible
for each other, Maeva.
Patrice is electro-sensitive.
We must help.
Even with protection,
I still have headaches.
You see? Thanks for him.
Thanks, Gaya.
This is what I think. It's true,
cell phones are Babylonian.
But forbidding them is oppressive.
I agree.
Not having a cell
didn't hinder my success.
And Claude's a shaman, okay?
- So do we agree?
- I'm with Gaya.
Thanks, Maeva.
Time to shut it off.
What? This isn't school!
Everyone agreed.
What a pain.
You're being tough.
Her generation grew up with cells.
Like us with books.
Don't get worked up.
I'll throw away my phone.
Everyone quit Twitter!
The ones left obsess about panda mix.
So boring!
"Chemical panda mix"...
They misspell "panda mix'.
No one can spell on Twitter!
Victor hates Twitter.
I have twitters. I like it.
You have twitters?
So what if panda mix is chemical?
Better than nothing!
At least they're feeding pandas!
Hold on... "Pandemic."
Excuse me?
Not "panda mix".
A fucking pandemic!
There's a fucking pandemic!
You're so dumb.
She's totally dumb.
Don't shout.
- Big difference!
- I didn't know the word!
No way!
It began 2 weeks ago
in Venezuela.
It spread fast.
No signals anywhere,
even in Russia.
You really believe news
you read on internet? No way...
It's the end of humanity.
Relax, we have internet!
You're depressive!
It's a natural catastrophe.
It's not here.
It's a pandemic, Maeva!
God fucking dammit!
How can you have a cell phone
and not even have noticed?
Cool it.
I don't use news sites!
She's a total idiot!
Maeva, you're on social media!
She sounds a million years old.
Lady Shakespeare!
Listen up. First of all,
everyone keep calm.
Stay level-headed.
And second...
we have to see
what's going on outside.
At least in Lantenay.
Why not Montlimar?
So who's coming with me?
- Me. I'm coming.
- No, Victor.
You have a child here. A daughter.
Me too.
I'm coming.
You're sterile, so you can come.
Your sandwich, doudou.
And water.
Water. How adorable.
And drinkable.
- Your coat?
- Yes, my camo coat.
It's all fine.
Are you sure?
It's very dangerous!
I'm sure it is, but they insisted.
I guess I'm indispensable.
Guys! I'm not inside!
Fuck... I see.
Oops... a problem.
Okay, I'll go.
Sir! Sir!
So many dead people!
There are tons of... a ton... tons of...
lots of dead people on the road.
- He may be contaminated.
- We can't just go.
Back up.
- What are you doing?
- We can't go!
Don't be silly!
I'm not contaminated.
- Fuck!
- He's not moving!
Back up!
Weren't you supposed to be laughing?
Yeah, but they just went to Lantenay.
Maybe it's fine in Montlimar.
who breathed in pesticides
and fainted by the road...
It's the end of the world,
see you in the afterlife.
You'll see,
all your friends will be there.
Love and friendship,
stronger than the plague'.!
From "The Voice".
Last week was the Apocalypse show.
How long have you known?
I wasn't thinking.
I didn't get their tsunami
"Stop the Wave" show either.
I have a life, girl.
Maybe we could have done something.
You're not even on Facebook.
Done what? A human chain?
Maeva's right.
What would knowing have changed?
We couldn't make a vaccine here.
Vaccines are toxic!
Big Pharma makes them to weaken us.
I never got vaccinated,
never got sick.
Some blood in my poop,
an itchy cough,
a little dizziness,
shingles once in a while,
heart pain when I pee,
but that's all.
I think the first thing to do
is to start, all together,
the mourning process.
We can organize funerals.
That's so Babylonian.
What do you want to do?
I don't know, but I'm going to sleep.
Coming, honey?
Me too.
Me too.
Patrice was a brave guy.
And a beautiful person.
You can be proud.
You know,
he's the one who wanted to go.
He really insisted.
We all said: "No, don't go!"
You know him... So stubborn!
Patrick was a brave guy.
His name was Patrice!
Yeah! Doudou!
What a dude, Doudou.
Everyone, get up!
Rise and shine!
Everyone, up!
What a stench!
It's amazing.
- Look!
- What?
Can't you see?
The world... the new world!
What the hell?
- You woke us for nothing?
- Try to understand.
It's up to us to rebuild the world.
With our rules,
our principles about sharing,
love, respect.
This is our chance to create
a society of equals.
Our life-long dream
is finally becoming true!
Jean-Paul is right!
It's the first day of our world.
Since it's the first, is it Monday?
It's Thursday.
Let's start with a holiday.
Staying in bed is very symbolic!
Dylan is right.
If we decide that today is Monday,
today is Monday!
Aren't those names Babylonian?
Yes, very Babylonian.
So what day is today?
We can decide that...
Today is Oonday.
So today is Oonday the first?
Babylonian numbers?
Changing everything may get complicated.
Everything must change.
Let's say that today is Oonday...
the krisken.
Oonday the krisken.
The krisken of what month?
Oonday the krisken of Tarkoon.
First day of our world!
Write it down before we forget.
All I want to say is that
from now on,
we start living as we wish.
Healing the earth
of the suffering we inflicted on it.
And living in peace and harmony.
Bravo, Jean-Paul!
Bravo, Jean-Paul.
"Tonight you don't sleep in the tent!"
Let's get back to the topic
of no room in the tent.
It's the main topic of this meeting!
This isn't a meeting.
It's a circle of free speech.
Meet next Oonday
with your accountant.
I didn't have an accountant.
You're laughing?
You know Jean-Pierre, my tax attorney.
"Blanchard, let's have a meeting."
I worked
while you lived off the system!
Listen to Gaya.
We can discuss sleeping arrangements.
I always said I'd share my bag.
Right, Dylan?
- You offered to.
- And?
Victor, you can share my bag too.
It's voluntary, not required.
I'm not volunteering.
You finally decide to drop by.
Are circles of free speech optional?
I don't think so.
I bet you have another excuse.
I'm sorry, Jean-Paul,
but I found this in the forest.
I thought we might be able
to use these utensils.
Great! Can we get back
to the topic of sleeping bags?
You're blocking my sun!
Enough, already!
You looked in the garbage?
Yeah, it's a little gross.
I found it in a dump.
Hold on!
Maybe you walked on a needle.
He's contaminated!
Contaminated with what?
The pandemic kills immediately.
I'd be dead.
He's right. You're acting dumb.
Stay real.
Everything's fine. Calm down.
He's okay.
Thanks for talking sense into them...
Watch out!
Everyone, calm down.
However, maybe a short quarantine,
just to play it safe,
for you and for us,
would be good.
Yeah, Simon.
As you wish. No problem at all.
I couldn't care less... Later.
Thanks, Simon!
But Simon... this is just temporary.
You can come back late Kushkoon?
They're the future of humankind.
Like Adam and Eve.
But it will be hard for two girls
to perpetuate humankind.
The child is a girl?
I have no idea.
Is the child a boy or a girl?
We don't know.
Like with the first name,
the child will choose its gender.
Gaya doesn't want to impose.
So we don't know.
Mother Earth will decide.
All right.
- Mom! Mom!
- What is it, honey?
The child hit me.
Why did you do that?
What happened?
She said "It's mine."
Come here, tranny boy!
Chill out and stop laying down the law.
Get lost.
Are you okay, honey?
What's this?
Where was this?
Under Shaman's hammock
where he hides his bottles.
This is Claude's.
Claude is a bum.
It's no big deal.
We exclude no one.
- Who said exclude?
- I say we exclude skunks!
It reeks in the tent.
I didn't know it bothered you.
I thought it was his shaman herbs!
Shamanic stench is magical.
"Herbes de Provence."
But poor people stench is pungent.
The smell of piss... Really!
- You're right.
- You agree.
We're not exaggerating.
They shit their pants.
They have no choice.
I'm not judging.
He grosses me out.
And he's Asian too.
You gave me an energizing massage
totally naked!
"Energizing" was your word.
I thought you wanted to fuck.
You abused my confidence!
You called me "shaman".
Means jackshit to me!
You were dancing
like you were possessed!
I was wasted.
In the tent,
he's a health hazard.
It bothers me for our kid.
He stinks to high heaven!
Listen to you Nazis!
You call us Nazis
because we're honest?
- What next, "Babylonian"?
- I'm Babylonian?
Shut up!
Listen... There's music.
- There's music!
- It's true.
It's crazy.
Jean-Paul, wait!
Now I get it.
Is that you?
What's that tree house?
I built it.
Bastard has a tree house.
Can we come up?
I'm in quarantine.
It's only been 34 days.
Oh yeah, it's true.
So we'll come up,
but we'll be careful.
That sounds like a plan!
Okay, it's up to you.
I'll send you the boat.
Bastard has a boat.
I haven't finished yet.
I'd like to make a reading area
or a billiard room.
I'm still hesitating.
If I have kids,
I'll add on here from above
and put the room from here...
to here.
As for electricity,
it comes in here,
from the windmill on the balcony.
It doesn't work that well.
It's pretty rudimentary.
Gorgeous windows.
It's very well built.
I found the window frames
at the dump.
There were no panes,
sol made the glass myself.
- How?
- With sand.
Glass is sand heated at 4,000 degrees.
You're a genius.
- I knew it.
- But still...
All this building causes pollution.
Yes, I agree with you, Gaya.
But with only 100 of us on Earth
and the flora booming,
I concluded that the impact...
has no impact.
- So are you staying in the community?
- Sure!
But with my own space.
In quarantine, I thought it over.
In terms of freedom,
creativity and productivity,
our lifestyle is more static
than dynamic.
I don't mean it against you.
Of course not.
So we'll let you go.
Is this an alarm?
No, an intercom.
But since I hear you shouting,
I don't need it.
- If you want it...
- Really?
It makes me happy.
- Thanks.
- Nice.
His place is very Babylonian.
It's totally individualistic.
It's what we fled.
- He must be so bored all alone.
- For sure.
You're crazy.
Bastard must love it.
Yes, come on up.
I just realized
Simon isn't contaminated.
So we can go to the dump.
We can go shopping for rotting stuff!
It'll be amazing!
Give me a break, guys.
I like the dump.
Sorry, you can't sleep
in the tent tonight.
Good thing you piped up, Stinky!
You're crazy.
The code is 3B628.
- Honey?
- What?
- Don't follow me. I gotta shit.
- Sure.
The dump is that way, by the river.
Thanks, Simon.
Thanks, Simon!
How dumb! I don't get you.
Fighting at a dump over an old bike,
a shitty computer
or a... table vacuum.
You really think we need this stuff?
Look, friends!
Two sheep from the dump.
This helps the collective!
Good job, Dylan!
We can use them for wool.
- Eating them is more egalitarian.
- Totally!
If we reproduce them,
we'll have a flock
and meat every day.
Or else we just eat one
and make a flock with the other!
- Fascinating.
- Very weird.
Let's eat them!
I'm starving! Meat time!
Ready, Jean-Paul?
- Two, Frangois?
- Just kill them!
- Jean-Paul!
- I really can't.
Maybe if they were aggressive,
but they're...
- Maybe it's a sign.
- Forget it.
I'll do it.
Bon apptit, friends!
You're a pro.
There's a real thrill in taking a life.
- Learned that on your farm?
- No, Syria.
- You killed sheep in Syria?
- Sheep too.
Sheep are harder than people,
You can grab people by the hair.
Especially women.
You can't do that with sheep.
But I'd like you
to show some respect please.
People did die.
I'll take your knife, if I may.
Be my guest.
To work!
It's not gross?
- Why?
- He was frolicking in a dump.
What's her problem?
Protein rush in the blood.
After 16 years as a vegetarian...
Take this.
Are you crazy?
Fucking wild!
You have an exercise bike outside?
An old frame from the dump
that I fixed up.
Can I use it?
Please, please!
I'll do whatever you want.
This is amazing!
It reminds me of spin class.
I feel so nostalgic!
You can shower after.
Water's freezing now.
I have deodorant left.
I have hot water.
Hot water?
From energy generated by the bike.
Oh man... I love you so much!
Oh my God, this is so good!
Oh my God, it never stops!
She paid for her gym class in full.
She gives her body
to keep it fit.
It's a vicious circle.
I'd love to join that circle.
Take it easy. She's my daughter.
- It's annoying!
- Sorry...
50 years of feminism
ruined in 15 minutes.
Give me a break.
Enough with your feminism.
Excuse me?
Not waxing your pussy
isn't much of a fight.
- Is he serious?
- You bet!
I understand you were underpaid
and underrepresented.
Now we're equals.
Yeah, I'm a bit sick
of barking, repressed lesbians.
Okay, you don't like click!
Don't gross everyone else out!
And stop blaming it on men.
Own it.
You're turning totally stupid on us.
No one says a word while he talks crap?
You're entitled to speak your mind,
to say whatever, whenever,
but that was inappropriate.
Spare us your theory
of non-violent communication.
Just shove it up your ass!
Because if I'm angry,
I'll express myself angrily!
Can I?
Neo-reactionary assholes!
Hey! Can you spare me
a little something?
Even a smile.
In the history of man,
only wisdom and non-violence...
Not true!
Guys don't choose non-violence.
Their bodies choose it for them.
Look at you.
I want you to know, mister,
that with this body,
I do as I please.
Except lifting,
chopping wood, carrying kids,
protecting your daughter.
You can tie your shoes.
Stop with that.
First of all, it's not because you
are Gaya's brother
that you can be rude to us all.
And second,
if we didn't put you up,
you'd be in prison!
Come on.
- Hi, Simon.
- Hi, Dylan.
I wanted to ask
if I might use your shower?
Of course. My pleasure.
Cool, thanks.
What do I get in exchange?
In exchange?
Come on, Simon...
I'm not Maeva.
I can't make Maeva pay
and not everyone else.
How funny...
You're rock solid.
Do you work out?
- A little.
- I see.
I can suggest something regular,
once a week, for hygiene.
How about it?
Not necessarily something regular.
I just need a shower.
I can't stand it anymore. Just one.
I'll suck you off.
- What?
- Nothing.
I'll suck you off.
I'm not into that at all.
I didn't mean it that way.
You suck me?
Forget that.
- We'll find something.
- Fist? Just a finger?
Stop it, Dylan.
Sorry, Simon.
- How's this?
- Perfect.
This is unbelievable!
That's sex slavery.
Spare us, shrew.
A shower would freshen
your mucous membranes.
- I'll kill you!
- What the hell?
Let go of me!
"This wasn't our conception
of society..."
It's Jean-Paul.
I'm here on behalf of the community.
We're not thrilled
with the turn things have taken.
It's bad for morale.
It's divisive.
I mean, inequality-wise...
Have you eaten?
Try to understand...
What delicious fish!
Your electricity and hot water
are amazing.
We're all proud of you.
But if only some people
can reap the benefits,
it's divisive. You understand?
I understand perfectly.
He's up there negotiating.
It's how to go about it.
Seems to be working.
That's cool.
So he'll come back with an offer?
I think so.
Fuck it's so good!
I bet he got it for free.
Nice and hot!
Do you even realize?
He hasn't done anything wrong.
It's all his.
We abolished ownership.
So we just blindly accept
a two-tiered society.
Can you spare some food
or some soap?
Jesus fucking Christ!
We said 30 feet from living spaces!
You reek, you're gross, a fleabag!
Beat it, goddammit! Fuck off!
This wasn't our conception of society.
We can't let Simon do that.
We're not...
Nope. We're not...
So everyone is pissed off with Simon
and it's normal.
With his tree-house,
he has a clear advantage.
So... there. And uh...
Hold on.
Is she talking to the trees?
Maybe he'll see the video...
What's she doing?
She thinks she's in a reality show.
Like what she watched before.
She thinks it's a game.
Jesus fucking Christ!
He should be eliminated.
We can't keep
a defective member in the group.
He has to play.
Losers with girl issues
don't make the rules.
Her way of dealing with it all.
But don't tell her you know.
She found a certain balance.
Totally, man. It's our secret.
I won't say:
"I hear you're psycho."
Not "psycho" but... Yes.
Good to know I can count on you.
We all want a new contestant.
We're on edge.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Good and you?
- Great.
So I wanted to tell you something
which concerns you.
In fact...
It's the network who sent me.
I knew it!
- That's what they said.
- Really?
They told me you understood
it was a game with cameras.
Spoiler alert!
How wild! You're the best.
Viewers are sending
tons of text messages.
You're a star!
- Hashtags?
- Hashtagged all over.
This is so cool.
I'm so happy!
And so they told me...
Here's the good news.
You're number one in the votes.
Are you kidding?
Yeah... it's crazy.
- I'm so happy.
- Number one.
But the only downside
is you're closely followed
by Philippine.
So do something...
Make love to the handsomest guy
in the show.
Wow, really? I have to make love.
- I have sex, I win?
- Sex, win.
That's cool. It's easy!
It's a game.
- A game!
- Have fun.
I play the game.
I get points and stuff.
Your points will go sky high.
They'll be rock hard.
It'll be Wild!
Yeah, totally wild.
It's just for fun.
Sol choose a hot guy.
Not easy with this group.
Come on...
Maybe Sim...
So Simon.
- I didn't say the fattest.
- Sorry.
What a strange choice!
He's so gross!
Not Frangois, not Simon.
So Dylan.
No, the handsomest one.
Enough confessing today.
Get some rest.
I'm the handsomest one. It's me.
Little present.
A carrot?
- Sorry how it turned out.
- Yeah, right...
It's you who found true richness.
Richness isn't comfort.
is in your heart.
I understood that
when I built a school in Mali.
I got knocked off my feet there.
And you went to help them?
Blacks can be such savages.
I thought I'd own my life
by rejecting religion. Free at last.
But it was just to piss my parents off.
Having meat last Puneday at noon,
I realized something.
Doing without rules means
becoming a slave to instinct.
It's eating at me.
You ever take distance from life?
It's simple. First I had a job.
I was a shaman.
I got fired.
It was a downward spiral.
No more home, no more showers.
- I started doing dope.
- Dope?
I was hungry. I ate this.
That's datura.
It's extremely dangerous!
I call it "Field mouse spirit."
At first I didn't get it.
I woke up
with a field mouse on each finger.
It was weird.
I wanted to try again.
With addiction,
you start at night to get happy.
Then in the morning,
to spend a nice day.
Now I feel nothing!
As I was talking, I shit in my pants.
I don't care.
I wonder if the pandemic
was divine punishment.
A sign from God.
That's a lot of drool.
Claude, drugs stole you from us.
And also probably a sensitiveness
that made you wander
down the path of addiction.
When you were present,
you were often absent.
Now that you're absent,
you'll always be present.
With your unique lifestyle,
you were like no one else.
But everyone loved you.
Thank you, Claude.
Drugs didn't kill him! We did!
- We're bastards!
- It's not our fault.
It's the system. It's Simon.
He's happy up there.
He let Claude die all alone.
He doesn't care about us.
He pulls the strings
as we slave away!
Stop, Gaya!
He's tried.
We'll solve our problems together.
We are together!
Where is he? In his castle.
Is it normal he skipped the funeral?
What are you doing?
- You waved.
- He waved first!
He waves, I wave back.
- You don't have to!
- It's common courtesy.
Someone waves, you wave back!
If anyone waves, you wave back?
Respect the dead!
- If Hitler waves, you wave back?
- No connection!
Show respect for Claude.
Victor, Dylan...
Farewell, Clo-Clo.
He'd have loved
we call him that.
That's a lot of tomatoes.
We're not rolling in riches.
It's going...
Go on.
Careful, Dylan!
- Jump!
- I can't swim!
Use your leg...
BYG, Dylan.
I couldn't see it was a funeral!
I liked Claude. I had no idea.
Especially when you live in a castle!
We're sick of being your slaves!
To make up for it,
you each get
an extra shower a week.
- No!
- What?
' No! ' Yes Yes!
That's fine. I'll take it.
You sell out for a shower?
The principle of hygiene.
You can't buy us.
We want to be your equals.
- Who did that?
- Are you stupid?
Get out!
Run, run!
We're sorry.
It wasn't on purpose.
It wasn't, was it?
What do you say?
I love you.
Go fuck yourself! Motherfucker!
Fuck all of you!
Sit down and relax.
No way to speak to a child!
Everything's fine, okay?
Aren't you happy with us?
Free of all that material?
I'm such an idiot!
I wasn't over my head.
Did I miss something?
You must be pissed off.
Where are you going?
Where is Simon, Jean-Paul?
No idea.
No sign of him recently.
- That's serious.
- Really?
A community for everyone
takes care of everyone.
Head north.
Find Simon.
He took the compasses with him.
- Goodbye, Jean-Paul.
- Wait...
What's the hereafter like?
Don't ask.
I'm not allowed to discuss it.
All I can say is
you're in for a big surprise.
And not necessarily in a pleasant way.
Listen up, everyone.
Listen good.
As strange as it may seem,
I had a vision.
Patrice spoke to me.
Doudou? What did he say?
He said to go looking for Simon,
due north.
We'll form a search crew
with our strongest members.
Dylan, Victor...
What? No!
Only guys?
Girls can't hike in the forest?
Not at all. You can come too.
Take my spot.
Who volunteers to go?
You'll leave a comrade to perish?
How was he?
Listen good,
because I'll make it simple.
If no one comes with me
to look for Simon,
I'll leave the community.
With Claude's death,
the pogrom and the conflicts,
I've had more than enough!
Prove to me you're better than that!
Who's coming?
Thanks, Frangois.
I'm shitting. But listening.
What did he say?
That he was shitting.
I must leave the community.
It would be so sad.
You must have tons of points!
Tell the network!
Victor, is he in 3rd?
Listen, networker. Starting now,
leave my daughter alone.
- Yeah, but I didn't...
- What's this about?
I have no idea what you mean.
Dad, are you serious?
You're leaving us?
Jean-Paul, wait.
What did doudou say?
He's really leaving?
Hold on! How will we manage
without Jean-Pau I?
Who's the leader now?
- He was never the leader.
- Sort of.
Everything is fine.
No more guitar.
It drives me crazy.
I can do whatever I want.
So now there are leaders.
How are you, little man?
I mean...
Actually I'd like to know.
Are you a boy or a girl?
So do you have a weenie?
Can you tell boys from girls?
Know what a weenie is?
I'll count to 3.
On 3 I'll look.
It'll be our secret.
What exactly are you doing?
Are you crazy? Come here, honey.
What did he do?
Did he touch you?
What did he do?
He's afraid! What did you do?
Stop staring at me. Nothing hap...
Mommy will breastfeed you.
No, no. Nothing happened.
Stay away.
We just spoke.
- Kid!
- Pervert!
- Political maneuvering!
- No maneuvering.
- I'm all heart.
- Let Gaya speak.
You miss the bigger picture.
The real problem
is we're going extinct.
- Due to sexual inequality!
- What?
You heard me.
Some of us want
to propagate the species.
But others decide selfishly
they don't want to sleep with X or Y.
You can't force someone to have sex.
The person asking has rights too.
Don't privilege some rights over others.
Her program is to make rape legal.
No one cares? Good going!
Great program!
Vote Rape!
Maybe you'd prefer children
to be included?
Watch out.
That's his secret?
He's a pedophile?
- What nonsense.
- So Gaya...
He wanted to touch me too.
Once with oil.
The truth comes out.
That was the network thing?
You pretended she was crazy.
You got me good!
- Because she wanted...
- Loser!
She had red spots.
- We're clone.
- We're not.
Yes, we're voting now.
Rigged election!
Fuck you!
Violence gets you nowhere, Victor.
- Simon?
- To the left.
Why are you in there?
You have to come back.
Gaya took over.
It's a dictatorship now.
Let's go overthrow her.
- I can't.
- You can!
I can't.
Simon, look at me. You're coming.
I look at you, I feed on light
and I'm fine.
You need to eat meat.
What is it?
- What's that?
- Rabbit Taser, for catching rabbits.
Does it work for bigger prey,
like cows?
Don't look at him
and don't talk to him, okay?
Did you see that sham election?
Let's overthrow her!
Hands off! Okay?
What is this power bullshit?
With me, you'll be the leader's wife.
- The leader of what?
- Of the group!
What the hell? The leader of what?
And whose wife?
I'm not yours anymore!
- That was great.
- Thanks, Dylan.
I still have chores.
No, wait a little. Wait!
Let's snuggle a little.
It's not against you.
I have a migraine.
I'll give you aspirin and fuck you.
- Ginger too.
- I don't want to.
Fuck off, asshole!
- You can't force me.
- I feel like it!
- Beat it, Victor.
- Sit down!
Shut up. Drop the guitar.
Drop it!
Madwoman, shut up!
- Shut up!
- What the hell is that?
Th is?
Usually, a Rabbit Taser.
A what?
it's a Fat Cow Taser.
A what?
Pretty funny.
What's it for?
You turn it on.
Increase the pressure... and bam!
Get off my lot!
Get out!
Mom my!
What, honey?
- It's Simon.
- Enough already!
What happened, honey?
What is it?
She's my daughter too!
No, Daddy, no!
Let's build a protective wall.
If we build a wall...
aren't we walling ourselves in?
By the way,
how's Maeva?
As if she saw her dad's head
on a spike.
It's my father!
It's a little risky.
What we'll do is send someone
to talk to them.
If they don't listen,
we massacre them.
So listen, Gaya,
we found some survivors.
What did they say?
They made us understand in a way,
that they want to speak to our leader.
That's you. You led a putsch.
I putsched.
I putsched you a little, no biggie.
It is a big deal.
A putsch is anti-democratic, violent.
The word "putsch" is cute.
Why is it aggressive?
It's not so easy. You put me in jail.
I haven't seen...
Where is the child?
The child's sleeping... playing.
Asleep now.
All alone?
- We all help.
- The child's fine.
- Nice and clean.
- Happy kid.
Let me see.
Funny you mention it.
I said "Let's see Mommy."
The child said "No."
"I don't want to see Mommy."
Why not?
Because, the child said...
"I'd like Mommy to be the ambassador
to speak to the survivors,"
"but I'm scared she'll say no
and I'll be too ashamed."
Ashamed of me?
"I'll never speak to her again."
- "Too bad if I'm a dick!" he said.
- A dick?
Apparently he's a boy.
Are you nomads?
You're very tactile.
It seems okay.
Only one with glasses.
We should go
or they'll think she's the leader.
We should get going.
Wait, Frangois!
We're like a family.
We are a family.
So yes...
we had rough patches and tension,
but what family doesn't?
Today I think tenderly
of everyone who left us too early.
Valiant people,
people with convictions.
courageous Gaya.
God, she was courageous.
She went all out.
They didn't care about her courage.
They fucked her up.
How did they do it?
They have no hearts.
They're savages!
Let's reflect about those who died.
There was Patrice too.
Patrice, from the beginning.
- I forget.
- Sterile. Pandemic. Glasses.
Like many people.
That's his wife.
Yes! It's true! Exactly.
Your husband. How is he?
- Very courageous.
- Totally.
Patrice? Patrick?
My husband!
- Her husband.
- Come on!
- He's doudou.
- He was doudou.
For doudou.
To doudou! To doudou...
Brothers and sisters,
prepare ourselves for battle,
to defend our values against barbarity.
Be brave...
and valiant!
No, not now. You're dead.
Yes, Victor.
No, sorry.
It's simple. Don't go to war.
Let yourself be killed
to avoid violence.
With violence,
you lose your soul, Victor. You hear?
The soul trumps life.
It's better, lasts longer.
It lasts... forever.
No kidding.
You'll kill people.
And fewer people here,
fewer people there...
equals no more people.
Think of the people.
Think of the people, Victor.
He may be right.
Let's massacre those motherfuckers.
Excuse me.
The network just called.
We have to do the thing we said now.
The thing...
Voting ends in 30 minutes. And so...
Are you still in?
Yeah, I'm in.
Take it off.
Take it off.
But you swear you won't tell the group?
No, I... Don't worry.
My father's head!
I swear on his head!
No, my father's head!
I swear on your father's head!
His head!
If you scream...
My father's head!
So I've decided to...
Keep your money
and leave us the trees
and the butterflies
so we can sing about them.
Not bad, Gaya. I give you 6/10.
No scores.
Scores mean competition.
The first creates the last.
We're the opposite of that.
Okay, my turn.
The end of the world.
No one thought
it would end like this.
No, no, never-ever-er.
Time to good-bye, one last sigh.
It's the end of the world,
not maybe.
The end of the world, baby!
What I was saying...
Lose your lives to win,
You gotta lose your life to win.
In Babylon!
This won't end.
It's the third song.
- Bedtime?
- Not mine.
Go to sleep!